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Title: - The New Customer Satisfaction Mantra- ³CRM for key Customers´
Key customers or High net worth individuals are the most important customers of the bank, because they provide almost 80% of the revenue to the bank. This project is all about the key customers. It includes their needs, their perception towards the bank. It evaluates their satisfaction level and it suggests the bank to do the same things differently to increase the customer satisfaction level. It will help the bank to perform better in terms of revenue generation. This project was done at ICICI Bank Ltd., Ludhiana. Location Ludhiana is the most centrally located district, which falls in the Malwa region of the State of Punjab. For Administrative purposes it has been placed in the Patiala Division. It lies between North Latitude 30o-34' and 31o-01' and East longitude 75o-18' and 76o-20'. It is bounded on the north by River Sutlej which separates it from Jalandhar district. The River also forms its northern boundary with Hoshiarpur district. On other sides it shares common boundaries with Rupnagar district in the East, Moga district in the West, and Sangrur & Patiala districts in the South and South east respectively.

The nearest airport is in the state capital Chandigarh that is 100km away from Ludhiana.

Ludhiana railway station is well connected with New Delhi and all other important towns of India. Train takes about 4-5 hrs from New Delhi to reach Ludhiana.

Ludhiana is situated on the Amritsar-Delhi Grand Trunk Road. New Delhi, Amritsar, Chandigarh and other major cities in Punjab are well linked with Ludhiana through road.


This report entitled "The New Customer Satisfaction Mantra- ³CRM for Key Customers´ submitted for the award of Masters of Business Administration to the Amity Business School, Noida, is an original work carried out by Ashish Sharma under our supervision. This work has not been submitted in part or full to this or any other institute /university for any degree or diploma.

The project assigned to me had a great learning potential and tremendous scope of application. I would begin by thanking Mr. Sunil Parihar INDUSTRY GUIDE Name: Ms. Sumit Aggarwal Regional Sales Manager for having the confidence in me and giving me the opportunity to undergo my summer training in this .Name: Mr. Namita Kapoor FACULTY GUIDE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This has been my first experience in the corporate world and has been a truly learning experience for me. There have been many people who have supported me throughout the project and I take this opportunity to thank them for their time and effort.

Sunil Mr. I am grateful to Mr. is my original work. Namita Kapoor. DECLARATION I hereby declare that the project report entitled ³The New Customer Satisfaction Mantra³CRM for Key Customers´ is written and submitted by me under the guidance of Mr. without her support and guidance. Sunil Parihar. I am grateful to Prof. Sunil Parihar. .Sales Manager ICICI Bank Ltd. my project would not have been possible.prestigious company. Rohtash Gupta. I want to thank her profusely for her support and encouragement she gave for this project. Sales Manager for making every effort to ensure that my project was truly a learning experience for me and without whose support the project could not be completed Last but not the least. Ludhiana. I would like to thank my family for constantly encouraging and supporting me throughout my project. my faculty guide. Investment Manager for their support and encouragement. I would like to thank my Industry guide Mr.

The findings and interpretations in the report are based on the data collected by me during the survey. Ashish Sharma MBA. This project is not copied from any source or other project submitted for similar purpose.CRM & Mktg-2007 A2800507B07 AMITY BUSINESS SCHOOL NOIDA .

CONTENTS Banking system in India ICICI Bank: An Introduction Comprehensive range of products and services What makes ICICI different from its competitors What is a Customer What is CRM Importance of CRM in Banking What is a High Net Worth Individual Special offers for HNIs Objective of the Research Research Design & Plan Questionnaire Analysis & Interpretation Conclusion Recommendations Learnings From ICICI Bank Limitations Bibliography 1-7 8-10 11-17 18 19 19-21 22-25 26-28 29-33 34 35 36-37 38-51 52 53 54 55 56 .

From 1786 till today. This is one of the main reason of India's growth process. The East India Company established Bank of Bengal (1809). The first bank in India. The most striking is its extensive reach. To make this write-up more explanatory. he has a choice.Banking System in India What is a Bank? The essential function of a bank is to provide services related to the storing of deposits and the extending of credit. though conservative. an account holder had to wait for hours at the bank counters for getting a draft or for withdrawing his own money. Phase II and Phase III. They are as mentioned below: Early phase from 1786 to 1969 of Indian Banks Nationalization of Indian Banks and up to 1991 prior to Indian banking sector Reforms. Indian banking system has reached even to the remote corners of the country. the journey of Indian Banking System can be segregated into three distinct phases. In fact. Not long ago. Gone are days when the most efficient bank transferred money from one branch to other in two days. New phase of Indian Banking System with the advent of Indian Financial & Banking Sector Reforms after 1991. Phase I The General Bank of India was set up in the year 1786. I prefix the scenario as Phase I. Next came Bank of Hindustan and Bengal Bank. The government's regular policy for Indian bank since 1969 has paid rich dividends with the nationalization of 14 major private banks of India. and continues in the present where a bank is a financial institution that provides banking and other financial services. The evolution of banking dates back to the earliest writing. Money have become the order of the day. was established in 1786. Today. It is no longer confined to only metropolitans or cosmopolitans in India. For the past three decades India's banking system has several outstanding achievements to its credit. Now it is simple as instant messaging or dial a pizza. History of Banking in India Without a sound and effective banking system in India it cannot have a healthy economy. The banking system of India should not only be hassle free but it should be able to meet new challenges posed by the technology and any other external and internal factors. Bank of Bombay (1840) and Bank of Madras (1843) as independent units and called it Presidency 8 .

the Reserve Bank was nationalized and given broader powers formed State Bank of India to act as the principal agent of RBI and to handle banking transactions of the Union and state governments all over the country. 1955 : Nationalisation of State Bank of India. This step brought 80% of the banking segment in India under Government ownership. Indian Bank. 1971 : Creation of credit guarantee corporation. 1949 which was later changed to Banking Regulation Act 1949 as per amending Act of 1965 (Act No. mostly Europeans shareholders. Moreover. Bank of Baroda. In 1955. Reserve Bank of India came in 1935. 1969 : Nationalisation of 14 major banks. 23 of 1965). 1959 : Nationalisation of SBI subsidiaries. It After India's independence in 1947. In 1865 Allahabad Bank was established and first time exclusively by Indians. and Bank of Mysore were set up. There were approximately 1100 banks. Indira Gandhi. 9 . Seven banks forming subsidiary of State Bank of India was nationalized in 1960 on 19th July. To streamline the functioning and activities of commercial banks. the Government of India came up with The Banking Companies Act. During those days public has lesser confidence in the banks. The following are the steps taken by the Government of India to Regulate Banking Institutions in the Country: 1949 : Enactment of Banking Regulation Act. major process of nationalization was carried out. Between 1906 and 1913. was set up in 1894 with headquarters at Lahore. It was the effort of the then Prime Minister of India. it nationalised Imperial Bank of India with extensive banking facilities on a large scale specially in rural and semi-urban areas. mostly small. Central Bank of India. 1961 : Insurance cover extended to deposits. Phase II Government took major steps in this Indian Banking Sector Reform after independence. These three banks were amalgamated in 1920 and Imperial Bank of India was established which started as private shareholders banks. Mrs. Abreast of it the savings bank facility provided by the Postal department was comparatively safer. Reserve Bank of India was vested with extensive powers for the supervision of banking in india as the Central Banking Authority. During the first phase the growth was very slow and banks also experienced periodic failures between 1913 and 1948. funds were largely given to traders. 1969. Bank of India. Second phase of nationalization Indian Banking Sector Reform was carried out in 1980 with seven more banks. 14 major commercial banks in the country were nationalized. As an aftermath deposit mobilization was slow. Punjab National Bank Ltd. Canara Bank.Banks.

a committee was set up by his name which worked for the liberalisation of banking practices. Banking in the sunshine of Government ownership gave the public implicit faith and immense confidence about the sustainability of these institutions. The financial system of India has shown a great deal of resilience. Time is given more importance than money. This is all due to a flexible exchange rate regime. The country is flooded with foreign banks and their ATM stations. followed by nationalization of 6 more commercial Indian banks in 1980. Phone banking and net banking is introduced. After the amalgamation of New Bank of India with Punjab National Bank. The stated reason for the nationalisation was more control of credit delivery. the capital account is not yet fully convertible. Nationalisation The next significant milestone in Indian Banking happened in the late 1960s when the then Indira Gandhi government nationalizd. After the nationalisation of banks. currently there are 19 nationalised banks in India: -Allahabad Bank -Andhra Bank -Bank of Baroda -Bank of India -Bank of Maharashtra -Canara Bank -Central Bank of India -Corporation Bank -Dena Bank -Indian Bank 10 . the foreign reserves are high. Efforts are being put to give a satisfactory service to customers.1975 : Creation of regional rural banks. 1980 : Nationalisation of seven banks with deposits over 200 crore. It is sheltered from any crisis triggered by any external macroeconomics shock as other East Asian Countries suffered. the branches of the public sector bank India rose to approximately 800% in deposits and advances took a huge jump by 11.000%. The entire system became more convenient and swift. In 1991. until the 1990s. After this. 14 major commercial Indian banks. and banks and their customers have limited foreign exchange exposure. 1969. on 19th July. Phase III This phase has introduced many more products and facilities in the banking sector in its reforms measure. the nationalised banks grew at a leisurely pace of around 4%-also called as the Hindu growth of the Indian economy. under the chairmanship of M Narasimham.

000 branches and 17. The next stage for the Indian banking has been setup with the proposed relaxation in the norms for Foreign Direct Investment. overall. the demand for banking services-especially retail banking. 29 private banks (these do not have government stake. Current scenario Currently (2005). Even in terms of quality of assets and capital adequacy.28 public sector banks (that is with the Government of India holding a stake). M&As. This is the first time an investor has been allowed to hold more than 5% in a private sector bank since the RBI announced norms in 2005 that any stake exceeding 5% in the private sector banks would need to be vetted by them. asset sales and much more action (as it is unravelling in China) will happen on this front in India. Recently (March 2006). The stated policy of the Bank on the Indian Rupee is to manage volatility-without any stated exchange rate-and this has mostly been true. Indian banks are considered to have clean. government banks. private banks and foreign banks. where all Foreign Investors in banks may be given voting rights which could exceed the present cap of 10%. They have a combined network of over 53. With the growth in the Indian economy expected to be strong for quite some timeespecially in its services sector. with minimal pressure from the government. which has seen rapid growth with strong contribution from all the three sectors of banks. which included banks like ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank.000 11 . they may be publicly listed and traded on stock exchanges) and 31 foreign banks. mortgages and investment services are expected to be strong. product range and reach-even though reach in rural India still remains a challenge for the private sector and foreign banks. the Reserve Bank of India allowed Warburg Pincus to increase its stake in Kotak Mahindra Bank (a private sector bank) to 10%. The Reserve Bank of India is an autonomous body. namely. kickstarted the banking sector in India. Currently. banking in India is considered as fairly mature in terms of supply. strong and transparent balance sheets-as compared to other banks in comparable economies in its region. which came to be known as New Generation tech-savvy banks.-Indian Overseas Bank -Oriental Bank of Commerce -Punjab & Sind Bank -Punjab National Bank -Syndicate Bank -Union Bank of India Liberalisation In the early 1990s the then Narasimha Rao government embarked on a policy of liberalisation and gave licences to a small number of private banks. India has 88 scheduled commercial banks (SCBs) . However there had been a few hiccups for these new banks with many either being taken over like Global Trust Bank while others like Centurion Bank have found the going tough. takeovers. This move along with the rapid growth in the economy of India.

ATMs. According to a report by ICRA Limited. SBI group State Bank of India. SBI and its associate banks are: -State Bank of India -State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur -State Bank of Hyderabad -State Bank of Indore -State Bank of Mysore -State Bank of Patiala -State Bank of Saurashtra -State Bank of Travancore 12 .5% respectively. with the private and foreign banks holding 18. the public sector banks hold over 75 percent of total assets of the banking industry. with its seven associate banks command the largest banking resources in India. a rating agency.2% and 6.

ING Vysya Bank has many credits to its account. With successive years of patronage and constantly setting new standards in banking. The first Private Bank in India to receive an in principle approval from the Reserve Bank of India was Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited. List of Private Banks in India -Bank of Punjab -Bank of Rajasthan -Catholic Syrian Bank -Centurion Bank -City Union Bank -Dhanalakshmi Bank -Development Credit Bank -Federal Bank -HDFC Bank -ICICI Bank -IDBI Bank -IndusInd Bank -ING Vysya Bank 13 . IDBI ranks the tength largest development bank in the world as Private Banks in India and has promoted a world class institutions in India.The Bank of Bengal. It was incorporated in August 1994 as HDFC Bank Limited with registered office in Mumbai and commenced operations as Scheduled Commercial Bank in January 1995. The first private bank in India to be set up in Private Sector Banks in India was IndusInd Bank. which later became the State Bank of India. Private Sector Banks In India Private banking in India was practiced since the begining of banking system in India. yet another Private Bank of India was incorporated in the year 1930. ING Vysya. It is one of the fastest growing Bank Private Sector Banks in India. to set up a bank in the private sector banks in India as part of the RBI's liberalisation of the Indian Banking Industry. Bangalore has a pride of place for having the first branch inception in the year 1934.

-Jammu & Kashmir Bank -Karnataka Bank -Karur Vysya Bank -Laxmi Vilas Bank -South Indian Bank -United Western Bank -UTI Bank 14 .

entry into new business segments. Bahrain. seamless access to ICICI's strong corporate relationships built up over five decades. Our UK subsidiary has established a branch in Belgium. ICICI Bank's equity shares are listed in India on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India Limited and its American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). 2005). and access to the vast 15 . The merger would enhance value for ICICI shareholders through the merged entity's access to low-cost deposits. branches in Singapore. ICICI Bank set up its international banking group in fiscal 2002 to cater to the cross border needs of clients and leverage on its domestic banking strengths to offer products internationally. particularly fee-based services. an equity offering in the form of ADRs listed on the NYSE in fiscal 2000. China. 2006 and profit after tax of Rs.3 bn) at March 31.ICICI BANK ICICI Bank is India's second-largest bank with total assets of about Rs. After consideration of various corporate structuring alternatives in the context of the emerging competitive scenario in the Indian banking industry. and the move towards universal banking. greater opportunities for earning fee-based income and the ability to participate in the payments system and provide transactionbanking services. 2.89 bn (US$ 56. ICICI's shareholding in ICICI Bank was reduced to 46% through a public offering of shares in India in fiscal 1998. Russia and Canada. Sri Lanka and Dubai International Finance Centre and representative offices in the United States. ICICI Bank has a network of about 614 branches and extension counters and over 2. and would create the optimal legal structure for the ICICI group's universal banking strategy. venture capital and asset management.200 ATMs. 20. and was its wholly-owned subsidiary. Hong Kong. In the 1990s. The merger would enhance value for ICICI Bank shareholders through a large capital base and scale of operations. ICICI become the first Indian company and the first bank or financial institution from non-Japan Asia to be listed on the NYSE.513. South Africa and Bangladesh. In 1999. ICICI Bank's acquisition of Bank of Madura Limited in an all-stock amalgamation in fiscal 2001. ICICI transformed its business from a development financial institution offering only project finance to a diversified financial services group offering a wide variety of products and services. ICICI was formed in 1955 at the initiative of the World Bank.05 bn (US$ 449 mn) for the year ended March 31. the managements of ICICI and ICICI Bank formed the view that the merger of ICICI with ICICI Bank would be the optimal strategic alternative for both entities. life and non-life insurance. ICICI Bank is the most valuable bank in India in terms of market capitalisation. and secondary market sales by ICICI to institutional investors in fiscal 2001 and fiscal 2002. ICICI Bank offers a wide range of banking products and financial services to corporate and retail customers through a variety of delivery channels and through its specialised subsidiaries and affiliates in the areas of investment banking. ICICI Bank was originally promoted in 1994 by ICICI Limited. both directly and through a number of subsidiaries and affiliates like ICICI Bank. an Indian financial institution. United Arab Emirates. higher market share in various business segments. 2006 (Rs. the Government of India and representatives of Indian industry.40 bn (US$ 569 mn) for the year ended March 31. 25. ICICI Bank currently has subsidiaries in the United Kingdom. The principal objective was to create a development financial institution for providing medium-term and long-term project financing to Indian businesses.

2004 ICICI opens a rep office in Bangladesh to tap the extensive trade between that country.4% gross) internet savings account to UK customers. It also opens an Offshore Banking Unit (OBU) in Singapore and representative offices in http:\\Lupinworld. ICICI Bank was the first Indian company and the first financial entity in Asia (ex-Japan) to list on the New York Stock Exchange. 16 . India and South Africa. and had acquired Chettinad Mercantile Bank (est. with ICICI Bank. with ICICI Bank. a Russia bank with about US$4mn in assets. International Expansion 2002 ICICI establishes representative offices in NY and London. both wholesale and retail. into a single. 1943). 2003 ICICI opens subsidiaries in Canada and the United Kingdom (UK). and in the UK it establishes alliance with Lloyds TSB. and with a branch in Moscow. the ICICI group's financing and banking operations. ICICI Personal Financial Services Limited and ICICI Capital Services Limited. ICICI integrates the group's financing and banking operations. the Government of India and representatives of Indian industry form ICICI Limited as a development finance institution to provide medium-term and longterm project financing to Indian businesses in 1955. 1999 ICICI becomes the first Indian company and the first bank or financial institution from non-Japan Asia to list on the NYSE. ICICI Bank uses IT as a strategic tool in all the business operations. so as to gain a competitive advantage. headoffice in Balabanovo in the Kaluga region. ICICI Bank offers a high-interest (5. 2002 The Boards of Directors of ICICI and ICICI Bank approve the merger of ICICI. 1933) and Illanji Bank (established 1904) in the 1960s. ICICI Bank is also India's foremost technology bank. History of ICICI Bank The World Bank. 1994 ICICI establishes ICICI Bank as a subsidiary. the Boards of Directors of ICICI and ICICI Bank approved the merger of ICICI and two of its wholly-owned retail finance subsidiaries. Consequent to the merger.talent pool of ICICI and its subsidiaries. Bank of Madura was a Chettiar bank. The merger was approved by shareholders of ICICI and ICICI Bank in January 2002. In October 2001. and by the High Court of Judicature at Mumbai and the Reserve Bank of India in April 2002. have been integrated in a single entity. both wholesale and retail. After receiving all necessary regulatory approvals. ICICI Personal Financial Services Limited and ICICI Capital Services Limited. 2001 ICICI acquired Bank of Madura (est. by the High Court of Gujarat at Ahmedabad in March 2002. 2005 ICICI acquires Investitsionno-Kreditny Bank (IKB).com and Shanghai.

The bank is aggressively targeting the NRI population for expanding its business. It maintains only a front office customer interface in overseas locations. Besides the well established corporate banking division. It has tie-ups with major banks in the US and China. To its credit. Its growth rate in home loans exceeds more established HDFC and its total home loan portfolio would go past HDFC in a few years at current growth rates. 17 . the bank has been highly focused on expanding its retail portfolio which it believes would be the major growth driver in future. It acquired a small bank in Russia recently. ICICI has a unique strategy. These cost savings help the bank to offer higher rates on deposits. Hong Kong and Canada. The bank is expanding rapidly in overseas markets. ICICI Bank today -Large capital base -Vast talent pool -Low operating costs -Technology focus -Strong corporate relationships -Diversified portfolio ICICI Bank is well positioned to redefine the banking model by focusing on the untapped potential in the profitable retail business segments and leveraging its superior delivery capabilities and lower operating costs in the under-served corporate banking business.About ICICI Bank ICICI Bank is arguably the most aggressive bank in the country and can rightfully claim credit for the spread of retail financing in the country. Formed by the reverse merger of former ICICI with its banking subsidiary. For the overseas markets. It already offers money transfer facilities to India from most major countries across the globe. The bank had to overcome several legacy issues after the merger with ICICI. the bank has successfully cleaned its balance sheet and net bad loans as a percentage of advances have gone down significantly. ICICI Bank has the largest market share among all banks in retail or consumer financing. The erstwhile financial institution had stockpile of bad loans in its books. a result of liberal financing to large industrial projects like steel units in the '90s. It has operations in the UK. The bank has successfully reduced operating costs by doing all processing and back office work in India.

That's why we have an ideal Banking Service for those who are 60 years and above.Web Trade and Demat Accounts . Saving Accounts ICICI Bank offers you a power packed Savings Account with a host of convenient features and banking channels to transact through. Capital Gain Bond etc. Banking is a serious business. Car & Personal Loans. Senior Citizen Plan We understand that as you reach the age to retire.ATMs . .International Debit and Credit cards . Mutual Funds.Savings Account.Government of India Bonds.Gold Bars & Coins . Fixed Deposit Safety. Recurring Deposits. Fixed Deposits.Foreign Exchange Services .Asset Products. The Senior Citizen Services from ICICI Bank has several advantages that are tailored to bring more convenience and enjoyment in your life. you do have certain concerns « whether your hard earned money is safe and secure « whether your investments give you the kind of returns that you need. Current Accounts . . 18 .Investments. Child Secure It's really important to help children learn the value of finances and money management at an early age.. without the stress of waiting in queues. Select any deposit product and provide your details online and ICICI bank¶s representative will contact you for Account Opening.Insurance .Home Loans. .. but we make banking a pleasure and at the same time children learn how to manage their personal finances. ICICI Deposit Products ICICI Bank offers wide variety of Deposit Products to suit your requirements. So now you can bank at your convenience.Resident Foreign Currency (Domestic) Accounts etc. Flexibility..Comprehensive range of products and services . ICICI Bank brings banking at your doorstep. Coupled with convenience of networked branches/ ATMs and facility of E-channels like Internet and Mobile Banking. Liquidity and Returns!!!! A combination of unbeatable features of the Fixed Deposit from ICICI Bank.And many more. Loan Against Securities etc.

Doorstep Service. Through ICICI Bank Recurring Deposit you can invest small amounts of money every month that ends up with a large saving on maturity. Finance facility upto 90% of the On Road Cost of the vehicle. Swiss Francs. Hassle-free application process on the click of a mouse. Euros and Pound Sterling. But simply going ahead without saving for the future is not an option for you. 15 lakhs. Flexible schemes & quick processing. SMS alerts for every transaction. Canadian Dollars. online access both to 19 . Available in US Dollars.affordability and higher earnings. 1 Home Loans Provider in the country. International Debit and Credit cards Travel Card The ICICI Bank Travel Card has made travel abroad convenient and safe. Four-wheeler Loan The NO 1 financier for car loans in the country. repayable in convenient repayment options and comfortable tenors from 6 months to 36 months . With minimum documentation you can now secure a loan for an amount upto Rs. Some of the powerful features are Replacement Card (part of kit). Tie-ups with all leading automobile manufacturers to ensure the best deals. Two-Wheeler Loan Avail attractive schemes at competitive interest rates from the No 1 Financier for Two Wheeler Loans in the country . So you enjoy twin advantages. you may not have adequate funds to make big investments. Home Loan The No. ICICI Bank Personal Loans are easy to get and absolutely hassle free. Network of more than 1500 channel partners in over 780 locations. Coupled with convenience of networked branches/ ATMs and facility of E-channels like Internet and Mobile Banking. Australian Dollars. Select any of our loan product and provide your details online and our representative will contact you for getting loans. Simplified Documentation and Guidance throughout the Process. ICICI Bank brings banking at your doorstep. Ride home on your Dream Two Wheeler with our hassle free finance. It's really easy! Personal Loan If you're looking for a personal loan that's easy to get.Recurring Deposit When expenses are high. ICICI Bank Home Loans offers some unbeatable benefits to its customers . your search ends here. the International Traveler is spoilt for choice. ICICI Loan Products ICICI Bank offers wide variety of Loans Products to suit your requirements.

Presenting ICICI Bank Travel Card. Credit Cards ICICI Bank Credit Cards give you the facility of cash. convenience and a range of benefits. Debit Cards Market Share Parameter Citi Bank Centurian Bank HDFC ICICI Bank Of Punjab Total No. around the world. 45 11 22 10 12 100 12% 10% 22% 11% 45% Citi Bank Centurian Bank HDFC ICICI Bank Of Punjab 20 . travel discounts and much more. making travel totally hasslefree. card useable over the Internet etc. Offers the Pin based security. utility payments. Traveling with US Dollar. Insurance benefits. Has the convenience of usage of Credit or Debit card. The Hassle Free way to Travel the world. Issued in duplicate. The ICICI Bank Debit Card can be used for shopping at more than 100. anywhere in the world. Euro. global emergency assistance service.customers and corporate. Debit Cards The ICICI Bank Debit Card is a revolutionary form of cash that allows customers to access their bank account around the clock. Looking for security and convenience. Pound Sterling or Swiss Francs.000 merchants in India and 13 million merchants worldwide. take ICICI Bank Travel Card. These benefits range from life time free cards. discounts.

³Secure yourself during your travel -Overseas Travel Insurance -Student Travel Insurance 21 ."Secure valuables in your house" -Structure Insurance -Contents Motor Insurance."Secure your Vehicle´ Insurance -Car Package Insurance -Two Wheeler Insurance Travel Insurance .Investments At ICICI Bank.Investment in Mutual Funds . we now offer you.Government of India Bonds . ICICI Bank facilitates following investment products: .ICICI Bank Tax Saving Bonds . ICICI Bank assists you to manage your finances by providing various investment options ranging from ICICI Bank Tax Saving Bonds to Equity Investments through Initial Public Offers and Investment in Pure Gold. Along with Deposit products and Loan offerings. we care about all your needs. 2004 You can invest in above products through any of our branches. You can buy any of the policies mentioned below: General Insurance from ICICI Lombard General Insurance Health Insurance .Foreign Exchange Services . Insurance Convenience has always been synonymous with ICICI Bank and keeping in line with this. For select products ICICI Bank also provides the ease of investing through electronic channels like ATMs and Internet. the facility of buying Insurance policies online.Investment in "Pure Gold" .Mandatory .Initial Public Offers by Corporates ."Secure yourself and your family -10K Tax Saver Insurance -Family Floater Insurance Home Insurance.Senior Citizens Savings Scheme.

.Mobile Alerts: Receive SMS alerts for all debits/credits as well as for any request which cannot be processed. In our continuous endeavor to offer best of the class services to our customers we offer the following features: .A unique.Provide total security to your family. 7 days a week through Internet & Interactive Voice Response (IVR) at a lower cost.Life Insurance from ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Life Super: . .5 lacs account holders.e-Instructions: You can transfer securities 24 hours a day. at a very affordable cost. to handle all your queries. bonus through your account statement.Digitally Signed Statement: Receive your account statement and bill by email. . Transactions. you can also transfer or pledge instructions through our customer care officer.Plans Get comprehensive long-term cover against critical illnesses with the Health Assure range of plans. . .Corporate Benefit Tracking: Track your dividend. Bill & ISIN details. Health Plan: . Consolidation Demat Account: Dematerialise your physical shares in various holding patterns and consolidate all such scattered holdings into your primary demat account at reduced cost.Lets you earn potentially higher returns and receive pension during your post-retirement years. interest. you are never far from an ICICI Bank Demat Services outlet.Dedicated customer care executives specially trained at our call centre. ATM 22 . .Countrywide network of over 235 branches. Life Guard: . Life Time Pension II: .Mobile Request: Access your demat account by sending SMS to enquire about Holdings. single premium market-linked investment-cum-insurance solution that enables you to extract the maximum from your investment. Now with "Speak to transfer". Demat Services ICICI Bank Demat Services boasts of an ever-growing customer base of over 11.

Cash Withdrawal: Withdraw upto Rs.per day from your account (50. this functionality can be used for payment of bills. Fast Cash option provides the facility of withdrawing prefixed amounts. Others: Request for a checkbook from our ATMs and our concerned branch will dispatch it such that it reaches you within 10 working days. airports.. Ultra Fast Cash option allows you to withdraw Rs. Cash deposited in ATMs will be credited to the account on the same day (provided cash is deposited before the clearing) and cheques are sent for clearing on the next working day. ICICI Bank ATMs features user-friendly graphic screens with easy to follow instructions. Following are the features available on our ATMs. major petrol pumps.ICICI Bank's 24 Hour ATM network is one of the largest and most widespread ATM Network in India.. buying internet packs.000 for HNI's). Of ATMs) 23 . However for customers not maintaining the minimum quarterly average balance in their savings account.in one shot. first 6 transactions in the quarter will be free and Rs. near railway stations and other places which are conveniently accessible to our customers. We have introduced ATMs. 25 per transaction will be charged thereafter. Payments: The latest feature of our ATMs.000/. which can be accessed from anywhere at anytime. Percentage share (No. 25.3000/. making donations to temples / trusts. Charges: There is no charge levied on ICICI Bank customers for transacting on ICICI Bank's ATMs. PIN Change: Change the Personal Identification Number (PIN) of ATM or Debit card. Our ATMs are located in commercial areas. which interact with customers in their local language for increased convenience. residential localities. Deposit Cash / Cheques : Available at all full function ATMs. Customers can deposit both cash and cheques. airtime recharges for prepaid mobile phones and much more. Balance Enquiry : Know your ledger balance and available balance Mini Statement : Get a printout of your last 8 transactions and your current balance. Funds Transfer: Transfer funds from one account to another linked account in the same branch.

Parameter SBI HSBC HDFC ICICI UTI Others Total No. SBI 22% 24% HSBC HDFC 13% 28% 5% 8% ICICI UTI Others 24 . 24 5 8 28 13 22 100 No.

UK -Excellence in Retail Financial Services 2003 Asian Bankers Journal 25 . phone banking. Size & Network ICICI has a wide customer base. Besides.channel strategy 2003 The Banker Magazine UK -Bank of the Year 2003. internet banking.2--4 Euro money -Travel and Tourism India 's Most Customer Friendly Bank ± 2004 -Best Bank 2004 Business India -Best domestic commercial bank Asianmoney -Best emerging bank in India Global Finance -Best multi . It offers remittance. ICICI Bank has received several prestigious national and international awards in recognition of our innovation in banking. Product range ICICI¶s products spectrum includes easy loans. 1725 ATMs.What makes ICICI different from its competitors Technology ICICI¶s technology driven banking system ensures a wide reach. ICICI believe in establishing a personal relation with our customers so that bank can understand their needs better and provide effective customized service. customer service. being a ³zero balance´ account it enables their customers to utilize their financial resources more effectively. etc. phone banking and mobile banking. instant online transactions and faster dealings. import and advisory services. doorstep banking. These include: -Triple AAA Best Cash Management Country Award in India ± 2005 THE ASSET -Best Bank in India . export. Its µClick and Brick' distribution network includes over 600 branches. The zero balance roaming current accounts caters specifically to entrepreneurs. We also have products targeted at specific groups. in India The Banker Magazine . technology focus and human resource practices. Customer relationship.

" Customer Retention: Retention of customer must be given highest priority & then to make efforts For making new customer. -A customer is not someone to argue or match wits with.What is a Customer -A customer is not an outsider to our business.ceo global groupware "keep pleasing customers and they will keep coming back. He deserves courteous and attentive treatment. identify the best practice B). CRM focuses on improving customer relationship by improving the area of sales. customer service & support. WHAT IS CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT CRM IS A well defined series of functions. Manage experience D). -A customer is doing us a favour by letting us serve him. It is our job to handle them properly and profitably both to him and us. For this we have to: A). We are not doing him any favour. A customer is not an interruption of our work. The ultimate aim is to improve customer satisfaction & achieve higher revenue & profitability. marketing. skills. But the means to achieve this is through appropriate system or through better technologies. Remember CRM is about giving the very best to your very best customer. He is the definite part of it. processes and technologies which together allows companies to more profitably manage customers as "TANGIBLE ASSETS" The emphasis here is on defining customers as valuable in the long run & on viewing customer relationship as learning relationship. And manage information as a valuable asset. but keeping selling costs lower. He is the purpose of it. Identify their wants C). It is not about providing extra service as is widely interpreted. -A customer brings us his wants. 26 . According to Sumeet Kapoor .

Every one from the sales force . when they want it. The customer can contact through any channel of communication like telephone. CRM is important in every organization because it can-Increase sales revenue. supply chain management people and even financial people work towards the common goal : 1. e-mail & direct contact [face -to -face] CRM links the uncrowned king customer with the complete organisation. It is a long-term approach that has to be adopted at a strategic level. This system would typically have the facility to provide various types of information to the customer. Importance of CRM: Customer relation management does not enable a quick win.CRM focuses on providing a new front office support system for the customer. giving customer what they want 2. -Increase win rates -Increase margins -Improve customer satisfaction ratings -Decrease general sales and marketing administrative costs. 27 .

-Recognize and take advantage of new competitive opportunities: .With 24 hour access to information and faster tools for communication such as email. web chat etc.Benefits of CRM Highlighting very few benefits of CRM that helps enterprises: -Retain existing customers: . opportunities for up selling and cross selling are more easily recognized. line-of-business or the interaction channels. -Improved response time to customer requests for information: .Based on customer likes and dislikes and with the capability of online configuration. -Improved revenue and reduced costs: -Becoming customer centric increases revenue. profitability and employee productivity. -Attract. It also gives the customer a single. acquire and grow new customers: . the customer can contact anytime from anywhere. -Improved customer satisfaction: . CRM helps in better servicing of the customer. companies or customers can creat products suiting their needs.By analyzing the customer behavior and providing a single view of the customer across the departments.CRM helps increased customer loyalty by tracking and coordinating all customer interactions. consistent and uniform experience irrespective of the channel used to interact with the company. as well as improves overall shareholder value. -Product meets customer requirements: .CRM helps companies in refining strategies and take timely action by providing real time feedback on marketing initiatives and sales leads through analysis and reports.Because all interactions with the customer are tracked. 28 .

Today Banking is changing we are seeing technology being introduced in the sector. who moves along with the time and is able to respond to the emerging needs of the customers. ADMINISTRATION) THE FRONT OFFICE (SALES. Customer was seen with only with the front office that is sales and marketing.Importance of CRM in Banking "Banking. THE NEW CONCEPT: THE BACK OFFICE THE FRONT OFFICE THE CUSTOMER THE BACK OFFICE THE BACK OFFICE In this concept customer is the center of all the activities. MARKETING) THE CUSTOMER According to this concept.´ declares bank of Punjab chairman Mr. The seismic shift witnessed last year was driven by just one pervasive goal of reaching out to the customer. The customer is going to be the real decider of fate of Banks. Darshanjeet Singh "is not different from selling coke´. The market is becoming more & more buyer dominated. The last decade has seen many changes taking place in the structure of banking and also in the way the Banking sector has opened up. A greater amount of dis-intermediation is taking place in the higher segment of the corporate sector and there is a need for providing better quality customer service. the back office did not link the customer. HR. Private Banks or Foreign Banks or Public sector Banks is not correct. Deregulation and entry of new players are changing the Banking scene. the future belongs to the player who keeps in touch with the time. THE OLD CONCEPT v/s THE NEW CONCEPT OF CRM IN BANKING THE OLD CONCEPT: THE BACK OFFICE (FINANCE. She can know about whole 29 . To say that the future belongs to a particular group. In Banking. the final result as to who will actually be able to woo customers will depend on their ability to react and respond to the customer requirement.

so that suitable correction could happen in the product or process to present complaints. airlines. The Need For CRM The life long customer has never been such valuable. The part of retail Banking goes not only with Credit Card but Debit Cards and Smart Cards as well. 30 . Therefore it is wise enough to retain her. The Banks want to be a major retail consumer Banks in India. which is supposed to be the nucleus of CRM. forced organization to look for a concept will enable them to achieve customer's delight. Customer suddenly become the heart of the whole organization . The circuit is completed thus for an effective & rounded of solutions for addressing business issue in a comprehensive way. The banks are providing all products under one roof and that includes the retail staff as well. When we are not certain about present day customers . or for that matter even tomorrow. People are demanding much for less and responding to their needs is a constant challenge. It is the customer centric approach. The Customer can get a bunch of additional services with co-branded cards. with a good price. Banks have introduced Debit Cards self-explanatory card that caters very well to the tastes of credit averse Indians. Leaving them in darkness with the risk of responsive competitor providing timely information & service and snatching away the customer from their holds. how can we be sure of getting customers five years down the line.organizational activities. The old way of marketing and advertising are in deep trouble. It costs five times more to find a customer then to retain her. it may not work any more. next year . This is considered to be crucial for retaining customers since the success of any firm or organization is determined by it's ability to track customer dissatisfaction. hospital chains. which have tie-ups with petroleum CO¶s. Firms of late have realized that service to a customer does not stop by delivering a good product on time.next month. The new concept of CRM treats the customer as the uncrowned king of the business. and organizations started releasing that the entire business evolves around the customer. Instead of looking at the internal process the orientation came to look outside the business and more towards the customers.

(for e. pricing and competitive information.Instead of customer information being stored in product centric silos. check balances and even trade on it. proposal templates and marketing collateral. is set near railway station.HDFC Bank. Based on these profiles. field organization and other distribution channels. shopping complexes etc. income levels and other related criteria. sales presentations. Marketing Encyclopedia . CRM achieves this through Campaign Management by analyzing data from banks internal applications or by importing data from external applications to evaluate customer profitability and designing comprehensive customer profiles in terms of individual lifestyle preferences. UTI Bank and HSBC. Citi are wooing corporate to open salary accounts. Customer Information Consolidation .Banks need to identify customers. The latest trend in banking strategy is clicks&bricks in which customer can debit or credit accounts.g. ATM network. separate databases of savings account & credit card customers). while aiding the functioning of the bank. car loans is other area in which banks are developing relationship with the customer. ICICI. Away. Banks are providing customers with the highest quality services with special emphasis on recognizing customer needs and cross selling (expanding relationship with existing clients to increase range of services delivered to the clients) appropriate bank services. Internet Banking is available to the customer at his desktop. The ideal model of maintainining relationship with the customer focuses on the customer service issues. while the branches may be 2 to 3 kms. petrol pump. How can CRM help Banks CRM primarily caters to all interactions with the customers or potential customers. In a nutshell the customer has become the fulcrum of all Banking activities. with CRM the information is stored in a customer centric manner covering all the products of the bank.Central repository for products. personalized multi-channel marketing campaigns to reach these customers and maximize the lifetime value of those relationships. as well as internal training material. call center. which provides visibility and convenience and hence helps in increase customer acquisition. bank branch. Some banks have already ventured to maintain relationship with online banking through Internet. across multiple touch points including the Internet. and execute targeted. tailor products and services to meet their needs and sell these products to them. The minimum balance required for these accounts is zero and hence customer base of these Banks is exponentially increasing. banks can identify the most lucrative customers and customer segments. CRM integrates various channels to deliver a host of services to customers. y y 31 . CRM can help banks in following ways: y Campaign Management .

finance or support. irrespective of whether the communication is from sales.y 360-degree view of company ± This means whoever the bank speaks to. the bank is aware of the interaction. Cross selling means ³Expanding relationships with existing clients" 4. 32 . Customer retention and referrals for new customers. The ideal method of customer acquisition is through referrals as it is directly reflects ones product or service quality. Customer needs acquisition and assessment. 3. 3. So customer retention is the key. 1. Customer equity leverage through cross selling 4. 2. CUSTOMER LIFE CYCLE 1. Customer development through personalization and customization. But still most of the companies go for the traditional mass media advertising and the argument they give is that we need the initial critical mass of customers to get further referrals. Customer equity leverage through cross selling. 2. And as we all know it is about 4 times costlier to acquire a new customer rather than the cost incurred on retaining one. Making him feel important at every single point. A customer can be developed or nurtured through personalization of communication to him and customization of products and services through mutual learning process.

Therefore it is smart enough to tear up the cheque rather than to bye the customer.Why Walk When you can talk A user friendly automated service menu offers you convenient access to your account coupled with security as. Services provided by the ICICI bank to its HNI customers -Exclusivity and Convenience -Relationship Manager -Separate interaction area in the branch -Anywhere Banking facility -Exclusive Phone Banking service -Competitive Pricing -Reduced rates for products and services -Several Complimentary Offers -Value-linked benefits Anywhere Banking ICICI Bank is the second largest bank in the country. CONCEPT OF 80: 20 80% of the bank¶s business comes from 20% of its customers so is it not wise to retain that 20% of customers. but those adept at managing apologies will send over a bottle of wine or tear up cheque.. ATMs. For example: a bad meal at a restaurant may sour me on that establishment forever. all your transactions are protected by a Atm Pin . anywhere and from anyplace.The Personal password to your Banks & Credit card Account and Tpin for your Demat Account . Call Center and Internet Banking.What is a High Net Worth Individual A high net worth individual is a person with large personal financial holdings. one can access the various services ICICI Bank has to offer at anytime. but they are smart enough to consider then as opportunities rather then disaster. This includes branches and extension counters. Effective managers do not enjoy having unhappy customers. To learn more about the various channels. or make excuses. But if you do need any assistance our officers will be glad to help you Self Phone Banking (IVR) access Mechanisms are as follows: For Deposits --The customer would need to key-in his ATM/Debit Card Number and its corresponding ATM PIN. Traditionally the term used was millionaire. If I express my displeasure some restaurateur's will ignore me. An unhappy customer to gives you chance to correct the situation. ICICI Bank Phone Banking . 33 . It services a customer accounts through a multi-channel access network. Thus.

Details of Last Statement .Card Functionalities: .Others: .Information on Redemption .Account Balance .Information on Despatch of Bonds certificates .Stop Cheque Payment .Standing Instructions .Lost/Replacement card .. What's more.Reward Points status .Last five Transactions .Cheque Status enquiry .Bonds Functionalities: .Information on Interest .Details of Last Payment .Mobile banking Registration .Internet Userid .Outstanding Balance .Cheque Book Request .Inquire about any ICICI Bank product 34 .Utility Bill Payment .For Credit Cards -The customer would need to key-in his 16 digit Card Number and its corresponding ATM PIN.Mini Statement .ATM pin re-issue .this facility comes to you totally free of charge! Some of the services offered are listed below Banks Functionalities: .Complaints and suggestions . For Demat Account Holders -The customer would need to key-in his 14 Digit Demat Account Number and its TPIN For Bond Account Holders -The customer would need to key in his Bonds holder Number only..

Salary Credit . You can enquire for: .IVIEW.Account Getting Debited .Account Getting Credited . .5000/. .or more.ICPA .Change your Primary Account. .ICSI .You receive an alert when your bank A/c is credited with Rs. . . Banking is no longer what it used to be. Demat and Loan customers. With ICICI Bank.You receive an alert when your bank A/c is debited by Rs.Account Balance Inquiry. .IBAL .Stop Cheque Request. ICICI Bank offers Mobile Banking facility to all its Bank.Mobile Banking Bank on the move with ICICI Bank Mobile Banking.Cheque Bounce.or more. .ITRAN .ISCR .View your Presented Bills. .Balance Below a Limit.Last 3 transactions in your Account.Balance Above a Limit. you get alerted when the events you have subscribed for get triggered.IRPDC . . .Make Payment for your Bills.Cheque Book Request. as specified by you. Credit Card.ICBR . .5000/.Cheque Status Inquiry. ICICI Bank Mobile Banking can be divided into two broad categories of facilities: Request facility: ICICI Bank Mobile Banking Requests enable you to enquire information about your ICICI Bank account or perform Banking transactions.Debit Card Reward Points (Only for HPCL Debit Card holders) Alert Facility Under ICICI Bank Mobile Banking Alerts. 35 .IPAY . You can subscribe for receiving SMS alerts on following events: . as specified by you. .

50 Lacs Individual AUA Relationship Rs.000 for cash withdrawal Available Available Free ICICIBank Private Banking Gold Debit Card ( Internationally Valid ) Free Photo Signature Card Rs 50. 50 Lacs Family AUA Relationship Minimum Balance Requirement Private Banking Kit At par facility Personalised Pay-in Slips Mobile banking Zero Balance Zero Balance Available Available Free ICICIBank Private Banking Gold Debit Card ( Internationally Valid ) Available Available Free ICICIBank Private Banking Gold Debit Card ( Internationally Valid ) Free Photo Signature Card Rs 50.Special offers for HNIs PRODUCT Banking Products > Rs.000 for cash withdrawal Debit Cards Free Photo Signature Card Rs 50. 5 Lacs Individual Banking Relationship or AUA between 10 lacs to 25 Lacs Zero Balance SELECT PREMIUM WEALTH ADVISORY Eligibility Criteria > Rs.000 for cash withdrawal Transaction Limits 36 .

whichever is lower Credit Cards Roll Over Roll Over @ and Rs 1 lac POS usage Free of Charge Free for all transactions at any bank ATM's in india Relationship Manager Service Officer at Branches Exclusive Private Banking Phone Banking Mobile identification Priority Queue Preferential Rate of Interest Rs.and Rs 1 lac POS usage Card Re-issue charges ATM Interchange facility Dedicated Resources Free of Charge Free for all transactions at any bank ATM's in india Relationship Officer Service Officer at Branches Exclusive Private Banking Phone Banking Mobile identification Priority Queue Housing Loans Preferential Rate of Interest Rs.000 or 0. whichever is lower and Rs 1 lac POS usage Free of Charge Free for all transactions at any bank ATM's in india Wealth Advisor Service Officer at Regional Office / Branches Exclusive Private Banking Phone Banking Mobile identification Priority Queue Preferential Rate of Interest Rs.25% of loan amount.000 or 0.000 or 0. whichever is lower Call Centre Facility Roll Over @ Roll Over @ 37 .25% of loan amount.5.5.25% of loan amount.5.

95% 3 year free card or till customer remains HNI (whichever is earlier) HPCL Gold Card with pre Approved Limit of Rs.95% 3 year free card or till customer remains HNI (whichever is earlier) HPCL Gold Card with pre Approved Limit of Rs. 3 lacs Limit can be enhanced to Rs 5 lacs Limit enhancement based on documentation Demat and Web Trade Demat Buy Charges Sell Charges E Instructions Annual Fee Rs.Balance 2.02% Free Registration Account Opening Charges : Rs. 750.02% 0. (Set off of A/c Opening charges against Brokerage) 0.45% 38 .5 lacs 2.70% No annual fee Nil Nil Free Registration No annual fee Nil Nil Free Registration Web Trade No Account Opening Charges No Account Opening Charges Maximum Transaction Charge 0. 3 lacs Limit can be enhanced to Rs 5 lacs 2. 1. 300 0.95% Card Fees Free Type of Card and Limit HPCL Gold Card with pre Approved Limit of Rs.45% 0.5 Lac Limit can be enhanced to Rs 2.

(reduced based on transaction volumes) Exchange Rate Commission Preferential Rates 100% discount on commissions Home delivery and pick-up Preferential Rates 100% discount on commissions Home delivery and pick-up Preferential Rates 100% discount on commissions Home delivery and pick-up Services Gold Rate for buying gold Discount Locker Annual fee waiver Preferential rate Based on volumes Preferential rate Based on volumes Preferential rate Based on volumes 25% 50% 75% 39 .

5% as per VISA regulation Surcharge on Railway bookings 40 .5 % or Rs.5% as per VISA regulation 2.per higher transaction whichever is higher 2. 10/per transaction whichever is higher 2.5 % or Rs.5% as per VISA regulation 2. 200/.per card Premium Nil Nil Nil -NANil Wealth Advisory Nil Nil Nil -NANil 2.Debit Card Category Enrollment fee Annual fee 1st account holder Annual fee joint account holder Additional card issue fee Issue of replacement card in case of loss Surcharge on Fuel Purchases Select Nil Nil Nil -NARs. 10/.5 % or Rs. transaction whichever is 10/.per 2.

To find flaws in existing services and how to improve them. 41 . y y To know the perception of the key customers towards ICICI Bank.Objective of the Research y The prime objective of the research is to evaluate the satisfaction level of the key customers.

but rather for use by some other person or for some other project are termed secondary data.Personal. It provides a guideline for the researcher to enable him to keep track of his actions and to know that he is moving in the right direction in order to achieve his goal. Sample size is 50. Area covered: . a questionnaire of 14 questions was prepared. Survey Time: 4 Weeks Sample size: . 42 . Survey method has been used for the data collection.Research Design & Plan Research design indicates a plan of action to be carried out in connection with a proposed research work.50 Sampling Method: Random Sampling.Ludhiana. Secondary methods: Data not originally collected for use in the research project under consideration. Contact Method: .Survey Here in this project the entire data is collected directly from the key customers. The design may be a specific presentation of the various steps in the process of research. and that was filled by the customers. Target population: Existing key customers of ICICI Bank. The methods used for collecting primary data may be: . Methods of data collection Primary methods: Data directly collected by a researcher is known as primary data.

QUESTIONNAIRE Q1. 4somewhat satisfied. 3-neither satisfied nor dissatisfied. What factors you considered while opening your account? (Please rank them from 1 to 3) a) Brand Name ___ b) Customer Service ___ c) Network ___ Q 2. how do you grade these services? (5-very satisfied.) a) HDFC b) HSBC c) Standard Chartered d) PSU e) Any other. Q4. Type of account you are having in ICICI Bank. Do you have any other account in other banks? (If YES. Have you ever applied for loans? a) Yes b) No Q5. 2-somewhat dissatisfied 1-very dissatisfied) 1 Mobile Banking Phone Banking Internet Banking Investment Assistance Demat Services 2 3 4 5 43 . then specify if NO then leave it blank.6 ICICI Bank Private Banking provides you various services some of them are listed below in the matrix. Which one of these gives you the loan at minimum rate of interest? Personal loan HDFC HSBC Standard Chartered PSU ICICI ANY OTHER Auto loan House loan Q. a) Saving b) Current c) Cash Credit Q3.

why___________________ Q12.Are you satisfied with the no. What additional services should the bank provide you to serve you better? ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ Name: _______________________ Occupation: __________________ Age: ____ Phone No: _______________ 44 . Q14. Are you satisfied with your bank? a) Yes b) No Q11. Are you satisfied with this trade-off? How do you grade it? a) Very satisfied b) Somewhat satisfied c) Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied d) Somewhat dissatisfied e) Very dissatisfied. Please give your view about the staff of ICICI bank? a) Very friendly b) Somewhat friendly c) Neither friendly nor unfriendly d) Somewhat unfriendly e) Very unfriendly Q10. As you are getting some additional services of private banking by investing large amount of money with low returns. Do you give reference of ICICI bank to others? a) Yes b) No Q13. Are you satisfied with the services provided by the Private banking? a) Yes b) No Q8. of ATMs? a) YES b) NO Q9. If no.Q7.

1 by 35 customers. Hence we can say that customers give preference to customer service most of the times.2 has been ranked no.Analysis & Interpretation Q1. The least vote goes to Brand Name.1 twelve times. What factors you considered while opening your account? (Please rank them from 1 to 3) a) Brand Name ___ b) Customer Service ___ c) Network ___ Parameter Brand Name Customer service Network Total Rank1 3 35 12 50 Rank2 10 12 28 50 Rank3 37 3 10 50 Total 50 50 50 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 35 28 37 Brand Name Customer service Network 12 3 12 10 3 10 Rank1 Rank2 Rank3 Analysis: As per the results of the survey we can see that the option no. Then comes Network which was ranked no. 45 .

12 10 28 50 24% S 6% 20% Analysis: 56% of the customers are having Cash Credit A/c. a) Saving b) Current c) Cash Credit Parameter Saving Current Cash Credit Total No. 20% of the customers are having Saving A/c. 24% of the customers are having Current A/c. Type of account you are having in ICICI Bank. 46 ¤ § ¡¤ ¨¦ £ ¦ ¥¤ £ ¢¡ i g rr s t r   it .Q 2.

then specify if NO then leave it blank. Hence we can say that today PSUs as a whole are the main competitors of the ICICI.) a) HDFC b) HSBC c) Standard Chartered d) PSU e) Any other. 47     © ©  . Do you have any other account in other banks? (If YES. 7 3 2 19 12 50 No. Parameter HDFC HSBC Standard Chartered PSU Others Total No.Q3. HDFC HSBC St r Chart r SU 16% 28% 7% 5% 44% Others Analysis: Out of 50 customers 44% of them are having their other accounts in PSU.

Q4. Have you ever applied for loans? a) Yes b) No

Parameter Yes No Total

No. 39 11 50

22% Y s N 78%


Q.6 ICICI Bank Private Banking provides you various services some of them are listed below in the matrix, how do you grade these services? (5-very satisfied, 4somewhat satisfied, 3-neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, 2-somewhat dissatisfied 1-very dissatisfied) 1 Mobile Banking Phone Banking Internet Banking Investment Assistance Demat Services 2 3 4 5

Parameter Rank1 Rank2 Rank3 Rank4 Rank5 Total

Mobile Banking 0 0 5 11 34 50
Mobile Banking 0% 0% 10% 22% Rank1 Rank2 Rank3 Rank4 Rank5

Analysis: 68% of the customers are very much satisfied with the mobile banking service. 22% are somewhat satisfied and 10 are neither satisfied nor dissatisfied. 



Parameter Rank1 Rank2 Rank3 Rank4 Rank5 Total

Phone Banking 0 6 3 13 28 50

Phone Banking

0% 12%

Rank1 Rank2 Rank3 Rank4 Rank5

2 %

Analysis: 56% of the customer are very much satisfied with phone banking facility, 26% are somewhat satisfied. 6% says neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, and 12% are somewhat dissatisfied.


5 % 


and 40% is somewhat dissatisfied. 16% are somewhat satisfied 24% says neither satisfied nor dissatisfied.  51 .Parameter Rank1 Rank2 Rank3 Rank4 Rank5 Total Internet Banking 0 20 12 8 10 50 Internet Banking 20% 0% 40% Rank1 Rank2 Rank3 Rank4 Rank5 1 % 24% Analysis: 20% are very much satisfied.

Parameter Rank1 Rank2 Rank3 Rank4 Rank5 Total Investment Assistance 0 15 3 6 26 50 Investment Assistance 0% 30% Rank1 Rank2 Rank3 52% 6% 12% Rank4 Rank5 Analysis: 52% are very much satisfied. 52 . 12% are somewhat satisfied 6% says neither satisfied nor dissatisfied. and 30% are somewhat dissatisfied.

Q7. only 4% are not.  94 53 !  es No . 47 3 50 Analysis: 94% are satisfied with the services of private banking. Are you satisfied with the services provided by the Private banking? a) Yes b) No Parameter Yes No Total No.

Are you satisfied with the no. 54 # " es No . 43 7 50 No. of ATMs.Q8. 14% thinks that no. 14% 8 % Analysis: 86% are satisfied with the no. of ATMs? a) YES b) NO Parameter Yes No Total No. of ATMs must be increased.

55 .Q9. 20% says somewhat friendly. 4% 0% 20% 0% Very Friendly Somewhat Friendly Neither Friendly Nor Unfriendly 76% Somewhat Unfriendly Very Unfriendly Analysis: 76% says very friendly. Please give your view about the staff of ICICI bank? a) Very friendly b) Somewhat friendly c) Neither friendly nor unfriendly d) Somewhat unfriendly e) Very unfriendly Parameter Very Friendly Somewhat Friendly Neither Friendly Nor Unfriendly Somewhat Unfriendly Very Unfriendly Total No.4% says neither friendly nor unfriendly. 38 10 2 0 0 50 No.

and 18% are not. 41 9 50 No. Are you satisfied with your bank? a) Yes b) No Parameter Yes No Total No. 56 $ es No . 18% 82% Analysis: 82% of the customers are satisfied with their bank.Q10.

Do you give reference of ICICI bank to others? a) Yes b) No Parameter Yes No Total No.Q12. 57 & % . This shows that the customers have developed loyalty towards ICICI. 48 2 50 4% Y s N 96% Analysis: 96% of the customers give the reference of ICICI bank to others.

Are you satisfied with this trade-off? How do you grade it? a) Very satisfied b) Somewhat satisfied c) Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied d) Somewhat dissatisfied e) Very dissatisfied. The customer satisfaction level is high. As you are getting some additional services of private banking by investing large amount of money with low returns. Parameter Very much satisfied Somewhat satisfied Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied Somewhat dissatisfied Very dissatisfied Total No. it shows that ICICI is providing excellent services 58 ' 78% o mewhat dissatisfied ' .Q13. 18% are somewhat satisfied 4% says neither satisfied nor dissatisfied. 39 9 2 0 0 50 Very much satisfied o mewhat satisfied 18% 4% 0% Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied Very dissatisfied Analysis: 78% are very much satisfied.

.Conclusion . So its very important to serve your customer well. . . 59 .Most of the customers are satisfied with the Mobile and phone banking. .Customers finds the behavior of the ICICI staff very friendly. of ATMs.A major chunk of key customers (48%) is not satisfied with the investment assistence provided by the bank.Awareness about Internet banking is very low among key customers. . otherwise he can move to any other bank which he feels serve him better.Customers prefer customer service over brand name.Most of the customers are satisfied with the no.

Bank should make efforts to promote use of internet banking among key customers. . Bank should make sure that all relevant statements should reach to the key customers in time. The satisfaction level of the customers regarding investment assistence can be increased by: . 60 .Recommendations 1. Still villagers prefer PSU over private banking. . 2.Providing separate section in the bank for investment assistence. 4. Customers who are interested in investments can come there and ask their queries. 3.Whenever any new fund launched customers must be informed about it timely. ICICI bank must do something to grab the attention of rural areas.

61 . But customer service is not the sole driver of the process. serviceand technology as well as the other inner workings of an organisation. . CRM results in more effective . . data driven marketing efforts.CRM involves marketings. sales. CRM requires marketing expertise. Many organizations have merely equated CRM with customer focused marketing.CRM is not exclusively service initiative. customer service is one functional part of successful CRM implementation.CRM is not exclusively a marketing initiative.Learnings From ICICI Bank . As with sales and marketing.

. 62 . .hence it can not be a true representative of the entire population. Hence it is not the true reprentative of the entire country.Limitations .The sample was only 50 customers.The customer might have acted artificially when contacted for survey.The survey was conducted in the Ludhiana region only.

comwww.indiainfoline. y y y y 63 .icicibank.M.com Customer Relationship Management.indiainfoline.icicibank.com www.comwww. Chaturvedi Bank Manuals.BIBLIOGRAPHY www.

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