There is a employee name Salman, we hired him in Janyary, we came to know later on that he is a friend of Rashid Burger, i.e.

they both know each other since lo ng and rashid burger is in his favor a lot, we hired him as per his salary deman d, 20K and commited that he will work with us long time. We informed him everyth ing, all the policies, all the terms and conditions and that time our office tim ings was from 3:00 PM to 12:00 PM. After 1-2 months, he applied in Descon and Fawad and Khurram told me and I calle d him and he said he has timings issue and he wanted to do job in morning time, khair kafii lambiii discussion hoi, and i said you should have think twice befor e joining the company etc. but as usual he was answering all bakwas yeah woh bla h blah .. rather he was trying to give me suggestions to change the timings and we will get more good employee and blah blah all that bullshits, which usually p pl. give. This is the only person who always come to me with stupid suggestions and I happily listen to him, like one day he was saying sir, app sabh logoon ki salary balance kar dein, mujhey feel hota hey keh yahan larkoon ki salaries kam hein, I said well that i know better than anyone else who deserver what and I do n't think you should ask this thing to me, as I feel everyone is happy and getti ng what they deserve. Ok, so somehow he was rejected from Descon and start working here, now that few days back a guy Tanveer left without any notice period and we did not pay him hi s 1 month salary, I did call a meeting, clear each and everything to guys and ag ain repeated clearly that you guys have to give 1 motnh notice before leaving an d if i wanted to terminate any guy, i will be paying 1 motnh salary or 1 motnh n otice, so there is no question, I repeated many times and all ppl. were ok and a greed and all set like usually happend in CEO meetings, then I introduced Provid ent funds and this is the only guy Salman who said, is it necessary for all empl oyees, i said yes it is necessary and any policy made in Company is implimented on eveyone, because he knew that why we are introducing provident funds but it w as of course very important from Company point of view, we have to save our end too. Though it was introduced at the moment when Tanveer left without notice per iod so some peopel might have in mind that we are keeping 1 month salary because Tanveer left, so anyone else can also left, well it is obvious everyone must kn wo without this too that provident fund is basically to secure both parties, so i think nothing to worry as we have to introduce this policy. Like Irfan and Khu rram was thinking that guys must be having this in mind that YK introduced this policty as tanveer left without notice period so now he is keeping our salary 10 % and no one will see 10% from Company benifits, of ocurse Irfan and Khurram thi nkign is difernt than where i am sitting, I said no of course everyone must know s that there is a notice prioid of one month, so its very clearl and straigth fr wd. they said is tara larkoon key mind mein a jayee ga and everyone will think b lah blah .. i said no problem, it always happend in Companies that employee thin k but whoever wanna work, they will work and whoever, wanna leave they will but we ultimately have to secure ourself and ultimately we have to introduce this po licy so we have done this, so that' sfine. Now just 1-2 days before after meeting, Salman came to me and he said sir as you know that i am not here satisfied with the timinggs and i have to leave job and i am searching for job, so i just wanted to inform you as we know each other wi th osme reference so i dont wanted that i think anything, i said ok no problem, I already knew that you are looking for job, so you can find a job and just give one month notice and leave. He said please dont put this condition of one month on me, i said why, you have to give one month notice of couser, there's no choi ce and you shoudl not ask me when in meeting i have clearly explained, it is si gned in your Appointement letter as well as in the terms and conditions, so give one month notice and leave but he was so rigid and talking bullshit that no com panies mein aisa nahi hota.. some companies dont give notice blah blah blah la.. i listen to all shit and said Salman, you have to give 1 month notice that's it . so he said ok fine, then he left.

as on his project ther are 4 other peopel workkng. Today me khurram and irfan decided that.shoudl i simply call some Main Person and take them in confidence and inform them exact situation ocne again and then give one month n otice to Salman or just termnate him with 1 motnh salary in his hand? About the project. Rashid sey tum sabh logoon ki ziada nahi bantii thee. SO. Let me know if you have any questions.. so irfan said you must find some job if you are good and leave i t if it does'tn suits youm.. I need answer/susggestions/d iscussion right away. etc. because I also remmeber.. they live in 27 D etc.anyways. THanks. as Rahid may be thinkign that Yasir has a small setu p. I am online. I am not worried. etc. now what shoudl I do. Secondly I belive Rahid is not a loyal old guy. so that i will take care of hta.000 Rs.. tis separete issue. i said i knwo this is the only guy and others guys i knwo but of course k uch na kuch tu farak parta hey . so irfan came to me and told me that this is going on in your office. and he also talk to Irfan that all thing of tanvee r and himself. . because irfan also came to knwo that this is the onl y guy who is spreading things in LEADconcept... so i must update them and then simply give Salamnn 1 month notice from LEADconcept or pay him 20. now he is one guy who is basically what i felt spreading around in hall bad thing about company that you knwo now YK has introduce this policty and he wil k eep our salary etc. this guy salman is just bothering others too so ak ajeeb si waba hey. etc.. so he just did his favor and pump him to leave LEADconcept. etc.. tomrow i will call few main employee of mine and take them in confident and tell them exact situation that this is what this guy is saying. Not sure if i miss anything in above paragraph bu t I think that's it for now. i thikn so . I feel like he is kind a OV ER confident guy he must be showing his worth that Yasir or AHsan tu bachey hote y they. (salary and terminate him). i knwo htem .Ok. YK . i feel liek he dont give righ t wordings to salman or other chaps about me or you.. I did not wanted to inform Rashid Burger nor Fawad because I really dont' care when th ey dont care because rashid is the one who even force Fawad to get thi sguy job in Descon or somehere else.

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