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Customers Questionnaire


1. Name 2. Age 3. Sex a) Male 4. Occupation : 5. Educational Qualification a) Below SSLC c) PG b) Degree d) Others b) Female

6. Which factor influencing you to prefer Camlin product? a) Price c) Brand e) Visibility b) Quality d) Safety f) Usage

7. Camlin Products are successful because the reason is a) Range of product c) Promotional Activities b) Range of Price d) Replacement

8. Are you satisfied by the Quality of Camlin Products? a) Yes b) No

9. Which type of distribution channel is effective to buy the Camlin product? a) Wholesaler b) Retailer c) Supplier

10. Which product you like most in Camlin? a) Pen b) Color Products c) Geometric box d) Other

11. Are you satisfied with the offers given by the company? a) Satisfied c) Not Satisfied b) Highly Satisfied d) Highly Dissatisfied

.12. Are the customer¶s sales promotional activities of Camlin are effective? a) Yes b) No 14. Did you intimate others to purchase Camlin products? a) Yes c) Sometimes b) No d) Rarely 16. How did you come to know about Camlin products? a) Newspaper/magazine Ad d) Salesperson b) Television e) Store Display c)Website f) Catalogues 18. Based on the price range your opinion about the Camlin product is a) Economical c) No idea b) Costly 17. Suggestions if any to improve the effectiveness of Camlin. Which brand do you think is the toughest competitor to Camlin products? a) Natraj c) Reynolds b) Luxor d) Officemate 15. Who are all the main buyers of Camlin products? a) Students c) Offices b) Industrialists d) others 13.