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^0 66^

the 6th December, 1847, I was honored with the orders

of the Government of India appointing

me an

Extra Assistant to

the Resident at Lucnow, as a temporary measure, for the purpose of cataloguing the extensive collection of works in Arabic and

Persian literature in the king of Oudh's libraries.

was the following, " you need not confine yourself exclusively to the king's libraries, but you can undertake, as opportunity offers, the examination of some of the best

Among my


private collections in that city,

which are supposed to contain

and valuable works." I arrived at Lucnow on the 3rd of March, 1848, and I left it on the 1st January, 1850. One month I had other duties to perform and near three months I was sick. The time which I devoted to cataloguing was about eighteen months. During this


time I examined about 10,000 volumes. .Very many of them were duplicates; but as no kind of arrangement exists, particularly in the



and as

it is

impossible to recol-

whether or not a note has been taken of a book, duplicates

took just as

much time


volumes which


new works. There much search for

are also


a name, date,

or title, I was obliged to throw away. Supposing then that I had worked every day ten hours (and to do this day after day in a
tropical climate is a physical impossibility) I could have devoted

only half an hour to the examination of each volume.
I was assisted in


labour by 'alyy Akbar of Panypat.


was a pupil of the Dilly College, and had not yet completed his course of study when I took him to Lucnow. I did not expect more of him than that he would copy for me such passages
as I

might mark


but he soon entered into the


of the work
return from

and was of very great

Some time





recommended him to the. late Lieut. Governor of the North Western Provinces and he appointed him first Professor He died in that post in 1852, of Arabic of the Agra College.


about thirty years of age.

I take this opportunity publicly to


sense of gratitude and esteem to this talented indus-

The Royal Library

and conscientious young man. at Lucnow was originally kept in the old

Palace (Purana Dawlat-khanah) which stands on an eminence between the Riimy Darwazah and the iron bridge over the Gumpty and is now nearly in ruins. It contained the whole
of the literary treasures of i/afitz

RaAmat Khan, and was


it is

enriched more particularly by Ghaziy aldyn



divided into three collections.

The valuable

works upwards of three thousand volumes are preserved in a garden house of the Moty Ma/tall Palace, and elegant books are kept close to the FaraA-bakhsh Palace in which the

king used to


This collection contains about one

thousand volumes or

and formed the private library of His The Daroghah thereof superintends the other


Books, in these two collections were kept in shelves,


I was at Lucnow, and were in tolerably good order, but

I hear, they have been given up to pillage.
third collection
to the house


in the

Topkhanah or




of the British Resident.




extensive building including a large square which




Three sides of the building are devoted to military


and in the northern wing
at the

the library.

The books

kept in about forty dilapidated boxes



—which are
and any

same time tenanted by

prolific families of rats

admirer of oriental lore
this collection will

who may have an

opportunity to

do well to poke with a stick into the boxes,

hand into them, unless he be a zoologist as well At the end of the hall there are bags full of books completely destroyed by white ants. Even new books have not been spared by these destructive insects, nearly the whole
before he puts his



and most of the remaining copies of the Haft Qulzum have had the same fate. The number of volumes in this collection is very great, and among
edition of the Taj alloghat has been destroyed,




for the brave


some Pashtu works written with great care

and learned Rohilla

unfortunately the habit of the king's people merely to

count the volumes, and to


the librarian responsible for the

numbers not diminishing. The consequence is that many good books have been abstracted and bad ones put in their place. There arc at least one hundred copies of the Gulistan and as many of Yiisof u Zalykha in the Topkhanah, which apparently I have heard that a late fill the places of more valuable works. librarian sold in one week eleven hundred Rupees worth of books
to provide funds for the marriage of his daughter.

to speak highly of the present

In making this statement I beg to say that I have every reason Daroghahs or librarians, and that

I consider


perfectly honest.


are very civil

men, more

particularly one of the


librarians in the


to be regretted that


Topkhanah, and it is him had not charge of the

from the commencement.

Though not

connected with the subject, the reader will

perhaps be glad to obtain some information regarding the
printing offices.


Ghaziy aldyn Uaydar founded a typography

at great expense,

and one of the works

—the Haft Qulzum—which issued from

has attained a greater celebrity in Europe than

enjoys in India.

Besides this Dictionary, the following books have been printed

Lucnow v-^W, The praise of Ghaziy aldyn Zfaydar, by A^mad Shirwany, 1235, small folio, 200 pp.
in types at


in Arabic,

Akhtar oos^

by 288 pp. Ai^o^tf. An account in Persian prose and verse of the meeting of Lord Hastings and Ghaziy aldyn i/aydar, by Akhtar,


a^Ls^ a



in Persian prose and verse,

page 599 infra), 1238, small


1239, 8vo. 131 pp. Panj surah or the


Surahs of the Qoran usually repeated in 4to. printed in the form of a Toghra.

Taj alloghat, an Arabic

Dictionary explained in Persian, in

seven volumes, large
in types,


only four volumes have been printed



the remaining three have been lithographed, Vol.

725 pp. Vol. II. 624 pp. ; Vol. III. 252 pp. ; Vol. IV. 176 pp. Vol. V. 594 pp.; Vol. VI. 408 pp.; Vol. VII. 138 pp.




lithographic printing office at

About the year 1830, Mr. Archer who had established a Cawnpore came at the request of Na£yr aldyn 1/aydar to Lucnow with his press and entered his

The first book lithographed at Lucnow is the *J^/° %«• being a commentary on the Alfyyah, by Soyiify, 1247, 8vo. 247 pp.






there were twelve private lithographic

Mohammad f/bsayn and Moctaf a Khan were by far the best. Some editions of the former In 1849, Kamal aldyn iJaydar, Munare particularly correct.
presses in that city.

Those of #ajy

shiy to the observatory, wishing to ingratiate himself at court,

wrote a history of the Royal family of Oudh.
abolished and printing was forbidden at


passages hap-

pened to displease His Majesty, and instantly the observatory was


lest this objec-

tionable production might be published.


proprietor of the



went on the suggestion of the author of these pages

and most otherprinters followed him. Some however, among them Moctafa Khan, managed to keep at the same time an establishment at Lucnow. As they usually put, on the title page only, the name of the press and not of the place, it is not
to Cawnpore,

always possible to determine whether a book was printed at Lucor Cawnpore if it has been published after the Exodus. The number of works lithographed at Lucnow and Cawnpore may amount to about seven hundred. Some of them have gone through more than ten editions. The books most in request are of course school books and such other dialectical and religious tracts as every Mawlawy reads or pretends to read. But we already observe symptoms that the press is enlarging the narrow cycle of learning, and, what is more important, that it extends education to all classes and even to ladies. Twenty years ago verses of the Qoran were repeated as prayers and charms, and even the whole book was learned by heart, but without being understood, and the Sunnah was almost unknown in our days


people are gradually beginning to study the book, and I shall have
to describe several commentaries



in Arabic, Persian

Hindustany which have
traditions or


been published.

and The study of the

that of the Qoran.

published in

Sunnah is making even more rapid progress than Not only have the principal collections been Arabic but we have Persian and Hindustany trans-

lations of the


Mishkat and Mashariq alanwar which have gone through more than one edition. After the Musalmans had,
several centuries ago, entirely lost sight of the original idea of
their religion, they are
intelligible to all.

now beginning



their sacred


This must lead to results, analogous to those

which the translation and study of the Bible produced in Europe. One of the most remarkable results of the progress of printing

the rapid increase of periodical and light literature.

India is the
entirely free,

only country in the old continent in which the press

and there


hardly a town in the upper provinces in which there

are not several newspapers published.


late, several tales


works written expressly

for ladies

have been printed, and

seem to meet with a rapid

Though the new

art of

rising has not


intrinsic value, things are progressing

as rapidly


and came

as healthily as they did in Europe,

when the
is is

into vogue.

The tendency



Mo^ammadan, but

already a spirit of liberality




the natural result of progress from school-learn-

ing and court refinement to a general civilization.


originally intended that this

volume should comprise

was to contain Persian grammars, dictionaries, letters and letter-forms and works in elegant prose, the fifth, the corresponding Hindustany books, and the
last three, translations

eight chapters, the fourth of which

from the Sanskrit and Hindy into Persian or Hindustany, and Turky (Chaghatay) and Pushtu books. It was further intended to add an appendix containing omissions and a
table of the contents of Walih,

to conclude the

Khoshgu, the A'tishkadah, &c. and volume with three indexes, one of proper names, one of book-titles, and one of initial lines. But before the third chapter had been put to press the compiler was obliged to apply
for leave of absence


sick certificate for



and to content Should

himself with publishing the book in

present form.

be continued, what

wanting in this volume will be added to the

second ; which in addition will contain the biographies and writings of Arabic lexicographers, grammarians, poets

and elegant

prose writers.

The remaining volumes will be devoted to the of the Musalmans in the third, for instance, will be

described the biographies and works of

£ lines

or mystical philo-

sophers and theologists.

two Roman representatives for one oriental symbol. preceded by an u. Writing is a symbol for the eye. is rendered by a diaeresis. the ear. This is the object. I do not use a A.Vlll PREFACE. hamzah at all. Peel and Goethe. capital a or y. are represented by an accent vowel. know what persons are meant." For expressing (') the 'ayn an apostrophe is used. I have adopted the principle which is followed in transcribing from one European language into another. and not Broum. the i <^ is which precedes always expressed by y and if it is a long it is omitted as " fy. I have substituted for every Arabic and Persian letter letter. . SPRENGER. aud pronunciation must be acquired by his readers. in a Roman have new types cast. as ch= ^ sh= cA zh= J dh= <> th= & dz= > tz= ±. . it some instances however. In transcribing oriental names and words into English. and with a view to impress like upon the reader that in words and the vowel the second 'amr or 'ysa. The j . alif if where it is of any use and the quiescent w. A Frenchman spells Pile and Gueute and however erroneously they may pronounce these names. 'ayn is the first letter. . . Brougham. . as I did not choose to was unfortunately necessary' to employ .

B .THE FIRST CHAPTER. B. 2821. Elliott's but according to mine of Ma-wara-lnahr. the author erroneously Moham- mad //awfy. he compiled It is therefore clear that he flourished towards the end of the sixth and in the beginning of the seventh century of the Hijrah. in 625. a collection of historical anecdotes which. BIOGRAPHIES OF PERSIAN AND URDU POETS. both of whom were according to Mr. In the seventh chapter an account of his copy of Marw. it ei>l>Ks'l jmU* is stated in the preface thereto. grandfather and of one of his maternal uncles. and wrote this book after the year 600. dedicated to The book is the Wazyr calls 'ayn almulk Abu-1-Makarim Ash'ary. 7 (0 hammad in ^ > *** <-*a^ ^UH\ vM 5 (?) by Mo- The marrow 'awfy. and we have from him besides this 600 at work. i^osayn b. Radhyy aldawlah Abii Bakr /Zajy Khalyfah No. of the productions of intellect He tells us in folio 155 that he was Nasa and met Majd aldyn the author of a Shahanshah-namah. It would appear that he was a native of the Seljuq Princes was the capital is Marw which under of Persia.

(39 poets 92 11th Chapter: Poets from the time of Sanjar (who died in A. chapters. chapter . Layth and Saman 8 pages. I I. first Beginning of the The tion.) end of the reign of Sul/an Sa'yd. the first have seen. the most ancient Tadzkirah that believe the author.) 1 Oth : Poets who were patronized by the Seljiiq princes . . to the pages. Journ.2 PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. 23 lines an elegant hand and tolerably correct in a page. This is [CHAP. is ends with the first biography of Nitzamy and probably the same copy .#* M*yt only copy which I have seen of this book It is a 4to of is in a private collec- in 336 pp. 70 pages. . 8th Chapter: (twelve) Poets families. (28 poets 28 pages. 9th : Poets of the court of the N&cir family. Bland. Princes and 32 Wazyrs who have written and the latter poetry. 12th Chapter: Poets at the court of the present sovereign. 112. H. Soc. first It is divided into 12 four chapters treat on the meaning fill and origin of poetry and only 8 pages. Royal As. written but of the preface two or It three and at the end line of the many pages are wanting. As The the title indicates. it is rather an antho- logy than a biographical work. A Vol. N. London. very full and learned notice of this work has been given by Mr. IX p. if we that has been compiled. of the courts of the ^ahir. &** j ^ . 7th Chapter: Imams and other eminent men who but distinguished themselves by their poetical talents were not poets by profession. It is old. The fifth and sixth chapters contain notices of Kings. the former fills 60 pages. and. 552) to the present reign.

25. ^s-y b. Bland. 9. Mohammad Herawy. Abii Sa'yd 20. 3 Besides which has been used by the author of the Khizdnah 'amir ah. Makky b. Abii-1- Qasim /Zasan AAmad 'on^ry. Ustad Abu-l-//asan 'alyy Bihramy Sarakhsy. 9th and 10th Chapters. — Poets of the Tdhir. Kisby Radyny Adyby. 21. AAmad Manuchihry. Mohammad ^jUa^i Nayshapiiry. AAmad Balkhy Amyny 19. 17. MoAammad 'abd Allah b. 15.No. Abii Natzar 'abd al'azyz Man9iir 'asjady Marwazy. 1. 6. 22. 23. Ustad £j-Jj* Farrokhy Sanjary. 1. Jiilii' Balkhy. loco cit. 4. 10. Shaykh Abii-1-JYasan Shahyd Balkhy. Ninth Chapter. Abii Soraqah 'abd Najjar. /Zakym Fayruz Mostawfiy. 12. B. MoAammad called Riizdih Abii-1-. Ami 'abd Allah Mohammad b. Abii Mowayyad Balkhy. under 'amr b. Abu Mowayyad Bokhary. Poets of the Sdmdn Dynasty.ffasan 'alyy b.] MOHAMMAD copy is 'AWFY. — Poets of the Nd^ir Dynasty. i/akym Kasayiy Marwazy. Contents of the 8th. 7. Eighth Chapter. 5. 18. 24. 11. Layth and Sdmdn Dynasties. /Zakym Zfantzalah Badaghysy. Ustad Abu 'abd Allah Mohammad Riidegy. Abii-l-Motzaffar Abii AAmad b. 16. Zynaty 'alawy MaAmiidy. b. al-RaAman b. b. Abii-lnajm AAmad b. B 2 . 'abd Allah /onaydy. Mohammad Marwazy. MoAammad Manshury Samarqandy. 3. Abii-1-Motzaffar Na^ b. it belongs to Mr. 14. 13. T Abu-1-Qasim Firdawsy 7 usy. Ami Man^r 'omarah b. a lady. Elliott and has been described by Mr. this only one known to exist. Abu Sho'ayb QaliA b. Ibrahym 'alyy al-Najhyr. Layth. flourished 2. 8. Shaykh Abi'i-1-' abbas al-Fadhl b. 'abbas ^^jJf Shaykh Abu Zarra'at Mo'izzy Jorjany.

56. II. 'uMridy. 29. 38. Hb^y^ b MaAqid l/aqiiry Herawy. Taj aldyn Isma'yl of Bakharz. 42. 55. 30. Mo'izzy. I. I. 51. Mohammad Abu 'abd Allah Ruziyah (Euzbeh ?) Lahor. 'alyy Stizany. Poets of Md-ward-lnahr. 45. . iZanyfah Iskaf of Marw. 27. 'abd al-Wasi' Jabaly al-Adyb. The daughter of Ka'b Fardary. Shihab aldyn 'am'aq (5*** Bokhary. 37. 50. 34. 'alyy Samany Marwazy. Motzaffar ByAaddy. Bihriiz Tayry. [CHAP. Tenth Chapter. 'abd Allah J&J\ of 28. MoAammad - 'alyy 'acayiry (Ghadhayiry). Ibn AAmad Badry Ghaznawy. b. Abii Yusof Herawy. AAmad Sayfy Nayshapury. Holaylah Faniy. 31. Abii-l-Layth Tayry. Abu Mancur 'abd al-Rashyd b. Shihab aldyn Abu-1-lTasan TaUah. 44. 47. AAmad b. Kawkaby Bariizy iSJlr! 35. 46. 52. Hakym 'alyy b. 49. Abu. Najm aldyn Nitzamy 'anidhy Samarqandy. J2amyd aldyn Jawhary Mostawfiy. Nac^r Laghwy. JSakym Abu-1-MaAasin Azraqy Herawy. 39. Ustad Abii Mohammad Arshady Samarqandy. 26. 53. Poets of Khordsdn. 43. —Poets of the Seljuqians. 36. 40. 41. Mohammad Dihqan 'alyy Shoratfy. 33. 32. Imam 'abd al-RaAman b. Mas'iid Razy. 57.—— PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. MoAsin Qazwyny. (or Samayiy) iZakym Mafamid Fotti&y b. Fakhr aldyn Khalid b. Bafyqy Marwazy. Abu Zayd Al-#arith b. Marwazy Athyr aldyn. al-Eaby' Makky. 54. 48. b.

Mohammad b. al-Fat& Herawy. Ibrahym Ghaznawy called ik*+**iu*ty) Jamal aldyn Nacir Shamsah called Kafirake Ghaznyn. 78. IV. 66. Abu Bakr b. Mohammad b.—— — NO. 86.) Sa'd (b. 69. Poets of Ghaznah. Mohammad b. Mas'ud Biiny ^)J\ was born and educated at Lahor. Abii-1-FaraA (Faraj ?) Eumy. 84. Isma'yl b. iZaqayiqy. 83. Qafartin 'adhodhy Tabryzy. Dhiya aldyn 'abd al-Eafi' b. Sayyid Ashraf aldyn . 70. Tenth Chapter. b. 68. 81. 61. Badr aldyn Qiwamy Eazy. 77. 'alyy Sirajy. 'omar Farqady.) Solayman. TJstad 'imad aldyn Ghaznawy 'imady. Shams aldyn MoAammad JBTakym b. . Jamal aldyn Mohammad b. Poets of Khordsdn. 1. 87. Kuhbary Tabary. Nacir 'alawy. 76. 59.] MOHAMMAD III. 'AWFY.Hassan of the Persians Khaqany Athyr Akhsykaty. Sa'd aldawlah Mas'ud (b. Mo'yn aldyn Sirajy Balkhy. 58. 80. The . Tzafar Hamadany. 63. 85. 'othman *J$&\ «>l| Sa'd aldyn Mas'ud Nawky J^ 'abd al-Majyd 'abhary. 75. 62. Mohammad b. 65. 'abd al-Karym Tabyby. Shihab aldyn 'alyy Ghaznawy. Sa'yd Tayiy. Majd aldyn Abu-1-Barakat.\ {Sic) fandaly. 82. Tzahyr aldyn Faryaby. 74. 72. 'alyy EuAany. 79. Majd aldyn Abii-1-Sanjary {jj*~^\ y. 60. I. 73. 64. Fakhr aldyn As'ad Jorjany. Abii-1-Faraj b. 67. Majd aldyn Adam Nasayiy Ghaznawy. 5 Poets of the Hrdq.Hasan Nacir 'alawy. Sayyid Jamal aldyn 71.

100. Acyl aldyn Najyb. 102. 109.) The spring garden of Jamy. I. ala'raj 108. this is Mowayyad IZaddady »L* {^°j*> called explained by 106. 97. 'alyy b. Kany Bokhary. 89. Shihab aldyn AAmad b. Latyf aldyn Zakyy of Maraghah. 95. Poets of the 'irdq. Faryd aldyn Sayyid 'attar i. 96. iZbsayn Marwazy. 88.—— 3 PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. 93. Bokhary IZakym Shamsy. Mohammad Balkhy II. 99. Ifamyd aldyn Dihistany. H. 98. 110. iZakym Nitzamy of Ganjah. Faryd aldyn Jasus alaflak 'alyy Sanjary the Astrologer. Abu b. 107. Majd aldyn iss~^\ iSj>^\ Abu-1-Fadhl 'othman 91. 92. Anecdotes of Saints— . 104. [CHAP. 898. 90. 101. 111. Shams aldyn Mohammad aJIa &*aJl. though an illiterate man was IZakym Shams a good poet. Sa'd aldyn 103. Poets of Md-ward-lnahr. Mowayyad aldyn Mowayyad. (P. Baha aldyn Karymy Samarqandy. b. 94. 'ajyby Khojandy. al-Mowayyad Samarqandy. Bu 'alyy. Majd aldyn Grhayraty. b. III. AAmad Herawy. IZakym Abu Bakr b. Shams aldyn Mobarak-shah 'ajyby Juzjany. Shams Dihistany. 105. Bady' aldyn Turku £J> Sanjary. (2) ^cU on his life U^S J^Jy who see the next chapter). died in A. Sayyid Ashrafy Samarqandy. "Wa'itzy. e. Nayshapury. Majd aldyn Fahymy Bokhary. (for a notice It is divided into eight chapters &£# or rules : each of which contains eight Ayyns 1 . al-A'azz Sanjary.

and a conclusion. contains valuable besides the biography of poets. Beginning jfjpi 1**^****^#&))** j^j^J^t^s'^j^^j^^ lines. 121. Each chapter contains about twenty are J amy. 1778.Nos. No. Ex- tracts from the last two chapters are contained in the Anthologia Persica. 158 pp.] Anecdotes and sayings of Sage9 and anecdotes of them — 5. this Ilahy p. among them This is and Sohayly. 'alyy Shyr. completed this book in A. 'alyy is Shyr of Tadzkirah that he the cousin . B. It appears to the poet Myr from the preface that Dawlat-shah this labour. On love — — — 3. says on : book and its author " Dawlat-shah is his tadz- kirah contains 180 biographies and very celebrated. Fables. aladjd e. one of the It best known and most useful historical details Tadzkirahs. Though he does not quote many good cal verses. lJu^J U& \f£ He and wazyr (P) b. 2. On liberality and generosity 6. poets and answering to the spheres of the seven planets. Soc. 'ala i. 2. (3) Tadzkirah. the histori- and biographical portion of his work is done in a masterly manner and shows informs us in his much research. tion has been published The whole of the text with a Grerman translaby Baron Schlechta Wssehrd. Vienna. was fifty years of age is when he commenced The book c^UaI? divided into a preface *^>^&< which con- tains notices of nine Arabic poets and seven chapters. Vienna. H. As. 184G. and dedicated 'alyy Shyr. 8vo. Short 8. 892. 500. Advice to rulers 4. 3. On kindness and amiability biographies of twenty-eight poets — — 7. A'cafy the conclusion contains the lives of six contemporaries. of 17 an old copy. Memoranda it of poets by Dawlat-shah aldawlah Bakhty-shah.

Isma'yl Ispahany. Copies are not frequent. Vullers has published the life of Hafitz from it.Anwary. is A beautifully written but incorrect copy *i^*-£ «/«i3 is inscribed j«i ail&AA e^-b The preface title. Soc. 1791. and J. No. Calcutta. but in other respects a copy of Dawlat- shah under a different B.8 PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. Shaykh-zadah Lahijy (Commentator of the Gulshane Raz). yet there are five in the Moty The best *s* is written in Naskhy. &c. These are selections from Persian and Turky poets without biographical notices except in a very few instances. 220 —272. 'a#ar. preface but it is in the tenth cen- His name does not occur found towards the end of the book. (4) ^sCn$* {sfi^ A lJu^J> cb>J^' J*==^ (P) The mirror of souls or spirits. Jainy. Amyr Khosraw. and has 626 pages of 17 lines. 537. De Sacy has given a notice of this Tadzkirah in the Notices et Extraits. Jalal aldyn Rumy. Sa'dy. Giessen 1839. Faryd aldyn ry. differs from that of other copies and it is the book defective. Hammer's Geschichte der schbnen Bedehiinste Per- may be considered a free translation of Dawlat-shah. pp. Isfarayiny. The Takhallu9 of Dawlat-shah 'alayiy. Amyr Fayruz Initial line who was is a distinguished man. 'accar. Kamal Khojandy. Khaqany. H. siens There is also a copy in the As. The Persian poets are Firdawsy with a short vocabulary. Nitzamy. i/asan Dihlawy. probably by i/osayn in the Mo'yn aldyn Maybodzy who flourished tury of the Hijrah. Salman Sawajy." ls^^^ *£**>} /$% «*& yU*U *$ ^s^^ Mafoill. I. Ma^miid Shabishte- . [CHAP. Harington the Life of Sa'dy in his edition of the works of that poet. IV. Tzahyr aldyn Faryaby.

9 The Turky Myr 'alyy Shyr Nawayiy. 11. C .) and would appear that he wrote book at his Court.) Gems Fakhry he of curiosities being a Tadzkirah of poetesses b. came during the reign of Shah Tahmasb -HTosayny 930 to 984) to Sind. 74. Yiisof Beg. Some say same Fakhry who In the has been mentioned in the preceding preceding article he says. No. was a distinguished and lived to the time of this sovereign in his MoAammad Amyry. Jahrb. The Chagatay text is divided into eight parts Majdlis and contains Baron von Hammer-Purgstall. Vol. Anzbl. Nasymy. &c. Hammer. W. An (5) \>£yv»\ ^ \Jtj& L_ft~^J of Herat.. who possesses a copy of has given a notice of the work and a list of the biographies in the cata- logue of his library. man Shah Tahmasb. Poets are. the ruler of that coun'ysa (reigned from try was then it Mohammad Tarkhan this this (died in 974. " Sul/an whose takhalluc is Fakhry.] ladies' biography. He added notices of some * Myr 'alyy Shyr the author of the Majdlis completed in it in 903 ac- cording to 906. title Ilahy who frequently or " quotes book under the of iUjJI %jS<±> Biography of Ladies" gives the follow: ing notice of Fakhry " Fakhry Herawy was a this is the article. Soc. Warily. p. 577. and 896 according to iTajy Khalyfah. by Amyry The author informs us that with the intention to perform the pilgrimage to Makkah. Beng. 5. and died in 441 biographies.No. \*J&*P\ jAj* (P. 17 copy. Beginning cu-l ^ &f Fodhuly Baghdady. lines. He praised is poems and he the Translator of Amyr 'alyy Shyr's Tadzkirah called Majdlis alnafdyis* from Turky into Persian. 824 pp. 1836.'' friend of Myr 'alyy Shyr. it. ^j&rtf ') * *^ J ^) old correct As. 8vo.

which contains ma/la's of the ghazals of various poets of his age. He is also author the of the Bostan alkhayal J^' ^^. In the preface *&i£ w^^aS/o the following chronogram y? £t/* **id j. j^i. whereas according to the Tadzkirah under notice. Beginning ^\ Jtfl*» ^&a> JL& ^ e^*J^ ^s" MSS. Fakhry was the son of Amyry. Amyry the translator of the Majalis. that he translated the Majdlis alnafdyis and that he gave The author to the translation the title Latdyif ndmah. Mawlana Sul/an Mohammad has translated it Amyry many into Persian and has added at the end one Majlis. Fakhry Sultan Mohammad was a son of Amyry. and a contemporary of Myr is and his son Fakhry is the author of this Tadzkirah. 'alyy Shyr. second period. 263 Ilahy says equally." It will be observed that Fakhry and Amyry are one and the same person according to this passage. of the Kholacah says of this work. This is correct. that In a note to p. [CHAP. This book contains an account of poets and learned men who flourished from the reign of Sa'yd It will Shahrokh Majdlis is to the time of Shah Isma'yl. in like I man- ner saw the date of yiAj all sorrow without misfortunes!' This would make 1090—143=947. self absent from myself on account of you. of 17 lines. a neat but incorrect . wJli T*J& &y^j I SUSpeCt there is a mistake in it and would propose to read the M As I saw mysecond micra' *J^o ^o'^k j ^ a*a Mfi ^ +C <UA.10 poets of the PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. Topkhanah. " Among the works of Myr 'alyy Shyr is the Majdlis alnafdyis which he wrote in the Turky language. the I." probably be observed that according to this author the transof the lator was Amyry. 8vo. 143 pp.

Khatym f*^ Jj** wife of Mohammad Khan Shay- bany and mother of Mohammad BaAym Sultan. **»• a daughter of Sayyid .. 9. 16. Hakimy. was acquainted with Jamy and knew astrology. 15. Bydily ^^ the wife Shaykh 'abd Allah Dywanah at of Herat. 17.] ladies' biography* 11 ladies.Hasan Karih tJ6 is of Astrabad. *% <j^ daughter of the Amyr 'alyy Jalayr and sister of . Dywan. c 2 . of which place her brother. The daughter of the Amyr Yadgar. A daughter of Grhazzaly Yazdy (who was equally a poet). See Kholdg. Partawy isAi °f Tabryz. ^^ the wife of Qiwara aldyn iZasan. Mihry lsj** a Moghtil favourite wife of Shahrokh Myrza. (? in Byby Pycha one instance the name spelled *^~J and in another **>. and some of them have written Turky poetry By by iZayat ci>Ixa. Xrzuy \S>)& of Samarqand.: No. 634. Malik. Fatimah Khatun. was married to 'alyy. was governor.>. 18. whose is takhalluc 6. 19.Hasan 'alyy Jalayr.) 7. she was witty and 2. Abaq Bygah Jalayr J4&A a brother of 'alyy Shyr. 'icmaty t^***^ was of Khaf. a daughter of Darwysh-zadah. 4. The daughter of the Qadhiy ^r^j**** of Samarqand. are of Tatar origin. N. Dha'yfy u*i*" a contemporary of Byby Arzuy. 3. is who was equally a poet and whose takhalluc 8. >bLp. Darwysh Nihany is ^^ a sister of the poet Khwajah Afdhal. Sayyid Begam ^. Atun oyt Hijaby c^ 1 ^ wife of the poet Baqayiy. 20. a daughter of Badr aldyn Hilary. It contains the names of the following most of whom 1. 5. who resided Dughabad Her name was Fakhr alnisa and her Takhalluc Nisay ti"^ 11. Only Turky verses are quoted of her in the Tadzkirah. Nizdy lS*s> a relation of Mawlana A'hy (or Ahly ?) wrote in Turky. 12. 5. 14. 'iffaty &*** of Isfarayin a slave woman of Xdzory. She was married to Shah-Malik whose takhalluc 13. initiated in ma'rifat (theosophy). who was a brother of Qiyam aldyn Sabzwary and whose takhalluc was Dusty. 10.

640 pp. [CHAP. On professional poets and It men distin- guished by eloquence. compiled b. ? $H **/** ) b *rr^* *S^«* y f U ^ . in the Notices et Extraits des It is MSS. Moty Ma&all a splendid copy 8vo. This book has been described by de Sacy. . Vol. pp.12 PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. Topkhanah about 700 pp.) A present for iiZabyb (friend) being a collection of ghazals from the best authors by Fakhry Amyry who A^af. I.=z*. (6) lsjx°\ ^ y?j«* cJu^J <^aJ| &** b.) The Myrza Sam being yl in a biography of the contem- poraneous poets of Persia. The first Wazyrs and learned men who have occasionally written poetry. Nobles. 273—308. 14 lines lines. IV. alphabeti- has been mentioned in the preceding notice dedicated to the Wazyr i^abyb Allah who had the title of The poems are chosen with great taste and Beginning/^ J*> *+*> ] cally arranged. Dawlat-shah's Tadzkirah it contains in all 664 poets. by the Prince Sam yl the father Shah Isma 957 of the author was the founder of the Cafawy Dynasty. four contain of Princes. This and the preceding chapters together have only 34 pages. begins with Jamy. (P. 17 (7) ^L present of W —Shah Isma (P. 6th. 162 pages. written Persian poetry. 184 pages. divided into seven notices chapters ^. 7th. begin- ning with Shah Isma'yl. The book is valuable for containing contemporaneous accounts. Tatars who have Appendix. 5th Chapter. and may be considered as a continuation of .

In the FaraA-bakhsh library of 15 lines. you have the above After the completion of the work he made many additions *j} and in 1016. 350 pages is Another good copy in the (8) JMj±d\j6Uh^j6V\to>j)J*iM\l'!te> ( p -) The mad butter of poems and the cream of conceits being a Tadzkirah of Persian poets by b." The Persian words forJive books of value 988 and if Taqyy have the numerical date. 946. in giving us the dates He is very particular on which he completed various In portions of his work. 13 *U Beginning ^1 . 985 be completed in four volumes notices of the poets who had lived before his time and in 993 he added a volume containing biographies of contemporaneous poets after he had spent fourteen years on the completion of his work. 8. he found it necessary to publish new edition e. . J%*! ia>U*aj is ^ Ji J# jW) Moty Ma7jall. you add five. he informs a i. Sharaf aldyn 'alyy Taqyy aldyn MohamHosayny Zkikry. H.NO. He was born at Kashan about A. us. his A friend of : embodied this date in the following chronogram * When the five books of the Biographer Taqyy were letters of the deposited in volumes like a treasury I added to fix the date five to the Jive books of Taqyy. in six volumes and the words o'di^ o~ six volumes are required give precisely the date of this new edition.] TAQYY ALDYN KA'SHY. The book is divided and a conclusion into an introduction four chapters lj>j £*JU>. an elegant copy small 8vo.

according to the towns or provinces in which they were born. and to have collected all the information respecting them he could. The introduction treats on the utility of the love. the only fault is that he dwells at too great a length on . to the author seems. 4th. I. 3rd. many of whom the author knew personally.) the sound- and most exact and complete bibliographical . They composed The latest of them flourished in the eighth 2nd.14 PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. This work contains the thousand verses and in est critical fullest biographical details. who sent to him specimens of their compositions after the book had been completed. 1st Chapter. Forty-nine modern poets most of whom wrote ghazah» and were of the ninth century. [CHAP. Second Edition an alphabetical list In the is of poets added. work and on mystical The author enters on the latter sub- ject at great length. One hundred and one poets who flourished from the time of Sul/an ii/bsayn Mirza to the time of the author. the less most copious and best chosen extracts. century. in all have consulted their Dywans. (seldom all than a 350. qacydahs. some few of them are of the tenth century of the Hijrah. Fifty-four ancient poets beginning chiefly from the time of Sabaktegyn. contains notices of contemporaneous poets. Forty-two poets. most of whom flourished in the eighth century but some at the begin- ning of the ninth. Poets who excelled in the ghazal (Lyric poetry) and some of the later of that class of poets who com- posed chiefly qacydahs. They are divided into twelve chapters.000 couplets. remarks on the Persian poets instances. The appendix &*JU.

which was copied A. are literally the same. 1004. 868 pages. Vol. which contains the second chapter. in A. have 25 lines in a page.] TAQYY ALDYN KA'sHY.) library. As. Journ. Bland. It is a splendid MS. introduction. 9. 25 lines in a page. folio 622 pp. The third volume. A very full account work has been given by Mr. 126. Mr. copied in 1040. (9) (P. The ^ biogra- phical details. H. good hand correct.No. First Rokn. two bayts in a line. of 24 lines. Qulu' ^y Farrokhy Sanjary Systany died in 470. small folio. &$ Beginning »-^ -ja* In the Moty Ma^all of the first ^UJ y s^^yt}^. two volumes. work apparently made by the author abridgment differs This only so far from the original work that the specimens of poetry are omitted. and the last. London. 1. IX. 15 the love adventures of the subjects of his biography which are generally most disgusting. p. Beginning of the first volume ~j** *$ ef^ *u»^a)ja> Beginning of Appendix \j <sj^^^ «^*& i/^i*" ) ***** Moty and Ma&all. (the third and the edition are preserved. and therefore They were executed before the second edition was made. H. &c. 993. has 750 pages. 3. last. . the writing is small but very correct. IZakym Abii-lnajm Manuchihry died Abu-1-IZasan 'alyy b. in 483.) An abridgment of the second edition of the preceding himself. Hall of Benares possesses a copy of the first edition of the appendix. They are in 4to. 2. Table of contents.. of this Soc. and there are two distiches in a line. which contains the whole of the conclusion. Abu-1-Qasim ITbsayn IZakym 'ongory died in 441. has 860 pages.

d. aldyn Paryaby d. Sa'd Salman d. 28. 608. JST&gir b. Journ. Mohammad b. 29. iZarith b. 5. d. (Containing chiefly Qacydah writers. . Abii-1-Fadhl Mas'ud b. 543. Eadhyy aldyn Mohammad Nayshapiiry Athyr aldyn Jarndl aldyn 598. al-Bazzaq Ispahany d. 598.) 25. Soc. Qiwam aldyn Afanad Qiwdmy of Ganjah. VII. 'alyy (in the A'tishk. 569. L. 12. 'omar b. 21. Abu-1-Makarim Mojyr aldyn Baylaqany b. Amyr 'middy Ghaznawy Shahriyary al-Jalyl d. 'abd al Wasi' b. 'alyy b. 9. I. (according to Khiishgu his takhalluc was Hojjat). jffakym Zayn aldyn Azraqy d. 24. 485. 15. 577. Eashyd aldyn 'abd Wntw&t 'omary d. As. see also Bland. Abu-1-iZasan Lom'y Jorjany. 13. Sharaf aldyn Ashrafy Samarqandy 595. 19. 527. 30. 17. Hakjm Asady Abii-1-Mo'yn p. 22. p. d. 31. d. Mohammad Akhsykaty Mohammad d. 265 is 'ysa instead of 'alyy. iZasan b. Tuny. 14. 7. 'abd 594. Sultdny 18. Dhiya aldyn Khojandy 622. 588. Abu-1-nitzam Jalal aldyn Falaky Sharwany Aw/^ad aldyn 'alyy Anwary Afdhal aldyn Khdq&ny. 542. Abu-1-Fadhl Tahir b. Mohammad Tzahyr d. 27. aldyn first 'othman Mohhtdry Ghaznawy d. Khosraw b. Shams aldyn Mohammad Suzany Samarqandy d. 587. PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. 540. 10. Shaykh Abu Majd Majdud Siraj Mohammad Sandyiy. 20. 573. 23. Musa Eidha. Sayyid Ashraf aldyn Hasan Ghaznawy 565. d. Abu Manciir Qataran Ajaly Amtiry (Ormawy ?) d. 525. 'abd Malik Mo'izzy d. 8. 6. 578. 26. 'abd al-IZamiy b. 554 (his takhalluc was 16. 11. 360) b. Shihab aldyn Adyb Cdbir d. Second Volume. al-Eaby' Jabaly 555. his name was Abu Bakr Mohammad b. Badzil aldyn 'am'aq <J*** Bokhary d. Abti-1-Faraj Euny.16 4. Amyr Mo'izzy Samarqandy. 'othman and subsequently Mokhtary). d. d. [CHAP.

dany. d. Sayf aldyn A'raj Isfarangy born in 581 d. name is Abu Mohammad Nitzam aldyn AAmad b. 52. Faryd aldyn 'attdr of Nayshapiir. 9. 43. Eadhyy aldyn JBdbd Qazwyny D . 40. 686. 46. Yusof d. Khwajah Homam aldyn Tabryzy 714. 58. NO. 39. Shaykh Eokn aldyn Aivhady Maraghy 697 57. Nacyr aldyn Bachayly Taj aldyn b. Abu Bakr Abii-1-Wafa but he was simply called Zakyy. Second Rokn. 53. aldyn Qomry d. Kamal aldyn Isma'yl Ispahany. Fakhr aldyn Ibrahym 'iraqy d. Eafy' aldyn 'abd al-'azyz Labnany d. Faryd aldyn AAwal Isfarayiny.. his 33. He died 607. Qadhiy Shams aldyn MaAmiid Tabsy 626. 32. 54. u%^ d.] TAQYY ALDYN KA'SHY. 606. Kafiy aldawlat Haybat Allah Ibrahym Kdfiy altzafar Hama34. Abu-1-Makarim Shams aldyn Darkany d. 665. Abu Bakr Imdmy Herawy d. 686. 603. Siraj 41. Najyb aldyn Churbadqany d. 625. Baha aldyn Jdmy 732. b. 60. Kamal aldyn Zanjany Abii d. Jamal aldyn Munshiy d. Athyr aldyn 'abd Allah Dzu-lfiqar Awmany d. ^adr aldyn 661. 37. 691. 49. d. d. Qadhiy Eokn aldyn Da'wy Dar-Qommy. 'alyy Sharwany Qiwam aldyn iZbsayn b. 665. 687. 715. d. 600. 36. 47. Khwajah Majd aldyn Hibat Allah Ibn Hamkar Badr aldyn Jajarmy d. 42. 59. Nitzdmy of Granjah usually called Nitzdmy Motarrizy. 707. 709. 702. his 17 9afyy aldyn Zakyy Maraghy name was 'omar b. 686. Sharaf aldyn 'abd al-Mumin Shufurdah (in the very correct copy of Maybodzy's Tadzkirah and in the preface to the Kholacah this name is spelt tj>j&*>) . Third Volume. 48. 61. Sa'dy of Shyraz d. 909. d. 51. GQG. 55. 56. 35. d. 50. 45. d. 44. Mawlana Jalal aldyn Eiimy Afdhal aldyn Kashany d. 38. Mohammad 'abd Allah b.

806. Amyn aldyn i/ajy Dada Tabryzy ?) 758. Sayyid . 740. Myr Mohammad Kirmany. 'alyy b. Fakhr aldyn MaAmud Ibn Yamyn aldyn Mohammad Faryud. PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. Na'ym aldyn b. 75. [CHAP. aldyn Karjy (Karkhy ?) d. 782). Amyr Khosraw Sa'yd aldyn Sirajy Sikzy of Dilly d. Khwajah Jamal aldyn Mohammad Salman Sawajy d. 70. MaAmiid b. Eokn aldyn Qdyin d. Yazdy d. b. 66. 728 (probably Ustad . 710. 88. 793.652 Sayyid Shams aldyn 'adhod Yazdy JNajm aldyn d.BTosayny. Eokn aldyn Bekrany. 799 (?) 79. Sayyid Jalal aldyn Ja'far Farahany 736. (ac- cording to Ilahy he died in 773. Tabyb Shyrazy d. 778. . 745. 720 65. 73. 82. Kamal aldyn Abu-aTatfa Mo7*ammad d. 772. d. Motzaffar Herawy d. 71. Shams aldyn Mo7jammad 'aggdr d. « iSJ^> d. Herawy 741. b. 93. 745.*«<fr d. d. Khwajah 'obayd Zakany 'izz d. 'adhod aldyn Jalal aldyn 'atyqy d. 84. Nitzam aldyn 763. 85. I. Khwajah Fadhl Allah Ibn NaciU Tabryzy d. 744. Eokn aldyn Herawy d. 72. d. 793. 788. 741. 90. Sharaf aldyn Fadhl Allah Shyrazy.Hasan Motakallim d. d. Hasan Sanjary of Dilly d. 745. 764. b. 793. 80. 785. 89. Jamyl aldyn Nizdry Qohistany d. 784. 92. d. 87. 94. 81. 76. . 86.Hasan Kashy d. 78. 725. 64. Jalal aldyn b. 91. Khwajah 'imad aldyn (Ibn Jalal aldyn Faqyh Kirmany 795. Zangy d. Jalal aldyn 'ahhod aldyn iZosayny Shy- razy d. Shams aldyn Mohammad Kafiy 750. 67. MaAmud Murshidy Khwajah Kirmany 74.) 83. Najm aldyn b. 63.18 62. Khwajah Nacir aldyn Bokhary. mady 77. 68. Grhiyath aldyn Mohammad called Shaykh Kajajy . 69.

117. Malik Tkli'y Amyr-shahy Sabzwary. Kamale Giyath Shyrazy 848. 122. 113. 101. 107. Shaykh-zadah Tahir Bokharayiy 869. 825 or 830. 98. 116. d. Shams aldyn Mohammad Kdtiby Nayshapiiry Fattdhy Nayshapiiry d. 838. 111.) Masy£ aldyn Qiishanjy d. 827. Mo'yn aldyn Jowyny ^V^Shams aldyn Mo/jammad Maghriby d. 875. 881. Abu Is/^aq JEfallaj Shyrazy. d. 95. 112. 108. d. 125. 100. 'abd Allah Tusy 869. 121. 807. d. Fourth Volume. 128. Baha aldyn Baronduq. 19 Jamal aldyn Abu lsAaq Shyrazy Jalal aldyn Shah Shuja' Kirmany Third Rolen. 858. Badr aldyn Shashy Sharwany Sharaf aldyn 'alyy Makhdiim 754 (854 ?) d. 809. 97. 104. 9^ib Balkhy Shihab aldyn Sharyfy 860. 115. 853. 96. 786. Xqa. D 2 . Sayyid 'imad aldyn Nasymy d. d. 126. 791. Sayyid Niir aldyn Ni'mat Allah Walyy d. Shams aldyn Mohammad called Ibn Hosdm d.No. d. 120. 834. Fakhr aldyn Aw&ad Mostawiiy Sabzwary 868. Sayyid Qdsim Anwar. d. 758. Kakymy d. JJafitz Sa'd called 8a' de Gul 866. 118. Qafyy aldyn (b. 127. 110. 129. 868. 792 or 803 or 808. Khwajah Nitzam aldyn Eostam Bostamy Taj aldyn iZasan Salymy Sabzwary. 102. d. Shaykh 103. 852. Lutf Allah Nayshapiiry d. Burhan aldyn A'dzory Khayaly Bokhary. Khwajah Shams aldyn Mo7*ammad Hdfitz Shaykh Kamal aldyn Khojandy d. 105. 109.] TAQYY ALDYN Ka'sHY. d. Nitzam aldyn Afanad Shyrynkar. d. 114. Mo% aldyn iZosayn Kafi'y d. Khwajah Fakhr aldyn 'icmat Allah Bokhary Siraj 829. d. d. d. 119. aldyn Bisdty Samarqandy nourished under SuUan Khalyl. 99. Samarqandy 858. 124. d. 123. 9. 106. 816. d.

143. 142. 906.) Khosrawy Herawy d. d. 870. 898. Khwajah Eokn aldyn Mas'ud Turk. Masyh aldyn 'ysa Sawajy d. 151. 928. aldyn 'alyy CdnVy. d. Facy£ aldyn Q&hib Dara 906. 153. 878. Dhiydyiy Urdu-baghy 927. Amyr Humayun Uahy Zfosayn d. d. 146. . 160. 'ala 144. 132. 902. Amyr Nagyby Baba Juzwy Niir-bakhshy 915. 896. 135. 893. 159. Sayfy 'ariidhy Bokhary. Ma^mud Mushky Sayyid Ashraf d. 154. 141. 163. Amyr Yad-Beg Sayfy d. Isfarayiny d. 940 (?) Khdky. d. Shams aldyn Mo7*ammad Asyry. 165. 158. Nitzam aldyn AAmad Sohayly d. d.20 130. Amyr Kamal aldyn iZbsayn Fatdyiy d. 904. 149. 134. 148. [CHAP. 879. d. 884 or 854. 152. Bartawy Shohudy Caddyiy. 162. 150. 914. d. 156. 131. Fourth Bokn. I. KawtJiary Bokhary d. 137. Shihab aldyn 'abd Allah Marwaryd Baydny 922. Biyddhy Sainarqandy Qqfdyiy Samarqandy 884. Amyr -Hbsayn Shafy'y Mo'ammayiy d. 907. 138. Shaykh Najm Taquby. 164. Tabryzy. d. 933. 'abd al-Rafanan Jdmy d. 133. 136. Gulkhany Qommy d. PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. d. 139. Buhy Nadiry (or Yadory. 155. d. 913. 927. Darwysh Deheky. Zayny Sabzwary. Khwajah Ma7miud Borsah Shiyuny Qalandar. 145. ^Tasan Shah Hazzdl 905. 140. 880. d. 147. 161. 157. Amyr Nitzam aldyn 'alyy Shyr Fdniy d.

9-] TAQYY ALDYN KASHY. Nddiry Marwy A$ly (or (or Herawy) d. Darwysh Uosdmy Qara-Kiily Baba Humdyiy d. d. 179. 931. Khwajah Agafy d. 934. Zuldly Shyrazy d. 927. Mahwy Herawy Farughy d. 173. 171. 191. 21 Da iy 915. 923. 934. 931. 166. 178. 201. 948. d. Majlisy d. 188. 174. Amyr Jah TInsy d. Hayrdny Hamadany Wafdyiy Shyrazy. Shaykh-zadah Lahijy FidAyiy Niddyiy Nayshapiiry. 194. 934. 186. 192. Jimmy dy Teherany. . 185. 195. Nitzam aldyn Mo'ammayiy Astrabady 925. 921. Mithdly Kashany 924. Abii-1-Barakat Firdqy 913. d. 170. Tdyiry Astrabady d. 925. 169. Arshad Kazaruny 920. 929.NO. d. 202. Banndyiy. Myr Shams aldyn Mohammad 928. 936. 197. 923. Hildl Qazwyny d. 203. 199. Baba FigUny 'atdyiy d. 949 or 959. 930. 175. d. Kishwary of Eudbar or of Qomm. 168. 184. 196. Kdmy d. 935. d. 183. 932. 920. 198. Ahy d. 925. Acyly) Qommy. 193. 927. 177. d. 167. 176. d. 189. Qommy d. Fakhry Mashhady Shaky dy d. 922. Amdny Shyrazy. Mahdiy Hddiy. Myr Maqbul Qommy Sayyid Mdyily d. 200. Ahly Khorasany d. 172. 182. 187. d. d. Eashyd Kazariiny Mo% Lary d. d. d. 927. 180. 933. 190. d. 920. 181.

Hslqy Kashy d. Fadhly Herawy 'alyy d. 238. 221. 220. [CHAP. 226. 966. ifaydar Koluj (KoluA Sharyf Tabryzy d. 222. Qazwyny Torbaty Sdyil 949. 217. d. 233. 209. is Qdyily (or Qabily) of Sabzwar d. 210. I. d. 218. 230. 227. Qadhiy YaAya Gylany 953. Baba JSTa?yhy d. NitUry Tuny d. d. Myr Hashimy Bokhdry Dust-Mohammad Kdly Badr aldyn Hildly. Sayyid 'alyy Acghar Mashhady 960. 211. 213. 229. 963. 240. d. Ndmy d. 232. 956. 941. ?) d.22 204. Qali/* d. d. 212. 954. 951. Mohammad Qidqy d. 237. 971. Gylany d. 942. 205. is Shawqy was of Tabryz but Fagyhy Tabryzy d. 959. 215. Fodhuly Baghdady 970. 239. 996. 206. PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. 219. 946. 208. 947. 955. (?) 207. Sayf aldyn MaAnnid Bij&yiy Motzaffar Shifdyiy Kashy d. 968. Myr Mohammad Ahly Shyrazy Hazy. 944. Nargisy d. 937. 968. Mirza Sharaf Jehan Malik Qazwyny d. Shah Mo'izz aldyn Tdhir JZbsayn Kashy d. 234. d. d. Bahy 945. 235. d. Dhiy&yiy Nayshapury. Faydhy d. Mazdry. 214. 952. 225. Hayraty. 940. 216. 947. 231. 960. . 224. the author of a Tadzkirah of Poets 228. d. d. Sultan 223. Hamadany d. usually called Herawy d. 'abd Allah Lisdny. 236. 950. Sayyid ITosayn Qodsy 951. d. Tzdhiry (Tdhiry ?) d. 908 939. 957.

contains a chronogram for 984. 972. Sharaf aldyn 'alyy Bafiqy 974. d. &c. the lives of poets. Appendix containing contemporary poets. in praise of the princes of about 8000 bayts. another work of men. TAQYY ALDYN KA'sHY. Ghazzdly Mashhady. d. 247. 972. 23 YaAya Jan Gylany CorCy Nayshapiiry 970. Myrza Jalal aldyn Mohammad Hakym died in 970. said to have compiled treatise He also He is an Arabic commentary on Qiishchy's Persian his is called a%Jl oU»jt. called *£*U* the second **J&*> and the third Besides he wrote a dywan of Qacydahs.000 dynars. it 66 Micra's. and he consequently mentions the date of their death. 249. poets 1. and a Eisalah of Imams and Mo'am- mas and chronograms. zals. &c. There is a qacydah quoted on the succession consists of of Shah Isma'yl to the throne. mentary on the Preface of the Gulistan of about 3000 devoted himself to Qufism and wrote a treatise thereon. Khwajah Amyr aldyn Mohammad writes A'qa occasionally Grha- 251. Sayyid 'azyz Qalandar d. did not collect them. I. on the wonders of the creation. 246.000 bayts of chronograms. Mawlana Dhiya aldyn Mohammad. Living poets. 9] 241. to say. Salman called Myrzd Hisdby is the author of a comlines. Poets of Kdshdn. Mawlana MoAtasham teacher of the first is author. learned 252. 245. 253. d. wrote three dywans the **?t*£. Mo'ammas. 242. and every Micra'. 248. that is whose biography the author of took down during their life time. It treats on geography. . on astronomy. Many them were dead in 993 when he first published this book. 250.— NO. Dhamyry Hainadany 973. 244. Amyr Eafy' aldyn iZaydar Bafy'dyiy Mo'ammayiy com- posed more than 12. 243. d. but Myr Mo'izz aldyn Mohammad was so exquisite a caligra- pher that a thousand verses written by him sold for 10.

&c. Myr MoAammad Hashim by Akbar. 256. 269. I. but be of much use to his an infidel his ascetic exercises cannot He at left a dywan but of about 8000 verses and a Mathnawy called «H-*>^j Xji 266. Mawlana Motzaffar aldyn Hasraty a Mawlana Ridhayiy was Mawlana Nadzry. Talib He seems also to have been a good poet. Satyres. ui**. was a Shamlii Turk. 260. Mawlana Afdhal Dutdry was put to death for infidelity in 904. 264. called ^y^j ji* of about 3000 verses original measure of Yiisof 6 Zalykha. 263. He went to India. &c. Amyr Akbar 'alyy Tashbyhy was the son of a washerman. Myr Eafy' aldyn ZZbsayn a Sayyid of the Tabafctba caste. used his name as takhalluc. 270. Myrza Abu Masyhy died at the age of thirty. in 990 in Kirman. and turned a Faqyr. 265. The author met him in 1010. . as he is soul. Myr Burhan aldyn Mohammad Baqir Qadhiy of Kashan wrote a dywan of near 5000 verses. pupil of MoAtasham in whose praise he composed some Qacydahs. his first name was Haybat Allah and his takhalluc Haybat. 268. thence he came to Qazwyn and returned to Kashan. •&J| *kjU which Mawlana Eokn aldyn Mas'iid Masy&y is the author of is an Arabic work on the practice of medicine. 271. Mawlana Kamal aldyn ~Rdtim. 272.24 254. Mawlana Jamal aldyn Mohammad was a friend of i/ayraty. 255. Mawlana MoAammad Fahmy left a Mathnawy called oj^* 988. 259. Sihr went to India and was very well received 258. Grhazals. 262. Myr Ya'quby a native of Qomm. 261. and Qacydahs. He had great poetical talents and a corresponding opinion of himself. Mawlana Dhiya aldyn Grhadhanfar was born Besides Qomm educated at Kashan. Ghazals. 257. in Myr Eokn aldyn Mas'ud BoTcny went to India in 987. PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. his tribe. Myr Nitzam aldyn Hdshimy went from Kashan to Ispahan. d. and in his father mother of the Olds He was born Kashan. Abu Torab Beg. he left in the Mathnawy 267. a many Qacydahs. was settled at Kashan. Faryd aldyn Sho'ayb. [CHAP. but went to Khorasan.

Haydty was originally a water-carrier. he was brought up for the profession of book-binding. is 281. his original name was His father being a tradesman. 276. Fakhry wrote a dywan of 10. his time there. 284. a place near Kashan. Sharaf. nevertheless he received a good education and was for some time Qadhiy ed at Niyasir. but as he has not much education he not acknowledged by other poets. He i/aydar Dzihny wrote chiefly G-hazals and some humoristic pieces of poetry in the dialect of Kashan. verses. to as a tailor. Samdyiy was a distinguished oculist and chess-player. their books were examined. his forefathers were Salta- qyyah Turks. and subse- quently he performed the pilgrimage to Makkah. 285. Khwajah Baqir. They were apprehended on the charge of soned. 'ocfiir. infidelity. E .000 verses in which he imitates most of the ancient masters. He was alive in 975. outside the Ispahan gate and his grave every Friday. TAQYY ALDYN KA'SHY. He had landed property in Myasir and spent most of He imitates the style of Acafy. Mawlana Kashan came 274. Khwajah 'inayat Saltaq Khwdjagy. and they were impri- After two years' confinement he returned in 986 to Kashan. 'abd al-Grhaflar a brother of 'abd al-Fatta£ and an accom- plished calligraph and musician. -ffajy. the takhal- luc of Wicaly. 278. guished poets of his age. He composed a dywan of about 2000 277. He visited 282. where he joined some devotees. Sho'ury was one of the most talented poets of Kashan at that period. and died in Turkey. Qadhiy Mohammad a descendant of 'abd al-Eazzaq the author of the Tawylat. which is 25 near Ispahan. According to the new edition he was called 280.NO. 275. but became one of the most distinwrote chiefly Grhazals. Jalal aldyn Mas'iid a son of Sayyid Shams aldyn Mohammad His father was a merchant. subsequently owing to some disgusting adventures he was obliged to take flight to Qazwyn. a native of Ardestan. Mardumy. but subsequently he return- to his original profession. He dug a grave for himself made himself a tombstone. i/osayn Khigdly a pupil of MoAtasham had first 283. 9] 273. 279. Maqgud went in 971 from Kashan to Shyraz.

he possessed considerable poetical talents. called Kur. 289. 296. He this imitated Acafy and spoke depreciatingly of other poets turned to him. and compliment was re- Mushjiqy a brother of Jamaly Kirbas-ferush died in 972. died in 982. Hamdamy Myrza 'alyy Dabbagh (i. 287. the tanner) was a dissolute character. 288. Wahshy Khwajah Uosayn imitates 'orfy and Ghayraty. 293. or in 971. 294. He visited India and on his return to Persia collected his poems into a dywan. went to Constantinople with a view of recovering 286. Kisra l£j~? a grandson of Ahly (Khorasany). 297. e. Sharyf was originally a tailor. He was a bigotted Shy'ah and died in 969 (according to the other copy in 999. 1 and a book in which he explains the words of Nitzamy and other poets. it. that he knew more than thirty thousand verses by heart. Poets of Kashan who are dead but with some of whom the author was acquainted when young.26 PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. 291. Grhadhanfar a son of Pahm (Fahmy ?) a talented man who gave himself up to profligacy and died in 993. 289. Adham *aj| though a native of Kashan resided mostly at Baghdad and Tabryz. had so excellent a memory. Haydar called Ikhmasy died 970. Gulshany imitated Tusy and Sayfy.) Ni'maty Maddaft died 966. for it. His poetry was much esteemed. was a great drunkard and was imprisoned He died in consequence of his intemperance in 981 and left a dywan of about 5000 verses. Went to Tazd in 999. He visited India ( when ) aged and was there imprisoned by the Portuguese aUil >Siy ±±*j* when he 295. He . 290. Shuja'. He composed a dictionary difficult called £*=F /0 cr^ 2. Nigahy of Aran near Kashan died 979. obtained his liberty he returned to Persia and died in 974. and died of the plague in 982 or 988. 292. Mohammad Qasim Sarwary maker. Went in 994 to India and was well received by (or Sortiry) the son of a shoe- the Khan-Khanan. and left a Mathnawy . Myr Mas'iid a Tabafaba Sayyid. 298. I leaving a considerable property. Jalal aldyn [CHAP.

his glj&Jl A labour He was v ^.000 verses. */eU 2. II. Amyr Riizbahan Qabry had first the Takhalluc of Faris. at Hayraty was the greatest poet of He had studied Ispahan and was alive when Taqyy Kashany wrote his Tadzkirah. j *U/l l &* 5. (j^olj 1. He is the author of a dywan of Q-hazals 302.000 bayts of Mathnawies and Qacydahs. Myr iZamyyat Allah QdnVy was an accomplished archer and caligrapher but not much of a poet. He died in 958. 300. 303. being attracted by the prodigality of the Qofobshahians of Golconda. who had been a great Qiify under Shahrokh and had written a commentary on the Focuc and on a qacydah of Ibn Faridh. and a descendant of Khwajah Q&jin aldyn Turkah. alive. left the following six Mathnawies. Poets of Ispahan. and near 30. 304. of about 10. He died in 972. t)**l 4. )^ j $ 6. Afdhal aldyn after having completed his studies at Ispahan repaired E 2 .000 bayts of He Ghazals. /<> in. He 1 was eminently skilled in the superstition called Bamal and invented some new methods. \&*4ff* j^V j±&» And one title dywan of Qacydahs in praise of the Imams. which has the is J I** I sJulsr* and another which called J^/oIa^i Zayn aldyn alyy Nyky was a very holy man and upwards of seventy years of age in 993. of a Mathnawy called J&M i&j in the metre of the Makhzan alasrar taining about and of a dywan of Qacydahs con- 4000 verses. ^y^jj-tf 3. 306. Khwajah Afdhal aldyn Mohammad Turkah. He was a descendant of the celebrated Qadhiy Ruzbahan. was quite his support. imitation of 'accar's Mathnawy. liberal allowance it Though he received a from the Persian Governinsufficient for ment. Qadhiy Niir aldyn 305. and in 989 he went to India. Kama! aldyn iZbsayn Dhamyry was when Taqyy Kashany wrote and had composed upwards of 70. the Qadhiy. 9] TAQYY ALDYN KA'SHY. Mohammad was born in Ispahan and brought up in Qazwyn. in the metre of the and one called and lsj*£"°Jj« 299. 301.— No. a son of iZabyb Allah Turkah. 27 Shahnamah called AolijUi* of about 30. Mohammad Komuzy of Naslaj near Kashan put books ou of this kind is law and other sciences in Persian verses. his time.000 verses . owing to his extravagance. eccentric character generally a very and for some time perfectly mad.

I. he held the office of Mo'arrif. KMy was a distinguished calligraph. aldyn Myr Burh&n aldyn Mohammad Baqir Ishrdq a Mohammad Astrabady who is called Damad. 315. very learned. near Ispahan. to the 'iraq and Syria to perfect himself in the traditions and sciences and then he other re- made the pilgrimage to Makkah. several Qacydah. He was a wandering cynic and spent rarely more than one month 318. and pupils flocked to him from 307. A'qa Malik.28 PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. 314. Mariana Myrak Dd'iy a son of Dhamyry had first the takhaluc of MaArumy. jfiTakym Sharaf aldyn . &c. and subsequently that of Caldyiy. In 967 he turned home from his travels and went to Qazwyn to Shah Tahmasb him and eventually the high office of Court Qadhiy was conferred upon He was after some time however he was obliged to resign it. learning. Khwajah Mohammad Ridha Fikry wrote about 1000 bayts of Qacydahs. He died in 1000. He son of Shams is the author of glosses (Aashiyah) on various treatises on Philosophy and other school-books. Mawlana Shi/cyby a relation of Myr 9abry Euzbahan. Khwajah Eokn aldyn fayid was born and brought up at Shyraz. Mawlana Baba-shah but not much of a poet. [CHAP. that is is to say a native of Eanan which 313. at 311. He was a rich man and well versed in music and left a dywan of about 5000 verses. He also wrote Mathnawies in the style and metre of Nitzamy and 310. all parts of Persia. 320. Amyr was Shuja' aldyn Mohammad Khalyfah. . Grhazals.Hasan Shifdyiy. He wrote a Persian treatise to prove that Shah lahmasb would reign until the time of Mahdiy. Myrza Taj aldyn ifosayn Cdyidy a descendant of at Ispahan. in the same town. Mawlana Kaldmy. He was alive in 993. Darwysh Ghdziy was born at Ispahan and brought up at i Samnan. a nephew of a Wazyr of Shah ^ahmasb had first the takhalluc of Hozny. a man of great alive in 1010 and had written a dywan of 3000 bayts. Amyr Jalal aldyn iZasan (according to one copy iZbsayn). . Bafyqy of Kaz near Ispahan. Myr Mortadha fifty years. A'qa Shahaky Fandyiy Ranany. 317. He was alive in 993. 316. 319. 309. 308. died in 990 an age of 312.

Allah Quly Qasamy. His dywan has about 3000 verses. Mqflih. 341. 955. Khwajah Jalal aldyn Mohammad CdHdy died in 942. Myr Ramzy gave himself during his youth up to profligacy. 346. Ayaty was alive in 993. 323. Khalyfah Shah MaAmud. 325. Moqymy died in 963 at the early age of forty. 334. he at usually called JTirfy Mashhady. 335. 'alyy Firdqy. He died in 971. 'dmiy. 328. 326. Mawlana Mazdqy was in his younger years a humoristic poet. 338. Hzr/y though born at Ispahan. 347. 944. 331. verses. 337. 333.— NO. Wdhid died in 971. Myrza Ibrahym a son of Myrza Shah iZbsayn Ispahany He is the author of a Persian Dictionary. He died in died in 989. but when older he led a pious He died in 978 and left a dywan. He went to India died in Gujrat in 984. in 979. 29 Poets of Ispahan who are dead. 343. mimy. 330. 344. 329. 332. . Wacly. called Shah IZbsayn Sdqiy wrote good satyres. Died in 987. Lawhy died in 989 at an age of 80 years. 322. 327. India 991. The date of his death not known. Pyry a *i*fl*» friend of Dhamyry and author of a dywan which he 336. Amyr Taqyy aldyn called Shah Myr Taqyy went to and Qotobshah conferred a high office upon him. BaMry a brother of the preceding. is Mawlana Addyiy of Ispahan d. Died in 941. KA'SHY. 9*] TAQYY ALDYN III. 339. life. it Tm. Shah iZbsayn Yaqyny. 340. Mawlana Cddiq d. because he resided mostly did not arrange his dywan. 324. is 321. Khwajah Fadhl Allah S&liJc. 345. He and consists of about 6000 Mawlana Talib was of Ispahan. MoAammad Qasim Bdzy was murdered Khwajah Grhiyath aldyn Khawfy. 342.

361. in the style of Ttisof 6 Zalykha called c5^J j fd and many 366.000 verses lived for but Taqyy thinks only 2000. was much patro- nized by Shah Isma'yl352. His dywan contains chiefly mystical and is 364. visited Mawlana Malik was distinguished Qazwyn. 350. Mawlana 'dridhy was alive in 1000. left a 365. Myr Myr Kisdby. V. treatises Wa^ydy a contemporary of Ancary. first He had the takhalluc of Jifakash.— — 30 IV. 353. 355.000 verses. I. 356. died in 938. 348. Jalal aldyn MaAmud Acly. Poets of [CHAP. Maqcady. 349. ascetic Haryfy had and died very celebrated. 367. 360. Suzy a native of Sawah resided mostly at Ispahan. 363. and made the acquaintance of most poets of his age. Myr Yusof Walihy was alive in 1003. 362. Qomm and its travelled neighbourhood. jHakym Boshdy a distinguished physician. Mawlana Hijry a sword manufacturer He left more than 10. PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. in 971. Myr Ashky a brother of iZbdhiiry came to India and died He left according to some more than 12. Khorramy. first He was an poems. Angary travelled much. Cobhy a travelling darwysh died at Qazwyn in 973. Sultfan Mohammad a son of Shihab aldyn Qommy. mathnawy Grhazals. 358. 'ahdy a brother of the preceding. the takhalluc of Micra'y. He much and made three times the pilgrimage to Makkah. Myr H&shimy. one of . 359. He left on Metre and Ehyme. 354. He composed two dywans. Shikyby of Qomm has lately (1016) come to celebrity for the great facility with which he makes verses. at Dilly in 972. at Myr 'azyz Allah Hodhury resided Mashhad. 357. Poets of Sdwah. at Kashan. He 985 he proceeded to India and resided at A^madnagar. He was a man of great learning. some time 351. and in in the G-hazal.

9.] TAQYY ALDYN of Qacydahs in all KA'SHY. Qadhiy jEfasan 'abd al-Razzaq his takhulluc is Qddhiy he is a learned man and a fertile poet. Kamdly. Juddyiy a son of Hidayat Allah who was called Arukh and held a very high post at the court of Persia. . Myrza a son of Tzahyr aldyn Bahrain Myrza £afawy died 378. "Went twice to Grolconda the second time 369. in 984. He was put to death by Shah Isma'yl a son of the Padshah Abu-1-Motzaffar 380. he died in 992. about 20. 383.000 verses. Mancury a merchant by profession. men at Ispahan are written by him.Hasan Myrza Siu7an 381. and was put to death in 936. Judayiy died at Qazwyn in 984. Myr Qodsy his name is 'abd al-Qoddus. VI. 372. 376. QalaA aldyn Carfy came to Kashan in order to profit by the instruction of in 988. 371. Sultan Ibrahym in 989. Sultan Mocfofa Myrza was put to death by Shah Isma'yl 379. 373. JPayrawy a native of Sawah lived many years in India. 31 Ghazals and one He wrote a beautiful hand and most of the copies of dywans of the ancient poets used by learned 368. at Myrdky the father of 9 arfy was a tailor by profession died Sawah in 991. Akbar conferred an important post upon him. Mohammad was put to death by Shah Isma'yl in 985. 374. he studied for some time in Kashan. Mo&tasham.— No. wrote a Dywan of about 5000 verses. Myrza Ja'far a son of Myrza Bady' alzaman left' Persia during the tyrannical reign of Shah Isma'yl and came to India. 377. Bady' alzaman Myrza a son of Bahrain Myrza was a long time governor of Systan. Myrza Salman was of a noble family of Ispahan and rose Wazyr. in 985. Bddzily known for his wit. his name is Kamal aldyn iZbsayn. SuUan . Tzaryfy of Sawah a mystical poet was a pupil of iZaryfy came with a nobleman of the name of "Walyy Sultan Turkman to Kashan. 375. 370. Poets of Qazwyn which was then the capital of Persia. to the dignity of 382. He was put to death in 991.

400. Dywan.— Poets of 401. 402. . Gyldn. at Mawlana Afanad Sharafy resided in 1003 392. 397. but at In 985 he left Qazwyn with the Mashhad he saw Imam Eidha in a dream. Bahthy a man of wonderful memory. spent the greater part of very good musician. Myrza Qardry Niir aldyn Mohammad a son of 'abd al- Eazzaq Gylany was in 992 in India. 393. Qazwyn. Qadhiy Myrak JLamdy is alive. Euler Lahijan his capital. 389. 390. Qadhiy 'abd Allah Yaqyny son-in-law of Shaykh-zadah Lahijy Fiddyiy. though an was a good poet. Farughy of Qazwyn kept an apothecary's shop. native of Qazwyn. flourished some time 399. iZajy Isma'yl [CHAP. Padshah Quly Jadzby a son of Quly SuUan Naranjy. VII. Qadry was originally a tailor at 394. died previous to 992. 388. Amyr Holy a Sayyid of Lahijan. I. left Sdtify a contemporary of JZayraty. Tabkhy a relation of Farughy and Kaka is alive. Mawlana 'arif of Lahijan resides at Shyraz. intention of going to India. PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. and is mentioned in the Tadzkirah of Samy. He changed his 395. 406. 387. 403. left a 405. Sdhiry of Turky origin.32 384. 386. 404. 398. Beg known by the name of Khwajagy a Kashan. 396. a Sayyid of Mar'ash {J^y died long ago. Shaykh Mohammad Amyn is alive. takhalluc into Ghadry. died in 921 and a Dywan. Qazwyn. illiterate man he Mohammad Beg Kachar Badyhy. Myr Farighy died in 969. Darwysh Kaka was of Shyraz. in 973. 385. He died at Qazwyn in 980. his life at He was a Myr Faydhy ~Kayraty of ago. Qazwyn was a saddler by profession. 'inayat Allah Fikry d. 'azyz Allah a contemporary of iZayraty. he was prevailed upon to stay in that holy place and died shortly after. of Gylan resided in 992 at Khan ^Amad Myrza. Set up as a poet and came to Kashan and subsequently to Ispahan. 391. spent his -ffajy life in travelling.

but he was settled at Tabryz and usually called Tabryzy. Qdyimy of Mazanderan visited India. Dawdyiy of Lahijan came in 990 to Kashan with the inten- tion of going to India. Haydty of Rusht was a merchant and visited India. he has written a Yiisof 6 Zalykha. ?) is the author of a Tadzkirah which contains a great number of poets. much of his time in India. time. 411. Haqyry the most celebrated of the poets of Adzarbayjan His Dywan contains about 6000 bayts. 410. Thandyiy was a pious man. 33 407. 425. it is said that he is of Tabryz. 412. and inclined to mysticism. 423. Wicdly of Tabryz died in India. Poets of Tabryz and Adzarbdyjdn. Majdzy of Lahijan wrote more than 5000 Kdjiy of Grylan a pious man. Khwdry was of Herat and his father was of Marw. Mohammad (jufy of A'mol a mystical poet life who enjoyed in Persia great celebrity during his also visited India. died in 992. his style resem- bles that of Lisany. Mohammad iZosayn Cabury. 414. Khwajah MaAmud Beg Sdlim Tawfy (Tawqy of Tabryz of a noble family and distin- guished in the Mathnawy. 408. 409. 419. besides many other poems. a Saqiy-namah. F . Dywan of Myr is Shahy. in his days.— NO. 420. 416. Nithary of Tabryz spent nearly twenty years at Qazwyn imitated the 421. after travelling over Persia he settled at Rustamdar in Mazanderan. Mohammad Sharyf Woqtiy. completed Dywan of Grhazals containing 7000 verses. Shikyby is buried at Surkhab. VIII. he died in 974. all Masyhy Grylany a clever physician. 424. 417. spent seven years ago a 427. 9-] TAQYY ALDYN KA'SHY. 428. 413. 426. of Tabryz died in 971 and is is 422. He was accused of being a free-thinker by men He was alive in 1010. Awjy a mystical Hzzy of Rusht. he travelled much and learned in law. and had written. Nijdty of Rusht was a merchant who made many travels. 418. 415. Hay dory of Tabryz was originally a saddler and turned subsequently merchant. poet. verses. Mdyily of Rusht.

'abdy of 451. MaAmiid Beg Fosuny of Tabryz was alive in 998. 446. He was a rich and very liberal man. Khwajah Amyr Beg Mihr obtained an important office from Shah ^ahmasb. 438. Mawlana Cayrafy of Adzarbayjan imitated A'cafy. 441. Fardy of Ardebyl was in 989 at Kashan on his way to JSazmy of Ardebyl a merchant spent some time in India. 432. -Ha/y Beg of Tabryz studied at Shyraz under Myrza Jan. died in 985 at Tabryz . Tofayly. Beg 'ajzy of Tabryz a contemporary of the preceding. Shyraz. 436. 434. 450. Mawlana MaWuf was given to the superstition called Eamal. at Ispahan in 433. 431. 448. 442. 449. ZTasan [CHAP. Myrza KAJly of Ardubad in A'dzarbayjan a distinguished Insha writer. 447.34 429. Sharwan a mystical poet. perished in prison in 983 into which he had been cast on the suspicion of his being versed in the occult sciences. I. He collected his poems (chiefly Ghazals) in 994. BaraJcy of Tabryz was dead in 993. in 988 he was in the Deccan. Wariihy of Ardebyl lived in 989 at Astrabad. and died in 987. 430. PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. Sukan Mohammad 'azmy of Tabryz died 1010 at the age of forty. 439. 440. Fdniy of Tabryz had the same takhalluc as Myr 'alyy Shyr and therefore most of the poems of the former are ascribed to the latter. Myr iZbsayn Sare-muy (Sarmady ?) of Tabryz. 452. was in 990 at Kashan. Qawsy an uneducated man. He was much given to eating opium. 445. Myr Ja'fary a Sayyid of Tabryz. 444. Qadhiy Wdfiy of a great family of Tabryz was killed in 992. Jdniby Tabryzy. of which the Shah was in very great dread. Myrza Cddiq of Ardubad went in 980 to India. he was dead in 993. 435. H<% a poet of Adzarbayjan was in 1001 at Kashan. Thab&ty of Ardubad. 437. Mawlana Talib (according to the new copy iZakym Abu Talib) of Tabryz was a good physician. 443.

in which he says "The poetry which I have written amounts to 1950 books. 458. 460. Kalylah wa Damnah. this fertile poet wrote in a work. and it would appear that he put the Eawdhat alshohada. Myr Zub&ny Shah 'izz aldyn Ghawwdcy of Herat was settled at Yazd. Qasim Beg Qasmy a son of 'abbas Beg Afshar a pupil of killed in 989. 35 Poets of Yazd and Kirman. 454. Mawlana Wahshy was born . 'abdy of Aberquh was uneducated but witty and strong in 459. He visited India. Myr Shah IZbsayn Sdqiy (according to the new copy Kamy) a Sayyid of Yazd. came in Kashan. at Bafiq 453. 462. 457. Myr 'abd al-Wahhab JVajdy a Sayyid of Yazd is a merchant by profession. 9. Tahmasb Quly Beg 'arshy of Turky origin. He died in 960 at an Mawlana Shams aldyn of Yazd died in Fosuny of Yazd spent the greater part 981 to 988. 463. 461." He made 500 verses a day. the History of Tabary. Kdsib of Yazd flourished a long time ago. Mumin was iZbsayn a pupil of Myrza Jan was in his youth given to profligacy. and the medical work called Dzakhyrah Khwarezmshahy and many other works into age of more than one hundred years. he lived for some time at Ispahan. H. verse. of his life in India. where he died in 976 or 986. Qdsimy of Ardestan a place between Yazd and Ispahan and Kashan. the Legends of the Prophets. besides many other poems (particularly called i^ij^Aj Mathnawy ^j* in the metre of Nit- zamy's Khosraw 6 Shyryn. the satyre and humorous poetry. 466.] TAQYY ALDYN IX. KA'SHY. had first the takhalluc of 'ahdy. a he wrote. composed nearly 100. F 2 . 950. he verses. 465.— NO. and is a pupil of Sharaf aldyn Bafiqy Qacydahs).000 About A. He died in 992 or 991. life. of Yazd died in 954. when he became Yazd went older he changed his course of He alive in 1007. 464. Zamdny of in 1001 to Qazwyn composed Qacy- dahs and a Mathnawy in the metre and style of the Makhzan alasrar. 456. Wahshy was 455.

died Yazd. Azwarah lived mostly at Ispahan. 4i72. 473. al-Salain Faydmy Shams aldyn Mohammad Maqtul e. to town of Systan. Myr Jonuny of Qandahar. 471. 482. Another poet of this takhalluc is of the II. Mawlana 470. post of Qufy °^ Ardestan. Mawlawy Jalal aldyn Rumy. Qazwyn. and came under Shah Isma'yl 479. 'dshiqy is originally of a village left between Systan and Khora- he a Dywan of Ghazals and was in his native town in 988. I. 481. . PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. was alive in 1016. 475. 484. where he was patronized by Abu-1-FatA Nitzam Shah. Shaykh 'abd (i. of Bomm in Kirman. died at Agra in 988 at the age of one hundred and Bostan. 483. Mo/*ammad MursUdy a brother of Sipihry is 'atdyiy of Ardestan. 480. Qadhiy Afanad LAghiry of Zabulistan. Myr Fadhly (or Fa^ly) of Bomm b. Shaykh Thahyr alive in 998.36 467. Myr Shams aldyn Mohammad Qadr obtained in 986 the Qadarat. 'alyy Nawydy a pupil of Shah Tahir Anjedany went to India. 478. equally a mystical poet. He died in 975 at Afanadnagar. imitates Ghayraty. Mohammad ifosayn JBaqdyiy a son of the preceding. Yadgar Beg Hdlaty of Kabul. ten. the man who has been executed) b. 'ayydry was alive in 999. 477. in disgrace with his patron Tor his some time he was takhalluc into and changed Nawmmydy. Left a Mathnawy in which he imitates Sady's Dakhly of Kabul. He is a mystical poet and imitates 468. san. though is usually said that he was of Kabul. 476. Jalal Sipihry of [CHAP. About 970 he lived some times at Labor and some times at Agra. at "Was Fiddyiy of Kirman was a good poet and Insha writer. 469. 474. it Sayyid Abu-1-Qasim called G-ahy of Ispahan. He had first the takhalluc of Fahmy and subseShah Abii-1-Qasim known by the name of Qafiy is quently of Faqry. He was alive in 1016. flourished under Shah Tahmasb. aldyn Ibrahym Najrany.

and composed two Khamsahs in imitation of Nit- 497. of Shyraz a modern poet. He is well versed in metric. poetic. 495. 494. Mohammad Zaman X. one in the measure of the is Sekandar-namah. one is in the measure of the Haft Paykar. 487. one is called * &•> eh* . some say name is Bute Khandan the smiling idol) he visited Persia. 'dlimy ('dtiy ?) of Darabjard resided at Shyraz d. 'orfy went in 994 by water to India and settled first in A/imadnagar. 493. one called <ayye ^j and is is in the measure of Layla of Yiisof 6 alasrar. was. 499. 492. e. (i. and compiled forty-two works. but returned to Persia. Bayram Khan (see Badawny N. &c. Sharaf aldyn Ghayraty after visiting Qazwyn. he is also the author of other works. Majnun. and wrote five Mathnawies containing 10. zamy. He seems not to be identic with Lutfy Monajjim. thence he went to Makkah and stayed there one or two years. Cdni'y of Badakhshan. and would appear alive in 1016. he went to India and lived at Lahor. it. 9-] TAQYY ALDYN Amyr Mohammad Ma'ciim KA'sHY. 488. 496. 486. Shah 'abbas. Nutqy resides at Shyraz and is a jolly companion. Myr Niydzy is of Bokhara. bringing He fol- paid a to no less than one thousand lowers with him. but he will not allow and alleges that he was born in the Hijaz. 112). No. subsequently he went to India where he died in 990 (see Badawny. it He died in 1002. Khwajah Zayn al'abidyn 'alyy "dbdy Beg Nawydy of Shyraz was for many years Mostawfiy.000 verses. Poets of Shyraz. is called j^ is j ^~^ and in the metre and one in the measure of the Makhzan He also wrote visit two Dywans of Grhazal and two Saqiy-namahs. 490. Myr Ma&mud Tarhy 498. tains about His Dywan con- 5000 verses. 491. 16). Lutfy of the province of Paris composed chiefly Grhazals. Matzhary of Kashmyr.— No. the poet of Akbar. 37 485. and in 984 he went to India. his 489. music. Ndmy of Bakkar was one of the nobles of Akbar. Qadry of Shyraz a contemporary of Qaydy. He was particularly distinguished in the Mathnawy. 975. Faydhy of Agra. Qaydy of Shyraz came under Shah Isma'yl to Qazwyn. one Zalykha.

Amyr Mo'yn aldyn Afanad called Myrza Makhdiim Sharyfy a descendant of Sayyid Sharyf Jorjany resided in 990 in Qora iTamyd. Nawruz-Shah Bahary.38 and he left PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. 518. 513. 505. Cabuhy a tradesman of Shyraz. called \j* Ijf in this he uses takhallu9 of Nawydy in the second he uses the takhalluc of 'abdy. 967. Forugly of Shyraz died in 963. Muswdyiy of Shyraz. the author met him at Ispahan in 987. 502. Hamidy of a village in the ulkah (province) of Garmsyr. three Dywans. 504. By-Kasy of "djizy of Lar. 509. 508. 514. his Mawlana Ahmad of Shyraz. Catyfy of Turky Anysy. distinguished poet. 506. origin. He was distinguished by his 501. I. Sayyid Haybat Allah Myr Gharyby of Kazeriin. He died at Ardebyl in 988. 'aysJiy of Shyraz d. Ktih Kylu. miiz. was a well educated travelled in Khorasan. aldyn MaAmiid HaMz 'iinad Namy Shyrazy was alive in 1016. Panahy of Darabjard died in 966. d. . 512. during a year of dearth he left home and was devoured by cannibals in the neighbourhood of Ispahan. was Died in 952. C&Jiy a celebrated poet of Shyraz. he composed Qacydahs in 517. he was of Shyraz. He left a <^V 507. 511. was born at Shyraz. 520. 503. Mdyily of A'mol a contemporary of Shah Tahmasb. flourished in 987. 519. some years governor of Hor- 516. in 961. 500. some say he is of Tabryz. and some times at Baghdad. &c. Hdmdy of Faris was as distinguished for his liberality as for his poetical talents. Shaykh Abu-1-Qasim of Kazerun b. man and He Qazwyn. Abu IZamid came in 992 to Kashan. learning. for 515. Shiishtar resided at Shyraz. MaJctaby of Shyraz a contemporary of Ahly. the first is [CHAP. He was very learned more particularly in Tafsyr. Rfaty it is said praise of the Imams. 510.

Haldky of Hamadan a great Bashky of Hamadan poet. 528. Asad Allah H% of Hamadan life d. He visited India. but in 988 he returned to 525. Khwajah 'abd al-Baqiy son of the preceding. 529. 536. a mystical poet. 539. died 964. He was alive in 1005. XI. Monyry of Nohawand in the province of Hamadan. -Hajy A'qa Baba Midargar (Madadgar ?) was "Wazyr of madan under Shah Tahmasb. but he usually called Bazmy of Asadabad. 9. 532. 531. Khwajah A'qa Myr of Hamadan obtained the post is Wazyr under Shah Tahmasb. . Poets of Hamadan and the adjacent countries. : Poets of Baghdad. 1005. was Shaykh Alislam of late king. originally a boot- Shamsy a contemporary of Fodhiily was "ahdy wrote maker. Miisawy Eidha of Hamadan. some say he is Hamadany because he resided Hamadan. Kdtib of Shyraz a pupil of the preceding. Sayyid Mortadha Fdniy of Artiman which not far from Tawy and under the 535. many Turkish and Persian verses. the author saw him in 1001. of spent the evening of his 533. 522. is Buhy of Hamadan a very witty poet and not without learning. in 1000. he went to Qandahar and was well received by the Sultan iZbsayn Myrza. 530. Sarkan. lives at 526. 534. 524. Dynawar of at Myr Moghyth is aldyn Nayshaptir. and died in 1004. wrote Persian and Turky poems.] TAQYY ALDYN Kamal aldyn IZbsayn KA'SHY. to Khwajah Maliky Beg of Sarkan which belongs at Najaf Hamadan. 527. 'abd al-Baqiy Shiquhy a son of WaAyd aldyn Wafady.— No. 537. in Cayqaly of Barujard in the district of Hamadan came 991 from Ispahan to Kashan. lived for some time at Qazwyn. Appendix 538. 523. d. A'qa Molla Zahyy of Hamadan the Court at Qazwyn Ha- visited Kashan in 1005. of Lar a pupil of Jalal aldyn wany. his native town. *39 Daw- 521.

Lutfy of Khwansar a brother of Wacly distinguished for his facility of composing verses. at Agra. He studied at Kashan in 978.40 540. 'alyy Wdgily a mystical poet of Churbadqan. has 546. . He stabbed a it. he is a good Arabic scholar. 554. When is released he went to Gylan where he 551. and suspected of infidelity. 542. 549. Visited India and remained for some time 548. 'alyy Naqyy of Kamarah was brought up is written about 2000 verses. Qadhiy Myrak Jan of Karahrud which near Qomm. but as he dared to contradict his majesty when speaking of the metre of verses. 552. PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. Wajhy is [CHAP. Qadhiy 'alayiy a talented but profligate man died in 936. had for some time the takhalluc of Kisra. Poets of Churbadqan. I. man of the name of Birky and was long imprisoned for died. 'abbas Tarzy of Shushtar resides at Baghdad. (Kasry ?) when he went to Qazwyn he used Malik as his takhalluc. Second Appendix : 545. village of MaAallat is alive. "Was in 982 at Bacrah. the best poet of that part of the world. a very learned man particularly in metaphysics. Malik Tayfdr elder brother of the preceding. 'ayn alzaman of flillah. Fikry of the was an infidel and belonged to the school of Ma&mud Pasa Khwany. 555. 550. Wag ly of Khwansar educated at Kashan was first a banker. where he was patronized by Akbar. He wrote a \*j*f olifjjpkj otr^ %*tj£*b*oj& &)l~»j is 541. 544. lived first in the Dakhan and subsequently at Agra. a licentious poet. 'abd al-Grhanyy Dd'y of Anjedan was educated at Qazwyn. 543. Hijdby of Churbadqan was killed in 988. at Kashan. Taqyy of Shushtar. takhalluc and sometimes his He uses sometimes Ghandyiy as his own name. he was sent to prison at Gwalyar where he was in 994. Khwajah Siraj aldyn Ya'qiib Acaf of Najaf resides now in 998 at Qomm. 553. Sayyid Shams aldyn Mohammad went to India many years ago. and again visited that city in 995. 547.

Subsequently his brother was put to death and he went to Makkah and led the of an ascetic. alive Zuldly of Khwansar is one of the most distinguished poets and author of Maykhanah and other Mathnawies. Hashniaty of Khwansar a contemporary of Tabi'y. distin- Qadhiy Kamal aldyn iZbsayn of Khwansar was guished in the 557. G .— — No. XII. 568. Poets of Bay.] TAQYY ALDYN KA'SHY. Kasim Beg 'S. Shah 5 afyy a Nur-bakhshy Sayyid was life first man in power. 565. 564. 559. is. 569. he made curiosities as a pair of all kinds of wooden scissars of the size of a Pistachio nut. 563. 558. May and Astrdbdd and 1. Ghiyath aldyn Mancur Mungif the son of a Qadhiy of in the district of Zakurah. Khidhry a son of the preceding. Khwansar was a merchant. 44 Visited India and lived for some time at the court of Qofob-shah at Golconda. in his into a Dywan some 560. to his 567. 562. forced him to eat a very large quantity of Anjeers (Indian figs) and he died of them. in the science of music he is second only to the Khwajah Qabir Adwary. in 996 he came to Kashau. He had first 566. : Poets of Khwdnsdr. Ta'ty of Mathnawy and Buba'yKhwansar is a fertile poet. the neighbouring towns. Sorudy was equally well versed in musical composition. Fardy of Khwansar a darwysh has collected years ago. "Was dead in 992. 9. Tdb€y of Khwansar resided for some time at Yazd and poems in 990 he went to Qazwyn. Hirand on his Was at Kashan in 1010 way from India Poets of home.Hafitz Murad of Khwansar. Shukhy was 993 more than eighty years of age. Qofob-shah. Ispahan. visited India where he unable to return to his home. He now wrote mystical verses under the takhalluc of Pyr Dihqdn.dlaty was of Turkish origin and born a at Teheran. being displeased with him. the takhalluc of Arnyny. He was a farmer and a most ingenious mechanic. Third Appendix 556. He died in 968. Tdjiry of 561.

589. some time 581. He composed nearly He died in 981. 571. Amyr Qadhiy Asyry a son of Qadhiy Mas'iid of Teheran after his return to Persia visited India when young and died soon in 982. 588. I. died in 976 (or 979). 578. Ndtiqy of Astrabad went twice on commerce to India. 2.42 570. but he said himself that he 10. Shamlii Turk. ago. Qadhiy Allah a brother of the preceding. 586.— Poets of strongest Astrdbdd. Makkah. Wazyr 574. Dust MoAammad a tailor. Sahaby of Astrabad is settled at Najaf. Mohimmy of Durusht visited India as a merchant in 973. one of the best poets of the time. subsequently he went to India. 579. he Samnany. . 584. a is time at the court. lived for some 'alyy Beg Dadah Zohdy. Shah Ridha a son of Baha aldawlah and a descendant of Qasim Nur-bakhsh. 587. 582. called Yamyny. Mohammad 'a£a of Deramyn he was a courtier and died in 978. Was in 1002 going to Afdhal Ndmy of Ibheran a pupil of Ummydy. nourished Nafys aldyn Shdny a Taklii Turk born at Teheran. Fdrighy of Astrabad. 576. in the Grhazal. left a Dywan. Mosayyib Khan a son of Nawab Mohammad Khan. Myr Murddy of Astrabad resided chiefly at Yazd. Khwajah Sharaf aldyn Shapur Qaryby a relation of ITmmyd and of Hijry was in 996 engaged in imitating the 577. PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. Dy wan of Fighdny. 572. Bawghany was born at Damaghan but is considered as a poet of Astrabad. 580.000 verses and is of Shyraz. Qadhiy He was born at Ray where he died in 980 (ao cording to the old copy in 978). for Khwajah Mohammad Sharyf Sijry was of Ispahan died in 984 and left a some time is alive. of Astrabad is 583. is In 991 he was at Kashan. composed about 12. 585.000 verses of Euba'ys. scholar. Qadhiy 'abd Allah a son of Qadhiy Mohammad 575. Myr Mohammad Mumin was at a good Arabic- Kashan in 987. Dywan. [CHAP. 573.

591. 43 590. Fiddyiy of Astrabad. 608. and perished at sea in 967. Myrza Quly Mayly of Herat went in 983 to India but died on the road. Myr Mohammad Hashim Mardtmy of Mashhad was killed by an Uzbek in 995 or 996. Khwajah AAmad Myrak Cufy a brother of the preceding. He and his father were proteges Ibrahym Myrzd. left left a Dywan. 603. 157). Myr Sayry called Myr Naqah on account Ddyimy in the 'iraq of his tall figure and long neck.] TAQYY ALDVN KA'stfY. 598. 600. Poets of Kkordsdn. he died before . Myr Mohammad Yiisof of Astrabad went on pilgrimage to to India Makkah and thence by water 593. 599. Baydny of Astrabad flourished long time ago and was well versed in the superstition called Eamal. died 972. He was one of the best poets of his age and of Mashhad. Myr Wdlihy a Sayyid of Astrabad.— No. 595. 'abdy of the Janabid of Tun had a predilection for Mathnawies G 2 . 594. Khwajah Mohammad Myrak of Mashhad is a de- scendant of Khwajah 'abd Allah Marwaryd (see No. Myr Hashimy of Astrabad was well versed in history. 604. because a Tymurian to Khwajah Mohammad Kirmany and al-Qatyf to plunder the inhabitants and he brought back some very splendid pearls. 'abd Allah was called Marwaryd. prince sent his father i. Ohiydthy of Astrabad visited Kashan in 991. Khwajah BoAayrah e. went to India where he died in 970. 596. 9. Khwajah iZbsayn Thandyiy of Sultan called j*i£*»f 4*» (J&lihy 601. Mashhad in 994. Nisbaty of Mashhad died at Ardebyl in 1005. pearls. some say he is of Badakhshan. 607.ffayraty. 597. XIII. Qacydahs and a Mathnawy 602. he is called Dayimye-lang. Niydzy of Astrabad went to India and was shot by tbe Franks. Qadhiy Afonad Figdry of Jowayn visited in 984 Kashan and died at 605. 606. 592. Walyy Dasht Bayddhy was a friend of Nithary Tuny. (Jabuhy of Herat.

—Nur aldyn Mohammad Tzohury of Tarshyz went at an early age from Khorasan to Tazd and in 988 he proceeded to India and resided at Byjaptir. 615. 617. Eusht and left a Dywan. the author of [CHAP. is at distinguished in the Euba'y. 611. Sayyid *s Mohammad Jamah-baf MTcry of Mashhad. he visited India and sent in 1013 his Dywan to the author containing about 4000 verses. 620. Jamal aldyn MoAammad Waqi'y composed good Ghazals.44 and is PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. 622. 923. Lahijan. L Makhzan alasrar. Mohammad Amyn Dzawqy of Tun died in 969 (or 977) at 610. >> the^^U^A^ which is in the style of Nitzamy's He came to celebrity in Khorasan about 950. Kashan in 1000 Mashhad. -Hajy iZosayn Mokhligy of Sabzwar a son of -STajy TaAya Ta'al died at the early age of 25 in 996 and left about 1000 bayts. #asan (or JZbsayn) Himmaty of Mashhad. Shaykh Maqcud Shawqy of Herat is usually called Mash- hady because he resided at Mashhad like a friend of the preceding and is him a Qufy and distinguished Shaykh Euba'y. Natzyry of Jowayn was a merchant. 612. . Kamdly is a native of Sabzwar wrote in 1005 the history of the victories 619. xl *W*tf and of a Mathnawy in the measure of is the author of a * Makhzan alasrar and of one in the measure of Majnun 6 Layla. a cele- brated Qiify. 616. Ghobdry of Jowayn visited Kashan in 984. Myrza Qasim a Sayyid of one of the Janabid of Khorasan 609. 614. There was an oilman 624. Shohudy of Sabzwar a mystic poet Visited is the author of a book on ethics. o^jii ^G f Shah 'abbas in verse. 618. Myr Mohammad Tahir Hazyny is a Sayyid of Mashhad. Aqdasy of Mashhad came in the beginning of the reign of Shah 'abbas to Qazwyn and died in 1002. Mohammad 'alyy Cdbir of who was a contemporary takhalluc of Cdbiry. Sharaf Bashky of Sabzwar a profligate man and a Died at protege' of Shah Isma'yl. of 9abir and wrote poetry under the .Hafitz an age of near 90 years. 621. visited India where he present in 985. at in the Euba'y he therefore ge- nerally called He was an arrow maker by profession and died in 977 613.

Qdsimy Khawafy. at Haydary of Khorasan resided Sabzwar and was called . 637. came during the end of the 644. . 636. Qazwyn but returned to Khorasan. 649.Haydar 630. 631. left a Moicaliy Tuny a man of good birth died in 949 or 959 and Dywan. 45 625. 643. the author met him in 987. a learned 626. 634.) DhiyAyiy of Bokhara an old poet and a contemporary of ZTayraty and Lisany and Qabily. lived mostly in Humay of Nasa some say he was of Herat. 640. Maldly resided at Mashhad. a pupil of iZaydar KaliU (Kaluj ?) died in 967 at Mashhad. others say of Nayshaservice of Qotfob Shah. Ohazzdly Junbak ^^ of Herat. left Nikuyiy of Herat a Dywan of Ghazals of 3000 bayts.NO. 972. Ablahy of Tarbyt d. Myr Mohammad Kaskany ^dhdy is is of Sabzwar. Ma-wara-lnahr. some say he is of Mashhad. Mihry the daughter of a Qadhiy of Herat a son of Bady' alzaman fell in love with Mohammad Mas'ud Myrza 647. pur. 632. 628. Khwajah 'alyy Wdqify of Mashhad. (or Qayily ?) 648. 629. 633. 635. Rawnaqy. Byny on account of his large nose. Myr of Sabzwar. 646. 642. 638. a convert to the Islam. 639. Wigdly was of Bostam. at Myr Mohammad Akbar Badyhy a man and a good Insha writer and Yiil Sayyid of Mashhad was calligraph. Shd'ury of Nayshapur. is Hamdamy of Mashhad. Myrza who took her into his zananah (see p. 645. Quly Beg Anysy a Shamlu Turk resided for some time Herat and went subsequently to India where he was in 1002. Asyry of Tarbyt . Khwajah Mohammad Khawafy late reign to is of Khawaf. visited India and was received into the died 979. Mawlana 'ysa of Herat. 627. 9-] TAQYY ALDYN KA'SHY. ShayMy of Herat was given to pleasure and died in 968 at Yazd. of Nayistan. 11 supra. JBykasy of Sabzwar. 641.

654. it was completed according to a Postscript in 979. about 350 poets in alphabetical order. It would therefore appear. 'alyy Shyr. [CHAP. 657. Most of them flourished in India during the reign is of Akbar. Abu-lwajd Fdrighy visited India. not the invention of disregard for the doctrine of Mohammad was it the genius of Akbar but that imigrated into India from Persia.) Gems of distinguished actions of Persian being a biographical 'ala Dictionary by Mirza aldawlah tions Qazwyny whose Takhalluc is Kamy. tyriaty is 655. reign but gives no details of his It would however appear that he was alive The title is a when Badawny wrote. whom the book dedicated. lation was begun. of Kamal aldyn iZbsayn Zrynaty Mashhad list resided for several years at Kashan. Died in 968.46 650. posed a 653. several historical and geographical works which enabled him in many instances to . I. Eidhayiy of Mashhad. (10. J>>J* '*/&} ^^^rU^jUl uJ£ poets (P. Badawny menhim among the poets who flourished during Akbar's life. PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. Myr Karym aldyn Hashimy a Sayyid of Nayshapur comDywan of 3000 bayts. cian Wirdy of Samarqand died at Her6t. to decessors. chronogram for the date when this compiviz. 652. or of his pre- The author used besides the tadzkirahs of Dawlat-shah. 973 . of Mashhad. &c. Harymy of JNTayshapur flourished a long time ago. It will be observed from the preceding that many of the poets whom it contains were freethinkers. Mohammad Kidha fair called JZakym Mashhady a clever physi- and poet was alive in 991. but there occur It contains notices of much later dates in it. 651. in 1004. 656.

. I allowed the opportunity to escape for making an abstract of the work . Asad. 299). Ummydy (Atishk.) Amyr. Unsy. 958 (A'tishk p. Abu 'alyy b. Adham. AAmad.] nafa'yis alma'thir. p. lines Naskhy. Asad Allah (A'tishk. b. 43). Qadhiy A^mad Laghir Systany AAmad. Adham Beg b. Ashky. 321). Mo/*ammad-Shah. (see A'tishk. the copy his old bears no date. Khwajah Ulfaty Yazdy. Ashraf Khan. Correct though not without errors. Atishkadah has used refer and I some times to this work for farther Xshuby Nafonzy ypj&j (Khushgu that he was of the "Wilayati Natzar. p.) A'cafy. Qadhiy Afanad ghaffary d. Amyr. a point to give details on the geography of places which he mentions. AAmad. a former owner wrote name in it in 1071. Myr Asyry. Ashraf. Amyr Sharyf. p. Mohammad Qulyj Khan. Abywardy. I can therefore insert here merely dates. p.No. 29). Khwajah Murad Beg Arslan. 10. p. Adayiy ^M Ispahany. AAmad-Khan. A^mad. 975. Mohammad. Beginning ^J^ $ j^ £^"° 232 pages of 27 H^t/^ u/**^ *^' ^ is Moty Ma£a]l but it 4to. Amyr Sultan Mohammad Rashy Myr Amany Amany. Adham Kashy (see A'tishk. 278. Ashky Qommy. d. (Rushty ?) 981. Afdhal. Myrza Myrak Radhawy. Amyr Kalang «-&tf died in 953. ^j d. Amyny. Mohammad A9ghar Afsary. Amyry. Myr Zayn al'abidyn. AAmad. Ulfaty. Abii-1-Barakah Qadhiy. ZTasan Sanjar died in 485. Qasim Arslan Tusj (A'tishk. ZZakym Khabbaz Ispahany. and he made it 47 state the date. calls him Natzary and says Khwajah-zadah (see Dawlat-shah). Abu-iTasan Ajal. 114). It appears it an index to it and the most important that the author of the therefore details. Afdhaly.

Bady'y (see Atishkadah.) Yatmyan cj 1**-^ Another Jany. 697. Bazmy Sabzwar. JFa'itz JBTalaty. the man who cooks goats' Bannay B. Mohammad Khan. Turdy Kiidah. of Bacyr Qadhiy of Systan. Jakiryi^ 'alyy-Khan Kulaby. Niir aldyn By-Kasy Ghaznawy.Hacily Tabryzy. Qasim Beg is alive (Atishk. Tarkhan. Thabit" Thabit Khan. 991. e. Jadzby. I. Bakbty Bafahy JhsJ Molla Isma'yl Qazwyny (see Kaliinat). Shaykh AwAady Kirmany Baqiy.) Bady'y. 21. ^V Myr 'abd al-Baqiy (see Hamyshah Baqiy Qazwyny. By-Dily Qazwyny. ^^ . Shaykh Jamaly died in 976. Pyrah tj%. Lahijy. 'abd al-Ka^man (see Dawlatsh. 20 and 43. 635. Baqiy. . Badshah Quly. [CHAP. Ispahany.Hafitzy.) heads. 44. Jamy. By-qaydy died in 950.ffirfy JTosayn d. JBTajaty. Myr Sayyid 'alyy was alive in 956. Anys. Jamyly.) Shaykh Jalal. d. p. d. a Bismilly Bazmy Qazwyny (see Hamyshah friend of Humayun. b. &c. Kirmany d. Bayany Tuny. Judayiy. Bihriiz.) By-Khudy Balkhy Bayram Khan. (see A'tishk. Khwajah 'abd Allah Marwaryd (Atishk.ffalaty. ?). Partawy Shyrazy.) . is alive.) (Atishk. Yadkar Mohammad is alive. 164 and supra pp. Jamyl aldyn Shaykh Jalal.48 PERSIAN TADZK1RAHS. 44). Bayany. 200. Kallah-paz i. . IZaydar Beg of Tabryz died 964. Myr Ja'far. Baqiy. Ja'fary Ispahany (see Atishk. Myr 'abd al-Baqiy of Ispahan.Halaty. Mohammad Khan 975. 20. J^^ iZafitz. p. Mohammad p. Baqiy Kulaby Behar). Shaykh Jonayd Khalkhaly Jinny Qazwyny. Bady' al-zaman Mirza governor of Systan (Atishk. p.) Shaykh Bii-1'ajab of Kabul. Ttiryqy Torbaty ^y^y Turyqy Damaghdny died 963. Mohammad (or Baqir of Balkh. Jany. 22. . Molla Pyrah of Qomm. .

) EaAymy. Qadhiy Qofob aldyn Abu Sa'yd Khalidy d. Zary. Eazy. Buswayiy Sirkany. Qadhiy EuAy. Zulaly.) IZbdhury. 292. died in 948. 931. Khanamy is alive. H . 24. iZasan 'alyy Kharras u-^ was a good composer of music in 960. ZTamdy. 45. p. Sa'd aldyn Eawnaqy Bokhary d. d.) Du'ayiy Mashhady. 49 . 'alyy ifaryfy. Eawshany Mashhady. Danahy Dawry. p. 969. Dzawqy. 285). iZaydar Tiinyany was a good musician. Dzawqy. He was alive p. he died in 966. Myr Khirad (Khord ?) Myr Khosraw Kholqy. Amyr Sayyid iZbsayny (Dawlatsh. is alive. (Atishk. ^t Dardy (Atishk. Khwajah Yadgar MoAammad Natzary is alive. alive. and left a didactic poem on music. p. three poets of name are mentioned in the Nafayis. Qadhiy Myr iZbsayn d. Mohammad Amyn Ispahany. Herawy d. Khanjar Beg. Dywanah. 202.) (Atishk. JEfaqyry Tabryzy (Atishk. iZakym Shams aldyn 'alyy Shyrazy Myr Sultan Bayazyd Herawy is Myr (Pyr ?) Biidaq is alive. Dawayiy. p.Hayraty Qazwyny. Saydary Sabzwary iZaywany Qommy. 25).) jffadhraty Kirmany. Khawafy 980.) is alive. 'abd al-iZayy Katib. Farrash Sawajy (Atishk.ffaryfy. 10. of this takhalluc are mentioned. Myr Mohammad Yiisof (Atishk. Molla IZbsayn. a village near Herat. Khidhry Astrabady. is He was alive in 966. Mohammad Qasim is alive.No. 111. Sayf aldyn alive. d. ^fyqjj two poets of them.) Eijayiy. Kholqy. one EuA Allah Qazwyny. is alive. jHamdy Astrabady Tiinyan is alive. Eihayiy. 962 (according to the Kholacah. Eijayiy. JZazyny.) . this Eidhayiy Niir-bakhshy (Atishk. Dihlawy (Dawlatsh. is alive. 286. Dzawqy Tuny is MaAmiid d. jfiTisaby JZazyny Tazdy Khwajah iZasan Qandahary.] nafa'yis alma'thir. 964. Khane A'tzam Ghaznawy 975. p. 956. iZbzny Ispahany. iZaydary was alive in 962 (Atishk. Mohammad Qasim is alive. jffallawy Shyrazy.) Khicaly Kashmyry. Khwajah-zadah Kabuly Damy.

Qasim d. 'alyy ^ali'y. Shyry b. Abii-1-Qasim Torbaty is alive. Sharyf Bokhary d. Quly Khan d. ^arimy. Shah Abu-1-Ma'aliy. 244).957). 940. No. Sharyf Mahdiy Sharyf Tabryzy 951. Zayny Mashhady a son of Darwysh Rawghangar. A'qa [CHAP. Shaykh Ya'qiib Kashmyry. Shikyby Tabryzy. Shayda. 'alyy b. d. ^arimy. he died 968). Ibrahym Jazayiry. Myrza Sharafe Jahan d. Qadhiy Tahir.) b. Myr Sayry Naqah. I. p. 9 a^ rafy Tabryzy. 9 a °^cDr Qandahary. 9aliAy. 'alyy (Atishk. Dhamyry Ispahany. Saqqa Chaghatayiy.) d. Shah Qasim Nur-bakhsh. Shihaby. A'qa Zayn aldyn Kamal. Talib Gylany d. Sayry jPeherany (distinct from Siyary or Sayry Ghaznawy). Dhiyayiy. Sa'ydy Badakhshy. iZaydar Sultan Uzbek Shaybany had the title of Khanzaman 951. ?afyy. 9ayfy b. No. Shawqy Yazdy is alive. d. Qadre Jahan Qannawjy. 9abry in three poets of this takhalluc are enumerated. 597. 950 (according to the Kholac. 950. he d. Salim MaAmud Beg Myrza Beg Samiy 'azyz aldyn Jabaly Sipihry. Sho'tiry. Myr 9°' ny Nayshapury. is alive. 231. Mohammad Myr Beg. SaMby Astrabady Sultan. Jl+* Sahl. Sayf almulk of is alive. . 971 (according to the Kholac. (sic. 979. No. Myr Shady Domawand d. Shukry. Sangy. 963. Sayyid Jalal d. 977. 237. Myr Dust. 956. b. Molla 'abd Allah Shahdy. Khwajah Salman Sawajy Sohayiy 799. 206. Shuja'y. one of them is Qabry Mohammad Qasim Grtih-paz y$ ijf Qabuhy. 978. Zayn. Siyahy Khoda-dust Khwajah Kalan Beg Sayyidy. p. Qi&qy.50 PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. Sultan Mohammad Astrabady. 'abd al--Hayy Hindustany all Molla Qubhy. d. Qazwyny. 981. Sharaf Yafiqy Sharaf. Dhamyry Hamadany. Juybary. 954. 25. Myr Shukr Allah is alive. Shaykh Mohammad. d. d. Bafiqy? see Kholac. Sam'y Lary. Saqiy b. 9arfy. (see Atishk. Sayil d. Shahy Beg Khan a son of Btidaq Sultan was born in 844. d.

Khwajah Ma' cum. Ispahany Wa'itzy Isma'yl Myrza b. 957. (979?) when the book was compiled and is bably identic with the one mentioned by Badawny. Qadhiy 'ysa Tabryzy Ghazzaly Mashhady is alive. 'ishqy. Shah Tahmasb 'abid 'adil. d. Tab'y. Myrza Kokah. 980. 947. Khwajah Mohammad RaAym is alive. SuUan b. Farighy. b. d. ^awqy Tabryzy Shah Ityyib. Mohammad b. 'ilmy ('alamy?). Myr 'alyy A9ghar Mashhady. Shah Badagh Allah. d. is alive. 'azyzy. d. d. 'ahdy. Ma&mtid SuUan 'itaby. MoAammad Khan Najafy Hamadany. Sa'd almulk ifosayny. In the Nafayis are two poets of this alive name pro- and takhalluc. Qadhiy £afyy aldyn 'ysa Ghayiby. Abu-1-Khayr Khan Sayyid d. P&dshahe Lar was 'arif Shaykh Bayazyd Abu-1-Khayr d. 'ilmy ('alamy?). Shaykh Abu-1-Wajd Shaykh Wajyh aldyn d. 965. b. Sirajy. 'ishqy Sawajy. Sayyid 'ala aldyn. 'obayd Allah Khan b. Ghaznawy. 'azyz. Ghaznawy.No. Fayidhy Mohammad Miimin Myr Dust jfarimy is alive. 956. 51 Shah Tahir. 'adil. 'akify Lahijy. Ghanayiy Lary. 'abd al-Grhaffar is alive. 'alim 'arif Kabuly. Sultan Abu Sa'yd Burany. Ghayraty. H 2 . 943. 'alyy Beg. 959. Ghazzaly Juubak. 981. 'ahdy Nayistany. Myr Mortadha. ^aryqy. Tzahyr Faryaby. b. 'abd al'azyz 'obayd Allah Khan d. Myr azyz Allah. 'obaydy. 10. Ibfayly Ispahany. d.] nafa'vis alma'thir. Darwysh MoAammad. 'alayiy 'ishqy Khan. 'ashiqy. 940. 981. d. Shah Tahm£sb alive in 952. Another Tofayly 952. Farighy Qazwyny Sayfy Myr b. b. 'izzy Lahijy d. one was in 999. 'ishraty Yazdy. Fadhil Andejany ^^^1 b. 'ishiqy Syst&ny. b. iZasan Lary. Habjb 'izzaty 'itaby. Tabkhy Qazwyny. Qadhiy Kahrudy *£*#& d. 962. 'azyzy 'azyzy. and the other died Mirza 'askary. Khwajah 'abd Allah Farankhiidy (S dJ*l>* 'abdy of Baku d. Myr Mohammad Kalan Farighy Shyrazy. 'alimy Darabjardy 973. is alive. 936.

Fahmy b. Beg Andejany. Afanad Khalkhaly Fanayiy Chaghatayiy. Fadhly Sabzwary. Fahmy Kashy the carbasus seller. Figary is alive. 932. G-ylany. 942. Faydhy. is alive. Gadayiy Kabuly. Fosuny Tazdy. 954. [CHAP. Fikry. 969. Fahmy Teherany. Bokhary. Myr Qorby d. Mohammad is Jamah-baf called Myr Ruba'y came in 969 to India. Qodsy of Farghanah. d. 'abd al-Eazzaq Qoradhah is alive. Fikry. Qasimy. 1. Fikry. 963. Fahmy Herawy d. Grul-baba Balkhy. Kasby Qazwyny. Nur-bakhshy.£adr aldyn Mohammad. Fatyayiy ^^M Fakhry called Molla-zadah. Fiday Shaykh-zadah a son of Shaykh Mohammad Forughy Samarqandy. 964. Khwajah Kama! aldyn iZbsayn Shyrazy d. (?) Kahy Qasim. Firyby Bokhary d. Forughy Qazwyny. Kashyry Kalamy. Grylany Qadymy Mazanderany lives in the Deccan. Fahmy Qazwyny was called Amyr Mohammad Wazyr-zadah. d. Kamal.52 PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. Qabily Sabzwary d. Fahmy Astrabddy a brother of Myr iZamdy. Facy^y Tabryzy a pupil of Lisany. Qodsy Ma-wara-lnahry. is alive. sometimes he used the takhalluc of 9 afyy* Lahijy. Qarary. Kaka Urdu-bazary. Mirza Qasim Junabady. Shah Qasim Qazwyny. 944. Fahmy. Faryd Katib Shyrazy Fodhuly Baghdady. Sayyid Fadhyl Khalkhaly. 975. Gul-Baqiy Baniy Samarqandy. IZbsayn "Wa'itz Kashify. is alive. . his name is Fakhr aldyn b. Myrza A9ghar of Mashhad. FatAy Qara a contemporary of Humaytin. Myr Nadiry is in India. Khwajah Kalan 977. Faydhy Fayyadhy Mirza Qasim Myraky is alive. Fikry Domawandy now in India. Faqyry Bokhary. Fanayiy. Shams aldyn Khabycy is alive. Qani'y Qazwyny. Myr Mo'izz aldyn Mohammad d. Faydhy Qazwyny Mar' ashy. Nur aldyn Mohammad b. Fahmy. Myr Kafiy Ardubany (Grahy ?). had the title of AfdhalKhan Kalan. is alive. Myr 'alyy 'arab d.

Masyty Tabryzy. Mi&naty Systany. 'abd Allah d. Myr verses. Fadhl Allah. d.No. Mardumy. Myr Mafanud Munshiy d. 337. Mantzary Samarqandy. Maqciid the arrow-maker. Makarim. Many Shyrazy. Motosham Kashy. MaAwy. Nitzame Badr. b. Khwajah Mo'atztzam d. is alive. Madzaqy Nayshapiiry. Munshiy. Murady Astrabady died in India in 972. Mawaliy Tuny. MoAyiy. Adham. Moshfiqy. Mayily Ibn Khwajah Mohammad Zaryn-kamar Mojriy (Mojrayiy Teherany. Turkish Emperor called Khwandaka &*J>^ born in 900 d. Kawkaby of Ma-wara-lnahr. Pyr-zadah Qiyam Sabzwary 975. Maqciid Qazwyny b. Moqbily Qazwyny (^abuny. Mohammad Moqym. Mohammad Hashim. 980. Qadhiy Shukr Allah iZbsayny. Lawwamy. 962. 'alyy Dust Tarimy. Malik. his Myrak Daylamy. Modamy Badakhshy Madzaqy Ispahany. 971. ?) Majazy Majnun Lahijy. Marwy Khwajah IZbsayn was alive in 978. 979. MoAsiby Ardebyly. Majnun. Myr Mohammad Kaskany. Kiihkan. Kiinjy-Khan 53 Kamteryn Shyrazy. Qadhiy Astrabady d. b. 977.] nafa'yis alma'thir. Systany. 974. 943. Qadhiy Abu-1-Makarim Ispahany. Myr Mohammad Baqiy d. is alive. 10. Solayman I. Abu-Fat^ Sultan d. Molla MofliA Ispahany. MiAnaty iHcary. MaAmiid Khan Daylamy Qazwyny. Mortadha is alive. Ma'ciimy Kashy is alive. Munyry Hamadany Mawaliy Lary called Khorasan-Khan. Malaky Serkany. Myr Shams aldyn 'alyy Sabzwary. Molla Maqciid died 977. Moqymy. Murad Qazwyny d. Maqciid Kashy. Myr MoAammad Yusof b. Mohammad Zahid Jamy d. Dywan has 6000 . Motayyamy. Abu-1-Khayr Khan Lisany Shyrazy. Masy^y a Christian merchant of Tabryz. Myrza Mas'iid b. Abu Sa'yd Sultan b. Mohammad Yusof b. Liqayiy Astrabady. Qadhiy Mohammad Eazy b. 970. Mo'yn Astrabady.

Nithary Tuny Najaty. 962 (according the Kholac N. d. Nyky. Nithary Bokhary. author of a Yiisof 6 Zalykha in 6000 verses . Naqqaby Teherany. Mawjy. Shah Hashim b. Molla Bihkary. Shaykh Niir aldyn the Wazyr of Humayun. Walyy Dasht Bayadhy. Mohammad Qasim-Khan Badakhshany. Wacily of Marw.Hasan d. Nawydy Kazy. Niiry. 968. 945. Mohammad Sharyf Hatify Qazwyny. d. Hashimy a son of Khwajah 'icmat Shaykh alislam Hashimy. Nadiry Samarqandy. 'azyz aldyn Jabaly Qazwyny. Niir aldyn. 240 he died 971). Nury. MoAammad Hashim was at Lahor in 969. Wafiy a son of Qadhiy Shukr Allah Tabryzy. Hashim. Mawzun. Wafayiy Astrabady. Shah Mirza Taqyy. 996. Mohammad Sa'yd Herawy. 'alyy AAmad. Mahjiiry b. Nitzam aldyn 'alyy is alive. Myr 'alyy Kamal Herawy. b. . Shaykh Hadiy Astrabady Hashim. Hadiy. Khwajah Hashimy. d. Amyr Khwajagy Qazwyny d. Wicaly Wacly. 'alyy Niyazy. Molla Wacly Wafayiy. Mirza Ibrahym born Woqu'y. Nawydy. Naf'y. from the one mentioned in Badawny. Mayly Qazwyny. d.) WaAid. d. Nafys Ibn Qasim Jiisaqy. . Abu-1-Hadiy is alive. Myrak Hashimy b. Woqii'y Tabryzy. Nithary Qazwyny. Naciry. Zayn aldyn. Nihany Samarqandy. Khwajah Nacyr Nu£qy. 977. 977. Hadiy. Nury Dandany Herawy. 947. Myr Wa'itzy. WaMdy. Natzmy Tabryzy. Khwajah Ghaziy. d. Niyazy Tabryzy. Nishany Hindiistany. Mohammad QaM Khwajah Mafaniid Hamadany. Myr Mohammad Sharyf. Naw'y. aldyn. Nariqy.54 PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. Hashim. Mayly. Baha aldyn JZasan. Nithary Astrabady. Woqu'y. Myrza Quly Herawy came in 979 to India. Mohammad Amyn different d. I. 967. 'abd al-iZaqq FarisAyny ^j^xx^jls Niyazy Bokhary Ibn Qadhiy Sayyid 'alyy (see Badawny. died at Agra in 979. Wafayiy. b. Nasym. Wacify Kainal Wada'y Herawy came to India. [CHAP. Niyazy. Nithary Tabryzy. in 941. 967.

Hbsayny of Mashhad was a great Amyr Qadhiy Asyry As (?) the climate of India did not agree with him he returned to his native town where he died. Bar Padshah. Yiisof Beg Chawishhi. Amdny. to Afonad came India and died in 975. 10.) Badawny says that he has greatly used the Nafayis in drawing up that Appendix. Elliot's Indian Hist. 981 and left called Mykhchah was a Sayyid of Kabul. YaAya Qadhiy Nur-bakhshy. Yamyny Samnany Shamshyr-gar. Halaky Hamadany. Hijry Bazy.No. Molla Hidayat Qazwyny. Ashraf-Kkdn. Hindal Mirza Mohammad b. 960. He died in 973 at Lahor. calligraph but a Myr Munshiy bad poet. Yaqyny. Myr Amdny. Qadhiy Ahmad Grhaffary Qazwyny was a descendant of Najm aldyn 'abd al-Grhaffar the author of the i?awy on Shan' law. Hamdamy. Khwajah Mohammad Sharyf. Molla Hilal. Yarak Qazwyny a physician. Myrza Sharyf Ispahany lived twenty years in India. Allah Yaqyny. Hijry Andejany. Qadhiy 'abd Allah. 55 948. He f~* is the author of the Nigaristan is c>lx*)& and of the Of-u^ a general history which usually . Yar Mohammad Sowalah My'abd Yary Tabryzy. Hashimy Kirmany Khwajah Hijry. list In order to complete the of poets who flourished under Akbar I add here an abstract from the appendix to (see Sir Badawny's History which was compiled in 1004 H. Humayun Samarqandy. of Bay. . Yusofy Narsabady. and that he knew most of the poets personally he mentions. Hijry Samshyr-gar Qommy. Qadhiy Mohammad. died in a Dywan. Khwajah Hidayat.] called bada'wny. Hamdam Beg. whom Atishy of Qandahar came to India with Babor and became his historiographer. Yaqyny. Hilaly. Qadhiy 'abd Allah Hasany Badhiy b. a brother of Myr YaAya iZbsayny Sayfy a son of the author of the Nafayis. Myr Humayiin Isfarayiny. a physician d. Shah Jahangyr d.

Lon-karn (salt The name of is manufacturer). is Tarlchdn. He was He is the author of a Dywan. [CHAP. man when Badawny his it wrote. he died in India Payrawy Sawy was a painter a Dywan. as well as a poet. when Badawny wrote he had the takhalluc was first intention to go to Lahor. his name is Molla Nury. Kashmyr with Mirza Bayram-Khdn. he was Kajah of Sambhar . Tawsany his name is Manohar and though he was a Hindu he also called his father is Mohammad Manohar and Mirza Manohar. Khan a noble resided at Qabul when Badawny wrote. to Gujrat BaqAyiy came from Qomm where he was attached to Thence he went to Agra and the service of Nitzam aldyn A^mad. In his old age he returned from India to Afghanistan and died there in 973. Turdy a native of Ma-wara-lnahr. He imitates A'cafy. He ?) had first the Khawfy but patron Nitzam aldyn into AAmad with whom he lived at Ghijrat changed Amyny (Amny When Badawny wrote he was attached to the service of a royal prince. Jehan ara. left Anysy Lawlaqy was a Shamlu Turkman a young a Mathnawy. Myr Ashky Qommy Amyny was takhalluc of died at Agra. but towards the end of his alive in 979. a originally in the service of left He was a great patron of learning and a Persian and Turky Dywan. Qalyj is also called Wakyle Fir' awn. (for I. Ulfaty Yazdy was dead when Badawny wrote. Ahtary Badakhshy Ulfaty.56 called PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. but as the title is a chronogram 971) the word £~j ought not to be omitted. Baqiy Kulaby was killed during the rebellion of Ma'ciim Kabuly. Sufaydan the Nur aldyn Sufaydany and his takhalluc name of a place in Sirhind which was his in favour with He was a good Mathematician and stood high the emperor Humayun who conferred upon him the life title of a Tarkhan. Jagyr. BayMhy ^/^ and left resided at Agra. His Maftuny. the Khan-Khanan was Babor. he fell into great poverty. He died in 968 in Gujrat whence his body was agreeably to his will carried to Mashhad for interment. By-kasy Ghaznawy went to Makkah and studied there several books on tradition. Ulfaty 'iraqy has several times been at Ytisof Khan.

It is in sixteen volumes. he also left a Dywan. Myr in a Sayyid 'alyy was a most distinguished painter.j j ^^-a. his brother e. Tashbyhy Kashy came twice or three times to India and returned again to Persia. praises of him. nothing of after he had come to India. left The latter also wrote Arabic poetry and a commentary on Faydhy's sentences without diacritical points. when Badawny wrote he was in India. he put the Shahnamah into prose. Jamyly Kalpy-wal. ciple of They were both alive when Badawny Shaykh IZbsayn 5 u fy Dihlawy was • in mysticism a dis- Shaykh Islem p*S~ Chishty. of Calpee. Khan Qazwyny he was a nephew of who speaks in high I . has written a Risalah which he dedicated to Abu-1-Fadhl and which contains irreligious theories . Taqyy aldyn Shiishtary was just skilled in almost all sciences and had come to the court when Badawny wrote. 956 and had written a Dywan. Tadzrawy CS9J& Abhary a nephew of Nargisy came from Rum to He is the author of a memoir *JUj (or Mathnawy ?) called ±+x?° cft^. 57 India. i. Khwajah JETosayn. he His poetry was much it esteemed in India before he came to this country and left was thought a very a Dywan and good Mathnawy. Thdniy Khun Herawy his name was 'alyy Akbar. Every alive in volume is box and every leaf a cubit long. wrote. 10. He was alive in 990. Thandyiy Mashhady. he put the Kafi- yah into Persian verse and •"tr* left a treatise in verse on Arabic grammar and a prose treatise on pantheism. is He painted the history of iZamzah. He and Fadhyl were both poets of some repute. He was in the Khanqah of FatApur Sykry. a son of Jalal "Wacil. says Badawny. Jiddly. He left a Dywan and several other works among in verse called them one Heart and Soul c^J J«> which is an imitation of the J* j ^-^ of TofaAy the teacher of Myr 'alyy Shyr.] bada'wny. Chishty. the first cLk verse of which is is lsjj ***f j-Uj ^+~yzj e^^- He died in 975 and buried at Agra. far-Beg was called A'caf Ja? the late Paymaster of the forces. Ja'far a Sayyid of Herat. He was A. Jadzby his name is Padshah Quly son of Shah Quly-Khan Tarykhy.No. He was of doubtful orthodoxy. H.

His Dy wan in which there are but few good poems has about 14. He was a pupil of Lisany. Hozny of the 'iraq intended to come from Herat to India but died before he could carry out his plan. Hah/ was at Gujrat with is Mirza Mtzam own aldyn AAmad.58 PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. a relation of Turdy Beg Khan is a Chaghataian by birth and wrote a Mathnawy of 300 verses in which he gives an own life and eelebrates the praises of the emperor. Khosrawy came from the Makkian pilgrimage to India were he was patronized by one of the Royal princes.000 verses. His mother descended from Dawwany. Haydary Tabryzy was a Hajy and came twice to India but left it again. Faydhy's works for distribution in Persia and they were Bihdyiy is a descendant of Shaykh Zayn Khafy and wrote a cele- brated Dywan. fair poet. he died in 980. his name is Sukan Bayazyd Herawy and He was the best calligraph in Akbar' s time and a Dakhhj came from the Danahy. He played chiefly Hindu tunes. He was drowned when returnthe celebrated Philosopher Jalal aldyn ing by sea to Persia. I. . TLaydty Gylany a friend of Dardinand wrote a Dy wan. he died in 981. Sa'd aldyn Bihdyiy Khawafy is mentioned in the Nafayis. Kh&ne A'tzam Khanjar Beg account of his flourished under Humayiin and Akbar. is 'iraq to India. but as his language was rustic and uncultivated his verses were not much admired. The following chro- nogram on his death expresses the estimation in 1 which he was held his contemporaries ^U-vj ***/*^ ur** ^ ^'^ Zayn Khan Kokah was the best musician of the time of Akbar but a bad poet. Myr iZaydar Mo'ammayiy of Kashan was distinguished by his skill in making chronograms. his title Myr Dawry Katib almulk. IZakym 'ayn almulk. is Dawwdny. Bqfy'y. but according to the Tarykh JSTitzamy he was a Cha- ghatayan. Danah a peasant. opinion a descendant of Halaty Tadgar according to his Sultan Sanjar. He was in charge of copies of also lost. a village near Nayshapiir of which this poet was to India He came and made poetry. He left a Dywan. [CHAP. Bawghany was a Jester in the service of the emperor and left a Dywan by of about 3000 verses.

he kept his takhalluc. The common people of India pronounce the word with an i after s * s tne name of an the p if thus pronounced it means a*^? . Myrza. Sipihry. 59 is SulUm Mohammad Saplaky ^^^. Siydhy Khoda-dust a grandson of Khwajah Kalan Beg died in 978. ^ animal which lives on carrion. hence grew up in the service of He Myrza 'azyz Kokah. is Was settled at Kalpy. and died on the road. were unavailing with the poor poet. The poet by Shah Tahmasb of Persia with imprisonment. to the Saqqd Bahram belongs Silsilah of IZajy to the school of Darwysh Faniy and Mohammad Janiishany jJW y*>. His father was of Machyn. Sayyidy a 9 u fy was a disciple of Shaykh Islem (f^-»! apparently a corruption of Islam) Chishty. he resides Sdqiy Jazayiry a native of Mashhad. Saplak a place in Qandahar. Shah Abu-1-Ma'aly. Beg died in India in 979. was a very celebrated poet and was ordered to transinto Persian. There was another poet. his title was Khan-zaman. MoSultan. the takhalluc of Faydhy. but it is not clear whether he did He died in the Yusofjay country in 994 and left a celebrated Dywan. Sayry Ghaznawy was versed in law. stated that his father's name was Ibrahym first Jazayiry. Shahdy (or Shohdy). I 2 . his takhalluc. metric and other sciences.) Sarmady Ispahany had in Bengal. His father was an arrow manufacturer. Sihiqy was in the service of Bayram-khan who sent through him seven thousand Eupees to the shrine of spent the money and was punished for it Imam Eidha. He late the Mahabharata execute the task. but in 974 he again obtained his liberty.No. 10. He left a large Dywan. hammad. . Shyry of the village of Kokwal in the Panjab. His father who was of In the Arabic extraction was considered as a doctor (mojtahid) of the Shy'ah church. Nafayis it is Saqiy held in 1004 an office in Bengal.] bada'wny. who had the takhalluc of Sultan the Khan-zaman offered him one thousand Eupees if he would change it and when he refused to do so he threatened to put him to death but promises and threats . He lived at Agra he and having given every thing he possessed to a son of travelled to Ceylon his Pyr. now he at Kabul. Sahmy Bokhary. (According to another Tadzkirah his takhalluc first is Sipdhy.

is [CHAP. I. his papers were searched. Qabuhy was of Chaghatyyah origin lived at Cdlihy Agra and died in 972. Mohammad Najafy wrote good Persian and Arabic poetry. strong in the traditions having in 981. Shaykh Ta'qub Kashmyry a learned man who several works on Qufism. (Jabury Hamadany was cast in prison when the Khan-zaman was put to death. Tdrimy. as satyres As he denied were found among them he was ten years imprisoned wrote a Dywan. first he was a Qalandar. the author of a Dywan. Myr "abd al-Hayy Mashhady a brother of Myr 'abd Allah Qaniiny who was Sayyid a courtier of Humayiin.60 PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. Domawandy was a clever physician. Herawy was in India but returned to his home. Qdlih Was dead when Badawny wrote. Shikyby Ispahany came to India and patronized by" the Khan Khanan the son of Bayram Khan. the title Dywanah obtained of 'aqily from the emperor. he is dead. He came and to Ilahabad and was reported that he had written a satyre the charge. at Gwaliar. subsequently he entered the and was sent on an embassy to Ladak. Molla 'alyy was very studied this science in Arabia. Molla Darwysh FatApury was so precocious that he read the Shamsyyah on Logic when only left ten years of age. Sharbaty Molla he is Cjddiq Halwayiy Samarqandy was in 988 in Ma-wara-lnahr. he wrote a Dywan. service of the emperor TdWy Tazdy Tifly a son of an elegant calligraph resided at Agra. and his poetical talents were it fully acknowledged in the Deccan. Tzoliury resided in the Deccan and a Dywan. Died Taryqy Sawajy died on a pilgrimage to Makkah. Tdlib Ispahany resided the last twenty years in Kashmyr. on Pat^ Allah. subsequently he went to Lahor. left tyrfy. He . the compilation of a large com- mentary on the Koran Tafsyr Kabyr (of Kazy) but died before he could complete Qarfy Sawajy was for some time at Gujrat with Khwajah Nitzam aldyn AAmad. Sayf almoluk Shujd'y. Qddiq (according to the Nafayis Qddiqy) for Qandahary Herawy was some time in India. He commenced like the it. Hakym is alive. Was in the service of one of the princes.

^U ^m#U left ^ f** v^ in the former and is in the latter case. Kokdh A'tzam Khan attempts now and then 'ahdy Shyrazy was for some time in Gujrat with Nitzam aldyn AAmad.] bada'wny. He a Dywan of a thousand Qacydahs and many Ghazals and a very large Mathnawy. sent The Khan-zaman him one thousand Eupees to proceed from the for the journey and prevailed upon After he had been some his service him Deccan to Agra. in all from 40. Ghaznaioy Myr Mohammad Khane Kalan a large held a very high appoint- ment. -^ 1 writes a very spiteful is article on him says that ejla. b. life His Dywan was even during his time very popular and sold in every street. Ghohary Qasim 'alyy (his father iTaydar Baqqal rose from a humble station was a green-grocer at Agra) to the dignity of a Khan. a A Dywan 'azyz of Ghazals and some Mathnawies like U^j 0$ and to write Mirzd poetry. 61 'obaydy was a 'ishqy Khan a Turky Pyr-zadah. . 10. according to the He a was deeply versed in mystic philosophy. was librarian of Akbar when Badawny wrote.000 verses. He died at AAmadabad on Thursday evening 27th Nafayis in 981. 'inayat Katib Shyrazy 'orfy Shyrazy. His father was BaAman Quly in accounts left Sultan. Subsequently he came to Dilly and entered the service of the iZakyin 'ayn almulk. He was well versed and filled for some time the place of Myr-Bakhshy. years with the Khan-zaman. Hlmy (or 'alamy) Myr Mortadha was for a Sayyid of Diighab was for some time lord of Badawn. the emperor took him into and conferred the title of king of poets *lj*&J\ &Lo upon him. He A left . 966. *A*t cUU. Ghorbaty -Hicary travelled in Ma-wara-luahr and died at Agra in He a Dywan. He a Dywan and Mathnawy. Bedawny who c. left of Bajeb 980. He left Dywan. young but promising poet when Badawny wrote.No. 'iraq Ghazzaly Mashhady fled from the where he had been in danger of being put to death into the Deccan.000 to 50. He died in 1000 or 1001. "azyzy Myr 'azyz Allah some time Dywan (Minister of five crores of Finance) of Akbar but finally his property was confiscated and he was imprisoned because he could not account for Bupees. the chronogram of his death.

which affected his mind so much that he turned mad. Sayyid to India. Fyruzah Kabuly a slave of Myrza musician. Fandyiy Chaghatayiy had the He was some time imprisoned. I. Hist. music. Fikry. [CHAP. in 995. Nadiry Samarqandy came Fdhmy Astrabady died at Dilly. at the time of Bayram Khan from Ma-wara-lnahr Kabuly was a Q u fy and Qdsim Gdhy {Kahy from Kah grass skilled in the explanation of the ?) Qoran. Qardry Gylany. ?) Fahmy Tabarany (Teherany also India. Sharyf a son of the painter Khwajah 'abd al-^amad was a great calligraph and a good painter. 255. and a fair poet. &c. Qandy came to India. died in Bengal during the days of left Motzaffar Khan and a Dywan. He died at EatApur. Qdsim Arsldn was wara-lnahr. Sir Henry Elliot has given a very spirited translation of this article in his Ind. Came from Tatah. was a great traveller and visited Fahny b. but he was an atheist and a disgusting cynic. He left a Dywan. polemics. is said that — Qaydy Shyrazy came to India on his return from the Makkian fell pilgrimage. but into disgrace for having said that his subjects were greatly suffering. Fiirighy Shyrazy a cousin of Fat^ Allah. and was received into the service of the emperor.62 PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. and entered the service of the emperor. but left it again. originally of Tiis. he left a Dywan. but was brought up left in Madied He was a very good poet and a Dywan. teller Fosuny Yazdy a story by profession. I. He . Fdrisy. Mohammad Jamah-baf nicknamed Myr title Euba'yiy is the Khayyam of his age. Niir aldyn son of Molla 'abd al-Kazzaq and brother of the iZakym Abii-1-FatA. Qawsy was in the service of the he was without equal in the art Khane Kalan. Ghayraty Shyrazy came to India but returned to Shyraz. of Khan. Shaykh Faydliy died in 1004. and it of making tooth-picks. He came twice to India. Mohammad iZakym was a clever He was admitted into the society of the emperor. and died.

Afdhal-khan came from the Deccan to Hindustan.No.] 'ala bada'wny. Died in the Deccan. From Makkah he went into the Deccan and thence to Agra. and was conveyed to iZanafy and in law of Ibn -Hajr II. 10. surpassed all his philosophical sciences. and left officer in the army poem of 6000 verses in the style of Yusof d Zalykha. well versed in history He is and writes occasionally poetry. He came to India . went to Makkah. Myr Kalamy. man died at Lahor in 979 Ldly Myrza La'l Beg son of Quly Badakhshy a most gentle young very man. Mathnawy Herawy was of the Taba^aba family. Died in 982. Kdmy Qommy. "Was well acquainted with ancient poetry and Sharyfy Shyrazy grandson of repeated one night. Lutfy Monajjim was for some time with Mirza Nitzam aldyn AAmad in Grujrat. Qasim Khan Badakhshy was a high of the emperor. aldawlah. Myr Mohammad Munshiy was Munshiy of India. 63 Kdmy. He left a Dywan. who was admitted into the society of the emperor. Myr Mortadha Myr Sayyid Sharyf Jorjany. a Sayyid of that place. lived nearly fifty a years in India. Mawjy. one thousand verses from memory. Myr-z-idah 'alyy Khan a son of MoMaram Beg was killed in Kashmyr in 996. come to India. He died at Agra in 979. into Persian verses. MurAdy Astrabady was and died in 979. In 979 he left India and returned to his home and died there. studied there the traand obtained a licence ojL^I from him. twenty-five years Mahwy. Head Myr Mohsm Eadhawy Mashhady. ditions contemporaries in the mathematical and He under Ibn -ffajr. a young man who had shortly previous to 1004 Liqdyiy Astrabady a most distinguished or 975. He Mashhad for interment. more particularly in law. he was learned in most sciences. Khwdjah Hosayn Manvy a descendant of Eokn aldyn 'ala aldawlah Samnany was in Philosophy a pupil of 'icam aldyn and Molla died in 974. author of a Tadzkirah. but did not He put the Singhasan Batysy complete it.

was for some time in the service of the Khankhanan. Mahwy came Makkah. The emperor gave him the takhalluc of Musawy Mashhady. left Molld Maqgud Qazwyny was a good poet and a Dywan. Molla Moddmy of Badakhshan was for some time in the service of Myrza 'azyz Kokah. Mawlana 'alyy A^mad son of iZbsayn Naqshy Dihlawy. but Was in Mohammad Bokhary Dihlawy was a Kashmyr in 1004. Nawydy Torbaty left a Dywan which contains a very biting satyre against Kychak-Beg the Bakhshy of Bayram Khan. man of very good seems not to have been much of a poet. first Mihnaty ificary a man of considerable learning was Dilly in the died. Was killed in the siege of Stirat in 980. Qommy called He lived in the Deccan in a humble manner. He was a very distinNawrang Khan. I. then he went on a pilgrimage to Matzhary Kashmyry wrote a Dywan. ju>Ua& which contains an amount of the war of Iskander Stir. . his family is of [CHAP. Mayly Herawy Malik his guished poet in the service of name was Myrza Quly. time in the service of Khane of Grujrat to his native country. the son of a celebrated calligraph was also well versed in Mohammad Yusof was born at Kabul and brought up in India. Shaykh family. He died at Malwa. Mushfiqy Bokhary.64 PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. to India shortly before 1004. he murdered it in his wife and was executed for 971. It is to be observed that Faghfiir adopted some times the takhalluc of Malik. He returned after the fall Ma' gum a son of the Qadhiy Abu Ma'aliy died at Lahor. Nishany. Marw. India by the name of iZaydary. Modamy Hamadany was known in Moqymy Sabzwary was for some A'tzam. a seal engraver by profession. His poems must therefore not be confounded with those of Malik Qommy. Malik alkalam or the king of poetry. at Agra in the service of Bayram He wrote a poem called J^ &c. (970 ?) Mantzary Samarqandy was Khan. Madrasah and subsequently Qddhiy of Sirhind where he 'ayshy. he came twice to India but returned again to Persia. Khwdjah Mo'atztzam. Mawzun this art.

He was at Lahor in 972. WoqiCy Nayshapury a was relation of Shihab to Makkah. this excited the envy of the courtiers and they poisoned him in 977. Mohammad Hashim a cousin of Mawlana MoAammad Shah He sometimes used the takhalluc of Sollamy ^A** and sometimes of Wafiy. He wrote sometimes poetry. Wadiiy Herawy came to India and Waqify Herawy Ibn 'alyy was in the service of the emperor. He was favour- ably received by the king. Ndgfay Jamil Khan son of Miyan Mangan of Badawn NiMly a lady of Agra. a relation of Mihry Herawy. 'iraq to Makkah and thence by water to The ship was wrecked and most of the passengers were drowned. Natzyry Nayshapury was in 1004 in the service of the Khan Khanan. 10. his AAmad Khan. He resides in Badakhshan. is 65 dead. His Dywan is celebrated. Woqufy Herawy to Lahor. Wafdyiy Ispahany lived for a long time in Kashmyr thence he came Hamad&ny and left called Khane 'alam is a son of Hamdam Beg. . the princes. Namy is the takhalluc of Myr Mohammad Ma' cum £afawy of Bakar. died. Rdshimy Hdshim Unsy.] bada'wny. Niydzy of Bokhara. is called Myr Wa'itz. name Mohammad Sharyf. of the Nijdty Grylany came to India and died. was a most insolent and shameless He died at Tata.No. He was the pupil of Shah 'abbas and Mawlana Eaqimy in this art. Nawydy Nayshapury died 973 at Ojayn on his way Natzmy Tabryzy. fellow. Rijry a descendant of the Shaykh a Jam was a very sanctified man Dywan (or of 5000 verses. ?). but he was saved and went to the Deccan. Waqfy Myr 'abd Allah a very good calligraph. Wagly went from the India. Nawydy a young man in the service Navfy was in the service of one of Khan Khanan.

name was Myr Cadr aldyn Mohammad 'alyy. mentioned by p. ing his studies and stayed there three and a half years and in page 365 he says that in 1015 he went to Shyraz for the same purpose. H. of errors. T'ahir Nacrabady and in the was a that he spent a great A'tishkadah 34 1 and it is stated there that he native of Asadabad in Hamadan and and died part of his that he life in India to India there. [CHAP. Sarkhiish says came under Jahangyr. (ii) Ilahy's treasury. \^ V ^^M S ( F > containing the biography of about four hundred Persian poets alphabetically arranged by 'imad aldyn Ma^miid Ilahy i^osayny. The life title of the book and name of the author occur in the Ilahy is of Adzory. Either this statement refers to it is full a different individual or p. left His poems are much ad- mired and he a considerable in this Dy wan. 1010. mentions Myr Ilahy Hamadany and places his death in 1064. W. and found great favor at the Court of the emperor skill and on account of his medical title he received the of the Messiah of the age. he was the son of the physician Mohammad Shyrazy and was a native of Hamadan.60 PEHSIAN TADZKIRAHS. but neither of According to the Ha- these authors mention his name. I. in Ilahy himself informs us in to 112 that he went 1010 Ispahan for the sake of prosecut. and from Siraj in one passage he mentions is that he was at Thaneser which one hundred miles N. he came to myshah Bahar his India in A. Dilly. chiefly poets of The author mentions uJL»jL* ii/ Tadzkirah the 9th and 10th centuries of the Hijrah whom he calls ^}^X He also mentions some of the eighth .

the author of Ibn Faraj. and of a Mathnawy the Beggar. except that he wrote his work in Mafive poets of this wara-lnahr. he most likely the author of the Tadzkirah. No. and Taqyy AwAady the Tadz<sfi> (in below). ties The authori- which he uses are principally the Samy (see p. given and a space is left Sometimes the biography for extracts .— . Beginning Jyy^ Aj^ss^jXa) The rough copy of the author 368 pp. is ^jJl-usJa^j. in the as the King and Nithary Tabryzy. 67 century on the authority of Dawlat-shah. (see Myr 'alyy Shyr (see p. : sometimes by another author and in a Table of the contents Amyr Ma^mud Ibn Tamyn Ibn Sayf. is Nithary Nithary Bokhary. 11. these additions are different hand. The book it is been completed and unknown. it. 'alyy called 'alayiy 1 Ibn Hildlj is the eHrfJ^'s *^* which is also called yj%* ^j^ and is dedicated to Shah Shuja' Kirmany. 749. 9). 12 supra). in many instances additions are made in the margin. large 8vo.** e^lxkL* ^^U is in a private collection. 2. a space is Sometimes only name of a poet left for the biography and is then follow extracts from the Dywan. He also quotes the j[ffi) &&<• which a biography of Ciifies and the Majalis of 'abd al-Qadir has no preface and has never therefore perfectly MaraghahT. Nithary and is the author of a Tuny who died in 971 or 968 Dywan of Ghazals and Qacydah same measure 3. 'alyy b. jffbsayn b. 9). of 19 the lines. Ibn Taj Kyi Qufy. d. In Tadzkirahs 1. (p. There are many blanks in written. 4. Nithais ry Astrabady. takhalluc are mentioned. K 2 . his name is Baha aldyn Qazwyny Hasan and 5. and Fakhry He also quotes kirah of Khwajah Amyn aldyn Hasan Nithary one passage he writes iSjty) but gives us no information respecting him.] ila'hy.

. Khwajah Eashyd Hamadany. dedicated a Dah-namah to the "Wazyr-zadah Khwajah Ghiyath aldyn Mohammad b. in 885. Mohammad Ibn Hosdm author of the a^jIa. Khwajah Abu-l-Nagr Mahnah a son of Mowayyad Dywanah. MaAmud Ibn Zangy A'tabuk Sa'd b. Abu I. Myrza Abu JBakr Ibn J2uky-Shah *& ^y*. a brother of Motzaffar aldyn [CHAP. an associate of Athyr He of was a darwysh and probably Isma'yl. Sayyid Ibn 'alyy. Ibn Qotob a friend of Afdhal Na'yiny. a descendant of Abu Sa'yd. he resided mostly Jamal aldyn Ibn Hosdm at Baghdad. Abu-l-Ma? dly of Khawaf was a neighbour of 'abd Allah Ancary. 967 Ibn La? I son of La'ly-shah Badakhshany. the author of a Mathnawy called Najm Abu Tdhir Sharwany. iZafitz parti- Ibrdkym of the country of Karmiyah *>*J. Ibn Badr aldyn Jarjarmy a contemporary of Sultan Abu Sa'yd Myrza Gurgan. Sultan in 736. Ibn Mo'yn a poet of the middle period. Khwajah Abu-l-Qdsim a son of Shihab aldyn Khawafy. Abu Sa'yd Mahnah. Solayman Padshah born in 941 d. in 730 at Herat. Khwajah Ibn 'imdd left a Dah-namah or Decalogue. Ibn Khatyb Hushang panegyrist of the Kart family more cularly of Fakhr aldyn Kart. d. Ibn Jaldl died probably in 750. Umany and Kamal Ibn Ahmad. Abu-l-Fadhl Mahnah. Zangy. Sultan Abu Sa'yd was put to death Myrza Ibrdkym b. a son of Mowayyad Dywanah was equally a descendant of Abu Sa'yd (b. Abu Sa'yd Khan b.68 PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. Qadhiy Ibn Jaldl probably of Nayshapur.) Abii-1-Khayr. Abu Ishdq called Yas/*oq at'imah ***^t &*"** Shyrazy. d. Shuja' Ibn 'igdm. Sultan MoAammad Khoday-bandah died Myrza Abu Bahr b. Khwajah Kamal aldyn Ibn Naguh. 875. (?) Abu 'alyy used to behave like a mad man. was killed in 852. aldyn Abu (]dlih. some say he was a son of 'icamy Samarqandy. resided mostly at Ispahan. contemis porary of a grandson of Tymiir.

Abu-l-Mohsin Myrza b. Sultan Ahmad . 835. Amyr Ibrdhym Qaniiny a son of Khwajah Musa. Mawlana Ahmady. had the appointment of (Jadarat at Kabul.No. Humayun. and Khwajah Abu-l-Wafd a 9"fy °f Khwarizm d. Myr Ibrdhym Teherany b. Mohammad Khan Shaybany took him to Balkh. Khwajah Abu Tahir a son of Khwajah 'abd Allah. Qadhiy Abd-l-Barakat Samarqandy mentioned by 'alyy Shyr. Ibrdhym Kandah of Khorasan was a teacher in the Madrasah of Farjak. Byby Attm. Myrza Abii-1-Baqayiy b. Abu-l-Khayr Samarqandy a good Mathematician came to Herat under Myrza Abu-1-Baqayiy b. Khwajah AAmad Mojallid of Khorasan. Mawlana Ablahy. Khwajah Abu Ishdq is mentioned by Myr 'alyy Shyr. Ahmad Myrza. Abddl Ispahany was in the service of Sam Myrza. 69 Sayyid Ibrdhym a descendant of Khwajah Baha aldyn. 895. Myrza Ahmad Daylamy. Ntir Allah. of Bokhara. Sultfan IZbsayn Myrza Bayqara. Amyr Nitzam was aldyn Abii-1-Baqa Baqdyiy was a contemporary of the Sultan IZbsayn Myrza. IZafitz AAmad H inna-tarash of Herat. A'tishy nourished at the close of Sultan iZbsayn Myrza' s reign and in the beginning of that of Shah Isma'yl. IZafitz Ahmad Kha/yb. Sultan Ahmad king of Kalbarga. Aby (from db water) of Khorasan a contemporary of Sultfan IZbsayn Myrza. IZajy Abu-l-Masan a Turky poet. Amyr Abu-l-Fath Junabady c£*?^ some with Amyr Abii-1-FatA whose takhalluc was Abu-l-Mojdhid Iskuyiy . SulMn IZbsayn Myrza. Mawlana Sharaf aldyn Ibrdhym Shaykh Abu-l-WdsV a £ufy. the younger brother of Amyr £adr aldyn Iskuyiy and a contemporary of Shah Isma'yl. 11.jljZ~*\ say that he is identic lathy. Prince Sayyid Jalayir d.] ila'hy. he came to India under killed in 947. Mawlana Ibrdhym Astrabady.

Adham Qazwyny. and a Turqy Dywan in which he uses the takhulluc of Khitfaby. 'ala [CHAP. Amyr Ahmad iZajy was for some time Euler quently of Samarqand. by him Mawlana Akhy Zihgyr-tarash e^L^ J^J Akhtamy came to India under Humayun. Ardebyly. Myrza Ahmad a descendant of Shaykh Shaykh ^lAmad iZasan Balkhy 5ufy. 975. went later to Turkey. and was acknowledged as sovereign at Tabryz in 906. Mawlana Ahsan a poet of the middle period. Khwajah Ikhtiydr Zawahi »y) a Mathnawy. Persian and Turkish. left a Qacydah on the Elixir. Shaykh Mohammad Lahyjy Shah Ismd'yl dj^ 6'^ sic) Asyry. and subse- Ahmad Atf'imah called j^^l a mystic. Khalyfah Asad Allah Khalyfah Hidayat Allah Ispahany. Azy. left Shah Isma'yl died at Baylaq on Monday. 19 Bajab. Adham Kashy. . of Sultan Solayman of wrote in Arabic. Shaykh Jalal aldyn Adzory d. we have a chronogram. Sultfan -Haydar Qafawy was Dorn ^ 892. By by Arzuyiy. Myrza Adham Baghdady. 930. 932. of Herat. a contemporary of Sultan iZbsayn Myrza. Qadhiy Ahmad Grhaffary Qazwyny d. in the same year died Myr 'alyy Shyr and in 911 died Sultan . Jte"j vaU-Uiil he nourished under Shah Isma'yl. a contemporary Turkey . . called Mawlana A'tiin was the teacher of Shah for 897. Qadhiy Ikhtiydr Torbaty lived to the time of Shah Tahmasb. Adam.Hbsayn Myrza Bayqara. b. aldawlah Samnany. AAmad Tabsy Isma'yl. 866 at an age of eighty-two years. Ibrahym Shah Adhamy. or perhaps two. Ahmad Tabsy left d. J^J*^*. Ikhtiydr Myr Addyiy Ispahany nourished from Shah Isma'yl to Shah Tahmasb Addyiy Bokharayiy. nourished under Sultan iZaydar £afawy. Myr of Islam a descendant of 'ala Mohammad Grhazzaly and a panegyrist Myrza aldawlah died under SuUan b. I. author of a com- mentary on the Gulshane Raz and father of Fidayiy.70 PERSIAN TADZK1RAHS. Abu Sa'yd. is called A^san Nadym. Sayyid Akhfash Shyrazy. Shaykh Ahmad Miisawy.

Myr Siraj aldyn Agyly Myrza. Khwajah Agafy d. the chronogram °*^j jly*> Mawlana Dhiya aldyn Yusof Amyry. was "rokh. Khwab-byn.Hakym Iftikhar. Mawlana Agahy Qayiny a grandson Myrza Ulugh Beg the astronomer. Mawlana Ismy Herawy. to be distinguished from the elder Afdhal aldyn Kirmany. (?) Abddl Ispahany had first the takhalluc of Moty'y was a contemporary of Sultan Ya'qiib. Afdhal Sarany. Ildhy a contemporary of Sultan /fosayn Myrza. at the court of Shah- . of Herat. Afsary Bokhary. contemporary of Sulten Abu Is7*aq. 906.] ila'hy. Moham- mad Motzaffar and Shah Shuja'. Amyr Agly Qommy. Afsary a contemporary of Sultan Babor. Sayyid Jalal Mawlana Asriiry. ^^ A'yahy older than Agahy Yazdy. aldyn Ashraf Kashy flourished under Buqa-Khan a son of Hulakd.No. Afaty Samarqandy. Tahir b. some identify him with . who an ancient poet. Abu-1-Ma'aly Nahjbary (or Hanjbary ?) of Shyraz. Khwajah Ashraf'of the 'iraq. is Mawlana Amyry Khorasany. Khwajah is Iftikh&r. Amciny a panegyrist of Humayun. Mawlana Agly of Mashhad. Saran Teheran. 71 Sayyid Asad Allah. contemporary of Sultan iTosayn Khwajah Afdhal aldyn Mohammad Kirmany a son of Dhiya aldyn and a Wazyr of Sultan iZbsayn Myrza. a contemporary of Shah Isma'yl j the father of Fakhry the author of the w*u* &=? l Amyr aldyn Mohammad Amyny 'alyy of Khorasan. is Nitzam aldyn Shyr d. 11. is the name of a quarter of the town of Afdhal Beg of the Qipchaq came to India under Humayun. Molla Amyry Astrabady. 928. Baysankar. Amyr Afdhal son of Sultfan alyy Afdhal Allah Shyrazy. Myr Alf IZbsayn TJlfaty of Torbat was under Humayun in India. Agyl aldyn Mohammad b. Mawlana Amyry. Af&q Jalayir a Afchangy sister of ' Mohammad Herawy 'alyy Jalayir is Mthary. of Jalal aldyn Qayiny. Darwysh Ashraf flourished under Sultan Mohammad b.

Jahanshah 822. Khwajah Amyr Beg. 868. Baydny Astrabady. the title Ahy. Amdn Allah Qazwyny. Mohammad Amyr Balkhy died at Astrabad. He died in 765. Shaykh Anwar Hamadany. Amdn Allah Qohistany mentioned by 'alyy Shyr. Mawlana Ingdfy a contemporary of Sultan Ya'qub. left a set of *fc4*»)1 i- e. Sultan Oways b. and generally a learned man d. .was in the service of Sultfan Ya'qiib. 925. lived long in Any Herawy Kashmyr and died there. Khan Khanan 968 Baydn BaArabady. Khwajah Amyr Beg Mohr. forty Grhazals. Anwary Samarqandy a Samarqand. Alily Khorasany. Ahly Shyrazy. eJi/^ j«i. I.72 PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. Amyr Snl^an Ibrahym Amyny d. Isfarayiny. Amyr MaAmiid Grylany is of the family of the Rulers of Lahijan. 941. and wrote ne on the a treatise on the pre- servation of health c*s"° JaA^ j*. Shaykh iTasan Ntiyan diy succeeded to the throne of Adzarbayjan and the Arabian 'iraq after the death of his father. Khwajah Amyr Beg Natzary Shah Tahmasb. Mohammad Bayr Am Khan who had Bayany Tabryzy. Anwary Mashhady. and one containing Mo'ammas. lived in Ma-wara-lnahr until to the post of Qadarat. Amyny Samnany Sa'd-gul. Babor Myrza raised Bayddhy Astrabady mentioned by Samy. Anwary Balkhy made a chronogram on Jamy. Amyr By-Khudy Paydmy Herawy him By-Khudy Balkhy. was crisis in fevers ten years in the service of Sam Myrza. Shaykh Angary Herawy. Molla MoAammad-shah TJnsy Qandahary came to India under Humayiin. lived to the time of [CHAP. a nephew of Adham Munshiy. Myrza Pyr Buddq (he spells this word OI'V and <3'^ ) son of d. Amyr Amyr-khwand a son of Khwand-Shah Balkhy the historian. d. Sayyid Qotfb aldyn Amyre IZajj TTnsy a Sayyid of Herat. friend of Amyr AAmad -Hajy the Ruler of Anwary Bokhary a calligraph in the service of Myr 'alyy Shyr. Ummydy Razy a native of Teheran d. Khwajah Awhad Mostawfiy Sabzwary a physician. Ahly Chaghatayiy. Anysy Kharizmy ij*)j^.

Sayyid Jaldle 'adhod of Yazd a son of 'adhod the "Wazyr of Mo- hammad Motzaffar. Jaldl b. at the end of the notice is a chronostichon for 903 fix viz. yet there a note to it in the hand to the effect that as Shah Tahmasb came in 908. Mohammad Jany a brother of Jamy died before him. Tarzyqy (see Tadzkirah Samy). . Ilahy says that Dawwany died under Shah Tahmasb. TabVy Herawy. or Decalogue to the Khane A'tzam. Ja'far Farahany left a Dywan of 3000 verses and a Math- nawy in the measure of the Makhzan. his takhalluc was Shah ShujcC he flou- Mawlana rished in Faris under the Motzaffar family. c^V &*. U^c ^iei jj^acj^\S it is however not said that it is intended to it the year of the death of Dawwany. Khwajah Jaldl aldyn MoAammad Tabryzy mentioned by Sam. he is also the author of the Jt&Q 6^'. this chronostichon contradicts the above statement. to India Mawlana Tadzrawy Abhary a nephew of Nargisy came and dedicated a Dah-namah. 'abd al-KaAman 'alyy Jamy (he gives a list of his works which will be inserted in the next chapter). Dawwany ±i**> He has written three glosses. e. on the contrary it would appear that has been made by is Dawwany on the margin in a death of Sultan different Abu Sa'yd. li. the Old New and Newest *^l to Qushchy's commentary on Tusy's Tajryd.\j Matfali' 0^1 (i. to the throne in 930. a son of Sa'd aldyn As' ad Dawwany. (on the existence of God). Mawlana 'alyy Kalawy 45^ Tkawry Bokhary mentioned by Shyr. iZajy Khalyfah N. 11210 places the death of fJ**. and Tarkhan Khorasany and TawAydy are mentioned by Taqyy AwAady. another physician of the name of Jalal aldyn is mentioned by Sam. Jaldl aldyn ^abyb. \jjj ^Lyon Cufyism. Mawlana Jaldl aldyn Mohammad Dawwany the philosopher. and in like manner he has written glosses to the commentary on the . *£»^ glosses to Qotfby's £ Logic) commentary on the Shamsyyah on and *&l£ yyK L .] ila'hy.No. Myrza Jan Mohammad Thdniy. to Herat Sayyid JcCfar brother of Mohammad Nur-bakhsh went under Myrza Sultan IZbsayn. 73 By-Kasy Shushtary spent Myr Taj Gylany. thirty years at Herat.

Pyr Jamdly Ardestany brought the autograph of Sanayiy's iZadyqah from Ghaznyn to Ardestan.of the dedicated to Myr 'alyy \^J\ £*j)andof the is c5 *~ *jlrw.andofa book on alchemy. of the L&3I &J**. . and Shyr). Jonuny Hamadany. Jaldly a contemporary of SiuVan IZbsayn of Shah Isma'yl. > of theJTafsyr .aydar Koluj India in the beginning of Tahmasb. and glosses on the Daqyqah *&*»•> ^ly*. the work treats in seven books. -Hajy Fu^ah Kakkdk a native of Kirman resided . the Philosopher. at Herat. Herawy nourished in the commencement of Shah visited India and left a Dywan of about 10. which is it seems are also called Kashifyyah Eevealers. Qara Yusof a Qara Qynlu Turkman. Hindy left a Dywan of upwards of 2000 verses. takhalluc was Haqyqy (see 'alyy Shyr).000 verses. in Sayyid HaJcymy Mbyb Darwysh Haydor Tiinyany was Akbar's reign. his *J»y Samarqandy. l HaJcymy Khorasany identic with mentioned by Taqyy Aw^ady and probably a contemporary of Sultfan JZosayn Myrza. of the ajx£(£ &**«$ (the seven Eevealers are the seven i planets. Kabyb Allah Qapzy isjJ a son of Myr Sar-barahnah who flou- rished under Sultfan /fosayn Myrza. of the **** v*L>*> of the * j»~s: (3^1. lived to the reign Shaykh Jaldl Herawy Jaldl • fiify. Jamshyd Monajjim Herawy. Shaykh Jamdl aldyn Bariijardy Niir-bakhshy. Shaykh Jamdly Dihlawy contemporary of Jamy. He was a contemporary of He is the author of the^*-*&y*^ 1 in one volume being a commentary on the second Surah of the Qoran. Myr 'alyy Shyr and died in 910. Khamush a mystic.ffosayny. JSafitz Jaldl aldyn MaAmiid. Jamdly Kashy a son of -Hajy Shah JallaA (iZallaj ?). left a commentary on the Dywan ascribed to 'alyy a commentary on the **£arl Ajioa . Amyr iZafitz iZafitz Jahdn-shdh b. Myrza [CHAP. on astrology. Mawlana Kamal aldyn IZbsayn Wa'itz Kashify of Bayhaq in Sabzwar resided twenty years at Herat. Jonuny Andakhiidy. ~E. I.74 PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. commentaries on the Kafiyah and on the ^\jio and on the Shamsyyah. Qadhiy Myr Hosayn Maybodzy. .

i.Hicary. is Shah Dd'iy Allah Shyrazy a pupil of Ni'mat Allah Walyy mystical poet. Mawlana Hayrdny Hamadany left several Mathnawies as Bahram and Nahyd. Dispute between the candle and the moth. The daughter of the Qadhiy of Samarkand. Tymtir came to the throne in 861 and died in 911. Khw&nd Amyr the historian. L 2 . and left Persian and Turky poetry. Mohammad Tymur d. e. Hijdby the daughter of Badr aldyn. Khilwaty. pupil of Darwysh Maqciid Tyrgar a Q"fy and a #ajy Mohammad. Khalyl Allah Monajjim. Khdlidy . Myrza Abti-1-Baqa Sultan Hosayn b. and his tomb which is at Shyraz a place of pilgrimage. Ddghy Herawy. Sayyid Hasan Motakkallim Nayshaptfry a pupil of Motzaffar Herawy and a panegyrist of Malik Ghiyath aldyn Kart. Khiydly Khojandy. b. Khizry was originally a slave. Mawlana Myr jffosayn Mo'ammayiy d. is 742 and left said to have been a pupil of Khwajah 'icmat Khiydly Herawy. Daghy Astrabady. Dispute between the roasting spit and the Hayraty Qazwyny. b. Sayyid Khanjar studied at Herat. Mancur b. Ddghy Sarakhsy lived to the time of Shah Isma'yl. Kholqy Tabryzy. Hosdmy Qalandar of Khwarizm resided at Qara Kill near Bokhara.No. Myran-shah 814. her name was Khayr al-Nisa Khatun. Amyr Kamal aldyn /Zosayn Kholqy a son of iZakymy. The daughter of the Amyr Yadgar resided in Dughabad. earth. Khorramy Herawy. about 20. is a He is a great saint. he is known by this patronymic though he was of Tun. Amyr i7asan of Astrabad was Qadhiy of Herat. 75 Sayyid Hazyny. Myrza Bayqara Myrza 'omar Shaykh b. Dispute between heaven and fowl (see Sam). Khwaju Kirmany Khiydly Bokhary Bokhary. Mawlana Hasan-shdh Herawy a contemporary of Jamy. Sayyid Hasan Shihab. of Marw. 11. Sultan Xhalyl b. d.] ila'hy. and it is said that she lived in Khorasan.000 verses. 904. Hayraty Marwy. Kholqy Bokhary. Ddnishy Bokhary. Khwajah Hasan Qandahary.

t Du'dyiy of Mashhad. Myr Dust Tarimy of Chaghatay was in the service of Babor Myrza. Dzdty Lary carried on the profession of a book-binder at Tabryz. flourished under Sultan Ya'qiib. Dywcmahe 'ishq. i < . Kashyd Wa£wa£'s ys^\ J^l^. 'alyy Mawlana Sultan Dawayiy. Darwysh Sarakhsy. Dusty Naqqash of Yazd. Sywanj Khwajah Khan Dawlatshdh. Amyr Qasim Dilddry was an Amyr of Sultfan Mawdud Myrza. Amyr JRdzy Herawy. Dihqdny of Bay kept a Dywdnah Nayshapury. Sultan 'alyy Dawayiy a brother of Halaky Herawy. I. Dzihny Artukhany. Darwysh Bawghangar wrote a satyre against Jamy. containing the rules of musi- cal composition. . is [CHAP. Dihak Qazwyn. Bijdyiy Herawy wrote a Mathnawy. Mohammad Jdny of Sabzwar in Khorasan. Dust Mohammad Sultan b. a felt-maker. Mawlana Bdziy.Hasan Kingirah. Khwajah Darwysh a brother of Khwajah Motzaffar and a son of Khwajah Eakr aldyn Tabkchy 5 ?» Darwysh Torbaty. Darwysh Dihahy Qazwyny. Amyr Ddst ITasan son of . Dzdty mentioned by 'alyy Shyr. and during the beginning of Akbar's reign in India. Dust the calligraph. He fled from Ma-wara-lnahr to Sultan ifosayn Myrza. and has been written in imitation of. was during Humayun. Ddst Mohammad Isfarary probably identic with the preceding.76 PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. Bdzy Baghdady mentioned by Sharaf aldyn Mmiy (Bam% ?) 795 and left &&J\ <>*'** which treats on metric and poetic. Dzihny Kaghadz-farush. b. d. or competition with. Myr Dawry. school. Torbat (Tarbit ?) is the name of a place. Mdhmdny Khorasany. Dzihny Tabryzy. 'alyy Shyr. J^ Abu-1-Khayr Khan was a great patron of learning. Nawrdz Afanad Khan b. a quarter of the town of He was originally a weaver. Mawlana Edzy Shyrazy. Sayf aldyn Mafanud Bijdyiy of Ispahan (see Sam). Myr Khanzadah called Myr Bulbul-baz Dilyry was falconer to Humayun. Busivdyiy Hamadany.

] ila'hy. Bashydy. of Jalal Bafyqy. Seraj aldyn Qumry. (i. 940. Surkh Wadtiy. Zayny Mashhady a son of Darwysh Bawghangar. Zcvywy Siyah. the falconer). IZafitz Sarudy a son of Myrathy was for some time historiographer of 'obayd Allah Khan. in Domawand d.No.Hafitz of Shah Beg b. Amyr Sarwy a son of IZantz 'alamy Birjindy. hia Mohammad MoTymur brother Shah-MaAmiid and Togha Khan. Sdyhiry a friend of Jamy. Bidhdyiy Sabzwary d. e.ffosayn Sdqiy Ispahany died at Damaghan in 941. Zyraky mentioned by 'alyy Shyr. Sdmy of Damaghan a contemporary of Sultan IZbsayn Myrza. he also began a poem on the exploits of Shah Isma'yl. he was a contemporary of Salman Sawajy. 11. Sa'd a disciple of Qasim Anwar. Bawnaqy was in the service of Myrza Kamran the brother of the left emperor Humayiin. 856. Bidhdyiy Hazar-jaryby. 833. Myrza Shah Ifosayn Arghun Sipdhy a son Dzii-lnun. ZZafitz . Sam Myrza son Shah Sdyily Qiishchy Sayil of Shah Isma'yl. Amyr Bidh&yiy. Zayn aldyn Abu Bakr Taybady a Kart dynasty. Sakiny Samarqandy. Sarwary (Soriiry?). some say he is of Shyraz. others say he is of Qazwyn. Hamadany of Ah. Zuldly Tabryzy mentioned by Sam Myrza. . Zul&ly Khorasany mentioned by 'alyy Shyr. . distinguished from two more ancient poets one of He is must be Nitzam whom aldyn MaAwmd Qumry Ispahany and the other Qamary. but did not finish it. 77 Bashyd aldyn Afanad Kazeruny a contemporary of Jamy and author of a Persian commentary on the Fociic. Khwajah Bohn Qayim Samnany panegyrist tzaffar Shah-Shuja'. Biyddhy MoAawwilaty of Zawah died in 921 and a Mathnawy of 8000 verses containing an account of the reign of Sultan i/osayn. saint who flourished during the Shaykh Zayn aldyn Khawafy a ^ufy d.

Hasan-shah of Herat is men- tioned by 'alyy Shyr. His takhalluc Grhaziy and he left a Turky and a Persian Dywan. travelled much in Taqyy AwAady saw a Dywan of his containing about 4000 bayts. first the takhalluc of Khawary Myr Sawddyiy. Amyr Nitzam Sohayly under aldyn Shaykham Sohayly is left a Turky and a Persian Dywan. Shah-MoAammad son of .78 PERSIAN TADZK1RAHS. I. Baba Sawddyiy of Abyward had d. Sultan 'alyy as a poet as he Mashhady was . this man was not so much distinguished as a calligraph. a pupil of of interest — gives here a list of Mohammad and Sultan Mohammad Khandan. Symy besides being a good poet was a distinguished calligraph. and Mohammad Nur. Khwajah Sa?d-gul Shyrazy. of Shams aldyn Khwajah Sultan Mohammad a son Tabkchy ij^r*** Khwajah Sahndn Sawajy Jamal aldyn Mohammad. 853. the Anware Sohayly dedicated to him. [CHAP. Mawlana Sultan 'alyy lived at the court of Myrza Bayqara and found a patron in Myr 'alyy Shyr. is he took refuge to Sultan IZbsayn Myrza. Sctydy Gholamy mentioned by 'alyy Shyr. and a brother of Baysanqar. and Sultan Mohammad Abryshumy. Qalandar Katib. at Sabzwar where he died in 854. and Mawlana Shams aldyn Mohammad. Abii-1-FaU Sultan Sa'yd Khan. Sultan Ma^mud Myrza son of Sultan Abu Sa'yd Myrza sovereign of the greater part of Ma-wara-lnahr and Badakhshan. and when dethroned. There was also a Abu Sa'yd. The pupils of Mawlana Sultan 'alyy. Salymy Shushtary of the time of Shah-Ikhmasb." lana 'ala aldyn Sultan Sultan 'alyy was upwards of sixty-three years of age in 957. and Atzhar was a pupil of Ja'far and Ja'far was a pupil of Mawlana Myr 'alyy the inventor of the Naskh-ta'lyq. succeeded his father to the throne. was Tzilly c ^. who was the teacher of Myr 'alyy the second. a son of the preceding. Sultan Mas' ud Myrza. (see Dawlatsh). is The author : " 'alyy Mashhady was Mawlana Atzhar. Darwysh Saqqwyvy Chaghatayiy of Bokhara India during the beginning of Humayiin's reign . #asan 'alyy Salymy of Tun resided Saldmy. . He was called His takhalluc Ma&mtid Ghaziy in Ma-wara-lnahr. are Maw- celebrated calligraphs which in calligraphy.

Jamal aldyn Malik Firiiz- Myrza Shah JJosayn Ispahany Madrasah at Ispahan. of Qadhiy-Jahan Qazwyny who flourished Ca&ib al-Balkhy familiarly called Sharyfy. founded the Qimaryyah Sayf almoluk Domawandy Shuj&y was a distinguished physician. WaAshy Bafiqy is his pupil. Amyr Shdhy Sabzwary Kiihy died in 857. Shah Qafyy aldyn Mohammad Nur-bakhshy a son of Shams aldyn . a son of Myr Qafyy aldyn Abutime when he flou- lcafa the following chronogram of e. fixes the ^j uiQjI-tfe&jl 971 —40=931 or 970. Sharaf Khayabany a darwysh imitated the Khamsah. Sayyid Moham- mad Nur-bakhsh. Qadiq iZalwayiy Samarqandy descended (or a son?) of Shams alayimmah Halwayiy flourished under called ^^ v'^ *N—j Humayun at Lahor and Kabul left several and died under Akbar in Ma-wara-lnahr.] ila'hy. 952. of the Amyrs of Sultfan ifosayn §aM Badakhsy. his . panegyrist of the kings of Badakhshan who were destroyed by Sultfan Abu Sa'yd. Myr Mohammad £aM Herawy ono Myrza. Sayfy. A'qa Malik b. his grandfather 79 Amyr Yadgar Beg was a high officer of Amyr //abban Malik Tymur. Khwajah Kamal aldyn i/osayn Qabury was aldyn at the court of Akbar. Qadhiy Qafyy aldyn 'ysa flourished under Shah Isma'yl. 929. left a Dywan left Sharaf aldyn 'alyy Bafiqy a panegyrist of Shah jTahmasb. his Dywan is celebrated. was a contemporary of Jamy. Qidqy Herawy. Sharaf aldyn 'alyy Yazdy author of the Tzafar-namah of 4000 verses. he is works. and a contemporary of Myr Sayyid Mohammad Jamah-baf. Molla Mohammad ^Fahmasb. -Hbsayn tydqy of Astrabad a courtier of Shah Cidqy Astrabady resided long at Kashan Sultan Mohammad d. Mohammad i. d. 11. one Sayyid Ja'far Qddiqy a brother of Shah Qasim b.No. Sayfy Bokhary author of a compendium on prosody and rhyme. Myr fadr rished cJj Baba q&lihy. a Dywan of 5000 verses. Myrza Sharaf a son under Shah Tahmasb. Myr Qadr alislam.

MaddaA (i. e. He died at a very advanced age ('alyy Shyr says that he was upwards of one hundred years old) during the reign of Sultan 'drif Astrabady. I. £ufy Ardestany. Taqyy Bokhary. it seems that it contains the sayings of his resided at Pyr Khwajah 'obayd Allah Afaar who Samarqand (see p. a shoemaker and subsequently he gained Tahir Bokhary flourished at Herat under Sultan Babor. Qasim Dhiydyiy of Ma-wara-lnahr. Tdhir Herawy was his livelihood first by copying books. PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. Tdhiry Eazy a son of Ummydy. uj^^j b. IsMq and probably identical with Herawy who mentioned in the Persian translation of 'alyy Shyr's . and was Wakyl of Nitzam Shah of the Deccan. and put the IZanafy law into calogue. Mafaniid 'drify composed chiefly panegyrics on great personages. verse. fyfayiy Ispahany. Qafdyiy Kirmany. left H&kym Tiity Ibghrayiy a Qacydah on the elixir and on alchemy. jTalib Jajarmy 854 is the author of b.80 b. Mawlana Dha'yfy. Taryqy of Tabryz. Hosayn Myrza Bayqara. Ustad Tdhir Kamandar. Qafdyiy Khorasany. after the fall of this prince he was patronized by Amyr Ja- han-shah and Pyr Badagh. iSJ^ l/^ ** which 1 he dedicated to SuUan 'abd Allah Ibrahym Shahrokh. life [CHAP. treatise Dhiydyiy Ardiibady nourished under Sultan /Zosayn Myrza. He died in 952. Baba Qafdyiy Qommy. Qafyy aldyn Mohammad which is son of ffosayn "Wa'itz is the author of a book called o ^"*^ 1 a chronogram for 909. Shah Qasim Ntir-bakhshy. Tusy composed a Qacydah in praise of Sultan Babor rhyming in Sarw. De'arify Pyr Afanad is b. Shah 2ahir Dakany was born in Ankwany near the Qomm. Byby Dha'yfy. Tarshyzy was in the service of Babor Myrza and died in 866. Baba Cafdyiy Qalandar of Astrabad mentioned by Sam. became towards the end of his acquainted with Jamy. the panegyrist) of 'alyy. to He is dedicated a Dah-namah. Tdli'y Tdyiry of the time of Sultan /Zbsayn Myrza. 83). Dhiya aldyn Nakhshaby author of the Tuty-namah and a entitled L-^i 5^ d.

MaAmud Sultan b. Khwajah 'obayd Zakany. a contemporary of 'abd al-Bazzaq Kashy. said he is of Khorasan. Abu-1-Ghaziy 'abd al'azyz Khan 'azyzy. a contemporary of SulMii M . Shah 'adil Lary nourished about 1011. Khwajah 'abd Malik 'igdtny. and died on Friday the 20 Kajab. 'abd al-Jalyl a descendant of Jalal aldyn Qayiny. 736. was exceedingly precocious and particularly distinguished in music. Amyr Burhan left aldyn 'a£a Allah a Sayyid of JNayshapur a treatise on poetic and the figures of speech g ^ j j*£j& d. his name was AAmad Mohammad Biyabanky. 'abdy Nayshapury uncle of Shah Ma^miid Zarryn-qalam. Baba 'abd Allah Chashmah-malan a darwysh. Amyr Taj aldyn 'aqyly Shyrazy a Sayyid of the Daste-ghayb family. a descendant of Khwajah Hafitzy 919. aldawlah Samnany.] ILAHY. Myr Nitzain aldyn 'abd al-Malik. he was one of the poets who survived Sultan 1/osayn Myrza. 'azyzy contemporary of Myrza Shahrokh. who is 81 Tadzkirah. and the author of a poem called it c>^^j c5>* it has 510 verses and he composed 'dbidy it is within a fortnight. 11. died under Shah Tahmasb. In 687 he became a pupil of the Shaykh 'abd al-RaAman Isfarayiny. Mawlana 'izz aldyn Jabaly a learned man of Qazwyn. 'alyy disciple of Dardzad Astrabady 'alyy d. Abii-1his Khayr Khan. Shams Aldyn 'abd Allah Shyrazy who died in 872. 'dlim Bayhaqy. 'iffaty Isfarayiny a lady. Khwajah 'icmat Allah Bokhary Kalan was a Sayyid. Myr whose takhalluc was Katib. Shah Badagh Sultan b. 'abd al-Qadir Maraghy. the chronogram of concealment (<V^ death ?) is j&t^ c^=940. and *fl»»j Hgmaty a lady. Myrza Mohammad 'askary a son of the emperor Tzahyr aldyn Mohammad Babor. in 854. Shaykh Zayn aldyn 'alyy Kuldh Shyrazy a saint.NO. born in 754. 'ala Shaykh Eokn aldyn b. 'abd al'alyy Najaty Mashhady left a Mathnawy in the metre of the Makhzan alasrar. 'obayd Khan b.

^ and he mentions a **^ ac oak* ^mg tnat ^ e wrote m a^ a He is j& g*J that is to say. was a very distinguished calligraph. Myrza. 78). Padshah Tabryzy Farighy. I. Ghiyath aldyn is Fdniy.Hakym. Tarshyzy a friend of Shaykh Adzory.000 Gharyb Sabzwary of the time of Sultan iZbsayn Myrza. Shah Gharyb Myrza a son or descendant of Sultan iZosayn Myrza. Khwajah Ghiyath aldyn Mo7iammad ryzy. Ghorbaty of Ma-wara-lnahr.000 verses of Ilahy and **ti cu-xac-o ^ ^fc ^^o Qf his.ffosayn PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. Imams. is 'alyy Akbar a son of Amyr Hadiy MoAtasib mentioned by Sayyid ala aldyn Awadhy a mystical poet is of Khorasan but is called *2wy (sic) because he lived in Oudh. his takhalluc was Gharyby. Baba 'alyy-Shah Abdal Herawy contemporary of Jamy. (^adr (Some say Mohr) Tab- Ghiyath Balkhy NcCymy mentioned by 'alyy Shyr. called Akhtah was a saint. [CHAP. lived to the Ghayury Kabuly was first in the service of Myrza MoAammad . AwAady saw a Dy wan of 2.82 . Mawlana Fdniy Herawy. . Myr Myr Sam. AAmad Parwanachy mentioned by 'alyy Fattdhy Nayshaptiry had also the takhalluc of Asrary and Kho- mary d. the takhalluc of Myr 'alyy Shyr in his Persian poems. and a Ustad 'alyy Karmal a composer of music. Taqyy bayts of his at Ajmyr. 'alyy Acghar of Samarqand mentioned by 'alyy Shyr. 773. 852. and subsequently of Akbar. Ghob&ry Herawy was strong in musical composition. five Mathnawies. Fdniy a son of Darwysh Shyr. Ghiyath aldyn Acyly. d. this Mohammad Eangryz of Mashhad a brother of Mohammad Qon'y. Khwajah 'alyy Shihab 'alyy Shaghal was skilled in making mo'ammas. Khwajah 'imad aldyn Faqyh Kirmany a great £ufy has seen about 12. and in this art a pupil of Siu7an 'alyy Mashhady (see p. in praise of the Ghawwdgy Tazdy wrote odes time of Shah Tahmasb. mentioned by 'alyy Shyr.

Shaykh-Zadah Lahijy Fiddyiy a son of is Mohammad Shyraz. Qadymy Naqqash Gylany. Qiwam aldyn Abu IsMq teacher of b. and the Shams aldyn Mo^ammadkilled Khwajah TZafitz Shyrazy. there were two poets of the takhalluc of Qobuly at the time of 'alyy Shyr. M 2 . a Dywan is of 2000 verses of his. to India and enter- Khwajah Abii-1-Wafay Firishtah was a man of importance time of Humayun. Qunbury Nayshapury.] ila'hy. Qdni'y Kamar-duz. aldyn Myrza Qasim Junabddy a brother of the governor of is Junabad imitated the Khamsah. 83 Fakhry Herawy. called )b\ Fakhr aldyn 'alyy Qafyy a son of iZbsayn Kashify author of the ol*"*^ and of a Mathnawy j oj^^° in the metre of Lay la Majnun (see p. Qassdmy. Asyry. died in 837. Qo£b aldyn Khosraw Shah of Yazd of the Motzaffar family. Sultan Mohammad Amyry Fakhry. Myr Fiddyiy mentioned by Alyy Shyr. Abii-1-Ma'aliy l^?^^' a cousin of Shams aldyn 'abd Allah who has been mentioned. Qasim Khan Mawjy Badakhshany was at the court of Humayun. Shah Qodsy. and the author of a Shahan-shah- namah which three parts is 1 in the metre of the Shah-namah and divided into exploits v^ containing the of Shahrokh and Shah Isma'yl and Shah Tahmasb.No. Sayyid Qasim to the school of Anwar born in 757 and Aw^ad aldyn Kirmany. 11. Shah Qiwam aldyn Mohammad a son of shah and a grandson of Shah Qasim Razy who Ummydy. He belonged Darwysh Qdsimy Ispahany. at the Fadhly Zabaty (Zubany or Zayyaty Siraj ?) Baba Figh&ny. His Khanqah is in Farydun iZbsayn Myrza a son of Sultan iZbsayn Myrza. He the author of a commentary on the Grulshane Raz and of a Dy wan of more than 2000 bayts. Khwajah Abu-1-Barakat Ferahy Firdqy came ed the service of Humayun. Fiddyiy of Ma-wara-lnahr was in the service of Shaybak Khan. Abu-Tahir b. Mawlana Qdliby Qalib-tarash. Kdtiby Nayshapury a contemporary of Badr Jajarmy. Mawlana Qobuly Herawy. b. dedicated it He also wrote a Layla Majnun and to Shah Isma'yl and a Kar-namah. Taqyy Aw^ady saw Qodsy of Herat. 80).

Savyid Shah . Shaykh 'alyy b. He is the author of a Mathnawy called Mas' lid Sharwany d. • M&ny Many Mashhady. MoAammad Jfosayn Myrza a son of Sultan iZbsayn Myrza.84 K&kuly. iZafitz Khwajah Mohammad Parsa grandson of Ma^mud went to Makkah in 822.Jle^\ called \*)y**}\jj* f»' Dywan which he verses. of Myran Sultan Mohammad b. 'imad aldyn Qiify. it is a of Myrza (Sultan IZbsayn is ?) said he was for some time a king in author of &c. Ma\\wy Herawy a contemporary Khwajah Mas' rid Bak. and Khwajah Ma^mud Torbaty Hazzal.. Majlisy had first Shyrazy a courtier of Shah Isma'yl. Mas'ud Turkman an amyr of Sultfan Yaq'ub. Ma^mud Langrudy were poets of the middling period. Mushtary Astrabady mentioned by . Lu£f Allah Nayshapiiry. MaAmud b. [CHAP. MoAammad Kuhmarahe tj+Aj*. Lisdny Shyrazy.Hbsayn Myrza. Khwajah Lohrasb. Mohammad Mo'ammayiy a contemporary of Babor Myrza built dome over the grave of IZafitz. some identify him with Mas' lid Qommy. a most man went from Rum to Khorasan and proceeded thence to Mul tan. Khwajah Mafanud Bursah. Qadhiy Ldghir Systany. Mqjdzy. Baysanqar d. PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. and of a Ma-wara-lnahr. 'alyy Shyr. Mohammad Miimin Myrza a contemporary of the preceding. 905 and left glosses on the li^f W» learned Makhdum Shaykh Sayyid Mohammad b.. the takhalluc of Gharyby but altered it by the command Shaykh of of Sultan . Lalah Khatiin Kirmany a lady. Khwajah Mohammad Kakhgy Qohistany was a contemporary Shah. but he was a Darwysh at heart and several works on Qiifism as . 855. I. Bokhary Mohammad Tebabkany ^^ Vx> a successor of Shaykh Zayn aldyn a 9^fy nas rendered the Qacydah Bordah in Mokhammas's and has written a commentary on the ^ji^J\ JjU* of Khwajah Ancary. ^'j*^* a disciple Shaykh iZbsayn Khwarizmy a and author of the i^j^Lk-'i ^l+a*. He was a contemporary of Jamy. and which contains more than 3000 Bak is the name of a place near Bokhara.

Darwysh Nacir Bokhary a darwysh and a contemporary of Mo- hammad Shyraz. Najm aldyn Najmy is the author of a Mathnawy cated to called a-*^ £&*>.ffakym Nizdry iS) r Qohistany. left Niddyiy Gylany among other poetry a long Saqiy-namah is dedi- Myr Hashimy. J^° 5 'abd al-Wahhab was attached to Shaybak Khan. 11. 'ala poems. some- Khidrdaby ^-Ma j*x*>. who usually called Shah Jahangyr. Nargisy Herawy a contemporary of Hil&ly. a native of Jam. is Nacir Bachchah Shyrazy knew Sa'dy. Shah Mo'izz aldyn to say. wife of Shaybak Moghol J** Khanam the Khan wrote Turky left Myram Siyah Qazwyny a disciple of Baba 'alyy-shah Abdal a £ufy a Dywan of about 2000 verses consisting chiefly of humorous Khwajah Dhiya aldyn Myram Badr b. Afdhal aldyn Kirmany. the astronomer. Mo'yn aldyn Jowayny a the c^^»j^. e. j* . Moghul poetry. Sayyid Jalal aldyn Nasymy of Shyraz is a disciple of Shah Faclhl .No. Mohammad had the takhalluc of Faydhy. Motzaffar times he is Herawy called is of a village of Kh&f called Faqrdab. aldyn b. a son of Sultan iZbsayn Myrza.] ila'hy. that Mo'yny ^affar. Mashrahy Mashhady. is Mo'yny Jamy. in native of Awah near Jowayn author of He was a disciple of the Shaykh Sa'd aldyn ZTamawy Qufism and in the sciences of Fakhr aldyn Khalidy Isfarayiny who called Bihishty. Ma'riif of Khiljan near Tabryz was versed in Eamal. 85 Moshriqy Mashhady was originally a potter. there were two poets of this takhalluc one of Mashhad and the other of Sharwan. was a contemporary of Myrza SuUan iZbsayn and a good mathematician. Khwajah Qadhiy Myrak Kazwyny flourished under Shah Isma'yl. was and who wrote a commentary on the Farayidh. He was a panegyrist of the Sultans of Kart more particularly of Mo'izz aldyn Mohammad. Parsa. JVajmy. Bachchah a place near Mohammad Ndgir Myrza Yadgar Nfyir Myrza. Shaykh Najm aldyn Hayawy lsj±* i.

827 at an age of 79 years. A^mad.Hasan-shah and a contemporary of Grhazzaly Mashhady. from garments. Mohammad Wcigify of Yiisof Niydzy of Herat was called Mah Beg. when at PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. &c. Tashkand brought up at Herat was a friend of Acafy. Bahadur SuUan and of Khoday- Burdy SulMn Euler of Nasaf. and a Qacydah of predictions most of which were borne out. and he (Pasykhany) wrote no less than seventeen volumes and one thousand and one Eisalahs on Eamal or Cabala. Niir MoAammad of India. his Sultfan -Hbsayn Myrza. Sayyid Fadhl Na'ymy a 9^fy a contemporary of Tymur and Shahrokh was well versed in Eamal or Cabala and other occult sciences. He the panegyrist of Humayun. and a Saqiy-namah. He is also the author of the j&f cj'dLjla. in 948 and left a Dywan of upwards of of 4000 verses. Nasymy who The ±l*> has just been mentioned and among them were MaAmiid Pasykhany. I. Amyr Nawydy Nayshapiiry one of the poets of Sultan iZbsayn Myrza. gar- name is MaAmud b. He is mentioned by 'alyy Shyr. Nasymy Herawy is Baba Nagyby Gylany.86 Na'ymy. because he wrote a in imitation of that of Abu IsAaq At'imah. and was sentenced to death. and claimed to be God one of the poets of the time of Myrza. latter was expelled by Na'ymy and founded a sect of impostors of his own. Shaykh Nitzdm Qariy Shyrazy was usually called Nitzam Albisah of Albisah. Walaliy (^1? from ^\j "by God") Herawy a poet of Myrza. in which he takes his similes. Nawydy Eazy. . Shaykh Nagyby Nur-bakhsh a mystical poet. poem He had the name ments. He had many disciples. Nawydy Torbaty. Sayyid Nur aldyn NVmat Allah Walyy a disciple of Yafi'y d. came subsequently to India and was well received by Humayun is d. Nawydy Shyrazy left a Mathnawy in the metre of Khosraw Shyryn. Nur Allah Tunaqtar j IJ&y a witty poet of Herat.. Natzmy Khorasany of the time of Nitzdm aldyn Astrabady. and wrote several treatises on them. Aleppo he imitated Manciir. Nury Dandany Herawy a son of Mawlana . Ahly Khorasany and Bannayiy. [CHAP.

AwAady asserts.if J&c y Hdtify Qazwyny. Wdqify Ispahany. d. Molla IZbsayn Waf&yiy author of a celebrated Persian dictionary. Walyy Beg Qalandar mentioned by Dawlat-shah. Amyr Humayun is of the 'iraq and not Humayun Padshah. of Hvmmaty Khorasany. Amyr -flajy A^mad Waf&yiy a son of Sultan Malik Kashghary was ten years Ruler of Herat. Molla Hilal Qazwyny. iZabyb Allah made the following chro- nogram on his death: v^ 5 oir*^ **•> fe>Ul£ js\JZ» jl o. WaAyda ?) of Khorasan was well versed in history. Myr Hadiy Pyl of Jam. Astrabady a 9"fyKhwajah Hijry Jamy a grandson of the Shaykh alislam Zandah mydy. Wafayiy a friend of Shaykh-zadah Lahijy. W&liJiy j Samarqandy the panegyrist of a Myrza Babor. called 87 Walahy Bokhary Khwajah 'a^ar. Haldky Herawy a pupil of Jamy and a panegyrist of Sultan /Tosayn Myrza. 'abd Allah Hdtify 929. Myr Hdshimy Lary lived for usually called Shah Jahan-gyr a contemporary of Myrza Shah /Tosayn Arghun and Jamy and MocliA aldyn Kalamy some time in Sind and Mekran. Myr Waysy one of the amyrs of Humayun. of the time of Myrza.] ila'hy. Wagly a brother of Anwary Samarqandy mentioned by 'alyy Shyr. Khwajah Hashimy Bokhary is mentioned in the Persian translation of 'alyy Shyr. but not carry out their intention. Khwajah Hdshimy Kuft-gar. Khwajah Ibn 'alyy Wdqify of Mashhad studied at Herat and went l ^ (or subsequently to the Deccan. was Khwajah Mohammad Sharyf Hijry of Teheran a nephew of Umfor some time "Wazyr of Ispahan under Shah jTahmasb. Waysy Herawy a poet he and Saghiry did intended to perform the pilgrimage to Makkah with Jamy. 1 1 . Mawlana Hamdamy Hamadany.. Sayyid Hddiy Naqshbandy.No. Samarqand as Taqyy . Wahyd some say he is identical with "Wafayiy Shyrazy.

learned * Mawlana men and calligraphs who were a But- MoAammad £ufy the author of the May-khanah khanah or the Wine shop and Idol-house. Sayyids. [CHAP. the author was name of Mohammad Tahir. and His henceforth he led a pious life. &c. *ils** (*) and in the Tadzkirah of Myr Taqyy Kashy. (12) iftyx*^/** The full ( p -) Nacrabady's biographies of poets. p. He wrote this book about in 1083. IX. 1038 he resided at AAmadabad in Gujrat. he resolved upon writing the biographies of con- temporaneous poets and giving way to the wishes of his friends. — Bland. and as there was no merit in copying the labours of others. but added eight or nine biographies in 1092. was a native of Mazanderan and in A. The intro- duction and the three chapters contain the lives of princes. I. containing chronograms. he added at the end. As. of Moham12). Boy. He was a distinguished follower of Cufism. Journ. Lond. brought him to his senses. he was born at Na- crabad which 1027.88 PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. and afterwards for some time at Kashmyr. but poverty. H. logogriphs. of modern and ancient poets. The book is divided into five chapters first **-&<*. of Myr 'alyy Shyr. grandfather had been settled India and his uncle Myrza Cadiq had been this in the Indian army and died in country in 1061. is in the district of Ispahan in 1025 or He lost his father before he was twenty years of age and gave himself for some time up to pleasure. which was the his more painful because some of ancestors had been so wealthy as to be able to build schools and colleges. of Sam (see page Dawlat-shah and in that of Molla Cufy which was called . 165. Soc. a chapter a*jU. . tells The author mad toisM us in the preface that the lives of former poets were recorded in the Tadzkirahs of 'awfy.

N . The former is a quarto of 100 pages one copy does not contain the . eight biographies which the author added in 1092. his Takiyah is at the shrine of Baba aldyn. his father died in India. Third part : Darwyshes. but 'alyy made not much progress in calligraphy. Molla 'abd al-Baqiy B&qiy of Tabryz was settled at Baghdad. Toraba of Ispahan. the fourth contains poets profession. 12. j^ahir was a pupil of his. but as he resided mostly at Kashan.No. he designed the inscriptions on the masjid of Shaykh Lu£f Allah and on the 'abbasian Jami' masjid. Myr Sayyid 'alyy a son of Myrza a calligraph. 'I Beginning JI43 ^yxvtj*. he is called Kashy. where he buried. and a grandson of 'abbasabad in Ispahan. Myr 'imad of Qazwyn a most exquisite calligraph particularly in Naskh-ta'lyq.] ta'hir nacra'ba'dy. Second part of the third chapter : Calligraphs. Table of contents of the second and third parts of the third chapter.^ family. Moqym Tabryzy who was equally Myr Shah Myr who resided in Sayyid 'alyy went with his father to India. to is far whom however he superior. L£^J ^j«^ J^ & Jo itkj -s^ y A^cli. He died one year after Shah 'abbas. and of the whole of the fourth chapter. he was an acquaintance of ^Tahir. and is now in the service of the emperor. he was a disciple of Shaykh Mumin Mashhady and had many followers. Myr Eokn Mo'izz of Ispahan. Darwysh Mohammad £<iM had first his Takiyah in the Labnan is masjid. Myr Mo'izz of Kashan distinguished in the Naskh-ta'lyq went to India during the reign of the late Shah 'abbas and died there. 89 by- not poets by profession. and the fifth a short autobiography and an account of the poets of his own ej. and subsequently on the banks of the river. a pupil of Molla Fayiqy. Ridha of Tabryz was not equal to the preceding. Qadhiy Asad was born in Dayr Qahpayah. he was a learned man and designed the inscriptions round the large dome of Ispahan. One copy is in the Top Khanah and another in the Moty Ma/iall. some prefer at Ispahan him even to Molla Myr 'alyy. He resided and was murdered during the reign of Shah 'abbas. devotees.

his father was a merchant of He went to India when young. Myr Mohammad succeeded his father. of iZajy Qadiq Qdmit who was His He his resided for some time at Shyraz. Mo7*ammad Quly Salym of Teheran wrote a Mathnawy in which he describes Lahijan when he came to India he altered the heading . Darwysh Qadiq has Takiyah at Ispahan at the shrine of Baba Eokn aldyn. He Kashmyr and left about 24. whose history he relates in an epic poem. Khordslm.000 bayts. I Sfc.000 verses. Myrza Abu Talib Kalym is of Hamadan. He died young. but A'qa Mumin Ispahany is the father a friend of Tahir. Myr Mohammad who had been Shaykh MoAammad some time Mashhady a £ufy. 'alyy I. left ^Takym Koknayiy Kashy Masyhy. Tahir has seen a Dywan is of his of about 14. but in buried at Mashhad. Sharaf aldyn JZasan (or IZbsayn) Shifdyiy of Ispahan died in 1038 or 1027. a near one hundred thousand verses. died in 1066. and called it a description of Kashmyr. now probably dead. IZajy Mohammad Khan Mashhady Qodsy died in India. Tdlib Amoly of Mazanderan went to India and entered the service of Salym-shah and subsequently of Shahjahan. IZakym Zuldly of Khwansar is distinguished in the Mathnawy he . He died in 1052 or 1057. First part —Foets of the Hrdq. left a Mathnawy called oJkL* &\±Z+i and one called **•*** Jj* K and one called j «># 1*0. who conferred the title of king of poets upon him. He left a Mathnawy which he describes Kashmyr and the wars of his patron. physician. but Kashan he died at is as he resided much at called Kashany. at Shyraz of Baba Acly of Domawand resides Shaykh Qamada a descendant of Sa'dy Shyrazy died a surgical operation which he performed on himself. He now resides at Ispahan. a son of [CHAP. Fourth chapter: Professional poets. contain about one hundred and twenty thousand verses. His complete works Ispahan. at Shyraz. and was well received by Tzafar Khan. biography has been written by Myrza QaliA Daste Grhayb. Myrza MoAammad 'alyy Qdyibd.90 PERSIAN TADZK1RAHS. and resided for is at Ispahan. and a Dywan. He went to India and was a court poet of Shahjahan.

] ta'hir nacra'ba'dy. was it in Persia he had the Rasmy. 1001 and completed in 1020.No. is Sharyfa Kdshif a brother of the preceding the author of four Mathnawies i. Aqa SMpur of Teheran visited India as a merchant. Molla Shikuhy of Hamadan a friend of Ilahy. has seen a Tahir Dywan of his of about 3000 verses. in India he changed into Faghfur. Isma'yl Mungifa son of Shamsa of Shyraz lived much at Teheran and is therefore called Teherany. lived Qadhiy Y&hya was of Lahijan. Tahir saw a Dywan of his of about 4000 bayts. Molla Zamdny Yazdy imitated Molla Sakhyy Kirmany. Siraj **U ^U^ 4. Tahir only saw about 1000 verses of his. Myr Ma'ciim Kashy a son of Myr iZaydar Mo'ammayiy died India. takhalluc of in 1030. He visited India but returned to Persia and lives by commerce. Myr he is 'a£a MontaTiiy is a poet of Teheran. of Mashhad. Molla Zakyy Hamadany died in 1030. Molla Nadim of Lahijan visited India. Mashhady wrote a preface to The author saw a Dywan of will hia which had about 10. c^^F* ^V 3.000 bayts.000 Myrza Fagyhy of Herat left a Dywan of about 6000 verses. Dywan of about 10. a Myrza* Malik Mashriqtj Khorasany verses. He died The author saw a Dywan of about 4000 iZafitz.Halwayiy of Shyraz died under Shah Qafyy. Visited India and held an appointment under old man. Myr FagJifur of Lahijan. for a Myrza Eadhyy Banish a Sayyid Torab died in India. His father Abu Dara Shikoh gave him poem one thousand N 2 . 12. Ghiyathayiy .aa and two prose works^* '^Lr* (perhaps aMibr) and c^-^j^ Moqymd a brother of the preceding died at Teheran. j { e> o!>^ 2.000 verses and some Mathnawies which be enumerated in the next chapter. in Molla Awjy left a Dywan of about 10. The author saw him when he was an as long as he Myr Y&hya of Qomm. Shahjahan. but died before he could arrange This was done with much trouble in India and Molla Ibghrayiy it. but having called much at Kashan Kashy. 91 it spent nineteen years in composing hisjtyj &J**** having begun in it. Shaykh 'alyy Naqyy Kamarah'i died in 1030. ^j o. left verses of his.

he a distinguished Insha writer and was therefore come to India. [CHAP. origin left a Dywan of Molla Barley verses. visited India Ibrahym Tasalliy of Shyraz and in 1034 or 1026 he made the pilgrimage to Makkah and died soon after. 1028. subsequently he Molla Qaydy Shyrazy a pupil of Ghayraty. Myr Bafy' Dastur went with Shaykh Mohammad Khatiin to in India. Murshid (or Murshida) of Barujard died in India. Qommy is is died many years ago and left about 20. of Ispahan a contemporary of -fiTakym Mohammad Bidha Fikry Shifayiy. He conferred the appointment of Munshiy upon him but subsequently discarded him. Tayib Kirmany. . subsequently he returned to Persia and died at Ispahan. Tomans. tailor. Molla Molhirny Tabryzy died at Shyraz. Ummaty of Khorasan wrote Qacydahs in praise of Shah 'abbas.000 iZasan Beg Bafy' of Qazwyn but is called Mashhady from his place of residence.92 PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. Fakhr Thabit Tafryshy died in India. I" at Golconda. Qaydy Kirmany. Myrza Nitzam a Daste-Ghayb Sayyid of Shyraz died 1029 at an age of thirty years and left 1039 or about 3000 verses. He cursed Shall 'abbas and Ta^ya Sabzwary a distinguished Munshiy d. subsequently he entered the service of the Qofobshahians and at present he lives at Mashhad. 66 supra). Myr 'abd al-Ghanyy Glianyy Tafryshy a pupil of Abu-1-Qasim Kazeriiny and a friend of Molla ^ufy. Fadldy Churbadqany a pupil of iZakym Shifayiy. Molla Waqifoi Khalkhal imitated Nitzamy and aldyn Biimy. the Shah died soon after. Molla Mawnaqy of Hamadan died in India. Mawlawy Jalal He died in Turkey. Myr Ildhy (see p. Myr Fosuny a Sayyid of Samnan.000 verses. Tahmasb Quly Beg 'arshy Yazdy of Turky about 12. Molla Sharafy Qazwyny was originally a obtained a pension from Shah 'abbas. Molla Sayry Churbadqany died on his way to Makkah. and invited by Shah-jahan to now he lives in great poverty in India. Myr 'ayn 'alyy. Myrza Jany 'izzaty Shyrazy died at Mashhad. Myr Moghyc Mahwy died in India.

Molla Fathy of Ardestan. name of a 'alyy family of Sayyids at Shyraz. written a ^ Molla Makhjly Eushty. visited India.] ta'hir nacra'ba'dy.a) obtained a copy of their pedigree. their descent from from a mysterious hand. but good verses. Sa'yddyiy Ardestany (in one copy Nohawandy) resided long ?) in the Deccan and died after his return to Persia. Molla Hashry was of Tabryz where he died. Molla 'dmiy Nohawandy went to India and probably died there. Daate Ghayb it 93 appears was the called so because Myrza §adiq Daste-Grhayb. Shaykh Shah Katzar of Ispahan visited India. Dzawqy Kashy a Turkman resided at Kashan. (?) resided at Ispahan subsequently at -Hajy 'abd al-Wasi' Aqdas is now in India and fills the office of Daroghah of the goldsmith's shop of Awrangzeb. i^Lrt^J *bjs . first Nawydy Teherany. Qasimy Cayrafy (according to the other copy Qadhiy £ayrafy) son of a banker. *^ja to the Dywan Molla Qawsy Tabryzy studied at Ispahan. They were on one occasion one of their enemies questioned and they miraculously (literally. Khidhry Lary. Sdyir Ardiibady or Mashhady died in India. Mohammad iZbsayn Beg Ma'lum Tabryzy a merchant. and has Hzzy of Fyrtizabad. Baba Sultan years ago. Molla Qawsy Shiistary wrote an introduction of Khaqany. Myr 'ysa Yazdy resided for some time in India. died in Persia. Dzawqy of Ardestan left few. was put to death at Shyraz. Myr Abu-1-iZasan a iZbsayny Sayyid of Farahan wrote a com- mentary on Anwary. . ^^xp o**. Molla. Khidhry Qazwyny is a good poet. Natzmy Yahyany Shyraz. Madzaqy Ispahany (according to one copy his patronymic is tjkfi) a distinguished composer of Music. Qommy JNawayiy (Liivdyiy an ascetic died some Ahhtary Yazdy lived long in India and died there. Molla Nawydy an old poet lives at Shyraz. Molla Mumin Myr 'aql (or 'aqyl) Kawthary of Hamadan is alive. Myr Afsar. at Lar. Khidhry Khwansary a friend of Zulaly. Kdmy Sabzwary visited India and died at Mashhad. 12.No. Myrza £adiq died Myr Eadhyy Artymany. Tusofy Churfadqany. a son of Myr Sanjar Kashy.

Zamanayiy Naqqash of Ispahan. Myrza Khagmy visited India and died at Ispahan. the author saw him when he was more than seventy years of age. Myr . Kaldwiy Ispahany a brother of Salamy. is called Kashy because he verses and five Wrote about 50. Myr Burhan a Sayyid of Abrqiih a mystic and a Asad Allah Kashy.94 PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS.Hakym Boknay Kashy. [CHAP. Sho'ury Kashy about 6000 verses of Qacydahs and Grhazals. in Mashhury of Ispahan was strong Eamal. ?) a Turk. Myr Ghiyath Qaygar called is aldyn a son of the preceding died young at Abrqiih. Mathnawies in imitation of left Sho'ury Mashhady. Mathnawy in the metre of the ToMat Myr Ghorury Kashy died in India.Haydary Dzihny Kashy went to Byjapur. . -Hasan Beg a son His father was so distinguished a man that Shah 'abbas weighed him up in gold. was eighty years of age. Mohammad iZbsayn a son of . the author of a Persian is The copy which he wrote in Persia small. . I. is of the Yl Shamlu resided mostly at Herat. Sorury (Sarwary ?) is Mohammad Qasim Dictionary. 1028.Hasan Beg Girdmy. and therefore Herawy. clever in iZbsayn (jarrdfoi Ispahan a Banker. Ja'far Mo'allim Myr pupil of Qadhiy Myrza Hadiy a brother of the preceding resided mostly at Shyraz. he was painting. and died at Mohammad Taqyy of Tazd. but when he went to India he used the Dictionary «-&*^ f jyjyr Jamal aldyn Anju js?\ and enlarged the work greatly.000 Nitzamy. Aqa Khafyy Khwansary d. Myr Mohammad Mumin Addyiy Tazdy 'dqild about thirty years ago Siirat. still full of energy when Nctymii of Shyraz a tailor by profession. Molla Glwrury probably of Shyraz died towards the end of Shah Qafyy's reign and left a al'iraqayn. Jamala Wdlih of Shyraz died in India. Molla Girdmy (Karamy resided chiefly at Kashan. Myr Ajry Fdrighy Astrabady. being suspected of infidelity he went to India. of Molla Shany Taklii died young. He is dead. DMydiy Teherany a friend of the late QabiUy. Kashy a school master. of Taliqan died under Shah 'abbas II.

?) Kashy was in the service of He died at Makkah. Tajalliy Lahijy He is the author of a Tadzkirah.* first was brought up in India he had Ta'by of the takhalluc Shifayiy. Qafyya Ispahany. It is a thick folio and goes only to the letter £. he wrote a Tadzit. . l among other co Py of his A Tadzkirah is in the East India House. Qazwyn a friend of iZakym Cjahyfy Shyrazy —his son was Asyry. Molla Bykhudy Junabady a contemporary of the late Shah 'abbas * The Genealogy of AwAad aldyn 'abd Allah Bulyany or Baly&ny 'abd Allah b. Taqyy was born in 973. Najdty Bafiqy. No. He compiled an anthology of Persian poetry which he called a chronogram for 991) and which contains the verses JkA-UVtj9 collected (this is by him in six years from Shyraz to Gujrat. 'omar b. Taqyy AwAady was born at Ispahan he was descended from Sayyid Aw7*ad aldyn 'abd Allah Bulyany. Baqiyayiy Tayiby a distinguished composer in music visited India but died in Persia. and found- ed on the Burhane qaft' and he wrote about 30. and the general division is into three 'urfahs. viz. those of the middle age and the modern poets.. Royal As. of Khawary. Soc. p.000 verses poems are his Mathnawies uu»jJj *-?/&*i andj *=-J j^o. Tahir 'a#ar Mashhady a pupil of Amyna of Najab. 'alyy b. Taqyy derives his patronymic Aw/*ady from him. He composed it also ano- her Tadzkirah abridged from the larger one and called &\sj* ixxf He also composed a Persian Dictionary called ^jUjJ** k<j*» . a son of Molla Mafamid who had the keys of the tomb Molla 'agry Tabryzy brought up at Yazd settled at Ispahan. Ummaty Torbaty. Isma'yl Aby 'alyy al-Daqqaq and he died in 686. is : MoAammad b. a friend of JETakym Shifayiy. IX. 134). ^jj^U i»>lcje ) o loj* j ^a. kirah of Persian poets. each containing one letter of the alphabet. Journ. 322. (Bland. His in Jamy's Nafdh&t No.&U ol^ij e^s The Biography is staying at divided into twenty-eight 'arcahs. Afterwards when Agra one of the nobles of Jahangyr's court induced him to remodel his work and to accompany the extracts with memoirs of the He undertook the task and named his Tadzkirah several authors quoted. AAmad life is b. but has not completed Molla Moqymayiy Hilmy ('ilmy prince Dara-Shikoh. at A friend of the author saw him Afanadabad in Gujrat.] ta'hir nacra'ba'dy. a friend of 95 iZasan Beg Unsy /Zakym Shifayiy. the ancient poets . b. Mas'iid b. 12. died young.

reciter. died. Kamilayiy Kashy a nephew of Tadzkirah. Molla Wdthiq Nayshapury visited India and died at Ispahan. of Molla Natzyry. Haydty Gylany has been brought up in India. Taby'y Systany a friend of Molla Zamany Tazdy. in the Ahsany Khwansary was strong Mathnawy. Mumindyiy Kunabady went at Byjapiir. Sa'yda Sarmad probably of Kashan went to India under Shahjahan and behaved like a mad man. the younger son of Molla Qaydy Tolu'y of lives now at Ispahan. PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS.96 was a Shah-namah epos. Khwansar is dead. [CHAP. he is usually called Kashy having mostly resided at Kashan. to India. One of his Mathnawies is called J 1 "^ J JJi^' Molla Afldky Tabryzy. lived at ZZaydarabad. It is only lately His Dywan contains about 20. Moqyma Fawjy at Nayshapur. Darwysh K&hin of Tabryz. Molla 'abd Allah Amtiny of Kirman went to India but died at Ispahan. Eashyd Nawras of Qazwyn died (jiify Shyrazy is of Kirman where he Cufy Hamadany lived chiefly at Ispahan where he died. Myr Mashrdb a son of Myr iZbsayn who is called Shishah-gar of Qomm. Mohammad Molla faliA Sattdr went to India and died there. His Dywan has about 10. a son of Molla and died Karyma. Myr Taqyy the author of the Myr Asad Allah of Ispahan died in India. Mohammad iZbsayn Ashub of Mazandaran went to India and died there. Afdhal Bafiqy a son of the calligraph Molla Ya'qub. Qobad Beg KawJcaby a Turk. I. Molla 'inayat Nojumy Kashy a good astronomer. Qadhiy Bashydy a brother of the preceding. Qadhiy Diiwary Ayany. .000 verses. Molla Lutfy Nayshapury the son-in-law of Molla Qaydy.000 that he calls himself a Sayyid. Myr Zayn aldyn Shaykh Jannaty (?) of Ispahan. he died at Tabryz. and wrote a poem in the metre of that Molla. Molla. verses but is not arranged. 'atzyma is a grandson of Molla Qaydy and a nephew Qaydy visited India. Mohammad Qasim Qismat Mashhady died some time ago.

Bay ram Beg Sdmi'd. Yusofay Khwansary was very poor but a fertile poet. is Molla Hbrat (Grhayrat imitates the ancients. Mohammad went to India. in musical composition. but lives now Persia. He left about 15.] is ta'hir nacra'ba'dy. about ninety years of age. Molla Sdlik Yazdy went to the Deccan and then to Dilly where died. ?) Hamadany Molla Mofrad of Hamadan is dead. AAmad Beg. Mashraby of Khwansar was a talented man. Myr Sanad of Kashan is a fertile poet. the author met him at Ispahan. he ?) is dead. -Hajy Ummyd Zdyir Hamadany visited India. SaliM (£aliA Mashhady died A'gafd is Mohammad Quly in that place . he was a most distinguished calligraph. Ifahshary of Nayshapur a contemporary of Natzyry. a son of Qadhiy 97 Qo^ba Sih?y Amyn Khwansary. Mohammad Katzim Najybd Astrabady is ^Pahir died in 1085 (or 1025) at Ispahan. because he resided much he he is now in India.No. of intemperance. Shah Murad Khwansary was distinguished and therefore in favour with the Molla Mahshary Khwansary is late Shah 'abbas. Molla 'alyy Beg Hishmaty Khwansary died at the age of ninety.000 verses. Molla Mahdhary Hamadany was called Molla-darwazah and wrote chiefly Qacydahs. Myrza Nura LamV now alive. Myr Ashub Hamadany. subsequently a son of iZbsayn Sawajy was for some time in the service of Qofobshah. at Ispahan. O . Tllfaty Baqir. since some years Sayyid iZbsayn Zahyy (Zayny ?) receives a pension from the Court. and wrote a treatise on prosody and rhyme. Myr Jadzby Khwansary the son of a rich man. 12. called Qommy. Myram Beg (Jubhy is alive. in Fdyidh Nohawandy Qadhiy of ?) iZatim (Khatim Beg is a son of Kuh Kylu. Molla Mohammad Ibrahym Salik of Qazwyn some time ago he at visited India but died Qazwyn. Kawthary Khwansary. Humayun Mohammad a son of Molla Shikuh died young. He died in Persia.

He is dead. he wrote a Yusof 6 Zalykha. died at Lahor. lived at the court of iZaydarabad. is a son of the Pahlwan Qasim Mashhady resides at Ispahan.98 PERSIAN TADZK1RAHS.000 verses. Mohammad Ibrahym Shawhaty of Ispahan was Molla Wacib Qandahary died at Ispahan. is [CHAP. Molld Hshraty a son of -Sajy 'ayn 'alyy Farushayiy was long in India. in 1076 and resides Myrza Sharyf IlMm was for some time in now mostly at Ispahan. Fdrigha a brother of is Mohammad Ibrahym India and is 'ishraty. to four thousand verses of his. Zifaddad. M)T 'abd al'al Naj&t a son of Myr MoAammad Miimin India. Imam Quly Beg he travelled much and used to keep a journal of his travels. (1082) he again went 'abd Allah ~K&ly a son of Sayyid Ta^ya who was attached to the tomb of Karbela. is Mawlana Mohammad Qasim Qdsim of Mashhad name of Dywanah. Jalala Molla India. he resides in very strong both in writing prose and verse. The author had seen some of his prose writings. -Haly resides at Ispahan. a friend of the author. A'qa Zaman Zarlcash Ispahany had first the takhallu9 of Flryhy. Kashy Yaqyn lives since many years at Ispahan. Molla TogJird of Tabryz some say he of Mashhad. iZbsayny. A'qa Sayira Zaman Wiidhih. but to India. Baqira Khalyl Kashy died two years ago. Resided for some time in India last year then he returned to Persia. Myr Mohammad Sawah an ifosayn Shaivqy a son of Myr old poet visited India. Sa'dayiy known by the Tazdy resided at Ispahan. Molla Natzim of Herat in the service of 'abbas Quly Khan and azyz Allah of the best poet of Khorasan. I. . Mawlana FaraA Allah Shushtary The author had seen from three Molla Warashtah his name is spent a long time in India. his Dywan has about 14. He returned Myr Jamal aldyn Mohammad Wahshat a son of Myr Dhiya aldyn a Tabataba Sayyid of Ardestan. He He died in 1075. died at Mashhad. killed in Molla Wafd of Herat lived for some time in India and died at Ispahan. died at Dilly.

Molla MoAammad Zaman Athar of Mazanderan. of Myrza Ibrahym Adham a son Myr Eadhyy Artymany was Died in India where he had a making verses ex tempore. a brother of the preceding. Nadira Shyrazy wrote a very complete treatise arithmetic. he has gone to Makkah. Mohammad 'alyy Tdyifof Churfadqan resides now at Mohammad Amyr Beg Wdgil lives now at Ispahan. Mohammad Taqyy Bismil of Shyraz is alive. is alive. is gone to DamaMoqyma Maqgud a son of Maqciid 'alyy is alive. is MoAammad Katzim of Qomm. Ndjiy Tabryzy lives in great poverty. is 99 -ETajy Firydun Sdbiq jffajy a Turk. Myr Nan' 'abd al-EaAman of (Jafyr of Qomm where he now resides. is iZakym 'abd Allah Bdghib of Gylan but he is called Qommy. o 2 . ghan. Molla Mo7iammad iZajy Qadiq Qdmit a son of in India but resides Xqa Mtiniin Ispahany has been long is now in Persia. Aqa Isrna'yl Kdshif was strong in the satyre and left Mathnawy in the metre of the ToMat al'iraqayn. spent Shahydd according to his own assertion &&**) much time in travelling. Moqyma Thsdn of Mashhad lives at Ispahan. Najaf Quly Beg Wdliy a friend of the author died some time ago. Qommy was originally a cook. is alive.No.] ta'hir nacra'ba'dy. Mohammad Miimin. Amyna by Fdyiq a son of Xqa-shah Walyy of Ispahan a fur-maker profession. 12. Aqa Shams Qomm. iZbsayna Qabuky of Khwansar died 1078 and left seven Mathnawies. is alive. Mohammad QaliA Shushtary Nishaty is studying at Ispahan. Myr £aydy skilled in (? aa y ?) of Teheran died in India. on He is Wazyr of the Dardgha of Qazwyn. lives Fayidha studied at Ispahan now is in his estate. Jidjy studied at Ispahan. Bady'a of Lahijan resides now 2Zajy at Ispahan. Ispahan. Mohammad Mo/^sin Tajalliy was blind from birth. is Myr 'ala aldyn Mohammad Qufy a son of Qofob alawliya. been in high esteem among the great. Molla Fakhir Bihbany JETafitz (?) died lately. Myr Mohammad Hashim a Sayyid of Lahijan. he changed his takhalluc into Wa/adat. ***jla.

is a good physician and poet. Molla Soshdy Eostamdary an eccentric man died at Mashhad. Khwajah Mo7iammad 2/osayn Kashy came two is years ago to Ispahan. is alive. Mohammad Tusof called Dhiyayiy Lahijy was very poor.100 Molla PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. Amynayiy Eushty an uneducated man. I. Qommy died not long ago in India. of Shahryar but resides at Qomm. left a Mathnawy. Kashy died some years Katzima of Tabryz was brought up a school. of A'mol in Mazanderan. Myr he A'qa 'abd al-iZbsayn ('abd al-f7asan?) 'arifoi Kashan where now at Kashan. 2/akym Abu-1-Fat7* Dawayiy Lahijy has written two Mathnawies. -Hajy Naqqdsh is Mosayyab Q&nV Th&bit (?) MoAibb of Kashan came ago. Shah Eashyd Kashy a very old man. Shahyda (Shajdar ?) Gylany is now at Ardebyl he is a pious man. Molla 'alyy called Jaysh (?) Jawyd had first the takhalluc of D&nish was born in Mazanderan and died at Ispahan. Sa'da a son of Hi]j y^»^ ^^ ^ young. . Kashan where he is keeping Nura Najyb b. Khwajah 'alyy Lahijy is alive. viz. is Myr Mohammad Tahir 'alawy or 'olwy of Kashan. Mohammad Eidha MosMqy Molla 'alyy is kept originally a shop at Qomm. Wdhid Qommy resides at Ispahan. at in 1083 to Ispahan. a great Shafy'y died at an advanced age in Gylan. Kajiy Lahijy a poor but disinterested poet. Aqa Mohammad b. Shahyda Molla alyy Naqyy Qismat of Qomm jTahir where he now resides.000 verses. Mofrad Qommy was a tailor by profession. is Tzahyra Lahijy was originally a baker. is Shaykh Mo/iammad Hadiy Bamzy an extremely clever poet. Mo/*ammad /Zosayn Mantzur opium-eater is now at Shyraz. Molla Tadhil Kashy has written more than 100. Amynayiy of the dependencies of Lahijan. resides. and &*j&\ Qasim Cdbir of Lahijan where he now lives in poor Mohammad Molla Liqdyiy Lahijany an agriculturist died circumstances. he Mo/iammad first £ali& BuJV Lahijy visited India now in Persia. had the takhalluc of QaliA. Mohammad 'alyy [CHAP.

Nakhat *^4& Shyrazy went to a goldsmith. Amynayiy Kirmany is a man of considerable talents. ? Qiyany or Qafiy ?) Kazeriiny usually called Shyrazy went to India. Mumina Nisbat died in India.] ta'hir nacra'ba'dy. Molla Ibrahym Nagyr a son of Kamal Qariy is alive. Baqir a son of Amynayiy Eiidah-sery a good Insha and therefore in the service of the "Wazyrs of Lahijan. a son of Naqyy Beg Ta- Tabryzy resides at Ispahan. is a mystic. Ustad Mohammad Bidha of Khwansar is nearly eighty years of age. not known whether he has died or is alive. ?) Shaykh Abu iZabban (iZayyan Mdly Shyrazy. in Ispahan. and /Zafitz India. Molla 'alyy Mofrad a son of Mohammad Quly Beg Bay&ny. Mohammad MoAammad iJosayn (Hasan ?) of Tabryz resided at Ispa- han. was a good Insha writer.No. dead. JQTajy Zaman Shyrazy is is a shoe-maker. Darwysh Ahmad Khwansary a religious man. 12. he Eashyda Zargar a Tabryzian of 'abbasabad was visited India. is dead. of Tabryz (according to another copy of Faris) 'drif Shyrazy the author knew him. died at Ispahan. is Mohammad writer. ?) Bahrain Beg (Bohzad Beg . is dead. but died in Persia. it is Babi£ Ardebyly called Shah Katzim went to India. He is alive. Myr Abu-1-Karam ('abd al-Karym ?) a brother of at Shyraz. Myr alive.ffajy Myr Majnun a Sayyid of Shyraz is Baqir a son of Shukr Allah Shyrazy died at Najaf. Isma'yl 'Arif Kirmany a book-binder. Molla Afsary Wanshany Molla (?) of the district of Churbadqan. is Mohammad (Jdniy (or Tahir Taslym Shyrazy was a book-binder. Myr Abti-1- Hasan Farahany resided MoAsinayiy Shyrazy was a friend of £abu^y. is Molla 'alyy Acghar resided chiefly at Shyraz. 101 Sami'ayiy Mazanderany lived long in India. he Mtzama N&tzim Shyrazy had for some time the takhalluc of Salim. Molla Q6sim (H£shim ?) Qabury of Khwansar where he now resides. 'abd al-Wahhab called . Moqyma Abadahi of Faris is alive. MasyA 'ysa a pedler. of the district of Churbad- Mohammad Zaman Bandagany qan wrote a Mathnawy called v ^^ 1 1 &**°.

Cheleby Hnw&n a son of i/ajy Tabryzy who was a rich man and resided is at Mashhad. Tazd. 'drifd equally a Tabryzian of 'abbasabad where he is. 'abd Allah TTlfat of Khorasan service of Ja'far is Myrza went early in life to India and entered the 150 Rupees. Khan who gave him a salary of He dead. JKoty'd a Tabryzy of 'abbasabad in Ispahan visited India and died MobdV Tabryzy resided long at Ispahan. Myr Isma'yl Churbadqany a Bti-toraby Sayyid and an ascetic. Mohammad Quly Beg ShdJcir one of the Tabryzians 8). dead. Mohammad Sharyf Tajryd is Myr Sayyid 'alyy is a poor takhalluc is but well educated young man.102 ' PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. Qali/*.^ who were settled in 'abbasabad in Ispahan. went some years ago to India. he was a goldsmith and engraver. Molla Ibrahym Bifaty of Tabryz visited India and died at Sharwan. Mohammad Ridha B&dhiy visited twice India. Naqqdsh was originally an engraver. at Zamana Lahijy was for some time a private teacher Ma^miida Tazdajardy Yatym visited India. and gained his livelihood in summer by copying books. I. Myr 'abd Allah a son of Molla 'arshy ('izzaty ?) Yazdy is in India. a Tabryzian goldsmith in 'abbasabad. [CHAP. a goldsmith of 'abbasabad. Latyfd died at Herat. Molla Katzim of Sawah a merchant visited India and died at Sawah. Kalb 'alyy Beg Nadir like the preceding poets. 'inwan was a friend of the author. MoAammad Zaman Beg Himmat a Turk of Ardebyl is JNawruz 'alyy Beg a clever goldsmith. Molla Ibrahym Wapifoi Mashhad died at Bander 'abbasy on his way to India. he dead. Molla Ganjy Churbadqany Siraja is dead. now resides. Taqyya Mithdl died in 1076. he wrote a Mathnawy on earthquakes. he was a goldsmith and wire-drawer. at Ispahan. his Sayyid and Mihry. . Myr Baq&yiy Badakhshy resides at Tabryz and is called Tabryzy. alive. bryzy resided at abbasabad in Ispahan. and in winter by making furs.

died Balkh visited India and died at Shyraz. Shafyqa (Shafy'a?) of Bakherz in Khorasan died in 1071 (1081?) Barkhrirdar Isma'yl Zdyir Beg Mangur is alive. Myr Mohammad is alive. died at Ispahan. Molla Zaman Nariq resided at Ispahan and died under Shah 'abbas. of Taklu resided at Teheran and died at Ispahan. 'amila of also the takhalluc of Eawnaq. Mohammad /Zbsayn Nawras Domawandy resides now Molla Mumin of Qumshah. Myrza Tj&z iZajy his his name was Molla 'a£a. Zamana went from the 'iraq to India. Tazdy has long been in India. and it is said that he died there. Damaghany is alive. . 'alyy He died at Herat. Myr Ma' 911m Tasalliy a son of Myrjy who had long been in India. imitated Khaqany. now left in Kashmyr.No. Tasalliy also went to India. and a Dywan of about Myrza Moqym a son of Molla Paband a Tabryzy residing at 'abbasabad is dead. 12. or Turkoman tribe. Mahmud Beg Fidayiy of the Yl. iZMtz Mohammad Taqyy called 'indalybe Kashy. but owing to his bad manners he found no patron. is Mahmud Hiftzy of Ispahan visited India. Myr 'irf&n Teherany was a book-seller at Ispahan. JJakym Katzima Tuba went to India. in home. JN~acyra Fardy resides at Ispahan. e. is Shah Eidha Taslym a (^lify of Khorasan in India. but now dead. 103 Khwajah Kalan Kirmany died some years ago. is Molla Tslyzj of Tarasht sr^Js of the province of Eay. Eidhayiy Shustany now in India in the service of Ibrahym Khan. He He wrote a very complete treatise on Eamal. he is a clever chess-player.] ta'hir nacra'ba'dy. Molla Sihry Teherany. Nagyb is now in India. Myrza Mohammad Fdris died 4000 bayts. Myr Sayyid 'alyy Kashy QdnVy died in 1076. ?) Shaykh 'imad Arfd? (W&qV JNatzim a cousin of Molla Giramy. (?) is Khalyl Beg is now in India. 2/osayn Sor'at a Sayyid of Amol in Mazanderan Mohammad han and is Qadiq Ndtzim Tabryzy resides at 'abbasabad in Ispa- a brother of Mohammad Eidha Marwaryd-farush (i. Myr Eawnaq Samandar had at Teheran. at Ispahan.

a butcher by profession. MoAammad QaliA Ispahany was originally a dyer. is dead. Mast 'alyy Ispahany Kuchak visited India. tell stories in poppy houses. Mohammad Baqir Tazdy a goldsmith. Myr Matzhar is according of Astrabad. village as the preced.(^L ty in Paris. Atzhary of Qahpayah *£%£ became mad.104 the pearl-seller) resided for PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. iZakym Baqir Shifdyiy called iZallaj was still alive in the begin- ning of the reign of Shah 'abbas II. a book- . he imitates Nitzamy. Molla Qudraty of Ispahan. He died some years ago and left a short Tadzkirah. IZajy Sharyf Manshur of Ispahan is dead. Dhamyr visited India. I. Kofry of Tazdkhwast c>^. Qahpayah. who is [CHAP. 'azmy Tazdy a friend of Amyr Adayiy. died under II. equally a well educated young man. upwards of seventy years of age. Taqyy iZalwayiy Mazanderan. Mogawwir (Maciin ?) of Kashan an engraver. e. own assertion a Sainmaky Sayyid i. died seven years ago. Myr Beg Shah 'abbas Qaccab Ispahany. Yaghma a son of Darwysh Bihishty Qalandar of Qomm is dead. is dead. He is dead.. JRdhib of Kanan in the province of Ispahan went to India. he used to T Molla Dawtid to his JJlfat Shustary is dead. Mohammad Q-kYih Shyrazy was a Zarkash (manufacturer of gold thread) died at Ispahan. Natzini some time at Makkah for the sake of devotion. Molla Hayrdn of Ispahan. has written a Mathnawy in the metre of the Makhzan alasrar. Molla Mohammad Sharyf of a village in the neighbourhood of Ispahan. Mawlana Mohammad Baqir was of the same ing and died two years ago. in houses in w hich they take intoxicating and stupifying drugs. Malik Mohammad Habit (Babt?) a son of Niira faMaf is binder by profession. Zakyya a cousin (a son of the uncle) of Khwajah Sayf aldyn MaAmud died in Ispahan. Myr QubAy was Myr according to his own statement a Sayyid of 'abd Allah 'abdy a son of Mohammad 'alyy Tab'y of Ispahan. visited India and died in Persia. Mohammad Ja'far Modzahhib a son of Myrza Mafamid of Zayn al'abidyn Khuzamy Fddhil. a friend of the author.

Taqyya called Dangy (Danky ?) Ispahany. Molla Lawhy composed many poems in praise of the Imams. one 'arif is of Gylan. Shafy' S&limd has written about 100. was in favour with the Shah 'abbas by on account of his wit and impudence. for Aqa Zaman Zarkash went with is his father to and after his father's death he returned to Ispahan. Qadyra Hrfdn Ispahany. of the province of Paris. has died Molla 'alyy Eidha of the province of Ispahan years of age. No. Myrza Ibrahym 'arifoi 'abbasabad Darwysh /Zaydar of Tazd. Molla Rafayiy (Eif'aty of Abu-1-Fadhl. 12. went to India and died recently. is now lives seventy Mohammad Yahy Ispahany visited India and Eiimy. late Sage-Lawand. Poets of Ma-war (i-lnahr more 'particularly JBokMrd. Mohammad Baqir of Ispahan. a Turk. of Damaghan. -Najyba a son of Hi]j Amyn of Gulshanabad in Ispahan is alive. another of Mashhad. JSalkh. Momtaz 2. 105 Mohammad is alive. is now at Ispahan. but now he Molla Tahy'y (TaVy?) of Tabs. died at Ispahan. is dead. 'alyy Eidha Beg Tabryzy resided at 'abbasabad in Ispahan. Hk]j Motzaffar a son of ^ixij &S»3U. he drew in great distress. 'arab Shyrazy (]dbir called Dynah visited India where he died. Majyda the son of a baker. Baba Mohammad in the 'alyy Ispahany died two years ago. -ETajy Mohammad Molla Nishdty had also the takhalluc of Harzy of Damaghan.— . a blanket-maker. Myr Momtaz of Khorasan. his* humble profession to entering the service of the great. ' He is imitates Mawlawy Nuzhat 'drif. 'alyy Khan was a mason and preferred to gain his bread . went some years ago to India where he died. iZajy this year. he Mas'iida a son of India.000 verses. some time a pension. a quiver-maker. Bokhary went to India and was a friend . and his profession was to string jewellery He visited the Deccan and lives now at Ispahan. he was strong Mathnawy.1 ta'hir nacra'ba'dy. Sfc. Qadhiy Nacir Bokhary is Qadhiy at the court of 'abd al'azyz Khan Molla Shah Mohammad 'dliy resides at ?) Bokhara.

Molla Mostafyd of the neighbourhood of Balkh of Sub&an is in the service Quly-Khan Sultan. is) Molla Shafy' Bokhary was (according to one copy. Khan. Molla Mayus Bokhary is a Munshiy of the Padshah. Molla Qatly of Bokhara is Myrza 'abd al-Bazzaq a son of Qadhiy Baqayiy Bokhary. in the service of the Molla Mantziir Bokhary Molla Thaqib is is in the service of the Khan. is Munisy Bokhary in the service of the Padshah.106 PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. the service of the Padshah. Myrza 'alim Bokhary was equally a Munshiy of the Khan. ?) Molla ffamiy ( Jamy Bahrain Bokhary. is Molla Asad Qdgid Bokhary. first an employment in Persia but having lost his property it and on account of a crime he went to India. after his death he went to Balkh where Molla MisJcyn Bokhary was equally in the service of the Padshah (according to one copy he is in the service). in the service of the Khan. the Padshah has given him the title of king of poets. originally of in the service of the is Khan. of Bokhara. Molla Nakhly was for some time in the service of Imam Quly- Khan Padshah he died. equally in the service of the Khan. in the service of Khwajah 'abid Bokhary Bdqim came to Ispahan whence he proa great favourite of the Khan. Mohammad £ali& Lata (?) of Samarqand. in the service of Imam Imam Quly-Khan and is Myrza Afdhal or Padhyl Bokhary Walvy was the Munshiy of died some years ago. he dead. equally in Sayyid Na-Kam Latyf Bokhary was equally Quly-Khan and died after him. is Molla Tayib (in one copy Thaqib) Bokhary is Herat. is Myrza 'abd al-La£yf Oirdm Molla "Wahib Bokhary is in the service of the Khan. . ceeded to India. Molla Athdr had Myrza Moqym Bokhary came with the ambassador to Ispahan. a Sayyid. Molla Mawlayiy Bokhary Molla Sharyf Bokhary is is in the service of the Khan. Molla Mohammad 'dbid is a calligraphy Mohammad Amyn Sarfardz of Samarqandy. but he was brought at Bokhara and the Khan. [CHAP. I.

the emperor wrote to the governor of Kashmyr to send him to India. 'abd al-Qadir Bydil of Lahor is a very fertile poet.— No. Molla Ni'mat Allah Nctymb of Samarqand has studied at Bokhara. Mohammad 'arif. Molla BdJV resides at Bokhara. Poets of India. Myrza Qofob Mdyil of Dilly author of a Saqiy-namah.000 Ghanyy Kashmyry. Molla Nadzra Agdh resides at Bokhara. Mdhird Kashmyry was Danishmand Khan and is composed a Mathnawy in praise of the Emperor. Mohammad Afdhal Sar-k7iush resides at Lahdr. /Zakym Ldyia Balkhy died Molla Yagdnah Balkhy Molla Yaktdyiy Balkhy Molla Mofyd Balkhy is is is at Balkh. is 107 in the service Molla (one name not legible) Mostaqym Balkhy of SubMn Quly-Khan. Myr Siyddat is of Lahor. Molla Natzmy Balkhy of Ealiir died at Balkh.] ta'hir nacra'ba'dy. Nadym Kashmyry is alive. SubMn Quly-Khan. Another /faydar 'alyy of Kashmyr. Molla Hmdd ('ammar?) Samarqandy al'azyz is Khan. in the service of 'abd Molla Samy* Balkhy resides at Balkh. Molla Sayyid Nasafy is at Bokhara in the is service of the Padshah. S% Zfaydar 'alyy MogJiniy (Moglianny ?) is of Kashmyr. in the service of in the service of SubMn Quly-Khan. Fandyiy Kashmyry the teacher of Grhanyy now in Kashmyr. This and the following three names are only in one copy. he refused to go and died six days after. he was in the service of SubAan Quly-Khan. in the Nisbaty of Thaneser in the service of is dead. P 2 . in the service of SubAan Quly-Khan. verses. Molla Bady' Samarqandy dead. Myr Mohammad Zaman JRdsikh of Lahor. Shawkat Bokhary. Shay da a native of India composed about 50. is Nacir 'alyy Sirhindy (according to one copy Kashmyry) service of the Emperor. 12. 3. Molla Afgdr Samarqandy resides at Samarqand.

anxious to acquire rank and wealth. and that most of them end with the reign of Akbar. H. containing the notices of the poets of all ages. equally poets but had an impediment in their speech. He had therefore undertaken to compile an account in alphabetical order of the poets (of India) of the reigns of Jahangyr and 'alamgyr most of It contains whom he knew personally. of the poets. 'ishq. Myr Lu£f Myr 'alyy of travelled over the whole of Persia and was in 1092 in Ispahan. Mawlana Ndtiq of Kashmyr had two brothers who were Abkam. or 1127 at the advanced age of seventy-six years and left four Mathnawies. He He 6 was a good poet and had the good fortune acquainted with almost all to become men of talent of his age. Niire Hosn 'alyy. and therefore one chose the takhalluc of Loknaty and the other of (13) cr>^r is t-W i>**)i ^uir (p. The and that during his youth he was author informs us that he and his father had been in the service of 'alamgyr. At the end he has added five or six pages of . 1125 or 11 26. The book is it esteemed in India on account of the elegant extracts contains. but at the time when he wrote this book he lived in retirement at Dilly. He says in the preface all Tadzkirahs were universal.108 PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. the date by Mirza Mohammad Afdhal Sar-khiish and who was generally- The title of the book is a chronogram for when he commenced to compile it. near two hundred very short biographies interspersed with verses of the compiler. Kashmyr I.) The words called Chela. Allah Sdlim a son of [CHAP. Saqiy-namah and Shah-namahe Mothat almost hammad 'atzam-shah. died in A. whose takhalluc 1093.

Fifrat &J^> and then he chose that of Miisawy. he died in A. H. much more elegantly than Molla jHamyd and others. 'inayat Dywan and some Mathnawies. Miisawy had at first the takhalluc. Rasikh died in 1107. two are in my and one in that of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. 109 chronograms. with lists. (this list may be considered as a 55. H. a description of poetry in which he seems to have excelled. and was a great patron of poets. 143 pp. 13. M. . 1101.NO. to India under Shahjahan He and behaved like a mad Darwysh. and came to India where he was much esteemed and as a critic. Amany Khan-zaman a son Tzafar at of Mohabat Khan Khankhanan Sipah- salar (commander-in-chief) left a very elegant Dywan. 8vo. pp. M. : Table of contents continuation of the titions). 17 One copy possession. for his talents as a poet and died in A. Beginning ^j UU. in the possession of Mr. Khan Ashnd son of Tzafar Khan an elegant prose writer. he wrote the history of thirty years of Shahjahan's reign. left Khan Ahsan a son of Khwajah Abii-1-iZasan resided mostly a Kabul and Kashmyr. the Album o?Uj of Mirza Mohammad 'alyy Mdkir and that of Myr Mohammad Zaman Rdsihh. he was born in Persia in 1050. 1089. Myrza Jalal Asyr a poet come to India.] SAR-KHU'SH. 66. £ } sjl^^j^ ^ ij^-I J^- y^ is ^^ Copies are frequent. came who has not Mirza Ibrahym Adham was a Sayyid of the Qafawy family. Hall of Benares. 47 and some repe- Myr Ilahy see p. of Persia of great merit. left Agaf Qommy came to India under Shahjahan a short Dywan. The authorities which he used are Gulshane Fifrat by Myr Mo'izz aldyn MoAammad Miisawy Khan Fitrat. Mahir was a friend of Qodsy and Kalym and the teacher of Sar-khush. there are several in the lines. These three poets were contemporaries and friends of Sar-khiish.

Eafy' Bdqird Tabryzy. a learned and industrious man. Mohammad Sa'yd Ashraf came to India under 'alamgyr alnisa the eldest daughter of the alive. ele- Mirza. Myr Tafakhor (Mofakhis ?) iZbsayn Thitqib an uncle of Easikh Shahjahan. [CHAP.110 Mawlawy Molla PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. Myr 'abd al-Ea^ym Taysliy a friend of Mohammad 'alyy Mahir. Khan B&dzil cousin of Mohammad jTahir Wazyr Khan it put the Ma'arij alnobuwat into 40. Chandar Bhan Brahman nourished under Shahjahan. By-ghamm Payragy. is alive. I. Myr Mohammad AAsan reached this country. Molla 'alyy Eidha Tajalliy came from Shyraz to India under jffafitz Mohammad Jamal Taldsh. an Amyr of the emperor Jahangyr. Myrza Mohammad Ayyiib Jawdat is strong Euba'y. Abii-1-iZasan By-gdnah has never visited India. Qacydahs *and Qat'ahs. author met him once at Agra. Mohammad Taqyy alive. and which he composed ex tempore. in the Ghazal and Mohammad Hosayn Myr Hashmaty. Sa'yd Fjdz. alive. The chronogram on his death is $**** **> f^ j' *£ i. and found a patron in Zyb Emperor. iTakym TLddziq left a thick Dywan. Myr Tashbyhy. student verses. but his Dy wan had Bynish Kashinyry left a Dywan. . author of a Mathnawy called Khosraw u Shyryn. died in Sirhind.000 Persian verses and called Molla Jamy Lahdry Kamdar Khany in By-Mud was very well skilled making chronograms. Mohammad Ibrahym talent and presented some poems to (^adiq Ilqd is clever in who showed some poetical Myr Mo'izz Musawy Khan. 'abd al-Latyf Khan Tanha a nephew of Mirza Jalal Asyr was Dywan (collector) of the Panjab. 'abd al-Qadir By-dil is alive. He has great facility in writing verses. . and left a thick Dywan of Ghazal. e 1086. Xeaf Khan Ja'far. the (in Hall's copy is Ibrahym) Mashhady. Mohammad making chronograms. He died young. Aqa Najaf Quly Jordt. wrote gant prose and left a Dywan. Myrza 'abd Yjdd. He ^ t left a J^j tr^. and is and is the author of the Mathnawy j**j Lai which has about 700 Ingdfa. al-Easiil IstighnL Molla A' Id Tiirany.

Khdnkhdndn a son of Bayram Khan. Myr (Myrza ?) Jalal aldyn Siyddat resided at Lahor. Munshiy of Moham- mad Khan. Khdlig came during the time of 'alamgyr from Persia to India and went to the Deccan. Ill Mohammad Beg Haqyqy lived in Guzrat. . -Hajy Mohammad Aslam Beg Sipdhy accompanied the Indian ambassy Sdlim. Shahjahan from Persia to MoAammad Quly Salym came under India and entered the service of the Sdlik Wazyr Islam Khan. Sayyah. and may be con- sidered as a poetical version of the ^5^ £!/•'• first Mirza JEfasan (A7*san ?) Beg Bafy' was hundred. Mohammad QaliA Sattdr lives in Hakym Sa'ydd is a good poet. the Author met him and found him very conceited. Myr Mohammad Zaman Bdsikh d. Mohammad Ibrahym Acalat Khan son of Sayyid Motzaffar Wazyr of Haydarabad. Mirza Sanjar. Khan Bdzy is the author of a mystical Mathnawy called is in the manner of that Jalal aldyn Bumy. accordtakhalluc was Bahym. Myr Buhy. Zdkyy Hamadany. Qasim Klidzin. Khalyl. Sayyid 'alyy Khan a calligraph had no takhalluc.NO. Molla BidJiw&n came from Persia and settled at Lahor. the Euler of Turan. he nourished under Akbar Wrote a and Jahangyr. flou- Yazdy and Salik Qazwyny were contemporaries and rished in India under Shahjahan Sayird Mashhady has never visited India. Molla Ddnd. Nawab 'abd al-Ba^ym ing to one copy his short Dywan and a Mathnawy. Zamdnd. a Kashmyry. a contemporary of Shahjahan. Myr Mohammad 'alyy Bdyih. Mirza Eadhyy Ddnish came to India under Shahjahan. Bengal. Myrza Kholqy. the chronogram is dj+> f"Jj* Mohammad BidM Kashmyry. (Bdyij ?) a Sayyid of Sialkot. Myr (A'qa ?) Badhyy.] SAR-KHU'SH. Myr Sayyid 'alyy Sayyid. He died at Dilly. 13. 'aqil ffy it Mohammad Amyn Dzawqy. came to India under Shahjahan and five obtained the rank of 'alamgyr sent him to Kashmyr. Mirza Eafy' Dastur a contemporary of Jahangyr. Shaykh Mafanud Hay rim imitated Nacir 'alyy but without success. Qafilan (Qaqilan ?) to Persia. 1107.

Himmat Khan Shyrazy died at Lahor in 999 at an age of thirty-six years. panegyrist of Shah 'abbas. Myr Sharyf. Afdhal Sar-khush the author of this Tadzkirah. came [CHAP.-*LJl : j j iS±+^° (d* ?) JU$j 1^5^^ Osa. Sho'ayb. He was a wealthy merchant. I. Mirza Mohammad 'alyy Qdyib Tabryzy came to India under ShahThe chronogram is <^k °^J v^» jahan. Myr Qaydy came under Shahjahan to India. gyr' s reign to India. Sardby (in one copy Sardpay) to India under Jahangyr. wrote a Mathnawy in Molla Shaydd nourished towards the end of Jahangyr and the beginning of Shahjahan's reign. Myr Shawqy. Died in 1081. Shddmdn the son of one of the chiefs of Kakhar. Tdhir iJosayny came towards the end of Jahan- Myr Mo/janimad Molla Toghrd. Myr Mohammad Hadiy Sharar lived in Persia in 1093. Myr Dhiyd . he is the author of cIj^ e)'>^ and ^H^Lh' jjfi these three prose treatises are dedicated to Ibrahym 'adil-shah and he dedicated a **ti ^^ to collected one hundred and twenty Saqiy-namahs and that of Tzohury was the best among them. it is Tzohury Tarshyzy resided at Byjapur. Myr Sharaf aldyn iZbsayn.Hajy aldyn Dihlawy the author saw him at the beginning of Talib Xmoly.Lw>j his poems the title of i^*** ^laif. of Dara Shikoh. He wrote an elegant essay on Kashmyr. . Myrza Nitzam aldyn Tal? a sold the Wjji* of friend of the author.112 PERSIAN^wlU5 *i l^^j j <xjli. is His prose much admired. Taklii. Tabyby (Tabsy ?) a fufy. "orfy Burhan Mtzam almulk. 'alamgyr's reign. JZakym MoAammad Katzim who assumed bhe title MasyA albayan and the takhalluc QaAib imitated Jalal aldyn Biimy and left a thick Dywan and several Mathnawies as t5«x»A. Shawkat Bokhary. said that he copied and Eawdhat alcafa one hundred times. an(j g ave to the collection of all Aqa Qddiq is the author of Q&mit (in one copy Qdyib) was a merchant who came under 'alam- gyr to India and wrote a short Dywan. /Takym Bar mad a 9 ufy an(i a friend. Molla. Mohammad Shdny his praise. a Saqiy-namah. Cjabuhy. for this date is isj The chronogram j^ ^y C^ ] is***j^ ] a 1 ***'.

his Dywan was arranged by Myrza Mohammad Ghdfil 'alyy Mdhir. 'dmil a pupil of £ayib. Mohammad Isma'yl was a most distinguished calli- graph and came from Mazanderan to India. 'atzyma Nayshaptiry has never visited India. Farqy (Fawqy ?). Khwajah (Myr ?) Kaldn. Mirza Fagyhy. 13. Khwajah 'abd Allah 'irfdn a mystic.Jan Qodsy the king of poets during the reign of He described the exploits of this emperor in a beautiful visited poem called c^t^^* **1>jA6. Myr Mo/iammad Mdhir 1089. Shahjahan. Shaykh Mohammad MoAsin Fdniy of Kashmyr was a Qufy and a friend of Dara Shikoh left a Dywan and a Mathnawy. He was an excellent calligraph and an elegant writer both in prose and poetry. yet not without Prince Dara Shikoh Qddiry left besides many writings on ^ufism a short Dywan. Mohammad Tahir Qhanyy of Kashmyr. Ghanymat a native of India wrote a short Dywan and a Mathnawy. /Zajy Myr Burhan Ghorury. Fawjy a poet of Bengal. Q . talent. His takhalluc is a chro- nogram (1060) for the beginning of his poetical career. 1101.NO. Shaykh Sa'd Allah Gulshan was 'abd al-RaAym in Grujrat in 1093.] SAR-KHU'SH. epic #ajy Mohammad. Mirza (Myr ?) Ghiyath aldyn Mancur Fikrat came to India under five 'alamgyr and obtained the rank of 'abd al-Eazzaq Fayyddh. '<mf Lahory left a Dywan. Fdris. hundred. Myan oj. Deccan. Qommy has never visited India. ^/(xj The chronogram is ^1p jf. thirty years after his death it 113 More than Myr £abir Ispahany dis- interred his body and buried at Mashhad. Kukam (in Myr Ldmi\ 'alyy one copy Kamgu) Kashmyry died in the Mo'izz aldyn d. Shaykh 'abd Molla 'alyy al'azyz Hzzat. Aqa Mohammad Ibrahym Fayadhdn a son of Aqa Mohammad IZbsayn Ndjiy was alive in 1093. India. ^m Nacir 'alyy died at Dilly in 1108. Abu Mib Kalym d. 1061. Musawy d. Mohammad Yiisof Qadym died very young. Qdsim Dywanah Mashhady a pupil of Myrza £ayib has not Qdni\ Nawab Qdsim Khan.

[CHAP. Molla Mofyd Balkhy came to India at the beginning of 'alamgyr's reign and died at Multan in 1090. I. Mayiy ^ was a Kalal that is to say of a low caste which was employed as Porter and Chob-dars. Siyadat. 'alyy. Qadhiy Nury a contemporary of Jahangyr. The chronogram of his death is ZjM (J s^. Myr Najdt has been in Persia and is a good poet. Myrza Qotb aldyn Mdyil d.114 PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. Myrza Ma? gum Kashy. died during the commencement of 'alamgyr's Mashhur. Ndtiq. ^Talib Nagyb. Molla Moshriqy.jj t-«^ has never visited India. £ali& Beg Molham. Shaykh Sa'd Allah Masyhy Panypaty. iZakym Eokna Masyh a contemporary of Jahangyr. Myrza Moqym. Ndzuky. Molla Nisbaty of Thaneser was a good poet. descripreign. He is also the author of a Mathnawy called j' *^J^*». he nourished under Jahangyr. Molla Naw'y wrote a Saqiy-namah in praise of the Khankhanan. he it. and compiled the sayings of the Imams in a most elegant work to which he gave the title of o^pWlrt' he is also the author of a Dywan. in Eekhtah he used the takhalluc of Nis-batty i. Ndtzim Herawy the author of a ^. There was another poet who had the same takhalluc. first the takhalluc of Mondsib subsequently that of Moshtdq died in the beginning of 'alamgyr's Molla Malik Qommy resided at Byjapur. Myrza Tahir Wahyd was a poets of the age. in 1108 eight days after Myan Nacir Majday Mungif. Morfim Hakkak Shyrazy composed a poem containing a tion of Agra. and in his old age he was admitted G-hafil to the society of 'alamgyr. Ma?y (Moghy ? or Moghniy ?) ^° Kashmyry. Mohammad . **&* iU. He deMathnawy the war of Shah 'abbas with Tilam Khan. friend of Qayib an d one f the greatest scribed in a Eafy' Wtiitz Qazwyny resides at Ispahan. Akhund Mohammad Baqir had reign. the moon. the author made his acquaintance at Agra. Myr Najdbat a brother of Myr e. Xqa Mohammad IZbsayn Ndjiy a brother of Mohammad Isma'yl was an admirable calligraph. gave him ten thousand Eupees that he might change Nddim Gylany. Molla Natzyry of Nayshapur a panegyrist of 'abd al-Ba^ym Khankhanan.

e. H. 115 Myrza . 8vo. at the end chapter containing notices of poetesses. 'abd al-WaAid Wahshat of Thaneser was in 1093 a young man.ilj.) name of the author in page He informs us in the postscript that he lost his father in A. a Beginning ). Medicine. 1084. to Persia at the beginning of to Bengal.c?^* C5^'» (14) l?^ d±j~> U^auJ Amjad Khan (the Jl^Wy is (P. 543 pp. of Myr Yahyd Kashy was a poet of Shahjahan who gave him compose a death is *l* A*>lj_8l-<£. Mohammad 'ashiq Himmat was in 1093 a young man. The chronogram of &h> ^j*^ ^J* y$. when he composed this book in saying is a chronogram.Hasan Beg Wdthiq returned 'alamgyr's reign. oneirocritic. ±?\j~ (J ^ U <jk> J^jy. 14.] shyr kha'n lo'dy. Q 2 . &c. orders to his He died in 1074. Molla Walyy. if you remove the pardah It is dedicated to 131 3—21 1=1 102). and besides it Shah- jahan and contains an account of the most celebrated Persian poets . Mohammad Hdshim was a calligraph and the father-in-law Sarkhiish. <ajo y cfe ^1 Printed at Calcutta in 1831. talismans. copies are frequent.) Mirror of imagination by Shyr Khan Lody son of 'alyy 26.No. is science cultivated by the Musalmans cosmography. MSS. he lost his brother who died in the mountains of Kabul. Lithographed at Bareilly in 1848. treats : on almost every Music. Darwysh Wdlih went Ikhlac Myan Mohammad Wdmiq a converted Hindu embraced the Islam in 22 of the reign of 'alamgyr. some of them are abridgments. and three years after. he also gives us the date that the title or veil (i.

signs of the zodiac title. and in allusion to he gave it the above About 250 a poet. verses every verse contains the name of First verse A copy bound with other books is in the Tdpkhanah. o~^ jjUL ! ual±* &u^te> Liuif V&iJ* ^-i^j ^sMtjs^ i &y c*jUs ^j j%& J**** y c& j* (**j if* 1* e& &i*±i£ jjji {* &*j *j^j j£* Afciw ^xls &y C«m| Lajj £gj| jJt-i 45" AAJi' ^U-HJs Cm*| j^Uj ±xa*jjS& oir*' J' **y. Akbar and altered the division of the orimaking ten periods o&^k instead of seven Luff .116 PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS.j . (15) ^Ul (P.j y> vh^V* *#•* c/^ **a:>0 ^"^ cj 1 ^ *il*>& j\ dilft-»b ^l^Jji -^"* j4> i^iiiiiftiA ji &ty U»b ^j «>j^j jijj . ^ft- [CHAP. . has twelve distiches) that Fayidhy ^-^^ Kirmany ren- dered the Tadzkirah of Dawlat-shah in Persian verses at the time of ginal.) The heaven of composition being a rhymed abridg- ment of Dawlat-shah by Lutf Allah Mo/zammad MohanWe are informed in the preface (which dis b. A^mad. I. as a specimen. I give here the 1 2th chap. v'jt&bJ^'yi^LsJ ^Li. Allah Mohammad who was the a contemporary of Awrangzeb <g)jt remodelled this version and added two periods t0 make number correspond with the it. %^j\x£ Ul£| { **?.

16. He died under A^mad Shah. First line Table of contents (this list may be considered as a con- tinuation of the one. 12mo. e< BAHa'r. and has never visited India. has not come to India. in alphabetical order.) Amyn Khan Anjdm Amyr Myrza Ilahy. The multiplied by two gives the date of the compilation. of Myrza Eadhyy Artymany a Sayyid came to India under Shahjahan. Molla Sayyid A7*san Tjdd wrote the history of the reign of Farrokhsiyar in very elegant prose. of Persia. 1136. Jahangyr to the accession of Two Mohammad copies are in the Tdpkhanah. reigned flourished (in India) 60 to 1 1 67. Jalal a son of the JNawab Amyr Khan. Myr Iman aldyn Iksyr is a clever physician.) Eternal Spring by a Khatry of the of Kishen Chand whose takhalluc is Ikhlac. Molla Aly ^ Myrza Isma'yl Tmd of Ispahan. from the time of Shah. Awjy of Persia. used to compose his verses in a state of intoxication. Myrza Ibrahym Adham a son put to death. A. Myr Baqir Ishrdq seems to have been alive in 1136. Hall. The author was a son of Achal-Das of Dilly whose house was During his father's life-time he learned Karad-bazy (a kind of fencing called Bakayty death he applied himself to 1 1 ±3^ in Urdu) after his poetry. also the Myrza Arjumand Azdd a son of 'abd al-Grhanyy Beg. H.No. is 300 pages. the resort of the learned. 10 lines. 1040. It contains. viz. p. a contemporary of Shahjahan.] HAMYSHAH <>aa. A very good copy in possession of Mr. Shafy'ayiy Athar was blind. 117 (16) l/J^ ^jP^I p^i—JuJUJjU Ai^A name title (P. has takhalluc of Jonun. Asyr d. an account of about 200 poets who 1131. was very insolent and was therefore . Died in 1131 or soon after. 109 with several repetitions.

118 Mo'azzaz PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. Khanzaman Anidny son of Mohabat Khan a pupil of Murshid. I. Was probably alive in 1136. and was patronized by the Khankhanan He Siraj died at Burhanpur and left Dywan and a Mathnawy. and a history of thirty years of Shahjahan' s reign. pupil of Mortadha Myrza Mo/iammad Raby' Anjab Ispahany a Quly Beg. Beg JJnsy resided at Herat. as a prisoner of war. Isma'yl carried to Turan by 'abd Allah Khan. Wrote elegant prose and was a good calligraph. In' ay at Khan Aslma a son of Tzafar Khan A7jsan. came to India and was patro- nized by the Khankhanan 'abd al-RaAym. Myr Ashhy Qommy a Taba^aba Sayyid d. Beg came from Ispahan Intikhdby Wirdy Beg died young. to India and died in Bengal. then he came to India. Mawlana Anwar Nur Mo7*aminad was a native of India. Myr Ahsany Myr Abu-1-Farti Miisawy was born at Tabalah left near Labor and died in 1011 t^jj^j Kanboh *t*j i^ isy&o Moradabad. Arshada was a native of India. He was Munshiy of Shahjahan. Was. Asyry Tazy Khan Ahsan was governor of Kashmyr left a Dywan. He and his father had come to Was a contemporary of Jahangyr. Khan Afsar Mohammad first [CHAP. . Wrote a Dywan b. aldyn A'rzu composed a large Dywan. Mohammad Sa'yd Tjdz. left Qacydahs. Mohammad Ibrahym Khan. Beg IJcsyr A' Id Tiirany. India. two Dywans of Grhazal and one Dywan of humoristic poetry. Shah Ajiryn Lahory was Tzafar alive in 1136. his name was Amyr Qadhiy. 'abd al-Basul Istighna. Grholam Mocfafa Insdn of the tribe of Molla Atzhary. Molla Mohammad Sa'yd Ashraf came under 'alamgyr to India and alnisa was patronized by Zyb Begam. Asad Beg Asad 'iwadh flourished under Jahangyr. Ing&f was a pupil of Myrza Mo'izz Musawy 'abd al'azyz Yjdd a pupil of Bydil. Mohammad Qadiq Ilqd used to instruct Hindu boys. 'alyy librarian of 'alyy Yul Quly Beg Anysy was 'abd al-Ra&ym. who flourished under Shahjahan. Quly Khan a at Herat. He died in 982. Myrza Mohammad Ahsan is alive. came under Jahangyr to India. at Agra in 972. is alive.

Beg Qahul and the author Shah Walyy Allah Ishtiydq Sirhindy is a grandson of Shaykh Afanad who was called /Zadhrat and a pupil of Qabul. Bay Chand Bhan Brahman was the most distinguished Hindu since the time of Tymur. his life. 119 Dilly. Sharaf aldyn Paydm. Hvjy Bynd is a merchant of Grujrat.NO.] HAMYSHAH BAHA'r. he the author of a prose work called j**** j lf£ Shaykh 'abd al-Salam Paydmy nourished under Jahangyr and went towards the end of his career to the Deccan. flou- rished under Jahangyr at Lahdr. Bynish lived at Kashmyr. and wrote few of his verses He died at the age of seventy. I/de Bhan Bahdr a pupil of the author of this Tadzkirah. Molla Jamy By-Khud a contemporary of Shahjahan. Mawlana Baqdyiy d. 1009. Myrza 'ajam Quly Turkman was of Persian (Shyraz) origin. Bafy' JPayrawy Sawajy Khan Bddzil author of the iZamlahe -ETaydary. Myr Tashbyhy 'alyy Akbar son of Shah Mohammad Kashy down. he translated from the Hindee (Sanscrit) the Prabodha Chand (Chandrodaya) Natak. Sawamy Bhobat Bay By-ghamm a Khatry resided at Pathan near Jammu in the Panjab.000 'abd al-Qadir By-dil. became blind towards the end of to Shohrat in India. Dywan Tajalliy 'alyy Bidha. Myrza Abu Torab Baydhd a companion of the Amyr alomara Dzii-1-Piqar Khan. Baydnd Myrza Mahdiy visited India and returned to Persia. his verses. Shah Bahjata was a Darwysh. but was born in India. 'abd al-Baqiy Bdqiy. Dywan and besides he has written a Dywan of Qacydahs and a Dywan is also of Buba'ys and several Mathnawies. Amyr Beg nourished under Shahjahan. Achat Das a Khatry the father of the author resided at Ikhldc a pupil of 'abd al-G-hanyy of the Tadzkirah under notice. . Myrza Mo^sin Tdthyr (Tdshyr ?) Wazyr sent his of the Padshah of Yazd. 16. a very curious work on Theosophy into Persian. Tanhd 'abd al-La£yf Khan. Bazmy a contemporary of Jahangyr. of Grhazal has more than 100. accessible He was an eccentric and un- man. and dedicated it as well as several other treatises on £ufism to Narayan Chand.

£Takym Mohammad Sa'yd left Qommy TanM physician of Shah 'abbas. he was probably alive in 1136. /Zbsayn Tajalliy Kashany died at [CHAP. Ja'far a Dywan. Ray Manoher Tawsany. Mohammad 'alyy Beg Jism left Myrza Shyryn. Molla JSa^mat Allah TamJcyn was in 1136 residing at Kashmyr. Mohammad in Gujrat in 1090. Mohammad iZbsayn Thandyiy Mashhady came to India under Akbar and died in 996. Myrza PatA 'alyy Taskyn.but did not complete thick He commenced it. He left a Dywan. to JZakym Uddziq was born at Pat7ipur and rose under Shahjahan the rank of three thousand with a salary of 20. Sayyid 'alyy Juddyiy Tabryzy visited India under Akbar. left a short Dywan.Hayat Hadhrat was alive in 1136. Akbar gave him the title of Myrza. killed. first MoAammad luc of Qdbil. aged twenty-seven years. Hafitz Jamal Taldsh. had the takhal- . died 28th of £afar 1037. an epic poem called j*i>~* a. Myrza Isma'yl ~&ijdb came to India under 'alamgyr. the chronogram e^ uMj 1 •**£» **>. illustrations to books. Xgha 'abd al'alyy Tahsyn is a grandson of Jiiya. a Dywan. Niir aldyn Jahangyr Padshah born in 977. Jashany Lahdry Gholam 'alyy flourished under Jahangyr. Myr Sayyid Mohammad Thdqih a pupil of Myr Tahir 'alawy. Myrza Mohammad 'alyy Tamannd flourished under Parrokhsiyar. . Beg Ja'far had the title of Acaf Khan. the chronogram is *&** )9*&*.120 PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. Myr Mohammad Afdhal Thdbit was alive in 1136. He left a Khosraw Myrza Darab Juyd resided in Kashmyr. succeeded to the throne on Thursday the 11th Jumada II. AAmadabad I. Yadgar Beg ~Kalaty of Turan.000 Rupees a year. Myr Mofakhir (Sar-khiish writes Tafakhor) Hosayn Thdqih resided in Sirhind. 1014. Khwajah Mohammad Maqcud JdmV a pupil of 'abd al-Grhanyy Beg Qabiil resided in Kashmyr. Ja'far had the title of Allah Wirdy Khan. is He died in 1212. and was employed in the Imperial library in painting Padshah Quly Jadzby a contemporary of Jahangyr was Myrza Mohammad Ayyiib Jawdat. Myr MoAammad Ja'far Jorat.

] HAMYSHAH BAHA'll. he a pupil of 'abd al-Ghanyy resided at Gujrat. in 989. Shaykh MaAmud Hayrdn is resided at Sirhind and was a pupil of Hamdy Kashmyry was chronogram a learned man. Myrza Fadhl Allah Khushtar a son of Sar-khush was alive in 1136. the ^&tf H •**"• Sayf Allah 'alawy Hazyny a contemporary of Jahangyr studied diligently the ancient poets. then of Masy\\d and is then of Hashmat . when he got *i. Mohammad iZaydar Herawy Khigdly. com- pletely deaf. a contemporary of Jahangyr. Mohammad Beg Haqyqy Haydty Grylany was much given to pleasure. Mohammad Taqyy in 989 on the banks Myr Kamzah Tashkandy was Tashkand. It . llojjat a cousin of Myrza Darab in Mo7iammad 'alyy resided at first Kashmyr and was 1136 past thirty years of age. Myr Khosrawy Qayiny a contemporary of Jahangyr. Shed-Bam Hat/yd a pupil of By-dil has written a Dywan. aldyn Ispahany Jlozny d. letters of this sentence as well as the times" give 999. 121 Jiiya. Shukr Allah Khan Khdksdr son-in-law of 'aqil Khan Bazy wrote a commentary on Jalal aldyn Bumy's Mathnawy. Sipah Salar Khankhanan 'abd al-Ba^ym a son of Bayram Khan was born on the 14th Qafar qq^ Klialyl was in the service of an(j died. o*ij*? Zj^} **• One of his chronograms p*j\ \j The numerical value of the meaning " write nine three [JNacir 'alyy. he was skilled in making chronograms.NO. completed by order of Shahjahan the Toghluq-namah of defective. alnisa Zyb Begam and arranged her compositions. at Dilly in 1032. He died in 1018. Beg Qabul. the son of the king of merchants of He came is to India and became. the chronogram is Sayyid iZbsayn Klidlig came to India during the reign of 'alamgyr and obtained the title of Imtiyaz Khan. Amyr Khosraw which was He it. friend of Molla Shayda left a Dywan. old. died at Myrza Mahdiy Dilly. he wrote elegant prose and poetry. 16. Shaykh Hasan Qorayshy Kalpy d. had the takhalluc of TaMyf. did it so well that Shahjahan had him weighed up in gold for Hashmaty a of the Jenab.

. Shah Bhyk. Mohammad Myr Zaman Bdsihh. he wrote a chronogram on the accession of Shahjahan. and entered the Molla 'abd al-Eashyd the author of the Farhange Eashydy which he dedicated to Shahjahan. much. viz. five and a half lakhs. ings would cost at least five times as much in our days. twenty-one lakhs of Eupees. The author it takes occasion to quote from the history of Shahjahan a passage containing a statement of the expenses of the palace of Dilly. I. also a The father nourished under Akbar. and thence he came in 1064 to India. and Shah Isma'yl Dzabyh was born resided for some time in India. Myr Eadhyy Danish a Sayyid of Mashhad came to India under Shahjahan. the palace of the . and is double as large as that of Agra. The Jami' masjid These build1852 A. of Myrza Dawiid Mashhad a contemporary of Tahir Wa^yd. Beg Bafy' resided first Mashhad.000 cubits in circumference. The Dawlat-khanah Khac (I suppose what is now called the Dywan) and the Dawlat-khanah 'am two and six lakhs . One of his pupils wrote a commentary on the Almegest.122 PERSIAN TADZKIItAHS. Arshad . of Dilly cost ten lakhs of Eupees. travelled Mawlana Imam aldyn Biyddhy called is a very learned man and usually Imam al-Badhyy he occasionally verses is a native of Labor and resided at Dilly. His father Lutf Allah Mohandis was a great Mathematician and made was . . in copying the Bakhhj Ispahany. was alive in 1136. The bath and ITayat-bakhsh seven lakhs . is usually called 'abd al-Ea7*ym Fdrigh. 1057. . which contains the king's sleeping apartment.Hasan 'alyy Basfyiy was well versed in Persian literature and seems to have been alive in 1136. women the Bazar of the palace four lakhs the wall and ditch round the palace which has 100. Eiyady good Mathematician and his books on this science were It seems that he much in vogue in schools. a half lakhs. Myr Mohammad 'alyy Bdyih is a Qalandar of Sialkot. : Shah MaAall with the golden roof fourteen lakhs Imtiyaz Ma^all. in the capacity of a poet he used the takhalluc Mohandis. who Shah-namah. D. Jamal aldyn Khdwary a native of Gylan came to India in 1011. Sayyid Jalal Bidhdyiy d. cost sixty lakhs of Eupees. He was a pupil of Myan at service of Shahjahan. in Persia. kitchen and out-offices. [CHAP. Molla Dana was engaged in Farrokhsiyar's reign with Natzim Khan.

'alyy Zakyy Hamadany. Myr 'askary Razy 'aqil Khan of Eatan and Padinawat. but Eazy Eazy was b. to India. Mawlana Zuldly. Aqa Farydun iZbsayn Sdbiq came under 'alamgyr Mohammad in 'alam Sorury a (Sarwary?) of the time of Jahangyr. B urban aldyn the spiritual guide of Eazy. Myr 'abd al-Qamad Sokhon was alive in 1136. where he was well received by Shah. Mohammad Ridhd Kashmyry.NO.] HAMYSHAH BAHa'r. it. Shaykh Mohammad Sa'yd Qorayshy was when young a companion of Sultan Murad-bakhsh. wrote besides the Moraqqa' also jj&xJiCiUxJ and typr) oi^i' and *J'a#j The ij^\ for £* which contains the loves ol^ is properly speaking the work of Shaykh arranged in 1108. the chronogram of his death oVis:* <j^ jl **»> ^V Mawlana WaAyd Rawdny resided at Agra. Myrza Radhyy Artymany the imitated the father of Myrza Ibrahym Adham. Grhayiir many years £ubahdar of Dilly and died Zamdn Reg and Beg Kabuly he was an his title was Mohabat Khan Zamdnd. left a Dywan and Khamsah of Nitzamy. is Myrza Yzad-bakhsh Rasa d. in 1119.. Sliaykh Sa'd aldyn Khafiy Rihdyiy a mystic. his takhalluc Susany. Amyr of Jahangyr. Myrza Zahid Shahe Bander Sakha a poet of Persia. Kashmyry was Myrza Mohammad Afdhal Sar-k7iush* Mohammad Ghadhanfar Syry (Sayry ?) was bom brought up at Herat. 16. is Mo7*ammad Quly Salym came Died Kashmyr in 1057 the chronogram Molla Sdti* &\y°) Sdmiry Tabryzy contemalive in 1136. Sayyid Qalabat Khan Mojahid-jang Sayyid was commissary of ordinance under Farrokhsiyar. flourished Myr 'abd al-Eazzaq Tazdy Rasmy under Jahangyr and spent twenty years in India in the garb of a Darwysh. Myrza Rostam Qandahary. porary of Jahangyr. to India under Shahjahan. at Khaf and R 2 . went from India on a pilgrimage to Makkah thence to Persia and returned to India. 123 Myr //aydar Kashy Raftfy a contemporary of Paydhy. Myr Jamyl Suzy flourished under 'alamgyr and held a Man9ab. . Mohammad Hashim Ibrahym Khan 'adil Sanjar was for some time imprisoned by Akbar and went subsequently to the Deccan.

Shdpur Bazy a contemporary of Jahangyr. is dead. SJiiJcyby ShiTcyb has never visited India. was a good calli- graph. to Dilly Khwajah 'abd Allah Sdmiy came from Lahor temporary of the author. 'abd Allah Sihry was born and educated at Agra. Nawab Ifakym almulk Farrokhshahy this is Sdlih the title of Shaykh Jfosayn 'arab whose takhalluc is Shohrat he was alive in 1136. He was a contemporary of Jahangyr. In 1066 I. Sa'yd Kfidn Multany was in the service of Shahjahan. | Shaivkat Bokharayiy was probably alive in 1136. Abu Mo/jaminad Sa'yday Sardby born and educated at Sialkot. Molla Shaydd born at Fat^piir Sykry. he is was a con- the author of a thick Dywan. a contemporary of Jahangyr. Sayyid Sa'd aldyn a soldier. o^ mj^jm $*/of ^J\ ^a^Jl aUi k**. the title Shabdby a brother of Sardby.000 verses in the style of the Makhzan alasrar of It begins (*** Nitzamy. under Shahjahan and 'alamgyr. Myr Sayyid 'alyy Sayyid has never visited India. of about a Mathnawy 12. Sdyird Mashhady has not visited India. the of By-Badal Khan and the office of superintendent over the emperor's goldsmiths. at 'islirat 'abd al-Khaliq Samandar Lahor in 1016. Myr Shawqy was Mo7iammad a mystical poet. life [CHAP. Qamar aldyn who had of Mtzam almulk and the takhalluc Dywan. of Shdlcir. Arslan Beg Sipdhy.124 PEKSIAN TADZKIRAHS. Yiisof Beg Shdyiq. Gul Mohammad Shd'ir a pupil of By-dil was probably alive in Shddamdn an Afghan flourished 1136. Was a comtem- porary of Myrza Mo'izz. Myr Jalal aldyn Siyddat resided at Lahor. Sdlik Yazdy spent part of his at Golcondah. Qazwyny flourished under Shahjahan. first Sharyf Kashy was merchant left a Qalandar and turned afterwards a a Dywan. Gyldny was a very good calligraph and enjoyed. was alive in 1136. has not yet chosen a takhalluc. Shdh Shahydd. he flourished under left Jahangyr and Shahjahan and died in Kashmyr. JETasan Jawnpury Shdddby. during title the reign of Jahangyr and Shahjahan. has written a . lie entered the service of Shahjahan. Mohammad AAsan SdmV was alive in 1136. of India had first the takhalluc of d.

in 988 from Molla Tzohury Tarshyzy Nur aldyn Mohammad came king 'alyy 'adil Khorasan to the Deccan. Shaykh £adr aldyn Nayshapury (]ahbdyiy nourished is a man of some learning. Shah Tdhir of the Deccan. 16. Myrza iZasan Tirmidzy chronogram is Tdlib an ta$ ck v^^= ^ Amyr ^*1 cAr^S 4 of left Akbar a d. d. Mohammad Ibrahym Kashmyry Tolu'y flourished under Jahangyr. 1035.000 verses. AAmadnagar and married the Shdh conferred Qommy . came to India under 'alamgyr and wrote a Dywan. Qafdyiy was educated at Kalpy 1016. Mohammad Qadiq Qdmit a merchant. Tdlib Amoly the king of poets under Jahangyr settled in d. he left more than 300. he made him a present of elephants laden with goods and money. £afyy aldyn Ispahany Cafyy flourished under Jahangyr. title MasyA albayan and the takhalluc of Mo7*ammad Myrak Qdlihy flourished under Jahangyr. Myr 'abd al'alyy Sabzwary Tali* a nephew and pupil of Sayyid Mohammad Thaqib. 'ysa fyfyry Jawnpiiry committed suicide in 1018. He was alive in 1136. d. 'iraq to is India by the way of the Deccan during Akbar's of a Dywan.NO. infidelity. Myr Ya^ya Shindsd. Molla Toyhrd was originally of Mashhad but resided in Kashmyr. He the author 2Zftkym Katzim had the (jdhib.] HAMYSHAH BAHa'R. He was in this art a Abu al-Ma'aliy. Myr Qaydy came in 1064 from Ispahan to India. Qabvhy Chaghatay a mystic. Mohammad Dhamyr. 125 Mawlana Shoguny. Shaykh Niir aldyn Shayiq was pupil of calligraph. and he wrote the laconical words &*J> /*^~3 . Nawazish Khan Bumy Tali' wrote occasionally poetry. the messenger in charge asked him for a receipt. 1018 the Dywan and two Mathnawies ^j^-^j V"^3 ^ \JZ&J H**»*'. when he sent his Saqiynamah to Burhan several Nitzam almulk in JZaydarabad. and suspected of -Hajy 973. under Shahjahan. Myrza Mo/iammad 'alyy Tabryzy (jdyib title came under Shahjahan to India and obtained a Mancab and the of Mosta'idd Khan. he daughter of Mawlana Malik high favours upon him . Mawlana £/ala£ aldyn Sawajy Cayrafy came from the reign.

mathnawy called ( ?j[^l Makhzane asrar and a Dywan. &*m in the measure of the ) j\j) . the author of a Dywan. is he died at Dilly in 1135 at the age of forty. Sayyid Mohammad Najafy Htaby was for a long time imprisoned by Akbar in Gwalyar. Mirny Shyrazy was blind. the chronogram . Myan Myrza JNacir 'alyy born at Lahor d. 'ala aldyn a 9 ufy was ver7 f°n(l °f Indian music. made said it [CHAP. Left a and was one of the courtiers of Jahangyr.126 PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. resided at Amrohah. 'alyy 'atzym 'atzym a son of Myan Nacir 'alyy wrote a small Dywan. his name was Khwajah 9 aydy ne ? lived at A^madnagar with Tzohiiry Died at Qommy and subsequently at Fat&piir an age of 35 (or 36) years in viz. when released he went to the Deccan. f&jf ^xLj " they have or accepted it. left a Dywan. left 'orfy Shyrazy. Myr Tahir 'alawy came under 'alamgyr from Persia to Kashmyr. 999 at Lahor. i^tyt^ jj~*> left and^*l &y=?° but the latter remained incomplete. was probably alive was of noble birth. and settled there.flaky m Mohammad . ' Sayyid Lu£f Allah 'dpiy nourished under 'alamgyr. he also a prose work called a^aaj dJUj in which he addresses his ownself. Myrza 'alyy Quly Khan was alive in 1136. 'orujy Ja'far 'dshiq wrote chiefly satyres. Shaykh 'abd He al'azyz 'izzat nourished under 'alamgyr. Khwajah 'abd al-Ba^ym 'dbid was alive at Dilly Molla 'alyy Quly Ispahany never visited India. and a Dywan and two Mathnawies. in 1100. and I have thanked for it. Abii-1-Ma'aliy \ttiy had under Farrokhsiyar the title of is "Wizarat Khan." affray. Mohammad Hashim 'djiz is a well educated man. over to me. It is he and his father-in-law were killed in an Mawlana Sykry. 'abd al'azyzy (sic) Jawnpury 'azyzy a learned man flourished under Jahangyr. I. soned by order of Jahangyr.Hasan Shyrazy 'drif was two years impri'dmil a pupil of ^ayib. Myrza in 1136. Shaykh 'a£a Allah 'atd a pupil of By-dil. 1108 on the 6th Eamadhan.

Faydhy besides other works the fUV'£k >"» which | is a commen- tary on the Qoran without diacritical points. Molla MoAsin Fdniy of Kashmyr was a friend of Dara Shikdh. and left a Dywan of near one of poets. Shaykh Abu-1-Faydh Faydhy born in 954. and returned after some years to home. 1077. Farhat Kashmyry was alive in 1136. of <j^ Myrza Abu «-&H>i. jLr-»' *»W Shaykh Mohammad Akram Ghanymat of Ganjah in the Panjab. came from Ispahan to India. "Wrote much in prose and verse and in Persian and Arabic. 16. he had a library of twelve thousand volumes most of which were autographs. Myr Mohammad contain- Zaman Besides a short Dywan he left a Mathnawy ing an account of the loves of 'azyz and Shahyd. 1001. He was a Qadirian £ufy and a contemporary of Easikh. 'alyy Eidha Mashhady Ghazzdly. Forughy Kashmyry d. Torab Ghobdr was alive in 1136. Fagyhy. He died in the third year of Bahadurshah' s reign —1120. Akbar gave him the title of king He died at Grujrat 980. . died on Sunday the 10th 9 afar 1004. His father Shaykh Mobarik Nagawy who d.No. 'arif Myrza Abu-1-Fat# Sabzwary Fdtih a nephew of Myrza" /Zbsayn. wrote a commentary on the Qoran entitled a)j^\ (^Uj ^*>. Fdtimah Qawwalah a lady of Ispahan. a nephew of 9 Myrza Nadir alzaman Fagyk Shaykh Mohammad Fdyiz "Was probably alive in Amyn Mo7iammad 'irfdn.] HAMYSHAH BAHa'R. . of Siyadat resided mostly at Lahdr. of Ispahan Myrza Ghiyath aldyn Manciir Fikrat 'alamgyr to India. and the following prose works and oUs^l o^sr-^ on Qufism e>Uj&f| S[^ on ethics. Molla Tahir Ghanyy of Kashmyr died very young and left a Dywan. his Myr Ahmad Fdyiq a brother Was probably alive in 1136. it is in four volumes. Khwajah Mo'yn aldyn Ghdziy held a high office. and bearing the name. 127 Ni'mat Khan 'dily had under Bahadurshah the title of Danishmand Khan. left and is nearly as large as the Tafsyr Kabyr. Mohammad Sa'yd Fjdz. came under Mohammad Beg Furgat has never visited India. He was a very learned man and left a Dywan. hundred thousand verses. yS a pupil of 1136 and had written a short Dywan.

he was a disciple of Shah 'abd al-A^ad Sirhindy and made with him the pilgrimage to Makkah.128 PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. Myrza Kamran Guyd. Qdsim Dywanah a pupil of Qdyib was probably Mo7jammad Panah Myrza Talib Qdbil was probably alive in 1136. Mohammad Ibrahym Fayadhdn N&jiy. Dilly. Qasim Khan Qdsim a courtier of Jahangyr. a brother oiJuyd. Kamtar. who was in the service of 'alamLdmi is a good poet. but his poetry was much esteemed here. in Shaykh 'icmat Allah Kdmil of Moradabad. Kashmyr. Mokhlig Kashy has never visited India. Shaykh Sa'd Allah Gulshan a mystical poet who resided for some time at Dilly and left nearly one hundred thousand verses of Ghazals. he is the author of j&& »Li^b olfo* «l£ «*li and other works. a good poet and a great patron of poets. educated in India. Kalym was born his death is The chronogram of ij** j^° =1061. Myrza Girdmy a son of 'abd al-Ghanyy Beg was a young man 1136. Mohammad Dara Shikoh Qddiry a son of Shabjahan by Arjumand Banu Momtaz-Ma^all was born on Monday the 30th (Salkh) of Cafar 1024 at Ajmyr. alive in 1136. Aqa Mo/^ammad iZbsayn Fdyidh 'abhary was probably alive in 1136. WiK &**-* | U-ij^ ^^»j among other works a v±>j\*)\ oILa ^j^sVi £>x* left | Qodsy of Mashhad came in 1041 to India and was favourably received by the emperor. Molla Shah in spiritual guide of Dara Shikoh and spent the summer at Lahor. gyr. came to India under 'alamgyr and obtained the title of Musawy Khan. was put to death in the night of Thursday 22nd Dzu-Uajj 1069 ytin's at an age of 46 years. 'alyy GustdJch. and the winter He died in 1072. who was was the of Egypt. I. and a disciple of Ibrahym Baqayiy. and made the acquaintance of that great Qufy Sayyid Myan Shah Myr Qalandar.' ^ in Hamadan and e>^J *y. . Myrza Mo'izz Fitrat a man of taste. Karam Beg Karam nourished under Bahadurshah. the chronogram on his death is m4j LSfV <j^' j-*" . Molld Shah a mystical poet of Badakhshan came to Lahor. Qddir. left a Dywan. a son of [CHAP. iZajy Mohammad Khan Myrza 'abd al-Grhanyy Beg Qabul a ftify is a pupil of Juyd. 1 Girdmy a son of Amanat Khan. He was buried in Hunia- Mousoleum near | He \ Dywan. .

but returned to his Ma^miid Beg Turany Mahmud came Myr Mohammad 'alyy Mdhir. Molla Nisbaty Thanesery a Mathnawy. left about thirty thousand verses. Ni'mat Allah Khan NVmat is a son of the paymaster of the troops of 'alamgyr. and entered the service of the emperor. was probably alive Shaykh Sa'd Allah Masyhy. it seems that he was and had written a Dywan. Taj Beg Mamnun. iZakym Rokna Masyh. Ndtzim Herawy author of a Yusof 6 Zalykha and of a Dywan. was Dywan of that Province.NO. he was also a good prose writer. Myr Najdt of Ispahan has never visited India. Mohammad Ridha Niy&z was a merchant residing in Gujrat. Myr Madhush home. a mystic poet. Mungif. an Amyr of Jahangyr. alive in 1136. Myrza. Qasim Khan Mokhlig. fufy Moshtdq. Shah £afyy. Moqym. to India. was alive in 1136.] HAMYSHAH BAHA'll. put the story of Ram and Syta in verse. alive in 1136. was police-officer at Ajmyr whilst Mohammad Moqym Masyh. Mohammad 7/osayn Jtfdjiy a calligraph. on Saturday the 7th Rajab 1054. [in 1136. NurjaJidn of Moshtdq^ Begam a wife of Jahangyr. in his ancestors came from Persia and settled Kashmyr. a friend of Molla Shay da. Mohammad Moqym Khan Masyh. A'qa S . Mohammad Nitzam Mu'jiz wrote a Dywan. "Was alive in 1136. left She died in 1055. Myrzd Nur Allah Nozhat is a pupil of 'abd al-Grhanyy Beg Qabiil. Myrza Shah iZbsayn Mondsib. Myr A^mad Mohyy is a good poet. Molla Malik Qommy. 16. a brother of Siyddat and contemporary of 'alamgyr. Molla Mofyd Balkhy. was probably Myr Abii-1-Faydh Mast was alive in 1136. a pupil of Molla AJiryn Lahory. Myr Mohammad Samy' Matzhar a Persian. in which he imitates the Makhzan N/rfV alasrar. Napyr&yiy Hamadany. Sayyid 'ata Allah Ndgir a pupil of Abu-1-Faydh Mast was alive in 1136. Anand Earn Mohhlic a pupil of By-dil. 129 Myr Mohammad Abii-1-Barakat 'alyy Matla? is a son of Minbar (Monyr ?) died at Agra. Maymanat Khdn Kashmyry came as a merchant to India.. Kashmyry was a good poet. MoAammad Baqir had first the takhalluc of Mondsib and then MorCim Shyrazy.

the author gives us these par- he does not mention his own name. I. <£**&. Khatry Farrokhsiyar.) The ark of Khushgii being a history of Persian poets. Myr Molla Naitfy flourished under Jahangyr. a Khan left a large Dywan and Mathnawy in six 'abd al-Wa/ad Wahshat. . Wtiitz Qazwyny. Bay Eamjy Hdtifa. Mohammad whom (17) Yaktd was AAraad Tar Khan Yaktd a contemporary of the preceeding Yaktd he met at Lahor. [CHAP. a son of Shaykh A^mad Wddhih. Nadim Gylany. 1147. gave his work to his master Arzu for correction. Sirhindy left who was called Hadhrat. him the title Mohammad Yusof Ndkhat of Sokhonwar Khan. of Ambalah. that the title is a chronogram expressing the date. and years in the Panjab. a short Dywan. is 1 1 37. Farrokhsiyar gave Natzyry Nayshapury died during the beginning of Shahjahan's reign. viz. and consequently the date when he completed contained in u^te?^ ^xxk**.130 PERSIAN TADZK1RAHS. and he remained seven or eight In 1155 he returned to Dilly. he made invasion of Nadir work he was Shah to Kot some glosses and added a preface which in this copy fills only two pages. b. at JVahsJiy. Najdhat a brother of Siyadat. was deputy Dywan under Was Khan 'aqil alive in 1136. when he began the compilation of this work. Hadiy 'alyy Amyr Khan Hddiy was alive in 1136. the beginning of the reign of 'alamgyr. He was a Naqsh-bandy Ciify and Iradat daftars. 'abd al-A^ad called Molla My an Gul and had the takhalluc of Wahdat. ticulars of his Though life. alive in 1136. ing it. Myrza Mohammad Tahir Wahyd flourished in Persia. The author informs us. But before he could take a fair copy and publish the called away by the Kangra with the army. Shah Yaqyn was at Dilly in 1136. ^sf&yL ****** OYjtbjL *<UaA- (P. He was ten years engaged in compil- it.

but he makes him erroneously a con- temporary of Akbar. and that he was the author of a Tadzkirah. mentions this Tadzkirah. In the Tadzkirah of /Zayrat stated that the name that he was a native of Benares and of the Bania caste. postscript to the second In the volume of it is this work. u*^±> ^jv^ia «**sc« is said tf*l\jj* ^ V J^'. the second 318. 1191 at Dilly. H. and no biographer mentions a Tadzkirah of his. inasmuch as contains contemporary poets. The book notices. This part contains 545 biois The it third part by far the most important. *S$Jy^ &$ lUJIj o*W| The first two volumes are in my private collection. but immediately before him is a more celebrated name that of Myrza Majdzub who composed the Mathnawy Shahrahe Najat in 1006.] SAFYNAHE KHUSHGU'. Sir G. that to say. 17. it Poets p. copied in A. " History of of poets by Mawlana Niir is aldyn is Mohammad whose takhalluc Tzohiiry. for Niir aldyn Tzohury lived a century before this book was written. 172.No. the first vol. tunately I have never seen a copy of Beginning of the first vol. The first con- tains the ancient poets in chronological order. and for the second I s am indebted to the 2 . notices &j c ^. Ir* ) \j& J *$ A^f-j*> sJJ Beginning of the second Jjlykij *-*$}*£}. which was Aj*^}\ J^. has about 600 pp. and ascribes to Bin- draban Khiishgu. but unforit.^ ] M****** the poets. Ouseley. graphies. ly executed at Dilly in 1191. 17 lines in a page and three micra's in a line. fify* vol. is divided into three volumes. Not of Pers. in all 362 The second part begins with Jamy and ends with Mirza AAmad Beg. The first volume I picked up at Lucnow. (eloquent) was his takhulluc." This certainly wrong. whose date is not mentioned. it 131 From it is Arzii's preface would appear that Khushgii of Khiishgu was Bindraban.

at Ispahan in 1124. Khan born A'r%u who completed 9 this work He was . M. he came to India where he composed in 1161." This romantic attachment has become the theme of a Math- nawy. and he usually gives a sufficient number of specimens is from their compositions. This an universal biographical dictionary of Per- sian poets. that it is an auto- graphy of "Walih. ' l 19 ) jjjjl ^ 1}* ^1 cjr ^H* ^jUJi £** (p.132 kindness of PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. but generally speaking correct. of 27 I have (besides a complete copy) an abstract which contains only the biographies and one verse from every poet omitting the extracts. du»jy& Jas* tjiSl lines. of 25 another copy 642 pp. M.) by Siraj in 1 Collection of preciosities aldyn 'alyy 164. this this In 1147. It is [CHAP. kirah in the appendix. He was born Whilst he was pursuing his studies he fell in love with his cousin Khadyjah Sul/an. and the book is therefore usually called the Tadzkirah of Walih. I. I have been assured by iZajy Mohammad i/osayn. abstract of some of the contents of this book and of Wahih's Tadz- (18) JfcJto Jlj J&& J* lJ&S 9\j&1\ ^bj is (P. The biogra- phical notices are short. folio. other.) Gardens of poets by 'alyy (July Khan Daghistany whose takhalluc Walih. is work book is and died in 1 1 70. 960 pp. but his union with her was prevented by " revolution of fortune and the breaking out of the Afghan invasion. In the Atishkadah 'alyy called the Tadzkirah of Quly Legzy. Ouseley I shall probably give an had the third volume of the same copy. In India this Tadzkirah more esteemed than any Beginning ^ u^Uyu ur lines . not unlikely that Sir G. my friend Hall. and contains about 2500 articles.

and his mother from father the latter. ^. where he died in A. H. He compiled this work Most of his writings will be described under their re- spective heads they are &*** c^Ayo The great present being a treatise on rhetoric. Some authors unite these two statements by saying that his i^osam aldyn Hosdm was descended from Kamal aldyn a nephew of the former Saint. &^ji" ^Z&M cjIj^ £_j»* A commentary on Myr Najat's Gulgashty.xL£«. but subsequently . A dictionary of the poetical expressions used by the ( olxlJi ) o'i^ poets of his time. <bjlwai ^j£ A commentary on the Qaeydahs of 'orfy.] a'rzu'. 11 32 he came to Dilly and met in 1147 the poet i?azyn who had just come from Persia to this country. According to some. but brought up in the former city.: No. olxUi v'ly A vocabulary of Hindee words explained in Persian.^l A commentary on the Sikandar-namah. The jealousy between the to two poets induced Arzu iyAliW) axxJo write a treatise entitled errors in JF/azyn's to in which he points out the fall poems. 133 1101 either at Agra or Gwalyar. In A. own Persian poetry. A large collection of his The author tion says in the preface that his original inten- was to collect an anthology <u>a~. After the of Dilly.£ 5 jx'xk ol/i^i*! w»ja. is probably identical with the l^*iJlo^^l=. K Answer to Monyr's critic of Qodsy's poetry. his forefathers were descended from Chiragh Dilly a Saint. 69. and according to others from Mohammad Gwalyary equally a Saint. ^ij£. JUj\j^xsx> ^-i Glosses to Taftazany's shorter commentary on the third chapter of the Talkhyc which treats on Rhetoric. o^t^A '^ja. in 19. H. This &*ljj. For some time he had an office of some im- portance at Gwalyar. kj^ ^k* The copious gift being a treatise on eloquence. 1 1 Arzu went Lucnow. AAUl gj* A Persian Dictionary like the Burhani Qa£i\ A commentary on the Gulistan. in 1164.

with short extracts from works. 129 a bad copy of the first-fourth of this work. He states in the preface that he studies. 1169. I. occurred to it him that it would enhance the value of the collection if contained also short biographical notices. in alphabetical order. a short account of saints beginning with 'alyy. folio. Beginning Topkhanah autograph. [CHAP. and modern It poets. of 21 Hues. copied in 1177 from the Ma/tall 1164 pp. Sar-khiish and Samy. 22 Hues copied in 1180. he was requested by his friends to compile a Tadzkirah. I have not succeeded in finding it an account of the author. but appears from his book that he wrote after the death of Mohammad Shah who died in 1161. Mr. The book contains 1419 meagre. it. ^^a is syjJ (-P-) The Tadzkirah This the takhulluc of Z/osayn Dost b. and he therefore hopes that the readers on him if will not be too severe they discover faults. came to Dilly to prosecute his and having obtained a very intimate acquaintance with Persian poetry. Asiat. of ancient and their Abu Bakr and 'omar.134 it PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. biographies. 1120 pp. but they are very He used the Tadzkirahs of Aw/^ady. but before the death of Arziiwho died in A. Nacrabady. Hall has a good copy of the second-half of abridgement of the whole. Soc. much less attention to the biographies than to the extracts. H. may contain about 200 biographies . The book contains. Abu Talib of Sambhal. is Moty In the No. his and he therefore altered the original plan of yet he paid work. (20) ^Waa* ei***^ i^***^ lJua*o) of ZZosayny. which is and a well made written in the shape of an album.

Nbs. He died at an advanced age and left glosses school books). after he had spent his acis there his savings. 734 and 359. and he is the author of the folio w*x*j±j v^f and of a Dy wan. M. to Najaf and Ispahan where IZazyn quaintance.J j | Mohammad MasyA b. Qadr aldyn Sayyid /fosayny born in the in the Deccan. b. this tinuation of the list p. 21.— NO. w^orks &*K iJuxr mj& j &1L. list Table of contents. the former abont 80 pp. and contains the biographies of one hundred poets. alislam Isma'yl Fasayiy 'allamy of Shyraz was Shay kh verses. 17 lines. 302 pp. 135 which are with anecdotes. of is Bengal. 152 pp. ^^° Ax# ^r*^ There is j ^s - ^:!^.] filled HAZYN. Soc. and (the father) died at Shyraz. 1. the latter is full of errors. the year of the birth of JETazyn. and wrote Persian and Arabic he was a pupil of A'qa jffosayn Khwansary . some of which are not very edifying. small 8vo. 17 lines. Khan Sayyid Nitzam aldyn Ahmid was taken by his father to i/aydarabad and subsequently to Makkah. oW ^^ Another very spendid copy written with care. on several authors (of . It He died at Benares in 1180. 13 folio lines. Beginning d^ ****& Jtyi *%fl* **** *® Two copies are in the Topkhanah and two or three in the Moty MaAall. made He Sayyid 'alyy Khan the best Arabic poet of our age. begins from 1103. 8vo. Beginning I. may be considered as a con- 89. Hazyn was four years his pupil.) Tadzkirah of contemporary poets by Shaykh Moham- mad whose takhalluc was JFZazyn. M. also a copy in my possession. Men of Learning. Two copies are in the Asiatic. 'alyy -ffijaz. (21) ^i> 'alyy Jylany uiai-J fcjij-Wl i/oJ (P.

at Ispahan and was a dis- tinguished physician. Qiwain aldyn Mohammad Sayfy.136 PERSIAN TADZKIItAHS.Hazyn was his pupil and was present at his death. . Sayyid Mortadha 'Urn ('alam only a descendant) of Sayyid 'amily was a grandson (perhaps is Mohammad who is the author of the g\j£ £j2» \Jj\&*> and by his mother he was a grandson of Shaykh Zayn aldyn tlianiy (the 'alyy 'amily. Myrza Hashim Hamadany resided long Hamadan. text called <**&£* aJ| ***Jj| which is the 2/osayny Qazwyny put the standard work on Shy' ah law in verse. Mortadha was born at Ispahan. Tzahyra a son of Molla Murad Tafrishy. [CHAP. d. iZazyn was for some time his pupil.Hazyn when ten al/nsab years of age was at Lahijan and studied the Kholacah under him. Khwan?) Myrza 'alyy Khan of Kalpaygan a pupil of A'qa ZZbsayn sary died in his native town. Mohammad 'alyy Sakkaky Shikyb Shyrazy a pupil of 'allamy. ascetic Shaykh Khalyl Allah Taliqany was an who wore for forty years the same rag.. who known under the name of Shahyd second Martyr. was professor at Shyraz. was killed by the Turkish troops in 1136 at Myrza Baqir a seventy. which Shaykh Ibrahym an uncle of JETazyn b. Mo7tammad MasyA and Persian poetry. wrote Arabic Kainal aldyn JJosayn Fasayiy a pupil of 'allamy. a friend of jBTazyn. he lately is the author of the Shar^ allom'ah on Shy 'ah which has been printed at Teheran and at Lucnow). . L Shah Mohammad Shyrazy 'drifwas a learned man and overtook him at a very advanced age. 1135 at an age of sixty years. and of ^ ^Jlj which contains glosses j^\ ca£|£ being glosses on the Kashshaf ] as far as the 49th Surah and of a commentary on Euclid. left several works. §d\\ib of Kashan a pupil of A'qa* Hbsayn Khwansary imitated the Qacydah Lamyyah of Ibghray. glosses on the Jytfl (J{** and J^ijy ^K *>U& cUjj 4JU. He died 1119 at Lahijan. . is Shaykh 'abd Allah Zahidy Jylany of Lahijan the author of oi«'l on various works. native of Ispahan died at the advanced age of JEfabyb Allah of 'abbasabad in Ispahan was a friend of Hazyn. died in 1134 and left Illustrations <**!>•£ on the Mofawwal (on Ehetoric).

000 verses. he left a *±J . Myrza Grhiyath aldyn Kliiydl Mohammad was a nephew of Myrza Ashraf and died one year after him. more than 10. but after a few years he resigned this office literature. He died near one hundred years of age. Myr Najdt his name is Myr 'abd alal of Kuhkylii in Paris died upwards of eighty years of age. d. and under Solayman Qafawy /Zazyn saw him in the he rose to the dignity of Wazyr. T .— Poets. 21.writer of his age. to India of Miisawy Khan. Myrza Mo'izz and received the Molla -Htijy Fifrat title Mashhady came under Awrangzeb G-yliiny studied at Ispahan. ifazyn does not know whether he is still alive or not. and became the most elegant prose. Mo7^ammad was a friend of JZazyn's father and died at the age of seventy years. Qadr aldyn Jylany study. He was historiographer of Shah 'abbas and devoted himself to II. and was subsequently appointed Qadhiy of Khorramabad. 137 Sayyid of Bardjard near Nohawand died about ten or twelve Majd aldyn Qadhiy of Dzirquly near SMshtar died a few years ago. o-fid>. 1133. Myrza Mahdiy a friend of iZazyn d. 'abd Allah Mostawfiy d. he is the author of a Dywan of upwards of 60. Mashhad resided at Ispahan d. Shawkat Bokharayiy N&zuk which is 1107 or 1108 and left a Dywan celebrated. 1129 at Ispahan.000 verses. house of his father where he used to visit. and of a History of the Qafawies. but subsequently he evinced a decided talent for Insha writing. Myrza Abu-l-lfcisan Tamanna was of Shyraz. Ibrahym a brother of Myrza Najaf Khan Qadr. Myrza Mohammad Tahir Wahyd was born at Qazwyn showed first a predilection for arithmetic and accounts and office-business. Myrza Ashraf a son of Baqir Damad's daughter d. 1133. he spent many in years at Ispahan for the sake of met him Eusht 1139 : he held then the office of Shaykh alislam and was an old man.] Mo/jammad Hadiy years ago. JZazyn Bynet at of Eusht which was the capital of the princes of Gylan. 1134. 2. Nitzam aldyn Khwansary studied at Ispahan. leaving d.No. of HAZYN. Myrza Mo7^ammad Amyn Zed a brother of Myrza Mahdiy Myrza. 1135. Myrza Dawiid a son of Myrza.

. 'allamy. fifty MoAammad Qadiq Camit Ispahany died about years ago and left about 6000 verses.138 PERSIAN TADZK1KAHS. hammad Myrza Abu-1-Ma'aliy Mashhady a son of the Sayyid Abu Mois dead. years ago and Myrza . Tiflys. Sayyid 'abd Allah H<% a //ayiry Sayyid of 'abbasabad in Ispahan.ZZazyn saw him in the house of his father. his ancestors were of Tabrvz he was for some time "Wazyr of Yazd. Shafy'a Shyrazy became blind when only nine years of died at Lar and left some very good poetry. . QaliZt [CHAP.ZZazyn at Khor- ramabad when more than eighty years Shah Baqir. a son of Mohammad visited India Mazanderam r . .ZZakym Shah Ma' cum Lary was a Say y id and died in Lar. Myrza Mahdiy y aliy Mashhady was a fertile poet and died at Mashhad. iZazyn had never seen him. he is a fertile poet. .ZZazyn knew him. Molla Sa'yd Mohammad. I. 'alyy he died several Lu£f sian origin and a Beg Shamy a son of Ismd'yl Beg who was of Cherkaslave of the £afawy family. 'iwadh Khan was governor where he died. died at Ispahan at the age of sixty. Xiir aldyn Najyba of about seventy. Kashy resided at Ispahan and died at the age Myrza Bady' Ispahany a son of Tahir Nacrabady obtained the title (see p. and died in 1116 in Bengal. . of king of poets from Shah Sukan i/osayn Qafawy.Hasan Ghayur was the "Wazyr of left a Mathnawy. he was a friend of ZZazyn and died upwards of eighty years of age. met . Afrasyab Khan a brother of the ambassador Eustam Khan who was governor of Jam. of Lar. Myrza Mo^sin office Tatliyr of Ispahan. 88). his son is like his father is a good physician. died some years ago at Ispahan. Lu£f 'alyy Beg was making chronograms. he Mokhlica Kashy his name was Myrza Mohammad. Myr 'abd al-Grhanyy Tafrishy his grandfather had the same name and was a celebrated man. he died at Ispahan in particularly skilled in 1120 and left a Turkish By wan of about 4000 verses. subsequently he retired from and resided at Ispahan.Hazyn JZakym Mohammad Taqyy Shyrazy a pupil of him at Shyraz met iZakym Mo/mmmad Ridha 'ishrat Bariijardy old. who JZajy he was a good physician. age.

] HAZYN. . 'abd al-Mawla Ispahany. Molla Mohammad Baqir Fayidh Mazanderany died in 1128. he died in 1134 at the age of ninety. died at Dilly. he died at met iZazyn at Ispa- an advanced age in his native town. Myrza Mohammad Taqyy Qahrmariy (in one copy Mihrbany). Myrza Sayyid Ridha Sayyid a son of Myrza Shah Taqyy of han was a friend of iZazyn and died 1135 at Ispahan. Mohammad iZbsayn Navcras Domawandy resided and died at Ispahan. iZazyn met him at Ispahan. Myr Ma'cuin Acyl a son of Sayyid 'alyy Mohry iZayiry and a friend of iZazyn. Molla Mo7*ammad JNacyr Fayidh Abahiry Ispahany. Myrza Isma'yl Yma of Ispahan. he resided at Ispahan was a friend of iZazyn and died many years ago. Myrza Nacyr Khorasauy Nucrat han. an old friend of iZazyn. Molla Mo/jammad Taqyy Ta'tzym of Mazanderan studied at Ispa- han where he met iZazyn. died a few years ago at an advanced age. Shakira Teherany. He was a friend of iZazyn and had some knowledge of astronomy and the use of the Astrolab. 734 of the Asiatic Society is U.*^ j& and died about twenty years ago. Qommy studied at Ispahan and died in his Myr 'askary an architect of Qomm where iZazyn met him. Myrza Baqir Hodhur native town.No. Ispa- Myrza Abu Talib Jandb (in No. who saw about 5. 139 a friend of iZazyn He died at Ispahan at an advanced age. Myrza Zahid Sakha a son of Sa'd aldyn Lary was a friend of Tarshyz of iZazyn.000 verses of his. 21. died in 1132. Abahir is (sic) a place two farsangs from Ispahan. a merchant and a friend of iZazyn. died at the age of forty. Myr ]Nur Iksyr brother of the preceding was given to alchemy. Molla fifty Mohammad Amyn T 2 Wdcil Grylany of Lahijan died about years ago at Ispahan. Hamadany is the author of a book on various literary subjects Ajs»U ^Jty £>.aydt) a son of Myrza Nacyr Ispahany died 'alyy in 1135. Myrza iZashim Artymany Khwdstdr was killed in battle in 1134. and devoted himself to calligraphy and poetry. Zayira of Shiishtar where he died.

Fat& Allah visited India and returned a rich man to his home. left Sa'yda Qaccab. (?) was. Tali' called Sarah. Amyna Za?far any Ispahany. A'qa Mo/jammad MoAsin years ago. Myrza Mahdiy Ildhy Tabryzy was born and brought up age. 'idiy Molla 'alyy Ispahany an exquisite calligraph and singer. 359 of the is Asiat. is Ja'far BdMb a Tabafaba Sayyid of Ispahan. he was born at Ispahan and J/azyn had heard that when young he intended to go to India.140 Aqa* PERSIAN TADZKlltAHS. Myr Eadhyy Fdtih. and was murdered by highway robbers in Gujrat. yet a good poet. but in No. . DMya) resided at Ispahan where he died some years ago. 734 ^^JJ^)* Khuran a place two farsangs from Ispahan. Mo7iammad 'alyy 'alyy Mohammad Beg Dyliym Beg Afsar a native of Ispahan d. Soc. died some Mohammad Sa'yd Mdliir Gylany met /Zazyn at Eusht which was his native place. died few years ago at an advanced Malik Mo'yn Khorramabady was a friend of iZazyn. I. Gylany resided at Ispahan. Myrza Mo7*ammad friend of Jfazyn. a superficial and conceited man. Ibrahym Dlidbit Ispahany. Eidha a son of the Mojtahid Mo7^ammad Gylany who was Eidha died about thirty years ago. Myrza Gholam Eidha TabVd came from Kuhkyhi and resided Ispahan where he died. when more than eighty years of age. a probably alive at Ispahan. at Ispahan. Myrza Fat7t Allah Khurany (this is the reading in is No. Myrza Baqir Marja'y to (or Marja') Ispahany travelled with jETazyn Khorasan and died some years ago. descended from a slave of the Qafawians. was d.000 verses. in 1105. at he was an alchemist. Mawlana Shams aldyn Mohammad Gylany of Ispahan died young. [CHAP. Molla Mokhtar Nohawandy travelled with JTazyn to Khorasan. he was an uneducated man. died at Mashhad and MoAammad Eidha Cibd (in one copy a Dywan of 20. like the preceding. Gylany resided first at Ispahan then he visited India. Molla Eidha Ispahany was the son of a weaver. and hence he was called Julah. a friend of i?azyn in 1136.

Siraja when he met iZazyn at Ispahan. 1830. died at Khorramabad. at Mo7*ammad Miimin Hdjib Mashhady was Mashhad where died. Balfour. came to Ispahan where he began to devote himself to science and made considerable progress. 141 Sharyf Shyrazy Ispahany was a blacksmith and possessed great poetical talents. Ma7anud Sabzwary was a Bany-Mokhtar Sayyid but died about thirty years ago at Mashhad. 22. «-***• Qomniy was a shoemaker. Myrza Mohammad Eidha Barujardy of Laristan. resided at Ispahan C 22 ) ^> ^ J]H gj» Life of Shaikh (P. C. It has been English transla- by the same. 'abd Allah Shaghaf (?) early in life »-&*•£. he died at Artyman.ZZosayn Khdllg. he died in -ZTajy his native town. Sayyid Mohammad IZasrat was born in India but resided at Mashhad where he Niir aldyn died. published in Persian by F.] HAZYN. written by himself. after his death he visited India killed in Sind on his way back to Persia.No. .) The Mohammad .Hazyn at Ispahan. a descendant of Jahan-shah Turkman. Lon. Mohammad Monyr Kirmany met iZazyn at Ispahan. Lon. MoAammad Qdsim 'abd al-Bazzaq JNaqqash died many years ago Myrza Nashd Tabryzy. rose to the dignity of "Wazyr Myrza Sayyid and was . he died about forty years ago. Beginning ^*V) x^*j ^Ixi ^SUI a-'LJj u*s j In the Moty Mahall are several beautiful MSS. 1 1 80. Miimin Ymdn Ispahany was a cloth-merchant. met . 1831 tion . 'alyy Hazyn d. a younger brother of Myrza Baqir "Wazyr Qi'irchy who was a good poet. old retired to Najaf and gave himself up to devotion.

H. had resided in Wdsit and hence he is also called iiTosayny Wasify. he was born in A. As. 22 lines written in A. (23) o!j! ^Jc ^c lJuA-J Uj & (P. H. folio This valuable copy in a most lamentable in the Another valuable and beautiful copy lines is M. M. of 21 bound with a collection of poems. of London IX. tains An introduction of four pages con- some trite remarks on the origin of Persian poetry. In 1150 he set out for the pilgrim- age to the Ka'bah and remained two years in Arabia to prosecute his studies.) All his works which he mentions in the Khazanah 'amirah. condition. He tion. H. 1116 at Belgram in Oudh. and hence he is called Belgramy. probably an autograph. (See Bland. 11 34 he went to Dilly to prosecute his studies and he returned after two years to his home. to In A. and he derived his origin from the Imam Zayn 'abidyn a descendant of JBTosayn and his ancestors. informs us that he originally compiled this book in Sywistan in Sind and that it received a great circulato In 1148 after his return his native country he made this new much-improved edition. will be described under their respective heads. He died about 1200. it 254 pp. H. Ac\^ UiSlJaj Beginning U*J . and contains 532 biographies. p. 1147 he visited Agra and Ilahabad meet his father. [CHAP. 1150. In A. about \* ^S is J 500 pp. for On his return to India he remained some time at Awrangabad.142 PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS.^ Topkhanah 4to. versal It is an uniTadzkirah alphabetically arranged.) The miracle-working hand being a biography of Persian poets by Myr Gholam 'alyy whose takhalluc was Azad (independent). 151. Soc. has . In 1 142 he made his second journey and proceeded through Lahor and Multan to Sywistan. I. Journ.

] AZAD. 1193. viz. It contains one hundred and six biographies in alpha- betical order. that his chief flatter Nawabs who were it. (25) ol/i JU *3U <-J*uJ ry U %L (P. alive when he object in compiling seems to have been to the vanity of his patrons. and I have therefore unfortunately neglected to take a more complete notice of it. because it independent cypress. independent. Beginning In ^^ . in that copy lie also wrote some notes and the date when he purchased it. This ] is another Tadz1 kirah by the same author compiled in divides in it 165 or 166. 143 marginal notes written by a former owner. and presents such a mixture of names of celebrated poets of ancient and ful modern times and powerwrote. is the usual epithet of the cypress. He it complains of the barrenness of other Tadzkirahs. I sent this it book to England at a time when was doubtful whether this catalogue would ever be printed. He the poets into Persian and Indian. ( 24 ) *$ {J* f& L^J Ojjf jm or the (P. rich treasury being a biographical dictionary of Persian poets by the same author as the preceding two who compiled this in J 1 76. who also owned the copy of A'rzii's Tadzkirah mentioned above. disdains to bear fruit.) No. a thin 4to.Ui j*a* AjU^u. my private collection. 25. The cypress of Azad Azad. and must be allowed that he has .) The works.

a special Tadzkirah of the poets to the throne in A. 55 supra). authors. than most other biographers. and according to Mr. Bland in his learned memoir on the biography of poets. the Tadzkirah was compiled at Awranga9. Bland in 1178. 2. 3. ^kj it ^ zy& the Tadzkirah without equal. It contains an account of those poets with whom the author was acquainted. al-fodhala or assemblage of distinguished men. 155 infra. (or perhaps the Tadzkirah of By-Natzyr) by compiled Myr 'abd al-Wahhab Dawlatabady who according to the notes of the Khazanah which I have taken from the Lucnow copy in 1172. see pp. except the following 1. Elliot's Indian Hist. I. 50 iZayat alsho'ara. 10. supra. 4. He may be identical with Baqayiy of Qomm see p. 1002 (see chap.: 144 collected PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. This list has been made good use of by earliest Mr. i±te fdj* by Shah 'abd al-//akym of Lahor whose takhalluc was B-akim see p. who nourished from Bahadur Shah (succeeded 1118) to H. more [CHAP. Mohammad Shah of (succeeded in 1131) by infra. 103 and 104 supra. infra). and he sometimes explains their verses. The name is 'atzmat Allah b. Amyn in A. on Geogr. life of poets. (jy** f^ the Dawn of morning and the Tadzkirah of Molla Qati'y. Kashmyr. Haft Iqlym compiled by Myrza. 1 can find no account of these two books and their is It likely that there is a notice of them in the Sarwe The Tadzkirah of Natzim Tabryzy. but the chief merit of the book consists in his giving us a very full list of the sources at his disposal. and Hist. and p. Bland adds on the authority of A'zad " and of which . H. Mohammad 'alyy Khan Matyn 6. 11. Badawny Majma' (see Sir H. details regarding the life of the poets he mentions. a Tadz- kirah from the beginning of poetry to the reign of Akbar by Molla Baqayiy. He was a mystical poet and died at Dilly 7 — 8. Persian it All the works occurring in have already been described. see page 159 Safynahe By-khabar the author's Ark of By-khabar compiled in 1141. A'zad. in 1142. Lutf Allah //osayny Wasity Belgramy By-khabar. bad in 1175.

] year the a'za'd. I dare say this this list.quoted 1 in the Biyadh of 'alyy Ibrahym Khan Khalyl. who was a contem- porary of Taqyy Aw^ady and skilled in versification. 366. Beginning )j ujWl *S e^~) ±f&s d+** aAj^ \j JK j* Moty MaAall 224 pp. of 15 lines. the correct reading. No. Bland p. 844 pp. 6. ^-i^ &)& f-»i i^**j The words jHrM^ Xj£& form no such date and there must therefore be some mistake in A'zad. who we are informed by Mr. hundred and fifty short biographies of poets in alphabetical order with specimens of their verses. 2. Bland's Memoir above referred 1. c5-^ o* . by -Hajy Khalyfah who wrote that Baba Shah is in 1062. see also p. Erskine. 145 name forms the date" In is the copy of the Asiatic SocieeJI ty the book *£**»l omitted but the words it. mentioned 3. the letter of extracts are alphabetically arranged according to the last the rhymes like Dywans. 4. The only manner occur in in which I can obtain the into j*k-uJ im date of 1172. U . No. 45 infra. very incorrect. J^srM (JJLLI by This is Mohammad QaM who completed the work in 1104. is is by changing the title ^jM^J\ o/<i3. compiled by It contains one an anonymous author in 1172. Extracts from Tadzkirahs. 15 lines. 28 same time as Hakym Dawayiy who supra No. 154 pp. flourished towards the end of the last or beginning of this century of our era. In order to complete )jmJU\ I add the names of six Tadzkirahs to. Beng. it would appear from Khushgu. a mere anthology and contains no biographies.No. LUj ijf The Beautiful Rose by Lachmy Narayan. 25. 168 supposes identical with Shah Shubly. A copy of this book is in the India House. 47. written in a good hand but not very correct. 14 lines. *Ui bUJ (^Jf |/AJ The Tadzkirah of Baba Shah. Mr. o[/<i3 wls-^l. he wrote a Mathnawy in the measure of the To7rfat al'iraqayn and a Tadzkirah. But the author may be identical with the calligraph Baba Shah of Ispahan who flourished. 5. As. fKJl Lo&£» and f**l/d *-*«"* see No. Soc. 318. about the died in 1004. from Mr.

had one.) The was beautiful anthology alive in 1 1 by Warastah of Lahor who divided under all still 80. 'x <jj S) jl& 4 Ac ^1 \ t $S3 f ^^La) Jilt iU W*i5 \f AJjjJ) *tc «£* i p ^fd^l jc^ J^ . I. a lamp. a beautiful copy. is wanting. It contains no biographies. the extracts are arranged according to matters. -A&. (27) lJu^j L-JiyJl (or ^j^° ) £*** (P. under each head are the verses of the poets who have infinite written on it . it This book was compiled in the same decennium as the preceding two. of 25 lines. less contains no list than 3061 : articles.) ^^U ^L of Persian poets &i*| Collection of curiosities being a Biographical dictionary by Shaykh A^mad 'alyy Hashimy of Sandhyla a son of Mohammad Hkjy. and about 720 heads. It and he quotes both Arzu and Walih. (26) <£*»j\j (P. In the preface a copious of authorities viz. Beginning Moty e^l ^V' fi if it *-tyf* ^^ ^fy *U«o The Ma7*all folio preface of the book 306 pp. \Sd3 V v_~>Ue '*Jti3 *f . for the author dedicated to Cafdar-jang who is died in 1167. In this collection.146 PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. lX>^ [CHAP. lJuJ^J UoKj. thus under Chiragh you find an number of descriptions of and allu- sions to.

l$J!^XP ~\3 ^dy «XJUf +mJ &*> A. subdivided into On 83 sections J^j. Indian His- No. c^aa!^. Faydhy. It has no preface and begins. jl[ Small folio 282 pp. 10. 9 supra. a good copy. 2. 18.) The lovers' companion by the Shaykh A^mad K/iddim. 3 will be described among the biographies of Ciines. 17. 7. who flourished This is an anthology from Persian poets containing «J^! about 20. Khaqany. 5. 16 is a mistake for t«aJl ZjSSj see p. 1 14. 9 and Elliot's an amount will be found in Sir H. 1. 8. Verses in praise of the divinity **»*y> and the *-wl Imams 2. No. 12. 22 have been mentioned. love. and for an account on Dara-Shikoh (No.000 verses and divided into 16 chapters 1. 147 Among these works Nos. &e. 'orfy. 21 lines. 15 among works on Geography. No. Beginning J^y ^~ch ^iU^ ^JJj J^xj \&+Xai kUiJIyt^ FaraA-bakhsli folio 1057 pp. 6* and 20 I have not found mentioned any where else.1 No.] ahmad'alyy of sandhyla. * I have an anthology of Persian poetry containing extracts without biographical notices from Anwary. and 'alyy of Sandhyla whose takhalluc in India in 1165. torians . 4. 13. 19) I refer to the chapter on Ciifism. Of Nos. (28) (^L>*0* J I ^L 0*^1 is ufk L-i^J o^l ^vjJI (P. 28. 21. u 2 . and No. which may it possibly be the Album of Cayib with extracts from whose Dywan begins and ends. of 25 Hues.

Masnawies. The Saqiy-namah I of Mohammad Ciify. Extracts from Sar-khush's Tadzkirah. &c. 6. it was elegant but incorrect. &c. within which they are alphabetically arranged. 16. Khwajah Khosraw. Rudaky.) A Dywan of selections by Siraj aldyn iiZbsayny of Awrangabad whose The author in- . and glosses on some 12. about 800 pp. 8. princes. Compositions of various poets alphabetically ar- ranged. Ilazyns Tadzkirah contem- poraries. Ghazals of JTafitz. 9. Beginning. sub- divided into 6 sections J*a». Various Ghazals from Kashy. 7. &c. Fighany.^ j r ^W y*k Ju^Jjj. (P. Poems of the ancient masters. &c. 5. 15. 148 3. learned men. I saw a cop) in 1849 at a Bookseller's at Lucnow. 25 lines in a page. 10. 4. qifahs of Molla Mohammad Sa'yd Ashraf. Extracts from [CHAP. Compositions of modern poets as Ahly Shyrazy. Poems of Shaykhs. Extracts from the 8th Chapter of the Beharistan 'of Jamy. Shawkat Bokharay. also extracts from Mawlawy Riimy. 14. Natzyry.. Acafy. Mo^ta- sham. Rubay's of Baba Tahir. (29) %\ r U^J ^^* ^y* takhallii9 is Siraj. Qacydahs. 1 1 Ghazals of ancient and modern poets. PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. of I. Tarjy'bands. verses of &c. 13.

29. 1124. 1161.] siua'j. but he gives no other biographical is details. 1133. 1050. and subsequently in 'abd al-Ra/mian Chishty. 1050. 1163. he mentions it. he But had great difficulty in moving his library made selections from them. In this manner this work grew up which he completed in 1169. 1 160 under that of During this period he used to give vent to his feelings in poetical effusions in Rekhtah. 1060. Jimmy & Qazalbash Khan d. 1073. Nitzam almulk A'gqf &. finding that he in travelling. 1159. about 600 pp. and arranged them alphabetically according to the names of the poets. c/*. Hall is a copy. he goes through the alphabet at least ten times. 1019. posing poetry. Myrza Ibrahym Adham d. and he therefore placed himself under the tuition of Burhan aldyn Gharyb. Mo7*ammad Nacir Afdhaly Ilahabady d. Myr Mohammad A^san Yjdd Tzafar Myrza d.) Beginning ^'1-^/=^ written in 1191. Jalal Asyr d. Myr Mumin Addyiy Yazdy d. give here the names of those poets whose dates are mentioned Shafy'a Aihar d. 13 lines. d. that he had from the age of twelve a great prediliction for mysticism and poetry. I t?* 4?^ ^4*J In the possession of Mr. The arrangement «***• not very clear. 149 forms us in the preface. Wherever the author knows the date of the demise of a It contains extracts from no less poet. . which were collected by 'abd al-Rasul Khan and formed a Subsequently he gave up com- Dywan of 5000 verses. than 680 poets. and devoted his time to collecting and studying the works of ancient and modern masters. Ghiyath aldyn Ashnd Awjy Nathyry d.: No. Khan Ahsan 1081 or 1083.

1 080. 1015. d. Bddzil Eafy' Khan 1123. Myrza Mohammad Baqir Shahyd alive. Abu-l-Fath Gylany 997. Mohammad Eidha Shikyby d. 1088. 1081. 1037. Takallu Shany d. Shay da d. d. Shaykh JSbsayn Shohrat Shyrazy d. d.Hasan 'alyy Bijdyiy Herawy d. Mohammad Shah d. Hamadany d. Khwajah Ni'mat Allah 943. 150. 1 Amyr Khosraw d. Mohammad Sharyf Sarmady Ispahany d. 1 d. 965. Aqa Badhyy Ispahany Bawnaqy Hamadany d. 1 Myr 'abd al-Qamad Sokhon of Agra d. Myr Sanjar Kashy d. Myr 'alyy 'atzmat Allah By-Mabar d. 03 1 d. Azdd then alive. d. d. 1044. [CHAP. Sayyid Ja'far Bu\\y d. d. 1 149. Myr Amdny Kabuly A'gafy a son Mohammad d. Ibn Hosdm Qohistany Siraj 875. 1048 . Eidha Tajalliy Myr MoAammad Imtiyaz Aldhal Thdbit alive. 1064. 1024 or 1021. 1045. 150 PERSIAN TADZK1RAHS. 925. Qasiin Asyry d. Anwary d. I. . 981. Myr Eadhyy Danish d. Myr Mohammad iZosayn Shaivqy d. Zamdny Yazdy d.. 1 164. Jan Myrza Basd alive. 7/akym Sharaf aldyn Shifdyiy d. MoAammad Zaman Bdsikh Myr MoAarnmad 'alyy Syalqdty Bdyih. Mo7iammad Faqyh Dardmand alive. d. Sh&pur Teherany d. d. 1043. Shaykh Grholam iZbsayn Iniddd of Burhampdr Aiohady Ispahany is alive. Khan Sayyid JTosayn Khdlig 1076. 1 023. 1023. 1010. Myr Myr Sayyid Lutff Allah Grholam 'alyy Ahmady d. 585. Dzawqy Ardestany d. d. 973. 1142. Shukr Allah Khan KMJcsdr 108. 1 107. 1122. 02 Mohammad Afdhal Sarfchush d. 1125. Mrisawy Khan Jordt llazyn alive. Zahyy Hamadany 1021. 738 at Tabryz. 1 1024. Sarwary Qabuly d. Mohammad SMik Yazdy S&lik d. 1062. . 1 150 or 1 152. MoAammad (?) Fakhir Zdyir d. Eaqyr Allah Afiryn Lahdry 1143. 1057. 1154. TJnsy d. Ibrahym Qazwyny d. d. Myrza Mohammad Quly Salym d. d. 140. 1 1 1050. aldyn 'alyy Ildhy Myr Khan A'rzu then alive.

1082.] sira'j. 147. d. 1 Mohammad d. d. Shayk Sa'd Allah Gulshan 1141. A£mad Yar Khan Yahtd 128. Natzyr Mashhady d. 1062. 921. Qadhiy ysa Sawajy d. 1 Myrza Uihir Wahyd d. Nyhy Nathary d. Tzohury d. 1029. Talib Kalym Hamadany d. d. 1108. Dilawar Khan JSTugrat d. 1080. 'djiz alive. Motf Myr Tabryzy Md'fiim d. d. d. 927. d. Shaykh Sayf aldyn Mohammad Taby'at Tdlib A'moly Iltifat d. 1036. 1091. Molla Mofyd Balkhy jffakym d. No. Torab Farqaty d. JVur aldyn Mohammad Khan d. Myrza Janjanan Matzhar Ndtzim Herawy d. 1026. 1064. Eokna Kashy Masyh. Abu d. 1045. . 'arif 'ally d. 1 d. d. W&itz (Qazwyny) Iradat Khan Wddhih. Myrza Malik Moshriqy Mashhady Abu-1-Barakat Monyr Lahory 1 050. 1139. 1025. Musawy Khan Mo'izz Fitrat Myrza 'abd al-Ghanyy Qabul Kashmyry d. d. Molla Malik Qommy d. d. Shaykh 'alyy Naqyy aldyn 1023. 896. Nddim Lahijy d. 1083. 1055. 1061. 1139. /Tajy Mohammad Jan Qodsy Mashhady d. 1003. 1024. 1050. 1025. 1056. Tahir Glianyy Kashmyry 079. d. Molla Mo/jammad Tahir Tzanny Kashmyry 1070. 1050. 1 142. 92 1 A7*mad Dihlawy NisMny d. 1 155. 1121. Shaykh Faryd aldyn Molla 'attdr d. 1054. 1126. Mohammad iTbsayn Fayhfur 1028. Myrza Fagyhy Herawy 1046. 1 1003.. 103. Htdby d. d. d. d. 1000. alive. 1081. Myrza IVMammad 'alyy fyiyib d. 29. Nur Jahdn Begam d. Nargisy Mo/^tasib of Herat 'alyy d. Nacir 'alyy d. 1 1 OS. 151 Shaykh Nitzam Dhamyry Sayyid Dhiyd Allah Shaykh Ya'qub Qarfy Kashmyry d. GUyib 1163. 1 Fathy Ardestany 106. 'ishqy d. Myr Qaydy Teherany Khan *<>& TdMr d. d. M'mat Khan 1031. 1066. Nitzdm Astrabady d. Myr Yahyd Kashy d. 1050.

The it latest whom (reign I found among them is Shah 'alam.) The Garden Meaning being a biography of Persian I poets. j ig*l£«slj folio Ljkj£ h^*" £^*^ lines. In the third part are short biographies of about 157 men. fourth and Kl} parts dif- *^. 800 equally in alphabetical order. a l_f' r*u . . 45 infra. it. who distinguished themselves through their poetical talents in alphabetical order.) The title is probably a chronogram for 1174.152 PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. (31) mp+ yjaJi A# iJ^uJ lydi ci>Vlao (P. who have written poetry. of £l . I. (30) ^U. No. (P. H. fifth This Volume contains the third.) takhalluc Sayings of the poets by Qiyam aldyn whose a chronogram for 1 was . [CHAP. The title is 174. apparently consisting of three or four large folio Volumes of which authors name is have seen only the second. The fourth part comprises the lives of about 226 Wazyrs and Nobles. The fifth contains notices of about 322 professional poets who flourished from the time of Hariin al-Rashyd to A. The not mentioned in see it may be by 'alyy Ibrahym Khan. 20 good copy. (S^tf'jjJ I Bg. The preceding two parts may treat on quite ferent subjects.flayrat. who appears was on the throne of Dilly when the book was written 1 173 — 1201.i&jljUj <±*2>- Moty Ma^all 738 pages.

studied first at Agra. Nitzam al-mulk Skiikir. 153 This Tadzkirah* contains short notices of 150 poets who flourished from Awrangz^b to 'alamgyr II. Bland. countrymen. IX. 143 describes another of Lr*~ oil&o it j 8 by 'inayat Talab-Khan whose takkalluc was Yawar son of BaAmat Yar-Khan. of Arzii and of Shawq 8vo. praised. As. who assumed the poetical name of TTrnmyd. In the preface the Tadzkirahs of Walih. and subsequently. Qizil-bash (in India they pronounce Qazal-bash) Khan MoAammad Bidha Bahadur Shah. Ispahan was a contemporary of Jiis Ymd Uj'. at Qandahar and died in 1141. Roy. p. margin frequently covered with X . (died 1173). A^mad zeb and fell 'alyy Khan of Qomm came to the court of Awrang- at Karnal in the battle against Nadir Shah. Journ. with the sons of Nawab IsMq Khan. The p. thence he proceeded to Dilly. short biographies. to Lucnow. and whose style Yman. of Hamadan. Mirza Mohammad Amyn was in 1133 Khan Afsar Mohammad 'Alyy Beg A'caf-jah.: No. No. and was killed in 1159. 31. see for an account thereof lines written 157 infra. Myr Azal Ahsany.] HAYRAT. text. Moty Ma&all 124 pp. his He commenced work in 1139 and completed it in 1143 or 1145. and knew the Indian and Persian systems of musical composition. (the title is apparently intended for a chronogram for the former date). Nawab Amyr Khan Anjam was y at the court of Mo/^ammad Shah. was of a great family and a good poet. Mo'azzaz of Persia was raised to the dignity of Qiibahdar of Bengal under Farrokh-siyar. of 22 by a pupil of the Table of contents A'rzu. 8yo. Myr Gholam 'alyy of Gwalyar. * Mr. 65 pp. came to India during the reign of He was a good musician. Siraj aldyn 'alyy Khan born at Grwalyar. J)1. are mentioned. 427. the It contains about 220 A copy is in the East India House Library. Mirza Isma'yl born at Myr JNajat and Shafy'ay who were he imitated. last named is much author. died 1159. Lond. Tadzkirah which has the title Soc.

[CHAP. Ea&mat Allah Tamkyn of Kashmyr pupil of Myrza 'abd al-Ghanyy Beg Qabul. Mo7iammad 'atzym Thobdt. Myrza jFahir died previous to the of Sultan iZbsayn. Sayyid Eidha Khan Tamkyn of the family of Ni'mat Allah "Walyy born at Qomm. Myrza Mahdiy Baydn. Eajah Daya Mai Imtiydz. accompanied Nadir Shah in his expedition to India. Jiigal Thand. a cousin of Kalym. Mohammad Taqyy TaHzym of Mazanderan flourished at the time of Abdaly's inroads into India. Ishdq Khan died in 1152. son of the in 1122. died at Dilly shortly after Nadir city. a Persian of noble birth. flourished at Dilly Kishdr Tharwat of Dilly was Wakyl of the JNatzim of Bengal. died in 1151. his father was of Awrangzeb. £afdar-jang. Shah had pillaged that Mohammad Bdqir Beg. born at Dilly. Chunny Lai Thsdn was at Agra in 1174. came to Upper India under Awrangzeb. Myrza Arjumand Azdd a son of Myrza 'abd al-Grhanyy Qabul. I. Myrza Mohammad Shafy' Bismil of Nayshapiir. pupil of Shaykh 'alyy TLazyn. Dywan of Asad Khan the b. alive at Dilly in Khwajah A/jsan aldyn Bay cm of Agra was Molla 1174. Shah laqr (Faqyr?) Allah AJiryn of Lahor a under Farrokh-siyar. . left a Dywan of about 5000 bayts. born at Ilahabad Dywan of about 4000 bayts. Ibrahym a ^ufy of Dilly. uncle of Nawab Shah Khalyl Allah Be-nawd b. £ali& Aqa BurMn of Mazanderan. came under Mo/jammad Shah to India. wrote a preceding. Asryar Khan Insdn Asad al-dawlah. and he was Dywan of Grhaziy aldyn Khan Ghaziy aldyn Khan. Myr Sharaf aldyn Paydm of Agra died 1166. but as he could not make his fortune he went into the Deccan where he died.] 54 PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. Myrza Bady' fall of Nacrabad b. Myr Mohammad Afdhal Thdbit. a protege of Anjam. Ay at Allah in 1174. §% flourished Mohammad Wazyr (Jalah ifyrfft.

Mohammad Mahdiy Khayyam of that city. Bindraban Khushgii. fell Myrza Hashim Dil. 31. Mohammad Hasrat Mashhad died under Mohammad b. died in 1139 probably at Ispahan. Myr 'abd Allah Dzarrah. this Tadzkirah. of a Sayyid family India and left a Dywan of about 7000 of of Babayts. fled from Ispahan at the time of the siege and died at Khorrainabad. Beg Khan HdJcim Shadman Khan. shortly before 1174. of Myrza Imam Quly Hashmat a younger brother Ja'far R&hib a contemporary of Mohammad Mohammad Shah. a Banya of Benares. Molla Tzafar 'alyy Jor'&t studied at Ispahan. a Persian. Myrza Abii Talib Jandb b. and a pupil of By-dil. of Ispahan died during the siege Nawab Khane Dawrdn a noble of Mohammad Shah's court.] HAYRAT. Khwajah Myr Dard. pupil of Myrza Janjanan Matzhar. Mohammad Paqjh JDardmand of Dilly. author of wrote a Tadzkirah. 'abd al-17akym 'alyy dakhshna was born in Khan Hashmat. i Mohammad Jan Dywdnah died in 1150. By-dil left a Dywan of about 5000 bayts. in the strug- gles of Persia against the Afghans. a pupil of Faqyr Allah Afiryn lived at Dilly and Lahor. of Artyman near Hamadan. 155 MoAammad come Ja'far of Teheran was invited by Sultan ilosayn to to Ispahan. died Khushtar son of Myrza Mohammad Afdhal Sar-khush. Shaykh MoAammad Hay dt.No. son of the celebrated Mohammad Baqir Majlisy. Nur-bakhsh (?) HodMry of Dilly a contemporary of Arzii. Myrza Fatyr. Sheo Earn Das Hay a brother of Bajah Daya Mai Imtiydz and pupil of Myrza 'abd al-Qadir. Qiyam aldyn Hayrat. born near Qannawj. x 2 . teacher of the author of this work. Myr Motasham Sayyid Shah. Natzyr Beg KMdim a pupil of Mohammad Afdhal Thabit. Hdjy Mohammad iZosayn Gylany flourished under Sultan JETosayn. Shaykh 'alyy Hazyn.

and devoted himself to literature. under Shah Tahmasb II. Katzim Sharar of (pafawy tombs. turned subsequently a faqyr. for [CHAP. Molla 'alyy Akbar Sawdd of Qomm. Myr Sayyid Mohammad Sho'lah *U£ son of Myr £afyy born at Ispahan. Awrangzeb from of about 5000 Shyraz to India and died in 1149. a pupil of Myrza 'abd alG-hanyy Beg Qabul. spent part of his life at Agra and was a contemporary of Arzii. a niece of Khan Walih. Faca^at Khan Badhyy of Kashmyr. 'abd al--Haqq Samandar of Lahor. was a pupil of Mohammad AAsan Myrza Khadyjah Sultan Begam. Mohammad Bdhym Khan Karayly was first at the court of Nadir Shah. Qomm had an appointment in one of the at the time of left IZakym IZbsayn Shohrat came bayts. Myr 'abd al-£ amad Sokhon. Mohammad Ja'far Bdhib born in 1118 at Ispahan. Myrza Lu£f Allah Sdlim of Kashmyr travelled in Persia and was alive in 1079. 1 Myrza Q£ih Shahddat of Balkh died 155. died previous to the siege of Ispahan. in the service of Khwajah 'abd Allah Sdmiy was under Mo7*ammad Shah at Labor. he a Dywan Akhund Shdhird of Teheran studied at Ispahan.] 56 PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. A'tzam Shah. Myrza Mo/^ammad Bidhd of Shyraz was Lar. some time governor of Yzad-bakhsh Bidhd nourished under Awrangzeb. I. died Myrza Zahid 'alyy Sakhd. Sayyid Qalabat Khan Sayyid flourished under Farrokh-siyar. came to Dilly and died at Labor. He was a physician by profession. Molla Saty' Kashmyry flourished under Bahadur Shah. was alive in 21 Jolus of Mohammad Shah. . he was a pupil of Myrza Darab Beg Juyd. Aqa 'abd Allah Shaghaf *-»*•£ of Qomm was originally a shoe(or stocking) maker but gave up his trade. son of 1 Myrza Sa'd aldyn Lary. Xqa Ridhd Gylany died during the rule of the Afghans over Iran. Sdmi* a converted Hindu. with whom she was in love. Shah's reign. was to India during poisoned in India in 146. came Mo- hammad By-dil.

born in India in 1123. 'Urn or 'alam pi* was descended from Sayyid Mohammad. travelled with in 1158. son of a mason. "Wrote Khan Dhamyr was alive in 1 1 74. Tabryz y and fall G-ylan. the author of the Tafsyr Madarik. 31. lived the life of a Myrza Mahdiy Molla 'alyy of Mashhad Darwysh.No. Myrza Bawshan-dhamyr. Myrza Mo7*ammad Hashim born at Shyraz his successors. and came again Kazarun Mo- 7*aimnad Shah. Shd'ir Khan Gul-Mo^ammad. 'aliy of Kiisar a village near Ispahan. Dhamyr a Munshiy at Surat. Mohammad Ma'niy-yab Sakkaky Shikyb of Shyraz son of a was killed during the Afghan invasion. died towards the end of Mohammad Shah's reign. a pupil of Myrza By-dil. of the Bay Tansukh Bay Shawq son of Bay Majlis Bay who was Nayib Dywane Khalicah of Agra. He went to Makkah. cousin of Mohammad Akram Ohanymat. died Afghan invasion in 'dliy Persia. Mohammad after the Yiisof 'drif of lived like a Darwysh. and returned to Dilly . Myr 'abd al-Baqiy (jahbdy (wine-drinker) was in India at the beginning of Awrangzeb's reign. e. 'abb/is Quly-Khan Daghistany came early to India. that in copying the Koran he wrote first the vowels and then the words. Shah. was in 11 70 at Agra. Mo/iammad Mah Qddiq. His Dy wan contains about 1000 distichs. 'alyy 157 cutler. Sayyid Hidayat 'alyy 74. author of a Tadzkirah of Persian poets called Safynat al-Shawq. came to India in 1111 was well received by Awrangzeb and raised to high dignities by Nadir Shah carried him to India under away. was so distinguished a penman.Hakym 'ulwy-Kh&n in 1080. Myr Sayyid Mohammad i. Myrza 'abd al-Baqiy Tabyb a Sayyid of Ispahan was a physician in the service of Nadir Shah. Myrza Mohammad Yiisof azyz was Wazyr of Ispahan. . 'alyy 'drif. alive in 1 1 died during the reign of Mohammad Shah Allah Dostgyr Cafyy a faqyr was Kabits and Dohras. He fell when the 'othmanlies plundered Hamadan. died after the conquest of Ispahan by the Afghans by a from his horse. Myrza Mo/^ammad his father in Persia.] HAYRAT.

Myr Shams aldyn Faqyr. and a treatise on versification and rhyme. [9afawy. Nacir 'alyy resided at Agra. was a Darwysh. Myrza Mo/«ammad Myrza Fddhil Quly-Khan. Myrza Mahdiy Kawkab was in the service of Nadir Shah. Myrza Giramy son of Myrza 'abd al-Ghanyy Beg Qabul. was a pupil of Myrza By-dil. 'icmat Allah Kdmil pupil of Myrza By-dil. Myr iZazyn. Mohammad Fdyiz of Agra wrote a Dywan of about 1000 bayts. Lutf 'alyy Khan an uncle of Quly Khan Walih. Mihr 'alyy Khan Matzhar a noble at the court of Sultan JEfosayn . called Padshah Nawaz Khan a contemporary of Myrza Nadir alzaman Fagyh. 'abd aX-Ghanyy a Sayyid of Tafrish cAr^ a contemporary of Sayyid Mohammad 'aqil Ghayrat of India. Khwajah Nacir 'andalyb a Sangham Lai 'izzat resided at Darwysh of Agra. died soon after the accession of Mo/iammad Shah. died during the reign of MoAammad Shah. Jay Kishen Hzzat.fy came to India after the Afghans had conquered and died soon after on the road to Makkah. was a protege of £afdar-jang. Moshtaq Ray Qudrat. MoAammad Fiddyiy of Hamadan came to India. was at Dilly 1174. died under Myrza Ahmad. a pupil of Myrza By-dil. Khan Hbrat cousin of Nawab Sa'adat Khan Dzii- 'alyy *atzym b. and was in the service of Fath. and a pupil of Myrza By-dil. Shaykh Sa'd Allah Gulshan a Darwysh of the Naqshbandy order. Shah Fdtih a Qu. was the agent of Nawab Is/jaq Khan. 'alyy A^mad lfiqar-jang. Persia. Khan was "Wazyr of Daghistan and an uncle of Quly- Khan Walih.158 PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. I. Mohammad Panah Qdbil a Darwysh. Myrza Sharaf 'alyy Fighdn wrote Kekhtah and Persian poetry. wrote a Dywan of 7000 bayts and two Mathnawies. 'alyy Forugh. [CHAP. Mortadha Quly Firdq. born at Dilly in 1115. Agra in 1174. Myrza 'abd al-Ghanyy Beg Qabul of Kashmyr pupil of Darab Beg Juya. a Kashmyry Brahman. He was a pupil of Myrza Janjanan Matzhar. 'alyy Nawab Sa'adat Khan.

called Myrza Lutf Allah Nithdr service of Nucrat Allah Khan. was in the MoAammad Shah. Myrza Hashim Mahzun was the grandson of Myrza jTahir "VVaAyd. n other Tadzkirahs. Mo7iammad Mtzam Mo'jiz of Kabul came A'qa Mohammad Kashy Mo'df. . Lu£f Allah Maztun. 31. of Shushtar 159 lived in the Majyd came to India and at Ispahan house of £afdar-jang. His works contain 50.000 bayts. Dywan or treasurer of Awrang- Wazyr. lived under the patronage called 'abd 1 of £afdar-jang. 'abd al-Bazzaq accession of Matyn born jj e [3 [ came at the time of the Mohammad Shah to Dilly.No. Myrza Mohtaram a son of Myrza 'abd al-Ghanyy Qabul. NVmat Allah Khan b. office of Qarawal Niir Allah Beg JVuzhat. Myrza MoAammad Munshiy of Ispahan was put to death by Nadir Shah at Dilly for a slight fault. brother of the early age of forty years. died in the fourth year of AAmad Shah's reign. and a pupil of Myrza By-dil. erroneously Myr Sayyid 'alyy Moshtdq of Ispahan was alive in 174. HAYRAT. Eekhtah. to India with the ambassador of Nadir came Shah in 1 154. father-in-law of Tansukh Eay. he is He was a nephew of Khan Arzu. pupil of Myrza 'abd al-Grhanyy Beg Qabiil died about the middle of the reign of Eay Phukny Mai Mshdt was zeb's the MoAammad Shah. al-Eidha. Bay Anand Earn Mohhlig a Khatry. Myr Zayn al-'abidyn Nashd of Ispahan. Eay Bajy Mall Ma'niy a brother of Imtiyaz. his poetry is mostly Myr MoAammad Taqyy Myr also the author of a Tadzkirah. Walyy Mohammad Khan Masrwr was governor of Lar under Shah to Dilly and died in ^Tahmasb II. ings of JSTawab Maymanat Khan Maymanat of Kashmyr was Daroghah of buildQamar aldyn Khan. was at Dilly in 1 in Persian 174. died at Myrza Janjanan MatzJiar a Darwysh composed poetry and Eekhtah. EiiA Allah Beg under Farrokh-siyar and Khan held the Mohammad Shah. Mohammad Na'ym Niydz.] Myrza. was alive in 1174 and did military service under Nawab Shuja' al-dawlah. Aqa 'abd al-Mawld of Ispahan died after the Afghan invasion. 1 162.

Khan Yaktd. died at Atzyma- bad (Patna) during the invasion of Nadir Shah. was Munshiy of and died Myrza 'alyy Acghar Wddhih. Yahyd Khan. ] Myr Na'ym Niydz. and died at Tattah on his return to Persia. Mohammad Eidha Ndyib. Mohammad Zaman of Qandahar JRdsikh died Mohammad Shah. Mo/iammad Ma' cum Wijddn under b. Dywan Myrza Abu Afanad-yar Yma. 'alyy Hdtif. Mohammad . Niir al'ayn Wafd of Qomm was in the service of who sent to Wdqif bom in the Panjab. Myrza Zakyy Nadym was of noble service of and thirteen years in the Nadir Shah. a contemporary of him his poems for correction. Myr Zayn al-'abidyn Nayyir of Mazanderan. . Myrza Namjo son of Qabul. visited Persia tribe called Afshar. 'alyy Mohammad Khan Nizdd came to Dilly as Nadir Shah's ambassador.160 PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. Mohammad Beg Nakliat was put to death by Nadir Shah. a good physician. of Ispahan came 'alyy to Dilly. I. 'alyy Quly Khan Wdlih of Daghistan the author of the great His contains 4000 bayts. Myrza Ibrahym Wafd a Zamyndar the Afghan kings. born at Labor when twenty years of age but returned to India. died 1160. Myrza Sharaf aldyn Nadir Shah. 'Arzu. birth [CHAP. Myrza Mobarak Allah Wddhih was a pupil of Mohammad Zaman Hdsikh &—lj and died under Farrokh-siyar. son of Ilah-yar Khan. of noble birth.ffanyf Khan Ydr was the teacher of Mokhlic. MoAammad Ashraf Yaktd of Kashmyr died under Mohammad Shah. Myrza Grholam 'alyy Nasym of Amrohah. was alive in 174. grandson of Tadzkirah called Eiyadh al-sho'ara born at Ispahan in 1124. at JETaydarabad. came to India and was patronized by Qafdar-jang. came to Dilly under Mohammad Shah. of the Moghol 1079.

33. jil 161 (32) %j&\ (P.NO. His father was soon to after the birth of his son obliged to take flight Qomm. VII. 1 179. H. and was subsequently appointed governor of Lar by Nadir Shah. ^ Jj -*4&SoT c^y lines. They are arranged according to the town or province in which they lived. and he assumed the garb of spiritual in the compilation of this poverty. (Bland's Account of the A'tesh-kadah in the Journ. He was engaged work in A. He was born at Ispahan in A. 345). being a Tadzkirah of contemporaneous poets by Mohan La'l Anys compiled in 1 197. Solayman Shah and Shah finally Isma'yl.) Companion of the Friends. 621 pp. sJl>j Beginning J^J^. and is at the beginning of each chapter respective a short description of the town or province.] ATISHKADAH. 1 1 34 and was a mem- ber of the distinguished family of Bekdaly.\ bayts in a line. on the plan of the Haft Iqlym. and was still alive in 1 196. being a Tadzkirah of Per- sian poets by Lu/f 'alyy Beg whose takhalluc was Adzor. Lithographed at Calcutta in 1249. This book contains notices of 842 poets. Lu/f 'alyy when a young man made the pilgrimage to Makkah and to the shrines of title the principal saints and hence he assumed the of Hdjy. Ibrahym Shah. Lond. H. Subsequently he was attached to the service of 'alyy Shah. (33) ^1 J*J ^iy c_i-uJ LaM\ ^ (P.) The Fire temple of Adzor. Soc. p. 4to. of 21 two MS. copies are very rare in India. As. Y .

he was alive in 1197. I. Karamat 'alyy Khan Khalyq. Myr Khorshyd 'alyy Belgramy Khorshyd. copied in 1218. Gholam iZaydar Khan Goddz. Mohammad Makyn a native of Dilly came to Lucnow in 1173. Myrza Mahdiy Beg Jalys.: . Sharaf aldyn Shah Malul. Wajyh aldyn 'alyy Khan Baryn. Myr Grhalib 'alyy Shdyiq. Nitzar 'alyy Qaryn. Panjab Ray Wdliy. (he died in 1221). Hasan 'alyy Khan Dzahyn. Myr Mo^ammady 'itrat o^. He informs us that when he wrote when Acaf aldawlah of Oudh saw the Tadzkirah of contemporary poets of 2?azyn. It is divided into two chapters. Khwajah YaAya Khan Khirad. Mohammad Burhan 'alyy Khan Bahyn. Aman Allah Muflis. Mohammad Ja'far Khan Bdghib. Mahabbat Khan Mahabbat. Mohammad Naqyy Naqyy. Lutf 'alyy Khan Ndtiq. Fakhir Shah. <**^ Beginning i/i^^" \J&& ) ** ^Ji J^i^ Private collection 187 pp. Myr Niir 'alyy Wdgily. Mohan Lai Anys (the author of the Tadzkirah) . Mohammad Mokram 'ayyash. The author was about it. Shaykh Baqa Allah Baqa. Second Chapter. Katzim Beg Khan Mumhin. Myrza 'inayat Beg Sukin. Contents Myrza Atzyma'y Iksyr Ispahany came to India under Mo/^ammad He left Qacydahs. Shah 'alam Aftdb. he ordered him to compile a similar work on Indian poets. Myr Mohammad 'alyy Wdhm. Khan 'aciy. 162 PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. Sytaldas Mokhtdr. the first contains Musal- man and the second \j Hindu poets. 15 lines. Ray Surup Singh Dywdnah. Myr iZaydar 'alyy Hayrdn. Ghazals and a Mathnawy called dyt&* j ^a^>. MoAammad 'alyy Myrza 'abd Allah Bafat. Mo7*ammad Eaydh Fdyidh. Myrza 'abd Allah Fdyiq. Myrza 'alyy Khan Ohamyn. Myr Awlad 'alyy Zdyir. Myrza Ja'far 'alyy Hasrat. Ram-bakhsh Moty\ Bhagwan Das JBismil. sixty years of age [CHAP. Myr Matzhar 'alyy Cdfiy.

No. s^>$lLjlx~j j^U o^J &*. Shitab Khiish-hal Chand Brahman.xj^j j. 2_Ltf t*J. rA j U^J^ ^ UJ 1 oLi^xj ^ym jh v*^j fL3\ j^ <*^'lif ft s^J v -^' 1 -r^ J j^r*^ ** 5j**.) Selection of Ideas by Mohammad Taknown to bryzy Ispahany a native of Lucnow. 1206 and died this in 1221. 163 Mohammad JETasan Hasan. piled this He^U 0*£b [^kj p| ey#ae* SS A+5li. who the European public by his Travels in Europe.j fO^J u**"S°j J^'j 6** v^' J ^**f* **J j obJ^c jju^ ^arlr* «Jj^ VH^r^ *>jL^j ^f o»*J j^aj f^ wli-^l Y 2 . Mi^hii Lai Mdyil. abstract of the preface in the original. I insert here i&*jfajiP± k#j| ( cUr^^ jjS '** ) IJ& v l±£| fjeji $ ^jj &l±j* «ijjo. Ibrahym Beg Dost. is (P. Data-Earn Bafyq.^ Jjjioj AAJiXA.i ±isj£*c U^x ^f ^!^a> ^JJ| «^*xJ| JU. Abu Talib b. Shaykh Grholam Imamy.J\ fc#y\ ^f toj+s* ^i Jul* o**j. pupils of Makyn. Medy Lai Bym&r. Ju j a^&. (34) ^Jlfc^lui^je^lJUSU.] abu' ta'lib. 34. Bland gives a very valuable notice of work he translates nearly the whole preface. Qalandar-bakhsh Jor'dt. Deby Prashad Sriyil. Ray \izyz. Appendix. which an in work in A. Khayr al-zamaa Dzarrah. H.

by order of John Baillie. Fara^-bakhsh palace at Lucnow. title In the preface.1 j I. l > coj v • • l3 a£JU d • • j [«• »j jOAj o^«! e>y^J ^^^ C*»a j*>^l *0**>ffc v ' 113 »^J <-W A ^' c^a o^-^j o~.^" o^as-M The autograph of copy has been lent to ^r^^y^* is ^ A very good this valuable work in the library of the lines. 29 it me by Mr. folio 618 pp. 1224.»5J| Aej*3r*°<^. The extracts are arranged according to subjects into %j*$ ninety chapters without dates or biographical notices. ^ ** e>**t? AS *J&J*J6 ^s^ o^^v ^Lsr-^l v^jiJ ^Ulj ?«jJi LfV*J J^ L> ^lAJ^y-^s^ 1 4%?^ 1 ^j^J iI/0 jyJA) ^^AJ v**y oi*> v ^ J>! J ^ v LiT^kf G ^j!^ J& LTrl ^J ^ ^t^° CT?^' 1 fttftfcl 4%^ 1^ c^ ^' #' J «y (^ J.> OU^ *^J^ SSj%£ +~3 jib j£ -|.U ^b J ^L vyi=* cAtf (.164 fU»f PERSIAN TADZK1IIAHS. H. [CHAP. 3t>*& dLiy djj (Wy^W^ "H^H Q Owi|j. but seems to be smaller. (35) ^jL> W (P. Resident of Lucnow and author of the Tables of the Arabic conjugations. being a selection of Persian poetry compiled previous to A. Hall. Beginning. JJ. a Tadzkirah of the of \jmtJ\ m^s* .jIL .| diib (J S.) A Present to Baillie.

poetic. Contents Mohammad Aslam Belgramy was Afanady. Sul&n Mohammad Shah Cafawy JCaL men- Beginning ^s^aA^s the autograph in ^W^. and modern poets with specimens sitions of his and some compo. *-^k *s*° Abwab called uA-^ H*ljfl c-jldr^I . called ^dI*-Jl aas^ a collection of verses which may be employed as quotations in letter-writing. being a Tadzkirah of poets of Calcutta and Benares lfiqar 'alyy.] POETS OF CALCUTTA. No. entitled yUai JJ«»j6i a treatise on the style of the ancient . Mawlawy Najyb Allah was in the service of Nawab . Soc. entitledyUJ> ^GumI^j a treatise on the various descriptions of poetical composition called «—ikJ ^s^ an . dead in 1229. account of the various castes of India which has the title jyjb <—&/*•>. Beginning £) jhl jk'i ^U-. 1336 4to. (36) e^~* ^jU&Jlji M M^U» jlfjJl u^J verses. about 450 pp. on ethics I an abridgment of the . and appears that he compiled book at Benares. it (P ) Gardens of Unanimity.&Ki *$ ^^ lines. . &c. .by tioned. Most poets mentioned in this book. a collection of Ghazals art of letter- called jj* y (jc^xj ) j\j j hl> a work on the . 36. own. ^^ <^ As. writing. 318 pp. works ufimd* aljinan He <jj**- is also the author of the following . who wrote Persian is by Dziia chro- His takhalluc this Mast. the 165 is ^UaL. :j a -iC^a ^til^fljas Private collection 8vo.: No. of 13 copied from 1224=1810. . it The title is nogram for 1229. 13 lines. when was compiled. of Beng. were contemporaries of the author and wrote also Rekhtah poetry.

i. verses. Ah. Mawlawy Mohammad Mo'yn aldyn of Kakory not far from Lucnow. 1853. Isma'yl.166 Qasim 'alyy PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. Atish. Barakat Allah Belgramy was in 1229 at Calcutta in search of employment. Amyn. By-bak. Mawlawy Amyn Allah has sometimes Bu-l-Madyti. to Benares into the service of the Shahzadah alive. and lived with [CHAP. Deputy Collector somewhere near Cawnpore. Was dead in 1229. and a treatise on Algebra in Persian. was in 229 Munshiy of the Court of Appeal at Calcutta. A7miad. Khwajah 'abd al-JZakym was in 1229 at Benares in Government employ. Myrza 'alyy-bakhsh resided friend of the author. Tamanna. at Alym. at Murshidabad and was a alqodhat left Thaqib. Bahar. Myr Shyr Myr Motzaffar 'alyy came from Lucnow to Calcutta. Myr and was alive in 1229. Rajah Pyary Lai was for some time Residency Munshiy at Dilly. I. 1 Barqy. Shaykh Ainan 'alyy a native of Phulwary. which printed. Myr AAmad 'alyy alive. Khwajah Tasyn was in the service of Mr. died in 1229 at Benares. but his brother 'azyz Allah was Tamanna. James Steward and translated Layla Majm'in into Hindustany at Benares. Mohammad 'alym Allah resided in 1229. the father of Madyn. his takhalluc. the takhalluc of e. him in Bengal. He was rather a Mawlawy than a poet. and an Arabic Qacydah which is inserted in the Naf&at al-Yaman. at Mohammad is La'l a native of Hooghly was for a long time Lucnow. He died Barakat. Mawlawy Najm aldyn Mohammad Khan Qadhiy is of Calcutta was a native of Kakory. he now. was alive in 1229. Aqa Isma'yl Qazwyny. Bandah. went thence . was Afsos. He was a native of Behar and Head Professor of the Calcutta Madressa. iZaydarabad. then he went to Dilly and then to Benares. He died about 1820. . Lucnow and was alive Akhtar. and was attached to the College of Fort William. known by 'alyy b. Bismil. Motzaftar 'alyy was born at Phulwary near Dynapdr. A friend of the alive. Myrza Gholam JZbsayn. Sayyid Aman Allah a brother of at Myr 'azyz Allah Khan who was Residency Munshiy author. Sayyid Najaf 'alyy Radhawy studied at Dilly. Ashuftah.

Khush-dil. Khiradmand. Myr Imam 'alyy was a young man in 1229. alive in 1229. He compiled a short history of Akbar's palace and of the Taj of Agra and put the Bahare Danish into verse and called it guished from the ^l^jL^f. Myr Gholam Bandah IZbsayn a Sayyid of Bareilly. IZajat. Khadim. Myrza Katzim 'alyy came from Hindustan to Calcutta and was attached to the College of Port William. Beg of Lucnow was Jawhar. Sayyid lish officers. at Byrbhum. an {j^^j^ *^/. alive. 36. Urdu This book is to be distin- Translation of the Bahare Danish by Molla-zadah of Patna. Myr IZaydar-baksh was for some time a Munshiy of the College of Fort William. his life in Myr Musa Bidha Khan spent the greater part of Nepal. IZbsayny. alive in 1229. Jowan. Dywan of about 6000 verses. Sayyid Hamyd aldyn Dihlawy was in 1229 in govern- ment employ Dilly. Bay QaMb Earn of Dilly was advanced age of more than seventy. IZbsayn. Sayyid Khadim 'alyy was under Mr. and a of Lucnow died in 1205 near Benares. Ja'far. POETS OF CALCUTTA. was alive JEZikmat. Haydary. Mohammad Abu-1-Qasim. 'alyy Khan was in great favour with Eng- and was alive in 1229.No. no takhalluc. and for some time TaAcyldar district of Benares. IZbsayny. Shah 'alyy Ja'far of Hahabad wa3 probably of Shyraz. left He died at the a large Dywan. Khamosh.] Thabit. Duncan in the alive in 1229. in 1229. Khushgu. . Pandit Beny Earn Kashmyry was alive in 1229. Jawhar 'alyy resided at Murshidabad and was Jawdat. Simbhu Nath a Khatry was a young Josh. Munshiy Ammar Singh Banarsy held a government appointment in the Coel district. iZurmat. 'abd al-Kasul Kashmyry. IZaqyr. Myrza Na'yin Beg of Dilly was in 1229 at Benares in the service of Kawab Shams aldawlah. Was in 1229 at Benares. He had . N. man in 1229. Jowan. jBTurmat 'alyy Khan was born in the neighbourhood of he was a friend of the author. Myrza Mohammad Jawad IZamydy. Gholam IZbsayn Khan resided for some time at Benares. Myrza Thabit 'alyy 167 alive in 1229. Myr Mo/jammad Hosayn Left a Saqiy-namah.

Myr Dzu-lfiqar 'alyy of Patna.168 PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. Bif at. Khan Mohammad Imam-bakhsh was Shaykh Dilawar dead in 1229. one (this is humoristic) called is *^>. but died before he had completed his task. Eajah Mitr Jyt Singh. EayMn aldyn. Dil. He was a friend of the author and was alive in 1229. who was his father in his post of Qadhiy of Murshidabad. the Hindustany language. Eangyn. but subsequently he gave up this appointment and became a merchant. Dzakir Kashmyry put. Myr Mohammad Amyn died at Ilahabad. was a EayAan. the story of Padmawat into verse. Babu Deb Narayan Singh Dil. He came to Calcutta to find employment. Earn. in Persian prose in praise of Sa'adat 'alyy Dil. succeeded Qadhiy and died on the way to Lucnow. and in 1229 . [CHAP. held for some time an appointment in the custom department he was at IZaydarabad. Eamaq. held an appointment in the Court of Appeal. Sa'adat Yar Khan a son of MoAkim aldawlah Tahmas Beg Khan Eiimy who had come to India with Nadir-shah. called &*{±~*j* and is of four Dywans. 'alyy a descendant of the Saint Sharaf aldyn and a native of Behar. his own four of the Urdu Dywans. Easikh. Lala Jawahir Singh by origin of Lahor. one called «*is# ? one *i±*°f and one It called *is£"f. Shaykh would appear that they are four in Gholam 'alyy of Patna was a very fertile Eajah Eaj Kishen had in 1229 already adopted as Urdu poet. He is the author of a treatise on horsemanship. Mohammad Eajah Udat Narayan. is Dzawqy. Eif'at. a native of Bengal. I. Rajah of 2*ikary which friend of the author. which had been written by Tapish. Mohammad 'aqil a native of Bengal is the teacher author. He wrote a book called v>^' u* O l an(i other works in the Persian language. at the request of the Dzakir. between Gaya and Patna. Was Khan alive in 1229. Narayan Das of Kashmyr left an elegant composition of Oudh. The latter is in the all language of the Ladies. Eangyn commanded for some time a part of the Nitzam of iZaydarabad's artillery. and as he failed he returned to Patna. was a great patron of learned men. at Ghaziypor. Dzu-lfiqar 'alyy a son of Imdad 'alyy Khan. Pandit a brother of the Eajah of Benares. Dzii-lfiqar.

Sharar. £adiq. of Kakdry. ^apish. met the author Z . Pandit Syta Earn. visited Calcutta and Dilly for the sake of prosecuting his studies. Tapydah. of Bareilly. Dhiya. of Lucnow. He was Sabiq. He died at Calcutta previous to 1229. J 4^1 Vj** Myrza Mohammad Qadiq Yrany. fiify. by origin a Kashmyry. Sayyid Qotb alhoda. had an appoint- ment in Calcutta in 1229. Maharajah Kalyan Singh a son of Maharajah Shitab Kay at Calcutta. his ancestors were of Benares. Shah Shams aldyn Abii-1-Faraj of Phulwary died at Calcutta. Mohammad Isma'yl is Myrza Jan of Dilly. 'ishrat. JSTath 169 Kangyn. Lala Hindu Pat. by his poetical talents Sha'ir. MoAammad Sa'yd aldyn was Qadhiy of Bareilly and alive in 1229. Deo Pandit. life.NO. one of his ancestors had been governor of Hooghly. Mohammad 'omar. a friend of the author. Calcutta and dia Myrza Khalyl Allah Khan came as Persian ambassador to made a great stir among the Musalman literati of Inand love for poetry. Mohammad Bashid resided chiefly at Calcutta. and died at Bareilly at early period of his was a school-fellow of the author. Nur al-Aaqq of Phulwary. an Shawq.] POETS OF CALCUTTA. Lala Jay Mohan Lai a Kayeth of Benares. Shah Tzohur aUaqq a son of 'azyz. Shohrat. of Lucnow was generally known by the name of Shah Sharar. his name was Sharar Myrza and he was a son of Jan Tapish. He Shohrat. Wajid 'alyy Khan of Bareilly resided in 1229 at Calcutta. Tzohur. Tapan. Tal'at. Shaykh MoAammad-bakhsh Died young. Safyr. Lala Sukh Lai of Patna. Iftikhar aldyn 'alyy Khan. Sharar. Myrza Abu Talib Khan of Lucnow. Dhamyr. 'abd al-AAad of Kakory. author of a book on arithmetic called £adiq. his father was a native of Bokhara. 'ashiq. Myrza AAmad Jan (probably Myrza AAmad Beg Khan of Dilly) a pupil of Tapish. was a native of Persia who came to Benares. He the author of the Dywans ascribed to Baj-Kishen. Shah Nur aUaqq of Phulwary. Talib. 36. dead in 1229. Tapan.

Agha Myrza. but received his education at Dilly Qatyl. Was alive in 1229. Myrza. Mawlawy Khoda-bakhsh of Ghaziypiir. the author saw him at Calcutta. Taqyy 'alyy Khan was Qadhiy of Benares. where he was Head Munshiy to the king. p\*J\ Ailj^ the author of the on arithmetic. I. Ghamyn. Firaqy Prem Kishwar a Brahman of Dilly. at Lisan. but could not recolledf his name. Bay Sohan Lai was in 1229 Treasurer of A'caf aldawlah and came to Benares when the author was Nayib of the Eajah 'aciy. Mawlawy 'abd at Patna. the author. Qasim. was for some time the king of Oudh's News-writer at Benares. al- Ghanyy of Phulwary. he spent the greater part of his Lucnow. was a friend of Lutf.170 'ashiq. Sryjyt Singh. Fifrat. Ghamgyn. Myrza Mohammad JEfasan Khan was life a converted Khatry at of Dilly. Gholam iZbsayn Khan author of the &tj*^\j**. Gharyb. Fadhl Moalla a native of Lucnow was Benares in 1228. Ghanyy. 'ashiq. Qadyr. 'alyy Taqyy Khan of Lahdr studied Patna and Jawnpur. was a young man in 1229. Qamar. a friend of the author. Shah Qudrat Allah died at Murshidabad. 'abid. a native of Patna. a son of the Hakym Qamar aldyn Khan. Mawlawy Gholam Qadir of Bampiir. origin. Uses sometimes the Takhalluc of Taqyy. the author knew him. met at the author Fadhl.Hasan of Phulwary. was a wealthy Zamyndar and a friend of the author. PERSIAN TADZKIKAHS. Fida. Fayiq. Myrza Abu-1-Qasim Qacir. Myrza 'alyy Lutf went to ^Taydarabad. at Lucnow. JTakym Qamar aldyn Mo7jammad Khan resided Qudrat. Babu [CHAP.. Pandit Bidya Dhar was a Kashmyrian by . 'azyz. an uncle of the Rajah of Benares. Khan of Dilly. Qadhiy. 'abid 'alyy. is Lala Kanhjy a Kayeth. of Benares. Bay Zorawar Singh. where he resided in 1229. Bay Batan Lai lived at Calcutta in the house of the Bajah Kalyan Singh. Tzafar 'ally resided at Lucnow. MoAammad Abu-1. . Mohammad Qadr aldyn. 'abd al-Ba&ym of Shyraz resided at Calcutta. Fard. Nawab Hadiy 'alyy Khan.

Mujid. aldyn 'alyy Khan of Lucnow came to Calcutta where he was appointed Muftiy of the Supreme Court. MocMa. aldyn a native of Dilly. 'alyy Khan.] POETS OF CALCUTTA. Sayyid Gholam Moc&ifa was Law-officer Mahdawy.. Majrti^. was a friend of the author. 'alyy "Wathiq was a young man in 1229. Bd 'alyy Khan. which gave him 1200 Eupees a year. died at Benares. (?). the tij*** Uil <xJU) He translated and other law-books into Persian. Lala Mithu Lai of Ilahabad was Mo'atztzam. Sayyid Mahdiy 'alyy Khan of Patna. Mahshur. Moshtaq. Lord Hastings gave Minnat. iZafitz Sayf Allah a Kashmyry. Masrtir. 'abd al-Hadiy a friend of the author. but MuJiyt was born in Dilly. Macruf. Murshid. Gholam Ya/*ya resided at Murshidabad. Mawlawy Mohammad Mo'atztzam (?) of Agra.NO. Ma7iziin. Mayil. Ganga Bishen alive in 1229. was alive in 1229. at Byrbhiim. Sayyid Nur al-Zfaqq author of a Mathnawy called and one called »«aJJ Ij^*«. Myrza. He some books on mysticism from the Sanskrit (Hindy?) as He also put the Anware Sohayly into (Hindustany or Persian?) it verses and gave the title of cr^'a •^a=/C . Mawlawy iZakym 'icmat Allah Khan was a son of the celebrated Mawlawy 'abd al-Qadir Khan who resided at Benares. a Kashmyry Brahman. Mahjur. a friend of the author. Nayrang. <^~^ — |$£* ^^a. Modhtfarr. Siraj Myrza. Myr Imam-bakhsh studied at Lucnow. M. Babu Balhand Singh of Benares. also trans- These lated five poems are called the Khamsahe 'ishqyyah. 'ajiz was Lala Ganga Bishen. Mohammad Mahdiy 'alyy Khan of Dilly held in 1229 z 2 . he obtained an appointment in the Cus- tom Department at Benares. Was dead in 1229. Myr Qamar him the title of king of poets at the recommendation of the Natzim of Murshidabad. and his takhallu9 was and he resided at Labor. Mokarram 1229 at Benares. Abii-1-iZasan. Mokarram. Pandit Madhoram. 36. as (Jj-^ kxs* He — — He flk is the author of several mathna- k*= /0 — LS &= i . resided chiefly at Calcutta where he was Munshiy. *p -kj^ wies. resided in Niyaz.uhjt. his father Munshiy Earn Jus a Khatry. 171 <J-k* <-akl Mon'im.

under the Government at Benares. 1230. 'alyy Myr Amjad 'alyy of Phulwary. Nacir. Sayyid Mohammad Nacir Khan Bahadur. whose Atmm. Wila. £adr aldyn Mohammad Khan of Dilly was physician to Lfdat jNarayan Rajah of Benares. Natzmy. M'mat. 'alyy of Dilly a friend of the author. Khatry of Ilahabad a friend of the author. the author does not recollect his name. Naqqad. Na^yf. Compiled a vocabulary of Arabic. [CHAP. Niyazy. Shaykh Farzand is a quarter of the was a Makhdum-zadah of Teliyatown of Benares. a Persian Dywan. held in 1229 an ap- pointment in Benares. died in 1224. composed a cJ>*F* j ^V. .172 an office PERSIAN TADZKIRAHS. and compiled is this book in 1258. Mazhar 'alyy Khan a son of Solayman Khan was attached left to the College of Fort William. he was a friend of the author. nala which Miilraj a composed many Qacydahs. Khwajah Ya'qub (37) ^JL dL>yz <±*=* JjJl %\y» lJuXmsJ Jhj ^c (P. I.) A Tadzkirah of wab takhallug is the poets of the Carnatic by the Na- Siraj aldawlah Mohammad Ghawth Khan. Ya'qub. held in 1229 an appointment at Lucnow. a friend of the author. appears that he was born H. does not recollect his name resided close to the Bishesher Niyazmand. Turky words. Munshiy Dzu-lfiqar 'alyy 'alyy. Lala INatzim. the takhalluc of This has the an abstract of the Tadzkirah of Rayiq which vilAi^ 3uu«J& title Rayiq is Gholam 'alyy Mtisa whose title was iJakym Baqir l/o- . does not recollect his name. Persian and ^Niyaz. He opens the book with a short it autobiography. "WaAshat. Khan Bahadur. Myr Ni'mat mosque at Benares. Hilal. from which in A.

&c. The Cub^e Wa/n j& UA. that but the dates are not always correct. placed in 533. 8vo. whereas he died 538. small 4to. I. the . 13) Mannu Lai. the ^k^W \J><s3 the }j*&}) *k<^. 38. ^Iklil Lithographed at Madras 1258.fcJI gAIi of Qudrat Allah Qudrat (see Garcin de Tassy Hist. pp.No. 173 con- He died in 1248. 9 the klii -ki-j^ of (see No. thus the death of Zamakhshary is of Ghazzaly in 504 whereas he died in 505. the Mti u^\Xc of Rasikh and the Album of Khashi' (flourished in poems and single verses and 1092). the ^i^iy j*&" which is a collection of chronograms made in 1268 by Matzhar al-lZaqq. He wrote this book at Lucnow during the reign of Amjad 'alyy Shah a chronogram) and he was calls his instructor. 225 pp. 144 see also below). In the fourth chronograms on the death of celebrated men. 562 pp.) The Rose garden sense.. notices of ninety recent poets.] sayn Khan. assisted by Nacir 'alyyNapyr whom he He says in the preface that he used chiefly the Tadzkirahs of Sar-khush. (38) ^3UJ| $**} ^-SLo c^o \jlijf (P. also called the Gardens of is by 'abd al-Ra^man whose takhalluc in 1261 (the title is ShdMr. . Beginning l^^^jo ^> o*^. tains in alphabetical order. of Shyr Khan Lody. of delight. de Hind. Beginning £~yvjv cy^k^Uj *L»y \j sS ^jls\ Lithographed at Cawnpore in the Moctafa Press 1267. la Litt. This is a selection of bon-mots from poems arranged according to the subject and divided into there are five chapters &**». gulista'ne masarrat. of Walih.

Beginning Motj MaAall ^^ jj^ folio Jj.^**^ ^>^.174 PERSIAN TADZK1RAHS. Mohammad Naqyy of Bahadurganj. &c. ^J| fl& LJu^aJ h^'sb** 9. 15 lines copied in A. (39) j^Jl Celestial Place of o* . Dywans of Tahir Nacir 'alyy. of Nury Lary and of Hatim Kashy and who may possibly be the compiler of this very rich but apparently planless collection. [CHAP. (P. 1165. (40) j** C_i*uJ jl*S Collection of £^> This (P. Bg. Tzohury. H. Myr Najat. is without biographical notices. Cayib. Myr Acyly Qommy contemporary (see Atishkadah 307) who was a of Molla Wa^shy.) The humble Myr. I. J^i^ *J*iji£ *^M> jjt" sJ^o A* JJUi \*^= Xss/Cj v^5^* Mdty Ma/iall 268 pp. In the beginning account of a short p. a very fine copy.) The worship being an anthology of Persian poetry selected chiefly from the Wa/fcyd.) The Garden of poetry being an anthology of verses of the great masters by Nitzam aldyn Khan b. The subjects are alphabetically arranged. He quotes never more than one bayt from the same author in succession. 31 lines. 1 *$ ^f&& U^* ** 1 804 pp. (41) C)U. It contains verses from celebrated poets on various subjects without biographical notices. and . <*&<>a> (P. Myr is appar- ently not identical with Myr Taqyy.

NO. and he died in that city between 1215 and 1221.|^U.^1 ^J^ &&S&" Topkhanah 8vo. He 1 75 gives no biographical notices. Arzii. he follows to some extent the Tadz- the chronological order. of Cayib. and the latter from Abu Bakr. Myr wrote this book about one year after the death of p. his Though Myr Mohammad Taqyy. of Siraj Myrza (he means aldyn Arzd and of i±m. this proved by the following facts it is put into the midst of the extracts. whose takhalluc usually the title Myr is put before for- name. 42. kirahs of says he used Taqyy Awfoidy. Walih and the JUa^l eJu'UaJ and the L^iUaJ . U.] MYR TAQYY. Myr's Tadzkirah is mentioned by iJayrat. instead of forming part of the biography . but after his father's death he removed to Dilly in order to be near his illustrious uncle.&! ^s^x J^. who corhe went to Lucnow where Acaf aldawlah allowed him a pension of two or three hundred Rupees a month. see There occurs in but it it 159 supra. Mokhlic which happened in 1164. . (42) j* £& o*=»j*o CJ«JU5 \y*)\ e*3 (P. of probably Tahir Nacrabady). He was a nephew of Arzii and a native of Agra. After the year 1 1 96.) Pithy Sayings of the poets. of 9 lines. Qasim blames him for his conceit and for making in his Tadzkirah ill-natured remarks on his contemporaries. lji/. The title mer indicates a descendant from 'alyy. being a Tadzkirah of Rekhtah writers by was Myr. long after the book had been of : completed.\j. in the life was clearly inserted is Dard the date 1196. rected his verses. about 100 pp. near one hundred years of age. Beginning **i>L. Shorish thinks that he was a Shaykh.

who wrote in 1174. because of Pithy Sayings of the poets has its been undertaken. r £vo) o^^ &. I. nition of In the preface : is the following defi- Rekhtah poetry ^jmfl j*£> j^ eu~ OiUj I j*£ sS ilsi. te^^ ^ ^1 Jlj*\& JJj*J &$ *J>.— — 176 re'khtah tadzkirahs. see p. but have no intention entirely to omit them.xh'i . It contains near one hundred very short biographies which. are written in Persian. was still alive when it was written. written containing a record of the Rekhtah Rekh- tah means poetry.£i ^l$l JU*»' jl <^ tS*"^ fyS>' taJfe^*** t/fl'Jli £-*J?j *i3»£> ^. which is in the style and manner of Persian poetry. Consequently the compilation of this book title which has the Deccan. no book has been poets. as well as the observations on their verses.ii " Be it known that up to this day. . [Chap. but shall mention some of them. has not produced one great master. I I do there- fore not commence with them. 159 supra. but in the language of the exalted court of Dilly. I it Though Rekhtah had origin in the do not begin with the poets of that country. and it has been used by Shorish who died in 1195 moreover Arzii. who died in 1 169." In the conclusion of the book he gives some further details on Rekhtah style : ' y Q ^ % *&i) +i)A il&ji 4Ua^J) & Jc ^ ^i. ^ jd *$ JJUJ idxl^j ^i Axir Au jjfo.

*£ e^-J X. this allowable to the extent agrees with the construction is of the if it is Rekhtah idiom — contrary to the known only to poets but Rekhtah grammar it is objectionthis is — able. Khosraw. is The verbs and prepositions are Persian but this 4.] MYR TAQYY MYR. It is to be observed that this one of the methods it.NO. Amyr 3. Rekhtah no longer language there is no harm in adopting 5. and one Hindee like the fragment of 2. uf/j ^-^ cJ*ir*j ^1 J ^i** ^ ^T \_t-jj* } $jJ L^X* u*"Uj ^ *$ \^J^ *£ L^^l ^1 -lyj) \*JmS" &&+ jC\Ji jyisxX^O tUjOj C&4U ^j u-^^ i cQ " I Be it known that Rekhtah is of several kinds. One Micra' Persian.>! fs-^l «S. 177 fftf- U>-1 £b¥ ^f) ) **j>j&i ijfcM J^y* v —ltA - ^ fT* *«.U ^kijj) L£**-»J ^Afc f**^U ^Us" AAjLa^ . half the Micra' like the verses of is Persian and the other half Hindee. and that I have equally adopted If the Persian construction is in the spirit of the it. followed by poets. Secondly. will explain to the extent of is my knowledge. objectionable. Yham was much in vogue with former poets but now is it is in use.iJo jyj ***£. which 1. Yham means that word on which the meaning of 2 a .. 0*«| UP)*l* AaxL. Myr Mo'izz. is They use Persian it construction. there no harm in the it. if it is witty and natural. 42.

C. and belonged once to Tippoo's There 13 is 156 pp. Beng. that he was a great Cufy Shaykh and Qasim who wrote in when Dzoka 1221. Gurdezy says in the preface. about 200 pp. . Hall has had the goodness written in 1180 and is to lend me two copies. library. 8vo. &c. It is written in Persian and contains about one hundred biographies in alphabetical order. He alludes evidently to Myr's Tadzkirah of which this appears to be a somewhat better arranged edition. Beginning \±~2))m ^j^-Jf*" J^^ y&" ^'cUj' Mr. I." Beginning Mr. about 150 pp. speaks of him as if he was alive. appears from Dzoka still voce Yusof. and it is the latter which I is intended by the prizes poet. (43) j^Jjf^^ la ^foJ (P. resemblance of corresponding words in rhyme and measure. all The style which have adopted com- the figures of speech as buns. 1 1 59. which the death of happened in Ishtiydq. B. 13 lines. lines. and a few years in which took place 1161. 193. No. one was very correct. ^-^ j J}~ u^**' ] *$ tf^d^* **** **->• J. also a copy in the As.178 re'khtah tadzkirahs. small 8vo. or six years after the death of Anjam. which was written at Lucnow in 1212. that he was induced to compile this book alive wrote. one obvious and the other far-fetched. and the other was copied 1216. and belonged once to Sir Gore Ouselev. the verse depends has two significations. has obliged me with the loan of his copy.) The Tadzkirah of R^khtah poets by Fat^ *alyy who is usually called 'alyy jrTosayny Gurdezy compiled after It at Dilly in 1165. Elliott. [Chap. S. even because the accounts of poets in other Tadzkirahs were very invidious. Soc.

which as the author came it.\* ($ J*> Modern poets.No. office He went early to and obtained there an under the emperor. I plead this as an apology for the mistakes which poets. 8yo.) The Depository Sayings by Qiyam aldyn Mohammad Dilly. is Every one turns his face to another side. has probably never been I had it transcribed for my use. that I doubt the truth of though his book undeniably contains much it original matter. owing to the decay of the empire. may have crept into the subjoined list of Rekhtah 2 A 2 . This is the most valuable work for the early history of Hindiistany literature. into difficulties about the time he compiled finished. ^b~. but he choses so frequently the same extracts his assertion. the copy made from it is incorrect.] qa'yim. On the compositions tiljj***" of the poets of the middling period 3. but now. Qdi/lm of Chandpiir. The title is a chronogram for 1 68 when he compiled this book. saying that no biography of Rekhtah poets had ever been written. but had unfortunately not time to make an abstract of the work when I was at Lucnow. j&3 ^oJl r»rf uiftJUJ i&#3 of pithy 179 f44) ^ (P. He divides into three chapters or 2. Some it places are left blank particularly towards the is end of the book. about 150 pp. 44. He denies in the preface every acquaintance with the preced- ing two Tadzkirahs. and as the original is very illegibly written. and had access to the original. periods *3xb 1. Beginning In the Moty MaAall is the autograph. He 1 died in 1 21 or 1 207. and obliged against his will to prefer emigrating to another place to remaining. and to all appearance merely a rough copy. the string is which has kept the servants of the emperor together broken and they drop like pearls on the ground of humiliation. he says in his short autobiographical notice inserted in this book. as his predecessors. Ancient poets.

trial by ordeal. It a very thick. 1852. He two of them in the preface without giving any details or even their in a letter dated titles. [Chap. this is is what Mr. Jorat wrote the followi&JUfi J\j>a ing chronogram on his death ^^ U* J y. the Bayadh and critical notices of But he did complete all the poets. Ghazals. The former is very rare and the latter probably not extant. inquiries from that I can for the &c. containing Qacydahs. and two or three Tadzkirahs of Persian alludes to poets. Elliott Patna. 'Alyy Ibrahym was honoured with the friendship of Warren Hastings. He left him under Khalyl and besides this Tadzkirah a memoir is on the 8vo. and the other Co/zofe Ibrahym. Res. 19th July. p. work. him the 1 of Chief Magis- He died in 008. informs is me that one of the Persian Tadzkirahs called Kholacat alkalam and contains Mathnawies. by the Ibrahym Khan. relatives. Yiitof 'alyy and Shorish mention 'ishqy under Hk\. and his mother's grandfather was the learned Moll a Mohammad Nacyr who was a pupil of died dur- Akhund Molla Shah Mo/zammad Shyrazy and ing the middle of the reign of Mohammad office Shah. being a biographical Diction'alyy ary of about 300 Rekhtah poets. &c. which printed in the As. He was born at Patna. (45) fffyffi Nawab (R) The Garden of Ibrahym.180 re'khtah tadzkirahs. 389. J. B. but did not live to complete I have two volumes of unarranged materials. and held under trate at Benares. I. . he continues. Bland calls the Co^of. that he collected materials (poetry) it. who had the Nacir-jang title of Arnyn aldawlah and the takhalluc of Khalyl and of iJal. and make out is. I. Mr. " I have all made.

is The Kholacat alkalam appropriated to selections from." From Mr. As. and is I 181 I believe unique. about 800 pp. Soc. Mr. It contained in two large quarto lines volumes of 2005 pages. 45. Beginning ^^ u c^^l ^ ^>~l ^-JX-U a^-> JK As. large royal octavo is filled may mention volume of 694 closely written pages poets. 45. he must have written another Tadzkirah. p. is distinguished by the copiousness of the and by the pains which the author has taken in It fixing the dates. who have produced style of the most approved works in that is poetry. No. poets on a very large plan in Yusof 'alyy Khan informs that he was engaged in compiling a Tadzkirah of Persian 1 180. appears that he entered into corre- spondence with most contemporary poets to obtain information of themselves." printed Elliott In a letter to Mr. appears that the author completed Now as he had completed two Persian Tadzkirahs previous to 1195 and as the Co//of have never been completed. a fair but unfortunately not very correct. gives the following further details. .No. Beng. and abstracts of the Mathnawies of seventy-eight poets. Soc. This Tadzkirah was compiled during the years 1195 and 1196. and extracts from their for insertion. To give some that a idea of the extent of the work. 4to. met with 159. " by mere accident. with the name of which we are not acquainted. it 'alyy ibra'hym. hand. 19 lines. solely with the biographical notices of 3263 The poetical extracts of this scarce work are not it in my it possession. Bland which is in the Journ. Roy. each page containing four in breadth and twenty-one in I length. Bland's notice of the Bayadh in 1205.] closely written 8vo. IX. Dy wans ^'^. The biographies are in Persian. and extracts.

He was first a pupil of Myr Baqir who had the poetical names of Hazyn and of Tzohtir. a small 4to. heard 15 of. by Gholam Hamdany Muphqfy. and subsequently of Myrza Ghasyta 'ishqy. has no preface or page. [Chap. He was a good improvisatore Shorish. for the 1192. *"-•$ s^6 \jtjte*^*j*k'm m^*J J. and men who It died in 1194 are mentioned as title being alive.) the only authority for ascribing it which have ^^^ pic the postscript which runs \j>. about 500 pp. It contains 314 short bioto is him graphies written in Persian with extracts. and who died previous to 1193.j* j±« \Ji<£ al A«J. and he probably compiled this latest date that occurs in it is book 1193. lines. and came to .182 re'khtah tadzkikahs. He was of a good family of Amrohah in the Moradabad district.) is The Tadzkirah familiarly Gholam JEZbsayn who takhalluc Myr Bhayna and whose is He was a native of Patna and a nephew of Molla Myr JVahyd. a Persian Dywan ticism. of about 4000 verses most of which dwell on mys- He in died in 1195. Beginning ^^ij\2> Mr. when he compiled this book. I. Elliott possesses the only copy of this book I have it and has kindly lent tome. (47) L ^*° ^It^A Jfi L_ft~^J u?^ A V^ (P") The Hindy Tadzkirah. (46) 'Jfe ffp of Sayyid called (P. nor does is it appear from it. and spent his early years in Dilly where he used to hold Mosha'arahs or poetical assemblies. B. and had written. the autobiography that Shorish article the author of (though he speaks in the on Shorish I in the present tense.

had written and composed three more Rekhtah poets. 142 8vo.| ks^a f^fyc <*. and one in the style of Nacir 'alyy. 14 lines copied in 1219. 183 Subsequently he went to Lucnow.< *J>S> u/i^*&*« As.he had composed two Persian Dywans. Dywan in the style of Jalal Asyr. an Urdu Dywan containing verses which he had made at Dilly and a containing original poems and three Persian Tadzkirah. of 'ishqy of Patna a son of the poet used to write Persian poetry. He died according to the Gul- shane Bekhar about the year 1243. and his verses were corrected by his father. Dywans. N. j&c He \SiS (p. a Shahnamah which comes down to the geneology of Shah 'alam. about 400 pp. (48. and inserted in it very full who flourished biographies written in Persian of about 350 Rekhtah poets from Mohammad Shah to his own time. js* u>U.] celebrity as early as MUCHAFY. one in answer to Nacyry Nayshapiiry and the other Urdu Dywans. Soc. and it would appear from 'ishqy he supported himself by commerce. not very correct.) The Tadzkirah Mojrim. but both these It appears from the Gulshane Bekhar that he continued his literary activity after he this book. and another Tadzkirah of Rekhtah tor He wrote this Tadzkirah at the request of his instrucMyr Mosta^san Khalyq. When he wrote this 1209. 48. 1195.No. with most of acquainted. whom he was personally Beginning I. paying particular attention to the biographies of contemporaries. a part of a rough copy of a Persian were stolen from him. and by Shah Mohammad .

These are all [CHAP. it. a native of Dilly. poets. about is )} \ ^r'^. J± ^ is ty>d\ gf* 4*)i***. Hall has a copy large 600 pp. was a native of Astrabad and came 1154. lines. 17 collection. and includes only the names of those persons obtained some celebrity as poets. J. of his life the details which he gives us under the letter 'ayn. This I is the fullest of the Rekhtah Tadzkirahs which It contains have seen. tadzkirah at the request of Mr. A copy of nearly the same appearance in my (50) k'i 6aa l-j>*L U4s**J \yt&i\ jLc (P. about (49) <—ikJ \jj> lJuA-oJ o^* y& (H). His father Lutf wrote this Qasim Beg Hijry. is it. Wafa Wafd.184 ItE'KHTAH TADZKIItAHS. whose takhulluc Dzoka. copy in possession of Mr. I. He gives under the letter dz an account of his . written in Per- Beginning $J\ Patna. Mr. A carefully written who has 17 lines. by Myrza Lutf. B. Gilchrist in 1215.f>' &"400 pp. The is latest date which occurs in this book 1215. Elliott of obliged me with the loan of 8vo. who have about sixty articles in alphabetical order. with Nadir-shah to Dilly. The Rose garden in of India. Beginning ^J ^1 o^ jL\ f-J*" d Ub Or^j 8vo. this probably the time at which he completed It contains in alphabetical order 439 short biographies of Rekhtah sian without a preface.) The Touchstone is of poets being a Tadzkirah of Rekhtah poets by Khiib Chand.

i No 51. There are other chronograms in 1215. near 1000 pp. He left besides book a Dywan. which may be the date it when 1219.) collection. Hall's > f l y^jSi <*SiL> iS ay* )j ^j^d A** ^ (P. 185 ancestors. pilation at the request of his teacher Myr Nacyr it aldyn it Napyr usually called Myr Kalhi in 1208 or 1213. or perhaps when was copied. A. large 8vo. but for appears that he continued making additions to more than thirty years. and in the postcript for stated that the chrono- gram of the work This is c\s^ l«fcL e^*»*j which gives 1242. 15 lines. without exception the most uncritical labour of the kind. and some He undertook this comelegant compositions in prose.] dzoka'. His grandson informed this me that he died in 1846. The Beginning Mr. some Persian poetry. contains in alphabetical order an account of near 1500 poets who flourished from the commencement of Hindustany poetry to the author's time with specimens of their writings. biographies are in Persian. It abounds in repetitions and inaccuracies of every description. and contains many persons who It is have never dreamt of writing poetry. is The latest date I have observed in the text 2 B . the book was completed. but says very little of himself. (51) poets Ju9 is jjw* JjaJl JM f— A ««> aAs^^o^c Excellent Selections being a Tadzkirah of Hindustany by the Nawab Myr Sarwar and whose Mohammad Khan whose takhultitle is A'tzam aldawlah. the It last date we find in it being 1247. when the it book was compiled. but in verses of Sayyid Ghalib 'alyy some Khan towards the end of the work which form a chronogram it is for 1216. The title of the book does not occur in the preface. D.

Mawlawy Fakhr Khan. collection large 8vo.18G re'khtah tadzkirahs. 15 lines. ? (52) jfc *cj«=* (P. This may be considered a somewhat improved edition of the preceding Tadzkirah. Among his forefathers he counted Isma'yl Ghawrbandy and Sayyid Fadhil Gujraty.500 (?) and a Mathnawy in the measure of the Bostan of . . of Hakjm Mohammad a Sharyf In 1221 he had written Dywan of and a Mathnawy on the Mi'raj in the measure of the verses Mathnawy of Jalal aldyn Rumy containing 30. Beginning ^jSJoUll^fc^ Jbi Mr. Hall's copy. The biographies are in Persian and alphabetically It arranged. Hall's has been taken. in poetry.) Rare Collection being a Tadzkirah by Sayyid Abu-1- Qasim of Dilly who is usually called Qudrat Allah Qadiry and whose takhalluc is Qasim. of Hidayat Allah Khan 7000 Hidayat. The chronogram for 1221 the date of the compilation. from which Mr. contains about 800 biographies and seems to be chiefly founded upon the preceding Tadzkirah. It contains in alphabetical order 200 biographies of Urdu poets in Persian with short extracts from their works. and in medicine. distichs aldyn. about 6700 pp. a Saint. . near 1 [Chap. I. 15 lines a modern transcribed from the same original. Beginning Mr. and one in *S ^UJ o^Lai J^j. whose tomb is at Gujrat and up to this day a Qasim was in Arabia a pupil of place of pilgrimage. title is a He died about 1246. Hall's \j^^y \-f*)$j *M f>^ c**'. The specimens are well chosen. 5200 verses on the miracles of 'abd al-Qadir. about my collection 800 pp. collection 8vo.

and the second notices of Persian poets of the same period. it a chrono- gram pages.) Periods of poetical composition by Shaykh Gholam father. he was induced by him to write another Dywan in which he used the takhalluc of 700 verses.No. the first contains notices of upwards of a hundred Rekhtah poets.] >hq. was a good Persian poet in the arranging of and wrote a thick Dywan. It is divided into this date is contained in the title. which he This gave him when only twelve years of age. The latter treats on Cufism. When Shah 'alam came from Patna to Dilly title he gained the friendship of one of his courtiers. 187 ^c lJ*uJ ^ &tek (P. He title wrote an Insha of about 200 a chrono- has the 1 1 of Jj^y^o J\*~ which gram A** * 1 for 99. it is in the 'ishq and a Persian Mathnawy containing the story of Shahrokh and Mahrokh of the ( in about 1 measure title Mathnawy of Jalal aldyn Riimy and has the ££m ^^i. for 1187. His Shaykh Ni'mat Allah assisted Niamy. and his name Ibrahym Beg. Subsequently he devoted much of his time to archery. H. without neglect- He learned Arabic grammar. ing however his studies. His 2 B 2 . (53) 53. whose his takhalluc. Mo^yy aldyn Qorashy of Myrath (Meerut). He wrote two chapters tftdt* Tadzkirah in 1222. him a taste for poetry and he wrote himself a Dywan in which he used the takhallu9 of Mobtala. and Alam. was Nawab Najaf Khan. and a treatise on chronograms called y\j~ In $ ) 1220 he composed the ^i^ j*^ and Jp&*A this (i*£) g»U£!. it but having a weak chest he was as seems obliged to abandon it. He also wrote a Persian Tadzkirah which has the fills titles of <j^£ ^*^ The also and of latter ^^ ^^ name is is j^-i and about 1280 pages. biographies have the advantage of being original.

not one date. I. and the seventh. la Garcin de Tassy has made good use of this book in his Hist. (54) c^ &\y6 m (H. his native matter and town. Beginning the second part wanting. of 15 lines. beautifully As.188 re'khtah tadzkirahs. of about 300 pp. the and resides in Calcutta. 484 pp. to The Tadzkirah It of in Beny Narayan Jahdn was compiled 1812 —A. 8vo. name. Beng. Beginning £L I**- ^^ {i /* M 'i&Jk lines. Private collection 8vo.) of Lahor. which are sub-divided numerous heads called j£i The first eight chap- ters contain Persian poetry. 89.) The Nosegay compiler is still of pleasure being selections of Persian and R^khtah poetry by alive Mannu Lai made in 1 252. Soc. de Lit. at whose suggestion the work was undertaken. is [Chap. which begins . The author gives in Hindustany the takhalluc. 13 written under the superintendance of the author in 1812. place of residence and the name of the teacher of about 1 50 Rekhtah poets and specimens of their writings. No. 1227 and dedicated Mr. H. Roebuck. (55) tU3 *£*df (H. Mr. the greater portion of is wanting. but The compilation is wanting in research. Mind. The into extracts are arranged according to divided into seven chapters VL*tiU.

Hall has had the goodness to lend me a copy of this work. 8vo. . His family was of 'arab-saray which about five miles south of Dilly. It contains sian. about 600 very short biographies in Per- he seems to have chiefly used the Tadzkirah of It is Qasim. Beautifully printed in types. 57. but his grandfather settled at practised as physician and died in Agra where he 1 259. more correct than Beginning \Jl*"*i$j)a most other Tadzkirahs. 1837. 189 R^khtah t poetry. ^s^ cU^-u. about 300 pp. large 8vo. (56) >W j& (P.) tafa The Rose garden without thorns by the Nawab MocKhan Bahadur who has in Rekhtah the takhalluc of SheYtah and in Persian of /Zasratry. This may be considered a translation of the preceding Tadzkirah into unintelligible Hindiistany. whose takhalluc is Barin. he was then twenty-six years of age.) The Rose garden without autumn by JF/akym Sayyid Gholam Qofob aldyn. (57) a^U ^ is (H. 21 lines. J. Mr. *>^. Beginning v jlyx £fjK ^ J^ ty.*. he resides at Dilly and began to compile this book in 1248 and completed it in 1250. the author was born at Agra. the names of the poets are *^' printed in the margin. she'ftah. ar 1253=A. {Lf Beginning c^*Lc pJyljIy) ^^.No. with some idiotical remarks. ^t^^.] in page 395. second edition. Lithographed at Dilly. in red ink. D. in 383 pp. Calcutta f**^ 1252=1836 folio 463 pp.

His other literary labours mentioned in their place. 8vo. (59) ^jU te. Mamniin. by Mawlawy Karym aldyn of Dilly who now teacher of the Hindustany language in the Agra College. from the most celebrated Hindustany Walyy. After the publication of this book. in the Dilly The author is near sixty years of age and acat Dilly. Zawq.) An is Anthology from R^khtah poets without biogra- phical notices. he edited a kind of periodical called &5j jl. I. Nacyr. Selections viz.'jbt^Jv* legible.'jf (H. [Chap. but died soon for want will be of support. Beginning fc ^S*** *UJy£ %#$/** folio ^j ^f+'. Myr Hasan. Professor of Persian College. Nasikh. Jorat. knowledged the best Persian scholar His other extracts are works will be described in their place. (58) iryji Jijjjr* l^V^ y$s* v^i (H.) poets. Dard. 273 pp. D. The preceded by short biographical notices written in Urdu. containing the poems made by the memit bers of a Mosha arah of Dilly. hardly .190 re'khtah tadzkirahs. Myr Taqyy Myr. Sawda. Mulchand. and Mumin Khan with a few popular songs and an introduction on the different kinds of Hindustany verses by Mawlawy Imam-baksh Cahbayiy. he may be thirty-five years of age. Beginning K ^ JL *^V ^^ UV »**"- Lithographed at Dilly 1844 A. Lithographed at Dilly 1261=1845 330 pp.

H. and this led him to compile this book. . 1265.] KARYM AI.) Garden without equal. 61. 504 pp. (6i) y^ Urdu poets by ^ which title is (p. I refer to Hall's erudite remarks in the Benares Magazine. Beginning K «**-** ^ yf X ^U ^1 ^/& t Lithographed at Dilly. it would appear embodies the said extracts. and that he requested him to make a new edition. de Tassy's Histoire de la is Hind. For a notice of this book. and the second part contains extracts from 187 lives. The a chro- nogram for A. 8vo.. 72 pp.NO. Urdu poets with- 249 pp. 191 (60) Mi^'fijft*-**^ &** L^N*^ History of '*j>& (H.DYN. 1848. h.) A who Urdu poets chiefly translated from Garcin lit. from 50 or 52 ancient and modern Persian out notices of their poets. Esq. being Elegant Selections from Persian and informs us in the preface Mohammad Ibrahym. but also several omissions and hardly any improvement. Fallon. by F. now a teacher in the Agra College and Karym aldyn with some additions. the biographies are in Hindiistany. is The book divided into two parts the first is called ^^j^UJI 5I^« and contains extracts — chiefly Ghazals. He that Mohammad Uosayn had extracts from Persian some time ago published elegant poets.

Mr. rae Jahangyr . and Vol. 642 pp. at ^a is gijjgd JU*I $*• v li *' dj^jHj Bombay 1265. after the preceding sheets had been printed. II. I. Soc. 33. copied in 1213 from a MS. 19 lines in a page. . 542 mentions the (see following ones Majma' alintikhab I. Large 8vo. Asiatique Serie IV. 361) Tadzkirahe Sho'a'alyy j Shahy Tadzkirah by Myr Mohammad Tirmidzy . 11 lines. He informs us in the postscript that he intended to add two volumes containit ing the history from 'alamgyr to the year 1184. porary poets The appendix contains contem- who have not been noticed by Arzu. p. this is the cause why it has not been noticed in its place in page 161 before No. Beginning Lith. 1 by Shah MoAammad Kamal • Journ. p.IZasan Tadzkirah by Myrza Jawan-bakht Jahandar Shah.* an edition of 1266 which has the of Majma' (62) J^JcUl^i 9 */* (P. Hall in an article in the Journ. there 'dr. Beng. Executed with title great care. ^jAx*. : XVII. this volume came accidentally to hand.192 re'khtah tadzkirahs. but is very likely that he has not carried out his plans. [Chap. p.) Tadzkirah of Persian poets by Yiisof 'alyy Khan who compiled this work at Murshidabad in 1180 and completed it in 1 184 and died previous to 1195. book has no preface. The Bg. which had been executed in 1195. Vol. Tadzkirah by Myr Fakhr aldyn . 8vo. Tadzkirah by Abu-1. As. * Besides the Tadzkirahs described in this catalogue. It contains in alphabetical order about three hundred short biographies of Persian poets from the beginning of poetry to the author's life-time. Vol.

'alyy Tajryd. where he married the daughter of Myr Mohammad Shafy' Tazdy. his father Myr Mohammad under 'alamgyr I. and came back to Bengal in 1169. and in 1180 he resided at Murshidabad and 1U &JL»j +j£ &A4JI// &d[s: K aJUj ~ (j-^s^ had written — ^^ — which treats on ascetics — y ^a^o »«>Uil j& &JL»j — j& cUfji j& &JL»j Myr Mortadha Haydar. In 1165 he sailed from Hooghly to Arabia for the sake of making the pilgrimage. his fortunes changed frequently. He remained for some time in the Deccan. A' lam aldawlah -Hajy MoAammad Khan Bahadur was 'alam : generally known by the name Patna. he studied at Ispahan. of dropsy.] yu'sof 'alyy kha'n. which India. and aldyn his father Grhaziy Khan Fyruz-jang rose under the same sovereign to the rank is of seven thousand. Shah a son of 'alamgyr. was of Tazd. Myr Mohammad Taqyy under the late 'alyy Kliiyal a pupil of Thabit came Wirdy Khan.000 bayts. a relation of the late 'alyy Khan and the Wirdy Khan to Bengal is and composes Eekhtah and Persian poetry. Tajryd was born at Awrangabad in 1116. and 2 c died in 1173. he the . but in the he was appointed Qtibah- beginning of the reign of Mohammad Shah He died in 1170. came to Bengal under Shuja' aldawlah and resides now. he has written a Dy wan of about 10. Kama! aldyn Khan Ahqar his father Kashmyry. came after the death of from Dilly to Bengal where he resided in 1180. and came in 1150 to Bengal. grandfather. 1180. the highest rank that is bestowed in Acaf-jah was under Mohammad Shah Cubah-dar of the whole Deccan and died in 1160. his father was in the service of MoAammad A'tzam same prince. 193 Contents of the appendix A'caf. seems he was alive in 1180. Mohabat-jang. and returned about the time of the invasion of Nadir Shah by sea to India. this is the takhalluc of Acaf-jah (see p. 153 supra).: No. 'abid Khan under 'alamgyr the rank of four thousand. and came to the Deccan. Myr Baqir who has the is title of Mokhlic 'alyy takhalluc of Khorram. of -ffajy his father came as a merchant to A 'lam aldawlah was governor of Tirhoot and a patron of it sl the author of this Tadzkirah. in poetry a pupil of Myr Mohammad Afdhal Thdbit. 62. his His held forefathers were of Ttiran. and he was in the service of the Under Parrokh-siyar dar of Patna. in that province. He wrote good Persian poetry.

and now. "Wajid has the title of Fakhr altojjar. who sent him as governor to Orissa. who came to India during the administration of Mohabat-jang. Hdlat died two years ago. subsequently he was attached to the governors of Oudh. The reader must remember that con- sistently with the plan of the work this is not intended to be list an elaborate biography of Rekhtah poets. Myrza Baqir a son of Aqa Myrza was a Persian by birth. J lj ±=>> [CHAP. 1180. I. and was appointed a physician to the emperor. . towards the end of the reign of to AAmad Shah he came Bengal where he now. his ancestors were of Kashmyr. he left Eekhtah poetry.Hakym Mohammad Shafy' Khan Forugh of Shyraz came to India. Allah Ghalib-jang Ghdlib resides now. a descendant of Abu-1-IZasan king of iJaydarabad. resides. subse- quently he lived at the Court of A'caf-jah. a left friend of the author. the pride of merchants. died in 1179 and a Dywan. RE'KHTAH TADZKIRAHS. containing names and the titles of their works. he iZajy is attached to the Natzim's court. but he was born at Patna. Nawab Sayyid almulk Asad in 1180.194 author of the rolumes. Myrza Baqir was born in the Deccan. has travelled much in Arabia and Persia. 1180. jsjULj which is a novel in Persian prose. and about 1160 he came to Bengal. at Murshidabad. he was a good physician and alive in 1180. and died a few years after him. Sultan Mokarram Sultan. 'alyy Qiy&mat. Mortadha Quly Khan Firdq was under Mohammad Shah a Munshiy at Billy. relation of Myr Mortadha Murshid Quly Khan Hostam-jang Mdhhmur of Surat a the Natzim of Bengal. but merely a besides their of the materials available for such a biography. in fourteen Faqyh Q&hib Dardmand. the . an uncle of 'alyy Ibrahym Khan now at Patna. where he resided in 1180. 'alyy Ibrahym Khan Khalyl. resides Before concluding this chapter I insert an Index to the Urdu Tadzkirahs. A^mad Khalyl.

whereas all made it a rule to abridge . D = Dzoka No. as it may enable the reader to decide on the uJlsrl j& and identity of the two poets. 'abd Allah flourished previous to the time of Myru Myrza. . It is hardly necessary to say that list many of the persons mentioned in this have not left a Dy wan nor any other works. E=Mu^afy G= 42. For the sake of brevity. Be-khi- P = Gulshane zan No. R = Gulshane used this book only occasionally. 53 V='ishqy No 48. I make use of the following abbreviations : in referring to the above Tadzkirahs A = Qayim see No. H. 62. fciflaa.] principal dates. C ='alyy Ibrahym No. M. No. I 195 am therefore not responsible for any mistakes or repetitions which indexed. No. 44 . 43 . TABLE OF CONTENTS. de la Lit. I use the tense which I found in each Tadzkirah. Such criticism is the duty of the historian. Gulshane Hind No. is Garcin de Tassy informs us that 'abd Allah of the Deccan author of a the which a copy which H of Mathnawy which has the title of I give the verse is in the India House in London. 'abd al-RaAym of the Deccan. Hind. 49 H == Sarwar No. I I should have omitted them had the grain with the not been in danger to throw away chaff. I refer For farther details and critical to Garcin de Tassy's Hist. 'abd. quotes of him. B = Gurdezy . K ^'U^f 'abid a *j& u£t*jg*g-!*a ^J jb «f?d 4fJ «p ^ ^x* oj\f contemporary of Walyy. this being in cation of the time many instances the only indiwhen a poet flourished. 51 No. Qasim No. No. M. 46. though not always a safe one. He may be identical with the 'abd al-Ba^ym mentioned by 'abd al-Barr. may occur in the books remarks. J= Shorish No. H.. his language and style are obso- 2 c 2 . the notices contained in the other Tadzkirahs) T= Tabaqate Sokhan No. 47. 45. 57 I (I K= M=Myr Be-khar No. 56 . 52. 50.

revise his verses. because most of them were patrons of Eekhtah poetry. Garcin de Tassy mentions . D. Re'kHTAH TADZKIRAHS. 1-Aajj. His Dywan celebrated. for He was born at at Gwalyar but came early to Dilly some time he lived Narnawl in the Society of Gurdezy's father. In the Lucnow Almanack it 1848 and in Prinsep's Useful Tables. Sa'adat 'alyy Khan a brother of Acaf aldawlah died in 1229. Nawab £amcam aldawlah Khan Khwajah Burhan aldyn Manctir-jang of Agra. A. on the throne. M. 1853=1269 A. A. title of king and died in 1242. commonly called Shah Mobarak. printed at Agra. see 2nd chapter. I give here a list of the governors. Acaf aldawlah governor of Oudh. H. Shdrish calls him and says that he was skilled in chronograms. £afdar-jang died on the 17th of Dzufor 1167. He had also the takhalluc of Amjad. He was descended from Khwajah 'aciy. Ghaziy aldyn iZaydar 'imad almulk obtained in 1235 the aldyn . was a descendant of Mo7iammad Ghawth Gwalyary and a near relation of Arzti. K.Saydar d. [CHAP. H. 'aciy. is said that he died in 1170.j Do&ya Kalby r) mentioned by Garcin de Tassy. Abru. and died previous to 1161. ^ji %zJL i(i ^jJa/o IjL &S pij ±£ j\ £}j\3 JL. 'acim. 'alyy is Nacyr aldawlah d. He also mentioned by J and V. B. (now kings) of Oudh. a holy man who derived his spiritual genealogy from 'abd Allah Baghdady. it runs. Shaykh Najm aldyn 'alyy Khan. I. who used to . ~B. then followed Acaf aldawlah who died in 1212. Amjad 'alyy Shah 1263. Nur Mohammad is is a good poet of Burhanpur in the Deccan. d. Myr Amjad 'alyy of Agra. 1258. E paid him two visits and says that he died and left Persian and Urdu poems. 'acimy. ^xi^ He was succeeded by Shuja' aldawlah who died in 1188. Acghar. JSTacyr 1252. H. Abu-1-jffasan king of Golconda. B. see Tanashah. 'alyy of His Urdu Dywan has been Dilly. but the chronogram five above the eastern entrance to his beautiful Mausoleum miles from Dilly. Acaf. Abjady author of a Dywan. He is probably identical with 'abidy the author of a Math( nawy called ^15 La a ^S" *aa. 'abd Allah A^rar.196 lete. about fifty years of age. He was blind of one eye. of Dilly composed many mar- thiyah and died in 1166. Acghar. Myr Acghar Mahrerah near is D. gives the above date. He has also written Persian poetry. Wajid now. G.

I also write agreeably to the tion Urdu pronuncia- and prosody Nawab and not Nowwab. C. Gholam Ashraf a son of Grholam Easul and a pupil of Muc^afy chiefly composed Marthiyahs. Afca^. it would appear .J| aueiU. Shah FacyA. 62. one has the title of in the Imperial o^*U. Shaykh Qalandar-bakhsh of Saharanpur. Myr Faryd D. Karani 'alyy* of Dilly was a perfectly illiterate man. but without much education flourished. Myr Jywan went to Mashhad and remained there attached to the tomb of Imam Eidha. D." spell * According to the rules of Persian grammar we ought to 'alyy . and the other of f/ki\ £*.* of which a description it is contained in Grarcin de Tassy. . He He was a friend of K. P. T. Afsar of Moradabad. He has written a book on the figures of speech under the title of £jU^J| &^>. previous to 'abd Allah Qo^ob-shah (came to the throne in 1020). D says " I have never met him. a in the British Museum. a mystical poet. Afdhal. of Myrza Bhuchchu Mdwy. b. Afaryn. D. Afca^. aciy is a poet of Eampiir.NO. /*•>'. aldyn _Baha aldyn of Jalalabad ?) (half way has between Dilly and Saharanpur lately left Dilly. Afghan. E. Afgar. 'aciy 197 Musal- two Mathnawies of on the religious duties of the is mans. written in 1146 and 1147 library at Paris. his Imam 'alyy Khan of Lucnow. and kept a 'aciy. of which a copy. C. was a darwysh at Lucnow and died in 1192 at a very advanced age. Gholam Mo^yy aldyn of iZaydarabad a pupil of Paydh. H. H. E. He is now at Lucnow. was a pupil of Firaq. According to C name was Alif Khan and he lived in great poverty. H. P.ZZaydar 'alyy a son of Myrza iZasan 'alyy Beg of Lucnow where he now resides. 'abd al-'alyy author of a is Mathnawy called tej+s. Mo7*ammad Afdhal of Jhanjanah not far from Meerut. perfumer's shop at Patna. P.] TABLE OF CONTENTS. Karame but in proper names which are compounds like this the idhafat is invariably dropped in Urdu. Agha . lives in his native town. from Qayim. He left a Persian Dywan. Adab. D. He was a pupil D. a pupil of Myrza By-dil. Adham ^xa^U copy of Afaq. E. Afear. He is the author of a poem called the Story of hardship jyUl^ a^ixj of which there is a copy in the India House in London.

Ahmad. D. Sayyid A&mad clever 'alyy of Sarawah was a well educated and man. His ancestors came from Turan. he knew Sanskrit and Bhaka and wrote some times in Eekhtah. Myr Mahdiy a son of Myr Mohammad. 1809. C. Myrza Ghafur Beg of Dilly. Aftab. of Shah Waqif. According to M and D his takhalluc is AAmady. Aghaz. is a promising young man. was first in the the uncle of Acaf aldawlah at Jawan-bakht. re'khtah tadzkirahs. Sayyid Gholam Mo^yy aldyn of JSaydarabad a pupil of Faydh. C. Nur Khan a Patan a clever story-teller. D. the latter two were written in 1241 at Faydhabad. Dilly. service of Agah. whose takhalluc was Soz. that he still held the office. respective places.198 Afsos. Afsurdah. Mohammad QalaA lived at Dilly under the emperor Mo^anidied a long time ago. Is a pupil Agah. T. D. V. He may be identical with the following. He H. He died some years ago. Myrza Panah 'alyy H. Agah. . D. H. and finally service of Nawab IsAaq Khan Lucnow and subsequently of Myrza he was recommended to Lord Wellesley and appointed a Munshiy of the College of Port William. Agha. this is the takhalluc of the emperor Shah 'alam II. is mad-shah. AAmad. he translated the Nal Daman and Zalykha into Eekhtah verses and left a Eekhtah Dywan. He died His writings will be mentioned in their at Calcutta in A. B. Myr ilasan 'alyy one of the story-tellers of the king of H says that he was lately appointed to that post. Munshiy Lachman Narayan was in the service of General Ochterlony who died about 1826 A. and K who wrote in 1121. Afanad of Guzrat was a contemporary of "Walyy of the Deccan. He is probably identical with the author of the Mathnawy called^? y**> 2 <3% and of the two Hin- diistany prose works called is^tjj* and (SJi '^"J mentioned by Garcin de Tassy. Myrza Agha Khan of Lucnow is skilled in writing Marthiyahs. Ah. D. went some time ago to Patna where he entered the Nawab Karym Quly Khan a son of Monyr aldawlah. reigned 1173-1221. It is not known where he now is. Afsos. this however seems to be a mistake. Myr Shyr 'alyy [Chap. E. Beg of Lucnow composes chiefly Marthiyahs. H. I. V.

Nitzam aldyn. H. A.] TABLE OF CONTENTS. found patrons in Shuja' aldawlah and A'caf aldawlah. D. AAmad-shah familiarly called Basawan. H. he was then about 22 years of age. 1852. Qamcam Allah a son of In'am Allah Khan Yaqyn was a soldier by profession. and of an Urdu Dywan. B. . D. Afanad-shah Bahadur emperor of Dilly J. Madhmtin and of Abrii whom he imitates.No. is was born in 1200 He the author of a Persian H says that there was an AAmady of Gujrat. According to D his name is AAmad. but he was born at Dilly. he is At in the service of Sarfaraz aldawlah at Lucnow. K. K. Gholam Afanad 'alyy resides at Burhanpur. 62. D. Ray Munshiy. K. D. 'alyy AAsan and Myrza Ahstm Allah with the takhalAAsan Khan Ahsan who was the Khansaman t2 of 'umdat almulk are mentioned in V. E. Afanad. J. Shaykh AAmad. He used to write Kabits. 199 He AAmad. A^san Allah a contemporary of Ishtiyaq. G.Hafitz Shaykh Gholam A/imad Akhond is a very learned his forefathers man. Y. AAsan Allah K and a friend of H. A^san. Shaykh AAmad Tar writes Persian and Rekhtah poetry. Myrza A^san 'alyy (K writes Quly instead of 'alyy) was of Persian descent and a pupil of Myr Dhiya and Nawab subsequently of Sawda. A^san. J. 'alyy AAmad. . 'ajayib 'ajiz. AAsan. alive at Dilly. D. were of the Panjab. "Was dead in 1165. J. 'arif aldyn Khan visited twelve years ago Dilly. Myrza Jawad 'alyy a Qazalbash was born at Lucnow where he resided in 1209. his know name. AAmady. V. He is still. Myrza A&mad Beg a Qazalbash is a good soldier. Myrza Afanad promising young man. Khan a son of ~Fath 'alyy Khan is A^mad. a He is probably identical with the preceding. AAqar. Mohammad Mawla is a poet of the Deccan (^y^Khan of Dilly a pupil of ^ )j D. luc Besides this poet. H. has latterly given up writing poetry. present 1215. and died in the Eastern provinces (Oudh ?). H. but that he did not calligraph. a distinguished went in 1229 to Malabar (Malywar). but some it is time ago he went to the Deccan. A^san. AAmady. B. and said that he resides at Burhanpur. Shaykh Afanad "Warith of Zamanyah near Ghaziypiir nourished in 1196. Shaykh AAmad 'alyy of Dilly a pupil of Myr Kallu jffaqyr. M. C. Afanad.

friend of Khwajah Akram of Dilly was a title of his Qayim and embodied the conse- Tadzkirah into chronogrammatic verses. Myr Akbar 'alyy of Sirhind a pupil of resided at Lucnow. called Ajmal. 'ajiz. Akbar. was in 1194 at Murshidabad and in still alive 1215 at Dilly. Nacir aldyn or Mohammad. £a7*ib ]y[y r a son Khwajah Mohammad Myr. Akbar. He has written a Dywan. the style of it is far-fetched and disfigured by puns.200 'ajiz. f Alain. He has written several works. 1852). H. Shah Bhuchchu or Myan was Bhuchchu. used at Dilly. D. to have Mosha'arahs whilst he H. He died a few years ago. 'ajiz. is man and writes sometimes verses. V. H. a son of Shah Mohammad Eekhtah Afdhaly of Ilahabad. He had first the takhalluc of Anjam. and resides at He died young. A. D. of Afghan origin was born at Khiirjah which is Ulfat Khan thirty koss east of Dilly. re'khtah tadzkirahs. is Akhgar. Akhtar. 'akif was a friend of Sawda. D. Khan MostaqymK. resides at Dilly. G. C. Mokarram aldawlah Sayyid Akbar 'alyy jang. Lalah Tek Chand treasurer of Myrza Khorram-bakht. a pupil of Hatim. V. . J. D. quently a nephew of Myr Dard. He is a pupil of Shaykh Nacyr aldyn Gharyl. H. Zdrawar Singh a Khatry and a grandson of Bay Anand Earn Mukhlic resides at Dilly and writes Persian and Eekhtah poetry. Patna. familiarly Ajmal Mohammad JNacir Mohammad a learned Ajmal. and in 1221. Akbar. Myr Grholam iZaydar Khan is of Dilly a son of Mohammad Baghib 'atzym Allah Khan and a nephew of Mohammad Ja'far Panypaty a relation of H. brother of Jawan-bakht's mother. V. fell from the roof of his house and died in A. and was in 1209 upwards of 30 years of age. He is probably identical with 'arif 'alyy Khan 'ajiz of Agra mentioned by C. M who mentions him as well as 'ajiz of Burhanpuir. E. Akbar Khan a younger brother of P and a pupil of Mumin Khan (who Akbar D. E. D. 'ajiz. He a pupil of Qudrat. Muc^afy and Jorat. As long as MucAafy was at Dilly he used to correct Akbar' s verses. He was K. it appears that he lived at Dilly in 1164 and was given to unnatural vices. from [Chap. a pupil of his late brother G-holam Qofob aldyn Mogylat. According to E and H he was a son of Myr Dard. I.

Myr Mohammad Ridha Khan are very highly spoken Grhazal sian of. D. Myrza 'alyy Quly of Dilly left a short but good Dywan. Myr Mo/iammad Amyn Grholam 'alyy A'zad. He wrote chiefly Marthiyahs. D. D. 'alyy Jan. a friend of P. Mohammad Khan 'alyy of an Afghan of Moradabad. Mawlawy Mu'jiz. of Benares a pupil of Myr K. Gr. a native of Patna. up at Sahrand near Dilly (H he left a Persian Dywan and some Mathnawies. Amany.NO. P. 62. I suppose he is identical with the preceding. Shah Nacir very pious man. V. 'aliy a prince of the imperial house of Dilly. a A was not acquainted. Mo7*aminad 'aliy-jah is TABLE OF CONTENTS. He was a pupil of Holas Bay and left a Per- Dywan. A'thimy. whose al-Bafanan. 'alyy. of Myrza Lucnow was Moghol origin and a pupil of Dywanah. Myr Mohammad Amyn of the Deccan. a pupil of Nitzam Khan was near seventy years of age in 1209. Amjad. Myrza Mo/tammad 2 the takhalluc D . 'alyy is a pupil of 201 Dzawq. Myr Amany of Dilly son of Khwajah Burhan aldyn his name as his takhalluc.] Alam. H is was not able to obtain any information respecting him. was born and brought spells Sirhind). E. 'alyra. sian Mohammad Amjad. He is a youug man. Amanat. C. Amyn. familiarly called Bahman of Dilly. C says he died in 1187 and P says in 1177. Khwajah Amyn origin. H. Amanat Bay resided in the Darybah at Dilly. Isma'yl of Dilly had first Amyn. a son of Qadhiy Budhdhan uses 'alyy. takhalluc was Arshad (he is commentary on the Myna Bazar) and the father of Mawlawy 'abd Amyn. was of Kashmyry His poems which 1194 he had been some years in the service of Nawab Motzaffar-jang. have been collected in a small IJchldg Dywan of D. the takhallu9 of a son of Nawab Nitzam almulk Natzar. D. D. Amyn. He went to the Deccan and settled there. 'alyy 'alyy. and Eekhtah According to P he was a son of the author of a Mawlawy Arshad. P. P. in aldyn. D. P. H. H. and had written Perverses. and a pupil of Dzawq. 'alyy. a Dakhny poet with whose circumstances 'alyy.

he was friend of D. 'ishrat. he then invited MoAammad Qayim who resided then at Bisawly.) at the court of Shah 'alam. Shaykh Amyr-bakhsh a son of Zfosayn-bakhsh of holds an appointment at Hatras. a brother of A'caf aldawlah. Nawab Mohammad Tar Khan a son of Nawab 'alyy Mohammad Khan of Afghan origin. H. Amyr. he invited Soz and Sawda to come to him. . H. Dilly. Amyr. a son of Qadhiy WaAyd aldyn Khan is the grandfather of the present Amyn of the Calcutta Madrasah.202 REKHTAH TADZKIRAHS. first [CHAP. R. and gave him a salary of one hundred Rupees a month. Shaykh Amyr aldyn of Narwar where it is said he was for some time Kotwal. ing and that (It is is clever in not unlikely that he is identic with the preced- D mentions him twice). e.Hainyd al-Ra^man Khan he was a pupil of Nitzam aldyn and used to hold Mosha'arahs in his house at which all poets of Dilly assembled. Amyr aldawlah Nawazish Kfcan of Dilly was called . According to K he was originally of the Jat caste and was adopted as son by Dawiid Khan of Moradabad. Amyr. Amyn aldyn Khan he died at Benares in 1186. defeat of Dhabitfah Khan by Shah Mahrattas put a stop to this happy state of things. Parwanah Moradabady. and he died soon after 1188. Amyn aldawlah Mo'yn almulk Nacir-jang. E. D. fire-works. like MucAafy. P. D. Amyr. Amyr. &c. of "Wa^shat. D. Sayyid Amyr Allah of Dilly is an amiable young man who is well versed in astronomy. Amyr. Besides Qayim he assembled other poets round himself. held the office of Myr Atishy (i. Na'ym. He was a Amyn. Amyr. he resides now at Lucnow. a soldier and then a teacher. and Hakym Kabyr 'aqil He The was also an admirer of paintings and ordered Khan to paint portraits of all celebrated poets and formed an album 'alam and the of them. His attention having been directed to Rekhtah poetry. Sambhaly. I. but they did not accept his offers. He seems to have been still alive in 1221. H. familiarly called Myrza Medhii (pronounce Mewdhu). He was a friend of D who calls him Myan Amyr Allah. Amyr. Amyr 'alyy a Sayyid of Dilly went some time back to the Deccan. he was in charge of gun-powder. H. D. H. He was a good musician and resided at Tandah. Shaykh Amyr Allah of Dilly a pupil of !Nacyr Ramal.

'aqil. H says that he has not been able to obtain any information regarding him. "Walyy 'alyy was of Kalpy. Myr 'arif 'alyy of is Amrohah some time at Mura- dabad. Nawab 'umdat almulk dered in 1159 and Amyr Khan held a high office under to MoAammad-shah.] TABLE OF CONTENTS. D. Mohammad Khan a Shaykh-zadah of Dilly. in compiling his Tadzkirah. H. Anjam. suppose that According to H he was a ^^ is a mistake for c$^i**« 'aqydat of Burhanpiir. Ray Sukh Ray 'aqil-shah led of the Panjab served in the army. Andoh. Khayr Allah of Sirdhanah an arrow-maker. Mohammad Mawla of the Deccan. was much in the Society of a son of Simroo and the takhalluc of £a/iib. Makhan Lai of the Kayet caste was a pupil of Insha Allah Khan. office. and say that he had a shop close to the Dilly-Dar- 2 D 2 . Aram. Anwar. Anwar. but retired subse- quently during the war to Bindrabun. 'arif. He was a descendant of Ni'mat Allah Walyy and composed chiefly logogriphs. 203 origin. much life. 62. C. A. and resided at A'la. Aram. Gholam Anwar. G. would appear that he was his contemporary. more particularly Ghazals. D. a roaming but was much at Dilly soldier. Prem Nath a Khatry lived penman. he writes Persian and Eekhtah poems. was a soldier by profession. H. Myrza Ghafiir Beg a Moghol (Persian or Tatar) by Dilly. H. a contemporary of JNawab A'tzam Khan. his ancestors were Daroghahs of the imperial court of justice (of Dilly). who had the title of Tzafaryab Khan Aram died of cholera at an early age lives since and previous to 1215. a pupil of Muc&afy. Qayim was much attached left him . T. he says that he 'arif. H. from D it Anwar. he was mur- Persian and Rekhtah poems. Myr 'alyy of Dilly a son of the late Myr Wilayat Allah Khan. he was in the service of Shuja' aldawlah of Oudh and C saw him during the Nawab's wars with the English. H speaks of him as he had been alive in 1215. B. Aram. He was a clever archer and Dywan of about 2000 verses if and some Persian poetry. P. Aftab Ray was a writer in a public D. where but I he frequently visited E. MoAammad 'arif a Kashmyry born at Dilly (C and V call him Akbarabady. Left a Rekhtah first at Dilly. composed a few verses and assisted Qayim 'aqil.No.

He died four years ago. Myr Amany. tailor [Chap. that his Dywan was 'arif. skilful Asad. by profession and in poetry a Madhmiin and He died a short time ago. first at Dilly. Nawab Mojahid-jang of Haydarabad. D. east of 'asas. He was a Abrii. Myrza Nawsha. fertile H. Siraj Asad. At present he writes only Persian verses. K. Hia H.204 wazah at Dilly) pupil of . near sixty years of age. see p. cards &*& Asad. D. arranged after his death by one of his pupils. a pupil of Sawda. Mahdiy 'alyy Khan (P Mahd 'alyy noble family of Dilly. and He used to hold for about ten years every Friday poetical assemblies in his house. to Lucnow. after Asad. printed. Arman. at which all poets of Dilly were among them H and D. a Khatry of Dilly. Myr Asad Bengal. 133. spells 'ashiq. having been the grandson of Khan) was of a Nawab 'alyy Mardan Khan. He is now. he is Motathe the author of a short Persian Dywan. Arman. have been told that he was Natzir at Alwar and died there. Lala Kyrat Singh. he was born at Dilly. H. and left was murdered on the road He a thick Dywan kt E. Shaykh Sarferaz 'alyy of Bareilly a pupil of Myrza Khany JSTawazish JZbsayn. a most poet having . 1852. who Qadam I Sharyf near Dilly. E who knew him says. H. I. re'khtah tadzktrahs. Asad Allah Khan usually called ancestors were of Samarqand. He is also the author of a Persian Insha and of a Mathnawy in praise of 'alyy. He was a contemporary of Myrii Myrza. K. This is the His Dywan has been same poet who will be mentioned under the takhalluc of Ghalib. Shaykh Badr aldyn of Sikandrah (about forty miles the Kotwal of that village. It seems that he was alive in 1121. E. 'ashiq is He died two years ago. present. A'rzu. aldyn 'alyy Khan. was a caddiy (writer). is Dilly) is Ashfaq. H. V. Shah 'alyy a son of Ja'far 'alyy i/asrat of Lucnow. a pupil of Myr Asad 'alyy Khan. lived at the shrine called Shah /Tosayn a Darwysh. D. H. resided at death of his patron Nawab Afdhal Khan he went an age of about fifty. H. and^ several Mathnawies among them one on the Pack of 'alyy of Dilly a pupil of Sawda lives now in As'ad Myrza As'ad-bakht a son of A7*san-bakht and a grandson of Shah 'alam.

wrote Persian and Urdu H. he composed Persian and Urdu poetry. He is also the author of a Tadzkirah of some poets who attended his Mosha'arah. Myr Warith 'alyy a son of Patna a pupil of Y. who wrote sometimes poetry. 'alyy A'tzam Khan. 'ashiqy. Urdu Dywans.Hasan. but died a iZamlahe iZaydary in Urdu. C. . Baj ah Kalyan Sing Tahawwur-jang. He is alive. D. P. is mentioned whom said that 'ashiq. a brother of Khwajah pupil of 'isq. Ashna. C. left Nawab A'tzam aldawlah Myr MoAammad Khan and D. He died some time ago. a son of Mohammad and a pupil of Natzyr of Agra. he was born at Patna. 'ashiq. but as he does not is know Arabic he fell into many Afghan descent. 1252. a son at Agha 'alyy Khan. C. P Bampur Ashky. Myr YaAya it is familiarly called 'ashiq 'alyy Khan is a poet of the Deccan B. resides Ashk. a Khatry of Dilly. Ashky. of In he D is a poet of this takhalluc of iZaydarabad. of 'ashiq.000 verses. a good artist. Munshiy 'ajayib Bay. He had begun to translate the Shah-namah into Urdu verses. V. H. was a Treasurer of friend of 'ashiq. J. his ancestors came from Khorasan.No: 62. B.] written three TABLE OF CONTENTS. MoMaram Khan He was a friend is C and 'ashiq. a Yusof 6 Zalykha. two 205 Persian Dywans. P. a poet of Lucnow. a Majnun 6 Layla. he of is the author of the &Le ^x&i in Persian. Behar. D. and a before he had completed 'ashiq. a pupil of Myr f . Mawlawy Jalal aldyn was a man of learning. Shaykh Nabyy-bakhsh of Agra. Myr Zayn al'abidyn is mentioned by B as a contemporary . Bhola Nath of Dilly. it is said that he now. Mohtaram and a of V. . He left a Persian Dywan. 'ashiq. H. J. and other poems. a son of Baj ah Shitab Bay. Singh. 'ashiq. H. he left in all near 200. H. (JalaA 'ashiq. Natzimof the £ ubah poetry. died shortly previous to 1195. J. and an Urdu Mathnawy in which he describes Lucnow. 'ashiq. V. Agha ZZbsayn Quly-Khan. Mohammad Khan of the <~Jiibah Narwar. Myrza Grholam Mo7iyy aldyn. Shah Kalb 'alyy of errors. Myr Burhan aldyn. Khosraw 6 Shyryn. it. a son of Lalah Gopy Mth Pundit. was acquainted with Bam D and a Dywan.

D says that he of the neighbour- hood of Lucnow and writes good poetry. a son of is Imam aldyn of Kandhelah in the district of Saharanpiir. Myr Eawshan is and probably identical with Ashraf Khan son of iZakym Sharyf Khan Khan is 'alamshahy of Dilly mentioned by T. in Calcutta. V. 'atzym aldyn Khan. Myrza Juggan.206 re'khtah tadzkirahs. K adds that he was son of the Myr JNawab. was a contemporary of D. V says that a poem called */oli^» is Mohammad Ashraf. . C. D. A pupil of Qudrat Allah. usually called [Chap. I. E. H. Khan was of Murshidabad. a clever physi- I believe he and resides 'askary a 'askar 'alyy 'askary. It would appear from T that he was alive in 1221. formerly resided at Murshidabad. A contemporary of Abru. cian. thirty years of age. at Meerut. a son of Eafanat Allah Khan. Sayyid Monawwar 'alyy. profession. guished man and knew Ashna. He was in 1215. Myr Imdad 'alyy Khan. of Persian or Tatar origin) of Patna. and ascribed to him. a son of 'alyy Forogh of Dilly. Ashraf. Gholam Ashraf of Dilly used sometimes the takhal- he was a good musician and wrote Persian and Hindu- stany verses. He H. V says that he of him. H. J. Myrza Mohammad Moghol (i. writes Persian and Rekhtah poetry. a well educated young man of about Ashraf. D. and that he did not know what had now become C who quotes the same verse of him as D. H. D. He was of Patan origin and a pupil of He used to attend the Masha'arahs of Mahdiy 'alyy Khan. gained his livelihood by commerce. Maha Sing a Khatry. who was equally a Arzu. Ashna. his sobriquet Bahory Khan. a native is alive of Dilly. and was in the service of John Bristow. jffakym Myrza Bidha Quly Khan was a physician and a son of the physician MoAammad Shafy' Khan. He resides at Dilly. Ashraf a contemporary of Walyy. e. he a soldier by Mayil. Ashuftah. i/afitz luc of iZafitz. P. Ashuftah. P. Gr. Ashub. Ashraf. and that he was a distin- Hakym AclaA aldyn Khan. a pupil of Mamnun. some say he was of Agra and others say of Lucnow. is He was a friend of K and a young man in 1221. is Mohammad Ashraf. but subsequently he became a Chishty ascetic and gave up composing poetry. Ashuftah.

C. title of Soomroo's son). was a descendant of Abu-1-faraj Wasity D. Atish. had an appointment at the court of Acaf aldawlah. E. in Persian he has the takhalluc of Wasity. hammad Nacyr aldyn Nacyr. Sayyid Khan is a pupil of Imam-baksh Nasikh. A. V. chiefly Marthiy- Myrza Gholam IZbsayn is b. Myrza Karym Allah Beg a pupil of Tapish the author of a treatise on Prosody and of one on rhyme. Balthasar. Mohammad Myr of Dilly a son of Nacr aldyn and of Khwajah Myr Dard. Athym. V. Mohammad 'alyy of Gorakpiir. 1853. According to flourished under Myr 'abd al-Jalyl.) man of bad character. Khan of Afghan origin resides at Dilly and is a pupil of Shah Mohammad Nacyr. a friend of Tzafar-yab was the Asyr. He resides now. besides the above. a half-caste. A'tzam. P and E he was of and in the Though a great scholar. D. Munshiy A'tzam 'alyy teacher of Persian in the College . A'tzam. E mentions. H. H. to paper. K. 56 and 66) but says that he knows nothing respecting them. is 207 Khan (this Asyr. J. V. a Sayyid of Belgram.] TABLE OF CONTENTS. 62. Dilly. Khwajah 'a£a 'alamgyr and was a Atal c£ f (Mohammad 'a£a Allah. but at Muradabad. first Shah Mohammad A'tzam of Sandhelah was lead subsequently a retired life a soldier. Sayyid Burhan aldyn of Dilly composed ahs. two other Asyrs (No. Athimy. he was a pious man and given to a brother He left a small Dywan and a Mathnawy. many years ago. V. A'tzam. Asyr. 'a£a. E.No. He is now at Murshidabad. Myrza A'tzam 'alyy Beg held an appointment at Ilahabad and is about sixty years of age. A'tzam He died young. at Agra. his Eekhtah verses are humoristic He was a contemporary of Mostyle of Myrza Zetely. K says he died fiifism. JTosayn 'alyy Athar. P. He is a pupil of Atish. he is a pupil of Nacyr and has visited Dilly. A'tzam. K. His poems are corrected by Moforty-five years of age. D. son of a druggist of Lucnow. is Myr Gulzar 'alyy now abont E. Mohammad A'tzam. D. H. D. it He composed Persian and Eekhtah poetry. 'a^a hammad and is the author of Persian and Arabic Qacydahs . Athar. Myr A'tzam 'alyy is a young man and resides at Lucnow. but did not commit A'tzam.

Atzfary. Gholam 'alyy. H. Myr Gholam 'alyy of Dilly. D. C. spelled 'icmat. first a soldier and subsequently a teacher. D. at Agra. . and resides now at Dilly. Khwajah Atzhar resided in old Dilly and was in the service of the late Nawab 'imad almulk. He was a pupil of Shah a Dywan. V. and that he pears from lived formerly at Earrokhabad and now at Dilly. D. and also a Mathnawy in the style of that of Jalal aldyn Rtimy. he went to Patna and died in 1192. Myr I Khan a son of Myr 'izzat Allah Khan Jadzb born at Bareilly travelled in Bokhara. He died many years ago. It ap- that he was at Dilly as early as 1195. N.208 REKHTAH TADZKIRAHS. [CHAP. but as he was a conceited man and had a whimsical temper.Hbsayn Sarwary and Myr Earzand teaching. D. 1853. M met him at Awnlah. A'tzam 'alyy old poet. H. D. Myrza 'atzym Beg (E spells A'tzam Beg) a native of Dilly. E who knew him says. Shaykh 'atzmat Allah was In K. am told he died about 1842. A'tzam. D. aldyn resided at Dilly and was a pupil of Atzhar. I. a good poet. He is very old and resides now. who was then Wazyr. he has made a free translation of the Sikandernamah into Urdu verses. Khan a son of Sayyid Qalandar 'alyy is an H. 'atzmat. jffatim and Sawda and was dead Awarah. a pupil of the late Shams . that he was a conceited young man. resided some time at Murshidabad. He is V mentions Mohammad C 'atzym and says that he was a pupil of Sawda. Atzhar. called Mohammad Tzahyr Mo^yy aldyn Myrza 'alyy-hakht familiarly Myrza Kalan Gurgany. of Agra. K. is Myrza Zayn al-'abidyn of Patna 'atzym was a young man in the army. and who was familiarly called Shah Jhiilan and was a very man and wrote i^y^ M j <^*} and other Rekhtah Mathnawies. E. he supported himself by H. is evident- ly identical with Mohammad 'atzym 'atzym who mentioned by D and pious K. his ancestors were of Kabul. According to D and K he was a son of Sarwary. he could not go on there. the takhalluc 'atzmat Allah is 'atzmat. in 1221 and left Myr Mohammad Qasim a brother of Zayn al'abidyn A'shnd "and a brother-in-law of B. aldyn Eaqyr Maftun. He was a good Persian scholar. P. 'atzym. Atzhar. 'atzym. &c.

near Lucnow. H. Awj. B. died in Bengal. of the Deccan. 'abd Allah of Sirdhanah near Myrath (Meerut). Myrza Mohammad 'askary of Dilly. besides several Lucnow and is Urdu Mathnawies. D. 'ayyash. C. but name is not mentioned. Was alive in 1221. 'ayyash. a pupil of Myr Soz. D. A'zad. K. Ta\ib 'alyy b. a pupil of Muc/zafy. In H the takhalluc a is spelled 'abbas.No. D. origin is Khan ('abd al-Qadir is meant by Jylanv) Myr Bakhshu or Myan Bakhshu. 'alyy-bakhsh Khan a pupil of MucAafy and Myrza Qatyl. V. 62. Khayaly Earn of Dilly a pupil of Nacyr aldyn Nagyr. D. Amyr 209 alzaman Bijnawry a Shaykh-zadah of Luc- now and Awla. H. D. D. Myr Ya'qiib of Lucnow MoAammad Fadhil a poet writes chiefly Marthiyahs. Myr Awlad 'alyy a Sayyid of Barh. P. 'aysh. Khan Abdaly. D. 'ayyash. Shaykh TABLE OF CONTENTS. 'abbas 'alyy Myrza Beg of Moghol (Persian or Tatar) a poet of the Deccan. 'ayshy resides at occurs also in his V and it is said that he had written a Mathnawy. mostly at Murshidabad where he held an appointment. Awliya. J) Awliya of Mohan in Bengal. V. 'aysh was a friend of C and resided G-. Mohammad V) an iZanyf. man in the army. Grholam Jylany familiarly called Ghaziy aldyn 'ayyash. he wrote 10. K. it is said he lives now He resides at Murshidabad. Garcin de Tassy says that he Mathnawy Tzqfar-ndmah on the victories of Azad. 'ayshy.000 in Persian. E. led the left life of an called ascetic. Sayyid Ghalib 'alyy and a son of vice-governor Khan was one of the Sayyids of Gurdez Khan he was for some time Nayib or Sayyid 'ewadh of Labor under Myr Mannu and fought against AAmad . D. the takhalluc of a young J. a son of Myrza 'alyy Naqyy who was for some time Naw&b JSbsayn Quly Khan's governor of Jahangyr-nagar (Dacca).000 verses in and 16. is a promising but conceited young man. H.] Awbash. Myr Faqyr Allah (Faqr Allah. C. J. his poems 2 E . 'aysh. son of JNawab Khan 'imad almulk. is 'ayan 'ayn. Myr (Myrza. ancient poet. He Amyr Khan of Dilly has lately taken to writing poetry. Shaykh Mo'yn aldyn. E. 'ayan. J. Myrza ifosayn Eidhayiy (H spells Eidha). D and K who knew him. V. 'aysh. Resided at Lucnow.

Shaykh Asad Allah. V. Earn Singh was He used to visit the Mosha'arahs of Mahdiy 'alyy Khan. is intimately ac- quainted with him he has never seen 'azyz. and made Eekhtah and Persian verses. Myr Motzaffar 'alyy (Tzafar 'alyy. P. Babar 'alyy. Shah 'azyz Allah was a sublime poet. E).f*L> He died in Bengal. D). In V his name is spelled Bhikary Das. P. it is He writes very elegant prose. K) of Dilly. Simbhu Nath a Mahajan or merchant of Dilly. B. D. 'alyy Ibrahym came often in contact with him than *jj at Murshidabad. D. He is of now. Azad. formerly he was in the service of the emperor. J. Amyr aldyn of Bareilly a pupil of Grholam 'alyy D. Azadah (Azad. [Chap. E. upwards of seventy years of age. H.210 are in the re'khtah tadzrikahs. father of Parwanah. Babar 'alyy Shah of Dilly a Myr Mo^am- mady is alive. Y. 'azyz Allah of the Deccan. mouth of the people. H. Mohammad is 'alyy of Dilly a descendant of Shaykh Salym Chishty 'azyz. is a Persian Dywan and composed occasionally 'azyz. 1. P. D. H. blind. said that he resides at Ilahabad D. Dilly. Urdu though the author of this catalogue it. On the 13th and 29th of every month a party of singers assemble. 'azyz. In the biography Sawda P says that £adr aldyn has written a short Tadzkirah of poets. P. Azad. D. Bhikary Lai a Sry Basath Kayeth and a pupil of at Dilly. Eajah Beny Bahadur a Eajah of Behar. and many people are present. If he has no other authority — C for doing so. in his house. Eekhtah Shyu Nath of 'azyz. Garcin de Tassy ascribes to him a work on amulets. D. P. H. Khwajah Zayn al'abidyn nourished under MoAammad Shah. He is the . a teacher. He was of iJaydarabad. Azad. and V had heard that he had visited Dilly with Firaqy Dakhany. disciple of Babar was a contemporary of Abru. 'azyz. D. He Azurdah. Bahadur. his family Myr Dard was born and was of Jawnpiir (Jddhptir." ^jj^^j^j^. he read^^ ffi\j instead of " I have frequently seen the said Myr. Mawlawy £ a(lr aldyn Principal fadr Amyn at Dilly. K. J. died on his way to Labor. Shaykh 'ishrat. Azad. Mawlawy 'azyz Allah a son of left Molla Mobarak and a descen- dant of Wa^yd aldyn Chilian verses. 1853.

Mawlawy 'abd al-Majyd studied at Dilly and possessed considerable learning. Balygh. Bahadur Singh a Kayeth of Dilly a pupil of iZatim. a friend of B. P. Bismil. D. works. and the it points Ojj^ J ^'- says that he travelled in Persia. . BaAr. poet. Myr Bahadur 'alyy of Dilly a soldier by profession. Bahjat. V too says when he wrote. a fertile Persian and Urdu poet. that he was alive Baqir. He was a pupil of Mawlawy Mohammad know nothing regarding him. a brother of Eajah He used also to write in the dialect of ladies. MoAammad Najm 2 E 2 aldyn. Tek Chand of Dilly. D. Bahadur. says J. D. Sayyid Barakat 'alyy Khan of Khayrabad is and talented man. Baqa. K. 62. Bahar. Banjhya or Banjhy nourished under Mokhannas but a good It is In Mohammad Shah. K. Shaykh graph . iZbsayn-bakhsh of Agra is a merchant by profession. he writes chiefly Persian verses. He was rather an admirer of the author of several poetry than a poet. he writes chiefly Marthiyahs. his ancestors were of Belgram and in the descended from Shah Barakat. EaAm Eastil of Narerah. I Bala. E. K. K. is Bahadur. is 211 Daya Rain K. seems that he was dead when C wrote. E was a friend of his. that he has lately been killed. Barq. Allah Mohammad also Persian poetry.] TABLE OF CONTENTS. says P. D. some time ago he has gone to Bareilly. C.Hantz of Makyn. D. Mawlawy -Hajy Qudrat Allah of O'ldhan \^^ Diiab. D. Bakhshy. Khan resides at Barakat. he was a C he is called Shah Banjhyah.No. Eajah Earn Pandit Pandit. Qadhiy Was appointed by General Ochterlony as Mokhtar of the Eajah of Patyalah. D. I have heard. Barakat Allah Kotanah and has a a most amiable pension from Zeb alnisa Begam. a bro- ther of Myr Baqir 'alyy of Samanoh resides at Dilly and is Myr Farzand 'alyy. Barakat. and according to his statement he was alive in 1209 and resided at Lucnow. D. or a not certain whether he was a Hindu Musalman. Khan a son of the calliLutf Allah of Agra resides at Lucnow and is a pupil Had formerly the takhalluc of Ghamyn and wrote Baqa. is among which B mentions the Persian Dictionary called out several errors of A'rzu and other 1 f^ jty in which he Lexicons. but according to G he died in 1206. D.

A. He was a friend of Myr Dard and left a Dywan. /Zosayn-bakhsh a shop-keeper of Agra. He his was a name. one is Myr Mo^ammady of Dilly a pupil of Dard. Barq. He went some time ago to the Deccan where he holds an appoints According to D. D. Bhagwan Dat of Lucnow called himself a pupil of Nacyr. Besides these two. P. Be-bak. Others say he died on the road back to Dilly. but resided for some time at Salawn in Oudh. D. A. G. Myan Shah Jyu j& (Myan Shah Jy. Barq.212 Barq. V has name is Myr Mohammad 'alyy. P. Nacyr corrects his verses. Be-dar. I. Sayyid died in 1263. good physician. it appears however from E who knew him. E. H. and perhaps also with Myan Mo^ammady. E. Basy£. Khwajah AAsan Allah is a native of Agra and a pupil Myrza Matzhar. K. He was Mathnawy **li -^$^> is K who calls Bazzaz. Be-charah. where he holds an appointment and a pupil of the author Mathnawy called 4/ol J *-^>. Myr Najaf 'alyy a Musawy Sayyid of Arabia is originally a native of Coel. T his name is AAsan aldyn Khan. Myr Basharat 'alyy went from Dilly to Lucnow and became the pupil of Mammin. Lalah Anand Sarup is Ta^cyldar at or near Benares. He residand left a third Be-dar whose * I translate Muryd invariably by disciple. In V are two poets of Be-dar. that he is identical with Myr Mo/iammady. and he was Kashmyrian but born at Dilly. and originally a ment. Munshiy Besawan Lai a pupil of Matzhar died at an left a Persian Dywan. Bay an. is He is now of a his at IZaydarabad. Bashyr. at Coel and His father Qadir-baksh was ne was °^ Dilly. D. advanced age at Patna and this takhalluc and nearly the same name. and the other ciple *jj** of Fakhr aldyn. Died at Murshidabad. D. but resides since nine years at Dilly. Myan (Myr C. K) a pupil of Gholam Hamdany Mughqfy. [CHAP. REKHTAH TADZKIRAHS. E. B. V. Myrza Khoda-bakhsh Bahadur is a prince of the house of Dilly. of C. D. he resided a Persian and Mo^ammady-shah a disat Agra and died in 1212 Urdu Dywan. C. Mohammad 'alyy was police Daroghah a great Qiify. Shaykh K) MoAammady. . J. E. B. Bashyr. He resided at Dilly and left a Dywan. M and J who mention him do not know He was a poet of the Panjab.

is Khan Thsdn. Shaykh Dydar-bakhsh of Agra Be-hdsh. 213 ed before he went to Agra in the 'arab-saray near Dilly. 'azyz Be'-kal. Be-kas. a pupil of Hidayat and Thana Allah Khan Piraq and a friend of D. Lucnow. is Be-hosh. Narayan Das a Mahajan (merchant) of Dilly.NO. Khan of K61 (Coel). which took place at the Juma' masjid on account of the . E met him at AVnla. He was acquainted with C who met him Murshidabad. Be-khud. Be-khabar of Lucnow a pupil of Niir alislam Mantzar. D. 'alyy. is Sayyid 'abd al-Wahhab of Dawlatabad and a pupil of at B. but subsequently he returned to his native town and died there. to According informs us H who has seen him. Khwajah Gholam iZbsayn a pupil of .ffafitz 'abd al-RaAman a schoolmaster. a Be-khabar. D. and in Urdu he was a pupil of Myr Dard and -ffatini. D.000 and several Mathnawies. Shyii Singh a Khatry of Dilly is strong in the various kinds of divination. his ancestors were of Persia. Was when young in the service of Prince Mohammad A'tzam Shah. subsequently he lived in retire- ment. Mohammad Beg is Moghol of Khayrabad has lately taken to poetry. Zdrawar He died two years ago. D. D. D. R do not know his name. T that he was in the Magistrate's Court at Meerut. In Qiinsm he was a disciple of Pakhr aldyn. Shah D gives Mo^ammady of Agra wrote Urdu and Persian poetry. Be-jan. Be-nawa of Sunam came to Dilly in the beginning of Shah's reign and described in a Mohammad Mokhammas the riot of the shoe- makers of Dilly. which not far from the Ajmyry Darwazah. in Persian he was a pupil of Mortadha Quly Khan Piraq who was a native of Persia. M. R. 62. K. Be-jan. Myrza 'abd al-Qadir has written a Persian Dywan of 50. he Amyn Be-Khwab. D. Khan a Rohela.] TABLE OF CONTENTS. for some time he lived in the 'arabsaray. he has written a very good Persian Dywan. Myrza Mohammad resides at Patna. D. was attached to Be-kas. (By-dil). 'uzlat. the following account of him. he wrote only very few Rekhtah verses. Be-jan. In B and T he has equally the name of Myr Mohammad Be-dar. Myr 'abd al-Eashyd of Shikarpur where he a teacher. H. P and was a pupil of Myr Dard. Be-dil. of Dilly a poor man. Myr Imam-bakhsh is the Mosque. Grholam IZaydar born at Dilly brought up at Be-dil.

M. H and says he is a young man. Be-nawa. and a Myr Katzim iZbsayn Be-qarar cousin of Nawab Sayf aldawlah a of Eadhyy Khan £alabat-jang and a Myrza Katzim iZbsayn Be-qarar Dilly equally a pupil of Nacyr. died some years ago. Mohammad fall Isma'yl a pupil of Yak-rang died young. D. D. He was killed in battle. Khwajah Katzim a son In of 'alyy A'tzam Khan is alive and Fidwy is his instructor.Hasan Myr Mamrii. Myr Mohammad 'alyy. C. Sayyid Fadhayil 'alyy hammad shah and 'alyy left Khan of Khan was (^ubahdar of Thatah under MoAammadan erotic Mathnawy of about 500 verses. Dilly a son of Myr Mo- Be-rang. J. Dilawar Khan. Be-tab. B. [Chap. Mohammad 'alym of Ilahabad a Mofakhkhar and a learned man flourished under Be-tab. murder of one of their number. and K calls him Be-qayd. A. Myr Madan of Dilly was of a good family and held at Murshidabad under Siraj aldawlah the appointment of Bakhshy (Pay-master of the forces). J who mentions him says that he knows nothing of his life. . Sayyid Kalb 'alyy of Patna. Be-qarar. B. D is of Dilly a pupil of Nacyr. and it is said that he may possibly be Myr Mohammad 'alym. I. H. He was a pupil of iZasrat. Shaykh Khayr aldyn of Agra a pupil of Mujrim. V. V. C. V. it is As no order observed in D. V. D. If he when D and H wrote he cannot be identical with the Be-tab of Be-tab. C. Be-tab.214 re'khtah tadzkirahs. D) of Ilahabad has a very identical with high opinion of his own poetical talents. Be-tab. leads the life of is a Qalandar. a soldier by profession. pre- vious to 1168 by a from his horse. he wastes his time in attempts to find the elixir of life. Be-tab. I suppose or arrangement all is these are one and the same man. he is a pupil of 'ishq. Shah In V is Shah 'alym Allah Be-tab. A. a disciple of Rafy' aldyn (who alive). a son of of Shah Faydh 'alyy. J. and most young poets have was alive their verses corrected by him. Maqbul-shah of Dilly. brother of Qadhiy Shah-'alam. not surprising that he should spells have entered the same name twice. and like the preceding a contemporary of D. which was committed by a rich jeweller of the name of Subkaran Das. a brother Kamal 'alyy Kamal. first Myr Katzim . B6-tab Mohammad 'alym ('alym aldyn. He is probably identical with the preceding. He was a pupil of Yak-rang and had the takhalluc of Ham- rang. V.

Khoda-wirdy pupil of Mamniin is a soldier-like man. A. Bay was a contempory of Qayim. Shaykh Walyy Allah is a teacher at Panypat. D. P. Khan of Dilly a brother of 215 Kangyn and a Be-tab. Bismil. Myrza Bhuchchu Beg of Dilly a pupil of Sawda was of Moghol (Persian or Tatar) origin and a soldier by profession he left a good Dywan. but is now some years that he resides at Dilly. D. A. it seems not to be identical with Chunar which known for its fortress. he was a son of the Persian Ambassador Sayyid Mortadha Khan. Gada 'alyy Beg resides at present at Faydhabad. Mathnawy called **tt >SjH* (the white ant book) C. . D. Birishtah. Myr Myran had the of Sayyid Nawazish Khan. Bilal Mohammad Khan of Patna is one of the Sydies (Negroes) of Monyr aldawlah. that to say he has read the usual Arabic school-books and has written a Persian and Urdu Dywan. B and C are unacquainted with his name or cir- cumstances. he probably resides now in Bengal. C. Dilly. Bahadur Singh of Bareilly writes sometimes poetry. M. 1 Besides this he wrote several elementary treatises for a boy of the name of Ilahy-bakhsh of whom he was very fond. 62. 'abbas 'alyy Khan of Bampur. Myrza Kallu Bahadur is a prince of Be-tab. Mawlawy MoAammady. D. H speaks of him as if he was still living. Sydy iZamyd b. Bismil. Be-tab. Be-tab. Be-tab. V. He translated the ^fl the v&° and compiled a it cijj«flifl book on grammar garf in tabular form and called ^j **. C. title Bhed. and two *M*> or three small Urdu Mathnawies jiy$ e>/<ko chiefly on questions of law. D. D. Bismil. Be-tab. M. D.] TABLE OF CONTENTS. He was a friend of H. Bismil. V name of the birth-place Sjfi**. D. and is the author of a Bismil. Bismil. Perhaps he is identical with the Bismil of . iZafitz iZafytz Allah a schoolmaster at Dilly is a pupil of Nacyr. Chunar resided long spells the of Dilly is Bismil. Santokh D. Sayyid Jabbar 'alyy of at Patna. Be-tab. a son of it Nawab 'abd al'alyy Khan lived long at Lucnow. is familiarly called Myan £aAib is a learned Mawlawy. C is met him of Bismil in 1196 at Benares. Sewak Earn is a fair poet. B. K) man and a pupil of 'atzym aldyn A'shuftah. A. D. K. a young Myan Mosharraf (Myan Sharaf aldyn. D.No.

Qafdar. a grandson of Myr Sayyid Mohammad Qadiry who was a Saint and is buried near Dilly. 9 aba. £aba a pupil of Myr Dhiya aldyn Dhiyd of Patna. C. Qafdary //aydarabady is an ancient poet. said that he is is [Chap. K. J. the ele- phant leader) of Shah 'alam. C. Myrza Qabir. Mannii Lai a Kayeth of Lucnow and a pupil of Muc&afy. £adiq. and puts him into the chapter on Persian poets. e. D. R) where he holds an appointment. P. D. D says that he is his friend. R) a Kashmyry is a son of IZakym Bu 'alyy Khan and a pupil of Myr 'izzat D. £aba. £abr. of Lucnow and a pupil of MucAafy. Qafa. Prince Myrza Mohammad is (i. K. Myrza Rajah Shankar Nath a son of Myrza Rajah JNath Dzarrah. C. Myr Qadiq 'alyy Khan man of Patna holds an the medicine. office in a work called {Sj**^ a young M^j^. according to R. 'alyy of the king of Dilly. Qadiq Shah familiarly called JEfaydary resides at a relation Farrokhabad. M. R mentions Mirza Naththan Cafd. Myrza Fiday Beg Fidwy was his pupil. r Mohammad Shah and Qabir Shah of Dilly was a contemporary of a pupil of Fidwy. 'alyy of Allah 'ishq. . D.216 Bunyad. (JJafa. it is re'khtah tadzkirahs. Qadiq left died in the east (Oudh) and £adiq. name not known. of Dilly Myrza Grholam JZbsayn Beg (iZbsayn Khan. practice Bymar of Muradabad is a young man who has not much in writing poetry. He was a pupil of Ram Myr Taqyy Myr. man-shikoh. (^abir. £abay of AAmadabad. I. K. and a short Dywan. Myr Mohammad Myr Qadiq 'alyy is Faydhabad composes chiefly Marthiyahs. E. H. E. 9adiq. D. the same office under Salay- He is a pupil of Insha Allah Khan. he died at the age of twenty-five years. Myr (^afdar 'alyy of Jaypur (Sunypat. Myr Ja'far Khan of Dilly. K. Qadiq. Qabr. But. K. he mentioned by T who was his friend. Lalah Kanjy his ancestors Mai a Kayeth of far Lucnow (of Fyroz&bad P) were of Fyrozabad (not left from Agra). e. son-in-law) of Shah 'alam. a son of the Fawjdar ^Jadiq fills Khan (i.

C. He was a pleasant man but He was a pupil of Khayraty Khan Dilsdz. K. P. 1799. resided chiefly at Murshidabad and Calcutta and died he left a Persian Dywan. P. 217 £afdary of Patna was a good Persian poet and a contemporary of A'caf-jah. D. Qafyr. D. T. title of Q&hib. P. holds some- times assemblies of poets in his house. a great scoundrel. G-. a son of a younger brother and pupil of a young man. he died at Dilly. 2 F . of Mohammad Shah £ani'. servant Champa was a Chanda. Shaykh Mo/^ammad Ashraf of Ghaziypur a pupil of Mucyb of Ilahabad is a young man. C. left £aAib an ancient poet who QaAib. Jan Khan. a son of Somroo has the taz almulk Motzaffar aldawlah Mom- Nawab Tzafar-yab Khan Bahadur JNucrat-jang. Amat Qiran al-Fatimah is Begam a comical poet of Lucnow. J. East India House Library which she the 1 Malcom on st of October. Myr Matzhar 'alyy of Behar. Amyr alomara Qamcam aldawlah is dead. D. famad. 62. woman at iZaydarabad is very handa Dywan which has been revised by Sher Grarcin de Tassy informs us that there Mohammad Khan Ymdn. E. E. Myan 'abd al-^amad of #aydarabad a pupil of Faydh. Qafdary.No. a pupil of Myr 'izzat Allah D.Hasan 'ishq. Myr Qaraar aldyn Minnat and Myr Nitzam aldyn Mamnun. Mak-laqa a dancing some and has written woman of Nawab iJosam aldawlah. J. K. D. J. £awab. K. is Qayyad. P. is when young. B. E.] TABLE OF CONTENTS. ^afiy. He was familiarly called Khwajah Mohammad 'atzym and was an Amyr of Farrokhsiyar. ^JaAib a Dywan. familiarly called ^aAibjy. K. he fell in the war against Nadir Shah. £aincam. a pupil of Myrza Mohammad by instructing Fakhir Makyn. Lalah Budh Sen used to earn his livelihood children and died shortly ago. Qafiy. writes chiefly Persian poetry. He was killed P. is a copy of her Dywan in the herself presented to Capt. Is the author of a 'alyy very obscene Dywan. V. Nitzam aldyn AAmad of Belgram after 1195. His name was Imam Eidhawy and he was of Belgram. Myrza Gholam . J. Though he was apparently the Amyr alomara he was in reality his Wazyr. Myr Qadiq 'alyy.

) of Muradabad is a one copy of goldsmith. 1199. D) Fadhl he 'alyy of Dilly usually called is Dana. Dardmand. Dard's father was familiarly called Shah Gulshanandis the author of the v. 'alyy [Chap. The takhalluc of Dard's father 'andalyb. T. the takhalluc Myr Mahdiy (Myr Mo&ammady. P. Besides a now Dywan he has written a treatise on Cufism called oi^'j $JL»j. Chawgan Qidq. Shah of Dilly. of Ah. Dard. a son of Khwajah Nacir is who is one of the greatest Shaykhs (Saints) of our age. A. it seems to be lost. a pupil Myan Eaydh. Karym Allah Khan a relation of 'umdat almulk flou- . of Mohammad Qiddyq (in °f -Haydarabad. M. C. (Myr. Moghol Khan (Moghol Jan. I. He left a Dywan but Dara. Subsequently he entered the service of aldawlah of Bengal. P. G. Nawab Mtzam almulk Acaf-jah B. K. E. He was also left a Persian Dywan. Khwajah Mohammad Myr of Dilly. P. everybody with his year. dilection for poetry. Dard. K) Karam Allah Khan Amyr Khan Anjdm. Dard the greatest poet of the age. J. B is Qifat).J^U aJl^ Dard died in 1195. E. E) had first he was a son of Myr Sdz and died young. the following chronogram on his death tj^y) made by Hidayat Allah gives 1199). B. 1194. He died last He died on Thursday. Bahar re'khtah tadzkirahs.218 Chawgan. D. He died in 1196. of the south (Deccan) a good poet. E. he died in 1202. is v^3 ^ ^j° jfc* '*»> ty is a &^js^ another chronogram \j^±~» d» ^A «-ft*^ (this Other biographers say that he was a disciple of Shah Gulshan meaning Shaykh Sa'd Allah. C. Dagh Dagh. D. E. B. Pell in battle is a nephew of Nawab against the Mahrattas under A7jmad Shah. he was formerly in the army. (Sayyid. fled When during the fall of Dilly from that city. E. he has retired from employment. is D. Dard remained in poverty contented lot. a pupil of Shah Dana is Madhmun (or was) in the service of the Siraj emperor A. ^ on' at V) is a relation of the (JJon'at. B. now. Karym aldyn (Myan Karym Allah. the 24th of fafar. but he has given up that profession on the advice of his father and he leads the life of a Devotee. A. of haydarabad a pupil of Paydh. Dilly has a great pre- Myrzd Dara-bakht a Eoyal prince of D.

C. Myr (Myan. 1196. K. Dhamyr. D. 62. Darwysh. Dhiya. His ancestors were of the Deccan and he was born there but brought up at Dilly. and in Persian of Myrza Mohammad He knows also Sanskrit. a pupil of 'uzlat. at Faydhabad. 'alyy of Dhaygham. Myrza Dhiya-bakht Bahadur is a son of the late Myrza Parkhundah-bakht. ~R. Dhab£. a pupil of Mohammad Walyy Nacyr and of Be-dar. 'alyy a son of Dhamyr. Dawiid. K. besides this. is Myrza Dawtid Beg nourished under J has two poets of this takhalluc. he is the author of a Saqiy-namah. but both are pupils of Matzhar and probably identical. Shah 'alyy of Dilly a pupil of r Mamnun. Dhamyr. Mawlawy iZaydar Dhiya was an ancient poet of A^madabad. Mohammad Nacyr. V. excessively avaricious man and Dhamyr. me Dardmand. a Dardmand of the Deccan who has lately visited Dilly. left a good In H is. but he says of him that he Dayim. J. H. C. Khan of Dilly. D. had the title of JSTacyr Dhamyr. Myr JJasan Shah is a poet of Lucnow. It seems that he was dead V wrote. J.] TABLE OF CONTENTS. Ttikor Das. he died at Murshidabad in 1176 and Persian Dywan. his father was a Faqyr and he follow s the same profession. Mawlawy Ghadhanfar Lucnow. Dayim Narayan. identical with the following. B. Shaykh Madary of Agra. G-. D) Mohammad Fakyh a pupil of Matzhar has B. T. He died some time ago. Dhiya. Granga Das. It appears to 219 that this poet is rished under Shah 'alam. Mohammad of the one Shah. Nadzyr aldyn was an given to opium eating. the father of Myr when . he was in Eekhtah K. H. at Dilly. Myr Gholani iZbsayn. (Myr. Hidayat 'alyy aldawlah Bakhshy almulk Asad-jang Bahadur. mention the name of the other. C. resided a pupil of 'isq. J) Dhiya aldyn of Dilly was a contemporary of 2 F 2 . K. a Kayeth. P. he does not is at Dilly. the name is who the pupil of 'uzlat Dawiid Beg.Hasan is a humoristic poet and resides now. 'alyy was at Calcutta and is mentioned by Beny Dhafak. some time ago removed to Bengal. K.NO. he went to Patna and died at Hosaynabad.

Madhoram of Farrokhabad is of the Banian caste called Aggarwalah. G. Dilly. K. Shaykh Mohammad 'abid of Patna is a brother of Joshish. H. a poetess. D. Nawab 'imad almulk.220 re'khtah tadzkirahs. Dil. a grandson of Nitzam almulk has every J. but resided at Faydhabad. Diler. Shah Diler of Patna. P who knows his son. a son of 'alam Khan. was a studious and pious young man. K. his G. is skilled Eamal and Dil-khosh. is a grandEay who used to compose chiefly Hindee Eags. Dil. . Chhoty Begam. From P it would appear that he was dead in 1250. Dil. Mawlawy Shams aldyn of Dilly is a pious man. P mentions only Deby Prashad Dil of Murshidabad.) Shah Fat£ Mohammad. E. I. E. it is said that is Zorawar Khan. He is of Coel. V. About forty years ago he settled at Patna and he died there. Beny Prashad. H. left He spent the evening of his Murshi- dabad and a Dywan. a Kayeth of he has lately embraced the Islam. in Myr Ifimayat Allah Khan. P. Shaykh Walyy Allah of Dilly. and it is said that he is a young man. aldyn T mentions besides this another Dhiya" who was given to love and drinking. G. H. Dil. In D his name is Deby Prashad. D. and one of MurshidaMd. He is dead. Mohammad of Gwalyar. K. Dil. a Kayeth is of Patna. son of Khosh-Ml Kunwar Bahadur Singh. which according to J had about 2000 Patna and left V says he died at a treatise on Eekhtah Metric called ci"^^' U*jj* (the awkwardness of the use of the article with Hindy. Y. was a contemporary of and a grandson of the Saint Abrti. Dhiya. D. when he went to Lucnow he had In 1196 he at came to Patna. C. Dil. title is a chronogram for 1174. Dywan. He was a friend of C and sent him extracts from verses. Dil. Azad Khan has lately been converted to the Islam. Diler. life [Chap. In H is a Deby Prashad Dil of Dilly. many pupils. He was a native of Agra. and several Mathnawies. a Khatry of Dilly. V. Gholam Mocfofa. Khan of Dilly. C. a physician. astrology. Dhiya. Dilgyr. D. and author of a large Dywan. leads me to suppose that the Dil. Dil. Sawda. a son of Gholain Mohyj aldyn Khan. good quality which man can possess.

Dydar 'alyy Shah. T. 221 is Ddhrahs &c. Griiru-bakhsh Bay. Dil-khdsh inferior to his grandfather. P. C. Myr Zayn it is al'abidyn of Dilly. familiary called Grholam translated AAmad C saw him at Murshidabad. P. and most poets of Lucnow were his pupils. son. Dulhan Begam. Bay Sarab Sukh a relation of Bajah Maha Narayan wrote two Persian Dywans of more than 10. become of him. It is a volume of 22 pages Dywanah. Dywanah. He may the possibly be the author of the title Dakhny Mathnawy. H. D. not known where he now in the society K. is a pupil of Nacyr.000 verses. He it the Bahare Danish into Bekhtah verses and called cA^J^'* Y does not know what has great energy P. he died in 1206. 'alyy Dywanah. Diregh. Myrza MoAammad Dzahyn. It is said that he died at Jaypiir. Dost Mohammad of Sikandarabad was a iZafitz and lost his eye-sight in his youth. He left a Persian Dywan. said he died at Faydhabad. Dil-soz. an Afghan by it is was in the Society of Somroo's son. He was of Tapal two stages of Simroo's from 'alyy-garh. D. Sayyid iTbsayn-ddst of Muradabad. of yb *lL+&jjy\*»lo &*aj f G-arcin de Tassy has a copy. Nawab Bahii a wife of Acaf aldawlah was a lady of See Jany. Mangu. Gholam Mohammad of the Behar. which has and of which small folio. Khan of Benares held an appointment under the British Government. Myr Mohammad Mosta'idd was a friend of B and died According to J and C who quote B as their authority. a pupil of Firaq is. C. Mangii Beg (Myrza. His father was Dil-soz was formerly a great drunkard but of late he has reformed. Dzakir. Dorakhshan. Dzahyn. his takhalluc was Dzihn. Dost. .No. Jay Sukh Bay of Dilly had formerly the takhalluc of Khayal he writes elegant prose and poetry both in Persian and Urdu. Khalyfah He was a pupil of Mu'jiz. origin. and flourished under Mohammad Shah. D. Dost. 62. young. he met P. T. and resides at Murshidabad. J says that he never met him or found him mentioned in any Tadzkirah.] TABLE OF CONTENTS. H. Khayraty Khan. B. V) flourished under Shah-'alam. but that he had heard that he is of Dilly. far D.

Dzawq. J. only fourteen years old. a Darwysh resides at Lucnow. composed by order of Mo/mmmad Shah is Dzaqyy. Lala Jannaty Das ( Juthy Das. to A'ftab. He went Dzawqy. Dzoka. was in the service of the emperor a well-informed man. chiefly He composes Marthiyahs. Dzawqa. K. is Dzikr of Dilly Dzikr. Dzawq. Dzakir. 1853. alive. P. Munshiy Asa Earn of Patna a pupil of Myrza Pidwy. is now he is in great distress. Allah the Khan of Lucnow. J. a barber of Dilly and a pupil of Myan Nacyr. but He is dead and left a Mathnawy. D. Y. Shaykh Mahdiy 'alyy of Muradabad was for some time revenue collector of Saharanpur. Dzarrah. to Meerut. He now. and the author of the Dywan ascribed to the king is of Dilly whose takhalluc Tzafar. H. the takhalluc of his patron Atom or Dust. Mohammad Dzaqyy a son of Mohammad Taqyy Taqyy is a studious young man. J. his ancestors were of Afghanistan. Dzaqyy. Shaykh Mo/iammad Ibrahym of Dilly a young poet is a H. a descendant Nawab Ma^abbat Khan b. Facy£. Dzawqa Shah a Darwysh of Banares. Y. (or son) of Dzoka. P. K) of Jahanabad. T. and is and conformed in making ta'ziyahs. he composes chiefly poems on the occasion of the Holee. I.J5Tantz 'abd al-Eahmanl^san corrects his verses. Faccad. he resides now at Patna. he chose the takhalluc of Dzarrah. iZantz EaAmat Khan. . is Eostam Beg. Ja'far 'alyy Khan held formerly a high office under the crown and the rank of B. P. and is far the best poet of Dilly. Myrza Ja'far 'alyy a pupil of Nasikh. Dzawqy Shah. J. to the habits of the Musal- mans. It would appear from K that he was dead in 1221. H. a pupil of Dzakir. Dzawqy Earn of Muradabad is a pupil of Dzaqyy. P. P. he is a teacher and his poems have a mystical tendency. Myrza. [Chap. K. D. D. pupil of Shawq. &c. by though he has now written poetry it these thirty years he has not yet collected is into a Dywan. Myrza Afanad Beg of Dilly Dzaqyy. Myrza Eajah Earn Nath. in reference II. He is called the Khaqany of India. Dzarrah. Myr fibsayn of Muradabad. Padhl 'alyy an accomplished man. C. The Mathnawy which he very celebrated. P. Shah 'alam is K. H. he author of a Dywan. five thousand.222 re'khtah tadzkirahs.

See also Mahir which seems is a second takhalluc of this poet.] TABLE OF CONTENTS. P. Mawlawy Faqyr Allah of Hapiir resides in his native town. Fara/«. and a pupil of Sawda. it He was still alive Y wrote. Myr Fadhl Mawla Khan of Lucnow came to Dilly and composed a Qacydah in praise of the emperor who conferred the title of Afdhal alsho'ara upon him. Ehetoric. Mawlawy Faqyr Allah supported himself by teaching. K. Myr Babar (Shyr D) of Faydhabad a pupil of Myr #asan. 'alyy Farhad. &c. Faqyr. he died young. his death took place in 1181 of Grulawthy resided at Dilly. . Fadhl. at Lucnow. E. K. Mawlawy Mohammad FaraA. D. and was wrecked on his return to India. Mohammad Fadhil of fZaydarabad. C. Fadhil Shah of Dilly. K. Travelled in the Deccan and made in 1170 the pilgrimage to Makkah. Myr Faqyr Allah of Dilly is particularly strong in Bhakha poetry. he sciences particularly left treatises on almost all on Prosody. D. which a place in the east (Oudh ?) P. B. is a good He was a contemporary of Abrii. Dilly. C) of the Deccan He verses wrote a Mathnawy in the Dakhny dialect which has about 500 and is a Sarapa or description of a Prince. Fadhl. NO. C. D. and . According to Abu Talib's Lobb alsiyar. he was a pupil of Minnat dead. Fadhl aldyn A-j J. Fadhil. his Persian poetry has been collected into a Dywan. A. jPalib He is was the either a contemporary of or nourished before him. but composes sometimes also Eekhtah poetry. Fakhr. he resides now. 1196. Fadhly. Ehyme. D. Fakhry a pupil of Walyy and a very fertile poet. 223 Fadhil. Gr. C. he is Faqyr. K. 62. Faqyr. Myr Fara£ 'alyy resides at H. is Faragh. C) of the Deccan poet. P. He went to Calcutta and thence to Murshidabad and entered the service of the Natzim. C. is F'aragh was a pupil of Bismil and died young. Fara^-bakhsh a public woman 'alyy. Shah Fadhly (Shah Fadhl 'alyy. Myrza Fakhr aldyn iZosayn Khan a friend of D. of Azkath. Faqyr. Myr Shams aldyn wrote chiefly Persian verses. Myr Fakhr aldyn a son of Ashraf 'alyy Khan who when author of a Tadzkirah of Persian poets. Khan (Afdhal aldyn Khan. Was a friend of R and died shortly before he wrote. D.. a pupil of Faydh. D. A.

Shams aldyn of 7/aydarabad writes Persian and a Eekhtah poetry. P. he is a pupil of Shaykh Tzohur aldyn iZatim. Shaykh Far/*at Allah. Myrza 'alyy Eidha Khan resides Lucnow. D. and composed chiefly Persian poetry. J. He a disciple of Fakhr aldyn and resides V. A.rhat. K. Gr. He died in 1191 and left a Persian and a Eekhtah Dywan. is a pupil of Myrza. He was a son of Shaykh Asad Allah and was brought up at Dilly. was in the service of Acaf aldawlah. C. Faydh. He resides at Shikarpur. ho a son of Sendhy Mai a Kayeth and Myr Soz. Lalah heart. Faydh. an Imperial Prince dur. He has written a Dywan. his is Kashmyry at of Lucnow. H. Abu Tzafar Baha- D. name is not known. and was a friend of Myrza Fadhl 'alyy Beg. V. H. Bay of Lucnow where he a pupil of resided in 1196. 'izzat I. Singh. Myr (Myrza) Farrokh 'alyy of Etawah served in the Eesided at Luc- army. . ¥a. C. Farigh. now. Farigh. Went Lucnow several years FarAat. A. C. H. Faryad. at Dilly. Myr Faydh //afitz 'alyy is alive. FarAat. is Farigh. Farrokh. Farqy. Myr Amyr by 'alyy is [Chap. went to Patna where he met C. FarAat Allah was a man of some learning and many poets had their verses corrected by him. Lalah Qkhib is J. E. P. Myrza Yath Khan. Faydh. D. C. P. talented Myr FarAat 'alyy a pupil of Myr 'izzat Allah 'ishq is a young man. re'khtah tadzkirahs. His ancestors were of Ma-wara-lnahr. Farigh Shah of Bareilly a £ufy. C. D. Faydh.224 FarAat. P. K. H. soldier profession. Faydh. T. but now he Bareilly. Pandit Kripa Kishen Fayiz J-J^. "Was Myr Mohammad Taqyy He alive when V wrote. he had forNawab Faydh Allah merly the takhalluc of Qorban. a Khatry who is a Musalman is is at at he held formerly an appointment at Dilly. H. is Myr Afanad Khan Mokand a son of Sarwar and a friend of P. a pupil of Myr to Allah 'ishq and a ago. D. E. 'alyy Khan Bahadur a son of Myr Faydh 'alyy of Dilly a son of Myr resided at Lucnow in 1 196.

In the year of Farroksiyar when sixteen years of age.] TABLE OF CONTENTS. Fida. D) is a Kashmyry of Dilly. E. Grholam 'alyy stances. E. Myrza Fida ITosayn Khan of Lucnow. Mamnun. He the Fida. 'aqibat is alive. Fida.No. He died about twenty years ago. V. K. Pandit Daya Dhan. he came to Dilly. He left Dilly eleven years ago and has ago he went to Lachmy Earn Pandit resided long at Dilly. Mo7*ammad MoAsin (Shah Mo/^sin. was a Moghol by art of divination. Fida. a pupil of Mor- tadha Quly Khan Firaq. Fidwy. is dabad and settled there. office of £adr godiir. is Fida. a Kashmyry Khan. D. T. 'abd al-Eazzaq resides at IZaydarabad. mostly present at the Mosha'arahs of the Maharajah. Fida. P) has resides written a Dy wan of Persian and Urdu poems. D) 'abd al-£amad of Farydabad (Dilly. He resides at Lucnow. P. J. 'alyy K) a son of Myr Gholam Moclafa Khan a Sayyid of Lahdr and a friend of Abrii was first rather a musician than a poet A. Fidwy. K. Sayyid Mohammad 'alyy. He was a Myrza Mohammad of 2 pupil of Najiy. H. K. K. Myrza Fida 'alyy Beg. familiarly called Xqa ZZosayn Khan. H. Fida. Shaykh (Myr. Myr Fadhl 'alyy of Dilly resided ?) some time in the East (Lucnow and died at Murshidabad. was first a soldier. a son of Aqa Myrza is about twenty-two years of age. Dilly was familiarly called Myrza G . he a pupil of Sawda. He birth. for Fidwy. and his ancestors were without equal in the H. he showed his verses in 1184 (1196 He is a pupil of Hidayat and a talented young man. familiarly called Fida Shah of Lohary in the district of Saharanpur. he Fida. K. 62. H is unacquainted with his circum- Fida. Myrza Fidwy corrects his verses. It is said he is a pupil of He was a friend of D and has written a Dy wan. he is alive and in his native town. D. came under Nawab Wirdy Khan to Murshi?) to C. Sayyid Imam aldyn of Dilly (Farydabad. T). of Dilly. subsequently he lived in retirement. but some years Lucnow where he obtained an appointment and was is sent to Bareilly. K. Mawlawy Mohammad Isma'yl who is called Khan ('afiyat Khan. V. D. and a pupil of Minnat and of E. 225 Fayyadh. D. probably died. He very aged. fills MaAmud K.

sect. C. For some time he was his request a l**j j in the service of Dhabitfah Khan. H. He was murdered Fidwy. Myrza 'atzym Beg was a merchant. but was defeated and returned to his home. D. He was a pupil He died in 1196. is Myan Thana Allah of Dilly a nephew of Hidayat C. P. T. H and P ago. a plagiarist. Figar. Fidwy. died some time K. and died Muradabad K at an age of of fifty years. D. Fidwy of Lahor resides now It at Dilly. Myr Shams aldyn of Dilly mentioned by Beny Narayan Myr A7*mad 'alyy of is Lucnow. K. Myrza Qofob 'alyy Beg. P. Most poets of Dilly are his pupils. K. V. is said that he was the son of a grainfaith. ^L~*ji in Bekhtah. Kayqobad-jang Firaq. Samman Lai a Kayeth of Dilly is a son of Mul Chand In Munshiy. His name was Myrza Fiday Beg. he has the takhalluc of Fidayiy. E. Myr //osayn of Dilly a grandson of Myr Faqyr Allah JPaqyr is a pupil of Ghalib. Ashraf 'alyy (iZashmat 'alyy. C. He Moghol and of the Shy'ah MucAafy states. J. a pupil Firaq. Jah&n.226 re'khtah tadzkirahs. he . a poet of the Deccan. Fikr. G. C. the service of Dhabitah at the Court. D. was a and wrote at complete it. 'alyy Khan of Dilly a son Khan Zankanah was Tutor title in the family of A^mad Shah. and had therefore the of Tzaryf almulk Kokah Khan. H. Khan he went to Lucnow. he travelled in Persia and stayed After he had left four years at Ispahan. B. and embraced the fcibir 'alyy MoAammadan at He was a pupil of upwards Shah Cdbir. D. he was a good musician and resided Murshidabad. Fighan. V. He now resides at Dilly and practises medicine. of Sawda and Khwajah Myr Dard. D. left after his death he went to Patna. at In 1194. at His verses were corrected Patna in 1186 and Gr. but did not E. containing about 2000 verses. H is says his title was Kokil- tash Khan. by of 'alyy Quly Khan Nadym. A. where he obtained a place at Bareilly. he died a Dywan Ummed. for [Chap. some years I. Bhuchchu. he was at Patna and a disciple of Shah He died at Patna. Figar. but not the son of a baqqal as When young. J. E) of Myrza. J. Ghasyta. merchant. Fighan. E. D. He came to Farrokha- bad to enter a poetical combat with Sawda.

corrected her verses. K. J. his grandfather had emigrated from Persia to India. Allah Khan. K. Fordgh. he is the author of Dywans. Firaqy. P. she is dead. D. Benares and Calcutta. K. Kiinwar as Kabits and Dohras. he Murshidabad and settled there. Akden e^^ J~*J 9 (?) a son of Gobinet **+*»£ (eH^"^ R) is a Frenchman and composes good verses. Myr Mortadha Quly. 2 G 2 . D. Fifrat see Musawy Khan. 62. he writes Urdu and Persian poetry as well Firaqy. in another t5—*»! title of (in one place this name is spelled ^-i^l and may be an orthographical error of 'ysa) has the Khiradmand Khan and is of Jaypur. artillery came to officer. Frasu. writes also Persian verses and skilled in medicine and astrology. Granna (or Kanna) Begam. Myr Thana aldyn iZbsayn Khan of iZaydarabad. he was a friend of Sawda and of C. 1 Fotuwat. Furcat. and he himself made in the service of the princes various journeys. a Dywan. Sdz and Sawda Minnat corrected her verses. He was still alive when V wrote. K. Myrza Alaf Beg of Ilahabad. D. K. Myr J)ard.] TABLE OF CONTENTS. T. 109. but resides now at Ifakym Anys it Bhurtpiir. the uncle of Firaq was a pupil of Firaq. P.v. Myr Rawshan 'alyy Khan is a pupil of Mamnun. He was formerly a pupil of My an MaAzun and now he is a pupil of Jonun. wrote chiefly Persian verses. he several Persian is a pupil of Aram. C. Fifrat. 'alyy p. He was in the service of Begam Samroo. He died some years ago and left 227 Hidayat is alive. at present he resides at Kalpy. Myr Akbar a pupil is of Myr Shams aldyn Faqyr. Prem Kishor has visited repeatedly Lucnow. P. 'ata. but was dead when Beny Narayan wrote. his father was in the service of the Emperor. she was a daughter of 'alyy Quly Khan Shash-angushty and a wife of imad almulk Grhaziy aldyn Khan Bahadur. into which he was cast by Rajah Shitab Ray because he could not . K. Forogh. a poet of the Deccan a contemporary of Faqr Allah Azad and of Walyy. Captain Francois Furqat. D. some say her takhalluc was Mantzar. he died in prison.No. Myrza Gholam IZaydar of Dilly. account for some public money Left a Dywan. c. Forogh.

He used to have Mosha'rahs in his house.228 re'khtah tadzkirahs. is Ghafil. D. Ghafil. . Aafy. now he resides at Billy. P. now he has a style of his own. 'alyy of Dilly a son of Niyaz 'alyy Beg is a Resided formerly at Lucnow. He died in 1218. His father Ghalib. he was in Persian a pupil of Mawziin and in Eekhtah of Hidayat and Piraq. is but his family of the Deccan. (Beny Narayan Karorah is spells j^^) a great grandson of Gholam ZJosayn Besides since a young man. writes Persian and Bekhtah poetry. Ghafil. he resides at Murshidabad and a pupil of Shah Qudrat Allah Qudrat. H. many verses by -heart. a son of Ghalib-jang.) 'alyy a native of Benares. D. D. and a pupil of Jorat. time ago. Nawab Asad Allah Khan of Dilly had the title of Sayyid almulk Qiyam-jang (jTalib-jang) resided for some time at Murshi- dabad and met C. Ganchin was a poetess. Lala Sundar Lai a son of the Bakhshy SuUan Singh and a brother of Sha'ir. a good accountant and letter-writer. Ghafil. (Ghalib 'alyy Khan. Gawhary Badawny. H. Nawab Mokarram accumulated great wealth. D. Y. but lately he went to /Zaydar&bad. at some years Ghafil. V. D. D) of Dilly a son of Niyaz Beg Khan Badakhshy is in the service of Shah 'alam. D. Ghalib He wrote sometimes Persian verses. he is an old poet and imitated the style of Bedil. Mohan Lai a Kayeth of Agra. (2&lib-jang. E) a grandson of chief. Ghafil. K. D. I. Lala D. Mohamm not far He died some a pupil of Monawwar Kh£n an Afghan Ray Singh was of Lucnow MucH. Shaykh Mohammad Mas'ud Khan of it is from Panypat. knows Ghalib. Myrza Z/aydar pupil of E. Ghadhanfar. H. but Ghalib squandered it away. said that he is a clever man. V. [Chap. Myr Mohammad is (Afanad D. E. Ghalib. K. Ghadhanfar 'alyy Khan familiarly called Myan Kallii. Lucnow. Ghalib. Khan Dundy Khan who was an Afghan Ghalib. Asad Allah Khan first familiarly called Myrza Nawsha is of a noble family and resided formerly at Agra. is Bakhtawar Singh a Kayeth of Muradabad. E. K. jang aldawlah Bahadur Beg Khan GhalibH. D. Garm. H.

H. Mohammad Ghawth iZaydarabad died at Makkah. D. a Ghayrat of the Deccan. B. is Nawab Myr Mohammad Qasim Khan Gharyb. Myr Ghasy Ghawthy. D. K. Myr Sayyid 'alyy third son of the late Myr Sayyid Mohammad and a nephew of Acaf-jah is a young man. Gharyq. H. a Myr 'abd al-Ghanyy who died young of consumption. he has written a Dywan. He was of the Deccan. In D. Ghawwac (Ghawwacy) an ancient poet of the Deccan. Gham-khwar. &*!«£ a friend of Myr Mohammad Taqyy composed a son of Qofob aldyn Qadhiy of a few Eekhtah verses. 62. J. K. is Ghanyy. Gharyb. D. Myr pupil of 'abd Allah a son of is Myr /Zbsayn Taskyn.No. he composes chiefly Persian verses. In of Shikohabad a H and P is besides this. Ghammgyn. . late Gharyb. Lala Kanjy Mai a Kayeth of Bahadur-gadh a son of Khiib Chand and a nephew of the Dywan of Nawab Dhabi£ah Khan. A. D. E. he is a young man. and has written a thick Persian Dywan. K. A. he stammered He at Dilly.] TABLE OF CONTENTS. J. Myr Mohammad Taqyy Mohammad Zaman. D. his name is not known. Myr 'abd al-Walyy was an ancient poet. Myr Mohammad Aslam resides at present at Murshidabad. and a pupil of Eangyn. Kallu was a contemporary of Abru. was in the service of the 'aliy-jah. C. and V his name is erroneously spelled Mohammad Aman. a Sayyid of Dilly a soldier by profession and a Gholam JEfosayn Shikyba. Shaykh 'abd al-Ghanyy of Thanah near Saharanptir talented man. Gharyb. Shaykh Nacyr aldyn A7amad is a Kashmyry of Dilly. Nawab Ghaziy aldyn Khan composed a few Eekhtah verses. K. D. Ghayrat of Lucnow a pupil of Jorat. J. as he used sometimes the takhalluc of Alkan. H. D. a brother of 229 Myr A'bbu Q&hib Ghamm. B. E. H. Gholam. resided first at Dilly subsequently at Ijrarah. E. V. In D is a Ghayrat of Lucnow besides this. Ghammgyn. Gharyb. D. and in H is an addition to these two. K. Kunwar Gopal Nath second son of Eajah Earn Nath Dzarrah was a pupil of Firaq he was at the Court of Shah 'alam and died some time ago. A. Gharyb. K.

D. E. Myr 'alyy Amjad (Myr Amjad 'alyy of Lucnow. Myrza 'alyy Beg Gulshan.Hayat Allah (Hidayat Allah. C. Myr Gholam Nabyy Belgramy. of Lucnow. In one out of three M who quotes one In C is of the verses quoted by B. Myr MoAammady. Bhuchchu.2 30 re'khtah tadzkirahs. H. Myr /Tosam aldyn 'alyy familiarly called Myr composed and died Giriyan. [Chap. Ghorbat of Muradabad. late chiefly Marthiyahs. D. he resides at Dilly and Myan Fidwy. V. C. D. a ZZabyb Allah but the verse quoted . D. i/abyb of iZaydarabad a pupil of copies of B. he went from Dilly to Murshidabad there. V. He was a Darwysh and had his takiyah in Shah-Taslym at Dilly. is Gholam Mo7*yy aldyn Khan of Jhanjanah Mawlawy Sajid. he is a nephew of 'abd al-Jalyl Belgramy (V spells Balgram. associates Nasikh. is is a son of the Godaz a soldier by profession and a pupil of //asrat. Gostakh. and in 'uzlat. C. P. B) is a son of Myr 'alyy Akbar and a pupil of Qudrat and Dhiya. M. at is not Guman. Natzar 'alyy Khan of Dilly resides known where he now resides. his takhalluc is iZasyb. K. Giriyan. P. Faydhabad. Shaykh . It Guya. D. Shah Gholam Mohammad was one of the ancient poets and a friend of /Zatim. it is said that he has composed 2400 Dohras which are as good as those of Binary. B. He Dywan of the emperor is and a son of Shitab Bay a pupil of Momtaz J. his takhalluc is not known. I. composed and died towards the end of Mohammad Shah's reign. Giriyan. D. most people pronounce Bilgram) and a clever musician. K. almulk. He was a brother of 'ashiq and died at Calcutta. Gholamy. Myrza Giramy a son of 'abd al-Ghanyy Beg chiefly Persian poetry Qabul. Bajah Bhawany Singh Bahadur is familiarly called Bajah Kunwar. Myr Mohammad 'alyy of Lucnow. Giriyan. Amyr Singh is a Khatry of Dilly. D. A. E) of Parrokhabad much with Europeans. Guya. H. iZbsam aldawlah Nawab Faqyr Mohammad Khan Bahadur he is a pupil of of Lucnow is a great patron of poets. Ba^ym Tar Khan was of Moghol origin and a pupil of iZatim. K. V. Myrza Sangy Beg of Dilly a son of Giriftar.

D. H. is South (Dec can). Hadiy of verses. <fcc. He died in 1215. he is a son of Mo/jammad Sharyf (Zar-bakhsh. he has Dywan in which no letter occurs with a another in which all also written diacritical one small point. and even in history. D. E. he was a friend of E and died years. Sayyid ZZabyb iZbsayn of Dilly. a Mohammad iZafytz. Calcutta. P. name is Myr Mo7*ammad Jawad. E. 'inayat Allah of Saharanpur was for a long time a barber at Dilly. E. but has lately changed Mo^ammad-panah Khan had formerly the takhalluc of it. E. . Marthiyahs.NO. his iZafitz.Habyb. Nithar. Myr Jawad 'alyy Khan of Dilly (familiarly called Myr Hadiy. iZafitz H. iZafytz a poet of iZaydarabad.] is TABLE OF CONTENTS. his father was Eesidency Munshiy and at Dilly. and iZabyb is now Wakyl in the MunsifFs court at I'timadpur. have diacritical points.ZZakyni. not the same as in MoAammad iZabyb of Muradabad. ITafitz Khayr Allah of Dilly. he professed to be a pupil of Sawda. &c. he was music. E. in Bekhtah verses. he composes chiefly year. In T JTafitz.) used to visit the Mosha'arahs of E. He has also the takhalluc of Parwarish. is a pupil of K. Kashmyry of Dilly. P con- founds the two poets. A has seen a Dywan of his. Dilly. Law. D. and in J is 231 a of him . IZabyb. J. iZafytz. Shaykh FarAat informed C that he had not been a man of also the takhalluc of a poet of the any attainments. P. He died last iZajjam. six years ago at Dilly at an age of more than eighty-five familiarly called He is KaM iZajjani. JEZafitz Mohammad Ashraf of Dilly is a pious man. he is alive and the author of a Dywan and of treatises Grammar. He has visited with his father Bareilly. 62. B and M. . Hadiy Hadiy. K. his verses are corrected by Tzafar-yab Khan Easikh of which had about 700 Bareilly. He was Kotwal or on and superintendent of the military Bazar under Ghaziy aldyn IZaydar Khan. D. and skilled in resided for some time at Dilly and visited Lucnow. medicine. K. D. or Either he is identical with ZZafitz Gholam Ashraf Ashraf.) he was a Khan Lakh-bakhsh man of rank.

Ham-za !>•*. H. and appropriated the contents of nearly the whole without acknow- ledgment. 'alyy Hamdam. In T he has the name of Myr Imam aldyn familiarly iZasan Shah. he was first the cavalry. is his ancestors were of Balkh. iZaqyr. IZaqyr. D. he . C. . 'azyz aldyn of Awrangabad is a 9 ufy an(i a pupil Gholam Kibriya Khalyl of Murshidabad. Myr Maftfutz 'alyy of Patna is a son of Myr Mohammad fiayat Hasrat and a pupil of Qudrat and others. P. an eminent physician. D. 'alyy Khan was a brother of Moctafa Khan See Yakrang and Be-rang. Mohammad Ashraf Khan of Dilly where he [Chap. K. iZaqyr. he wrote Persian and Urdu poetry and visited Eawshan Shah Eawshan used to Dilly and made the acquaintance of D. K. E. D.Hakym. Myr MoAibb 'alyy resides at Murshidabad. Myr /Zamid a disciple of He is probably dead. 'ibad 'alyy of Eampiir a son of Nawab ¥a. Mur- He is is young. Munshiy Nabyy-bakhsh a son of Shaykh iZosayn-bakhsh BahJishy of Dilly. in Haqyqat. Myr Shah ^Tosayn of Bareilly brought up at Lucnow. Dilawar Yakrang. called Myr Kallu of Dilly wrote Persian and Urdu poetry more particularly Marthiyahs. settled about one hundred years ago. he a pupil of Jorat. he has written a short Eekhtah Dywan with a Persian preface. V. iZaly. He also writes Hamrang. P. The Kashmyry obtained the loan of the rough copy of MucAafy's Tadzkirah. &c. he resides at shidabad. Euba'ys. V. &c. Shyii Sahay of Meerut was a Minstrel who lived on making verses on the occasion of marriages. Myr JNacyr of Lucnow and has a great predilection for poetry. J. [Khan. Nihal aldyn. resides. Shah Ham-za a Darwysh of Dilly. subsequently at the recommendation of Jorat. E. iZamzah. D. Myr of Persian poetry. D. is since many years Sirishtahdar of the Magistrate's court at Coel. whom he assisted in compiling a Tadzkirah of poets. C. now I. he now earns his livelihood by instructing children. correct his verses. who settled some time ago at Patna and has many followers. Shaykh IZamzah 'alyy a schoolmaster of Etawah. D. Hamrang. he was appointed tutor in the family of Imam-bakhsh Khan Kashmyry. he is re'khtah tadzkirahs. H. where his ancestors who were of the Panjab.232 IZakym. E. is D. Died a short time ago.

) Hasan was skilled in music and astronomy and in called mysticism. Myr Hasan a friend of Y. E. Grholam iZasan of Patna a pupil of Bhuchchu and of V. is still is b. Ibrahym (he was Khwajah Kumhary and is buried in the same place as his grandson. Dhdhik. some time resides at D. Myr Hasan Shah of Dilly. Dhiya V. K. K. where he was supported by Nawab Sirdar-jang and by his son Myrza Nawazish 'alyy is Dywan of about 8000 verses and of a Tadzkirah of Eekhtah celebrated work of his is poets. J. He is a son of Kunwar Prem Kishor Eiraqy. Hasan. but the most used to correct his the^^ j*j. He Lucnow where he still resides. Grhiyath aldyn (whose beautiful little tomb plain outside the in now an open Ajmyry Darwazah Mohammad Sharyf (a celebrated 9 u fy whose Khanqah at Dilly near the Earrash Khanah Kirky) b. verses. and she is the Laura of his poems which he collected into a was in the service of Acaf aldawlah at Dywan. iZasan. Har-sahay a physician. H. P) a son of Nawab Sayf aldawlah Sayyid Kadhyy Khan is a fair poet.] TABLE OF CONTENTS. Gr. Khwajah Hasan (Khwajah AAsan. 233 Har Chand. Hariya. D. he died young. he the author of a to Oudh. D. T. he was supported in 1215 by N"awab Sarfaraz aldawlah. D. Y. he died in 1205. 62. he is a fertile writer. since Rostam- nagar. he was in love with a woman of the name of Bakhshy. composed death chiefly Marthiyahs. his son iZaryf lived with him but died young.No. a son of Myr Sayyid Mohammad of Bokhara. Khwajah Mokarram Khan of Dilly a son of Khwajah Mo7*ammady Khan who held an appointment in Bengal where he now is.Hasan. He is a very pious man and H. Myrza Mohammad Hasan (Myrza x^Asan R. He is a good iZasan. iZasan. G. Hafitz Abu-1-iZasan of Kandhelah is a son of Mawlawy Hahy-bakhsh NisMt. 2 H . Hasan. the chronogram of his is e>~^ fU gHj 1206. a friend of D. . V. Hasan. Myr Grholam Hasan of Dilly a son of Myr Grholam Hosayn life His ancestors were of Herat. a son of is Khwajah Ibrahym Paharganj which at Dilly. iZaryf. Myr He died about four years ago. Myrza iZasan. V. Brahman of Sikandarabad. V) of = Dilly.) b. and attends most Mosha'arahs. Har Chand Kishor of Dilly. iZasan went early in Khan.

in the house of Thana Allah Piraq. Sayyid Mo7itasham 'alyy Khan of Dilly.Hasyb see Habyb. Myr Mohammad 'alyy (Mohammad 'alyy Khan. V. in 1163. 'alyy. B. Myr Hashimy (Myr Mohammad Hashim. H. Hatif. Mmv and in 1195 he was with the (pubahdar of Bengal. Hashimy Hashimy. V. H. re'khtah tadzkirahs. Myan. JZashmat. B. H. Myrza Pakhr aldyn. V. iZasrat continued for some time the business of his father. Uasrat.234 Hasan. he was for some time attached to the service of jangat Purnyyah and for some time to that of shidabad. Nawab Shawkataldawlah of Siraj V). A. for G. K. subsequently he retired from active life and died in 1210. Hashim not known. E. and left some Qacydahs and a Dywan of Bekhtah Ghazals. it is said that he resides at Dilly and is lives of a Darwysh (poor man). D. First he was attached to the said he tomb of the fiify Myr . Myr Mohammad Hasan. Myr Mo7iammad i/ayat of Patna had the title of (of Quly Khan and was a pupil of Matzhar Mohammad Baqir iZazyn. /Zashrat. Besided at Farrokhabad. Dzawqy Bam of Dilly was a good Persian poet and left a Dywan. iZasrat. is P. iZashmat. E.) a pupil of Sawda upwards of sixty years of age. E. C. A. a soldier by profession died in 1161 and left a Persian Dywan. IZashiriat. iZasrat. Myr /Zashim K. D. H. Hashim. K. He was some time in the service of the late Myrza Haybat Jahandar-shah and was a pupil of Dywanah. H) Ja'far 'alyy a son of Abu-1Khayr who kept an apothecary's shop in the JNakhkhas bazar or cattle-market at Lucnow. D. a son of Myr Baqiy. G-. His ancestors were of Badakhshan and he died Basul-bakhsh of Badawn came in 1240 from Cal- Myan cutta to Dilly. B speaks of him in the present tense. of Dilly was a pupil of Sawda. Myrza (Myr J. P. dead. Myrza Mohammad the life Hatif. [Chap. V. K) of Dilly a soldier went in 1158 to Moradabad and was killed in battle. I. . He used to attend it is the poetical meetings. he died in 1215 and left a Dywan of abont 2000 bayts. D. of Dilly has some years ago left his native town. E. D. 'alyy. his birth-place is C. Qabill He was a Kashmyry and a pupil of Mo/tammad Ghanyy Beg not and the instructor of Taban and of MoAtasham 'alyy Khan. His Dywan is much read.

stated by E that his object in making these selections was. calls him Tzohur aldyn Shah IZatim. 62. Najiy. Up to the time of iZatim would appear that Indian poets wrote in Persian. iZatify was an ancient poet and a contemporary of "Walyy. every It has about 5000 verses and the metre of It is poem is noted on the margin. E. identifies the two. which however. lie left 235 known where he his native town. and that the two were fre- quently confounded. H.] Julian at Dilly but TABLE OF CONTENTS. IZatim. he turned a Eaqyr. were almost purely Hindee. For extracts from the preface to the Dywan-zadah see chapter on Eekhtah Dywans. who knew him personally by profession. K. of iZatim far-fetched productions (and probably also of his early contemporaries) were and obscure. that he had his takiyah near the Dilly gate of the palace and that many persons used to come to him for spiritual advice. that his poems might not be confounded with those of the other iZatim. according to his less own statement. He is also called Mohammad But E. but when Eekhtah poetry had attained greater perfection he made a selection it from his former Dywan and improved the style and called X^j &^. subsequently he made selections from it and called them fc^e&£*> in B. years ago. aldyn may also have the Though a man who has the name of Tzohur name of Mohammad. it is not unlikely that and that A and others confounded the two. nnin. opi- very valuable. and made only occasionally. It would appear that iZatim first gave the of impulse to Urdu poetry In 1132 the Dywan it Walyy was brought lips. tinct Mohammad IZatim is dis- from Tzohur aldyn iZatim.ffatim of Dilly a friend of Abrti and Madhwas during the reign of Mo7*ammad Shah a companion and the butler of Nawab 'umdat almulk. there seem also to have existed many popular The first songs. He died two or three H and K inform us further that. he Mohammad . whose in Dilly. 2 H 2 . D. D. this to Dilly and verses from were on every body's induced him and three friends of his. he wrote a Dywan of about four thousand verses. it is not now is. and says that he was born at Dilly in 1111 and was a soldier E farther informs us that there was another IZatim at that time. the latter being the more celebrated and the author of the Dywan-zadah.& as has already been stated on the authority of A.No. Madhtaste mun and Abru for it to apply themselves to Eekhtah poetry. The it spread rapidly and iZatim. had no than forty-five pupils. Eekhtah verses. alias This is the account of A. Hall however. nion is Mr. He went to the East.

is a learned man. or Persian. a gallant soldier. and died is upwards of will thirty years to say about 1823. V. V. IZaya. his Makkah or father was a Moghol. Myr IZaydar Shah of the Deccan. resides at Ilahabad. E. he died in Bengal (at Hooghly) near one hundred years of age under A/jmad Shah. Myrza IZaydar Beg D.IZantz Mohammad Hayat. . IZaydar. IZaydar. C. Myrza Ba^ym aldyn visited IZaydar. K. R. D. Myr IZaydar 'alyy of Dilly is a soldier at Farrokhabad. thinks that he is Garcin de Tassy the author of a Mathnawy is entitled e^ j*-^ **** jLaUj IZaydar. I. Hosam Gholam aldyn. Mawlawy Gholam IZaydar little informs me that he was a man of great talents but ago. Shah. C. he died at Madynah. IZaydar. H. He is a good physician and resides now at Ubsaynabad. i. Jawnpur a son of Tsur al-Haqq. that he was attached to the College of Port "William. e. a pupil of Afsos. Hawayda. D. IZaydar. Dilly in 1265. at Benares. [Chap. is of Lucnow a talented young He is a son of Myrza 'alyy Nawab man and a pupil of Khan of Lucnow and the a relation of author of a Majnun 6 Layla. Gholam IZaydar. lives now Besides at Lucnow. His works be mentioned in their IZayf. says Myr Haydar-bakhsh of Dilly resides now at Calcutta Beny JSarayan. that places. C was his friend. Myrza Mo7iammad Taqyy Acaf aldawlah Salar-jang JVfr^afy. was in Bengal in the service of Nawab Sarfaraz Khan. J. D. education. V. he put the Dy wan of Walyy of the Deccan into Mokhammas and interspersed that of Hafitz with verses of his own. Hawas. C. wrote a Saqiy-namah in praise of 'alyy. Myr Mohammad A'tzam of Dilly a brother of Myr Tatar Mohammad Ma'ciim composes chiefly Marthiyahs. V. E. 'alyy IZaydary. T.236 re'khtah tadzkirahs. Shaykh familiarly called Shaykh Jum'ah of Dilly went to Patna and has lately taken to poetry. Sayyid IZatim 'alyy Khan of Jawnpur was a pupil of Myan Madhmun. IZaydary. Myr IZaydar 'alyy Khan of Lahor a descendant of 'abd al-Qadir Gylany resides now at Pashawar. Myr Chiragh 'alyy of Jawnpur. IZaydar-bakhsh of D. He flourished under Mohammad J/aya. IZaydar. Hatim.

D. resides at Dilly. stated Khwajah Kalian of Dilly resides now at Patna. C. at Lucnow. him. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Was In D. G. According to T and Garcin de Tassy I. P. D) of Muradabad. J.No. commands now. 'alyy iZazyn is mentioned. it D Shaykh Mohammad mentions is stated that he was a friend of Myrza Matzhar and Hidayat. this however may be merely a wrong reading. A. killed in the Behar. K. iJayran. /Zayrat. Gholam Pakhr aldyn (Mo/fcyy aldyn D) Khan. G. 1215. iZayrat. a son of the calligraph Hafitz D. at Patna. five was a good musician and died in 1234 left twenty- Dywan and some Mathnawies.Hay rat. was for some time Nayib of Behar and a friend of J. J. a nephew of the late 'alyy Quly Khan. V. There was also a poet of the takhalluc of Uazyn at the time of Mo^ammad-shah. is dead. and says that he resides at Lucnow. a troop of cavalry at Lucnow. a pupil of 237 Myr Soz lives now. left a short Dywan. He left two Dywans. B. Y. JBTayran. D also Myr Baqir Hazyn. iZayran. Jfayrat. Myrza Khojastah-bakhsh Bahadur is a prince of the house of Dilly. p. . a grandson of Nawab Mo'yn almulk Myr Mannii resides at Kalpy and writes years and a short Persian and Eekhtah verses. left Myrza Matzhar. V. that to say. It is 'alyy (Myr Murad. A. He a Eekhtah Dywan. a pupil of Sarab Sukh Dy- wanah. Myr Say dan (?). but that when he wrote he was by E that he knew Murad dead. Myr Hidayat Allah a son of Myr 'alym Allah had the . Ajudhya Prashad a Kashmyry of Lucnow a pupil of at the age of Jorat. . Myr Mohammad for is Baqir of Agra (Dilly. and In some Ghazals he has the In takhalluc of Tzohur. D. of Patna died at the age of thirty.Hafitz Baqa Allah Khan.Hayf. Shaykh Ka7*m 'alyy of Patna a son of Shaykh Gholam Mohammad an uneducated man and a drunkard. he but six hundred verses. he had the takhalluc of iZasrat. 220. but nothing is known regarding him. Moty Lai a Kayeth and 1196. iZayrat. iZayrat. left Myr Mammin the Marthiyah he used the takhalluc of Matzlum. he died at Patna. JETazyn. 62. V. J. held is some time an appointment now he in Bengal.] . Ibrahym Khan. G) a pupil of at Dilly. Myr IZaydar 'alyy of Dilly. He died young. fZazyn.

alive at Dilly and about sixty years of age). whom he accompanied to Calcutta. He was the uncle of Thana Allah Firaq and died H. D. G) Hidayat Allah Dilly. by commerce and was a friend of C. He was a Musalman at heart says K. K. Himmat is familiarly called Akhdnd Himmat. Hidayat. he was a great patron of poets and learned men. J. K. Hidayat. poetry. D. (Shaykh. another poet of this takhalluc in Besides him there Hindu. D. J. of Afghan origin. is and supports himself by teaching. H. K.a ^j*-. when V in 1219. D for the purpose of their being //imayat. He was a man of learning and died V. he a Dywan of about 9000 verses and several title Math- nawies and also a Bisalah which has the /Tazyn. lives at Eampur. Myr IZosayn 'alyy of 'alyy Eampur resides now at Muradabad. was Munshiy of an officer at Meerut. he studies Arabic and Persian. alive He is upwards of one hundred years of age. 1853. V. C. gained Is the author at Patna. . a poet of /Taydarab d. J. iJodhur. V. he resides now at Farrokhabad. Uosayn Allah had Khan resides at Mirzapiir. P. and is dead. B. he buried at ifosaynabad. Hidayat 'alyy of Agra a pupil of "Walyy Mohammad Natzyr sent some of his verses to inserted in his Tadzkirah. D. writes chiefly Qacydahs. jgbbb v^S Myr Ahwiad 'alyy of Farydabad is and a promising young man. Most of the poets of Dilly were left his pupils. and resides Lucnow. I. E.238 title re'khtah tadzkirahs. D. at Is a good Arabic and Persian scholar. H. he H. Myr Bahadur 'alyy a pupil of JNawab Zayn al'abidyn Khan (who is now. E. a brother of Mihr Chand Mihr. Hidayat. D. a pupil of Khan (Hidayat Khan. jHosayn. Kokal Chand of Labor. Shaykh Gholam his livelihood TaAya of a good family of Patna. and writes both Persian and Eekhtah the son of a Qadhiy. Sayyid first Gholam 17osayn of Dilly a son of Sayyid 'abd the takhalluc of 'azyz. of [Chap. He died in 1215. E. P. a Mathnawy in which he describes Benares. of a Dywan. C. A. Nawab Hidayat is 'alyy Khan and was the deputy governor of Haybat-japg of the Behar. Hidayat 'alyy was a contemporary of Shaykh FarAat Allah. iZbdhur. of o*j|j. He has "Was still written a Dywan and wrote. Lalah Balmakand of Dilly a pupil of Myr now Dard. E) of Myr Bard.

Myr Shams aldyn a son of Myr Qamar aldyn Minnat. Nawab MaAabbat Khan mentioned lately acquired Myr Gholam D. celebrity. a pupil of He is probably identical with Myr Dhiya aldyn by P. is Hdsh. IAsan. K. In H his takhalluc Myr Shams is spelled Hawas. 'imad. He died at Dilly 1851 at an advanced age.No. C. is Ilham. is in . 239 of Afghan origin. V. resides at Shahjahanpur. E. and corrects the verses of most poets of that city. He is dead. and wrote Urdu and Persian poetry. a son of Nawab 'abd Khan. G. Y. of Dilly. V. He had formerly the takhalluc of Malul. D. IAsan of Lucnow is particularly distinguished in the Marthiyah. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Hosh. 'inayat 'alyy Khan. ZZosayny. H. Besides him ago. Padhayil Beg a pupil of Sayyid 'abd al-TValyy 'uzlat. E. a Darwysh and resides at Lucnow. K. thirty years he lives in poverty at Patna. Ghaziy aldyn 'alyy Khan Bahadur has the title of 'umdat almulk and is a well-informed man. He is upwards of sixty years of age. corrected the compositions of the princes. Khwajah Imam-bakhsh of Dilly was formerly in the service of Haybat-jang and in very good circumstances. H. Hunar. 62. D. 'alyy 'inayat. is another poet of this name. K. J. jffafitz 'alyy of IZaydarabad has IAsan. D. Gholam Mortadha of Dilly. In C his takhalluc is spelled Amany. is a new poet. B. V. he has been killed C. H. C.) in He had first the takhalluc of Kafanan. a pupil of Nacyr. Imamy. Ihsan. He wrote two Persian Dywans. but since whose friend he was. H. Ilham. K. H. Myr Hynga 'ibrat is a poet of Kampur. 'abd al-EaAman a court poet of Shah 'alam. D.] /Zosayn. who seems to have flourished long H. D. Mo/jammad Dawud of ifaydarabad. K. D. Nawab Gholam J/osayn Khan. and writes chiefly Persian poetry. Shaykh Sharaf aldyn familiarly called Shah Malul. K. Hakjm Myr J7osayny (IZbsayn K) of Dilly a disciple of Mohammad Eakhr aldyn is a good calligraph and musician. D. aldyn of Lucnow a young man and a pupil of Soz. (D. 'ibrat.

of D. and Hidayat. &vu\ (Stephen?) alive in 1215. He was. A . C. his father was a European. Irshad. but was familiarly called fire-fly. 52) the author of with He is a good physician and alive. who is [Chap. Insan. He was an acquaintance Was H. he a disciple of Mawlawy MoAammad Fakhr aldyn. family.) K speaks of him as if he had been alive . his whose takhalluc was Macdar was a native of Murshidabad. Incaf. D (perhaps identical Myr Yahjk 'ishq. and rather a says B. several languages besides his Urdu Kullyyat. ancestors were of Najaf. E. P. is the name and takhalluc of a Christian. man of business than a poet. 'alyy letter of which has a and others every diacritical points. Asad Yar Khan had the Jognuw title of Asad aldawlah Bahadur.Allah Khan. al-Ka&man Khan resides at Dilly. he was an Amyr of 7000. College. born at Dilly. 'abd and attends most Masha'rahs.240 re'khtah tadzkirahs. Intitzar. Among his Mathnawies is one of called *jj> )ji£ in which he imitates the [^ j ^ letter of Baha aldyn 'amily. He also wrote Turky verses and he wrote dot. He died about twenty years Naqyy Khan a son of the late 'alyy Manykbashy (?) resided during the time of 'alyy Akbar Khan Wirdy Khan Mo- habat-jang at Murshidabad. He died a few years ago Insha. P. P. no which has ago. Hafitz is Myr izzat Allah a son of iZakym Qudrat Allah is Khan Qdsim (who a Dywan. in the service of Solayman-shikoh at left. now Professor of the Dilly Shaykh Nitzam aldyn son of a Qadhiy of Katol Jj±j studies. He has in his He died at Persian poems the takhalluc of Masriir Calpee. Y. Persian a pupil of Imam-bakhsh. D. a Persian Dywan. D. He knew. 'inayat. R. E. some poems. I. but and one of the most and skilful poets of India. Isfan Anwar 'alyy. where he was tutor in a private K. in 1221. He was a friend of C. the author of the Tadzkirah No. 'ishq. 'ishq. Myr Mohammad 'alyy of //aydarabad. Lucnow. Myr Insha Allah Khan the son of Ma-sha. in 1215. He died at Murshidabad. and he like his father was a clever physician. . came to Dilly for the sake of prosecuting his is and some time ago he went to Calpee.

V. was a poet of the Deccan. T. Myan BaAmat. of the second Millennium Gurdezy and some other authors say that his grandfather was Shaykh the Benewer AAmad who is called ^b t^ll started the theory that every thousand years a a^s* because he man was born. 'ishq. It is likely that. H. 241 Shah Eokn aldyn. He a pupil of Myrza 'alyy Lutf. 62. want of means compelled him to Urdu poetry. J. Shah "VValyy Allah of Sirhind. H. as Lutf says. he writes Persian and 'ishqy and is author of a Dywan. 'ishq. he sides a life of a gentleman . Be- Dywan of about 1500 verses he left a mystical Mathnawy. and whose vocation revive to and strengthen it. leave his home. subsequently he followed the example of his family and became a Darwysh choosing Owing to the independence of his was held in great veneration. familiarly called Shah Ghasyta &*-^. Dilly. D. Shah Walyy Allah resided in the Kot- and was a distinguished Theologian and 9 u fy1161 and left several works like the JU=-?i died about He 1 ^ c^^ *j> 2 I . 'ishrat. Myr YaAya of the Deccan had the title of 'ashiq. from 'ishqy of Muradabad. TABLE OF CONTENTS. regarding whom D was not able in the to obtain any information. J. and J does not know what has become he described in a Mathnawy called **^ Haybat-jang. that he was the grandson of Mohammad Gul. B. character. Myr Zayn of Dilly. of saint of Dilly. subse- quently he ran mad. who it is has a thorough knowledge of the Islam. was a grandson of Shah Fakhal a great When office a young man. See Bhola Nath a Pandit. Lutff Allah. Shaykh Gholam Bangaly of Patna. he went to Patna and stays with Myrza Ghasyta. 'ishrat. J. 'ishrat. 'ishqy. *^* the wars of the Nawab Myr Gholam 'alyy resides at Bareilly is and is the author of a good Dywan. lah close to Dilly. V. 'ishrat. 'abd al-Wasi'. He died in 1203.No. he is connected by spiritual genealogy only with the Shaykh A7*mad. 'izzat. D. 'ishq went to Murshidabad. 'ishqy of Moradabad. and that he was the man for the second Mil- lenium. and though he had no he was much respected and led the Patna as his place of residence. Ishtiyaq. Others say. a son of the late Shaykh of him.] 'ishq. turned a soldier after the death of his father. district of J saw him different at Awwla *VT which is Faydhabad.

'izzat. Lucnow was formerly in good cir- Jahangyr. Jadzb. Sayyid 'izzat Allah Khan Bhikhary a young died man. al'azyz. is a talented young man. A. a brother of Nitzam aldyn Myr Mamnun and D. . Shaykh alislam of Thanah in the district of Saharanpiir is now the best poet of that part of India. at Lucnow. He i. is D. of 500 verses on so elevated a subject as the Qalyan. which has the title Of WJJ ±£/0 violip o^. Islam. he died about V. Shah 'abd I. he writes Persian and Eekhtah D. Myrza (Prince) Jawan-bakhsh Jahandar-shah. Baqir 'alyy of Dilly. &#~J\ ~ and ^Ux> IpSti* ^3 &Jlx)t &*>. G-arcin de Tassy informs us. 3jl 4 [Chap. V. G. "Was two years ago at Dilly. the most celebrated Indian Theologian in modern time. H. Ittifaq is a poet of Bareilly. He died last year on his way back from Makkah. V. D. but poetry. went in 1198 to Lucnow. P. Gr. A. was 1168 and composed by order of Mo- hammad Shah. a Mathnawy e. D. He is alive and has the takhalluc of Ja'far. Ja'fary Ja'fary. said he is Myr 'abd al-~Wasi'. D. a son of the emperor Shah-'alam. a son of Qamar aldyn Minnat. twenty years ago. was a son of Shah Walyy Allah. Myr Ja'far Zetely of Narnawl a contemporary of By-dil was the most celebrated humoristic poet of Hindustan. P. and had the rank alive in of three thousand. A. B. he is dead. was an Amyr of the time of Mo/iammad Shah. of Bareilly is Jadzb. H. and probably identical with the poet who had in Persian the takhalluc of Ja'far. Jahandar. at which Gt used to be He died at Benares in 1201. D. it is of Lucnow. K. and held every month two present. He died in prison. Ja'far 'alyy 9 a fyj> Khan. P.242 re'khtah tadzkirahs. Myrza Jahangyr of cumstances. See 'ishrat. Myrza Ja'far of Patna a son of Faydh 'alyy Khan is a well educated man. Travelled much and near Bokhara. He is the author of a Shah- namah in Bekhtah. J. poetical assemblies in his house. a son of Myrza Muniin Beg. his compositions are a mixture of Persian and Urdu. Ja'far. D. is now impoverished. the machine for smoking tobacco. Myr Matzhar is 'alyy was a learned man. that there is a work of his in the India house. Was Thanadar. Ja'far or Ja'fary.

at Murshidabad. writes chiefly See Jalal. He went some time ago to . See Gholam Nacir of Dilly. ^ fj> )\ ) Mawlawy Gholam AAmad also of Meerut and a pupil of who has is the takhalluc of Mobtala. Myrza AAmad 'alyy of Dilly. H. 2 I 2 . under the emperor. Jawdat. P. Dywaly Singh a Khatry of Bareilly. P. 62. Jamal aldyn iZbsayn a younger brother of Kamal aldyn 1/osayn of Dilly. of Begam Jan. and a wife of Acaf aldawlah. he Drilhan Begam. Myr Jamal aldyn iZbsayn of Patna a son of Niir Allah office Khan. Jam. a cousin of of Bengal. who held a high Persian verses. D. he died young. J. H. He lives at Sikandarabad as a him in the present tense. Jany. of Dilly (of Murshidabad. Jan. Jan the name and takhalluc of a poetess of Parrokhabad. his ancestors title 243 is of Jalal aldawlah. his ancestors were of Kashmyr. known by the name of Bahii Begam. J. He writes very elegant Naskh and Naskh-ta'lyq and he studied Arabic. is Myan Makkhu Bay Hridyaram of Patna a great admirer of poetry. his ancestors were of Persia. P speaks of Jan. D. Jamal 'alyy of Jewish extraction (? a grandson of 'ishq.] Jalal aldyn of TABLE OF CONTENTS. Jawahir. Kunwar Sen of Badhawly a pupil of Sharaf aldyn Masrur. a daughter Nawab Qamar aldyn Khan. JjJ^*»| Jamal. Jalal. P. Myr Mohammad Taqyy and a disciple of Sikandarabady. Jane 'alam Khan. C. JarraA. Jan 'alyy Shah. H. H. Jawhar. he was a friend of and died J. was a pupil of Nawab Qasim 'alyy Khan Natzim Nathan Shah Paqyr. D. he wrote mostly Persian verses and was killed in an affray at Dilly.Haydarabad. He is identical with the is Jamal of J. a cousin of Nawab Eawshan aldawlah. E. 'alyy a Sayyid of Dilly. D. Jamal. C. K. Myrza Bandah were of Persia. Murshidabad had the Faydhabad. is a son of the Surgeon iZMtz Eamadhany and a talented young man and a good Surgeon. He died some years ago. Jawahir Singh a pupil of T. E. C. who is a son of 'ishq. V) was origin- ally of Cuttack. is a pupil of Sayyid Mohammad Soz. he the author of a Mathnawy and was skilled in chronograms. Jalal resides at Jalal.No. He was a good Persian poet and a pupil of Jawhar. J.

was at Khan b. C.244 Jawhary. Jawlan. wrote Persian and Hindawy poetry. the authoress of a treatise on the Rag mentioned by Garcin de Tassy. a pupil of 'ishq Grhasyta.) Jonun. Nawab Jayna Begam wife of a daughter of the late Myrza Babar and a Myrza Jahandar-shah writes Rekhtah and Persian verses. Lala Jhaman Nath (Jhaman Lai. Jonun. he stances. Myr fZbsayn (ZZasan. as if it had only two syllables. H) now a pupil of Myr Amany Asad. a son of Bishen Nath of the Kayeth caste. He MoAammad Shah. a Mawlawy Ayat Allah of Phulwary is good scholar. E. Qalandar-bakhsh a son of supported by Aman a pupil of iZasrat. D. and in India the word is universally pronounced. but Myr Ramadhan 'alyy has written a few verses. his way to Calcutta. says Jonun. D. Myr Eadhl is 'alyy (Eaydh 'alyy. D. and died about fifteen years ago. [CHAP. fond of reading. P. Jonun. Bahar. a son of Mohammad Khan Dy wanah who first holds the office of Ta^cyldar. J. I. D. He is called Bahar had first the name of Ramadhan 'alyy. Nawab Patna (where J saw him) on Jonun. is a Persian poet and of Sozish. Nawab Mahdiy Khan. He is in very poor circum- K. J. V. Shayk (Shah. D. (Barkat. A. C. V. REKHTAH TADZKIRAHS. a pupil of Nacyr. K) 'alyy Khan is a poet of the Deccan. a soldier by profession. K) Gholam Mortadha of Ilahabad a pupil of Mawlawy Barkat. Jonun. he has composed a very beautiful Qacydah on spring. Tek Chand. is a licensed abbreviation for Barakat. She is probably identical witli Jana Begam. alislam of Dilly a pupil of Mohammad Eakhr Mamnun of the has lately taken to poetry. it is eight years since he 'alyy died. he is since many years blind. jffafitz Joriit. a son of Khanahzad Sarbaland Khan. It does not appear to me that Ramadhan and Bahar 'alyy are identical as E makes them. H. D. Has in Persian the takhalluc Jawhary. he put the Bahare Danish into verse and made material alterations in the style of it. was a contemporary of 'alyy Shah. had for a short time the takhalluc of Mast. Inderjyt a jeweller of Dilly Jawlan. D. Mohammad Jywan is a learned and pious man neighbourhood of Serawah. K) of Dilly. in He was Nawab MaAabbat Khan Mahabbat but 1215 he was in the service of Solayman-shikoh at Lucnow. he was . Myrza Najaf 'alyy 'alyy Khan of Benares. a brother of Jagar- nath.

H. Ruba'ys. D. E. Jorat. P) said that he a clever young man and Patna. but 245 had the misfortune his family skilled in music. Shaykh MoAammad Rawshan of Patna a brother of Mo- hammad 'abid Dil. Jorat. to lose his eye-sight. a is by profession and a pupil of Sawda a good poet. Gr. Joshish. . K. Mohammad it is 'abid a son is of Jaswant Nakir (Jaswant resides at Nager. It appears that Jorat and had the family-name of YaAya Man. and other sciences. it is Myr Mostaqym was a contemporary of life Mohammad Shah. is close to the Chandny Chawk and In P it is stated that he was descended from the Ray Man Ray Man who was executed by Nadir Shah and that he died upwards of twenty years ago. 62. He died at Bareilly. said that he lived a pious and resided at Purniya. he Jorat was a soldier and wrote Per- had a salary of sixty rupees a month. Josh. J. because they said that they were descended from Ya/jya Ray Man who resided in a street at Dilly is still called which street. In 1194 he sent extracts from his Dywan to C. H this poet has the takhalluc of a son of Sayyid Jamyl. and E are under a mistake and mean the brother of Shaykh takhalluc is Mohammad Rawshan Joshish whose Dil. Joshish. he used to visit G-urdezy. Myr MoAammad Ridha the title who had of Sayyid (JJadr aldyn and was a Mohammad Wahyd man of rank and held a Jageer from the emperor. Shaykh Niyaz Afanad a pupil of Dzawq. heard of him since a long time. not much is also of a poet. Jorat. his poems are in a low language. J. whose name I do not know says J. one is humorisD. Gr. E. He is a native of the Deccan there a Jorat of Faydhabad. I have not and the other contains Grhazals. Y. Myr Sher 'alyy was a fine-looking and learned man but . Jorat. sian poetry. RaAym Allah a young man who resided at Dilly and was a pupil of C. about 3000 verses. soldier Myrza Moghol In of Bareilly a son of 'abd al-Baqiy Khan. Is a humoristic poet. he died at Purniya. Josh. but some years previous to 1165 he went to the Deccan. B. D. He an excellent poet and his Dywan has Y. he gave out of this twenty-two rupees as alms to Sayyids . and being a very bigoted Shy' ah.] TABLE OF CONTENTS. wrote two tic Dy wans. He seems to be identical with the following. astrology. R. imitates Myr is Dard.No. There is no doubt that D. &c.

E met him Kafir. in the district of Kalym. but not much of a poet. is Kalym. 1800 he went to Calcutta where Jowan. Gholam Nabyy Khan was supported by the aldyn Khan. P. translated the Myr on Talib JTosayn. He was a physician and He is also the author of a Myr Mo7*ammad Prosody and Rhyme and flourished under AAmad the father of Myan Myr left a Dywan and several tale in elegant Eekhtah H. He called his poems Kafir-Kattah. He died many years ago. C. P. K. Jowan. late Ghaziy Myr Kallu of Dilly was a relation of Myr Dard. A. prose. I. D. He is a pupil of Taqyy Myr. Kamal. first in the house of Mohammad Yar Khan. lie In A. 1196. In H instead of being a Jew he a t^iy. Some say he is dead. IZakym Kabyr 'alyy Sanbhaly was an Ancary Shaykh. According to D he was a slave of Sher-afgan Khan. Kamal aldyn was an ancient poet. J2ajy Tajalliy. a cousin of Sher-afgan Khan. he is a pupil of E. B. at Lucnow. of Dilly a soldier and a friend of B. Shah Kakul of Dilly was a Faqyr and a contemporary of Abru. D. D. Katzhn 'alyy of Dilly now. this however is certainly a mistake. E. but his father resided in Behar and was a man of rank. He He was a relation of Taqyy Myr and wrote an Urdu treatise f^l <j«r^ into Urdu. V. D. was born in Hindustan. Kabyr. Kalamy. He was Gr. a . Shah Kamal aldyn 2/osayn. he Shah and died at Dilly.246 RE'KHTAH TADZK1RAHS. is he has collected the Dywans of about thirty Eekhtah poets and pupil of Jorat. C. composed a thick Dywan. and attached to the College of Fort William. P. Shaykh Kalym Allah of Sarkot which Muradabad. J. K. C frequently saw at Murshidabad. Myrza Na'ym Beg of Dilly is a clever and talented young man in the service of Solayman-shikoh. A. C. J. B.. is [CHAP. of Dilly of Jewish 'ishq. extraction cW*l i>V»J j! ) is a physician and a pupil of is D. D. Kamal went Lucnow and lives in the house of Rajah Holas Bay. V. Myr 'alyy Naqyy Had him the takhalluc of Taskyn and Jonun. Myan Juggan. P. Mohammad i/osayn. his to forefathers were of Karah Manikpiir. Mathnawies. E. Jowan. Shaykh Mo/*ibb Allah ( ? was still alive in 1812. D. E.

writes Persian and Bekhtah verses. he used to his in the evening in the Chawk. Thakor Das a son of Eajah Earn a Kashmyry. is a Darwysh residing at Lucnow. E. . V.No. he is a pupil of Miimin Khan and is an old man. Kamtar Shah at Parrokhabad. D. P. He spent the greater His name was sell at Dilly and died in 1168. A. B. Gyamanpur resides at (or Deorha) in the Behar. Myr Kamal 'alyy of 247 Dyrha J. resides at i/aydarabad. he leads the life of a or devotee at Shikarpiir.] Kamal. P. Karamat. He may be identical with the preceding. H. sit Pyr Khan. of Murshidabad has lately left Karam a. of Dilly. Shah Karym-bakhsh of Patna a rian disciple of Shah Karak is a Qadi- 9 u fy> J* Laid Kashy Nath of Ambalah (Umballa) a bad poet. is of Khayrabad in Oudh. TABLE OF CONTENTS. and to poems which he had written on detached pieces of paper. of Moghol origin and a soldier by D. V. Myrza Khayr Allah Beg Kamtar. D. Shaykh Lutf Allah was a pupil of Shah Khaksar. He on was a man of learning and wrote a large work called A*^' He died in Philosophy. and one called ty& B^Vt on * ne I m ^ ms 1 « JW 1215. Kam-gd. a son of Myr Karamat 'alyy of Awrangabad. C. six days' journey Myr Amanat 'alyy and a grandson of Sayyid Darwysh lately Murad 'alyy Bokhary. He H. a pupil of He Karam MucMy. Karam. D. he writes M. at K. taken to writing Karym. K. D. holds the appointment of Wakyl at Dilly. Dilly. from Dilly. A. Myan Grholam Karama that city. of Persian origin and resides Kamtar. the chronogram on his death is &!j&. wrote mostly satires and humoristic poetry. Karym Allah Khan an Afghan has poetry. Shaykh Grholam Dhamin of Kutanah resides formerly he resided at iZaydarabad. He is is still in the same office. Myrza ifabyb Allah died some time ago. J. Myan Kamtaryn. *f A» *^i and of a Kamtaryn an Afghan. Kamil. Myrza Kamil Beg profession. humoristic poetry but part of his life it his is name is not good. Kamtar. Kamil. 62. D. is Kamil. Mawlawy Kifayat 'alyy author of the version of the Shamayil of Tirmidzy.

yet at the Mosha'arahs of the Maharajah. Khadim. Khadim Zfosayn Khan of Patna a son of . Khaliq. E. when he E) wrote. is [Chap. Khadim. Myr /Zidayat 'alyy a Sayyid of Barh. E. Kawthar. Kallu. E. He was of Farrokhabad. Nawab Khadim ZTosayn Khan Bahadur of Dilly a son of Nawab Ashraf aldawlah 'alyy Qiy&mat Afrasyab Khan and a friend of D. Katzim. D. Khaky. but was dead (Dilly. H. in the service of Nawab He was a native of Khaytal but brought up at Dilly. a young man.Hajy A/iinad and a relation of C. V. 100. attached B. this was the aunt of the Nawab 'imad almulk. T). but . is Khaksar. He used to visit H. It appears from that he has written a Tadzkirah in which he assumes the ap- pellation of Sayyid alsho'ara. Katzim 'alyy young and a pupil of Mohammad Nacyr. his ancestors were of Badakhshan. P. and hence she used takhalluc. Mahdiy 'alyy Khan of Lucnow a son of Qofob aldyn Khan. I. 'abd al-Khaliq was attached to the service of the late Myrza (Prince) Solayman-shikoh. is He went to Gwalyar. Bay Makand Bay of /Taydarabad a pupil of Paydh. Khadim 'alyy of the Panjab was Nacir-jang Bangash. Dilly. to a Myr Mo^ammad-yar. Khadim resides at Panypat. B. Kashy Nath of Patyala a son of Nawnidh Eay V. H. Khadim. He is dead. he is in the Deccan in the army. came two years ago to Kayfy. a month Motzaffar- from Nawab Bangash. Kawkab. K. Khalah. V. is Khaliq. Khac is a poet of the Deccan. familiarly called shrine close to Dilly called Qadam Sharyf.248 re'khtah tadzkirahs. His father I believe is the author of the is \d&* jj*~&. Gholam iJaydar Beg was born in Hindustan. He is the author of a Persian and Urdu Dywan. I. D. A. K. V. but it known where he now resides. he was marked with small-pox he was constantly present and stammered in reciting not his verses. Shaykh Khaliq-bakhsh originally of the Panjab. D. he is a pupil of Nasikh. a lady of the name of Badr alnisa Begam of Farrokhabad. D. Khadim in the service of Nawab jang and receives a salary of Es. composes chiefly Persian verses. his uncle was in receipt of a salary of is 500 Es.

age. submits his verses to Myr Gulzar 'alyy Asyr for correction. Myr Mosta&san of Lucnow a younger brother of Myr AAsan He is tutor in the family of Eajah Tiket Bay Lucnow. resides in the Deccan. skilled in Hindee music. Khan.] at Dilly. a son of the late Sayyid 'alyy Bashyr. H. and in composing Marthiyahs. he has the takhalluc of Tzohiir. Mo^ammady Khan. K. at Khalyq. is Myr Afoan a son of Myr . who has lately taken to poetry. a nephew of Barkat Allah Khan Barkat and a relation of Myr Juggan. E. E.No. He is 249 was born /Taqyr. C. Khod-gharadh of Agra has D. was a left good Insha writer. who was called A'qa Yar Khan. a son of Myrza Hoshdar. H. he was a pupil of Ashuftah. the author of the Badre Monyr. and a pupil of I am told that he died about 1840. Mohammad 'abd Allah Khan familiarly called My an Jywan of Dilly. E.Hasan only nineteen years of II. Gholam Qofob-bakhsh. It is said he left two Dy wans containing nearly one hundred thousand verses. and a pupil of Myrza MoAammad Ja'far Khan Mohammad Eakhr Makyn. 1199 at Murshidabad. TABLE OF CONTENTS. D. Kholq. a cousin of Eaghib. is he a pupil of Muc/iafy. 62. D. a son of Sa'd Allah Khan. K. a son of Nawab Sharaf aldyn Mohammad Khan. Khan. P). Khandan. Ashraf Khan of Dilly went some time ago to Lucnow. Firaq. does not D Khastah. Sayyid Ibrahym 'alyy. Eesides since a long time at Lucnow. a descendant of Sayyid Mohammad Kirmany. a Pathan. E. V. was of Kashmyry origin and born at Dilly. D. he now. H. knows a is little Arabic. and a pupil of Eangyn. a relation of P. is a Mohammad and young man. he died at Kerbala in the 'iraq. Nawab Fakhr is aldyn Khan. H. is Khalyq. a Persian Dywan. Khastah. 2 K . P. resides now at Sunypat. D. know where he resides. He is a son of Myr iZasan. Khalyl. Khayal. Karamat Allah Khan. D. visited Dilly. V. a nephew of Shaykh Nabyy-bakhsh and has lately taken to poetry. EarAat 'alyy resided at Lucnow. JNTarayan. says Beny Khirad. and died young. In the Marthiyah. H. Khidmat. was attached to Nitzam aldyn Awliya's tomb near Dilly. Khayal. Khalyq. has visited Dilly. and Kholq. Myrza Tzohiir 'alyy of Dilly. Brij Nath of Dilly has gone to IZaydarabad. H. Gholam i7osayn Khan (Gholam iZasan Khan.

is Latyf. H. Lutf. Khosh made the pilgrimage to Makkah. eyesight by small-pox. K. See Myrza. Bay Jadun Eay of iTaydarabad a pupil of Eaydh. he a fertile poet. and. came in 1208 to Dilly to is prosecute his studies. the father of In-sha Allah Khan would appear. at He is a pupil of Shah MaMl and resides Lutff. is a talented young man. H. H. his father was a lost his celebrated calligraph. Lalah Gobind Lai a son of Lalah Kanjy Dil (sic Mai Gharyl. E. is mentioned by M and E. was. his ancestors were of the Panjab. of Dilly is i/afitz Gholam Mohammad blind. Khosraw. now he is in the service of the Nawab "Wazyr at Eaydhabad. D. Kdchak. V. E. C. J. Layiq. K. Myr Shams aldyn of Siirat about thirty-two years of Eesides since some years at Lucnow. D. Grhasy Earn of Dilly kept a shop at Faydhabad. I. a Kayeth. In H he has the takhalluc of Lu£f. but died young before B wrote his Tadzkirah. D. Khosh-dil. Khoshnud Khoshras. K. is H distinguishes between the two. blind. on whom see Lutff. M thinks that he has written much Eekhtah V. He died in 1214. Kholq. K. a pupil of Myr Dard. T. . 'atzym Beg a pupil of Sawda. used to sell jewellery. Dilly. Died some time ago. [Chap. Khorshed 'alyy of Dilhar a clever young man. Myr Madad Allah. C. but E identifies him with Myrza p. but a good Myr poetry. Myr Latyf 'alyy of Dilly. 184. D. it Myr Ma-sha Allah Khan. alive when E wrote. Lucnow. D) of familiarly called now. ?) Khoshdil. is Lutfy was an old poet. to Luc- aldyn' Mausoleum near Latfyf. musician. is Kishen Chand a Khatry of Lahor a new poet. T. age. Was first Eisaldar in the cavalry of Nawab Mohabat-jang. is Khosh though of Dilly. went some time ago But he is buried at Nitzam there. A notice on him is in the following chapter. and died Myrza Kdchak £aAib. T. Myrza 'alyy a pupil of Sawda. D. Myr Layiq 'alyy of Lucnow. Prince Myrza Wajh aldyn ("Wajyh aldyn. his name not known. K. J. H. the father of iZamzah Bind was a good musi- cian flourished under Mohammad Shah. Macdar.s 250 re'khtak tadzkirahs. he Lisan. Myr Kalym Allah was a friend of B. a pupil of Nasikh. H. Dilly.

is M. Maftiin. and has written a Mathnawy Ma^abbat called Sirsy d Bannii at the request of Mr. he Maftun. K. but was is born at Dilly. Myr says that the Zynat almasajid at Agra. he took up his abode in the Mosque called Zynat life masajid. is a pupil Thana Allah K. 'alyy Mah. He died about 1158. but born at Lucnow. had the title of Momtaz aldawlah. C.— No. Madhiish. 62. Myr Mashyyat 'alyy (Mast 'alyy. a pupil of Myrzd Ja'far 'alyy ifasrat resides now. Myr Mohammad Ma7iabbat. M). J. C. K). H. who. Having B. it would appear. Sayyid Imam aldyn Khan a son of Sayyid Mo'yn aldyn who commanded the king's body-guard. D) a pupil of 'izzat 'ishq. lost his teeth. Maghmum. C. 251 Madhmiin. V. at Lucnow. is Maftun. I give here a verse from the Mathnawy : He drew a handsome allowance from Acaf aldawlah. a Kashmyry Pandit. Nawab MaAabbat Khan (Ma^abbat Allah Khan. P. Jones. Jones.] TABLE OF CONTENTS. was still 2 K 2 . Myrza IsMq Beg of Dilly holds an office at Court. Myr Nabyy Jan is is a pupil of Sdz. Earn met him Jas of Lucnow is in the service of Mr. Myan Badr aldyn is originally of the Panjab. Myr Bahadur Eiraq. He was a pupil of Matzhar and Arzti. K. 1196. Moty Bam. Allah Maghmum. "When he al- was past forty. C. A. Qayim visited him there called twice or three times. Maftiin. he poetry. V. at Benares in 1199. this is a mistake. Katzim 'alyy is of Ilahabad. which is a cloth-merchant and writes Persian and Kekhtah corrected by Myr Earzand 'alyy Mawzun. and led the of an ascetic. P. D Maghmum. C D. a pupil of Minnat and Mamniin. Myrza (Prince) Karym-bakhsh of Dilly. of the Imperial house Maftun. of Khan resides at /Zaydarabad. a pupil of Nitzam aldyn Mamniin. E) Sharaf aldyn a descendant of Ganj Shakr was born near Gwalyar (at Jajhaii near Agra. D. Khan Arzu him Sha'ire Bedanah. Shaykh (Myan. is Maftun. Madhmiin. it is in Daryaganj at Dilly. C. V. a son of Uafitz EaAmat Khan. is Shaykh 'abd al-Ba^ym of Arabic origin. • In Persian he has another takhalluc. called 'alyy of a good family of Dilly. Myan 'alyy-bakhsh of Patna was a Persian poet.

is Mahjur. Fighan. Myr Mohammad Khan He is the author of a Tadzkirah of Bekhtah and Persian poets. /Zafitz Dilly.Hafitz Sayyid MaAmud Khan is of Afghan origin. D. has some pupils. when he thought was forgotten he returned to Luenow. K) Ray. Ikram Allah Was well known in his Khan of Badawn own country. and is a Kayeth. P.252 alive in 1215. MaAmud Ser of the Deccan was a contemporary of "Walyy. at the age of about thirty years. of MaAw. MaAmiid. a Kashmyry of Dilly. of Mamnun. See Pakhr. B. K. his name and circumstances his are unknown. K) Fakhr aldyn Khan of Luenow. E. G. Myrza 'alyy Naqyy (Taqyy. a son of is Ashraf 'alyy Khan (whose takhalluc was. and subsequently to Agra . Munshiy (Sayyid. He live8 now at Luenow. Myr Qoraysh of Dilly Dywan. H) MaMutz 'alyy Khan a Sayyid of Khayrabad Mahir. After he had killed Mohlat he fled from Luenow to Dilly where he his crime met E. MaAabbat. D. V. D he received an allowance from the British Government. E. He is not yet old. by the relatives of Mohlat. According to a chronogram in Jorat he died See Mo/abb. P. D. Shaykh Walyy Allah of Maharaj. Bajah Holas (Bhilas. Myrza Mahdiy. a Kashmyry of Luenow. rekhtah tadzkirahs. who says that he knew nothing of his circumstances. writes poetry very rarely. had a very high opinion of own poetical talents Persian and Bekhtah verses. and wrote both Ma^shar. According to [Chap. MaMiitz. and a pupil Luenow. P) noble family. K. a man of Dywan. D. jffasrat. T. T. he was in Persian a pupil of Makyn and in Bekhtah of in 1222. Y. mentioned by Beny Narayan. My an (Myr. Shaykh 'atzym Allah Myrath (Meerut) P. A. is still He was the Boswell of Sawda and He had first the takhalluc of Fakhr. K. Mo7*ammad £adr aldyn. sixty used to copy his obtained through Sawda a pension of at Bupees a month from Shuja' aldawlah. and a nephew of A'tzam aldawlah Sarwar. he was put to death in 1208. and had written a Dywan. . K. I. left Mahdiy. . is Munshiy in General Ochterlony's office at Dilly. K). where See Mohlat. K. was a Bekhtah Dywan of Ba^mat Khan at Bareilly Ma7^bub. MaAshar. Ma/iruq.

H. was celebrated when he was young. MaAzun. JayAiin. though D distinguishes between the two. Majdzub. He was of Awrangabad his studies. Majbiir. is in the service of the English Government. is a pupil Majnun. at Ilahabad where he had resided for some years. 62. 'alyy 253 MaAw. He is certainly identical with the following. H. KaAm Khan of Agra. C) of Sawda. G) Gholam #aydar Beg of Dilly (of Lucnow. is His name Myrza . 'alyy Khan is of Dilly. T.Hbsayn (Mawlawy Sayyid Gholam iZbsayn and visited of Dilly. H). E. P. K. is skilled in Mathematics. V) a Musawy Sayyid and a pupil of Mawhe lawy Mohammad Barakat. lives at He is still. P. resides now. J. familiarly called Darwysh Sar-barahnah a Dy wan of Mohammad Shah. K. jEfimayat of Qudrat. MaAzun. G. Myan iZaqq-rasa is a young man and a pupil of Nacyr. and has written a Saqiy-namah by order of Nawab 'alyy Mobarak Khan. 'alyy of Dilly resides at Murshidabad. /fosayn MaAw. and has written two Dywans. 'alam-shah of a descendant of Ganj-bakhsh and a pupil Mohammad Mas'ud of Dilly.Haydar Beg. of Amrohah as MucAafy states. Majnun. MaAzun. Myrza (Myr. at the age of forty-one years. (a son of and composes chiefly Persian poetry. Khan. D. Ma^zun. 1215. C. at Lucnow. he was a friend of C. Khalyfah JEfafitz Allah of Earrokhabad supports himself by teaching. at Lucnow. 1196. D) a Pyr-zadah of Amrohah. he is of Moghol origin and Lucnow. child. Myr Nacir Jan. Majbiir.] TABLE OF CONTENTS. as Sawda had no he probably adopted him. Mawlawy Sayyid Mohammad . Mohammad Taqyy Khan resides at Patna holds the rank of five thousand and a Jagyr. uses sometimes he is a pupil of Myr and resides at Lucnow. Ma&ziin.NO. and went lately towards the east (Oudh) P. MaAzun. He was of Makdesar and not He died some time ago. J. D. a son of Sayyid Mohammad Nacyr Banj Myr Dard. He said that he was a son of Sawda. Hindustan for the sake of prosecuting died in 1185. resides now at Pajna. H). a son of the late Lu£f alnabyy J. Shah Majnun descendant or son of the the takhalluc of Khafiy. Kay Khush-Ml Singh of Patna a son of Maharajah Shitab Kay is a good poet. 'alam-shah (Gholain Shah. . J. and had formerly the takhalluc of D. He is also mentioned by V. an adopted son (a son. C has seen him.

He has written a Dywan. Mamliiw. He had first the takhalluc of is ZZasrat and subsequently of . V. Majyd aldyn Khan a Kashmyry of Dilly. My an Maqbul Nabyy. P. Myr Nitzam aldyn. a son of Minnat. P. Ma'niy. K. D. C. but . he Mahal. Maqbiil. D. it is Mantzar. he is Makhkhu. K. 1196. Makarim. Malal. Beny Narayan speaks of him past tense. he was in 1231 at Dilly. MajruA. of Farrokhabad but calligraph. a son of the late Yaqyn. a Dilly. at Dilly title of Eakhr alsho'ara. Shah Sharaf aldyn (Ma'ruf aldyn. but fell into great distress. D. but free-thinker. H. Mamniin. which he sold at two pice (about a penny) a piece. C. In H are two Malals besides D) is is one was a Darwysh and a pupil of Matzhar. re'khtah tadzkirahs. Myr Mawzun. said that in 1190. Dilly. See Motzaffar.Myr Amanat 'alyy of Patna studied for some time at Dilly. Myrza Mohammad Zaman. and was reduced to his family live on the sale of his ghazals. Myrza Makarim of Dilly was a Mancibdar at Makand Singh. a pupil of Myrza Mamnun.254 C. see Matzhar. I. H. V. do not know his takhalluc. some years ago he went to Ajmyr. V. but he was born and lived long at Lucnow . His ancesin the embraced the Islam. visited Patna. at Lucnow. Khwajah-bakhsh of Ilahabad. He has collected sixty thousand verses from about three this collection has unfor- hundred ancient and modern poets. is a pupil of Matzhar and resides now. is alive and has many pupils. He has the title of Matzhar aldyn Khan. is a new poet. E. resides at present at Farrokhabad. J. He has been brought up at Dilly but resides at Lucnow. D. he embraced the Islam. D.Haly. D. uses in Persian the takhalluc of Ilham. he lives in great distress at tors a Lucnow. [Chap. he Mohammad Amyn died at Coel. He obtained from the and was a pupil of emperor of Dilly the emperor's service. he lately left the His family was of Panypat. Brahman of Dilly. Munshiy Kishen Chand a Kashmyry born in Hindustan. He resides at Lucnow. a Darwysh. Manjhu Khan. Tsry Prasad a Kayeth of Lucnow Qatyl. was of a D and K who mention him. is a son of Muftiy Mo'yn aldyn Khan. this. E. he has written a Dywan. K does not know where he is. Majyd.

H. Mashhiir. Ma' qui. D. E. 'alyy Khan Bahadur on a salary of MarMm. E) who was a great is Amyr of the days of Dzu-1-Fiqar aldawlah Najaf is Khan. he died in 1242. He was a brother of Nawab AAmad-bakhsh Khan. P. a young man. He was a friend of D and a pupil Maqbul. K. D. H. Ma'ruf of Nacyr.. D. Lalah Girdhary Lai a pupil of Faydh. has lately visited Lucnow. 200 a month. E. is Masarrat. he a pupil He has embraced (^ufism and is a disciple of Fakhr aldyn. his forefathers were of Ispahan. H. a pupil of Nacyr. E. K) had formerly the takhalluc of Madhmun. Ma'ruf. Masrur. Myrza Ibrahym Beg of Dilly a son of is Myrza Mohammad In 'alyy. Myrza (Myr. a new poet. He went to /Zaydarabad and was attached as a poet to the Court of Moshyr almulk Nawab Nitzam Es. visited Dilly in 1247. He is a Kayeth of Bareilly. fire. Masrur. P. Shaykh Pyr-bakhsh of Kakory. K. poet occurs first D this under Maqtiil and then under Maqbul. H. K. NO. he a good prose-writer and upwards of thirty years of age. 62. Ilahy-bakhsh of Dilly a son of 'arif Jan (Khan. E. Masarrat. is Mawlawy IAsan Allah Khan a Shaykh. Myrza Acghar 'alyy Beg familiarly called Myrza Sangy Beg of Dilly is a pupil of Myr 'izzat Allah 'ishq. D) 'alyy Eidha (Myrza 'alyy of Dilly. D. E. . his forefathers were of Mashhad but he was born and educated at Dilly. P does know any thing regarding him. is a popular poet. and resides in Bengal. P. K. P. Masrur. visited Dilly in the suit of Solayman- shikoh. IZakym Myr Ma'ruf. Nawab Gholam JEfosayn Khan. and his Hindu festivals. E. which is five farsangs from Lucnow. his P. he has written a Dywan. Shankar a Kayeth a pupil of Nacyr. Shaykh "Wazyr 'alyy a son of K and a pupil of 'ishq went some years ago to ZZaydarabad. Marhun. H. Maqciid of Lucnow a water-carrier verses are sung on Maqtiil. he is a pupil of Nitzam aldyn Mamnun and a son of Qamar aldyn Minnat. Masrur. he writes good Persian poetry. 'alyy was a Sayyid of Saharanpiir. name and circumstances are not known. whose pupil he was. He has collected his poems into a Dywan. 255 tunately been destroyed by of Firaq. E. is a pupil of Muc^afy. and left two Dywans. He is a good soldier.] TABLE OF CONTENTS.

E. J^ Myr Fadhl 'alyy was a pupil of Myr Amany Asad and used to visit E's assemblies of poets at Dilly with his instructor. K. he is is no doubt Janjanan. C. \±±+=>. D. he interdicted the ta'ziyahs and was therefore murdered is by a Shy'ah |*j^£ P) in 1194 (in 1192 the chronogram oU Or. in the selection of the extracts he shows very great taste. and he confirms the statement that he was murdered in 1192. A.000 which he had composed. D. Ahmad a son of Grholam is } [Chap. soldier and a pupil of Grurdezy Uosayny. Matzhar. Mast. H says that he lived at Dilly in the Imam street. his name is not known. K. of Myan (Myrza. He has selected only one thousand verses out of 20. . Dardmand and Taban and Munshiy Besawan Lai Bedar are among Dywan of his. E considers him as the originator of Eekhtah poetry. his name Bokhara. His father's name was Myrza Jan and out of affection he called his son Jane jan or Janjan.256 re'khtah tadzkirahs. Mast. His ancestors were of is now upwards of sixty years of age. MasyA Allah Khan a young man who writes Persian and Eekhtah poetry. In H his name is Myrza Shaykh Allah Beg. J. E. He resided at Dilly and In' am Allah his pupils. MasyA. and embodied them in his Dywan. D. Mast. He was born in 1209. P. which is close to the Jami' masjid. T. the chronogram is {J> > Mast. Myrza Janjanan of Agra. MasyA. D. who had also the takhalluc of Mobtala [ of Meerut. Myan 'alyy Eidha of Dilly. but it seems to be an error. D) Baraty a Nawab "vVajyh aldyn (aldawlah. M has seen a Persian Khan Yaqyn. B. ^^ when nearly one hundred years of age. Matyn an ancient poet. aldyn I. Mast 'alyy pupil of Khan a V was at Ptirniyah nephew of Acalat Khan Thabit and a when V wrote. K. he gave the title He collected an Album to which of j*^* ^ij^. Nawab Mo/*ammad MasyA Khan of Lucnow. Kashmyry of K) Wajyh Dilly a lives nephew on com- merce. Sharaf aldyn Mo^yy 'ishq. writes beautiful poetry both in Persian and Eekhtah. Masy^. Myrza MasyA Allah Beg commonly called Myrza -Hajy was a ago. Masriir. he died some time K. Lala Eatan Lai of iZaydarabad a pupil of Faydh. the statement of J. that This is is to say the soul of Jan. MasyA. he a learned man and a 9ufy> and though not a professed poet.

a son of Sayyid Mo'yn aldyn Khan. Mawziin. and held the rank According to D. K. a poet of He was (Jiibahdar of Burhanpur. Khwajam Quly Khan Dzii-1-Fiqar aldawlah the Deccan. Probably identical with My an MpAammady. also a shop-keeper's son of this takhalluc.No. Maharajah Bam Narayan of Patna was governor of Patna. E. 257 is a brother of iZakyin Bii 'alyy Khan. in praise of Mawziin. is Mawziin. Besides since many years at Lucnow.] Matzhar. Khan Matzhary. In H his name Ba&ym Quly Khan. Myrza Aqa Beg J. he writes also Bhaka verses. died some years He is distinguished in the Marthiyah. lived long at Dilly. Sajy Sindhyah. it in command V. wrote Persian poetry. K. H. of the mounted body-guard of Mohammad is said that he compiled a Tadzkirah of contemporary Bekhtah poets.) and instructor of 'abd Allah Awj. He is was dead when K wrote. and alive in 1165. (a bro- ther of Barkat Allah Khan. He was a pupil of Myr Shams aldyn Faqyr and died at Lucnow in 1229. Mawziin was a brother of the is of seven thousand. Myr Ba7*m 'alyy of Dilly a good Arabic and Persian scholar was a friend of B. tense. D. H. was Shah. Sayyid Imam aldyn Khan. B. Ma7ibub 'alyy of Kdtanah a pupil of Barkat.writer. Mawj.Myan Fakhry. and was dis- tinguished as an elegant prose. ^Jubahdar. being convicted of a crime. the Marhatta chief. Mawziin. he says that he a grandson of Madhoram. in the Ganges by the late Nawab Myr Mohammad H. . Manjhii Khau. Qasim Khan. B speaks of him in the present Mawziin. Mayil. D. he was drowned Mayil. fertile Myr Farzand 'alyy of Samanah (of the Deccan. C. 62. H. and considers himself a pupil of Faqyr. P. V) a poet both in Persian and Bekhtah but very vain he has written several Persian Mathnawies. Bay Chatur Singh a Kayeth of Dilly. J. a pupil of 'ishrat. 2 L . TABLE OF CONTENTS. H. pupils. D. is Mawziin. Matzliim. Lalah Nihal Chand was in the service of the late Bay Bam Batan in the capacity of writer. Mawziin. Myrza Qadir-bakhsh. Khoda-bakhsh of Agra ago at Lucnow. There was who wrote poems K. chiefly and a pupil of J2azyn. a son of TZakym 'askary Khan. and has many D.

and a pupil of Jorat. P. E. K. Mihrban Khan Minnat. P. of Myr Mahdiy of Dilly died some time ago. H. P) MoAammady of Dilly. G-. Urdu Dywan. C. V. E. He now at Murshidabad. and of Mojrim. Mihr. C. According to K he Qayim and the instructor of Bahory Khan Ashuftah. A. he has Murshidabad. E has is him in the letter lam and in the index it is spelled Lahar. D. Nawab Mancur Khan is a son of Nawab Ma^abbat Khan. 'alyy Talab Eekhtah poetry. Mihman. resides Myan (Shah. Myrza IZatim 'alyy of Earrokhabad resides at Dilly. K. and has written a Eekhtah Dywan. E. and a pupil of V does not know where he is. D. His house is close to the Eat&pury (at Dilly) E. P. D. whose biography is in Kashy's Tadzkirah (see supra p. he died V. but fritter* He was first a pupil of in 1208. 69) . Myrza jffosayn 'alyy Beg (Myrza JJosayn Beg. Myrza. MiAnat. Mayil. V) is a promising young man. ?) Mihr. his name is not known. Was brought up at Lucnow. Munshiy Mihr Chand a Khatry of a place in the province of Lahdr. I. a son of Myrza SulMn Beg. Bedar-bakhsh (Bedar-bakht a son of Khoda-bakhsh Mawj. K) of is Dilly. and a friend of E. Sayyid Qasim 'alyy of Khayrabad. Myr [Chap. of Mohammad Nacyr aldyn Nacyr and Khosrawy. Mosque left He is a pupil of Qudrat Allah Qudrat. Eajab Beg a brother of Mafanud Beg Zm% D. E.258 Mayil. According to D he was of Mahdiyabad in Gujrat. Moghol Mayil. is Came to Oudh when only years of age. Mayil. Mihr. Mihr. died young. he was a pupil of the takhalluc of this poet inserted is Myr Gulzar 'alyy Asyr. Mohammad Yar Beg of Lucnow is a young man descent. it. Mihr. was poisoned. Myr Qamar aldyn of Sunypat (of Dilly C. Shah Moshtaq Mayil. Myr. 18. Hidayat 'alyy of Patna has gone to the Deccan. C. see Eind. re'khtah tadzkirahs. he for had from childhood a predilection away his time in love-adventures. Though clearly spelled Mihr in the text. five resides at Dilly. he a pupil of Jorat. J. No. has written an he also wrote Persian poetry and used the takhalluc of Dzarra in J. A. resided long at Earrokhabad. of Sayyid Jalal Bokhary He is a descendant who was a son of Sayyid 'adhod Yazdy. H. T. MidAat of Lucnow is a pupil of iZasrat. whose pupil he was.

The name of the latter is Myr Miskyn. He died in 1207 at CalHe also left a Mathnawy in Deccan and received five imitation of the SiAre JTalal. V. Kekhtah poetry. it is said that he is a fertile Mismar. Mo'atztzam. Khan of Dilly. is Miskyn. D. pASjZ tffej ^-Ailj j j\ya> tr«. Myrza Kallu Beg of Moghol origin. He went 1101 from Dilly to Lucnow. poet. Mawlawy Mohammad Mo'atztzam writes good Persian and of Moradabad. Hastings. and introduced him to the Governor. Momtaz is aldawlah. Mo'azzaz. C. is at Indore. D saw him several times 2 L 2 . but his verses are bad. Sayyid Karam 'alyy of Shahdhurah in the province of Dilly a son of Qays Qadiry. P. Has in written in Per- sian about 100.General. he Jones. as long as he at present was he at Dilly his verses were corrected by Mumin Khan. whose title is now.] and a pupil of and a TABLE OF CONTENTS. 1196. and a Chela (Protege) J. has of late retired from the world. He left a Khamsah. J. in Mobariz.No. K. Sayyid 'abd al-WaAid Khan is a young man. G. his name and circumstances are unknown to E. he is also the author of the &&*jZ£ which an imitation of the Gulistan. he visited the thousand Rupees for a Qacydah in praise of the Nitzam. Myr Ntir aldyn 259 aldyn Faqyr Nawyd and Myr Shams fertile is disciple of Fakhr aldyn and a Persian poet. His name Myr Shams is aldyn he of a companion of Mihrban Khan. Jones took him to Calcutta. Mobariz poetical meetings. Lalah Takht Mai of Patna. among his compositions He died at Calcutta in 1208 at the age of forty-nine years and left is : the u''*—**> in which he gives the following account of his works ^i *!&£ ^y jj^j i^ b . K.000 lines.000 Persian verses. he must be distinguished from the Miskyn who has written chiefly Marthiyahs. G. cutta. in the service of Mr. Nawab A/miad Khan Bangash. 62. C. Miskyn. having written several Mathnawies. Mr. Mr. D. 'abd Allah. dy j* ^jxZ is &y His son is is Nitzam aldyn Mammln. f I ***? LSI*** **j** &j* °^' jUA P. Perhaps the Minnat of J not identical with the Minnat of other authors. 150. has visited Patna.

and in the service of late iZafitz Rafanat Khan. D) //asan 'alyy of Lucnow is a pupil of Mamnun. Mohammad Asad Myrza Sangyn a friend of P. P. has given up writing poetry. Mobtahij. a son of Dywan Bhawany Prashad. 187. D) 'alyy a son of is a merchant. Moluk Chand a Kayeth a pupil of [Chap. J. resides at Patna. Allah Khan. Ta^cyldar in the district of Bulandshahr. K. Mohammad 'alyy Khan. R. Shaykh (Myr. P) a son of Nawab Khan. Modhtfarib. he resides now at Benares. E. Myrza Moghol 'alyy a Kashmyry of Dilly a son of Khwajah of Hynga Moghol (Acghary. K. C). euspect P confounds this Mobtala with the one mentioned in called Mocybat (Mocyb. and is a relation by marriage of the . but he was born Lucnow. is a pupil of Mamnun. He has written a Persian Dywan and a Tadzkirah. a Kayeth. he became a pupil of Tanha. C. Modda'a. Modhforr. Mobtala. K. 'ysa. however. E. Mobtala. and was buried at Makkah. I. Shah Grholam Qofob aldyn of Ilaha"Went in 1186 on the was a learned man and a friend of C.260 re'khtah tadzkirahs. he composed a Rekhtah Qacydah. in which he mixed many Pashtii words. Lalah intelligent of Shahjahanpur was an man. had from childhood a predilection for poetry. Tanha. J. pilgrimage and died in 1187. Since twelve years he Modhtfarr. Lala Durga Prashad of Lucnow. Modhfctrr. P. Sayyid Mohammad Khan of Dilly is a grandson of INawab Muryd Khan and a son-in-law of Nawab Motzaffar Khan. but at present his poetry is not very good. his family was of Dilly. If he takes is pains he may improve. Modhtarib. He Modhtfarr. a young man and a friend of Mo/*ammad He is a pupil of Mo/iammad 'ysa. Lala Kunwar Sen a son of the Dywan Deby Prashad at a Kayeth. Myan Mohammad -Hajy a Kashmyry of Dilly. Sayyid Mohammad Khan a grandson of the late INawab Morta- dhawy Khan. K. Myrza Qasim of Dilly (of Lucnow. In H he has the name Mohammad 'askary. had the title of Myr Mardan 'alyy his forefathers were of Mashhad. H. bad. at length. third son of Qadhiy Ra^mat Allah Khan. Myr 'iwadh 'alyy of Dilly was a good physician. Myr Ainyn Myr resides probably at Be- V. nares. P. Moghol. I strongly p. V. J. but he concealed his compositions.

J. E. and died two years ago. relation (a nephew. and he composed chiefly Persian poetry. as a mistake of the copyist. MoAsiny. at Farrokhabad. Khwajah Mo&sin a nephew of Khwajah 'atzym Sh&r is a young man. Shaykh Walyy Allah of Dilly a pupil of Sawda. V.] TABLE OF CONTENTS. is MoAaqqiq of the Deccan mentioned by A and C among the dialect Eekhtah V. His language resembles the went some years ago spoken in Hindustan. Was for some time in the service of Solayman-shikoh and died at Lucnow. (Myr. MoAibb. and a pupil of Easikh and Eidwy. Is the author of a in the service of Eekhtah Dywan and a Persian Mathnawy. D. D. D. Myrza 'alyy a pupil of Jorat. poets.No. Mohlat was wounded son of is and died of the wound. he composes chiefly Marthiyahs. and a friend of Mihrban Khan Eind. E is not acquainted Mo^sin. Mo7iammad Mo/jsin of . P. D. this poet has the takhalluc of Ma^abbat. (left) bank of the Grumpty (at Lucnow). he was Solayman-shikoh. but according It is to one is Tadzkirah his name alive or has died. we must therefore consider the reading in C. Mo^sin. IZasan. A. Myr Mohammad 'alyy to the Deccan. K. aldawlah Myr ZZasan Khan Bahadur a Myr Ma' ciim Khan Bahadur-jang Nawab Sayyid Ge- in the service of neral Perron. Shah Khan of Haptir. pre- served in the Asiatic Society of Bengal. His name is Mokmmad V. had some years ago a dispute with 'alyy Naqyy MaAshar. Mohlat.Haydarabad. B) is a V) and pupil of Myr Mohammad now is He in the cavalry of JNawab Salar-jang. Mo^sin. but left also a Eekhtah Dywan. and they agreed to fight a duel on the other in it. is of the neighbourhood of . earliest J. V. Marthiyahs. not known whether he to He was related Arzu and inherited his property. 62. C. Mo^sin Samiryyah. it is not known where he now C. E. K. he composes chosen a takhalluc. is Mohammad Mo^sin (Mohammad 7/asan. resided long lives. and has not yet Mohammad. In the copy of C. See MaAshar. B. composes sometimes poetry. Y) young man and a Taqyy. iZakym Mo/*ammad-bakhsh Saharanpur. chiefly 261 Cubahdar of Bengal. with his circumstances. J. Moftsin. MoAibb. Mohammad Wahid. but V has copied this article from C and has Mo/abb.

According to K both are one and the same person. Dilly. Y. the pursuit of which has into a monomania with him. Khwajah Mohammad Mo^taram Khan Khwajah Mo^ammady Khan friend of Grhasyta (Khwajah late Mofttaram 'alyy Khan. a brother of the resided at Murshidabad. whom they say. A). A. has since many years left Dilly in search of the mysteries of alchemy. was some time dead. V. of takhalluc of Taqdyr. Ray Anand Earn (Eab£ kJj Nand Earn. in the measure of the MakhPersian alasrar. Y. Momtaz. In D name is Myrza Mohammad JZbsayn. Shaykh Grholam Z/osayn of Patna a pupil of Allah Sarskdr. Grhaziy aldyn's tutor. D. and has written a short Persian Dywan. Shaykh Ea&mat Allah of Agra is a pupil and disciple of at Dilly. Y. of of Mokhlic. Mojrim. #afitz Fadhl Was a pupil of Sawda. He a native of Dilly and resides in Behar J. he also uses the Mojrim. and was a is and of G. C. K. Myrza his MoAammad Grholam of Dilly was alive in 1168. C. the father of Myr 'abd Y is particularly skilled in chronograms. He of Awwanam. K.262 re'khtah tadzkirahs. I. [Chap. He is is now in the Deccan. Mawlawy Shaykh IAsan Allah writes poetry. D. Khan was in the service of Mokhlic. a Khatry was "Wakyl of the Wazyr I'timad aldawlah. Bady' alzaman aldawlah. T. P. He is Myr Baqir. C. K. In H his takhalluc late is grown Marram. 'alyy. He died probably in 1207 and In D and P is besides Myr Baqir Mokhlig of left a Dywan. Mojrim. Gr. Mokhlic. also Mokhlic 'alyy Khan Mohhlig Mokhlic of Murshidabad commonly called of Murshidabad. and a pupil By-dil and Arzu. D. is a the late Nawab Nawazish young man and resides in Bengal. chiefly Momtaz. that he was of Agra and a pupil of Yakrang and a contemporary of Mohammad Shah. which is eight miles from Cawnpore. Shah MoAammady Be-dar. M. E. . and one of the best Persian poets of our days. a nephew of Mohammad Khan ShaMniat-jang. Nawab Shuja' "Was a pupil of Shah Waqif. had first the takhalluc of chiefly Persian poetry. MoMaram. K. /Tafitz Mokhtar. he composed chiefly Persian poetry and died about a year ago. Nabyy Khan Bahadur a son of Nawab Kalam and composed A. wrote a Mathnawy zan in praise of a walking-stick. He died about two Myr Pat k 'alyy years ago. P) of Patna.

he was a pupil of Bangyn and Matzhar. Montatzir. he composed both 'alyy is Bekhtah and Persian poetry. and Arabic and Persian Qacydahs. B.000 verses. he was in 1200 (?) at Dilly. a Mon'im. saints. K. D. He entered the service of an English gentleman who was going to the N. several Mathnawies and three Persian Dywans of Ghazals. Sayyid BaAat 'alyy is of Farrokhabad. P.] TABLE OF CONTENTS. Khwajah 'abd Allah Khan of Dilly. Montatzir. J. He has is died shortly ago. Montatzir. H.writer. K. D. he recited every year on the 11th of Baby' II. T. familiarly called Pyr Gholam (Myr Salam T). girl of Mon'im. a brother of Qayim. he is dead but Subhany has his Dywan. D. Qadhiy district of an intelligent man. poems in praise of Shaykh 'abd al-Qadir Ghylany. Mohan Lai a Kayeth written a Persian clever Insha. Khwajah-bakhsh of Ilahabad came in 1190 to Patna and returned again to his home. in the style of the ancients. is Mon'im. a pupil of Nacyr. he died of apoplexy. Qadhiy JNur al-ZZaqq was Qadhiy of Bareilly. Myr Aftab 'alyy is poor but of a good family. C. a Persian and a Bekhtah Dywan. and a pupil mtim. K. Monyr.No. Monawwar. a nephew of the late Mo^ammady Khan. Mon'im. Mawlawy Satr the name of Subhany who Allah was in love with a dancing is the Laura of his poems. says E. of twelve years he cultivates poetry he is now about twenty-five and my of pupil. Mohammad Mon'im Khan left of Thanah in the Saharanpur. he was a very learned man and died thirty-three years ago. Is a pupil of Betab and resides now at Murshidabad. Mo'nim. is a good his Persian poet and has written upwards of 300.ffafitz 263 Momtaz. Myan Niir alislam of Lucnow. was Montatzir. is a young man and belongs to a family of he studied Arabic and since the age . Mawlawy father of Nur AAmad of Dilly was the grand- Myr 'izzat Allah 'ishq. . Shaykh Imam aldyn is of Agra. He may be about twenty years of age. . and sheds tears when she reads a poem from MoAammad Yar Beg it. a son of Shah Eaydh 'alyy. Y. J. Montatzir. Myr Monawwar Mon'im. D. 62. C. K. compositions is among a commentary on the Qoran in verses. is Asad Allah originally of 'alyygarh. K. was a Persian poet. He and Mathnawy D. a physician. K 7 D. Sdyil had also for some time the takhalluc of Mon'im. W« and died on the road.

fled to be Myr Pabandah (Payindah. J. P. alyy D). a son of the physician Mo/^ammad Kabyr (Kabyr said. Ismayl iZbsayn of Shikohabad Lucnow. Composed a Mathnawy in imitation of the Badre Monyr. 'abd Allah Khan had from the emperor the title of Moshtaq Allah 'alyy Khan. Mosafir. Myrza AAmad B6g of Dilly a pupil of Myrzd A'tzam E. 'alyy. Moryd flbsayn Khan. eldest son of the late In' am Khan Yaqyn. E. 'alyy. Moriiwat. a Kayeth. has several Mania's and under each are 51 verses. Mosafir. D. Monyr. b. a disciple of 'ishq. K. Mosafir. Moqym. "Wajyh aldyn (Wajh aldyn. is dead. I. Myr Mohammad new poet.264 RE'KHTAH TADZK1RAHS. familiarly called the son of Micry. distinguished from the preceding Mosafir. 1196. K) of Jurapat resided at Dilly. Mortadha. he is his father is Shah Shyr (Babar a young man. K. J. K. . at Eampiir. Shaykh £aghyr 'alyy (Shaykh A9ghar K) of Sambhal. lives B. familiarly called b. Moshfiq. Lala Syl Chand. Sayf Khan Jadd. 'alyy of Dilly a son of Myr Bahadur Allah 'alyy Mohibi. His grand- father was the teacher of Moshtaq has a mancab . Sayyid Monyr aldyn a Pyr-zadah of Monyr. H) is Nacyr (Mohammad Nacyr H) has written a Qacydah it Shah called Sarapa. left Moshriqy. D. Myr at Ayyiib. P. Monyr. Was alive when E wrote. some time ago Dilly and "Wrote Persian and Eekhtah poetry. Moshtaq. Myr Mortadha Myr Qudrat Allah much of Patna. E) is in the service of Nawab it Faydh Allah Khan and a pupil of Sawda. Jaleser. D. C. an Afghan of the Yusufjay tribe. J. He died young.Hasan and is Jorat. he resides now. [CHAP. resides now Faydha- and is respected by the Nawab Wazyr. Myr Nitzam aldyn. 'alyy. is a pupil of Sa'adat Yar Khan Eangyn. Moryd. settled at Dasah. J does not know his name. Khwajah Aftab Khan of Dilly. Moriiwat. is a D. Myr Khayr aldyn of Lucnow. K. Shukr Allah. K. at since some years 'alyy Monyr. during the troubles of Dilly to Bareilly where he died. a son of Monyr (Myr D). a son of Abu-1-lZasan Khan Hasan Bahadur Shah. a son of bad.

T. he has collected the Dywan of all the poets of Hindustan and Bengal. Moshtaq. K. iZbsayn-bakhsh. and said that he lives at Eaydhabad. V. 0. of Patna. he lost his He was when young my pupil. D. H. he jC^sk c^lftJ. D. He a descendant of Sayyid Jalal Bokhary and went about twenty years ago to Eampur. Mohammad Wacil of Badawn. was Daroghah of the household of Nawab Zayn aldyn AAmad Khan Haybat-jang. a pupil of 'iwadh 'alyy Khan Tanha. D) 'inayat Allah of Dilly. Moshtaq. (Myr. engaged in making an anthology from them. • 265 hundred and a Jagyr the superstition called Jafar verses corrected much given to alchemy and At Ilahabad he had his (Cabalistic). C. D. is now in the service of Begam Samroo at Sir- dhanah. Hafitz Taj aldyn of Myrath (Meerut) extraction and a grandson of . In T and H he has the takhalluc of Mohammad. Bala Earn 'alyy. Moshtaq. has not much education. Mohammad Quly Khan is a pupil of ?) (Eekhtah is Myan Mohammad Eawshan. and at Dilly by Myr. He is is an old man. P. Mohammad Eawis z_y> is dead. but he used constantly to attend the meetings of poets. H. 150 a 2 M . Myr . of Dilly. 62] (rank) of five TABLE OF CONTENTS. . H. Moshtaq. He died at Eampiir. is Moshtaq. . and now he month. says T. Qorban 'alyy Beg of Dilly a pupil of Myrza Eostam Beg Shakir. a Qawwal of Coel. He was a pupil of Soz and died some time ago. He Moshtaq. Moshtaq. Mawlawy Gholam A^mad. dhabad. is a court poet at iZaydarabad on a salary of Es. a son of Hashim Quly Khan. and J. Moshtaq . he is by Shah Mohammad 'alym /Zayrat. E. He was of Bareilly. Moshtaq. Moshtaq. E did not know what had become it is of him at the time he wrote. he is a young man and a clever musician. K. a Sirhindy Pyrzadah.Hbsayn of Coel. E. of Jewish eyesight by small-pox. T.No. he was a pupil of shan Joshish. E. His forefathers (3&»* were Turkomans of Hamadan. Gholam He is died seven years ago.Hasan is now an old man and resides at Eay- Moshtaq. the chronogram for his death (1216 perhaps we ought is to read *&J in that case the date would be 1206) V.

to Qufism. Mottaqiy. I. D. Moshyr. a Kayeth of Hapiir where he holds an Myrza (prince) Khosraw-shikoh. 1196. Tar 'alyy a pupil of Fidwy and Khan of Dilly (Yar Dardmand resides at 'alyy Beg of Patna. P) of Badawn is a pupil of Sawda. 'inayat iZbsayn Khan a pupil of Asyr. resides for many years at Calcutta. 1852. E. IZafitz Qofob aldyn of Dilly. at Lucnow. Mujid. V. D. and used to deal in 'ottar of roses. is D. R. and has read many Arabic and Persian works thereon. K) Patna. P. he writes Persian and Rekhtah poetry. a Myr Mottaqiy a son of Myr Jawad 'alyy father. He fell from the roof of his house and died in A. to- wards the end of his service he lost his faculties. resides now. a very learned and pious is man. P) of Dilly. the best poet Mohammad Muniin Khan is now and a good physician. Mozzammil. J. C. skilful archer and a pupil of his K . Y. Munis.266 re'khtah tadzkirahs. said that he was a Darwysh. known where is he now is. In H he has the takkalKhan Bahadur. K. H. Moshyr. Of late he devotes himself office. D. Myr Makhkhii Khan (Sayyid Motzaffar 'alyy Khan. C. he has written a Dywan and several Mathnawies. Shaykh Mo'yn aldyn (Mo'yn aldyn Khan. Mohammad Mozzammil life a contemporary of Abru. a pupil of Nitzam Khan Mo'jiz. Moshtaq. Muncif 'alyy Khan of Patna of Afghan origin. iZakym at Dilly Muftiy. Shaykh Thana Allah of Pat7*pur near Agra. it is said that he is a pupil of Shah Nacyr. C. D and P have seen him. when K wrote. where he died B. Khan Hddiy. a son of Sayyid Qalandar 'alyy young man and a pupil of Mamnun. D. See Makhkhii. and though not without education a super- . Mostamand. is a son of Solayman-shikoh. and he gave up It is and led a retired life at Dilly. D. Moty Lai Motzaffar. is [Chap. P. where he Miimin. familiarly called Myrza A'gha Jan. his In D and K D name is Grholam Mo'yn aldyn Khan of Ilahabad or of Dilly. It is not A pupil of the late Faqyh resides at Murshidabad. a luc of Modh^arr. MoMbb 'alyy lived at Eampiir. V. Mawlawy Siraj aldyn 'alyy Khan. In K he has the name of Mozzam- mil Shah. Motzaffar. he was dead. says he is a pupil of Sawda and resides at Patna. Muncif. Mo'yn.

'alyy of Saharanpdr wrote Persian and Eekhtah D. 62. Miisawy had also the takhalluc of Mo'izz and of one Eekhtah verse of his Mushkil. among the the J. and a Munshiy. a son of the calligraph Myr Abu-1-/Zasan. 1832. and in the best copy of B he is also Bhed with whom he is identical. Muncif. Amyn aldyn. Myr is a good poet and changed his takhalluc is M. See p. A. Shaykh recorded by A. a Myr. 267 man. Myre Maydan had Sayyid of the Deccan. P. E. was a pupil of Basikh and resided mostly at Murshidabad and Calcutta. Munshiy. Another Murad Fi£rat. Lala Bakhtawar Singh of Mogholpurah. K. Mul Chand a Kayeth the emperor he is a pupil of Nacyr. Translated at Dilly the Shah-namah into Eekhtah verses. Shaykh ~Fath 'alyy of Ghaziypiir the father of Ma'shuq Myr 'imarat under Nawab 'aliy-jah. familiarly called is Myr . V. He died about A. he was a good Per- sian scholar. is B. is Munshiy.] stitious TABLE OF CONTENTS. J. called title of Sayyid Nawazish Khan. P met him at Bulandshahr. extracts from Soz. D. only nourished under Mohammad is Shah. the verse which quoted by M and B under Myr in C. which quarter of the town of Patna. Murad. JSakym Myr verses. Mohammad into Soz. P. Has written a Eekhtah Dywan. D. Kalian. Died some years ago at Dilly. Myrza Murad-bakhsh of Patna familiarly called Myrza Ammu a son of JNacir Mo/iammad Khan Wakyl of Munny Begam. Grholam Ahmad Qadiry of Dawry in JNarnawl a pupil of "Waqif. Myr. J. B. was a In one copy of B and in M he is See Myr Myran. by order of putting a story into verse. V. Hakym Sa'adat 'alyy of Benares is a good physician. 109 supra. E. writes Matzhar had formerly the takhalluc of Persian poetry and elegant prose. M 2 . K. he died at the age of about thirty years. Eekhtah and Munshiy. K. V. witty man. Munshiy a good prose-writer and a Munshiy in the service of Solayman-shikoh he is about twenty- eight years of age. See Soz. 2 called Myr Mirza. 'alyy was Miinis. C. his foreis fathers were of Persia. Myr MoAammad who was 7/osayn of Dilly. 'ajayib Earn of Murshidabad a pupil of Qudrat.No. is Musliman.

at it is Benares. He is a descendant of Myrza By-dil. Myrza. When his patron had been made a prisoner. not known where he now is. resides now 1196. Myrza Mohammad Beg was born many H. now. a nephew of IZakym Myrza MoAammad Khan Dzawq and a pupil of Eostam Beg Shakir. Myrza. Xqa Myrza of Lucnow. REKHTAH TADZKIRAHS. IZakym Fadhl Allah of Panypat familiarly called Myrza Naynan (Byna. K. a Rostam. D. Myrza. D) poetry. Myrza is skilled in music. P. years at Ilahabad. Mohammad profession. Myr 'askary of Dilly is [CHAP. and a pupil of Firaq. his father was a merchant and was Myr. Myran. He is a native of Dilly. Myrzay. I. dead. title Myrza. composed chiefly poetry in praise of the Imams and had five new poems ready on the 21st of every lunar month. C. a relation of Nawab _Hbs£m aldyn Khan the Deputy Governor of Jahangyr-nagar. familiarly called Nawab Myrza has the IZasan of Mohammad Khan I^tiram aldawlah a son of nephew resides. at Dilly but resides since Myrza. and went to Lucnow where he. his instructor Myrza. was a witty man and a good musician. K. not known where he now Myrzay a son of V. Myrza. V. P. Myrza. V. Myran Sabzwary resided at Dilly. 1196. he resides at Benares. is a young man and writes Rekhtah and Persian K. H. of Be-qayd. he was a pupil of is Myan Ki'mat Khan and a friend of Sawda. Myran. his ancestors were of Mazanderan. he retired to 'abdallahganj near Haydarabad. familiarly called . and lived as a Faqyr. Myrza. ^Jadiq 'alyy Khan of Dilly familiarly called Myrza Madad Allah. P.268 Myran. K. In H he has the name of Myr 'askar 'alyy. A. he 1202. of IZaydarabad was of Turanian origin and a soldier by K. lived long in It is the Behar. and a brother of Nawab Ashraf Khan. See also Madad. died by the fall from the roof of a house. J. Myrza 'alyy Eidha of Dilly. P. he was wounded at Dilly by a fanatic. Abu-1-Qasim was a courtier of the Sultan Abii-1-IZasan who is usually called Tana-Shah (succeeded in 1083). He died in H. a young man of good family. Mohammad 'alyy Khan. C. Hidayat Allah of Dilly Myrza. My an Myr Jahan was a very great Qufy and wrote mystical poetry in Persian and Rekhtah. H.

Eekhtah poetry the death of his father. P. Nadym. V) vice of the emperor. Nadir. is mentioned by Beny Narayan. Nacyr. he writes . familiarly called Myr Jagan. his name is Shaykh Nitzam aldyn E. Nacyr. Karym aldyn adds that this event took place about A. Nadim. 269 Na'ym Allah Khan. Myr Nacyr aldyn resides at Dilly. Lala Granga Singh (Ganga Prashad. Nadir. when he is at Dilly he holds on the 9th and 29th of every month mosha'arahs in his house. a poet of Dilly A. 62. Quly of Dilly was title in the serchiefly and has the of Khan .) a Kashmyry of Dilly. that he went towards the end of to IZaydarabad into the service of Eajah Chanda Lai. K. E that he used in dis- 1209 to attend the poetical meetings tinguished as a poet . 1843. K. is called Ghawth. D. Shaykh Gholam of Gwalyar. Myrza (Shaykh. Sayyid Nacyr aldyn Ghawthy of Jalesar. a descendant of 'abd al-Qadir Gylany. Shah Nacyr aldyn of Dilly familiarly called a son of Shah Gharyb My an Kallii. composes some- Nacyr. E. 'alyy composes sometimes indifferent Eekhtah poetry. Nacir. P. E) who was a after great Saint. and (Myr according to E. who is usually H. and that he died there. E. a pupil of Taskyn. V. but. mad 'arif Khan is Deputy Collector of Etawah. his life Cahbayiy informs us. K. H. E) of pupil of Lucnow is a Myr . times Eekhtah poetry. D. according to K and H. who was a £ tify. Myr Moham'alyy. now sixty years commenced his poetical career.] TABLE OF CONTENTS. died in 1228. In J Nadir died of consumption in the Kdtlah close to Dilly in 1166.ZZasan. and made the acquaintance of most poets. Myr Mohammad 'alyy (Mohammad 'arif. Shah Gharyb as well as Nacyr Nacyr took to were followers of Myr-jahan. was a good musician and held an appointment under Shuja' aldawlah. but was not yet but when K wrote he was one P says it is of the greatest poets of Dilly and had since he has many pupils. he has visited Lucnow and ZZaydarabad. Nacir 'alyy of Patna Nacir. Nadir. Easiil is 'alyy of Dilly. It appears from at Dilly. Nawab Nacir-jang a son of Motzaffar-jang Bangash. and had his verses corrected by Shah Mo/jam- mady Mayil and other masters.No. Kalb ZTosayn Nadir. T and V a descendant of Myr Q&dr-jaih-dn i/aydar-jahan.

Najaf. JNajat. 267) H. Myr Zayn 'abidyn of Saharanpur composes chiefly Persian poetry. K). appointed Qadhiy of Calcutta. and 'alyy Quly Khan was his title. 1168. Nakhat Nadzr 'alyy Beg a pupil of Nacyr has translated the Sikandar-namah into Eekhtah verses. who was He was for some time in the service of Sa'adat 'alyy Khan at Benares and died in 1207. of late he resides in Saran. Shah Mohammad A'la of Ilahabad. came to Murshidabad and took service under Nawab Myr Mo7iammad Ja'far Khan and died there. and composes chiefly Marthiyahs.270 Marthiyahs and 'alyy is. alive. the chronogram is Najat. but he was dead in 1168. 0. According to J who met him at Patna. P. Shaykh 'abd al-Qadir of FatMbad. to Patna. Najm. Qadhiy Najm aldyn Kakory has been D. H. having died young. of this takhalluc. (p. h He was the teacher of Ashraf Khan Fighan. E. a descendant of Shaykh 'abd al-iZaqq. K he has the takhalluc of Mohammad Kajabat. [Chap. Najiy (Myr. *£**&. as it He left a Dywan. Myan Mo/jammad no doubt In of Dilly is since some years at Patna in the service of Abii-l-Qasim Khan. JN"adym Mo/^ammad Qasim of Dilly. Shaykh #asan Eidha of Dilly went his friend. H. re'khtah tadzkirahs. his name was Myrza Nadym. and met D when on a visit to Dilly. E are two poets Niyaz 'alyy. Sayyid Barkat 'alyy of Muradabad. 'alyy Beg. E. who was a brother of A. Na&yf. P. is a pupil of Firaq. Shakir of Dilly was a soldier by profession and a friend of Mon'im. His father is Munshiy Mulchand mentioned above. he composes chiefly Marthiyahs. and a good Persian poet. and it is In H he has the name In said that he is a pupil of Nacyr. A. K. J. He is identical with the preceding. was the fashion of his time to write. Lala Lakhpat Kay a Khatry and a Wakyl. of Niyaz 'alyy Beg. Na^yf. one Nadzr and the other Nalan. C. D. . Najat. name not known. a son of Shah Walyy Allah after the fall of Dilly Be-tdb. A saw him when young. M. Gr. He is distinguished in humoristic poetry. lived long at Bareilly. but his style is farfetched. D. Najaf.

P. but now he is again at Dilly. D. Myan K) Mohammad Moghol he used to attend the poetical meetings at Dilly. and was a friend and pupil of E. H. C. and found him very deficient in educated man. He a relation of the late Shuja' aldawlah. His Dy wan has about 1300 verses. Naqd. K. Lala. The family of Namy is originally of Najaf. and after this poet had gone to Lucnow of Nacyr. D) who was an is Insha.No. he is a pupil of Khalyq. He died two years ago. 1195. attended every ap- Eriday the meeting of poets which took place at Patna.] Nalan. T his takhalluc is NacU. . 271 Sawda. Myr A&mad C saw him at but 'alyy of Dilly considers himself as a pupil of Murshidabad. He was a pupil of and of MucAafy. origin.writer. Mithan Lai a Kayeth of Dilly was a pupil of Insha Allah Khan. Shaykh Imam-bakhsh a Sayyid of Lucnow In is one of the best poets of that city. H. Holds the post of Natzir at the Court of Dilly. Myr Warith 'alyy of is Behar a son of now. He was one year my pupil. P. Nasym. for some time he resided at Eaydhabad. D. says T. Y. he composes Persian and Rekhtah poetry. 62. Nalan. but at the time when he wrote Iu C and his tadzkirah. Myrza Rajab 'alyy Beg. a nephew of the late Amyr aldawBeg Khan. 'askary of Dilly of abilities. K. but no longer himself composes verses. D. this is controverted by E. Y he has the Yakrang name of Mohammad 'askar 'alyy Khan. Nalan. Namy. TABLE OF CONTENTS. he did not know what had become of him. He died two years ago at the age of ninety. Shaykh Mtzam aldyn of Earrokhabad. he Grulzar 'alyy. where pears he resided when J wrote. then left this place with a view of making the pilgrimage to Makkah. Myr IZbsam aldyn iZaydar Khan Mobariz aldawlah Musawy a son of Myrza Mo7*ammad Grhiyath (Myrza Grhiyath aldyn Mo- hammad Khan. Nasym. D. and they say that he was a pupil of ZZatim. at Patna and a pupil of Eighan. V thought him a well (Myrza. resides since some time at Etawah. JNasikh. Rajah Kidar Nath a grandson of Ram Nath Dzarrah is a young man and a pupil of Nacyr. lah ZZaydar Namy. P. He is an admirer of poetry. first Namy. K. is a high officer of A'caf aldawlah. D. Mihr 'alyy Khan of Dilly resides since some years at Patna is and a friend of Y. Y. Myr Arzany resides Myan Mohammad it AYarith of Patna a son of the late Myr Sayyid Rasty. Namy. P. P.

V. say that is an opulent man. Zynat a lady. shortly ago. who wrote Nawaz. Nazuk. D. E. P. . at an advanced age. died of dropsy and a thick Dywan. Myr Ja'far 'alyy. E. all classes. Nawaz. the two authors may refer to different persons. Shaykh Mohammad Tzohur of Badawn (Shaykh Mohammad Tzohiir Allah son of the Khan of Lucnow resides Mawlawy Dalyl Allah. and supports himself by teaching. D. He In P is it is Persia and died about two or three years before he wrote. where now resides. familiarly called Myrzd Khany (Jany. P. unable to myself as to the identity or diversity of poets their by comparing the verses quoted from Dywans. P. V. [Chap. P. Y. P. He was a pupil of Soz and left a Dywan. Nawazish. D) Died Agra is an old poet. before I put this table of contents together. Nazakat. D. left Na'ym. H. at of Badawn. Nawa. Myr Sajjad. V. Shaykh of Walyy Mohammad (Walyy Mo7*ammad Khan. D. D) a grandson of Nawab Nacir Khan. K. C. Lala Ghanpat Eay a Kayeth of Dilly is a new poet and a pupil of Nacyr. some He may be identical with the following Na'ym. K. P) a Myan Baqa Allah. the latter statement incompatible with that of V. a pupil of J. R. I was in this. and a pupil died at Lucknow. Myr MoAammady of Dilly he is a pupil of Myr Dard. he died many years ago. thirty-five years before P. Having returned the copies of J and satisfy V to the owner. Shaykh Mohammad Na'ym of Dilly and a pupil of iZatim. has stated that he visited title of Khush-fikr Khan. Natzyr. 'alyy Nawaz Khan familiarly called Myrza Mad ad a companion of Nawab 'umdat almulk. H. Nawazish iZbsayn Khan of Lucnow. P. and writes Persian and Eekhtah poetry. and in several other instances. I. he had many poetical contests. Natzyr of Benares professes to be a pupil of Sawda. is a good poet. Nek. Na'ym Allah of Dilly a contemporary of iZatim with whom Na'ym Allah Khan his friend. who was His poems are much sung by was a she soldier. Natzim of Lucnow. Bamjii a lady of Narnawl brought up at Dilly. Nawaz Khan is of Patna. D. Natzyr.272 re'khtah tadzkirahs. P. Y. 'alyy Nawyd Na'ym. K.

Sind and composes Persian and Eekhtah poetry. he ('ishq). that of Wazyr almamalik. D. D. a converted Hindu. Ray Nilajja is Treasurer of the Nitzain of Ha. subsequently he at Amrdhah. D. verses. a son of Lalah Sundar Das Munshiy. he is alive. Hakym 'abd al-jffaqq of Sikandarabad. Ni'mat. he was to first at Dilly in the army. H. Myr Bandah is 'alyy of Ijrarah.P. is He was a pupil of Mawlawy In dead T. P.] TABLE OF CONTENTS.No. and a Math- nawy and in which the miracles of Mawlana Fakhr aldyn are related and other Mathnawies. he lives now. E 2 met him Amrdhah. retired very young from the world and was very pious. had originally the name of Harsahay. K. V) 'abd al-Easul of Agra. A. is Nida. Nitzamy. H wrote. 1195. he held for of Kotowal ?) at Dilly. was a pupil of Insha Allah Khan and when this poet had gone to Lucnow Prashad his verses were corrected by Nacyr. D. and when he came to iZaydarabad. K. familiarly called iZadhrat Ni'amy the father of Mobtala 'abd al-Hadiy of Bengal. jang had under Nawab 'imad almulk Ghaziy aldyn Khan Bahadur FyrozAAmad Shah the title of Bakhshy almamalik. B. He died at Kalpy and left Arabic and Turky Grhazals and a thick Persian Dywan. and 'alamgyr II. Was already dead when K. (Myr. he also composed Eekhtah Nishaf. familiarly called Basant Singh. Ni'mat. D is a Nida of the Deccan. he a pupil of Myrza Arjumand Nuzhat. is a very pious man. and has written a thick Persian Dywan. V. his ancestors were Mancabdars under Farrokhsiyar. P. he was about N . He was a patron of Walih Daghistany Myr Shams aldyn Faqyr. Lala Tsry Singh of Dilly. Nigran. C. E. 62. NishaV. K. and he was a friend of Myr Mohamwent sixty mad Taqyy. sometimes he uses the takhalluc of 'ashiq. Nishatf.y- darabad. 273 Ni'amy. Myr Mortadha of Dilly a young man. Sliaykh Ni'mat Allah of Meerut. in under Nitzam. E. C. Sayyid Nitzam aldyn a long time a high office (that AAmad Qadiry is alive. he was in the service of Shah 'abd al'azyz and died some years ago. C. Nithar. Mawlawy Ilahy-bakhsh of Kandhelah writes good poetry. Myrza In D lie has the Mohammad JETafytz a pupil of name of Ni'mat Allah. Had formerly the takhalluc of A'caf. and a pupil of Eaydh. D. Qamar aldyn Minnat wrote Persian poetry.

V. man of considerable learning and great piety. Niyaz. . now he at Dilly. V. In other Tadzkirahs he men- tioned under the takhalluc of iZakym. formerly he was in the service of Nawab Mohammad aldawlah as architect. from Murshidabad he went to Lucnow. he died many years ago. then of Mojrim. he is a pupil of JZatim. ing. V. Nithar. J. In Bareilly and composes Persian and liia H takhalluc is Naniy and his name Nithar AAmad. see p. Nithar. and when he was at Murshi- dabad of Qudrat and Salym. his ancestors were distin- guished mathematicians and architects and the Jami' masjid of Dilly was built by them. Mohammad Aman a Shaykh. C. but not. subsequently he entered the service of Nawab Dhabifah Khan and now he is in that of Kajah Tiket Kay who has been Acaf aldawlah' s Treasurer. K. Sadasukh of Dilly. know whether in 1209 he alive or His family was of Agra. composed chiefly Marthiyahs and died at Patna. In T he has the takhalluc of Niyaz. born in Sirhind brought up at Dilly. and Eidwy corrects his verses. T. K. Mortadha Khan of Dilly. 231 supra. He was a nephew of Myr Mohammad Salym Salym. He resides now at Lucnow. RE'KHTAH TADZK1RAHS. he came back to Patna where he died he was a famous plagiarist. E. his family is of Shahjahanpur. K. and has written a thick Dywan. he is a learned man and betrays in his poems a tendency to Qufism. J. Niyaz. P. Myr Mohammad Myr Mohammad 'alyy of Dilly has composes chiefly Marthiyahs. and appropriated the whole gone to iZaydarabad. Khan of Dilly a friend of Myr it JETasaii and a pupil of Myr Dard is : is said. Nithar. is a Myan Niyaz Afonad. Sa'yd of Agra supports himself by teach- K. Nithar. but he was born at Dilly. Mo7iammad-panah Khan and died suddenly. E does not [CHAP. and after some years residence in that : capital. K. he resided for some time at is Eaydhabad. Shaykh Mohammad Qayim of Dilly resides now at Patna. Dywan of Salym.2?4 years of age. he resides at Kekhtah poetry. P. V. His father's name is Sa'adat Allah. Niyaz. He was teacher in the house of the late ifakym JZadiy 'alyy Nithar. P. a brother of Malik Mohammad Khan Mo7*ibb. Nithar. Myr Afdhal 'alyy of Patna familiarly called Myr first Jan. Nithar 'alyy of Belgram. Niyaz. Mawlawy Nithar A^mad of Bareilly. was I. at he was a pupil of Joshish. H.

is a pupil Nudrat. Owaysy Owysy ?). fertile poet. Mo^yy aldyn a Pyr-zadah. D. a Kay is (Grdbind Earn. Niir Allah like An ancient poet. is Khwajah Mohammad Akram (Mohammad Ikram. He is dead. A. V. K. 62. Nury. he used to compose Marthiyahs. Myrza of Dilly fell in love with an European and was mad. V) pupil of Myr. resided Nizar. K. and in 1215 he was in the Deccan. a son A. A. J. a son of Shah A^mad Chirma relation of Sharaf aldyn Monery. Padzyr. is a pupil of Mayil and a friend of Myr Taqyy. but spent his Abu-I. resided in 1213 at Bareilly.] TABLE OF CONTENTS. K. Myrza Arjumand was Munshiy of Nawab Ghaziy aldyn Khan and clever in resides now at Ijrarah. He was a very pious man and a friend of was a pupil of Takrang. was distinguished as a Persian poet and wrote also Eekhtah verses. Nucrat. Shah Niyaz 'alyy of Dilly graph. is a Darwysh and a good month the ^ ufi ea meet in his house aud D.No. 'oshshaq. Shaykh A^mad-bakhsh. Niyazy Bahadur Khan of Lucnow. Molla Nury the son of a Qadhiy of A'tzampur. life at TZaydarabad. he writes chiefly Persian poetry.Hasan's Wazyr. He Shah Panchhya was a Darwysh and a 2 N 2 . from Daynapur. Sayyid (JalaA aldyn. a son of Sayyid Gulzar 'alyy Asyr. only thirteen years of age.. D. &c. A. B. H. E. some time at Patna and died there. aldyn of Dilly a pupil of Nuzhat. C. Myrza Moghol dead. Sayyid Nithar 'alyy. Shuja' aldyn was a native of Gujrat. K. familiarly called of Sayyid Shah Kamal. far posh of Behar. C. on the 12th of every sing. Pakbaz. V. he was a friend of Faydhy. K. Moner is a place on the banks of the Son not 'oshshaq. Lala Grobind of Nacyr. Myr Imam is Myr Dard. a for relation of Eajah Kamgar Khan. He is an ingenious man being making lire-works. D. and used the takhalluc of Imamy in them. Jywan Mai (or a Khatry of Grholam Dilly. He is died at Bareilly previous to 1221. H. H) a Kayeth. where he was appointed tutor of the son of Sultan Nuzhat. J. Myr Maklian. J. (?). • 275 calli- Niyaz.

Qabiil. Parwanah. Mohammad Shah and was a man of Budh Singh was the son of a rich man but far did not care for wealth. Sayyid Parwan 'alyy Shah of Muradabad has of late retired from the world. JNath Kay a Khatry. K. E. E. 'abd al-Eattah of Sambhal composes chiefly Persian verses. he flourished under very bad character. P. 'abd See Persian poets. C. a son of Maharajah sides at Beny and a pupil of Lalah Sarap Singh Dywanah. Qalandar. formerly on commerce. Parwanah. fifty Myr when he had passed years of age he gave himself up to asceticism. A. is Mohammad Qadr (Qadir. Qadr. C. Parwanah. K. composed poetry. Shah Qalandar was a Eaqyr and a pupil of Matzhar. but left also a flourished under Eekhtah Dywan. Sharaf aldyn 'alyy Khan of Agra. Shah Gholam Qalandar of Mukhrah not from Mon- gher. ZZasan Myrza of the Deccan of the Daroghah of the perfumery a pupil of Eiraq. Myrza Babar 'alyy Beg of Dilly. His name C) of Dilly. Qalandar. lived Nitzam of iZaydarabad. J. Sayyid Khalyl lives in the Deccan. V. it is not known where Myrza Amyr 'alyy Beg T informs — us that he was a brother-in-law of Tzafar-yab Khan. [Chap. Qadiry. P. "Was alive in 1209 and E was his friend. is royal house of Dilly. reLucnow and writes Persian and Urdu poetry. and pupil of Dzawq. but returned to he now is. M was He left a friend of He Mohammad a very good Persian Dywan. K. A. K. Myrza 'aliy-bakht is a prince of the al-Ghanyy Beg of Kashmyr. MoAammad Yar Khan. Payam. Qalandar. Prem Qabil. a disciple of Myr Mohammad Aslam. : He was a drunkard and given to the use of bhang to he was introduced by Qayim. is a good poet. Qadhiy. C. familiarly called Kaka-jy. B. C. C. K. In H his name is Dilly. 'abd al-Qadir of -Haydarabad. Y. I. A. . Qacd. B. C. Eajah Jaswant Singh. Qadir. went about three years ago to Dilly. he is alive.276 re'khtah tadzkirahs. he came to Murshidabad and went to Patna and thence to Calcutta. who corrected his poems. Mohammad Beg of Khayrabad. Shah. Qacir. chiefly Persian his.

Myrza Mohammad Beg of Lahor. Qana'at. Khan was of Bareilly. Qani'. and found service in the house of Shaharaat-jang. 1196. P. he was formerly in the English service. V. is writes Persian and Eekhtah poetry. a pupil of iZasrat. T. V. a chob- dar of the king of Oudh. Qarar.] TABLE OF CONTENTS. is a young man. Qasim. but names are not mentioned. familiarly called Qamar aldyn. Qamar. a pupil of 'uzlat. Sayyid Qasim 'alyy Khan. . a son of Nawab Qalandar 'alyy Khan Bahadur of Dilly. Qalandar. C. he embraced the Islam and went to Murshidabad. of is the editor of a newspaper called As'ad al-akhbar and a friend of E. two other poets of the takhalluc of Qasim. Abii-1-Qasim Khan was distantly related to the imperial family of Dilly and resided at Calcutta when Beny Narayan wrote. Qatyl a Khatry of Dilly has embraced the Islam. D. at Lucnow. Myrza Qamar Tali' (Qamar Beg. E. and a pupil of In J are besides their V. resides now. iZajy. Jan MoAammad of Lucnow. a pupil of Shah Mahil. Myrza Majhle. D. E) a son of Yzid-bakhsh. is the author of a Dywan. Munshiy Tar Mohammad of Dilly was originally a Hindii. a son of iZasan Beg. is a young man. J. Myrza Qamar aldyn. He is probably identical with Budh Singh. and one of the best Persian scholars alive. 62. B. who is usually called Myrza Nyly and a pupil of iZantz IAsan. Qana'at. a son Myrza Taqyy Haivas and a pupil of Myrza Qatyl.No. Qarar. Imam Abu 277 f/a- Qalandar. is the author of the JNawfcirz Moracca'. Qamar. P. Myr Qasim is 'alyy now he resides at Lucnow. a grandson of Nawab Nacir Khan. is Qasim of the Deccan this. P. K. familiarly called Myrza. Qaryn a Kashmyry of Lucnow iZasrat. a grandson of 'a£a ZZosayn Khan Ta^syn who Qasim. P. Qalandar-baksh a descendant of the nyfah thick is a native of the district of Saharanpur and has written a Dywan. Myr iZbsayn 'alyy of Dilly a young man and a pupil of Myr Nacyr aldyn Eanj. Qalaq. D. he at now resides Lucnow. Grulab Khan. Qamar. Qasim.

went to Farrokhabad to see Sawda. is He was descended from Eakhr aldyn Zahid fertile is one of the most distinguished and Persian poets a Dywan of 20. H. that of takhalluc of Qudrat. P) Khan and a pupil of /Tasrat. T. B. Mawlawy Qudrat Allah is the author of a Tadzkirah of and resides now at Rampiir. He resides at Patna. Shaykh Qayim 'alyy of Etawah had Qays. a pupil of Rafugar. Urdu poets. D. towards the end of his life he also used the Tygh (Tatabbu' ?).000 verses. . He was first a pupil of Myr Shams aldyn Eaqyr. he was born in Oudh and a pupil of iZasrat. that he died about A. Allah. Left Dilly and settled at Murshidabad where he met C. and says that he is in the habit of holding Mosha'arahs in his house. V. he having left He was descended from Shah 'abd al'azyz Shakr-bar a saint. Bampur when It seems he was calls still alive and resided at K wrote. Qorban. Y. Gr. his poetry in the style of Myrza By-dil.278 re'khtah tadzkirahs. and where he probably died in 1105. Mawlawy Qudrat Allah is is a good Arabic scholar and I have been told is physician. he mentions his him Mawlawy Qudrat Tadzkirah. Myr Jywan was a pupil of Sawda and fell in a fight against the English at Faydhabad. E. Nawab Shams aldawlah of Lucnow is the eldest son of Nawab Quly ('alyy. V. D. a son of Myrza Morad Qismat. and subsequently of Myrza Janjanan Matzhar. Qudrat Allah resides at Dilly. Myr Qorban Khan. who was his uncle. K). skilled in music and resides at Patna. In K and D Shaykh Qudrat Qudrat. he Natzim. K. Qorban. Qorban. a Saint. Shah Qudrat Allah was a Darwysh. C. A. a pupil of Qudrat. were of Mashhad. A^mad 'alyy Beg. E. 1834. who is Myr MoAammady of Dilly a son of Myr Imam familiarly called Myr Kallu JTaqyr a pupil of Thana Is a aldyn Allah Firaq. he a friend and pupil of Firaq. where he draws a salary of one hundred Rupees a month from the Qudrat. K. E met him one day in the society of Mohammad Qayim. E. K. D. first [Chap. familiarly called Modara Beg 'alyy Beg. his ancestors is (Madar Beg. a son of is Myr Mohammad Qasim Khan. I. young man and 'alyy in the service of Tzafaryab Khan y K. P. Qayim. Myrza the takhalluc of TJmmedwar. H Allah of Rampur. D. E.

See Hawas. Eafyq. K. Eadhyy. he a soldier.No. writes Persian and Urdu poetry. He is a 9"fy an d nas several times visited Hilly. he is a Thana Allah Khan V. Basa. resides at Eamprir. Myrza Makhkhan Bay (Myrza Makyn. a Pathan of Moradabad. where he Firdqr. Eafat Eafat. H. P. name is 279 not known to R. a son of Nawab Imtiyaz Khan is alive. an old poet. H. he EaAman. died of consumption at the age of twenty-two years. his TABLE OF CONTENTS. H. which rules over Oudh. H. P. . tors Hywan and two Eekhtah Hywans. is Myan Eawiif Afanad of Lucnow a Pyr-zadah. of Hilly a cousin of Eaghib. Myrza SuMan Quly Beg born in Hindustan. H. P) of Lucnow. and writes Persian and a pupil of Insha. and has written a Layla Majniin.] Quwwat. and a Persian Eaghib. Qadhiy alqodhat Ba/nnat Allah Khan of author of a Persian Hywan. Myr Abii-1-Ma'aliy ( Abu-1-Ma'aniy. now resides. J. K. K. 62. H) a pupil of Mam- nun resides at Lucnow. he writes chiefly Persian poetry. Myrza Eadhyy Khan Monajjim of Lncnow is of the Ba'd. Eafy'. Eafy' aldyn Khan. K. and a pupil of Jorat. Holds an appointment under the English government. having been a contemporary of Walyy. is the EaAmat. P. Shaykh Mohammad office. pupil of Jorat. Urdu poetry. Ancary. P. Eafaqat. Mohammad 'arif. E. where he holds a high Eafat. It would appear from K that he was dead in 1221. Amyn Allah. Eadhyy. H. Sayyid Eadhyy Khan. left He died at Patna. C. P. He died some years ago. H. Eaghbat. Mohammad V. 'ysa Khan A. H. Lalah royal house. Nawab Sayf aldawlah Sayyid Eadhyy aldyn Bahadur £alabat-jang. Eafyq. Eafat. and Eidha. in the latter. V. E. a a poet of Lucnow. C. Ganga Prashad a Kashmyry of Lucnow. Hilly. Eadhyy. V. has visited Makkah. Allah Mohammad Ja'far Khan Khan Cdidiq of Panypat lives Nawab Lu£f of late at Patna in poor circum- stances. D. is is but his ances- were of Persia. Eafy' of Ilahabad resides at Patna. Myrza Asad pupil of Beg of Hilly. Eafdgar. V. C.

Rangyn. one of Ghazals. R. is a good soldier but not a great scholar. a son of Chet Singh Bangor. and his Grhazals are sung by dancing girls. a 'alyy Rohelan. Rangyn. He died at the age of eighty in 1251. is a queer Rangyn. in 1245 he used to hold poetical assemblies at which Bakhtawar Singh Gh/tfil. D. he is also the author of the &&j (j»^s ^ which contains critical title remarks on various poets. A'qa Myrza Myrza. one in the idiom x of ladies. P. a pupil of Paydh. he nourished Mohammad Shah. Lalah Bilas Ray a son of Rajah the son of dabad. H). given up writing poetry. Ra&ym was a contemporary of Walyy. under He is probably identical with the poet of the same takhalluc mentioned by H. a son of ^ahmasb Beg Khan (Rumy. Rajah. V.280 re'khtah tadzkirahs. Rangyn. Man Ray is Dywan of MoAammad Lai. a pupil of Raqim. Puran man. He was first a pupil of i7atim. and it is very likely that this statement is correct. E revised his Dywan. Ramz. He resided at Mura- D. Myr Mohammad Has Nacyr. Maharajah Balwant Singh. Khan Bahadur. and it is not known where he now is. V. K. Some say he was of Mathra. Myrza Mohammad Sultan Pat h almulk Shah Bahadur. a young man. he has composed four Dywans. Myrza of Aman Beg is a calligraph. they say he is of Kashmyrian origin. Raja. Rajah Bahadur a son of Rajah Shitab Ray. Bindraban of Sawda. His Dywans together have the of tjbj* ^Naw Rattan. C. Rajab 'alyy now at Farrokhabad. R. Rajab. I. K. Sa'adat Tar Khan of Tiirany Dilly. V. C. . Raqim. resides Rajah. D. gal. origin. one of humoristic poetry. D. D. Agha /Taydar 'alyy Afgah. Mo7*ammad Chand nourished under Afonad Shah. not known. a grandson of Khwajah Myr. Raja. Shaykh Pyrof Ben- bakhsh Masrur and other poets attended. 'alyy Is in the service Nawab Iftikhar aldawlah Myrza Rangyn. is Ranj. P. V. A. Kayeth of Dilly. Beg of Dilly. [Chap. He is the author of a short Dywan. his compositions were corrected byMthar. Dilly. Rakhshan. H. Myan Gholam MoAyy aldyn of iZaydarabad. Dywan K. C. Khalyfah Grholam Mohammad of Dilly studied Persian. of Moghol (Persian) K. and after i/atim's death. he lived at Dilly and was a contemporary of Sawda. He was of Mathra and had a wonderful memory.

author of a Layla Majniin. a son of Rasikh. Tzafaryab Khan. H. He is the author of a Dywan. Mo/iammad iZasan Khan of Patna. was killed when young. Rasay. the author of a Mathnawy. D. Myrza (Myr. Rawshan Shah a Kayeth of Bareilly embraced the Islam and writes Persian and Rekhtah poetry. D. he is V. J. D Ridha. Dilly. but his ancestors were of Turan. He is probably identical with the poet Ridha of whom C says. First Myrza Bhujjii does not C Fidwy corrected alive. Talib iZbsayn. K. Y. V. Khwajah Afanady Khan is dead. of a noble family of Bareilly. is Rasikh. He resided at Meerut. V. his verses and subsequently Myr Taqyy Myr. Myrza Balkhy a son of Myrza 'ydu Bahadur is a prince of the house of Dilly. about twelve years ago he went to is Lucnow. Ridha. a son of the late Khadim /Zosayn Khan Khddim. D. Rasa. Mawlawy Dhiya aldyn of Thanesar a contemporary of Sawda. Myrza Taqyy. is a brother of Asad-jang. D. a prince of the house of Oudh. See Ridha and Radhyy. Rashyd of Lucnow. Rasa. T. H. C. Rasikh. Myrza Ya'qub Beg was born in Hindustan. Ridha. Shaykh Gholam 'alyy of Patna.] and has TABLE OP CONTENTS. V. now in the service of Rawshan. one of them containing his celebrated. Rashky. is Rawshan. R. a friend of Dywanah. 281 also taken to Arabic. he is a young man. know his name. Rasikh. D) 'alyy Ridha of Manikpiir. Khwajah iZasan 'alyy of Acaf aldawlah. Wahib 'alyy Khan. Rawnaq. He is dead. a pupil of the late Molla Nitzam aldyn. studying medicine. 62. P. a talented young man. is a studious young man. knew him personally. Mawlawy 'alym Allah resides in Oudh. C. He died in 1240. D. Ridha. but he has now returned to Dilly and Rasa.No. H) of Patna. wrote love-adventures is several Mathnawies. that he does not know his name. Shaykh 'alyy Ridha of Lucnow was he is some time JNatzir in the court of justice at 'alyygarh. Ray. Myrza 'alyy Ridha Beg of Agra a pupil of Myan Walyy for Mohammad Natzyr. Myr (Myrza) Gholam /Zaydar (Khan. K. J. D. 2 o . Y. D.

See Easa. D. Z/afitz MoAsin resides at Parrokhabad. a son of Mohammad Myrza Jan (Khan. who is the author of the ys?\ (3&A. is familiarly called Myrza Jywan. Eidhwan. He was a friend of P and died some years before P wrote. [Chap. K. see the Fawayid alnatziryn) wrote a Persian and Eekhtah Dywan. a son of Shaykh Eakhr aldyn. D. Eidha. Gholam Mohammad Khan of Dilly a brother of 'inayat ifosayn Khan Moshyr and a pupil of Grulzar 'alyy Khan Asyr. is a young man and Eidha. /Zafitz MoAammad-bakhsh. and Myr MoAammady of equally a pupil of Dhiya. a Shaykh of Lahor. Myrza Taqyy of Lucnow. has lately taken to of Jamal was Qadhiy Niir Allah Shushtary. He In is familiarly called Myr Patnawy. Eind. P. resides now at Hooghly and is my elder brother. a native of Patna resided at Lucnow. son of Myr Mohammad Eidha (Myr MoAammady. and left a Dywan. In P are also two poets of this takhalluc. a Myr Jamal aldyn iZbsayn Jamil and a pupil of Myan Dhiya Eekhtah poetry. K. Eiha. D.writer and a pupil of E. resided at Bareilly and Lucnow.282 re'khtah tadzkirahs. Myrza Hasan. Eidha. Myr (Myrza. is a son of the phyMawlawy Kalhi of Chandpur. He died at Murshidabad. I. Eadhyy and Hawas. K) Eidha 'alyy of Lucnow. and of the Kam- boh caste (regarding which. K. is the author of a Majnun 6 Layla. D. of Patna a pupil of Dhiya. and was a pupil of Dhiya. a Toghra. and Myr Mohammad Eidha Shushtary. E). resides of late at Farrokhabad. V) of Patna. H) Korbegy. V. Eidha. D are two poets. one Myr Mohammad Lucnow Eidha. Gholam IZosayn of Patna. K. E. Ganga Prashad a Kashmyry and son of Kishen Chand Pandit was a pupil of Jorat. D. E. Beny Narayan. iZainyd aldyn sician a pupil of Nacyr and Mamniin. D. Eidha. Narayan of says Eay Khem Narayan. Eind. Khan of A'tzampur. V. who mentions him. a relation of the Wazyrs (now kings) of Oudh. Eidha. and resides at Lucnow.I and of the &&**j) { I u*^^°» J- Eidha wrote a Dywan. Mohammad Eidha of the Deccan. C. . is Eidha. a grandson of Maharajah Lachmy Dilly. The grandfather (of Sawda. a pupil of Salym and of Mujrim and of V. usually called Myr Mohammad Patnawy. one Myrza Moham- mad Eidha of Lucnow a pupil of Sawda and author of a short Dywan.

title but was usually called : of Eustam 'alyy Khan I&tisham aldawlah. C. Nawab Bahadur. did not conform to the tenets of the Hindus. C) the son at length he of a goldsmith. C. Euswa. subsequently he used to beg barefooted in the streets of Murshidabad. it is 283 in music Eind. Ddhras. he in lives at Farrokhabad. 0. C. whence they emigrated to Kashmyr. Eostam. (C says he turned a Musalman) and was a great cynic young. B.ffasrat resides at present at Lucnow. Myr (Shah) iZamzah 'alyy of Dilly was originally a soldier by profession. H. is He was born at Dilly and brought up at Faydhabad. writes Persian and Bekhtah poetry. Lay la Majniin. his ancestors having been of Mashhad. is a quarter of the city of Lucnow. Myrza Moghol of Lucnow a son is of Myrza Akbar Akhiind. &c. he is alive.No. he is at Patna at the shrine of Shah I have seen a Arzan in company of other Faqyrs. forty. that he does know his name. 'alyy called 'iraqy of Eiqqat. D. EM alamyn of Dilly mentioned by Beny Narayan. A'ftab Bay (Mahtab Bay. Bukhcat. his ancestors were of Persia. Dywan of He had first the takhalluc of Shayda. but par- ticularly the former. Sa'adat. he a pupil of Jorat whom 2 o 2 . a pupil of Ja'far 'alyy . J. Bay and flourished under Nawab Najyb aldawlah Myr Sa'adat 'alyy (Sa'adat Allah Khan. e. he about thirty years of age and a pupil of aldawlah iZadziq almulk ifakym E. and now. Sabqat. He died Eostamnagar which Eind. E. Mihrban Khan. There not is : became mad and died another Euswa of whom D says. but he had ascertained that he was distinct from A'ftab Bahadur. Persian) origin. Eokn is Eokn aldyn Khan Bahadur a physician of Dilly. Myrza Qasim Moghol (i. said that he is skilled and in composing Kabits.] TABLE OF CONTENTS. V. containing the history of two lovers of He was a son of Myr 'alyy Grholam 'alyy 'ishrat. Joriit. A. Myr Qudrat Allah of Dilly a son of Myr Sayf Allah. A. He was a disciple of Wilayat Allah and left a Mathnawy in imitation of Dilly. B) died before he attained the age of A. he had the He was a friend of H. V. about 2000 verses of his. 1194. he was of Dilly and a son of Nawab Ashraf Khan in 1194 he gave to C specimens of his poetry. JKiky a Pyr-zadah of iZaydarabad. 62.

A. J. left He was brought up at Dilly and a Dywan. now I. identified with Sa'dy of Shyraz. Myr Mohammad Salym Murshidabad and left of Patna was a merchant. Salamat 'alyy. he B. name not known. Myr Nacir of Jawnpur (of Dilly. B. of Dilly but resides at Lucnow. Salim. Went with Qafdar-jang's army toward the east (Oudh). B. C. his father resided for some time in Kashmyr. Salamat. J) a pupil of Myrza ago. he surpasses in the Qacydah. P. E. is a pupil (Agra. he died at Lucnow. a Mathnawy in the style of the Shah- namah recording the events before he had completed of the reign of Shah 'alam. he Matzhar died a few years He came during the beginning of Mohammad Shah's reign to A. The chronogram on his death is j*^-Jl jl*J o-jj p£m3 V. is Munshiy Salamat 'alyy of Grhaziypur. he died in 1195 at a Mathnawy. Najm aldyn 'alyy Sharaf aldyn 'alyy Khan of Dilly Khan Paydm. C. . D. Salamat. J. In A and D D. K). Salik. Salym. Myr Salamat 'alyy of Purniya in the Parganah of Arwal in Behar. It would appear from A that he was a young man in 1168. M. composed chiefly Persian poems. H. Samiy. a Sayyid Sajjad. and Darwysh resides Sajjad of at Dilly. Salym. He is [Chap. II says that Samiy was his teacher in Persian. K. Saman. he wrote is chiefly Persian poems. Myr Mohammad is Agra (of Dilly. among them it. D)« Samiy was a disciple and pupil of Khwajah Myr. Sa'dy of the Deccan is the author of the verses which are erro- neously ascribed to Sa'dy of Shyraz. V. Gholam Moclaia was a friend of V. J. Qayim saw about 800 verses of Salam. H. his. Salym Allah Khan a son of the late Shaykh Faydh Allah Kaliyah resides at Patna. B. Dilly. He was first a pupil of Eidwy. his ancestors came from the Tymaq D) to India. a Munshiy in the English service. Myrza steppes of Mohammad Jan (Qipchaq. but he died His Urdu poetry is not equal to his Persian compositions. Beg. then he came with his son to Dilly (Bareilly. a son of of his father. he is Safar Shah. A) his ancestors were of A'dzarbayjan. Gr. subsequently he was appointed Munshiy in an English corps of cavalry. J. V. J. a pupil of A'bru and superior to his master.284 re'khtah tadzkirahs.

E. Myr ZZosayn 'alyy. the fall He lived sixty years at Dilly after . Dilly of Uzbek origin. he wandered for some time at to various places finally he settled at Lucnow and A'caf aldawlah gave him a stipend «>^ of Us. Myrza Sayf 'alyy is dead. Sarwar (Soriir ?). Mujrim D. D. now at Patna. a son of Qadhiy Najm aldyn Khan who was Qadhiy of Calcutta. P. Sawda. was a pupil of Myrza Jan Beg Samiy and left besides Myr Farzand 'alyy the Tadzkirah (described in p. and the best poet of our times. Sa'yd. resided long at Saqiy. 185) a thick Mawzun. Sarwar (Soriir ?). He died 1250 and Dywan. K. a companion of Badzl Beg Khan. son and when only seventeen years of age composed a Dywan. Shaykh Mo/«ammad Ya'qub Qadhiy 'alyy of a place near Ghaziy- pur. 6000 a year. A'tzam aldawlah a Khatry is a young man of Dilly. and a pupil of Nasikh. Sayf. Lala Tilok Chand Sarwar. Myr Mohammad Khan Bahadur a of A'tzam aldawlah Abu-1-Qasim Motzaffar-jang. 1822. is a studious young man. V. D. ]$. is His father was a merchant. J. the He G-. He is blind. 285 Sanjar. C. died at is Lucnow an age of seventy years chronogram Wjjjr— % *** oy^ iS^Jjj* 1199—4 that [#)m H95. E. Sarshar. and this probably the reason why he adopt. his ancestors were of Kabul. He was a pupil of Nawazish. In D a Saqiy of the Deccan is mentioned. is In K it is stated in the Biography of Sa'dy Urdu poets. A. familiarly called Myrza Mendu. of that city. Sar-sabz. "Was a pupil of Shah //atim and . Salym was of Dilly says Dilly in A. Sa'yd visited Sawda the author of a Tadzkirah of Sayah. Beny Narayan. Myrza Eajab P. he is a pupil of 'abd Allah of Agra was and of Ghalib. Shaykh Mohammad Amyr Allah a son of Shaykh in 1243 at Dilly.No.] TABLE OF CONTENTS. D. familiarly called Shah Samajh-biijh resides Sayil. Sayil. 62. B. Sayyid Asad Allah of l/aydarabad. Sattar. Lucnow and visited Dilly in 1260. 'alyy Beg resides at Cawnpore. Qadhiy Sa'yd aldyn Khan of Kakory in Oudh. Myrza Zayn late al'abidyn Khan. a son of Mohammad (^iddyq. Myrza Mohammad Yar Beg of J. he is a soldier by profession. ed the takhalluc of Sawda ware. in 1195. Myrza Rafy' aldyn of Dilly. 'abd al-Sattar of He is the author of the &*&j *jU* ? Lucnow composes chiefly Marthiyahs. P. a son of the Nawab Salar-jang. K.

C. Qayim. D) Kayamy a pupil MucMfy. pupil of Nacyr. P. lives now Lucnow. B. is a young man in the Shad a poet of Budhanah Shad. Sayyid Tafadhdhul i7osayn visited Dilly and met B. his forefathers came from the ZTijaz resides at Shikohabad near to India under Shams aldyn Altmish. is in Mewat. P. 1196. Shad. A. D. K. K. Sayyid. A. Sayyid. He died some years ago. K. Shadab. D. I have not seen him of late. since some time settled at Bhopal. he changed title because the king conferred the of Sayyid alsho'ara upon him. Myr Imam aldyn. Prashady Bam. J. and is a good Insha-writer. E. K. P. Lalah Khushwaqt a clever Insha. A pupil of In T his takhalluc Shad. writes sometimes Bekhtah verses. Shafy'. witty young Munshiy Bam Prashad. Shad. I. He had the takhalluc of Mon'im. V. He is a physician. . P). V. Shadan. D. P. Shad. Myr (Myrza. C. is a friend Shad. B. and do not know what has become of him. D) Qofob aldyn (Myr Qofob 'alyy. is Bay of Chanpur JNadyah. a Brahman of Sikandarabad. is a Shad. D.286 re'khtah tadzkirahs. Shafiy. a friend of Sawda and Myr. Bay Deby Prashad of Haydarabad a pupil of Paydh. He is a Shaykh of Muradabad. P. Lala Basawan La'l of Patna attends regularly the poetical assemblies. Myr Mohammad Shafy'. Myr (xholam Bastil of Agra. a Kayeth and a man and resides now at Dilly. He is [Chap. Shadan. Sayyid. Myrza Hahy-yar Beg (Ilah Beg. H. T. H. H. of of Zindah-dil. subsequently of Sawda. Sayyid. C. Myr Bajab 'alyy a pupil of Bahdry Khan Ashuftah. he Meerut. Sayyid. Amyn aldyn of Dilly lives now. He a native of Meerut. first died many years ago. is Besides at Dilly. but was brought up at Dilly. He had is formerly the takhalluc of Gharyb. Myr Grhalib 'alyy Khan it is chief Munshiy of the king of Dilly and writes Urdu and Persian poetry. K. He at died in 1198. He was C . Myr AAmad iZbsayn. in poverty at Patna. Myr Yadgar 'alyy of Bahadurpur army and resides at Dilly. K.writer. fami- liarly called Qofob 'alam of Sikandarabad.

K. a pupil of Munshiy Jawahir Singh D. D. K. a celebrated poet of the Deccan. Myr Shams aldyn 'alyy is familiarly called Myrza Juman. Myr Kamal aldyn IZbsayn. He was a son of Myr Nacir aldyn JRanj and Shakir. in 1196 at Shahyda was an old poet. Mawlawy Gholam iZbsayn of Ghaziypur was He is now Muftiy at Banares. a son of Shah Ma' ciim Mohawwis was a very obscene poet. Shams. C. J. K. A. he left a Dywan in the dialect of his native country. 'atzym. a disciple of is Shah Karym Allah the successor of Shah Arzan. C. A. C. and was skilled in astrology. K. R. Khan of Dilly. is a pupil of Eiraq and of Qasim. 62. clever in the science of music Sha'ir. and in mechanics. a pupil of Myr V. of Meerut. visited Dilly under 'alamgyr and was received with distinction by the emperor.NO. Walyy Allah. familiarly called Myr Kallu. K. Shah Sa'd Allah called 'ishq 'alyy of Patna. Sha'ir.] TABLE OF CONTENTS. Shah (Myr) Shakir 'alyy of Dilly is a young man who studies the Mathnawy of Jalal aldyn Bumy and other 9"fy books under Shah Shakiy. Shahy. Banares. C. . J. Shah Shahamat 'alyy is a Darwysh. C. is a He is dead. Shakir. Gholam Mo^yy aldyn Shams. D. P. Resides mostly in the Panjab. Shahwat. Mohammad 'ishq. Shafyq. B. where said he died. Shah Quly Khan of Baghnagar (iZaydarabad. resided in Oudh. Shakir of A'tzampur was a friend of MoAammad Moham- mad 'alyy iZashmat and of Qayim. H. and has his Takiyah near Betiah in Sarun. Shahamat. is Shaghil a pupil of Bismil. and thence Deccan. Matzhar 'alyy dhan. C) was in the service of Tana Shah and composed chiefly Marthiyahs. Dard. Shahyd. He is called Myr Nacir-parast. A. relation of Myr Dard and resides at Dilly. P. Myr Karamat 'alyy is of Lucnow. a Kayeth. Y. familiarly called 287 Myrza BuJ. came to to the Murshidabad and went subsequently to Lucnow. K. whom he surpasses. Myr Shah 'alyy Khan it is a Paqyr. left a Dywan. K. Shah. is Lalah Mathora Das familiarly called Mithan Lai. V. D. and comes some- times to Hilly. H. Shahy dy. D. P. it is said that he is a pupil of Nasikh. of Dilly was a poor young man. He is He is dead.

dawran. K) skilled in the Dilly.288 re'khtah tadzkirahs. Myr Mosharraf and Grhiyath aldyn.Hasan Khan. Myrza was a humble man. Dilly. was a younger brother of Myrza Mo7mmmad. Myrza Ashraf (Jadiq K) 'alyy is of Lucnow. is He was attached to the Qadam Sharyf near (Sharaf. Sharyf. I. . K. iZasan 'alyy (Hasan a pupil of Nacyr. P. Shawkat. P. Bhdgy Lai. in . a son of the late o^. C. some years ago he left Sharyf. D. E. E. V. Marthiyah. Hafitz Gholam Easiil of Dilly Shawq. K. K knew him. Myr MoAammady of Dilly is a nephew of JNawab KhanWas a mystic. P. B. Sharar. P. is Shawkat. Sharyf. K. Shaykh Sharaf aldyn iZbsayn (Hasan. Sharaf. "Was a pupil of Nawazish. and is composes Marthiyahs. Myrza Mo/mmmad Sharyf chiefly is a convert to the Islam. V. Myrza Ibrahym Beg born Myrza MoAammad at Lucnow was a fair poet. Sharafat. Myrza Myrza who has in Persian the takhalluc of 'ishq. He was a soldier and He left a Dywan. he has written a small Dywan. Shawq. P. D. P. Sharyf. a pupil of A'rzu. He died at Punah. at calligraph. is a pupil of Myr Myr Gholain 'alyy at Banares. Nawab 'imad alniulk. D. [Chap. He a grandson of Sharar. but he was dead when C. he was a soldier-like man. a poet of Lucnow. 'alyy Khan a Pathan. P. D. Myrza Sharaf aldyn is he wrote. is 'alyy of Bijnawr. Sharaf. familiarly called Lala Sharyf Beg. Shawq. he went to the Deccan and died there. P. P. K. H. Mohammad Munyf 'ishrat. Myrza Eaydh Sharyf is a young who wrote two commentaries on the f£*w man and a pupil of MoAibb Allah Mohibb. is Sharaf. H) of the service of Dilly. P. is Shawq. a son of Eostam 'alyy who was an author and a D. a poet of the Deccan. Ja'far a pupil of Mamniin. Myrza 'alyy of Lucnow a younger brother of Sabqat. Sharaf. he wrote Persian and Eekhtah poetry. Myrza Sharyf Beg is of a good family and a witty poet. Faydh 'alyy was a contemporary of Sawda and had many pupils. D.. J. and now Meerut engaged I have some where seen a short biography of this convert in English. K. K. Sharar. Sharar. a son of Lala Dawlat Earn a Khatry mentioned by D. He probably identical with Myrza Sharyf Beg. He was converted to the Christian religion in Missionary labours. K.

Shayiq. says Mawlawy Anianat Allah was Beny Narayan. Myr Fat7* 'alyy of Shamsabiid Mhow. a son of of the Deccan. D. is 28# Munshiy of Shawq. K. Khwajah Hynga. It will be observed that I Dywan has about 6000 verses. Shayda. now is of Jorat. Shawq. was strong in logogriphs.] TABLE OF CONTENTS. Tahamtan-jang Bahadur is an Amyr in Shawqy. P. he 2 P . young. He is author died Dywan and of a book called c*UxL. Shaykh Ilahy-bakhsh of Agra at present a Myrzii Motzaffar-bakht Bahadur at Farrokhabad. K. familiarly called Kakajy of Patna. He went to Mashhad. K. u^]js. H) is the author of a Dywan and of a Tadzkirah of Rekhtah poets. Shawq. Jawhar Beg of Lucnow. was a pupil of Shah Mo^ammady Be-dar. Shyw Gropal. he died young. E. and composes chiefly Persian verses. H. V. MoAainmad-bakhsh Allah of Kotanah and a pupil of Barkat Khan Barkat. 62. a pupil of Myr Hidayat 'alyy Kayfy. D. and is a Myr Badr aldyn -Hasan of Bareilly is a well educated man. Myr Sdz has adopted V. He Shawq. Pyr Myan (Myr. K. Mohammad Hashim Myr a pupil of Myr 'izzat Allah 'ishq. V. died young. He was an officer at Lucnow and received 500 Rs. K. Shayiq. Shayda. the Mahajan Sawdagar Mai. K. Mawlawy Qudrat Allah of Rampur (of cs>*> P. Shayiq. H. him his as his child. a month from Acaf aldawlah. Mohammad Fac\ h a son of V. Bawshan Lai a clever musician. T. It is said that he composed one hundred thousand is verses. is -Hajy of Dilly. a Kashmyry of Dilly. of Raypiir. Nawab Mo'yn aldyn Khan resides at grandson of Nawab Ghaziy aldyn Khan Nitzam. C. V. Natzyr aldyn ^dljJa. P. and Sawda is his instructor. He was a soldier-like man. distinguish between this and the following poet on the authority of K. D. he is twenty years of age.No. K. Calcutta. Shayda. In T and P. Kalpy. He is a tailor by profession. is Shawq. Shawq. D. of a Rekhtah in 1241.) f Bareilly. Shayiq. Shawq. a pupil of Muc^afy. E. K) Mohammad of Lucnow was formerly a pupil of Myan JEfashimy and Shayiq. and skilled in the Marthiyah. Shayda. and a pupil of Nacyr. P.

Shifa. Shiguftah. Sheftah. Budh Singh. He . Hafitz 'abd al-£amad. i^H^O-^ Hasan a sou of Shah Gholam Mo^yy aldyn Owaysy (Eiimy. of late he has changed his takhalluc. Mohammad Nadzyr aldyn [Chap. a son of Myrza Jawan-bakht Jahandar Shah. H. writes Persian poetry. E met him Lucnow. Sho'a'. A. but is not a native of that city. Shikoh. H. Shiguftah. I. H. Shaykh Grholam ZZbsayn a poor man and a pupil of Mo7iammad Taqyy Myr. J.) Bahadur. J. He has gone to the Heccan. H. He left a Hywan.290 has the name of re'khtah tadzkirahs. P. Myr Sher 'alyy of Hilly resides since some years at Patna. Shifa. he had formerly the takhalluc of Bayan. H. it is in verse. is a pupil of Amyr-bakhsh Khan. has the title ^*# <^j. He is a very learned man and has composed a treatise on arithmetic and one on prosody and rhyme. K. Myr MoAammady resides at present at Hilly. T. A^mad Khan Sheftah. Myrza Sayf 'alyy Khan is a son of the Nawab aldawlah. Sayyid Ilah-bakhsh of Hilly resides since some years at Patna. Prince Has written a Hywan. K. was a pupil of Bahory Khan Sheftah. and composes chiefly Marthiyahs. P. a Kashmyry of Firaq and resides at Hilly. a blacksmith. J. He writes chiefly Persian poetry. Sheftah. familiarly Myrza Shiguftah-bakht (Bedar-bakht. IZakym Mohammad Hasan Khan of Hilly is Hakym Tar 'alyy is a good physician. a young man. Mohammad Akbar a son of Shah 'alam Aftdb (hence the takhallu^ Shohrat. Shiguftah. is a pupil of Bahory Khan Shuja' K. Hilly. H) Sirhindy. K. Mohammad Eidha of Lucnow is a friend and pupil of Myrza Qatyl and years ago. resides at Banares. H. died young. of Hilly a pupil of Asyr and a friend of E. A'shuftah. is the heir-apparent to the throne. H. called Myrza Hajy-QaAib. Sayyid Shikoh 'alyy of Sarawah. Shayiq. is Shikyba. K. J. A'shuftah. K. H and speaks in the present tense of him. and the first it half of every verse treats on prosody the second on rhyme. died about twenty-five H. Myr Qamar 'alyy of Patna writes Eekhtah poetry. E. and 'alyy Myrza Qasim Jawan corrected at his verses. a Panjaby of Hilly. Shikoh.

who knew him. but H. a brother of Khan. D) of Dilly a clever young man. Sho'ury. E. is a pupil of Myrza Ghasyta and resides at Mothary in Sho'lah. Mo//ammad 'alyy (C and Sikandar. P. is is mentioned by Beny Myrza MoAammad 'alyy of Dilly. Of Chandpur. Shdr. of Moradabad. J. Aniar Shdr. Y. says that this Sikandar. J. George Shdr. 2 P 2 . J. he Mohammad Khalyl Khan of the Deccan. P. K. Nawab Shuja' Quly Khan. Myrza MaAniud Beg of Dilly. D. familiarly called Malhu Beg. D. Y. Behar. H. Mohammad Myrza Myrza Qacd and a pupil Shywan. He is dead. Sho'ur AAmad of Rainpur is the father of Kawiif A&inad Rawuf. Mumin Khan Ashna. and K. a son of is Shdrish.ETosayn. V. K. JNacir iZbsayn (Khalyfah Nadir . of Jowalapur. Sho'ur. 62. H. Myr Mahdiy Myrza Gholam iZbsayn. at Lucnow. is Myr AAsan of Patna was a soldier by profession. C. Shukr. Shuja'. of Patna. of Faydh. a son of Khwajah MoAammady Khan. Iftikhar aldyn 'alyy Khan. J. is Shukr. o*\J £J^ (?) a Christian. 1814 at Calcutta and Narayan. is a young man. He considers himself as a pupil of Najiy. and a pupil of Thana Allah Firaq. a pupil of YaAya Anian now. Nath is a Kashmyry of Lucnow. P. a son of Nawab Monyr aldawlah of JZaydarabad a son of iZasan Nadir-jang. Jorat. J.] TABLE OF CONTENTS. was a soldier-like young man and a pupil of Sa'adat Yar Khan Eangyn and Insha Allah Khan. E. man and is a pupil of Gholam AAmad. Si/ir. composes chiefly Marthiyahs and writes in the Marwary and Panjaby dialects. a son of Mohammad Akbar. D. resides since some years in Mogholpurah at Patna. familiarly called Khalyfah Sikandar. He is of Lucnow. He had formerly the takhalluc of Moruwat. resided in A. Khalyfah G is call him Shaykh a mistake) of the Panjab. He was a friend of a young H Shdrish. C . K. Eiidha Kishen a Kayeth.No. dead. P. K. Wathiq 291 'alyy Shohrat. he died young. Shdrish. Khwajah 'atzym Khan of Dilly. Shohrat. 1196. he is the author of the story in verse of the boatman and the fish and king Dilkhwar.

R. D. it is he has been killed. I. [Chap. 1838. jfiTimayat Sorur (or Sarwar the Dilly Palace. Solayman a pupil of Taban. resides at Dilly. of Qarawal- Mohammad Myr (Sayyid Mohammad. K. ?). ?). B.ffakym Myrza is Mohammad was 7/osayn. Solayman. who mentions him. a great patron of poets and among his proteges are Muc^afy. K. but is not known where he now learned men. D. Solayman. was skilled in archery . Siraj aldyn 'alyy different from Siraj Awrangabady. D. E. See page 148 supra. He died on the 24th of February. P. he repaired to Sipahy of Lucnow. does not know his name. Siraj. D. D. A. P. Sorur (or Sarwar Myr Faydh 'alyy of Ijrarah. a Kashmyry a good physician and writes Persian and Rekhtah poetry. He left among other poems a Math- nawy called Jk^. E. He is On the invitation of the Natzim of iZaydarabad. K. and he mentions is a third Sokhon who was a poet of the Deccan. Shah Quly Khan. V. C) purah near Dilly. &c. D. Sayyid is Allah Khan of Dilly. and is a pupil of 'izzat Allah 'ishq. H. Sohrab. In H it is said that there also a poet of this takhalluc at the time of JNajiy and Madhmun. P. A. upwards of fifty years of age. of Dilly. K. Myrza Sohrab Beg. H. Resided for some time at Patna. K. a Munshiy of the king of he is a young man. Sokhonwar. Sor'at. Sipahy. a Darogah in a pupil of Nacyr. a Moghol. Solayman Khan of Dilly a pupil of Ashraf 'alyy it Khan Fighan.l^***. resides at Dilly. . a son of Dhiya aldyn Bokhary. J. H. Myr 'abd al-ZTayy. Sokhon. K. V. 0. C. now he gone to Behar. Myr Imam-bakhsh Siraj died some time ago. Insha Allah lives at Khan. D. Jorat. Myr aldyn of Awrangabad was a pupil of Sayyid Ham- zah of the Deccan. lives. Myr Murad is 'alyy of Dilly resides since a long time at J. Myr Mojahid Lucnow a pupil of Mamnun.292 re'khtah tadzkirahs. He died there and his remains were carried to Karbala. A contemporary of Solayman. said that his capital. Siraj. aldyn of Siyadat. Lalah Dalwaly Singh Dilly. P. Patna. Prince Solayman-shikoh. Sipahy. Soz. Resides mostly at Lucnow but now he Agra.

J. C. He was a friend of E. 62. lives at a son of Iftkhar aldawlah Mirza 'alyy Khan. Myr 'abd al-Sayy of Dilly. Sayyid Eajab 'alyy of taken to poetry. contains about one thousand verses. Mohammad of Dilly. in 293 it and other manly 1191 he went to Lucnow. Taban. Nawab Mirza. Sayyid I&san . may be about sixty-five years of age.Hasan and according to P. A. Sayyid . Sayyid Shah of Lahor writes Urdu with great correct[Eiraq. a native of Pankor not far from Lucnow.No. Mahtab Kay. H. ^Tabyb. D. and a pupil of Tacawwur. Nyly D. and 'ally. Sozan.Hosayn. he now resides at Eaydhabad. D. the name of Tacawwur was according to H. D. He is at present. was a soldier by profession. D. Mirza (Prince) familiarly called Mirza Mohammad is alive. he therefore went in 1212 to Murshidabad and being not successful takhalluc of Myr. E'zid-bakhsh Bahadur of Dilly. Walyy Mohammad is a Surgeon of Dilly. a soldier by profession. SulMn. he has D. Dilly. Shaykh Shams aldyn of Dilly resided at Earrokhabad. E. SulMn. the court of Sozan. Tabyb. Professor of Arabic in the Dilly College and Tab. Had formerly the now that of Soz. he re- turned to Lucnow and died the same year. P (see Tayib). E. B. a pupil of Tacawwur. Sayyid /Zaydar jffaydar . a descendant of relation of Myr 'izzat Allah 'ishq. Nacyr has lately . According to D. he is a a pupil of Jorat. and a pupil of Soz. exercises. He is dead. and was upwards of seventy years of age when he wrote. V. Sub^an. Sayyid IZbsayn Khan. G. 1852.] TABLE OF CONTENTS. J. SulMn Quly Beg Ta'ashshuq. Sayyid Khan. His Dywan ness. A'caf aldawlah. Sayyid I^san Allah a son of JBTosayn Khan. V.Hasan Khan and according to K. Afanad 'alyy Khan Shawkat-jang of Lucnow. and according to T. who died young of dropsy contracted by drinking. of Sultan. D. may be about 25 years of age. a handsome but 'alyy profligate man. He was a friend of Sawda and a pupil of Mohammad Hashmat. D. E. Myr Sayyid 'abd al-Qadir Jylany and a lately taken to poetry. but seems that he lived there in great poverty. Myr 'abd al-SubAan was a pupil of Abru. K. in finding a livelihood. P. is Nawab Nacr Allah Khan Bahadur is Afghan origin Jagyrdar of Kampur.

with [Chap. P) of Lucnow. P and E of the following account. See preceding notice. My an Grholain Moc/afa a son of Malawy Eafy 'aldyn has recently taken to writing poetry. says E. he a good calligraph and Insha. title Myr MoAammad is IZbsayn Khan of Lucnow. MoAsin K). he the author of a thick Dy wan and of a &y^° c$*V 3 he is a soldier by profession and about forty years of age. H. Tajammul. whose friend he was. P wrote. familiarly called iZajy. Tajalliy was Myr Gholam and the theme of name the Mathnawy T of is the affection for him of a Brahman's wife whom he married. D. of Lucnow. am not acquainted. T. and not with his Ta/*ayyur. H. Khan resides at Etawah. occupies himself usually with poetry. and Eiraq corrects his verses. writes chiefly Marthiyahs. D.) of JETaydara- bad a Darwysh. a pupil of Jorat. he a son of Myr Mohammad Myr Mohammad (Hasan H) Kalym (D says Talib Hbsayn Kalym) and a is nephew of Myr JfoAammad Taqyy Myr. H. some time the takhalluc of According to D. Tacwyr is the takhallu9 of a I whose circumstances a poor man. Died some time ago. E. . D. is D. his 'aldyn. He lives now the in the -Hajy. His name is Myr MoAammad -ffosayn 'a£a Khan. identical with the preceding. K. Tajammul. Tajalliy. (//osayn . he lived at the court of Abu Mancur 'alyy Khan (Jafdar-jang. Tajalliy. and Myr Gholam 'alyy the author of the Layhi Majmm. familiarly called Myan //ajy.Hasan.ZZbsayn H. a son of Mawlawy Eafy him who was alive. D. Myr A'tzam (Mohammad 'atzym H. his is name is . m though H distinguishes between the two. II 'alyy. a very learned man. who must have been dead when TaAsyn. In K. lady. D. and had is for . Shah Tajalliy (Shah Tajalliy D. fijIjS He is the author of the isjij^\ ^\y*> and of Persian and of the £fj° j^°y which is an Urdu kS**^ He seems to be version of the story of the four Darwyshes. has lately taken to writing poetry. has the of Moracca' Eaqam. I have heard he dead.writer. who H. a clever poet. Munshiy JETosayn 'a£a TaAsyn.294 re'khtah tadzkirahs. 'arab-saray near Dilly. K. E makes a distinction between Mo/^ammad iZbsayn. Ta&syn. name is is Grholam MocMa. Shah Jawad 'alyy of Murshidabad. I. he is a son of Mo/*ammad Baqir Khan Shawq. TaAayyur of Dilly. clear that P and tical E speak as if he was It he is iden- with the Ta^syn of D. 'alyy. is Tacwyr.

late the throne in 1118) and spent part of Talib. K. According to J. he used to hold Mosha'arahs. a pupil of Eaydh. J. E. D. and following chronogram on his death. Myr 295 Tajarrud. Talib. in 1845. V composed the 'alyy is a son Talib. jPalib. He is a pupil of Insha Allah Khan. I'alib. B. Ta\i\ Myr Shams Myrza Abu aldyn of Dilly. Talib Ho say n Khan a Kashmyry of Dilly. 2fclib. 'abd Allah of the Deccan. 'alyy Kidha. subsequently he entered into the English military service and rose to the post of Jama'ahdar. 'alyy Mab. the celebrated man or saint) and resides at Lucnow. descendant of a Myan Ilalib 'alyy is a Buzurg-zadah (i. he a pupil of Myr Taqyy and K. 'ashiir his life at Dilly. but he was dead when he wrote. D. Awrangabad served in to the army of Bahadur Shah (who succeeded A. T. D. D. is Mohammad 'alyy of Patna. Shaykh Talib of Samanah came to in the suit of his Dzii-1-Eiqar aldawlah Najaf Khan Meerut where he had Eekhtah verses corrected by T. Talib and pupil of Myr Ghalib 'alyy Khan Sayyid. H. K) of Dilly was a knew him. Lucnow.No 62. Shayk Talib 'alyy of Patna. Myrza Moghol Khan is a great man of Dilly. B. a son of My an Ndlan is 'askary a daroghah or steward to Prince Solayman-shikdh. R. Khwajah 'abd Allah Tdyyd. iZafitz Tklib is a poet of Qudrat Allah Shawq. J. a son of Khwajah is a friend of C. Moghol by ('alyy Khan. Tamanna. left He was a pupil of Eidwy. Beg Khan a son of the Eiraq. a pupil of Sayyid 'abd- al-Walyy 'uzlat. Tamanna. He was a native of the neighbourhood of Talib. e. T-d\i\ Lala Hindu Lai of iZaydarabad. A. but he was born in Hindustan. a brother of Gholam 'alyy Bdsikh. of a village near ^Talib. Dawlat Beg Khan. Myr Asad 'alyy Khan of the Deccan a contemporary of Nawab Nitzam 'alyy Khan. H. a Dywan. K. P.] TABLE OF CONTENTS. E. died young. Tamanna. Tamanna. is his ancestors were of Tiiran. C. his name Mirza he mentions besides him a Tamanna of Dilly regarding . Eampiir and a pupil of Mawlawy Talib. 'abbas Quly Khan D I was at Dilly. Myr Mib 'alyy of Hahabad. he died young in 1206. When origin. a nephew of Mocyb.

after the Nawab's death he entered the service of Jahandar Shah and subsequently of . Qayim 'alyy Khan now at Dilly. Abii-1-iZasan (Sayyid Abu-1-iZasan) king of Golconda. to increase the intoxicating effects of the huqqah.296 whom. C him Myr £ala£ aldyn. Mo/^ammad Tusof. MoAammad Sa'yd Khan 'alyy b. In 1238 he came with Shawkat-jang from Earrokhabad to Dilly and D made his acquaintance. K. but the Emperor when he heard of it. nor Taqyy give any information. Shaykh 'iwadh 'alyy Khan. he re'khtah tadzkirahs. H. Tamkyn. a son of Mohammad Khan b. being disgusted with the stinginess of his jailer. His descendants occupied posts of under the emperors. neither Grurdezy [Chap. T informs us that he was a great drunkard. restricted him to sixteen still flasks and to eight Bed-mushks and after some time he farther reduced his allow- ance until Tana-shah gave up smoking altogether. He under MoAammad-shah. Qal'dh Tamkyn. His father was Lachmy Ram Fidd. and solicited from the Emperor to be allowed the use of the Huqqah. Myr Thana 'alyy is skilled in the superstition called Rami. Tana-shah. was granted. J. Tanha. at Dilly but his ancestors Tamkyn. aldyn resided at Dilly and flourished is a fertile Rekhtah calls poet. he was confined by 'alamgyr to the town. 'alyy that this verse is but he learned from Myr Awlad c5«&^ 1 crH&f iSJ^ origin. and a pupil of Muc/jafy. Mohammad IsMq Khan born dar Shah and died there. fcW a± A fc trit> &* & K ^ <£!* 3 <£- &* [ by him fj — Tamanna. Bakhta Mai Pandit was born were of Kashmyr. was a soldier by profession and Qasim Khan was a native of Madynah and came with Humayun to India and under Akbar he was honoured responsibility 'alyy with a Mancab. says. after the fall of his capital. E. Wa%d Qasim Khan 'alyy is b. he This indulgence much the luxuries which he used to enjoy. he resides at Bareilly. I. D. and he now smoked day and night using ottar of roses and other perfumes instead of water to allow the smoke to pass through. at Dilly was of Kashmyry he went to Banares and entered the service of Myrza Jahan- H. and treated with great missed severity. Tamkyn. cavalry in the Tanha served first in MaMmb Khan's army of Nawab Dzu-1-Fiqar aldawlah. A. As he had been given to pleasure. B. Gr. At first he used daily hundreds of bottles of rose-water.

D. that he was when he wrote. C. Grirdhary Lai a Lucnow is a pupil of Jorat. Kayeth of Amrohah a pupil of Qayim. Zahid Myr 'izzat Allah 'ishq. Myr Bahadur Tarz.] Iltimas TABLE OF CONTENTS. He was a disciple of Myr Mohammad K. he composes chiefly Marthiyahs and uses in them the takhalluc of Dilgyr. who made acquaintance at Meerut. V. in Bengal. Subsequently he had his is verses corrected by Imam-baksh Nasikh. alive He is now He is alive. a pupil of Firaq. Myrza Mo7^ammad Taqyy Khan of Eaydhabad Beg of Dilly a pupil of 'alyy of is a wealthy man. D. T. died young. a a soldier. Lai a Kayeth of 2Sunab. Tapish. Tanha. Sayyid Kifayat son of the late Sayyid Ilahy-bakhsh. and he was then a young prince Jahandar Shah. D. Dilly. familiarly called Myr Ghasy. 'atzym. 2 Q . man and in the service of He subsequently came to Murshidabad for and thence to Calcutta. Sayyid Mo/*ammad Taqyy of Dilly.No. was a pupil of Eakhr aldyn and supported himself by copying books and teaching. Myr Shuja'at 'alyy of Dilly a pupil of Nacyr is alive. he now at the court of Oudh. and it seems he was his in the service of the latter nobleman when T wrote. of 297 Khan and then Mahdiy 'alyy Khan. he is a convert to the Islam. Isma'yl. P. D. of Dilly. but had left Calcutta and gone up-the-country. Taraqqiy. D. 62. and a great admirer of poetry. E. he Mohammad 'ysa born at Lucnow. D. C. Tarzy. K. E. He is was of Afghan origin and my pupil. where he was some years imprisoned. his ancestors were of Persia. was in 1261 at Dilly and attended the Mosha'arahs held in the house of Moghol Tanha. K. V. T. Taqyy. C met him Benares in 1198. he Sayil a pupil of Moat hammad Tar Beg and of Khwajah Myr Dard. Beny Narayan says also. Tanha. familiarly called Myrza is Jan. Khan of Dilly. Myr Imam 'alyy is eighteen years of age and my pupil. his ancestors were of years of age and is may be about twenty-seven 'alyy. Tarik. tapish. Myr Madad Mo/iammad 'alyy of Dilly. C. D. Tarsan. Tasalliy. Sa'd Allah Khan Tamanna. During his impri- sonment he composed a Yosuf 6 Zalykha in Eekhtah. Jhanii Lucnow is a pupil of Nawizish. E. a pupil of Asyr and has written also elegant verses in Persian. he died after he had again obtained his liberty. his father Yusof Beg Khan was of Bokhara.

a pupil of Fidwy. Thana. a brother of the celebrated Myrza AAsan-bakhsh. T says he is a pupil of Matyn. of Khalyfah Mohammad Kabyr Khan an Afghan of Rampiir a pupil Gholam Mohammad 'abbasy ('ayyashy?) Dihlawy (Barei$adiq 'alyy of IZaydarabad. JZafitz 'abd I^san. K. tic. Lalah Tyka Ram. Shah Imam-bakhsh. Taskyn. V. lived long at Patna and died in 1210. is a mys- H. ancestors All Hindus whose came from Kashmyr are all called Pandits if they are Brahcaste. and I7jsan usually corrects Thabit. a pupil of Miimin Sa'adat 'alyy. of Farrokhabad is Sirishtahdar in the five where R met him years before he wrote. Myr Myr IZaydar Khan Qatil the "Wazyr of Farrokh-siyar. lawy. T.298 Tasalliy. RE'kHTAH TADZKIRAHS. Myr Shams ^alab. I. he had a large D the takhalluc of was Taskyn. H. Mahtab Kay originally of Kashmyr. P. a pupil of is Khan and a friend of P. . Tayib. this poet came from the neighLucnow.**>j\. a poet of IZaydarabad of whom D quotes a Euba'y on Nawab Afghan Aristu-jah x^jk. Shuja'at Allah IZasrat. D. aldyn born at Patna was a pupil of Shah Moshtaq Thana. Khan of Panypat a pupil of Ja'far 'alyy He resided at Lucnow. Thana Allah Magistrate's court at Khan Coel. Tathyr. H). Myrza (Prince) Mo'izz aldyn Bahadur. D. a promising young man. his verses. Myr Tayib. Thabit. E. his style of the ancient poets. a son of the paymaster Gopal Ray. Ijabat 'alyy Khan. T. C. . is about twenty -five years of age his ancestors bourhood of Etawah but he was born at According to collection of works of poetry. Ganga Das a Kashmyry Pandit. a Darwysh of Thaneser. is alive. He is of Bareilly. Thabit. D. E. poems are in the D. [CHAP. Kashmyries are of that descended from is Myr IZbsayn. and almost Taskyn. AUah is of Dilly is a pupil of 'abd al-Ea^man D. l9alat Khan (Ijabat Khan. Taskyn. mans. Thanesery. Minnat (D says of Nitzam aldyn Majnun). E. E) of origin. Taslym. Thaqib. Myr Ghalib aldyn was a contemporary of "Walyy. Thabit. D.

now less attention to poetry than to music. I man. Thurayya Shah jfifl. died probably after the invasion of Nadir Shah. familiarly called Jihaz QaAib. a Khan Bangyn. I have no news of him. was first a poor man. K. years of age. D. he verses. is the name of a poetess. P. Shams aldyn was a Darwysh 299 of Dilly and a pupil Thaqib. he lately intended to go to Najaf but remained in the Deccan. Khwajah Mohammad Khan. he was a learned Mawlawy and resided at Patna. and a son of Mr. Tomas. who was Torab. is a soldier-like Mawlawy Torab B. K) is is a brother of Sa'adat Tar of Be-tab. J. and had formerly the takhallucsoldier-like young man and his brother revises his p. Tzaryf. H. he (padiq of is dead. Torrah-baz Tar. J. John Thomas a native of Dilly. a very pious man. Myrza MoAammad Lucnow was usually called A'gha Tharwat. P. Lucnow is a pupil of Mo7*ammad Bidha Barq and Tzafar. See Be-tab 215. He He was of Loharah. been composed by Dzawq. but obtained forty thousand Eupees by inheritance. resided at Dilly. he resided formerly at Dilly. pays Tzahir. V. 2 Q 2 . a poet of of Nasikh. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Tharwat. Khan of Benares. Tzafar. B. Tzahyr. 'alyy.] Thaqib. Sayyid of A'bru. He the author of three Dywans. Shihab aldyn a pupil of A'bru. 2brrah. says his instructor. Tharwat. Nacyr aldyn. 'alam. where he practises medicine.No. D. K. Sayyid Darwysh 'alyy was a queer man. K. now about fifty do not know where is he now is. is a good Persian scholar. K. T. H. Tzahir. D. Myr MoAammady of Dilly resides since some years at Agra. Khoda Wirdy Khan (Khoda Burdy Khan. Myr Lutff 'alyy. T. A saw him in 1164. is the author of a Myrza Abu reality has Dywan. George. C. He died young. P. Tharwat. Myrza (Prince) 'abd al-Moqtadir a grandson of Shah is . Mufty Gholam Makhdum of Phulwary. 62. a son of Maw- lawy Jamal aldyn and a pupil of Mawlawy Ayat Allah Jawhary. D. he was tutor in the house of Rajah Tiket Bay. which in Tzahir. a son of Myr Mo7*ammad Baqir Tzohiir a pupil of JQTasrat. 'alyy Nawaz Khan and came He was a son-in-law of for his sake to Patna. king of Dilly. a pupil of Mobtala. a pupil of Myrza Matzhar. D. T.

Ummed a son of Nawab Khanjahiin. Tzohur. he died under AAmad Shah. C. is and held some time an 'umdah. resides now at Hooghly says Beny Narayan. Myr Mohammad Baqir. He may Beg is be identical with the preced- but the verses quoted are not the same. Myrza Mohammad Bidha had Khan. Ulfat. Tzohur. C. H. He made the court of and lived some years at Persia. Ummed. a pupil of Yaqyn. He was a pupil of Jorat. whom nothing farther is known. Tzohur Allah lun (?) obtained the Khan cf a son of Dalyl Allah title Khan from Myrza Jawan-bakht. He was an exceedingly pleasant companion. lives now in his home. JTantz Tzohur Allah ancestors were of Tiiran. and title. of Qazalbash He was a native of Persia and a pupil of ^ahir AYa^yd. Lalah Sheo Singh resides at Agra and imitates Taqyn. He ing. TJlfat. H. is a young man of considerable poetical talents. he adopted the takhalluc. a poet of . C. D. He died young. Ulfat a poet of Motzamirnagar. H. B. bad formerly the takhalluc of iZazyn. he to India and obtained rank came under Bahadur Shah died in 1159. J. Tzohur Allah was a contemporary of Mohammad Khan at Shah. Ummy. as Jorat. Mohammad Ulfat a native of the neighbourhood of . Ray Mangal Sen for of the Kayeth caste was a native of Patna office at Hilly. He is probably identical with p.Haydarabad of Mohammad 'alyy Khan. . He was 'umdat almulk a son of Nawab Ummed. D. Tzohur. of Tzohur when he went from Patna to Jahangyrnagar. H. and made acquaintance of most poets. the Shah conferred the title of Sa'dy of India upon him. I. Flourished under A7*mad Shah. a pupil of Myrza Matzhar. H. T. Bady' aldyn iZaydar the second son of T. 32.Hay da rabad. H. A. 'alyy. he wrote a Saqiynamah and a Uywan. M. Tzohur. B. [Chap. Bawshan Beg of Dilly. a pupil of Nacyr.- 300 re'khtah tadzkirahs.Allah Khan. the title Ummed. his H. of Beda- Tzohur. and He left a celebrated Persian Dywan and a few Bekhtah verses. a Tzohur. B. Mohammad 'othman Ulfat mentioned in the (^ubke Wato. the pilgrimage to Najaf Lucnow the Insha. P. young man of Hilly. H. Syta Earn a Kashmyry a contemporary of A'rzu.

Bywan which has about one thousand verses.] TABLE OF CONTENTS. E. G. some time at Lucnow and is a pupil of Shah Malul. C. Bareilly. A. is Wafa. C. Wadad. P. K. jEfasan-bakhsh a relation and pupil of H. Wahm. D) Khayal the author of the ^^j J presides now at Lucnow. Myrza (Mawlawy. after his father's death 'uzlat went to and Hilly. place near According to C and G the family of 'uzlat was from a Lucnow. B. Mohammad Wacil (My an Wacil Khan. B. Myrza A'qa Is/*aq. Wafa. Myr Mohammad 'alyy of Hilly. it is that he has written a Bekhtah J.Walyy. is a writer H. and has an appointment under Acaf aldawlah. WaMat. man and in whom Awrang-zeb had very great was born at Surat. was impulse to devote himself to Bekhtah From Dilly he went to Murshidabad and was supported by Wirdy Khan. C. of in the palace. 'uzlat. of his disposition. D. he He is dead. G. B. 'aJyy first letters. a son of -Hajy Ibrahym and a grandson of resides since Wacl. K. Bay Dywan Najyb Khan. B) was head porter was descended from Eayman. Lala Nawal Kay brother of Golab a young man. He was Nayib or deputy governor of Oudh at the time of a Kayeth of Meerut where he ^Jafdar- jang who died in 1167. is of Hilly a pupil of H. D. Jam'yyat Bay in a public olfice. he left Murshidabad after the death of his patron and went to the Deccan where he Wacil. Mo7jammad Wacil said Wacil. a son or grandson of Myr Mohammad Naqyy (Taqyy. D) 'abd al'alyy a Kashmyry where he resides and supports himself by teaching. Having committed himself. but his family was according to B of Bareilly. it where he made the acquaintance of many men of there that he received the poetry. K. owing to the levity died. (Gholain. Mokyy aldyn Mohammad of Belgram. V. V. V. Khan of the Heccan was a 301 'umr. of Najyb aldawlah He is a younger J. 62. Qadyr Ispahany. he JNacyr. V. Mo'atabar man E. G. a son of Sa'd Allah who was a very learned and pious confidence. V. ITstiid. Myrza Dawud a witty poet. . he left a Bywan. he was a good Arabic and Persian scholar and was alive in 1105. he composes chiefly Marthiyahs. G. Wacif.NO. of rank and a pupil of Walyy. J) Badawn is a fair poet. Shaykh MoAaramad-bakhsh of Sayyid 'abd al.

Khan and C. he was dead in 1168. J. P. C. Walih. he the author of a Ee'khtah Mathnawy in Persian.Hasan and the name of Abii-1-. Most of his Ghazals are K. is Walih. Qudrat. of Pandiia resides now at Hooghly says Beny . Waliy. Mar^amat service at Khan a Kashmyry of Dilly was in the English Lucnow and Dilly. scholar. (Mobadir-jang. of Wa&yd. Walih. WaAshat. Walih. uses the takhalluc of Baryn (see p. poet.Hasan. Jffakym Mohammad Wa/*yd aldyn Khan well educated Badawn is a man and physician to the Eajah of Bhartpur. re'khtah tadzkirahs. D. K.Hasan Hasan though Myr Mo7«ammad Taqyy makes is a distinct person of "Wahshat in his Tadzkirah. said that he composed the in the style of the J^*«H>. a son of Allah Myr EarAat a pupil of Miimin. a good Persian E. Mohammad . and used in his Persian compositions H.Hasan and "Wahshat. Myr Bakhshy of Dilly resides since some Mawlawy 'abd al-Bawuf of Calcutta is years at Patna. Abu-1-Hasan of Mynii near Dilly was a grandson pupil of Sawda. Gholam 'alyy Khan of Muradabad. D. of twelve thousand verses. holds at present an appointment under the English government at Bulandshahr. a pupil of Eakhir Makyn. Myr Mobarak Shah Qudrat Allah J.Hasan identical Mohammad . Dilly was a contemporary of V. Wa7*yd. A. perhaps Mobariz-jang). MoAammad Khan was in the service of prince Jahandar He is probably identical with the Walih of whom D says that he came in 1239 to Dilly. It possible that he had both the takhalluc of Wahshat and .Hasan and is from the Gulzare Ibrahym that Abii-1. Mohammad Akbar of he resides at Murshidabad. P. Wajid a mystical "Wajyh. 162). in Persian Nawab "Wajyh aldyn Khan Mobarak-jang.302 Wa^shat. Walih a Hindu of Faydhabad. D. Shah.. C. Munshiy Mohammad Waliy JSTarayan. D. Mo- hammad Shah. K. B. Myr [Chap. is K. he died some years ago. I. Wa/ishy. V. 'alyy of Dilly a son of the takhalluc of Thaqib. P. Y. of Tyr-andaz Khan and a V says with " It appears from the Tadzkirah of Myr Gholam Wahshat ." Myr Bahadur 'alyy was at it is the court of the late *«»L* sJ-> Nawab Shuja' aldawlah. a man of no learning.

K. D) Waqif.No. P. he free and resides at Lucnow. he a Darwysh and has some school was put into jail by the Nawab Shuja' aldawlah on the is suspicion of having cursed the army. Shah Walyy Allah (Mohammad Walyy. P. J. He the author of the (JUoJfjyud. It is said is that he went to Calcutta and in the English service. D) of Gujrat was a descendant of the Saint Shah Wajyh aldyn Grujraty. a son of Solayman was familiarly called is poet. E. Myrza Uasan-bakhsh Sa'd Allah Gulshan to write Eekhtah poetry. He was a friend of Salym and died young. D. K. a son of Tarbyyat Khan. &c. Matzhar 'alyy Khan. is a fertile poet and has written a Dywan. Myrza Mohammad Walyy (Myrza Walyy MoAammad. about the year 1112 he visited Dilly in company with Abii-1-Ma'aniy. is a teacher in the palace. C. man of some education. IZajy Shah Mohammad Warith to of Ilahabad a pupil of Mocyb whom he accompanied to India. He wrote Persian and Eekhtah is poetry. takhalluc of 'alyy Khan an adoptive son of Acaf aldawlah. but now. 62. is Khan of Dilly. he nephew of Shah Asrar Allah is now. Shah "Waqif of Dilly learning. at MurshiJ. C. V. is Waqif. Warith. P) of Dilly a dabad. Walyy. a son of Thana Allah Khan a good physician. 1194. Makkah. and it was there that he began at the suggestion of Shaykh (Shah. his attempt to possess himself of the throne of Oudh (in 1212) is well He died at Calcutta. Wical. he is an exquisite calligraph and a teacher of is this art. K. J. D. Nacr Allah Piraq. D. 1194. A. K). a 'alyy Khan Waddd who Mohammad Zaman and was a good Persian young man and a pupil of Tapish and of E. after his death he returned He is probably identical with the following. Shah Warith aldyn of Dilly a Qufy Shaykh. V. Khwajah Wazyr of Lucnow is a pupil of JNasikh. E. He was . he was a MoAammad Warith of Ilahabad where C saw him. He died several years ago. Warith. familiarly called Myrza Lurf 'alyy (Myrza Lutf Allah. Wila. In Beny Narayan he has the Wazyry. Warith. P. Khan of Dilly. Wazyr known. Wazyr. 303 Walyy. Wazyr.] TABLE OF CONTENTS. and holds on the 14th of every month meetings in his house at which they sing. In 1266 he was in the service of the Nawab of Jhajar on a salary of 150 Eupees a month.

V. He was a pupil of Matzhar. Beny Narayan is states that his is Myrza Lutff 'alyy and that he familiarly called Matzhar 'alyy Khan. Yad. Yakdil. He was a clever Insha-writer.304 a pupil of re'khtah tadzkirahs. D. P. . had K. 'izzat Yakdil. of some time the takhalluc of Hamrang and is also of Berang. J. K. C. a contem- Khan (Gholam Moctafa Khan. is a young man. Yakta. is where he obtained a comfortable appointment. He died young. Munshiy Ya/*ya Khan had first an appointment of trust at the court of Dilly. He resides at Coel. Myr Gholam iZbsayn of Siinypat a relation of Mawlawy 'abd al'azyz and a disciple of Pakhr aldyn. V. C. Lalah Bishen Das Yakrang. Mostaqym Khan of Bampur a new poet and a pupil of Shawq. a son of Shah Mohammad Musa and a brother of Be-tab. Lala a pupil of Abru. A. K. B. he dead. B. he has adopted the above takhalluc in honour of Shah Khub Allah of Ihihabad whose name was at present he is Mohammad YaAya. after the fall of that city he went to Bhartpur. He died under Shuja' aldawlah Wilayat Shah a Darwysh of Dilly who went some years east. Mamnun. K) Mancab under Mohammad Shah and was porary of Abru. Khwajah Mo'yn aldyn Khan is a nobleman of Dilly. Myr Allah of Dilly flourished under MoZtammad Shah and composed chiefly Manqabats. YaAyay. was a brave and generous man and a contemporary of Qafdar-jang. "Wilayat. J. at an advanced age. ago to the D. Yad. Qadhiy of Sayyidpiir near Ghaziypur. G. Dilawar Khau. and in poetry a pupil of Firaq. E. D. YaAya. Mo7iammad Mo/*yy aldyn. Yakrang. close to Dilly. J. name I. his Dywan contains about 500 verses. J. Moc-£afa (Quly) Dilly held a a Kayeth of Saharanpur. Myr Wilayat Allah Khan of Dilly elder brother of Mo&tasham Khan Hashnat. 'abd al-Wahhab Yaksii. is Wos'at. a Kayeth of Mogholpurah was a good poet. H. Yath Chand. a brother of Moctafa for Khan Yakrang. C. D. K. [Chap. Myr Mo/eammad iZbsayn a son of 'abid 'alyy Khan and a brother of Mokhlic 'alyy Khan and a pupil of IZasrat resides at Murshidabad. is Yakru. writes Persian and Hekhtah poetry. D. K. Wilayat.

Yar. H. he was killed at the age of about twenty-five during the reign of disgrace AAmad Shah by C. 2 R . K. 62. C. Yusof. 'ishq. D. iZakym Yiinos flourished probably under Akbar. a son of Shah Ilah-yar and a pupil of Myr. flourished under Myr Ahmad of Dilly. familiarly called his name. Myan Banu of iZaydarabad a pupil of Faydh.] Ya'qub. K. Myr Ya'qub 'alyy of Dilly 305 was a friend of Fakhr aldyn. Yman. B. E. D. K. at Murshidabad. E. Besides this another Yman is mentioned by D. He is Khan iZosayny. is said that he lives now at Lucnow and a pupil of iZasrat. a young man and a pupil of Sayyid Fa£h 'alyy Chisty. C. and a brother of resides Nawab Ma'cum Nawab A sad Allah Khan Sayyid almulk. Yaqyn. Y. Shyr Mohammad Khan of iZaydarabad. his own father. In' am Allah Khan of Dilly. Nawab Amjad 'alyy Khan is a native of Dewy pur Hanswa. He is probably identical with the preceding Yar. has given up poetry and devotes himself to medicine. Hasan 'alyy Khan. A^mad Shah and composed sometimes Eekhtah Myr now iZaydar 'alyy of Dilly. He composed chiefly Persian poetry. a son of Atzhar aldyn Khan Bahadur Mobarak-jang. TABLE OF CONTENTS. J. and not known what has become of him. near PatA[ verses. Myr iZbsayn 'alyy Khan of iZaydarabad a contemporary of Yman. Yar.NO. Yas. iZakym Ikram Allah resides of late at Dilly. Khan. on his family. P. J. a pupil of Miimin. Yas. he composes sometimes poetry. Khayr aldyn of Dilly. because he brought His Dywan is very celebrated. Yas. He is evidently different from Yusof Khan of Patna. R. He a pupil of 'izzat Allah 'alyy H. a grandson of the Majaddid or Eeformer of the second year thousand. J. Yma. Matzhar was so fond of him that he wrote most of his poetry in his name. it is Yas. V. and a pupil of Matzhar. it is many years ago he went to the east. D. Myr Yusof is 'alyy of Dilly is of a good family and a disci- ple of Fatfh 'alyy D. it is said that he is a very great man. E. Shah Yusof was a Darwysh who composed sometimes Eekhtah Yiisof. a son of the late poetry. but he says that he does not know Yiinos. C. J. Gr.

J. about twenty years of age. Yiisof 'alyy nephew of Acalat Khan Thdbit was formerly Thanahdar under the English Government. I. P. but he has given up his appointment . Myrza Sangyn is a relation of Nawab Monyr aldawlah. Myr Jy wan a Kasmyry born at Dilly. Zar. is a brother and a pupil of Zynat is the takhallue of a dancing woman of Dilly. Zaman a poet of the Deccan. a calligraph in the service of the Emperor. D. knows Arabic. Zar. E. K. Myr Matzhar is 'alyy of Dilly. Sopan of Patna a pupil of Myr Mo^ammady is Kidha. H. in the service of Mawlawy Shah iZafytz Nawab Myrza A^mad 'alyy Khan at resides at Eaydhabad. Dawiid Beg of Dilly. Yusof. Harsahay Misr. Sayyid Mohammad Zaman Amrohah a by talented young man and an Zar. a Brahman. acquaintance of E. a pupil of Allah. Myrza Malhu Beg Shor. K. a Kayeth of Dilly. a pupil of Fidwy and resides J. A. K. K. H. has some knowledge of Arabic and Persian and writes Persian and Zar. a physician at Sikan- darabad. Zyrak. V. died in Bengal. soldier Bahadur Beg Khan was a profession. V. He Lucnow. Burhan aldyn Khan of Dilly. he is upwards of thirty years of age. whose pupil he was. E. . D. Zor. H. C. H. V. Urdu poetry. Moghol Beg a friend of Myr MoAammad Taqyy. Zindah-dil. a young man.306 re'khtah tadzkirahs. He is now at Murshidabad. Zar. Died some time ago. Khan of Patna a [Chap. C. Zar. of Zaman. V. D . Jay Sukh Kay. Zary.

He fell into a sleep in which 'abd al-Qadir appeared recovery. No.S jj ) % is divided into 105 chapters ^U* o :^ : each containing the history of a saint. The book Ui. he himself informs us that at the age of fourteen he was laid up with life was despaired to of. His name was Myr Mohammad Isma yl Khan. m*j )jJo) i Asiatic Soc. (64) i^ogtl d yo (P. him and he rapidly gained strength and henceforth he devoted himself entirely to the service of that saint.) saints A Legends of Qadirian (see Ciifism) into Persian verses by 'abdy made in India under Shahjahan in 1051. who made him a present of 6. Beginning c-rl &IJI *4*o du vMj lJ^ a*^. him and promised him the fever left From the moment he awoke.700 Rupees on the completion of the Anwar-namah 2 R 2 . The author fever and his is not mentioned in Tadzkirahs. WORKS OF PERSIAN POETS. of 11 lines. (63) Utf '<*/ translation of Yafi'y's (P.) The Dywan of Abjady. He was tutor of the late Nawab 'umdat alomara of the Karnatic.THE SECOND CHAPTER. 324. a splendid copy about 200 pp.

p. it is usually but erroneously. most Qacydahs being in praise of Sul/an Ibrahym.^ (?•) The Dywan of Abu-1-Faraj. 8vo. revised by the author. (P. who was governor of the Samanides . and in 1189 he bestowed upon him the of king of poets (Cubhe title Watn. II. It has upwards of 7. a good copy written in 1176. Sajzy (on this name see Walih and the Atishkadah. 174 pp. 4to. Mas'iid Riiny.500 verses. Contents: Ghazals about alphabetically arranged . a Mathnawy containing an account of the exploits of Nawab Anwar Khan. H. Soc. and died 481) the grandson of Sul/an Ma/miud of Ghaznah. A. and a panegyrist of Sultfan Ibrahym (succeeded in 451.) The Anwar-book by Abjady. 1174. (66) J»njt ^ ] oy. the father of the patron of the author. Dawlat-shah mentions Abii-1-Faraj Sajry or p. [CHAP. 706. No. Bg As.308 in PERSIAN POETRY. Beginning As. of twelve bayts and sixteen Ruba'ys. Soc. and relates of him that he was attached to the court of Amyr Abu 'alyy Symgtir. (65) **U yl . Anwary carefully studied and imitated his Dywan. This statement is borne out by the contents of the Dywan. 114. No. 130 pp. 27). spelled v-T/?"*^). 1312. according to 'awfy his name was Abu-1-Faraj b. he was a native of Lahor.

Nqf. was copied in 1078.) full Tetrashichs of Abu Sa'yde A bu-1-Khayr. He devoted himself to ascetic life led a very austere and spent fourteen years in the wilderness. 12mo. (67) j^\ji\ ***»J>\ ot^U. of 17 the other. about 100 pp. his Abu-1-Fadhl was Loqman 361). he not only spared his life. of Sarakhs (on whom see Jamy.— — . 110 pp. the +x*)jj) yila/o st& 1 360) this first is the commencement : begins in it ^akJI^j) *jJj) cJiA *^U»] ^Jd j ^>^)&j\%" from each lines As. exercises. one. His (P. but treated him with great consideration. 1157. No. 309 When the family of Soboktogyn war against this province. Soc. two copies. The in it.] over Khorasan. ABU'-L-FARAJ. of the third Qacydah. verses quoted found in this by Dawlat-shah of Abu-1-Faraj are not Dywan but those quoted by 'awfy are found One copy begins : In the other copy (No. spiritual guide he was a great Cufy of Mahnah. which other. 67. 8vo. 510. name is Abu Sa'yd Fadhl Allah a son of Abu-1-Khayr. he died at the age of forty-four . the grateful pupil of Abii-1-Faraj. of 15 lines. but at the intercession of 'oncory (died in 441). he was requested by the made Sym- gur family to write satyres against them. of Bengal. differ slightly No. No. aluns No. The dates show that these are two different persons yet they are constantly confounded. After the conquest of Khorasan Ma^miid (succeeded in 387 and died in 421) intended to take revenge on him.

1 made the following Ruba'y on was approaching. A. and died at Herat at the age of seventy. which 10 pp. Moqym Abu aldyn Sa'yd Ni'mat Allah was the Acaf (Wazyr) of Sul/an Acafy was in great favour with Sultan JF/osayn possessed an astonishing Myrza and talents . Acafy. 1398. his Ilahy says. 250 Kuba'ys. No. He was a pupil of Jamy and a friend of 'alyy Shyr. Soc. II.)j*)J )j\sf j )j ^ Uij all As. in 928. 440 (Jamy. *j «-**"** Jd ciia. a splendid copy written fancifully in Shikashtah. but not copies do contain Arzu does not consider genuine.: 310 in PERSIAN POETRY. 50 pp. and wasted his time in adorning himself. Beginning tj Jiffy \&* ) )j ^^ all £&"> \j\*. No. Nafahdt alum. memory and fine but he was excessively vain. these of course are not is the In the Moty Ma^all a commentary (8vo. pXij J|*J| ^ o^la/O j^Uy yfiy ix^ JUL ^f Beginning of the commentary wJlkJl ^1 w AJUxf| JUe^Oj ^Jt\jJ\j ^Cs^f ^L* &U Jw^| (68) ^A of Jf* His father (P. Walih. ^o\ StmS own when he -US felt it alii) c-s^j ) *S jUaa ck# aUi^ f) ** ftt J^» I have not found this Ruba'y in any of the copies of all it the his Dywan which Ruba'y s. 2). . H. [CHAP. No. 365 . I examined.) The Dywan Myrza. of 20 lines) by an anonymous author on the following Kuba'y is not found in the above collection. that he death. of 10 bayts in Kuba'ys of this poet.

II. . which brought him 1 . H. both very beautiful. but particularly his elegant Ghazals . my private collection. Qacydahs or panegyrics. a 311 He composed is Mathnawy in the measure of the Makhit zane asrar and Qacydahs in praise of the Imams. H. 1360 an inferior copy of A. the 10th of Shawwal. Poets . Now the 10th of Shawwal A. H. 196 pp. Dawlat-shah alsiyar). and the copy of the Asiatic Society has 788. to celebrity (Ilahy Append. 254 and one Lucnow copy have A. 778. Pers. a romantic 'accar.] ACAFY. He left besides this poem some 1 1 This poem was completed at Tabryz at o'clock a. This therefore seems to be (SirG. 39 70 . p. differ. 1377.^£ means it oil-presser. Habyb Dywan consists almost exclusively of Ghazals and a few Ruba'ys. and is appears from it that the sun was in the Pisces. 784. D. the correct date. was February. Topkhanah 90 pp. A. Khoshgu Vol. (69) IgpUyP Jupiter. but on the year the copies Hammer Schoene Redek. Another Lucnow copy has 748. 778 coincides with the 20th of Feb. m. As. two copies. 69. he chose because he followed in his early years this profession. No. He was a native of Tabryz. His Taqyy Kashy No. 11 lines Soc. 'ACCa'r. two good copies are in No. gives us the constellation of the this production of his genius. Beginning Moty MaAall. The author who seems to have been an astrologer as well as a poet. ( P -) The Sun and poem by Shams aldyn Mohammad an The takhalluc of the poet . Ouseley Notices of Pers. and died in A. that to say.NO. moment it of the birth of it. H. 1085 .

422 pp. The Qaf-namah by Gholam Sarwar Ghazals. and Peiper. 13 lines a fine copy. that the alif. Baron et [CHAP. poem by the prince Baland- who was familiarly called Achchhe CaAib. have given accounts of this poem fU &$ . v_i*JLoJ AoUflJ ( P. of 14 lines . II. a splendid copy.) jJiX. The poem contains 5320 verses. Bg. . amoribus Berl. Soc. (71) ^U all is. Moty MaMl. Jti. 344 pp. iC A ^*v^ (&> Ibidem. The title and date are contained in the following verses The contents of every chapter are expressed in as the rest of the a distich of the same metre poem. 201. a **>]) d*^ iSj^° (P-) Venus and the akhtar. Another peculiarity of the first first letter of every verse b.: ) 312 p. Bg. he was a brother of the Emperor MoAammad Shah. 1492. 'dfiy .l *^ (J 1 (^ . 12mo. 26 pp. 1839. aud who this therefore chose Achchhe' as his takhalluc. Ij^a. and composed 1 1 poem in 39. PERSIAN POETRY. | jUh iU^. there is one Ghazal for every letter of the alphabet. Ghazal is of the second Ghazal &c. (70) c-^L* ^^1 <—**** Star. of 12 lines As. ( {J*-** Cl^*«. Hammer loco cit. 177. Comm. No. J^ai :! tS j£A J^> Moty MaAall. it consists of the verses of which end in qaf. de very- Mihri full Musht. see also Kkoldpat alastidr Beginning No. hence the name.

15 bayts. Bg. MasyMy is press. he was put to death in prison in 1060. ADYB. that he was born at Bokhara and brought up in Khorasan. As.] ADHAM. Mdty MaAall of 13 bayts. and Bokhara. 73. ^JLJI being an imitation of the Makhzane Asrar. see also Kholdc. 8vo. 32 pp. of 15 bayts.. Lucnow. 41 pp. Ghazals.) died or 99. 672. on the margin the Chiragh namah. 120 pp (73) yl* v_. Some say he was a was brought up at Majd aldyn Isma'yl native of Tirmidz. He studied at Herat and acquired a considerable knowledge of Arabic grammar 2 s . 149.^! jjU b. No. Qacydahs in praise of the Imams khammahs. (72) r ^i dy^ (P. 18 pp. Soc. 117. (vide pp. (P. but the better establish- ed opinion seems to be. supra. Contents : . Mo- A Mathnawy called Companion of the pilgrims Jfe?. 13 bayts and about 100 Ruba'ys. and a (t Sacjiynamah. 14 pp. alctfkdr). 109. The Dywan of Myrza Ibrahym Adham. 1261 and Moctafa press 1264. 313 Lithographed. No.) The Qacydahs of Shihab aldyn Adyb Cabir. a fair copy 12mo.

and that he be thrown into the Oxus. PERSIAN POETRY. Adyb's Dywan was very rare at the time of Taqyy Kashy verses. and his poems are more polished. This happened in 546. and was introduced by him to the Sultan Sanjar and the nobles of his court. This in praise of 10). Atsyz ordered that his hands and feet be tied. . who resided at Nayshapiir. and they wrote satyres against each other. It so happened that Atsyz dispatched an assassin who was advance. between them. (Dawlat-shah.17.314 and most sciences. 2. he sent Adyb as a spy to the court of Atsyz that he might continually keep him informed of the intentions of his enemy. Dywan consists of Qacydahs. II. at the end Nitzam al-Khilafat Majd are a few Ruba'ys. Rashyd aldyn Wa/wa/ and Adyb were contemporaries and very nearly equal as poets. Adyb Cabir resided long Sanjar in his house at Nayshapiir. to murder Sanjar on Friday. is one of the greatest of the early Persian poets. plot Adyb sent the intelligence of the plot and portrait of the assassin in frustrated. There existed therefore a great jealousy have higher talents. and was so called him his much respected that Sul/an brother. patron was the Sayyid Abu Ja'far 'alyy b. Taqyy Kashy No. and the copy which he saw contained only 1000 and was much injured. His first [CHAP. the confidence of the Sultan and He gained when Atsyz raised in Khwarizm the standard of revolt against Sanjar. Rashyd aldyn seems is to but Adyb more of a scholar. most of which are aldyn. Hbsayn Qodamah Musawy. Bg. his merits are acknowledged by such high authorities as Anwary and Uakym Siizany. Adyb Jabaly. but The was thus Adyb paid with his life for his fidelity to his former patron. &c.

] a'dzory. (74) cyol d y. according to others at Bayhaq-Sabzwar. 1422 to 1435) of the dynasty of Kalbarga. c^-^i :l \j b+yi Moty MaAall. by the pilgrims. His spiritual guide was the poet Ni'mat Allah (see below).o Jalal (P. D. is one in praise of Shahrokh. of 17 the MS. 866. is of some age. 136 pp. H. He performed twice the pilgrimage and remained two years at Makkah.000 dirhams) but Adzory refused to accept them. 315 Ijj <Ax> • ^l^ L^lUe lines. He adopted the takhalluc of Adzory because he was born in the month of Adzor. and returned to Persia. and wrote there a work containing an account of the Ka'bah and the ceremonies to be performed *U*aJ).No. a subsequent occasion of gold hammad Baysanghor poured a bag he equally declined when Moout before him but Mojahid Hindy. and became a Ciify. finally and took a handful of gold mohurs and the whole. which is celebrated subsequently he relinquished the vanities of this world. 'alyy Malik Ttisy Bayhaqy. was less disinterested.) The Dywan of Adzory. under the title of ^**« Subsequently he went to India and was received with the greatest respect by A//mad-shah Walyy (reigned from A. November. 2 s 2 . He gave him a lakh of dirhams (according to Ilahy 10. obtained at the Adzory died at Isfarayn in A. 74. a very learned man who was present on the occasion. and con- tains apparently merely selections from the Dywan. among them . The name of this poet was (or 'alyy aldyn 7/amzah iJamzah) b. and in his early years Adzory sang Qacydahs in praise of princes. On it. His father was a man of importance at Isfarayn.

that this in 840. 120 pages. II. The Ghazals begin Moty Ma7*all. and was at the time of Dawlat-shah so sacred. (?) . a It consists title. &c.000 verses and several other . dSj* U| J fa* : SiS it Aj^s^li) satyres. p. made in 830. the Imperial Joghra &jA+* ^s Curiosities for Uit*J! ^H^l 4^'^.: : . Ghazals. 701. in prose and verse the following two are mentioned by Dawlat-shah. from It is a mystical and ethical work I take a verse (Hammer Shoene Redeh. Soc. 101. As. died 866. each of which has first is the second UioJI fourth taoJ) The l-*'^ it called **Us v-r^l . the Ghazals begin in / j±+'* ^j i (75) j]r*ij>b* of mysteries by Adzory. 1 j/xSj lJ^US tX> !cAA. . is ( p -> Gems informs us in the preface. age of eighty-two years. the third ^-M l-^V** and the . His tomb is [CHAP. it J' a good copy written in 1032. a " I have seen title Mathnawy separate of Adzory which has the of o»yj Fruits. that convicts found an asylum there from the hands of justice. . of four books. and some Ruba'ys.) The Lucnow copy of his Dywan contains Qacydahs 50 pp. of 15 lines. ). Pers. an indifferent and imperfect copy . No. 6 Taqyy Kashy No. They begin . 1 0." ^*~. ^ ] 9 and (This is probably a mistake is c-^j'V In the Khizanah 'amirah the fol- lowing account of the works of Adzory. Haft Iqhjm fol. He works left a Dywan of 30. 316 PERSIAN POETRY. of 13 lines. at Isfarayn. 300 Dawlat-shah. It work which he had compiled . of a The author an abstract.

which is a division of the Giijar 54. 106 Nun.No. ^^-». the copy incomplete and ends (77) uA>y>*-* story of ( R ) The Hyr and Ranjha being a Mathnawy. by Afaryn. 15 lines. 118. and contained mystical explanations of traditions. U J} d ft* jUi is Jj pp. . This is a most useful book for un- derstanding Persian poetry. more Khaqany. caste and died in /Zakim (see page 144 supra) made d&>.] a'faryn. (76) &$<&* of of 1 1 (P-) The Dywan He was Shah Faqr Allah Afaryn of Lahor. At the beginning a table of contents. the following chronogram on his death ^g*** ^ in )\ {vide pp. small is folio. 23 lines. 150. 'kLOi 'amirah). of some cularly of of Cufies. tt It contains . Azad informs us that he was engaged in composing this poem in 1143 when Azad passed through Lahor.^l^ .]^~5) 317 consisted of four chapters and had the title f^ a< parti- Keys to mysteries.)^*. 470 pp. and of verses of celebrated poets. of sayings some verses of the Qoran. and A'zad. ^(>^«^. 77. Dawlat-shah says of it KJJ&-J&&J Bg. 154. . 212 pp of 24 lines.^dj)^S Mdty MaMl. copied in 1037. Khmdnah Bg. Mdty MaAall. the Jobah. only Ghazals. Topkhanah large 8vo.

ci^*w| J ^^ -Ac j«3 »iSo L^A«)y ^Ij^ i2>«<3£j UUt* FaraA-bakhsh.: 318 PERSIAN POETRY.) the takhalluc of the The Dywan 1201. H. and contains an excellent portrait of Shah +* bl ii)«ii^ <£+3yo uri^w jl v-JUJ 'alam. 11 73 to It contains Ghazals 120 pp. 10 lines. 74.) gives A Mathnawy 1 1 of Afghan (see p. much instruction. us the date. (80) M\ g]^) of fP) Nayitfy The Dywan A'gdh. an account of the war between the Mahrattas and A^madBg. 288 pp. 12 lines. emperor Shah-' alam who reigned from A. shah Abdaly. at Mawlawy Mohammad Baqir Though he His parents were of Byjapur. II. It begins b f* L&. a fine copy written during the reign of the author. (79) y(3| of A'ftab. &c. Topkhanah. 8vo. and he was born did not receive E'lwar in 1158. a splendid copy.>y*J**? &*j9j*l?i '^j'^ It was written in 1206. Another copy \j is in the Moty MaAall. [CflAP. the praises of Shah 'alam. 197 supra). ^ This is (P. he acquired a knowledge of most sciences and . Bg. (78) <jUi! ^j&> He (P. when he wrote the following verse The Mathnawy contains a description of India. in 1470 verses.

) The Dy wan of Ahly Khorasany. a good copy. 74 pp. on the new moon are collected from various poets. ^ . 319 wrote on various subjects in the Arabic. a small treatise called J^W' j?& similes. 180 pp. u J s_sV J <> ^ £** ] *-*$ ^J j ^ e^ ] \ zals Topkhanah. but Sultfan-bakht a black slave refused it to him. p. and Hindastany languages. He was of Tarshyz. of 12 bayts. 12 lines. 250 pp. he asked for admittance into a garden in which he was sitting. 81. 48 Bg. 24 lines. 1*jUj ^jj ^jj tltf ft****] I? ^Jj ^JX* (81) JL. &c.\jL 1*| gljga (P. it contains merely Grhaprivate collection 12mo. among the latter there is one for 1 181 on the death of his Pyr Abii-1-Hasan. He wrote some verses door- which contain an allusion to the name of the it keeper on a piece of paper. Bg. pp. Ahly came early to Herat and supported himself by writing for tanners and shoemakers. Being anxious to see the royal prince Farydun iJosayn Myrza. Through the interest of Khwajah 'abd al-Uayy Zargar he was appointed Natzir of the mint. and one for 1203 on the death of Fakhry . l. Ruba'ys in praise of the Imams 52 pp. covered with wax and . Contents: Ghazals He died on the 14thDzu-l-hajj.No.J^\jsrJ in which verses. for whom he enter- tained a great admiration. ahly. 10).] a'ga'h. <£*° u J*3 !. and his name was Sharm (?) His father was a very religious man and was familiarly called Balpaky Sadah uU ^jQ>. . Persian. At the end of this copy is . 1220 or 1221 (Ciibhe Watn. of 11 bayts Fards and chronograms 15 pp.

Ghazals. and finally he proceeded to Tabryz where he supported himself by teaching archery. to [CHAP. 15 lines. He died at Tabryz in 934. judgment and He wrote a Qacydah in imitation of . No. (P-) a friend of Dawwany who had a high opinion of him. of After the of the house Myrza Sulla n /Zosayn (died in 911) he went first to Mashhad where he composed Qacydahs in praise of the Imams.) Samy No. 320 attached it PERSIAN POETRY. Khwajah Khalyl Allah Zargar : made the following chronogram on his death His erotic poems are distinguished by their fervency.— . seen a Dywan of about 3000 verses of his. Moty Maftall. 224 Taqyy Kashy No. The prince read the verses and fall granted him an audience. 901 or 902 The Dywan of Ahly Khorasany contains merely lived at the court of Sullan . B%. a Chaghatay nobleman of a profligate character who in ffosayn Myrza and died (Samy No. GO pp. both on account of the soundness of his his acquirements. a fair copy. . Ghazals 196. 4). 625 Khoshgu II. (82) \sjj£ of ^ The Dywan the philosopher Ahly of tf&g He was Shyraz. II. heart-felt Taqyy Kashy has (Bland. Ahly Khorasany must not be confounded with Ahly Tiirany. A century of Pers. 8vo. an apple which he passed through the water course into the garden. then he came in great poverty to Kashan and was reduced to begging.

one in in praise of SuMan Ya'qub and one lines. of the Imams. he had surpassed Salman. &c. t* Ghazals about 400 pp.* Ot-* <J^° c-M*>jjJki JU^U/«»Alines. returned to Shyraz and lived in retirement took which over- him at an advanced age in 942. (Bland. &c. Ghazals. di) u^JCa. When his renown had spread through Khorasan and Adzarbayjan. Qacydahs in praise of the divinity. whereas imitated it. a good copy. 23 are particularly celebrated. Contents : Ilahy). he two years in that city went to Tabryz and after a stay of he made the pilgrimage to Makkah and to his death. small folio. Amyr Najm aldyn. Specimen Kjl^-Sj SyOSlV tSXiSj ^"J*. 2 T . Taqyy Kashy No. 210. Ahly Shyra zy has not been surpassed this in ingenuity of versification. Mokhammas'. A century of Pers. 21 ^* c/**5 ) cfe Beginning c-rl ^^ &/&?*• fc£***&1 ^jj tixjj* ota^> ti£^*» Mot j MaAall. of Ismayil. of Myr of these praise 'alyy Shyr. 82. and they declared. — had failed to equal 'iraq. Two Shah Qacydahs 136 pp. it 321 to Salman's celebrated poem and sent to Myr 'alyy Shyr Herat who was surrounded by the greatest poets of all the age.] ahly.No. jisj j^ ^\\ fj ^i> chronograms. his Si/be kalkl is considered inimitable in respect. Beginning of the Qacydahs: &UJ i^jSi 'kxg] Qi^'ahs. among them Jamy that all other poets who had him. Agreeably to his wish he was interred in the Macalla on the side of Hafitz and Sa'd Gul.

After a short preface in prose the poem begins j> J<£- : V* u*^y. a good copy. may be read in the metre ^li ^/^ Moreover it ^/^ has a or in the metre ^J^U ^i** { J*1*«. [CHAP.) Ruba ys Ahly Shyrazy. and so well are the cards deslips. (84) Lpj\jfi of <>| uU^j (P. one on every card of a pack. of 24 bayts. .^ v_Aa. because the former (as the name may be read in two different metres and the same letters on account of the occurrence of words which consist of the but have different meanings.) Lawful sorcery by Ahly of Shyraz. This collection contains 98 or 101 Ruba'ys. II. *=rH ^. He composed them in one night and wrote each Ruba'y on a separate scribed in slip of paper. (83) kfrjji* Jkl lJu^J yJ5U^ (P. one called ^. 23 pp. Mr.s^ and the other c^^jJ^ were indicates) latter much praised.: 322 PERSIAN POETRY. them that you could play with the Beginning (after a short preface in prose) f^V c/ ^ y^ %£ **° ^r°^ 1 (& * *~*3 ^^ U51-" 5J** ^ A splendid copy is in the Moty Ma7*all and one in the Topkhanah. has promised an edition of this poem. Bland. c^*j> ijd ^jy &**> ^l Moty Ma^all. The author says in the preface that one day he heard that two poems of Katiby. This induced Ahly to compose a poem which combines these two proIt perties. double rhyme.

88. 323 (85) Ufjhfi LS^I LJuLcS the Moth. 12 lines.) Saqiy-namah of Ahly Shyrazy consisting of 1 10 Ruba'ys more or less. as stated in was composed in 911 and has 1001 verses these lines o^i jUi u£gj ji}» ^ ^Uj u**»] &\j« ffij* ji^. on morals.] AHLY. 32 pp. (88) r U »»| dj$> Ahmad usually called (R) Zandah The Dywan Fyl Jj^ t<±>j of Abii Nacr a son of Aby-1-Hasan Namaqy. a very (86) (£JjlpA ^U| <uti ^. e^o!^ «-*& iSfjg jJbj fine copy. 84 pp. It begins after a short preface in prose Moty MaAall.L (P.) A ascribed to Ahly. a *)\jj. it was written in 1113. It treats appear which Ahly meant.i _?* Bg. (87) JM Mathnawy is ^yi* It does not (P.: : No.j £<£ (P-) The Candle and It poem by Ahly Shyrazy. He was 2 T 2 . this copy contains besides the Saqiy-namah other Ruba'ys of the same author and the Puba'ys on the pack of cards. of 16 bayts. U&«gtAc jl I y . written in Naskhy.U eft I -W Topkhanah. Beginning Topkhanah.

b. At the age of twenty-two he turned an ascetic. respect a most fertile and successful He was in every man. forty of his disciples became celebrated and ascetical works.: — 324 PERSIAN POETRY. (^ C^ ^ 4U Moty begins MaAall. consists chiefly of Ghazals in The Dywan which he praises various persons. Soc. ' of the Pilgrims through g1j*» Seas of Truth &*£**! . II. written in 1080. He was born in 441 and died in 536. 757 which . and one in the As. His son Tzahyr aldyn 'ysa j. and he had spent sixteen years it in solitude on a mountain where would appear he applied himself to study. saints. he had no less than thirty-nine sons and three daughters. Beginning VI?. descended from Jaryr 'abd Allah Bajaly and having been born at Jam. of whom three daughters and fourteen sons survived him and turned holy men and great authors. Topkhanah. [CHAP.JzsJ\ ( W is the author of a book called jy°j on mysticism.*** *JU> Saraarqandian Essay Companion of the Penitent u>4*^ u^i Key of Salvation cAs^i £&U . and he left : fourteen mystical among them are Lamp life jjjO*^ ^^j. He prevailed on sixty thousand persons to do repentance. he again mixed with the world. Hr^ ) j)) {J*** J*$ j*** Jj Beginning ^ }jy (h or Dywan 5. His early education was so much after neglected that he knew neither to read nor to write. he is usually called A//made Jam. >^ It contains also a ^) jf it is *^ V^' >• d*J*S &^ ] Mathnawy of about 100 bayts in praise of A/miade Jam. There is a copy of a of A/nnad in the JNo. and a few Qacydahs and Ruba'ys. probably the composition of one of his disciples.

Qodsy. the copy is defective in the middle. 325 It contains mystical Grhazals which are not alphabetically arranged begins v-^ J jlJ fjk in and a Mathnawy of 93 bayts. 22 bayts. &c. Salym. Myr Caydy. Contents of the : A preface in prose 4 pp. that A//san had an album of the poets with as whom it he was acquainted Cayib. it Or* f U^*~a a The verses quoted of A^made Jam the Atishkadah and in is Khoshgii's Tadzkirah are not found in this Dywan.] ah'mad. &c. lettered ^ ±+»>\ u!^- (89) <^c>^l LfJ**^ «3*^1 **>^ tplftl? (P. of 14 bayts. it begins: «-^-» j&>& l^'O &*£>ejtj$ Small it. Salik Qazwyny.No. Beginning Ghazals about 100 pp.) The Dywan of Tzafar Khan Myrza A//san Allah Ahsan who died in 1073 or 1083. 40 pp. contained portraits . Qacydahs in praise pp. Imams 42 23 bayts. but there which very closely resembles a fragment of the Qacydah quoted by Khoshgu.) Complete poetical works of the Khwajah A^mad Ja'fary whose takhalluc was A/miady. about 290 pp. Kalym. but it is in Mr. Topkhanah. (90) ^1 C\LJ& &\y* is (P. Beginning Ruba'ys. Danish. Hall's copy). l Ghazal in m 8vo. A'rzu relates on the authority of Sarkhosh (the passage wanting in one of my copies of Sarkhosh. 90. Salik Yazdy.

[CHAP. Sarkhosh says that he saw the leaf contain- ing on one side the portrait and on the other the verses Kalym in possession of Shah 'ayan a devotee. It is preceded by a short preface in prose. but it contains the verses quoted by Sarkhosh. II. It has about 250 pp.<u~£ A* \j 1 ^ Ij i^ y±* u-J 0^*» jLs* *Af /0 In the same volume is a Mathnawy with the title j\j &l^. gives us in the preface to this Dywan the date. 117. 1L bayts. Beginning of Ghazals u *! d* j ] (J^ J*** e/v^ Pjr* Kashmyr. and begins glii S£j4* cU. in which the author praises poem. 109. Moty 1441 the is Ma&all. 11 lines pp. it may be a second Dywan of the same poet. beautifully written. 1 1 : A preface of Ruba ys 32 18 pp. (see pp. and 149. his own Beginning of the Mathnawy .it fills 26 pp. the Panjab. . 118. &c.) He 1032. in which the initial verse of Dywan of A^san Lucnow copy is not found. of these poets and some of their verses written in their own of hand. Agra.: : : : 326 PERSIAN POETRY. 60 pp. a copy of the In the Asiatic Society No. when he began his poetical labours in the following Ruba'y Contents pp. Beginning A Mathnawy in praise of Lahor. —Ghazals 288 bayts. of 13 bayts and treats on various subjects.

and Ruba'ys.: No. 8vo. to him. . H. Bg. 8 verses and in the (SJ^* fly page is written title &*& e>LM«> «^ Bashyd Khan may have been the this conferred upon him by 'alamgyr. and he had origin- ally the takhalluc of Nargisy but changed it into Ahy when he found it. 18 bayts. 126. 92. Moty MaAall a very well written copy in 8vo. 52 pp.) The Dywan of Myr Tahir "alawy (usually pronounced 'olwy) who died in Kashmyr previous to 1 1 36. of 10 bayts. and Euba'ys 47 pp. . the margin It begins i being covered with text. contains evidently merely extracts.) a chief of the Ulus The Dywan which is He was one of the Chighatay hordes. Bg. 19 Jjpfe*- Beginning fc^/o **^ J ^^ ij^i^i & jl *W p»i p?jSf* dhi^ J* j Ghazals and a few Ruba'ys 482 pp. There copy begins is also a splendid copy inscribed Khullyyate 'alawy in the Moty MaAall. The Dywan )j Ll\y ^y ^ consists of Ghazals and four Ruba'ys. of 25 bayts. Jyl jJU it )j *M y J^ Jfj cJ lar^ ^ ^) Moty Ma7*all. (P.] a'hy. (P.) Contents: Qacydahs 79 pp. (see pp. 327 (91) yj*\ #)J>* of A'hy. {Kho- Idcat alastidr A'tlskkadah p. another copy in the same collection contains only Grhazals. a fine copy. containing Ghazals 538 pp. 10 pp. (92) &jbj&j£ ^ lines. 100. 20). 17 bayts. 927. that another poet of his time had adopted He was on terms of great intimacy with the prince Gharyb Myrza a son of Sul/an Hosayn Myrza and dedicated his Dywan . He died in A.

W^ *=^ die lines. &c. and Qitf'ahs. [CHAP. 127. later he received that of Danishmand Khan. %] %• J fV '. Shyraz. Ghazals 234 pp. chrono- Beginning . ^U*. of 3 lines.328 PERSIAN POETRY. Mo'ammas. that his 'aliy is particularly name was strong in the satyre. is appears from the preface which originally Niir aldyn Mohammad. it Khan Myrza Mohammad cannot be safely ascribed to either of these two poets. yf t\ 'iJ&jj) &}* LlIiT ^ (P. II. The author mentions Jalal Asyr as his contemporary.) story ***oj The mystical Mathnawy of 'alawy containing the of the blacksmith and the cotton-cleaner in about jU^ j 1300 verses. (93) i^L y£U ^-^ ^ (P. 151.fiashim being not found in it. . and indeed the hyperbolic style of the modern school of Persian poetry is suited only to the satyre and parody. The verses quoted in Walih of Myr Mohammad ^Pahir Kashany 'alawy and of Mo'tamid almoliik 'olwy . in prose. 42 pp. 1 Contents : Preface in prose 30 pp. of 12 bayts grams. (94) ^JU ^^ lJ&3 \lluj of It c^*> j^jL who The Table of Delicacies being the complete poetical works of Ni'mat Khan see pp. and that he received the title of Ni'mat Khan in 1104. Bg. 120 pp.) Topkhanah. of 11 a good copy. v^j-ylc The book is is lettered ^^ d*^ u-y** the author thereby identified with Myr Tahir 'olwy. died in 1121.

o (I (P. 151. a good copy. 2 u . also in the press. 329 Moty inscribed MaAall. s. 201. of 15 bayts. 113.] Na'ciu 'alyy. in the Fara^-bakhsh addition to Dywan in the above poems a Mathnawy of 180 pp. (see pp. Topkhanah .y. of Euba'ys with glosses by Maqtul and others. 96. As. 201 of Nacir 'alyy Sirhindy Sahrandy a mistake) who died at Dilly in 108. (96) jwyj ^yx* of Nacir 'alyy. (circa 1262) 104 pp. 583. 56 pp.: : No. 126. 48 pp.) b Beginning fa ** s^ & ^^" S^ Mortadhawy 1 Lithographed. 1263. of 16 bayts which begins In the Asiatic Society.) The Mathnawy verses about 840 and begins Moty MaAall. contains the (J^j <ir~^ which will be men- tioned in the third chapter. a. No. (. It contains (P.) believe 1 The Dywan in p. Lucnow in the press of JETasan Eadhawy. of 'aliy is In a MS.95) J*y# is e. of 22 bayts . Soc. of G-hazals and 8 pp. is a copy which in addition to the Dywan and Mathnawy.

M. Tarjy'bands. of 8 bayts. 109. Ruba'ys and Qacydahs 40 pp. of 12 bayts. [CHAP. Beginning Topkhanah. a fair copy. Introduction in prose. Beginning Ghazals 153 pp. it is stated in the postcript that the copy jL. Dywan on the building of a house J^* ^J^* j v£^) io*j J^<> indicating the flourished.) died in 1044 The Dywan Contents : Aman Allah Amdny who (see pp. 204 pp. A Mathnawy 18 pp.slL*\ was written in 1140 at the request of the author wa^J . a Mathnawy. 118. very splendid. 22 bayts. 9 pp. &c. of six bayts.) He praises Shahjahan. (97) JU| of faj.330 PERSIAN POETltY. Ruba'ys. M. Topkhanah 12mo. There occurs a chronogram in for 1127. II. Beginning. 116. Tarjy'bands. time when he Contents : Ghazals about 80 pp. (P. Kuba'ys 50 pp. &c. (98) ^1 of e£*a < R ) The Dywan takhalluc was his Shah Mohammad Amyn aldyn whose Amyn. 80 pp. 8vo. of 23 bayts . viz. 19 lines. containing Ghazals 180 pp. Beginning Copies are frequent.

one called *$&« or the 2 u 2 . 99. for he used to say that had produced three great men and that he was the fourth.No. He was originally a pupil of the Mancurryah Madrasah at Tus and very poor.552. One day while he was sitting at the entrance of the Madrasah he saw a person passing by mounted on a splendidly caparisoned horse and accompanied by a numerous this The poor student asked who great man was. These three men are Abu Sa'yd (see p. 331 (99) kf&\ greatest ^^ Mahnah (P. The man in of very great taste recognised the man of genius him and took him into his service. He was born in a village close to in the plains of Khawaran chose first in the country of A by ward and he therefore Khawary on his takhalluc.) Complete poetical works of Aw//ad aldyn 'alyy An- wary the Qacydah writer of the Persians. The following occurrence prevailed upon him to exchange the study of divinity for the profession of a panegyrist. AAmad Shadan KhawaBeg b. suit of slaves. a very learned of man and a contemporary Imam Ghazzaly. 309 supra) . Mikayyl Seljiiqy. Sutfan Sanjar died on Friday the 11th Raby' 1. As'ade Mahnah. with whom 'alyy he used to hold disputa- tions. He seems to have it been proud of his native country. and he was told that he was a poet. and Khwajah Ami rany the Wazyr of Toghril friend of his. it He wrote that very night a Qai^ydah in praise of Sul/an the Sanjar and presented Sul/an being a following morning. several books on Anwary was very strong in astrology and compiled it among them. A Anwary. who used to revise his verses pre- vailed upon him to change his takhalluc into under which he has become celebrated. 'omarah.] ANWARY.

PERSIAN POETRY. 556 and the author of the Atishkadah Aw^ady has 676 by of seen 12. He died at Balkh in saint 586 and tomb is on the side of that of the Ahmad ii/adhrawayh. so happened that there was a conjunction of the seven planets in the sign of Libra. MS. In 581 all it [CHAP. As.: 332 useful book. Contents : Qacydahs and Qi/'ahs 364 pp. and ]246 (incomplete). so frightened were people at the approach of this partial destruction of the globe. (100) ^jy\ ^^ The commentator (P. 150. II. . that they built rooms under ground to live in. (vide p. Qadhiy Shams aldyn Tabsy. When there the fatal day arrived it was perfectly calm and was the whole year so his little wind that the people were unable to winnow their corn. of 25 bayts Ghazals not alphabetically arranged 72 pp. a copy of the Dywan b. Soc. written in 692 .000 verses of Anwary. a fine old copy in folio Ibidem 517. Anwary predicted a storm which would eradicate trees and destroy almost every building. Taqyy Azad saw in it. 22 bayts and Ruba ys 23 pp. were the Dywans of al'azyz Abii-1-Faraj Runy. Shaykh Labnany and Nacir Khosraw. Tzahyr 'abd Faryaby. a most precious . 93 supra). Beginning of Ghazals : Moty MaAall.) Abii-1states A commentary on the Dywan of Anwary by i/asan. along with some them written in the same hand. of Anwary which was written Abu Bakr 'othrnan 'alyy. Dawlat-shah places his death in in 656. of 16 bayts.

15 lines in the As. He was first librarian of 'alyy Quly Khan at governor of Herat under the Cafawides. ^*M The first verse on which he comments Mdty MaMl. and he treated army that the life of him with great respect Unfortunately however and took him to Ma-wara-lnahr. he enjoyed Herat the society of Shikyby of Ispahan. Qi^'ahs of In the Tdpkhanah (56 pp. 20 lines) 180 pp. (P) is The Dywan spelling is His name variously spelt first Yul Quly Beg. the remarks on the verse begin: &{x~»*j j.: No. Myr Moghyc. 101. &f** lc a '^ i-O.] in a short preface that difficult ANYSY. No. the takhalluc of stance that he Anysy It is said that he received u companion" from the circum- was the intimate friend and constant com9 panion of prince Ibrahym Myrza Jdh a grandson of Shah Isma'yl.sJ] jd &S cu«*j^I£^ jj$HLx yi\i $j+a. jl is . 8vo. the no doubt correct. Beginning &\j*\ *U^ *"*£y. he in had a proclamation made his Anysy be spared. ^ L c* A. but that he also explained the meaning of rare words occurring in easy verses. . (about 150 pp. 17 lines) is a commentary on the Anwary by Abu-1-Hasan IZosayny Farahany. When 'abd Khan Uzbak took Herat after a year's siege. 333 he confined his exegetic labours to verses. Mahwy Hamadany Allah and other poets of note. it begins (101) ^Mtf> of Anysy. with the same verse but has no preface. 1047 is a commentary on Anwary which begins . Yiial Quly Beg and Lawlaqy. Soc.

are added apophthegms. He left among other poems fetj ^^ in the metre of Khosraw 6 Shyryn. 90 pp. J%^1 ji is » J^c ifi-i^ jc T^j eyl j Jua* Jjy Private collection B. &c. (whether the same It contains 'arif There another Mathnawy by 'arif or another I have no <fec. 118. logographs. At the invitation of the Khankhanan.: . Beginning of the Qacydahs : Beginning of Ghazals Moty MaAall. (P. 334 all PERSIAN POETRY. Contents : see also pp.) The Mathnawy The poem Bg. of 17 verses. Qacydahs. subsequently he was still farther promoted and received a salary of fifty thousand Rupees and a Jagyr. Rahymy and Khoshgu. and at the end a short Mathnawy. on morals. 122 pp. Ghazals. in praise of the At the end some Qacydahs Imams. (Mdthir 56 supra). JJf he may be identical with the poet mentioned in page 156 supra. II. copied in 1183 apparently under the eye of the author. of 14 bayts. Anysy was as much distinguished as a gallant soldier as he was as a poet. is in praise of the kjH *&) Imams. 45. town. were lost at the capture of the [CHAP. his papers among them was a rough copy of a Mathnawy in the metre of Shyryn Khosraw. were composed by him in India. he came to India and was appointed paymaster of the forces. All poems of his which are preserved. He died at Burhanpur in 1014 or 1015. 8vo. (102) ^j(* fgjiU of 'arif. means to ascertain). Beginning of the Math- nawy : .

of 16 lines a splendid copy fine copy. believe there are still descen- dants of this family extant. Both brothers were poets. They are altogether a talented came originally from Persia. studied the this is an Beginning . I have seen his Dywan.) The Object of love by Myr Mohammad Miimin 'arshy. contains This 'arshy must be distinguished from the one mentioned above. jt^j\ tfj tfmj) $ f\k pX/ J^ . private collec- 262 pp. The date 069.] 'arshy. MaAall. 184 pp. They and distinguished family. but since the reign of JahanI gyr they inhabited Agra. must be allowed. of 12 bayts. 335 (103) ^A^oaIA (P. fine thoughts. when he composed this poem is contained 1 in the following verse Arzii gives the following notice of him. a . who was a celebrated calligraph under Jahangyr. brother of " He was a Kashfy and a son of Myr 'abd Allah Mushkyn-qalam Hosayny. 103. gyrist of Myr it is 'arshy was a pane- Mohammad Dara-shikoh the eldest son of Shahvery simple. it aims at high things and.: No.jl| rJ )j JU Moty tion. ealli- Myr Cali/j graphs and men of learning. Myr Cali^ is the author of the panegyric on 'alyy called y^y&j* <-*&**. but it it jahan." The author informs us that he diligently Mathnawy of Jalal aldyn Rumy and that imitation of it.

15 bayts. beginning .) Love and Faith. Topkhanah.& Kubays 7 pp. about 500 pp. clearly written old collected. of 22 beginning 1*&I j |*L]j iy*> «£*3|j dji is ^f the Ghazal with which the the third.) The Dywan Contents : Myr 'arshy. 1 5 lines. he The Dywan Qasim Arslan of Mashhad was descended from Arslan Jadzib a general of Ma/miude . Beginning in this ^ copy j *4*i &y Ja (106) ^1 c^o of (P. about 200 pp. of 12 bayts. u>l«afc y cji^.) or Tiis. II. (105) ^j.336 PERSIAN POETRY. it In the As. Soc. (104) Hjjjv'&i is (P. Beginning Topkhanah. U^IjLj** Bg. the title a chronogram. 1354 which all is a very volume in the works of Myr 'arshy are contains a preface in prose as described above. a Mathnawy by Myr 'arshy composed in 1053. Lucnow copy commences Qacydahs about 100 pp. g^» of (P. 1 a preface in prose of C~M«wdJU 2 pp. ALU? ^yid &*>\±ld Ghazals 150 pp. Ghazals lines. it Like the preceding treats on mysticism. copied in 1089. [CHAP. No.

These selections contain about one-tenth of his complete poetical works Topkhanah. a called Mathnawy \j*)j** )\j»f**>* Saqiy-namah to every uJ ^. Beginning > -v f • > ' *-J> At the end are Qtfahs. (108) ))j\ of A'rzii (d. Contents: Qacydahs about 150 bayts. 184 pp. and one in which he imitates Salym containing the same poem of theirs a also of rhyme and metre. 977.: No 108. iVmong his poetical is works is a Mathnawy called <jH^ jy* which called an imitation of Ma^mad 6 Ayaz. Arzii has written about 31. and Ruba ys. &c. &c. 11 bayts. about 500 pp.] a'rzu'. he came to India and was in great favour with Akbar. he imitated Athar. Soc. he died 995 (pp. J clttfJ 1 (P. a very carefully written old copy. Ghazals about 2000 verses.000 Persian verses. chronograms for 972. As. of 21 bayts. 337 Soboqtogyn. do7) (see ibTcJbPjrvUft Dywan of ( R ) Selections from the Arzu who died in 1 169 page 102).) in A Dywan Shafy'ayiy 69) — which he imitates one of Athar giving 2 a counterpart to every x . 62 and 47 supra). No. 982. a Dywan new one in which he imitates Fighany. 685 8vo.

25 folio 1 29. clear and but much worm-eaten and several pages wanting. verses. poetical Qacydahs. 7 lines. Soc.) The Love Adventures of Ways and king Ramyn. but subsequently he incorporated them in his large Dywan. Ghazals 88 pp. 1166. voce first Athar. a high officer of the king requested him to translate it into Parsy epos. about 500 pp. A'rzu informs us in his Tadzkirah. It contains stories. though the author does not pedantically avoid their use. 224 pp. and it was at his request that he wrote this little The style is simple and the language but mixed with Arabic words. Beginning A *" b *** {j^^J^j \^$^ ^^ J ^ * b *}** <J* c/ ^****fj&i *t* Moty Ma/zall. that these poems formed a separate Dywan as they do in this copy. (109) ^\jj ^J . it is likely that his name was contained in the heading. (Mohammad 'awfy 10. No. poems. . II. 15 lines 1 Ruba'ys. — old. one day when the poet was with the royal army which was marching towards Hamadan 'amyd aldyn Abu-1-Fat^. among these the one which contains the heading of the dedication to the king . 60 pp.338 his PERSIAN POETRY. [CHAP. . of 17 bayts. of 16 bayts correct. Walih and Abu Talib mention him under Fakhr aldyn). a romantic poem by Fakhr aldyn As'ad Jorjany who flourished under the Seljiiq princes. &c. Beginning As. The book was originally in the Pahlawy language. 12mo. (P.

111. 134 pp.] a'shna'.. ^1 l-£Vm The Ghazals begin 2x2 . a son of the author. Imams. (Ill) Lif^lif Mohammad title (P. in 1141. a Mathnawy by Shaykh Ndr aldyn Mohammad was composed in 1079. 116.) Enjoyment and merriment.uaj ^ ^^ isj* J^ $ A a few Qit'ahs. 118. . &c. description stories. this copy was written by 'inayat Allah. of 15 bayts.) Complete poetical works of Myrza Tahir who had the of 'inayat Khan and the takhallug of A'shna. The Mathnawy contains tales. It begins Moty Ma^all. a description of a warm-bath. It (P. he was a son of AAsan (see No. 89) and died in J077(?) (see pp. t^>) 150 pp. viz. Tarjy'bands. 339 (110) j£U lJ^Jy wft> Jfy* 'dshiq. a Saqiy-namah containing of Dilly. the bayts. 240 pp.) Contents : Qacydahs in praise of the prophet.: : No. at the end are added thirteen Ghazals and a few Ruba'ys. Ghazals (incomplete) 1073. of 28 Beginning )j** <a. and seems to be an imi- tation of that of Jalal aldyn Riimy. Shahjahan and Dara-shikoh. among the latter occurs a chronogram for ajU. c\j Fards and Ruba'ys about 100 pp. 56 pp.. 109.

of 13 bayts . there Dywan of Xshna in the same collection which begins with a Mathnawy in also a few praise of Kashmyr and contains Qacydahs. Beginning of Ghazals . 110. from whom been taken. This witty and amusing poet was by his mother the grandson of Mo/zammad Taqyy Majlisy. is a copy of the Dywan which and the Mathnawy in praise of Kashmyr about 100 pp. Ashraf died at T Monghyr on his way still Makkah at an advanced age. 17 lines. lines. He came to India and was appointed to instruct Zeb alnisa country he Begam.: : 340 PERSIAN POETRY. Qitf'ahs. 14 lines Bg. j4 U&ijM* h **>T /& contains In the Mdty MaAall Qacydahs. uijftl CL. 10 bayts. &c. Beginning of Qacydahs Ghazals 122 pp. Ma/las 22 pp. Topkhanah.L0T (P. 180 pp. 118 : ) Contents Qacydahs. has seen about 4000 verses of f (See also pp. 20 ^jly. Rubays 102 pp. of 19 lines. Ghazals. an old copy but injured. a copy of a II.j Ub ) Uj ^kso |4*« A*}?. in ( another copy are 159 pp. in Bengal. Abu 7 alib. Haftbands.\fr**»& Ghazals 110 pp. (one is in praise of the poet Cayib) lines. 17 Bg.) Complete poetical works of Myrza Mohammad ?) Sa'yd Ashrqf of Mazanderan Cani'. After he had visited his native returned to India and found a patron in a son of Baha- dur Shah who fell at Patna in to battle. 65 pp. is [CHAP. (of Ispahan a son of Molla Mohammad who is the author of a commentary on the Kafiyah. Begin- ning of Ghazals i \±$j «iyk±* c^ yj ^^ ^°j' j f»*& (112) . his descendants are this notice has his. Euba'ys 25 pp.

it »a*<*^ The other Mathnawies this about 100 pp. 112 pp. 38 pp. a splendid copy . Beginning of Ghazals FaraA-bakhsh. Grhazals alphabetically arranged.: : No. and Eards and Buba'ys. There Society. there another copy in the same collec- tion which contains about 100 pp. 1155. 14 bayts not alphabetically arranged. 17 lines of Mania's in alphabetical order. } urjgj is f ^^ Topkhanah. 166 One copy begins : of Dywan in the FaraA-bakhsh has a short preface. preceded by a Qacydah which begins After the Mania's follow several Mathnawies. my own collection a very beautiful MS.] ASHRAF. . Ghazals 200 pp. of 10 bayts and a few Qifahs.d5jtai in imitation of a Mathnawy of Mohammad Qnly Salym which has the same title.) flourished under Baysongor's son (see Contents three short Qacydahs on the taw^yd. of some age. 15 i*y° Jfo «^£jj«xil o^^c u& ^y fill ^*> y^ *»»jm> ^ lines. 116. begins : first. 341 Mathnawy on Fate and Predestination . (113) U>jb\ &\y* (P. is also a copy in the Moty MaAall and one in the Asiatic No. Qacydahs 198 pp.) The Dywan : of Darwysh Ashraf who p. the bayts. a good copy. ^ and some other short Mathnawies. A Beginning ^>1>. 71 supra.

bayts in a line.) The Dywan of Mo^ammad-bakhsh A'shiib. of Ispahan. of 26 lines. Topkhanah. a pupil of Facy^y Herawy.) Dywan most of written of Myrza Jalal Asyr. bayts Ghazals about 100 pp.: . : 1188 to 1212. 342 PERSIAN POETRY. down by an attendant who made many . The poem on morals and religion. 1266. 1852. H. Lucnow or Gawnpore.) The Mines -ftTasan b. two 015) rished in Mya ^ 78 (P. He was a great drunkard and composed They were mistakes. 27 lines. treats takhalluc is He is probably now. Contents an introductory Qacydah of lines. Beginning Lithographed. his verses in a state of intoxication. 28 Ruba'ys and panegyrics (died on Acaf aldawlah and the "late" Shuja' aldawlah in 1 188) 22 pp. (114) cJj£| lJua*J jjAJ ^jo** of Grace being a (P. Mathnawy by Mohammad Shah Mohammad Zaman Ilahabady whose Ashraf. J**] ytyj* (p. a fair copy . II. 64 pp. [Chap. alive. A. who flouOudh during the reign of Acaf aldawlah. in the same collection is an incomplete copy of selections from Ashub's Dywan which begins (116. Beginning of the Dywan.

same Ghazal commences with the same for every letter of the alphabet and they are arranged according two Ghazals Ghazals. Contents: Qacydahs in one copy 112 pp. Mo^ammady Press. copied in 1112.] asyr. Ami 2\ilib has seen 8000 verses (see pp.000 verses. 14 Beginning of Ghazals Moty Ma^all and Topkhanah. Ghazals in the : fullest copy 500 pp. there being — in all 60 Beginning Lithographed. . and No. the beginning differs.) lines. 18 lines in another copy 16 pp. He was with Shah 'abbas and married a relation of He . 36 lines. and the first word of each letter. The Ghazals rhyme verse of the in 1. 1263. 109. the latter copy contains merely the (117) *o(3 <^tLi (P. 683.) The Ghazals of Shaykh Shah Mohammad 'atdy Qaall nungiiy of the Parganah of Sandy. 737. Dywan is has in some places very This probably the cause in high favour his. why it is so popu- lar in India. to this letter. Math- nawies and Tarjy'bands 15 pp. lines. 36 bayts. of 15 in another 56 pp. Ghazals and Ruba'ys. Lucnow. 117. 24 pp. with a few marginal notes. 117. 149. several copies. died in 1040 or 1049- Arzii says that his complete works contain 20. No. Soc.No. his 343 little and hence meaning. As.

110 pp. he spent the greater part of his visited India. He was a pupil of Myrza Hadiy Qalandar the father of 'olwy Khan. 117. 15 bayts in a page. [CHAP. (see pp. and at the end a satyre 20 pp.: 344 PERSIAN POETRY. 102 pp.) The complete poetical works of Akhond Shafy'ayiy Athar of Shyraz. Topkhanah. and a few Qtfahs and chronograms. and some obscure persons.000 verses. Beginning Ruba'ys. . 149). It Quly Khan the Cadr in 1106. Ghazals 60 pp. appears from the following chronogram that he collected his Dywan J^j xUJ^i s^Lcj^ : j5\ &j> Jj fip jti Imams. two copies 8vo. Contents Qacydahs chiefly in praise of the Tahir Wa^yd. of Bg. II. very splendid. Tarjy'bands. (us) yi «^yr (p. Dy wan 0. life at Ispahan and never The date of his death which happened at Lar is recorded in the following verse {Jti ^m $fr j) jty tf his LS^iSy )j fWjikf* to 1 ^h J~ Abu Walih estimates Talib to 8000. and Arzu praises particularly his panegyries on the Nawab JGTaydar alzaman and his satyre on Najaf alcodiir of Persia. 13 verses in a page. MaAall. Moty 13 lines.

) Dywan pages of lie says in a preface in prose (8 3 lines) that his name is Afhar Khan b. and that he came to India under 'alamgyr. Baylaqany who was he in the service of Mohammad Atabuk. his days the bro- ther of Qizil Arslan. and Mujyr.) The Dywan district of Athyr aldyn Mohammad Akhsykaty. wrote satyres against him. which Towards the end of 2 he took Najm Y . Beginning Ghazals 55 pp. Contents three Qacydahs rhyming in uf. a fair copy. to replied. of is (p. (120) yi $$. Ruba'ys 8 pp. where he collected his poems into a Dywan. 345 (119) irJ*y&*te* of Artiar. ^JJyj: S. Athyr. in whose takhalluc Akhsykat is a place in the Farghanah at in which he was born. Toghril. His success was the cause of much jealousy. that his home was Bokhara.U) ^j J^ Jj^fc dijl«j J<Af> Topkhanah. Begin- ning of Ghazals. Ilduguz and Qizil Arslan. He made his studies Balkh and Herat and spent the greater the 'iraq and Adzarbayjan at the part of his life court of the Atabuks and stood in high favour with Arslan Shah b.] ATHAR. 120. in : all about 144 bayts. ATHYR.No. 1 (P. f and ^. of 22 bayts . Amyr Nitzam aldyn Radhawy.

a beautiful copy. most of them in praise of Shah Arslan Toghril whose name occurs in the following verse : . aldyn Kobra as his spiritual guide and retired from the world. a respectable druggist of Shadyakh not Nayshapury. yet Taqyy Kashy says. 27. No.) His name was The Dywan of Faryd aldyn Abu Hamid (or Abu 7 alib) Mohammad and he was a son of Abu Bakr Ibrahym. 2. (Taqyy Kashy. the profession of his father and hence his takhalluc the druggist. It contained equal to those of about 10. (121) jlkc ^J| T *>j ^ 'attar. of 14 lines. He went from Adzarbayjan to Khalkhal and His poems are considered nearly died there in 608. Mo/zammad 'awfy.) The Dywan contains Qacydahs and a few Qi/'ahs/ Ruba'ys. He informs us in his Gul Khosraw that . No. 18. during the reign of Sinjar. Kedken. he therefore called He was born in 513.: 346 PERSIAN POETRY. in a village called First he followed 'att&r. 125. . &c. II. his poems being not much read. A'tishhadah 424 Khoshgii I.Jj&i JLy) *U ^Jtf JL»J\ ^J) The following Tetrastich contains the poet's name Bg.000 verses. 120. Dawlatfolio shah p. J d jV^J &* ] *±i *-H#* wW a r !A*- Moty MaAall. is (P. [CHAP. he had much difficulty in finding a copy of his Dywan. 104 pp. Anwary and Khaqany. far from Nayshapiir.

he died After 'attar's earlier. disgusting love adventure which He took In the course of his life. and after some time he made the pilgrimage with him to Makkah. but was crawling slowly and perseveringly. but apparently before left he had completed them he his shop and turned a >J Jj f*»j *» {i£ ^ j& )& J* (*J *>^ jtfft* These two verses upset the silly story of his sudden conversion related by Dawlat-shah. 121. he became personally acquainted with most Cufies of his age and collected four hundred volumes of works on mystical theology which he dili- gently studied. like an ant. Rokn aldyn Akaf as his spiritual guide.] ATTAR. the re2 Y 2 ." Dawlat-shah says that out of forty. at the advanced age of 114 lunar years. and neglected the study of medicine. Jalal aldyn Ruiny or Faryd aldyn 'attar he answered. death. he ascribed the more profound knowledge of the Ciify doctrine. whom . a druggist. says Sir G. of which he spent 29 at Nayshapur and 85 at Shadyakh. an eminent to Cufy was asked. in 627. He commenced two still of his best mystical works whilst he was religious mendicant. M The former like an eagle flew to the height of perfection in the twinkling of an eye .No. He was put to death during the carnage of the Tatars of Chengyz Khan. and the account of the we find in Taqyy Kasby. and he became thereby one of the most copious and profound Cufy-writers. there were at his time twelve Mathnawies of Faryd aldyn extant. the latter reached the same summit. to According some authors. 347 he gave way to his predilection for poetry notwithstanding the admonition of his friends. Ouseley.

Ghazals 228 pages of 32 bayts. we find mention of the following yAJ) -}Skso mentioned by Ouseley and Stewart. a magnificent copy lines. particularly Ruba'ys. both these authors have seen the same. (122) j*]yJ\ JjOU. 459 about 459 pp. a^>U sU*- and ^al) &\jL\ last i_^li is Jl mentioned by Khoshgii. of 16 lines. 1338 about 330 pp. Bir-namah mentioned by Stewart. logue p. II. the posed to be in prose. Contents : named work sup- Qacydahs 39 pages of 34 bayts Bg. V&*H ^UJ mentioned by Pir-namah. and the Grhazals are not alphabetically arranged. any other. I suppose they mean Kunz Mokhfia (?) mentioned by Kent Hammer Stewart. this Ibidem No. Catait.) Perhaps the correct written as above in the manuscript. 4u*U jJj. title is (P. than good copy . 0$&*}\j*b* but it is twice The author is Faryd aldyn 'attar. in the commencement a few pages are wanting. 60 . of 17 copy contains more poems. writes the *^i jMkxj Mansur-namah and Ausat-namah mentioned by the same. it was written in 1006. Soc. maining having been This catalogue contains a including his description of twenty-two of his works biography of saints and besides. the same volume contains most other poems of 'a#ar. Beginning Moty Ma^all. who uses here the takhalluc of Faryd and . lost. No.: : 348 PERSIAN POETRY. [CHAP. As. aAJ jJoo*. a .

(124) AoU C^a* (P. on the margin 9 pp.) The book of Accidents or Misfortune. 5. poem has the name is A copy in the library of Upsala inscribed iA* i±y (see Tornberg. 1338. of 20 lines . 3. 1409. 265 pp. by the same poet. Bill. In forty chapters the poet brings the Wanderer before. Cat. 13 bayts. The title is contained in the following verse In Hajy Khalyfah No. are Faryd aldyn. 100). 'izra'yl . this copy begins with the following verse which is on the fonrth page of the Society's copy. Michael . Dawlat-shah states that several commentaries have been written on these poems. Beginning As.) poem on theosophy and 'attar. this of l«UjI^». No. which with the exception of the arranged. a short (P. mystical love. Israphael . and as it has nevertheless about 200 verses. the Society's copy must be incomplete at the end. It 349 Tarjy'six. 11 lines. Ups. alphabetically consists of Qacydahs and first bands. 124.: No. Gabriel . and treat on the Taw^yd. and that one of the commentators was Sayyid 'izz aldyn Amoly. 2. 16 pp. p. 4235.. Tdpkhanah. 1. The . Soc. 4. by Faryd aldyn Beginning As.] 'atta'r. Soc. (123) The sMru! headless book.

The . 35. 34. 5. at the end is a chrono- gram containing the date when this copy was made . 1338. . Wild beasts . 1400 about 260 pp.) Mysteries of Extatic Moments. 22. . Noah Abraham. It begins poem by Topkhanah. . Plants. contains several stories which in other copies form part of the Mantfiq alfciyr. 21. Earth 24. the Mocybat-namah in No. 8vo. Jesus. 25. Birds. David. an elegant but incorrect 350 pp. 11. 38. 36. 350 pp. Mohammad. II. of God . tablet The throne 7. Satan. The footstool of fate 9. As. God . Mountains . Moon 32. Sun. Fire 29. fate is written) 10. 13. Adam. 16. Minerals 31. on the margin about The copies of this and most other works of essentially from each other. 1000 As. . 18. Man . pp.: : 350 great throne of PERSIAN POETRY. . 14. 26. [CHAP. Quadrupeds. . and parables. 1338. Topkhanah. Paradise. The pen (with which 6. Hell. Heaven. 12. The Senses. The Jinn 20. 1 1 . 17. . 50 verses. Imagination. of 15 lines. . . of 20 bayts. a mystical the same author. No. (125) cv^ljy. 33. about 200 pp. 23. 9. Wind 30. Mdty Ma^all 154 lines. Water . Soc. of 20 verses copy. Sea . Understanding 40. 25 . . No. 28. 39. Heart .1 (P. Soc. 27. 37. 8. 'attar differ H. Moses. Mind and after this pilgrimage he comes to the knowledge of his ownself A)** u^^y^- The poet explains his notions on the above subjects mostly metaphorically by the means of legends Beginning of saints. written in A. .

370.«Xftk. J : C^vJ gWj jjKfcl 1^*1 *Xi. that is to say.Jyi &&J -Liu Beginning of 2nd daftar As. |d£. No. l«^ ^"^ *l^aw c^i-aa. would appear from a postscript to the contents the .: No.ffadyqah or Asiatic Society's copy No. a poem by Faryd aldyn 'attdr. ^ p^j it *> JU Jk> jj d UU t3^J jl ^r p«^j ^ Jai fy j»» £*J l. defective Ibidem Nos. *A*A. contain only the commencement. aUa. and the second 232 pp. 127.sS lW >«* f*^ l> This poem. jU d &<> 5jj &y^*y fStj I. this copy contains two daftars. both these MSS. j. as for in- stance J^ I d&. the of 50 bayts. sometimes more than fifty verses : begin with the same words. This Mathnawy resembles a litany. 370. first it is 244 pp. 351 j<j LS^J^J c^tV^ *j3 j4J\ *£>) j\b& ^*A jfok dyr^) jljm\ &jmL] ffj d) ^Mj \jk&j\$jbya? %£ji Jfc s ^ (P. . the principle of life or the soul. daftar but superior to both. and resembles in its the Mathnawy it is of Mawlawy Rumy. is divided into three daftars or books. Beginning of the LZ<"*\ qjl*. Soc.] 'atta'r. 4-Iib I. but at the end. of 50 bayts. 1373 and 1338.) (126) UtoMljtij* The Essence of Existence. The author first states that similar to the Ushtar-namah and Ilahy-namah.

(P. the Jawahir-namah (sic). Soc. 771. Jf (P. This poem does not contain a history of Ushtar. recording the The Khosraw-book or Royal book. it is a romantic Love adventures of Gul and Hormoz by Faryd aldyn 'attar. Beginning J)yJ lines. Mucybat- . (129.3 c*^U d W ^ »jV ^ ^ jUo c^ )j fay As. this codex was written in 1006. viz. several of his former works. an inferior copy written (128) aoUj^ (P.) epos. of the preceding Mathnawy. II. by Faryd aldyn W/ar. by Faryd aldyn 'attar. of 19 lines. and is very much in the style of Jawhar aldzat. cljo U£| £>U ^^ Ai j> IjJuI As.) The Ushtar from the title. The title of the work is contained in the following verse Beginning c~sJ-* cAr^. He mentions in the introduction.) The Loves of Gul and Khosraw. This is an abridged version. Soc. 426 pp. 1338. or abstract. [CHAP. No. (127) A&j&\ book. for instance towards the end there are no less than 153 verses which begin with the words ls^J'w^ ut). JUa.: 352 PERSIAN POETRY. 866 pp. Xri. of 12 in 1180. as might be inferred but it treats on theosophy.

(131) JiM^fc^ of Curiosities. Beginning f*>a* namah.) iiZadyqah of Sanay. ^Jt ^U. C~**U ^l^ .] ATTAR. The poet gives us the following account of his former pro- ductions : 2 z . by Faryd aldyn 'attar. Beginning and preface. of 15 lines.No. 122 pp. 131. 136 pp. Man/iq Ilahy-namah.) The Exhibition 'attoV. a (P. 1338. Soc No. 353 Mokhtar-namah. in which he says that these are selections from selections jU^-O ty~ )j J*~ c^13 $b$ >J»fW> )/&>) ^^ ^' c^O^*^ Moty to/*' ^>j> *J* ^' ^r^l JJH& MaAall. alteyr and Khosraw-namah. 20 bayts. +iS ^ih o*>U gW ) g& aX4 f\x> As. poem by Faryd aldyn This Mathnawy is in the style of the ffadyqah. (130) Selections from *&oo* the ^^° (P. Asrar-namah.

Soc. near 200 pp. 263. p. tfft& II.^' £2* jujji jikc $ jK Jilj A*- Jc*jo Jukb ** j) ^Ui^ J. . and As.. . (p. Private collection. written in 1186. the in analysis of it is poem has in all about 4000 verses.S ^UaL. 142. Pers. of 44 bayts. j^jj <u^ du a4T are )j\j ^i ^u the yijij Ma/^all. 1338 pp. schoenen Bedek. Bg. in most of which birds are introduced as speaking. (132) Speeches of Birds. 776.354 ^jyjfij PERSIAN POETRY. yfc. with pictures. d. No. No. A very full Hammer's Gesch. there several in . U [CHAP. 396 11 lines. Copies are frequent. Moty Topkhanah. ^1^ ^Li) ^i^ fj^ ^^ *&^ £^° j) yj c^o *tf.!*** J^ ^ &* M \J&i j& f^ \J& S^ b*"^ y^ J ^y*y v &\^j* \^# b t*H?J ***** As. it in It is divided into 30 and contains apologues. j) Ij c^^*^ d^fc J6 ] i^r^ \J*T> ^*^» l ^-^ &/* b Jj w\ j\& j .) 'attar who composed sections aJU*. &** u^. Soc. a yJi jLlo Mathnawy by Faryd aldyn 583 or 580.

of 20 lines. No.) The Book very of the Nightingale. ft As. 355 (133) AolSJJb (P. (135) jlia* ^Jl ±tf **& *$ (P.) It is The Book but this is of Councils of Faryd aldyn 'attar. 75 pp. &*U probably a mistake for **U c^-Xo. to the knowledge of himself and the love of God. Bg. Soc. J J*r*& y» J J& <> Jh > j^y. 1338. on the margin. 135. (134) *cl3 eJUj 'attar. No. (P. by Faryd aldyn He says with regard to the title wisdom of God in expelling Adam from Paradise and in bringing him by the removal He explains the from his divine presence. ft*e jtf Bg. an apologue in which the is love of the nightingale to the rose described. It is much in the style of the Mantfiq al/ayr. 2 z 2 . BgvW j gt > u^ > ^* c>ju* J**J u f -? J.] atta'r. 50 pp. according to Hammer-Purgstall. sists chiefly Like the other works of 'a#ar it con- of apologues. Soc.: No. also called. 1 ^ Topkhanah. 30 bayts.) The Book of Union. of 20 bayts. As. on the margin. 41 pp. 1338.

Mojtabay press. praise of meekness. No.Uj j±3 } tj J. I. &c. 1264. Beginning As. by Faryd aldyn 'a#ar. 1338. viz.) The Book of Transition. a&T I ^ As. the margin It is remarkable that the first verse in Sacy's edition. . (137) A^IJ*? 'attar. 63 pp. 12mo. covered with text. pilgrimage and holy warfare. fasts. praise and treats on intel- of knowledge. on the history of Mancur. name of the poem occurs in the following verse The It is divided into ten chapters J«&» lect. 1063. 30 pp. should ^f «*sHtf (136) xcGtLcL (P. blame of envy. by Faryd aldyn author explains the object of the religious duties purification. of 14 lines. Soc. stinginess (je>j^ 9 J^. eontain a palbably wrong reading £)b ^ «^L London 1809. Lithographed at Lucnow. gratitude. avarice causes of pride. the mission of Christ and of Mahdiy. II. blame of stupidity. first if) The Treasury of Verities.: : 356 PERSIAN POETRY. [CHAP. of 20 bayts. Beginning j*N& j Sj> Jeh &Sf] . Paris 1819. then he enters on the excellency of the soul. 38 pp. the copy is defective at the end. Soc. No. and in Hindley's edition. prayer.

the two others wished to be acquainted with the mysteries of sorcery. e^juo.] 'atta'r. and three of his brothers supthem freely to acquaint ported him and expressed a similar wish.: : . . Then follows poem 11 the verse (139) *43 ^«Jl (P. 139. e*H^» »*». The poem is divided into 22 chapters *JtiU and the story of a Khalyfah contains who had six sons. U«LJ.) of a gnostic The Seven Valleys or Stages in the every chapter begins with a verse like this The stages which I have observed mentioned are ji^&c. After this follows in this copy pp. No. The 12 verses are the same as in the <^otj O. 19 lines of 'a^ar inscribed oilfc*. The first seven verses are the same as in the Mucybat-namah. No. 357 (138) t^>fj e^> life (P. 1338.AA.) The Divine Book. They did so and the first son asked for a pretty woman. *^y. he requested him with all their wishes and promised to satisfy them. 34 pp. Soc. by Faryd aldyn 'attar. 19 a fragment of a first lines. and the last verse it has in common with the Asrar-namah : As.

) The occurs in the following verse It treats in 20 chapters *J&« on the high position of be practised. 25 lines is Ibidem No. 1400. 274 a copy. Soc. and vices to be avoided. Moty bayts . No. on the margin about 200 pp. d\yji 1 1 (P. Sarkhosh (see p. As. II. father shows [CHAP. The them the vanity of their wishes in parables. 1338. long is In the Lucnow copy the "Aamd" which it very omitted and begins : (ho) The Book title xoi^yi of Mysteries. 20 fair Ibidem No. (141) . No. 358 PERSIAN POETRY. 154 pp. man. Soc. a good copy .*&. 1338.) The Dywan of 'atzym. calls him 'atzyma and Walih 'atzymayiy. Bg. . on the resurrection and judgment. by Faryd aldyn 'attar. of 50 lines .: . 68 pp. Beginning Topkhanah. As. and on the principal virtues to The subject is illustrated by legends and parables. 260 pp. Ma^all. 25 lines Ibidem No. but 3 supra) his takhal- . 1400. (p.

714. received a high appointment at Lahor from Shahjahan. thus in the very Ghazal from which Sarkhosh takes a verse The age when he grams which occur &c. man. A Mathnawy of J^SI. about 200 pp. 141. 14 or Beginning Beginning Ghazals 108 pp. Qacydahs and Tarjy'bands 95 pp. &c. and a few Ruba'ys. to whom he gives the Khan and not the praises of Shahjahan Contents : of 15 bayts. says Walih. 1069. animals. No.] luc is 'atzym. . flourished is fixed by several chrono- in the Dywan for 1068. his In making this statement Walih confounds him with Aqa 'atzyma. Soc.: : No. viz. in his native country and not in India. 1074. He was a son of Moll a Qaydy. He came to India. 'Atzym of Nayshapiir wrote 'alyy Dywan MoKhan b. also on morals. a good copy.: the logos JJUJI the genesis of plants. and he sung the praises of Bayram Khan of Khorasan and title hammad Ibrahym. As. Beginning At the end is a small essay in flowery prose and two short Mathnawies. 359 uniformly spelled 'atzym in the Dywan. who was a nephew and of Molla Natzyry. called ^^ jy it treats on the Physica first Mo^ammadan Philosophy. mystical love.

and died. according to ^'. folio. No. of the elder of them Aw^ad aldyn ffamid He was a pupil of Rokn aldyn and a friend of Mohiyy aldyn al'araby. They support their statement by two very strong facts. he completed this poem in A. H. He a first had that of or.j According to Khoshgii. Ciify. Maraghy. according to most Tadzkirahs. 536. 638. Aw^ady it is the younger was a pupil of the preceding and in his honor that he assumed this takhalluc. both of whom were Ciifies. ^ is (R) The name Kirmany. date however a glaring mistake. This is the date mentioned in the Nafdyis al-mdthir. There were two contemporary poets who had this takhalluc. 568 and the Nafdyis al-mdthir and the Habyb alsiyar III. II. 733 and died at Maraghah in 738. The is disgusting practices which he introduced among the Darwyshes. H. It is likely that he H 697. 53. 543. The date of his death they say is engraved on his tomb-stone at Maraghah and the date of the composition of his Jame Jam is recorded in the following verse of Aw^ady himself: . H. who mentions him in his Fotuhdt. H. all accounts the author of the He -tx^ This Jl. 697. five years after he had completed the Jame Jam. for Mokyy aldyn his contemporary died in A. According to Jamy Nafahdt alum No. his takhalluc was not is AwAad and Aw^ady and he died in A.360 PERSIAN POETRY. His name was Rokn aldyn Ispahany according to others. He was friend and contemporary of Sa'dy. in A. will be described in another chapter. died in A. [CHAP. and they are confounded with each other in most Tadzkirahs. (142) tr^l The Dywan of Aw^ady.

697 confound him with Aw/*ad aldyn Kirmany. This blunder seems to have originated with Dawlat-shah. H. and buried at Ispahan and that the pious perform pilgrimages to his tomb. of In the Atishkadah p. H. There no doubt that he means the tomb of but later authors have taken Ispahany. under that he is Mafonud is Ghazan Khan. and that follow by Aw^ad aldyn Kirmany. After this of which fill 1 Mathnawy 1 Qacydahs. It is difficult to say AwAad to aldyn Kirmany. in the biography of the 3 A . it apply to Aw^ady Aw^ad whether this Dywan I is by aldyn Kirmany is or by Aw^ady Ispahany.^ r ^^? appears that that this in the is — IjySl poem _UuL« is same metre. of 13 lines. 697. 361 It is clear that those biograghers who place his death in A. 75. 3 lines and begin The Ghazals 52 pp. the beginning is wanting and then Ghazals. and says at the end that Aw^ady died in A. with a Mathnawy entitled -M&" metre ^'j^i " the key of spirits" in the It fills 66 pp.: : No. have unfor- tunately neglected to see whether the takhalluc of the author is Aw/ead or Aw^ady. It is not unlikely a mistake for -J^l — Ua*. It begins I think however the latter the case. The end is wanting. The initial line is Jamy quotes the aldyn conclusion of the Mathnawy of Aw/*ad anc* it Kirmany which has the it is title r '.] AWHADY. 142. He devotes only one article to both poets..

3 had been composed. [CHAP. a mystical poem by the younger Awhady. II. His poems were much sung by Darwyshes. the Mathnawy being by the former and the Qacydahs and Ghazals by the latter. in the middle defective. contains 568. MS.) The Mirror of Jamshyd. describes the plan of his work in the following which however are not consecutive.362 younger I PERSIAN POETRY. This Mathnawy was so much valued. all and containing to appearance merely selections. ^Us J *J ^ JU S» ^ aUl^i J5 He verses. . in imitation of the Hadyqah of Sanay. found Aw^ady the following in this Dywan : verses are quoted which The Qacydah ascribed to the is in which these verses occur is also It younger AwAady by Jamy.000 verses and according to Taqyy Kashy 14. who according to Dawlat-shah has written 10. composed in 733. that than 400 copies of after it l it were taken at Ispa- han within one month Beginning J)y^<> Uj!. Moty Ma&all. No. carefully written in 1018.000. (143) ^ rU no less (P. therefore clear that this poems both of the elder and younger Aw/jady.

the commencement is wanting. a fine old copy. more than 200 pp. of verses 6. (144) jLLIc^a Planets. 22 lines : FaraA-bakhsh 350 pp. As.: No. No. u/X*| ^S •I Jo) (joyst O^ L_/Jj ^^c . No. 433. 144. a (P.204.) the story of The Seven name poem containing number Bahrain Shah.] 'ayshy. 190 pp. 3 A 2 . composed in 1070.V ^^ j J«jJ»j£. 743. Soc. Soc. :I c^ As. of author. 15 lines. date and The title. hy 'ayshy. 363 *X J**i J**> Ur^ J* <& j4 j*£ ))& ijt+ijA Moty Ma&all. of 26 bayts. are contained in the following lines j]&] i^a& aV ^ji j»U Ja'y j^j dj*.


^l#i cJaa^J








history of the prophets



b. 'abd

in Persian verses,

by Abu Is^aq Ibrahym





Hasany Shabistary whose takhalluc was The date when he wrote is not known, but he

probably flourished previous to the eighth century of the



^ ^w)


v^ly f«K




As. Soc. No. 231, 4to. about 900 pp. of 38 bayts beautifully
written, old and correct.





The Dywan
It contains


Myr Gholam


(see p.


only Ghazals and in

about 4000 verses.







& *^



^r" J>


FaraA-baksh, large 8vo. about 225 pp. 15 lines




The History of Mokhtar, in Persian by Azad in 1131. It begins:


Fara^-baksh, 400 pp. 34 lines, a fine copy, there are also two copies
in the












c^Uk&o^ &[*$


Persian Qacydahs, detached verses and chronograms by

UjJ XJJJ SJ&a. Dji)



^* V^Jja.

*UU C^JUa.



GOO pp. This copy is important for being to appearance the rough copy of the author. There are places left
8vo. about

blank, lines struck out, &c.
40, 41, 43,

The chronographs

are for A.

H. 1139,

45 and 46.


of 'abd al'azyz

'azyz of the Deccan.





one place his name

'azyz Allah.



probably iden-

with the 'azyz of the Deccan, mentioned by Shorish

(see p. 210, supra).



Qacydahs, Ghazals and a few Ruba'ys not

alphabetically arranged, 36 pp.


A prose

composition, called





only 6 pp. a

Mathnawy 7

pp. Ghazals in the Dakhny dialect and a

Persian Qacydah.
As. Soc. No. 862 about 70 pp. 17 lines, written in 1167.


^c^\j &\}iy> \gyt*


The Mathnawy
luc was 'azyz, and

of 'azyz Allah Zahidy, whose takhal-

who wrote



in 810.

In an

introduction in prose, of 7 pp. 12 lines, he gives the fol-

lowing account of his own labour





Beginning /i) ;!y Jj



jlil ,-ly



FaraA-baksh, 95 pp. of 11 bayts.




The Dywan

of Abu-l-Ma//asin Abii

Bakr Zayn aldyn

He was according
quoted in

Nitzamy 'orudhy (Chahdr the Kholdfah of Taqyy Kashy) a

native of Herat and a son of Isma'yl Warraq,

who was
the seat




introduced himself into the society and

confidence of the Seljiiqy prince Toghan-shah

of whose government was Nayshapiir by the composition

of a most obscene book entitled Alfyyah Shalfyyah h^)

which he


with pictures.


the de-


which Hajy Khalyfah Nos. 1153 and 1615,

and Jamy, Bahdristan
give of
it, it




appears to have been a version of the Kok-

shashter, to be mentioned hereafter.



also the

author of the book Sindbad pUiL* and of several other
works, which he dedicated to his patron.
says that the copy of his

Taqyy Kashy
he saw, did not

Dywan which

contain more than two thousand verses.


died at

Herat in A. H. 527.

(Mohammad awfy




No. 152.]

badiie cha'ch.


fah No. 9; Dawlatshah 2, 1; Hammer p. 129.) Dy wan contains merely Qacydahs, in all about 1 800

Beginning ^«3 &j&±> ^J
Mdty MaAall
a good copy in





44 pp. of 17



private col-

lection 14 pp. of 17 bayts.

This copy does not contain the Qacyit

dah with which the other copy commences, but
quoted by Dawlat-shah.

contains the Buba'y





p -)

The Dywan

Badr aldyn (Khoshgii writes Fakhr

Mohammad Chachy who

usually called Badre

Chach, that

to say the full

aldyn of Chach.



moon of Chach, or the Badr the ancient name of the
Attracted by the

Tashkand, the birth-place of the poet.
liberality of Sultan


Shah, a son of Toghluq,
life at

he came to India and spent the greater part of his
his court, his

and composed many

Dywan s

in his praise.



occurs the date 745 in the following verse



him erroneously with Badr aldyn


died in 686.


Qacydahs in praise of God, in praise of his

patron, and in praise of Dilly, &c. at the end are a few









^UaL* ^1






Lithographed at Lucnow,

press, 12G1, 108 pp. edited

by Lala Badry Nath and liadiy 'alyy with hashiyah and at the

end a vocabulary of


words and phrases.


copies are

not rare, there are several at


also Asiat. Soc.

No. 703.





lSj^J uyb**





Lion's Attack, being a

Mathnawy, by Mo//arnmad

Khan whose


He was

a dethat

scendant of Ja'far Sarond Mashhady.

Walih says

he was born at Mashhad, but Arzii,

who knew him

sonally, informs us, that his father or grandfather


from Mashhad to India, and that Badzil was a native of

He was commandant

of the fort of Gwalyar, and

and when he lost his appointment on the death of 'alaingyr
he lived in retirement at Dilly, where he died in

123, the

chronogram on

his death is


\j&**l ^s^j** ^« Besides

poem, he




(see pp. 110, 140).

This epos which consists of 40,000 verses and


of the

shorter than the




rhymed version
the author
in it for


alnobuwat, and contains the biography

of the prophet and of his son-in-law 'alyy

fifty years.

in 1119, after he

had been engaged


tjfc**/*i«jj \jfc& jj^Oj



vols, folio

dJjldui* j.Uj

Lithographed at Lucnow, A. H. 1268, 2
of 50 bayts,

238 and 329 pp.


copies are frequent.


Baha aldyn


Bread and Sweetmeat, a Mathnawy, by the great Shy'ah
'amily whose takhalluc was Bahayiy.

No. 156.]



He was

a native of 'amil but spent the greater part of

his life at Ispahan.


died in


030, and his corpse was

carried to
his death


for interment.

£ ^J^. &£ W? ^and many Arabic works, which

The chronogram on Besides this Mathnawy
enumerated here-

will be



Dywan and

a Kashkul or Adversaria, of

which there

a very beautiful copy in the Fara/2-bakhsh


Talib also ascribes to him a

called y^t jj*£>.


farther information

Mathnawy regarding him


his other works,

refer to

the chapter on Shy'ah


This poem


considered as an introduction to the


of Jalal aldyn


It begins after a


lines of preface in prose

As. Soc. No. 869, 22 pp. of 15 bayts, copies are frequent.



tJ^-JjWVl jL«|

(A. P.)

Inimitable Riddles by the same Bahay.

The author

does not give the solution of the riddles.
hS]jyti] Ljjpah




^1 ^e




gyfcl Jj&xi s^LaJ) j

j*Wl j*j Ul

Private collection, B. 15 pp. of 12 lines.





he was

The Dywan of Bahjat, we learn from his poems at Lucnow in 1212 (see p. 21 1 supra).
3 B


a very





contains chiefly Ghazals, at the end
in praise of the <S>j* Jal






As. Soc. No. 699, a good copy, about 600 pp. 14 bayts.






The Book of Union by Shaykh Bahlol. and name of the author occur in these lines

The author

imitates Faryd aldyn 'a#ar in



litany of his poem, for example he goes on

in this strain

through a number of verses,


m ^d d b^* J*


1 **

JjXxijXm &)& I^U
Uar (^c^jSi &)&

^j yd


dd ^*
0) j



\^° d J*

U*o i^c ij y&



JkU &**J*i





As. Soc. No. 1240, 100 pp. 15 lines, well written in 1066.


of Bahlol.



The Dywan
cally arranged.

It contains

Ghazals alphabeti-


As. Soc. No. 759, small 8vo. a modern inferior copy imperfect at
the end.


No. 161.]





U&j yl& JWd

title is

Clear Evidence by Balygh or Balyghy.


chronogram for



object of the book,

partly in prose


partly in verse, and


chiefly of

Indian poets, seems to be, to show that natives of India

who have

written Persian verses are not so contemptible

as the Yranians

make them.
By-dil, &c.


prove this he gives
Jalal Asyr,

and extracts of

Myr Khosraw, Myrza
At the end




are stories, &c.


Ma^all, 8vo. 49 pp. 15 lines.



lJua*J CLyO^ ^y&
of Power, being a


The Changeableness zals by Balygh. The
for 1180.


of Gha-

seems to be a chronogram



After a short Preface follow Ghazals about


pp. of 14 bayts,

which begin

Topkhanah, 8vo. a




£L $X>

title is

Eloquent Words or poetry of Balygh.



1 1


After a preface in prose of 4 pp. Fards and

Ruba'ys alphabetically arranged 150 pp. of 15



£& ^jifij*^ ^s^

Topkhanah, 8vo. a


3 B 2






l?^ <&»
of Bannayiy.


The Dywan
his takhalluc

His father was a respect-

able architect at Herat, the birth-place of the poet,


derived from banna, builder.
skilled in


was a very clever and witty man and

almost every art and science, he was a profound Cufy, an

and a distinguished composer of



account of his erudition,


said that he


the Molla of poets and the poet for Mollas.
roused the jealousy of

His conceit





a spiteful expres-

sion of his being reported to him, his indignation

was so

great that

Bannayiy was obliged

to leave his native


He went

into the 'iraq and

was kindly


by Sullan Ya'qiib
liate the



he dedicated his

j^ j J^

After some time he returned to Herat and tried to concifavour of the

Myr by

writing a Qacydah in his




but received no reward, and he

therefore substituted the


of Sultan

A^mad Myrza
would not give

for that of 'alyy Shyr, saying that he


his daughters

without dowry.



so enraged at this, that

he obtained a death-warrant

against him.
at the


fled to

Ma-wara-lnahr and was received

court of SiuVan 'alyy




him a


SuUan Abu Sa'yd

and he wrote


Qacydah called u^ol^l £*=?" in the dialect of Marw.
fortunes were
in the ascendant

when Mo/zammad

Khan Shaybany
conferred the

took possession of Ma-wara-lnahr.




of Poets

upon him, and when

he marched into Khorasan he gave him opportunities
revenge himself on the poets of his native country,

had persecuted him.


returned from Herat to

who Ma-

No. 163.]
wara-lnahr and was

ba'qir 'alyy.

massacre of Shah




in 918.

In some Ghazals in which he imitates

/Zafitz he uses the takhalluc of


Taqyy Kashy

has seen about 6000 verses of Ghazals and Qacydahs of

(Samy, No. 213; Taqyy Kashy, No. 169.)

This copy of the


contains only Ghazals.


Moty Ma^all, 65

pp. 15 lines.

This copy seems to contain but a

very small portion of the Dywan, some of the verses quoted in the

201 are found in



Uyb eJ^J ^»UJ| jy>j


Hints of the Pure, a mystical poem, by Baqir 'alyy

Khan, a son of Gholam

Khan Madany, he

says that

he was induced to write this poem by the study of the





the introduction,

would appear that he wrote under

Mohammad Shah

(reigned from 1132 to 1161).





*+s" ^T



Juej j&

1 1

the end he gives three chronograms apparently
39, one of

them runs






^^ fW


<J J

} r*^

other equally gives


^ y&>


^I^-^a. ^sjh C^*m)

^p JU Beginning ^U J^j-i A rf-J^ A)*




As. Soc. 612, 8vo. 232 pp. 17 bayts.













The Rose Garden
by Baqir

of Mysteries, a mystical



— 20 =



of author, and date,

145, are contained in the last lines


Jjjj^ j^j

Lj>d **.



dUf ^j

As. Soc. 562, 154 pp. 14 lines.






d l^j


The Dywan of Baqir Kashy, a younger brother of Molla Maqcud Khordah-farush, he was a good poet, and
exquisite calligraph

in the former art,

he was a pupil of

Mo^tasham and

in the latter of

Myr Mo'izz aldyn Mo-

Shah 'abbas imprisoned him on the suspicion of some fault, but after he had suffered one year's incarceration, his innocence was proved and
of Kashan.



Shah heaped favours upon him.

Subsequently he


Karbala and remained two years there in the

society of learned

men, then he proceeded


Kashan and

he went

to India

and entered the service of Ibrahym

now twenty years, says the author of Mdthir Rahymy, that he holds an appointment in
It is


library of the



appears from the Atish-


p. 324, that he subsequently again returned to his

In his poems occur the names of Akbar, Ibrahym


and Tzohury.



No. 167.]



Ghazals 142 pp. 15 bayts, alphabetically-


Rubd'ys 32 pp. 6 Ruba'ys on a page, Tarjy'bands 53 pages and a Mathnawy called Maykhanah (the wine-shop)

22 pp 17




Another mystical Mathnawy, divided into
ing on

^y and treatplurality,

God and His

attributes, unity


transfiguration of the prophet, solitude, poverty, fear,

hope, &c. 50 pages.


Qacydahs chiefly in praise of the Imams 50 pp. 16 lines. Moty Ma^all, not very legible; As. Soc. No. 1283, 12mo. a splendid old copy, Ghazals and Buba'ys 230 pp. of 14 or 15 bayts, the

Maykhanah 23

pp. of 16 bayts, Tarkybbands, &c. 54 pp.,



Qacydahs and some minor poems 95 pp.

Beginning of Qacydahs


j£ft ctfgt)

died in

The Dywan of Mohammad Bay ram Khan, who
968, the chronogram on his death
(see pp.

*»& Jas^ ai *x$&

56 9



Qacydahs in praise of the prophet and the

Imams 22

pp. 12 lines.

Persian Ghazals, 22 pp. of 10 lines.

They begin


Aijio &tfj»












36 pp.


Chagatay Ghazals, followed by
MaAall, a fair copy.


^*j) L-i^A^
story of







Rat Syn and Padam, a poem of 3,014

by Bazmy of Karj.


resided for

some time


Shyraz and came during the reign of Jahangyr

to Gujrat,

and composed



in the year 1028, as appears

from the following verses

C^ JalLo JUa*
Bg. v^;




} L£*«.fc»



^ ^-***y



y ^&i y



M<5ty Ma/jall, 8vo. 224 pp. of 12

a beautifully written copy

As. Soc. No. 294, 8vo., the last verses which contain the date are

wanting in this copy, but the name of the author occurs in







c^l ^J

*iU| JLjj



of Chandra

Bhan Brahman
of Shahjahan, and

of Patyalah

The Dywan
or Lahor.

He was Myr Munshiy


employed by him as ambassador to Hindu kings. Besides


left letter-forms called



Short Ghazals and 38 Ruba'ys.

Tdpkhanah, 106 pp. 13
538, copied in 1171.




MaAall, this copy contains 97

pp. of 17 lines of Ghazals and 16 pp. of Tarjy'bands

As. Soc. No.

*ty ' ^u j jd ^\Sj c^^sr? tx^yT ^v^ £ \a&> ^ Motj Ma^all. jJu| \3 y^Lo jHJU-b Topkhanah. a splendid copy. and is the Dilkusha (this the 3 c . 164 pp. 16 Vtk 1.] burha'n. a fair . in verses by Imam-bakhsh By-d&r in 1227. (170) jl^LJ^e^oU-^ijlJ (P. 8vo.) The Rose Garden descriptions of of Happiness. Qacydahs in praise of the Imams 53 pp.«? j eH *^ d^^. composed Bg. being a Mathnawy name of a containing the praises of Nawab Sa'adat 'alyy Khan.) The History of Happiness being an account of the progress of the dynasty which rules over Oudh from whose name Shuja' aldawlah to Sa'adat 'alyy the title is Khan (to an allusion). 377 (169) yty of Burhan. SS copy. and J> * ] six Ruba'ys. Beginning Ghazals 70 pp. of 9 lines. written in 1227.A^ ^a. 171. Beginning ^4 . (171) j!d*J lJu^J CLx>U*> jSdf { (P. of 17 lines. jigj is (P.No.) The Dywan Contents : who probably identical with the poet of this takhalluc mentioned in page 154. of Ambalah (Umballa).

£i1 JX> FaraA-bakhsh. U J&> sJjJ^s-? *. Nawab by Beginning y£ \jfrjb&p\ Moty jjfr? d) ) j&* &f* \J&\ *^ ty&h MaAall. (173) j\o^ (J^uJ *oli jljlf (P. of 9 lines. [CHAP. lyJt) Beginning ^ &j±. by the same. of 7 elegant writing. written in 1227. and . but he was born at 'atzymabad (Patna). Nawab by Sir Gore Ouseley) of FaraA- baksh and other palaces and gardens of the the same By-dar. £\>j lines. a Mathnawy of the same. of 8 lines. Moty MaAall 500 pp. an autograph. being a (P. He derived his origin from the Chaghatay tribe called Birlas and Olus. II. 92 pp. written in 1232.) The Dywan of Ghazals of 'abd al-Qadir By-dil.) in praise of The Book Mathnawy Ghaziy aldyn iJaydar and Nacyr aldyn i/aydar. 75 pp. (172) jlo^L^aJuJ *objjX«d of Usage. (174) j^ \j r jj* y^ (P. by the Beginning same poetaster. an autograph.378 palace built for the PERSIAN POETRY.) in praise The Book IjjoS of the Rose Garden.

(176) (Perhaps c^a.) Dywan contains merely Ghazals. health a son (prince) the 3 c 2 . was composed in 1(1)5+ 1012—214 = 1125. 379 died at Dilly on the 4th of Cafar 1133. (175) J<*j \jy iU^Aj $$* Myrza (P. see also Arzu This Majma\ and Azad Kh'mdnah. 2.) Collection of Tetrastichs of By-dil. 8 Kuba'ys in a page. 119 itself even in his satyres. they are alphabetically arranged. about 500 pp. idiosyncrasis the bride. Though he was not a learned man he had a profound and extensive knowledge of Cufy mysticism shows literature. dom. a very fine copy.jj> is V^oi j ^U g& ^z*j& AiCijd V5 Ufa jJl^y is In this allegory.) An by Myrza By-dil. and his predilection for (See pp. of 14 lines. written in 1133. mind the king. Beginning of *b. the body the king. allegorical story *Jlk) cj»*A *JU> (P. 177. and 213. if I understand it the following chronogram correctly.No.310 pp. Beginning Moty MaAall.] by-dil. tyy) ^. Private collection. in the commencement a few pages are wanting.

also religious and philosophical reflections. Beginning J'^J Moty *Jti j^ i^*yi ^£> MaAall. The Walk of Truth. a Mathnawy by Myrza containing chiefly descriptions. of 15 lines. as a description of a tain. solicitude ments or humours are Bg. . 35 bayts. Soc. No. of 45 lines. (279) J±* #)& of Cadafy. about 300 pp. (178) Jc^L-ljJUJ^I i*** (P. (177) J6jj Li£*i LiaUx c^6f (P.) 380 liver is PERSIAN POETRY. II. fS ^ eJuS ^ Uj ^j dy. incomplete. when the poem was completed. By-dil. All (P. . of a cloud. [CHAP. It begins after a short preface in prose and a few lines in a different metre. of the dawn of morn- ing. army the temperathe commanders of the army. ^ j»o5 &*}*jd *$ ^1 ^j* As. 71 pp. ctLo &j> ^AJ CU*^ to\ZX Jj *&) Xxj Tdpkhanah. 992. 26 pp. &c. &c. by Myrza By-dil. a mystical Mathnawy.) this author Dywan we learn tion of what we know of : from the postcript " Here ends the composiis Cadafy whose sobriquet Mohammad Shah.) The Great Ocean. moun- of the rainbow. the O^l AiU. the castle . The title is a chronogram for 1078.

into four chapters It is divided *U 1. as appears from the following chrono- gram found i-bjjl in his Dywan (see also pp. 446 pp." the beginning is t. (181) i^U<k xzAJS (P. 125. during the reign of 'alamgyr.) Complete poetical works of 'abd al-Baqiy Cahbay. by Cadiq 'alyy Qddiq. Beginning Fara^-baksh. Sarapa or description of the . Selections . of 9 lines. Artificial poems f&^> 4. and 157) &*• • u$»l ^ij ^ ^V *£ fj lines. J. Beginning Moty Ma^all. QjUf (P-) The Four Gardens of iJaydar. Chronograms of old poets. ^M^e Jh Contents: Ghazals 400 pp. and named after. 10 They begin .fb'jWjl) it is stated that the true title of the it is book but that usually called Dywane Cadafy.: No. beloved . who flourished in 1 063. about 200 pp. witty sayings.] ca'diq. 181. 2. &c. Ghaziy aldyn ffaydar. a splendid copy. The book is dedicated to. of 11 lines. It contains only Ghazals. and contains rather selections from ancient authors than original poetry. 381 This copy was written by Mohammad Ghayur. anecdotes. from ancient poets 3. (180) JjjU lJ^T (^d**. the broIn ther of the author. who died in 1242.

jU (P. is possible that this the name of is The date of poem and it the composition 930. 1408.) Blandishment and Devotion. he I have not been able to identify the It may be the same as the preceding. Zeb alnisa. ggft) (P. the end. the words Towards Mohammad it Cali^ are written in red is ink on the margin. He was Sawah and a .: 382 PERSIAN POETRY. Tarjy'bands. 17 tions. and begins As. 33 pp. [CHAP. tained in the Allah. II. Soc. 110 pp. author Dywan is Calah aldyn Carfy the identity howof ever is not fully established. the author. (183) £*<&* of Caliyfc. 15 bayts. a fine copy written in 1069. MaAall. a native of the town of and Naz or Blandishment are personified in cal story. Soc. con- tains merely Ghazals. 1240. an old carefully written copy. this allegori- Beginning As. (?•) Dywan author.) The Dywan of of this It is probable that the . lines. is con- dedicated to Khan 'obayd 'ishq. 150 pp. a Mathnawy. Qacydahs in praise of 'alamgyr. Niyaz or Devotion. &c. it appears to contain merely selec- (184) Jf Carfy. Mdty (182) JLJ.

The last named poet as well as Mo^tasham revised his verses.No. Soc. 383 contemporary of Maqgady. 15 bayts. 396 pp. folio (Mdtkire Rahymy. 99 pp. he went to Kashan. Abu T&lib says that his Dywan has 4000 verses. : 287 and pp. p. he came to under Shah Solayman and went in 1064 where he died. 125. i0 bayts. 1406. 'ahdy and Tzaryfy Sawajy. a splendid copy. 31 Contents: Ghazals. of 13 bayts Ibidem No. 12mo. one lakh for his poems.] caydy.) of The Dywan India. and 60 supra). Soc. this copy contains besides the Ghazals also Qacydahs. WaAshy of Ghayraty of Shyraz. As. 99. (185) LS**'Jjl* of (P. Teheran. As. 185. 1272. Contents Ghazals and Ruba ys about 100 pp. 134 pp. see also pp. 45. and in another. as Bafiq. 112 supra). When he began to devote himself to poetry. 12 lines.. a good . As soon as he had attained celebrity. Shuja and Radhy'ayiy natives of Kashan and of Myr Uaydar Mo'ammayiy Kashy. Myr Caydy to celebrity. (A'tishk. some . he went to India where he died. No. Topkhanah. and i/atim. 596 . of 13 bayts. . the daughter of Jahangyr. written in 1094. <-*>*' Rubays 22 Beginning a/ 9 ^-^ ) ^yv* d*o) ^U Jj^ US ^'y* uj-l Mdty Ma&all. MS. Fahmy. and that in one instance he received a present of 5000 Rupees from Jahan-aray Begam. a bad copy copy . pp. Mdty MaAall. and stayed there ten years and made the acquaintance of several poets of note. where in those days Mofaasham was the great master in this art.

one No. he came first as a merchant to India. who at that time acted as governor on the part of his father. (186) ^^^ftjttf'*"^ Dywan of (P. and the other No. Kashmyries at Dilly.384 PERSIAN POETRY. Abii-l-i2asan Torbaty. 1181 is Beginning wl~«- ^^ ^^ defective at the commencement. was one of the Tabryzians to settle at tj^ whom Shah like the Ispahan in a quarter of the town called after him 'abbasabad. and a few Qitf'ahs and two short Mathnawies. Cayib made the pilgrimage reign of Jahangyr he again left his Makkah and returned to Persia. his poetical Tzafar talents introduced him at the Court of Shah-jahan. a clever and industrious race. On the death of Jahan- . and subsequently his verses were revised by the i^akym Shifayiy Ispahany. he accom- panied him to that country. this nobleman and the beauty of the climate. Azad says that to when a young man. 55 pp. subsequently towards the end of the native country with a view of going to India. 1408 contains merely selections.) Selecta majora from the 'alyy Cdyib. and he remained at Dilly until Khan (see p. most of them [CHAP. but Shah- jahan. 12 bayts. induced him to take up his residence with him. 140. 325 supra) took charge of the GoAttracted by the liberality of vernment of Kashmyr. Myrza Mohammad 'abbas caused His father. When he had reached Kabul Tzafar Khan. and many of them were by the Cayib was first instructed in poetry -Hakym Roknayiy Kashy. they were goldsmiths. a merchant by profession. According to Shyr Khan Lody. &±is &*<i^ There are two other copies in the Society's Library. in praise of persons in Persia. in praise of II. p.

of 46 lines . Bg. d. 186. 227. 1039. p. i3 in the postscript there is a copy of a fragment of the complete it Dywan it is in the Moty MaAall. Cayib accompanied him to that country. Notes Pers. written in 1081. Abu may be considered as the originit ator of the Ghazals. A. where Shah 'abbas bestowed the title is of king of poets upon him. to the presence of his when Tzafar Khan hastened sovereign accompanied by new Cayib. Talib.) Contents : Qacydahs. 90. 125. 776 pp. and short stay there. returned to II. see also pp. 16 pp. 151 supra. But the emperor having returned shortly after appointing Tzafar Agra in 1041 and Khan governor of Kashafter a myr. contains merely fill the Ghazals rhyming in which in the preceding copy 160 pages. this upon him ance of praise of In further- object Cayib composed a his Qacydah in Khwajah Abu-1-Hasan and which to son Tzafar Khan. Poets. of 19 bayts. 119 pp. H. 536 pp. the titles*' **>3U . probably the second out of three or four volumes. Ma/la's.: No.] ca'yib. Ruba'ys. Ghazals. He died in 1081 and Sa'dy. &c. of 48 bayts. his Baba Fighany gave new life. and manner was in vogue. an entirely new style. 385 gyr his successor Shahjahan bestowed the Government of Kabul on Lashkar Khan. it begins 3 D . father Here Cayib remained some time till his came from Ispahan with the hope of prevailing to return to his native country. until Cayib wrote Ghazals in (Ouseley. Beginning of Ghazals: a good copy. Qk'ahs. Moty MaMl. and found him making conquests in the Deccan. Persia. says buried at Ispahan. 112. in he solicits their permission to depart. and he may therefore be considered as the founder of the new school.

they are arranged under 21 chapters. \jb> Cup-bearer. peacock. . Mocfofay Press. that Darwysh ?f^« 'amilayiy Balkhy paid a visit to Qayib at Ispahan. and consists of verses taken from the Dywan of Qayib. small for Dywan of the Ghazals of Qayib. &c. &c. Beginning (187) iJjf'*-*&*4. it in the folio about 700 pp. 168 pp. In the Asiatic Society. eye. Soc. Ispahan. 54. arrow. 444 pp. or according to the Atishkadah. and like the preceding work has nothing in common with the Intikhab printed at Lucnow. like the Selecta: was written *»^l Shah 'abbas. and having obtained his Dywan. is II. No.: 386 PERSIAN POETRY. A splendid copy of As. the [CHAP. a p. We are informed in a 1 short preface which is in prose. of 12 bayts. 14 bayts is a MS. 243. and begins is& *^l /-^ *x There has been lithographed at Lncnow. a book of selections from the Dywan of Qayib under the title of <^JLo ^^j* v *^. most of which are descriptions of various objects a mirror. bow. of 38 bayts. J. of 19 lines j& ifiitf containing verses of Qayib. as. [?*. 666. containing the description of the eyebrows. 40 bayts) a copy of the same work has the title of J^^'slr* It is totally different from the lithograph- ed selections from the Dywan of Qayib. . nose. 1264. It begins In the Topkhanah. v*^ J *^' 1 *!/*• It is a serapa or description of the beauty of the human figure. inscribed 352 pp. in the Moty Ma&all. This no doubt it is the genuine Mirat aljamal. 12mo. he made The selections call from it which he called JUs^l some authors however them &£=*! ^^j. printed Intikhab founded upon them and contains Ghazals and : Euba'ys and begins There entitled is a splendid J& pjj&>j* Sj ^^a* O^j** MS. (250 pp. No. and the verses in each chapter are alphabetically arranged. of (P-) of The poem by Molla Mohammad Cufy Amol. the is latter I suspected is the correct title.

but it has been torn away. Nos. this 387 (see pp.] chand. al-ffasan Hosayny of Shyraz.) The Nosegay of Love. 4 and 16. 28 pp. a Mathnawy containing the story of Kamrup. and as him. Bg. 189. The Dywan 3 into three parts D 2 . this saint died in 827 he may have known Walih. 190 pp. 166. says that he was of the school Allah. He informs us in the preface that in 865. by Tekchand Chand a son of Balram. he collected the years of poems which he had made during the preceding forty years into a Dywan. He composed supra). age. and he praises his of Ni'mat Mathnawy called *uU*«.No. (189) ^dyy when fifty (P. Topkhanah. of 11 bayts.) The Dywan of Nitzam aldyn Ma^mud b. and that he was a native of Biiryah in Sahrand. distinguishes between Shah Da'iy and Da'iy sufficient Shyrazy but apparently without author divides his grounds. ^d/t^d/^) *& l(ji |)S dyf# JUL* j^ ^^j ^U*. *l«*Lu No. who had the takhalluc of Da iy. At the end was the date of the composition. of 16 bayts. From the introduction it appears that the poet flourished under 'alamgyr. (188) £U '&*if (P. poern in 1000 33 and 88 Beginning Moty Ma/iall. Ilahy says he was a disciple of Ni'mat Allah. Taqyy Kashy.

of 10 bayts.) Tdpkhanah. Ruba'ys. Topkhanah. 388 Beginning of PERSIAN POETRY. II.) The Dywan Ytisof 'alyy Darky and p. 80 pp. of 12 bayts. 252 and 223 supra. 155. 219. a beautiful copy. . (192) Jj6 O\yo of (P. 18 pp.) in 1 1 The Dywan (see pp. 12 bayts. st part : *U) : *«u ^U* ^y \y ^\ J^b aJU •) Beginning of 2nd part ls^-I ^j l.U dj\j* d\jj>) *i Beginning of 3rd part Moty Mafoill. he was a contem- porary of Shah 'abbas and died in the Deccan (Walih Khan . of 17 bayts. this copy contains probably merely extracts. 1 [CHAP. 400 pp. who died 76 or 11 79. 194. Dardmand. whose takhalluc was Mahir. (P.) Tetrastiches of the great Ctify poet betical order. 218 supra. 10 pp.. (190) ojo j* cljUI. 92 supra). Myr Fakhr mentioned who is (191) oX*OjO &\yo of (P. 15 bayts. 150). : &*s* ^xi j^I 346 pp. of Qomm. written in 1202 by aldyn iZbsayny. Myr Dard in alpha- He was a son of 'andalyb and a disciple of Shah Gulshan and died in 1199 (see p. and in pp. It contains merely Ghazals. Beginning Contents: Ghazals.

&c.No. being the Dywan of Dzawqy of Belgram.) Shaykhs of the Qadiry order of Darwyshes. the half wanting. Myrza Bhuchchu Dmrrah. The author says Qacydah in a short preface which is in prose. (194) Qacydahs ^ is LJti-J ^Ui in praise of the principal ^ it (P. by Mo/iyy aldyn Dzawqy. (193) ijj gjp the (P. (195) ^0 ^o V^'l cM d*fj* selections (P. and every verse in ends with the name of the respective saint. written in 1189. Every Shaykh or saint beginning with Mohammad. 838 about 100 pp. No.*•* l^^° Moty MaAall. some Tarjy'bands.) gives us fol- The Dywan the date.] DZARRAH. 1 of 1 88.) The Sugar Pot of Imagination. Soc. c M 1. 132 pp. from Beginning . 194. :] J-*£ ^iLi \^>j c^jJU K2?]t±jjLl 4*c It contains Ghazals. Beginning As. J (not legible) first i£«jM )j J *> ^V ***. a very beautiful copy. of 15 bayts. 389 Topkhanah.j lowing *xcx Ruba y. Bg. he when he completed this book in JjJ«Xs^ +xa. a son of Abu-1-jETasan of Pillawr near Cawnpore. that he wasted six days in praise of a on this composition. 13 bayts.

his pupils are Natzim in Herawy. 20 pp. 113). <y)M v^j* k. II. aJj| (197) 'J^^JvLS'ibj of ail* 3^*^41 (P.: : 390 PERSIAN POETRY. he Dywan Jalal Agra Among p. 1 09 pp. but was prevented by his 1 countrymen who were proud of sent his his fame. of 1 3 bayts . Beginning of Qacydahs Topkhanah. governor of Herat. on the margin is a Persian cookery book. . several times to He intended come to to India.127.) The Loves (see p. Soc. Mo^afy Press. Beginning of Ghazals C^xzz" ^jUi^J \jl$ )j C~J j. the Qacydahs begin in this copy . 151.^ &$ Qacydahs about 100 pp. 1262. The title is a chronogram for 1051. they wrote satyres against each other. (jLsrH end is a short Mathnawy. As.«&£ of ( R ) The Dywan was on a Myrza Fapyhy Anoary of Herat. Contents Ghazals : 204.j)A kS-J. a Mathnawy by Fadhly 92 supra). Ruba ys 1 1 pp. but in 004. and again Ruba'ys 20 pp. one without the Qacydahs 1126. and supra pp. two copies. Beginning »s««»#>jlj a^. Lithographed Lucnow. A'tishhadah 91. he died 1046 (Arzii. called ***«i (196) »*?*?. Shah and Mah. v*\j ^iA (J* the text of this copy seems to differ widely from the at the Lucnow copies. He was in the service of Mortadha Quly Sharalu and a conthis poet temporary of Jfakym Shifayiy. [CHAP. \*)]^>. Asyr and Darwysh Walih. and when visit to //bsayn Khan Shamlu. 8vo. No.

260.^ &Ua» jj> As^I ^ Bg. a fair LS^il «j^l copy. Mazanderan. 198. yet he was received with . sessed He some skill in arithmetic. The number of verses 12. it 391 when was composed.] the year FADHLY.Hbsayn Faghfur Yazdy.: No. wrote an elegant hand. and possessed almost every accomplishment: knew Arabic well. was a clever chess-player and excelled as a physician. he He was of a Sayyid family of Lahy- jan in Gylan. he came to Ispahan which was then a great seat of learning. in this art he was a pupil of his uncle seems also to have posis Taj aldyn jffosayn who was a pupil of the celebrated Qadr alshary'at Gylany.) The Dywan he has the used the takhalluc of J?akym Faghfur Lahijy. composed beautiful melodies. he his subsistence was not under the necessity of gaining by writing panegyrics on great men. In Abu Z&lib name of iifakym Mohammad . is stated somewhat figuratively at the end of the poem 0^? tUl: 0£J c^~a£j tX-tf ^j 0^1 ^. *wU*Ojlkft. After he had visited. Adzarbayjan and Armenia. and the author of a useful treatise on counting with the fingers ^Lc) <J^^jd. and made the acquaintance of i7akym Shifayiy and other men of note. Being a man of independent fortune. He also Qasmy and Myr. partly on account of political disturbances. Topkhanah. f^^^ <j^ ^' ^ (198) j?Z Jyji of (P.

most of them in praise of Shah Parwyz. of 23 lines. as well as Anwary. I take a chronogram from Moty Ma/jall about 150 pp. Beginning of the Qacydahs : . and end. went to India. on the road he made several poems in praise of the Khankhanan. was a pupil of Abii-l-'ola of Ganjah. II. beautifully written. for which he received the most liberal presents. and Ami Talib 3000. (Mdhthire Rah.) The Dywan contains Qacydahs. who took him into his service. left wanshah. great distinction by 'alyy Quly Khan Sh&mlu. some authors say that Anwary was a pupil of Falaky. He died in 577. 151. 91. and Ghazals. His patron was Manushihr Shirof Shirwan.) The Dywan of Abii-1-nitzam Jalal aldyn Mohammad Falaky Shirwany. the margin covered with text. 627 and supra pp. (199) Jli Jyji (P. [CHAP. and he was introduced by him to in Shah Parwyz. As the copy is defective it in the beginning for 1024. Taqyy Kashy has seen about 7000 verses of his. who held In 1012. he a high office at the court of Shah 'abbas.392 PERSIAN POETRY. a son of Jahangyr. the ruler He was skilled in mathematics and astrology and subject. It is a book on the latter the predilection for this science. He was born in a place called Shamajy ^^U-i and he. 1025 He folio died at Ilahabad in 1028 or 1030. which induced him to choose the takhalluc of Falaky (the of the spheres man of heaven) though according to Ulugh Beg it was an unhappy choice.

with whom unfortunately to Khan fell also in love. 201. The Qacydahs of Khwajah Mohammad Mo'yn aldyn Mo/jammad b. Arzu. 393 Moty Ma/iall. he in The Dywan was MoMn Fdniy in poetry a pupil of Molla Qarfy Kashmyry. Faniy returned to country Kashmyr. 72 pp.No.) b. 117. but he allowed his native instructing him a pension. and their rivalry led in 1081 enmity between them. He came to 3 E . **F*" Beginning Moty \j )jo ^\ Jlty* oM ^'^^ MaAall. and spent his time in young men. and left a p. which contained panegyrics on him . 116. is written at Agra an elegant hand in 1015. of 6000 or 7000 (Mirat alkhiydl. but when SuMan Murad-bakhsh conquered Balkh. Shahjahan was so much enraged at his duplicity. and supra pp. He was enamoured of a public woman Tzafar of the name of Najy.) This copy of the Dywan contains merely Ghazals. 48 pp. of 14 or 15 bayts.) of Kashmyr. the fugitive sovereign of that kingdom. that he removed him from his post. a copy of the Dywan of Mo^sin was found in the library of Nadzr Mohammad Khan. prefixed a short bio- graphy of the author. Dywan 254 . 113.] fa'ny. (201) ^JU jlOAJ 6*x» **\}± *>Ul m (P. two in copies. For some time he held the office of the Cadarat of Ilahabad and was much respected. one 12mo. (200) J\i of Molla yfafi (P. Faniy died verses. and Cufism a disciple of the Shaykh Mo^ibb Allah Il&habady. Ma// mud Dihdar Fdniy.

Beginning Topkhanah. ^* also a few Beginning *$ ^d >yjj£ y. jyJij cJ£> contains besides Qacydahs. 32 lines. Beginning *^I«wl iJt&j$ \£j?* y &**? r* u^' .) Contents Qacydahs. [CHAP. II.) The Dywan to Myr Shams still aldyn Faqyr. India and stood in high favour with 'abd al-RaAym the Khankhanan. which are in praise of God. he had also 79. written (202) SU* lS*~*) Jo c^aa (P. MaAall.000 verses. in praise of the prophet. 388 pp. on He died in 1016 and left several . in 1181. (See pp. and the Imams. works Cufism as Z±k± jl { ^{sAj **£U W" *UU The Dywan Tarjy'bands. 1 ^ fo^f} ^-H^ J - Moty in 1030.394 PERSIAN POETRY.) The seven dedicated it Sweet-hearts. (203) y* of ^ In 1 1 (P. about 100 pp. 8vo. a to Mathnawy by Faniy who seven stories related Akbar.Jt ^F &y^ J lines. also logogriphs and chronograms. Tk\\h says in one place that he was drowned in he farther and in other places he says. 44 pp. It contains in seven nights. he the takhallug of Maftun. and he was alive in 1180 when Yiisof 'alyy Khan wrote. of 17 a beautiful copy. and the prophet. 158 and 223 supra. 1 1 Abu 80. the : Imams. went from Dilly Lucnow. &c. he left states that about 15.

1223. 132 supra. the Imams. . Ghazals 104 pp. by Faqyr who comin the following posed this poem in 1160. Fara/i-bakhsh copied in 1161 As. the son of the Betel 56. 13 bayts. it (204) y& UayU? eJ lkL" ty isj&* who is (P. see pp.) in praise of olj-s*^ . the author of the Tadzkirah. Soc. a copy- bearing the seal and signature of the author. contains merely the Grhazals and Buba'ys. and of Khadyjah Begam. Soc.230 bayts and begins ^ )&jtf y (J-*** . 464. therefore also called tyo. No.: : : 1 No. the autograph written in 1157 . No.** 3 E 2 . 1 1 lines composed in a chronogram. a bad copy. Tdpkhanah. verses as stated ^^ ^ikL. it is a Mathnawy by Faqyr.. J>) ^dy& ytUi L _5^° U^^j J>& ftp It contains 3. J>^ jjJSJ) tui v%)r**j\ ** *&» *!*-* ««3 ^a Ui^U^. 128 pp. the title 395 A Mathnawy which has lu^* y^i 1 and contains the story of Ram Chand. Beginning of Ghazals Motj Ma^all. The Noon-Sun. the seal bears the date 1160. Bg. 11 (205) { y^\ J+& *^J^ (P.] faqyk. 332 pp. Ruba'ys 12 pp. site* *^>&£a &"** ^L? <-^ lines. the title is Vender. 205.) The Loves of the Poet Walih. 82 pp. the daughter of Hasan 'alyy Khan. As.

He in 1249 —76 = 1173 contains more than 8000 verses as stated in these words Beginning^*! *>}<* tdt I jpaj jj^f5^ Jy vs^U* ^ Fara^-bakhsh. 31 lines. and he a is also called Mojyby. a short (P. because Mojyb man of great learning and sanctity was his grandfather. because his father Fard who saint is was the Shah Ni'mat Allah. (208) *j l^LIT 9 (P. (206) ±AJ$\ iiJ of Youth. composed it [CHAP. Miracles of : Imam Mahdiy. Topkhanah. and it II. 17 lines. 300 pp. the name of ^oJi ^yt^j^c ^^-^r** 3U (207) ^64* It begins L°! r oJy (P. . In a note which I have taken of a volume of the Moty Ma^all containing the author is this written ^^Ua and the preceding Mathnawy.: : 396 PERSIAN POETRY.) The Present Mathnawy composed by Faqyr in 1143 as stated in the conclusion TopkhaDah.) a Math- The Birth and nawy by Faqyr.) Complete poetical works of Abu-1-Hasan called Ni'maty. 280 pp.

but he came to celebrity at Ispahan. 90 pp.: No.) (the squinting) The Dywan whose takhalluc A^wal Faryd.) A Poetical we know 000. . 210. defective at the end. As soon as his merits talents were acknowledged he went to Shyraz.] FARYD. 4to. two Dywans of Ghazals 338 pp. from p. clever poet He was a and very good musician. 466 to 586. Calcutta. 1268. Contents . : we from the following verses jkae** &^* Jjju Jbxt &j& jrfUfa &L& JU ^js *S It is dedicated to Shah 'abbas and begins Moty Ma&all. He was first I. (209) £> yy^ Story composed by Farigh in 1 (P. 397 Fard followed the profession of his ancestors saint —that of a —and died : in 1265. (210) JH »j tfjp of Faryd aldyn is (P. All learn regarding the author and his poem. and his were an introduction for him to the court of the Atabuks. Qacydahs and Mathgenerally of 20 bayts Beginning nawies. a native of Isfarayn in Khorasan. and 465 pp. 180 are therefore of opinion that he was a native of Ispahan. Printed. in two volumes. 247 and Khoshgu No. Adzor p. 8vo. Rubays. &c.

one belonging to me and the one to Mr. which he spent the greater part of He wa9 Wazyr of a contemporary and rival of patron Khwajah Nitzam aldyn Imamy and by Abu Bakr. v^ ^ 1 l/C ' *J ^^V LSb*"» j' t^j9 one of tojijr9 (see p. 38 pp. one is on Spring and some on moral subjects. 96. Hall. says simply 113 supra).) This copy of his Qi/'ahs. 259 We 1 find : in his Dywan the follow- ing chronogram for 059 * Sarkhiish of whose Tadzkirah. left order of his the of 'adhod aldyn Sa'd. [CHAP. 44 bayts . No. shah 3 . Beginning Moty Ma7*all. 44. is derived from his early profession. He died at Ispahan and a Dywan. and returned and supra to his fatherland but died a short time after his arrival (Arzii. (Dawlat- Khol. (211) ^f &P (P) The Dywan of Myrza Mo//ammad Moqym Fawjy. which Taqyy Kashy has seen 5000 verses. alaslidr. several poetical contests took place between them. for in Lucnow copies of Sarkhush. I fear this notice is incomplete. Abu Bakr Aby Nacr.* After a long residence in India he made the pilgrimage to Makkah. He at Shyraz and his takhalluc. was born a son of Shahjahan and resided in Bengal. . Dywan contains Qacydahs and a few most of his poems are in praise of 'adhod aldyn b. p. a splendid copy. He came to India and was attached to the service of Shah Shuja'.398 at PERSIAN POETRY. I consulted two copies. which means campaigner. II. his life. it is stated that Fawjy came under Shah- jahan to India.) Khan Lody. Shyr p.

40 pp. containtitle ing a vocabulary of Ciify terms. and of Sayyid Majid Bokharay and he was by marriage connected with the philosopher Cadra Shyrazy. tomb a place of pilgrimage (A'tiskkddah. 212. 122. Walih. 1 399 10 pp.d (P.) The Dywan and theologist. 18 lines. and p. which has the jlyU'I. A dzor. Ma/la's. a good copy.] Contents : FAYDH. says harmony. succeeded to Shah bring reason and positive religion. and in tradition a pupil of Bahay (see p. of He says that mystical poetry is of five kinds it either true love ^^^ ^&c is poetically described or . who treated him with great respect. He his died at is Kashan under or after Shah Solaysee man. A preface in prose 21 pp. No. for a further notice 330. 369 supra). ^juU/o and l£»!j v^ on Hadyth and Law. and he was therefore commonly Akhiinde Faydh. A dzor mentions ^«-*l v^ *-£**fl and ^jLe lAjS which are two commentaries on the Qoran.: No. 19 bayts. 14 lines. and he has written a great number of works many of which will he described in their respective places. He was a nephew of Mawlana Dhiya aldyn Nuray Kashy. and dialectics and Cufism into He flourished under 'abbas II. MoAsin. (212) ju dy. Contents: the chapter on Cufism). of the distinguished mystical philosopher Molla MoAsin Kashany. Ghazals. Moty MaAall. whose takhalluc as a poet called was Faydh. Beginning Ruba'ys. and %** on ethics. Chronograms. 210 pp. Qacydahs and Tarjy'bands.

or he paints the love of the initiated (literally of the perfect saint). 36 pp. or he writes moral sentences. ^ysf] 1. It con- of Qacydahs. composed in 1263. Beginning Lithographed. 86 pages and some Ruba'ys Mdty MaAall. s. the jj-^oJI jj^A for I no such division in it as mentioned above. He gives &c. a Mathnawy by is Faydh al-i?asan of Saharanpore. covered with text. Desire of Beauty J^^l J^ . 2. the metaphorical meaning It which explained in the Gulshane Raz. first appears this copy contains only the find sists part. Desire of Perfection JUd! j^i. On the first four subjects Faydh wrote a book called " the desire of love" fifth jr^ title J^ of and on the he wrote one which has the ^r^JI its jj*t. [CHAP. A. Subesequently he divided the Shawke 'ishq into four constituent parts and gave to each part a separate name. viz. II. 24 pages of 18 bayts. viz. consists of dithyrambs. (213) j^\ U» (R) The Garden of Grace or of Faydh. Mortadby press.: 400 PERSIAN POETRY. They begin 1 ^UJ g*> uflj- ^^^ : ^JUJ jew uflij ^ dU ^ Ghazals. Lucnow. in desire to which the poet describes his meet the beloved. the margin . Desire of Truth jj^i 3. 4. the mole. Love <>£oJl j^x . to expressions like the curl. or he describes the beauty of the divinity which he beholds in the mirror of the perfection of the human figure. whose takhalluc Faydh. is the cheek. Desire of . an elegantly written copy. alphabetically arranged.

chrono- grams. of 1 7 bayts. 911.) (see pp. (215) )\)*\ fj* (P.UT Complete poetical works of Faydhy 127. it *-^ UV^ ^ ^lr^ *"<> V * **& c$r*' (^c5~ tN" ^yDjJtJ \j^xjj)yb A*w j\^) jSj* J\jJ\ ^ys" y]y * ^-U ^j* 3 F . an elegant copy . Ibidem another copy containing the Qacydahs and preface in prose.JkiSl jy v_£y 1^1 . This poem is also called u*i' ?VHf« In the Lucnow copy is a postcript to this poem.n ly. and I therefore insert here. sJj ] u - Ghazals in alphabetical order about 400 pp. Beginning U Jj J^^o ^s^ *ilw> wX :! An Arabic poem without dots. No. Moty Ma^all without the Qacydahs 406 pp. of 21 bayts.) The Centre of Circles.] (214) FAYDHY. Ruba'ys.No. &c. Tarjy'- bands and Marthiyahs U5JI 94 pp. 584 pp. in 1004. ar±>) ** Bg. Contents A preface in prose 6 pp. 1 : Qacydahs. of 13 bayts. he left in all According to Taqyy Aw^ady apud Arzu. 401 (P. about 20. ^ m : e. which contains very interesting details regarding the literary labours and plans of the author. Soc. As.000 verses. jr i Jtimm. a Mathnawy by Faydhy. Mania's. written. Mo'ammas. 215. and 62 supra). about 200 pp.

127 and 158 supra). of 15 bayts and a few Beginning Moty Ma^all. (217) jSU . $y i~ Moty *^' f*=t^ u/*^/' f^ 4 Topkhanah. Beginning /$j# ^ Lithographed at Lucnow. MaAall.Jy* (P. Lithographed. .) Nal Daman. on the outer hashiyah is a short gloss. Calcutta. 180 pp. of 15 bayts bayts As. 32 pp. of Fayiz (see pp. edited by his . Contents: Ghazals 94 pp. a fair copy. chief Kadmis of Bombay. (218) " acLujU (P. a Mathnawy by Faydhy. 144 pp. of 60 bayts. Mortadhy press. PERSIAN POETRY. one column covering the inner hashiyah. 1831.402. 1263. of 21 (216) ^oJS uftf > *-&j* (P.) priest of the Parsi The George-nam ah of Mulla Feruz bin Kawus. IE a^Ui *%Jij> c*^ {J°^j <- *^ j^L»jdLi ^^-^ ^lyAUj Beginning *i^ f*Ue \j>*Aj .) The Dywan Rubays. in three columns. 8vo. Soc. 122 pp. [CHAP.

&c. the author says that he completed the volume in 1814.° 3 volumes 8vo. 33 pp. Contents: Ghazals. he home and went to Sul/an 3 F 2 . a good copy. of 21 bayts of its text. Bombay. and graphed by R. 26 lines. His father being an artizan. as shown by several chronograms contained among his poems 1 for 1051. he was not brought up for the profession it was his extraordinary talent for poetry which caused him to abandon his original vocation.No. Beginning v_/L> U»J)ls^lj3 cyt^a^. 220.) The Dywan Fidwy who flourished in the middle of the eleventh century of the Hijrah. pp. 160 pp. Ruba'ys.] figha'ny. First verse (219) i^oi of Jtf is (P. and there is a portrait in representing : him at the age of seventy-three years. The book contains a history of India from discovery by the Portuguese to the conquest of Punah by it the English in first 1817. 403 litho- nephew Mulld Rustam bin Kaykobad.*a\c *JU*« Topkhanah. s£»J\ . &c. 702 833 pp. 059. .) The Dywan of letters. and Baba Fighany of Shyraz. a Mathnawy. 400 pp. Prera. of 26 lines. 1057. (220) JUi d \yo M of (P. 1837. Qacydahs. Arzu says. as the poets of left Khorasan did not appreciate his his compositions.

Finally he came so far in his vice ward. for under " the poets of Khorasan" no doubt the poets which surrounded that court are meant. Moty ing. and therefore called the little Hafitz. Towards the end of his life he went to Mashhad. e/^ £*k Jy t^y^ \i ufty */ J^6 y (k **^ j* url . 16 bayts. tion His reputaconferred recommended him title to Sultan Ya'qiib who the of Baba or Babaye Sho'ara upon him and After the death appointed him his principal court poet. at the end some pages are wantlines Another copy 402 pp. the governor of that place allowed him two pounds of meat and two pints of wine a day. 6000 verses of his. 222 pp. is in praise of the shah. and when Shah Isma yl took that town he made a celebrated Qacydah on Imam Miisa and died in 925. Samy Tabryz and Taqyy Kashy relate that he proceeded to and was soon acknowledged by the literati of that part of the country. 1397. 404 Ya'qtib. b us?!*** Bg. Soc. He He of is one of the best Ghazal writers. 268 pp. AbyAs he was a confirmed drunkard. No. are very frequent in As. as the best poet of the age. . that he allowed himself to be employed as a porter by of his patron he went to Khorasan and settled at the people of the wineshop. 15 . 215). an old clear copy. Samy. tried his luck at the court of Sultan JYosayn Myrza and Myr 'alyy Shyr . PERSIAN POETRY. (Bland. Contents: Qacydahs 9 Beginning Ghazals in alphabetical order. 14 bayts two copies are my collection. II. Ghazals pp. MaAall. This would imply that he first [CHAP. 16 bayts.. Taqyy Kashy has seen a Dywan A Cent of Pers. copies without the Qacydahs .

Some authors say that he chose this takhalluc because his father was gardener in a garden called Firdaws.) (221) Ksfi ^Ubj The Ruba ys of Sayyid Mohammad Fikry of Herat who was originally a weaver. 62. He was born near to find redress Tus in A. 405 (P. 328. his arrival at Not long after Ghaznah. by the great disSpecimen M6ty MaAall 74 pp. and is therefore called Jamah-baf. and he entrusted various poets of his court with episodes to put them into verse. 52. the is mistake of Taqyy Kashy in supposing that he was still alive in 985 is to be accounted for tance). Firdawsy in his place had at Tus. and is the takhalluc of Abii1-Qasim ifasan (or Mancur) b. Sultan Mafonud the conqueror of India who resided at Ghaznah had formed the plan of having the poetical records of the history of Persia put into a new garb. He came to Ghaznah against the oppression which his family suffered at the hands of the governor of Tus. 222. (222) aoUaU (P. 44 supra. the favour of Akbar. through his great He talents for making epigrams. Firdawsy means the Paradisian. been engaged in the same task. died in India in 973. at the suggestion of his teacher Asady. the commencement is wanting. (see pp. Is^aq. He came in 969 to India and gained.] FIRDAWSY. The chronogram on his death ^jkj j&* dy^j'a^.No. Ma^miid having seen his per- . H.) The Shah-namah or book of kings by Firdawsy.

and in A. and entrusted him with the completion of the work. and enlarged them by making farther extracts from it. Asady Tusy was the teacher of Firdawsy.000 verses. portion of the He during the reign of Mas'ud the son of Ma//mud.406 PERSIAN POETRY. According account the Shah-namah copies It would have 80. the text usually "The Selection c^UliJ from the Shahnamah" made by Khwajah Mas'ud. account that in appears from Mohammad years ago. Mohammad 'awfy says that 20. He died at Tus in 411.000 verses. first At he was liberally rewarded by the king. 670 complete copies of the Shah-namah were rare. he was a native of Bokhara and flourished under the Samanide dynasty. Kkmad. it is said that he put the story of Gustasp into verse by order of b. gave him the preference over his court poets. This statement gives us a clue for explaining why the MSS. contain from 46 to 56. Nuh died Mancur who was deposed H. but the now extant. . II. and the other 60. but subse- quently owing to the intrigues of the minister Maymandy he was obliged to leave the court of Ma/2mud and wrote satyres against him. 'awfy's his time. his Arabs into Shah-namah begins with the inroad of the He is also the author of a poem Persia. now extant differ so much in the number of verses we may suppose read being : that some copyists of the selections referred to the original. 387. The name of Daqyqy was. formance.000 by Firdawsy.000 verses of the Shah- namah are by Daqyqy. all [CHAP. Mancur b. Taqyy Kashy further informs us that the last 4000 verses are by Asady who completed the book at the request to this of Firdawsy during his last illness. according to the Atishkadah.

1266. 19 lines j As. Vol. lithographed at Bombay. 4 vols. this edition is very splendid but not yet An abridged translation into Urdoo has been lithographed prose. at Dilly . . No. Calcutta.) the The Dywan of Firyby. He died in 525 and left three thick Dywans. with pictures edited with a French translation and a very learned introduction. (224) &. a romantic epose by the author of the Shah-namah. Beginning dj±» j ^^ txijA*. Beginning Topkhanah.] called FIRYBY* 407 Gershasp-namah **U <^~l*/ and of some Qacydahs and of dialogues containing disputations. about 400 pp. see on the abstract of the Shah-namah in Persian the chapter on history. 1829. 224. The first complete edition has been made by Major Macan with very great trouble and expense. 22 p. *U>. one in the Persian. copies are frequent. Soc..£&» (P. &c. one in the Arabic and one in the Hindustany language of that day. No. . 8vo. by Mohl. Morley has promised an edition of this interesting but rare work. Fine MS. 442. I have given a full notice of made the Selections from the Khwajah Mas' (id who Shah-namah in the Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. Paris. (223) ^>^?J (P) Yusof and Zalykha. complete. poet He is the earliest Musalman have any who wrote in Hindustany of whom we account. According to the postscript name of Firyby was Shahpur and he was of Teheran. 1838-43. Mr. 605.

No. **£ *[^ ty MaAall. As. 128. Contents pp. a bad copy apparently containing merely selections. No. Ghazals 200 8 bayts. 9 pp. . defective at the end . 873. the Ghazals begin There is another copy in the As. containing Ghazals and Buba'ys. Dy- Contents : Ruba ys. Soc. and Shah Solayman (Walih. probably merely extracts. It contains Beginning Topkhanah. 22 lines. merely Ghazals. 151. Bg. died under (P. 1397. (225) ibjkl of g^i who died in (P. written in 1165. 1 : Myr Mo'izz Fitrat 06 and not in 1101 as stated above (see pp. f~* i'* *& (226) c^i of tfa* Furpal. Moty [jfTjUtifl ^ydj\ tj\±> & ]j* JHj?* &c. 127 supra). in this copy and in one copy of the Topkhanah.) 1 1 The Dy wan 137 supra). Beginning of Ghazals Topkhanah. 170 pp 15 bayts. alphabetically arranged 88 pp. of this takhalluc in Walih in this Nafdyis almdthir are not found Ghazals 54 pp. ***** ** L?J*i *? b Ob Bg. II. 1 6 bayts.: : 408 PERSIAN POETRY. verses quoted of poets in the [CHAP. A Qacydah in praise of 'alyy . He was in the service of Shah 'abbas II. The and wan. Soc.) The Dywan MoAammad Beg see also p. 109.




No. 228.] (227)





The History

of the Qo/obshahian dynasty of Golconda,

commencement to Mohammad Quly, composed by Hosayn 'alyy Shah Fursy ^*y in
in 18,600 verses,


Beginning ^Ux^lj^AL^iU- ^j^^J^h jJ^»s^ ^Ic^**^ Mdty MaAall, 480 pp. of 40 lines written in 1019 at Lahdr As.


No. 50,



like the other

copy written at Lahdr and has the
35, folio

same number of pages.
bayts defective. In the
^AUoJail uj jiy
it is

In the As. Soc. No.

272 pp. of 38


divided into four

poem which has the title of cantos aJl&*> and appears to be


an abstract of the Nasab-namah
luc of Fursy, but in the postcript

page 5


6 occurs the takhal-

it is

ascribed to Hira Lai Khoshdil,
his takhalluc also appears in


Munshiy of IZaydar Quly Khan, and poem




j&°^ *£•





jbJl yjJ £\o*S\
for the

jJc^^w^JU ^\y*
Sa'd Ghdlib.



Eyes of the Crowds of Lovers, being





informs us

in the preface that

he devoted himself from childhood to
that he was

poetry and read

sixty years of age
into this

many poetical works, and when he collected his



at the

end he gives us the date, 1101, of




preface in prose.



<^*]y> jJ»


vjh£*\ fJL^i^


170 pp. of 17 bayts; Tarjy'bands,

Mathnawies, Ruba'ys, &c. 96 pp. Beginning of Ghazals, \j fL&* Mdty Ma^all, a very fine copy.

^ J ^y,

J> cJ^rfVsr'






^M ^tfH p *jU*


The Qacydahs

Myr Fakhr


Mohammad Ho-

sayny Ghdlib, he says at the end that he completed this
collection in the 6th year of

Mohammad Shah

1 1


Beginning ^J&jj* Mdty MaAall, 226 pp. of

&& ^

^J*-y" J^^


) ^j*

8 bayts, apparently an autograph.



The Dywan

(P.) &}£* Myrza Asad Allah Khan Ghdlib, who


now, 1853, alive at Dilly

(see p. 228).



told that


engaged at the request of the king of Dilly in com-

piling a history of the

Moghol Emperors of India from


to this day.
l^**,1 %ax£s?> a&oUjj


Lithographed at Dilly, 1261, 8vo. 506 pp.



The Mathnawy
pp. 127, 113).

(P.) upfe Mohammad Akram Ghanymat (see

has the

of <JH^ <-&;*>


was com-

posed under Awrangzeb, and contains the story of Shahid

and 'azyz.
jJsU. yiy. J$<*. *Ia£l

J&k*> i-fp



Lithographed, Lucnow, Mortadhawy press
pp. of 46 bayts with glosses by


(about 1263), 35

the Topkhanah are two copies
of Ghazals, 150 pp. 11 lines.

MoAammad Q&lih and others. In of the Dywan of Ghanymat, it consists





The Dywan of Mawlana Mohammad Jahir Ghanyy of Kashmyr, who died in 1079. He was a pupil of Molla

No. 233.]



Mo/;sin Faniy and his takhalluc

a chronogram for the

year in which he chose




060 Walih has seen about

2000 verses of

his (see

supra pp.

13, 107, 151, 127).

a preface in prose by

Myrza Mohammad

Mahir who

collected the



Beginning 4^; &\j*\ j&&jm f \z> d \Js\ Ghazals 1 26 pp. appendix 1 1 pp. containing miscel]


laneous poems

among them chronograms on

the death




1061, of Ilahy d. 1052, of the



omara Islam Khan

tu'i j)

+&S ^^jo ^a.




Lithographed, Lucnow, Moctafa press, 1261, 144 pp. with copious marginal notes and a short biography of the author.


ig*4&* ^Jlji L-%JUJ

c^U jl?|


Remnants of youth, this is the title of a Dywan of Ghazzaly of Mashhad, which he dedicated to Akbar. He came early in life from Khorasan to Ardestan in the


after a long

stay in that city he proceeded to


His poetical talents were of the highest order



fame spread


over Persia, but as he was a

great free-thinker

he found


to expatriate

himself from his native country, and to take refuge in

India where he found a most favorable reception at the
court of


(see p. 61

throw much


supra). His poems might upon the philosophy of the time of

Akbar and
besides this

very desirable that they

be collected and preserved.

Taqyy Kashy has seen




of Ghazals entitled



and one of Qacydahs named ^'i^js- and he


that he

a third*


of Ghazals

3 G 2

which he has not





he composed three


in imitation of the

Makhzane Asrar which

are entitled £>^






and a Math-


entitled J^^*" j <>^-c in imitation of

Khosraw wa

Shyryn, and one entitled j^}

o^s'* in imitation of Layla

wa Majnun,

he also imitated Katiby and wrote a poem

of 500 verses, which can be read in two metres, has a

double rhyme and abounds in puns




a preface partly in prose and partly in verse,

Qacydahs, Tarjy'bands, 76 pp. 15

Ghazals alphabetically arranged 388 pp. 14 bayts. Beginning y \J>\;j J^^ y&j* S^ d^j url


Saqiy-namab, Ruba'ys, Qi/'ahs, &c. 66 pp.

As. Soc. No. 319, a bad copy, written in 1184.


of Giramy.




The Dywan
in the

have not been able

to find


the quotations which occur in Tadzkirahs
this takhalluc.

from poets of

Ghazals about 800 pp. of 9 bayts.
»j ^jyi, ^

Beginning ^kAaA* ^U^U ^y±i



few Qacydahs,

Ruba ys, Tarjy'bands, &c. 76 pp.

As. Soc. No. 590, a good copy.
of Girainy in the

a fragment of a



52 pp. 13 bayts, in which mention
to Persia, but I do not

made of Nadir-shah's return from India


fragment and the above


are by the same poet.


of Ghiyath



The Dywan

Halway, he was of Shyraz
lost his eyesight

but settled at Ispahan, he


No. 238.]
fore called



Ghiyathe Kiir, the blind Ghiyath, by Walih.


died by a

from the roof of a house under Shah
p. 388).


(see p. 91

supra; A'tishkadah

Qacydahs 26 pp. of 2 bayts. Beginning ,jM$d d&^ J^r* ) ^H ****' WM^j^i




80 pp.

1 1


They begin



Ma/mll, au old

MS. without




* iU

(J^uJ ^J^UJl



Flashes of the Pure, by

Khan Gholam,



appears from the preface flourished under 'alamgyr

Awrangzeb, and was a contemporary of Sayyid RaAmat
Allah Kdfiij.

a preface partly in prose and partly in verse

64 pp. a mystical Mathnawy divided into 110 chapters a**J upwards of 1000 pages of 12 bayts. Beginning of

Mathnawy. f&t ^Cj^Ss {&*




*W ^t

No. 319, a good copy.



J?yf <_»^=T'ahir


The Fascinating

Sweetheart, a love story in the form

of poetical epistles, by

Khwajah Mohammad
in India in


who composed









begins after a short preface in

\JjVyl ilS



<^Jb cy\ isKti j





As. Soc. No. 1206, 500 pp. 11 bayts, an autograph written in 1133.


JfoU e^LlT


Complete poetical works of





longed to a family of distinguished physicians which was

originally of

in Gylan.


His grandfather


'abd al-Razzaq enjoyed a great reputation in Persia

was in high favour with
and with Shah

Khan A//mad

the ruler of Gylan
three sons, Abu-1-

7 ahmasp.

He had

Fat^ in whose praise
panegyrics, Niir aldyn


and others have written
Qarary and Najyb
After the



Humam, who


the father of iJadziq.

death of their father, the three brothers went to Ardebyl to prosecute their studies.


subsequently they

proceeded from
to India.

Ardebyl, in

the disguise of merchants,

They were introduced

court and Abii-1-

Fat^ gained the entire confidence of Akbar and was one
of the most influential


about him, but, says Badaw-

ny, he was a great free-thinker.


died in 997.




distinguishsd than his brother and died in 1004.

Jfadziq was born at Fat//pur Sykry as he informs us









^ 4yf**J$

Though he was
tion of his father

not a very good physician the reputa-

and uncle was

an introduction

him and under the patronage
attained to rank and wealth.

of the

Khankhanan he Nacrabady says that he

was extremely
as a poet to


and considered himself equal

An wary.





Contents: Ghazals, Qaeydahs, Qi^ahs not alphabetically

arranged and Mathnawies.

Beginning wanting.


MaAall, au autograph, written in 1033, 476 pp. of 11 lines.

the end

the following postcript







j\<±- )>j

No. 241.]

iiiU ^ftyja

llqfiz of


The Dywan

Shams aldyn Mohammad
Sir Gore Ouseley



the greatest Ghazal writer of the Per-

and died in 791.

Not. of Pers.


23 has given a very

and elegant biography

of this poet, which renders any farther account superfluous.

The Dywan

has been arranged by


much read


J/> ^






Beautiful copies of this


are very frequent, yet




in upper India.

was printed in Calcutta 1791,

the best edit, but rare

has been reprinted, Calcutta 4to. but

without improvement. Lithographed Calcutta, 1826, Cawnpore, 1831,

Bombay, 1828, small
an independent

4to. carelessly done, the text is indepen;

dent of that of the

Calcutta editions





text, very elegant

but not very correct;

Teheran, Tabryz, Constantinople 1257, Bulak 1256.


&U ^jA e^Us*
of Uafitz converted into


The Ghazals


by a poet of the takhalluc of

a short preface in prose.


phabetically arranged.



Topkhanah 350 pp.

\S#- ^ l^**^ \j^a.Zs. 5 Mokham. in a page.




jU-^l L^^i^ 1^*5
Afdhal (Sarkhush

^ jb-Vl lJ^J


Removal of the

Veils from the difficulties of Books,



of Ilahabad.

He informs
India are

us in the preface, that in this work the
Persian poets which are generally read







explained with the exception of the


of Jalal

aldyn Riimy and the /Zadyqah, and that
sixteen treatises

consists of


probably devoted to every

poet a separate treatise, this however

not clearly stated*



the seventh treatise and contains a commentary



and we gather from


that the preceding

number contains a commentary on the Sikandar-namah. The Commentator flourished under Shahjahan. |<x£. X£o +AJi.£x* ^b Beginning ^i-j ^ J^*^ i— i-iijl

Topkhanah, 180 pp. 17




MaAall, 136 pp. 23 lines.





commentary on the

c ^i Dywan of




a book in

Mawlana Hilaly. The anonymous author under Awrangzeb and refers in one instance to the Emperors library. He explaines difficult

verses and tries to force a mystical

into them.

Bg. k-y j

tLoj ^a)








Major Anderson's
8vo. of 13 lines.
preface, 8vo.

collection, 8vo.

about 50 pp. 24 lines copied in

1123 in a crammed hand

I had


copied and

about 800 pp.

In the Moty MaAall

a commentary without a

256 pp. of 21

which begins
Ijj o**»f







iS o«»j fell LJi j i&j


I have a commentary
±J\ yff

by an anonymous author, without introduction which begins

o^ cj^jO



<J^' cslH ^-Lj

*^ &t^ ^j*



fcU d^lt c^Ll





Commentary on some of the verses of JEZafitz, by Mohammad Ibrahym b. Mohammad Sa'yd. He says in the
preface that though only few verses are explained in this




be considered as a commentary on the


No. 245.]




because in explaining one verse he endea-

voured to throw light on



Beginning e^^o;^^ ^J! <^U*i Al^Ut a«^
First verse explained U^aj


^^ j^"


Moty MaMl, 110

pp. 23



of Qasim



The Dywan
brought up
part of his


though born and

Zeheran, he seems to have spent the greater

Qazwyn. The time when he flourished is fixed by a number of chronograms for 954, 963, 985, &c. which occur in his Dywan, thus the date of the accession of Shah Isma'yl? 983, is commemorated in the

following verse

^K*&£*i A$,>^la». /J^.;^ L£^*J



Contents: Ghazals 135 pp. of 15 bayts.


Mo'ammas, Ruba'ys, Qif ahs and chronograms, about


pp., at the

end are some Qacydahs, &c.


MaAall, a splendid copy, dated 1011.


(see p.



The Dywan

of Sayyid 'abd Allah Hdly, a pupil of

138 supra).

contains merely Ghazals.


^^ «-T^^

*l£yi &j*£

In the As. Soc.

As. Soc. No. 704, 176 pp. of 13 bayts, a

fair copy.

No. 910, abont 400 pp. of 15 bayts,



Mathnawy by a poet of the of -Haly, a disciple of Khwajah Qotfb adyn Mohammad It is entitled Jte and contains 'obayd Allah.



the story of Bihruz and Bahrain.

Beginning wanting,

last verse




0**^ LJukJi
of Innocence, a





The Book
of Satin and


celebrating the loves
in 101 6, during

Myna, composed by Uamyd

the reign of Jahangyr.


probably identical with

Molla jETamyd


has written the history of the comreign (see p. 109).

mencement of Shahjahan's


^r^i) }





^-r^ *«W




MaAall, 56 pp. of 16 bayts, a splendid copy, dated 1097.



Amyr Najm

The Dywan
ple of

of Khwajah, or


Sinjary, a son of 'ala aldyn of Dilly.
as well as his takhalluc.


spent the greater

part of his

in his native city, Dilly,

and was a


Nitzam aldyn Awliya and an intimate
and Dhiya Barany.

friend of

Amyr Khosraw
says of





that he had never seen so quiet, abstemious

and holy a man as JETasan.
ing to the Mirat alkhiydl,


died at

Deogyr accord-

67, in

the date with which his memoirs of

707 but this is Nitzam aldyn which

have the




begin, they end with the year

Taqyy Kashy
besides a

says he died twenty years


Khosraw, and Talib says he died in 738.



of about

10,000 verses, and the

memoirs just mentioned,

also another prose



jx*» and,

according to Jamy, Nqfahdt, several
ascribes to

him also a commentary on some Qacydahs of Khaqany ('abd al-Uaqq

Taqyy Kashy

Dihlawy, Biogr. of Indian Saints; Bland,
Pers. Ghaz.




Khoshgu; Habyb

alsiyar III. folio 613).



No. 249.]



Contents: Qacydahs 35 pp. of 14 bayts.

Ghazals 4 1

pp. 13 bayts


Ruba ys 23

pp. 9 bayts.

Mdty MaAall




As. Soc. No. 663, a splendid copy,

important variants

Ibidem 412.

This copy begins



^^ ^jJ


The Dywan of Hosayn Shamlu, who had
of Uasan.

the takhalluc

He was

governor of Herat under Shah 'abbas

and under Shah Solayman, who died in 1109, (A'tishp. 23).



a preface in prose, 3 pp.


Ruba'ys alpha-

betically arranged about

50 pp. of 10 bayts and a few


Beginning of poetry

Topkhanah, apparently incomplete.


&j& £j&






iJasan of Dilly,


flourished in 1013, as appears

from a chronogram which

he made on the death of a friend. oUytjdc o^2a- J^ ii>y> mja. u^la* j)j.b


^y Jp*uj&Cj djHJ &y>
Qacydahs and

The Mathnawy


interspersed with

and contains the praises of the prophet, of his

chaste wives and of great saints.

Bg. f**r ]j jji. c^a.; tai* djl Mdty MaAall, 280 pp. of 14 lines.

(&*y$ vf*±jft iM\










of Hashirn.

learn from his


The Dywan


he was a Naqshbandy Ciify,
in the

and flourished at
disciple of


Deccan in 1030, he was a

that he



died in 1034, arid on whose death
It appears

he made upwards of seventy chronograms.



alive in 1056.


a Qacydah, a Shash-band, some Ruba'ys, a

Tarjy'-band called



J^~|, f^y* l/****j sJfji jr Saqiy-namah divided into seven cantos J±±> 16


^V df^ 45 pp. of

16 bayts.





Mathnawies 74 pp.; Ghazals 144 pp.;
J\y±c *UI +*>

Rubays, chronograms, 112
Beginning of Ghazals
the author.


&y \^a


As. Soc. No. 402, a splendid copy, written in 1066, probably for
I copy his spiritual geneology to




bears on the history of^Jiinsm.








&^ys^y\ j-x£


^U sVf^J^'j^f
(see pp. 87, 55).

( p -^

A mystical Mathnawy, by Hashimy Kirmany, who died



of the book,



the author, place where he composed

viz. Tatah,


date of composition 940, are stated in the Khatimah.

After a very long introduction containing principally
the praises of

Mohammad and some

saints, as







Allah Walyy,


Lahijy, &c. follow


chapters called *-^ and then twenty chapters inscribed






As. Soc. No. 560, near 200 pp. 13 bayts, beautifully written in


JSIm 'jjfr


'abd Allah

The Loves
spent his

Lay la and Majnun, a poem by

Hdtify of Jam.

He was

the son of Jamy's


in great ease in a garden near his native

His fame was very great even during his

and in 927 when Shah Isma'yl in his return from the
conquest of Khorasan passed through Jam, he paid him
a visit and prevailed upon
career in an epos.


to describe his victorious


poet consented, but died in the

same year before


was completed, he only composed one

thousand verses of

Having a

particular talent for




his ambition to imitate the five


Nitzamy, he wrote however only
p. 143).


No. 211

The poem

begins with a verse of



MaAall, a splendid copy, 60 pp. 31 bayts, transcribed by
'abd Allah in 908, from the autograph

private collection

141 pp. 15 bayts

printed, Calcutta, 1788.
it is


Layla Majnun has

been published at Tabryz, but

not stated whose.

copied from the autograph in 908. Ghazals Fards 6 pp. No. a good copy. 252 pp. At the end he gives an account of his former productions.j& sS ^Ua* Jj$ MaAall. by Hatify. Beginning w^/1 '***.) Hatify. (254) jjJL. copied in 908 from the auto- FaraA-baksh 225 pp. 66 pp. a (P.) The Loves He informs us in the introduction that after the completion of Layla Majnun. Nos. in which The Seven Mathnawy by jS* he imitates the Haft Paykar of Nitzamy. (256) {&*> &J>* 235 supra). a romantic epos by Hatify which he imitates the Sikandar-namah of Nitzamy. (P. Beginning ty Moty graph . Soc. II. 17 lines . 357. (255) yfSbJb+u^S* Aspects. ^ &b jl sS ^Li £^-. poem. Ruba'ys and Beginning . Moty MaAall. 13 bayts. 599. 90 pp. j>_^ of Shyryn and Khosraw.422 PERSIAN POETRY. (253) The exploits of U*JU ^jj*j (P. his uncle this Jamy advised him to compose Bg. 156 pp. 31 bayts. (P-) The Dywan Contents: of JZatim (see p. As.) in Tymur.&* y u*4* ***** **ifi i$ As. Soc. 14 bayts. 762. of 31 bayts. [CHAP.

Contents: Ghazals. In the Topkhanah is a Dywan of Grhazals and Euba'ys of iZaydar. It consists of (P. Sam No. called As he was him origin- . of 12 bayts.] M6ty HAYDAR. 74 supra see also Atishk.Hay dare Kaluj or Haydare in the present Kalychah. for after this postcript 1194. as postcript *>j ^UiAj <xaxj j j|^j &L» ^jajj. about 100 pp. Bg. 14 bayts. Bg.: No. but I have not ascerIt has tained which iZaydar.) Dywan of Qacydahs in praise Nacyr aldyn Uaydar who reigned from 1242 to 1252. (257) nj&j^ he is u^ja (P. 232 speaks of tense (see p.) The Dywan ally a baker of JHaydar of Herat. 258. 120 pp. it is. of 9 bayts.^2. j*&9 *x3(& &Xi\S {£&*• It appears that he fijW^i jij*? made subse- quently additions. an autograph written in 1179. not clear whether they are written in the same hand or not. p. we find chronograms for 1190 and however. in the Another Dywan of Ghazals of a poet of the takhalluc of iZaydar same collection (about 100 pp. Beginning EaraA-bakhsh. this copy probably contains merely selections. 11 bayts) begins . wo 423 learn from the Ma^all. 84 pp. or some one else used the blank leaves as an album. T258) jx* dy* of JZaydar. Moty MaAall. In the same copy is the Urdu Dywan of the same poet to be mentioned hereafter. ^AjlftA pjiA. 202).

. residence there he was requested to title and after a short compose a Mathnawy under the indulge more ^tuJi Zx&. In order to enjoy greater rest for his literary labours.) Complete poetical works of Uazyn. which he considered as his home. 15 Moty Ma//all. 1 up to that time his poems formed four Dywan s.000. Khi%dnati amir ah Bg. and the he spent years in the house of Aqa Rostam. [CHAP. (Taqyy Kashy No. He was originally of Marw but he declared himself that he was of Tun. 75 supra). also to ness. 424 (259) PERSIAN POETRY. He came early to Ray and spent several years in that city. In reward for a Qacydah which he composed obtained the title in praise of Shah Tahmasp. drunken- he went to Kashan.Lir (P.j)J$ and which an imitation of the All his verses . and perhaps freely in his habitual vice. ending with the letter (260) ^ CL. governor of that province. mym. where that vice was five punished.) 'tggL tyi* The Dywan of Hayraty. IL (P. title of . a bad imperfect copy. (see page 135 supra). Contents: Ghazals. he of king of poets and was called to court. and he was murdered there in 961. Subsequently . Walih says that he was of Ma-wara-lnahr. lines. about 400 pp. amount to about 40. A'tishkadah p. who died in 1180 He collected his works in 155 . after a visit to Baghdad he went he found to it Adzarbayjan being much given to to drinking necessary to proceed less Mazanderan. above mentioned epos He left besides the another Mathnawy is to which he gave the Bostan. . 234 and p. 95 .

) The Dywan He was Kunban ^V Dut lived in Bengal. Soc. a preface in prose 3 pp. 24 pp. &c. ^yo of (P. fMM Beginning Beginning Forty-six Qacydahs 100 pp.451 Ghazals. Beginning a Mathnawy.x$ #yjj* Axt.* Jj^a. JNos. 18 bayts. !>' ! .. ^-. *Jl Beginning *UI5I )*<**». 15 pp. ^'r^Wi^ ^ Beginning pp. a Mathnawy. 484 Ruba'ys. . 700 pp. Beginning after a short preface in prose: A Mathnawy in imitation of the . 22 pp. **/*)$ Beginning ^j*y^ c^*J Is* o^^-a-s^. chiefly stories. Most of his works are in the As.jUs^ ^a.u-' jj±j &? y v>^ y <^ JU A^ 1 (a/***** r JLLl - 1. cybj^ a Mathnawy. Sixty-two Qitf'ahs. 425 Beginning ^s*" £$jl j«. ffcu 28 pp.a Mathnawy. and Beginning 792 verses of Fards. it has the title Lu«uJ) £*ju . Beginning Moty MaAall. 30 pp. 62 pp. containing 18 bayts.^) ^jj ^1 &*\j lSx&js a Mathnawy. and in several of his poems he expresses 3 I .r* J*& &J* &k ^ ****>> u?-. Beginning ^jjSlUJ) S^SjJ a Mathnawy. 261. Hadyqah. 14 jUaiSI ^>Ja/< l2^M»)\ar C*Jt^a. (261) <^p* of Hijry. 6 pp.No. 411 and 1034. of 20 bayts. a splendid copy.] Contents : HAZYN.

&c. Ghazals. but was born at Astrabad. Beginning of Ghazals. II. which was then under the patronage of and made the Myr gisy. Beginning Qa^ydahs. 1 The Dywan 174. This first is a most wonderful composition. if you read them by themselves you have a Ghazal. 426 PERSIAN POETRY. 1180. a splendid copy. . a fine copy. (262) J^ J# of (P. acquaintance of with many celebrated poets. and was every where well received by the he remained for some time with prince Abu-lnacr the author of the Tadzkirah mentioned in Sam Myrza. written in 1192. on account of this combination of poetical talents with eru^ dition that he is called the Little Jamy. 'alyy Shyr. No. 226 pp. 354. Nawab Some letters in the are written in red. Soc. T When great . Tarjy'-bands. He went early in life to Herat..) The Dywan Badr aldyn Hilaly. He was by origin He received It is a good education and was skilled in science. [CHAP. among them Narw hom however he had several controversies. &c. As. he had attained to celebrity he visited 'iraq and Adzarbayjan. and certain Ruba'y form a Micra'. ^J b f/j *Jiy¥ ^^ Mj Moty MaAall. you have a Qifah in praise of Mohammad Ridha Khan Qacydah MotzafFar-jang. the great seat of learning. written in 1194. con- chronograms a for 1171. of Chaghatay. Sayyid If you read the letter of every Micra'. and in the certain letters letters in the Ghazal form a Rubay. bf*¥. Contents : Qacydah in praise of 'alyy. a lively desire to see his tains several home again. 10 bayts Ruba'ys 20 pp.

±f\Ju{J Beginning JUa. (Sam No. No. Soc. This copy does not contain the Qacydahs . 1263.] page 12 supra. 35 pp. which town had in the meanwhile been taken by 'abd Allah in his praise. a into ten chapters *JVL«. ascribes to Hilaly. written in A. UJjItXi. written in 1066. Tdp- MS. No. (263) ^U| <-^ Mathnawy by t»*>j$ jjtUl (P) Hilaly divided Qualities of Lovers. 84 pp. three columns in a page. (264) |o£ *^ the Beggar. H. 1498. 15 bayts. As. 264. Ibidem No. Mortadhawy press. a good copy. 13 bayts. The author of the Atishkadah p. 12 bayts. a Layla 6 Majniin II. 80 pp. Beginning Lithographed. written in 970. Taqyy Kashy No. 112 pp. by Beginning Hilaly in 1344 verses. 12 bayts. Lucnow. 210. khanah. besides the Mathnawies No. Khan Uzbek. a mystical (P-) The King and Mathnawy. 1240. As. 176 pp. 12mo. 3 I 2 . but his enemies persuaded the Khan that he was a heretic. cf^& ^-r^ } ciV*3 . He made a Qacydah was two which was well received. Soc. 34. to be mentioned below. a good copy. and he put to death on this charge in 939. Khoshgii 60). Topkhanah.No. 913 991. Love for his native soil brought 427 him back to Herat. 207. HILARY.

(265) v^. among them some . . II. even among his own party. It is said that he He was in consequence ex- posed to that many persecutions. nay of being an adept of the black believed in metempsychosis.) It The Dywan Khosraw Hqjjat. When he had obtained a name he went to Egypt and was appointed Wazyr by the Khalyfah Mostancir. suspected of free-thinking.Lc| ji*lj Jff& j\ jlj )y He was apparently a man of very brilliant talents and all an original mind. ^<aii*yc ( jA . is He died in 481.428 PERSIAN POETRY. appears from more than one passage of his poems that he was of Khorasan (and not of Ispahan) and flourished under the Fa/imite Khalyfah Ma'add b. 'alyy Mostancir. and Some authors is buried in the cave in which he lived. and acquainted with tivated in his days.jjvLjJS ^y* of Nac^ire (P. and was one of the great champions of the Shy'ahs. . and finally he retired to Badakhshan and led the life of an ascetic taking a cave as his habitation. His biographers inform us he was a school-fellow of the philosopher Faryaby. Being himself descended from he mixed himself up in the religious and putes which then divided the political dis- Mo^ammadan world. say that he died in 431 Among his poems a Qa^ydah are in praise of 'imad aldyn Abu-1-Ma'aliy ruler of Badakhshan. and obtained a high office. subsequently he was compelled to take flight from Egypt to Baghdad. It is said that he left many works. but after a short time he was obliged to yield to persecution and he fled to Khorasan. His turn for philosophical speculations moreover made him. who succeeded in 427 and died in 487. the sciences cul'alyy. [CHAP. art.

266.) The Gardens of the Good. A copy of the it ls^jj is in the library of Leyden. according to DawlatIt shah.] hojjat. private collection. (266) ^Ul^. who had the takhallu9 of jfiTosayn. most of which on philosophy Bg. ^L*^ Topkhanah. . in a Persian translation into his it ^J LoIjjJI Sli^ Tadzkirah. see Dozy's Catalogus. being a Tarkyb-band. 28 pp. 23 lines. with Qacydahs on the margin by MotzafFar Hosayn. copied by b. and according to consists of Qac^ydahs Taqyy treat 20. written in 1037 . which Baharistan mentions a a y$ which is in prose Mathnawy. Jamy in his <uU^i* or Journal of Hojjat in which he gives an account of his travels to various countries (probably also to India) and of his disputations with learned men. who is (P. Taqyy Kashy has inserted a short memoir of his which has the title I*U£JI j!. 429 on the occult sciences. Mohammad Mo^ammad-baksh Mohammad Grhiyath Badakhshy. and called Shahyd. *>*>b a good copy 284 pp. was composed in 343 (443 ?). it is divided into several Maqalahs and treats on phi- losophical subjects.000 verses. fell martyr. Dawlat-shah mentions two works of i/ojjat — the <_^tWl is and the a^U ^fU&j. aIaH 'alyy b. a splendid copy. His Dywan has.**oo Beginning Ashub ^U* ^ ^ JU.000. this means that he either battle or in was unjustly put J**> to death. Another copy commences Mdty MaAall. and morals. 30.: No. by the copyist. He composed - towards the end of his : life. .

Abu-1-Hosayn Yiosayny of a (P.) Provision for Travellers by b. a very elegant copy in 16mo.) collected in 1145.^ an ^ f*^^' k[r° which the chapter on Ciifism. No. . a short preface. (268) ^l~^ UM-5 ^yUJlJl. J\yid *^i* Mathnawies. disciple of Baha aldyn Zakariya of Multan. II. Qacydahs. 'alim b. he went to Herat and found many disHe travelled much and was a friend of Aw^ady ciples. Amyr Kabyr aldyn //osayn village in Ghor. Beginning of Ghazals )j 4fl |t[^5 {*?+> £*£ \j fl/l f>i ** ii d0. the author of the e^UJ. Complete poetical works of ffosayny. v^yT (P. Contents : Beginning ^^ ^ ^ ^^^ Jj f}. chronograms. ^J »J^ Mdty MaAall. and a first devoted himself to Ciifism . and Fakhr aldyn 'iraqy. in 719 and according besides the to an- He left Zdd and Kan% -jy will be des- alrormh a »tjp)l *>*}> Dywan and several prose works as the cribed in and r b. where when he had attained to perfection in it. He he possessed considerable learning.: . of 13 lines. this is wrong. &c. Jamy Nafa^at. Ghazals 200 pp. 568. he died on the 16th Shawwal 718 . He may be identical with Hosayn-dost ilosayny (see pp. 430 (267) PERSIAN POETRY. Dawlatshah says he died other copy in 729. and was a great Cufy. says. [CHAP. 250 pp. for it appears that he composed this poem in 729. ^J^. 134 supra).

No. 1477. shape. pigeons. bow. of Shaykh Cadr aldyn Mohammad Zakariya and of the Amyr Kabyr Nur cal Allah Modhaji'ah. 103 pp. Soc. mots on the human form. 14 *S l^aU ^U* ^ ^r^ lines. a poem by After the praise of Myr Hosayny. about (270) ^U)| jlk* (P. abstinence. &c. \j^~) jt-id \S)j* \) l^J^Cj ^Jy 750 bayts. Soc. As.xL **& ft As. arrow. 86 pp. almosafiryn 431 The Zad tion of the may be considered as an imitaIt is Hadyqah of Sanay. and of Shihab God and his prophet. the poet proceeds to give a mysti- explanation of the religious duties of the Islam. ^U^U Jj 164 pp. 14 much injured Top- khanah. 1048. new moon. Beginning Ma/iall. 270.*& Jl lines.) Treasury of Mysteries. No. fire. 12 bayts. aldyn Sohrawardy. warm bath. . shadow. mirror. flowers. IjiW. J. night.] HOSAYNY. \\ j>j+ \^s\ . divided 47 chapters ^Ai and contains descriptions of and bonwine. divided into eight life. this copy begins: jy ^j) y Jjl ^1 (269) j J\yS r (P. 12mo. sword. Bg. &c. by Hosayn Hosayny Tabsy. autumn. of Shihab aldyn Zakariya. Tdpkhanah. No.. of mystical love. Moty 'yd. » chapters *Aa<« containing the rules of ascetic inter- spersed with apologues and legends of saints u»« *» Beginning tul^i b jjjo *£Ail jjJu? aS *. 45 pp. 12mo. of 34 bayts.) A into collection of descriptive poems and verses from It is various poets.

10 bayts. written by 'alyy Basity. (271) U J\y>* (P. Taqyy Kashy No.) The Dywan of Sayyid Imtiyaz Khan Humd. As. a son of Mo'tamid Khan and a brother of Sayyid A^mad Khan Dhamyr.) The Book of the East. a Mathnawy by Mohammad Ibn Hosam of Khwaf in Qohistan. a splendid copy but containing mere extracts. and was able to write Arabic as well as Persian poetry. where he had a powerful friend and he died there in 902 (Sam No. (272) g^g* The Dywan of Amyr Humayiin of life uy U (P. It contains merely Ghazals. 25 pp. (273) (Uc- ^\ Mf**a> 4*15 jjlL (P. II. No. 23.432 PEllSIAN POETRY. 15 bayts . about 60 pp. Beginning Tdpkhanah. He was a very pious man and possessed so great that ciple of considerable learning. He went early in to Tabryz. A'tishh p. who called him the second Khosraw ^-Vj^ i/ "^ after the death of his patrons he came to a place in the neighbourhood of Kashan. 94). and was supported by the Qadhiy 'ysa and SuUan Ya'qub. 238. 153. He was a dis- Cadr aldyn of his spent much Mohammad Rawwasy 'okashy and time in solitude. 4 Contents : Ghazals. He died in 875 . His piety was some consider him a saint. 13 bayts. 80 pp.) Isfarayin. [CHAP. Soc. Beginning )J^> * J^ ^^ i-r*^ <**' iita jfr p* S»f**«*i Tdpkhanah.

Ibn e. This epic poem 'alyy. 1311 (incom- and 1325. Bahman and Shah Tahmasp. a splendid copy : As. Taqyy Kashy it though not founded on history. i. 4U0 *luo . the son of Yamyn He was and it of a wealthy Tatar family and exceedingly liberal charitable. Beginning y/.> Moty plete). No. and left panegyrics on the Sarabdar (or Sarabdal) princes and some Ghazals. 19 bayts.££. he his takhalluc. he is was therefore generally respected. same metre and rhyme. il f&" ^UiXfj &*U ^xxmks^ Ma^all.K-* . of 119). (274) ^ poetical is ^1 e^Uf (P.) The complete works of the Ma/miud b. 828 pp. flo. 1316. He died in his native town in 745. a splendid copy Ibidem JSos. Soc. is defined to be a poem consisting of several Mafla'. whereas Qi^'ahs contain 3 K .. and a collection of Ghazals (Dawlat-shah.] IBX YAMYN. but without a it is Qacydah or a Ghazal. 3 Taqyy Kashy No. Amyr Yamyn aldyn Faryumad. many of his Qi/'ah poems however were or Moqa#a'ah verses of the If it lost 743 in war. contains an account of the wars of the wars of says. has considerable poetical merit. 274. 433 and left a Dywan of Qacydahs containing about 4000 7. It may be added that most Qacydahs are panegyrics and has a Ma/la' either a most Ghazals are erotic poems. ±s^±. this copy begins *j±* c>^ «*jjl*£. but by him in it is parti- cularly his Qi^'ahs which are celebrated. verses. 31 bayts. which is Amyr Fakhr aldyn Mohammad Mostawfiy of Yamyn. three days journey from Sabzwar. but he refused to accept it. No. it is &c. 540 pp. generally known by aldyn. and said that repeatedly the governorship of some province of Khorasan was offered to him.

434 PERSIAN POETRY. yet many are panegyrics. X> u'^*^? «* *tt ^1*3 ]So. M. about 200 pp. He stood in high favor with the prince Nacyr aldyn Sultan Khalyl. 15 bayts.) 'icmat Allah The Dywan Khwajah Fakhr aldyn Ifmat of Bokhara. more frequently moral reflexions. in the same collection there are fullest Dywan of Ibn Yamyn. . 1134. Beginning y^ ^-•ja^' Ibn ^ The into Qitf'ahs of Tamyn have been very elegantly translated German. of 14 bayts. &c. and his ancestors were settled at Bokhara. It . He died at an advanced age in 829. Ibn Jemin's Bruchstiicke aus dem Persischen von Baron O. and he used in his honor in some of his Qacydahs the takhalIU9 of Nacjry. Tarjy'bands. von Schlechta-Wssehrd. 'icmat received a good education and was well informed even in history and mathematics. Soc. Selections from Ibn Yamyn. His father Khwajah Mas'ud was one of the most distinguished men of that city and a good poet. <3^ e»/ \j **** ^jl^^^l In other shorter begin : copies. II. of which are panegyrics. Rubays and Bg. A4JL7* ^iUJI tijoh jXii ^JJ) j^I Qacydahs. a splendid old copy three copies of the . (Ilahy Taqyy Kashy No. aJU it is dated 753. (275) c^^ tf]#> of (P. the first 13 Ghazals are omitted. . As. Beginning o ifc JW ^/^^ )& **id ±s) Qifahs about 250 pp. 7). [CHAP. 20pp. 76 Dawlat-shah 5. a son of Myran-shah. containing Beginning k*> ] G-hazals. Bg. 1852. Contents : A preface all l by one of his friends. they U y p*> l* j J^i^ JU^ ^^j e^[3' I. written in 1055. Tdpkhanah. He was descended from 'alyy. Vienna. the l&! )&& copy has about 300 pp.

j %Jjl £&6j us-l ^ Mdty in 1030. 48. 5.) The Qacydahs He was in the his Myrza 'atzymay Iksyr of Ispahan. Qacydahs. U ly ^ ^*>j Ulugh Beg. Mo'ammas. service of 'umdat almulk Ac^af-jah and In Cafdar-jang. beautifully written by Myrak Bokhary (276) y?£\ ojU? of (P.) The Dywan friend of Myr Ilahy. 47. (277) ^«Jl of $& and of (P. Beginning of preface : CLg«» >4* Yj^j** i/***& iffy"* : Beginning of Qacydahs . a son of i/ojjat aldyn of Sa'dabad near Hamadan. Dawlat-shah. 43. and died under Nawab is for Siraj aldawlah. &c. Dywan and p. he was a contemporary and Taqyy AwAady 3 (see p. small 4to. of 17 lines. 13 pp. MaAall. Ruba'ys. I the latest bd.000 verses (Taqyy Kashy No. 15 bayts. 51. Beginning aiillail J&* : . are chronograms for 1140.No. &c. &c. a splendid copy. Sultan Ibrahym.l**Jj ^j^ *y<<3 djfjj Moty MaAall 326 pp. Uabyb Contents : Qac/ydahs and Qi/'ahs in praise of Suttan Khalyl. which observed * 1157. 53. {Anys alahib- 162 supra). 435 Khoshgii said that he imitated chiefly Myr Khosraw. 6. sSi) ^JU) ^JUJ Ulj p£ ^jt>j M Ghazals about 200 pp. and at the end a few Qi/ahs.] is iksyr. 277. says that his Dywan comprises about 20. alsiyar). . about 400 pp. 95) Mohammad K 2 . 106. j/*. : Contents a short preface in prose.

but Talib places his death Siraj in 1060 and 1064. -** {#jV~» *^M f**^ (^t^' f the commencement and end are wanting. Beginning U ^j»dj\ yjj* ^^1^) \) l^-^a Qacydahs. and when he had completed his studies at Shyraz . He is probably identical with the poet Malul. whose takhallu^ 'imad. about pp. Beginning fc&Ui) ^#j£ ^V^J \j* &* FaraA-bakhsh. and ^^ ^ the last pages much injured. to be mentioned lower down. He was a native of Kirman. 8vo. a very carefully written copy. Contents : Qacydahs and Ghazals are mixed. 500 Last verses rhyming in alif. 14 bayts. The Dywan contains a chronogram for 1052 and according to a chronogram on his death by Ghanyy he in died the same year. and some Ruba'ys^ Beginning Private collection. (279) <h*> oU c^UT is (P. Contents: Ghazals. [CHAP. of 15 bayts. who came to India under Akbar 66 supra). The author of the Hame(see p. 48 pp. and they are not throughout alphabetically arranged. 26 pp. PERSIAN POETRY.436 J&n Qodsy. 13 lines. shah Bahar confounds him with the Hakym Masy^ alzaman Ilahy. II.) Complete poetical works of the Khwajah 'imad aldyn Faqyh.) The Dywan of Ilham. 160 pp. A Mathnawy in praise of Shahjahan. (278) r Wl vbtfi (P.

but Taqyy Kashy and Sir G. the translator of the 'awarif alma'arif into the mysteries of Ciifism. To this circumstance refers the verse of Hafitz. 65 pp.No. During the reign of Mohammad Motzaffar a who died in 741 and Shah Shuja. I I Bg. the inhabitants brought the sick to them by disciples his breath and prayers. ^1 Most authors place his death in 773. The Torch is of Guidance. &c. verses. 160 pp. l£^^»I ^Isr* g** J^j^fH v^^-y* (Jj o l^^. it is divided into ten chapters uA* and each of them sections J-a* subdivided into ten -|- composed in A. 66 pp. who used %jc to say prayers with him. )j* a Math- nawy. and a few Ruba'ys.. The former of ay* jUi t>Ac kij. i *t-H Beginning 3.*& 2. H. Khidhr. 716 34 = 750. Contents: h)^) —U-a*. Ghazals. that instead of paying a fee to a physician. tS -tio ^j-tjti* y^K 1st ^Ls^i i^}x$ these two authors has seen a Dywan of about 8000 1. Ouseley p. and the second contains visions of the poet in which the prophet. Wazyr Shams aldyn. £& J$ y ^kc j] m&j* j]/iHu~*y Companion of the Righteous. Among numerous was a cat. JJ ^ (& ^J^^ W ' 'B&-J*jM'j*Ji 4.] he proceeded after a 'IMAD FAQYH. and episodes from his own *fc life : he composed this poem in 766. and the fame of his sanctity was him that he might cure his so great. 279. visit to his 437 to home Yazd. 195 have 793. in two cantos *JU*. . 18 bayts. ^^ $ J" 1 if^J lis*** ) J^flAAA jX* ijH ft) M)r$- >* ijif) *+** cjUia^ Occasional poems. with a view of being initiated by 'izz aldyn Ma/zmud Ka- shany. he founded Khanqah in Kirman. most of them are panegyrics on Sul/an Shah Shuja'. the first is mystical. appeared to him. a mystical Mathnawy. near 200 pp.

7. IE Rokn aldyn 'amyd x almulk. incomplete. Beginning Topkhanah. (281) Strange Stories. the name is a chronogram. &c. ] ' Bg. in eight chapters 4^ composed in 722. divided into ten cantos aJU*. a good copy. &c. A*U^)I lS>U& l_»£*. 116 supra). It begins after a short preface in prose. written in 997. 48 pp.438 PERSIAN POETRY. 337. but some pages wanting MaAall.634 verses by 'imad. [CHAP. Soc. a*U \j^xs^ A poem on mystical love. Beginning *a & v^3 ^ J^' y^:< o£*<** ^1 5. Mdty (280) ^1 <jU Li*U> C+d? (P. 34 bayts.) of 1. *^U «•) A Mathnawy divided into ten Epistles 5 L>«jl A/eUj. a Mathnawy composed in 1075. VJ^a«j) Beginning Ajo . 40 pp. 53 pp. composed in 731. was a native of India (see p. Queen Radhyyat aldyn.) The Nosegay. <^~)j\ JteV 6. a oUjUVl £>j Mathnawy a chronogram for 1037. No. who as he informs us. Fa#i Allah Yazdy. J)* )jt&>j J*3 L£**»jjl (3-V ** ^'^^/•^ ^b ^^U> *»U u^xs" The Book of Love. by imad aldyn Mohammad. The title is Contents a preface in prose. As.Sx' A&I <t«l> addressed to the king. 18 pp. Qadhiy 'alyy Yazdy. Mathnawy divided f into I eight chapters ^V <j*^c &** t ^jJM*»* c^a** <^y . : (P.

distinction be founded. (282) igcU 0J£4 if ( p -) Dywan of 'imad aldyn 'imady.) The Dywan Abu 'abd Allah b. 283. tinct poets. . 14 lines. and therefore resided at Shahryar not he far is called Ghaznawy. It is said that 'imady was born at Ghaznah. Mohammad 'abd Allah) Mo/zammad (or Abii Abii Bakr 'othman Imdmy. who. (283) ^*U1 yyji of (P. he is identical with the 'imad aldawlah mentioned in the Shyraz-namah. the panegyrist of 'imad aldyn Daylamy. the former of whom flourished at the time If the of MaAmud. . this Dywan must be ascribed to 'imady Ghaznawy. 439 Mdty MaAall. 108 pp. This Dywan consists of Qacy- Moty Ma^all.No. and he has therefore also the patronymic Some authors however maintain that 'imady Ghaznawy and 'imady Shahryary were two disof Shahryary. This question has been dis- cussed at some length by the author of the Haft Iqlym. copied in 1075. and the latter under the Seljiiqians. because the verses quoted by 'awfy of that poet are found in it. the latter places the death of 'imady Shahryary in 573. and he from Ray. of 44 bayts. died in 333.] 'ima'dy. another copy has 40 pp. Khoshgu and Taqyy Kashy dahs or panegyrics.

about 200 pp. The poems Dywan. In India he composed some very beautiful elegies exAfter twenty- pressive of his love for his native country. (284) ^ aj*» (P. U£l £*\* ^yxi d U ^ Bo-. and teen years of age he when he was sevenbecame a pupil of the celebrated Ciify Shihab aldyn Sohrawardy. Mohammad Qunyawy. and 'araby with him. that he turned a wandering qalandar and went to India. [CHAP. in this It contains Qacydahs. a he studied the Focuc of Ibn this Whilst he read work called Lam (it oW (sparks or He . At his Multan he met Baha aldyn Zakariya who gave him daughter in marriage. five years' residence in India. but spent the greater part of his life in and Ispahan. Soc.440 PERSIAN POETRY. and at the end are 5 pp. Jd As. of the Cufy poet Fakhr aldyn Ibrahym In his early years he Shahryar 'irdqy of Hamadan. II. 413. He died in 686 or 674. He possessed much learning. a splendid copy. and who on his death-bed declared him as his successor and as the spiritual guide of his flock.) The Dywan b. "No. 4to. whom in the opinion of some critics. of 12 verses. being obliged to give way to the jealousy of some of the followers of Baha aldyn. of Ruba'ys. and was a contemporary of Sa'dy. he performed the pilgrimage to Makkah and went ?) thence to Aleppo and Rum (Iconium where he met Cadr aldyn book he composed inspirations). Ghazals. he surpassed in the Qacydah. which he had given to his spiritual guide. learned the whole Qoran by heart. He was Kirman of Herat. 1 not alphabetically arranged. He repented so much a hasty answer.

* ^ifi »*"" y . 286. 820.) J3j* <_LjuJ *objf The Exploits of 'alyy Mardan Shah. Mohammad Jan (285) 'irfdn of Khorasan. not certain whether he is identical with the author of the above Math- nawy. In the Moty Ma^all is a copy (possibly an autograph) of the Dywan of 'irfan. also No. Ax> : \i) - ly/oli dub aS Topkhanah. it is however. 441 poets. Bg.: . the l^ls^I Jk£. of 18 bayts.j ^ ^j* but it is badly written. pp. He : died in 686 or 688 : Dawlat-shah places his death in 709. No. by Mohammad Ridha b. 80 pp. it is more likely that he is identical with 'abd Allah 'irfan see p. the Amyr al-omara of Shahjahan. a fine old copy. to the was given.) Jlfo &\f* The Dywan of Shaykh Mohammad Wajyh 'ishqy. Beginning er^V ^iy*-j>) to be cJ^V &^ *>H As. Beginning ^. ^1 poem begins ^Ija. a son of Gholam ii/osayn Mojrim of Patna. ^jb e>'^ &&\ j&» *J* &^JJ ^'^ ufa *?J* (P. Beninning of Qacydahs (P. The Dywan contains Qacydahs 42 ." { It contains a Mathnawy and some »i*-! «-**fj Grhazals. He was for 3 L (286) . bearing the title of A* U y^p by "'iraqy who is known by the name of Fakhr aldyn.] 'irfa'n. and a few Ruba'ys andFards. Contents Qacydahs and Ghazals not alphabetically- arranged. 113 supra.i *~*0^ 3'j In the Topkhanah is a MS. 13 lines Buba'ys 14 pp. 230 pp. No. After a short preface in prose. even more than other Persian disgusting crimes of which they boast in their compositions. of 17 lines Ghazals 156 pp. 350 pp. 14 bayts. this copy seems much fuller. Soc. of 30 bayts. 1132.

at the end. Beginning As. and died shortly after.) Contents : Ghazals. II. . Soc. but his eye-sight to Dacca he was : still alive was much impaired {Nastare ishq and supra p. completed in the 24th year of Mohammad Shah (A. 14 bayts. Beginning Beginning A Saqiy-namah. 9 bayts and 27 Ruba'ys. Qacydahs in praise of Shuja aldawlah 37 pp. Contents: Ghazals 266 pp. runs: lfM«*. H. (287) J&* yij* of 'ishqy. It (P. ten years Ta/jsyldar under the English government at Kharwar. No. the initial verse of not found in the j* Dywan of the As. 80 pp. 1 83. Collection of Mawlawy Mo/*amraad "Wajyh.) The Dywan lected his in 1 1 Myrza 'alyy Ridha 'ishrat. of 13 bayts. from which. 705.j^f« o' •**«** && J*> <_$' ^J (288) ci^* of ^y* (P.) The Dywan contains 216 pp. Ruba'ys and a short Mathnawy. Soc. containing Ghazals. 1154) this may be the year in which the author collected his poems. of 12 lines. and In the Topkhanah a Dywan it of Shah Abu-1-Barakat 'ishqy. 50 pp. under the head &+^*> "conclusion" are five verses. who colpoems into a Dywan. under Mohammad Shah 60. this book contains merely extracts from the Kullyyat of this poet.4 12 PEESIAX POETRY. we learn that the Dywan was . [CHAP. subsequently he came in 1224. but in the last of these verses therefore is it we are told that Shaykh Burhan may also be the date of the copy. it is is the copyist.

p. Shyr Khan Lody p.] jabaly. and they are of opinion that he has received a good education. and he was descended from a family of According to the general opinion his early education was much neglected. of Pers. 108). which means mountaineer Sayyids. 37 . 289. translated the Persian. Biogr.No. Ouseley. Walih says that he left about 8000 verses of which he had seen 1000. (289) JuL j-l^l o** oSUi (P. Taqyy Kashy No. From his native mountains he came to Herat. 'abd al-Hamiy ('abd Jabaly Sul^any. of Jabaly. is the same prince to for whom Sanayiy dedicated his aldyn Nacyr Allah. 17. the latter copy does not contain the S&qiy-namah. Some of his biographers to such however contend that he could not have attained excellency in poetry if this had been the case.) The Qa9ydahs al-Jami' ?) of 'abd al-Wasi' b. When He his praise Taqyy Kashy has seen 6000 verses died in 555 or 543. He was born in the moun- tains of Ghurjastan hence his takhallu^. 3. #adyqah and lylah whom Hamyd a pupil of Abii-l-MaAamid Ghaznawy into Kain SuMan wa Damnah from Arabic Sinjar took Ghaznyn Jabaly composed poems and was fourteen years in his service. and 10. . Dawlat-shah His poetry is difficult to therefore considered very beautiful 2. where he proceeded to applied himself to study and thence he Ghaznah. fawfy 2. 443 M6ty Ma/iall and Tdpkhanah. This He found a patron in Bahrain Shah. understand. who succeeded to the throne of Ghaznah in 512 and died 543. . Not. poets 3 L 2 .

120 pp. in praise of Acaf aldawlah. of 10 bayts. . 065 and dedicated it to Shahjahan. he composed it in 1 Beginning J td/ Ui*. I M aw ^U r *l£ u^U> i <} ai* *JliJ| (292) ^jly ^ ^J^ ojU* (P. Soc. who was a soldier by profession. 929. Beginning IdUh. It has the following postscript &&> ^i : probably for the author.) A Mathnawy by Ja'far. of 13 bayts. No.*U> \j As. tyf. copied in 1243. of 15 bayts. 15 bayts.— 444 PERSIAN POETRY. a beautiful copy written in 1192. {Khdfiy P) Beginning Topkhanah. Id*.) Qacydahs of Jagat Narayan.M. 64 pp. and begin As. . IL His Qacydahs are not alphabetically arranged. 73. who died in 1212. 150 pp. j^la* Moty Ma7*all. about 360 pp. !ok J *j/ \tih\ I***. (290) J**> igj#A (P. j. Soc. [CHAP. (291) ^^^ViWt (P ) The Story of the four Darwyshes by Myr Abu-1-Hasan Khan Jdjiy. No.i) LSI* j CXJU v£JJU ** j> Jj y ^U.

who was a disciple 'alam. 'alyy. . No.) (293) J^U He £. Sayyid A/*mad. Ridha. of Sayyide 'alam Mohammad Jalal.— No. Imam pp. Makhdum AArar. settled Mohammad in Gujrat. 25 bayts. Beginning of Ghazals As. Soc. or informs us in a Qitf'ah that he was a native of A/imadabad and that his father and spiritual guide was Myr Sayyid Jalal b. Ghazals 94 Ruba ys 23 pp. 25 pp. A^mad. Sayyid 'abd Allah. Topkhanah. Taqyy.] jala'ly. 445 (P. f 294) J-iJl 6ac Ul^ »& *+=* £<* al-Jalyl in praise of ( P -) A Mathnawy by 'abd Shah Mohammad —succeeded in 1131 — in which he describes the fireworks and other festivities of the emperor. Hasan. Ja'far. 295. (295) ^Jl jU* cl^ of Jamal aldyn (P. of Sayyid Khan 'abd al Ghafur.) of Ispahan. Sayyid Mohammad Raju. of 14 bayts. a The Dywan Mohammad son of 'abd al-Razzaq and the father of the poet Kamal . Jalal aldyn A^mad. Naqyy. a descendant and follower of Shahe 'alam JZabyb. Shahe Sayyid Burhan who Nacir aldyn Mo/*ammady. Sayyid Kabyr aldyn Ahmad. his entire spiritual genealogy is recorded in a Qacydah he was a disciple of his : father. a fine copy. Contents: Qacydahs 7 pp.$£ The Dywan Jaldly. 'alyy and Jalal settled in India. 531. Mohammad and Ja'far. who Sayyid Ma^mud.

165. Qacydahs alphabetically arranged. ^-c.: 4 446 aldyn. as will book or the date of his demise must be appear by comparing the above dates. ^J> \j^xx^ A*. places the death of the author of this work in 922. p. . 66 pp. has a separate The last t&t&j. 3). and says that ^* jj/*^ is a chronogram for is it but this gives 925. 868. 48 supra either is not identical with the author of this incorrect. The book divided into several parts.^!j> (296) fc^-jJl ** JJH CrL^ Jamdly of Dilly. 29 It consists of . PERSIAN POETRY. of his Qacydahs are encomiums on them. He Ispahan in 588 (Taqyy Kashy No. The Jamaly mentioned in p. and each part title. E. fe& ( P -) Explanation of the verities of the history of the prophet by Fadhl Allah of the He was a pupil Shaykh Sama Allah who. a short distance S. His tomb. The author of the A'thdr alcanddyd. The date of the composi' ^^ ^^V rJ* -1^1 J aA> 9 tion of the first part. first is entitled and the seventh and JbfcWJ eJu*«. II. He flourished under the Cayid dynasty and most died at 3. to 'abd al- Haqq. is contained in the follow- ing line . {£j part yxJ>jJ) ^^UJI p. \A \j Bg. He was is deeply versed in Ciifism and little consi- dered as a saint. according died in 901 . he made the acquaintance of in 898) at Herat and wrote an account Jamy (who died of his own travels is &*\jjk~. of the Ko/ob minar. [CHAP. *. 44 bayts. Dawlat-shah. eleven miles from Dilly. ci?^i ^ ^JtSjM* j^x* Mdty MaAall. at an advanced age. Jamaly was a great traveller. a very elegant building of white marble.

which has the to the work. copy. For a full account of his refer to Rosenzweig's Biogra- phische Notizen iiber Vienna. of 15 lines. a splendid SharA al-wacilyn. 297. about 60 pp. 632 about 400 pp. The first part begins The Shar^ As. alwacilyn begins first part. written in the same hand. * c^j^-^l Alf)jo£ *t*-|^. in 81 7. at the end are Kuba'ys. No. and some explanations illustrations and then follow his which are chiefly legends in verses. it ends with the words ^^1 cjli£Jlf3 p*i*> ^sik^J] JyM $S&&± title After this follows a short Mathof nawy. 1285. 1840. Soc.] ja'my. No.xas j * c£^<Jo* cU^- **MJ*j* * ^J^i ^[r^- JlXxo ^ ^i^ aILm. but in a different shape. of usually gives one or two tradi- tions with a Persian translation. Soc. of 15 bayts. Taqyy Kashy gives the following list of many of which will be described in their places.— : No.l-*-*^* . 27 pp. and died in 898. vr^ 1 J&° an<l probably belongs Beginning *-»Uif gfjjjj* ***£ t^«.) Complete minor poems of Niir aldyn 'abd al-Ra/fcman Jdmy. As. Mewlana Abdurrahman Dschami. (297) ^U c^Uf He was born at Jam life I (P. The readings between parentheses are taken from Ilahy. his works. &c. • ^Sy-yo ej^^v L-^^"* ^Jfcd^o ^. mystical view of the 447 life The work contains a Mohammad. about 400 pp. The author in prose.

II. 567. Youth . 4. Contents three 1 the minor poems of Jamy are divided into title Dywans.. loco cit. the fair copy of %)J> Jamy made in 896. des. f ^jJ* W~l J^l *&»J\ <j*^ *^ f"i . Beginning &&&* 2. • St. at the end are a few Ruba'ys.000 bayts. when he was going on )ji*\ for seventy. : 448 PERSIAN POETRY. 372.. de contains logogriphs extracted from the j^kJ) JI^ of Sharaf aldyn 'alyy Yazdy who died in 850.i ^o * uy*&»i Allay ^ ^ ^u ^^ Ux/o^ *«-o'j ^sr^ g)j j\^\ Zas? j*Jtf ^ ^jy # AAil* *aX~j * (^©. Beginning &*) j\ J^^j {<&*- fi^ *4»J . Von Rosenzweig and Dorn. Beginning 3. "The Centre of the Necklace/' This Dy wan it contains 1 0. of 19 lines. } >c tSLmj. )ik«.614.. On the J>W) hi*. [CHAP. give us very valu- able details regarding the above works. and about 170 Ruba'ys and a few Tarjy'bands. it de la Bib I. p. and the former author mentions in addition kjU>) (see flajy Khalyfah. Cat. and the author collected in 884. each of which has a separate i-Xxti I Ls^ii " Beginningof . fills »4r&[/£I y*- ^^ it ^ijt * #J\ LoJU. "Conclusion of Life. No.e "fcJL^ * A^laJ^o ^JUwj Ilahy adds to this ^^ai/e Sj^j « jjuai list : * o^^) ^s* % **&~j * fUJU ^ -Aj ^l& * jW| iula." it contains Qacy- dahs 90 pp..) is>Udfl : ^JJ^and e*!/> £ytt. No. see i/ajy Khal. ^-OU la&fjj u-i^ (^/"^ ^^1 ^tf vj!^ ^ j. and Dorn's Petersb. «ji*. MSS. Imp." y This Dywan 134 pp. of 19 bayts Ghazals 276 pp.

of Jalal aldyn Rumy. must be deducted. the Haft Paykar of Nitzamy. J<^1 o*4iO^Uy>^IS Aa-»a 2.] Two ja'my. : afkte first J^i e/ book £l^*. MS. (298) ^«cU dSjjl o*a (P. ^U^lr Ju}/> C^Akl ^Ullc ij\j cj*)Uj ^1 Edited by F.) The Constellation of the two Bears. and the Jame Jam of Aw^ady. 38 bayts. London. which are long and numerous. { viz. copies are not frequent. (jr^£ jM ^ j^IaU l-t! *j [y ?^ j\j* $' (3^ c **\**i j> \%£ *•> j***j Third book. — No. of seven Mathnawies of Jamy. of 38 Bg.. of 38 bayts. J^t in i£~«o »& jvJ ^-6-a* J^jl ^ J^^. it is in the same mea- sure as the fiadyqah of Sanay. is the same measure as the Manriq attayr of 'a#ar. It is in the measure of the Makhzan alasrar of Nitzamy. 38 bayts. viz. fills This poem is divided into three books. and the Mathnawy J<&. vJJuu Ji Jjj Beginning ftyWj The second book has 28 pp. c^H^U ^Z*-^ iJ***** It is divided into and it was composed in 886. but the chapter-heads. Falconer. Dywans 449 are in the or three very beautiful copies of these : Moty MaAall every Dy wan has a short preface in prose. 80 pp. ] viz. Bg. 1850. of 50 bayts. they are : t^ft^l &Ld*» Catena aurea. The Adventures it of Salaman and Absal 34 pp. 3. The 106 pp. 36 pp. making upwards of 4000 lines. : &MJ e/**^ J>^'«->!j Bg. 2 cantos *JU^ 3 3M . 298. Jj±>y\ £**\ Present to the Free. each separate This is the name Mathnawy has a name also the title 1 and the last five of them together have of ^<*V ^u*^. lines.

one It is of the most correct and beautiful Persian MSS. copy which was it is written by Myr 'imad (on whom see p. ^Jj) The Loves It is viz. 1412. a fine copy written in 981. *—'^yl 5. Arabic poets. in the { measure of Nitzamy's > /C - Khosraw Shyryn. 1849. It is in the metre of the To/jfat al'ira- . Edited ^yi . 1848. Lithographed Calcutta. 50 bayts. glosses on the margin of this poem. and they were subsequently at his request copied out by Shah. Lithographed at Calcutta 1818. Bg. 4to. 1809. Lithographed Lucnow. 63 pp. ^Ui.<j^ wo j«^ A j 6. 89 supra) in 1007. I have a AAmad A^mad and Qabul MS. &* 241 pp. 1818. Calcutta. with a German translation by Von Rosenzweig. 86 pp. Falconer. : of Yiisof and Zalykha. u>y^* y^y The Story of the two Bedouin Lovers Lay la and Majniin this story has first been handled by .450 Beginning **J* PERSIAN POETRY. 1811. In some copies ^jiyUJi a short preface. 13 Beginning Mo/jammad Sajid Qadiry a son of Faydh Mohammad of Jhan- janah wrote in 1157. II. London. ^-^yi ^i *<»> Printed at Calcutta. **±J\ ^-^J) Mp** Soc. a school-book in India and therefore MS. 1265. 1824. d^lf Jy** >*Jb 3) j) ^ J^ J^ ^ ^UX c { e - dj^) W* ^1 Printed at Vienna. cantos measure of the Noh Sipehr of Myr viz. copies are innumerable. &\y+y* <-f^ c^^st [CHAP. Falconer. 1244. Published by F. )\j)\ MS. As. by F. London. c$ Beginning A^s^ (J^jo^y ^j^. . Topkhanah 220 pp. in existence. of v^ £>£ which comprises the been printed at Calcutta in 1240 and 1264. No. 4. of Hansy. 1262. ^^Ui u/*?f kJ^ is an(^ *s divided into three tile. of it MoAammad who added under the title after his death a preface p and made a separate work text and has 4to. hs*» The Rosary of the Righteous. Beginning *)<&>) ^u^j) 4to. of It is in the 50 bayts. Khosraw. 4to. A commentary al-~Wasi' on Yusof ii Zalykha has been written by 'abd lines. edited by Qudrat with useful notes.

Leipz. ja'my. each 208. are two very fine copies of the seven poems. His name occurs in the following verse JUU ^) Bg. says that the poem has a short Zenker in his JBibliotJieca Orient. Nos. beautifully written in 983 As. 659. (299) -J^jJI tfi Cities. 299. Bostan. Orient. volume. viz. there collection copy of the Khamsah in the same which was written in 921. 381 and copies.y r U cJ. preface in prose. 788.^ MaAall. Moty ^ ^. viz. The poet informs and that it poem in 889. 463. 985. 1811. c$*^ oUtf it or "oauvres completes de 4to.] qayn. Soc. W^I O. 98 pp. In complete In the As.: No. (P. the former was written by Jamal aldyn. U yjij . Paris. 451 us that ^^ J^*^*. and into by Hartmann. ^jAsU <uli ^ (See Zenker's Bill. i£~*\j* tfM>£> J^* is J^ all c^~y ^V J) JU* ^1 it A beautiful copy of these seven also a poems is in the Moty MaAall. and of the Sikandar-namah. 1808. Djami" have quotes the been printed at Calcutta. is He from which appears that the book which he alludes to the Eoq'ate Jamy to be mentioned hereafter. has 3860 Beginning Beginning (or ^Icub^*- ) ^jJJjj** ^ y t_A^ ^1 German of Alexander Translated into French by Chezy. in one postscript. 55.) The Wisdom Book 55 pp. 50 bayts. ^Jy *> he completed the verses. Bg. 7. I Soc. : Shah-namah and J^** ^Jj** ^yd ^Jy*.) Conquest of the two Holy nah. Leipz.j~5 **Jb iz^sij ^s) . Nos.. p. of 15 bayts. was written in 955. ! Jii J> *~^ jy ^ J1U ^ )j ^J) . 1808. 1846. Some copies begin y ^Slf &> i2^i*<£ 3 M 2 . a Makkah and Mady- poem in which these two holy places and the ceremonies of the pilgrimage are described by Jamy. It is in the measure of the Firaq-namah of Salman.

No. 346.) Dastoor-i-ishk. II. Specimen Beginning of (JH^ J^Wlj ^a Moty MaAall. [CHAP. (301) $tmjj+3 poem by Lallah Jentperkass. No. 44 pp. (P. and that it contains upwards of 6016 It consists of anecdotes v_?^ which are headed ***& <S^<* \J*"ji J-*-^ Beginning j£ ^^ ^i[. 17 lines. 17 bayts. in prose *#) j-*^ (P. have never had an opportunity of seeing this book.) Desirable Amusement.: 452 PERSIAN POETRY. by Jonuny. .) Theosophistic Tetrastiches with a commentary thereon and a short preface preface by Jamy. As. at the end are added . in 1100. dedicated to z£b. In the conclusion he informs us that he composed the poem verses. Awrang- of the poet and of the emperor occur in this verse. copied in 1123. Sa'd aldyn Kashghary 828. a fine copy. 62 pp. a Persian 8vo. 392 pp. M ^s" As. or the Loves of Sussee and Panoon. Soc. (300) c^UjjCj2. (302) L*y* The names *-*#»*> OT 1 *MJ (P. Calcutta. 9 lines. I 1812. some sayings of Jamy's Pyr. Soc.

Beginning As. the chronogram on jy'sj* born in Kashmyr. 453 (303) U^ ^Alf (P. He was by origin a Persian but was He died in 1118.) of The Dywan jahan. Beginning Moty MaAall. one in Kashmyr. 329 pp. as for instance Molla Sa/i'y. ^* \J M Vm 1 1 j^. Jp#IJ Jiti *)jJ j£\ 3j»* <Sy» ^t) pp. (304) {&&}&* of (P. 304. \j Bg. 8 bayts . Beginning Wn \J>£ . Shah-jahan. 90. his death is {J sMJ Arzii says that most poets of rished in the Kashmyr who floucommencement of the 12th century were Qac^ydahs in praise bayts. Ruba ys 38 praise of and short Mathnawies. &c. 116 supra). (see pp. . Contents Qacydahs in praise of God. 600 and 1079. 10 bayts.) Complete poetical works of Myrza Darab Beg Juyd. ^ ) c3jo«I *tX>iUi . M6ty Ma^all. one written in 1093 . 236 pp. the principal court poet >)jx£J\ dXU and panegyrist of Shah- He : died in 1061. Abu TTalib Kalym Hamadan. 128. 17 bayts. several copies. &c. Soc. containing his Qacydahs as well as the Ghazals. Utf pupils of Jiiya. Contents of : a short preface in prose the Imams.No. 113. Nos. jul?^ Ghazals about 500 pp. containing merely the Ghazals ibidem 1442. tlj fi*-J) c/^' *^' 1 f *^ copied in 1128 Topkhanah. Ruba'ys 17 pp.] kalym. aUI 1 . . 151. Beginning ^jj^o^** ^Uo %)j j& &$ )j \j~$yt> Jj^t Ghazals.. God and 80 pp.

(305) ^lf xcl5 *UuaU Imperial Book. Bg. &c. a Dywan of about 16. Beginning A&»ldJ1 J^i jVEoty MaAall. to find 635 (some say 638) and verses.JUa4| J**«| jUr^^ (P. devoted therefore whole life to ascetic and considered a saint. y J1U. Fakhr b. and on his return he remained at . [CHAP. *5^ ) &£ Mdty MaAall. 17 lines my own collection bayts. exercises. being an poem on AJo the exploits of Shah-jahan.454 PERSIAN POETRY.) The Dywan of Kamal aldyn Isma'yl of Ispahan. and Shihab aldyn 'omar Sohrawardy was his spiritual guide. \j l^iUj . (307) ts**r* of cM i$& He is ( p -) The Dywan his Kamal aldyn Khojandy. by (P. He was tortured to death by the Moghols who expected hidden property in his house on the 2d Jumada left I. Nitzam aldyn. When a young man he made the pilgrimage to Makkah. Shihab aldyn.) epic The Kalym. ^1 748 pp. He was like his father a panegyrist of the Ca id family and owing to the novelty of ideas he is called Khallaq alma'aniy. 16 260 pp.& jf*. 445 supra) whom he surpassed. an old and correct copy. 710 pp. J^ -1 *£jJjdk£> of 21 bayts. (306) . He also occupied himself with Cufism. a son of Jamal (see p. J^ ^Slc ^Ac . and a few Ruba'ys. II. Dhiya AAmad Abu Bakr.000 Contents aldyn : Panegyrics in praise of his patrons.

19 bayts. who was a great admirer and patron of 803 some say he died was a contemporary of each other. most of which : consist like those of Salman of eight 404 verses. pp. H. poets. Jjtj diS *. see p. p. 308. 455 When that city was taken by Yuqtamish Khan he was carried away as a prisoner into the desert of Qipchaq. . 312 supra. Nos. but were not personally acquainted with In reference to the elder Kamal he has the following ruba y. his. (308) of which J^U^fli rhyme Ghazal £W first (P. The author of the Kholacah has seen about 10. in 792 jFZafitz. L-r j>J) FaraA-baksh. A Qacydah. on the margin of the Qaf-namah. all It consists of Ghazals letter in chiragh. A Contents Cent of Ghazals). 25 pp. then Ghazals. a splendid copy. of Ghazals fy* <aJ ^-J . they are not .S aj d T js* 1 \21s) ^^ «4i .J ^ uusWj MaAall As. Pers. and the of every verse of the first is alif. Sultan iifosayn a son of ceived him with great respect and built a Oways Khanqah re- for him. in and others in 808. 192 . but after four years he effected his escape and returned to Tabryz. ka'mil. Bland.000 verses of Kamal Khojandy (Ouseley. also several copies in the Moty Beginning of Qacydahs JUS Bg. Soc.] Tabryz. of the second b &c.No. Lithographed at Lucnow. 573. of 11 bayts Ruba'ys.) The Lamp Book by Kamil. &c. Qifahs. 448. alphabetically arranged. Kamal and they possessed each other's esteem. He : died during the reign of Sultan Myran-shah A.

l^uoJUa. After the Ruba'ys follow Qacydahs with a short introduction in prose. 788 (310) (i/^^J of (P-) The Ruba'ys Karym. 680. 18 bayts. MasyAay press. Beginning of this edition \j* J^ JU*> <s^±-> \*h~ s. AJU^^ Aj •) j ^--^i s« AjULom-o JLa-Luj f£j*CL* ** Moty MaAall. Karam. FaraA-bakhsh. about 300 pp. [CHAP. ^ ) Lithographed Lucnow.456 (309) PERSIAN POETRY. whether the Mathnawy and Qacydahs are by the same poet. pS^uJiAJuJ jjyd^. of 14 bayts '/i Qacydahs 28 pp. No. t Bg. composed in 1030. *U. and that he flourished under Qofobshah of the Deccan. II.«s A. on the margin title a Mathnawy by Akbar which has the sj^^-yo) is ^u^ j^\ and begins «Jtf jj 2_ *& ^ lam not certain o' In the Moty MaAall a copy of the Qacydahs of Kashfy. who composed it in 1135 (see p.) in verses The History of 'alyy and his son JBTosayn. a good copy. from which we learn that the name of the poet was Myr Mohammad Katzim that he was a son of Fikr. Soc. As. J^. 12 lines. is : 21 pp. 5b ^ by supra). Contents : a short preface : . J**Uj o**. (311) ^ktSUuS-J }) 'uyv* (P.L*** tS ^f\jj . by Mohammad Cali^ Kashfy. of 50 bayts pp. they are chiefly in praise of the Imams. 175 pp.) Collection of Mysteries. a^. 128 Bg. (P. Ruba'ys alphabetically arranged 440 pp.» IjJJ jJJ^ ^. Begianiag UU> o&~j j>j*» c)' &j f ^ fcjf* .

Beginning Under Ghaziy aldyn iZaydar d. He was Kashy. Beginning lij)\ Fara^-baksh. 21 pp.No. in seven stanzas. under the tuition of Nayshapur.J^f^'j ij^b c5 lxJl *iJ ^^' collection A. 80 pp. The poem has been lithographed. in praise of 'alyy He died young about the year 720 (Dawlat-shah 5. by Molla Kamal aldyn (Walih writes Mo/isin) Kashy. the traditions to which allusion is made or supposed to be made in it. of 19 lines. but he proceeded early in life to himself. Sul^any press. 63). s. to calligraphy —hence 3 N . and applied Symy. 457 (P. and it is dedicated to the Nawab Shuja' aldawlah MoAammad Khan Asad-jang (hence the title). is 1149. (313) ^y^ of ( po The Dywan Kdtiby. Taqyy Kashy No. of C5*-* 1 J^'j the author is Mohammad Mokmmad Cadiq Hosayny Nayshapiiry. and he therefore adopted the takhalluc of He was and a man of considerable learning and very religious. all his poems verses —are —Taqyy Kashy has seen 6000 and the Imams. 560 pp. Lucnow. 10. and fills The date of the MS.) (312) ^1^ JFZasan 3L oJU vsJfc* A poem in praise of 'alyy. a. Shams aldyn Mohammad b. title Another commentary has the 'alyy b. 7 lines) of which there is a copy in the private It begins MfcwflteH*. it contains besides an explanation of the poem. with copious glosses. 313. a commentary on this poem was written (182 pp.] ka'shy. with a commentary which has the title of ^^/o an(j begins <**^ J^xh&'Oj ^Ua/o <xr jo^S J there is ife i only one line of text on each page. born and brought up at Amol but his family was of Kashan. 1242. 'abd Allah He was born in a place not far from Tarshyz.

Sul/an Ibrahym. Beginning Qtfahs and Ruba'ys. Sir G. but as a Qacydah rhyming in ^j^y which he made " to order" in imitation of one of Kamal Ismayil did not meet with to approbation.^' ^^ the Rose Garden of the Pure. [CHAP. «i^. 13 bayts. He dili- the Cufy literature and wrote several mystical poems. It rhymes in j£ After having visited Adzarbayjan. IL When he had attained to celebrity he pro- ceeded to Herat and became a court poet of Baysanghor. PERSIAN POETRY. among them is the following chronogram : .u*/ j b. Combination of two on this Mathnawy *j 322 supra) ^^ ^*. . Myrza Shahrokh. 14 bayts. > lcJ Thirty Epistles. he went to Astrabad and eventually Shirwan. He was favourably received by Amyr-zadah for the Ibrahym. in praise of God and the Imams. He died at Astrabad in 838 or 839. Metres (see ^z ^ 2 1 ^^° p. 112 pp. but other authors mention only half of that number.000 verses. left According to Khoshgii he 30. Sultan Baysanghor. Ouseley's copy contains the following works. Other authors add the names of the following works \jjr*±" )j^> \(j^ c ^A - Contents: Qaeydahs. **U Decalogue. he turned a religious mendicant as and took Cayin aldyn gently studied his spiritual guide. Tabaristan and other provinces to earn his livelihood by composing panegyrics on great men.458 his takhallu^. Amyr Mohammad Mo'yn Beginning **•? * j T }+>&* \jty*i? h v uiA* **sM*"j+&* ^>- ^Suf f Ghazals. Amyr Tymur. 192 pp. Cayin aldyn. Padshah Sayf aldyn and Manuchihr aldyn. who bestowed 1000 Dirhams upon him first poem which he made in his praise.

My notes do not con- tain the titles of the two larger Mathnawies. containing the Grhazals and Taj ny sat of Katiby. &c. this induced him to imitate the example of these two 3 poets. and was a son of the Mojtahid (Shy'ah divine) J^aydar 'alyy Tostery Najafy.] ka'tzim. and this may have been first the reason for separating them from the batch.^) *^ ^1 Bg.^ ^ ^ Several smaller Mathnawies.U| ^b Another Mathnawy with a preface in prose. I have a beautiful MS. 459 After the minor poems follow again Qac^ydahs. 56 pp. 13 bayts. is contained in the last verse. Moty old MaAall. jryj ^ pip ^i *.!>* The author informs us in the preface that when he was a young man he compiled a history of the prophets and the Imams and gave it the title jx3^\ /*&l* One {i day some one mentioned to him the iJamlahe i^aydary of Badzil (see p.) in The Book the life Joy of Fafymah. Beginning *>c& A& . and to write a sacred epos N 2 . A ^^*5 «3j-> ^J= ^ A* y cy. in all 750 pages. written in 888 by Mohammad i/erawy. 184 pp. The &yi date of the compo- sition. 368 supra) and the ^-J^o \j^\y£> by Mo/^ibb 'alyy Khan. e^<y:^ u x^ ^^y ) I *. 1150. A Mathnawy of 58 pp. who had title of jF/adziq almulk.^. an epic poem which of the daughter of MoAarnmad the is described by the physician Katzim. (314) £ViJ^*£\i'*A**j of (P. 314..No. good copy. 15 lines.> &j¥*) ^ x i /* ) ** . 60 pp. they are not in praise of princes but of other persons. Serapas.

which he chose Fa£imah as his subject. Bg. A Mathnawy. who was killed in India. of 13 bayts. [CHAP. 82 pp. a good copy. ja ^U^ ^Ijj 2&j &*\. a splendid copy . he placed at the head of his 'alyy poem about 1400 verses which Mo/dbb had written in praise of Fa/imah. edited by Kaly Eay. Bg. a son of the author. which is wanting in some Ruba'ys. Beginning Moty MaAall. 136 pp. 121. 16 pp. of 10 bayts. Khan (see pp.460 for PERSIAN POETRY. of preface ^U^K ^ ^Lj aaJsIj JjkL aS ^^Judo. 141. 308 pp.(see p. 394 pp. II. 8 pp. Contents: After a short preface in prose. i-f^r^ c-t^j ^ a+a. ^jc jjjIoa. my own collection. Who died on the 16th May. 345 supra).a. . 15 lines. ^y. and Qacydahs. a poem by Chawdhry Kawramal. Dilly. Deputy Collector. ^j>j&*i\ Beginning of the poem {&& Moty MaAall. Beginning c^ 15 bayts. £f%ic *W (••*»? J-*. ^} Lithographed.) The Dywan of Myrza Sayyid JZosayn Khdlip. Ghazals. of 19 lines. and which formed a separate poem. ^ j.o Irntiyaz (P. 1848. ^Ui (315) J* tyjTU&J ^yO % W (P. copies.'«3 J±». and in four months he composed seven thousand verses.) The Story of Kamnip. 150 supra). 1265. of 29 bayts. (316) yJLs. in 1122 111.

he changed his former He .) died The Dywan Bg. (317) JyAZ of tfcgi (P. this As. Euba'ys. copy (318) jJULl or *$U Jig* (P. and a native of Shirwan. 65 pp. and introduced him at the court of Manuchihr the sovereign of Shirwan. takhalluc iJaqayqy into Khaqany. Soc. No. Dywan of Khalic in the 461 Moty Ma/jall which con- another chronogram for 1081. nity and obtained the title of Amyr. who ^ Jtfj previous to 1229 (see p. and wrote biting satyres against each other. the longest of which ^UuJf. When Khaqany was tired of the life of a courtier he .) Dywan collection of Qacydahs of Afdhal aldyn Ibrahym Khaqany 'alyy (according to the commentator. Beginning of 405 pp. Ja£ y c-a^ u-T).No. whose Khaqan. corrected He was a son of first His verses were by Nitzam aldyn Abu-Folk. his name was 'othman and not Ibrahym). «*-T^ t« Ray Ca/nb Ram Khdmosh. 318. : Beginning of G-hazals ^ u ^j 1 J* [ *j > y o^S' s p' } ci"'. noble but he ill- requited the kindness of his benefactor he and Abu-1'ola became jealous. and which he seems to have written : before he came to India. rose to high dig.«i) <%* *.] There tains a is kha'qa'ny. who gave him his daughter in marriage. The Dywan has in all 212 pp. of 11 bayts. Mohammad Wajyh. Chronogram It contains Grhazals has the title J^ and some Mathnawies.Xi)j! ^J^ ^1 Ghazals. 167 supra). Collection of Mawl. title was In honor of this prince. &c. 553.

23 Dawp. Pers. 157. and when it [CHAP. No. Dawud b. fled to was refused he Baylaqan. (Ouseley. 462 PERSIAN POETRY. As. Schbne Redek. but was arrested by the agents of the to Khaqan. Beginning \J£\& Moty MaAall. Mas'iid b. Soc. on the road he composed his most brated poem in cele- the ToMat and is al'iraqayn. No. 75. &c. the Atabuk Nucrat aldyn Qizilarslan. No. the fullest has 706 pp. Pers. 569. of 17 well as As. poets. brought back Shirwan and cast into prison. in which only difficult verses are explained. . and at his side rest the poets Tzahyr Faryaby and Shahfur Ashhary p. lat-shah 2. A . 125: Jamy Nafah. the poems are alphabetically arranged. and Qi£ ahs.6iWcjr ( R) commentary on the Qacydahs of Khaqany. 386. this copy contains (xhazals Qacydahs. at the end are about 120 J^t) six J^ 3 %/* J H fr wSM ^ ^ as J*2 good copies. containing also Ghazals. Mohammad b. Ibidem. 75. 38 . king Sayf al- dyn Daray of Darband. but most of them are panegyrics on the Kha- qan. p. solicited permission to retire. five or lines .. Hammer . some are mystical. &c. E/uba'ys. A tishkadah. No. Malik-shah. Sul/an Ghiyath aldyn Mohammad b. Mohammad 'awfy. Ma/zmud Shadyabady. 53 Khizdnah 'amirah). which is not the case in other copies. Nayshapury. good copies. Soc. by Mohammad b. 578. After some months. Beginning [^ tj> J^ *&T Cii*fcrti \j~)j* (319) ^Wi. 124 Taqyy Kashy. fol. he was released and went on a pilgrim- age to Makkah. 14 Mirdt alkhhjdl. He died at Tabryz 582 or in 595. Nos. II. p. . Rubays. His Dywan consists of Qacydahs. buried at Surkhab.

] kha'qa'ny. 17 lines. No. written in 1002 . 1282. 322. 1348. or a*^ (P.) the author Increase of Delight. and I have no less than three. (32i) Present to the two countries. Beginning ^-^ ^/* fy F«**^ *U\ +~j Some copies have a preface which begins Copies are frequent. 467. lines. and to which he gave the of Farah-bakhsh. Soc. the best was written in 1090. There are several in the Tdpkhanah and Moty MaAall. As. No. No. (320) $\ C Qulzum. a ^yi 'iraqs. or title intended to compose. 17 . 592 pp. J Mohammad. 9 lines Ibidem. Soc. is (P.: No. As. &&+* v&jtiai ^U (322) ^yi\ »J c / the To/jfat al'iraqayn (R) by Shaykh Beginning A commentary od 'abd alsalam. of a similar nature the first of seven volumes which the author has composed. Bg. 16 bayts. 996 pp.) a description of these two of about Mathnawy by Khaqany 3000 verses. by Qabul of the Haft This book divided into ten chapters *j>)y±> each of which contains a commentary on It is a Qacydah of Khaqany. . 194 pp. 550 pp. 463 Moty Ma7iall.

1092. of 24 bayts. : II. ifA^j] \jz. of Khashiy. of the poet. office After he had risen to his high to he invited 'omar come to court. &j> Moty MaAall.) The Dywan Ghazals. j j^s^ j^i* jj ^s^u ju £$. After a short introduction in prose by a later author the Rubay8 begin ~T6pkhanah. p. I copy one of the latter as the date. beginning and end wanting. 80 in his valuable remarks on he was a free-thinker and died in 517 (Khoshgii a great opponent of Cufism. about 300 pp. Pers. As.: 464 PERSIAN POETRY. Soc. Baron Hammer-Purgstall Gesch. and when he declined. first [CHAP. 1548. 185). (324) ^U^c^Uly of 'omar (P. He was originally a tent-maker and hence his takhalluc.) The Ruba'ys Khayyam of Nayshapur. Among his school fellows were jfiTasan filled Cabbagh. The verse commented upon is (323) gAU.xc i^u. 34 pp.022 mithqals from the Nayshapur treasury.u. A'tishkadah. this poet says. . that p. d. He No 38. at the end are a few Qacydahs in praise of the Imams and it fixes several chronograms. No. and a youth who subsequently the post of Wazyr to Malik-shah under the title of Nitzam almulk Tusy. Schonen Redeh. I. 15 bayts. he allowed him annually the handsome income of 2. $y* It consists of (P.

pfa \y£ Ac jj 6 dj ^x* ^IjI ^j_ c^XU rfj^ ^1 Ghazals. where nine years of age Khosraw was born in 651. He was a pupil of Khwajah 'i^mat Allah. He Patyalah (Miimi- nabad). 465 (P-) (325) ^jtef JU u>^ The Dywan of Khiyaly of Bokhara. which lives in the Hazarah near Balkh. He was only when he lost his father. he was two years at Herat in the service of Ulugh Beg. ^ ^^ 1 f#j*\ <d_ |#$- ( P -) JJr^P* tsfoP The Dywan of Yamyn aldyn Abii-l-iiZasan. and became one of the nobles (military leaders) of the empire. an old copy. When Hasan he was grown up he entered with his friend the service of prince Mohammad Sul/an Khan. and the young Myr Khosraw was 'imad almulk. most of his poems are mystical. he died. a 3 o .ydahs in praise of God. who is known by the name of Myr Khosraw. 13 bayts. educated by his maternal grandfather a who was man of great importance. e^-ojx Bg. Taqyy Kashy has seen about 2000 — verses of his . aldyn 'alyy- shah succeeded to the post of his father.No. His father Sayf aldyn Ma/tmud was one of the chiefs of the tribe of poet Lachyn. 850 853. who fell in a His brother 'izz fight against the idolators. during whose reign. He is the greatest (326) among the Musalmans of India. settled at He came to India. 110 pp. 326. fta )<} pp. and attained the age of one hundred and thirteen years. 1 Contents : Qac. Beginning I U o^ly Moty MaAall. and though he spent the greater part of his life in his native country.] khiya'ly.

gave up the up months that of royal service. Garcin de Tassy. as his authority has misled many I learned men as Hammer.Ijas-^* and Uasan keeper of the inkstand jlo^j. Whilst the king at was staying Lokhnawty. give here the chronogram on his death which 5 engraved over his tomb J&*j!£ ±J°t° another chronogram is J^l mMThe Ciifies celebrate his wedding (death) on the 18th Raby' II. and he became one of his most distinguished disciples and warmest admirers. for whom Khosraw entertained the highest respect. II. [CHAP. in one of the most beautiful and interesting spots near Dilly. gave all he had to the poor and took saint. His tomb close to Nitzam aldyn. Dozy. and entered the service of Amyr 'alyy. Dawlat shah places his death in 715. he was the keeper of the Qoran . dressed in deep mourning. He rose to great im- portance particularly under Ghiyath aldyn Toghlaq-shah whom whom he accompanied in his march to Bengal. and subsequently he was admitted to the court of the emperor Jalal aldyn Khiljy. from Thursday to Friday. Khosraw had been introduced to this saint by his father when only eight years of age. this date is commemorated in the following verse of the A dab al/alibyn : Nj^iftfc ^xj It is said jfj l^*<** j jltJi- 'tfj** d-jUj by Adzory apud Dawlat-shah. that Sa'dy. son of Ghiyath aldyn Balban. 725. the 29th of Dzu-lqa'dah. is &c. the news of the demise of Nitzam aldyn reached the royal camp. on hearing of his death he hastened back to Dilly.a 466 PERSIAN POETRY. who was then governor of Mul/an. After the death of his patron he carne to Dilly. came in his . his abode at the after tomb of the He is died six him in the night. and to he dedicated his Toghlaq namah.

each prose. in some of he has the takhalluc of SuMany (Firishtah II.U^. Ghazals. 467 old age tolndia and thus an opportunity was afforded Khoshis personal acquaintance. Khoshgii gives the following details regarding his works Contents : the minor poems are divided into four title Dy wans. raw of making He left between them 754 . 117. Poets. four and five hundred thousand verses. of this copy only the page is left.^ j$ SS \J^"»^A &yO&* • • dy> «Xfcl^ v-^^ ^Ifl A* ***> a1*«J. 2. Pers.] khosraw. Ruba'ys. 146). Beginning of prefirst face. 1. of 27 lines. of which has a separate and preface in and contains Qacydahs. of 27 ia£ lines.a* cl>Uj) >i 3 dyi* y&A y&»A y OA-e ^ ^.: No 326. j^d\ ia^ 144 which in pp. «J y ^a!) i£fi&j# «&tt$« 3 O 2 . p. He says in the preface j*j> t*&~*l i»s$ j>$ j*#9$\ 'i^ a^U-. &c. * y *^\ h*i) ~j* &> 290 pp. Safynat alawliyd No. p. Ouseley.

a very fine copy. II. )\y&\ The Rising is of the Lights. ing this part of the Kullyyat. Contents: allegorical I.Lj c~*J ^fdi A^lai*.aj Axiii states that Khwajah Mas' ad has the language of India.124 verses . first Khwaju. and consists of 4. in the life of by Khoshgii. a romantic epos. was composed 698 and consists of 3. *£***<^l ^^ f/*^*^ aUL-u^ *jjJj o>. divided into twenty Beginning 2. It was composed in 698. j ^iri^ The Loves of Shyryn and Khosraw. that It is in the preface to it Myr Khosraw written a Dywan in 4. aj. an in and mystical poem. 176 pp. [CHAP. that Khosraw was poet who imitated the f&i* Khamsah It of Nitzamy.: 468 PERSIAN POETRY. JUXJI ^i I have unfortunately lost my notes regard3. ^Jtygjd j*& d-*3* j^-\ )& I) )&* *"{* *& dJ& tcfej \-3j'&-"> )S* A Beginning of preface oVs ^) *aa vxjk*.) It is asserted The the Mathnawies of Amyr Khosraw. ^ £&> u*b'j *ifi cs^*d "kjjb (327) jj~^j**\ '**+ five (P.310 verses and cantos £JU*. Beginning of the preface: Beginning of poetry ^1 Moty Ma£all. Si aU) Ju^tib Beginning of poetry ^JUJJuj^ aU J&j* JU j^a.

] KHOSRAW.^ r ^ pU 0*V Cr5»yt» k^\aL.350 bayts. Begins 4. i&f&tj l^*^a The Eight It Paradises. 124 pp.~ ajoJI Regulations of Alexander.J >**-' Bg. of Lay la and Majniin. : v^'aJo «)i *i#lj — (-*^_' rgXStXj ^iwifc I» Jj Ijjjld^i.». 327. Beginning 5.)«3^ ^i}*- *<J^ y>j) J^ ^j) &>H)^ J^ **1«J up! ^j±iS. was composed and The poet gives the plan of the Khamsah " J in these verses. It was composed and consists of 2. J^^ *^ y«^ tVJ^J ^/^j i^a.^ ^ai^UuS ^j . of 38 bayts. : . pV^^oJI )j***»j ijij^*" **tr*" i*^ ^*^ ^ *^J v-5"*^ ' ftt ^UJ g* yV j.360 verses. or one week's in 701. adventures of l£aIC' \j ^^ : c^naia^l^^^AJ'^l^***^ w- >-«** .No. consists of 3. 3. Ailj. 469 Bg. clr*?* u5^ The Loves in 698.

990. Qudrat Allah. 1261.) . Calcutta. with glosses edited by Mawl. «X.*« Moty Ma/iall. TZasany press. Soc. that the only histois. a poem by Myr Khosraw. Khoshgu. 379. II. Cal. of 21 bayts./cU^. Khan and Dawal Rany. ( 32 ^) J\j J*>J Jmyjk of Khidhr it '**$ (P. the heroes are Nacir aldyn and Mo'izz aldyn. [CHAP. Jij^i ^ ! ^ ^ »^j ^| <ui SU jiy* i3 vj^y^ b V*3 ** &/«**» ^1 -Uo . the same collection 310 pp. in which the two bayts are begins c*-^ (4j** *»y*^ *+*>» . Nos. As. 1385 Layla Majnun has been printed. Soc. lithogr. Beginning gljg* tJijtdi* <£&£?*? *i fi^>j&+ Lithographed at Lucnow.C^-' Ju-jj x JJJlj & i^r^^Kj^^jayju^U*^^ Bg. 470 PERSIAN POETRY. 467 supra. a historical poem.200 verses. several good copies As. Moty Ma/tall. of 15 lines. he composed and it consists of The plot of the poem is taken from the history of India. 541.) The Story 4. omitted. calls this poem &j£^£ f 329) jj«mL yj>\ lJ^^ Jl**^\ It is u>y (P-) The Conjunction Jupiter) of the two lucky Planets (Venus and by Amyr much Khosraw. 8vo. but the facts are so clad in allegories. No. 1811. . in 715. 1818. Soc. No. 194 pp. (£•*»! <Ai*^| (J-£*£ :1 w A/«U j) j£ c^*-i tU^. first In the As. p. an old copy another copy of is most beautifully written and illustrated with it pictures and belonged once to the library of Shahjahan. is dated see 1010. is it a beautiful old copy. lettered &-&>j&\ &***. rical value of the book that it offers us it a specimen of the singular taste of the age in which was composed.

j\}*> J\Jystj££ Bg. He was He His name was Murshidy. and on mysticism (see p. a son of the celebrated 'abd written by al-flaqq Dihlawy Bokhary. ^ Bg. In one of his journeys he made the 'ala acquaintance of the distinguished Cufy aldawlah Samnany. 82 pp. is q£ ^s*** ^[^ ^I^L (j^x> fj/j£&.] khwa'ju'. b. 81 several other works supra) and became his six years in disciple. ^aUtjilj^ Jiu injured. 331. of Comm. r^U^U ^ lines. Abu Ta/a Kamal aldyn Ma^mud was of a distinguished family.: No. of Introduct. 156 pp. 'alyy ( P -) Complete (minor) works of Khwaju Kirmany. 47 l (330) rf&Ji uy cr The ^tf preface is is < p-> Light of the Eyes. which about forty miles east of Lucnow. After that he returned to Kirrnan and being unable to find a livelihood. (331) Jhfj*^ ^^ 689. He remained with him Cufyabad at Samnan. 598. of 11 lines and begins a short commentary In the As. The date of the book 1084 — 70 — 1014. 17 tion is much In the same another commentary on the Qiran alsa'dayn by 'abd al-Kasul is Qasiin of Grarah. and spent much of his time in travelling. some one else. No. b^ i^k&J collec- Tdpkhanah. the author of the -tl*. it has 146 pp. Soc. born on the 20th of Dzii-17/ajj. of 19 which begins ^jox-Ji ply lines. JjM o^^j^^jjji 1^ izsj^** y. being a commentary on the Qiran alsa'dayn by Niir al-Z/aqq. he proceeded first to Ispahan and then to Shyraz where he found a liberal supporter in Abu . and devoted himself diligently to the study of mysticism.

He 4. Mas'iid Amyn aldyn Kazoruny. see also II.: 472 PERSIAN POETRY.) Mathnawies of Khwajii Kirmany. a splendid old copy. : Contents Qacydahs in praise of the Imams. (332) J^y*. SuMan Motzaffar . works which he had seen. Is/zaq the ruler of that In 744 he collected his till poems. of 58 bayts. 73. Taqyy K. Beginning of Qacydahs ^^^-^^ i^sy^Jt *r*» <±ftfMdty MaAall. there is ****** is J*. 205). in 742) in 762. yySI 'Lb^ The Garden of Light. &c. d.000 verses. he says He died at Shyraz in 745. Kashy Morgl. Erdrnann in the Ztschft fur d. whereas it Khoshgu left contains half of that number. five Mathnawies in imitation of the Khamsah of Nitzamy. and according to Khoshgu (who probably copied incorrectly the blunder of Dawlat-shah. p. the date 945 at the end.000 verses Dawlat-shah says. but continued his literary activity 745. Dawlat-shah 19. Sayf Ghazals not : aldyn Bakharzv. it is divided into twenty cantos and is in the metre of the Makhzan V^ alasrar. (Habyb ahiyar III. Beginning J^U iu*e &S1\ j^ fo%\ ^s i<b } J) \j^^j . of 56 bayts alphabetically arranged.)j*> i^yXo 1. town. 42 pp. (P. his Dywan thinks alone comprises 20. 60 pp. 580. contained 20. or according to A'zad in 753. who places his death Taqyy Kashy says that all his poetical . [CHAP. Shah. 34 pp. II. which probably the year when it was written.

an ethical poem. of 54 bayts. Soc. U'cUJ y^-> it ^ contains Moty Ma^all As. 86 pp. only three poems. 2. Beginning ^^ Ws^ 4. 4. Beginning 44 pp. of 44 bayts.kr1 Jy) ^JJl ! The Rose and New Year's-Day. of 56 bayts. The date 745 when this poem was completed. mostly in praise of great men.] 2. Ua The Loves of Huma 142 pp. of 44 bayts. Mathnawy is The following divided into twenty-eight chapters cjVare some of the headings : ^ c^*i ^ J^y * Uyftj Jus**! * is c^^yo. 3.032 verses. ej^Ufc . 288. Nos. composed Beginning yt XI *J! ¥ >• ^*o in 744. 473 and Humdyun.I«mU ^fcs^b ^Uj y^*fl ^fe*-** ) y^' f&*" Keys of the Hearts This and Torches of Mysteries. 3 and 3 P . a fine copy written in 991. a Mathnawy of 1. ^1.: : No. 332. a poetical story. it is a^WLS The book of Perfection. preceded by a short preface in Arabic The poem prose which begins ^xJl uAJ£l 6. is twice stated at the end Beginning ^JA^rr* ^ *^J cfl^ 5. gD*# ^U aU . ^vWj **U y»^ The Precious Book of Jewels. 140 pp. <—ffcl tf^jy A^^ljIJo: . khwa'ju'.

at Calcutta. Fards. and four Beginning This copy has the following postcript iS**"* & As. (333) iS^iSi of Kihtary. Xo." If who wrote this sentence understood the meaning of the word i-aa*^ Shaykh Asad Allah is the name of the poet.474 PERSIAN POETRY. : f U3 ±JjV" Aj ^£ J '^3* nfcj&JQ j}j-fi ^ } °'*J f^ J •—ftJ^i^aJ LSjh* &iy. 15 bayts.) Usages of Love. the police officer of " the district of Sahrand the person .i ±£ £<*«& 4ax<£ jj. 1250.) The Dywan Apurv Kishen Dev Kunwar. in Sobha Bazar : Contents three Qa9ydahs in praise of Amjad 'alyy Shah. 1853. 1 Oudh . : 5 pp. Ghazals 160 pp. but Arabic words are used so loosely in India that it is likely that it is the name of the copyist. (335) &^\tf~* a Khatry. Soc. (334) Jpfrff* of Rajah (P. 1109. writer of Wazyr Khan. and his grandfather settled . at the end thor. II. He lives now. 188 pp. Beginning of Ghazals Para7i-bakhsh. being the story of Bismil. by shiy of Mun- Lachmy Narayan. ( P -) The Dywan Contents: Ruba'ys. Ghazals. it was copied on the 29th of ^afar. (P. written in 1845. 12 bayts. 1418. by Shaykh Asad Allah.j j ji^floo lSj^* &<* J5^^ JY* l**** o*~s£j Here ends the Dywan of Kihtary which was composed m^U^l/^. king of &c. His ancestors were Kanjawah near Lahor. it is the seal of the au- has the date. [CHAP.

and flourished under A^mad Shah and Acaf aldawlah who died in 1212.] la'yiq. The former account is borne out by several verses in the Dywan. Mohammad Yusof says that he was the father of Islam Khan and the son of the Khanejahan Ldyiq. Dilly. 475 a pupil of under 'alamgyr at resided first at He was Arzu and Awrangabad and subsequently at Bareily.j **»*>£ ^J h )j* fh** (* e/- 1 * * U| J * B? ^jfiolki. Towards the end he says r Vl *&. I have been told that Lachmy Narayan died at Dilly about twenty-five years ago. for this poet (see Yiisof Himmat Khan 3 supra) to Khan's is Tadzkirah and cated. 336. the poet's According to another statement name was Mohammad 'ashiq and his takhalluc Himmat. whom the poem dedi- The date 1096 and name of the composition are men- tioned in the following verses ^iwoU \j^s6 ^>**> jy^d &j** ^J^^> *dfy>* tfa*f\*#jljc 3 P 2 . C^*a dyi& ^U** Yet it is probable that the Mathnawy is the produc- tion of Mohammad 'ashiq. in Persian verses by Himmat Khan Layiq. &$ jV } e^*jb ^'y. and takhalluc of Himmat also that was in the service of p. 1 1 that he had besides the of Layiq. (336) c^a^^-o (P. 1259.: : No. Moctafay press. Beginning ^ j& (3^* ) ^^ ***' f ^ Litliographed at Lucnow.) The Story of Kamrup. 22 pp. a son of Islam Khan.

the takhalluc of Maghriby. (337) ($£ JU of life d ^o (P. PERSIAN POETRY. No. Soc. He left about 40. 24 bayts . 294 pp. of 12 bayts. Beginning Wy*jL W^ J^k lyjUi^ d& SrO^ ±J J - *^ ftft'ft^ ^j*>j \j^3y Z. is that disciple of on a journey to the Maghrib (Northern Africa) he received the garb of a Darwysh from a Mokyy aldyn . [CHAP. disciple of ^^ the flock He was a native of Nayyn and a Sysy who belonged 'abd al-Ra^man to Shaykh Isma yl of Shiykh Nur aldyn Isfarayiny. II. a son of Wajyh aldyn 'abd Allah Lisdny of Myr Mohammad Mushk-fariish. (338) The Dywan of Mohammad Shyryn Maghrihy. and in 991 j but an absence of fourteen years he came back to Tabryz where he died.) The Dywan Shyraz. Khoshgu places his death it probably took place several years earlier. l«**jh*«* : Tdpkhanah. 1231.000 bayts.) As. 11 bayts. uf\jii ^ (P. He at spent the greater part of his Tabryz. an old copy. 80 pp. he proceeded to Hamadan where Shadman. the The reason why he chose man of the west. 302 pp. to he was supported by Najm aldyn II. ^V Moty *j^ f/*k . This copy contains only Ghazals. After his death he had to endure great hardship in the at length fortress of however he went after to Herat and subsequently Kashan.476 Beginning J> 172 pp. but for some time he resided at Baghdad and after that city had been taken by Shah Isma'yl. 15 bayts otlier copies are smaller Topkhanah MaAall.

2 pp. cu*oj^fj uLhja. a .Purgstall. Soc. a carefully written old copy collection. 1 9 lines Arabic poems. MAGHRIB Y. Taqyy Kashy. 339. 574 II. He died in his native town in 720 and left among other prose works a*U sJK^j . 1436. Baron Hammer. a friend of 477 like He was Kama! Khojandy. schonen Eedek. Ma/miud) Ma^mud Jabisha tary or Shabishtary Tabryzy. 6 pp. No.. No. Poets. Ghazals. Tarjy'bands and Ruba ys 29 pp. Khoshgii : No. (Jamy. d. he is considered as a saint. Beginning of Ghazals. Kuba'ys. He died at Tabryz. It is said that jealousy for royal favour dissolved the friendship of these two holy p. where he had spent the greater part of his life. 18 bayts. As. Habyb 695 . in 809. buried in Surkhab. 78.j t^ljJ^Lj oOl^ jl*&! &lji& &Jj& tj*>% j o*- (339) Lfij&& *j+=» L-a~uJ j]j sjf {l} (P. No. fol. Nafah.) is the honorific The Rose Garden name of Mysteries. and his tomb a place of alsiyar III. 1 7 bayts . but in the postcript he aldyn. is a Mathnawy of Maghriby which he dedicated to Shahrokh it begins : jUa. were we to read Mo'izzy. 1 Contents an introduction in prose. . my good copy. Ma^all. 1 6 bayts .] 'araby. men (see He is the author of Arabic on the FotuMt and of the Uit^ X^. it contains merely the Ghazals and Gresch. Pers. Nos. Moty 722 . Ouseley Pers. 106). 16 pp. 94 pp. by Najm is aldyn (this of the poet according to the preface called Sa'd of the commentary. 277. 100). and him a profound Cufy. translates three poems of Maghriby. pilgrimage. glosses *j^U. and in one copy Sa'd b. ks>j** sfity j* *b& ls^jj^* c>4r^ r»* In the Topkhanah. and is Having been is given to the most disgusting vices during his lifetime. in them occurs the follow- ing verse in which the metre would suffer. p.

. 17 lines . 80 pp. an answer 976 verses to seventeen metaphysical questions which were . and i. The Dywan e. to II. 18 lines). s£J Jij Topkhanah. J| ^ a copy of a commentary on the verse It begins tjl&Hj ^j*. 600 pp. Majd aldyn Hibat is who had the takhalluc of Majd. Catal. [CHAP. 24 bayts printed with a German translation by Baron von Hammer. II. (340) % ^e^j^J £**• it (P-) A b. 430 supra) and contains a very useful outline of the speculations of the Cufies. cUrU jl ^jyjb. He wrote this poem in 717. <j^~! UT &U±+sJ\ «**j (341) JJt ±=* J\y* of (P. usually called Majde Hamkar? the weaver. 1281. 868 pp. commentary on the preceding work by Mohammad Yahyh b. 70 supra. 1838. in relation of Isma'yl Sysy for whom It is tained an admiration bordering on madness (Khoshgu II.Purgstall. Beginning Moty lines. says that this commentary was compiled Jaci/I in 879). 117.) Allah. As. LfA^lj Ma^all. p. and which he dedicated Shaykh he enter- Ibrahym a No. of 15 a very bad copy private collection very correct. Beginning e^i^*) &j& j^iU* . 223). 877 (see p. £j*-j* J^ ^*dJUJ) a^ojJ J^Uxi) . is In the Moty Ma/*all (9 pp. on love. 'alyy Jylany Lahijy Ndr-bakhshy Asyry in who compiled Leyd. Soc. Pest. No. He was of Shyraz in Fars and has therefore the patronymic of Farsy and he derived his .proposed by Amyr Sayyid Hosayny (see p.478 which treats PERSIAN POETRY. Dozy.

116 pp.) of Tabryz. Zangy. still alive in 1083. 479 Anushyrwan his wit and refined manners introduced him at court. one in the measure of . According to a chronogram. a splendid old copy.No. some Qif ahs and Ruba'ys. has seen about 6. 47. where he found a warm reception from Baha aldyn the son of Khwajah Shams aldyn. on the other hand he quotes the following chrono- gram of Besides this Dywan and the Mathnawy c^WMytU he composed two other Mathnawies. and when he came the second time to power under Abaqa appointed him governor of Shyraz. (342) V^V of Jpt (P. 1 5 bayts . 342. Tahir Nacrabady speaks of him in the present tense. and he was in high favor with the Atabuk Sa'd b. Kashy. Taqyy his. The Dywan Myrza Mohammad Majdzub He was a great scholar and profound Cufy. Khan he He died in that city. and it would therefore appear that he was his for 1006. No.] descent from majdzu'b. Beginning ^iUjl* Mdty J^^ v-Cu **& 'j& \jt^*\s? MaAall. the same year died also Imamy Herawy and Badr aldyn Jajarmy. Tzahyr 375 pp. . Contents: Qacydahs in praise of'adhod aldyn. upwards of ninety years of age. After the death of his patron he went to Yazd and thence he proceeded to Ispahan.000 verses of aldyn. &c. Abu Bakr b. he collected this Dywan in 1063. in 686.

The chronogram on her death Contents : ^^^ ur^^b* Qacydahs. 12 bayts. No. 28 pp. of Jala! aldyn Rumy. \j^L^. No. Beginning fc^ As. No.* Agl . Soc. 248 pp. of 15 bayts. &c. 297. 480 pp. 14 bayts. Mdfcy MaAall. a splendid copy Soc. 1366.160 verses by Maktaby who was a schoolmaster of Shyraz and composed it in 895 (see Samy. ji vydJb \J&* . . No. Wasokht. A'tishkadah. tfl?) L_r eW) ^sxc ^J\ . five As. 392 and Dozy Catal Bill Lugd. her takhalluc was Makhfiy and she died in 1114. about 200 pp.J ufl As. 46 pp. the Shah-namah and one in the measure of the Math- nawy 18 pp. 796. Contents: Ghazals. p. II. (343) J& Jty* alnisa is (P. Bat II. Soc. Eara^-bakhsh. a daughter of 'alam- gyr.jjAj ^} . J. (344) i^j]^^L-i^ &T^JsJJ ( P -) Layla and Majnan a Mathnawy of 2. [CHAP. Tarjy'bands. ^jfcilLJ^ Beginning i U cbj t£*»1 Jf^ J-^ ^ J^ copies .) &ji StmS >^"> lj>^ tep &j^. a good copy Topkhanah. <>!*.) The Dywan of Zeb Begam. v ^ ^J 1 ^ ic* dr^ Beginning ^Ljl 4.480 PERSIAN POETRY. 359. Beginning : ^Uuo Jl pL.' ^Wy ^>I. 121. p. &c. about 200 pp. Ruba'ys. Ghazals. of 18 bayts This copy contains also a few Qacydahs. Mdty MaMl.

He composed a poem it ***f^l of 9000 verses for his patron and called .000 Laries. he left his native country and came to A^madnagar ception in India where he met the Khan Khanan.) The Dywdn gram on Mohammad Fakhir Makyn. 7 pp. who was 162).) Works Qommy. 38 pp. Ghazals. The kingmade him a present for it of 90. Mokhammas. (P. who married his daughter and introduced him to Ibrahym to 'adilshah. He was born and brought up at Qomm. 1 1 bayts . 308 pp. says the author of the Mathire Rah. born in 1173 and died in 1221 (see his death Chrono- by Mo/zammad Mo^sin. the chronois gram on his death made by Kalym 3 ty j^" J^tj* jl Q . 1024. After some time Malik determined to go to Makkah. 481 (345) ^-U'j*> of p. 17 bayts. Beginning of Ghazals Moty Ma^all. Yet for some unexplained reason. he lives in retirement and indigence. He died in the Deccan in 1025. According Azad the name of the book is \j»j?. and was in great favor with the Qizilbashes and other great men of Persia. At Byjapur he fell in with Tzohiiry. This great patron of poets gave him the most kind re- and supported him. from whom the above details are derived. Contents: Qacydahs. one was written during the author's .J)». 346. two copies. At present.: : No. life- time and contains his autograph in one copy the Ghazals begin (346) ^S eJJU of Malik c^l^iT (P.] malik.

No. Tdpkhanah. 84 pp. 15 bayts.) The Dywan probably identical with the poet of this takhalluc mentioned by Zahir. 22 bayts Ghazals. about 400 Ruba'ys. which contains some of the Beginning «Jo\& ^^ ±fj& f* Qacydahs. Soc.) Shah Malul of Moradabad. the Ghazals and minor poems. 840. there is a Dywan of Malik Qommy. see p. . The Dywan <xjU^° is ci* a Mathnawy composed in 1 191? the name a chronogram. 150 pp. 14 bayts. 438 pp. Beginning of the Qacydahs j\^j$] ^xU a Mathnawy divided into 1 7 chapters j&. Contents Ghazals. incomplete.) Bg. Beginning style of the Another mystical Mathnawy in the qah. . 23 bayts. and in the As. a fair copy. 254. 23 bayts. Hady- «-^ ***J& f*J** ^dr^ Moty Ma^all. : [CHAP. 15 bayts and a Tarjy'band. 239. 9 pp. II. he is (P.. 432 pp. 436 supra. 482 Contents : PERSIAN POETRY. 180 pp. 34 pp. Qacydahs and some Tarjy'bands. a preface in prose of 9 pp.: . (348) jj^ ^yo of Manciir. who had also the takhalluc of Ilham (see pp. In the same collection. bnt not the Mathnawies (347) J> of : Jy* (P. 103 Contents: Ghazals.

(350) ^\. a good copy. of Maniichihry. Towards the end of lik b. The latter prince raised him to the rank He acquired much i. to 483 Beginning ^jyj>y.] manu'chihry. o>w £** <£*L+-> c^l (349) aiTo^ |3jj4£jio ^d (P.No. e. possibly a mere extract copied in 1010. Najm aldyn He informs us in his poems that he a native of Damaghan. 144 pp. small 8vo. who had the sobriquet of His name was Hakym A^mad b. 188 pages of 14 lines. and of his two sons Mas'ud and Mohammad. exclusively of short Qacydahs he in praise of the three princes at whose court Beginning Moty Ma^all.) Many. and hence his sobriquet of Shact-gallah.) The Dywan Shac^t-gallah. sixty flocks of sheep. and states. not of Balkh as Dawlat-shah erroneously He was court of a pupil of Abu-lfaraj Sinjary. A^mad is Maniichihry. some are in praise of Shah 'abbas II. his life he devoted himself to ascetic exercises under the guidance of Abu-lma'aliy 'abd alma- Mohammad Jowayny. According to the copyist he was of Mazandaran and according to Samy of Mashhad. jt& Beginning AleLldil^j^j Mdty MaAall. j^ a1*j3 ^* ^Uj Qacydahs.*>J* /*"* of ^* oy>> (P. died in 483. 3 The Dywan Q 2 . of a Tarkhan. wealth. and lived at the Ma/miud of Ghaznah. 350. Ya'qiib b. He The Dywan consists almost lived. who died in 1078 and of 'abbas Quly Beg.

and a few Ruba'ys among a chronogram for 953. II. 31 pp. the Dywan Mdty begins as follows MaAall. All the verses of the letter of Nun-namah first and the first every verse of the is alif. 17 bayts. Contents : after four Ghazals : in praise of God. of the second b. 1263. of 12 bayts in praise of Akbar.484 PERSIAN POETRY. Ghazals. 82 pp. The Dywan Khwajah Hosayn Marwy Contents: Qacydahs. a son of SuMan Hosayn Myrza. 16 pp. *<^ cW q In the Qaf-namah. (351) Jy&o lJu^J xoLil*^ <ul3 ^y Maqbiil (P. the Qaf-namah is written on the margin. is pp. n. ^^^ ^/^^ alif. Lucnow. on the composition of a work of Humayun which has the title of sj^J^ c5^j& . His father was a porcelain manufacturer. 63). c*r&« e^*j= first Beginning and the Bg. (jjAi. &c. &c. I believe the poet is alive and resides at Lucnow. but subsequently his him to Mo/zammad Mo/zsin Myrza.) The Niln-namah and Qaf-namah by whose takhallu9 end in Ghazal is A^mad Maqbul. (352) \s>f \$\& of (P. the first letter of every verse is Ghazal rhymes in U-^^l ^^ the second in b. U^^jU^l^U : Lithographed.) (see p. 100 them. and he followed in his youth the talents introduced same profession. [CHAP. and he was killed in his service by the Uzbeks in 913.

Soc. 353. according to a Biyadh No. bat the Ruba y which accordis ing to Khoshgii. No.] Ma'stj'd. 1245 .: : No. Ibrahym and Bahrain Shah. but in one instance he gives us his whole I have not succeeded in finding the verses quoted by this Dawlat-shah in Dywan. : end are a few Ghazals and Ruba'ys and Mok- hammas. it runs Khoshgd has he calls in addition to this another Mas'iid. he sent from his prison to the Sultan in it. Bg. (P. Soc. Beginning of Ghazals is>U& *g>j^ *^/ c *^*s^ uf' (353) iy~* Jtyp Sa'd b. who died in 525. 842. fact the title itself is a : 485 chronogram.<* yfl ty iJju lr*** ^ ^vJ d U^ 1 * As. and of which in As. (for 520?) 407 supra). 931. Soc. says that he was Contents in praise at the Qacydahs about 500 pp. his death happened in 420 Salman (see p.) The Dywan of Khwajah Mas'ud b. No. l**« ^ |^f . . whom Mas'iid at the court of Razy and of whom he Sul/an Mas ud. of 21 bayts mostly of Sultfan Mas'ud. of the As. his He name usually writes "Bandah" instead of name or takhalluc.

dute* ujijte (P. This copy begins . according to this author a relation of Dilly and had originally the SuUan Fyruz of name b. one is entitled and is on the plan of the . a good copy written in 1012 . The date of his demise is not known. As.486 (354) PERSIAN POETRY. but he probably flourished towards the end of the eighth century. 150 pp. ju i**jjy*~ ^JhL)j &aj J^ vtWi^ji r £> Ghazals. Soc. Contents : ^y/^^b) Moty Bg. 375 gives us a different statement.Jla** SUa&U title ^ o **£**? u»l«*£*»? and another one has the in the of u#/»fl * j/°. He and Mas'ud Bakk as his takhalluc. Walih says that he was a disciple of Chiragh Dilly. p. c*JL> [CHAP. Qacydahs. in which the author states that he wrote this book for his brother Nacyr aldyn. he became a disciple of Shaykh Rokn aldyn Shihab aldyn Imam He I (Khoshgu. alters Shihab aldyn into Baha aldyn) one of the most profound Cufies of the school of Chishty. From Ilahy (see p. 1371. wrote several works on Mysticism. 25 pp. Ma7*all. he gives us his full name. of Shyr Khan dis- gusted with the vanities of this world. five south of Dilly. and verse of the last Ghazal. Bg. He was . 13 bayts and 70 Rubays. II.) uses both Mas'ud in the concluding The Dywan of Mas'iid Bakk. 1 5 bayts. After his death he was buried in the tomb of his spiritual guide miles Ladu Saray near Nitzam aldyn's mausoleum. 84 supra) it would appear that he was of Ma-wara-lnahr but 'abd al-Haqq Dihlawy Akhbar alakhydr. this copy has a short preface in prose.

and received a pension from Burhan almulk Sa'adat Khan. Masyh composed 1070 and dedicated Topkhanah. probably an autograph. but of Arabic He came under Bahadur Shah to India (Arzii origin. : Contents a preface in prose. a in Mathnawy by Hatim to Shahjahan. says that he came in the commencement of the reign of Mo/zammad Shah. of 12 bayts and 150 Ruba'ys. succeeded in 1132. 'abd Allah Matyn.) The Story of Manuchihr. **<*$ 487 (355) j/jfmA lmJl*k*\ fttkjX* (P. } 1 lines. Beginning of Qacydahs A story in verse 30 pp. Beginning U J^yidjO o^S ^£r*Moty Ma^all. Beginning ^iVl? ^A**!] p^^ j J^ J^> +k>\J) ^a Qacydahs in praise of the Imams and chronograms.] MATYN. jIj 1^ J=aJ l> aaI^juj Ghazals 200 pp. Bg. He was a native of Ispahan.) The Dywan of Shaykh 'abd al-Ridha b. 356. &^ . . he proceeded to Bengal and died about 1 1 75. and left a Dywan of about 5000 3 verses (see Arzu and Talib). of 15 bayts. 68 pp. a good copy. (356) ^ — rfjg (P. 35 pp.: No. Having lost his pension owing to the change of rulers. &c. logogriphs with solution. 24 pp. to Dilly) and subsequently he went to Lucnow where he assumed the — garb of a Darwysh. about 600 pp.

j*lj tyAg^J ^1 Aj ZjZx* &j\yO i 6$dtd ^Ijj Julil lj >^£«JJj4*4 ^I^J^aj cujIj^j J&j <i. and he says that he heard from his own lips. 1165.-iJj^ ^5^^ ^r^* - ^^ J LT^y (J*^ 0^ ^1 ^xas^j ^a. Ghazals. u^^ *y°J <y*"a' **f jt J^* c5** cj«^wo ca-*j u^ji. but that he was sub- sequently called Janjanan.J jl k& ^j\yb j^AAjl j>y A£if U cx*| J^L&JO dji. 80 pp. ^jla.0' lA^J j ^ . II. [CHAP. cJU o~J jo j cu~*£j J-?^ J* *?>* J *^' 3 «5p^ cl?^ us^* ^H O ^* 1 -r^3 »**** c/*i) o<i>/0 J>^ Air'* us^H iri^'O C1>J^-a. statement of Shorish (see p. No. «5>^ t^Jls*. I^Um ^iljA. of 1 3 bayts.^ c)^*'^ I. Arzu confirms the 256 supra) that the name it of this poet was originally Janejan.488 PERSIAN POETRY. Contents: preface in prose which contains an autobiography .^oI *Jj C«j! <J1bIJ JftXXxJ 0»Jj£ ^if JL* CU-. As.i-* j>jU r.iUttO &)& &S Ai^l \-> L* O^S"' c-jLs^U^ C-TjjtJ dj> L ?>\ Mdty Ma^all. L« O^j c_. £j±. graphy: ijl*- Soc.^JLi(«iJ AS" c^ljjl ^Jil) ^li A. I insert here his autobioolils^la^fjJw cj^ \)j* J~ij\^**. JBg.w»f (ji.y ^^*aj ^I^LI^j .jLa£J X5 ^J^l d ^ ^^i. 1 ***** t.) The Dywan of Janjanan Matzhar. (357) rf* $& ( tyL jl L tiJlil ^ 1 ^Ifijl ^f jIa-O a5" 3jG o'^[> j\ J^° ft^d ^-^is 0*»! ^*^ uhxJ - ^^J ^Lr* -r^ ^) *^ j c^^csji)^ J^** ^ l . ajj ^L ij*j ^j^jfc Jf|j j| j %^J cf^ti Aj ^Ji ^laA.> ^Lfi&i ««i>A^) oLail jl ^^^ oLI^-* j-0 jLI^I Aj vl*.

probably identical with the poet mentioned in supra) dedicated to Awrangzeb. in 1060 and died in 1101. His father and of great Baha aldyn was a man of good 3 R . Bg. particularly on the death of great poets. f of the Khalifs. 1265. of % gM i—*}*" lijMjk *k*A> yJtfy j h-t^*" {1 Lithographed at Luenow. This book contains chronograms in verse on the principal dates in Mo/2ammadan history. Sayyid A^mad b. (360) ifg generally ufa poem the uyS* of Jalal aldyn (P-) The who is celebrated mystical Mohammad name of Mawlawy Rum or Rumy in India. Khamush and Shams as his takhalluc. 360. 489 (358) jfi* Story ^yt* by Matzhar (P.] MATZHAR. Mawlana.No. He flourished under Shahjahan and composed this book as the title indicates which is a chronogram. Moctfayiy press. or 592. family. Ciify authors call him usually Mawlawy Ma'nawy.) (he p. 129 Beginning Topkhanah. 15 bayts. is The of Chander Badan. 604. &c. and by the name of Jalal aldyn Rumy in Europe. men jj^tffj —of the prophet. 130 pp. 12mo. 130 pp. (359) '*H$J& ( p -) Information for Aspirants by Abii 'abd Allah Mohammad Fadhil b. He was born at known by Balkh on the 6th of Raby' I. Sayyid iifosayn Hosayny Tirmidzy Akbarabady who is usually called Matzhar alhaqq. It is said that he used Mawlawy.

At length Baha aldyn thought it best to leave Balkh. jealous of his influence with the public did everything to annoy him. was Shams TaJalal aldyn. he proceeded with his family on a pilgrimage to Makkah. The Seljuq princes and both Baha aldyn and and celebrity his promising son rose soon to importance at Iconium. 112). in the Naskhy -f- character Ibidem. bryz. is This poem called emphatically " the . p. Litho] ^±s 3 graphed at Bombay. It is said that the ruler of Balkh. of 42 bayts. Jalal aldyn succeeded him as the spiritual guide of his flock which soon increased by the accession of four hundred Jalal new disciples. were great patrons of learning. 1266. . After the death of his father which hap- pened in 631. The second canto was composed two years after the first in 662. . this is considered the most correct of the three editions Turkish translation with commentary. 4 to. 1263. the friend to whom he was most attached. a most disgusting cynic. died at sunset on the 5th Jumada 672 or 671. poets. Ibidem. death is A chronogram on his wSj* *Ul^i (Ouseley Pers. selves who have immortalized themBut by their attainments in mystical philosophy. and to whom almost all his Ghazals are addressed. according II. 1251.490 PERSIAN POETRY. Beginning Good j Scopies are frequent but they differ from each other. 1267 in Naskhta'lyq 117 + 113 + 136 + 115 120 + 136 pp. and remained on his return at Iconium the capital of that branch of the Seljuq dynasty which ruled over Riim and hence our poet is called Rumy. Boulak. and he had a very numerous circle of disciples. . [CHAP. and Cheleby //osam aldyn. . at the age of sixty-nine years. to Jamy. II. 8vo. Among the friends of aldyn were men like Calah aldyn Zarkub. learning and piety. Mathnawy" or Mathnawy ma'nawy it is divided into six cantos j4*«?.

see mawla'na' ru'my. 'alyy (P. 19 bayts.] 3 vols. ij^hJoJjJi and theosophy Some copies begin dy+-jfl ^r^l> o^-*** ^s^ u-aA3bj ^ixaj j*j Moty There is Ma^all. 491 Hammer. a very fine copy a copy of the <_5>wJl is in my posses- sion and there are two copies in the As. Beginning ^s/ J&i&P" M^J Moty MaAall. The preface begins : (362) C^U f> y Rumy made Xx/C (P-) Stream from the Ocean of the Mathnawy. Nos. Soc. 138 copy contains also the glossary) and 604. 71 supra). (this Valuable MS. them the of ^jiXJI Subse- quently at the request of some of his Cdfy friends. (361) UUl\ c_J Mathnawy b. of Baha aldyn Mohammad selections title Mohammad ^i ufjjWI al-1/osayn Balkhy Rumy.Purgstall's notice of this edition in the Sitzungs- bericht d.) Extracts from the Selections of the of Jalal aldynRiimy. from the Mathnawy and gave l_>U:^) l-jUJ. by Jfosayn (see p. copies are in the As. W. The author made.No. Akad. 45 bayts. 146 pp. 15 bayts. by 'alyy Akbar Khqfiy iu The title is a chronogram. 426 pp. written 3 R 2 in 1137. Wa itz Bayhaqy Kashify at the request b. b. the text begins ^ ^ y y£i. 40. wUJin the Tdpkhanah about 100 pp. 421. . 362. Soc. he made an abstract of these selections three chapters ^ and arranged it into which respectively contain the verses asceticism cj)^ £J»£Wjlyl ^lk*. Kos. . 989. on revealed religion i£**£f« j\^o\ £*U. 1851. or selections from Mawlawy 1081. Bg.

8vo. systematically arranged into sixty-three chapters by Abu Hakr Shashy. As. of 5th daftar £**# As. or rather by himself. JjIj^ r<^ aJJo ^j^\ • • • • Bg. (365) ^SWl c Uw» Hosayny (P. 1270. [CHAP. Every chapter Beginning S^** Moty is headed by the words ^y^* j& and a few observations in prose.) A commentary on the Mathnawy of Mawlawy Jalal 'askary. ^ J* acJ ' (364) e>r^>> (P. 1164. 581. ^*ft*fl v.^ 3 *" £* • u ***>* *J # • *J JUdJI Bg. ^jJ) <UJcUs^J Ma/zall. col- aldyn. Bg. of 15 bayts.492 PERSIAN POETRY. As.ffosayny 'askary. Soc. of 3d. of 4th daftar daft.J I^» a*^) • •gljj! jfliaJI Bg.) The concealed Pearl. No. of 19 . by Sayyid 'abd al-Fatta/s lected by his pupil Hidayat Allah in 1049. Soc. II. ^ t} *i\ . No. ^ff4 Bg. ^AiJl^IijJI e^X&^l ^s?\ e^. of 6th daftar fi*Hjsi^»i JS Ul ^U3 lines. No. Soc. J 5*** r about 1500 pp. written in 1065. being selections from the Mathnawy systematically arranged with explanations by a disciple of Sayyid 'abd al Fatta^ . (363) J^V ^ 1 ( R ) Extracts from the Mathnawy.J I^uXa. about 300 pp. ajUi* !. d. Begin- ning of the short preface in prose ^*a. 112 pp. y*> L-f ^ #iSJu*JI )d)^d jJI Uljjt . of 2d. in all ^ c— 1 y.

. of 21 lines. confused and erroneous. of 26 first is lines. 11. No. Beginning oU*« u>&4». in 840. illustrated by own verses.No. This volume contains merely the first part. and the second an explanation of some of their technical terms. Soc. he at length proceeded to write this commentary. in 1081.] o)3 <^*# ^\jj ^ As& &**» Mdty MaAall. it Beginning written with great care fol. the of which contains biographies of celebrated Cufies beginning with 'alyy.) (366) A commentary on the Mathnawy by iTosayn b. The account which Hajy Khalyfah gives of this book. 658 pp. No. in chapter he follows Qoshayry. and. and that at the request of his cfa*} j)& which it seems contains discourses on the Mathnawy. *.370. Mo'yn aldyn Mohammad b. 367. contains only the three daftars. (367) u^!° cilrfl £ >£ j<± isj*** jM lJ^T (P. -Hasan who died according The author informs friends he wrote a to Jfajy Khal. of the this This is rather an analysis Mathnawy than a commentary. JFt\f\)))j\jmH\j>\y>. 57.] mawla'na' ru'my. on their work Jfd^W! j^j ±<' continued solicitations. us that he had from childhood a predilection for this poem. Mohammad Hashim Hosayny Qany his Rifa'y of Tabryz. The text is introduced by the word JL* or As. being commentary on the Mathnawy by 'abd al-flamyd b. 400 pp. It is preceded by a preliminary discourse divided into first ten chapters AA&*.) a Explanation of the theosophistic mysteries. of which he commenced the second book in 834. with introductory remarks on Jalal aldyn Rumy's system of theosophy. 493 (P.

of 2d d. 830.^ 494 PERSIAN POETRY. ^. Bg. of 19 lines in the a commentary on the Mathnawy by 'abd of iSj^"^ *!/° I do not ] al-La£yf. . translates The author and explains Arabic sentences. 240 pp. j \*sV^* Qoran verses. (369) uytfJl Jitt* rf i^jJUjl LJulk) (P. £ lewM *V Bg. [CHAP. of 4 th daftar i^r^ j i/N^**" 4X*^ Bg. which has the title know whether it is identical with the *-aJUaJ fifth parts.) in 1130. of 5th daftar c^*~) ^-^ <&s» ^ t Bg. written in a clear hand is As. traditions and and illustrates difficult Persian verses. (368) ^do <u£l* (P. A commentary on the Mathnawy. In that collection are also the fourth and (about 300 pp.' *& cr^^° tyb"}* &x\zsJ] \-?y*** J«**l j*j ^ ^^ir^ 1 ** u/^ A ^^ ^i**^l /« sJy. Beginning **?>/ Bg. of 3d. by Nitzam aldyn Beginning Dd'iy (see p. LfjixJl.pjl y>£j . daftar^l^l c^W^j'j ±H 4 U^-I^«M ^11 i^^>jd ^-^ ^<^ S^\ * * * . Moty MaAall. 222 pp. 387 supra).9 Jjyii t\Aj ^£lJ cJUaib djb Jij First verse explained ^J> jU ^UI^Aj w-^^j j>JI . Soc.y j& igi*H f^-*. II. there also a copy in my collection. of 6th daftar ^AS ^ ] ^jJI^c xjj^. of 28 composed lines) of a commentary by Myrza Faqr Allah &&*> (A!Jlryn. .) A commentary ^sla J^ J^^l on the^l *^ LS* . i^uU ^-^ jy ^i* . 22 lines. No.U Topkhanah is As. 846.) b. Jj\ *U^c ^UjI ^uw jS. Soc No. yli*l • • • Beginning **>&( . by 'abd al-Lafyf 'abd Allah 'abbasy dedicated to Shahjahan.

372.*^iy t^b ^lai. duced by the word The text is intro- ^. of 4th daftar ^4* £fl)y ^ *&&\ c^l J^* .) ur^ ^5**g Bg.) (370) A commentary on the Mathnawy. of 3d daftar *$ /& o^l. by in 1140. ^a+s* j& *J Bg. of 20 lines. 549 about 600 pp. of 2d daftar^ wUVj d^-^Afcj ^Jfity Bg. No. of 19 lines containing only book. daftar only. Another volume. pi£ ^ o+^ 400 pp. jgyij cl>\J£&o 495 (P. commentary on Walyy Mohammad is of Agra. after the author had retired from the service of his sovereign. No.±lj*\ )\)\y» £*1 Beginning c^«l ^Uil^j ^\a. compiled in 1084. of 13 Ibidem. the second volume. 882 pp. (372) L^J^I *U\j}> L-flA^oJ \j?J?** £j* (P. by Shah Myr MoAllah A^rary. A As. being a (P.) The Treasures the Mathnawy. Soc.*> > ^iUJ *U\ JU US ' Bg of 5th daftar c^***o _j*« ti \j *i AsrM cf ^ «^ ^-^S >& Bg. Beginning the first £&* is dy»-j e^-^ j* ^Uu^^U** As. 389 I. compiled The L text introduced by tiy. about The author completed this part in 1151. hammad Nur who according to a note in . contains the sixth of 20 lines. 352 pp.) A commentary on the Mathnawy. 383 and 606. 623. the first written in 1167. of 6th daftar J^o l^o'o^ lines. Soc. j€.No.] mawla'na' ru'my. No. No. \j Beginning £J^ &£(** o. (371) J]r^ei5^ of Mysteries. Nos. part. 389. by Mohammad Ridha.

Molla Khodadad of Mathra. vj'tXi.^ ^uoi* As. containing only the (374) j*yA\ o** lJu~J t5?y^ cj* first (P A commentary on the b. of his other writings : He gives us the follow-gjJt ing list Af^** Jl&S sjjjJ* ^{A^c ^Ixj jd sS c~>^yi v:^**) e^Ks ^ *x~ rS*3 (ji^flj^* • L£***uolI*A». being a commentary on the above poem by Mo'yn aldyn 'abd ' Allah called Khalyfah Khwyshaky ^jC&jyL Chisty of Qocur lived in the Punjab who. ^-^ - *Jy. of 2d daftar ls^*»»I j^t "*- ^*& ^r m**^ kaJ <L > f l Uj ^ Bg. *JU J>^ tJ*&l i**Uyi ^JUS) cks ! | Bg. 'alyy by 'abd al'azyz Shaykh Mohammad b.) 496 PERSIAN POETRY. 110 pp. Daftar of the Mathnawy. of 4th daftar ]^« f l£j A»i UFjJ^l > f ) Bg. of 3d Ct^JUs jjr c^Uj^o ^J-lbyo iS^ oi* ^5*** • ^J| Uui ^) Bg. or Spiritual Lights. 384 pp. of 24 lines.dJkJ& Beginning *& *£ U Mot j MaAall. [CHAP. II. ^U) b^ ^/-^ first daftar. of 15 lines. Soc. of 21 (373) Lsy**.Ui. 408 pp. 484.]?hisj**jfl ( p -) Mysteries of the Mathnawy. Topkhanah. it appears from the preface some years in the Deccan. of 5th daftar t->^ Bg. the fly-page resided at Arcot *^'Mj\ The ^UJI ' text is intro- duced by the words «**» *U) Beginning ^ d. No. of 6th J^I^&yutJU-Jj J^*» ^=r^ J?^ lines. Beginning . Au^^* • •'• ^^ _y c^y.

: Qacydahs. 43). Contents : Ghazals. Beginning Moty MaAall. of 15 or 16 bayts.j Aj(^.] mayly. (376) J#> $gi of (P. 60 pp. because instead of insert- own takhalluc in the concluding verses of each Ghazal. 1200 pp.) (375) ^ u^Lif This is Complete works of Shams Tabryz.No. a splendid copy with occasional marginal notes. other copies met with of the Dywan of Shams Tabryz. Beginning a&U. Dywan with a German trans- Vienna.) of Herat (see The Dywan Contents Myrza Quly Mayly supra pp. of 34 bayts . Bosen- zweig has published selections from the lation. the name by which ing his in India the collection of is minor poems of Jalal aldyn Riimy generally known. in 645. several copies in the my collection about 300 pp. 25 verses. some authors place his death more correctly in 660. 54 pp. ^Ulol^-Jl e. 376. No. the Ghazals begin in this copy I* &b o>i^ ^'Isi i±±~j &. J^*. ar^ u^ty ^M <j^ ] ^)>M Moty The IjIaj ^^ Beginning J^l Ma^all. copies usually tain selections from the Kullyat. Ghazals. 3 s . 1838. <a£^Ij tXL»jy*> vxjUa. and about 4000 Ruba'ys. 64. Topkhanah and 912 . Tarjy'bands. Nafahat. Shams Tabryz died according to Jamy. 4to. 54. As. con*>°T some of them begin ^° *J^^° ^ begin Jj^ff «i*»J &y {s^ &\J&+= } \. 24 bayts. ^. 46 pp. the poet uses the name of this eccentric saint. jjyj 497 (P. Soc.

at the end is a short Beginning V' V. Beginning Moty MaAaE. Ruba'ys. 12 bayts . .498 (377) PERSIAN POETRY.) (see pp. Jones. a Mathnawy in 1 1 20 verses dedicated to Mr. posed in 1187 . 5 pp. 387. and a few pages of miscellaneous poems. Beginning Collection of Mawl. II. prose composition. 32 pp. Fards. MoAainmad Wajyh. a good copy. and would therefore appear that he may be identical with in the Rasha/jat (see the author was a Darwysh the Cufy of that name mentioned chapter on Cufism). No. (P-) The Dywan It consists of prayers and invocations of saints. rt&y* ijr^i VI ^ rt&j* **** y$- As. of 14 bayts. (379) The Dywan (see p. written in 1214. Beginning The Loves of Hyr and Ranjha. C^A* ^jjJO of (P. this copy contains also the l^^ J**> which he com- my private collection. Contents : Qamar aldyn Minnat 258 Ghazals about 250 pp. 1 Qitfa'hs and Ruba'ys. Soc. Satyres. Mokhammas'. 1 10 pp. (378) tf^tfjjid of Miskyn. The Dywan and 171 supra). of (P. [CHAP. Contents: Ghazals about 1200 pp. : Contents Ghazals. &c. it .) #]£> Shaykh Gholam Mo^yy aldyn Mobtala $+ 187 supra).

Contents: Qacydahs. 16 pp. Mokhammas' 6 and was probably 158. 18 pp. . 114. of 14 (38i) a^y. whom he imitates. In another copy the Ghazals begin bayts. 200 pp. 11 pp. Beginning of Ghazals ^ I i ti/ . 107. 3 s 0\f* Molla Mo/iammad Cufy. Ghazals. : of Myrza Moca^ib. 1177. Mofyd of Balkh (see pp. one is Beginning *H *KjU «*£*UJ C-Jjl *i»y &f*> cfl U> *JUj c^laiw 5/^^J ^j-"^ Moty MaAall. 499 (P. 129 supra). of which I have but a few days ago obtained the sight of a copy. From a chronogram in Walih it appears that he died in 1091 —6 = 1085. a splendid copy written in 1158. it appears however from his Dywan. Ma^all. 1 Qacydahs. **=» (P-) 2 . Contents*: Ruba ys. Soc. and as would r^ . for 1062. (382) His SaqiyThe Dywan of namah has been mentioned p. of 7 : &c. Ghazals 164 pp. •* Ml' jl ^ d*J & cA~j VJ k about 300 pp. 382.* of Molla ( p -> The Dywan 151.] mofyd.<Ai lt $ f}j& Wl c/V ^ J^V appear from the postscript during the author's lifetime a a Aju* fcyfcA.Lo. written in 1149 As. imperfect. of 14 bayts. of 15 bayts.No.) flourished after alive in 1 f380) v^Uo d\y 4 m The Dywan Cayib Contents bayts .j v_ftxLAj . Moty fJ** f. he .x) \jjso «^jjy/o o^ fW «^*aj1^j »^J(~. about 50 among them are some chronograms. 386 supra under Cufy. that his takhallu9 is Mohammad and not Cufy. No.

^ilyx \J$fi Jy* c Bg. At the request of in his friend /Zisaby. which has the name Jalalyyah became the letters of " Jalal" contain the number 64. and then the Saqiy- namah. Wji*J~ ^ Moty margin. a fine copy. contains apparently merely selections from the fine old three Dywans of MoAtashim. The Ghazals are mostly expressions of friendship called forth by events in the poet's intercourse with his friends.) (see Kashy page 23 supra). The author compiled the Dywan in 997. [CHAP. Ma7iall. y* (^ j*J ±f) and 14 lines in the This MS. «^*> j^i j^\ ^*") ^j) »f Ghazals. of 14 bayts. (see p.. (384) +S&* fy> iJuX^) aJ^U JUy (P. Beginning MoAamrnad Wajyh. 1 6 pp. [ II. . As. of 20 lines in the text. in 980 to compile a Tadzkirah 23 supra) he put at the head of every Ghazal a few lines in which the occasion is mentioned on which it was written together with sesthetical remarks. Collection of Mawl. Ghazals and on the margin a marthyyah and Qa^ydahs in praise of the Imams.jf>b yiyjs (P. The &***> yi preface begins jjwjo! j&k* : The Moty first Ghazal begins $*j&&j*?iyi }?*>J \J)J MaAall. (383) The Dywan Contents : ^ of Mo/rtashim **ij?. who commenced prose.) A Dywan of 64 Ghazals by Mohtas/dm. 186 pp. 106 pp. Ruba'ys. 44 pp.: 500 Beginning j)j*> PERSIAN POETRY. correct copy written in 1040. a copy contain- ing merely Ghazals. f&j" j$))j ^j] . Soc. 13G1.

of 30 bayts. 1123. Beginning As. 38 bayts. 501 (P. Ruba ys and Qi^ahs. c*~ji b>j *JLe tjki o^J (P.UT (P. himself first who it would appear made known as a poet under the successors of . flou- however is probably a clerical error for His father 'abd al-Malik Burhdny was a poet and rished under Alparslan. Moty Ma^all. of ascribed to 'abd al-Qadir in which he has Topkhanah. is another Dywan the takhalluc of Qadiry. two copies. author of these poems whose takhalluc was Mohyy and who was born in 471 and died in 561 (see chapter on Ciifism). about 200 pp. (387) Complete works of ig» . No. another copy 45 pp. this Khoshgu from NayNasa. 10 bayts. a fine copy in 12mo. Contents : Ghazals. Soc.] mo'izzy. and according to shapiir. Contents : Ghazals. 198 pp. After his death Mo'izzy.) (386) The Dywan of Mohyy who.) (385) ^* M &pjs Shaykh The Dywan of Mo^yy.No. CL. flourished in 1001. in the ^^ as it appears from a chro- nogram contained Dywan. 387. of 12 bayts . 46 pp. 9 pp. Beginning L*j«> ^js*.) of Abu Bakr Mohammad Mo'izzy Samarqand according to Dawlat-shah he derived his origin from Nasa. is According to the copyist the 'abd al-Qadir Gylany. but did not come to celebrity. I much doubt the correctness of this statement.

chose the military profession. 19 bayts." who was Sanay This happened in 480 according to a note in an old album (As. A very beau- tiful copy of Mo'izzy is in the As. " it is said. of 15 bayts and Kuba'ys. Ruba'ys. and Mo'izzy made on the spot so elegant a Ruba'y that he conferred the title of king of poets upon him. Qacydahs about Beginning 100 pp. * that one day Sinjar. In this capacity he had to pay the stipends and rewards of merit to four hundred poets who adorned the court of this monarch. II. No. [CHAP.502 PERSIAN POETRY. and a missing arrow pierced the body of Mo'izzy. sitting in his tent. 30 pp. No. 'alyy Ishkq. almulk Abii 'alyy -Hasan b. the king with his courtiers One evening was looking out for the new fast moon. Soc. the successor of Malik-shah. and places his death in 542. Contents 1-Fat^ : Qac^ydahs most of them in praise of Abii- Mohammad Malikshah. . 931). Sinjar. dj\* 120 Beginning yl* *$j* *~^* ^j*" **V or^j *}* \Jhy*) j^ ^^ &$ ^ ** Moty MaAall. lates His end was tragical. thinks that he lived to the Taqyy Kashy however time of the KhwarezmThis author has shahians. The king observed it first. (Ico- Subsequently he was sent on an embassy to Rum nium) and he brought back forty camels' loads of precious goods to Ispahan. Soc. seen more than 15. the appearance of which was to terminate the of Ramadhan. 650 pp. a splendid copy. wrote an elegy on his death. and he rose under Sultan Jalal aldyn Malikshah to a com- mand which gave him a position at court. MaAmud of Ghaznah. about Fakhr almulk Mohammad Qiwan aldyn. the Atabuk Nitzam b. and his son &c. 1368. was practising archery in his camp.000 verses of his." re- MoAammad 'awfy.

died in 594 or 2. who wished to remove him from the he was sent learned to Ispahan to collect the revenue. Qacydahs chiefly in praise of the Sultan Atabuk Qizil Arslan. elegies on the death of great persons. 503 (P. (389) r «U bjI^j (P. probable that he From the following chronogram which. He was praise. is 114 supra) are not is found in the Dywan.!^ of Abu-1-Makarim The Dywan laqan. yet author of the it. 6 . Mdty MaAall. 123). 41 Khoshgu. He .No.] mojyr. 28. imperfect.) (388) j=* e. as commencement is wanting. it appears that he flourished in 1118. Contents : p. The men of that city did first homage to his talents but subse- quently they induced Jamal aldyn 'abd al-Razzaq and Sharaf aldyn Shufurdah to compose satyres against him. 12 bayts and 20 Rubays. I insert as a specimen. <•/*/•* k»«*»*j *r^ j*""* 158 pp. a pupil of Khaqany. of 20 bayts. he lived for some time in his house at Shirwan and wrote several poems in his poet of the A'tabuks. Beginning h"]/^ <jte^ Mdty Maftall.) verses quoted in The Dywan of Molhain. Ruba'ys. 116 pp. The it Tadzthe kirahs of Cali^ Beg Molham (see p. 389. Sub- sequently he proceeded to Tabryz and became a court At the instigation of his enemies court. No. A'tishkadah. to which he wrote smart replies. &c. No. at the end are some Qitf'ahs. 1 according to Walih in 568 (Dawlat-shah. Contents: Ghazals. . a splendid copy. a Mojyr aldyn of Bay- town of Aran in A'dzarbayjan. Taqyy Kashy.

(390) lJ*uJ y^yio (P. about 7000 verses. taining legends of the prophets. 1262. text. on the margin is ^ ^f j^** Letter-forms by the same author. Beginning 100 pp. (393) <^yo $]£<* of Zindah (P. MoAammady press. In the postcript occurs the author's name .: 504 PERSIAN POETRY. 23 bayts.) The Dywan Ram Mubed of Kashmyr. d]& It contains (p ) merely Gha- The Dywan zals. a bad copy. He was a pupil of Myrza 'abd al-Ghanyy Beg Qabul and Chronogram on his death died in 1172.) The Tempestuous Allah Sea.) A Mathnawy by Momtaz in praise of 'abd al Qadir <-r^j Gylany. 'alyy a son of Thabit 'alyy This edition has been made by Baqir Khan. con- Momtaz (see p.ll~« u^*" y*L £& 6 ^ (sic) uA-Vvt" Topkhanah. (392) oU** of Moshtaq. It is divided into eleven chapters and has Bg. (391) jb** L^J ^y^ 262 supra) (P. . margin covered with Moty Ma/tall. Beginning **U^-I \j^*Jj y t^ij **u ^*^ ct^v^ Lithographed at Lucnow. II. 152 pp. a Mathnawy by Mawlawy I//san in various metres. jU*o [CHAP.

) the following « Written The Dywan postcript At the end in 1 1 !|VA iuL\ ^jJI^s* by so Myrza Fakhr aldyn A/jmad full 78 " The copy is of erasures and corrections that I it is am is led to think that an autograph. and the of Mo/^tashim Marthyyah which was originally a Haft- band rendered in Mokhammas'. (one on the accession of Shah 'alam) . a Mathnawy 34 . ^J 3 T *f* J^J y *+c± ^1 . 33 pp. and about 200 : Beginning of Ghazals . Beginning l«% Topkhanah.] Mu'jID. and that Mujid . it begins : Mokhammas'. 15 pp. of 15 bayts. 40 pp.No. at the end is a Mathnawy. the takhalluc. 144 pp. of 11 lines. 505 Contents: a preface written by Tyka Ram Tzqfar Beginning containing a short biographical notice of the author. Qacydahs in praise of the Imams. 14 bayts and about 220 Ruba'ys. Ghazals. Qacrdahs. 394. Ruba'ys. (394) ** of Mtijid. this of Fakhr aldyn A^mad in I find however no poet of name mentioned Contents : any Tadzkirah. £i*u r ^ji* is \\j* s*j)j (P. Bg. Ghazals. 042 pp. pp. 200 pp. FaraA-bakksh 5 Mofcy Hawaii. Chronograms 21 pp.

. see also supra pp. (395) Complete works of euUf (P. )jsf° yi j) c^cU tJuxl j£ L. 360 pp. an Afghan. subsequently he came to Dilly and supported himself by teaching Persian literature. Mokhammas'. 198 pp. Shah Mohammad Quly and Mo\Xdji J] 7^ammad Qofobshah about 1 00 pp. 900 pp. The Dywan of Myr Mohammad Mumin bayts.) He was ance. being particularly skilled in unravelling the sense of obscure passages of poets. Contents: Qa^ydahs. of 19 bayts.: 506 PERSIAN TOETIIY. II. one written in 1120. chronograms (one for 1152). Contents: a Ruba'y and three Ghazals. in my possession. copied by Sordry a pupil of the author is . Shah 'abbas. Bg. Ruba'ys and Qacydahs in praise of the Imams. 129). 159. He died at Dilly (Arzii. When 'abd al-Lafyf Khan Tanhd was of treasurer of the Cuban Kabul he made his acquaint- and had his verses corrected by him.j ^ tyi y <m^\h j j ^) Ghazals. 42). another copy equally written by Sortiry in 1205. )=** [CHAP. of 13 Beginning Marthyyahs. 50 Beginning of Ghazals Moty Ma/tall. two beautiful copies. Mohammad Nitzam Khan Mujfa. 17 bayts. (396) ^r o*S* (P-) (see p. Ruba'ys and short Mathnawies. «—i^t £>)£ Beginning j-y ^ Jfs-J ury Mdty c*-») &k*\ c**i jj\ *£ ^aUj Ma^all. Ruba'ys pp. in 1162.

of 10 bayts. MaAall. ^j* of Jeswant (P.) Bg Topkhanah 923. 1413. 50 pp.j-~y<> ^s\ Mathnawy. (399) J&.) The Dywan Ray Munshiy. cr-^ 5^5 1^* \Jj* & uV* ^-^ . 110 pp. iu 1193. Beginning ItXAlj^xS) liS] . l^JIi ^£> ^x*^> j^J^J i^. and some Rubays. and a short prose comBeginning )Jty d^J *^J <-H~ ^J ^ ***** y (fyjf*ji ^ As. Ghazals. 116 pp.] munshiy. Contents: Ghazals. UL-jlo tfjti 507 (P. Moty 11 pp. ^ (P. I have a beautiful copy of the Ghazals and Buba'ys written (398) The Dywan of -Hajy Munis. ^r ^He U^lys^ informs us at the end. !r* iJ^ji ^^ . 399. Soc. Contents: Qacydahs. He made a fair copy of his J Dywan 24. in 1 1 He is pro- bably identical with the author of Sassy and Panu. 3 T 2 . Moty MaAall. three imperfect copies As. J*Rj **ili* jJj) ^\j u^feij^ ^Jl<a/c tXib ci^ Bg. In 1 1 16 he a new house as we learn from this tetrastich ^li. 40 pp.**** JUlj **$/$ l^a ^r*> :) 13. Soc. a very clear copy . of 14 bayts. 120 pp. No.: No. 12 bayts. Contents: Ghazals.) built (397) The Dywan of Fadhil Khan 3funfif. position. that he collected his poems in India in 1135. an autograph. No. Beginning Topkhanah.

J^> ^Ujjt> j^I^ Idu^ ^U. 59 pp. jjfcsrf IjJyc^viJLk. 72pp. Mdthire Rah). of 16 bayts. a story in verse composed in 1140 by Munshiy. about 70 Ruba ys ] . his second .) The Dywan Khankhanan Murshid Khan of Yazdajard. some in praise of Beginning Jahangyr. a fine old copy. II. j^all a>^ VtaS ^-^ fiytf Bg. of 13 bayts.) The Dywan in who was born at Bokhara a chronogram 945 64 supra). in 983.v t) d J?{ji ^v^ *gfa Mdty Ma/jall. on the margin Qacydahs. (402) ^JH J&u of Mushfiqy (see p.) Sassy and Pami. gives us the following account of himself. ^0 Dywan. (P. who was familiarly and is probably identical with the preceding poet.-) ^^ ^^ {Le jy ^j ^J) Topkhanab. 170 pp. y^ ^4 called Anderjyt. [CHAP. He was a contemporary of Jahangyr and an encomiast of the Contents: Ghazals. The author ^l«^| . of 26 bayts. (P. We learn from that he collected this. (401) *y of (see ^ ^ J^ *^* u~** (P. 3 ^° j y° £!/tt.508 (400) PERSIAN POETRY.

631. 176 pp. a pupil of Myrza Qatyl (see p. whom I have equally been unable ^a^j jl *&tj*>urvJ to identify. There is another Dywan of Myr in the same collection. 11 bayts by Myr. pp. of 13 bayts. 172 supra). Soc. 210 pp. They are not alphabetically arranged. Moty Ma^all. (see 175 supra). Beginning ^^ToO^Ia. (about 100 a Dywan of Qacydahs of Mushfiqy. 80 pp. p.) a chronogram for The Dywan 1204. of 13 bayts. which was copied in 1179. of 10 Ruba'ys and Fards. It contains Ghazals 280 pp. L_ai»[j ^1 AT (404) r J\yji (P. Contents: Ghazals. a fine old copy. Qifahs. Myr it is.] MYit. b fA'-H 1 ^J L^U^I *l^A V 1 ^ Beginning b (}*&&(&£ LT^ ^'j^LT^iS^ .No. 15 pp.) The Dywan of Mohammad Na£yr Khan Ndpr. 404. Beginning As. &c.) is In the Topkhanah. No. I have not been able to ascertain by In the same collection is a Mathnawy lettered &±±s~ of 36 pp. 40 pp. 509 Contents: Ghazals. . and contain the praises of the Imams and mystical reflexions. Qacydahs in praise of Shah 'inayat Allah Mokhammas'. It contains (P. Beginning &&j$ eJlfcia jfk* (J* iSJJj (403) y ££gi of Myr. Euba'ys and poetical stories which it. of 15 bayts. He is probably identical with Myr Taqyy bayts.

Beginning MaAall. of 15 bayts. a In a poetical assembly which took place Ghazal of Myr Khosraw was it. Mathnawies of Myrza Mohammad Khan to Musa Khan Nacyby of Kirmanshah. which happened in 944. (406) ^*~a3 enbyuu b. He came from Persia Lucnow during the reign of Nacyr aldyn JJaydar. 1222.) The Dywan Tabryz tioned of Baba Nacyby He came to to as a Sugar-baker. II. left He from 4000 to 5000 verses.510 Contents : PERSIAN POETRY. Beginning Moty ^ J^j ^ \jftty" *Z jM i&l&a^l MaAall. but he soon lost his patron and after his death he proceeded to Kashan where he lived for some time. [CHAP. Contents: only Ghazals. 121 pp. of 14 bayts. and was appointed a court aldyn appointed him poet. (405) ^ m Jj* of Gylan. and died under Amjad 'alyy. Subsequently Amyr Najm Wakyl on a salary of thirty-six Tumans. . 104 pp. (P. then he returned to Tabryz where he married. Ghazals and a few Ruba'ys and chrono- grams Mdty for 1214. two copies. and he remained there to his death. and showed his poems Baba Fighany. one very beautiful. and the poets were expected to imitate Nacyby did it to the entire satisfaction of the king. who was much pleased with them and men- him to Suttan Ya'qub. (P. &c. at court. given as the text..

250 pp. 21 pp. Beginning of Ghazals : . *Uj state A poem which the constituent parts of a are compared with those of the human &Xi) body. another Chanda and king Khorshyd. \+* J1(Zj\ &})] \j^s? ) Jilji.) The Dywan and Qacydahs Napyby. *J \J^Xi *i btk J^uMtf *^' ^ «^H *W. 22 bayts. 12 bayts. ^W c^~>l in &jSs k£>3i$ *i J^") «j£$ ^Itx^. 220 pp. ^i*^ 4. K&y. 1 35 pp. Petition to kings treating justice. ijtfj ->'. NACYBY. dedicated to Nacyr aldyn Haydar. 14 ^y^s'* ^J^ Layla Majnun. The Tulip of the Garden. /j ^.] 1. 14 bayts. *».] *UI Beginning a*^> ^1 ^a<*> <^X jJtb *U jj IjJj) Fara^-bakhsh and Topkhanah. on Bg. Beginning 7. (407) £^i djjUj of ^UJ (P. containing the story of bayts. Beginning Uly 2 - ^ \)* fc3*»)1 ji ^o. yhxt*" uo)j**. a poem in praise of Ghaziy aldyn Uaydar. in separate volumes. Contents 14 bayts . 28 pp.No. Beginning ^U^ fofl 6. : Myrza Mohammad Khan 1 80 pp. 13 bayts and about 60 short Mathnawies and Tarjy'bands. 22 bayts. 180 9 bayts com- posed in 1227. 407. Bg. y$ *£ ^yk )^l 3. Ghazals about 600 pp. u^^"j Solomon and the queen of Sheba. composed in 1237. Ruba'ys.Uj **U ^1 ii^j^f the Sea of Union. 5. 511 pp. Water and Fire. 22 bayts. 16 copy 80 pp.

Contents: Gulkushty. In 1015 he came to Shyraz where he met Taqyy Aw^ady. also part of the this copy is Dywan of Ghazals of Danish 50 pp. . This date is recorded in the chronogram J^>T jl^tA-i ijl^Jb*1 (Walih and supra p. Qacydahs mostly in 'abbas. ^y^^-j^ £»£ In . (409) A al'al (P. 98. 133 supra). and a Dywan by Myr 'abd Jp& ( JWIjjx the editor spells erroneously J^I y)) Nqjdt of Ispahan (see pp. every miora 1 of the first Qacydah is a chronogram for 1229.) The Dywan Nacyr aldyn Napyr of Ham ad an. ^ W> ^)f$- J^j the Qacydahs are in a separate (408) J>\c»A of j^ d \^ (P. '* Contents praise of : a short preface in prose. 14 bayts. Beginning . Beginning <s£j^ f. 291 verses. Beginning ty *!ys^ &$ *"U J\j*> Jf-^ \~J> j& Ghazals about 225 pp.) ^V'j*? (JigLS &\y*) M Mathnawy on Wrestling. 54). Beginning J^il^s*" ^xh l-J. 137. uf^ Fara/i-bakhsh and Moty MaAall. Fara^-baksh. IL Qacydahs in praise of Ghaziy aldyn Haydar. 10 bayts.512 PERSIAN POETRY. [CHAP. 114. about 1000 bayts. volume. a beautiful copy written in 1044. Mdty Ma/^all. the Ghazals are not alphabetically arranged. Shah and Ghazals not alphabetically Beginning arranged. 506 pp. a son of Ma//mud. a splendid copy written in 1156. 129.

by Burhan dedicated to Shahjahan.] NA. Beginning Topkhanah. probably a clerical error for This is 625 or 635.) The Dywan Najyb aldyn of Fars. which ceased to reign in 628. The poet came to celebrity towards the end of the Seljuq dynasty and resided during the reign of the Khwarezmshahians mostly at Baghdad. 411. ( 41 °) tfM of *#*} vW J** I is it is (P. a splendid copy. mentary occasion. 3 U . According to my copy of Taqyy Kashy his death took place in 665. he died towards the end of this dynasty. less. in 1257 and Dawlat Kay Shawq wrote a chronogram on the This commentary is apparently taken from A'rzti. of 26 bayts. with an elaborate commentary by the Maharajah Eatan Singh. written in 1003. 1258.No. Beginning Topkhanah. Mo^ammady 96 pp.7YB ALDYN. whether this author have not identical satisfactorily ascertained with Najyb aldyn Churbadqany but very probable. aldyn Ndqid. 16 bayts. he compiled this compress. about 100 pp. Taqyy has seen about 2000 verses of his or Contents: Qacydahs and Tarjy'bands about 100 pp. (411) itfti fjstji lJijJuJ 4-^1 J° \sy&* (P-) The Heart-alarming Poem. father of Dawlat Singh Shukry. 513 The Gulkushty has been lithographed at Lucnow.

of 14 bayts Qacydahs. 148 pp.& \j^*J62»* correct. (412) y J> $16 of (P.Jy* (P. 233. some Beginning 1061 As. officer. (P. written in 969. a fine copy. an error. It is asserted that Herat. most of them on Padshah jETatim Beg chronograms. 80 pp. . No. Beginning k**yja±j J^'r Topkhanah. Contents Ghazals and a few Ruba'ys. Contents: Ghazals. Moty Ma/iall.) of The Dywan Shaykh 'alyy Naqyy (see Kamarah or Kamarah-abad. Abu-1-Makarim his native Nizar aldyn Qudrat Allah. written in . . p. who died in 1031 page 91 supra). . His name was according to own statement. at the age of sixty. of 12 bayts. (413) ^S) . of 16 bayts. Taqyy Kashy has : seen about 2000 verses of his. but in familiarly called town he was he was of 'iraq. where he Mo//tasib. Myrak. This is he was of Abhar in the life but spent the greater part of his filled at Herat. Soc.514 PERSIAN POETRY. 118 pp. He probably iden- with the poet mentioned in 93 supra. Bg. No. clear and (414) JLs jfeS of »l£ cjlfifib. apud Samiy. II. Private collection. for some time the office of police Towards the end of his career he went to Qandahar. one for 1016.) is Ruba ys tical Shah Natzar ]^° <J^»wl 'alyy. 912. and died there towards the end of the year 938. 28 pp. ^j~i Beginning \"jly3&jl Jii. [CHAP.) his The Dywan of Nargisy.

In 1012 he made the pilgrimage visit to Makkah. When he felt himself sufficiently strong he endeavoured to turn his poetical talents to account. (417) zyry of Nayshapiir. having accumulated 3 U 2 .] (415) na'tzim. where he had several poetical contests with Fahmy. (416) M 1 kJ^Ji fifiJjj UUjj (P. and came to India where he found a patron in the Khankhanan. to make the a parrot which speaks. and then after his return settled he paid a to his patron at A/jmadabad. a copy. composed in Bg. 374 pp. Bg. The second micra' of the verse contains an allusion to the manner in which parrots are is taught speaking. fiatim. 515 ( LfJ^V^e^ of R ) The Dywan 151. a Mathnawy by Natzim of Herat. a looking-glass placed before the cage and a parrot believe that it is man speaks behind the glass. cjl^ <^l. (£0 When u^LlT (P. There are two copies in my collection in a copy in the Topkhanah initial poem is ascribed to Facy hj. Shuja' and Ridhayiy. Beginning *& J&ij g£k Topkhanah. c-T^ij *±$jjl^ >jk : ^ . )j all) : Ghazals. Contents cydahs. 98.) Complete poetical works of Mohammad Hosayn Nat- he had come to celebrity in Khorasan he went to Kashan. 878. 113. Moty the 058.) Yusof and Zalykha. 129). Soc. 417. Natzim of Herat (see pp.No. .ix* <yt%*« vJ^t* V.'^^ £>l MaAall. Maqc^ud Khordah. of 13 bayts As. 1 1 bayts and two Qa- ^j jlj ^< tS Cii) J ^: fair )j tf] Jj Jfjit J*. u^UUi a. 362 pp.

(418) ^cy u»l?i^jl«^JJ> v>S** of ( R ) The Mathnawy and Dywan Mohammad Ridha As Naw'yj of Khabushan near Mashhad in Khorasan. 601. of 10 bayts. ^U- \jLdt* ufl Ghazals about 350 pp. 26 pp. and in the FaraA-bakhsh library Dywan of the lines. 252. Poets p. Contents : Qacydahs in praise of the divinity. 130 and Ouseley Pers. 16 bayts. is In the Topkhanah is a Dywan containing merely the Qacydahs. p. 130). wealth to be able to live in affluence. subsequently he to Burhanpiir. of 14 lines of 10 bayts. Jahangyr and the Khankhanan. Nos. U )j) Moty MaAall. a splendid copy. 161 also Mdthire Rah. Us* 1 ! J^U i^ 'j ^stS J uu*£ .~ l y i> jU£\ j\ . [CHAP. and composed several poems in praise of the Khankhanan. 144 a pp. 588). II. 115. (Mdthire Rahymy. fol. Ouseley Pers. and supra pp. . an Nawab Dhiya Myrza Yiisof Amyr of Akbar. 65.516 sufficient PERSIAN POETRY. one copy begins ^3 o£U dj** ^ &±x~»j vy^. who had introduced him to prince Daniel and liberal presents who continued to make him at He died according to Walih Bur- hanpiir in 1019 (see supra pp. Ghazals and Euba'ys copied in 1032 about 130 pp. &c. 447 pp. 114. 65. Poets. soon as he had obtained a name he came to India. accompanied prince Daniel and after the death of his patron he settled there. of 14 bayts. Beginning *IiJ. written in 1202 As. 1061. of 15 I have a very good copy of the Ghazals with useful notes. and first entered the service of Khan Mashhady. Walih. and he died in that city in 1022 or 1023. 424. the prophet. Soc. Ruba'ys. 252 pp. Bg.

) He stood in high favour with perfect- Shahrokh. 100 pp. He enjoyed it much. She . The Dywan of his life at of Sayyid Ni'mat Allah the saint. 21 bayts. they intermarried with the royal family of (see Persia and amassed immense fortunes p. to and send Ni'mat Allah. taining some Qacydahs of Naw'y. 40 pp.] Nl'MAT ALLAH. so of the time of Akbar.No. Beginning ej) yjr&. 15 bayts. he was sure that Providence would guard him against the enjoyment of unlawful things.4 Ja^U ^o (419) J> «U| e>* ^ Walyy. a good In the Topkhanah a MS. He not only was himself a holy forty times the chilla man having performed days —a fast or abstinence from animal food and from pleasures for forty —but he carried is the founder of a prolific family of saints. because as he was a saint. He once boasted that he considered ly proper to eat delicacies. but spent part Samarqand. 517 Contents: Ghazals and a few Rubays. 12 lines. As. most of them are in praise of Akbar. He was of Kirman. history of Hindu woman Bg. copy.-£ y a oU? ^^s^ ^j ^J ±sy j)i^ j jy*i. The king made an experi- ment and ordered prepare it his it cook to seize a lamb from a widow. it 44 MS. who ascended the funeral husband. i.) e. 13 bayts. 28 pp. Soc. Haft Iqlym. (P. Beginning ^Ux>^j£>. a son of 'alyy. and that it after the repast the king told him triumphantly force had been taken away by from a widow. 419. for several who on their trade with great success centuries. pile with her deceased Qpte \j *<*J^ f\ is ^) con- Moty Ma//all. Beginning A Mathnawy (the Saqiy-namah ?) 19 pp.

one was written in 1011 and the other in 1014. in the prose treatise on Moty MaAall is a copy in which there is added a £ dfism and religion. Ruba Bg. 86 pp. 21 bayts. Though I have not ascer- tained the identity for by comparing the quotations. £i *M ^& \J*y*~ My private two copies. we may granted that the author of these Qacydahs is Nitzam of Astrabad. 16 bayts Qacydahs. Myrza Nitzam who 92 supra). Bg. 40 pp. declared that of the her son was absent from home and caused her great anxiety. who was an extremely pious man . ys. who was equally a saint and a poet. 10 pp. the request II. Shahrokh at [CHAP.) Moty Ma/zall. in order that she might be able to carry out her intention. Contents: Ghazals. I. but in the mean while it was forcibly taken away from her.££• (P. J^~) JUL ^t\j ^S Jji} I JJJ {SSj<: tfy Jk**^ (P. y»? *Ul *+*i Ljy?*'* tQ-jfr collection. 650 pp. She demanded justice from the king. *U| iJ*£j iyjJl £^l ^ ^ (420) liS r of . (421) r (t5i>$U The Qacydahs take it of Nitzam. Ruba'ys.) died in 1039 (see The Dywan p. and died in &c. Bg. . Contents: Maya's and Ghazals. '{"**•/$ 077. He must 1 be dis- tinguished from Ni'mat Allah of Narnawl in India. and having heard that a man of great sanctity had arrived from Kirman (meaning Ni'rnat Allah) she vowed to offer him this lamb. being sent for by saint.518 PERSIAN POETRY. Tarjy' bands. Ni'mat Allah died in 827 and subjects left works on several more particularly on Ctifism.

leaving besides Dy wan a Mathnawy others which has the Contents : title ^UxUj \j~±&) first Qacydahs. lived. divided into 20 cantos ^'U^ and composed in 582. 48 pp. the . Dorn thinks that the poem was completed by some one else.] nitza'my. zamy of Ganjah. alphabetically arranged. when he completed the second part of the Sikandar-namah.) The Treasures or the romantic poems of NitMotfarrizy.Ufi five '^ if* £ g five (P. related of every Persian poet and Cufy. and that he retired towards the end of his from the world. and Tarjy'bands most of the Beginning poems are in praise of the Imams. 14 bayts. a brother of Qiwamy He possessed considerable learning and a strong sound sense. he would be one of the greatest poets that ever We know little pious man and a As much is of his life. 25 bayts. his poetical talents were of the highest order. Azad bought Tdpkhanah. rhyming in L. nah (422) ^. He himself boasts that he did not court princes. and died in 606 or 602. this 519 and died in 921. 214). and of the nation to which he belonged. but his panegyrics gave him the lie. Contents: 1. probably the same copy which at the time he was engaged in compiling his Khiza'ainirah.No. Beginning +^ +*& yo *$& \j^»«>st> ffca^il ^^ ! *AJ' f*l . except that he was a very disciple of Akhy Farrokh life Zanjany. about 200 pp. after his death Jj*»W ujfif* tne Treasury of Mysteries. the (Samy No. He was sixty-three years and a half of age in 599. and had they not been perverted by the bad taste of the times in which he lived. 422.

I Kitdb alaghdniy) . %• yj) 5. •*« ^x*Aju izjjS&j u^^ijJu y &*m ^m A{** A«ai{j *£ Beginning /j 4. a first Bedouin romance. Beginning 3.^Uj^ A ^ 2 ?- The poet divided into three parts. Beginning &i&{ tyl ^j*** ^j* . describing the career of Alexander as a king. which was (see sung by Arabic poets in 592. 140 pp. &ljiAj&«J*f the Loves of Khosraw and Shyryn. it is either simply called the Sikandar-namah or the Sikandar-namahe Barry. II. composed read the last verse which contains the date as follows. title third parts form but one poem. 570. *S r ^J f*Uy pU^ j^S" *&*** f U called jj> ^ y-u l^aa. 131 pp. the Sikandar-namah. and as a prophet. Nafahat No. the Seven Forms. PERSIAN POETRY.4&». composed in 593. 93 pp.520 2. [CHAP. or ur±i ] w ^y it *w «w ^JjX. also A^j Lai the story of Bahramgiir. as a philosopher. though this reading is confirmed by no copy. It was composed in 599. which of t^aiC* ^U^^ but is usually called in Sikandar-namahe Ba^ry. *" l i £** > : J L-rir* . and according Jamy. The first part is best known. and has about 3000 verses. but the proper title is ^JJX* aUaJUI) or according to some c^dj£to ixiifj&i It was composed in 597. Beginning ^^Af iM& $i dV^ *&*& The second and has the India. in 592. ia?**" -? ^^j the Loves of Layla and Majnun.

and No. two copies. Ahmad b. the second half the press. 1835. A commentary on the r \ H\ dj^ c y^ (P. oue (424) } Makhzan alasrar by Mohammad Qiwan b. reprinted (lith. copies of the Khamsah are two fine copies . copy 257. A. Khosraw Shyryn lithographed s. a fine copy) but copies of still without the Khirad-namah are very frequent. The Khamsah without the Khirad-namah has been lithographed at Bombay. As. MS. rare. Gesellsch. the other in 1080.) also written notes to both parts of the Sikandar-namah. No. 761. VII.. Soc. (Bombay ?) 275 pp. et 1. the title of the first is and Iqbal-namah of the borne out by Nos. good omens. No. Sharaf-namah 427 infra. the half of the Khirad- namah was is in edited by Dr. of this poem and of Layla Majniin is is in the As. 1852. containing passages on the unity of God. 1490 of the first part of the Sikandarnamah with glosses. 425. No. He was a contemporary of Moghyc aldyn of Hansy and has b. 90 it . 424.) 1818 the whole has been edited first at Calcutta in 1810. that according to most is MSS. of 13 bayts. love. 1263. Soc. 78 pp. 1852. my collection. at Calcutta. 1810. morgl. d. Mahmiid ii)y±*j** (?) Balkhy who was familiarly called Bakrayiy <^y^. 521 (Moty Ma/jali Complete MS. justice. College of Fort Willian. full of the grossest mistakes the first half of the first part of the Sikandar-namah has been printed . London. 3 x . Beginning tsJ^O ^s^\jj a*-: WJ • • e ^*W! u^j *U tUs*! As.) of Nitzamy.] nitza'my. more frequent are copies of the first part of the Sikandarnamah. A good Soc. small • folio 1265. Calcutta. JSTo. the : 1844 Makhzan alasrar has been edited by Bland. contentment. 345 a good copy of the Makhzan alasrar. In the same collection No. arranged in 37 chapters. 412. &c. this (423) Extracts from the <wL **%L Khamsah (P. a. It appears from Professor Fleischer's note in the Zeitsch. Sprenger. d. second part of the Sikandar-namah. written in 1087. Rustam b.

is This commentary does not contain also the the text.Ui^^r U*u College of Fort William. and of the work. At when Bg. [CHAlP. a Shah Jahangyr who died first in 948. collection . 60 pp. JS*Ji ^i — &** ^j \jJS ^ t£ £ij\> j#j\ }j **& j*i] j&j jiAA. Beginning <^UJ ^i** kftJ^jjUu ^UlS (JSJU* ^jjUi. and fixes the correct reading of doubtful passages. L^yi ^Jj^ A) *(Af° **i M • • • (^^JU/| wj &JU &+sJ\ And the commentary of an anonymous author. Beginning j (f^jj^J &j**±j. 17 lines. viz. (425) flfcS y^i\ ^L-i^J disciple of ^yfi JL* **yt (P. 16 lines Major Anderson's . seems used to lecture on occurred to him that it In 956 it would be useful if he was to collect his notes on the Sharafit. about 200 pp. the end of this work is a chronogram for the time m the book was composed. 17 lines. J^i^j u*k~j jfo'j £jj&$ Jl ±xs And Bg. 400 pp. of 16 lines. three copies. In the Topkhanah commentary on this poem by Nur MoAammad about 200 pp. ^(aj . and death under Shaykh Mohammad it Lad. lected several correct copies of the and that he had col- poem for this purpose. 1091. about 250 pp. The author says that he explains 1310 verses. II. who the works of Nitzamy. and subsequently under Shaykh Mo/mddith. literature The author (this 'ayn says that he studied Persian and metric under 'ayn alqodhat Hamadany at olqodhat must be different from the after his Hamadan one mentioned by Jamy Nafahat No. 455). and my collection.) A (a commentary on the Sharaf-namah by Mo^yy aldyn of) son Nitzam. Beginning Topkhanah. a commentary by Pyr 'alyy of Kastilpur. namah and work them up was encouraged hence the title into a commentary on he in his labour by a son of 'alyy Shyr.522 PERSIAN POETRY. <J )\ \j£& &s>\j ^o. 21 lines.

4to.) A commentary on difficult verses of the (first part of the) Sikandarnamah by Siraj aldyn He says that there were Arzu. Ma7*all. 1261 all the commentaries are essentially identical. who died in 1169. but that none was satisfactory. 428. Calcutta edition of 1253. of 19 8vo. bayts.] nitza'my. 311 pp. reprinted 1260 = 1844. many commentaries extant. this century. This commentary forms the basis of the glosses to the lithographed Lucnow edition of the Sikandar-namah. also of the notes of edition. 662 pp. ^jj\ 523 (426) lJuX^j &*& )0&» £j£ (P. incomplete . and it commences Moty Private collection.1263 and 1266. Dawlat-shah informs us that the whole Dywan contained about 20. 1812. 154 pp. 23 Badr 'alyy and Myr JSosayn in the Calcutta fuller and of the somewhat commentary of the lithographed at folio. He I died in the commencement of &xi\$ and has written Persian commentaries on most school books as | y^\ ^ -J*^* <uil£ | jj-kU! u*^j f jf^ij) Jy^o and glossaries on the Gulistan and Bostan.000 3x2 .) A (first commentary on difficult verses of the Sharaf-namah part of Sikandar-namah) compiled in 1196 by Molla Mohammad Sa'd Allah of Patna. (427) <>*«» ^Lo lJuA*J <uUiw& jJi (P. (428) ^Mi of vjji* (P.) The Dywan Nitzamy of Ghanjah. This commentary does not embody the text. Bombay with three other works on the margin.: No. lines. of 17 lines *& without the text. Beginning Collection of o^> ^J€^ij^ «HH ^^ > i^r^^i Lffy" Mawlawy Mohammad TVajyh.

. Beginning . 14 bayts pp. it is He travelled much and lidynillah supposed he was a disciple of Moctafa- Nizar and that he chose his takhalluc in his because he was a honour. able to procure a copy of Contents: Qacydahs. particularly to wine. Ghazals. PERSIAN POETRY. [CHAP. and a man of He was skilled in medicine. and has the has the title of a*^ it j^A and the other verses (?) y^l jy>j 9 has about 12.: 524 verses. 454 pp. it (P. On his travels he met Sa'dy and other distinguished his life men.000 and begins ^^"1 ato : Contents ^JUJ 0°*j \jfi) l^V a Mathnawy on Morals. a good copy. 24 pp. \y meaning thin in Persian. one title is very witty and amusing. a good copy. he died in 720 and besides a Dywan. At all events it he is suspected of having been a free-thinker. (429) i^gj of ^ talents. 52 *&jb . . Towards the end of he retired from the left world and lived on agriculture. Mdty Ma^all. II. but given to and pleasure. 23 pp.Ruba ys. others say that he chose thin man. though is allowed that his poems contain deep Ciify sentiments. 20 bayts.) The Dywan gaieties iZakym Nizary of Qohistan. two Mathnawies. Beginning &y^&)t ^ ^Sjj^^Ji My private collection. dj^i j/U> sS Qacydahs and Ghazals not alphabetically arranged. 8 pp. Taqyy Kashy has not been it.

182 pp. 11 bayts.No. 1432. and Qi^'ahs. Beginning Jt*j p^. No. (432) Ljyy of ^o He and (P. Beginning ^^ ^i^*^ v*jj u^ *&*J ^ *£**>> As. merely Ghazals. yo ^xL^i *j J*3 Ghazals and Ruba'ys. (431) 4jjy3 ^ (P) A mystical biography of Mohammad in verse. Contents : Qacydahs in praise of Shah Isma'yl* Wazyr &c.) The Dywan Qadhiy Nilr aldyn Nury of Ispahan. &c. 508.^^ d viHJl f* f*** !*** f* e/^" Mawlawy Mohammad "Wajyh. of 38 bayts. Soc. says that he died in the year 1 Walih 000. No. written in 101G. who 39. MoAammad. 48 pp. about 900 pp. 40 pp.) died in (430) cyJ of Dilawar It contains l* ejl^c) The Dywan 1 1 Khan Nuprat. his brother He is familiarly called Mo'izz were pupils of Afdhal Tarkah of Ispahan. 525 (P. and dedicated Ya'qiib Bahadur Khan. composed by Nury in 887. 432. Soc.] Nu'ltY. Qadhiy Nur. to Sultan Abu-lmotzaffar Beginning As. but other authors state that he attained a high age and lived to the reign of Jahangyr. . A i' Beginning Collection of '.

A^L. Ma/*all. *==? Beginning uf U-^ i-i^. a. s. **$ the author. in 1055. Contents Ghazals. [CHAP. with a press.: 526 PERSIAN POETRY. he *h* aIjUS -US) says in the postscript <jdJ do ***« cr^y *k^ : cVas^I. in every Ghazal the use of some letter of the alphabet is avoided. is still has six legs. the margin frequently covered with text and cor- (434) ^vj Nuwydy and : 1gii tf (P. 12mo. Mo7*ammady press.? Jj. II. and Moctafy 1260. JU y-ijk Chronogram on his death . Lucnow. and what more astonishing the tail is on his back.) The Dywan and died in 1 1 of i?ajy Nu%hat who Ji y poems ±syj in 1112. jjX* aJj^ oa. &S^£& t>^> a. +>&£ cUs* \j^&y &j> Jj 37. preceding is He is not identical with the apparently a modern poetaster. " this copy has been written by Nuwydy." 1 1 Contents Ghazals. (433) u?<>2>5 i$$* ^ic (P. about 300 pp.) The Dywan I of Nuwydy. s. dj** j ^j)j ^ Moty rections.AjaS j4»x*y J*^j eJjd Lithographed. —a balance. At the end of this hook are a few but very silly : enigmas of which I give a specimen it " I have seen a wonderful horse.) The Dywan of Nuwydy. and two hoofs." <2i*j3 (435) |j$M collected his >>>}3 (P. and they are arranged Beginning A*t according to this letter. \j bayts. few glosses . reprinted in the iZasany press. 16 pp.

) Ghazals. &c. 60 pp. 15 fjjjdj&»i asj&A S«jU bayts. 527 Contents: Qacydahs in praise of A'tzam Shah. . but his fame rests on his licentious wit. He it died in 772.) The Dywan place in the Khwajah 'obayd of Zakan. Ma^all. Contents it is : a preface by the pen of one of jJU* ^i^WI *U his friends.. which is a neighbourhood of Qazwyn. Beginning ^^u^l ^Wj <^j ^^ Beginning Qacydahs in praise of the Imams.j# iJt« . The of Lover's book **U*lic.. 13 pp. and J d U^ v ij£j*» <£Alijl ^1 a* ^jx ja^ Fards. Bg. of 33 bayts composed in 75 1 Jlj i— ill f^fijA **+*jj j)j f. 436. of Sullan Oways. of the copyist.£.] 'obayd za'ka'ny. He was a man of to celebrity under of some learning. and Ghazals not alphabetically arranged. C^*i tS Ruba ys. of 22 bayts.)& J$jl x*^j* d yi ) ) j gW*/S|* *3 Beginning Mdty $$ . . )j J&j: c^^-^yij ^1^ Hi! ^^Jl is the above chronogram on his death in a postscript (436) JQ o^ dj* s (P. Beginning Moty MaAall. No. He first came Shah Abu Is^aq Anjii who ruled at Shyraz previous to the rise of the Motzaffar family. *U gjji tjyij j)j) 13 Udi. a *&*&**• j Mathnawy in the style Khwajah Salman's J&i •>. stated in that 'obayd collected his Dywan in 751. Qifahs and chronograms. 37 pp. subsequently he was in favour with Sullan Oways of Baghdad. a splendid copy written in 1080. &c. 20 pp. 100 pp.






uy*« yfy*
of Abti-1-Qasim


The Dywan


of Balkh, a pupil of Abu-1-Fat/e

Run 7.

A^mad 'onpory He was one of

the four hundred court poets of Suttan Ma/emiid and
his successors,

and rose to the

of king of poets.

Authors who wished to be encouraged by the Sul/an had
to submit their verses to 'oncory

and he decided on their
victories of the

merits, he at the

same time described the
to the

Ghaznawides in Qacydahs, a description of poetry particularly well suited

monotony of eastern music, and

they were sung at the parties of the court.


died in

431 or 441 and


from 20 to 30,000



poems was


^ JJ.*^

but Taqyy Kashy,


with great

pains obtained a copy of the

5000 verses

Dywan, containing about of Qacydahs, thinks it has been lost. Khoshgu

mentions also




^S d-Afc&




Qacydahs and a few Ruba



As. Soc. No. G15, 179 pp. 1G bayts.


'orfy of


Complete poetical works of
in Shawal,

Shyraz who died

999 (see supra 129, 112, 61, 37), when 'orfy was near his end he sent his poems to the Khankhanan
with the request that he might arrange them, this he did.
All his compositions


to about

14000 verses

(Mdthire Bah.



a short preface, Qacydahs, 200 pp. 19 bayts.


t-^l dj&±* *J> Ghazals, 200 pp. 16 lines.



No. 439.]



In another copy which contains the same Ghazals, they begin


Jollj jJ



{* j&) HiX*» £+X&



A Mathnawy


asrar) 74 pp.


8 bayts.

Another Mathnawy, 29 pages.



the end


a chronogram for 986, the fourth micra

of which contains the



poems he composed up


to that year, the unit expresses the


of Qacydahs

the tens the


and the hundreds

the Qtfahs and Ruba ys the latter.

320 of the former and 380 of


copies are frequent,

Mdty MaAall,

8vo. written in 1047, there

are three other copies in the


which are apparently

As. Soc. Nos. 732, an old copy of the



1173, a copy

of the






Qacydahs, by Mohammad Shah Mohammad Darwysh b. Mohammad Raji' aldyn familiarly called Raju 'olwy ^fj^j^j compiled under Awrangzeb in 1111, the chronogram is jjk^jt. Bg.


commentary on



iS Jf^Jax) cVa.1 j

tU^.y |J£dJU»J %tXx^j ^J+Xi3



"VVajyh has a

Topkhanah, small 8vo. about 300 pp. Mawlawy Mohammad commentary on 'orfy about 250 pp. of 17 lines com; ;

piled by Qotfb aldyn in 1101

the chronogram








c*yf &=**

x— j-^4







z kk*



commentary on 30 Qacydahs of

by Myrza Jan,

compiled in 1073.

Beginning ^Jh]^ Moty Ma£all, 338 pp.
arranged, beginning of



«T*;j cJ^*





the Qacydahs are alphabetically



^^ jj^j*








commentary on

Qacydahs of


Afonad (he



a son of the late 'abd



^AkL^o e^Af>





^j ^U*-

Printed, Calcutta, 1254, folio 278 pp. containing also the text.

These Qacydahs have also been lithographed with a commentary,

Lucnow, .Hasany
edition are




150 pp. most of the notes in


by Qudrat A^mad and Maqbril A7*mad. There is a commentary on 'orfy by Molla Sa'd Allah, near 100 pp. of
Beginning wanting.




of Qadir.

The Dywan

According to a note in the



page written in a different hand, his name is Khwajah

'abd al-Qadir

Naqshbandy ffasany Qadiry.
lived at


his title

was Wazyr Khan and he was a son of

Wazyr Khan Mashhady, he
died in 1136.

Agra and was


great favor with 'alamgyr and his two successors, and

Qadir gives us in the
collected his poems.

last verse

the date,


when he

No. 444.]

Ghazals and a few






plf* )








MaAall, 66 pp. of 11 bayts, probably written in 1122.



j&lg UuX*! fifr+k



p -)


Straight Path

by Nitzam aldyn Qalandar com-

posed in 808 and dedicated to Abu-1-MotzafFar iifosayn

wrote a
this is a

Ma^miid Shah b. Ibrahym Shah. The author Qacydah of 22 bayts, entitled <_*y^ *<*i^, and
commentary on
it, it is

divided into five chapters

J^> and

on Cufism.

Beginning of Qacydah
Fara^bakhah, 32 pp. 18


u.J* j^'j}/*



Beginning of commentary ȣ*

Jj ^jUltfa


j*j Ul




His father Shyr Beg

The Dywan of Qaplan Beg.

was of the Qushchy family, the members of which are
the other families of the Ulus tribe



belongs, for their wit and talents.



Qushchy the philosopher was of the same
and was one of his Tawajies

Shyr Beg came under Akbar from Ma-wara-lnahr to


Qaplan was
he served

born in India and was, like his father, a


under the Khankhanan in the Deccan with great distinction,

and was in high favour with Jahangyr, but



he retired from the



the author of a Mathcelebrates the loves

nawy which



J£»j& *U and

of Zal and Riidabah, the following verses are from

3 y 2





**&" ^jft*



(*/>) LS*£j




in praise of Jahangyr, 22 pp.

7 bayts.


Ghazals, 72 pp. 15


Ruba'ys, &c. 44 pp.




c^iy ^Jo e^**>

Ruba'ys and Minor poems, 44 pp. 12
Fara/ibakhsh, a fine copy.


As. Soc. No. 890.

String of Pearls

JM ^


by Sayyid Abii-1-Qasim who was
of Qdriy.

known by
and wrote

book in



He flourished in Persia, The title is a chronogram.

It is a short


in about


Lithographed, Lucnow, 12G4, 12mo.


; yi

r ^j


The Dywan of Sayyid Mo'yn aldyn 'alyy Qdsim Anwar, or Qdsimy. He was born in a suburb of Tabryz,
in 757, and devoted himself from his early age to the

Cufy doctrine.
spiritual guide.


Cadr aldyn of Ardebyl was his Qasim used to live in a burial ground

and performed four times the pilgrimage to Makkah,
twice on foot, barefooted and almost in a state of nudity.

Subsequently he joined the school of Aw/tad aldyn

No. 447.]



Kirmany, which

given to the wildest and most obscene

and he placed himself under the guidance of £adr

aldyn 'alyy Yamany.

His doctrines as a Ciify are not

considered orthodox, yet he had immense success
to his


winning manners, the depth of his genius, and

the great austerity of his


he resided at

Herat in Khorasan the crowd of his


was so

numerous and enthusiastic that Shahrokh the ruler of
that province


afraid of disturbances,

and there


reason to suppose that the saint
to assassinate him.

was implicated

in a plot

Shahrokh ordered him

to leave the

but he would have defied the royal

command had
proceeded to

not Baysanqor paid him a visit and persuaded him by
his friendly advice to leave the city.


Balkh and Samarqand, but subsequently returned
at the request of the

same sovereign who had

expelled him.

besides this

He died at Kharjard near Jam, in 837, and Dywan a Mathnawy and several Cufy

treatises in prose.



of Pers. Ghazals.)
end a few



Ghazals, and


Ruba'ys, &c.

Beginning &\&gj»
Topkhanah there
pp. of 11 bayts.

%dj )dy*»

tj^* y*
In the

MaAall, several copies, about 600 pp. 14 bayts.



by another poet of the takhalluc

Qasim whom I have not

identified, it contains

Ghazals and has 44






&> jj**


^iHj c/

«>^' «^*'**>^c






pp. 113, 128

The Dywan


Qasim Dywanah



Ghazals and a few epigrams.




U^tf^ x£vHj'f& u^**^ &ty


Topkhanah, about 200 pp. of 15 bayts; As. Soc. No. 613, a good copy.


pis ULjuJ e^Tl



The Book of Victory of Akbar Khan by Qasim of Agra, who completed this poem in 1260, after he had
been engaged upon

for three years.

This poem contains an account of the
Cabul, and

wars of

spoken of as a very creditable production.

Beginning j If tyj* ^y. tAij*
Major Anderson,
4to. about



34 bayts in a page.


^dblSjOsf; i^bbtt* ^J-U ***&




poems of Myrza MoAammad Qasim

Qasimy Junabady

it is


supra pp. 44, 83, 52).



**U *^,

also called *<*^ J^**~l because

the deeds of Shah Isma'yl and Shah
it is

Tahmasp form


in the metre of the

Shah-namah of Firdawsy,

100 pp. of 42 bayts.



2,740 verses,

±J*> The Loves of Layla and Majmin in 66 pp. The date of the composition is stated

in these verses

No. 451.]



**U ^ytU, The History of Shahrokh, 115 pp.
urjftfi^l ^fixi/j

composed in 950, chronogram
Bg. U^^I^J ^Vtdi j {A

JU ^Jh

sJaj A^A



a^U^K, It contains descriptions of a palace, of a

garden, also the love of the moth to the candle, &c. 86 pp. ^Uaj *!^ y ^^ja^U* ^^yj) *U| *mj Aj Bg. \j





Shyryn and Khosraw, 80 pp. composed in 950, and dedicated like the other poems to Shah





^cxi yj»h»





MaAall, a fine old copy




^ £js J

IfSbjjj lc^***. juoT k«*»&c:

£Wi ^"«J!

As. Soc. No. 64, a splendid copy

written in 982.


J& cjfc*

(P.) died at

The Dywan
(see pp,






170 and 277 supra).

It contains


JJ fijL

^ ^!




Fara^baksh, two copies about 500 pp. 19 bayts, the second copy
smaller, in the College of Port "William is a

volume in



\\j# e»UlT


contains chiefly prose works, but at the comof Ghazal, about


Dywan Beginning 'j^ *Ui^



16 bayts.








Qocury consisting of Ghazals, 100 pp.
Ss L^iUty J^.?"

Beginning ^Lsi







Complete poetical works of

Mohammad Jan

Some authors spell his name Mo/zammad Khan. He was of the holy city
for this reason




he adopted the takhalluc of Qodsy.

After he had performed the pilgrimage to Makkah, he


to India

and was graciously received at the court

of Shahjahan, who, on one occasion, rewarded
his panegyrics





seven times his mouth with

precious jewels, and on another occasion by having


weighed up with gold and silver


The nobles of

the court vied with the emperor in prodigality.

withdrew in 1069 from the world, and died a few years

(Mirdt alkhiyal

128, 116, 151).
gives a detailed

135 and supra pp. 113, 90, Azad places his death in 1056, and


of rewards which he received from

the emperor.

Qa9ydahs and Tarjy'bands, 418 pp. 12 Beginning U*. feh ^^^* J& *S ^jJ ^T



Ghazals, 112 pp. 10 bayts; Ruba'ys, 44 pp. 8 bayts.






t&V* {&£.& %&)&


Mathnawy, 77 pp. 12





and Topkhanah, copies are frequent.
first, it

In one copy

the second Qacydah stands




y tfj;



dA|C *Hff j«>



l* *<H> also the order of the Ghazals

changed, they begin

in praise of





the author of a
It begin*


Kashmyr, 24 pp. 50 bayts.

]$& J


^UUob &£o$

No. 455.]

^oJ| j^b|
of Qotfob aldyn.



^J*'* *?-!**• v^lr^

The Dywan
relied upon,

If the postscript can be



with the great saint of Dilly,


died in 623,

runs ^jJI




ls^j^ <u~ ^Jfc jUisH for a further account of this

saint, I refer to the chapter







80 pp. of

4 bay ts and

70 Ru-




ci>J^^ izMcc jA ^f|




^U) jt





eaJc tf

The Dywan of Qudrat. He is probably identical with Shah Qudrat Allah, who died in 1205 (seep. 278 supra).
It contains



merely Ghazals.






J u^l





r^ ^)


Ma&all, 54 pp. 11 bayts, written in 1209.


^i\j ^y.o

The Dywan of FacaAat Khan Rddhiy the son of a Qadhiy of Kashmyr (see p. 1 56 supra and change Radhyy The author says of himself into Radhiy).
)j* JjJO y


v-^V^ gpU





*'/*** £m»)


^.s*" bKAoj;

!r* Jr^L'* 5

^^1; g/*^? upf #r -v^ **** Contents: Ghazals, 500 pp. 24 bayts and 170 Ru-

^~^y (jp** : **&&


in 11J2.


Mathnawy composed



Ma/iall, a splendid copy.

3 z






^UJJ ^j 1^}


The Dywan


of Artyman, a contemporary

of Shah 'abbas (see pp. 123 and 313 supra).
chiefly Ghazals, a

few Qacydahs in praise of

Sultan 'alyy

Khan and

others, at

end are three


verses, containing a
^icxi~ ^ m4**-






^yj >




As. Soc. No. 10, 50 pp. of 48 to 60 bayts.


^»j $?*

of Naysha-

The Dywan

Radhyy aldyn Mohammad

instead of writing his takhalluc or name, he usually



spent the greater part of his



Samarqand, but he

Makkah and

several cities of
disciple of


his pilgrimage

he became a

Mo'yn i^amawy an uncle of Shaykh Sa'd aldyn
without however giving up worldly pursuits.
that he spent

It is said

some time

at the court of the Seljuq


Arslan Shah


Toghril Beg, and accompanied the embassy
sent to the Khalyfah, to ask his

Baghdad which he

daughter in marriage.


died in 598 (Taqyy Kashy,

No. 26, and Khoshgu).

Qacydahs not alphabetically arranged, most


are in praise of Abu-I-MotzafFar Jalal aldawlah

Tamghach, whose name he

^UJo and ^UJ and

who was

ruler of


MaAall, 45 pp., 44 bayts, bound with other Dywans.

No. 460.]





The Dywan
appear that his

occurs a chronogram in the

Mohammad obayd Allah Rafat. There Dywan from which it would patron, Nawab Sayyid 'alyy Khan Intitproves that he belonged to a


aldawlah Nacyr almulk Nucrat-jang, was born in

878, but his

much more



Should the poet be identical with 'abd

Allah Rafat mentioned in p.

62 supra P

^Vj Jac

Jjjj ff+^sj-tiy/

u^'^/o ^rc^l^x^Jo o^^^l
&> &UI ^fafr*


compositions in flowery prose, 38 pp. of


k^ jj

Qacydahs, 24 pp.

Bg. J*^ ^Ij^xw

\&)*j>jp*P» \S***

Ghazals and Ruba'ys, 72 pp.

Beginning [/*% *«i '*$) \j$ Bg. )j\J4+.j* A Mathnawy, 30 pp. Collection of Mawlawy Mohammad Wajyh.




h^j lJuX^j

yjs. ciJlU



History of the martyr Malik 'omar,


buried at

Baraych, by Ra/zmat Allah, a son of Mo/zammad Fadhii
of Bijlawr in



he composed


poem 750


after the death of the saint.

Beginning £



{£*& y>




^^1 J^»;

Topkhanah, 60 pp. 2G bayts.


tfy Jjpi
of Rajah.
It consists mostly of


The Dywan


are not alphabetically arranged.


Topkhanah, 50 pp. of 17 bayts.

3 z 2



LJuX^S (^JO*^







Lion's Attack, a history of


and of

'alyy in verse,

by Molla Bamiin

'alyy Rdjiy



was originally a Gueber, and was converted to the
have been told that he died at
years ago.

Islam by Sajjany.

Bombay, not many

tyfrjQi'H ijl viJu.


^ ^M)^ dJjUiw Jdt

Lithographed, Bombay, 1244,

434 and 152 pp. of 54 bayts.


^j t*J*i«S d* j J**


The Sun and

the Moon, or the story of the Sayyid's
at Dilly

and the Jeweller's daughter, which happened

under Jahangyr, by Sa'adatyar Khan Rangyn.
in 1251 (see pp.


280 and 168 suprd) but according

a chronogram at the end of the poem, he composed


I cannot reconcile these two contradictory

*=- ib -


fain u^ j^sj *# Bg. C^^)jf^^I^'^^^w>


M* jb r* ))r» rt ^ u
Jj.^£ j]y)



Lithographed, Lucnow, Moc&ifay press, 1263, 12mo. 20 pp.
the Topkhanah



of about 560 bayts by the same author in

explanation of the elements of the Islam,



fS\ ;

Mo/zammad Rdqim,
his son with him,

a son

The Dywan

of Sa'd aldyn


'inayat of


His father came on

commerce to India and brought
found a patron in Islam

and he

Khan Mashhady an Amyr

Beginning of Ghazals l^U. and subsequently of He was a great patron of poets. 15 bayts. and left besides a Dywan of about 1 5. b. a splendid copy. Contents: Qacydahs in praise of the Imams and of Shah Solayman. 'abd al-Jalyl 'omary who.) gb2*j Moty gram \jj\ ^. Abu-1-Fadhl king of )v ^ and . had the nickname of Watindicates that he b. t*j>yi &^ *^ j^^j ^h ^^ v^j **y* ^' c*v s^4? r 1 (464) ±& of Rashyd.: No.000 verses. swallow. on size. there is a chrono- in it for the o»a.) the takhalluc of The Dywan Rashyd aldyn Mohammad account of his diminutive wa£. the whole of Khorasan. also a work on poetic. written in 1084. 'omar and 'othman.-UT ^" V*^ i £**!*" }jfl*3* L^il^Jj uT) Ma7iall. and several other works. they are Atsyz. ^p This is (P. After some time 541 returned to Persia. and his son Ylarslan who heaped wealth and honors upon him. The patronymic 'omary was descended from the Khalyfah 'omar al-Kha#ab. praise Contents Qacydahs in of Abii-1-Motzaffar others. 464. He died in Khwarezm in 578 at the advanced age of 97 years. which has the title js^\ &)*** : or j^^l j^Ua. Raqim and was appointed governor of Herat.] Shahjahan. Khwarezm-shahian dynasty. patrons being Atsyz Mohammad. 18 pp.ij same date composed by the author. among his proteges were Moqymay I^san Mashhady. a transla- tion of the hundred moral sentences of 'alyy and a collection with translation of as many sentences of Abu Bakr. 280 pp. RASHYD. 'atzymay Nayshapiiry and Shawkat Bokhary. 16 bayts is . his He flourished under the b. at the end a preface in prose 9 pp. Ghazals.

The date 852 it is now MS. 262 pp. and with whom we might else have identified him.) The Dywan Shah Ray //an aldyn Rayhdn. Soc. of 18 bayts. 1000. Beginning Moty MaMl. parts a mystical Mathnawy. highly ornamented and have mostly a double rhyme. at the suggestion : of Mr. Rashyd. from which that he collected the Dywan in 1810. As. H. II. Lumsden. Contents Qacydahs in praise of . 168 sujyrd). [CHAP.1 3£ The copyist of the Luc- him Shaykh Rashyd. imperfect . (466) J^ J#a of it (P. (465) <>*£) cJlJUaJ ^L-ax) (P.: 542 PERSIAN POETRY.) &*d. M. Beginning Mdty MaAall. and the copyist of the Calcutta MS. who is three hundred years older. of 15 bayts. at the end are some Qifahs and Ruba'ys.) The Torch. about 400 pp. on the margin is the Gulistan with a few notes. thinks he is identical with Rashyd Wa/wa/. a Munshiy appears of the College of Fort William (see p. Contents: a preface in prose. written in 1064. 534. a fine copy written in A. occurs in the intro. No.'i) *>Aj calls J3. in the conclusion of the it poem. divided into three The name duction : of the author. and it appears from that was written sixty years previous to the death of Rashyd Kazoruny who was a great Cufy.

&c. (467) c?3 J* J*« e)l?id ( P -) the The Dywan of Myr 'askary mysterious) who died in 1108 and Ouseley Pers.] Ra'zy. composed Tdpkhanah. 167).No. 60 pp. H. 340 pp. 9 bayts and some Raba'ys. 111.) The Loves of Ratan Sen and Padmawat. e. (469) ClyLo^ <W ^Aju rfSj^j ^ (P. Mathnawy Beginning by Razy. a Mathnawy by imitates Jalal aldyn Riimy. Colebrook. a in 1069. (see supra pp. Contents : 'aqil Khan Razy (i. ^ij\ f^y ^"^ JuftSr** kS^ Mawlawy Mohammad Wajyh. 13 bayts. .) Embroidery. poets. of Beginning Ghazals. K^XiS \j^3fl Collection of IfjS. Ghazals about 400 pp. Beginning Mdty Ma/iall. 94 pp. 469. 543 the Marquis of Wellesley. 1 1 Qa9ydahs. and chro- nograms. one for 1073. H. a good copy. of 38 bayts. Harington. bayts.. of 13 bayts. (468) &j\jU^J>fSj* Razy in (P. 34 pp. p. 123. which he Beginning Mdty MaAall. Beginning Beginning W^Lr* 66 pp.

in verse. 284 pp. 106 pp. 124 pp.) The Story poem taken from the Hindiiy.544 (470) PERSIAN POETRY. (P. 9 bayts Ruba'ys. (P. us ^U'^*? ^ j^u J ^ U ^^ Jj ^ ^l . Nawab Arshad Khan. is h^> j*>) JS. he substituted Persian : words in their stead Bg. Contents : poems in praise of the prophet . 446. p^t Ji ^J ^j Mdty Ma^all. by Hajy Mohammad Ridha Ridhayiy who composed this poem. Ghazals. He all says that the Sindian name of Zyba is Panhiin g^ij and that of Nigar Sysy ^^^ but being anxious to avoid Sindian words. about 2000 verses. two copies. chronograms and Qacydahs in praise of Shah Be'abbas. ginning of Ghazals : ^lAs^ ^i j* sj^JdJ^. h JJJl* jb Li ^m^ (jJucj with pictures. Aqa Beg. *j f* r As. we might infer from this statement that the story was originally in the Sindian dialect. No.. No. and the Imams.) The Loves of Zyba and Nigar. II. as we chronogram which occurs in the Dywan.) The Dywan learn from a who flourished in 1096. and put into Persian verse in 1065 by Razy. in 1053. a [CHAP. Topkhanah. Soc. 220 pp. Soc. Mothallath'. \y&& %d £j** *£ Idjjljk^. appaThe chronogram for this date rently in Sind. 298. a good copy. (472) j&j bj (P. of 17 bayts. Bg. As. A*jj4* of Manohar. one dated 1180. a fine copy (471) U^o of Ridha.

Contents: Qac^ydahs. 545 (P. «J ^1 Topkhanah. 563. 1196. at the end probably a mistake for 1110. AijJ) }j verses. No. the date 1010. and a few Rubays. 142 pp. He spent much of his 4 A . in whose he originally was. Soc. 58 of Rihay. defective at the end. Nafahdt. of i^ajy Farydiin Sdbiq (see supra pp. is Jamy says. 'abd Allah Sa'dy of Shyraz. (P. at the end Beginning c^**^ &3JH& <si j& aiyo)*^ vji^«o»i^<o Ghazals. He was well versed in most sciences and in belles-lettres. supra) but I have not compared the merely Ghazals. " he lived for one of the most distinguished and some time near the hermitage of the Shaykh Abii 'abd Allah Khafyf. It contains U^Xl Beginning eui^a iX&y «L*i*j Uo y ^j*. 475. -j Jai ^^ }&•>. Ciifies 565. of 12 bayts are chronograms for 1092. \fj\iiSm\j *> I Bg. 123). this Ibidem No. 1095. service He chose the takhalluc of Sa'dy in b. 22 bayts. (475) csxi*M c^LlT (P. ^^ry'o *JU Uj^j ilJ^I y^ is a*/** «***0 aH* is As.No.] sa'dy. a fine copy.) (473) JUj it 4$>d The Dywan Sa'd aldyn He may be identical with Rihay Khwafy who died in 980 (see p. &c.) Complete poetical works of Shaykh Mosharraf (Sharaf ?) aldyn Mocli/j b. (474) #U ^0 . about 300 pp.. No.) The Dywan 99. where he was born in 589. honor of the Atabuk Sa'd aldyn Zangy. about 300 pp.

21. p. ^Jls*. The Rose Garden. . several made in the pilgrimage on foot. with Preface. The works 'alyy b. <*JU. B. time in travelling and visited times he many countries. Anecdote of King Ankiyanu C. jZdt± p. Bg. aJI^. s^lvtjjj&j A short Essay on Prefaces C." He died in 691 and is buried at Shyraz. p. the Arabic Orator. [CHAP. B. C. p. 4.546 PERSIAN POET11Y. folio 9. 31. \jl~L* J*^. folio 26. yUGI *JU r Anecdote of Malik Shams aldyn. J^£ Essay on Reason and Love B. nance C. 4. Advice to Kings C. entered the temple and broke the greatest which was with it.H. L»*A. ^1 ^ly^w^U I. B. 5. (j. C. Vol. S ^sp \J^\ l/^. Vol. B. Preface. A^mad Abu Bakr who was called By shin A. 8. B. i (bis). 19. 726. 5. and he went to idol Somnat. B. J-^) c \^}^ I. $J\ J#j> y*~ r ^ { folio 94. jj &}\*»j. 18. **# ^rV* The five Assemblies or Discourses <£*• utjJ) *A1 C. H. such as Shih&b aldyn Sohrawardy. Poets. 3. first Contents (C.) 2. Vol. 6. whom he sailed once in the same vessel. preface). of Sa'dy were collected and arranged by b. ^yi aV *>!*£: jfo 1. %jL)jU\ cud. Anecdote of the Minister of FiB. the Bombay 1.^.£»c j 7. It is related that he acted for a long time as water-carrier at Jerusalem and in Syria and gave to people water to drink. of Odours. p. Bg. (For a more detailed notice I refer to Ouseley's Pers. 25. p 27. 9. f#fi ^ i^yi folio 7. 7. p. and he improved the arrangement in 734. II. C. ^Irlt Beginning The Garden Bg. *> I. . p.. 4. and Ross Trans. He made the acquaintance of many- great Ctify Shaykhs. in A. Gul. edition). means Calcutta edition and B. 20. imV j*»& \jH ±"j l^U .

B. 9 11. ci5U^U>.No. dA*x?^. 475. p. B. 29 Poems with (ter). +i*> v^J)£. C. C. entitled pure odours. Persian Panegyrics. p. ^^J) ^-^^ c^Aa- ^sV^ (ter). folio 430. 14. C. Aral)ic Panegyrics. C. 21 (quater). 1 Distichs. C. C. C. Tetrastics. 21. C. ci?Ulj. 205. p. duals.] 10 B. 472. Beginning s^iU JUaj *sj the folio 452. 39 Beginning Ufy ^ 16.. 9 12. i9»^W^ cy^i^l Book of Impurities in verse." C. C. Beginning ^Sj^$ aS'^'s. In the Bombay edition this book is inscribed Beginning J^w! JJi\^ ^bxiJ) ^Jl ey&s*^ ^ilj^i^ 20. p. £l«i*. p. Jests and obscenities in verse and a separate book This book is called Jj^l in the Calcutta edition folio 475. B. \yj^. 23. Beginning o£'j 19. p. u^Ulaix. Bg. B. p. 140. oV^. 250. oft-a*. 4 A 2 . Poems addressed to particular indivi24. folio 367. B. Ornamented poems (ter). C. p. •*«• ^U*^ 24 folio 214. 52 (quater). 547 C. 13 (quater). B. Fragments and Sentences.a. folio ^^ (ter). Beginning ^fij^ /<$ f*j" *& aL*X£ Jj of alternate verses (ter). folio 257. B. 54 (quater). Sa'dy's early Ghazals. and there is added to (folio 471) called d^sr^. Uw jJjJ 18. folio 438. ^y Jj it > j^ ^*?U prose. fol. Rhetorical odes. p. (quater). ^)r 4*& fol. ^^ ^ pCtyy* ) {&* ^'»3 &%) ^yh jy (ter). oIj^. p. cu^^l. 13. Odes entitled "Final Odes. viA*UJ) ^US. B. p. (ter). 42 (quater). B. folio 415. C. p. B. folio 493. folio 467. B. 22. folio 264. 127^^^ l^^xj^ Elegies. sa'dy. p. Poems composed folio Arabic and Persian. f&x*. particular burdens. B. B. C. 245. 33 15.

this with notes by Sayyidy. Tabryz. seen. small printed (lithographed) folio 413 pp. (1264). II. s. old copy of the complete works of Sa'dy life in the MaAall. 8vo. expressly for this edition Commentary together with a now first compiled by Moolvy Tumnuzuddy. they have also been printed at Tabryz. Teheran. Bulak." j\ jSUj-^S. 1265. (this edition is very rare in India) been lithographed at Bombay. does not mention the Pand-namah. library. It is in the Calcutta edition in folio 200. In the FaraA-bakhsh 1500 Eupees.) 1264 with excellent glosses. They and they have have been edited in two volumes by Mr. a * Shahjahan fjLk^ji Ail^ltf J^tj . LxT. from PERSIAN POETRY.* Aj^a* <d)\jL»j **j>i 8l!\jii. 1851. +x£aj jXq£J\ ^x~*/tJ ^als-^l In the first page is written professedly in the hand of the emperor 1 k*fi •?. in Europe. translation and with marginal notes. which cost the most beautifully written book I have ever : and has the following postscript ^Uil *&jj. clear and tolerably correct. five (lith. surpass most other editions in Hooghly. editions with interlinear There are four or lithographed Lucnow Urdu a. correctness. it is copy of the Gulistan. re- Bombay.548 Sir G. The Bostan has to which is also frequently been separately edited . 'abd al-Eahman Khan. and in two Lucnow editions the Bostan printed on the margin. probably written during the folio time of By stun. edition and its numerous reprints. and Lucnow. j ij-Jjls* d [ ** 0+x K £=. in this edition. (s^^- U^ is A beautiful Moty Ax* ^j|*l| | ^U^ 1 1 The Gulistan has been repeatedly printed tinople. 228 pp. whom the above list [CHAP. ))jjz Ai^ ^d fjjZ f£*°j* Jjtiij o^s^j! jK x *. &c. Harington in Cal. as Mortadhawy is press. H. Lithographed Lucnow." 4to. such as Moctafay press. 1264. 1828. 1226. Mo7*aminady press. 1263. Bahar. 'alawy press. at Constan- and upwards of a hundred times in India. && Juxijl^a. and begins l* J^^y. . 1791 —95. A. (lithographed) I have not seen a separate vocabulary Calcutta. is a 4to. 1267. For Urdu translations of the Gulistan see infra. Ouseley. has been taken. as " Bostan added a compendious Dictionary of such words as are hard of meaning. the best editions are Calcutta. 1262.

483. lithographed by Mo^ammad-bakhsh. 59 et seqq. 21 lines. Private collection Cawnpore. No. of 17 lines. '*«• 16 pp. dedicated to the Turkish emperor Solayman Beginning (according to i^ajy Khalyfah. works of Sa'dy see Zenker. called 549 Karyma has . 172 and 96 pp. also for the commentary No.) b. ( Mosaddas. Uu^j ^ilj ^ UJ^I U ^U di <aW) College of Port William. . A. P.) An Arabic commentary on the Gulistan with the text Sayyid 'alyy who died in 931. For and translations of separate p. 4to. 450 pp. Lucnow. Beginning jfc*b w°j* C5 s. (1845) lithographed Lucnow. Chinsurah. 10. s. P. a. Beginning of Wila's translation in j^L ^t tjii^ ^iJl u±+* £* {j* The Pand-namah rendered Bekhtah s. 424 pp. *TtU*?J by Ya'qiib Beginning in 962. 1263 ! (twice). and again 1811. commonly quently printed : also been fre- in the Persian Moonshee in the Persian Primer with an Urdu translation in verse by Matzhar 'alyy cutta. 1264. An Arabic commentary on the Gulistan by Moc/afa Sha'ban Sorury who died in 969 completed at Amasiyah in 957. J*L> ^fcjf CJ £ (A. . Bill. this commentary has been much used in the notes to the Lucnow edition of 1264.No. to his son Sultan Moc/afa). (in or before 1784) with the Bahare Danish. The Ghazals have been printed Calcutta farther information regarding editions a. &c. 1242. The Pand-namah. 477.832. 8vo.] sa'dy. (476) ^ b. Khan Wila. Orient. Cal- 1275 (sic for 1270). a good copy written (477) L*J)j M <-***<*> <j1^uq£ (A. a.

Shihab aldyn b. of 20 lines. 2. of 39 lines. He left only a rough copy at his death.) A commentary \JS*JS Mohammad Akram H.) A who the commentary on the Gulistan by Nur Allah A^rary is ^>£ *±^*- t0 j^&nJI *^». 90 pp. Persian verses . iS ^jJ^ \J"^~ similarly to the preceding work . Beginning . 5. verbs 1. and gave title. II. -jly! Private collection A. sayings of Shaykhs. who He divides his book into five parts ^. jX j^-j 6. 11 85. and sayings of Shaykhs and Arabic pro. 3. Arabic verses 4. 1. Lucnow. compiled in A. difficult Persian words.jy. explanation of Arabic verses 2. 'abd Allah Qorayshy flourished in 1073. which has nearly the same title viz. it was composed at Makkah in 1005 by iZbsayn Kufuwy who it. vocabulary. Kuzeljeh Rostam Pasha who called JETosayny arranged it added a preface and a biography of the author. traditions . Beginning iW IJ^mJJj*. (478) jyic^ on the Gulistan. M* ^~W Tdpkhanah. the above (479) !j|tjf jf C on the Gulistan by (P. &&~t ^ii*. «U *+=)\ (480) d bJ^Cj A also the author of the gloss called (P. died in 1012. In the 224 pp.550 PERSIAN POETRY. verses of the Qoran occurring in the Gulistan.) A commentary Mohammad 'abd al-Rasul b. 126 by Jonayd 'abd Allah Musawy has been fid \j 1-. [CHAP. Bg. mentions a commentary. £•*'«*** 'abd al-Razzaq of Multan. —jL. by (P. traditions of the prophet Beginning tf Uft*| ^ and verses of the Qoran 4LJ| ^ a^i ^JU a^LJl f j &jU*J ^ . is divided into three f~*. u^^^jV whA*' ^ J^Jt/6 e^° Hk]y Khal. a j^U-Ji published which parts «-ft*rf fk MasyMy press. 3. his friend is Jiffosayn b. upwards of 600 pp.

19 lines without the text. 160 pp. 523 supra) compiled in 197. Beginning e^*J>~!^. *r [^>l«^ (481) ^jf d \j>LL (P.) A commentary on the Gulistan by Khan Arzu. 8vo. 483. 1(50 pp. It has been lithographed There is also which begins — an anonymous commentary in the Topkhanah K i^~* &&~* £>\±i ^j** v^** &M~XZji Wfij <_$! (483) i^fcj? on the Gulistan. of 17 lines. an imperfect copy of the commentary of Qabiil Mohamit mad.) Private collection. at Dilly. Beginning o. In the Topkhanah <*+^> is the com- mentary of Fatta^y about 300 pp. Beginning \jl^»\ is]fy ^f **** ^^ u)MM> JJ^a. In the Fara^-bakhsh about 600 pp.^ JkH^\JH^ -^Jy (JaS**%j*i}J Mdty Ma^all about 300 of 21 lines is pp. of 16 lines. but lost The present (1853) king of Dilly. ( p -) A commentary 'alyy. 551 Moty Ma/iall. offered ^+&& «-££> to me for sale Lucnow.] sa'dy. (482) Jljf^jb Gulistan by Molla 1 A commentary on the Mohammad Sa'd (see p. (P. I am told has compiled a com- mentary. but I have never seen it. I took a notice of it.No. by the 'alyy. j*x* &*J»a. late Riyadh a son of Qanbar <-^**i Beginning ^-Uw ^y j^j^SJ ^ *%* jm£* u&*&» . in which he forces a mystical meaning on every story of the Gulistan.-»aj'^ j& ^4*^. has the title A at complete copy in two volumes in folio was it. the author of the Haft Qulzum. which would surprise Sa'dy. He mentions in the preface the commentary of Allah AArary and Molla Sa'd Myr Nur Tynawy.

Hasan Qarayshy. (P. text. 462 pp.) commentary on the Bostan. (P. A y?*\ s-j>j±** J^^l • ^JU/I ^j *M &+sJ\ College of Fort William. (484) Jly b. 4to. (See p. have also appeared 8vo. by 'abd al-Rasul abd Allah b. PERSIAN POETRY. editions of the Gulistan at Calcutta with a short commentary.— 552 Printed Calcutta. a. There 1267. These two editions comprize the (486) ^t^j c y. Ruba'ys of Sa/*aby or Sahdb of Astrabad 42 supra).*U> Printed Calcutta.) 'alyy. 110 pp. by Sayyid Riyadh died between 1245 and 1265 and is very useful. (485) ^by Zjl Shaykh Qadir (P. Shihab aldyn . Cjt Tahir b. II. reprinted by Ikram Calcutta.Ji^ js^ j^. 264 pp. 550 Supra. 17 lines written previously A copy of this commentary in the Tdpkhanah begins ( 487 ) tjh* L-i**J isy** JiOU (P.) b. 4to. *$ Oa*| jUaJ) *lio aa-jIo* ^Ij ^\ ^Ui^*. [CHAP. 1265. UW composed in 1073. 1845. A commentary on the Bostan. of 17 lines. . by 'abd al-Wasi' of Hansy. ^f)jj> Bg. A commentary who This commentary on the Bostan. 3S8 pp. AAmad Dkaygham.) (see p. s. 4to. 230 pp. 'alyy.) A* eyL^axJ)^ W<y>)j K^Lhs* ^) )sh iS r Beginning )j . reprinted (abridged) Calcutta. edition. 8vo.^ Tdpkhanah. this is the third or fourth 4to. Beginning to 1189.

4 B . love. 12 bayts.U. 489. Short Mathnawies and Qacydahs in praise of the nobles of Ak bar's court. FaraA-bakhsh. 59 supra). 12 bayts 10 bayts. written 1080 . 212 pp. In the Tdpkhanah is a Mathnawy by SaAaby. 38 pp. 10 lines Moty MaAall. It appears from this date that he is not identical with Sa'iy Kashany whom Samy mentions. (P.: : . 260 pp. . Beginning \< y^ ^f. Beginning Ghazals and a few chronograms. 13 bayts. . «U IxJ) lai. (see p. ^. 120 pp. •! 1 Bg. 553 introduction in four sections J^i. j^. Ruba'ys all on theosophy. J. one for 973. Ax'Aj &$ Some Ghazals. about 500 pp.^1 «** ^ JiS Jj^ aj^ ^^ Moty Ma/tall. incomplete.) The Dywan the He gives us the date 1071 of Dywan in the first verse. and dedicated to Shah of the author The following verse contains the name Beginning j&ji *^ *~i <s£ p*-* jt^-ji " jtj* ur (f*j 1 (488) ^4of ejjj** (P-) The Dywan Contents : Sahmy of Bokhara. 13 bayts treating on mystical 'abbas. incorrect. No. 160 pp. the Maq^a in of the first Ghazal is Tdpkhanah. a splendid copy. ^«i*j *****. (489) ^u d y_o of Sa'iy.] Contents : sahmy. ibidem. about 700 pp.

much injured. a splendid copy. Shah Cafyy. about 50 Ruba y3. A fragment of aDywan of Salim. 440. Ill. perhaps it is in the Tdpkhanah. Qacydahs in praise of Shah-jahan. 115 supra). earliest for 1056. 1 3 bayts Ruba ys. a bad copy. f>\ first verse rhyming in u^i^ ^ 6^. Beginning of Ghazals Moty Ma/*all.) in 1082. . short Mathnawies and chronograms. the 42 pp. is wanting. The Dywan He ^v Salim *j* ***** W*) us iU ^ t* ^ t$F &* We may therefore (see pp. 124. of 17 text. (490) (^^JU^j of Salik Yazdy. (491) . not the same. [CHAP. 150 : ^ra).JL of Salim. &c. ^1 collected it (P.«x> ^sjj As.: 554 Contents : PERSIAN POETRY. 1 safely identify him with Lutf Allah 08. though I have not corn- pared the quotations. 1 5 bayts.) The Dywan Contents who died in 1081 (see pp. (P. 1 . one of the Contents : Ghazals. one for 1063. 490 pp. tojy. margin is generally covered with The beginning b. Ghazals. Ghazals about 400 pp. contains Grhazals about 25 pp. Qacydahs. Beginning Moty Ma&all. No. 97. chronograms. miscellaneous poems bayts. II. 80 pp. Soc.

a son of Khwajah 'ala aldyn who was governor of He early entered the service of Amyr Shaykh Hasan Nuyan and his beautiful and talent- some town of the 'iraq. In the As. is a fine copy of the Dywan ( of Salman which ) fuller than the aj Lucnow copies.] salma'n. Beginning \j b U J^ 0^ c ^*> ^^ Jmj\ u o'r^ &)$ d!r^ j^ f i> ] fa \J** etar** ] In one copy.U- The Dywan ^ (P. &c. is 188. it commences is [j W 1 ^.No. 15 bayts. (the beginning of the book wanting. they begin Qitf'ahs. there are some Ruba'ys at the end.) of of Jamal aldyn Mohammad Salman Sawah. and instructed them and their son Suttan Oways in poetry. of 26 Beginning oit JV* ls^* uf'y1 j& £jXj Jftjij c/r?rj J^>* ^fUxc yJpJ+* *$ Ghazals. two copies. Gliazal was written and the is first rhyming in b begins. most of them in praise of Suttan bayts. Oways. <3^ Ouseley.j. two Mathnawies a\1<j^j tu-i^ and **U others in . ed wife Dilshad Khatun. a Tarjy'band. p. Salman died to 769 this and according (Khosgii 799» and left besides Dywan. and a few Rubiiys*. 72 suprd) in his best years. Soc. contains ^~* *&f ^HkHj (jK» «*% \f$ +kf/j Beginning 4 B 2 . 492.) (492) . Moty MaAall. 117). He was snatched away in in (see p.^ the *ib o*~a K JL~*j~j copies is pxi. The Ghazal which seventh. it 555 in 1124. : Contents Qacydahs. one very splendid. 236 pp. No. of 18 bayts. the first in 3' Lucnow here the It also ur>a I* ? V& *4 [£S> J* v-**J^ 50 pp. life. not alphabetically arranged. 220 pages 24 bayts. He remained attached to to see this family his whole and had the mortification Oways 765 carried to the grave. alphabetically arranged.

II. 252. &c ^Lax: e^*** **^yi ^/^r' *^l *-*f 94 pp. 378 pp. Math- nawy on predestination^ Ua* J 34 pp.) died in The Dywan of Mohammad Quly Salym. Nos. 111 supra). ojU- (P. r JU ^ Imams.) The Qacydahs Hasan Salymy. Shah 'abbas. 875. in another copy 524 pp. (494) ^JU of . two good copies . : Contents expedition a Mathnawy in praise of Shahjahan." said the widow. In one copy . is also a lines. And will his authority. Beginning >^L £& *> Qacydahs 74 pp. who 1057 (see pp. (P. in praise of the &c Beginning 6 bayts. By order Fakhr aldyn the governor of the province. 13 The Qacydahs Moty begin in this copy MaAall. Soc.556 (493) PEHS1AN POETRY. 576. He was originally a revenue collector on one occasion he wrote an assign- ment on the property of a widow. description of Gujrat. [CHAP. 123. The poor woman came to him and asked him by whose orders he had thus disposed of part of her of Sayyid little all . 90. As. Beginning Ghazals. 19 bayts. on the against Assam. he answered. 32 pages. 1 1 1 bayts. " protect you on the day of judgment ?" These words made so deep an impression upon him that he gave up his office and " . Minor poems.

it is an Bg.. It is said that Sul/an Bahrain . imitation of a poem of Mawlana Hasan Kashy. Contents Qacydahs in praise of the Imams one : : Qacydah has the following heading it was composed on the road to Mashhad on the 27th Rajab. MaAall. 426). Beginning Bg. It consists of Ghazals. he made Makkah where he stayed a long while. a good copy. (495) ^oU of Samy.No. 576 pp. 557 devoted himself entirely to the service of the pilgrimage to God . ^ Ruba ys. He died in 854 and left besides these Qacydahs a *^U o^. &c. No. He began his career by singing the praise of princes.j **> ) f^ u-£tJ^ J^^ *t {J^J^ fW Fara^-bakbsb. (496) ^3U. 496. His spiritual guide (see was Yusof Hamadany a pupil of Ami 'alyy Farmady Jamy Nafuhat. subsequently he became one of the most profound Ciify poets. 13 bayts and a few Ij\j C~~A ^fl. by JEfakym Abii-1-Majd Majdiid Adam Sandy of Ghaznah. The Garden of Verity. 251 pp.^\JjX Jy Moty 15 bayta.) b. and to the tombs of the Imams. : *jjJ» tyi daJj lilj irjj£ d}>) fi-^y . 15 bayts Topkbanah about 400 pp.) Qacydahs 72 pp. e/^y **N '?**• s.ui^Ui <&J*J| d&<>^ (P. 847. The Dywan 15 bayts.] sana'y. being second in merit only to Jalal aldyn Rumy. ^fy£} *&"*! (P.

of Myrza 'azyz Khan Kokah who had Khane A'tzam possessed a copy. A. 563. Vol. 1390. Shah offered him his sister in marriage. I have a splendid copy which was written in 874. ^M ^ Nos. 'abd al-Latyf b. marked the variants and made notes to it on the . 944. in 576. Taryq altaAqyq. The book is divided into ten chapters. He completed the lifadyqah according to to my copies in 535. Hammer Gesch. 595 (with notes). 520 pp. he completed in 524. instead of I jfo . according to Bland. transcribed it in 617. In one Lucnow copy . [CHAP. d. 1. of 18 bayts Asiatic Society. B. 'abd Allah 'abbasy (see p. Pers. II. 296. he died the same year. Khajy Khalyfah (who probably followed Jamy) and 65. Schonen Redek. U> ^^^> have not noted any variant is the second micra'. their names are. 494 supra) bor- rowed in 1035 ancient and compared it with another MS. . ^~ is **j 5 <ju^ and in in another . to these titles 'ishq- namah. p. Beginning of the poem Moty bulary *-**! *)))ji tf&& MaAall. 'aql-namah alromiiz. He besides the fiadyqah six smaller Mathnawies in the same measure. which had been written this copy.000 verses of Qaeydahs and minor poems. Accord- ing to Jamy Nafahat No.558 PERSIAN POETRY. Taqyy Kashy places and Dawlat-shah and p. and the author of the Haft Iqlym. and according mentioned authority. some copies have a preface in prose. The copies differ much from each other. it Jahrb. 1426. 1167 with a voca. his death in 545. Siyar al'obbad. several copies. left 102 and Sir G. Ouseley. but he refused marry her. but care has . to the first Hammer W. Khoshgu adds Kanz he also left about 30. probably there none. been taken at an early time to preserve the genuine text Jamaly Ardastany went on purpose to Ghaznah to obtain the autograph copy of Sanay and brought the title it to his native country. . Kar-namah.

(498) ^JU UtfJS Ub jU* of the Hearts.) Ghaznawy J^ww 493 Bg. 559 1067 this corrected text was transcribed with great care. 17 lines. 48 pp.) in praise The . of 13 bayts. a MS. Soc. by Niir Allah A^rary Mohammad and 550.) (see pp. 499.] saqqa'. by Saqiy (see p. a short (P. about 300 pp. 487. 956.Spring Mathnawy of Acaf aldawlah.UIU£a> J&j* ^1 6497) ^U* f£L &**> ^ (see pp.: No. almathir Darwysh Saqqa of Bokhara 59 He died in 1003 as appears from the following chronogram recorded in the Nafayis . 285 supra). and this transcript is in is my possession. (499) GU of ^j —41=962 (P. 552 pp. No. Euba'ys. lettered tj&~» ^k^ it contains besides the i/adyqah (with which as the leaves are transposed. some of the minor Mathnawies may be mixed up) Qacydahs. No.) A commentary on the Hadyqah of 77akym Sanay. In the Asiatic Society. Bg. Ghazals. bayts. of 23 l«JUu»jj Beginning y dfjl c. The Dywan and 78 supra). &c. j+~\j v**) > ] ^ *j «>*** o^ '^^ jy fJ As. (P. *?r? o'i &)**» tyjH i-jjl'i ^ JJI aJU tx+ssf] Private collection A.

Beginning U Jty Topkhanah. . 1 'y ^a-» ijrijj J? ^v i^*- ^ ^j^- Moty MaAall. in the latter pas- sage his takhalluc is by a mistake spelled Saty\ cy*^^ ±S>j y Contents: Ghazals. Contents : Ghazals and at the end some Qif ahs and the Qi^ahs is Ruba ys. latter copy (No. Dywan of Saqqa (I ascer- tained the identity. [CHAP.560 PERSIAN POETRY. the quotations from both being found in this Dywan. 123 and who it appears are identical. of 15 bayts. The -^*'°. 45 pp. ^^J JX v—ff. among Beginning a chronogram for 955. Qacydahs. 222 pp. ^ (501) ***» of Sa'ycl at 1 The Dywan lected ^ of the (P. copy with farther additions in 107J The author Hamyshah Bahar has two poets of the takhalluc of Sa'yd (see pp.) Khan Korayshy. II. is In the Moty MaAall and a in the Asiatic Society Nos. by comparing the quotation in Badawny) in which the above verse is not contained. 251 and 365. three short Mathnawies. the last of which has the title of **^ c5 Beginning of A ^' Dywan Beginning of Ghazals '^O* ^^y c£J>>* J* (500) gkL of Sa£i\ ^y^ is (P. 23 and 56..) The Dywan He 1 probably identical with 1 the poet mentioned in pp. A fair He first col- his poems in the request of his patron SuMan Morad-bakhsh was made 124) 063. 305) contains besides Grhazals and a few Euba'ys. 100 pp. .

Beginning of Qacydahs: 00 pp. NO. 76 pp. &c. 1 5 pp. As. Qitf'ahs in praise of bakhsh.] » SAYF ALDYN. Soc. Mo'yn Khwajah Mohammad Ridhay Cubhy 125 pp. and on their 4 C .) (the lame) of The works of Sayf aldyn A'raj **&*») Isfaranj or Isfarah in Transoxania. life Towards the end of his he gave himself up to ascetic exercises in and took Sayf aldyn Bakharsy who died as his spiritual guide. Ruba'ys some addressed to Anand Ray. a very good copy. minor poems (some by Hindu) and in prose about 100 pp. : 561 Contents Three prefaces in prose. most Qacydahs of Sul/an aldyn Sinjar. 648 or 650 fix The above dates the time when he flourished with sufficient accuracy. last consisting of dotless words. is who called This statement are in praise confirmed by the 'ala Dywan. Mathnawies. Shah-shuja Ni'mat Allah (a saint). a poet whose takhallu9 was Hindu. and reigned from 589 to 617. and some are in praise of Ma^mud a younger brother of Takash.. 502. Ghazals about 1 . c^Lir poetical (P. He was pa- tronized by the Khwarezm-shahians. with several chronograms. 351. the first by another pen and the lines. aldyn ii^asan Sinjary (of Narnawl). of 14 Sultan Morad- Qacydahs and . (a poet). letters Beginning (502) ^jaJl uSj-. Dawlat-shah and Khoshgii think that his patron was Yl-arslan (reigned according to Abu-lfida from 551 to 568) but the author of the Kholacah states that he lived at the court of Takash the is son of Yl-arslan and of his son Mo/zammad Sinjar II.






at once reject the statement of


at the

he died in 573, and that of the Biyadh of the As. Soc.
No. 931, that he died in 569, but Taqyy Kashy must

be equally wrong in stating that he died in 666

age of 85 years, and consequently that he was born in
it is

likely that



a clerical error.
It contains



consists of about 10,000 verses.


Beginning ^J&iUt+J


) J\


^ jy S ^^


nearly in the

Ma^all, 418 pp. of 21 bayts, a splendid copy written in

I have a copy in which the above verse

middle of the book,















l^aa^J **b c^Ajy



The book of education, composed in 988 by Amyr Mohammad. It is possible that the date of the

demise of Fikry (see

405 supra)


erroneously stated

by biographers and that the author
It contains the instructions



which the author
\*± ji<x,

received from his Pyr or spiritual guide.

Beginning \*^^i

e^~ J<^* ^Jj£



Tdpkhanah, about 100 pp. of 11



^Jl± %>



Description of the Miraj and mystical reflexions.


^^ v!


As. Soc. No. 10, about 200 verses.


£*£ o+*°



Record of the miracles of the Imams, by Mohammad Beginning Shafy' Beg.
Tdpkhanah, 260 pp. of 16 bayts.

No. 506.]




^li pty*


usually called

The Dywan of Aqa Malik Shaky, who


Shahy, because he was descended of the noble

family of Sarabdar.

He had

originally the takhalluc of

Malik. During the reign of Baysanqor, he spent his

time at Sabzwar and being an agreeable companion, and
accomplished in painting and music, he was
court, but




to a slight

which he

received, he retired

to his ancestral estates

which were restored to him by the
his life


Towards the end of

he was sent by Sultan

Babar the son and successor of Baysanqor
to in



a drawing of his palaces, and he died in that city

857 more than seventy years of

(Taqyy Kashy,
7, 1

No. 123
of the



No. 31




see also

p. 79).

According to a note in the commencement
died in 825.

Dywan he


statements of the Mirat

alkhiyal, p. 96,

and of the Atishkadah,
are to be

Ill, which

place his death in 859, and

considered as
that out of



Taqyy Kashy


12,000 verses which he composed, only 1000 have been
preserved, this agrees with the statement contained in a

note in the


of the



Ghazals not alphabetically arranged.



e^^r-*^ c^kiw Aj



MaAall, 12mo. 100 pp. of 10 bayts, a splendid copy


Soc. Nos. 677, 921, written in 901, very splendid.

I have a copy of




an incomplete copy in the Tdpkhanah, 50 pp.

11 bayts, which begins,

l.^i/0 *i&*(

^S*. Q)l#U&4



j$ )ji

4 C 2






J^ typ
of Shany.

of the

The Dywan
Turks and

He was

Uymaq Taklu

lived sometimes

Ray and sometimes

171 pp.

(see pp. 42, 94,

112 supra).



170 pp.



Moty nawy in



As. Soc. No. 375, this copy opens with a Math-

praise of



Beginning p±Jj

cj!j &x*>U

36 pp. of 17 bayts. /Jp^l er* ^'



The Ghazals are

differently arranged, the

one with which the

Lucnow copy commences

nearly at the end of Alif, they begin,



d \y*
author, his


The Dywan of Shapur. Walih from this Dywan and says of the
Archasp, he had

quotes some verses



the takhallu9 of Firyby and on his

return from Persia, he chose that of Shapur.



bably identical with Firyby, mentioned in page 407 supra.

He was

a friend of

Taqyy Aw/?ady.

In the


(see p.

124 supra) are also some verses quoted which

are found in this

Dywan, but the quotations which occur
535 are not found
in the

in the Atishkadah, p.




Qacydahs, 34 pp. of 20 bayts.

Ghazals, 50 pp. 30 bayts


few Rubays, &c. 20 pp.



^M^ cW

^sty J*- &*/* J^'j t&j
another copy in the same

As. Soc. No. 876

Topkhanah, there


collection containing merely the

Ghazals, 116 pp. 24 bayts; the


of Ghazals


also in the

t\j. *j>

54 pp. 21


Beginning ly°jkjsf*


No. 509.]

jOJdJ J*j>


^Jl u^S



The Dywan of Shah Shaykh Sharaf aldyn Abu alvy, who was familiarly called Qalandar. He was a native of

visit the

but came at the age of four years to Dilly to tomb of Qotob aldyn and was brought up under

the care of the holy


of that city as a saint.


he had been twenty years

under their



after he had spent twenty years more in prayers and

devotion, he went to see the world, and on his journeys

he made





Tabryz and


Jalal aldyn




India he lived in seclusion.
buried at Panypat (Khoshgu,


724 and
I believe

N. 227).


Makhdum-zadahs, one of the four castes of Musalmans


inhabit Panypat are descended from him.

They do

not condescend to intermarry with any other caste of

Musalmans, their


occupation was to attend at the


of their ancestor, and they were richly endowed for
their jagyrs

by the emperors, some of

or rent free

lands they possess up to this day.


al-Haqq Dihlawy,

Akhbdr alakhydr,


278, says that the f>J. £«U


ascribed to him, but he does not consider

genuine, but his


or letters are considered genuine.



Ghazals, in which he uses the takhalluc of

Sharaf, Qalandar and Bu-'alyy.

Beginning ytjJ