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You may never know what a word from you can do
taken in and lying on a child's eager heart
You may never know how a smile from you
will lie in wait in a child's memory
to make the darkness in his soul flee away

You may never know how the Lord of truth
will use a gentle touch guided by an angel we can't see
to remind a lost child that He ministers to the least of

You may never know on earthly soil
the fruits of your labor and toil
for God holds his most precious prize
to reveal not to earthly eyes
not until the day we bow before His throne
will we know where the love we gave has roamed

The sinner, hopeless and petrified,
once was me and full of human pride
stripped of my swagger and bitter hate
that I let the world create

I remembered these words that my teacher said,
years removed, over mountain, stream, and river,
"Jesus loves you and He wants you to know that

Copyright, May 1998, from the compilation,
Our Barren Bounty, by John Robert Conley
All Rights Reserved