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TRUNG TÂM SMARTIE (Đề thi có 06 trang


ĐỀ THI THỬ TUYỂN SINH ĐẠI HỌC Môn: TIẾNG ANH; Khối: D Thời gian làm bài: 90 phút, không kể thời gian phát đề
Mã đề thi 115

Họ, tên thí sinh:……………………………………………………… Số báo danh:…………………………………………………………. ĐỀ THI GỒM 80 CÂU (TỪ QUESTION 1 ĐẾN QUESTION 80)

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word that differs from the rest in the position of the main stress in each of the following questions. Question 1: A. referendum B. political C. communicate D. original Question 2: A. meteoric B. favourable C. combination D. prehistoric Question 3: A. challenging B. fugitive C. preferable D. refugee Question 4: A. ecstatic B. marketing C. consistent D. interpret Question 5: A. mushroom B. superman C. underage D. loudspeaker Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions. Question 6: Sally: “Thank you very much for your lift.” James: “________.” A. That was all I could do B. I see C. Delighted I was able to help D. Thank you Question 7: Richard: “You don’t like wine, do you?” Gosh: “________. I never drink it.” A. Yes, I don’t B. No, I don’t C. Yes, I do D. No, I am not Question 8: Harrison: “________.” Willis: “Never mind, better luck next time.” A. I’ve broken your precious vase B. I have a lot on my mind C. I couldn’t keep my mind on work D. I didn’t get the vacant position. Question 9: Caroline: “________?” Aaron: “So so. And you?” A. How’s everything B. What is everything C. What are you doing D. What are you like Question 10: Zach: “ Would you like a cup of coffee?” Jake: “________.” A. I’d love to B. No, thanks C. No, I wouldn’t D. I do like Question 11: Now that we have identified the problem, we must decide on an appropriate course of ________. A. action B. progress C. solution D. development Question 12: I’m afraid starting the race today is _________ the question. Look at this snow. A. out of B. none C. beyond D. away Question 13: You look really tired. You could ________ a week’s holiday, I think. A. make for B. make with C. do with D. pass for Question 14: I don’t like Anthony, he seems to take too much ________ in criticizing everyone. A. joy B. pleasure C. fascination D. entertainment Question 15: Hats like this may have been fashionable in the 60’s, but now they are ________ the times. A. beneath B. under C. over D. behind Question 16: Who else is of the _________ that we should break the camp? A. conclusion B. theory C. remark D. opinion Question 17: It’s no wonder the children felt disappointed because first their parents promised to take them to Disneyland and then they ________ on their word. A. played down B. went back C. came off D. drew out Question 18: I’m ________ too keen on visiting the Parkers again so soon. A. that B. very C. such D. none Question 19: I’m sure you miss the island, ________ there for so long. A. have lived B. lived C. having lived D. live Question 20: The freezing point is the temperature ________ water turns into ice. A. at which B. on which C. that D. whose

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C. can’t have told C. A. much C. therefore D. Preparing not D. many other Question 35: The new personnel manager told us that he had visited ________ countries in Europe. Question 39: You’ll have to tell him in the end. Should a Question 22: After a short holiday. keen C. as striking B. ________ to outside. D. A. A. B. he must do something about it himself. *English teaching centre – Contact us at 35145579 or 0985536368* Trang 2/6 – Mã đề thi 115 . and the longer you put off doing so the harder it’s going to be. when struck Question 25: She got the sack ________ she always got to work late. A D. boiling C. intent B. Ben criticised Barry for not putting a better lock on the door. had stung C. Question 38: “Why don’t you put a better lock on the door. applied B. undiscovered C. Didn’t prepare B. exerted Question 23: It’s really cold today. B. A. and telling him will get harder the longer you wait. converted C. He shouldn’t expect others to give up their jobs for him. were boiling Question 29: The child’s arm was swollen because he _______ by a bee. stung B. even if B. B. A. B. Question 36: “It certainly wasn’t me who took your car!” said Bob. Barry?” said Ben.” A. being spoken to B. A. As he doesn't want the job himself he might as well let someone else have it. A. expecting Question 33: I must warn you I am not used to ________ so rudely. D. John couldn’t answer the teacher’s question. You never can keep things secret for long. Bill suggested John shouldn’t come. A. C. as many Mark the letter A. as much as D. undiscovering Question 31: I didn’t answer him as it was obvious that he was _______ for a fight. Not preparing Question 28: Paul. speak C. It’s up to Bill to decide whether John would come or not. a number of B. when are struck C. much less C. for he is telling it to everyone else. because Question 26: I ________ him the truth. engaged D. be spoken to Question 34: The new student is a real snob: he refuses to mix with _________ in his class. but C. Whenever a B. the others D. C. I didn’t want to get out of bed. are boiling B. B. A. D. He’ll have to be notified about it. struck D. even though B. undiscover B. Bob admitted having taken my car. A. could you please turn off the oven? The potatoes _______ for at least thirty minutes. had being stung Question 30: Nobody knew where the ship had sunk and it laid ________ for several centuries. aside from D. A.Question 21: ________ snowfield on a mountain slope reaches a depth of about 100 feet. D. he _______ himself once more to his studies. C. mustn’t have told B. so the best is to tell him about it soon. You can’t keep him in the dark about it forever. D. Bill was sure that John would come. Question 37: “I don’t think John will come. a great deal of D. C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct sentence which is closest in meaning to each of the ones given before. A. have been boiling D. Bob denied taking my car. He will never get a job unless he sets about getting one himself and not leaving it to others.” said Bill. not only Question 24: Snare drums produce a sharp. Ben suggested that Barry should put a better lock on the door. C. You shouldn’t expect anyone else to accept a job you aren’t will to take on yourself. Ben questioned Barry about the reasons for not putting a better lock on the door. A. it begins to move slowly forward under its own weight. Having prepared C. Bill doubted whether John would come or not. had been stung D. speak to me D. A. A. undiscoverable D. A. spoiling Question 32: “You may borrow my bike _______ you are careful with it. That a D. as long as C. rattling sound ________. some other C. A. Surely it’s better to let him know now that to wait until he finds out for himself. Question 40: It’s no use expecting someone else to find a job for him. Bob confessed to having taken my car. and the sooner the better. A. although B. B. Bob refused to take my car. shouldn’t have told D. A. Ben suggested Barry to put a better lock on the door. driving D. needn’t have told Question 27: ________ the lesson well. no one else B.

D. *English teaching centre – Contact us at 35145579 or 0985536368* Trang 3/6 – Mã đề thi 115 . If it hadn’t been for Henry Ford’s drive to create a mass market for cars. C. A. include D. Undoubtedly. A. memoir B. America wouldn’t have a middle class today. our dreams may (53) ________ these feelings. vanished B. outing D. C. The new road was due for completion last year but they are still building it. relate B. D. he is coming. connect C. We couldn’t say a word because we were busy hearing the shocking news. you may dream of yourself winning to competition. C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct word for each of the blanks from 46 to 55. redundant cars do not simply vanish. For example. exploration Question 55: A.Question 41: You would do well to wait a little before buying a car. they completed the most work last year. Due to the schedule. A. D. Our dreams may also have something to (51) ________ with our fears and longings. the car was the most important engine of economic growth in the 20th century. He is bound not to come. what you dream of at night is probably (49) ________ to your experiences during the day. consist C. It is not my fault that you made stupid mistakes. We all sat there in silence in order to hear such shocking news. interfere D. Ford’s American Dream is fast becoming Europe’s environmental nightmare because cars that are cast aside as useless cannot be disposed of entirely and thus contaminate the environment. It would be better if you didn’t buy a car just yet. do Question 52: A. Contradict D. they had to finish the new road last year. B. related D. practically C. these interpretations may not be accepted by everyone. account for B. D. Some of these dreams are remembered vividly. attached Question 50: A. Question 43: The news was such a shock that we all sat there without saying a word. C. Neither do they tell us anything about our future. you may dream about your day’s experience as you sleep. He is coming very soon. according to the schedule. There is nothing more I could do for you. Contrast C.’s tough new rules on recycling could mean a rocky road ahead for Europe’s carmakers. Although they are still building the new road. Don’t buy now. B. We all sat there in silence because we were so shocked by the news. cold or thirsty. B. external B. B. A. are (47) ________ as soon as we wake up. if I sleep in a very cold air-conditioned room I may dream that I am on an (54) ________ to the North Pole. Question 44: You can’t blame me for your stupid mistakes. A. He is very likely to come. Undoubtedly. memorizing Question 51: A. they may say that if you dream of flying in the sky you are a person who desires power. However. obsolete Question 48: A. For instance. Question 46: A. People known as psychoanalysts study and (55) _______ dreams. outward Question 53: A. I wish I could do something to prevent you from making stupid mistakes. Contact Question 49: A. You wouldn’t have made stupid mistakes if you had taken my advice. If you are thinking of buying a car. linked B. C. during Question 47: A. Question 45: They should have completed the new road last year but they’re still building it. excursion B. combined C. Question 42: In all probability. exterior C. expedition C. nearly at D. C. Instead. our dreams are not “messages” from beyond. compose Question 54: A. forgotten D. car prices are expected to fall. he will come. For example. memorial D. explain C. contain B. Read the following passage and mark the letter A. All the stupid mistakes have been made. Contrary B. Other dreams. B. (48) ________ to what some people believe. Hearing the shocking news turned us into dumb people. depict D. if you long to win first prize in a high jump contest. if you had spent a (50) ________ day at the beach. You must realise that this is not the right time to change old car. B. We have dreams (46) _______ every night. Finally our (52) “________” environment may also affect our dreams. however. Of course. Unfortunately. B. If we are hungry. D. The E. almost on B. memorable C. For instance. C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions from 56 to 65. outside D.U. this is the right time. interpret Read the following passage and mark the letter A. disappeared C. The new road still requires construction.

rubber. environmentalists D. A. the pressures to work quickly and keep costs low often exceed their ecological concerns. in order to promote the use of recyclable materials? A. more easily recyclable materials to choose from. 75 % of a car’s weight turns into “fluff” when it is disposed of C. previously C. A. easy for carmakers to comply with Question 59: The word “their” in paragraph 2 refers to ________. regulations B. degrees C. Ecological concerns will increase car-manufacturing costs. The car industry helped in the development of the middle class in America. the encouragement from the authority C. which account for about 75% of its weight. C. owes its origin to the mass market for car Question 57: What is still missing. carmakers in Europe have always taken care to use only recyclable materials B. why car manufacturers insist on using toxic materials for making cars B.While a car’s metal components. A. the European Parliament provided just such an incentive when it approved a directive that transfers responsibility for the environmental effect of a vehicle over its entire life cycle – from design to disposal – directly onto the manufacturers’ shoulders. According to environmentalists. Car manufacturers were always obliged to use non-toxic materials for car parts Question 65: The purpose of the article is to discuss ________. But the new law will also apply retroactively and force carmakers to pay the full price for the disposal of every auto they ever produced. C. based on a recycling cost of around $155 a car and an estimated 150 million cars on the EU’s roads. are far reaching but feasible because with some effort. already applied by most carmakers D. B. and officially required recycling rates of 80% and 85% for cars that will go on the market after 2006 and 2015. B. ACEA believes that the new measures announced by the European parliament will cost around $23 billion. What is needed is some incentive to motivate car designers to think about the environmental aspect of their work. presently D. 25 % of a car’s weight consists of materials that cannot be recycled D. currently B. played an active role the in 20 century economic growth D. the remainder – a mix of plastic. Carmakers will only be partly responsible for the recycling of disposal of cars. dimensions Question 62: The article points out that ______. such as a ban on the use of toxic heavy metals. A. Recently. the amount of uncontaminated land left Question 58: Some of the requirements introduced recently by the European Parliament are_________. cadmium and lead – is shredded into “fluff” and buried under garbage dumps. according to the author. new cars can be adapted to the new regulations. recently Question 61: The word “measures” in paragraph 3 is closest in meaning to _________. pressures C. Some requirements. The recycling of new cars will present more difficulties far carmakers in the future. included Henry Ford th C. most European carmakers already have the incentive to consider ecology Question 63: Which of the following statements is NOT true according to the article? A. Toxic waste from disposed cars is a cause of land pollution in Europe. D. concerns D. A. considered to be unsuitable for the present situation C. ACEA says that recycling about 150 million European cars will cost over $20 billion D. can be reused. Question 64: Which is true according to the text? A.” says Camille Blum. carmakers Question 60: The word “retroactively” in paragraph 3 is closest in meaning to _________. *English teaching centre – Contact us at 35145579 or 0985536368* Trang 4/6 – Mã đề thi 115 . the new regulations brought to car manufacturing the sake of ecology D. the different materials used in the production of car components C. A. although carmakers now have a variety of new. the diversity of recyclable materials B. within the ability of carmakers B. the wide availability of recyclable materials D. Question 56: The middle class of America _________. recyclable materials B. fluids and paint that often contains toxic substances like mercury. European carmakers have been held responsible for the disposal of cars. the amount of uncontaminated land left is decreasing fast. A. The environmental group Friends of the Earth says that this “fluff” accounts for around a tenth of the hazardous waste in Europe. secretary-general of the Association of European Car Manufacturers (ACEA). boosted the growth of the mass market for car B. how the car industry helped economic growth in America and Europe Mark the letter on your answer sheet to show the underlined part that needs correcting. “The prospect of recycling cars that weren’t built to be recycled is unbearable from a financial point of view. And with 9 million cars discarded every year.

to read The News. A B C D Question 68: The trains in Switzerland are so punctual you can set your watch by it. Tina was “just doing it for a laugh”. receive a lot of papers Question 72: The word “this” in bold in paragraph 2 refers to _________. viewers’ attitudes towards TV presenters D. how easy TV presenters’ jobs appear to be *English teaching centre – Contact us at 35145579 or 0985536368* Trang 5/6 – Mã đề thi 115 . AB C D Question 67: Items of luggage whose weight exceed 50 kilograms will not be allowed on the ferry. that’s why they want to do it. it is often who you know. The difficult part is getting your foot in the door. once you’ve got the hand of it. But this doesn’t deter thousands from parting with their hard-earned cash to go on training courses in the hope that this will give them an advantage. A. good afternoon.” said our tutor. being a TV presenter C. when everybody had suffered a turn. It even had talkback. All we are doing is giving you a starting point. so we had to do it with very little preparation – a good lesson in thinking on your feet. the lights came up and I was on.” Others made virtuous noises about wanting to meet interesting people or make high quality programmes but. A B C D Question 70: The ship was shaken in the stormy waves and many people got sick. ambitions D. Next we learned how to read the Autocue. I think if people are honest. I was quite staggered at how good everyone else was. I volunteered to go first. After lunch.” Question 71: “do so” in paragraph 1 refers to _________. Unfortunately. with topics ranging from how to ski to pig farming. Daytime television hosts who drip with insincerity make it look easy and we all think we can do better. To do so. not what you know. Hayley had hit the nail on the head. Every year. know important people D. we all had a bash at an Office Broadcast. their chances of getting on screen are slim. how hard it is to become a TV presenter C. Ten of us had turned up. morning that is. A. A B C D Question 69: Mr. have slim chances C. what could be so difficult? “Switch to camera one.” urged a voice in my talkback ear. “Say something. Hayley was under no illusions about why she wanted to go on TV. I went along to a one-day presenters’ course held in a real television studio. stand by. C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions from 71 to 80. er. attending training courses B. to Kate’s. This was harder because there was no Autocue to refer to. A. theories B.” Our tutor’s hand came down with a professional flourish. It just requires a bit of confidence and a sense of humour. false ideas Question 74: What is the main subject of the first paragraph? A. I want to be really famous. B. I stared deep into the camera lens for inspiration. Well. he was really glad to hear that. Presenting is one of the most sought-after jobs according to a recent survey. ha ha. be employed as a presenter B. So was this easier than “real” presenting or were they just superstars? “Basic presenting is easy. displaying the words to be spoken). Johnson was pleased to find out that his son was making progresses in his studies. The Autocue piece was relatively easy. The initial task we were given was to talk about ourselves to camera. a sort of hearing aid the presenter wears to receive instructions. We had to write this ourselves. to host a game show. earning money in a tough way D. It didn’t come. The hard bit was trying to make it look as if your eyes weren’t moving across the screen. A B C D Read the following passage and mark the letter A. Ambitions ranged from Paul’s. we all felt a little bit better and our initial nerves had gone. spending money to get on screen Question 73: The word “illusions” in paragraph 3 is closest in meaning to _________. and there were even light and sound technicians. two cameras and an Autocue (a machine put next to a camera. the kind of people who work as TV presenter B. TV presenters have always taken a lot of criticism. and three to go … two to go … good luck. with proper chat show sofas. Fiona. We were given our scripts just five minutes before we went on. television companies are flooded with letters from young hopefuls. An hour later. I’m not going to pretend that doing the course will get you a job. Yes. “I’m really attracted to the glamour of the job. false effects C. I forgot what time it was for a minute …” I gradually went silent. judging by the looks on everyone’s faces. This was the producer in the control room. “Erm.Question 66: The Department of Transport have set a deadline of 1 June for completing of the new motorway.

wasn’t able to think of anything to say about herself C. the tutor told them that _________. Everyone had been confident about doing it before the course. A. Question 79: What is meant by the phrase “thinking on your feet” in paragraph 6? A.Question 75: What does the writer say about the course she did in the second paragraph? A. B. It wasn’t typical of many other courses of the same type. acting naturally C. making quick decisions D. D. doing the course well didn’t increase their chances of working as presenters ----------THE END---------- *English teaching centre – Contact us at 35145579 or 0985536368* Trang 6/6 – Mã đề thi 115 . Everyone approached it in a more relaxed state of mind. Question 76: What does the writer say about the other people taking the course? A. It created the circumstances in which presenters actually work. She had difficulty understanding what some of the equipment did. C. people often underestimated how hard a presenter’s job really was C. A. Everyone had already prepared what they were going to read. C. B. She wasn’t expecting it to be of benefit to those taking it. D. Question 77: When the writer had to talk about herself to camera. people usually found the Outside Broadcast the easiest part of the course B. B. Everyone made the same mistake when they were doing it. was unsure about what the tutor wanted her to do Question 78: What does the writer say about reading the Autocue? A. Some of them were looking forward to it more than others. got confused because of what the producer said to her D. wasn’t sure when she was supposed to speak B. Most of them wanted to present specific kind of program. gaining confidence Question 80: After they had done the Outside Broadcast. All of them were doing it because they wanted to be famous. many other people who took the course weren’t as good as them D. Some of them know more about what it involved than others D. C. forming clear opinions B. she ________.