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Aban — Old Arabic name `Abbas — Description of a lion Abbud — Worshipper Abdel, Abdul — Servant (of Allah). Before anyof Allah's names, this prefix is to be found for a person's name. Below arethe ways one can have Allah's Name as part of his name: o Abdul-Alim — Servant of the Omniscient o Abdul-Aliyy — Servant of the Most High o Abdul-Azim — Servant of the Mighty o Abdul-Aziz — Servant of the Mighty, PowerfulOne o Abdul-Bari — Servant of the Creator o Abdul-Basit — Servant of the Extender o Abdul-Fattah — Servant of the Opener (of thegatesof sustenance) o Abdul-Ghaffar, Abdul-Ghafur — Servant of theForgiver o Abdul-Hadi — Servant of the Guide o Abdul-Hafiz — Servant of the Protector o Abdul-Hakam — Servant of the Arbitrator o Abdul-Hakim — Servant of the Wise One o Abdul-Halim — Servant of the Mild, Patient One o Abdul-Hamid — Servant of the Praised One o Abdul-Haqq — Servant of the Truth o Abdul-Hasib — Servant of the Respected, Esteemed o Abdul-Jabbar — Servant of the Mighty o Abdul-Jalil, Abdul-Jaleel — Servant of theGreat,Revered One o Abdul-Karim — Servant of the Noble, GenerousOne o Abdul-Khaliq — Servant of the Creator o Abdul-Latif — Servant of the Kind One o Abdul-Malik — Servant of the Master (or King) o Abdul-Majid — Servant of the Glorious One o Abdul-Mu'izz — Servant of the Giver of MightandGlory o Abdul-Mujib — Servant of the Responder o Abdul-Muta'al — Servant of the Most High o Abdul-Muttalib o Abdul-Nasser — Servant of the Victorious One o Abdul-Nasir — Servant of the Helper, Protector o Abdul-Qadir — Servant of the Capable, Powerful o Abdul-Qahhar — Servant of the Subduer, theAlmighty o Abdul-Quddus — Servant of the Most Holy o Abdul-Rafi — Servant of the One Who Raises,Elevates(intellect, esteem) o Abdul-Rahim — Servant of the Most Compassionate One o Abdul-Rahman — Servant of the Merciful One o Abdul-Rashid — Servant of the Rightly GuidedOne o Abdul-Ra'uf — Servant of the Most Merciful o Abdul-Razzaq — Servant of the Maintainer, theProvider o Abdul-Sabur — Servant of the Patient o Abdul-Salam — Servant of the Peace o Abdul-Samad — Servant of the Eternal o Abdul-Sami — Servant of the All-Hearing o Abdul-Shakur — Servant of the Most Thankful o Abdul-Tawwab — Servant of the Forgiver o Abdul-Wadud — Servant of the Loving o Abdul-Wahhab — Servant of the Giver o Abdul-Wahid — Servant of the One

Abdullah — Servant of Allah

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Abraha Abu Bakr — Name of one of the greatest Companionsof Nabi Muhammad, May Allah's peace and blessings be upon him. Abu Bakr wasthe first Rightly Guided Khalifa. May Allah bless him. • Adel, Adil — Just • Adham — Black • Adnan — Proper name • Afif — Chaste, modest • Ahmad, Ahmed — Most highly adored, or most praised;variation of the name "Muhammad." A very holy name. If one wishes to choosethis name for himself, he should have a second name after it. For example,Ahmad Abbas, Ahmad Ali, but not simply Ahmad. • `Aqil — Intelligent, thoughtful, one who usesreason • Akram — Most generous • Ala' — Nobility • Aladdin, Ala' al din — Nobility of faith • `Ali, Aliyy - The highest, greatest, excellent, noble. Also the name of one of the greatest Companions of Nabi Muhammad, May Allah's peace and blessings be upon him . Hadrat Ali (may Allah bless his countenance) was known for immense Hikmah (Allah-given wisdom), bravery, ferocity, and depths of knowledge, amongst many other noble qualities. • `Alim — Wise or learned • Altair — The flying eagle; also refers to afirstmagnitude star in the constellation Lyra • Ameer, Amir — One in authority. A leader; commander. • Amid — General • Amin — Faithful, trustworthy • Amjad — More glorious • Ammar — Builder, constructor • Amr — Old Arabic name • Anis — Close friend • Anwar — Light • Arfan — Gratitude • Arif — Corporal; aquainted, knowledgable • Asad — Lion • Asadel — Most prosperous one • Ashraf — Most honorable • Askari — Commander of an army. • Asim — Protector, defender • Ata — Gift • Atif — Compassionate, sympathetic • Awad — Reward, compensation

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Ayman — Lucky; on the right

Ayyad Ayyub — A Prophet's name Aza — Comfort Azhar — Most shining, luminous Azeem, Azim — Defender, referring to one ofAllah'sninety-nine qualities Azzam — Determined, resolved


Faysal — Decisive Fakhir — Proud. Esam. Title for Hadrat Umar ibn al-Khattab. Basim — Smiling Bilal — Name of the Prophet's Muezzin Bishr — Joy Burhan — Proof Bursuq D • • • • • Dawud — The Holy Prophet "David" Dharr Dhul-Fiqar — Name of the Prophet's sword Diya al Din — Brightness of the faith Duqaq E • • Emir — Another spelling for Amir . • Fath — Victory • Fatin — Clever. excellent Fakhiri — Honorary Faqih — Legal expert.• • • • • • • • • • • • Badr — Full moon Badr al Din — Full moon of the faith Baha al Din. jurist Farid — Unique Fariq — Lieutenant General Faris — Horseman. sacrifice . Bahiyy al Din — Magnificence of thefaith Bahir — Dazzling. smart • • • • Fawwaz — Successful Fawzi Ferran — Baker Fida — Redemption. Fadhl. brilliant Barakah — Blessing Bashshar — Bringer of glad tidings Basil — Brave Bassam. honorable Faisal. knight Farraj Faruq — One who distinguishes truth from falsehood. Fazl — Generous. Essam — Safeguard F • • • • • • • • • • • Fadi — Redeemer Fadil.

Hashim was an ascendent of the Holy Messenger Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) • Hassan — Handsome • Hatim — Judge • Haytham — Young hawk • Hilal — a new moon crescent • • • • • Hisham — Generosity Hud — A Prophet's name Hudhayfah — Old Arabic name Humam — Courageous. may Allah bless him. Imam Hussein (may Allah bless him) was the blessed grandson of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) • Husam — Sword • Husam al Din — Sword of the faith . One of the greatest military commanders of Islam. excellent assistant.• • • Firas — Perspicacity Fouad — Heart Fudail — Excellent in character G • • • • • Ghalib — Victorious one. Harun — Arabic form of "Aaron" Hasan — Beautiful Hashim — Broker. Hakim — Wise. Haidar. variation of the name "Muhammad. Haider — A lion. May Allah be pleased with him. Husayn — Beautiful. variation of the name "Muhammad. H • • • Habib — Beloved Hadi — The Guide. Ghazi — Conqueror. • Hakem — Ruler. delighted. Ghiyath — Succorer. Hamza ibn Abdul-Muttalib. content Hanif — True believer Harith — Ploughman. generous Husain. governor • Halim — Mild. Ghawth — Helpher. gentle. Hussein. destroyer of evil. • • • • • • • Hanbal — Purity Hani — Happy. Ghayth — Similar to above." • Hamid — The praised one. breaker of bread. • Hakeem. patient • Hammad — The praised one." • Hamza — Another name for a lion . one of Allah's qualities of absolute wisdom. Original name of Hadrat Ali ibn Abu Talib. cultivator Haroun.

Khayr al Din — The good of the faith Khayri — Charitable. Kamal — Perfect one. peace be upon him. • Jawhar — Jewel. Gabriel. Attribute of perfection . • Jihad — Struggle • Jubair Jawwad K • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Kadar. Name of one of the Holy Companions. May Allah be pleased with him. Idris — A Prophet's name Ihsan — Beneficence Imad — Support. preciousand distinguished Kaseeb. noble. • Jalil. friendly. Kedar — Powerful Kadeen. Esa — A Prophet's name (Jesus) Isam. essence • Jibril — Archangel of Allah. pillar Imad al Din — Pillar of the faith Isa. Karim — Generous. companion. Khaleel. Kamil — Perfect. Kasim — Divided Katib — Writer Khalid — Eternal Khalil. Sayyidina Ja'far ibn Abu Talib. Jaleel — Great. confidant Khadeer. beneficent . • Jalal — Tremendous rigor. Kameel.I • • • • • • • • • • Ibrahim — The name of Abraham. Glory of the faith. Kasib — Fertile Kaseem. Issam — Safeguard Ishaq — A Prophet's name Isma'il — A Prophet's name Izz al Din — Might of the faith J • • • Jabbar — Mighty Jabir — Consoler. Comforter Ja'far — A river. Kadin — Friend. Kalil — Intimate friend Khatib — One who reads the Khutbah for Jumu'ah or any other Khutbah. Jamil — Beautiful • — One who possesses tremendous generosity and gives to anyone who needs his assistance. revered • Jamal — Beauty • Jamal al Din — Beauty of the religion • Jameel. Eisa. refers to a quality of Allah's Creative attribute. one of the ninety-ninequalities of Allah Kareem. Khadir — Green or green crop (connoting freshnessand innocence) Khaliq — Creative.

• Muhiyuddin — One who revives the Faith. Guided to the right path Mahir — Skilled Mahmud — The praised one. charitable Muhammad. but not simply "Muhammad" by itself. kind. • Lutfi — Kind and friendly M • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Mahdi — The guided one. Muhammad Kamal. he should have a second name after it. For example. fortunate Mash'al — Torch Masruq Mas'ud — Fortunate. firm Malik — Master. If one wishes to choosethis name for himself. • Muhsin — Beneficient. lucky Mazin — Proper name Mika'il Misbah — Lamp Mohsen Mu'adh — Protected Mu'awiyah — Young fox (first Umayyad Kalifah) Mu'ayyad — Supported Mubarak — Happy.• • Khuzaymah — Old Arabic name Kutaiba L • • • Labib — Sensible.Muhammad Abbas. Proper respect is to be given to this name if one wish to have this as his name. friendly Luqman — Name of the one who Allah has endowed with Hikmah (Divine Wisdom). intelligent Latif — Gentle. angel. happy. Muhammad • • • Muhtadi — Rightly guided Mukarram Mujahid — Fighter (in the way of Allah) . pleasant. variation of the name "Muhammad" Maimun — Lucky Majid — Glorious Makin — Strong. king Ma'mun — Trustworthy Ma'n — Benefit Mansur — Divinely aided Marid — Rebellious Marzuq — Blessed by Allah. blessed Mufid — Useful — The Praised one.

Noor — Light. may Allah bless him. rare Na'il — Aquirer. peace be upon him. Nadeem — Friend Nadir — Dear. Noah. Mus'ad — Unfettered camel Muslim — Submitting oneself to Allah Almighty believing that there is none but Allah and Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah upon him) as His Messenger. ease. shining Muntasir — Victorious Murtadi — Satisfied. to Allah) • Mu'tazz — Proud. Name of the great Imam. Nabih — Noble.• • • • • • • • Mukhtar — Chosen Mundhir — Warner. earner Naim — Comfort. tranquility Naji — Safe Najib — Of noble descent Najjar — Carpenter Najm al Din — Star of the faith Nasih — Advisor Nasim — Fresh air Nasir — Protector Nasser — Victorious Nawaf. Qasim — Divider. content Musa — The name of the Holy Messenger Moses. wrapped up. Abu Hanifa. Qadeer — power. distributor Qays — Firm . mighty • Muti — Obedient • Muwaffaq — Successful • Muzzammil — one who is covered. • Mustafa — Chosen one • Mutahhar — One who purifies • Mu'tasim — Adhering (to faith. peace be upon him. Nur al Din — Brightness of the faith Nuri — Shining. Nur. adjuster Nuh — Name of the Holy Messenger. brightness Q • • • Qadir. Nawfal — Generous. outstanding Nabil — Noble Nadhir — Warner Nadim. chaste Nazim — Arranger. old Arabic name forthe Sea Nazih — Pure. Numair — Panther Nu'man — Blood. N • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Nabhan. intense bright light. cautioner Munir — Brilliant.

Chief. Ridha — (In Allah's) favor. havingtrue faith Ratib — Arranger Rayhan — favored by Allah Reda. lofty. Sa'id — Happy Safi — Righteous. whole. perfect. contentment.satisfaction Ridwan — Name of the keeperof the gates of Heaven. right Salim — Safe. flawless Salman — Safe Sameh — Forgiver Sami — High. Title for those who descend from Imam Hasan and/or Imam Husain (May Allah bless them both). exalted Samir — Entertaining companion Samman — Grocer Saqr — Falcon Sariyah — Clouds at night Sayyid — Master. Sadeeq — Friend Sa'eed. known as Ahlul-Bayt. Salah al Din — Devoted to the Faith. righteous. Salih — Good. Sa'd — Good luck Sadaqat — Charity for Allah's sake Sadiq. Safi al Din — a perfection of the Faith. rightly guided. S • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Sabih — Beautiful Sabir — Patient. . One who perseveres in any and all situations for the sake of Allah. breeze Radi Rafi — Exalting Rafiq — Kind. Safwan — Rocks Sakhi — One who is generous. Salah — Devoted.• • • Qudamah Qutaiba Qutuz — Courage R • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Rabah — Gainer Rabi — Spring. Saleh. friend Raghib — Desirous Ra'id — Leader Rais — Captain Rakin — Respectful Rashad — Integrity of conduct Rashid — One of good council. Rida.

distinguished Shihab — Flame. Apprentice. noble. Seif — Sword (of religion) Saif al Din — Sword of the faith Shahid — a witness. name of a star Suhayb — Of reddish hair or complexion Sulaiman — The Holy Messenger. easy. martyr. One who cannot lie. light Sufian. reconciliation Taymullah — Servant of Allah Taysir — Facilitation Tayyib — Good or delicate Thabit — Firm U Note: Sometimes the spellings begin with an "O" instead of a "U". Saif. T • • • • • • • • • • • • Tahir — Pure. Sharif — Honest. Ubaydah — Servant of Allah Ubaid — Faithful Ubayy — Old Arabic name Umar — Name of the second Rightly Guided Khalifah. clean Talal — Nice. Siraj — Lamp. • • • • Ubadah. Suhayl — Gentle. uncommon Tariq — A path Tawfiq — Success. blaze Siddiq. One of the greatest companions of Nabi Muhammad (Sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam). tender Shakir — Thankful. Student. Shafiq — Compassionate. One who thanks Allah. Siddeeq — Truthful one. Tamir — One who owns date palm trees Tamman — Generous Tarif — Rare.• • • • • • • • • • • • • • Sayf. Usamah — Description of a lion • Utbah — Old Arabic name • Uthman — One of the companions of the Prophet(pbuh) W . Ubaida. Sufyan — Devoted Subhi — Early morning Suhail. • Umarah — Old Arabic name • Umayr — Old Arabic name • Usama. admirable Talib — Seeker (of truth). Solomon.

ease Yasin — One of Nabi Muhammad's (peace and blessings of Allah upon him) names • Yasir — Wealthy • Yunus — Name of the Prophet "Jonus" • Yusef.• • • • • • • • • • • • Wafid Wafiq — Successful Wahab — a giver Wahid — Singular. Ornament Zakariyya — A Prophet's name ("Zaccharius") Zakiyy — Pure Zubair Zuhair. Yasser — Wealth. good looking Wazir — Minister Y • • • • • Yahyah — Name of "John the Baptist. representative. Yusuf — Arabic form of "Joseph" • Yusuf — A Prophet's name (Joseph) Z • • • • • • • • • • Zafar Zafir — Victorious Zahid — Self-denying or ascetic Zahir — Bright. shining Zaid — Increase. growth Zain — Beauty. Decoration. Zuhayr — Bright masculine arabic names home > arabic > masculine names INDEX: A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | W | X | Y Aban .Old Arabic name . Waleed. unequalled Waheed Wa'il — Coming back (for Shelter) Wajih — Noble in countenance. Walid — Newborn child Waliyullah — Supporter of Allah Wasim — Graceful. exclusive. Wakil — Protector." Yaman — Proper name Ya'qub — Name of the Prophet "Jacob" Yasir.

the Guardian. 'Abd al .Abbas . Strong Abdul-Mubdi' .Servant of the Incomparable Abdul-Ba'ith .Servant of the Noble.Servant of the Great.Worshippers Abdul.Servant of the Giver of Might and Glory Abdul-Mujib .Servant of the Praised One Abdul-Haqq . Revered One Abdul-Karim . Esteemed Abdul-Hayy .Servant of the Glorious One Abdul-Matin .Servant of the Patient One Abdul-Hamid .Servant of the Opener (of the gates of sustenance) Abdul-Ghaffar .Servant of the Truth Abdul-Hasib .Servant of the Source of All Goodness Abdul-Basir .Servant of the Benefactor .Servant of the Living Abdul-Jabbar .Servant of the Powerful Abdul-Musawwir .Servant of the Firm.Servant of the Reckoner Abdul-Muhyi .Worshipper Abbudin .Servant of the Forgiver Abdul-Ghafur .Servant of the Master (or King) Abdul-Majid .Description of a lion Abbud .Servant of the Giver of Life Abdul-Mu'id .Servant of the One Abdul-Alim .Servant of the Responder Abdul-Mu'min .Servant of the Extender Abdul-Fattah .Servant of the Resurrector Abdul-Baqi .Servant of the Originator Abdul-Mughni . the Protector Abdul-Muhsi .Servant of the Giver of Faith Abdul-Muqaddim . Abdel.Servant of the Respected.Servant of the Expediter Abdul-Muqtadir .Servant of the All-Seeing Abdul-Basit .Servant of the Arbitrator Abdul-Hakim .Servant of the Self-Sufficient Abdul-Hadi .Servant of the Omniscient Abdul-Aliyy .Servant of the Mighty Abdul-Aziz .Servant of the Creator Abdul-Latif .Servant of the Everlasting Abdul-Bari .Servant of the Forgiving Abdul-Ghani .Servant of the Enricher Abdul-Muhaimin .Servant of the Aware Abdul-Khaliq .Servant of the Supervising.Servant of the Creator Abdul-Barr .Servant of the Kind One Abdul-Malik .Servant of the Powerful (Dear) One Abdul-Badi . Generous One Abdul-Khabir .Servant of the Protector Abdul-Hakam .Servant of the Most High Abdul-Nafi' .Servant (of Allah) Abdul-'Adl .Servant of the Fashioner Abdul-Muta'al .Servant of the Just Abdul-Ahad .Servant of the Compeller Abdul-Jalil .Servant of the Guide Abdul-Hafiz .Servant of the Wise One Abdul-Halim .Servant of the Most High Abdul-Azim .Servant of the Restorer Abdul-Mu'izz .

Servant of the Light Abdul-Qadir .Servant of the Victorious One Abdul-Nasir . juridicial Adnan. 'Adnan .(Garden of) Eden Adel. adorer 'Abidin .Servant of the Supreme Inheritor Abdul-Zahir . modest Ahmad.Servant of the Patient Abdul-Salam . Protector Abdul-Nur . Elevates (intellect.Servant of the Manifest Abdullah . the Almighty Abdul-Qawi .Servant of God 'Abid .Servant of the Unique One Abdul-Wajid .Servant of the Capable Abdul-Qahhar .Servant of the Giver Abdul-Wahid . well mannered one 'Adli . thoughtful.Servant of the Self-Subsisting Abdul-Quddus .Servant of the One Who Raises. or most praised.Servant of the Loving Abdul-Wahhab .Servant of the Most Holy Abdul-Rafi' .Servant of the All-Hearing Abdul-Sattar .Wonderful 'Akif .Judicial.Servant of the Most Strong Abdul-Qayyum .Servant of the Peace Abdul-Samad .Name of one of the Prophet's companions Abu al Khayr .Nobility of faith Al Bara' .Abdul-Nasser .One who does good Adan .Servant of the Protecting Abdul-Warith .Cultured. the Provider Abdul-Sabur . adorers Abu Bakr .Black or dark Adib .Worshippers. 'Adil .Servant of the Most Thankful Abdul-Tawwab .Servant of the Witness Abdul-Shakur .Intelligent.Old Arabic name 'Afif.Description of a lion.Servant of the Eternal Abdul-Sami .Servant of the Finder Abdul-Wakil .Wholesome with innocence .Nobility.Servant of the Protector Abdul-Shahid .Excellence of faith Al 'Abbas . esteem) Abdul-Rahim . Afeef .Servant of the Subduer.Servant of the Merciful Abdul-Rahman .Servant of the Rightly Guided One Abdul-Ra'uf . Ala' al din .Most generous Ala' .Focused Akil .Most highly adored.Chaste.Servant of the Beneficent Abdul-Rashid .Servant of the Helper. excellence Ala' al Din .Servant of the Forgiver Abdul-Wadud . Ahmed . variation of the name "Muhammad" 'Ajib .Servant of the Trustee Abdul-Wali .Servant of the Maintainer. name of the Prophet's uncle Aladdin. one who uses reason Akram .Servant of the Compassionate Abdul-Razzaq .Worshipper.Just Adham .Servant of the Governor Abdul-Waliy .

Ayoob .Ruler. pure. constructor 'Amro .Gift of the Beneficent Athil . the good.A plant with a nice smell Aws . name of the Prophet's grandson Alhusain.Aquainted. 'Atif . leader 'Amir . name of the Prophet's grandson Ali.Reward.Corporal 'Arif . sympathetic Awad. the judge Al Harith . 'Ammar . excellent. name of the Prophet's son-in-law and the fou Caliph Alim . compensation 'Awf .Radiant.Most honorable Asif .Brave Ayman . wealthy Ayyub. knowledgable Asad . full of light 'Aqil . Alhusayn . noble.Old Arabic name Anas .Firmly rooted Athir . 'Ataa .Faithful.Favored.Heroic. Al Tufayl .Diminutive of the handsome. fine Altaf .Most prosperous one Ashraf .Prosperous.Builder.Crowning Al Tufail.Close friend 'Antarah .Old Arabic name Arfan .The handsome.Comfort 'Azab .Guided to the right path Al Safi .Forgiveness Asim.Al Hakam .Returning (to Allah) Ayham .Gift Ata' Allah . 'Aliyy .The plowman Alhasan . Ameer .Gift of God Ata' al Rahman .Lion As'ad .Protector. travelling.A Prophet's name (Job) Aza .Touring.Support Amin. trustworthy Amir.Lucky.Kindness Altair . greatest.Gratitude Arif . 'Ali. name of one of the Prophet's companions Anis .Compassionate. lucky Asadel .Old Arabic name Amid . name of an Arab folk hero Anwar . populous Amjad .The flying eagle.More glorious Ammar. also refers to a first magnitude star in the constellation Lyra Al Tayyib .Clear. fortunate.The arbitrator. preferred Atif. 'Awad .Happy.Black Ata'.To give Awwab .Wise or learned Almahdi .The highest. prince. wandering .Easy in dealing. defender Aswad . on the right Ayser .Very sociable. Ameen . the good. 'Asim .The good one Al Tijani .General 'Amid .

Proof Bushr .One who remembers God frequently Dhakiy .Azhar . Dawud .Faithful Bashir . close Darwish .One who took part in the battle of Badr Baha.Blessing Barir . Baha' . resolved RETURN TO INDEX Badi .Defender.Joy.Full moon Badr al Din . 'Aziz .Marvelous Badi al Zaman .Name of the lion Bilal . Bassam .Magnificence of the faith Bahij .One who starts work early Baligh .Old Arabic name Bakri .Determined. Budayl . district capital Barakah .Dazzling.Brave Basim.Beloved.Joy Boulos .Name of a companion of the Prophet Burhan .Smiling Bayhas .Dervish Da'ud.Secretary Dani . magnificent Baha al Din.Near.Intelligent . happiness Butrus . name of the Prophet's Muezzin (one who calls for prayer) Bishr .Arabic form of "Paul" Budail. Azim .Seaport.Cheerful Bahir . brilliant Bakr . referring to one of God's ninety-nine qualities Aziz.Most shining.Satisfies thirst. a Prophet's name (David) Dhakir .Arabic form of "Peter" RETURN TO INDEX Dabir .Intelligent. Bahiyy al Din .Eloquent Bandar .Powerful (dear) Azzam.The marvel of time Badr . 'Azzam .Full moon of the faith Badri . luminous Azeem.Bringer of many glad tidings Basil . bright Dhakwan .Bringer of glad tidings Bashshar .Beautiful.

Honorary Fakih . Fakhry .Relief.Proud. freedom from grief Farhan . Fu'ad . Fareed . sacrifice Fikri .Successful Faraj.Baker Fida . Faysal .Lieutenant General Faris . Farraj . one who recites the Qu'ran Falah .Name of the Prophet's sword Dirar . excellent Fakhr al Din .Excellent in character RETURN TO INDEX . Fareeq . superior Fadl .Redeemer Fadil . lynx Fahmi .One who distinguishes truth from falsehood Fath . honorable.Victorious one Fatih .Conqueror Fatin.Favor.Clever.Thought.Favor of Allah Fahd.Legal expert.Happy Farid. Fahad .Generous. rare Fariq. smart Fawwaz .Most successful Fawzan .Victory Fathi .Winner Fakhir . knight.Overflowing. generous Ferran .Success Falih .Victorious Fawzi . cavalier Faruq.Perspicacity Fouad. ideas Firas .Pride of the faith Fakhri. Farooq .Brightness of the faith Duqaq RETURN TO INDEX Fadi .Horseman.Heart Fudail .To do with success Fayyad .Unique. Fateen .Decisive Fa'iz .Old Arabic name Diya .Dhul Fiqar .Redemption.Understanding Faisal.Leopard. surplus Fadl Allah . light Diya al Din .Brightness.

Judge Haydar . calm .Affable.Victor Ghanim .Beautiful.Mild. Ghayth .The praised one.Happy.Old Arabic name Haris .Young hawk Hayyan .Lamb Hamas . joyful Hanif . gentle. A Prophet's name (Aaron) Hashim .Gentle. destroyer of evil.Valuable.Smith Hadi .Lion Haytham . dear. expensive Ghalib .Camel Ghaith.Arabic form of "John" Hana'i . handsome Hatim .Lofty or exalted. governor Hakim.Succorer RETURN TO INDEX Habbab .Broker. Harun . vigor (of youth) Ghawth .True believer Hannad . variation of the name "Muhammad" Hamim .Intimate. name of the Prophet's uncle Hana . name of the Prophet's great-grandfather Hassan .Enthusiasm Hamdan .Successful Ghassan .The new moon Hilmi . variation of the name "Muhammad" Hamdi . one who has memorized the Qur'an Hakem . patient Hamal . beloved.Guardian. Hilel .Resolute Hilal.Ruler.Rain Ghali .Lion.Of happiness Hanbal .Old Arabic name Hazim .Beloved Hadad .Ploughman.Conqueror Ghazwan . one of God's ninety-nine qualities Halim . close friend Hamzah .Wise.Syrian god of fertility Haddad .One on expedition.Guiding to the right (truth) Hafiz . lovable Habib .Of praise Hamid . Gamali .Ardor. delighted.Purity Hani .Protector.The praised one.Gamal. to help Ghazi . protector Harith .Succor. to conquer Ghiyath . cultivator Haroun. Hakeem .

Mark of distinction or excellence In'am .A Prophet's name Ihsan . Houd .Safeguard Ishaq .A Prophet's name (Ishmael) Iyad .A Prophet's name (Isaac) Isma'il . 'Imad .Name of a pre-Islamic Arabic king Hudhafah .Long-lived.Beauty .Old Arabic name Hudhaifah. Hussein . Ja'far . noble. beneficence. firm will Jalal .Sword of the faith RETURN TO INDEX Ibrahim . generous Husain. Husayn. Issam . a Prophet's name Imtiyaz .Modesty. comforter Jad Allah .Feast. brave Jabir . decency 'Ikrimah . 'Imran .A Prophet's name Hudad . Jaleel . revered Jamal .Old Arabic name Humam .Might of the faith RETURN TO INDEX Jabalah . good fortune Irfan. festival Idris . pillar Imad al Din . doer of good deads.Hisham .Consoler. courageous.Leader (of prayer or community) Imran.Rivulet.Father of a multitude.Glory Jalal al Din . bestowal Iqbal .Mountain. a descendent of the Prophet Husam . hill Jabbar. a Prophet's name (Abraham) 'Id .Mighty.Brave.Pillar of the faith Imam . 'Isam.Thankfulness Isa.Resolution.Great.Glory of the faith Jalil.Support.Sword Husam al Din .A Prophet's name (Jesus) Isam. Hudhayfah .Beautiful. highest level of Iman Ihtisham .Kindness.Pigeon Iyas .Consoling Izz al Din . Eisa .Old Arabic name Ilias .Generosity Hud.Act of benefaction.Prosperity.A Prophet's name (Elijah) Imad. 'Isa. little creek Jal . Jabr . 'Irfan .Gift of God Jafar.

Khaleel.Born in Autumn Karim.Beautiful Jarir . essence Jibran .Goodness of the faith Khairi.Old Arabic name Jul . Khayri . Kareem . lover Kaliq .Friend of God.Jewel. beneficent Khoury .Heavy rain.Choice Jaun .Writer.Beauty. Kalil .Old Arabic name Kutaiba .Resolution.Pure. clear Khatib . purity Khuzaimah.Kind of plant Jawad . noble.Well-tempered. Kasim . friendly. title given to Prophet Ibrahim Khalis .Struggle. Khuzaymah . good friend Khalil al Allah .Old Arabic name Jibril .Fertile Kaseem. successor Khaldun. Junayd . firm will Jumah.Green or green crop (connoting freshness and innocence) Kahil . perfection Kamil. generous Jawdah . cool. Kareef .Religious Minister Khair al Din .Perfect.Generosity Kardal .Generous.Beauty of the faith Jamil.Divided Kateb.Friend.Archangel of Allah (Gabriel) Jihad . Kadir . Jubayr . Khaldoon . confidant Kadeer. scribe Kazim .Caliph Khalil.Old Arabic name Khalid.Beautiful. Jumu'ah . huge Jaul .Eternal Khalifah . name of a famous Arab poet Jasim . patient Khalaf . benevolent deed Jawhar .One who can pull. Katib .Open-handed. Kadin .Clearness.Creative. Kameel . holy war Jubair. Kedar .Mustard seed Karif.Charitable. Juwayn .Priest Khulus .Descendent.Sibling RETURN TO INDEX Kadar. companion. refers to a quality of God Kamal .Great. Khaled .Jamal al Din . big. one of the ninety-nine qualities of God Karam . Khairy.Powerful Kadeen.Young fighter Juwain.Friend. Jameel . precious and distinguished Kasib.(Born on) Friday Junaid. Kaseeb .

Vowed. veiled Mahmud.A Prophet's name Lut .Desirable.Old Arabic name Marzuq .Ivy Latif .Of comfort.Kind.Blessed by God.Divinely aided. firm. kind. Labeeb . dear Mahdi .Torch Mashhur . friendly Layth .Skilled Mahjub . happy. ease . protected by God Mahir .Famous Masrur .Lucky Majd . consecrated to God Mansur .Happy. king Mamdouh. good Marwan . variation of the name "Muhammad" Mahrus . intelligent Lablab . praised.Glory Majdy .RETURN TO INDEX Labib. gentle RETURN TO INDEX Ma'd .Urban.Rebellious Ma'ruf . pleasant.Guided to the right path Mahfuz . trusted Ma'n.Glorious Makin .Gentle.One who is commended.Beloved. well-founded Malik . modern Mahbub .Protected (by God) Maimun. glorified Ma'mun .Safe.Old Arabic name Madani .The praised one.Fortunate.Sensible. Mahmoud .Well-known. fortunate Mash'al . civilized. victorious Marghub .Shield Lubaid.Old Arabic name Luqman .Master.Glorious Majd al Din . Mamduh . joyful Mas'ud . Maymun .Trustworthy. Ma'in . sheltered Maysarah .Concealed.A Prophet's name (Lot) Lutfi . lucky Masun .Well-protected. Lubayd .Lion Lu'ay . coveted Marid .Strong.Glory of the Faith Majid .Benefit Mandhur .

evident Mudar .Brilliant.Happy. Murtadi.Supported (by God) Mubarak . preferred Mu'adh .Distinguished.Comforter Mujab .Young fox (first Umayyad Caliph) Mu'ayyad .Satisfied.Given or granted long life Mu'min .Victorious Murad .Honored Mukhlis .Faithful.Repentent Munif . Muneer . Mish'al . Muhanned . Murtadhy .Successful Muhab . desired Murshid .Name of a Sahabi Misbah .Pleasant companion Munjid .Name of an Angel (Michael) Miqdad .Protected.Lamp Mishaal. shining Mu'nis . name of a companion Mu'awiyah .Noble.Reviver of the faith Mu'in .One whose prayers were answered Mujahid .Guide Murtada.Loving Muhsin . Mufeed . light Miyaz .Exalted.Inspiring Mu'mmar .Fighter (in the way of Allah) Mukarram .Warner.Clear.Believer Mumtaz . respected Muhibb . right Muntasir .Strong Mundhir . Moosa .Chosen Mulham . pleased Musa.Old Arabic name Mihran .Torch.Covered.Inspired Mulhim . sincere Mukhtar .Dignified Muhair.Mazhar . Mohammed .Wanted.Beneficient.Useful. cautioner Munib .Happy.An Arabian tribe. the name of the Prophet Muhanna .A Prophet's name (Moses) . delighted Muhannad. helper Mu'izz .Supporter.Appearance Mazin .Sword Muhib . Muhayr . name of a great-grandfather of the Prophet Muddaththir .Helper Munsif . a title of the Prophet Mufid. praiseworthy. helpful Muflih .Praised. blessed Mubin . contented. excellent Munir.Name of a companion of the Prophet Mihyar . charitable Muhtadi .Rightly guided Muhyi al Din .Excellent Munahid .Skilled Muhammad.Name of a famous poet Mika'il .Just.

favored by fortune.One who is wrapped up. tranquility Naji . precious Nafi' . facilitated Muzaffar . reformer Muslim .Aquirer.Submitting oneself to God Mustafa . Najeeb .Star of the faith Na'man . pure. Nadeem . Nabeel .Advisor. helper.High.Successful Muyassar .Good. earner Na'im . rare.Fortunate. to God) Mutawalli . supporter Nasir al Din . one of the Prophet's names Muta' .Generosity Na'il .Comfort. elated Nasib . youth Nashwan .Safe.Smart Nabil.Longing. honorable Muthanna .Intelligent Nabih . Nasser .Friendly. brave Najjar .Noble Nadhir . Nash'at .Obeyed Mu'tasim .Warner Nadim.Chosen.Adhering (to faith. outstanding Nabighah . supporter Mushtaq .Useful Nahid . a title of the Prophet RETURN TO INDEX Nabhan. Nawwaf .Noble. yearning Muslih .Conciliator.Of noble descent Najid . lofty Nawfal .Noble.Dear.Growing up. counselor Nasim . dear Nash'ah.Helper.Generous.Lion.Entrusted Mu'tazz .Exultant.Unfettered camel.Victory Nasri .Obedient Muwaffaq .Carpenter Najm al Din . lucky Musa'id .Mus'ab .Sincere.Of victory Nasuh .Fresh air Nasir .Old Arabic name Namir . relative Nasih . entertaining Nadir .Old Arabic name Mus'ad .Protector of the faith Nasr.Victorious Muzzammil . ease. faithful Nawaf.Protector. old Arabic name for the sea .Old Arabic name Muti .Proud. survivor Najib. Nabih .

Noori . light Nidal .Divider.Blood.Leader Qutuz RETURN TO INDEX Rabah .Tiger Nizar .Arranger. winner Rabi .Irritable.Nayif.Kind.Old Arabic name Qatadah . organizer Nibras .Satisfied. Nusrat . abundance Nazih. impatient Qutb .Exalting Rafid . Nazeeh . red Nur al Din . Nooh .A Prophet's name (Noah) Nuhaid.Help.Struggle Nijad .Tall. referring to qualities of God listed in the Qu'ran Ra'id . merciful. willing Raghid .Compassionate.Name of a companion of the Prophet Qutaybah. Naif . Nu'aym .Support Rafiq .Shining. adjuster Nazmi .Pure.Pleasant Rahman . Nazeem . content Rafi . dominant Nimr .Spring. breeze Radi .Gainer. excellent. brightness Nusrah.Firm Qudamah .Desirous. chaste Nazim.Big Numair .Arranger.Brightness of the faith Nuri.High.Leader .Courageous Qusay . support RETURN TO INDEX Qasim . Ragheb . Qais . distributor Qays.Lamp. Nuhayd .Panther Nu'man . friend Raghib.Old Arabic name Nu'aim. Qutaibah . surplus.Name of several of the Prophet's companions Nuh.

Spiritual Rushd .Subsistence.Formal. arranger Ra'uf . wise.Relevant.To gaze.Happy Safi .Sincere. maturity. confident Ramadan . one of the gates of paradise Razin . blessing of God Ruhi .Maturity. rightly guided.Mature.Integrity of conduct.Good luck Sa'd al Din . Sabeeh .Regular.Honored. Ruwayd .Acceptance.Beautiful. gentle Rais . persevering Sabri .Pure.Merciful. Rida.Good of the Faith Sadad .Captain Raja . sensible conduct Rushdi .Messenger Ratib . respected Ramzi . gazing Rashad .Vastness Riyad. more acceptable Rakin . contentment.Sweet basil. Ridha . firm.Arcturus (brightest star in constellation Bootes) Ramiz .One of good council. Riyadh .Composed Rasmi . right Sadiq .Seventh month of the Muslim lunar calendar Raji . clear . wisdom Rashid .Symbolic Rani . full of hope Rajih .Respectful. wise Ruwaid.Gardens Rizq .Lion Sabih.Good luck Sa'adah .Compassionate Rayhan . favored by God Rayyan . correct. wisdom.Patient.Having the upper hand.Ra'if . Sa'id .Ninth month of the Muslim lunar calendar. month of fasting Rami .(In God's) favor. fond Sabir.Hope Rajab . lucky hand Sadid .Marksman Ramih . Sabeer . official Rasul . perseverence Sa'd .Happiness Sab .Luxuriant. having true faith Rasil . satisfaction Ridwan . pleasant.Messenger Rasin .Walking gently RETURN TO INDEX Saad .Hoping.Right thing to do. name of the keeper of the gates of Heaven Rihab . satisfaction. subtle Reda.Composed. truthful Sa'dun .Of patience.Happy Sa'eed.

Complete .Entertaining companion Samman . famous Shakib . noble.Eighth month of the Muslim lunar calendar Shadi . reward Shakir .Fragrant Sharaf .Wind that comes from the north Shamil .Sword of the faith Sajid .Safety Saleh. compassionate.One who worships a lot Sakhr . enchanter Shadin . flawless Salman .Rock Salah . correct Saif. wholesome.Flame.Affectionate Shihab . pure Sahib .Companion Sahir .Righteousness of the Faith.Righteousness Salah al Din . Shu'ayb . blaze Shihab al Din .Safe.Good. Shareef . distinguished Shawqi .Star of the Faith Shihad .Hawk Shahir . tender Shahid .Master Sha'ban .Wakeful Sahl .Forgiving Safwah. solid.Easy to deal with Sa'ib .Present.Sword (of religion) Saif al Din . Salih .Honey Shu'aib. Shafeeq .Best friend of the faith Safuh .Fawn.Grocer Saqr . the chosen Safwan .One who worships God Sajjad .Shining. Sayf.Best friend Safiy al Din .Mediator Shafiq.Thankful Shams al Din .Kind.Safiy . Seif . a Prophet's name Salim. honorable.Healthy. bright Saud .Forgiver Samir.High. safe.Sun of the faith Shamal .Appropriate.A Prophet's name Shukri . Saleem .All comprehensive Shamim . Safwat .The best.Well-known.Singer.Honest. Sameer .Falcon Sariyah . gift.Clouds at night. healthy. lofty.Fortunate Sayyid . name of the Muslim leader who liberated Jerusalem from t Crusaders Salamah .Rock. name of a companion of the Prophet Sati .Thankfulness Shumayl .Honor Sharif. right. whole. young deer Shafi . name fo the first Persian to embrace Islam Sami . elevated Samih .Witness Shahin .

A Prophet's name (Solomon) Sultan . Tareef .Nice. upright Sinan .Arrow Sulaiman.Good luck RETURN TO INDEX Tahir .Reward Thawban .Light of the faith Sofian . Taym Allah .Good or delicate Thabit . God-fearing Tarif. name of the first Roman to embrace Islam Suhail.Crown Taj al Din .Sultan.Strong.Perfection. Suhaym .Submission Tawfiq . 'Ubaydah .Servant of God .Name of a companion of the Prophet RETURN TO INDEX 'Ubaidah.Old Arabic name Suhaib. Thamir . reconciliation Tawhid . king Sumrah .Shooting Star Thawab .Siddiq . complete Tamir .Truthful. Suoud .Devoted Subhi .Lighted torch Siraj al Din . strength Taqiy . admirable Talib .Early morning Sufyan . easy.Believing in one God Taymullah .Spearhead Siraj .Crown of the faith Talal .Rich. the name of a star Suhaim. Suhayl .Fruitful. uncommon Tariq .Of reddish hair or complexion.Pure.Gentle.Servant of God Taj .Facilitation (granted by God) Tayyib .Beautification Taim Allah. modest Tahsin .Firm Thamer.Brownness Suraqah .Generous Tammam . chaste.Devout. productive Thaqib . one who owns date palm trees Tamam .Servant of God Taysir . clean. Sulayman . Suhayb .Name of a star Taslim .Name of a companion of the Prophet Su'ud.Seeker (of truth) Tamim .Success (granted by God).Rare.

Waleed . Wafeeq .To give. to donate Wahid .Graceful.Faithful Ubayy .Supporter of God Waliy al Din .Of strong emotion.Old Arabic name Umayyah . brilliant Wadi .Giving Wahhab . flowers Wasif .Lawyer Walid.Successful Wahab .Name of tht third Caliph RETURN TO INDEX Waddah .One who runs fast 'Umar. Waseem . Omar . handle Usaim.Describer Wasil . one of the companions of the Prophet Wajdi .Newborn child Walif .Name of the second Caliph Umarah .Calm.Considerate. passion and love Wajid . inseperable friend Wasim.Old Arabic name Ward . fond Wafiq.Support. Umair .Ubaid . sobriety Waqqas .Description of a lion 'Utbah .Favorable.lion cub Usama. exclusive. Usaym .Name of a mountain Uthman .Blossoms.Dignity.Supporter of the faith Waqar .Noble. 'Udayl .Bright.Old Arabic name Umayr.Coming back (for Shelter). peaceful Wadid .Singular. notable.One with high self-esteem 'Udail.Minister RETURN TO INDEX . unequalled Wa'il .Smooth land Wajih . devoted. distinguished Wakil .Befriending Waliy Allah . Usamah .Old Arabic name 'Uday . good looking Wazir .Old Arabic name Uthal .Famous Arabian tribe 'Urwah .

Ziyad .Super abundance Zubair.Pure Zakwan . graceful.Od Arabic name Yazid.Beauty Zarif . one of the Prophet's names Yasir . Zubayr . humorous Zakariyya . Zuhayr .God will increase. abundance Zaim .Victorious Zahid .Well-to-do.A Prophet's name (Jonah) Yushua .The two opening letters of Surah 36 in the Qur'an. growth.Bright.God saves Yusri .A Prophet's name (John) Yaman . shining.Self-denying.To increase (in power and influence).A Prophet's name (Jacob) Yasar. Yazeed . smart Zuhair. ease Yasin.Strong. Yoonus . a Prophet's name (Joseph) Yunus.Increase. Yasser . Yusef. Yusuf .A Prophet's name (Zakaria) Zaki. flowery Zaid. ascetic Zahir . abstentious.Nice. comfort. wealthy Yusuf .Intuitive Ziad. . enhance Youssef.Wealthy Yazan .Good tidings Ya'qub . powerful.Wealth. Zayd .Brigadier General Zain.Yahya . having flowers RETURN TO INDEX home > arabic > masculine names © 1999-2005. christina m k al-sudairy all rights reserved. Zayn . Yaseen .A Prophet's name (Joseph) RETURN TO INDEX Zafar .Bright. Zaky .Victory Zafir .