A World Without Alzheimer¶s Disease

Booz Allen simulation introduces a megacommunityŒ approach to Alzheimer¶s disease prevention, detection, treatment, and care.
Alzheimer¶s Disease Megacommunity±The Path Ahead

Alzheimer¶s disease is a growing epidemic that will have an increasingly severe impact on the US economy and healthcare system if left unchecked. Today, as many as 5 million people suffer from Alzheimer¶s disease and, as baby boomers age and life expectancy increases, that number is expected to grow to 16 million by 2050. With that will come rising costs and extraordinary financial and emotional burdens on caregivers. Many groups and organizations across the public, private, and civil sectors are engaged in the fight against the challenges of Alzheimer¶s disease, but they face funding and other constraints. ³It will require the collective efforts of committed stakeholders working together to address the complexities of this epidemic strategically,´ said Booz Allen Hamilton Senior Vice President Mark Gerencser. ³We call this network of stakeholders a megacommunity. In a megacommunity, individual members support and expand their objectives and impact through their combined knowledge and resources. They identify mutual interests and forge new relationships and partnerships.´

Convening the Megacommunity with a Strategic Simulation Summit
In September 2007, Booz Allen partnered with the Center for Health Transformation (CHT) to conduct a strategic simulation. This summit convened over 80 stakeholders from all sectors to explore how to address the challenges of Alzheimer¶s disease. ³We wanted to understand how a megacommunity¶s constituents could collaborate to enhance prevention, detection, treatment, and care in order to mitigate the impact of Alzheimer¶s disease on patients, caregivers, and society,´ said Booz Allen Senior Vice President Reggie Van Lee.

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Teams of stakeholders representing academia, devices and diagnostics, government, payors, providers, pharmaceutical companies, public advocacy groups, patients, and others worked together to address issues raised in the simulation. A Control Team oversaw the activity and played the roles of Congress, the White House, and the media. Throughout the summit, stakeholder actions were fed into a predictive model, feedback was given at each step on how actions impacted the future trajectory of the disease, and teams debriefed their actions.

accelerate discovery. story posted July 30. along with Booz Allen Vice Presidents Fernando Napolitano and Christopher Kelly.´ Mark Gerencser and Reginald Van Lee. Mark McClellan. Said Gerencser. The ASG is a task force of national leaders whose mandate is to create an Alzheimer¶s National Strategic Plan. private. and the best course of action to make this vision a reality. LEAD is organized into an Executive Leadership Council and four action-oriented workgroups. as well as opportunities for working together to help find a cure for Alzheimer¶s. 2008 Additional Information on Megacommunities y y Convenors of Capability When There is No Cavalry: Megacommunities Emerge as a Disaster Recovery Solution .´ The four areas are to increase awareness of the urgency of the Alzheimer¶s disease crisis. compassionate.³Participants identified and explored key challenges that might best be conquered through collaborative efforts. co-authored the book Megacommunities²How Leaders of Government. ³In fact. are committed to assessing the adequacy of the country's current efforts to combat Alzheimer's disease and recommending strategies to accelerate progress toward defeating this disease. Translating Discovery into Action Booz Allen is now helping the megacommunity move from planning to action by supporting the Alzheimer¶s Study Group (ASG) and Leaders Engaged on Alzheimer¶s Disease (LEAD). and Sandra Day O'Connor. including Newt Gingrich. LEAD is the formal name for the Alzheimer¶s disease megacommunity and has accepted the mandate to first inform and then execute the national strategic plan. we must ensure the proper care of Alzheimer¶s disease patients and their families in a more comprehensive. empower patients and caregivers. the megacommunity identified four specific areas where collaboration among the members is necessary. ASG leaders. Bob Kerrey. and collaborative manner than we currently do. Organizations from each of the three sectors²public. Business and Non-Profits Can Tackle Today's Global Challenges Together. and transform the care model. ³The ultimate goal of this megacommunity is to create a world without Alzheimer¶s disease.´ said Booz Allen Vice President Susan Penfield. and civil² must all collaborate in determining the best way to achieve this. Until that happens.

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