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Mark Tinghino & Dennis Eich
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Strength, Innovation and Transparency

Strength, Innovation and Transparency

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Swing Trading with Technical Analysis Mark Tinghino & Dennis Eich October 20. 2004 .

Senior Account Executive for Peregrine Financial Group .Swing Trades with Technical Analysis Presented by Mark Tinghino. CTA And Dennis Eich. Technical Analyst and Senior Account Executive for Peregrine Financial Group & Principal of Moonbeam Trading.

Timing Model • Based on Tee Shot Indicator TM • Cyclical model .

Reversal Signals • Analysis of short term trend required • Tracked over thirty years of market price data .

Short Term Trading Timeframe • Usually one to seven days duration • High percentage of trades last only one day • Day trading approach can be utilized .

Trade Entry & Exit Points • Based on various factors – – – – – Support and resistance levels Trend lines Chart formations Market Profile SM analysis of volume Ancillary technical indicators (provided by Wave59 software) • Tailored to equity and risk tolerance levels .

. 04) candlestick chart showing potential reversal days.The Tee Shot Indicator TM on a Daily Mini-Dow (Sept.

Daily candlestick chart for Dec 2004 Mini-sized Dow .

Mini-sized Dow Dec 04 Market profile for 10/1 .

5 Days of Profiles for Mini-sized Dow Dec 04 through 10/1 .

Composite 5 Day Profile of Dec 04 Mini-sized Dow Through 10/1 .

1 minute candlestick chart of Dec 04 Mini-sized Dow for 10/4 .

Entry and exit points for a day trade .

Another exit point later in the session .

.Finally an exit point near the end of the pit traded session.

Another exit point on 10/5 .

A 2nd exit point on 10/5 .

Daily Chart of Sep 04 E-Bonds .

Daily chart of Dec 04 30-Year Treasury Bonds .

Market Profile of 10/1 Dec/04 T-Bonds .

5 days of Dec/04 T-Bond profiles through 10/1 .

Composite 5 day profile through 10/1 .

5 minute chart for Dec/04 T-Bonds on 10/4 & 10/5 .

Entry and exit points .

Daily chart of Nov/04 Soybeans .

Market Profile for 8/31 Nov-04 Soybeans .

5 days of profiles through 8/31 of Nov-04 Soybeans .

Composite profile for 5 sessions through 8/31 .

9/1 Market profile for Nov-04 Soybeans .

From A New Kind of Science .

Also from A New Kind of Science .




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