Introduction to Using Unix / Linux Systems

COP 3348 ~ Spring_2011
Instructor: Course Number: Credits: Email: Office Hours: Website: Text: ISBN: Eric Meyer 3 Please use Moodle email, in case of emergencies ONLY try: By appointment only Primary contact via Email TBD Guide to Unix Using Linux 4th Edition by Palmer Course Technology 2008: 1-4188-3723-7

Course Description:
Techniques of Unix / Linux systems. Basic use, file system structure, process system structure, Unix tools (regular expression, grep, find), simple and complex shell usage, shell scripts, Xwindows. Prerequisites: COP 2210 OR CGS 2423 OR COP 2250 OR equivalent. Objectives:

Be familiar Be familiar Be familiar Master the Master the

with Unix and Linux operating Systems with the Unix file system and its basic operations with the Unix command interpreters techniques to use a Linux system techniques of shell programming

Book: Guide to Using Linux Fourth Edition Michael Palmer 2008 Course Technology ISBN-13: 978-1-4188-3723-5 ISBN-10: 1-4188-3723-7

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Technology Requirements

You should have a computer or access to a computer; the course requires significant time on a computer. If you are currently using a version of Linux or have a Mac, most of the material will work with these machines directly. However, each distribution of Linux, and OS X has certain differences from the machines in the lab. Understanding and correcting for these differences is the responsibility of the student. All work will be tested on the JCCL machines; it is your responsibility to ensure that your assignments work correctly on these machines.


475 points total divided as follows: Assignments  Assignment 1 - 25  Assignment 2 - 25  Assignment 3 – 25  Midterm Project - 100  Final Project - 100  Quizzes - 10 points each for 100 points total  Participation - 100 points discussion based throughout the semester

Homework assignments and projects are due as specified in the syllabus. Late assignments are assessed a 10% penalty for each day they are late, regardless of the reasoning. The drop box will be closed 5 days after the assignment due date, and no further submissions will be accepted after that point.

Assignments must be uploaded to the class site in the appropriate drop box for confirmation. Emailed assignments are not accepted. There will be four assignments, one midterm project and a final project during the semester. Quizzes are due on their assigned due dates. Plan your time accordingly to complete them before they close. No late quizzes will be allowed - no exceptions. Lab practice will be assigned from the end of chapter material and from lecture notes. These assignments are not collected and can be done in groups or individually. They are however to be discussed in discussion forums spread out through out the semester. Well reasoned input and response to others’ posts is required for the participation grade. All other assignments or projects are to be done individually. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. See the official FIU Code of Academic Integrity for more information. If I determine students have copied assignments or projects, each copy will receive a 0 for that lab or report. Additionally since the individual who copied is impossible to determine, make sure you do not • Share your code with other students • Leave copies of your work on laboratory computers Any follow-up instances will be referred to Student Affairs.

Important Information on Quizzes:

If a quiz/exam has a time limit; all questions must be answered and submitted before the time expires. When the time has run out, the assessment is submitted automatically and is subject to a score of zero. Be aware of the availability window on quizzes/exams. o For example: If your quiz/exam is available from 7am - 7pm and you have 1 hour to complete the exam, you would need to start your quiz/exam at 6pm in order for you to have the full hour. If you start at 6:20 then you will only have 40 minutes to complete your exam. If multiple attempts are allowed on your quiz/exam, there will be a 30-minute time delay between attempts.

Grade Scale

To find your current grade in the course, please look at the class web page. Percentage 93 - 100 90 - 92 87 - 89 83 - 86 80 - 82 77 - 79 Letter Grade A AB+ B BC+ Percentage 73 - 76 70 - 72 67 - 69 63 - 66 60 - 62 0 - 59 Letter Grade C CD+ D DF

Incomplete Grades

A grade of incomplete may be given only in extreme circumstances where the student has documented medical problems that would prevent completing the course, a death in the family, or other documented problem. In order to receive an incomplete: • You must be currently passing the course, • up to date on all course work and • have notified the instructor of the circumstances that may trigger the need for an incomplete as soon as practical after it occurred. Note: issues regarding book acquisition, web access, personal computer crashing and the like are not sufficient for an incomplete.

University Policies:
FIU's policies and procedures are important to the quality of your education. Details on FIU Policies can be found at:

Keep in mind that forum discussions are public, and care should be taken when determining what to post. If you need to send a private message to an instructor or student, please use email.

Expectations for this course:
This is an online course, meaning that the course work will be conducted online. Expectations for performance in an online course are the same as for a traditional course; in fact, online courses require a degree of self-motivation, self-discipline, and technology skills that can make them more demanding for some students. Online courses are not independent study courses. You will be expected to interact online with your instructor and peers and keep up with all assignments.

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