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- the three letters that stand for quality consumer products at affordable prices.

A reputation built across eight decades. An organization that started out as an indenting agency and grew to what it is today with path-breaking marketing ideas. Those core values that created TTK into a force to be reckoned with continue to define the framework of the TTK Group even today. Tiruvellore Thattai Krishnamachari better known as TTK gave up law, joining with A R Doraisami Iyengar who was running a consumer goods firm in Chennai. The firm represented Levers Brothers. When Iyengar died in 1928, TTK was awarded the Levers Brothers agency. TT Krishnamachari & Co. was set up in the same year to handle the business and the rest is history! Today TTK is a totally integrated manufacturing and marketing Group. While maintaining leadership in specific product categories in India, the TTK Group reaches out to the world with its core products - kitchenware, pharmaceuticals, condoms, medical devices, food products etc. TTK Healthcare Ltd., a part of the TTK Group was incorporated in 1958 and went public in 1985.

TTK Healthcare is committed to providing customers with innovative "value for money" solutions and improving their quality of life. The Company's brand wagon consists of products that are sought after by a wide range of customers. The Woodward's Gripe Water brand is the market leader in the baby care category. The Eva range of personal care products (Talc, Deodorant, Skincare) bring together the gentle touch of nature, backed by TTK's extensive research. TTK Healthcare has an All India Sales and Distribution network for marketing not only their own products, but also the KIWI Brand (Shoecare), Brylcreem (Haircare) and Kohinoor and Durex brands (Contraceptives). The Company also specializes in sales and distribution in India as a joint venture partner. It has a successful tie up with Sara Lee Household and Bodycare Pvt. Ltd. and TTK-LIG Ltd. The Company's distribution network comprises of 2800 redistribution stockists who cover both the urban and rural consumers. TTK Healthcare has three Strategic Business Units... ‡ Pharamaceuticals Divison

Almost 90. multimineral supplements. cervical dilators.‡ Consumer Products Division ‡ Biomedical Devices Division Apart from the SBUs.000 doctors are met every month by personnel from the Ethical Products Division(EPD). For more information on Animal Care section of TTK Healthcare. antibiotics. and reaches out to the customer through a nation-wide network of 450 stockists. thrombolytic agents. hatcheries. ectoparasiticide. liver correctives. liver correctives and pain management products. fertility inducers. TTK Healthcare's products are trusted and prescribed by a wide segment of healthcare professionals in India. The Company's products are marketed by a well-trained sales force. across various therapeutic segments. haematinics.the ancient traditional system of medicine. well-trained sales force that is in touch with nearly 9000 Veterinarians across the country. The AWD has an extensive. For more details on TTK Healthcare range of products under Pharmaceuticals. The division's product range includes feed supplements. TTK Healthcare was also the first to launch technology-driven life-saving products like Urokinase and Dopamine. cocktail enzymes etc. calcium and phosphorous supplements. anthelmintics. antispasmodic & cervical dilators. The range includes calcium supplements. poultry farms and dairy farms through a variety of herbal and allopathic formulations. please click here Besides being the first Pharmaceutical Company in India to be awarded the ISO certification by BIS. click here . antihistamines. The Animal Welfare Division(AWD) caters to the requirements of veterinarians. trace minerals & vitamin-A supplements. The Company has also developed medicines like Lactare based on Ayurveda . their Satellite Divisions are ‡ Foods ‡ Maps TTK Healthcare's Pharmaceuticals Division has many breakthrough herbal and allopathic formulations. rejuvenators. who form an ideal interface between the medical fraternity and the Company's pharmaceutical division.

the undisputed market leader in the baby care category . zing. Trivandrum. The TTK Heart Valve Division manufactures and distributes India's first indigenous heart valve prosthesis . Besides handling the national distribution of Durex and Kohinoor condoms. doll. the heart valve being a critical implant. The only Indian-made heart valve.000 Chitra valves have been successfully implanted in patients. the CPD has introduced many variations in the packaging and has also forayed into the skincare segment with a new range of moisturizers.stainless steel needled suture for sternum closure and Clinipatch . Click here for the Baby Care product range of the Customer Product Division. Initially conceived in 1978. The Heart Valve Division also manufactures and markets Clinimesh . For information on TTK Healthcare's Personal Care products click here. India . the Division also distributes Brylcreem Haircare and Toiletry Products and Kiwi's shoe care range. it is also the most price-friendly and so far nearly 18. chic and autonomous institute under the Department of Science and Technology. Government of India. went through the most painstaking development for 12 years at the prestigious Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology (SCTIMST). dreams.The Consumer Products Division(CPD) markets and distributes Woodward's Gripe Water . The Division also markets the Eva range of deodorants and talcum powders in a variety of fragrances such as fresh.and the recently introduced Woodward's Baby Soap.a versatile prosthesis for surgical reconstruction of septal wall defects. sweet.the tilting-disc TTK Chitra Heart Valve.a versatile prosthesis for surgical reconstruction of thoracic and abdominal wall defects. Backed by the expertise of TTK's Research. Clinistern . .

.. TTK has been known for its strong distribution and marketing network. The Company is continuously on the look out for Joint Venture and Third Party distribution opportunities so as to leverage its extensive ditribution network. TTK Prestige and TTK Healthcare have developed over the years. Modern Medicine Division (MMD). The Group's leading brands owe a great deal to the well-organized dealer and stockist network that TTK & Co. Ever since its early beginnings as an indenting agency 76 years ago.800 distributors stocking TTK Healthcare's Consumer Products range. The Group's distribution strength includes 10..000 outlets in India's cities. Indian Medicine Division (IMD) and VENTURA. towns and villages. The first Pharmaceutical Company in India to be awarded ISO certification by BIS Haematinic Range . Calcium Supplement Range Delivery Care Range Female Healthcare Rang TTK Healthcare's Pharmaceuticals Division has several achievements under their belt including being.000 direct dealers stocking its consumer durables and more than 2.20. TTK Healthcare's Pharmaceuticals Division functions through 4 main divisions Ethical Products Division (EPD). thereby making the TTK products readily available in 3.Click here to view more details on Chitra Heart Valves.

Cardiac Care Range Derma Range Respiratory Care Range Urinary Specialities Rang Disclaimer Pamper your little bundle of joy with TTK's trusted baby care products.The first company to launch technology driven life saving products like UROKINASE and DOPAMINE The first to develop a product based on traditional knowledge . A highly efficient distribution network. The Pharmaceuticals Division is backed by a formidable strength of over 600 well trained field staff who form the interface between the medical fraternity and the pharmaceutical industry. TTK Healthcare's Pharmaceutical products enjoy unsolicited patronage from all segments of doctors. .LACTARE for Lactation Pain Management Rang Neurotrophic Range The Pharmaceuticals Division's product range comprises many path-breaking medicines like: Programmed release products like RABULCER D for gastric reflux and ulcer Anti-inflammatory products like Nimulase and Dolobest OD based on special coating technology TEFROLIV FORTE for hepatic disorders ELCARIM for proper growth and development of babies DELIVERA for dry skin ARTHRID for arthritis Gastro Intestinal Range Male Fertility Range Female Fertility Range Nutritional Range The Division has also developed products based on the ancient and traditional knowledge of ayurveda. with depots across all the states ensures that TTK Healthcare's pharmaceutical products are made available to every nook and corner of India.

TTK Ready-to-fry Snack Pellets are available in a variety of flavors. shapes. colours and designs. to add flavour . ‡ Sprinkle finely crushed dried mint to fried snack.

researchers and a wide variety of endusers. Esselte of Sweden and Teikoku Shoin of Japan. Ribbed. Founded in 1965. Outline Maps Maps & Guidebooks . short. Sticks. the Company has collaborated with world-renowned cartographers such as George Philips of the U. Star. Chips. such as Wheels (mini & penta). 3 Rings. for markets in India and abroad. For more details click of Europe's leading Cartographers. The Publications Division of TTK Healthcare is the largest producer of maps and map-based publications in the private sector and is the most popular brand in India today. travellers. Germany . The Exports division services the foreign countries and the products are regularly exported to the overseas markets.K. The production unit is designed not only to assure the highest quality but also to ensure consistency in quality.. The customer base for TTK Ready-to-fry Snack Pellets includes multinationals and the trade in India. Tubes (mini. amongst students. long & square). The Cereal and Potato based pellets come in various shapes. in collaboration with Bertelsmann of Guthersloh.TTK manufactures Potato and Cereal based pellets in its state-of -the-art facility. Checks. Drops etc besides Onion Rings.

our range of School Atlases are packed with a wealth of geographical information.A brand leader. offices or just about anywhere. For the traveller.on business or leisure . For budding geographers. in any size.the handy Road Atlases are packed with vital information. wall displays and corporate gifts. Chemistry and Biology. our Outline Maps of India and the World. History Charts Informative charts with maps that present historical information of a specific era. these colourful charts cover a wide range of topics in Physics. a wide range of accurate and easy-to-read maps and guidebooks that cover the whole of India as well as a few destinations abroad. Science Charts School Atlases For the itinerant traveller . are highly recommended by teachers and sought-after by students. Wall Maps Road Atlases For display in classrooms. For use in classrooms and laboratories. For use as educational aids. . in an interesting format. in tune with the school curriculum.

In line with its motto of "Quest for Better Veterinary Care". Mission To serve the professional community and farmers with quality & efficacious animal health products and promote animal well being. tonics and supplements for your pets. Wide range of medicines..With a motto of "Quest for better veterinary care" we are expanding operations across the country to facilitate availability of quality medicines. Vision To provide quality products and solutions to veterinarians / veterinary practitioners and thereby enhance the health.. the Animal Welfare Division of TTK Healthcare Limited will fully live up to its promise by dedicating itself to satisfy the needs of its . With a clear intent to facilitate the availability of quality products at affordable prices. more. Presently the division ranks among the Top 20 leading Animal Health Companies in the nation. more.. Poultry and Companion segments. vitamins and supplements at affordable prices... TTK Animal Welfare Division is a rapidly growing business unit of TTK Healthcare Ltd. well being and performance / productivity of animals and to stamp our imprint in the animal health segment nationally by adhering to standard professional business ethics.. more. The division produces and markets a wide range of products for Livestock. the division is now expanding its reach to the nooks and corners of the country. tonics and productivity boosters. High quality medicines and feed supplements for good productivity. The Animal Welfare Division was established in the year 1982 and has made great strides in the animal health segment since then. in short "Quest for Better Veterinary Care". Medicines.

Eva Deodorants. The Company also specializes in sales and distribution in India as a joint venture partner. but also the KIWI Brand (Shoecare).(Kitchen Appliances) TTK Healthcare Ltd. The Company's distribution network comprises of 2800 redistribution stockists who cover both the urban and rural consumers. Most animals are colour blind and use their sense of smell to guide them to their food TTK GROUP OF COMPANIES: TTK Prestige Ltd. Brylcreem (Haircare) and Kohinoor and Durex brands (Contraceptives).(Contraceptive Devices) TTK Healthcare Services (p) Ltd. TTK Chitra Heart Valves. It has a successful tie up with Sara Lee Household and Bodycare Pvt. TTK Healthcare has an All India Sales and Distribution network for marketing not only their own products. Personal care & Maps) SSL-TTK Limited. Talcum Powders and Moisturizers.(Foot Care products) TTK-LIG Limited. and TTK-LIG Ltd. Woodward's Gripe Water and Soaps.(Third Party Insurance) TTK Services Limited(Local Services for NRI) TTK LEADING BRANDS: Prestige Pressure Cookers and Kitchen Appliances.(Pharma. Fryums Snack Foods. TTKMaps. . Kohinoor and Durex Condoms. Ltd.customers by offering products of immense quality at affordable prices to enhance the overall well being of animals.

The group has revenues of over Rs. the free encyclopedia TTK Group Industry Founded Founder(s) Area served Conglomerate 1928 T. who are the makers of Durex condoms and Dr. the T. 10 billion[citation needed] with a presence across India and several international markets. maps and atlases. The TTK Group was started in 1928 by T. Ranganathan Clinical Research Foundation (a hospital for alcohol and drug addiction) and TTK Schools for the underprivileged. consular visa services. The group is also associated with several charitable and social organizations. pharmaceuticals and supplements.YourManInIndia GetFriday official website Products Subsidiaries Website The TTK Group is an Indian business conglomerate with a presence across several segments of the industry including consumer durables. The group has joint ventures with global corporations such as SSL International. Krishnamachari Worldwide Consumer durables Pharmaceuticals Bio-medical devices Maps and atlases Visa services Virtual assistant services Health care TTK Prestige TTK LIG TTK Healthcare TTK Textiles TTK Services .TTK Group From Wikipedia.T. bio-medical devices. . T. Krishnamachari. such as the TTK Voluntary Blood Bank. Scholl's foot care products. T. and is largely owned by the family. virtual assistant services and health care services.

TTK Healthcare. "TTK group aims to shed flab and flex its muscles". such as: y y y Kohinoor condoms Prestige pressure cookers Woodward's gripe water [edit] References y y "Corporate Overview".[edit] Brands The TTK Group has been associated with several brands. which are now household names in India. Retrieved 2010-05-19. [edit] External links y y y y TTK Prestige TTK Healthcare TT Services GetFriday and YourManInIndia . Abhrajit Gangopadhyay (January 13. Retrieved 2010-05-19. 2002). Business Line.virtual assistant services .