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MANJERI RATIONALE OF THE STUDY Human Resource is the main organ, when an organization is considering as a human body. A satisfied work group will deliver various results that help an organization to achieve its goal easily. Whereas, in this competitive scenario every organizations are undergoing for various strategy revamp. It will influence the employees in various manners. So the management should analyse its consequences on employees. Otherways it will affect their productivity. So this is an attempt to understand such a revamp and its positive and negative influences up on various categories of employees as well as a whole and giving few recommendations to make the organizational objectives as individual objectives. So this study is most relevant and rational. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY Good employee morale is the mental attitude of the individual or of the group which enables the employee to rely the maximum satisfaction of his drive as it coincides with the fulfillment of the objectives of the company. In other words the employees morale identifies his objectives in the tasks and purposes of a company so that the organizational goals can be accomplished. Since the level of morale effects the quality and quantity of the output and influences factors like costs and transparency which are the ingredients for success, the study and measurement of morale is highly significant. The objectives of the study in the context of requirement of morale for the manpower of RICHO IMPEX PVT LTD are:PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: To ascertain the level of various attributes constituting morale among the Executive class &Non Executive Class of employees separately, SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: To find out strong and weak organizational cultural factors that affects the morale of employees. To suggest remedial measures to address weaker factors and initiative measures to strengthen stronger areas. To find level of satisfaction of employees in their job. To study various factors which effect employees morale

METHODOLOGY OF THE STUDY The methodology of study involves a detailed study of the literature relating to Richo Impex Pvt Ltd. A survey is proposed to be conducted to measure the level of

preparedness of the human resources to change over to the technologically superior environment. The effectiveness of the efforts made by the Organization through measures like Training, Performance Management system and Redeployment will be studied. The report shall conclude with recommendations. Data collection:The primary data collection is intended to be done through the use of questionnaire and by conducting interview with the samples taken among from employees. The primary data provides knowledge about attitude, opinion, awareness, intentions and behavior of respondents. The secondary data will be collected by referring to the Website, Books & Records , magazines and journals related to changes in the Consumer durables markets and Richo Impex pvt ltd. Secondary data will give details of employee turnover, absenteeism, fatigue, wastage and service quality culture. Formulation of questionnaire:The questionnaire is a set of objective type of questions which are prepared with a view to arrive at an answer for a given problem. In the survey, the Questionnaire contains a set of 20 questions. The first three questions are focused on the employees general information , the next 17 questions are focused on different attributes that determines the morale of Employees, while the last one is an unstructured question Intending to get suggestions from the Employees on improving the motivation and morale. SAMPLE DESIGN A SRATIFIED RANDOM SAMPLING method is used. It is one in which the Researcher collects the information randomly from individuals belonging to several group (known as Stratum),whose characteristics are different and identifiable. In this study the groups identified are Executive and No-Executive employees spread indifferent department and from each group samples are randomly selected. Population Identified:The organization includes total of 200 employees which constitutes the population of the survey of the study. It includes 17 employees from Executive Category and 183 from Non Executive Category. Sample size :The sample Size chosen is 10% of total population i.e 20(approx) employees from different departments. It includes 5 Executive and 15 Non Executive employees. DATA ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION Analysis is the process of placing the data in an ordered from, combining with the existing information and extracting meaning from them. After Analysis, the data which are raw facts will become meaningful information.

In the survey, Data will be collected based on the factors focused in the questionnaire. The collected data will be classified, then will be represented in the form of Bar charts to facilitate easy understanding of the responses of employees of Executive class, Non executive class and also a representative of employees as a whole (Both Executive and Non Executive class).The X axis represents the ranking of the Employees and Y axis represents the %of Employees response. The Project Report ends with suitable Suggestions and Recommendations by interpreting the Analyzed data for improving performance. Tools of analysis:Averages, percentages, pie diagrams and bar charts will be used for data presentation. Appropriate statistical will be used for testing the hypothesis on preparedness of the organization at 5% significance level. CHAPTERISATION:The researcher proposes to present the project in the following chapters:1. Introduction 2. Organisation profile:-Mission, Objectives, Vision , Quality Management etc.. 3. Conceptual framework:-Identifying the determinant factors that heavily influence the level of morale among the employees of Richo Impex Pvt Ltd. 4. Research Methodology:-Primary and Secondary data. 5. Data analysis and Interpretation 6. Findings and conclusions 7. Recommendations and suggestions 8. Annexure and appendix. DIMENSIONS STUDIED:The following factors which heavily influence the level of morale among the Employees of Richo Impex Pvt Ltd are being studied in detail:1. Feeling of pride in the organization 2. Challenging aspect of the job 3. Salary and other allowances 4. Training and its effectiveness 5. Performance appraisal & Promotional system 6. Work Recognition 7. Management Policies 8. adequacy of communication 9. Spirit of Co-operation and Team work. 10. Working condition 11. Welfare Facilities 12. Grievance redressal procedure 13. Job Security 14. Sufficiency of existing work process

LIMITATIONS Time being a constraint in the study and the total population in Richo Impex Pvt Ltd is as 200 employees, and the availability of all randomly selected employee is difficult, the sample size from among the employees has been restricted to 10%,which has been estimated as the most ideal sample size. All factors influencing the Morale of Employees is not taken into account. Only the 15 factors will be covered which happens to be recognized as the most relevant ones. Chances of biasness in the responses are high The study was also limited by knowledge, exposure &experience of the researcher.

QUESTIONNAIRE:TO THE EMPLOYEES 1.Department:-.. Section:-.. 2.Name & Age ................................ 3.Years Served with Richo Impex Pvt Ltd:- 4.I feel proud to be an employee of Richo Impex Pvt Ltd 5.In my department, Chances to take initiatives is high 6.The current salary and other Allowances are adequate & Satisfactory. 7.The training imparted to me for performing my job is adequate. 8.The performance appraisal system in my Organisation is objective. 9.There is recognition for good work 10.The promotion Policies are transparent and motivating 11. The Superior-Subordinate Relationship existing is good 12.The spirit of Co-operation is very high among co-workers 13.The conditions in the work place is hygienic and safe.

14.The welfare facilities provided is satisfactory 15.The Grievance Redressal system prevailing is effective 16. My job is very much secured. 17.I am well informed of the affairs of my organization 18.I am fully aware of the change in process required, as my port enters a competitive situation. 10.The existing practices will be sufficient in the new environment. 11.Your suggestions on improving the motivation&morale. The employees will get 4 options to mark their opinion as poor, average, good, very good.