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A. F. AND A. NI.

Compiled Under Authox ity of the Grand Lodge




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Nothing, we believe, has been so sonducive to the spread I Masonic knowledge and seal aa the publication of this Minnual, and we hope that the time is not far distant when a iupg will be in the hands of every Mason in Alabama. The Ceremonial Work was compiled and revised bg Brother irother George A. Beauchamp, and approved by the Chairmasi


the Committee on Work, while the Edicts were compiled and by Brother Dan a Greene The Edicts in this edition have been arranged and num-

iii ranged

bered with relerenre to the previous edition only, and brethren Is referring to Edict Numbers, should state the edition GEO. A BEAUCHAMP, DAN. A. GREENE October, 1911



Ilirly I story of Freemasonry in Alahama Arts of Incorporation fipeising and Closing Lodge l)cgrec 01 Entered Apprentice l)=grec01 Fellow Craft l)cgreeol Master Mason Masonic Funeral Service Ritual for Lodge ol Sorrow Ceremony for Laying Corner-stone Dedication of Masonic Halls Instituting Lodge Under D~spen~ation Constituting a New Lodge Installation of Lodge Officers Installation of Grand Lodge Officers Reception of Visitors Ancient Landmarks

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CONSTITUTION AND DIGEST, Constitution Rules and Regulations Edirts and Decisions Trials and Appeals Irorm for Keeping Minutes Rules for Business of Lodges Dirretions to Secretaries 5orm of By-laws l General Porms List of Grand Lodge Officers 211 232 236 350 358 362 365 367 372 381

1813. John C Hamilton. and William Harrison. No. 1812. with Marinaduke Williams as Worshipful Master. Junior Warden Delegates were sent to organize the Grand Lodge June 11. to William Atwood and others Charter granted October 14. and Chailes Stewart. Sensor Warden. at Huntsville Dispensation issued by the Grand Master of Tennessee April 6. 1821 Washington Lodge. with James Lyon as Worshipful Master. to Daniel S Leonard as Worshipful Master. 1818. 23. No 21.r EARLY HISTORY OF FREEMASONRY IN ALABAMA. and another held March. No 65. 1820 Friendship Lodge. 1811. at Hazel Green Dispensation issued by the Grand Master of Tennessee July 6. one held Febinary. It was chartered by the Grand Lodge of North Carolina We have the proceedings of a communication heid July 15. 1821. This Lodge declined uniting with the Grand Lodge of Alabama. as follows Miidison Lodge. 1815. 1816 The charter was forfeited in 1816 Alabama Lodge. installed Worshipful Master. when it surrendered its charter. Garrow. Stephens We have been unable to obtain much information of this Lodge. and John I Winston. No 21. at Huntsville Dispensation issued by the Grand Master of Kentucky August 29. No. at Mobile Chartered by the Grand Lodge of Louisiana September 4. 1818. and Lewis-Watson. Junior Warden. 1818 Delegates were sent to organize the Grand Lodge June 11. 1818. Senior Warden. Charter was granted October 6. Junior Warden Declared forfeited July 1. Senior Warden. Thomas Fesin. Sensor Warden. at St. . 6. and Sutton F Allen Junior Warden. S H. Charter granted August 28. Samuel Noble. Friendship Lodge. l3tforc the institution of the Grand Lodge of Alabama a number of Lodges were organized in the State under the authority of other Grand jurisdictions. and continued under the jurisdiction of Tennessee until 1829.

No. at Russellville. No. No. at Tuscaloosa Dispensation issued by the Grand Master of Tennessee Augsist 2. and the Lodge chartered as No. was represented by John Murphy. viz. was represented by T. and forfeited previous to Jose. Senor Warden. 1819. 36 John S. 1821. No —. and the Lodge was chartered as No. Dispensation issued by the Grand Master of Tennessee May 2. Marion Lodge. Suggeville. No. M. Rising Virtue Lodge. 1819. The convention which formed the Constitution of the Gi and Lodge of the State of Alabama met at Cahaba on the 11th of June. 1820. 1821 Surrendered charter in 1824 and united with the Grand Lodge of Alabama. Rogers. 21. at Elyton Dispensation issued by the Grand Master of Tennessee March 6. 1821 St Stephens Lodge. No —. Delegates were sent to organize the Giand Lodge June 11. No 51. was represented by C Perkins T Owens and D MeFarlane Alabama Lodge. Sylvester Bell. at Moulton. at Courtland Dispensation was issued by the Grand Master of Tennessee March 3. and John Brown. was represented by T W. 1820. 1821. 7 befoie the close of this session . 1821. T. to Richard Ellis and others John S Fulton signed the Constitution as representative of this Lodge under the name of Russellrille Lodge. to John Taylor. 1821. No 36. with William Coolidge as Worshipful Master. Dispensation issued by the Grand Master of Georgia May 28. 1820. No 51. No 30. 1821. No 30. 9 Eureka Lodge. We find nothing further than that it was organized June 5. Wosshipful Master. Thomas Wood. 1921. IIAItLY MISTORY oh it IIIIMASONRY.r 8 MASONIC MANUAL. 1821. Dispensation issued by the Grand Master of Tennessee Octoder 3. Junior Warden. 21. Junior Warden Charter granted January 24. of Georgia February 21. to George A Franklin Lodge. & A. No 36. MeuxasdW B Allen Madison Lodge. This Lodge united with the Grand Lodge of Alabania and received charter December 18. Glover and others Chartei was granted October 4. 1819. Alabama Lodge. was represented by Anderson Ilutchinson and Lewis B Tulley. was represented by B. as No 12 HISTORICAL SYNOPSIS OF THE GRAND LODGE A. with John Murphy as Worshipful Master Delegates were sent to organize the Grand Lodge June 11. at Cahaba Dispensation issued by the Grand Master. Rising Victim Lodge. in the Hall of Halo Lodge. Halo Lodge. No. hind l’lcliens. No 16. S. Dispensation issued by the Grand Master of North Carolina A 1jiil 12. Halo Lodge. A. No 41. 1819. was represented by David Moore Gabriel Moore and F. No 21 There were present the representatives of the following Lodges. although his name is not recorded in the pioceedings as being present Tuscumbia Lodge. Smoot and Israel Pirkens. Moulton Lodge. was represented by C C Clay and John M Leak Moulton Lodge. 21. Senior Warden. 7. and charter granted October 5. 21. Up TO 1836. Weedon St Stephens Lodge. at Clasborne Chartered by the Grand Lodge of South Carolina June 25. Farras Lodge. 1821. No 34. and George A Glover installed Worshipful Master Delegates were sent to niganize the Grand Lodge June 11. 1819 Delegates were sent to organize the Grand Lodge June 11. Senior Warden. 1821. 1821.. Junior Warden Delegates were sent to organize the Grand Lodge June 11. No 21. Farrar and J Brown Alabama Lodge. to Thomas W 1I • Fin mr and others Delegates were sent to urgnnizt the Grand Lodge June 11. and Samuel St John. with Silas Dinamore as Worshipful Master. at St Sttphenn. OF ALABAMA. No 41. 1821. 1820. No 40. G W Owen and J H Draughan Farrai Lodge. at Blakeley Chartered by the Grand Lodge of Louisiana March 27. and chaster granted December 18. and E G Sheffield. P ussellville Lodge. No —. F. 0. 1821. Patton signed the Constitution as representative of the Lodge. 1821.

Halo Lodge. 9. No 21. by their representatives surrendered the cht~sters and dispensations under which they bad been working they received new charters as follows No. and David McCord. 7. and the first Deputy Grand Master presided. at Huntsville. Allen Constantine Perkins Bartholomew Labuzan Seth W Ligon John W Thonngton Luther Blake John Ccx George Kreps Robert B. atSuggsviile A charter was also granted to Mobile Lodge. Alabama Lodge. at Tuscaloosa. of Halo Lodge. B. MeFarlane and Rogers were apnornted a comrnfttee to draft a Constitution The convention then proceeded to the election of Grand T EARLY HISTORY OF FREEMASONRY. Brothers Farmr. W. No. A dispensation was granted to Sparta Lodge at Conecuh William B. 6. and the first thing the Grand Lodge did was to pay the last tribute of respect to the remains of Brother Thomas A. Grand Wardens. Meux and Perkins were appointed a committee to e3amine credentials. at St. at Clatborne. No 10. 5. was. who bad Just died. in the absence of their representatives ‘ft W Fat-tar was called to the chair. Madison. No. 8. Montgomery Lodge. Byrd acted as Grand Secretary Pro tern. having been working under dispensation granted in August to Charles Shaw. 1321 The M. Alabama Lodge. Rising Virtue Lodge. Stephens Frederick Weedon. Stephens Lodge. granted a chaxter. No. at this Grand Communication. at Huntsville. Warren David Moore Dugald McFariane Grand Master First Deputy Grand Master Second Deputy Grand Master ‘Thud Deputy Grand Master Senior Grand Warden Junior Grand Warden Grand Secretary Grand Treasurer Grand Chaplain Orator Lecturer It was agreed that this should not be considered an Annual Communication. 1. No. No 21. Rogers. at Russeilvilie Farrar Lodge at Elyton. No 4. Thcnngton. the Grand Secretary. And a Constitution for the government of the Grand was adopted. Florence Lodge is reported in the proceedings of this year as working under dispensation.r 10 MASONIC MANUAL At a subsequent day John H. and the Grand Master was allowed to appoint the other Grand Officers. Grand Secretary and Grand Treasurer. to represent Alabama Lodge. Farrar Horatio G Perry No. and elected a Grand Master. on the 11th of December. and J H Draugban was appointed Secretary of the convention. was allowed to represent Alabama Lodge No. which bad been wor1~mg under dispensatLon. Moulton Lodge. 8. Edward R. No 51. . who reported the above mentioned Lodges as properly represented A resolution having been adopted to establish a Grand Lodge for the State of Alabama. 12. at Moulton. No. Russellvilte Lodge. St. George Wil- kinson and John Falconer. A charter was granted to Marion Lodge. No. The first Grand Officers of the Grand Lodge of Alabama were composed of the following: T W. and the Lodges having.. at Cahaba Officers. Watson Senior Grand Deacon Junior Grand Deacon Master of Ceremonies Grand Pursuivant Grand Marshal Grand Sword Bearer First Grand Steward Second Grand Steward Tiler Court House. Lodge On the [5th the Grand Lodge was opened in Ample Form. U. John Elliott John Murphy Thomas Owen Thomas A Rogers David McCord Rev J. a Deputy Grand Master. of Halo Lodge. 2. Grand Master was not present. Brothers Rarrar. The Convention then adjourned The first Annual Communication was held in Cahaba. 21. 11. No No.

Hives was elected Grand Secretary Euphemien Lodge. Byrd was elected Grand Secretary. Tuscaloosa County. No 7. presiding. No 13 Florence Lodge. was changed to Bethesda. to-wit’ Madison Lodge. the H. and to Hiram Lodge. to Hutchinson Lodge. William H. No 111. in Butler County. No. No —.F 12 MASONIC MANUAL. No —. No 24. at Greenshoro. E Benson. 18. the Rest of whom acted as Grand Secretary pro 1cm. No 14. they were allowed to unite and consolidate into one Lodge. No. was declared forfeited. in Greene County The name of Alabama. 14. No 13. and Bethesda Lodge. Grand Orator. superseding and taking the place ot flpiing Lodge. Grand Master. also appears. piesided In the proceedings this year the name of the Lodge at Conecuh Court House is returned as Euphemien. anti to Jackson Lodge. No 16. at Huntsville. William B Patton. Terana Lodge. Thomas W. 1828. and Spring Lodge. No —. No 2 Thomas W Farrar was cc elected Grand Master. Florence Lodge. 1822. No 21. hy the name of Erie Lodge. at Triana. No 15. John B Norris. 20 at Havnnn. The Grand Master. at Big Spring. W. as no election for them was held It was declared unmasonic to pot any one in nomination for office The new names mentioned at this Communication are David Crocheron. at Buckaville. No —. at Fort Dale. F S Lyon and Daniel M Riggs made their first appearance in the Grand Lodge. Riggs. The charter of Hussellvalle Lodge. superriding aird taking the place of Hussellville Lodge. 15. in Franklin Coonty. No. 1824. 1. The third Annual Communication was held at Cahaha on the dth of December. Seventeen Lodges were represented. Grand Secretary During this Communication a resolution was adopted author icing the Grand Master to convene the Grand Lodge at such place as he might deem advisahle to give our Illustriona Brother LaFayette a suitahle reception. Edward H. No 19. at Greenmile. in ease he should visit the State Arthur P Baghy was appointed Grand Orator and Silax Dinamore. Farrar. Greene County. 1823. —. No 13. No 2. Butler County On petition of the two Lodges at Huntsville. 7. Athens Lodge. No 1. Henry Goldthwaite and Samuel Peere were ap- I . and George M. and Washington Lodge. Peters. the First Deputy Grand Master. No. No —. N EARLY HISTORY OF F1tERMASONI4’r’. and the other Grand officers seem to have been continoed as hefore. No. No. on the 9th of Decemher. in Greene Coonty Charters were gianted to Triana Lodge. presiding Dispensations bad heeii granted Limestone Lodge. Athens Lodge. William B Patton. 1. hy the name of Helion Lodge. Horatin G Perry. Florida? The next Communication of the Grand Lodge was ordered to he held in Tuscaloosa Nienrod E Benson was elected Grand Master and Daniel M Riggs was re-elected Grand Secretary Peter Marl in. Thomas W Farrar was elected Grand Master and Danicl M. No 7. Charters were granted to Olive Branch Lodge. at Tallahassee.9 The fourth Annual Commuiiicatson of the Grand Lodge wee held ‘SI Cahaha on the 18th of Decemhei. No. to ~l~nscuinhia Lodge. wei e granted charters. Also Spring Lodge. to Franklin Lodge. in Madison County. lie suhaequently became Grand Master William B Patton was elected Grand Master and William B Allen Grand Secretary Brother Benson was appointed Grand Senior Deacon and Brother James Dellett. Peter Martin and George 1/1 Hives The second Annual Grand Communication was held at Cahaha. the R W Deputy Grand Master. No 2. A Hutchinano. Grand Sword Bearer The fifth Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge was held at Cahaha os the 16th of December. presiding A charter was granted to a nnmher of brethern to constitute a Lodge at Rue. John Martin. Hiram Lodge. and charters were now granted to Limestone and Washington Lodges During this Communication Brothers N.

Grand Master. and the name was changed to Dale Lodge. five more were reported the nest day H E B Baylor. No 6.’ and open a suhacqoent evening Brother Penn gave a most splendid and interesting exemplification of the mode of work agreed upon hy said committee in the first three degrees of Masonry. at LaGrange. and Hising Sun Lodge. No 17. was continued. William II. Pfister and Woniridge were appointed ‘to exemplify the mode of work which they helieved to be the most correct. Deputy Grand Master. Mohile No 19. presiding A dispensation was granted to Hieing Sun Lodge. No — During this year the Masonic Hall in by fire I4 -At this Communication it appeared that two Lodges in North Alahama were working under charters from the Grand Lodge of Tennessee. Florida The eighth Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Alabama was held at Tuscaloosa December 1 to 6. theM W. Grand Secretary Sixteen Lodges were represented. in Decatur. No 28. Hiram and Jackson Lodge. and to Seliria Mobile was destroyed A new Constitution was adopted The name of LaFayette Lodge. 12. No 13. Florence. John G Aikin. No —. Deceenher. the H Grand Junior Stone7presrding Fourteen Lodges were Charters were granted to Dale Lodge. James Penn. E Benson. at Greensborn The dispensation to LaFayette Lodge. presiding. 1829. 1828. and John G. Benson was re-elected Grand Master and John G. at Tallahassee. No 25 The charter of Washington Lodge. hut they pointed a Committee on Foreign Correspondence. whereupon a committee was appointed to investigate the matter and report Arthur P. Penn. the 14th day of -t Warden. N. the M W Grand Master. was sarrendered The seventh Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Alahama was held in Toscaloosa on Thursday. at Greensboro. Fla . consisting of Brothers MeFarlane. Euphemien. Fraternal Lodge. No 28. Aikin re-elected Grand Secretary During this Communication the following Lodges were suspended Manon. represented No 28. No 13. at Daletown. Wallace. No. Aikin was re-elected Grand Secretary Dispensation was issued to Concord Lodge. Arkin. Grand Secretary The charters of the following Lodges were declared forfeited at this Communication. was changed to Davis Lodge was made the duty of the Grand Lecturer to visit each Lodge an the State. presided Charters were granted to Marengo Lodge. at Pensacola. and John G.cation of the Grand Lodge was held at Tuscaloosa on the 14th of Decemher. and the dispensation to Autauga Lodge was renewed The ninth Annual Commanicatron of the Grand Lodge was held at Tuscaloosa on the 7th day of Decemher. Grand Lecturer A charter was granted to LaFayette Lodge. Tos . in Greene County. which was received with great and deserved applause This was the first appearance in the Grand Lodge of Brother Penn and Brother Phater. No 22 Thomas B Creagh was elected Grand Master. Eaphemien. payable semi-annually. from a Lodge in Ireland Nimeod E. No 27 Davia Lodge. Grand Lecturer. made no report EARLY HISIORY OF FREEMASONRy. the former hailing from Triana Lodge and the latter from Mobile The Grand Lodge was visited hy Brother Thomas Goudy. Arkin was elected Grand Secretary Arthur P Baghy was again appointed Grand Orator and James Penn. and any Subordinate Lodge could command his services at any time hy paying him five dollars per day Nimeod E Benson was re-elected Grand Master and John G. in Franklin County. presiding. No 7. and his pay was fixed at eight hundred dollars per annum. 1827. 1828. Hutehinson. Baghy was again appointed Grand Orator The sixth Annual Comanun. No 14. At this Coinneanit atron a committee.r 14 MASONIC MANUAL. Morgan County. Thomas B Creagh. Vie Moulton.

though the representatives offive others subsequently appeared Possibly the anti-Masonic excitement was beginning to have its effect. D . charter forfeited Hutchinson. Autauga County. No 10. but resigned. No. No 22. Florida. charter forfeited Sprsng. Athens Washington. at Washington. 21. consolidated with No 1 Alahama. No 23. No. 31. thoagh five others sonseqoently appeared Thomas B. Greensboro feinreago. Tnana Jackson. Grand Secretary The representatives of only eight Subordinate Lodges were present at the opening. No 31. 30. at Huntsville Bethesda. the M W Grand Master. New Hampshire. No 2(1. renewing the proceedings of the Grand Lodges of Maine. superseded by Tsracumhra. Elyton St Stephens. Cahaha Moulton. No 2. The representatives of nine Lodges were present at the opening. Euphemien. Marengo Coonty Ilaci’. Franklin County. cumbra. W William Leigh. and Franklin Lodge. H. Decatur helms Fraternal. Olive Branch. No 17. Jackson. 14. Moulton. No 9. Erie. No 20’ Autauga-Lodge. No 19. presiding. No ---. Tuscaloosa County. John G Arkin. No 25. Huntsville. No 1. Mooreaville. charter -surrendered. and on the first Monday re January annually thereafter consequently the Grand Lodge did not meet so 1832 The dispensation of Courtland Lodge was continued The Committee noF oreigo Correspondence. 30. near Whitehall. presiding. Florida Erie. No 15. No 3. No 21. Hisrag Virtue. Pensacola. Thomas B Creagh. A resolution was adopted that the next Annual Communicatron of the Grand Lodge be held on the first Monday in January. No. No. Montgomery Marion. Florence. Pennaylvanra. No 21 Athens. 24. No 27. Tuscaloosa Halo. charter surrendered Limestone. No 23. Creagh was re-elected Grand Master and John G.16 MASONIC MANUAL. Limestone County. No. Greene County Dale. Tuscumbia. Autauga County Hiram. and John H Vincent. Buckaville. U. No 18. Farrar. No Thomas B. Teceived a charter William I Mason made a report from the Committee on Foreign Correspondence. and Hiram. Greenville. New York. Wilcox County LaFayette. . No surrendered their charters 19. Mohile. Franklin. 1830. No. Grand Junior Warden. Big Spring. charter forfeited Triana. 1831. No 11. charter forfeited Montgomery. 15. Ni 28 LaGrange. No. Aikin re-elected Grand Secretary Olive Branch Lodge. and he remarks that they are “infisenced by the anti-Masonic clamor -and malignant opposition hy which some of them are surrounded” The following is a list of the Lodges at this time under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge Heiron. 6.Y II 1-stoity OF I~lt LIIIMASONRY. No 12 Suggsvdle. No Concord. charter forfeited. No. Washington. U D . Virginia Georgia and Mississippi. No. Fort Dale. 8. No 16. Creagh was re-elected Grand Master and John G. Clarborne. Sparta. Selma Fraternal. Franklin County Rising Sun. charter forfeited Florence. No 29. Greenshoro. Grand Secretary. Delaware. Greene County charter aucrorstiered. Sebna. Tallahassee. 1833. Tuscumbia. lLAItI. St Stephens Mohile. John G Arkm. No. diepensation expired Concord. Husseilville. 20 Havana. dispensation expired The tenth Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Alabama was held in Tuscaloosa on December 6 to 16. charter forfeited Autauga. No 4. No 5. and John H Vincent was elected The eleventh Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Alabama was held at Tuscaloosa on the 5th of December. 7. Arkin re-elected Grand Secretary.

No 18. Limestone Lodge. 22. There were only sic Lodges represented. by Columbus Lee. P Holman John K. by Isaac Lane Autauga. Grand Treasurer and Grand Secretary address a circular to the Subordinate Lodges on the condition of the Grand Lodge The thirteenth Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Alabama was held at Tuscaloosa on the 6th day of January. nothing was done On the third day one more Lodge was represented and the Grand Lodge was opened. Jacob Wiser. Farrar. by I B Tartt Hising Sun.Pierce Jacob Wreer Grand Meeter Deputy Grand Muter Grand Senior Warden Grand Junior Warden Grand Chaplaur Grand Lecturer Grand Treasurer Grand Secretary Grand Senior Deacon Grand Junior Deacon Grand Marshals Grand Steward Grand Tiler A charter was granted to Lowndes Lodge. 1833 Dorrog the first tsso days only six Lodger were represented. 29. but the fact as stated that they still continue to prosecute their work with unabated teal. 28. by G W Essellman ) Wrilarm Leigh John G Arkin Isaac Lane Hichard B Waithall John Craig James Penn Benjamin B Fontaine John H Vinecot J B Tartt C Ellis APPOINTED o W. by John G Arkin and William Wing Davis. No. Esselman and M. and with the cheering hope that brighter days and a more propitious destiny would yet smile upon their industry and fidelity and patience Willaim I Mason was elected Grand Master and John H Vincent. and subseqoently another. there not being a quorum On the 8th two more Lodges were represented. but none of them appear to have been prescot except those above mentiqoed . and the difficulties and discouragements with which many of the Grand Lodges were mc rounded are again alluded to. sorrendered its charter Hesolutions were passed complimentary to Past Grand Master Thomas B Creagh The twelfth Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Alabama was held at Tuscaloosa on the 7th day of January. 28 Hising Virtue. No No No No No No 4. made a short report. by Cs P Holman Lowodes. by John Fife Marengo. was reinstated. 22. not being a quorum. 31. 33. but the Grand Master was not presept nor any Deputy Grand Master. No 30. 26. by James B Tartt There were also present B B Fontaine. Ellis Triana. Grand Secretary At this Communication the Grand Secretary refused to receive Georgia money in payment of dues until ordered to do so by the Grand Lodge Selma Fraternal Lodge. and Brother John G Arkin was called to the East The following were the Lodges that were represented No No No No No No No 1. 32 Helion. Davis. with the following result. by Jonathan Steel. Brother James B Tartt made a very short report on Foreign Correspondence The proceedings of only two Grand Lodges had been received—Kentucky and Missouri It was ordered that the Deputy Master.-- -~ -T EARLI HISTORY OF FREEMASONRY. 4. Ip 18 MASONIC MANUAL Chairman. by Charles S Pattason Rising Virtue. 27. by their representatives. by Willaim Wing LaFayette. 8. by Paul Hildreth Triana. by P C. 18. and in consequence the Grand Lodge could not be opened. Athens. J H Vincent and John K Pierce The Grand Lodge proceeded to the election of officers. by Charles S Pattison. 1834. so that at this Annual Communication there were nine Lodges present. which. as follossa No.

and having done so. Wailer. the representatives of their respective Lodges. and at tie sitting of the Grand Lodge did they occupy their stations James B Tart t made a short report on Foreign Correspondence. Florida. W Grand Master . Georgia. by John W Caruthers. No 85. declared themselves of opinion that owing to the lapsed state of Masonry the Grand Lodge had become extinct They thcrefore resolved tbemselves into a convention for the purpose of forming a new Constitution and creating a new Grand Lodge For this purpose William Leigh was called to the chair. Lousrana. be reinstated They then proceeded to elect Grand Officers. H S Davis Hisrog Sun. William Jennings. and Brothers Hicks.20 MASONIC MANUAL EARLY HISTORY 1W IcItlilIMAStiN NV. 29. LaFayette. Peters and Watson were appointed a committee to draft o new Constitution. None ofthe officers being present except the Grand Secretary. but it is nowhere stated in terms that the Grand Master. Indiana and Ohio A resolution was adopted recommending that all Subordinate Lodges pass resolutions requiring one or mere of their officers to attend tire Communications of the Grand Ledge There were also prescoc Wilfians Leigh. Grand Secretary These brcthein. J L F. it was adopted. D S Ball. At this time the light of the Grand Lodge of Alabama went out. Charles Beale and John Vincent. Wade I-I Watson It is stated that these officers were installed. Paul Hildeeth took the East The Communications of the Grand Lodge were changed back again to December Charters were granted to Ferry Lodge. Keirtucley. Coterell Ferry. upon proper application. and finding chat no ether representatives were likely to arrive. Virginia. and John H Vincent appointed Secretary. H B Wailer Davis. and to St Johns Lodge.. 34. J S Sykes Lowudes. Hisiog Virtue. met in the city of Tusraloosa. No. the former at Marion and tire latter at Carrollton The following Grand Officers were elected. No 9. Ball. 2 No 29. as follows No No. Itlississippi. Jacob Wizer Hey Bugh MePhail John Craig Benjamin B. and no charter was asked for The following charters were forfeited at this Common icirtloit St Stephens. John Hicks. Connecticut. 33. and a resolution was also adopted declaring that all Lodges working under a dispensation were legal. Grand Chaplain or Grand Treasurer were present. and there not being a quorum of the Subordinate Lodges present. Hisrug Sun. No No No No 4. McDaniel Grand Marshals Grand Stewards Grand Tiler Grand Master Deputy Grand Master Grand Senior Warden Grand Junior Warden Grand Chaplain Grand Lecturer Grand Treasurer Grand Secretary Grand Senior Deacon Grand Junior Deacon The dispensation of Courtland Lodge expired at lIrIg (li~sil Communication. and Marion. 34. The committee having reported a Censtitution. New Jersey. 1836. J 0 Peters. the Grand Ledge was opened in Ample Form Under this Constitution John C licks was the first M. William Leigh Paul Hildreth James B Tartt. and that a Lodges ivorking under charters that had been forfeited might. 26. Grand Master. acknowledging the receipt of the proceedings of the Grand Lodges of New Hampshire. certain brethren. after waiting for three days. Skyes. not to be returned for two years On tlrc 6th day of December. Lowndes. by John Craig No 33. Fontaine John T. No 12 These were dark days for Masonry in the United States. 28. Vincent Jonathan Steel Henry Sossamon APPOINTED Columbus Lee and Frederick C Ellis John K Pierce and Charles S Fattison Wrilarm A.

ts four principal officers. H Rrvin.22 MASONIC ISIANIJAL. subject to the regulations hereinafter prescribed Sec. in any and all of the courts of this State. Rules and Regulations. for carrying on and conduccing its business. and may require. and shall not be loaned upon . to have a common seal and to alter the same at pleasnie. From that time the coarse of ~he Grand Lodge of Alabama has been upward and onward It has continued to flourish. Sty Laws. plead and be impleaded. to contract and to be contracted with. and to apply the same according to the ancient custom of the order. AN ACT To incorporate the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Alabama. and their saccessors in office. sot inconsistent with the Constitution and laws of this State. and malce.andby that nanse shall have capacity to sue and he sued. en General As~ensbty convened. Be it further enacted. H S Shelton and J A Whitaker. Prormded. and it should he the ardent wish of every true and zealous Mason that it may continue to flourish as long as tsme shall last ACTS OF INCORPORATION. and hold or loan the same out as the Grand Lodge may desire. That oaid Grand Lodge shall have power to collect its ievenue. to be subject to and under its Masonic Jurisdiction.not to exceed ten acres. and may grant dispensations and charters to Subordinate Lodges. be. That R. shall have perpetual succession. oc may loan out the same for the purpose of aiding in the benevolent enteiprises. S F Hale. That the funds in money or choses in action shall not exceed in available assets the sum of fifty thousand dollars at any time. or for the purpose of accumulation. and they are hereby. incurpoiaced by the name of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Alabama. Charters were granted to Washington and Courtland Lodges which had been working under dispensation. hold and enjoy so much real estate as may be necessary f or the erection of proper buildings and offices. through . and rent out the same and collect the rent. or of the United States. and in the erection of its lodge rooms may erect store moms oi offices in the lower stories thereof. ordain and establish its Constitution. and the ssid Grand Lodge. 2. and the Sahordinate Lodges under its jurisdiction Section 1 Ide it enacted by the Senate aisd Rouse of Repiesentatives of the State of Alabania.

ACTS OF INCORPORATION. and shall be given in evidence on any trial of any issue or cause. under the furmee Act of Incorporation of said Grand Lodge. under the jarisdictiun of this Grand Lodge. and by sach name said Subordinate Lodge may sue and be sned. 1859 A B Moore usurious interest. contract. and to sell. passed June the 16th. and their sacressois so office. for each of their respective Lodges. shall be exempt from tsxatiun Sec 6 Be it farther enacted. or obligations assumed heretofore. or Acts amendatory thereof. nut inconsistent with the Constitution and laws of the land. without special pleading Sec 7 Be it further enacted. That the said Grand Lodge. plead and be impleaded. which are not in ~onsistent anth the laws of the land. of such Subordinate Lodge as may forfeit its chaiter or dl. Speaher Appro red December 9. any personal or real estate. and wh. be and the same are hereby created a body politic and corporate. but shall cease to possess any corporate existence when the cbartei or dispensation shall have been revoked or taken away by said Grand Lodge. Pressdeiit of the Sesiate A B MEEK. by said Grand Lodge. svhsch said charters or dispensations whether granted heretofore or hereafter by said Grand Lodge. and notice thereof shall be taken in all the courts of justice and elsewhere in this State. RATE ER.24 MASONIC MANUAL. and all the effects . pensation shall belong to the said Grand Lodge. nor shall the funds or accretions thereof bd used otherwise than for the payment of the expenses of sai Grand Lodge and foe charitable puiposes. Be it farther enacted. shall fail by eeasun of any mis-desenption in the name of such corporation. and within the scope and purview of the powers hereby conferred upon said Grand Lodge. That all laws contravemug the provisions of this Act be and the same are hereby repealed JOHN D. and each Subordinate Lodge shall have the same powers with respect to Its assets as are conferred by the second section of this Act upuii the Grand Lodge Sec. and shall hisve the post-er to sell. and being thus set apart. That all contracts made. alien. both real and personal. That the three principal officers of each Subordinate Lodge. alien or lease the same in any manner deemed advisable by said Subordinate Lodge. so far as to enable them. and the said Subordinate Lodges respectively shall cetain their said corporate powers so long as the Grand Lodge shall continue their respective charters oc dispensations. being dedicated to charitable purposes only. not exceeding in valne the sam of twenty-five thousand dollars. hold and enjoy. devise or donation by will. and all contracts or agreements which may have been lawfully entered into by said Subordinate Lodges under their organization heretofore shall he bsnding upon them in their several corporate capacities under this Act. 1521. subscription or otherwise. and the same may be enforced by them respectively. and the property and effects owned by them. to receive. shall have respectively power to receive by gift. subscription or otherwise. possess and retain property. and do all things enjoined by said Grand Lodge. 4 Be et further enacted. and no such gift grant. the same shall nut be liable to taxation Sec 3. be and the same are hereby made valid and binding upon said Grand Lodge as organised under this charter by resolution of said Grand Lodge shall be all that is required to complete its organization under the same Sec. That this Act shalt he deemed and taken as a public Act. or dispose of the same. contract or devise or donation by will. and each Sulsurdinate Lodge under its juridaiction. said Subordinate Lodge shall be and are hereby sncorpui aced by the name specified in the charter or dispensation gianted by said Grand Lodge to esch ut them respectively. not exceeding in value the sum hereinabove mentioned as the maximum of their assets respectively. shall he evidence of the fact of incorporation nader this act is any cuart of this State without farther proof. 5 Be it further enacted.

No. 83




AN ACT To amend Sections One (1), Two (2), and Five (s) of an Act entitled “An Act to incorporate the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Alabama and the Subordinate Ledges under its jurisdiction,’ approved December 9. 1859. Sec. 1 Be if enacted by fhe General Assembly of Alabama, That Section One (i), Two (2) and Five (s) of an Act entitled, An Act to incorporate the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Alabama, and the Subordinate Lodges under ,ts juriarlletion,” Approved December 9, 1859, which are in words and figures as follows, Section 1. Be if enacled by the Senate arid ManseafRepreaenlafares af I/se State af Alabama an General Assembly carrnened, That H, H Erves, S F Hale, H 5- Shelton and J A Whiesker, and their successors in office, be and ihey are hereby incorporated by the name of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of tire State of Alabama, and by that name shall have capacity to sue and he sued, pined and be impleeded, in any and all of tire enacts of this State, to contract and be contracted ivith, to have a common seal, and to alter the same at pleasure, and the sard Grand Lodge, through its four principal officers, shall have perpetual succession, and may grant dispensatiens and charters to Subordinate Ledges, to ire subject to and under its Masonic jurisdiction, and make, ordain and establish its Constitution, B y-Laws, Holes and Hegulatrons, not inconsistent with tire Constitution orlaws of this State or of the United States, and may acquire, hold and enjoy so much real estate as may be necessary for the erection of proper buildings and offices, not to exceed ten acres, for carrying on and conducting its business, and so the erection of its lodge rooms may erect store rooms or offices in the loner stories thereof, and rent out the same and collect the rent and hold or loan the same out, as the said Grand Lodge may desire, subject to the regulations hereinafter prescribed “Sec. 2. Be il fuel/see ,-irael~d, That said Grand Lodge shall

have power to collect its revenues and to apply the game according to the ancient customs of the Order, or may loan owl the same for the purpose of aiding in benevolent enterprises, or for the purpose of accumislatren, Pearrdrd, That the funds in money or choses in action shall not exceed in available assets the sum of fifty thousand dollars at any one time, and shall not he loaned upon usurious interest, nor shall the funds or accretions thereof be used otherwise than Ior the payment of the expenses of said Grand Lodge and for charitable purposes, and being thus set apart, the same shall not be liable to taxation “Sec. 5. Be it fairtliar enacted, That the said Grand Lodge and each Subordinate Lodge under its jurisdiction shall have, respectively, power to receive by gift, grant, contract, devise or donation by will, subscription or otherwise, any personal ar real estate not exceeding in value tire sum hereinabove mentioned as the maximum of their assets, respectively, and shall have power to sell, alien or dispose of the same, and that no such gift, grant, contract or devise or donation, by will, subscription or otherwise, shall fail by reason of any niradeecription in the name of the corporation, and that all contracts or agreements which may have been lawfully entered into by said Subordinate Lodges under their organreatron heretofore, shall be binding open them in their several corporate capacities under this Act, and the same may be enforced by them respectively, and the property and effects owned by them being dedicated to charitable purposes only, shall be exempt from taxation Be and f/se same are hereby amended sa aa Ia read aa fellnres Section 1 Bert enae fed by the General Assembly af Alabama, That H I-I Ervin, S F Hale, H S. Shelton and J A Whitalcer and their successors in office be and they are hereby incorporated by the name of the Most Worshspful Grand Ledge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Alabama, and by that name shall have capacity to sue and be sued, plead and be ampleaded in any and all of the enurts of this State, to contract anfi he contracted with, to have a common seal, and to alter the same at pleasure, and tire sasd Grand Lodge, through its four principal officers, shall have perpetual succession, and may grant diipensatrons and charters to Subordinate Lodges, to hr subject

~1 28


to and under ste Masonic jurisdiction, and in’ske, ordain and establish its Constitution, By-laws, Rules and Regulations not rncensrscent with the Constitution or lasvs of this State or of the United Stares, and may acquire, purchase, hold and enjoy real estate, not to exceed ten acres an quantity and two hundred thousand dollars in value, for carrying on and conduceing its business, may rent not any store rooms i r offices in the lower stories of tire balding which may have been erected on soon real estate, or which the said Grand Lodge may erect thereon and to collect the rent~ and for the purpose of purthasrog such real estate and buildings the said Grand Lodge shall have the power to borrow money, issue its bonds therefor, and execute a mortgage on any property it may own to secure the same, and may hold or loan out any money derived from the renting of its store rooms and offices or otherwise, as the said Grand Lodge may desire, subject to the regulations hereinafter prescribed Sec 2 Be at turf/see enacted, That said Grand Lodge shall have power to collect its revenues and apply the same according to the ancient customs of the Order, or may loan out the same for the purpose of aiding so benevolent enterprises or for the purpose of accumulation - Pr’uuided, That the money of said Grand Lodge shall net be loaned upon usurious interest, nor hail the funds or accretions thereof be used othersirse than for the payments of the expenses of said Grand Lodge and for ehantable purposes, and being thus set apart, the same shall not be liable to taxation “Sec. 8 Be it fuel/sec enacfed, That tire said Grand Lodge and each Subordinate Lodge under its jurisdiction shall have~ respectively, power to receive by gift, grant, contract, devise or donation, by will or otherwise, any personal or real estate not exceeding in value the sum of two hundred thousand dollars, as the maximum of their assets respectively, and shall have power to sell, alien or dispose of the same, and no such gift, contractor devise or donatrons by will, subscription or otherwise shall fail by reason of any miadescription in the name of such corporation, and that all contracts or agreements which may have been lawfully entered into by said Subordinate Lodges under their organization heretofore shall be binding upon them in their several

Corporate capacities under this Act, and that the swim nay lie enforced by them respectively, and the property and effects owned by them being dedicated to charitable purposes only shall he exempt from taxation Sec. 2. Be it frief/ser enac fed, That all laws and parts of laws of a general or special character conflicting with the provisions of this Act be and the same are hereby repealed,” Approved March 17, 1875





Thy countenance; and when the trials of uuw probationary state are over, be admitted into TM1~ ‘l’EM PLE “not made with hands, eternal in the heavens” Amea. So mote it be
XI n~s”op’ ste ode is adniisnblc but not obligatory






“ A * * * *


OPENING PRAYER. Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven Give us this day our daily bread And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into teroptation, but deliver us from evil For thine is the
kingdom and the power, and the glory, forever.

* * * * * * A,

Supreme Architect of the Universe, accept our humble praises and hearty thanks for the many mercies and blessings which Thy bounty has conLerred on us, and espccially for this friendly and social intercourse. Pardon, we beseech Thee, whatever Thou hast seen amiss in us since we have been together, and continue to us Thy presence, protection and blessing. Make us sensible of the enewed obligations we are under to love Thee supremely, and to be fricndly to each other. May all our irregular passions be subdued, and may we 1’aith, Hope and Charity, but more daily increase in E especially in that Charity which is the bond of peace and the perfection of every virtue. May we so

Or this

So mote



Most holy and glorious Lord God, the Great Architect of the Universe, the giver of all gifts and graces: Thou hast promised that where tivo or three are gathered together in Thy name, Thou wilt be in the midst of them and bless them.” In Thy name we assemble, most humbly beseeching Thee to bless us in all our undertakings, that we may know and serve Thee aright, that all ouractions may tend to Thy glory, and to our advancement in knowkdge and virtue And we beseech Thee, 0 Lord God, to bless our present assembling, and to illuminate our minds, that we may walk in the light

Practice Thy preceptsin the rigid observance of the
Lenets oI Freemasonry, that we may finally obtain


32 MAsONIc MANUAL Thy promises, and find an entrance through the gates into the Temple and city of our God. So mote it be
Here may fo1io~ an ode




BENEDICTION AT CLOSING And so may we ever meet, act and part, my brethren. May brotherly love prevail and every moral and social virtue cement us! May the blessings of heaven rest upon us and all regular Masons! Amen So mote it be.








Brethren We are now about to quit this sacred retreat of friendship and virtue, to mix again with the world. Amidst its concerns and employments, fot get not• the duties which you have heard so frequently inculcated and so forcibly recommended in this’ Lodge. Remember that, around this sacred altar, you have solemnly bottnd yourself to befriend and relieve every brother who shall nced your assistance. Yo~ have promised in the most friendly manner to remind hini of his errors, and aid a refotmation. These generous principles are to extend further, every human being has a claim upon your kind offices; do good unto all; recommend it more especially “to the household of’ the faithful.” Finally, brethren, be ye all of one mind; live in pea~, and may the God of peace and love delight to dwell with and bless you.


’~ .smp ‘mtuspt’53 sssi-p sumojsq ‘umouoi-l umoA uodn ‘surepsp X1snopss nos( oa . 5J11 smrj s.In.55p0”I ONINEcIO isipols psIo~oo i~.uss ‘srdturs pus voni4 ~3ilOui1 ‘tqitps ‘spssq jajsos5 ~o sisisuos uoi5lsi ~S.sep JO ¶os~q pUS is tots 5~iilPA JSSAS H~ P1flOt!~ s pus s3ps~AtoU)l * * * .—A5SiJSU A. ~mO.i a um ‘rssyJO rinino-iri a O~ oOi~5JitJiP SuIMoUoJ stpl ‘u5i-u5pt15 ‘. -i-urn S i-pus i-mi-i snpu~ jsn ~uoi-us Jsi-plo~q i~. .iiJ5i~j~ ~LSliILNOLLX~S ‘ii~u. * * aq .0 5 tpJM ‘WilllISIl ot~ ~s arenbi ‘Sup esquui uss~.~IddV G3~A31N3 AO 33)1930 3H.iuossjN p ss~s1iAUd si-p .55I3 ~~oqsj ~noX o.5~5JiO53 SOAE 33l1N3.555 Pumsq p i4stM s.s~moss sq.i.imnOsr ii oopdSJSJ siq o~ sOolAsIni . o.moj s.o snow stp is~spiso~s A s~risoe Os~s q isA~ssino OAO.inoj Cq spiM sotpui uss~ iIsij surSpi so sui~op ~:oTso4euJo ou snut ‘oil[sqtUsT a~irps — uomdy ONIHIO’L) utfi ‘~n~o ~usruue mo o~oi s~eprpueu a Ssininspiui .ii~5.usT~i-r5 si-p lT~ in i-u-mo. 3 sssi-p amoJSq -uoo ApnjJ55i-p hiM noX .nsoq ni-a Xsjdsip o. Xq TSi-fl ‘ruopsiM sum~mp Xqj~ p X~us.5i-~At s.ino o.suossJAJ p ssuinsXi-u si-i. 1qssCiiA. sTepiptI5Z~ 5 jssmnoA ~msuo XITJ5tInIoA pus ~P~l noI~ ‘ssAelotu Xxeus~si-u Xq psousnptqiln pus ‘spusul p uo~s.Ii~ st~J.usssjd ~no sup o.5Jj si-p p si-no.op I—~~~’V ~X.spmpum sup .I(I Asr~ spt~~ isas-trAud .~etu o~ .i~ilos o. V * A.di-urnd rns noX .13tlos undo-id -tom si-p Aq pssvmqun ‘. rissp sAt~3ui sAy do~ stq ni 11~1 JSlTiSuSi.s’i5 ‘saA p ~s~poq •usqAt pt’s ‘n3poq ~mni-pou-5Xq ps~ps(s~t ussq iamRu kOi-l ATqJ~ ~o . pnlqsua .JR mo sAstI noX ‘isi-psi-lat ‘aouoi-l jnoX uodn ‘n.z~ asmssp 5 ‘uoeVrqPsi-II si-p p psAlrntIo~ nomuido NOIJA3~Ja~T * * ~ * * * * s1A5~ 5 Xq X.oru o~ uswJ .. s si-uozsq pus ‘5~iAJ55 . ‘ssumsAIufl ~ s I—~~V ~IVGIGNVD V dO NOIJNI~LINII ~HJL ~LV GESn NEAV~Td * * * A.’u~i pun sn~m. sJstqo jo s~t5u st~ sornismxs p1111 R~’ o~ in Apjsnb pus ‘resin triM ~tffis~ .nas~mav oasaiNn surumotps umoo.5 Ofi I—~~~’V p05 ss3ssn pni-~sT~q5s5 .sip ‘usi-uspusP sssi-p a’opq ~mnoA uodn ‘s~re~cssp X1snoaiss noX oa ‘~tot’oi-[ .umm3 pus tiOVlO5AO~ . A.&qj.mouoi-l noX uodn rnspsp XlsnoHss noX oa s. ssauqoq ~o ssi.oAsp pun sTrnmpsp kei-u X. ~ssJn.touoq ai-~ 0.i sq AR1LU 5i-~ .L .e.suossj.

be bcstowed upon you as this wbich I now confer. even life forevermore! * * * * A. and from your nerveless grasp shall drop forever the working tools of life. as the dew of Hernion. more than these. that ran down upon the beacd. my brother. and the badge of a Mason. 36 MAsONIC MANUAL. so emblematical of purity and all perfection. even Aaron’s beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments. for purer actions And when at last your weary feet shall have come to the end of life’s toilsome journey. and even the purple of our)Fraternity may rest upon your honored shoulders.” a never-ending argument for oobler deeds. may the record of your life and actions be as pure and spotless as . be placcd upon the coffin which shall contain your earthly remains. the lambskin.ENTERED APPRENTICE. more ancient than the Golden Fleece or Roman Eagle. how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! It i-s like the precious ointment upon tbe head. but never again from mortal hands. for higher thoughts. or any other Order that can be conferred upon you at this or any future pcriod by king l)rince. and with them be laid beneath the silent clods of the valley. is The following passage of Scripture (Psalms CXXXIII) rehearsed Behold. in the coming ycass. unless li-c l)e a Mason. or white leather apron. upon your head shall rest the laurel leaves i)f victory. and as the dew that descended upon the mountains of Zion: for there the Lord commanded the blessing. on your breast may hang jewels fit to grace the diadem of an Eastern potentate: nay. Let its pure and spotless surface be to you an ever-prescnt reminder of a “pnrtty of life and rectitude of conduct. never again until yoer enfrancbrsed spint shall have passed upward and inward through the pearly gates. potentate. It is yours—yours to wear throughout an honorable life. It is an emblem of innocence. Lt may be. should you so will. or white leather apron I now present you with a lambskin. or any other person. with light added to the coming light. your ambitious feet may tread round after round the ladder that leads to fame in our Mystic Circle. shall any honor so distinguished. more honorable than the Star and Garter. that. and at your death. * * Towards the close of the section is explained that peculiar ensign of Masonry.

A. A. which arc the Twenty.* * * * * * * This section closes with an explanatiOn of the working tools of gntered App reoticri. And when your trembling soul shall stand before the Great White Throne. eight for our usual vocalions. where the Supreme Architect of the Ijnivei se presides. my brother. The second section rationall~’ accounti for the ceremony of initiating a candidate into our ancient institution. my brother. . which we are taught to divide into three equal parts. therefore. the better to fit them for the buildersuse. found eight hours for the service of God.bat purity of life and rectitude of conduct which is so essenti:tlly necessary to gain admission into the Celestial Lodge above. “Well done. whereby are THE BADGE OF A MASON. and a clip tressed worthy brother.” . and eight for refreshment and sleep. ~* * * * A. Take it to the * * * * who wifl teach you to wearitas * * * ~‘ A. but we. ENTERED APPRENTICE. is emblematic of the tweoty-four bouIs of the day. * * * I The Twenty-foUr Inch Gecige is an instIument used by operative Masons to measure and lay out their work. * . to receive from the Supreme Grand Master the welcome words. and may you ever wear it with pleasure to yourself and honor to theFraternity. are taught ~to make use of it for the more noble and gloiious purpose of dividing our time. good and faithful servant. * A. thereby fitting our minds as living stones for that spiritual building. to remind you of A.four Inch Gauge and Common Gavel SECTION SECOND. are taught to make use of it for the more noble and glorious purpose of divesting our hearts and con- * * * a * sciences of all the vices and superfluities of life. The Common Gavel is an instrument made use of l)y operative Masons to break off the superfluous corners of rough stones. :19 the fair emblem which I place within your hands to-night.38 MasONIC MANUAL.” Accept it. may it be your portion. * * * A. It being divided into twenty-four equal parts. The lamb has in all ages been deemed an emblem of innocence: the lambskin is. as Free and Accepted Masons. as Free and Accepted Masons. but we. eternal in the heavens. enter thou into the joy of thy Lord. that house “not made with hands.

emblem and figure depicted in a lodge has a moral and useful meaning. how it should be situated and to whom dedicated Freemasonry is not only the most ancient. we receive instroclsons relative to the Form. with the Holy Bible. in it. also. Ornaments.40 MASONIC MANUAL. THE FORM OF A LODGE is an oblong square—from east to west. and a Mason’s charity should be equally extensive OUR INSTITUTION is a certMn number of Masons duly assembled. and from surface to centre. Lights and Jewels of the Lodge. Furniture. SECTION THIRD. and forcibly inculcates the practice of virtue. Covering. but most moral science known to man. The third section explains the nature and psinciples of our institution. Supports. Our ancient brethren usually held their ~Lodges on high bills or in low vales the better to observe . Every character. Square and Compasses and a Charter or Warrant empowering them to work. A LODGE I ENTERED APPRENTICE ‘If the approach of cowans and eavesdroppers. and between north and south. either ilseeliding or descending. These vast dimensions denote the universality of Masonry. from earth to heaven.

and the Compasses to the Craft. strength to support. THE FURNITURE OF A LODGE is the Holy Bible. by aid of the theological ladder. Square and Compasses. the Square to the Master. by a due attention to their use we are taught to circumscribe our desires and keep our passions in due bounds. Hope and Charity. where all good Masons hope at last to arrive. because it is the proper Masonic emblem of his office. and the Compasses to the Craft The Bible is dedicated to God because it is the inestimable gift of God to man * * the Square to the Master. - 43 is supported by three great pillars. The Holy Bible is dedicated to God. the three principal rounds of which are denominated Faith. hope in immortality. saw extending from eaIth to heaven. Strength and Beauty. Wisdom. for faith may be lost in sight. 1’lic gIeatest of these is Charity. ITS COVERING tri hove faith in God. and beauty to adorn all great and impoitant undertakings. I ENTERED APPRENTICE.42 MASONIC MANUAL. hope ends in fruition. hot charity extends beyond the grave through the boundless realms of eternity. which Jacob in his vision. because. and which admonish us . THE ORNAMENTS OF A LODGE I is no less than a clouded canopy or starry. because it is necessary that there should be wisdom to contrive. and cli~lrity to all mankind.decked heaven.

the S S. are the Mosaic Pavement. The Perfect Ashlar is a stone made ready by the hands of the i~orkmen. Level and Plumb. the Level equality. THE MOVABLE JEWELS are the Rough Ashlar. The Square teaches morality. to be adjusted by the working tools of the Iel]ow-craft The Trestle. There is none in the north. The Mosaic Pavement is emblematic of human life. checkered with good and evil. THE TM MOVABLE JEWELS are the Square. because King Solomon’s temple was situated so far noith of the ecliptic that neither the sun nor moon at meridian could dart any II I The Rough Ashlar is a stone as ta]cen from the quarries in its rode and natural state. those manifold blessings and comforts which surround us. ENTERED APPRE NTICE. . and which we hope to enjoy by a faithful reliance on divine Providence. is Masonscally termed a place of da’ A LODGE HAS SfX JEWELS. and the Blazing Star in the Centre.board is for the master workman to draw his designs upon. Perfect Ashlar and Trestleboard. which is hieroglyphically represented by the blazing star in the centre. The Mosaic Pavement is a representation of the ground floor of King Solomon’s Temple. The Indented Tessel. and the Plumb rectitude of life. three immovable and three movab]e. with which it was surrounded. THERE ARE THREE LIGHTS rays to the northerly part thereof. in a Lodge.44 MASONIC MANUAL. <that beautiful tesselated border. the Indented Tessel and the Blazing Star. or Holy of Holses. The therefore. the beautiful border which surrounds it. situated in the south. west and east. or skirting.

hope to arrive by a virtuous education. SITUATION OF LODGES. both operative and speculative. Lodges were anciently dedicated to King Solomon. (The point represents an individual brother. which is our spiritual. embordered by two perpendicular parallel lines. by the Perfect Ashlar that state of perfection at which we. King By the Rough Ashlar we are reminded of our rode and imperfect state by nature. DEDICATION OF LODGES. because be was our first Most Excellent Giand Master. assd upon the top rests the Holy Scriptures. because after Moses had safely conducted the ehildten of Israel through the Red Sea when pursued by Pharaoh and his host. and the blessing of God. ance was wrought. Solomon’s temple was so situated. and by the Trestle-board we are also reminded that. ENTERED APPRENTiCE. John the Baptist and St. but modern Masons dedicate theirs to St. and since their time there is represented. ~l7 Lodges are situated due east and west. as the operative workman erects his temporal building agreeably to the rules and designs laid down by the master on his trestleboard. and was situated due east and west to perpetuate a remembrance of that miraculous east wind by which their mighty deliver. by a divine command. This tabernacle was an exact model for King Solomon’s temple.46 siAsoMiC MANUAL. in the great books of nature and revelation. representing St. erected a tabernacle. he. John the Evangelist. ~ndeanor to erect our spiritual building agreeably to the rules and designs laid down by the Supreme Architect of the Universe. moral and Masonic trestle-board. 1~c~in~e King Solomon’s temple was so situated. John the Baptist and St John theEvangelist. who were two eminent patrons of Masonry. our own endeavors. so should we. in every regular and well governed Lodge. a certain point within the circle. the circle the boundary line beyond which he is never to suffer his prejudices . also to receive the rays of the rising sun.

bat particularly on Masons. . with their misfortunes. are to aid. BIiOTMRRLY LOVE. to sympathizc plate. the rich and poor. and the foundation of every virtue. To be good and true is the first lesson wc are ta~ight in Masonry.) In going round this circle we necessarily touch upon these two lines as well as the Holy Scriptures. On this theme we contem. to compassionate their miseries. On this principle. whi[e influenced by this principle. 46 or passions to betray him. is the great aim we have in view. RELIEF AND TRUTH. and by its dictates endeavor to regulate our conduct. TROTS is a divine attribute. sect and opinion. ENTERED APPRENTIcE. minds. who are linked together by an indissoluble chain of sincere affection. and inhabitants of the same planet. On this basis we form our friendships and establish oui connections. who.48 MAsONrC MANUAL. as created by one Almighty Parent. To soothe the unhappy. it is impossible that he should materially err. and conciliates true friendship among those who might otherwise have remained at a perpetual distance RELS RE. and to restore peace to their troubled By the exercise of brotherly love we are taught to regard the whole human species as one family the high and low. hence. To relieve the distressed is a duty incumbent on aU men. THE TENETS OF OUR ORDER ARE BROTHERLY LOVE. Masoory unites men of every country. support and protect each other. and while a Mason keeps himself circumscribed within theis precepts.

ENTERED APPRENTICE. token or word whereby the secrets of Masonry might be unlawfully obtained. and. and is that habit by which we wisely judge. C * * * . but also when abroad in the v. and which were emblematically represented upon his first admission into the Lodge. Prudence and Justice).orld. * * * * FORTITUDE is that noble and steady purpose of the mind. and frees the mind from the allurements of vice. and which would con~ sequentle subject him to the contempt and detestation of all gocd Masoos. when prudentially deemed expedient. as he is thereby taught to avoid excess or contracting any licentious or vicious habit. teaches us to regulate our lives and actions agreeably to the dictates of reason. This virtue is equally distant from rashness and cowardice. the * * * and allude to the four cardinal virtues (Temperance.50 MASONIC MANUAL. sincerity and plain dealing distinguish Os. peril or danger. sions which renders the body tame and governable. like the former. hypocrisy and deceit are unknown among us. * ~ * * PRUDE NCR is that due restraint upon our affections and pas. It should be particularly attended ~o. Fortsfude. and are thus explained: TEMPERANCE whereby we aie enabled to undergo i~. on all things relative to our present as well as to our future happiness. in all strange and mixed companies. and the heart and tongue join in promoting each other’s welfare and rejoicing in each other’s prosperity. and prudentially determine. should be deeply impressed upon the mind of every Mason as a safeguard or security against any illegal attack that may be made by force or otherwise.ny pain. This virtue should be the peculiar characteristic of cvery Mason. This virtue should be the constant practice of every Mason. the indulgence of which might lead him to disclose some of those valuable se~ crets which he has promised to conceal and never reveal. novor to let fall the least sign. not only for the government of his conduct while in the Lodge. THE PERFECT POINTS of a Mason’s entrance are four. to extort from him any of _________ those valuable secIets with which he has been so solemnly intrusted.

This virtue is not only consistent with divine and human laws. ENTERED APPRENTICE. and fires light up tbc volcano. CHARCOAL AND CLAY. and drown him with inundations. as tending in every particular so to 11 men who will be comformable to its pretender a No institution was ever raised on a better cepts principle or more solid fouiidation. Though constantly harassed. she never refuses her accustomed yield. but the earth. prepares the tempest. JUSTICE * * * is that standard or boundary of right which enables us to render to every man his just due. and onto it we must all return. oppress him with hail. is found subservient to his wishes. and when at last he is called upon to pass through the “dark valley of the shadow of death. This admonishes us that from it we camc. spreading his path with flowers and his table with plenty. has never proved unfriendly to man. and returns with interest every good committed to her care. there is nothing more zealous than clay. ever kind and indulgent. I congratalate yoa on being accepted into this anCient and honorable Order— ancient. but it is the very cement and support of civil society. and as justice in a great measure constitutes the real good man. of all the elements. and should as constantly remind us that from it we came. the air rushes in storms.” she once more receives him and piously covers his remains within her bosom. As you are now introduced into the first principles of Masonry. still she supplies the antidote. BROTHER There is nothing freer than chalk. without distinction. there is nothing more fervent than charcoal. because on the slighest touch it leaves a trace behind it. The bodies of water deluge him with rain. so should it be the invariable practice of every Mason never to deviate from the minutest principles thereof * CHALK.52 MASONIC MANUAL. as having existed from time immemorial. emblematically represented by Our mother earth alone. fervency and zeal. nor were ever moic e>cellent roles and useful maxims laid . Entered Apprentices should * * * * freedom. and to it we must shortly return CHARGE AT INITIATION INTO THE FIRST DEGREE. because when properly ignited. and honorable. our mother earth. which is constantly employed in man’s use. to it the most obdurate metals yield. more to furnish the luxuries than the necessaries of life. Though she produces poison.

and confoim with cheerfulness to the government of the country in ‘which you live. To God. In your outward demeanor. Although your frequent appearance at our regular meetings is earnestly solicited. and have never deemed it derogatory to their dignity to level themselves with the fraternity. in never mentioning His name l)ut with that reverential awe which is due from a creature to his Creator. that you may iniprove in Masonic knowledge. through ignorance. To your neighbor in actiog upon the square. yet it is not meant that Masonry shall interfere with your necessary vocations. you are not to countenance disloyalty or rebellion. Finally. At your leisure hours. be particularly attentive not to recommend him unless you are convinced he will conform to our rules. your neighbor. ENTERED AFPsOIN’riCIs. you are charged to inculcate—to God. * * * * * * * . and yourself. and doing unto him as you wish he should do unto you. true to your goveroment. and to esteem Him as the chief good. as a Mason. The greatest and best of men. In the State you are to be a quiet add pe acefu subject. and patronize their assemblies. to implore His aid in all yoir laudable ‘undertakings. in the circle of your acquaintance. There are three great duties which. CLOSING. A zealous attachment to these duties will iasure public and private esteem. or debase the dignity of your profession. extend their privileges. may ridicole i I. be particularly careful to avoid censure and reproach. you are ~o converse with wellinformed brethren. you find a person desirous of being initiated into Masonry. glory and reputation of the institution may be firmly established. and to yourself. and mark your consequence among Masons.t with those who. keep sacred and inviolable the mysteries of the Order. in avoiding all irregularity aud intemperance which may impair your faculties. and the world at large convinced of its good effects.54 MASONIC MkNUAL. who will always be as rceily to give as you will be to receive instruction. have been encauragers and promoters of the art. N) down than are inculcated in the several Masonic lectures. but patiently submit to legal authority. neither are Von to sofTer yriur zeal for the institution to lead you into argunici. as these are to distinguish yriu from the rest of the community. in all ages. and just to your country. If. that the honor. for these are on no account to be neglected.

with a plumb-line in His hand And the Lord said unto me. upon the apr00 two light blue rosettes. the Senses of human nature. I will not again pass by them any more. THE PLUMB. * * * * * * * RECEPTION. and the Level to lay horizontals. clothes. Amos. SECTION FIRST. Apron — ~ihite lambskin.” * C * * * * 5 SECTION SECOND. chaptei vii. CLOTH] NO. and remembering that we are traveling upon the level of time to “that undiscovered country from whose bourne no traveler returns” * * * * 5’ * * OPENING. * * * * * * * The following passage of Scripture from Amos. The Plumb admonishes us to walk uptightly in our several stations before God and man. behold. The Plumb is an instrument made use of by operative Masons to raise perpendiculars.FELLOW CRMt’E. is rehearsed: “Thus he shewed me’ and. to square the work. what seest thou? And I said. The first section recapitulates important ceremonies. which are. and instructs the diligent ciaftsman how to proceed in the proper arrangement of the several ceremonies used on the occasion It shoald. The second section of this degree refers to the origin of ihe institution and views Masonry under two deisominations. £ The working tools of Fellow Craft are here introduced antI explained. be well understood hy every officer and memher of the Lodge. and here the accomplished Mason may display his talents to advantage in elucidating the Orders of Architecture. are taught to make use of them for more noble and glorious purposes. same size aud shape as that of the preceding degree. white. behold. SQUARE AND LEVEL. and the Liberal . tbe Lord stood upon a wall made by a plumb-[ine. and the inimitable moral to which that circumstance alludes is explained The celestial and terrestrial globes are considered. 57 THE DEGREE OF FELLOW CRAFT. but we. verses 7 and 8. Then said the Lord. dark or hlaclc. operative and speculative The period stipulateil for rewarding merit is here fixed. one in each lower corner Gloves. therefore. lined with white and edged with a binding of white watered silk one-fourth of an inch wide. a plumb-line. squaring our actions by the Square of virtue. I will set a plumb-line in the midst of my people Israel. as Free and Accepted Masons. the Square.

and while it displays the effects of human wisdom. most salutary and beneficent purposes. act upon the square. for the best. and rested upon the seventh day. By Speculative Masonry we learn to subdue the passions. keep a tongue of good creation. By Opeiative Masonry we allude to a proper application of the useful rules of architecture. as in the arrangement~ of the sundry materials of which an edifice is composed. strength and beauty. the better to serve as a . because in six days God created the heaven and earth. it demonstrates that a fund of science and industry is implanted in man. as well in the choice. twelve in circumference. FELLOW CRAFT. * * * * Masonry is considered under denominations—operative and speculative. * report. maintain secrecy and practice charity. therefore. and inspires him with the most exa4i~ iil(’riS of the perfections of his divine Creator. our ancient brethren consecrated as a day of rest from their labors. O~r ancient brethren wrought in operative as well £w speculative Masonry. two OPERATIVE MASONRY. It is so far interwoven with religion as to lay us under obligation to pay~that rational homage to the Deity which at once constitutes our duty and oui happiness. It leads the contemplative to view with reverence and admiration the glorious works of They were eighteen cubits high. SPECULATIVE MASO ~‘4RY. * * * I. thereby enjoying frequent opportunities to contemplate the glorious works of creation. * Ii. We work in speculative only. They wrought six days. and were hollow. Arti and Sciencee. the seventh. and whence wilt result a due proportion and a just correspondence in all its parts. whtch are ceverally clasied in a regular arrangement.58 MASONIC MANUAL. and to adore their great Creator. It furnishes us with dwellings and convenient shelters from the vicissitudes and inclemencies of seasons. and rested upon the seventh. whence a structure will derive figure.

FELLOW CRAFT. network and pomegranates. They were ornamented with chapiters of five cubits each. the net work. one on the top of each. united with those of a column. * 1’ * ~ * * * They were further ornamented with two artificial spherical bodies. which.60 MASONIC MANUAL. They were cast in the plains of As the Five Orders of Architecture are considered in this secnon. By Order in Architecture is meant a system of all the members. form a beautiful. denotes Plenty. from its purity. UNITY AND PLENTY. The lily. from the exuberance of its seeds. or it is a regular arrangement of the projecting parts of a building. making their whole height twenty-three cubits. denotes Unity. perfect and complete whole. ITS ANTIQUITY. denotes Peace. ORDER IN ARCHITECTURE. Order in Architecture may be traced. proportions. which denote the universality of Masonry. and the remote situation in which it grows. 61 safe repository for the archives of Masonry against inundations and conflagrations. When the rigor of seasons obliged men to contrive shelter from the Jordan in the clay grounds between Succoth and yaradaitha. representing THE GLOBES celestial and terrestrial. These chapiters were adorned FLIGHT OF WINDING STAIRS with lily work. from the intimate connection of all its parts. denoting PEACE. and ornaments of columns and pilasters. and the pomegranate. where all the holy vessels of King Solomoo’s Temple were * * * * * * * . From the first formation of society. i hrief deicription of them may not he improper.

and specify Ilie dwisions of empires. I~eeling. A solid is a figure of three dimensions—namely. the geographer to give us the dimcnsions of the world and all things therein conUdncd. are we indebted for what is great. from a line to a superficies.reats of the powers and pioperties of magnitudes in general. Smelling and Tasting. The science of Geometry is most revered by Masons. breadth and thickness are considered. Ionic. kingdoms. length and breadth. are next ~efened to and exI IiLttlcd * * * * * * * ‘VilE SEVEN LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES are Grammar. SeeI. A superficies is a figure of two dimensions— namely. Corinthian and Composite. we learn that they first planted trees on ends. and provinces THE INVENTION OF ORDER IN ARCHITECTURE The ancient and original Orders in Architecture revered by Masons are no more than three—the Doric. which were invented by the Greeks. and from this simple hint originally proceeded the more improved art of arch Ltecture. from a point to a line. Logic. TM I~ FIVE SENSES OF HUMAN NATURE. judicious and distinct in Architecture. Geometry t. A point is position without magnitude. try. and then laid others across. A line is a point. which are Heanng. therefore. Arithmetic. By this science the architect is enabled to con~truct his plans and execute his designs. To the Gteeks. and a figure of one capacity—namely. Doric. THE ADVANTAGES OF GEOMETRY. . The five orders are thus classed: The Tuscan. continued. and from a superhcies to a so Lid. length. length. GeomeMusic and Astronomy.i~. breadth and thickness. The bands which connected these trees at the top and bottom are said to have given rise to the idea of the base and capital of pillars. and not to ~he Romans. Rhetoric. where length.62 MASONIC MANUAL FELLOW CRAFT. ~ Pive Senses of Human Nature. to support a covering. the general to arrange his soldiers. Ionic and Corinthian. to delineate the extent of seas. 63 inclemency of the weather. To these the Romans have added two—the Tuscan and the Composite.

has still survived. escaped not the unsparing ravages of barbarous force. masonry. have produced works which are the admiration of every age. have laid waste and destioyed many ~‘alable monuments of antiquLty. and demonstrate their various revolutions. the first and noblest of sciences. Geometry. on which the utmost exertions of human genius have been employed. * * * * ~l * A SYMBOL OF PLENTY. and the pLans which he laid down. and viev~ with delight.1F (34 MASONIC MANUAL. the ruthless hand of ignorance and the devastations of war. geometry iF the foundation of aichitecture. and birth to every useful art. and the observation of her beautiful proportions. first determined man to imitatc the divine plan.ure. By it we may discover the power. the astronomer ~s enabled to make his observations. also. the proportions which connect this vast machine By it we may discover how the planets move in thcir different orb Lts. and to fix the duration of time and seasons. Even the teniple of Solomon. By it we account for the ietuin of seasons. notwithstanding. A survey of nature. all framed by the same divine Artist. years and cycles. By Geometry we may eLirLously trace cealed recesses. In fine. FELLOW CRAFT. . This gave rise to societies. 65 By ‘~t. and the root of mathematics. being improved by experience and time. The architect began to design. The attentive ear receives the sound from the instructive ‘a. The lapse of time.e~ How was it represented? How did it originate? THE MORAL ADVANTAGES OF GEOMETRY. and the variety of scenes which each season displays to the discerning eye Numberless worlds are around us. and study symmetry add order. which roll through the vast expanse and are all conducted by the same unerring law of nat. nature through her various windings to her mostconthe wisdom and the goodness of the Grand Artificer of the Universe. is the basis on which the superstructure of Masonry~is crccted. Free. What does it denot. so spacious and magnificent and constructed by so many celebrated artists.

or to enlarge on the necessity of a strict adherence to them. we congratulate you on your preferment. p * * * * * * * CHARGE AT PASSING TO THE DEGREE OF FELLOW CRAFT. are selected by the fraternity. . CLOSING * * * I. and symbolic emblems. and be always ready to assist in seeing them duly executed.66 MASONIC MANUAL. It is unnecessary to iecapstulate the duties which. especially the science of Geometry. is enriched with the most useful knowledge. by steadily persevering in the practice of every commendable virtue. and to these duties you are bound by thc most sacred ties. unimpaired. you are to judge with candor. while it proves the wonderful properties of nature. it demonstratcs the more important tiuths of morality Your past behavior and regulai deportment have merited the honor which we have now conferred. BROTHER. and not the external. but in the decision of every trespass against our rules. are what Masonry regards As you increase in knowledge. qualifications of a man. Such is the natore of your engagement as a Fcllow Craft. or Masonry. you will improve in social intercourse. Tools and instruments of architecture. most expiessive. to imprint on the mind wise and serious truths. you are bound to discharge. The study of the liberal arts. Our laws and regulations you are strenuously to support. that valuable branch of education which tends so effectually to’ 67 polish and adorn the mind. being of a divine and moral nature. the most excellent tenets of our institution. is earnestly recommended to your consideration. which is established as the basis of our art. as your own experience must have established their value. as a Mason. and thus through a succession of ages. and reprehend with ustice. * * * FELLONS CRAFT. Geometry. Being passed to the second degree of Masonry. You are not to palliate or aggravate the offenses of your brethren.. are transmitted. originally synonymous terms. The internal. admonish with friendship. tongue. and the mysteries of Freemascmnry are safely lodged in the repository of faithful breasts. and in your new character it is expected that you will conform to the principles of the Order.

foorths of an inch in width. is introdoced from Ecciesiastes. or the light. * * * ‘I * * * THE WORKING TOOLS of Master Mason are all the implements of Masonry indiscriminately. or the pitcher be broken at the fountain. and fears shall be in the ivay. * * * S * * * The following passage of firriptore. when thou shalt say. Also. The ceremony of raising to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason is particularly specified and other usefal instructions are given in this branch of the Lecture To a complete lenowledge of the whole Lecture few. hut it is an infallible truth. and the mourners go about the streets: or ever the silver cord be loosed. and he shall rise up at the voice of the bird. and those that look out of the windows be darkened. or the moon. SECTION FIRST. while the sun. * * * C * * * OPENING. rbapter xii. and the almond trees shall flourish. isdeed. Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it. nor the clouds return after the rain in the day when the keepers of the . when the sound of the grinding is low. but we.MASTER MASON. and desire shall fail because man goeth to his long home. 69 THE DEGREE OF MASTER MASON. nor the years draw nigh. and the grasshopper shall be a burden. and all the daughters of music shall be brought low. verses 1-7. %~ Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth. or the stars. while the evil days come not. lined with white and edged with a binding of sky-blue watered silk three. or the wheel broken at the cistern. when they shall be afraid of that which is high. but more especially the Trowel The trowel is an instrument made ose of by Operative Masons to spread the cement which unites a building into one common mass. be not darkened. ever arrive. and the doors shall be shut in the streets. of the same size and shape as that of the preceding degreps. are taught to make use of it for the more noble and glorious purpose of spreading the cement of brotherly love and RECEPTION. and the grinders cease because they are (ow. and the strong men shall bow tbt’mselves. Dark or black clothes and white gloves should be worn by officers and brethren honse shall tremble. with two sky-blue rosettes on the bottom and one on the flap of the apron. or the golden bowl be broken. that he who acquires by merit the mark of preeminence which this degree confers receives a reward which amply compensates for all his past diligence and assiduity CLOTH iNG Apron — white lambskin. as Free and Accepted Masons. I have no pleasure in them.

my God. fortitude and integrity unparalleled in the history of man C * 4 * * * * NEARER. to Theel Nearer to Thee’ * * 1’ * * * ‘* Hark? from the tombs a doleful sound! My ears attend the cry. Then with my waking thoughts. Nearer. Steps unto heaven. Where you most shortly lie . moon sod stars forgot. Nearer to Thee’ Sen though it be a cross That raiseth me. to Thee Nearer to Thee1 * * * C * * * 71 affectidn. The son gone down. Cleaving the sky. Angels to beckon me Nearer. my Nearer to Thee’ God. among whom no contention should ever exist bet that noble contention. Bright with Thy praise. TO THEE Nearer. So by my woes to be 1 Nearer.70 MASONIC MANUAL. and presents to view a finished pictore of the utmost consequence to the Fraternity It exemplifies an instance of virtue. my God. my God. of who can best work. MASTER MASON. Still all iiiy song shall be. to Thee Oi if. All that thos sendest me In mercy given. Yet in my dreams I’d be Nearer. on joyful wing. Nearer. Daikoess be over me. to Thee. This section recites the historical traditious of the Order. Bethel I’ll raise. my God. to Thcei Nearer to Thee There Icc the way appear. or rather emulation. my God. like a wanderer. to Thee! Nearer to Thee ‘Though. Sun. or society of friends and brothers. Upsvard I fly. MY GOD. Out of my stony griefs. My rest a stone. Ye living men come view ihe giound. Still all my song shall be. and best agree * * a * * * s SECOND SECTiON. that cement which unites us into one sacred band.

Waft this friend and brother home. is this our certain doom? And are we still secure? St~11 walking downward to the tomb. administer them comfort in time of trouble. so man heth down. Seeing his days are determined the number of his months are with Thee. Notes of our departing time. Here another guest we bnng: Seraph of Celestial wing. For there is hope of a tree. and where is he? As the waters fail from the sea. As we journey here below Through a pilgnmage of woe. Lie cometh forth like a flower and is cut down. that it will sprout again. But man dieth and wasteth away.s clay must be your bed. Shield and defend us I rom the evil intentions of our enemies. We’ll rise above the sky. yea. and save them with an everlasting salvation. man giveth up the ghost. The tall. And yet prepared no rnOrO Grant us the power of quickning grace. Amen. and support us under the trials and afflictions we are destined to endure while traveling through this vale of tears. and continueth not. th. head. 73 PRAYER AT RAISING A BROTHER TO THE SUBLIME DEGREE OF MASTER MASON. ~fit be cut down. till he shall accomplish his day. Thou. 0 God! knowest our down-sitting and our upnsing. and that the tender branch thereof will not cease. That when we drop this dying flesh. 0 Lord’ have compassion on the children ofThy creation. and full of trouble. turn from him that he may rest. To fit our souls to fly. .I 72 MASONIC MANUAL. and the flood decayeth and drieth up. Lard of all I below—abOVe Fill our hearts with truth and love. ThoQ hase appointed his bounds that he cannot pass. To our funeial altar come. In spite of all your reverend Must lie as law as ours. Yet. Great God. and understandest our thoughts afar off. When dissolves our earthly tie. Take us to Thy Lodge an High. the towers. So mote it be. Man that is born of a woman is of few days. For mortality is heret See how wide her trophies wave O’er the slumbers of the grave. he fleeth also as a shadow. Mortals now indulge a tear. Or the following may be used PLEYELS HYMN Solemn strikes the funeral chime. and riseth not up till the heaven shall be no more. * 4 * * * * ~ MASTER MASON. the wise. Princes.

which dsvine and gracious promise was fulfilled in the person of Solomon. and during its whole progress. HISTORICAL LECTURE. and in the third year after the death of David. to be erected to God and dedicated to HAs holy name. which was about seven years and six months. as well as the Holy Scriptures. Sacred history ioforms US that it was deterinsned by infinite wisdom that a temple should be founded at the City of Jerusalem. The high and distingusshed honor of performing thss sacred service was denied Davsd. At this time the noise of war had ceased in all the land. because he had been a man of blood. No sooner had this wise king ascended the throne of his father and begun to wield the scepter over Israel than he took measures to execute the high and holy task which had been imposed upon him. his God. hss son. King oE Israel. 75 The third section illustrates certain hieroglyphical emblems and inculcates many useful lessons to extend knowledge and promote virtue It also details many particulars relative to the budding of the Temple of King Solomon. that in the second month of the fourth year of King Solomon’s reign. But he received a promise from the true and Living God that lie would raise up a seed to serve him. Mas- . he began to btiild the Temple. who succeeded him in the kingdom. MASONIC MANUAL. and peace reigned throughout its borders. We are informed by the writings of Josephus.74 MASTER MASON. The children of Israel now looked forward with peculiar satisfaction for a display of that wisdom which was to astonish the world. S * * * * ~ * SECTION THIRD. that of building a house to the Lord.

the father of the faithful. and where David met and appeased the destroying angel. There were employed in its erection three Grand Masters: three thousand. all hewn from the finest Parian maible. * * * * * * They are here intended to represent * * s * * is represented hy the pillar of Wisdom. near the place where Ahraham. except in the night or at a time when the craft were at refreshment. MASTER MASON. because hy his wisdom that stupendous model of excellence was erected which immortalized his name. who was vssshle over the threshing floor of Oman.76 MASONIC MANUAL. because by his curious workmanship the Temple was beautified and adorned * * * degree. therehy evincing a miraculous interposition of divine providence in that great and glorious work. the Jehusite. nine hundred and six pilasters. * * * * is represented by the pillar of Beauty. and when near its completion it shone with such refulgent splendor as to excite the wonder and admiration of all who beheld it. 77 onie tradition informs us that it. three hundred Overseers . was ahout to offer up his son Isaac in trial of his faith. These three pillars have heen explained in a former This famous edifice was supported by fourteen hundred and fifty-three columns and two thousand. ii * * * * is represented by the pillar of Strength. This famous edifice was situated on Mount Morish. because he strengthened and supported * * * * in that great and glorious work. rained not.

as Fellow Crafts. . for the manifold blessings and comforts we enjoy THE BEE HIVE The division of Lodges is next explained. our neighbors and ourselves.78 MASONIC MANUAL. Youth. which MASTER MASON 2 is always an acceptable sacrifice to the Deity. and seventy thousand Enteied Apprentices. from the highest seraph in heaven to the lowest reptile of thedust. and die in the hope of glorious immottality THE POT OF INCENSE is an emblem of a pure heart. I * * * * * a THE THREE STEPS usually delineated on the Master’s carpet. never sitting down onteoted while Our fellow creatures around us are in want. and recommends the practice of that virtue to all created beings. and. as we came into the world rational and intelligent beings. are emblematic of the three principal stages of human life. of the Work. we ought indostriously to occupy our minds so the attainment of useful knowledge. viz. we may enjoy the happy reflections con- is an emblem of indostry. in manhood. manhood and age In youth as Entered Apprentices. It teaches us that. that so in age as Master Masons.. so should our hearts continually glow with gratitude to the great beneficent Author of our existence. so we should ever be industrious ones. as this glows with fervent heat. we should apply our knowledge to the discharge of our respective duties to God. or heivers on the mountains and in the quarries. when it is in our power to relieve them withat inconvenience to ourselves. eighty thousand Fellow Crafts. or hearers of burdens. Thess were all so cla ssed and arranged by the wisdom of King Solomon that neither envy. discord nor cool osson was suflereri to interrupt that universal peace and tranquillity which pervaded the world at that important period until ~‘ * a 79 sequent on a well-spent life.

particularly when before the enemies of Masonry. This wise philosopher enriched his mind abundantly in a general knowledge of things. the great Pythagoras. THE ANCHOR AND ARK are emblems of a well-grounded hope and a wellspent life. 81 TIlE BOOK OF CONSTITUTIONS. words and actsons may be hidden from the eyes of men. They are emblematical of that divine Ark which safely wafts us over this tempestuous sea of troubles. THE WORD POINTING TO A E~IAKED HEART demonStratCs that Justice will sooner ni. sn his travels through Asia. who. was initiated into several orders oE priesthood. yet that ALL-SEEING EYE . and although our thoughts. pervades the inmostrecesses of the human heart.latcr overtalce us.80 MASONIC MANUAL. ever bearing in remembrance those truly Masonic virtues. GUARDED BY THE TILER’S SWORD. MASTER MASON. THE FORTY-SEVENTH PROBLE~VI OF EUCLID was an inventson of our ancient frscnd and brother. and under whose watchful care even Comets perform their stupendous revolutions. Moon and Stars obey. Africa and Europe. silence whom the Sun. and raised to the subhme degree of Master Mason. reminds us that we should be ever watchful and guarded m our words and actions. hot more especialLy and circumspectson. and that Anchor which shall safely moor us into a peaceful harbor. where the wicked cease from troubling and the weary shall find rest. and will reward us according to our merits.

On this subject he drew out many problems and theorems. to onr surprise. which nips the shoot. 88 in geometry. and with health and vogor arrive at the age of manhood. yet. and how repidly onr lives are drawing to a close! We cannot. the next day comes a frost. he erected this. SPADE. and bears his blnshsng honors thick upon him. and upon the discovery of which he is said to have sacrificed a hecatomb. The last class of emblems are the SETTING MALL. 5- * . like autumn leaves. and when he thinks his greatness is still aspiring he falls. which cuts Lhe brittle threads of life and lannches us into eternity Behold what havoc the scythe of time makes among the human race’ If by chance we should escape the numerous evils incident to childhood and yonth. to enrich our mother earth * * * * 5. withal. Behold how swittly the sands inn. Thus wastes man’ Today be pnts forth the tender leaves of hope. we most soon be cut down by the all-devouring scythe of time and be gathered into the land where on r fathers have gone befose us. and among the most distinguished. or Masonry.82 MASONIC MANUAL MASTER MASON. THE HOUR GLASS is an emblem of hnman life. which. behold the little particles which are contained in this machine—how THE SCYTHE is an emblem of time. in the Grecian language signifying. in the joy of his heart. without astonishment. I have found it. in the short space of an honr they are all exhausted. tomorrow blossoms. COFFIN AND SPRIG OF ACACIA they pass away almost imperceptibLy. It teaches Masons to be general lovers of the arts and sciences. and yet. he called Eureka.

5 * * * * . like him. make you swerve from yonr duty. which strengthens ns with confidence and composnre to look forward to a blessed immortality. bnt we ate suddenly revived by the ever-green and ever-hying sprig of faith in the merits of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. to your equals courtesy and affability. and your confosmity to our regulations have pointed you ont as a proper object of our favor and esteem. bonor and gratitude to be fasthfnl to your trust. but be true and faithful. and to enforce. or betray your trust. in his unfeigned piety to God. and receive him as a kind messenger sent from our Supreme Grand Master to translate us from this imperfect to that all-perfect. Thns yon will render yourself deserving of The honor which we have conferred and ment the confidence That we have reposed CLOSING. and imitate the example of that celebrated artist whom you this evening represent. to your superiors kindness and condescension Universal benevolence you are always to inculcate. glorious and celestial Lodge above. MASTER MASON 860 4 Thus we close the explanation of the emblems upon the solemn thought of death. and never suffer them to be infringed. you are authoriaed to correct the errors and irregolaritics of your uninformed brethren. to support the dignity of your character on every occasion. To preserve the reputation of the fraternity unsullied must be your constant care. and by the regularity of your own behavior afford the best example for the conduct of others less informed. and to guard them against a breach of fidelity. ever imitate the example of * * * * * in his virtuous and amiable conduct.5 .may welcome the grim tyrant Death. The ancient landmarks of the Order. Then let us all.84 MASONiC MANUAL. too. Yonr virtue. and for this pnrpose it is your province to recommend to your inferiors obedience and submis sion. BRoTHER: Yonr zeal for the institution of Masonry. therefore. entrusted to yonr care. by precept and example. Yen are now bound by duty. that we. in his inflexible fidelity to his trust. and we doubt not but that in the glorious morning of the resurrection our bodies will be raised and become as incorruptible as our souls. is dark and gloomy. yen are carefully to preserve. * . or countenance a deviation from the estabhshed usages and cnstoms of the fraternity. obcdicnce to the tenets of the Order. violate yonr vows. honor and reputation are concerned sa snpporting with dignity the character you now bear. where the Suprease Architect of the Universe presides CHARGE AT RAISINC TO THE SUBLIME DEGREE OF MASTER [‘JASON. my brethren. Let no motive. which. the progress yen have made in the mystery. In the character of a Master Mason. without revelation.

on a line. . the ceremonies will be conducted by the Lodge of which the deceased was a member In the case of a stranger or sojourner. Clergy. GENERAL DIRECTIONS I No brother can be interred with the formalities of the Order unless he has received the Third Degree of Masonry I] The Master of a Lodge being notified of the death of a brother and ol his request to be buned with Masonic ceremonies shall convene his Lodge and make all snetabic arrangements to that effect III If two or more Lodges attend. are placed on his right and left. otherwise in advance of the Tslei). the Mastei of the senior Lodge piesent will preside attend a Grand Warden When the Grand Master or Deputy Grand Master is present. seven feet apart If a Past Grand officer appears in the procession he will be recognized with the costOmary respect ORDER OF PROCESSION The following order of irocesseon will be proper to be observed when a single Lodge conducts the ceremonies Tiler with drawn swoid. aroond each Steward’s rod and on the musical enscioments Thc procession will immediately precede the corpse and the brethren will walk two and two. they will take precedence. Past Masters of the Lodge. will walk en procession immediately after the Tiler. unless they desire otherwise Their place so the procession will be after the Master of the Lodge Two Deacons. Secretary and Treasurer. 87 MASONIC FUNERAL SERVICE. all others aie expressly incerdieted VI. except such officers as fiom their stations arc to walk otherwise VII On the coffin svdl be placed or tied a white apron The Body * B VIII If the Grand Master. supported by the Senior and Junior Deacons with black rods. if they ace not Masons they will precede him Solemn and appropriate pieces of music only should be performed. Senior and Junior Wardens. if belonging to the Fraternity. The Holy Writings. Deputy Grand Master or Grand Wardens attend any Inneral procession. The Master. with white gloves and aprons. Master Masons. the Book of Constitution is borne before him and the Deacons. on the right and left. The cushionon which the Holy Rrble is placed should be covered with black A piece of black crepe shoold be tied around all furniture carried in procession. Stewards svith white rods. on a cushion carried by the oldest member of the Lodge present.FUNERAL SERVICE. will svrth the ensigns Mooricci 5 plsed thereon. and preside over and conduct the ceremonies. with black rods. Musicians (if they are Masons. IV All the brethren who walk in the procession should observe as moth as possible a uniformity ol dress A proper badge of monrning around the left arm. are most soicable It is recemmended te aveid all ostentatious display of Masonic costume V Musicians.

the dark valley of lhe shadow of death. FUNERAL SERViCE. then. and it is the Lord that bath taken away. Of whom. Master—When our brother died. the presiding officer will open the Lodge on the Third Degree. In the midst of life we are in death. 89 The brethren being assembled at the Lodge-mom. he fleeth as it were a shadow. Response—God is onr God for ever and ever. Master—I heard a voice from heaven. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord’ Even so. THE LODGE SERVICE.—Man that is born of a woman hath but a short time to live. will it he known? Response—It shall live in the exercise of his virtugs. giving the funeral grand honors each time Response—We will treasure at in our memories. Master—Hear. 0 Lord. thin. Master—How. The brethren will respond three times. all the brethren standing Master. After having stated the object of the meeting the service wdl commence. Master—Can we offer any precious thing to redeem our brother? Response—We have not a ransom. and is cnt down like a flower.88 MASONIC ISiANUAL. did he carry nothing away with him? The Master here deposits the roll en the archives and repeats the following or some other suitable prayer: Most glorious and mercifnl Lord God’ Our Heavenly Father! Anthor of all good and giver of oI all mercy! Pour down thy blessings upon us. the soul of our departed brother. saith the Spirit: for they rest from their labors. that shall not see death? Response by the Brethren—Man walketh in a vain shadow. and naked he has departed out of it. we will record it an our hearts. and says: ALMIGHTY FATHER? In thy hands we leave. then. or some other convenient place. So mote it be. Write from henceforth. and cannot tell who shall gather them. He cometh up.” The Master here takes the roll on which is inscribed the name’ age and Masonic history of the deceased. with humble submission. then. He will be our Guide and support even through. may we seek for snccoi but of Thee. where is the man that laveth. be lost upon the earth? Response — He fnlfilled his destiny: Naked he came into the world. and . he heapeth np riches. The place that once knew him shall know him no more forever Master—Shall his name. who for our sans are justly displeased? My brethren. and is full of misery. Master—Let us endeavor to live the life of the righteous. The will of God is accomplithed. and never continneth in one stay. that our last end may be like his. A men. the conclusion of the whole matter: It is the Lord only that can give. Response—Blessed forever be the name of the Lord. saying unto me.

For the Son of man is as a man taking a far journey. the enlivening prospect of Thy mercy may dispel the gloom of death. Amen Response—So mote it be. in nnioa with our departed friends. yet shall he live’ and whosoever hveth and 26. In this bereavement we look to Thee for support and consolation Strengthen our behef that Death has no power over a faithful and righteous soul Though the dust returneth to the dust as it was. A procession is then formed.) ( 25. “he that belreveth in me. infinite in wisdom. for ye know not when the time is. belreveth in me shall never die Take ye heed. to Hester—”] am the resurrection and the life. and gave authority to his servants. and to every man his work. the Senior Warden at the foot. . facing tIne Master. and from thence to the church. his column on the floor erect The Junior Warden will occupy a position on the left. to keep us from all evil’ Make us grateful for jwesent benefits. and commanded the porter to watch. Response—So mote it find rest from earthly labor and refreshment from earthly care. though lie 55t John xi. The Maiter or Chaplain will repeat the following or some other appropxiatc prayer Almighty and Heavenly Father. mercy and goodness. midway between the Master and Senior Warden. May Thy peace abide within us. the just reward of a pious and virtnous life. when the awful moment shall arrive that we are abont to quit this transitory scene. may we trust that he bath entered into a higher brotherhood 1 to engage in nobler duties and in heavenly worli. 5Lodgei or Masters objecting to the use of selections from the New Testament may omit the above paragraph. FUNERAL saavica 91 strengthen our solemn engagements with the ties of sincere affection’ May the present instance of mortality remind us of our approaching fate. the spirit returneth unto Thee As we~iourn the departere of a brother beloved from the ~circle of our fraternity. extend to us the blessings of Thy everlasting grace. Amen. were dead.913 MASONiC MANUAL. and there enjoy. Thou alone art a refnge and help in trouble and affliction. the only refuge in time of need. his column prostrate on the floor The brethren will form an oblong square or circle. watch and pray. we may be received into thine everlasting kingdom. and crown us with immortal life and honor. who left his honse. it was selecte51 however. that. which moves to the house of the deceased. orplace of interment THE CHURCH SRRV ICE To be used at the church or at the house of the deceased 1rnmediately after the benediction the Master and Chaplain w II take their stations at the head of the coffin. that after onr departure hence in peace. Watch ye. for its petal iai fitness and beauty.” saith the Lord. when the service will commence be Some appropriate hymn may be iong. And to Thy name shall be all glory forever. and draw our attention toward Thee.

yet is their strength labor and sorrow. vi. (Matt. Thy will be done in earth. xc. that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. supported by the Senior and Jusior Deacons. 12. as a flower of the field. When the preceasios srrivea at the grave the Lodge will form an oblong square. and the place thereof shall know it no more. ( fitness and beauty My brethren. however. e SERVICE AT THE GRAVE. as it is in heaven. The Master then says: 93 therefore’ for ye know not when the master of the honse cometh. he find you sleeping And what I say nnto 55t. and it is gone. 10. For He knoweth our frame. or at midnight.9—18. ciii. npon request to accompany the . (Ps. which proceeds to the cemeteiy. 14. but deliver us from evil: For Thing is the kingdom. at even. 88-87.C 92 FUNERAL SERVICE. for it is soon cet off. so he flourisheth For the wind passeth ovcr it.) you I say unto all. 15. 16. it was selected. He remembereth that we are dnst.) Response—Like as a father pitieth his children. 14) Master—The days of onr years are threescore years and ten. Hallowed be thy name. at the foot of the grave. Amen. and shall not see death? Shallhe denver his soulfrom the hand of the grave? (Ps. lxxxix. Some appropriate hymn will then be sung. I will be thy plagues: 0 grave. the Senior Warden. or in the mormng. aupported by the Stewards. forever. xc. ciii. let us pray! All kneel and join with the Chaplain in saying the Lord’s Prayer Our Father. his days are as grass. and the glory. And forgive ns our debts. I will be thy destiuction! (Hosea xiii. (Ps. The Marshal wdl occupy a plate near the foot of the grave and cause a vacant place to be left in the line. so the Lord pitieth them that fear him. MASONiC MANUAL. and if by reason of strength 4hey be fourscore. for its siecul. Master—From time immemorial it has been the custom of the Fraternity of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons.) Response—I will ransom them from tIm power of the grave:] will redeem them from death 0 death. 48. or at the cock-crowing. which art in heaven. and we fly away. And lead ns not into temptation. Mark xiii. Watch ( Master—What man is he that liveth.) 5Lodges or Masters ob~ectsng to the use of selections from the New Testament may omit the above paragiaph. Give ns this day our daily bread. A procession is again formed.) Response—So teach us to number our days. standing at the foot. lest coming suddenly. as we forgive ocr debtors. the Master and Chaplain. (Ps. foi the mourners After all other ceremonies have been performed the Masos ic service is again reaumed. Thy kingdom come. and the Junior Warden at the south aide opposite the centre of the grave.) Master—As br man. standing at th~ head.) R?sponse—So mote it be. and the power. 18.

we have assembled at this time in the character of Masons to offer before the world the last tribnte of onr affection for our deceased brother and theseby to demonstrate in the strongest possible manner. In conformity to this ancient usage.. and may we be enabled iito work an entrance” into thetelestial Lodge above tt Master—May the Lord bless us and keep us! May the Lord be gracious unto us. a long farewell Thou art at rest from 1 thy ‘labors: may it be in peace Response—So mote it be. he fleeth also as a shadow. who for our sins art justly displeased? Let us piay.. and is cut down. For purer actions. Response—So mote it be. and Giver of every perfect gift. It is more iincient than the Golden Fleece or Roman Eagle.. and there to deposit it with the usual formalities. we bid thee a last. more honorable than the Star and Garter.~ rth. Of whom may we seek succor but of Thee. 0. Thy blessing.94 MAsONIC MANUAL FUNERAL. and may all our good intentions be crowned with success. for higher thoughts. The Maiter then presenea the apron and says ~) The Lambskin. Master—Glory be to God in the highest: oil earth peace and good will towards men. and to fix them’ more devotedly upon Thee. Amen. . may the Lamp of Thy Love” dispel the gloom of the dark valley. And when at last our weary feet shall have come to the end of life’s toil- . Chaplain—Most glorious and merciful Lord God. when the silver cord shall be loosed and the golden howl be broken. 97 body of a deceased brother to the place of interment. and it Here the apron ii taken from the coffin and hande’d to the Master and the coffin is deposited in the grave.a perpetual renisuder of a punty of life and rectitude of conduct. when our lourney shall he near its end. and under the solemnities of this occasion bind us closer in the ‘ties of brotherly love and affection. Great Architect of the Universe. we implore Thee. Master (or Secretary) —Friend and brother. 0 Lord. Response—So mote it be. or White Apron. Author of all good. He cometh forth like ~t flowes. The Secretary will then advance and depoait the roll in the grave with the usual form. In the midst of life we arc in death. Amee. the only sure refuge in time of need. and may attend to wean o& affoctions from the things of this transitory world. and con tinueth not. and at last.5ERXT5Cit. the sincerity of our past esteem for him and ous steady attachment to the principles of the Fraternity Man that i~ born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble. Let its pure and spotless surface be to us . in that moment of mortal ‘extremity. IL never-ending argument for nobler deeds. is an emblem of innocence and the badge ‘of a Mason. now hencefo forever. May the present example of mortality sensibly remind us of our approaching end. vouchsafe.

Princes. this clay must be your bed. the coffin and the melancholy grave admonish us of our mortality. Most lie as low as ours. over which the grave has no dominion. and dust to dust—looking for the general resurrection in the last day. and that hia memory ii faithfully cherished within our hearti. continues: This evergreen is an emblem of our faith in the immortality of the soul. and chat. “And consign his body to the earth whence it came. thereby signifying that we consign the body of our departed brother to the tomb. The Funeral Grand Honors are then given in the following manner: Hoth arms are crossed on the breast. all should strictly pbserve the proper form. I deposit in the grave.’to9. The brethren then move 2. then rising the hand) pointing to the zenith. they are then raised above the head • the palms striking eath other. fiom our nerveless grasp shall drop forever the working tools of life. The tall. The mattock. weak bodies must moulder in their parent dust. we therefore commit his body to the grave—earth to earth. niay the record of our life and actions he as pure and spotless as the fair emblem which I now deposit in the grave of our departed brother. In spite of all youi towers. the arms being crosied on the bresat: “We cherish his memory here. Then the follo wing ode shall be sung: My from the tombs a doleful sound Harkl ears attend the cry. the wise.” --~-~ This open grave reminds us of the universal dominion ‘of Detith The arm of friendship cannot interpose to prevent his coming: the wealth of the world cannot purchase our release~ ssoi will the inisocen’ce of youlh. the reverend head. and. looking upwaid at the same time.” and when the hands are eatended towards the ground. with the heed bowed The first and serniad time in cifence. come view the ground. The Master.n procesainO around the place of interment. and thence to the aide. bringing it down upon . 99 some jourpey. commend his splint to Him who gave it. dropping the evergreen. to take out of the world the soul of our deceased brother. these frail. holding the evergreen in his hand. and then made to fall iharply on the thigha. the left breast. the left uppermost. Master—Forasmuch as it has pleased Almighty God. N FUNERAL SERVICE. 1 . Ye living men. and death no power. Where you must shortly lie. but during the third time the brethren will audibly pronounce the following words. when the earth and the sea shall give up the dead. the palms of the hands striking the shoulders. By this we are rewinded of our high and glorious destiny beyond thk ‘world of shadows” and that there dwells within pur tabernacle of clay an imperishable immortal spirit.This. the Master remains standing at the head of th’e grave stepping back about two ~aces to allow the brethren to pass him As they severally pass fhe head of lhe erase each brother will drop a aping of acacia into it In depositing the evergreen. sooner or later. which is by extendlog the oght hand over the grave.” when the hands sic extended above the head: “We commend his apirit to God who gave it. ashes to ashes. in His inscrutable providence.A Fi’( 98 MASONiC MANUAL. ‘nor the charms of beauty propitiatg his purpi=se.

May we ever remember that “in the midst of life we are in death” and so liVe and act that we shall befittingly prepared to die a4hen the hour of our departure is at hand. in whom we live and move and have our being. doing wonders. we have nothing of this world’s consolation to offer. as we now surround the grave of our deceased brother. who is . Notes of our departing time. to impress deeply tipon our minds the solemnities of this hour. when thc volume of the record of our life is open.100 MASONIC MANUAL. To our funeral altar come. That when we diop this dying flesh. and before whom all men must appear to render an account for the the deeds done in the body: we do most earnestly beseech Thee. inherit the kingdom prepaied for you from the foundation of the world” LET US PRAY. Eternal Judge the thrilling invitation~ “Come. He will fold the arms df His love and protection around those who put their trust and confidence in Hint Then let us each in our respective stations so improve this solemn warning that at last. Waft this friend and brother home 01 4 To those of his immediate relatives and friends who are most heart-stricken at the loss we have all sustained. 2 Great God. To fit our souls to fly. Lord of all I below—above Fill our hearts with truth and love. When dissolves our earthly tie. we may receive from the Omniscient. For mortality is here’ See how wide her trophies wave Oler ilieslumbers of the grave Here another guest we binog. and most affectionately sympathize with them in their afflictive bereavement. Seraph of Celestial wing. Clsaplosn—Almighty and most merciful God. we leave him in thp bands of a Being who doeth all things well. FUNERAL SERVICE. . As we 100iney here below Through a pdgiimage of woe Mortals now indulge a tear. we this our certain doom And are is still secure? Still walking dossowaid toward the tomb. The Master then says Having with the usual Masonic cetemonies committed the body of our brother t~ its kindred dust. And yet prepared no more? Grant as the power of quickning grace. and commend them to the Infinite Father who looks down With compassion upon the widow and fatherless in the hour of their desolation. Take us to Thy Lodge on High.glorious in hblisiess. fearful in praises. ye blest of my Father. We can only sincerely. deeply. We’ll rise above the alcy Or this: Solemn strikes the funeral chime.

and here may the sweet1 ness of the summer’s last rose hnger longest Though the cold blasts of winter may lay them in the dust. Response—So mote it be. be this earthly bed] Bright and glonous be thy nsing from it~ Fragrant be the Acacia spng that here shall flourish1 May the earliest buds of spring unfold their beauties o er this. farewell] . The procession will then return to the place whence it set out and the Lodge is closed en the Third Degree. and for a time destroy the loveliness of their existence. divine assistance to redeem our misspent time. strength commensurate with our tasle to support us. and expand into immortal . 4 Soft and safe to thee. 103 And 0. in the bright morning of the world’s resurrecition. Tb FUNERAL SERVICE. may we have wisdom from on high to direct us.102 MASONIC MANUAL. vouchsafe to us. The Master then approaches the head of the grave and says: 5 grgve ~wdlsowte Illed with earth and the seryice closed with the followihg benediction by the chaplaij: The peace that passeth all understanding rest and abide in you now and an realms beyond the skies. And at last when our work on earth is done. we pray Thee. now laid in the dust by the chilling blast of Death. dearbrother—until then. eternal in the heavens. may we obtain an everlasting rest in that spiritual house not made with hands. Until then. thy resting p (acel. Response—So mote it be. and in the spring-time they shall surely bloom again. gracious Father. yet the destruction as not final. Amen. thy mortal frame. shall come again into newness of life. my brother. when the messenger of death shall call us from our labors. and the beauty of holiness to adorn and render all our labors acceptable in Thy sight. So. A men. and in the discharge of the duties Thou hast assigned us in the erection ol our moral edifice.

about six feet long by foor wide. is intended to celebrate the memory of one departed brethren. followed by the brethren in enveited order to his station in the East. and whose mortal remains we are about to consign to their last resting place The Lodge of Sorrow. shields bearing their names are placed around the catafalque. the Master of the Lodge to which the deceased brother belonged will open the Lodge in the Third Degree A procession will then he formed to the ball where the Lodge of Sorrow is to be held in the same order aspresceebed in the Funeral Service On arriving at the door of the hall where the Lodge of Sorrow is to beheld. On the Master’s pedestal is a skull and lighted taper S In the centre of the hall is placed ihe catafaleine. or some other convenient place.RITUAL FOR A LODGE Ol~ SORROW. and camper anew oni resolutions so to live that. 7 On the cacafaique well be laid a pair of white gloves. and while we thus recall to oor recolleciiOn cheir virtues. and if the deceased brother had been an officer. which consists of a rectangular platform. we learn to look upon death from a more elevated point of view. and near it. The brethren being assembled at the Lodge-room. lace inward The Master of the Lodge to which the deceased brother belonged will then pass through between the brethren.acter. The platform should be draped in black. facing the East. and the brethren will take their places in seats especially reserved for Ibem The door of the ball should then be shot. the ceremonies will begin by a voluntary upon the organ. 105 RITUAL FOR A LODGE OF SORROW. to the perfect life for which oni transient journey here has been the sehool and the preparation Vocal audiostrumentul magic aie indispensable co the proper effect of the ceremony The beethreee should wear dark clothing and white gloves and aprons There is no necessity for any attcmpt at secrecy in the ceremonies of Sorrow Lodges They may be held us chutches or public halls. The several officers being in their respective stations and places. The following Ritual for a Lodge of Sorrow isrecommended Inc use in the Lodge VI bile necessarily of a funeral ehar. In the latter case we are in the actual presence of the departed. OPENING ThE LODGE. to see in it cbs wise and necessary transition from the trials and superfeetions of this world. appropribte to the occasion after irhech the Master will call up the Lodge and say: . and a canopy of black drapery may be raised over the urn 4 At eseb comer of the platform seAl be placed a candlestick. it differs essentially from the bumal service. a lambskin apron. the brethren wdl turn to lbs right and left. bearing a lighted taper. and engaged in the last rites of affection and respect for on~ who has been our companion in life. supported by s Deacon with rod on either side. of black. or en che presence of friends ac the Lodge-rooms with her efic cc all concerned PREPARATION OF THE HALL 1 The Lodge-room1 or hall should hewith the same emblem stations covered appropriately draped in mourning. on which are two smaller platforms. and the brethren seated. our memosses may be cherished with grateful remembrance. when we shall have passed the silent portals. provided with an eatesguisher. so that three steps ate represented On the third one should be an elevation of convenient height. chat is. and the severs 2. The other officers will fake their usual stations and places. and not opened again untill the ceremony is concluded and the Lodge of Sosrow closed. to be used at the proper cone 5 During the first part of the ceremonies the lights set the hall should burn dimly. on cbs contrary. well be seated a brother. the appropriate insignia of his office S When the Lodge is held in memoiy of seveisl brethren. on which is placed an urn. 6 Arrangements should be made to enable the bghts to be increased to brilliancy at the appropriate point en the ceremony.

to contemplate our own approaching dissolution. reliance upon Thy promises. to whose omniscience the paft and the future are but as one eternal present. for what purpose are we assembled? Sensor Warden—To honor the memory of those brethren whom death bath taken from us.” or “Lead Kindly Light. and then reflect that. Worshspful Master—Brother Junsor Warden. to raise our souls above the consideration of this transetory existence. from Thy glorious and eternal day into the dark Brethren—In the midst of life weare in death. Man’s lefe 15 like a flower. sightless and mute. we beseech Thee. br you.” The Worshipful Master. and a firm faith and reliance upon the wisdom and goodness of the great Architect of the Universe Worshspful Master—Brethren. Amid cbs Encircling Gloom.bring to your mind the remembrance of theirwisdom. The choir will then sing an appropriale hymn. night of our error and presumption. who still wander amos=g the delusions of time. . what sentiments should inspire the souls of Masons on occasions lake the present? Jun. thus well you be when the lamp of your brief existence has been burned out. We live but to see those we love passing away into the Silent Land. beginning as follows: Grand Architect of the Universe. but a few days since. and assurance of a place at Thy right hand. MASONIC ~MANUAL. Response—So mote it be. will be a reality. their strength and their beauty. Behold this emblem of mortality. RITUAL FOR A LODGE OF SORROW. within this hollow cavern once played the ready. earnest solicitude for our own eternal welfare.1O6~ ~. beneath thee mouldering canopy once shone the bright and busy eye. will then deliver an address.sor Warden—CaIrn sorrow for the absence of our brethren who have gone before us. look down.” think of yourselves. Think how soon death. and by the remembrance of emmortaisty. wese among us an all the pride and power of life. Amen. and suffer a ray of Thy divine light to penetrate into our hearts.” to this complexion have they come at last. such as “Friend After Friend Departs.” or Brother. li~ice our own. look down upon Thy children. that in them may awaken and bloom the usacertainty of life. in whose holy sight centurses are but as days. which blooms to-day and to-morrow is faded. lalcing the skull in his hand. Thou Art Gone to Rest. swift and tuneful tongue. who stall tremble with dread of dissolutson and shudder at the mysteries of the future. and now. and the wisest cannot kasow what a day may hrsng forth. and invoksng your assistance an the solemn ceremonies about to take place. I declare this Lodge of Sorsow opened The Chaplain will then offer the following or some other suitable prayer. Think of thosc brethren who. commending these sentiments to your earnest consideration. at is eloquent only in thc solcmn lessons it teaches us. once the abode of a spiret. 107 Worshspful Master—Brother Sensor Warden.

we could put aside our manhood. When we came into the world we knew naught of what had been before us. the small trials and mean advantages we have gained. and from this let them learn humility. as we grew up to manhood we learned of the past. like this remnant of humanity. and lay our heads softly down. it seems but as yesterday. jnd upon stretches out an eternity of yeats to c~rn the narrow boundary between the past and the present flickers the puny taper we term our hfe. or be happy in the possession of a bauble. by a simple effort of the will. like one of an immortal soul. are fast approaching. When we look back upon the happy days of our childhood. however humble. and seek again the loving caresses of a mother. but only through the eye of faith can we behold what is to come hereafter. And when God sends his angel to us with the scroll of Death let us look upon it as an act of mercy. the works of mercy and justice. our sun is sinking in the west. the coffin of hope. how little in dignity above the puny struggles of ants over a morsel of food or for the possession of an inch of soil. and only through a firm reliance up- . the petty strifes and bitternesses. but rather the noble thoughts. when the dawning intellect first began to exercise its powers of thought. and trodden under foot. and that. and that they a~e but drops in the great ocean of humanity. and 0 how much more swift is the passing of our declining yearsthan whenwestarted upon the journey and believed. that ennoble and light up the existence of every honest man. to prevent many sins and many calamities of a longer life. and live for good when his body. Centuries upon centuries have rolled away behind u \ before us 1c. let us hope. as theyoung are too apt to believe that the roseate hues of the rising sun of our existence were always to be continued. the jealousies and heart-b ornings. my brethren. And liei down to pieaiant dreami cast aside. The most of us. and could we now realixe the idea that our last day had come. 109 aITiJAL FOR A LODGE OF 5OititOW. from the begining of the world to our day. we saw the flowers bloom as they had bloomed for centuries. on the Divine promLses can we satisfy the yearnings The cradle speaks to us of remembrance. we beheld the orbs of day and night pursuing their endless course among the stars. Who wraps the drapery of his couch about him. and as they pursued it from the birth of light we learned what men had thought and said and done. is mouldering in its parent dust Let the proud and vain consider how soon the gaps are filled that are made in society by those who die around them. but. our whole earthly life would seem but as the space of time from yesterday until to-day.108 MASONIC MANUAL. or have already passed the meridian of life. and how soon time heals the wound that death inflicts upon the loving heart. of a blessed trust in a glotions immortality. the words of truth. What shall survive us? Not. and a never ending existence beyond the gloomy portals of the tomb! Let these reflections convince us how vain are all the wranglings and bittemesses engendered by the collisions of the world.

at least. to Thee. RITUAL FOR A LODGE OF 5ORROW. 111 For this. are the duties of a good man and a true Mason.I 110 MASONIC MANUAL. Worshspful Master (calling up the Lodge)—Lord. man learns by death that his calamities are not immortal. and we fly away. he fleeth also as a shadow. and as a watch in the night. ye children of men. Sensor Wardeu—Who knoweth the power of Thine anger? Even according to Thy fear. Junior Warden—For all our days are passed away in ‘l’hy wrath. Worshipful Master—For we are consumed by Thine anger.years are three score years and ten. Singing of hymn by choir. yet through the scent of water it will bud . Junior Warden—So teach u~ to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. or cut down. but I perceive Him not. The Master and Wardens resume their seats: the brethren are sealed. his day. and who can hinder Him~ hold Man that is born of woman is of few days and full of trouble. and by Thy wiath are we troubled. Junior Warden—In the morning it flourishes and groweth up. we spend our years as a tale that is told. our secret sins in the light of Thy countenance. in the evening it is cut down and withereth. He cometh forth like a flower and is cut down. Juwior Warden—Thou turnest man to destruction and sayest. Worshipful Master—For a thousand years in thy sight are but as ycstcrdny when it is past. Sensor Wardeu—Before the mountains were brought forth or ever thou hadst formed the earth and the world. that it will sprout again. Worshspful Master—The days of out. Thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations. He passeth on also. For there is hope of a tree if it. and if by reason of strength they be four score years. who reidi or recites the following. Though the roots thereof wax ~id in the earth and the stock thereof die in the ground. or other appropnaie passage. of Scripture: Chaplasu—Loi He goeth by me. Be1 He taketh away. in the ~uorning they are like grass which groweth up. Sensor Warden—Thou car nest them away as with a flood. and I see Him not. and eontin~ieth not. and that the t’ender branch th~reof will not cease. Seeing his days are determissed the number of his months are with Thee. To bear grief honorably and temperately. Thou hast appoint~d his bounds that he cannot pass. they arc as aleep. Sensor Warden—Thou hast set our iniquities before Thee. as an hireling.” or piece of solemn music. even from everlasting to everlasting. Thou art God. Return. till he shall aceostiplish. yet is their strength labor and sorrow: for it is soon cut off. so is Thy wrath. and the Chaplain rises. my Cod. suth as Nearer. and to die willingly. turn from him that he may rest.

where our rest together is in the dust. Whpm I shall see for myself and mine eyes shall behold. in this ‘hour of gloom ‘and darkness. and not another. what shall Senior Warden—Worshipfof Sir. Behold! for peace I had great bitterness. yet will I look again toward Thy holy temple.ap lieth down and riseth not. in the midst of the seas. and the flesh cleaves from t we do? he bones. save the thsee small burning tapers at the East. the four brethren around the catafaique will also extinguish their tapers. the light of nature and of reason fails us here. then the Master will address the Senior Warden: RITUAL FOR A LODGE OF soaaow. and let me alone. man giveth up the ghost and where is he? As the waters fail from the sea. Then I said. and the flood decayeth and drieth up. without any order.” And where is now thy hope? As for my hope. all thelights in the ball put oni. that they were graven with an iron pen and lead in the rock forever!. death cannot celebrate Thee. when the shin slips from the fingers. yea. and where the light is as darkness. For I know that my Redeemer liveth. “Thou art my father. after another period of silence. the living he shall praise Thee as I do this day. till the heavens be no more they shall not awake nor be raised out of their. 118 I said. I have said to corruption. and of the shadow of death. Ohi that my words were now written. And though after my skin worms shall destroy this body. who will see it? They shall go down to the bars of the pit. but Thou hast in love to my soul delivered it from the pit of corruption. that I may take comfort a little before I go whence I shall not return even to the land of darkness. Worshipful Master—Brother Senior Warden. in the cutting off of my day I shall go to the gates of the grave. The w~ters compassed me about. For Thou cast me into the deep. the living.112 MASONIC MANUAL. my purposes are broken off. My days are passed. West and South Stations.the weeds were wrapped about my head. I shall not see the Lord. I said. A land of darkness as darkness itself. the grave is mine house. yet in my flesh shall I see God. even to the soul. My bone cleaveth to my skin and to my flesh. For the grave cannot praise Thee. An interval of profound silence. I am cast out of Thy sight. I shall behold man no more with the inhabitants of the world. I am deprived of the residue of my years. even the thoughts of my heart. all Thy billows and Thy waves passed over me. The feeble rays penetrate not the darkness of the tombi Let us . very sfcsely. then.fortl~i boughs like a plant. But man dieth and wasteth away. and the shadow of death. Low Twelve will be sounded on a gong. Are not my days few? Cease. Oh that they were printed in a book. and He shall stand at the latter day upon the earth. A and bring. I have made my bed in the darkness. so m. even the Lord in the land of the living. If I wait. when death stares us in the face. and Thy floods compassed me about. sleep. the dept>s closed me round a~out~.

Worshipful ~bster—Brother Chaplain. always continniing distinct and legible. not erase the salutary lessons engraved there. and assist me in paying the last Masonic honors to to our departed brethren. but ‘the result of the great law of harmony by which everything is being conducted to a good and perfect issue in the fullness of Thy time. The procession will move once around the catafalque to slow s nd solemn music (Pleyei’s Hymn is very appropriate). Masons should always remember that when human strength and wisdom fail. And td Thy name shall be ascribed the praise forever. Love and . lead us in addressing our earnest petitions to that Almighty Father. The Wardens. Deacons and Stewards will now approach the East and f6rm a procession. who ever lends a listening ear to His suffering children. who art in heaven. 5I¶rUAL FOR A LODGE OF SORROW. join me around these solemn emblems of mortality. that we may serve Thee in spirit and pnderstanding. and that our sorrows are not the visitations of Thy wrath. and reminding us that as these children of an hour will droop and fade away. and inciting us so to fill the brief span of our existence that we may leave to our survivors a sweet savor of remembrance. make us and them wiser and better. and make us more punctual:n the perfonnance of the duties that Friendship. too. through the medium of prayer. .Honor demand When it comes to us also to. so.’ 7 ‘“I tt -‘ -‘/ ‘ Two Stewaids with white sods. we shall soon follow those who have gone before us. And whatever distress and trouble may hereafter come upon’ us. supported by the Senior and Junior Deacons with black rods. 116 Response—so mote it be. Amen. Be with us now. emblematical of that pure life to which they have been called. the piocession wil halt and open to the ri5ht and left. as it heals the wounds thus inflicted upon our hearts and upon the hearts of those who were near and dear to them. On srriving at the East. it liath pleased Thee to take from among us those who were our brethreh. Let the loss of our brethren increase our affection for those who are yet spared to us. xviii say Junior Warden—In memory of our departed brethren. your advice was timely and well. they have an lnexhaustible fountain of both open to them from above. Two Wade 05. thus.114 MAsONiC MANUAL’. j#-The Worshipful Master. and. The Junior Warden will then advance to the cat afalque. placing upon it a bunch of white flowers. Let time. Worshipful Master—Brother Senior Warden. Chaplain—Our Father. but let those ldssons. with columns. Brothers Senior and Junior Wardens. may we ever be consoled by the reflection that Thy wisdom aisd Thy love are equally infinite. die may a firm and abiding trust in Thy mercy dispel the gloom and dread df dissolution. 1~ look above to Him whose omniscience ruleth both death and the grave. I deposit these white flowers.

so one by one we lay us down in the darkness of ths tomb to wait in its calm repose for the time when the heaven shall pass away as a sosoll. for He is good. Ict us be reminded by the evergreen. Here the Funeral Grand Honors are gsven twice. nature will have its way. the Master having returned to his place in the East. that in our archives their names are written. the good deeds. alone survive and bear froit in the lives of tlvusc who stnve to emulate them. give thanks unto the God of Gods. and the spirit unto God who gave it. They will open as hefore. Worshipful Master—Oh. and be comfortedb ythereflection thatthesrmemories will not be forgotten. that the dead are but sleeping. The procession will again he formed. The dust shall return to the earth. And so. In the grave all men are equal. Response—For His mercy endureth forever. Response—For His mercy endoreth forever. the Master will advance and place upon the urn a wreath of evergreen. and move three times around the catafalque to siow music as hefore Arriving in the East. Response—For His mercy endureth forever. While. all repeatmg logether at the last “The wilt of God is accomplishcd So More it he Amen After an interval of profound silence. Deacons and Stewards to their places. and say. and the Senior Warden approachiog the catafaique.116 MASONIC MANUAL. symbol of our faith tn immortal life. and say Sensor Warden—As the sun sets in the west. the heroic Worshipful A’Iaster—Oh. 117 there the Funeral Grand Honors are given cure. the lofty thoughts. and token of that fraternal alliance which binds us while on earth. and after death cometh the resurrection. RITUAL FOR A LODGE OF soasow. atl joining in the responses Worshipful Master—It is appointed unto men once to die. and hIlt’ tears will fall upon the graves of our brethren. and an interval of profound silence will he oliserved. and the Wardens. therefore. that they will still be loved by those who are so soon to follow them. The Senior Warden then returns to his place. and that in our hearts there is still a place for them. to close thc day and herald the approach of night. let us prepare to meet them where there is no parting. The Junior Warden then returns to his place and an interval of profound silence will he ohserved The proceasson will then lie formed and move as hefore to the sound of slow music twice around the catafalque. . will place upon it a wseath of whste flowers. give thanks unto the Lord. the Master will lead in the following service. anA where with them we shall enjoyeternal rest Here the Funeral Grand Honors are given three times. sitcrtlii:ti. and which we hope will finally unite us in heaven. and man standing in the presence of the Infinite. Worshipful Master—Oh. give thanks unto the Lord of Lords. shall realize the true end of his pilgrimage here below. trusting in the tnflnste love and tender mercy of Him without whose knowledge not even a sparrow fails. Let these flowers be to us the symbol of remembrance of all the virtues of our brethren who have preceded us to the Silent Land.

Worshipful Master—To Him who alone doeth great wonders. Response—And the glory of the terrestrial is another. read to us~ from Holy Writ. Response—For E{is mercy endureth forever. It is sown in corruption Response—It is raised in incorruption Chaplain—It is sown in dishonor. Worshipful Master—Oh. Response—F?or His mercy endoreth forever. and another of birds. Ho& are the dc~icI raised up? and with what body do they come? ‘I iou fool. that Great Light in Masonry. Chaplain—It is sown a natural bod~. The Chaplain will then proceed to the catafaique. Response—For His mercy endoreth forever. Response-For His mercy endureth forever. Response—It is raised in power. give thanlis unto God of heaven. Worshipful Master—Who remembered us in our low estatc. to cheer us in our darkness and despondency. it may chance of wheat or of some other grail. another of fishes. Chaplain—There is one glory of the sun and another glory of the moon and another glory ~f the stars Response—For one star differeth from another star in glory. that which thou sowest is not quicknned circept it die. and to every seed his own body All flesh is not the same flesh. Chaplain—So also is the resurrection of the dead.. After which the Master will address the Chaplain as follows: Worshipful Master—Brother Chaplain. /- . Response—It is raised in glory. Response (by all)—And bodies terrestrial. Worshipful Master—To Him that by wisdom made the heaven. but there is one kind of flesh of men. Response-—For 1-Its mercy endoreth forever. where he will conduct the following service 119 Chaplain—But some man will say. but God giveth it a body as it hath pleased Him.118 MASONIC MANUAL. words of comfort and hope. Worshipful Master—The sun to rule by day. There are also celestial bodies. another flesh of beasts. Response—For His mercy endureth forever. Worshipful Master—To Him that made grer~ lights. ~• Response—For His mercy enduceth forever. ChoPlain—But the glory of the celestial is one. and that which thou sowest. Chaplain—It is sr~wn in weakness. Worshipful Master—To Him that stretchcd out the earth above the waters. but hare graio. Response—For His mercy endoreth forever. thou sowost not that body that shall be. Worshipful Master—The moon and stars to rule by night. Response—It is raised a spiritual body: Ch aPla~n—T here is a natural body and -there is a RtTUAL FOR A LODGE OF SORROw.

given. our.120 MASONIC MANUAL. Response-A ~td this mortal must’ put on Unmortality Chaplain—So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption and this mortal. But let their faults and their errors be forgotten and for. Adam. The Chaplain will setum to his place in the East and the choir should sing a triumphant hymn The Master will then add#ess the Orafors who have -heen chosen to pronounce the eulogiums. in the twinkling of an eye. such are theye also that are heavenly. For this corruptible must put on ineorruption. where is thy victory?” the lights in the hall will he raised to great hrsi. and we may now ask ous selves were they just and perfect Masons. let Masonry speak to us through your lips of our deceased brethren.shall have put on immortality then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written: Response-Death is swallowed up in victory. . Response—But we shall all be changed. Worshipful Master—Brother Senior Warden. The Oxator or Orators will thenpionoucice the eulogiuni ni eulogiums. where is thy victory’? As the concluding words are pronounced. they should be interspersed with music Aftec the concluding oration. “0 grave. at the last trump. SITUAL FOR A LODGE OF SoaROw 121 -‘ spiritual body. Response—And as is the heavenly. first n~an. on the dereased hrethren as follows: Worshipful Master—Brother Orators. Cheplain—The first man is of the eaIth. such are they also that are earthy. recollections of our departed brothers have beun refrushed. was made a living soul. earthy. that we may remember and imitate them. the choir will sing a clbsing od~ to the tune of “Old Hundred” CLOSLNO CEREMONY. haney. Response—The last Adam was made a quickening spirit. the four hrethren sittiisg around the catafaique will relight’ the tapers while a strain of triumphant music will he play. and possessed of so many virtues as to overcome their faults and shorteom. The. Should there he more . Response—The second man is the Lord from heaven.eulogiums than one. Chaplain—Behold’ I show you a mystery. where is thy sting. Cheplain—And as we have bornu the image of the earthy. -worthy men. and we shall be changed. simultaneouslg with the turning onof the lights. Response—O Grave. Chaplarnln a moment. who haVe gone away from us. for the trumpet shall sound and the dead shall be raised incorruptible. and recount their virtues. and so it is written. Chaplain—O Death. Tell us the story of their lives. We shall not all sleep. ed. Response—We shall also bear the image of the heavenly. unwearied toilers in the vineyard. for to say that they had these is but to say that the)i were human. Chaplain—As is the earthy.

and the evil is interred with their bones She does require. with her. Masonry has no such tribunal to sit in judgment upon her dead. announce to the brethren that our labors are now concluded. has call&d our ~brethrha hen’ce. the good which her sons have done lives after them. it is the pleasure of the Woishipful Master that it be now closed Worshipful Master—Let us unite with our Chaplain in an invocation to the Throne of Grace. L& Him judge. 123 ings? Answer. no oWe could gain admittance to the sacred asylum of the tomb until he had passed a under the most solemn judgment before a grave tribunal. Junior Warden (calling up the Lodge)—Brethren. ~rother Senior Warden. Worship ful Master—This Lodge of Sorrow is now closed. the will .motrrn fully and pityingly bury him but of her sight. ]n ancient Egypt. where the duties of Freemasonry will be resumed and lit Lodge closed in due form. in silence. and his body was denied the honors of sepulture. and keep onr memories as a pleasant remembrance. whose infinite and tender mercy passeth nfl comprehension. Worshepful Master—Brethren. Senior Warden—Brother Junior Warden. escorted only by ~their virtues and their vices. let us profit by the admonitions of this solemn occasion. Usual closing prayer by the Chaplain. lay to hedrt the truths to which we have listened. the labors of this Lodge of Sorrow being now ended. After the public baa retired. and invite them to assist. these questions as Masons should answer.122 MASONIC MANUAL. A public accuser recounted the history of their lives. and should it ever happen that of a Ma5on who dies nothing goad can be truthfully said. If it were adjudged that the dead man had led an evil life. it may be the privilege of the brethren to strew white flowers upon our graves. He. that whatever is said concerning them shall be the truth. Sensor W rden—Worshipful Sir. his memory was condemned in the presence of the nation. Usual Masonic benediction by the Chaplain The Master will then seat the Lodge in the usual way. and resolve so to walk that when we lay us down to the last sleep. and threw the penetrating light of truth on their actions. Make due announcement to the brethren. and that it is my pleasure that this Lodge of Sorrow be now closed. the procesiaon will then be reformed jathe same order and returnto the place fromwhence it set out. it is the pleasure of the Worshipful Master that it be now closed. the labors of this Lodge of Sorrow being now ended. . whose goodnessendureth forever. man ~udgeth not of man. hdwever. Princes and peasants came there to be judged. RITUAL FOR A LODGE OF SORROw.

Two Stewards. such as churches. or bffildings which are to be used for Masonic purposes. court-houses. and requires the opening of the Grand Lodge. is necessary It is the duty of the local Lodge to see that all the preparations are made. with white rods. and uncovenn~. dressed in black with white gloves and aprons The Grand Lodge is convened at the appointed time. Grand Ojnplain.LAYING CORNER-STONE. Treasurers. and engraved with the year of Masonry in which. It cannot be preformed by a Subordinate Lodge. Secretaries. Past Deputy Gtiand Masters. with white rods. Grand Stewards. ci The Five Orders. Junior Wardens. Deputy Grand Master. the other oil. Senior Deacons. 125 CEREMONY OF LAYING A CORNER STONE. being arranged by the Grand Marshal. with white rods. sets out in the following order Music. This is distinctively a Grand Lodge ceremony. one cont&ntng wine. supported by two Stewards with white rods. or asylums. Level and Plumb. and the official body under whose charge the structure is to be erected. Senior Wardens. PasCGrand Masters. or by some brother acting for him. No corner-stope should be laid with Masonic ceremonies except those of acknowledged public structures. U Grand Wardens. Past of Lodges. These ceremonies are conducted by the Grand Master in person. and the name of the Grand Master by whom. and then only by special request of the proper authorities When practicable. Principal Architect with Square. Two brothers with silver vessels. with drawn sword. Junior Deacons. assisted by the Grand Officers or brethren appointed to fill their places for the time being All affiliated Masons are entitled to a place in the procession. with black rods On arnvangat the structure where the stone is to be laid. ‘Chief Magistrate of the place (if a Mason). Book of Constitutions. under special written authority. two and two. Tiler. school buildings. Past Grand Wardens. Master Masons. Square and Compasses. sufficiently large to accommodate the GraM Master and the officeis of the Grand Lodge. carried by the Master of the 6ldest Lodge. the (hand Master and his officers repair to the platform. Suitable arrangements must be made for lowenng the stone by three gradual motions A platform. Grand Tiler. the stone should be laid in the Northeast corner of the building. Two Stewaids. which will hu surrounded by the rest ol the brpthren . and also the proper solemn ity observed by the spectators A band of music is provided and the brethren appear in the insignia of the Order. Grand Secretary and Grand Tieasurer. the Chief Magistrate and other civil officers of the place. Grand Master. A MastersMasteas. at some convenient amnd suitable place. Past Wardens. and is opened in Ample Foim The proper instructions are given by the Grand Master. The Holy Bible. with drawn sword. it is laid. A brother with a golden vessel containing corn. supported by the two Grand Deacons. after which the procession. carried by a Master of a Lodge. the procession opens to the right and left.

we implore Thee. grace unto it. to first invoke the blessings of God. 0 Lord.scouise music. Some appropriate antheos is then song. 4 men. and furthered by Thy connued help. our present work. create and malce. to assemble the ciaft and lay. and the heaven are the work of Thy hands. 0 God. on which shall rest a building to be closely identified with the highest intesiests of this city and county. plan and mold. kecp Response—So mote it be. And to Thy name will we give all the praise. I therefore command silence and due attention. on invitation. crying grace. completed and preserved by those goodly offices and kindly affections which He requires who will lay judgment to the line. and we. until all worthy brethren’ shall bnng forth the headstone with shoutings. from time immemorial. that among all the changes and chances of this mortal life they may ever be defended by Thy most gracious and ready help. and dispose the way of Thy servants towards the attainment of everlasting salvation. Give Thine angels charge over them.126 MASONIC MANUAL. Creator and upholder of the univcrse. that not one of them be broken. or a choir will lung some appropriate ode: After which the Grand Master will say: As Masons we are taught in all our work that befose engaging in any great or important undertaking. who in the beginning hast laid the foundation of the carth. grace. Vouchsafe to us. that we may discharge the solemn duties of this hour to Thy honor and glory We fervently implore Thy blessing on all who shall be engaged in the erection of this building. May all their bones be kept. Thou. The Grand Master will then say: Right Worshipful Senior Grand Warden. may the good work advance in peace and harmony. In Thee is our wisdom. wisdom and understanding. L~’cllow Crafts and Apprentices be directed by Thy most gracious favor. true and trusty. knowest our needs in this. in Thee is our strength. of which this shall be typical. and righteousness to the plummet. And may that more glorious building. in these our sup-~ plications and prayers. by Thy kind providence. welltried. and call upon you to unite with our Right Worshipful Grand Chapa lain in an address to the Throne of Grace. Thy servants. it has been the custom among the fraternity of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons. with . Eternal God. The band wiU then d. are assembled here to-day to lay this foundation stone. both now and forever. May the Master. be cemented and adorned. And from this corner-stone. as children of Thy creation we. to LAYING CORNER-STONE 127 them in all their ways. too. Assist us mercifully. The Grand Chaplain will then offer the following or an exteniporaneous prayer: Almighty.

an enduring evidence may be found by succeeding generations to bear testimony to the untiring industry of Free and Accepted Masons. it has ever been the custom of the Craft. letting it fall. Has such ii deposit been prepaced? . points first to heaven.that duty. You will therefore observe that order and decorum which becomes the dignity and solemnity of the occasion. No. brethren. will now cause to be tested and tried the corner-stone of this building. let us copy his example I Grand Maiter—Right Worshipful Grand Treaserer. points to the earth and then extends buth arms to their utmost limit Grand Master—It is a good plan. I am here to-day with the officers of the Grand Lodge to perform. it is the ordee of the Most Worshipful Grand Master of Masons of the State of Alabama and its Masonic Jurisdiction. that they. the corner-stone of this building noxs~ in process of erection. on occasions like the present. In obedience to that custom. so that it. in the lapse of ages. may govern themselves accordingly. but have you nothing more to tell me? The Master makes no verbal reply to this question. my order. This you will proclaim to the Craft and all present. the foundation stones of public edifices. but. or the slow but ertain ravages of time should lay bare its founlion. ieiomt them with oil. Junior Grand Warden—Brethren of the Masonic fraternity. and having a~ccepted the invitationof the building committee to lay. then. en due and ancient Masonic form. Senior Grand Warden—Right Worshipful Junior Grand Warden. hut puts his right hand on his heart and presses the forefinger of his left hand on hii lips Grand Master—The Worshipful Master does well. having due -and timely notice thereof. lifting up his eight hand. LAYiNG CORNER-STONE. what will yoor Lodge be like? S The Master answers nothing. If the building is intended for Masonic uses. AGrand Master—Worshipful Master of—— Lo\4ge. the foilowing wIlt lie intrudured. ing solemnity. It is~ therefore. the violence of man. that he may lay the same in due and ancient Masonic form. and he to the craft.— —.128 MASONiC MANUAL. 129 appropriate ceremonies. and deliver them to the Master of the ~building Lodge. that the proceedings of this occasion may be observed with due and becom-. the fury if the elements. and you will proclaim it to the Right Worshipful Junior Grand Warden. to deposit in the cavity of the stone placed at the northeast corncr of the building certain memorials of the period in which it was erected. Sal not otherwise L~he Grand Master will call for the working tools of a Mason. take notice fhat the Most Worshipful Grand Master of Masons of the State of Alabama and its Masonic Jurisdiction. that the corncr-stonc of this building be now laid in due and ancient Masonic form. and others present. and all present. Worshipful Master.

) Let the stone be lowered two-thirds of the distance. Our lines we raise. • Grand Marshal—Craftsmen.) During the lowering of the stone appropriate music will be lornished by the band. to the tune of “Old Hundred” Master Supremel to Thee this day. Then. Architect. that all may be nformed. when the Grand Master spreads the cement over the top of the stone on which the corner -stone will rest Grand Master—Right Worshipful Grand Secretary you will read the list of memorials. But squseely hewed and broadly planned. and presents the Gr~d Master with a trowel.hlars grand By Thee. The Giand Secretary then reads the list ol articles. grant that ages upon ages shall pass away ere it again be seen by human eyes. the coins and currency of the country. To Thee. a list of the OflIrial Board having charge of its erection. you will direct the Craftsmen to furnish the cement. let the stone be lowered one-third of the distance Brethren. 131 Grand Treasurer—It has. and the memorials are now in the casket before you. a list of the officers 01 the Grand Lodge for the curient year and ol the officers of the acting Grand Lodge by whom the stone is laid. All respond—So mote it be. (The order is obeyed. The widow’s son his help shall find. our work destined. Brethren. Grand Mastes—Right Worshipful Grand Marshal. etc. And resting on Thy word lulfilid. The cement is furnished by the Creftamen. and the Architect to be prepared to lower the stone to its proper position. or the following may be sung by the choir. At the conclusion of the reading of the articles deposited: Grand Master—Right Worship lul Grand Treasurer you will now deposit the casket in the cavity prepared for it. you will fumish the is~ilitint. and. Our corner-stone with praise we lay. join with me in the Public Grand Honors once. and if the holding is for Masonic uses a roll of the building Lodge. the Grand Treasurer will make the deposit Grand Master Architect. the order of procession and the progriimme of the occasion. during music. in His infinite wisdom. to which there may be added copies of the local papers.130 MASONIC MANUAL. like ai. LAYING cORNER-STONE. Most Worshipful Grand Master. (The order is obeyed. and the Architect states that the stone is ready to be Ioweeed. 0 Lord. . amongst which there should be a copy of the Holy writings. join with me in the Public Grand Honors by three times three (The order is obeyed. and if the building is a church oi public edifice. you will be lilepared to lower the stone as you may be directed. and may the Grand Architect of the Universe. 0 Lord’ our house we build Nor build we here with stcength alone Or carven wood or sculptured stone. the Public Grand Honors twice. the names of the public officers of the city and county.) Let the stone be lowered to its position Brethren.

Grand Master—What are its moral and Masonic uses? Junior Grand Warden—Morally. The Craftsmen have performed their duty. 0 Master’ Lord’ in Thee’ in Thee’ TING CORNER-STONE. Most Worshipful Grand Master. for trembling youth. The Grand Master. Level. and prove our work Grand Master— Apply the implement of your Senior Grand Warden—Most Worshipful.132 LATINO CORNER-STONE. The Deputy Grand N sate. In Faith we toil. Grand Master—What are its moral and Masonic uses? Deputy Grand Master—To square our actions by the square of virtue. what is the jewel of your office? Senior Grand Warden—The Level. it teaches rectitude of conduct. our Arch sublime. and we use it to try perpendiculars. Most Worshipful Grand Master. and says Most Woishipful Grand Master. Grand Master—Right Worshipful Senior Grand Warden. Level and Square. Grand Master—Right Worshipful Junior Grand Wai den. taking the three soplements is his hand’ dutributes them successively. I present you the Plumb. Grand Master—What are its moral and Masonic uses? Sentor Grand Warden—Morally it teaches us equality. in Hope we climb To Charity. The Craftsmen have perlormed their duty. those useful implements of the Craft. And evermore the Key-stone see. And we shall frame. the necessary preparations having been made for laying the corner-stone of this building. applies the Square to the stone and says. The order is obeyed. Grand Master—Right Worshipful Deputy Grand Master. true and trusty. and its use is to lay honizontals. 133 LAX iflice to that portion of the corner-stone which needs to be proved. . what is the jewel of your office? Deputy Grand Master—The Square. The winding stairs that lead to Truth. the Plumb to the Junior Grand Warden. the Level to the Senior Grand Warden. and Square. saying’ Most Worshipful Grand Master. the Square to the Deputy Grand Master. and make report. Grand Master—Apply the implement of your office to the corner-stone and make report. by whith you will be able to ascertain that the materials have been properly prepared. The principal Aichitect then presents the Grand Master with the Plumb. Most Worshipful Grand Master. what is the jewel of your office! Junior Grand Warden—The Plumb. I find the corner-stone to be level. and the corner-stone you are about to lay well formed. I find the cornerstone to be square.

May the Great Ruler of the Universe bless and prosper our national. harmony and brotherly love. state and city governments. Response—So mote it be. standing in front of all and extending his hands makes the following INVOCATION. according to the rules of our ancient craft. the twl LAYING CORNERSTONE. that they may know sorrow and trouble no more. will say Grand Master—This corner-stone has been duly tested by tL~e proper implements of Masonry I find that the Craftsmen have skillfully and faithfully performed their duty. Response—So mote it be . The Grand Master approaches the stone and striking it three times with his gravel. and scattering it on the stone. protect the workmen agaiQst every accident. says Junior Grand Warden—Most Worshipful. Senior Grand Warden then comes forward with the yesof wint. and pouring upon the stone. and I do declare the stone to be well jormed. assist in the erection and completion of this building. and upon like patriotic and benevolent undertakings.134 MASONIC MANUAL. and so bestow mercy upon the bereaved and afflicted. 135 Grand Master—Apply the implement of your office to the several edges of the corner-stone and make report. Response—So mote it be The junior Grand Warden then comes forward with the vessel of oil. and may the grand Master of heaven and earth shelter and protect the widow and orphan. wisdom and gratitude. and may it be a bond of friendship and brotherly love that shall endure through all time. be continued and completed by the benign principles of peace. May the blessings of bounteous heaven be showered upon us. and correctly laid. long preserve the structure from decay. preserve the union of the States. May its blessings abide with us continually. I find the corner-stone to be plumb The Craftsmen have performed their duty. and grant to us I scatter this corn as an emblem oE plenty. And may this work. Let the elements of consecration now be presented~ The Deputy Grand Master comes foiward with the vessel of corn. shield and defend them from the trials and vicissitudes of the world. and inspire the hearts of the people with virtue. The Grand Master. true and trusty. conveniences and comforts of life. auspicously begun. says I pour this wine as an emblem of joy and gladness. The order is obeyed. and pouring it upon the stone. May the all-bounteous Author of nature bless the inhabitants of this place with an abundance of the necessaries. says I pour this oil as an emblem of peace.

that it may answer every purpose for which it is intended. Air—America Hail. Unless our Craft were good and our calling honorable.onry: Men and bietheen here assembled. We are assembled hese to-day in the face of you all. it will be carried on. A men. casorce. till time shall be no more. and not repugnant to the laws of God or man.ste object. but these secrets are lawful and honorable. it LAYING CORNER-STONE. concealed from A voluntary collection is then made by the Grand Stewards mong the brethren for the needy worlcmen. be it known unto you that we be lawful Masons. nor should we have been honored with the patronage of so many illustrious men in all ages. Glory of ages shine. by solemn obligations to erect magnificent buildings. who have ever shown themselves ready to promote oar interests and defend os from all adversaries. as Grand Master of Masons. ii iong us. and promoting harmony and brotherly love throughout the world. assist me in giving the Public Grand Honors. The Grand Master then delivers over to the Architect the implements of Archeectirre. and ho sum thos collected is plated upon the stone by the Grand I. it is our duty to convey them unimpaired to the latest posterity. we should not have lasted for so many centuries. intrusting you with the superintendence and direction of the work. Grand Master—Brethren. laid the corner-stone of this structure. Masonry divine. during which the following tong is song in honos of RI i. harmony and beauty. and having been faithfolly transmitted to us. to a happy ending. and perfected in strength.136 MASONIC MANUAL. secrets which cannot be divulged. Response—So mote it be. to be serviceable to the brethren. by God’s will. Long marit thou ieign Whereer thy Lodges stand. to your credit and the satisfaction and honor of those who have trusted you with the work. true and faithful to the laws of our coontry. we pray God may deserve to prosper. I now deliver these implements of your profession into yotir hands. and which have never hcen found out. and to fear God. and the oil of joy. We have the eyes of all men. having full confidence in your skill and capacity to conduct the same in such a manner that the building may rise in order. by becoming a place of concourse for good men. . Some appropriate anthem may now be sung Then follows an ORATION or the Grand Master may address the assembly as follows 1 Great Architett of the Universe.having thus far. They were intrusted in peace and honor to the Masons of ancient times. having no doubt that as it has been happily begun. and engaged. [37 all a supply of the corn of nourishment. or other approi. as may be soggested by the Grand Master. to build a house. saying Worthy Brother (or Sir). which. the wine of refreshment.

139 Lord lift up His countenance upon us and give us peace. Amen. and in Ample form. rhc following or some other appropriate benediction is then pronoi. great Israel’s King. And left os room to sing. Response—So mote it be. Solomon.:18 MASONIC MANUAL. and in Ample Form. And always grace the land. Did all the craft direct How they should build. Did mighty blessings bring. Hail. After which the procession retuens in the same order to the place whence it set out. I proclaim that this corner-stone is laid agreeably to the usages cf Ancient Craft Masonr~r. Grand Mars/sal—By order of th~ Most Worshipful Grand Master of Masons of the State of Alabama and its Masonic Jur~sdiction. And giace the acure skies— Great are thy schemes.inccd by the Grand Chaplain face The Lord bless us and keep us: the Lord make His to shine upon us and be gracious unto us the . and the Grand Lodge is closed in Ample Form Grand Master—Right Worshipful Grand Marshal. Thou art divine Great labrirs still arise. the Architect. May they have great command. Royal AnT LAYING CORNER-STONE. make proclamation that this cori’ser-stone has been laid agiceably to the usages of Ancient Crait Masonry. No art with thee can share Thou art divine I-firan. Thy noble orders are Matchless beyond compare.

The Lodge. when the foundation of this fabric was laid (presenting to the Grand Master the Square. The Architect or brother who has had the management ofthe structure then addresses the Grand Master as follows: room the Grand Honors are given. borne by two Past Masters. and that of the Grand Lodge. I now return my thanks foi the honor oF this appointment. Master of the Oldest Lodge. Deputy Grand Master. Thc Lodge is placed in front of the alter. supported by Senior and Junior Grand Deacons When the Grand Officers arrive at the centre of the Lodge• Master of the Lodge to which the hall to he dedicated belongs then rises and addresses the Grand Master as follows. tarried by four brethren. Past Grand Masters. towards the East. Grand Stewards. Senior Grand Warden. according to the best of my ability. 141 DEDICATION OF MASONIC HALLS. A Past N drawn sword. bearing the Holy writings. accomplished the task assigned me. Square and Compasses. agreeably to ancient form and usage. Two burning tapers. carrying a silver vessel with wine. Grand Secretary and Grand Treasurer. An ode Brother Architect The skill and fidelity displayed in the execution of the trust reposed in you at the may be sung . To which the Grand Masies replies. Most Worshipful Grand Master. Past Deputy Grand Masters. Level and Plumb). with white rods. being animated with a desire to promote the honor and interest ol the Craft. carrying a golden vessel with oil. Grand Master. Thc Grand officers then repair to their respective statsons. Tho Most Wotshspful Grand Master: The brethren of Lodge. carrysog a sffver vessel with corn. when the Grand Lodge moves to the hall to be dedicated in the following order: Music Grand Tiler. Grand Chaplain. that it be solemnly dedicated to Masonic purposes. covered with white linen. meet in a convenient room near the place where the ceremony is to be performed and the Grand Lodge is opened iii Ample Form The procession is then formed under the direction of the Grand Marshal. and if it should meet thejI approbation. humbly hoping that the exertions which have been made on this occasion will be crowned with your approbation.K> DEDICATION OF MASONIC HALLS. They are desirous that the same should be examined by the Grand Lodge. Having been intrusted with the superintendence and management of the workmen employed in the construction of this edafice. and having. aad beg leave to surrender up the implements which werc committed to my care. and the gold and silver vessels and lights are placed acoond it. Past Grand Wardens. At the time appointed for the celebration of the ceremony of dedicatiOn the Grand Master and his officers. w. Junior Grand Warden. accompanied by the members of the Grand Lodge. have erected a Masonic Hall for their Convenience and accomodation. carrying a book of Constitutions.

When the procession arsives it the East it halts. Let Faith be the foundation of our Hope. And when the time of our labor is drawing near to an end. Grand Stewards. May all the proper work of our institution that may be done in this house be such as Thy wisdom may approve and Thy goodness prosper. and Charity the frmt of our obedience to Thy revealed will. and make them true and faithful to Thee. graciously enable us to pass through the “valley of the shadow of death. continued and ended in Thee. and the plan upon which it has been constructed. Jumor Grand Wsrden. eacepting osly at the interval of dedication Most Worshipful Grand Master The hall in which we are now assembled. Square. and the pillar of our strength is declining to the ground. according to ancient form and usage. and Compisses. wheresoever dispersed. and peace. and Governor of everything Thou hast made. Almighty and ever-glorious and gracious Lord God. with vessel of corn. and bless and prosper all our works begun. Two Past Masters.” supported by Thy rod and Thy staff.142 MASONIC MANUAL DEDICATION OF MASONIC BALLS. and the Beauty of haimony and holiness in all our communications and work. 143 commencement of this undertaking have secured the entire approbation of the Grand Lodge. where love. Senior Grand Warden. finally. each with a light. The Deputy Master then sues and says CONSECRATION PRAYER. mercifully look upon Thy servants. with drawn sword. and to themselves. and they sincerely pray that this edifice may continue a lasting monument of the taste. Creator of all things. spirit and liberality of its founders. Graciously bestow upon us Wisdom in all our doings. which continues dunng the procession. Grand Secretary and Treasurer. and joy forever reign before Thy throne. during which solemn music is played Grand Tiler. graciously be pleased. the music ceases and the Grand Chaplain makes the following . And. with vessel of wine. with Bible. Response—So mote it be All the other brethren keep their places and assist in singing the ode. now assembled in Thy name and in Thy presence. 0 Thou Sovereign Architect of the Universe. having met with your approbation it is the desire of the Fraternity that it should be now dedicated. A Past Master. Deputy Grand Mastcr with vessel of oil. supported by Senior and Junior Grand Deacons. Stiength of mind in all our difficulties. The Lodge is then uncovei ed and a it procession is made around in the following form. to bless the Craft. Grind Master. with light. A Past Itt astec. Amen. to those mansions beyond the skies. to their neighbor. with white rods. supported by Giand Stewards with white rods.

While we adore thy peaceful reign. an emblem of that joy which should animate every bosom on the completion of every important undertaking. The thsrd procession is then formed around the Lodge.144 MASONIC MANUAL. The Grand Master then sprinkles the wine upon the Lodge ssying: The first procession being made around the Lodge. descend. with goodness crowned. The Grand Honors are given Bring with thee Virtue. to whom all honor and glory. I present you thss vessel ref wine. bring Truth. And with thee bring thy spotless train. the emblem of refreshment. saying Most Worshipful Grand Master: In the dedica5rial tions of to pour corn upon the Lodge. this vessel of oil. Constant oui sacred rites attend. to be used according to ancient custom. it has been as an emblem of nourishment I. therefore. While social Mirth shall lend her aid To smooth the wrinkled brow of care The second procession is then made around the Lodge. having been used by our ancient brethren in the dedication and consecration of their Lodges. DEDICATION OF MASONIC HALLS. I do solemnly dedicate this hall to Universal Benevolence. Bnng Charity. saying: In the name of the whole Fraternity. to be employed by you according to ancient usage. ssyisg Most Worshipful Grand Master: I present you. present you this vessel of corn. The Grand Master then pours the oil upon the Lodge. saying In the name of the great Jehovah. The Grand Master then. and the Deputy Grand Master presents the vessel ot oil to the Grand Mastei. the Grand Master having reached the East. striking pours the corn upon the Lodge. bring Friendship here. The Grand Honors are twice repeated. and the Senior Grand Warden presents the vessel of svine to the Grand Master. I do solemnly dedicate this ball to Freemasonry. 145 • Most Worshipful Grand Master. saying thrice with his gavel~ In the name of the holy Saints John. To every comer of the Globe. . brightest maid’ Bring Love. Encircled in thy heavenly robe’ Diffuse thy blessings all around. the Junior Grand Warden pre sents the vessel of corn to the Grand Master. to be used on the present occasion according to Masonic form. I do solemnly dedicate this hall to Virtue. Wine. ODE Air—Old Hundred Genius of Masonry.of immem custom Masonic Halls.

in needful supply. The Grand Marshel will then slowly re-cover the emblem o~ the Lodge. It reminds us. and I do hereby proclaim that this hall has been solemnly dedicated to ~. Gresrd Marshaf—I am directed by the Most WorShIpleil Grand Master to proclaim. sprung from heaven.) All interested will take due notice and govern themselves accordingly. then. Some suitable ode is then sung: INVOCATION. and adorned in Beauty. the Giver of every good and perfect gift. afte: which the Grand Master will resume his chair and the other Grand Officers will take their respective stations and places The following or an appropriate original ORATION is then delivered: Grand ~aster—Right Worshipful Grand Marshal. DEDICATION OF MASONIC HALLS. and magnify Him. and liolyl the West (here the SeesorGsO4ld Warden strrkes Brethren: The ceremonies we have perfonned are not unmeaning rites. Suffer me to point it out to you. Response—SO mote it be. 147 The Grand Honors are chrsce repeated. Let. nor the amusing pageants of an idle hour. standing before the Lodge. and from the South (here the Junsor Grand Warden sfrskes one rap wrth hss gavel). Once (here the Junsor Grand Warden sfrskes once wsth hrs gavel). flIso. you will make proclamation that the hall in which we are now assembled has been solemnly dedicated to the purposes of freemasonry in Ample Form. and to hope in Him for the reward of its labors. designed and built by Wisdom. in all our works. then makes the following •one rap wsfh his gavel). begun and finished to acknowledge. in His fear to enter the door of the Lddge. The Grand Cheplain. By mystIc secrets. and to impress upon your minds the ennobling sentiments they are so well adapted to convey. sup ported by Strength.e porposes of Freemasonry in Ample Form ‘I’his proclamation is made from the East (here the (reird Master strikes osie rap auth hss gavel). alt gratitude be given. bless the brethren here assembled. adore. and its lofty arch resound with His praise. Who deigned the human soul to raise. May the eye which seeth in secret witness herk the sincere and . twice (here the Sensor Grand Warden sfrskes twsce wsfh his gavel). the corn of nourishment. its altar be devoted to His service. thrice (here the Grand Master strskes thrsce wsfh hss gavel. in all their lawful undertakings. and grant to each one of them. we are first to consecrate in the name of the great Jehovah. accompanied by a strain of music. To heaven’s high Architect all prsise. the wine of refreshment and the oil of ~oy A men. which teaches us. This hail. All praise. but have a solemn and instructive import. to put our trust in Him while passing its trials. And may the Lord.116 MASONIC NANUAL.

it is our distinguished privilege to dwell together in peace. that it may be exercised with less inteiruption and less ostentation. Ous march around the Lodge reminds us of the travels of human life. my brethren. Our step is time. in the assurance that every brother will dedicate his affections and his abilities to the same generous purpose. and a pleasant path Its tesselated pavement of Mosaic-work intimates to us the ehequered diversity and uncertainty of human affairs. interrupt the progress of humanity and the cause of benevolence. is the significant meaning of the solemn rites we have just performed. political animosities. and engage in plans to perfect individual and social happiness. our progression. a safe. Brethren: It is our pride that we have our names on the record of Freemasonry. and by the ignorant with apprehension. and its glory will outsound our praise. While in many other nations our Order is viewed by politicians with suspicion. in which Masonry is an enlightened. But its worth transcends our eneomiums. we honor ouiselves. Their import and their application is familiar to you all. \vith effective and impressive pertinency. In its prosperity. and to cheer the whole circle of life. in paying it honor. to make it the object of jealousy or mistrust. Our private assemblies are unmolested.ts credit and. Such. my brethren. as rays fiom the centre. eternity. This worthy appropriation will always be duly regarded. In their knowledge and their exercise may you fulfill the high purposes of the Masonic Institution. he will extend his benevolent regards and good wishes to the whole family of mankind. we trust. so we dedicate this hall to Universal Benevolence. that while he displays a warm and cordial affection to those who are of the Fiaternity. contentions and wars. are advancing . DEDICATION OF MASONIC MALLS 149 unaffected piety which withdraws from the engagements of the world to silence and privacy. with mystic rites we dedicate this hall to the honor of Freemasonry Our best attachments are due to the Craft. in this county its members are too much respected and its principles too well known. to improve. . nor show how they diverge. I need not enlarge upon them now. and. its usefulness. How many pleasing considerations. we find our joy. attend the present interview! While in almost every other association of men. and our public celedrations attract a more general approbation of the Fraternity Indeed. Following our ancient Constitutions. to enlighten. are cherished in our hearts and illustrated in oui lives. while the moral duties which our sublime lectures inculcate. because such are the peculiar duties of every Lodge.148 MASONIC MANUAL. As Freemasonry aims to enhven the spirit of Philanthropy and piomote the cause of Chasity. May it be our high ambition that they should shed a lustre on the immortal page! The hall is also dedicated to Virtue. its importance.

in the building of God. eternal in the heavens The Grand Master will then call up the brethren and request the Grand Chaplain to pronounce a suitable BENEDICTION Lodge is sgain formed in procession. Wardens. their union to strengthen. and open the Lodge. Inlike manner it. is your duty to spread light and instruction to the Is ethren of this Lodge. may we be admitted to the brotherhood of the perfect. rising in the east.May their hall be the happy resort of piety. as well as reflect the highest credit on the respectable Lodge for whose accoftimodatiois and at whose expense it is erected. and this noble apartment. as at first. returns to the room where it opened and is closed in Ample Form INSTITUTING A LODGE UNDER DISPENSATION The new Lodge will meet in its hall. segularly diffuses light and lustre to all within its circle. the officiating officer will cause the dispensation to be read by the acting Secretary This being accomplished the officiating officerwill then cause the officers named in the warrant to assume their respective stations. officers and members of the Lodge We commend their zeal and hope it will meet with the most ample recompense. The Grand Lodge having committed to your case the superintendence and government of the brethren who are to compose this new Lodge. to a height unknown in any former age.150 MASONIC MANUAL. reputation. fitted up in a style of such elegance and convenience. and their happiness to abound’ And when they and we all shall be removed from the labors of the earthly Lodge. does honor to Freemasonry. Forcibly impress upon The Giand . filling the various stations rn Ism The Lodge being opened in the thud degree. We ofler our best congratulations to the Worshipful Master. virtue and benevolence. which. and the Grand Mastrr or his deputised officer. while the happiness of the members will be generally promoted in psoportion to the zeal and ability with which you propagate the gentune principles of Freemasonry. you cannot be insensible of the obligations which devolve on you as their head. The present occasion gives fresh evidence of the increasing affection of its friends. may it be protected from accidents and long remain a monument of their attachment to Freemasonry! May their Lodge continue to flourish. when the officiating officer will deliver the following charges- CHARGE TO THE MASTER. nor of your responsibility for the faith[ul discharge of the important duties pertaining to your appointmentThe honor. For a pattern consider the great luminary of l4ature. the hall not made with hands. will take his seat in the East.and usefulness of this Lodge will matenally depend upon your skill and assiduity. After which the names of the officers appointed by the Master of the new Lodge will be announced.

by amiable. (who are called up by three raps): You have been formed under a CHARGE TO THE WARDENS Brothers Senior and Junior Wardens (who are called up by two raps) You should he examples of good order and regularity. I enter- dispensation into a Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons. Lodges are first instituted under dispensation as test of the ability of the officers and brethren to properly perform the duties incumbent upon them. and seriously admonish them never to disgrace it. and virtuous conduct. in diffusing light and imparting Loowledge to all whom he shall place under your care.gular Lodges. In short. the world may know that he is one to whom the burdened heart may pour out its sorrows. and might icsult in the recalling of your dispensation. and your continuance as a Lodge under dispensation is sub3ect to the will and pleasure of the Grand Master. who may at any time revoke Ihe authority under which you are now working. discreet. and are empowered to confer the several degrees of Ancient Craft Masonry. and whose heart is expanded by benevolence. they are constitu ted and formed into ii. they are found worthy and wull qualified. . It is your duty. as any departure therefrom may subject you to censure. AXF. that you can expect obedience to them from others.You are assiduously to assist the Master. M. Brethren of Lodge IJ. you will be enabled to merit the confidence reposed in you. 153 them the dignity and high importance of Masonry. ancient landmarks and regulations of Masonry. In the ahsence of the Master you will succeed to the higher duties. to whom distress may prefer its suit. tarn no doubt that your future conduct will be such as to merit the approval of your brethren and the lestimony of a good conscience. so that. and if. and in order to do so you should carefully study all of its ptovisions. and above all the Holy Scriptures. by a diligent observance of the laws of our Grand Lodge.D. as officers and members. and. Charge them to practice out of the Lodge those duties which they have been taught in it. Your authority is strictly limited by the law of the Grand Lodge. in your own conduct. to convince mankind of the goodness of the institution. &A. CHARGE TO THE BRETHREN OF THE LODGE. and to transact the necessary business incident thereto. your acquirements must therefore he such that the Craft may never suffer for want of proper instiuction l?iom the spirit which you have hitherto evinced. for it is only hy a due segard to the laws. which are given as the sule and guide to your faith. after due trial. whose band is guided by justice. with full power to work under charter. when a person is said to be a member of it. of Alabama.152 MASONIC MANUAL iNSTITUTION UNDER DISPENSATiON. to strictly obel the law.

and counsel you in all your doings. 2. and Lodges are required to conform strictly thereto. The Lord make his face shine upon you. Bear in mind that the stability of Lodge depends upon the quality of its members. so the standing of a Masonic Lodge is measured by its weakest member. No man can add to or shed lustre upon Freemasonry. Officers of the Lodges under dispensation are not entitled to be installed. of has been duly instituted in conformity to the rites of our institution and the charges of our ancient and honorable Fraternity. [55 In addition to observing the law. As the strength of a chain is tested by its weakest [ink. ~. The Secretary will commence his . The Grand Lodge has its own esoteric or secret work. and’ not upon the number upon whom its favors are bestowed. CONCLUDING INSTRUCTIOI’45 1 The Instituting Officer may conclude with such personal instructions as he deems proper Eor the occasion. direct. Response (by all the brethren)—So mote it be. The Lord bless you and keep you. as we have a right to know that every Freemason you create is entitled to be greeted by the Fraternity as a friend and brother wheresoever disporscd throughout the globe PROCLAMATION. The Manual adopted by the Grand Lodge must be used.154 MASONIC MANUAL iNSTITUTION UNDER DISpENSATION. and handing to the Worshipful Master he dispensation and the gavel of authority.D ~. it will also be the duty of the officers to conEorm to the rules and regulatioa of the Grand Lodge in regard to w3rk. 3. and take the place vacated by the Master The bretbren are seated and the Lodge proceeds with its business. Instituting Officer: In the name and by the au thority of the Most Worshipful Grand Master of Ancicnt Free and Accepted Masons of Alabama. and no other. give you peace. We confer favors upon those whom we accept. and we should know beyond question that the recipients are worthy of what we have to impart I charge you to guard well the portals of this Lolgo. and be gracious unto you The Lord lift up his countcnance upon you. The dispensation is to be copied into the Lodge Record Book. I especially admonish you to inquire carefully into the character and standing of those who seek admission into our Fraternity. and has a Grand Lecturer and District Lecturers to teach it. and may our Heavenly Father prosper. I do proclaim that Lodge U. no one should be solicited to become one of us. BENE DICTION BY INSTALLING OFFICER OR CHAPLAIN. he will resign the chair. Amen. The desire on the part of Lodges under dispensation to confer degrees upon applicants too often results in the admission into our Fraternity oE some who are not worthy and well~ qualified.

. the Secretary will continue:” Lodge No — was this day organized by Brother — —Master. 7. and in commencing any new subject the Secretary sbould commence on another line. —— theie were present: (The instituting officer) W. As every Lodge is chartered for all time. After the dispensation is set out in full. in their own hand-writ-~ I rig. well-bound . viz. and the minutes kept.) Hall of ——— Lodge No — (Here insert the date and place. There can be no remission of fees to any candidate. and the full name must also bc inserted in tbe Ledger. M. The fee for initiation must accompany the petition. (or P.) of —-——-. substantial. precisely as laid down in the Code 5 The full name of all petitioners must be inserted in the minutes. —---. 10 Lodges under dispensation do not pay any annual dues to the Grand Lodge. Degree but all succeeding ones will be opened. but they must be entirely separate and apart from the ii oceedings. with Brother — (the Master named in the dispensation) on the right The Secretary will then proceed according to the lorm laid down in the Masonic Manual of Alabama for keeping the minutes of a Lodge 4.) At the first communication of ——— Lodge No. M. and in every case the fee must be paid before a ballot is had.156 MASONIC SiaNUAL INSIITUTION UNDER DISPENSATION 157 minutes of the first communication thus “Under and by virtue of the following Dispensation. M. (or Past Master. The record should be written plainly. must accom- pRI1~ the petition. of course 9. These bylaws must also be scat up to the Grand Lodge. —---. as the case may be) of — ——Lodge No. of course. but must make out their annual return. 6 And in case of those who petition for aThiaticn the full name and number of the Lodge from which he hails The Dumit. who receives the degrees.with the following officers and members present: ~Here follows a form for the Secretary. Every Lodge under dispcnsation must form a Code of By-Laws for its government.Lodge No. All petitions must be signed by liii’ petitioners themselves. If the party is rejected.’ 8. or the book where the accounts sgainst the members are kept. and their names must appear in the minutes. and not mix up the matter in one continuous sentence. as they go to a different committee 4. and then set out the dispensation in full. 13. 11. it is [ways better to get a good. the fee is returned. 12. The Committee to which petitions must be referred must consist of three members of the Lodge. The Lodge must send up to the Grand Lodge its Record Book for inspection of the Grand Lodge Committee on Dispensations A copy of the Record will not answer. ito any excuse or plea whatever. The first communication need be opened only in the M.

When a lawful number of Master Masons have organized undsr ths miss and regulations of ths Grand Lodgs. dedicating and constituting a new Lodge. a charter will issue. which ceremony shall take place after the Lodge hax been duly consecrated. and worked a certain time as a Lodge. in person attends the ceremony. and open in the Third Degree The new Lodge then sends to the Grand Master the following message: Most Worshipful: The officers and bsethren of Lodge No. dedicated and constituted If the Grand Master or a Past Grand Master. If the Deputy Grand Master only. On the day and hour appointed for consecrating. hy authority of a letter of dispensation. they may petition the Grand Lodge at its Annual Communication for a charter Every letter of dispensation expires by iimitaiion. The Masonic Manual of Alabama 15 for sale by the Grand Secretary at $L25 per copy. An account of the first communication must always be promptly sent the Grand Secretary. and the new Lodge will be opened in the Third Degree. who are now assembled at have instructed me to infoem you Ihat the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge was pleased Ic grant them a charter. Every Lodge under dispensation is now required to buy its first Record Book from the Grand Secretary.158 MASONIC MANUAL. is. also the names of the officers and the name of the Postoffice to which communications for the Master and for the Secretary must be addiessed- CONSTITUTING A NEW LODGE. it is said to be constituted in Due form. the brethren thereof will assemble in its appointed Lodge-ioom. and the Grand Master may commission a Present or a Past Grand Officer. if the power of performing the ceremony be vested in any other person it is said to he constituted in form.—. and when the term of probation expires the petitsoners cannot convene as a Lodge of Masons until the Grand Lodge shall have granted a charter to the petitioners or continued the letter of dispensation If the prayer of the petitioners be granted. or their representatives and proxies meet at the same time in some place convenient to the Lodge-room. If sent by mail postage is added16. The Grand Master and his officers. a Present Worshipful Master or any affiliated Past Master to install the officers named in the charter. the Lodge is said to be constituted in Ample Form. consequent ly it is cheaper. authorizing them to form find open a Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons in .It will last longer’ and there is less danger of its being lost. Record Book at the begining.

Deputy Grand Master. Junior and Senior Wardens. with drawn sword. They are now desii otis that their Lodge should be Consecrated. Senior Deacons. Th The Done. Two brethren carrying the silver vessels. The Worshipful Mastei. and their officers installed in due and ancient form. with drawn sword. Two Stewards. with white rods. The Grand Lodge then moves in procession to the hall of the new Lodge When the Giand Master enters. Ionic and Corinthian Orders. Junior and Senior Deacons. Grand Master. CONsTITUTING NEW LODGE 161 the town of . Masters of Lodges. Music THE GRAND LODGE ii ~ Grand Tiler. Grand Secretary. bearing the Holy Wntisgs. Treasnrers. wsth rods. Grand Treasurer. for which purpose they are now met and await the pleasure of the Most Worshipful Grand Mastei. earned by the oldest orsome suitable mem her. it is usnally a box of ob- long-square shape. Square and Compasses. Master Masons. Junior Deacons. not in office. Two burning tapers borne by two Past Masters (the one on the right carrying a white taper and the one on the left carrying a red taper) The Tuscan and Composite Orders. a piece of furniture made in imitation of the Ark of the Covenant. Past Grand Masters. with rods. Secretary and Treasurer. Two brethren carrying the Lodge (technically speaking. -c Past Grand Wardens. Master Masons. Past Masters. O Grand Chaplain. two and two. . the officers of which resign their seats to the Grand Officers. Junior Wardens. the Grand Honors are given by the new Lodge. [lie Holy Writings. C a The Globes. supported by the Giand Stewards with white rods. borne by a Past Maa• ter. Past Deputy Grand Masters. with colomna Senior Wardens. and take their several stations on the left. with Hirsoss THE NEW LODGE Tiler. with drawn sword. with columns. Stewards. A Past Master. two and two. supported by the Senioi and Junior Grand Deacons. the other of oil.160 MAsONiC MANUAL. with white rods. A burning taper (should be of blue wax). If the ceremonies are to be performed in public the Grand Maishal then forms the procession in the following order: Tiler. one of wine. A brother carrying a golden vessel of corn. Secretanes. Dedicated and Constituted. The Master of the oldest Lodge carrying the Book of Constitutiopi. but in the ceremonies of constituting Lodges and dedicating halls. covered with white linen). Junior and Senior Wardens.

and encompassed by the three tapers and the vessels of corn. and provided with seats for the accommodatiOn 01 the Grand Officers The Holy Bible. MUSIC. and face inward.ilpst. The Grand Marshal forms the officers and members of the new Lodge so front of the Grand Master The Deputy Grand Master addresses the Grand Master as follows. proclaimsThe charter appears to be correct. the Universal Father’ Creator of worlds and Ruler of Men. who examines it. establishing and confirming them in the rights and privileges of a regular constituted Lodge. wisile the Grand Master and others so succession pass through and enter the house A platforTO is erected in front of the p. to constitute these brethren into a regular Lodge. baemony and prosperity. Amen. we bow before Thee to render praises to Thy great and holy name. upo’i a platform coveted with white satin or linen. and Thy aid in promoting its unity. and from Thy band pour out upon this Fraternity those blessings with which Thou didst aforetime bless our fathers. Upon due deliberation the Grand Lodgehas granted the brethren of this new Lodge a warrant. and if found correct. We pray Thee to bless the work now begun with the corn of strength. Thou Creator of the Universe. which the Grand Secretary will now read After the charter is read the Grand Master then says Great and eternal God. We invoke Thy blessing upon this great brotherhood.CONSTITUTING NEW LODGE 168 162 MASONIC MANUAL- The Marshals conduct the procession to the church or hall where the services are to he performed When the front of the procession arrives at the door. by virtue of a dispensation granted them for that propose. The Grand Chaplain will then make the following or some suitable prayer eupierne and the ties of fraternity and friendship are rlrvtr to be broken. Souaie and Compasses and Book of Constitution are pla:ed upon the table in frost of the Grand Master the Lodee is then placed in the centre. AN ORATION BY A BROTHER. Whereupon the several officeis of the new lodge debverup their jewels and badges to their Master. . do now desire to be constituted into a regular Lodge. wine and nI The following service then takes place. agreeably to the ancient usages and Customs of the Fraternity. 0. having assembled together at stated periods. Most Worshipful: A number of brethren. who presents them. The charter is presented by the Deputy Grand Master to the Graisd Master. duly instrncted in the mysteries of Masonry. according to ancient usage. the wine of refreshment and the oil of joy.And when we shall have ended our labors on earth may we forever sing the songs of deliver ance and )oy in that Heavenly Lodge where love is We shall now proceed. they halt open to the right and left. look down from Thy heavenly abode. Response—So mote it be. MUSIC. and is approved.

and he to theGrand Master. from realms of light and glory. Finally. that those who are now about to be invested with the government of this Lodge may be endued with wisdom to instruct their brethien in all their duties. which is as follows 1 Maker and Ruler Great Architect of she Universe of all worlds~ Deign from Thy celestial temple. ineffable and eternal Glory be to God on high’ Amen Ret Ponse—-. in the knowledge of Thee and love of each other. world without end. wisdom in all our doings. The Grand Master asks the brethren if they remain satisfied with each and all of them (They bow as before) The officers and members of the new Lodge form in front of the Grand Master and the business of ronascration commences CONSECRATION The Grand Master.164 MASONIC MANUAL. and now solemnly to consecrate it to the honor of Thy holy name. relief and truth always prevail among the members of this Lodge. and strength of mind in all our difficultres.So mote it be. is now and wtr shall be. to bless us in all the purposes of our present assembly We humbly invoke Thee to give us at this. The Grand Master asks the brethren U they remain satisfied with their choice (They bow in token of asrent The Master-sleet then presents. to erect this Lodge. attended by the Grand Officers. and then have our transmission from this earthly abode to Thy heavenly temple above. saying CONSTITUTING NEW LOOGE 165 Glory be to God On high. all kneehog A piece of solemn music is performed while the Lodge is uncovered After which the first clause of the consecration prayer 5 rehearsed by the Grand Chaplain. Thou Author of light and life. and the beauty of harmony in all our communscatsons1 Peimit us. The Deputy Grand Master presents the Master-elect to the Grand Master. may we finish our work here below with Thy approbation. 0. form themselves in order around the Lodge. may they sncrease in grace. Grant. naming them in their respective offices. and may this bond of union continue to strengthen the Lodges throughout the world’ Bless all our brethren wherever dispersed. May brotherly love. glory and bliss. with his own. who sponkles tEe elements of consecration upon the Lodge The Grand Chaplain then continues Most Worshipful: I present you Brother — whom the members of the Lodge now to be Constitilted have Chosen for their Master. to the Depute Grand Master. and grant speedy relief to all who are either oppressed or distressed We affectionately commend to Thee all the members of Thy whole family. NcrPorne—As it was in the beginning. . severally. his Wardens and other offirera. there to enjoy light. grcat source of love and happiness. 0 Lord our God. Amen. The Deputy Grand Master presents the golden vessel of cur0 trod the Senior and Junior Grand Wardens the silver vessels of wine and oil to the Grand Master. and at all times.

and ever shall be. No art with thee can share Thou art divine Hiram. I now constitute and form yon. No —. we dedicate this Lodge. and its Masonic Jurisdiction. Thy noble Orders are Matchless beyond compare. A piece of music is performed while the brethren of the new Lodge advance in procession to salute the Grand Lodge. . to be legally Consecrated. my beloved brethren. So mote it be. and may the Supreme Architect of the Universe prosper. Glory be to God on high. A men. then standing with his hands stietched forth over the Lodge. And always grace the land. into a regular Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons. Dedicated and Constituted. I now pro claim this new Lodge by the name of Lodge. is now. all the biethren standing at the same time In the name of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Alabama and its Masonic Jurisdiction. D~d all the craft direct In the name of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge ofAncient Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Alabama. exclaims in a:n audible voice: Ilic Public Grand Honors are then given by the hrethres ‘liii’ Officers of the new Lodge will then be installed according tile ceremony provided for the anneal installation of officers lbs Grand Masihal then proclaims the new Lodge in the billowing farm- To the memory of the Holy SaintsJohn. The Grand Honors are given and the following ode is sung Air—America Hail. Thou art divine Great fabrics still ante. with their hands crossed upon their breasts and bowing as they pass They then take their places as they were CONSTITUTiON The Grand Master then rises and constitutes the new Lodge in the following form. Masonry divine Glory of ages shine. Long may’st thou reigni Whereri thy Lodges stand. May every brother revere their character and imitate their virtues. May they have great command. the Architect. world without end.166 MASONIC MANUAL. Amen. Response—As it was in the beginning. And grace the aenie skies— Great are thy schemes. and the officers thereof duly installed. and the charges of our Ancient and 1-lonorable Fraternity. DEDICATION CONSTITUTING NEW lODGE 167 Solemn music is rendered while the new Lodge is uncovered The Grand Master. direct and counsel you in all your doings Response—So mote it be. From henceforth you are empowered to meet as a regular Lodge. with the Grand Honors of Masonry by three times thage. constituted in conformity to the rites our Order.

168 MAsONIc MANUAL. who will present the Officers-elect for installation The jewels of the several officers should be laid orderly soil conveniently upon a table m front of the installing officer This ceremony. that belore engaging in any grcat or important undertaking. will be appointed to act as Marshal. Chqpfacn—Let us pray. Did mighty ~~essings brins. and signify their promise of subjection and obedience by the usual marks of distinctiOn in the different degrees of Masonry The Grand Master then directs the Grand Marshal to form the procession when the Grand Lodge returns to its own hall and the two Lodges are closed in due form. How they should build. pay due homage to the new Master. and call upon all to unite is-nh our Chaplain in an address to the Throne of I ‘irace. Royal Art’ ANNUAL INSTALLATION OF LODGE OFFICERS At every annual election in a subordinate Lodge it is necessoy that the officers should be installed Installing his success. or dedieating Masonic Halls. & As Masons we are taught in all our work. and march in procession to the place where the ceremonies are to be performed. Solomon. usually a Past Master. and. although any Past Master (and by that term is meant the Past Master of aLodge) may act as installing officer for the occasion A competent brother. Where it is not practicable to have two halls. after they are finished. gicat Israel’s King. And left as room to sing. and never in the presence of profanes All things being so order the exercises will be opened with an appropriate MUSICAL SELECTION After which the Installing Officer will say: A benediction is then pronounced by the Grand Chaplain and the procession returns to the The members of the new Lodge advance in processiOn. Hail. like that of constitosing a newLodge. rir is inherently the prerogative of the incumbent or retiring Worshipful Master. she Lodge should be opened and closed in an anteroom. When the following or other appropriate pi ayer will be offered: . we should first invoke the blessing of God. the Grand Lodge and the Subordinate Lodge may respectively open and close in the same hail. return to its hall and close If public services are held at its hall. may be conducted in public or in the presence of Masons only The Lodge should be opened in the Third Degree at its hall. I therefore command silence.

and is now presented for installation. Previous to yourinvestiture. in the knowledge of Thee. glory and bliss ineffable and eternal Glory be to God on high. however. that those who are now about to be invested with the goveInment of this Lodge may be endued with wisdom to instruct their brethren in all their duties. and stnctly to obey the moral uaw? Brother Maisbal. you now behold before you Brother who has been duly elected to serve this Lodge as Worshipful Master. . MUSICAL SELECTION At the conclusion of which the Installing Officer will say Let him face the West. I will proceed to install him The brethren are seated The Master-elect then faces the East and the Installing officer says. and cheerfully to conform to the laws of the country in which you resid& Answeui—I do. and may this bond of union continue to strengthen the Lodges throughout the worldi Bless all our brethren. May they increase in grace. wherever dispersed. and it will afford me great pleasure tp invest you with the authority and the insignia of your office. INSTALLING OFFICER: fulls up the brethren and says: 171 Grant. to the East The Marshal conducts the Master-elect to the East and says Worshipful Master. Finally.[70 MASONIC MANUAL INSTALLATION OF OFFICERS. may we finish all our work here below wttb Thy approbation. you will make at lcnown now. conduct Brother— who has been elected Worshipful Master of this Lodge. Amen. May brotherly love. Hearing no objection. and in the love of each other. If Iny of you have any reason to urge why be should not be installed. Response—So mote it be. and then have our transition from this earthly abode to Thy heavenly temple above. Brethren. and grant speedy relief to all who are either oppressed or distressed We affectionately commend to Thee all the members of Thy whole family. Do you promise to be a good man and true. relief and truth always prevail among the meinbers of this Lodge. 0 Lord our God. or forever after hold your peace. I congratulate you upon your election as Worshipful Master of this Lodge. Do you promise to be a peaceable citizen. it is necessary that you should signify your assent to those ancient Charges and Regolations which point out the duty of the Master of a Lodge I. I present Brother to be installed Worshipful Master of this Lodge Answer—I do II. Brother . there to enjoy light.

and that no countenance ought to be given to any srregu. supreme and subordinate. live creditably. and to submit to the awards and resolutions of your brethren in Lodge convened. and to pay attention to all the duties of Masonry. and their regular successors. in every case consistent with the constitutiOns of the Order~ Answer—I do Vi. or body of men. . and to propagate the knowledge of the mystic art. X. VII. Do you promise. and faithful to your Lodge~ Answer—I do VIII Do you promise to respect genuine and true brethren. but patiently to submit to the decision of the law and the constituted authorities? Answer—I do IV. V. and act honos ably by all men? Answer—I do. on convenient occasions? Answer—I do. Do you promsse to pay proper respect to the civil magistrates. Do you promise. courteous to your brethren. to avoid psivate piques and quarrels. Do you promise to hold in veneration the original rulers and patrons of the Order of Freemasonry. to promote the general good of society. as being contrary to the ancient charges of the Order? Answer—I do. XII Do you promise a regular attendance on th? committees and communications of the Grand Lodge. hr Lodge. XIII. to make innovations in the body of Masonry? Answer—I do. Do you admit that it is not in the power of any man. as much as in you lies. according to the best of ~II ability. and to his officers when duly installed. and strictly to conform to every edict of the Grand Lodge or General Assembly of Masons that is not subversive of the principles and ground work of Ikiasonry? Answer—I do Xl. to nork diligently. Do you prpmise to pay homage to the Grand Master for the time belng. according to our statutes? Answer—I do. and to guard against intemperance and excess? Answer—I do.and to discountenseice impostors and all dissenters from the Ancient Landmarks and Constitutions of Masonry~ Answer—[ do. r In cultivate the social virtues.MAsONIc MANUAL 172 I X. vi INSTALLATION OF oceicarns 173 III. Do yo~i promise to be cautious in your behavior. according to their statIons. on receiving proper notice. Do you promise not to be concernedin plots and conspiracies against the government of the country in which you live. or to any person clandestinely initiated therein. Do yoi admit that no new Lodge can be formed without permission of the GrandLodge.

These are emblematical of a true Masonic life The Holy Writings. wbo delivers to each his appropriate charge. and harmonize our conduct b~r the principles of morality andvsrtue.174 XIV. You now receive in charge the Charter. press forward in the path of virtue. that none can pretend ignorance of the excellent precepts which it enjoins. you are now to be installed Master of this Lodge. XV. and due inquiry into his character? Answer—I do. and regulations of the Fraternity. 175 Do you -admit that no person can be regularly made a Freemason en. Do you agree that no visitors shall be received into your Lodge without due examination. and neither inclining to the right nor to the left. and to direct ous steps to the path which leads to a glorious immortality. INSTALLATION OF OFFiCERs. that great Light in Masonry. Do you submit to these charges and promise to support these regulations as Masters have done en all ages befor&you~ Ais. With pleasure I invest you with the jewel of your office. by the authority of which this Lodge is held. Installing Officer—Brother you have been elected Senior Warden of this Lodge . The Rule directs that we should punctually observe our duty. as followa~ THE SENIOR WARDEN. in consequence of your cheerful conformity to the charges . that rising to eminence by merit. which you are to see carefully and punctually executed The new Master is tbcn placed on the right of the Installing Officer until tbe other officers are installed The other officers are then severally presented by the Marshal in the Installing Officer. Cause it to be frequently read. or admitted a member of. without previous notice. and producing proper vouchers of their having been initiated in a regular Lodge? Answer—I do. MASONic MANUAL. we may live respected and die regretted. The hne teaches the criterion of moral rectitude to avoid dissimulation in conversation and action. The Square teaches us to regulate our actions by rule and line. These are the regulations of Ancient Erree and Accepted Masons. any regular Lodge. and place in your charge the furniture of the Lodge and the implements of our profession.iwer—I do. will guide you to all truth. It will direct your path to the temple of happiness and point out to you the whole duty o~ mao. in all oar actions have eternity in view. You are carefully to preserve the same and duly transmit it to your successor in office You will also receive in charge the by-laws of your Lodge. in full confidence of your skill and capacity to govern the same. The Book of Constitutions you are to search at all times. Installing Officer—Brother The Compasses teach us to limit our desires in every station.

and that in the Lodge and in all our Masonic associations we are on a Level. but carefully observe that none of the Craft convert the purpose of refreshment inte intemperance or excess. no eminence of station should make us forget that we are brethren. the grand leveler of all human greatness. The Plumb admonishes us to walk uprightly in our several stations. The Level teaches that we are descended from the samestock. ‘that we are all children of one common father. and in his presence assist him in the government of it. 177 Do you solemnly promise that you will serve the Lodge as Senior Warden for the ensuing year. Look well to the West.176 MASONIC MANUAL INSTALLATION OF OFFICERs. and share the samehopes. not only necessary that you should be temperate and discreet in the snd~lgence of your own inclinations. reduce us to the same state Your regular attendance on the stated and other meetidgs of the Lodge is essentially necessary. you have been elected Junior Warden of this Lodge Do you solemnly promise that you will serve the Lodge as Junior Warden for the ensuing year. This implement teaches us that a time will come.) You will now be invested with the jewel o~ your office. . and will perform all the duties appertasning to that office to the best of your ability? (He consents. and will perform all the duties appertasning to that office to the best of your ability? (He consents) You will now be invested with the jewel of your office. it is. to do unto others as we would have others to do to us. He is conducted to hia atatlon.” It also reminds us that. to observe the just meditu-n between intemperance and pleasure. In the absence of the Master you are to govern the Lodge. Hence you will perceive the necessity of preparing yourself for the important duties which may devolve upon you. and the wisest knows not how soon. and guard with scrupulous care the pillar committed to your charge. thesefore. although distinctions among men are necessary to preserve subordination. that nothing may disturb the harmony of the Lodge or mar its beauty. He is conducted to his station Iscstall-cng Offcer—Brother . heirs of the same infirmities and exposed to the same vicissitudes. THE JUNIOR WARDEN. and death. when all distinctions but that of goodness shall cease. but to you is especially committed the superintendence of the Craft during the hours of refieshment. and make our passions and prejudices coincide with the line of our duty In the absence of the Master and Senior Warden upon you devolves the government of the Lodge. Look well to the South Guard with vigilance the pillar committed to your charge. partake ofthe same nature.

the good order that may be displayed mainly depends apon your zeal. you have been appointed Chaplain of this Lodge. Installing Officer—Brother— . make due entries of the same. and pay them over to the Treasurer. to receive all moneys due the Lodge. make a fair record of all things proper to be written. you have been elected Senior Deacon of this Lodge. by so doing. It is your duty to seceive all moneysfrom the hands of the Secretary. you have been appointed Marshal of this Lodge. and will now be invested with the jewel of your office. Inifallsng Officer—Brother . and. He is conducted to his pl. THE CHAPLAIN.” may. On all such occasions. by refining our souls. He is conducted to his place Installing Officer—Brother . and will now lie invested with the jewel of your office. Installsng Officer—Brother . and to assist the Senior Deacon. prepare us for adimssion into the society of-those above. you havc been elected Secret~iry of this Lodge. It is your dutyto observe all the proceedings of the Lodge. iNSTALLATiON OF OFFICERS. It will be your duty to perform those solemn services which we should constantly render to our infinite Creator. and pay them out by order of the Worshipful Master and the consent of the Lodge I trust your regard for the Fraternity will prompt you to the faithful discharge of the duties of your office. will indace you to discharge the duties of your office with fidelity. I. It will be your duty to have charge of aiid conduct processions of the -Lodge. whose happiness will be as endless as it is perfect He is conducted to his place THE SECRETARY. knowledge and discretion. and purifying bur minds. you will merit the esteem and applause of your brethren.s~e THE MARSHAL.ishlliing Qflicer—Brother-—— —. Your good inclination to Masonry and this Lodge. strengthening our virtues. you have been elected Treasurer of this Lodge and will now be invested with the jewel of your office.378 MASONIC MANUAL. when offered by one whose holy profession is “to point to heaven and lead the way. and will now be invested with the jewel of your office. I hope. asfd will now be invested with the jewel of your office. whenevei that officer may require your services. and which. He is conducted to his place THE SENIOR AND JUNIOR DEACONS. and take his receipt for the same. . 179 THE TREASURER.

to assist in the collection of dues and subscriptions and to make all necessary arrangements for the convenience of the brethren when assembled. to attend all alarms at the outer door. whichis alsocalled the Hsram. you have been elected Tiler of thisLodge. and suffer sione to pass or repass except such as are duly qualified and have permission of the Worshipful Master.beeause Solomon controlled and directed the workmen in the temple . and are to be borne in the performance of every 9fficial duty. a watch at our lips.and will now be invested with the jewel and implement of your office. to introduce and accommodate visiting brethren. THE STEWARDS Installing Officer—Brothers ____ and you have been appointed Stewards of this Lodge. sents him with the gavel.I i~U MASONIC MANUAL. so it should morally serve as a constant admonition to us to set a guard over our thoughts. Erother——--——--—. They a-e conducted to their places THE TILER. and will now be invested with the jewel of your office. and to see the Lodge duly tiled. to receive and conduct candidates. Brethren. iNSTALLATION OF OFFICERS 181 It is your duty to carry orders from the Worshipful Master in the East to the Senior Warden in the West. They are conducted to their places. Installing Officer—Brother . and a sentinel over our actions. and preserving consciences void of offense toward God and towaid man. and elsewhere about the Lodge. these rods are now entrusted to your care. and will now be invested with the jewels of your office It will be your duty to assist the Senior Deacon and other officers in performing their respective duties. you have been elected Junior Deacon of this Lodge. as you may be directed. and elsewhere about theLodge as you may be directe~l. pre. to the Junior Warden in the South. Your regular attendance will give us the best evidence of your zeal and attachment for the Lodge. Your early and punctual attendance will give us the best proof of your appreciation of and love for the Institution. it is your duty to carry messages from the Senior Warden in the West. and says. As the sword is placed in the hands of the Tiler to enable him effectually to guard the Lodge against the approach of cowans and evesdroppers. word or deed. Worshipful Master. thereby preventing the approach of every unworthy thought. I now place in your hands this gavel. lie is conducted to his place The Installing Officer then addresses the new Niaster. to attend all alarms at the inner door.

and. it will be your esp~cial duty to attend to the administration of its ceremonies. behold your brethren’ Brethren. It should be constantly borne in m[nd that the respectability and usefulness of a Lodge does not consist in the number. friendship and brotherly love Gteat care. I now seat you in the Oriental Chair. As Master of this Lodge. the beautilul symbolism of which is familiar to you. which at this time may be sung Some appropriate installation ode may now be sung The brethren are now seated The Installing Officer may deliver an ) ORATION. INSTALLATION OF OIrFICERS. . three raps calls up all the brethren. to make men honest and upright. but in the character. preserve the ancient landmarks of the Otder now committed to your care. the brethren will form a procession. two raps calls up aLl the officers. true to their God and faithful to their country.182 MASONIC MANUAL. should be taken in the admission of members. the builder. and the cxtended Compasses. having’been chosen to preside over this Lodge. 183 by the assistance of Hiram. of course the procession and ceremonies thereto will be entirely omitted. and permit no innovation in the principles or rites of the Order. as well with the world at large as with each other. in his discretion Worshipful Master. Alter the Grand Honors are given and time and convenience permit. behold your Worshipful Master’ And join me in giving the Grand Honors. in opening and closing. therefore. and cover you with that distinction which it is aloneyour privilege to wear The Instalhng Officei then calls up the brethren and says Worshipful Master. Upon all suitable occasions remind the brethren that Masonry is founded upon the great moral principles set forth in the sacred volume which we receive as the rule and guide for our faith and practice. and undex duection of the Marshal will pass around the hail. reputation and usefulness of your Lodge will mabexjally depend upon the skill and ability with which you manage its concerns. when you will rise yourself. and the explanations of which include some of the most important duties inculcated in our Order The leading objects of our institution are to inculcate sound morality. single file. and to unite them by the strong bonds of charity. except the ode. or icad the following charges. The honor. Exhort them to govern themselves by these principles. One rap calls the Lodge to order. the perfect Square. you cannot be insensible to the obligations which devolve upon you. lest by the introduction of bad material the institution should be corrupted. of its members. Teach them to reverence the Three Great Lights. the Junior Deacon will rise. so does the Master preserve order in the Lodge by the aid of the gavel. making three circuits In passing the East each brother will salute the Worshipful Master (who rcmarns standing in his place) in the manner peculiai to the several degrees (Should installation ceremonies be conducted in public. comprehending the Holy Bible.

they wall convince mankind of the value of the institution. tinfortunately. your acquirements must. therefore. It as your duty. to set befote the brethren who surrom~d these pillars the corn of nourishment. As it is ~he purpose of Freemasonry to create friendship. Thus taught and thus acting.I X4 MASONIC MANUAL. to be sober. unworthy members gain admission. to make provision for the rehef of poor and distressed brethren. be such that the Craft may never suffer br wa~it of proper instruction. it will be your duty to exercise proper discipline. and to encourage the growth of the social virtues which dignify and adorn human nature and render mankind peaceful and happy. Unruly members must be reduced to order. and the oil of joy. having consciences void of offense. so should you carefully exclude such from the formet. to spread light and impart knowledge to the brethren of your Lodge To preserve the purity of the Order. They are to be frequently reminded of the duties they owe to Almighty God. the profligate. as you would admit none to the society o~ the latter whose character is bad. and when kind and affectionate admonitions faiL. therefore. as at is by a due regard for them in your own lives and conduct that you can expect obedience in others. INSTALLATION OF OFFICERS 385 It is better that no workman be added to the roll than that one unworthy foot be allowed to cross the threshold o~ the Lodge. and protect the widow and the orphan. and unspotted from the world. You are to assist the Master in the discharge of his trust. the giver of every good and perfect giEt They must be taught to be good men and ttue. ~he Senior and Junior Wardens will rise Brothers Senior arid Junior Wardens. to correct abuses and to restrain the refractory. and maintain unimpaired its rights and ceremonies. the unworthy should be removed as a blot upon the Order It is also your duty. the intemperate and licentious. and to live in love and peace. charitable. upright in their dealings. diffusing light and inipartmg knowledge to all whom he shall place under your care. industrious. If. the doors of the Lodge should be sternly closed against the idle. to you are committed the pillars of Strength and Beauty. The un•inibiated judge of Masonry by the conduct of LtS indlvLdual members. The spirit which you have K . the wine of refreshment. The minds of the brethren must be enlarged and informed. and will no doubt be your pleasure. symbolically inculcated in the moral lessons of the Order taught from your respective stations in the Lodge In your own pet SOflS YOU should give evidence that you are governed by the principles of the Order. instruction is necessary The mysteries of the Order must be unfolded and the moral duties inculcated. In the absence of the Master you wall succeed to the higher duties. You should be as careful of the reputation of your Lodge as that of your family. to inculcate reverence for Almighty God. When addressed. friendly in their social intercourse. The first risings of vice must be suppressed. and.

Guard against dissenssons among yourselves Let no root of bitterness spring up to trouble you. and whatever can reveal new and sublime ideas pertaining to our lofty destiny. a brother falls under the snfluence of unholy feelings and wanders into forbidden paths. and suffer no faults. Recoinl(ifld Masonry to the world by the rectitude of your conduct. others must submit and obey. The Lodge being called up. seek the wanderer out. Follow these injunctions and your Lodge will flourish. The officers you have chosen. the Installing Officer continues as follows. INSFALLATION OP OFFICERS 187 hitherto evinced in your attendance to the duties of Freemasonry. to forgive divine Finally. The harmony of the Lodge wsll materially depend upon the good order you may preserve in the conduct of its business and the courtesy and forbearance you may observe toward each dther in its delsberation s. and who have been regularly installed. so fatal to your best interests.ample and by offering good counsel in a friendly spirit.passsons unworthy of a soul that claims affinity with the ilSons of Light’~ and put forth all your energies to grasp whatever ss noble or elevating in thought. leaves no doubt that your future conduct will be such as to merit the approbation of your brethren. Use all your exertions to preserve your Lodge pure. Shun those aflections and groveling . May the tenets of your profession be transmitted through your Lodge unimpaired from generation to generation. and prevent the introduction of vice or error in its thousand forms. live in peace Let nothing disturb that pure. then. warm and holy love which our ritual enjoins. he of one mind. and that the just reward which ~isdue for meritorious services will he rendered in your advancement to higher stations. Brethren of — Lodge.MASONIC MANUAL. of coldness and apathy. I charge you. TO THE BRETHREN OF THE LODGE. that you act worthy of the vocation to which you are called. MUSICAL SELECTION. such is the nature of our Constitution that some must of necessity rule and teach. ever remembering that to err is human. to tarnish the lustre of your jewels or bring discredit upon the Craft. brethren. brsng him hack to the fold. and practice in your lives all its duties and requirements. If in the frailty of mortality. Much may be accomplished by the force of good e~. brethren. no sinpcifcctions on your part. To this end make yoursclvcs intimately acquainted with all its principles and obligations. as you shall answei~ at the last clay. The priate Chaplain then pronouncri the following or other appro- . are sufflcsently acquaipted with the rules of propriety and the laws of th~ institution to avoid exceedsng the powers wsth which they are intrusted. whereby the brethren of the Lodge exercised a sound dsscretson in thls selection. and show hsm the supersor loveliness of virtue. Divest yourselves.

from whom cometh every good and perfect gsft. Hearing no objections. there should be musical selections between them. Most Worshipful Grand Master. A men. Grant. send down upon Thy servants here assembled the healthful spirit of Thy grace. Brethren. On the last day of the session of the Grand Lodge the Present or suite other Past Grand Master installs the Grand Officers elect is follows The presiding Grand Master says. who. institution. The Grand Master-elect then faces the i?ast and the presiding Grand Master says It affords me great pleasure. Almighty and everlasting God. now declares himself ready for installation The Grand Master-elect is then caused to face the West The presiding Grand Mister then rises and says The Lodge is then closed in due and ancient foim If the ceremony is public. that they may truly please Thee in all thesr doings. and to the advancement of our beloved. to the glory of Thy holy name. followed by a musical selection A little ingenuity on the part of those having the ceremony in charge will enable them to give variety to the occasion from year to year and greatly promote the interest of the brethren. or one of the addresses might precede the installation. we will proceed with the installation. 0 Ldrd. INSTALLATION OF THE OFFICERS OF THE GRAND LODGE. If any of yon know of any reason why he should not be installed. now declares himself ready for installation. you will state your objections now or else forever herea(ter hold your peace. you will present the Grand Master-elect The Grand Master-elect is then presented by the Grand Mar shal.188 MASONIC MANUAL BENEDICTION. Most Worshipful Sir. having been duly elected to preside over the Craft as their Grand Master. the Lodge ol course returns to its hall. be. and so replenish them with the truth of Thy doctrine and adorn them with humility of life that both byword and example they may faIthfully serve Thee. . power of mind and gseat understanding unto those whom we have this day clothed with authority to preside over and dsrect the affairs of this Lodge. and is there closed If theie is to be more than one address. I present you Brother — ——. who says. having been duly elected to preside over the Craft as their Grand Master. Response—So mote it Right Worshipful Grand Marshal. you here behold Brother —— who.

securing them from danger. strictly comply with the Laws and Regulations of this Grand Lodge and all Ancient Masonic usages? The Grand Master-elect answers. who are exhibited to us in the oracLes of revelation. and other brethren. Do yoa promise. may licavcn’y wisdom illumine your mind.”until. filled with love of their Creator. I will now invest you with the jewel of your office. may you be tiansmitted from the fading honors of an earthly lodge to the mansions prepared for the faithful in another and a better world. of life. from your hands nay streams of beneficence coritmually flow. We look up with confidence to a brother whose person is endeared to us by that love of the Fraternity which is sanctified by the experience of many revolving years May the Father of light. Behold the heavenly host.J~J() MASONIC MANUAL. but to “mourn with them that mourn. very late in life. or when we wake Of them let us learn to rise in our affections to the great Father of all. that in the office of Grand Master you will. expand the heart from brother to brother. may heavenly powcr give strength to your exertions. exercising their kind offices to men. I do. according to the best of your abilities. may heavenly goodncss fill and enlarge your breast. and love to our race See these ministering spirits. and behold the planetary worlds revolving round him in continual order and harmony with the happiest effect and learn to imitate their regularity. and round your hcad may there bend a circle made splen- did by the rays of honor. INSTALLATION OF GRAND OFFECERS. Presuhng Grand Master—Having thus solemnly pledged yourself to the faithfti discharge of youl duties. relieving their wants.t~ upon the rock of justke. Let me congratulate you. so it is ours with readiness to obey Look to the sun. Most Worshipful Sir. and behold the cherubim and seraphim. in the hope of obtaining from the chair of Solomon the light of wisdom and the warmth of love. and thence descending. burning with zeal and love before the throne of God. and endeavoring to promote tE~eir good. Let me congratulate you. Or look higher still. “Myriads ol spirttual beings walk the earth Unseen. 191 to install you in ypur high office of Grand Master of Masons. upon the honor of a Mason. may your fcct vc~. and to rejoice with them that do rejdice. and late. as flaming spirits. on the election of our Grand Master. . As it is his duty to command according to our constitutions. and to all mankind. on the honor of being raised from the level of equality to the high station of presiding over all the Lodges in the State of Alabama arid the Masonic Jurisdiction thereof. as the ruler of the Craft during the ensuing year. or when we sleep. Of them let ~s learn never to be weary in well doing. the Grand Officers. and of love invest you with his choicest gifts.

Right Worshipful Brother. having been elected Dcputy Grand Master. Brethren. remember that they carry with them 4 heavy share of responsibility. having finished our work on earth. behold your brethren The Grand Honors are then given by all the brethren following ode is then sung. Let the Book of Constitutions be ycur constant study.installation ‘I’lic Grand Hastes thes says . as follows SUN IOR GRAND WARDEN. or he may waive the right and invite the Past Grand Master officiating in his installation. and we now invest you with the jewel of your office. you are to exercise his prerogatives in presiding over the Craft. that you may be better enabled to preserve Inviolate the laws and ancient landmarks of our Order. 193 Right Worshipful Brother. the station to which you have been called by the suffragcs of your brethren is one of great dignityand much importance. Receive this jewel of your office. behold yous Grand Master! Grand 1 Master. But while your powers and privsleges are thus extensive. And always grace the land. iinot made with hands. —America. Your regular attendance at the communications of the Grand Lodge is essentially necessary In the Most Worshipful Grand Master. The Grand Marshal then introduces the Deputy Grand Master-elect. Masonry divine Glory of ages shine. we shall be admitted to the temple above. now declares himself ready roi. salute and proclaim you Grand Master of Masons of the State of Alabama and its Masonic Jurisdiction. and the tiust that has been reposed in you. Hail. The remaining Grand Officers are intrsduced in like manner by the Grand Marshal and receive their appropiiste charges. Long mayst thou reign’ Whereer thy Lodges stand. The honor that has been conferred upon you. and sit at the right hand to aid us with your counsel. and that you may he ever ready to exescise the functions of that more exalted office to which you are so liable to be called. Thou art divine The Grand Master then proceeds to install the rest of the Grand Officers. who. eternal in the heavens” The new Grand Master is then placed in the Oriental Chair and the Installing Officer says: I now hail. demand a corresponding fidelity and attarhinent to the interests of of those to whose kindness and confidence you are indebted for your official elevatico. In the absence of the Grand Master.192 MASONIC MANUAL. you haire been elected the[r Senior Grand Warden. by the suifrages of your brethren. I present you I3rothcr — . The A’. in his presence you are to assist him with your counsel and co-operation. May they have great command. saying INSTALLATION OF GRAND OFFICERS.

and we now invest you with the jewel of your office. and to make a fair record of all things proper to be written.behavior be marked with that promptitude that will at once reflect credit on yourself and honor on the Grand Body you represent. quested.194 MAsoNic MAN~JAL absence of the Grand Master and hIs Deputy you are to govern the Craft. GRAND CHAPLAIN Right Worshipful and Reverend Brother. by the suifrages of your brethren. you have been elected to the responsible office of Grand Treasurer. GRAND SECRETARY. and between the Fraternity and tbeir Grand receive all moneys due the Grand Lodge. We have no doubt that you will faithfully execute the duties which are incumbent on you in your present position. Right Woishipful Brother. You are also the official organ of the Grand Lodge. in their presence you are to strengthen and support the authority of your chief. In the discharge of these extensive duties let your carriage snd. will aid them in their arduous labors. and act as the medium of intercourse between this and other Grand Lodges. you are toIn the absence of yin their presence you govern the Craft. the sacred position of Grand Chaplainhas been sntruste4 . and in that capacity will conduct ‘ts various correspondence. you have been elected their Junior Grand Warden. We do not doubt that your regard for the Fraternity will prompt you to the faithful discharge of your duties. to make due eiitries of the same. and we now invest you with the jewel of your office. you have been elected to the very importrint office of Grand Secretary. It is your duty to observe all the proceedings of the Grand Lodge. GRAND TREASURER. It is your duty to receive all moneys due the Grand Lodge. and pay them over to the Grand Treasurei. Look well to the S6uth. We firmly rely on your knowledge of Masonry and your attachment to our Institution fbr the faithful discharge of the duties of this important trust Look well to the West. and the choice of youi brethren is an evidence of the high opinion they entcrtam for~ your fidelity and discretion. Right Worshipful Brother. and pay LIicm out by tho order of the Grand Mastei. and we now invest you with the jewel of your office Youi regular and punctual attendance at the coinmunications of the Grand Lodge is earnestly re6ur superior officers. and with Llic consent and approbation of the Grand Lodge ‘Pljc office to which you have been elected embraces INSTALLATION OF GRAND oEEIcERs 195 an important trust. JUNIOR GRAND WARDEN. Right Worshipful Brother.

and we now invest you with the jewel of your office. Right Worshipful Brother. It is your duty to instruct the Craft in the due performance of their duty. and present you with this baton. which you are accustomed to inculcate to the world.I flU MASONIC MANUAL INSTALLATION OF GRAI~D OPPICIIRS. The Holy Bible. In the discharge of your duties you will he required to lead the devotional exercises of our Grand Communications. as the ensign of your authority. Though Masonry he not religion. to illustrate the genius and vindicate the principles of our institution. The profession which you have chosen for your lot en life is the best guarantee that you well discharge the duties of your present appointment with steadfastness aGd perseverance in well doing. and we now rn~est you with the jewel of your office. as the minister of God will form the appropriate lessons you are expected to communicate to your brethren in the Lodge. and to perform the sacred fune tions of your holy calling at our public ceremonies. and we are sure that in ministering at its altar. Right Worthspful Brother. It is your province to attend upon the Grand Master and Grand Wardens. It is to he presumed that one whom his brethren have thought capable of discharging so important and difficult a trust will require no prompting for the proper performance of his duty. Worshipful Brethren. GR~tND MARSHAL. and these rods as ensigns of your authority. Let it be your object while inculcating upon the members of this time-honored society a faithful regard for its communicate light and information to the uninformed. that Great Light of Masonry. you have been appointed the Grand Lecturer of this Jurisdiction. and we now invest you with the jewels of your office. and to act as their proxies . we entrust to your care GRAND LECTURUR. and we now invest you with the jewel ofyour office. and by your instructions to the Subordinate Lodges. It is your duty to proclaim the Grand Officers at their installation. and to preserve order according ~tothe forms prescribed Skill and precision are essentially necessary to the fasthftil discharge of these duties. to arrange all processions of the Grand Lodge. because they are practiced in that spirit of universal tolerance which distinguishes our Institution. you have been appointed the Grand Deacons of this Grand Lodge. to see that the ancient landmarks of the Order are liot removed by unskillful hands. GRAND DEACONS. to impress the world at large with a favorable opihion of its designs and tendency. The doctrines of morality and virtue. you have been appointed Grand Marshal. 197 to your care. it is emphatically religion’s handmaid. to preserve our 1-Itual and our traditions in the memory of the Fra- ternity. the services you may perform will lose nothing of their vital influence.

and see that every brother is suitably provided.198 Iii ASONIC MANUAL. The Grand Master calls up the breibren The Grand Marehal then says By order of the Most Worshipful Grand Master’ and by authority of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Alabama and its Masonic Jurisdiction. to summon the members of the Grand Lodge under the direction of the Grand Sccretary. It is. to have them always ready for use. and to suffer none to pass or repass but such as are duly qualified. and place this sword in your hands. I do hereby proclaim that its Grand Officers are now amply installed in their respective stations and places. The Public Grand Honori are then given by all the brethren Some appioprinte ode may then be sung After which the Giand Chaplain psonounces the benediction. Let vigilance and attention actuate you in the discharge of the functions of your office GRAND STEWARDS. and. It is your duty to superintend the tables at the hour of refreshment. It is your duty to guard the door of the Grand Lodge on the outside.s be presented the Grand Lodge is ihen closed in Ample Forni . carefully observing that none of the craft transgress the due hounds of moderation in the enjoyment of their pleasures. having due notice thereof. with the Grand }Ionors of Masonry by three times three. 199 in the active duties of the Grand Lodge. and to attend to such other duties as may be required of you by the Grand Lodge. I now declare the several officers of the Grand Lodge of Aneseat Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Alabama and its Masonic Jurisdiction duly installed into office for the ensuing year in Ample Form You will. IiISTALLATION OF GRAND OFFICERS. that they. the more effectually to enable you to guard against the approach of cowans and eavesdroppers. therefore. and should no other busine:. you have been appointed Grand Stewards and we now invest you with the jewels of your office. under the direction of the Grand Master. Brother. therefore. GRAND TILER. Brethren. and place in your hands these white rods as ensigns of your station. you have been elected Grand Tiler of this Grand Lodge. proclaim the same to the brethren. indispensably necessary that you yourselves should be temperate and discreet in the indulgence of your own inclinations. may govern themselves accordingly. to guard and protect the regalia. Your punctual attendance is essentially necessary at every Grand Communication The Grand Master then says Right Worshipful Grand Marshal. and we now invest you with the jewel of your office. clothing and other property of the Grand Lodge placed in your charge during vacation.

W. when the announcement will be. and to welcome you to a seat among us. when the visitor will respond if he sees fit. (lnistl Officers to assist him in the visitation and inspection lii serb case they enter the Lodge immediately following him All being seated. The Senior Deacon conducts the visitor to a seat. of Lodge. extending towarfid the altar with a sufficient inteival between them The Deacon opens the door and the visitor. The Most Worshipfal the Grand Master. the Master should appoint a committee composed of those whose ranli most nearly corresponds with that of the visitor tp attend upon him and ascertain his pleasure and accompany him to the Lodge. . after which he will be escorted to a seat is the East When the Grand Master visits a Lodge and is escorted to the East the Master resigns to him the seat and gavel If there be other Grand Officers. the Treasurer’s and Secretary’s books. the Worshipful Mailer will send the Senior Deacon to istroduce him That officer conducts him to the West of the altas and cays: Worshipful Master. may appoint P—a tern. of the Grand Lodge ol The Worshipful Master calls up the Lodge and says Brother . the officers of the Lodgc resuming their stations and its labors will proceed as the Grand Master may dii ect. the Senior Grand or Junior Grand Warden of the Grand Lodge The Master then places the Deacons at the sides of the door with their rods crossed. passes up through the lines to the altar. where the ucual sign of recognition is given The Master or some one depuied by him wOl then welcome the visitor. the Msster then delivers to the Grand MasIcr the charter. I have the pleasure of introducing to you Brother . escocting M. escorted by the committee. if he desires. 201 RECEPTION OF VISITORS. the Deputy Grand Mastsr. Brother H F. and the Lodge is seated No brother should be allowed to visit a ¼.—. Whenever a Grand Master oi a Grand Officer visits a Lodge in the official capacity he should be received with honors due to his official station It having been made known that a brother entitled to be received with honors is about to visit a Lodge. the corresponding officers of the Lodge ss’sll resign their respective seats to them also Vlsi’ Grand Master. C and D. The brethren arrange themselves in line from the door on each side. RECEPTION OF VISITING BRETHREN When a brother visits a Lodge and has been examined or vouched for. the Grand Officers (if there be any) leaving their seats and repairing to the East. for his inspection Having examined them and made such inquiries as he may deem necessary concerning the affairs of the Lodge. . Grand or Past Grand Master of Masons in unless it be on the occasion of an official visit by the Grand Master.F RECEPTION OF VISITORS. B. We meet on . and a statement of the funds of th 5 Lodge. the Tiler gives the alarm and announces Brothers A. it gives me pleasure to introduce to you the members of Lodge. etc . No. and shall he vesy glad to welcome you to any of our meetings. W. oi the R W. CEREMONIES TO BE OBSERVED WHEN A GBAND OFFICER VISITS A LODGE. he expresses his approbation or makes such ohaci-vations as the circuinstances and situation of the Lodge may seem to require The Grand Master may then resign the chair t0 the Master. At the con elusion of the remarks the private Grand Honors will be given. Being in the ante-room. or the R. No.

whereby Masonry becomes the cenlre of union. 0 A Mason is ohliged by his tenure to obey the moral law. and if we rightly understand the Art he will never be a slupid atheist nor an ~rreligious libertine. to make them feel that they are welcome. bloodshed and confusion.21)2 MASONIC MANUAL Lodge for the first time without an introduction. he is not to be countenanced in his . OF THE OLD CHARGES OF FREE AND ACCEPTED MASONS. CONCERNING GOD AND RELIGION. 1722. leaving their particular opinions to themselves—that is. But though in ancient times Masons were charged in every country to be of the religion of that country or nation. or a Past Grand Officer (elective) of our own Grand Lodge. nor to behave himself undutifully to inferior magistrates. SUPREME AND SUBORDINATE A Mason is a peaceable subioct to the civil powers wherever he resides or works. by whatever denominations or persuasions they may be distinguished. and promoted the honor of the Fraternity. so ancient kings and princes have been much disposed to encourage the Cralt~nsen. and the means of conciliating true friendship among persons that must have remained at a perpetual distance H OF THE CIVIL MAGISTRATE. who ever flourished in times of peace. if the visitor is a Past Master. ANCIENT LANDMARKS. whereby they practically answer the revile of their adversaries. whatever it was. to be feed men and lrue. so that if a brother should be a rebel against the State. becaute of their peaceabieiiess and loyally. he should be invited to a seat in the East. COLLECTED FROM RECORDS AS PUBLISHED BY THE GRAND LODGE OF ENGLAND. or men of honor and honesty. for as Masonry hath been always iniured by war. and is never to be concerned in plots and conspiracies against the peace and ivelfare of the nation. he should he received with the Grand Honors at the time of his introduction. I. The Worshipful Master should see that the proper courtesies are extended to visiting brethren. and if he is an officer of any Grand Lodge. yet it is now thought more expedient only to oblige thsm to that religion in which all men agree.

The most expert of the Fellow Craftsmen shall be chosen ni appointed the Master or Overseer of the Lord’s work. OF LODGES A Lodge is a place where Masons assemble and svork. OF MASTERS.though ‘the loyal man. bat Brother or Fellow. that they may live creditably on holy days. no immoral or scandalous men. nor a Master until he has acted as a Warden. and will he best undersinod by attending it. of the ancient Lodge. however he may be pitied as an unhappy biotheihOOd convicted ol no. and truly ‘luspend his goods as if they were his own. even after he has served such a term of years as the custom of All Masons shall s’eik honestly on working days. the Master of a particular Lodge. or other artist. and then the Master of the Lodge. who is to he called Master by those that work under him The Craftsmen are to avoid all ill language. having no maim or defect in his body that may render him intapable of learning the Art. and his relation to it remains sudefeasible. and unless he be a perfect youth. the Grand Master has a power to choose his own Deputy Grand Master. but for his merit. nor the Royal Graft despised. love and alacrity the country v Or TIdE MANAGEMENT OF TIlE GRAFT IN WORKING All preferment among Masons is grounded upon real worth and personal merit only. nor to give more . shall undertake the Lord’s work as reasonably as possible.204 MASONIC MANUAL 1 ANCIENT LAND MARKS. until it appeared to the Master or Warden that pure necessity hindered him The pessons admitting members of a Lodge must be good and tine men. nor Grand Master unless he he has been a Fellow Graft befoie his election. when otherwise qualified. WARDENS. 205 rebellion. and the time apposuted hy the law of the land or confirmed by custom. that so the Lords may be well served. or some cuneus architect. that so. according to his merit No brother can be a Warden until he has passed the past of a Fellow Graft. of serving his Master’s Loid. especially when warned to appear at it. the Grand Warden. and by the regulations of the General or Grand Lodge heseuntO annexed In the ancient times no Mason or Fellow could be absent from it. or interpose his authority by a letter These rulers ariA governors. but of good report IV. FELLOWS AND APPRENTIG~S. and be subject to its by-laws and general regulations It is either parIic‘aloe or geaceal. and to behave themselves cons ceously within and without the Lodge The Master. they cannot expel him from the Lodge. and to call each other by no disobliging name. shall be observed. supreme and subordinate. therefore no Master or Warden is chosen by sensosity. and give no umbrage or ground of political 1ealousy to the government for the time being. and every brother must attend in his place. or a gentleman of the best fashion. and that he should be descended of honest nicnts. or must have been formerly. are to be obeyed in their respective stations by all the brethren. other crime. and at length the Grand Mastei of all the Lodges. who must be then. no women. and has the privilege ol acting whatever the Grand Mastei. and i must and ought to disown his rebellion. svith all humility. knowing himself to be able of cunning. acrord~ng to the old charges and reetilations. reverence. he may arrive to the lissnor of heing the Warden. III. and then a Fellow Craft in due time. and every brother ought to belons to one. descended of honest parents. his principal. and of being nsade a breiher. the bietbien not put to shame. free bnrn and of mature and discreet age No bendmen. should act. unless the said principal be present. and who is of singular great merit in the opinion of the Lodges Aiffi forthe better and easier and more honorable discharge of his office. who is also to be nobly born. It is impossible to describe these things in writing.. and learn them in a way peculiar to his Fraternity Only candidates may know that un Master should take an Apprentice unless he have sufficient employment for him. directs. hence that assembly or duly organized society of Masons is called a Lodge. without incurring a sevese censure. nor Grand Warden until he has been Master of a Lodge.

if he he capahle to finish die same. as Masons. nor use any unbecoming language upon any ~ji elmer whatsoever. unless he he thoroughlY acquainted with the designs and draughts of him that hegan When a Fellow Craftsman is chosen Warden of the work undei the Master. treating one Briiai’rsr enjoy yourself ii ores. yet Masonry takes no honor from a man that hr had before—nay. of all nations. nor shall Freemasons work with those that are not free. tongues. nor acer will This charge has always been strictly enrorned and observed. no private piqoes or quarrels must be brought within the door of the Lodge. or forcing any brother to eat or drink beyond his inclination.20(3 MASONIC MANUAL ANCIENT LAND MARKS. as what neves yet conduced to the welfare of the Lodge. not put the work to task that has heen accustomed to macairy. for that would blast ous harmony and defeat our laudable purposes Therefore. shall carelulle oversee the work in the Matter’s absence. but to pay due revesenee to your him. the brother found guilty shall utirrirl to the award and determination of the Lodge. anythieg offensive. nor shall they teach laborers and sin ac. nor -supplant him. None shall discover envy at the prosperity of a hrother. bat riot in r~ Lsdqe Forrne~ You are not to hold private committees. nor interrupt the Master or Wardens. without leave from the Master.r carry it by appeal to the Grand Lodge) and In whom they ought to he referred. aed Fellows. and not desert the Master until the work is finished A younger brother shall be instructed in working. or any brother speaking to the Master. and honestly doiah their work. nor to talk of anything impertinent or ~nseemly. hut especially since the reformation in Britain. r’ric another according to ability. or pot him not of his work. whether taste or journey.eiited Masons. or derogating from that respect which is due to anybrother were be not a Mason. far less any quarrels about religion or nations or State policy. as they should teach a Brother or Fellow VI OF BEHAVIOR—VIZ 1 In lire Lodge Virile corsslilaled 3 If any complaint be brought. ivithout an urgent necessity. we are also. without an absolute necessity apparent to the Lodge 1 lire Brethren not gsae. though all Masons are as brethren upon the same teed. and arc resolved against all pobtics. for. kindieds and languages. hut you must never go to the law about what concerneth Masonry. or hindering him from going when his occassons. and put them to worship. Witideos. in which case a particular reference may be made. without being overseen or overheard and without encroaching upon each other. he shall he tine both to Master and Fellows. freely giving mutual instruction. and for increasing and ~~ntiouing of brotherly love All the tools used so working shall be aupruved by the Grand Lodge No laborer shall be employed in the proper work of Masonry. We being only. You are to salute one another in a courteous manner. rather it adds to hia 1~ . and his brethren shall obey him All Masons employed shall meekly receive their wages. or the dissent and secession of these nations fiom the moissmrinionof Rome 3 Behuerse when Brethren meet wit/rest Sti angers. of the Catholic religion above mentioned. hut avoiding all egress. or doing or raying. who are the Is ‘iper and competent ~udgee of all such controversies (unless yra. or ieparate corniersatiOn. as shall be thought expedient. unless a Lord’s work be hindered the meanwhile. without ~urmnring or mutiny. 2 You may riJlec lire Lsdge with innocent mirth. or that may forbid an easy and free conversation. 207 wages to any Brother or Apprentice than he really may deserve Both the Maater and the Masons receiving their wages justly shall he faithful to the Lord. to the turd’s profit. to prevent spoiling the materials fur want of judgment. nor behave yourself ludicesusly or 1estsngly while the Lodge is engaged in what is serious and solemn. for no man can finish another’s work so much to the Lord’s profit. as you will be instructed—calling each other brother.

brat if you discover him to be a true and genuine brother. and sometimes you shall divert a discourse. and patiently listening to the honest and Inendly advice of Master and Fellows. all slander and backbiting. but defending his character and doing him all good offices. especially if he has deserved well of the Brotherhood. by not continuing together too late. for the honor of the Worshipful Fraternity 5 Beirasror at House and an your Neigirtorirood 209 You are to act as baronies amoral and wise man. those that shall be communicated to you in another way—cultivating brotherly love. Be/rarior 7’oreards a Strange Brolirer You are cautiously to examine bins on such a method as pro -deuce shall direct you. friends and nseghhors know the concerng of the Lodge. when they would prevent you going to law with strangers. and will do to the and of time Amen So mote it be K- . the Master and brethren should kindly offer their mediation. false pretender. and if any of them do you injury. that your families be not neglected or injured. and. and from thence you may appeal to the Grand Lodge at the Onarterfy Communiralion. or else direct him how he may be relieved. or too long from home after Lodge hours are past. or raw suit. you must employ him some days. that the most penetrating stranger shall not be able to discover or find out what ri not proper to he intimated. they moat. or else recommend him to be employed But you are nor charged to do beyond your ability—only to prefer a poor brother. who must give honor to whom it is due. and no farther. and from thence to the Annual Grand Lodge. as all true lid sinus have dose horn the beginning of the world. so far as as consistent with your honor and safety. nor you disabled from working 6. honor. all these charges you are to observe. particularly not to let your family. asording all wrangling and qirarretrug. and good offices to hr croewed and continued. and if he is in want you must relieve him if you ran. for reasons riot to be mentioned here You must also rocrault your health. and avoid ill manners 4. Beirarror an dresen’e ofSleasigers not Masons You shall be cautious in your words and carriage. and by avoiding of gluttony and drunkenness. and that of the ancient brotherhood. before any other people in the same circumstances. that as a good mae and true. and bewayr of giving him any hints of knowledge. however. carry on their process. as has been the ancient laudable conduct of our forefathers in every nation—never taking a legal course hut when the case Cannot be otherwise decided. also. you arc to respect him accordingly. not permitting others to slander any honest brother. Finally. the foundation and cap-stone—the cement and glory of this ancient Fraternity. that you may not be imposed upon by an Ignorant. that so you may mind the affairs of Masonry with more alacrity and success But with respect to brothers or fellows at law. that all may see the teenage influence of Masonry. without wrath or rancor (not so the common way) saying or doing nothing which may hinder brotherly love. or would excite you to put a speedy pemod to all law suits. you must apply to your own or his Lodge.208 MASONIC MANUAL. and manage it prudently. and if that sabmisaron is rmpractrcahle. etc but wisely consult your own honor. which ought to be thankfully submitted to by the contending brethren. whom you are to reject with contempt and derision. I ANCIENT LAND MARES.

and Its Masonic Jusardactron” 1-2. who cannot so attend. This Grand Lodge shall be styled “The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted SECTION 1. Past Grand Wardens. or either of them. of the chartered Lodges under its jurisdiction. and are members of a Subordinate Chartered Lodge SEC 3. Grand Orator. or their proxies duly constituted. such edict as new to this Code ARTICLE 1.CONSTITUTION AND EDICTSEXPLANATORY NOTE The numbers at the foot ofthe Sections to the Constitution and of the Edicts refer to Edicts bearing on that Section These numbers in parenthesis refer to the corresponding Edict in the Code of 1908. such deputation shall be an writing. Where no parenthetical numbers occur. Junani Grand Warden. Senior Grand Deacon. Grand Secretary. together with the Masters. Grand Treasurer. Grand Chaplain. attested by the Seere- . Junior Grand Deacon. Fast Deputy Grand Masters. Past Grand Treasurers and Past Grand Secretaries as shall be present. and the proxy so deputed shall be entitled to the same privateges and perform the same duties of ham or them deputing ham. they. shall be unable to attend the Communication of the Grand Lodge. may depute any member of their own Lodge as a proxy to represent their Lodge an the Grand Lodge. Masons of Alabama. Grand Marshal. arid Grand Tiler. argued by the person deputing him. and such Pail Grand Masters. SEC. Wardens. Deputy Grand Master. Senior Grand Warden. 2 The Grand Lodge shall consist and be rum- posed of a Grand Master. Whenever the Worshipful Master or Wardens of any Lodge. or either of them.

the Grend Lodge shall be opened and proceed to transact any business that may legitimately come before it SEC S The Grand Lodge has onginal and exclusive jurisdiction over all subjects of Masonic legislation. remove. shall immediately cause notice to be given in writing to every Subordinate Lodge in his jurisdiction.adjournment. and stating explicitly that the Master and Wardens have appeared in open Lodge. presided. 3-545 SEC 7 No Dispensation or Charter shall be granted or the niganizateon of a new Lodge. attested by the Gisnd Secietary. and in all cases of a tie the Giand Master or presiding officer shall have the casting vote. SEC. at the city of Montgomery. prosperity and happiness of the Craft. and no such Dispensation or Charter shall be legal unless signed by the Grand or Deputy Grand Master. in which their first Master and Wardens shall be nominated. or some person duly sulhoriced by those in attendance. and its enact ments and decisions updn alt questions shall be the Supeeme Masonic law of the State It shall prescribe such rules and regulations for the government of the Subordinate Lodges as will. in like manner. and shall require a urtiform mode’ of werleing. should the requisite number fail to attend for three days. then those in attendance shall meet on the eveniKg of the thud day. thirty-five dollars. which petition shall be accompanied by a recommendation from the Lodge ucarest the petitioner. and no dispensation or charter shall be delivered until the foregoing fees are paid 55 SEC 9 A majority of the members present of the Grand Lodge shall determine~ all questions submitted for their decision. and may require from them such reasonable dues asA fees as will at all times discharge the engagements of the Grand Lodge. 213 tary. t-2-3-4-5-23 Powe:s. appellete only. in its judgment. S For every Dispensation granted for the formation of a new Lodge. and nsay grant Dispensations and Charters for the establishment of new Lodges. together with a certificate vouching for the character and standing of the applicants generally. requiring their ‘attendaqee et the time specified by the order of .212 MASONIC MANUAL. sealed with the Seal of the Lodge. but Wpon the petition of seven known and epproved Master Masons. and the Grand Master. for every Charter there shall be paid. tO Every charge brought before the Grand Lodge against any member thereof shall be made in writing. days peeviously of the time and place of holding such Communication SEC 5 Representatives from one-third of all Subordinate Lodges under the jurisdiction of this Grand Lodge shall be necessary to constitute a quoram for the transaction of business. but in no case to alter. that every Lodge under their jurisdiction shall be notified at least thertj. but special Communications may be ordered by the Grand Master or in hii absence or disabliety to act. with the concurrence of the Grand Wardens. and so soon as the requisite number to constitute a quorum are in attendance. at the place designed for the meeting of the Crand Lodge. and sealed with the seat of the Grand Lodge. . shalt prescribe the manner. and may revoke and annul the seine foi such causes as it may deem sufficient. and after due examination are found well qualified to confer the first three degrees of Masonry. and shall adjourn to some day within two months next thereafter. provided. that no ness Lodge shall be established within ten miles of another Lodge unless it be in a city or town jt-39 40-41-42-44 What is town—43. or displace the encient and established landmarks of Masonry. conduce to the s-elfare. and appellate jurisdiction only finns the decisions of the Siibordinate Lodges. by the Deputy Grand Maitei. and shall be after the form prescribed by law and hereto appended. CONSTITUTION. SEC. The Grand Lodge shall be holden on the first Tuesday in December annually. there shall be paid to the Graud Secretary for the use of the Grand Lodge thirty-five dollars. at such time and plate as in their opinion the good of Masonry may reqoire. 79 SEC 4. and.





and the member so charged shall be furnished with a copy thereof by the Grand Secretary, and any brother suspended or expelled shall be entirely excluded from all the benefits and privileges of Masonry while ander such sentence. ARTICLE II.

of their electron or appointment, members of some Lodge, shall be eligible to office an the Grand Lodge, and no one shall lie eligible to the office of Grand Master more than tivo years in any period of sax years SEC 2 The Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master, Grand Wardens, Grand Treasurer, Grand Secretary, and Grand TrIer shall be elected by ballot, at the Annual Communication on or before the first Thursday of ifs meeting of every year, and shatf hold their offices respectively until their successors shall be duly selected and installed SEC 3 All Grand Officers whose election or appointment as not otherwise provided Ior, shall be appointed annually by the Grand Master, and when duty installed shall hold there offices until their successors are duly appointed and installed. SEC 4. In the election of Grand Officers each and every Subordinate Chartered Lodge shall have one vote and no more, each and every Present and Past Grand Officer who as a member of this Grand Lodge according to the provisions of the Constitution, shall have one vote and no more, proraded, such Present or Past Grand Officer as not the Master, Warden or proxy of a Subordinate Lodge A majority of all the votes cast shall be necessary to a choice. SEC. 3 When a number of brethren are voted for, for the same office an the Grand Lodge, and no choice can be made, after the second ballot, the one receiving the lowest number of votes shall be dropped at each succeeding ballot until a choice as effected SEC 6 No Lodge shall be entitled to vote anthe election of officers, nor shall its Master, Wardens, or either of their proxies be eligible to any of the Grand offices until its dues to the Grand Lodge are paid ARTICLE IV OFFICERS

RANK AND TITLE. SECTION 1. The officers of the Grand Lodge shall be styled and take rank as follows. Most Worshipful Grand Master Right Worshipful Deputy Grand Master. Right Worshipful Senior Grand Warden Right Worshipful Junior Grand Warden. Right Worshipful Grand Treasurer Right Worshipful Grand Secretary Right Worshipful and Reverend Grand Chaplean Right Worshipful Grand Marshal. Worshipful Senior Grand Deacon tvorahipful Junior Grand Deacon Grand Steward Grand TrIer Not eligible to office an Sobordanate Lodge—24 SEC. 2 All officers and members of the Grand Lodge and proxies appointed by the Masters or Wardens -of Subordinate Lodges, must be Master Masons and regular members of some Lodge under its jurisdiction. SEC. 3 No person shall act as the proxy of any other Lodge than the one of which he as a member ARTICLE III. ELECTION OF GRAND OFFICERS




SECTION 1 No brother shall be eligible to the office of Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master or Grand Warden who has not been duly elected, installed and presided over tr Subordinate Lodge None etcept such as are at the time

SECTION 1 It shall be the duty of the Grand Officers to attend punctually an person the annual and special Communications of the Grand Lodge.


-r 210


SEC. 2. The Most Worshipful Grand Master shall preside at the Communications of the Grand Lodge, see that the rules and usages of the Craft are strictly observed and that officers faithfully perform their respective duties, and an appeal from has decision may be had at any tame, if the call therefor as seconded lIe may grant Daspensatanna for the establishment ol new Lodges during the reress of the Grand Lodge, according to the seventh section of the first article of this Constitution, and not otherwise, he shall install the Officers of all newly chartered Lodges, or appoint some discreet and well qualified Past Master to do an, when inconvenient for ham to attend an person, he may visit Subordinate Lodges at has pleasure and preside therein, inspect their records and proceedings, and instruct them an the correct mode of working, and an general shall exercise a supervising control of the Craft throughout the State, conforming an all things to the Constitution and Regulations of the Grand Lodge and ancient landmarks of the Fraternity 25—26—27—28-29 34—Ifi—IIl’480 As to Dispensatrons—30—Il—12—II— Cannot set aside By-laws of Lodge, if constitutional—I9 SEC 3 The Deputy Grand lslastei shall, in the absence of the Grand Master, fill the chair during the Communications of the Grand Lodge lIe may grant Daspensatrons for the establishment of a new Lodge, under the restrictions and provisions referred to an the preceding section for the government of the Grand Master an lilac cases, and shall be vested with similar powers, subject, however, at all times, to has control and direction SEC 4 In the absence of the Grand and Deputy Grand Master, the Senior Grand Warden, or an has absence, the Junior Grand Warden, or in has absenre, the Senior Past Grand Master or Deputy Grand Master, shall preside with the powers of the Grand Master, and if no such officer shall he present, then the brethren shall nominate some suitable person to fill the chair

SEC. 5 After the Grand Lodge as opeerd, and before any business as proceeded upon, the Grand Chaplain, at present, shall invoke a blessing from Deity SEC 6 The Grand Trilasurer, before entering upon the duties of has office, shall give bond and security, condatinned for the faithful performance ol has official duties, an double the sum actually an the treasury at the time of has official investment. He shall account to the Grand Lodge or all moneys received and disbursed by ham by virtue of has office, and on the first day of every Annual Communication exhibit a full and accurate statement of has accounts to the Grand Lodge He shall pay out no money without the written order of the Grand Master or presiding officer, given by directions of the Grand Lodge, and countersagned by the Grand Secretary, and such vosebres only shall be raccaved as authentic an the settlement of has accounts, and for Ihese services he shall receive one hundred and fifty dollars, and no more And further an all distributions of the funds of the Grand Lodge, at shall be done by the Chartered Subordinate Lodges only which have paid their dues, each Lodge having but one vote, and no nanre And further, at shall require a majority of all such Lodges to concur therein, otherwise no donation, distribution or application ot the funds of the Grand Lodge shall be made Ior any purpose whatever, except the appropriation Ior the ordinary expenses of the Grand Lodge SEC 7 The Grand Secretary shall record neatly and correctly, an a substantial book kept Ior that purpose, all the proceedings of the Grand Lodge proper to be written, he shall keep a regular set of books, in which he shall open and keep all necessary and proper accounts, charge the Subordinate Lodges regularly with their annual contributions and dues, and give them credit for all moneys when paid; he shall collect all moneys due the Grand Lodge, make proper entries of the same, pay them over to the Grand Treasurer, as soon as collected, and take has receipt thereof, he shall charge the Grand Treasurer with all moneys paid ham and credit ham with all orders or drafts drawn on ham and on the first day of every Annual Communication he shall lay before





the Grand Lodge a full and accurate statement of all moneys received by ham by virtue of has office since the date of has last report, he shall communicate to the several Grand Lodges within the United States and to all Lodges within the Jurisdiction of this Grand Lodge such matters as may from time to time be required to be so communicated, he shall submit for the inspection of the Grand Lodge all communications received by ham during recess, attest and affix the seal of the Grand Lodge to all instruments of writing necessary to be executed, report the number of Daspensatrons granted since the fast Annual Communacacron with the recommendations upon which they were founded, and Ior these services the Grand Secretary shall receive from the funds of the Grand Lodge, annually, sorb sum as the Grand Lodge may order, not to exceed two thousand dollars Before has installation he shall gave bond and security to the Grand Master and has successors an office, for one thousand dollars, for the use of the Grand Lodge, conditioned for the faithful discharge of has official duties 92-l)3-407-446-iiSl-610 36-37-52-91-l00-l0l-443-454-627 667. SEC 8. All tither Grand Officers shall perform the duties respectIvely assigned to them an the charges given an their anstallatiOri, and the Grand Tiler shall receive for has services four dollars per day 34 ARTICLE V COMMITTEE ON WORK SECTION 1 There shall be a Committee on Work consisting of seven, to be appointed by the Grand Master’ who shall hold office Ior a period of five fears, unless sooner removed for cause They shall meet annually at the Grand Lodge hall, three days amrsedaately preceding the meeting of the Annual Communication, to perfect themselves an the work and lectures of the first three degrees of Masonry, as determined upon and established by this Grand Lodge, one day of which shall be decoted to an executive session by the commit-

tee for that purpose. It shall be the duty of the chairman of this committee to report the work of the Granal Lodge at each Annual Communication, on or before the third day thereof, and the work and lectures so established and reported shall be the only work and lectures recognized by this Grand Lodge, and every subordinate lodge under its jurisdiction shall, and ii hereby required to, conform to said work and lectures. 10-13-17 SEC 2. When any vacancy shall occur an the Committee on Work, by death, removal or otherwise. at shall be the duty of the Most Worshipful Grand Master, or, an the event of has disability to act, of the Right Worshipful Deputy Grand Master, fortheath to fill said vacancy. SEC. 3 The members of the Committee on work, provided they are members of a Subordinate Lodge, shall be members of the Grand Lodge. and on all questions, whether to be decided sara Circe or by ballot, except an appropriations of the funds of the Grand Lodge, shall have one vote, and no more SEC 4. The Conirsattee on Work shall be paid their necessary expenses an coming to, remaining at. and returning from the Grand Lodge, provided they shall have complied with the requirements of this article ARTICLE VI SUBORDINATE LODGES. SECTION j, All Lodges under this jurisdiction shall have a right to convene as “Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons.” receive and enter Apprentices, pass Fellow Crafts. and raise Master Masons, also to assess and collect such fees and dues as they may find reasonable and proper, to establish funds f or charitable purposes, and transact all bus47—49—61—62—64—65—67—68—76—77—-75—145—147—1SS—197— 198—199—432—433—414. SEC 2. Every Lodge under this jurisdiction shall conant of a Master, Senior and Junior Warden, Treasurer, See-





ictary, Senior and Junior Deacon, and a Tiler, and such other officers as the Lodge may from time to time think proper to appoint, together with as many memhers as may he found convenient for working to advantage, and every Lodge thus organized shall meet at least once a month to transhec such husiness as may come hefore it, and more especially to instroct and improve its membert in Masonic knowledge 130-131-132-135-136-137-141-142 -143—145—147—148—149— 178—187-202—205—207—208—237—239—240-24l—24’l —249 SEC 3 Every Subordinate Lodge must Save a charter from the Grand Lodge, or a Dispensation or Warrant from the Grand or Deputy Grand Master, attested by the Grand Secretary and sealed with the seal of the Grand Lodge, and no Lodge shall he deemed legal or regular without such Charter, Dispensation or Warrant, and all Masonic communications, either public or private, ace hereby interdieted and forbidden between any Lodge under this jurisdiction or any member of any of them, and any Lodge that may be illegally formed, opened oc holden, or any or either of their members, or any person initiated, passed or raised in such illegal Lodge SEC 4 Dispensations granted by the Grand or Deputy Grand Master for the establishment of new Lodges shall continue and be in force only until the succeeding Annual Coinmunciation of the Grand Lodge alter the date of such Dinpensation, at which time the onginal vecoid of all die peoceedings of every such Lodge, together with the By-laws which have been adopted for its government, shall be submitted to the Grand Lodge for examination, and, if approved, a Charter may be issued for the permanent establishment of said Lodge, or the Dispensation renewed for twelve months longer by an endorsement thereon by the Grand or Deputy Grand Mastec, attested by the Crand Secretary, at the expiration of which time a copy of the original record of the proceedings of evevy such Lodge, during the preceeding twelve months, must be submitted to the Grand Lodge for inspection and examination, when if approved, a Charter must isnue or the Lodge be discontinued, end no Lodge working under Dispennationshall pay to the


Graisil Lodge any contributions or dues until it obtains a Charter I 1—39—44—45—46—88—89 Powers of Lodge U. D —55—56—57—d8—79—216 -217 SEC. S Every chartered Lodge shall have a seal with the name and a number of the Lodge engraved thereon, with such other devices as a mainrity of the members of the Lodge may think proper to adopt, and no document from any Lodge shall be received or deemed authentic without such seal being affixed thereto, provided, Issniever, that in all cases where Lodges have not seals already, they shall be allowed twelve months to procure them, and all Lodges hereafter established shall be allowed the same time hum the date of their respective Charters, and iso longer SEC 6 In all canes of the abience of the Worshipful Master from any regular or special Commonicatioii of any Lodge, the officer peesent highest in rank shall preside, unless through courtesy said officer shall decline in favor of a past superior officer, provided, no special Communication shall be held without sufficient notied being first given an far as practicable of the time and object of the meeting, and it shall not be ~awful fov the Lodge to transact any business other than that for which the Lodge was specially convened Absence of Mast er—157—1 59—160—233 Special Communicat ions—41—141—142—143—1 44-145—146 SEC 7 No Subordinate Lodge shall proceed to confer any or either of the degrees of Masonry upon any person who is not a man, fice-born, of the age of civenty-one years or upseards, of good reputation, of sufficient natural and intellectual endowments, with an estate, office, trade, occupation, or some other obvious source of honest subsistence, from which he may be enabled to spare something for works of charity and for maintaining the ancient dignity and utility of the Masonic institution lie must also he free from such corporal deformity as would render him incapable of practicing and teaching the ritual of the Fraternity. 35—270 -271-272—273—274—275—277—278 Physieal—281—282—283—4t5

other than that an which he was initiated. to be appointed by the Master. an writing. prornaded. grosaded. 223 f. no such petition shall be acted on 105—106—107—108—109—110—111—tjl—j13—114—115—116—117 118—119—120—122—133-289-290—291—292—293—294—295—296—297 298—299—300—301—302-303 Does not apply to affiliataon—487 SEC 14. that after the expiration of three years from the tarse of such rejection such other . passed or raised an any Lodge.128—129—398—399—400—401—402 403-404-405 SEC j3 When any person petitions to be made a Mason who resides an any other town where a Lodge as holden na ocaice any regular Lodge than that an which he as proposed. nor shall any Lodge require any of its members to assagohas or their reasons fur voting against any person who may apply for membership or anatratjon therein 331—353—354—355—410 SEC 11 No applicant for anatratron or membership whose petition rsay have been rejected by any Lodge shall be initiated or received a rsrmber an any other Lodge without the consent of a major±tyof the Lodge to which the applicant first petalanned be obtained. and capable of granting such certificate and recommendation as aforesaid 121—123—124—125—126 -127. Affilaataon—489—490—491—493—500--501—50 SEC 9 No petition for membership or initiation shall be received by any Lodge except at a regular Communication and no person shall be admitted as a member or initiated at the same Communication at which he as initiated. at shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Lodge to wnte to such other lodge to know a1 they have ever refused ham admission.ala’Iil of the jurisdiction of the Lodge or Lodges rejecting ham If any Mason knowingly assists orrecommends Ior initiation air membership any applicant to any Lodge whatever. nor shall the candidate be passed to the second degree until by examination an open Loilge he as found to have made the necessary proficiency in the first degree. he shall be expelled finns all the privileges of the Fraternity 377—378—379—350—381—381—385—356—357--ISS—390—391—392 394—495—496 SEC 12 No entered Apprentice or Fellow Craft initiated or passed an any Lodge within the United States shall be passed or raised an any Lodge under the joriadactron of this Grand Lodge. nor shall such petition be acted upon by the Lodge until satisfactory evidence be obtained of the applicant’s worthiness or unworthiness177—285---286—287-258—304—3115—306—305—3 12—313-315-3173j —8320—31 l—323—327-328—352—502—673 2. and shall be members of the Lodge. whose duty at shall be to investigate into the character and standing of the petitioner.222 MASONIC StANUAL.r~ili. without the unanimous consent of the members present. and make dye report thereon. that any Lodge shall be authorized to confer any or all these degrees gratuatanusly upon ministers of ”- . CONSTITUTION. an violation of the provisions of this section. nor raised at the same Communication at which he as passed. for the second degree five dollars. and if they know of any just and sufficient reason why he ought nut to be made a Mason. proraded.orlue to which application for initiation or membership may be SEC S All petitions for affiliation or initiation shall be recommended and voached Ior by two Master Masons. to the Lodge at its next regular Communication. with a certificate of good standing. and without inquiry and answer thereto. if the applicant ~s not then a cci. the said Lodge as still an existence. nor shall any brother be admitted a member of any Lodge but upon fake conditions. howeser. and that he has paid all dues of such Lodge. and for the third degree ten dollars. members of the Lodge. nor raised to the third degree until by examination an open Lodge he as found to have the necessary proficiency an the second degree 28-254—312—341—342—357—358—406—407-409—410 May be dune by Daspensataon—30-36l SEC 10 No person shall be initiated. without procuring dramasaron from such Lodge. rainy proceed to act upon sorb application without the r’riir’ri’iit herein provided for. and shall be placed an the hands of a committee consisting of three Master Masons. or admitted to rsembersh±ptherein. for that purpose. The fee for initiating a candidate an the first degree of Masonry shall be not less than fifteen dollars.

and the Grand Secretary shall. fur indigent Master Masons an good standing and widows and orphans of deceased Master Masons who at their death were rsemhers of and an good standing an a Subordinate Lodge working under the jurisdiction of this Grand Lodge The balance of said does. as the nature of the case may lerlurac. an writing. or who shall know. that a brother has been guilty of conduct unbecoming a Mason or who shall fad to report same to the Lodge at its next regular communication. with the dates annexed. that inch laws and regulations are conformable to the pran caples of the Fasternaty and usages of Masons. as soon as may be. shall pay to the Grand Secretary not more than one dollar. to be regulated by the Grand Lodge Proerded. all such fees shall accompany the petition. and shall forthwith by such Lodge he oapended at its pleasure 521~522—523—524-526—527—528 SEC 19 Every Lodge has power. Every Lodge under the jurisdiction of this t1aand Lodge shall communicate to the Grand Secretary all rejections suspensions and expulsions as they severally oc— rue. Every Lodge has an inherent right to make By-laws and regulations for its government. at shall then be the duty of the Secretary to forward a copy of the proceedings thereon to the Grand Secretary. under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Alabama. the name of those persons rejected.332—333—334-335 SEC 16 Every Lodge shall elect its officers at the regular Communication immediately preredang the festival an June. ‘illl— SEC 20. and the Constatutron and regulations of the Grand Lodge 29~61~62~83-64—65-66—67—65—177—1 75—335—375—5j2—607. . excepting those ministers who are ectavely engaged an preaching the gospel. the dates of admission to membership. Ill. and reprimand. svho shall lay the same before the Grand Lodge. always. and no notice of such auspeaseson or expulsion shall be given by the Grand Secretary until the decision thereon be confirmed SEC 21 Every Ledge shall. since the last return. mIce to the Grand Secretary a report. although not one of ala rsembcrs. suspended. namely. expelled. as hereby declared to be gualty of a shameful neglect of duty. 217 7220-I3O Inatallation~221—222—2232252I62Z SEC 17. SEC 15 Any member of a Suhordanats Lodge who shalt be informed. notify the Subordinate Lodge thereof. but at such suspended or expelled person shall have appealed from the decairon of such Lodge within sixty days. for its adjudication at the next regular Communication thereof. and at shall be its lanunrlrn duty. that an all cases of suspension or espul- aloir tacar-thards of the Master Itlasons present concur an the I~iil tiIrC 334—S36—S37—S46—547--548—549--fadO—552—553—554-335. of whieb fifty cents for each member of the Subordinate Lodge shall be set apart as a fund for the establishment of a Masonic Home. that this Grand Lodge rsay hereafter. howeser. fifty cents. to take cognizance of any unmasonac conduct of a sojuornang or resident brother. proiiailcd. withdrawn and dead. acatratruns. showing who are its officers and members. on or before the fiest day of every Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge. and or each and every officer and member returned. passing or raising lees. suspend or expel the offender. and make due return Thereof to the Grand Secretary as soon as the offirers elect are installed. and shall he returned if the petitioner as rejected. reinstated. or grant any tame or credit theref or. prerarfed. of his own knowledge. which shall take place as soon as practacable thereafter.224 MASONIC MANUAL CONSTITUTION 225 the gospel who are actively engaged an the exercise of threr ministerial functions ~ SEC 15 No Lodge under the jurisdiction of this Grand Lodge shall take notes of hand for initiating. passaugs and earnings. and the Lodge an whose jurisdiction he may be accused of such onmasonac conduct shall proceed agarsast ham as though he were a member thereof. 329—330—331. an its dascreatrun.

where dues shall remain unpaid for two years. CONSTITUTION 227 reduce the assessment herein provided fur said Masonic Home. and at as hereby made has bounden duty as upperhaloing to has office and dignity to see that the By-laws of Ihe Lodge. during the recess of the Grand Lodge. to investigate into the nature of the charges and report to the . and he shall fill the chair when present. making due return and paying its ‘dues. and are examples of diligence and industry to the brethren. at shall be rhe duty of the last Treasurer and Secretary rhereuf to surrender to rhe Grand Secretary the books. hIrer endee—56-57 I ‘us aolrdataon-’--54-S5 SEC 24 The Master of every Lodge has at an apecrat ‘lirarge. all communications of the Grand Lodge. and that the proceedings of the Lodge be neatly and correctly recorded irs a substantial book. and this he shall an no ivase omit 64—79--j 62—163—164-165—186—231-526—573-574 N P D —233—234—423—424—425—426—428—429—430—432 433 SEC. who shall order three Masters of Lodges ne Past Masters.220 MASONtC MANUAL. 2S3 Returna—fwS Duee—4--5-60-4S SEC 22 It shall he the duty of the Grand Secretary to lay before the Grand Lodge. he shall rant permat any Mason who as not a member of the Grand Lodge.-al—5O81S233. should the Treasurer and Secretary fail to do so within the time specified above. that the Treasurer keep and render a correct and just account of moneys belonging to the Lodge. shall be arracken from the books of the Grand Lodge. and upon the revocation or forfeiture of the Charter -of easy Lodge. nor can a Subordinate Lodge voluntarily surrender its Charter lomo. suspended. papers. according to the Twenty-first section of this article. he baa the right and authority of convening the Lodge at pleasure. that all other officers of the Lodge perform the duties of their respective offices faithfully. jewels. and every Lodge that shall neglect to make returns to the Grand Lodge. but any five members of has Lodge may impeach cbs Master befoac the Grand Master. upOn petition by a majority of the members of such Lodge or by permission of the Grand or Deputy Grand Master given upon like petition. funds and Charter of said Lodge within sax month# of the tame of such revocation or forfeiture. that true and exact accounts be kept by the Secretary with all the members of the Lodge. as well as the Constitution. Laws and Edacts of the Grand Lodge are strictly enfoaced and observed. 25 A Subordinate Lodge has no aight to try the Master. hot upon proper application to the Grand Lodge at its neat regular Communication. nra Subordanate under ate jurisdiction. or to pay its dies. or by proxy. on the second day of every Annual Communication. such Lodge may be restored to its former rank and pravaleges. to be disposed of as the Grand Lodge may think proper. at as lakewase has duty to attend punctually an person. furniture. nearest has Lodge. a last of alt the delinquent Lodges. together wath what interest may have accrued thereon. that regular returns be made annually to the Grand Lodge. gavang always proper notice. or fad to be represented an the Grand Lodge Ior two successive years. the Grand or the Deputy Grand Master shall apporart sonic suitable person to take possession of the same and deliver them op an the manner and Ior the purpase before directed Delrnquency—59—9O—9l Reatoration~94-9396979S95-1OQ Forfeiture of prupeety—75—36 -90—91SEC 23 No Lodge shall be removed from the place where it as located except by the consent of the Grand Lodge. to preside over or give the work or lectures to the Lodge over which he presides. on any emergency or occurance which an has judgment may require its meeting. he shall at the regular Communication preceding the festival an June cause the Secretary to write opposite the name of cash member of baa Ledge. said sentence to cemarn an force until all dues are paid. an cases of emergency. be depraved of the benefits of Masonry and its Charter declared forfeited. or which shall tad to assemble for work fur the spare of sax months.

shall he sufficient to authorare the taking of testimony on the part of the accused 583—536—587—53S-559—594—595—596 RULE S The depositions iball he sealed up by the person taking them. or the committee 0f the Lodge. be shall suspend the delanajuent and summon ham to appear at the ensuing Communication of the Grand Lodge for mel 52q~530~~531~532—61g—540—64j~642—643—644645-646-647 ARTICLE VII TRIALS AND APPEALS SECTION 1 Whenever a brother shall be accused of any offence the proceedings shall be conducted an the following manner. and written notice left with the Master or Secretary. two-thirds of the votes of all the members present shall he required.604. . the Secretary of the Lodge shall send ham. “Is standing and an an audible manner.d notice as served to the place of taking such testimony. by mail. proraded. and has residence be knuwis. svho shall endorse thereon whether received sealed or otherwise RULE 9 Upon every trial the Secretary of the Lodge shall write dosvn an a fair band the whole of the evidence an the case. and attest the same. and deliver at so attested. to-wit RULE 1 The charges and specifications shall be made an writing. and delivered to the 5~~retaty of the Lodge 499~500~I79~520522527-s28—5I954l RULE 2 The 5~cretary shall make out a true copy of the charge and specaficatioii5.E 6 The eazamanataOn of the charges shall be an a l. or cause the sanse to be done. said rail riesses and counsel are Master Masons 564—565—569—570 RULE 7. or evidence of persons not Masons may he taken out of the Lodge. and delivered to the Secaftary of the Lodge. and of a character to justify the proceedings. before any person autboraced by the laws of the Stale to administer oaths to watneases. so as to allow one day to every Ibarty males travel from the place wbere sa. an attested copy of the charges at least sixty days before the day of the trial RUI. and the Seorstary shall tbc accused guilty or sot guilty record the auae’ei 600—602 -601. and conveyed by some trustworthy person. proper to be written 172-216 RULE 10 When the testimony as closed tbe question upon each specification shall be distinctly put by the Master 5’ The answer shall be given to every member present. proraded. arid the same to commit to writing.nalirc especially notified for that purpose. at svhach no visitors ‘Thrill be admitted except witnesses and counsel. notice having been given to the adverse party.313—615—617—618 RIfLE 11 It the accused be found guilty. an attested copy of the chacgee and specifications anrlosed by marl to the postoffice nearest to the residence of cbs accused thirty days before che trial shall be deemed good notice 557 RULE 4 If the aesadence of the accused be unknown to all the members 0fthe Lodges. It shall he the duty of the Lodge to hear any ca’rdence relevant to the charge. when at shall he beard an open Lodge. beginning with the youngest. to the accused.228 MASONIC MANUAL CONSTtTUTION. under the signature of a Master Mason. and if an has opinion they are well founded. or by marl.ttaj—563 RULE 3 If rhe accused resides out of the State. 229 Grand Master. at least ten days before the tame of trial 557-KIdS--I I9—350—561—562561—583 RULE 3 It the residence of the accused be not within ten mdes of the place of meeting of the Lodge. if proper to do so. the Lodge shall by vote assess the punishment due the offense 67—608-607—610—6t1--6j 2—613—814 New trral—619-620—521—622 RULE jI In alt cases of suspension or eapulsano of any member from the privileges of Masonry. the trial rosy be had cx pane .

No . The rules for taking depositions. do take my appeal to said Gmod Lodge. TO AMEND Every proposition to revise. under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Alabama. and be thereafter submitted to the several Subordinate Chartered Lodges for their approval or rejection. certified under has hand and the seal of yhe Lodge. an the ease of . alter or amend thai Conata tutron shall be submitted an writing on one of the first four days at an Annual Communeratron daslanetly read. if approved by one-third of the members present. do declare that I feel materially aggmeved by the decision of Lodge. ARTICLE PROPOSITIONS VIII. and. and not afterwards 626. and to the end that justice may be done an that matter. whereby a brother as suspended or ‘spelled. a copy of which notice shall be forwarded to the Grand Lodge. but such reversal shall an no ease restore the accused In membership an the Lodge from which he was suspended or espelled. and for a rehearing of the case. 623-624-625 -626 RULE 14 The appeal shall be made an writing and an the following form. with the evidence of its service —a- RULE 19 The Grand Lodge may reverse the decision if a Subordanafe Lodge. 627—628—629 RULE 17. shall be entered upon the minutes. and shall proceed to examine and try the cause upon the evidence so transmatted. and from thenceforth at shall be considered a part and parcel of this Constitution 6—49—50--130—13I . and decade the matter finally 630-033 RULE 15 The appellant shall gave to the other party at least ten days’ notice an writing of the taking of the appeal. an reference to trials an the Grand Lodge. The Grand Lodge. together with the appeal.~5p 652-653—s55—eg6~66y6e9 O 670—673. C RULE 20. RULE 16 The Secretary of the Lodge shall immefir ately record the appeal and transmit to the Grand Lodge at the next meeting thereof a true copy of the evidence an the case. attested by the Secretary under the seal ofthe Lodge RULE 15 The appeal must be taken within siaty days after the tnal and judgment. The above form shall he signed by the appellant. to the next succeeding Grand Lodge. to-wit a Master Mason. may take an appeal to the Grand Lodge. 231 an all cases of suspension or espulsano a majority of the whole Lodge be present 29-566—567—568—608—609 RULE 13 Any brother feeling aggrieved by the decisann of the Lodge upon the trial of any brother. without any other testimony. if two-thirds of the Chartered Subordinate Lodges approve thereof by certificate over their reapective seals. the Grand Master shall so declare at. without unanimous consent of the members present at a regular Communication 32—63S—634—s3d--~49~5o. oar receipt of the appes and evidence. shall he possessed of the cause.280 MASONtC MANUAL- CONSTITUTION. serving notices and deciding causes herein piescrahed for the Lodges shall also prevail so far as the same arc applicable.

RULES AND REGULATIONS. but may again proceed . SEC 10 The Grand Secretary shall annex to the ournals of the Commonacarrons of the Grand Lodge the names of the officers of every Subordinate Lodge. all other esatora can alone be admitted by unanimous consent of the airembers present SEC S No member shall speak more than twice upon the same subject without the permission from the presiding officer. and whale speaking no one shall anterupt ham. which shall be ateretly observed an all cases. when the number composing she committee does not exceed seven.f he shall thank proper aftes being corrected SEC 7 The presiding officer shall decade all questions of order. be shall appoint all committees. according to the provisions ol the Constatution. before he taker bar seat ar cash at any ComrsunicatiOn. the tame and place of holdrug their regular Communacaranna. when be shall be called to order. 2 Petitions and Memorials 3 Pepoits of Standing Committees 4. to whose commands they shall he attentive and obedient. and at as hereby made the duty of the Grand Secretary to annex to tbe~e laws a proper form of returns and proxies. and who are ant nacnibeas of this Grand Lodge. shall be permitted to leave any annual or special Communication without asking for and obtaining per mission by a vote of the members present EC 9 Returns from the Subordinate Lodges and the prOxies shall be banded to the Grand Secretary. 6. and that permission shall only once be given SEC. 233 RULES AND REGULATIONS SECTTON I Every officec of the Grand Lodge. shall cloibe himself with the uniform and badge appertarirang to has stataus SEC 2 After the Grand Lodge as opened the members and visitors shall conduct tbemsetvei with that order and propriety which the dignity of the institution requires. B eporta of Special Commartees 5 Unfinished Business 6. and the names of those . and shall publicly reprimand any besther who shalt be guilty of any indecorous or disorderly conduct during the working of the Grand Lodge A second offense of the same nature may be punished by suspension or expuliron from all the benefits of Masonry SEC S No member of the Grand Lodge. upleas by consent of the Grand Lodge. whale they remain regular members of some Subordinate Lodge. to be submitted to the con saderataun and decision of the Grand Lodge SEC 4 Past Masters of Subordinate Lodges under this jurisdiction. and an a respectful manner address the presiding officer. after taking has seat as such. with the numher of members belonging thereto. 5. or an the election of Grand Officers. Every brother who speaks shall rise. and may submit propositaOni and resolutrOrli and offer their views thereon. they shall pay due respect to the presiding officer for the tame being. and shall be by ham examined and reportyd correct and authentic befere such proxies shall he entitled to the privileges of a member. and all Past Grand Officers. and they shall not leave the ball without has permission The business of the Grand Lodge shall be disposed of an the following order 1 Such as has been set down f or consideration by previous order. the member proposing the same shall read theus an has place and present them to the presiding officer. and shall sat down. All resolutions shall be reduced to writing. and the Musters and Wardens of Lodges working under Dispensataoii shall be entitled to seats. unless be be wanderaug from the subject or question under consaderatano. but shall not he permitted to vote on any question.Propositions and Metrons 7 Any business of the Grand Lodge SEC. fill vacancies which may occur by the absence of any regular officer by appointing 3rs fern .

to SEC 14 When a report as make at shall be banded the presiding officer and by ham read aloud before debated . and the question on the Proposition to amend last made shall be Seat pot. No amendment of an amendment to an amend~ ment shall he entertained. a motion to amend an amendment shall preclude all further proposasanna to amend.’isssron of the Grand Lodge. Committee on Suspensions. and an filling up the blanks. 235 suspended. Committee on Foreign Correspondence. who shall report thereon. S. who shall distribute the same accordingly. SEC 15 No motion shall he stated or debated until II Is seconded. 2. reinstated and dead. SEC. reports and propositions may he committed or referred at the pleasure of the Grand Lodge. until at shall he decided SEC. 9 etc 10. All communications. IS. 3 4. etc —S Chartered Lodges—li SEC 12. 17 The previous question shall not be called for nor a motion to adjourn be entertained by the Grand Lodge SEC. SEC 13 All resolutions or motions involving the expenditure of money shall be referred to the Fanance Committee before being acted flpon by the Grand Lodge. Expulsions. and when stated at shall he conaadcaed as an the l’Ii’. without delay. but the mover of at may ivathlane at at any tame before a decision. 19 Motions. SEC 21 Any section or a part of a section of these Laws and Regulations may be amended or altered at any Annual Communication by and svrtla the consent of a major aty of be Subordinate Lodges. petitions and documents shall he referred to appropriate committees. Foreign Correspoodence—9. SEC. All questions shall he put an the order an which they were moved. shall he and the same ais hereby repealed SEC 23 These laws and regulations shall he an force from and after the passage thereof Appeals Grievances Woak—10--17—22—23 J urisprudencs—7. resolutanos. or which are not herein contained. signed by the chairman of the committee making the report. Committee on By-laws Committee on Unfinished Business Committee on Work.23-I MASONtC MANUAL. or longest time. or before an amendment faa it as passed. since the last retna us. 7. 5 6. returns. except the Committee on Work. expelled. 20. the officers of the Grand Lodge. the largest sum or quantity. shall he first put. RULES AND REGULATIONS. 11 The Grand Master shall appoint from the members of the Grand Lodge present the followang committees 1. Committee on Propositions and Committee on Chartered Lodges Committee on Lodges under Dispensation Committee on Finance Committee on Masoore Jurisprudence. SEC 16 Any member may call for a division of the question if the sense wall admit at SEC. and all reports must be an writing. Suspensions. within sixty days after the close of every Communacataun of the Grand Lodge be shall have published such number of copies of the proceedings thereof as he may deem necessary or the use and information of the Subordinate Lodges. and such Grand Lodges as correspond therewith. SEC 22 All laws and regulations heretofore enacted by the Grand Lodge which con~rct or differ an any manner ivath.

that the Committee may be prepared to report noun early a day as possible S-(S) REPORT OF COMMITTEE ON SUSPENSIONS. 255—256--257-255. upon the report of the Grand SecretFagures at foot of Edicts refer so number of other Edicts - 7-(7) COMMITTEE. after has appointment. or have furled to assemble for work for the apace of sax months 52 6-(6) PROPOSITIONS TO AMEND CONSTITUTION —Propositions to amend the Constitution of the Grand Lodge are not debatable. DECISIONS AND RESOLUTIONS OF THE GRAND LODGE OF ALABAMA. its poweis being appellate arid legislative only 4I4~ NOT TO LEVV TAX BEYOND CONSTITUTION—Tbe Grand Lodge has no right to tax its Subordinate Lodges for any sum beyond the amount provided for an the Constitution 5-(I) TO DECLARE FORFEITURE OF CHARTERS —The Giand Lodge must. can he appointed on the Commattee on Work. and any member of said Committee who. that persons an this or any adjoining State within five males of the State lade.EDICTS AND DECIIslONS. 237 DIGEST OF EDICTS.259—260-26 t~262~263~264-266-26726S 453—454—455 3-(3) NOT TO CONFER DEGREES—It iS not within the province of the Grand Lodge to initiate.sdictiOn. such other Grand Jurisdiction permits the same thing an its jurisdiction. becomes non-affiliated. pass or raise candidates. or to be represented an she Grand Lodge for two successive years. ETC —The Committee on Suspensions. whether such lodge as an this or another Grand JurssdactsOn. an shear repuats shalt make a statement of all the material facts an each case 9-19) COMMITTEE. aasd whach they dciii e to bring before the Grand Lodge at the next Annual Grand Communication. FOREIGN CORRESPONDENCE—COMPENSAT ION OF CHAIRMAN—The Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Correspondence shall receive as a compensation one hundred dollars. may be submitted on the arrival of the members to the Chairman of the Committee on Masonic Jurisprudence. and no Soboadanate Lodge has the power to waive such jurisdiction an favcaa of a Lodge an a Sister grand jer. MASONIC JURISPRUDENCE —Any question of Masonic law which maybe suggested to the members during the recess of the Grand Lodge. but if approved by one-third of the members present shall b 5 submitted to the Subordinate Lodges for their approval or rejection 49—50—150—151 Committees t-(1) EACH GRAND LODGE SOVEREIGN Grand Lodge as sovereign and independent Each 2~(2) STATE JURISDICTION EXCLUSIVE This Grand Lodge has exclusive jurisdiction over residents of this State. provided. declare the charter of those lodges forfeited which have neglected to make regular returns to the Grand Lodge. Expulsions and Appeals and the Committee on Grievance. measured by straight lines. unless be be a member of a Subordinate Lodge under this jurisdiction.* CHAPTER 1 TEE GRAND LODGE Its Jurradactaun and The Committees of Powers 1. irareecer. presided. thereby forfeits and vacates has posation as a niember ofsaid Committee . when the duties thereof are performed to the satasfactaun of the Grand Lodge l0-(l0) COMMITTEE ON WORK — MEMBERS MUST BE ATFILIATED—No’ one. may petition to be made a mason an the nearest lodge. us to pay their dues.6 7-23 — tary.

I-fale. Fayette. Coffee. and when visiting a Lodge for inspection at its request. Limestone. seho shall reside in such district No one shall be appointed District Lecturer until he shall have procuied a ccrLil)cste Irons the Grand Lecturer.238 MASONIC MANUAL. who shall icceive a salary of six hundred dollars per year. Dale. Clay. Chilton and Shelby 10th District. Calhoun. Henry and Houston. Botler. Marion. Cherokee. or the Chairman of the (‘diunsittec on Work. Cleburne and St Clair. Dallas. Lamar. Covsngton and Geneva 17th District. and eaeh year shall hold at some central and accessible Lodge in each of such divisions a school of instruction He shall further attend the meetings of the Committee on Work and exercise advisory supervision of the work to be reported by the Committee. Jackson. the proficiency of the officers thereof and any irregularity or improper proceedings so such Lodges 15 SAME COMPENSATION — On all visits to a lodge for inspection nod examination the Distiict Lecturer shall be entitled to his necessary expenses to be paid by the Lodge. isth District. or to examine the officers thereof as to their proficiency therein. He shall not be eligible to appointment as a member of the Committee on Work iS SAME MAY HOLD CONFERENCES—The Grand Lecturer may hold Masonic Conferences or may instruct Lodges. he shall attend the meetings of the Grand Lodge. 239 11-(11). Jeffeison 7th District. Coosa. EDICTS AND DECISIONS. CHARTERS~COMMETTEES MUST REPORT ON—No resolution involving the granting or restoration of a Charter of any Subordinate Lodge shall he considered by the Grand Lodge until the same shall have been referred to and reported upon by an appropnate committee 12-112) MASONIC DISTRICTS The State of Alahama is hereby divided into twenty districts for the porpose of Masonic instruction. Gresse. and to requiic such Lodge to exemplify the work and lectures of the three degrees. Choctaw and Washington. er some member thereof that he is quaIl- fled to teach the work and lectures of the three degrees aa adopted by the Grand Lodge 14. Randolph and Talladega 11th Disti itt. 6th District. Ilarhour. examine and ceritify as to the proficiency of applicants to the position of Dissnet Lecturers. when so requested. and said districts shall he composed of Counties as follows1st District. Pickens and Tuscaloosa 0th District. Conecuh and Crenshaw 18th District. Ecanklin. payable monthly 17 GRAND LECTURER — DUTIES — The Grand Lecturer shall divide the districts into four divisions as he may deem smtable. 14th District. Colbert. Chambers. 13 DISTRICT LECTURERS APPOINTMENT — ~l2lsu Ci mid Master shall appoint for each distinct a District Lecturer. Blousit. He shall exercise a geneial supervision over the Lodges so his district and repsrt lo the Grand Master hefore each Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge the number of Lodges visited. Walker and Winston 8th District. Macon and Montgomery. Lawrence and Lauder-dale 3rd District. Lee and Tallapoosa 12th l)leti’ct. Culiman and Morgan 4th District.SAME DUTIES—It shall be the duty of such Distinct Lecturer to visit each Lodge in his distnct once so each year. Escambia and Mobile. Claske. Bibb. DeKalb and Etosvah 5th District. Lowndcs. Bulloels. Marengo. Pike and Russell 15th District. Pcrry and Sumter. and may accept such tom- . Elmore. Madison and Marshall 2nd Distnct. Monroe and Wilcox 20th District. Baldwin. and perform such other duties as the Grand Lodge may from time to time diced. he shall be entitled to his expenses and such per diem compensation as is reasonable 16 GRAND LECTURER—The Grand Master shall appoint some suitable person as Grand Lecturer. 19th District. 13th ])istrlet. Autanga.

conduction and returning from the Schools of instruction us provided herein. or both 28-(24) MUST SUSPEND MASTER OF LODGE VIOLATING CONSTITUTION—The Grand Master may. not even a member of the Coinmatted on Work. and at as has duty. a Lodge. shall he paid by the Distract Lertureac and those Masters and Wardens attending same 21-(161 CONFERENCE—CANNOT CONFER DEGREES—A Masonic Conference as such and an its name. shall submit a communi5aat day of its convening an each cation to the same on organization. may confer such degrees on any candidate. unless the same as expressly or by necessary implication prohibited by the written Constitution 27-(23) POWER TO ‘HEAL” ILLEGALLY MADE MASONS—The Grand Muster baa the power to “heal” allegally made Masons Healing” as the imposition of any terms. GRAND LODGE WORK OBLIGATORY— The work adopted by the Grand Lodge each yeas as the only correct method. conditions. EDICTS AND DECISIONS (3) Grand Secretary (4) Grand Tiler (1) Generally 36-37 241 pensatano theref or us may be allowed by such Lodge or Conference 19 SAM E—REPOB T OF—The Grand Lecturer shall before each Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge. as the Grand Master may see proper an each instance. and at consistent with them be may exercise such power. the R W Deputy Grand Muster of this Gaand Lodge. make a report to the Grand Master. until same baa been officially adopted by the Grand Lodge 187. provided all the Constitutional requirements an reference thereto are complied with 22-(1Sl COMMITTEE ON WORK TO INSTRUCT DELEGATES TO GRAND LODGE—The last two days of the session of the Committee on Work preceding the meeting of the Grand Lodge shall be devoted by said Committee to instructing such of the delegates to the Grand Lodge us may attend. W Grand Muster. CHAPTER GRAND OFFICERS: (1) Generally (2) Grand Muster (a) Powers. and an determining whether or not an any given case be may exercise such powers he as to he goaded and controlled by the ancient landmarks of the Order. and may be against either an individual. cannot confer the degrees.2-10 MASONIC MANUAL. or an baa absence. when informed that a Subordaisare Lodge has violated Article VI. with has decisions thereon 26-(22) GEN ERAL POWERS—The Grand Master does possess arid may exercise powers and prerogatives Outside of those given by the written Constitution. bringing to the knowledge and every year after its the of its members all the aub. of the Coossatutron . Sections 9 and 24. which have been regularly propounded to ham during the year. stating the Schools of instruction held by ham and the District Lecturers attending same.ecta which be may deem of importance to the Craft and proper to come before them for their action He shall also furnish annually to the Grand Lodge a synopsis of the questions of Masonic Jurisprudence. but the officers thereof us pro tern officers of a regular Lodge regularly opened. Generally (b) Powers. and those absent. as to Dispensation 24 25-29 310-35 II 24-(20) NOT ELIGIBLE TO OFFICE IN SUBORDINATE LODGE—A Grand Officer as not eligible to office an a Subordinate Lodge (2) Grand Muster (a) Generally 25-(2t) MUST SUBMIT ANNUAL ADDRESS—The M. 20 SCHOOLS OF INSTRUCTION—EXPENSES OF—The expenses of the Grand Lecturer. an the work and lectures of the Grand Lodge 23-(19). and no person. an going to. should teach or practice any change therein. or penalties.

nor to do any other act violating such by-laws 61—568 (2-b) Dispensations. 35-(31) SAME—The Grand Master has on power to uric ii Dispensation to confer the degrees in Masonry on one whu is iiielignble because ol physicial defect SUBORDINATE LODGES (1) Establishment 39-46 (2) Duties 47. Porfeiture and Reinstatement of Charters. SAME—The Grand Master has no right to issue a Dispensation to a Lodge to elect a Master to succeed one to whom such Lodge has granted a dimit. 29-(25) CANNOT SET ASIDE BY-LAWS OF LODGE. and if he could. IF CONFORMABLE TO CONSTITUTION—The Grand Master has no power to set aside the by-laws of the Lodge which are conformable to the Constitution and Edicts of the Gmnd Lodge and the ancient landmarks of Masonry.t9-l33) HOW ORGANIZED—A new Lodge may be organized upon the petition of seven known sod appioved Master Masons. and to admit no person unless he is pinperly voucherl for CHAPTER III. forthwith to suspend the Master or Warden presiding at the Communication at which it was dooe. Article I. under the conditions stipulated in Section 7. in order that said Lodgf may administer its discipline with a less number than such by-lsws require. WHEN THEY MAY NOT BE ISSUED—The Grand M astes has no right to issue s Dispensation to fill a vacancy in the office of Master whilst either the Senior Warden’s or the Junior Warden’s station is filled by a duly elected and installed officer 239 32-(25). EDICTS AND DECISIONS 243 ot the Grand Lodge. without any special order for that purpose 37-(33) MAY APPOINT ASSISTANT—WHEN—Th Grand Secretary is authorized to appoint an assistant Grand Secretary during the Communication of the C-i and Lodge. 34-(30l SAME—The Grand Master has on power to authorize by special dispensation or otherwise any Mason to affiliate svith another Lodge without a dimit. and Rights of Members Thereunder 66-104 (6) Jurisdiction 96-116-135-129 17) Meeungs 130-153 IS) Conduct of Meetings 154-185 (9) Ceremonial Work 186-201 (1) Establishment .54 (3) Powers 55-79 fa) Under Dispensation 55-60 (b) Chartered 60-79 (4) Removal and Consolidation 80-85 (5) Surrender. liii duties would devolve upon the Senior Warden 237 33-(29) SAME—The Grand Master cannot a Subordinate Lodge to bury a dimitted Mason 677 authorize (3) Grand Secretary.242 MASONIC MANUAL. 36-(32) MAY REFUND OVERPAID FEES—The Grand Secietary is authorized to iefund to the Lodges the amount of dues reported by the Committee on Chartered Lodges as overpaid. and he shall receive such compensation as may be determined by the Grand Lodge (4) Grand Tiler 35-(34) DUTY —During the session of the Giand Lodge is shall be the duty of the Grand Tiler to be first at the door of the Grand Lodge Hall. of the Constitution . or to change jurisdiction for any purpose. The Masler cannot create a vacancy by dimitting. or some certificate ins lieu thereof. 30-(26) DISPENSATION MAY ISSUE—WHEN—The Grand Master may issue a Dispensation to confer the degrees in a shorter time than required by the Constitution 31-(27) DISPENSATIONS.

it must state whether said proposed new Lodge is more than ten miles from the nearest Lodge. the Masters of such Lodges shall be summoned to appear before the Grand Lodge at its next Annual Communication. and said recommendation shall not be considered complete unless such fact as stated 43-(39) WHAT IS TOWN—A town. showing his membership. Article VT. and who is a member of a Lodge under the jurisdiction of this Giand Lodge. such houses being in such close proximity to each other as to constitute a city or town in the common acceptation of these terms and in contradistinction to what is called a thickly settled neighboi hood 44-(40) DURATION OF DISPENSATTONS — Daspensations for new Lodges shall continue and be in fo[ce only until the next regular Communication of the Grand Lodge.on foi a new Lodge. as required by the Constitution. it is the duty of the nearest Lodge to the proposed location oF the new Lodge to examine the brethren proposed for officers as to their competency to confer the degrees. under the regulations piescribed in Section 4. MUST WORK UNDER 245 40-(36) DUTY OF NEAREST LODGE TO EXAMINE PROPOSED OFFICERS—When a proper number of Master Masons present a petihon an the required form and apply for examination and recommendation for a new Lodge. or some competent brother. or whether it is to be located in a city oa town. also to inquire as to the characters of the petitioners. without any application or charge therefor 49145) MUST VOTE ON AMENDMENTS TO CONSTTTUTION—The Master or presiding officer of each Lodge shall causc a vote to be taken on amendments pioposed to the Constitution of the Grand Lodge at tLw Communication for the annual election of officets.244 MASONIC MANUAL. Article I. is a “Collection of hoQses occupied by a number of inhabitants” sufficiently numerous to build up and sustain one or more Lodges. if praeticab[e. within the meaning of Section 7. to be appointed by thc G. when properly sent to them.and Master or Deputy Grand Master for that purpose DISPENSATION BEFORE CHARTER CAN ISSUE—No petition for a Charter for a new Lodge shall be considered by the Grand Lodge until such Lodge shall have worked tinder a Dispensation (2) Duties 47143) CHARITY—It is the duty of each Lodge to gave special attention to the education of orphans of deceased and indigent worthy Master Masons within its jurisdiction. as early thereafter as possible arid immedately after such action shall see that the action of the Lodge is sent up to the Grand Secretary. 46-(42) EDICTS AND DECISIONS. and if not. and to certify to the same. it shall be the duty of such Subordinate Lodge to fQrrnsh to the widow or orphans of such deceased member a certiftate. the Lodge shall take a separatc vote on each proposition 150-151 30-(46) SAME—PENALTY FOR FAILURE TO REPORT—In all cases where Lodges fail to report action Upon proposed amendments. of the Constitution of the Grand Lodge. and if more than one amendment is to be acted on. to give their reasons for failing to report their action or non-action on the proposed amendments 31-(47) SECRETARY MUST KEEP IN LODGE COPY OF CONSTITUTION AND PROCEEDINGS—It . of Air ConstltQtlon ‘45441) OFFICER OP GRAND LODGE MUST ORGAN IS—All new Lodges shall be organized by some officer of the (hand Lodge. as required by the Constitution 41-(37) SAME—This examination may be held at a regular Communication or at a special one called f or that purpose 42-(3S) RECOMMENDATION MUST STATE LOCATION AND DISTANCE FROM OTHER NEAREST LODGE—When a Lodge recommends a dispensat. certified to as required by Article VIII of the Constitution. standing and death. under the seal of the Lodge. and to report at each Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge the extent at the charity thus dispensed 48-(44) CERTIFICATE TO ISSUE TO FAMILY OP DECEASED MEMBER—Upon the death of any Master Mason in good standang.

shall be made up to the 15th day of September in each yeai. altei or amend its by-law~. and no one bas authoiity to affiy it to any paper or document unless it is a document from the Lodge and issued by its authority 105 (3) Poweis of Lodges (a) Under Dispensation (b) Chartered. provided. but should elect them as early as practicable after its charter is issued 216-217. by election In the absence of such by-law the W M may fill such vacancy by appointment. without submitting the same to the Grand Lodge. Article VI. in June. SAME—A Lodge may enact a by. 247< shall be the duty of t~1e Secretary ol each Subordinate Lodge under this jurisdietaon to 1<eep constantly in h]s Lodge a copy of the Constitutaon of the Grand Lodge and also a copy of the proceedings of each session of the Grand Lodge. 54-(49). 59-(53) CANNOT ELECT OFFICERS AT JUNE MEETING—Lodges working under a Dispensataon cannot elect officers a~ the regular meeting. and do not apply to the Lodge which ha3 lost Its ChaTter by fire or otber accidental cause and working under a temporary Dispensation Such Lodge must pay dues and elect officers (b) Chartered Lodges 61-(55) BY-LAWS—POWER TO MAKE—A chartered Lodge has the right to make. of the Constitution of the Grand Lodge. SEAL—A seal is to authenticate documents from the Lodge. and prepare the same for printang before the annual meeting of the Grand Lodge held next thereafter 53 WHO [NOLUDED IN—All Master Masons who are members of the Lodge in good standing on September 14th each year should be included in the Tetulns and Grand Lodge dues paid there Eor 436. 62-(56) SAME—A Lodge has a right to enact a by-law providing that no one engaged In the business of ietailing alcoholic liquors shall hold membership in the Lodge M1-M2 63-(57) SAME—When such a by lawis enacted. the same are consistent with the Con~titutionof the Grand Lodge and the ancient landmarks of the Order. (a) Under Dispensation 55-(50) MAY TRY ITS MEMBERS—Lodges under Dispensation shall have the power to affiliate and also to try the¶T members. . 502 56-(51) MAY GRANT DIMITS—Lodges pensatton have the Tight to grant dimits under Dis 58-(52) CANNOT ELECT FIRST TflREE OFFICERS —A Lodge working under a Dispensation eaanot elect eit[~er of ats first thiee officers They must be appointed by the Grand Master.246 MASONIC MANUAL.[aw providing for filling any vacancy that may occur in any office an the Lodge except the first three. and saLd returns shall be forwarded to the office of Lhe Grand Secretary on or before the first day of Octobex following. EDICTS AND DECIS[ONS. NeitheT has the Grand Master the right to issue a Dispensation to do any act violative of such by-laws 29—133-177—779—346-422-440—4S6—511-606—607. 6~-(M) APPLIES ONLY TO NEW LODGES—The foregoing two Edicts apply only to new Lodges. and as shall be the duty of the Grand Secretary o~ his assistant to examane said Teturns.ired to have a seal but may rtdopt and use oiw 64—QS). tabulate. 52 (4S) ANNUAL RETURNS TO GRAND LODGE— The returns from the Subordinate Lodges required by Section 21. however wotild be pioper for t~e Lodge to give any brother engaged in such business at the time of its enactment an oppoTtunity to d~mit 512 it ~7 NOT REQUIRED TO HAVE SEALS—Lodges undci Dispensation ale not Tequ.

a Subordinate Lodge cannot make a conveyance of. but the right to pormit their use in such other ways rests in the sound discretion of the Subordinate Lodge / 695 71 CANNOT BE DEDICATED WHEN OWNED WITH OTHER BODIES When such hall is owned jointly with other secret or Fiaternal orders. therefore. at any other than the penalty of suspension from membership. but that does not release the member from Grand Lodge dues. SAME—MAY PROVIDE LIFE MEMBER SNIP—A Lodge may provide in its by-laws for life membership in the Lodge after a specified time. OTHER THAN SUSPENSION A Subordinate Lodge cannot enact a by-law.Master 91—92—93 73—(65). FROM OR TO ANOTHER ORDER—A Lodge may rent its hall from anothei secret order. without permission of the Grand Lodge or the Gsand. and in doing so to form procession and have a general celebiation without any Dispensation 226—228 . or the two msy ieiit a hall in conjunction svith each other In such cases it must reserve the right to use the hall at all times it may be desired foi I\Iasnnic purposes 695 70-(63) HALLS SHOULD NOT BE USED FOR OTHER THAN MASONIC PURPOSES—Masnmc halls ought not be used for other than Masonic purposes. or by a special d. without the payment ol Lodge dues. when a Subordinate Lodge surrenders or foefeits its charter. nor execute a mortgage on its property. sell. without obtaining such consent 75-(67) ALL PROPERTY ESCIIEATS TO GRAND LODGE—However. belonging to it at that time escheats to the Grand Lodge 91—92 76-(65) MAY EXCLUDE VISITOR—A Lodge has the right to exclude a visitiiig brother at any time his presence distuibs the pesce and harmony of the Lodge 485—486—688 77169) MAY IMPOSE TAX ON VISITORS—A Subordinate Lodge may impose a tax on non-affiliated Idasons irsidiag svithin its jurisdiction. it cannot be dedicated by the Grend Master to Masonic purposes 72-(64). SAME—This permission may be expcessou either by a resolution of the Grand Lodge. eschsnge or encumber its personal property ss seems to the best interest ci said Lodge. but an active Lodge may transfer. for each visit unless specifically summoned to attend 485 75-(70) MAY NAVE JOINT PUBLIC INSTALLATION—Any number of Lodges have the right to meet at the hall of one of said Lodges and have the offireis of the several Lodges publicly installed. both real and personal. 249 65—(59) SAME—A Lodge may enact a by-law making it a Masonic offense to sign a petition for the sale of liquor 66-(60). fixing the punishment for nois-payment of dues.spensation from the Giand Ma~ter Such resolution or dispensation to be attested by the Gi and Secretary under the seal of the Grand Lodge and attached to or endoesed no the conveyance 74—(66) SAME—The foregoing apply to real property. or it may rent to it. isor does it entitle him to membership in any othei Lodge without dues 67-(61) SAME — CANNOT FIX PUNISHMENT THEREIN—A Subordinate Lodge cannot by a by-law fix the absolute punishment Inc any offense Punishments can only be fixed by a vote of the Lodge in each case 606—607 68 CANNOT PROVIDE PUNISHMENT FOR NONPAYMENT OF DUES. during the time such dues remain unpaid 422—606 69-(62) MAY RENT HALL WITH. HOW CONVEYANCE OR MORTGAGE EXECUTED—The Grand Lodge has the reversionary interest to all property of a Subordinate Lodge. EDjCTS AND DECISIONS. all property.248 MASONIC MANUAL.

EDICTS AND DECISIONS.I 2 . etc . CONSOLIDATION. and by the consent of the Grand Ledge. Forfeiture. 53-CM) VOTE MUST BE TAKEN IN LODGE ROOM AT REGULAR COMMUNICATION—A vote to move a Lodge must be taken at a regular Communication and at the Lodge room. OFFICER S7-(7S) OFFICERS NEED NOT BE ELECTED BEFORE SURRENDER—A Lodge failing to elect its officers at the proper time and desiring to surrender its Charter. Reinstatement. sod Rights of Members Thereundei 86-(77) CHARTER MAY BE SURRENDERED— Upon petition to the Grand Lodge or to the Grand Master. they may legally and constitutionally open tte Lodge. 8t-(73) MUST HAVE CONSENT OF GRAND LODGE OR GRAND MASTER—A malorsty of the Lodge cannot remove it except by the permission of the Grand Lodge or Grand Master 52 IF NOT REMOVED FROM TOWN—CONSENT NOT REQUIRED—A Lodge may be changed from one lotation to another in a town without obtaining the consent of the Grand Master allowed to consolidate and form one Lodge upon petition to the Grand Lodge or Giand Master. notwithstanding the Master and Wardens of a Lodge may be represented by proxies in the Grand Lodge. and must be delivered to the Grand Secretary in the manner provided in cases where Lodges forfeit their Charter. 8S-(76). and members of etther of the old Lodges who have been suspended for the non-payment of dues may be reinstated by the payment thereof to the new Lodge IS) Surrender. but fails to pay for and obtain the Charter. and the permission of the Grand Lodge or the Grand Master is necessary to anthorsee a removal 54-(75) CONSOLIDATION—MAJORITY OF BOTH LODGES MUST CONSENT—Two or more Lodges may be . will not be required to elect offleess before petitioning for surrender SS-(7E1 FAILURE TO PAY FOR CHARTER WORKS FORFEITURE—A Lodge woaking under a Dispensation.iQ MASONIC MANUAL. PROXY AT GRAND LODGE POSSESSES NO POWERS. such petition niust be signed by a majority of the members of each Lodge. which has been granted a Charter. 251 79-(71). and at no other time or place. however. 75 S7-(75). signed by a majority of its members a Lodge may be allowed to surrender its Chartes. transart business and confer degrees during the Communscation of the Grand Lodge This. expressed at a regular communication. and upon such surrender all the property of the Lodge eseheats to the Grand Lodge. EXCEPT AS REPRESENTATIVE THEREIN—The proxy of a Master or Waiden attendog the Coinmunicaiion of the Grand Lodge is not vested with any of the powers of such Mosrer or Warden so fat as regards his official relartons to the Subordinate Lodge Neither is the vitality of the Grand Lodge suspended during the Communications of the Grand Lodge—it ss a Lodge authos iced to work Therefore. or under a Dispensation of the Grand Master or Deputy Graned Master. must surrender its Dispensation. RIGHTS AND POWERS OF NEW LODGE—The consolidation of two Lodges confers all the rights and powers that the two former Lodges had on the new Lodge and presei yes intact all the rights and privileges of membership of the two Lodges. becomes at once defunct Members of such defunct Lodge can obtain a eertificate from the Grand Secietary in the manner provided for members of other defunct Lodges 483-484 89-(80). does not apply to Lodges working under a Dispensation (4) Removal and Consolidation 50 (72) NO REMOVAL EXCEPT BY CONSENT OF MAJORITY—No Lodge shall be removed except by the consent of a majority of all its membess. of Charters. DISPENSATION MUST BE SURRENDEEr ED WHEN QUORUM CANNOT BE SECURED—A Ledge under Dispensation which cannot secure a quorum owing to the death or removal of some of its members.

and by act of the Grand Lodge acquires the hall of the defunct Lodge. which is aftersvards restored. all of its property of every description eseheats to the Grand Lodge 7ff 9l-(Sl) SAME—INCLUDES ALL PROPERTY EXCEPT THAT MORTGAGED OR SOLD—This includes all pi operty which had not been pasd for. PROPERTY ESCE EATS TO GRAND LODGE—When a Lodge forfeits its Chartei. and not to the restoration of the Charter of an old oee Where an old Charter is restored. it is proper and the duty of such new Lodge to pay the debts of the old Lodge. receive a certificate 443 7) 92-(S3) GRAND LODGE ASSUMES NO LIABILITIES—The Grand Lodge. said Subordinate Lodge shall be reinstated with all its property and rights of property. has no right to the property of the former Lodge 94-(SS) ON RESTORATION OF CHARTER PROPERTY RETURNED—The sbove rule only applies to the case of the formation of an entirely new Lodge.252 MASONIC MANUAL. except as to such members as. and have not sffiliated with another Lodge . the Lodge becomes entitled to its property owned by it at the time of forfeiture 95455) SEVEN MEMBERS REQUI]~ED TO RESTORE CHARTER—In order to restore the Charter of a drfusact Lodge. EDICTS AND DECISIONS 253 9D-(S1) ON FORFEITURE. have paid their duties to the Grand Secretary and received his certificate 9P-(90) SAME—Wnen a Lodge forfeits its Charter. whether the same has been delivered to the Grand Secretare or not. esebeats to the Grana Lodge. ETC —Whenever a Subordinate Lodge which has forfeited its Charter shall have it restored by the Grard Lodge. at least to the extent of the value of the property acquired 97-(SS) RESTORATION OF CHA RTERS RESTORES ALL RIGHTS. surrender said property to the party who sold it to the Lodge 72-73—74—75 96-(57) DUTY OF NEW LODGE ACQUIRING PROPERTY OF OLD—Where a Lodge owns a small hall and becomes defunct. however. unless the creditor reserved title or had a mortgage thereon. the Grand Secretary may. and a new Lodge. and shall be authoriced to eiect its officers as soon after the Communication of the Grand Lodge as it may see fit 95-(S9) EFFECT OF RESTORATION OF FORFEITURED CHARTER—The effect ofT the restoration of the Charter of a dormant Lodge is to revive the Charter and resostate the meosbeiship to all their rights and privileges as well as disabilities. afterwards formed at the same place an4 by the same nembership. and afterwards a new Lodge is organiced. upon payment to the Grand Secretasy of one dollas. existing at the time of forfeiture. members of the Lodge when revived. does not assume the lisbilities of a Suboidinate Lodge 91-(54) A NEW LODGE DOES NOT SUCCEED TO PROPERTY RIGHTS OF AN OLD LODGE—When a Subordinate Lodge forfeits its Chaster the property of such Lodge. 5 crept such as have obtained a certificate from the Giand Secretary A brofher mast o)atasn either the certificate or a dimit from the Lodge when revived in order to affiliate with another Lodge 45d-454 l00-(91) NO DUES ACCRUE DURING FORFEITURE—No dues accrue to a Subordinate Lodge against a member thereof. all persons who were members of the Lodge at the time of forfeituie. both iral and personal. spas fuels. in which ease it is the duty of the Grand Secretary to turn over said property to the mortgagees of lienee When there is no mortgage or lien. osving some debts. the peterson therefor must be signed by seven members who seere is good standing when the Charter was forfeited. during the dormancy of the Lodge. if he thinks proper. pendsng the forfeiture of its Charter A brother whose membership syas sn sueh Lodge may. are. bist the same has not been paid for.

the former Lodge has jurisdiction of all profanes sesiding between it and the corporate limits of the town. MUST NOTIFY EACH OTHER OF ALL APPLICATIONS—In csties where two or more Lodges have cooeurrent jurisdiction the Secretary of each Lodge is required to notity all Other lodges in such concurrent jurisdiction of each and every spplscation for initiation and application 111 NOTICE READ IN OPEN LODGE—It is the duty of the Secretary of the Lodge receiving such notice. after receipt of same . is entitled to a certificate from the Grand Secretary upon the payment of the following dues. does not apply to cities ortowns 89-546 This 2 DOES NOT EXTEND INTO THg LIMITS 5 does 106497) into the municipal limits of another town where a Lodge is holden OF ANOTHER TOWN—The jurisdiction of another Lodg HOW MEASURED—The measurement jurisdiction is made fiom the particular location or building where the Lodge is holden. P. and from any eause there is no record in the office of the Grand Lodge having jurisdiction over such Lodge. EDICTS AND DECISIONS. 2. and the measurement is by straight lines. and the Lodge in such town is located more than a half-mile from the eorpoiate limits. the parties thus icerivieg the degrees must be regularly healed by the Master of the Lsdgc 4511 (6) Jurisdiction 105-(96) TERRITORIAL JURISDICTION — The territorial jurssdictsoss of Subordinate Lodges extends half way in every direction to the nearest Lodge. and that he was in good standing at the time his Lodge beeame defunct may be received into membership. which afterwards becomes defunct. 481-482 103-(94) WHERE LODGE DEFUNCT AND RECORDS LOST OR DESTROY ED-HOW MEMBER THEREFROM MAY AFFILIATE—When a Mason whose Lodge is defunct. 1st. and not by the public highway rule. IN DORMANT LODGE—HOW OBTAINED—A brother suspended N P D from a Lodge which afterwards forfeits its Charter.(100~ JURISDICTION CONCURRENT IN TOWNS—Where there are two or osore Lodges in a city of town.5 l0l-(92) CERTIFICATE TO ONE SUSPENDED N. and if this is done he is entitled to acertificate in the nature of a dimit from the Grand Secretary. and not from the corporate limits of a municipality. 443 102-(93) DEFUNCT LODGE—ONE SUSPENDED OR EXPELLED TE-IEREFROM—A brother who has been suspended or expelled fos unmasonic conduct from a Lodge. but not over any residing within such limits.~ 254 MASONIC MANUAL. can only be reinstated by the Giand Lodge. such application to be rereived and acted upon as a dimit 104-(95) DEGREES CONFERRED AFTER CHAR‘l’ER FORFEITED ILLEGAL—Where degrees are conferred by a Lodge syhose Charter has been forfeited. D. is desirous of affiliating with a Lodge under this jurisdiction. however. if a Lodge is situated one-half mile from the corporate limits of a town. provided always that the jurisdietion of one Lodge neves extends into the corporate limits of another tosyn where a Lodge is holden l0S-(99t SAME—To illustrate the foregoing edict.5. and uposs proof of the truth of such statements. or from any other cause is incapable of granting a dimit or certificate of dismissal. to read same in open Lodge at the next regular meeting. the jurisdiction of eseh is common with the Other 291 110. the amount of dues to the Subordinate Lodge on account of which he was suspended 2d The accrued dues from the time he was suspended until the Lodge became defunct. upon application setting forth the facts above mentioned. although they may be much nearer such Lodge 109.

or is answer its it entitled to the fees unless in claims same at the time 117-COt) SAME—DUTY OF LODGE RECEIVING P ETITION—It is the duty of the Lodge receiviog thu petition of a profane residiisg out of its jurisdiction. 113-(10t) LODGES IN CITIES HAVE JURISDICT~ ION THEREIN—Where two or more cities are near together the Lodge or Lodges of each city have jurisdiction of all profanes in the respective cities 1 14-(t02) RESIDENCE—WHAT IS—Residence means ones legal residence. such inquiries cannot be acted upon at the meeting at which they wei e received. and in such cases the membership of the-person so initiated or advanced would be in the Lodge br which the woiulc would be done. of thc Constitution. by request. confer any one or all of the degrees or another Lodge. to asic the questions equired belore taking any acnioo thereon.oo. and the act of the Lodge Such request from the Master and Secretary or any number of members is not sufficicot. but would subject the forusci Lodge to dIscipline by the Grand Master or the Grand Lodge 11S-(106) SAME—DUTY OF LODGE OF RESIDI(NCE—It is the duty of the Lodge to whom the questious ire propounded to promptly answer came and give the desired Isformatiosi.-EDICTS AND DECISIONS. though residing in the jurisdiction of another And whcii such petition is~received it is the duty of the Lodge receiving same to propound the questions required in Seelioii IS. 120 SAME—MERE REQUEST DOES NOT CONFER JURISDICTION The mere request for consent does not give the requesting lodge jurisdiction. bat mast lie over until the next succeeding regular Communication.” then it has no nght to object to the reception of a candidate by the other Lodge. the place of his citinenship 259-260-267 -268 115-1103) PROFANE APPLYING TO LODGE OTHER THAN THAT OF HIS RESIDENCE—CONSENT OF HOME LODGE NECESSARY—A Lodge which receives the petition of a profane residing in the ju:isdiction of another Lodge must obtain the consent of the Lodge in whose jurisdienon he resides before acting upon sum petition If two or more Lodges have coocurient jueisdict. and the Lodge to sehich such questions are piopounded irinst answer same And when the Ledge answers ‘‘that it knows no just cause why etitioner should not be made a Mason. and the inquiries required by the Constitution are addressed to the Lodge of his residence. the consent of each must be obtained 105—267—268—292. rriisdiction for the fees. This request must be in an official way. and a failure to do so within a reasonable rinse would be a breach of duty and subject such Lodge to discipline hy the Grand Master se Grand Lodge. and a failure to do to irould not only render such Lodge liable to the Lodge having . Article VI. either in this or another Grand Junsdiction. however. 122-(109) LODGES MUST REPORT VIOLATIONS OF THE FOREGOING PROVISIONS—Wheoever it shall come to the knowledge of a Subordinate I. 119-(107) SAME—QUESTIONS TO LIE OVER ONE MEETING—When a person petitions for initiation in a Lodge other than that of his residence.odge that any person residing withiii the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge shall have received any degree or degrees in Masonry under this or a 112 OBJECT OF NOTICE—This does out mean that the Lodges can object to the reception of such petitions but to give the brethren the fullest opportunity to become informed as to those making spplscation within their jurisdiction. but it must be answered.297—299—302-325-399—400-401 lIf-(104) SAME—PROFANE MAY JOIN LODGE OF HIS CHOICE—PROCEEDUREA piofane may join the Lodge of his rhosce. and the fees belong to same. and if the fees are claimed the conditious must be accepted by the requesting lodge 121. at which time they must be taken up and answer thereto made A failuie to give such answer subjects such detelict Lodge to discipline.(108) DEGREES MAY BE CONFERRED FOR ANOTHER LODGE BY REQUEST—A Suboidiosre Lodge may. 257 256 MASONIC MANUAL.

and a fasluse to do so subjects the derelict Lodge to discipline. except as provided in the by laws 1I.r 258 MASONIC MANUAL. and can only be changed by amending the by-laws 134—(121) SAME—When so changed by amendment they cannot be agasis changed without another amendment. AND REMOVES FROM JURISDICTION— Whenever a person has been elerted to receive the E A Degree is a Lodge in another State. and the receiving Lodge to answer same. it shall be the duty of said Subordinate Lodge to cause a full statement of the facts romssg Ic. or to hold a special meeting to . 135-(122). its knowledge. with the description of the person having thus received the degree or degrees to be communicated officially to the Giand Secretary for action thereon by the Grand Hastes or Grand Lodge 123-(110). upon his petition therefoc. and the consent of the Lodge Icons whose jurisdiction he removed In such cases the petition must be referred and acted upon as any other petition 266 129—(j 16). if in good standing. STATUS OF ONE INITIATED WITHOUT THIS CONSENT—When it so the duty of the Lodge to propound the inquiry required. Time. members of a Lodge. Place and Objects 130—(117) QUORUM—Seven Master Masons. nevertheless the standing of the person so initiated or passed is nor thereby affected The dereliction of the Lodge will not be visited upon the candidate 413 ‘4 1I4—(thl) JURISDICTION ONCE ACQUIRED RETA INED —One who is initiated or passed in this jurisdiction remains subject to the Lodge that initiated or advanced him until he is regularly dismissed by certificate. or syhere the former Lodge has become defunct 325—(1121 SAME—l’his jurisdiction is retaused even though the hi other removes into another jurisdiction 292—294 126—(113) SAME—EFFECT OF REMOVAL INTO ANOTHER JURISDICTION—However. and no Lodge has any right to confer any of the degrees upon him without such certificate. EDjCTS AND DECISIONS. and acquires residence herein. 259 foreign lierisdiction without the consent of the Lodge nearest to which he resides. with the description of the statement of the facts coming to its knowledge. and removes to this State before sitiation. ronstirute a quoram for the transaction of business and that number may open the Lodge and transact sach business as may properly come before it 155 ld1-(lIS) MUST BE OPENED AT REGULAR PLACE—A Lodge canner be opened at a place other than where it is authorized to hold its regular Communications 112-(119) REGULAR COMMUNICATIONS CANNOT BE HELD EXCEPT AT STATED TIMES—The W M has no right to convene the Lodge m regular Communication at any other he is advanced is entitled to the fees tlserefor 1IS-(1J93) WHERE ONE IS ELECTED. or by request heseso provided. and he may be elected and advanced by the Lodge into whose jurisdiction he removes wathout obtaining the eonsent of the former Lodge 261—396—394—400 127-(114) SAME—FEES—In such case the Lodge in wh. SAME—CONSENT OF GRAND LODGE NOT NECESSARY TO CHANGE TIME—A chartered Subordinate Lodge may ehange its time of meeting without the consent of the Grand Lodge 61 136—(123l NOT TO TRANSACT BUSINESS ON SUNDAY—fr is unmasonse for a Lodge to hold its regular Communciatoon on Sunday. SAME—Or the Lodge from which he removed may request the Lodge into whose jurisdiction he iensoves ha confer the degrees (7) Meetings. the Lodge in whose ursodittion he removes may confer the degrees upon him. if he should remove into another jurisdiction he so entitled to a dismissal cestificate. BUT NOT INITIATED.3—(120) TIME TO BE PlEED 114 BY-tA WS—The day and hour of regular Communications are to be fixed in the by-laws.

unless it be for the burial of a brother ne some speesal ceremony 142—(129) SAME —A special meeting may be called at a regular meeting. it is not’ obligatory upon ‘him 49 - . and whde it is ‘proper that eseb mtmber should vote. but a faslurt to do so will not vitiate the action thereon 49.(131) SAME~iBURIAL—A speesal meeting may be held for the purpose of burying a brothes 145-( 132) SAME—WHEN DEGREES MAT BE CONFERRED AT—A W M has the right to convene the Lodge so special Communication to confer the degrees when the candidate has been duly elected at a regular Communication 319-362 146—QIaS) SAME—EXAMINATION —A candidate may be examined as to his proficiency at a special Commionscation cegularly called. or to rent its ball to any other body on that day except fos divine worship 137-024) MAY BURY BROTHER ON SUNDAY— The Lodge may. 139-1126) BUSINESS NOT ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED THEN—It is not prohibited that degrees be rossleered on those days. confer degrees or to transact other business. 406. 261 201) MASONIC MANUAL. AMENDMENTS—REGULAR QUORUM MAY ACT ON—It is nor necessarjthtt more than a quorum be present when amendments to the Constitution are acted on. however. 1Sl-(135). it is proper to give the members of the Lodge notice thereof. but it maybe done to any Subsequent hbur ‘of the ‘same da# ‘ 149-(l36) MAY HOLD’ CONTINUOUS SESSION AFTER MIDNIGHT’—Whsle a’Commumcation canndt be called offfrom one day to another this does not mean it may not have a continuous session until after midnight 1599137) NOTICE NOT NECESSARY TO ACT ON AMENDMENTS—When a proposed amendment to the Constiturson is to be voted on. the minutes thereof should shoir the call and the object thereof. and if done then.EDICTS AND DECISIONS. but doe and sufficient notice of the time and puspose thereof should be given 143-(139) SPECIAL COMMUNICATIONS — 1 NESS THEREAT—Thefor that purpose conferred at aof comdegrees maybe The report speci~ Communication called mittees and balloting are proper at a regular communicatiOn nnl3’ 312-339--362 144. installations and celebratiOns. hold a special ‘meeting on Sunday for the burial of a brother. or it may be called by the Worshipful Master at any time. but it is better not to do so 140-(127) SAME~REGULAR COMMUNICATIONS THEN—But if the regular Communications fall on thoH days degrees maybe confeesed. the Lodge may be opened in the ‘degred in which the wfsrk is to be done 156 145-(135) REGULAR COMMUNICATION CAYNNOT BE CAL5LED’OFF OR CONTINUED BEYOND THE DAY —A regular Communication’ chunot be called off or continued to a day beyond the day on which it is held. Subordinate Lodges ought not to confer degrees octransact Lodge business on those days. but cannot transact other business 135—(12U FESTIVAL DAYS—The anniyerssOies St John the Evangelist and Sr John the Baptist are days for festivals. 147-(134) LODGE MAY BE OPENED IN THAT DEGREa WIIERE WORK TO’BE DONE—Where a special Communication is called to confer any’ of the degrees. and any other business transacted 141-025) SPECIAL COMMUNICATIONS — Only such business a~ is specified in the call thesef or can be tr~ns-~ acted at a special Communication Nor can the Master at a special Communication call anothes to be convened at a later houi on the ssme day for the transactiOn of business.

WHEN MASTER AND BOTH WAR DENS ABSENT—In case the Master and both Wardens are absent or incapacitated to act. who is authorseed by dispensation from the Grand Master 160-(146) ANOTHER MAY BE CALLED TO PRESIDE BY COURTESY—The Master or presiding Warden may. not only on questions ol order but on all reremonsal work 231. DEGREE ONLY—A Mastes Mason’s Lodge may be opened without opening on either the E A or F C. in order en stop further confusion and disorder. privileges. verbally. and the Jelaster or one of the Wardens must be sneluded in the number 130 [56-1442) LODGE MAY BE OPENED IN M M. by courtesy 159-1145) LODGE CANNOT BE OPENED EXCEPT BY DISPENSATION. and S W the J W sueceeds to the same 232—237—239—240. ETC . and whenever the word Past Master is used in this Code it refers to Past W M and not to one who has taken the P M Degree 205 162-1145) DECISION OF MASTER SUPREME—The decision of the Master is supreme. to declare the . call some other qualified brother to preside by courtesy. or by some Past Master. howeves. OF W M —The S W succeeds to all the powers. which would excuse a member of a lodge from obeying a summons Each sodisidual case must be judged by the esseumitatlees (5) Meeting. 1 let By the Worshipful Master in open Lodge en a1 present 2d Master By the Secretary in writing by order of the Lodge or 3d By a member. ~40—564 114 DISTANCE TO EXCUSE FAILURE TO OBEY SUMMONS There is no fixed di~tance of tiavel. 263 262 MASONIC MANUAL. Generally J55-(141) SEVEN MEMBERS MUST BE PRESENT —To open a Lodge and transact any business there must be present no less than seven Master Masons. 159—232 t55-(144). 163-(149) MEMBERS MUST OBEY GAVEL — II members refuse to obey the gavel of the Master he has the right. however. 4th By the Tiler. when ordered by the Master. verbally. and in such ease there is no power to open the Lodge. f one of the three first officers are present 161-(147) PAST MASTER HEREIN HAS NO REFERENCE TO THAT DEGREE—The degree of P M has nothing to do with the qualifIcations for offier so a M M Lodge. when authorired by the Lodge or Master so writing. Conduct of. provided he remains so the Lodge room during the meeting of the Lodge. 152—(139) SUMMONS—HOW GIVEN—A snmmoi±s to attend a Communication of the Lodge may he given in either of one or more of the following ways. S W SUCCEEDS TO DUTIES. jirerogatives or duties of the Master. privileges. who are members of the Lodge.EDICTS AND DECISIONS. no other officer sneceeds to the powers. IF FOR TRIAL—A summons to the members of the Lodge to a meeting to be hetd for the trial of a brother should state the purpose of such meeting. call on a Past Master to preside. except by the Crand Master or the Deputy Grand Master. 153-040) SUMMONS SHOULD STATE OBJECT. Degree 147 157—(143) MASTER OR ONE OF. THE WARDENS MUST BE PRESENTA Lodge eannot be opened so the absence ol the Master and both Wardens One of these officers must not only be present to congregate the Lodge but must remain during irs entire session If one of the Wardens be presesit en congregate the Lodge. prerogatives and duties of the W M in any and all cases when the Master is absent or incapacitated to set Incase of the absence or the ineligibility of both the W. he may. M.

amend its minutes and upply sueb omission 173-(l5S). MINUTES— It is not necessary that the minutes of a Lodge 5esigned by the Master unless so required by the Dy-laws of the Lodge. and in proper eases prefes chasges against the offender. 175 SAME—MI committees on petitiSos should be named so opefi Lodge and their Aames recorded in the Silinutes 314 176 EDICTS READ IN OPEN LODGE—All ediets and deesesons adopted by the Grand Lodge should be read so open Lodge as soon after the receipt of the printed proceedings as prarticable 177-(160). 566-(552). 165-1454) MINUTES—READ AT SUCCEEDING should be spread in full on the minutes. meeting are to be read at the ~uceeeding regulso Communication. UNLESS EXTENDED BY MOTION—Committees on the petition of a candidate should report on the same at the succeeding Commonseation. and a Subordinate Lodge cannot pass a by-law requssing or permitting committees to whom have been refesred petitions for initiation a longer time than the next suereediug regular Communication 315-316 7 COMMUNICATIONThe minutes of a.the minutes. 174-(l 59) MINUTES—SAME—The seport of a Committee appointed to investigate charges against a brother Lodge. expunge any report from its minutes. L 1S0-(163) REPORT OF COMMITTEE’ MUST BE CONCURRED IN BY THE MEMBERS THEREOF—A . MINUTES—ACTION OF LODGE ON ANY SUBJECT NOTED—The action of a Lodge 5in excusing a Lodge closed and take himself and the Charter out of the Lodge. MASTER NEED NOESION. at ste nest regular Communication. and.EDICTS AND DECISIONS. 265 264 MASONIC MANUAL. even by moansmon’s consent. fails to take down the evidence of a witness. CODE FORMS OBLIGATORY—The forms laid down in this Code for the minutes and beher Lodge buboess are the only proper forms td be used by Subordinate Lodgts. unless the time is extended by specail motion. 179-(162) LODGE MAY HAVE STANDING COMMITTEE TO INVESTICATE COMPLAINTS—A Subordinate Lodge may appoint a standing Committee to.ry is suffiesent. the signature of the Seereta. vote of the Lodge present at the Coinmuniestion at which they were read 575-(16l) BY-LAWS CANNOT BE SUSPENDED— t70-(156) MINUTES—PART MAY BE EXPUNGED —The Lodge may. COMMITTEES ON PETITION -MUST REPORT AT SUCCEEDING MEETING. forms of other jurisdictiorif should not be used 167-(153). at which time they may be amended and adopted 169-(t55) MINDTES~MAJORITY REQUIRED TO AMEND—The minutes can be amended )y a majority. for sufficient season. the report of a rosumittee ho investigation should not be expunged arbitrarily or without the best of reasons therefore 572—(157) (152) (142Y MINUTEE-OMISSION MAY lIE SUPPLIEDIf on the trial of a brother the Secretary The By-laws of a Lodge cannot be suspended.MASTER’S DECISION—’N0 appeal lies to the Lodge from the Master’s decision. even while at labor 164-(150) NO APPEAL TO LODGE FROM . snyrstigate e6mplasnts as to violations of Masonic law. including a change in the By-laws. 525. 165-(lIl) MASTER HAS RIGHT ‘TO VOTE—The Mastet has the right to vote on any propositiOn before the brother for being drunk should be noted in . but only to the Grand Lodge 231. the Lodge may. but the fact that a brother against whom charges were preferred was nol convicted is not a suffiesent reason fos so doing 171 SAME—While it so in the poeler ‘of a Lodge to expunge a part of its minutes.

~chairman of a epUnuttee has no right to submit a report which has not been read to and concurred in by the committee A majority and susnorsty report may be submitted. proceedings. regardless of whether he has ever held office in that Lodge as they are conducted so a proper Masonic manner. and any bussness trausseted undes such csreumstauces is illegal. by the or14er of the W M . IA CANNOT PRESIDE— A dimitted P IA cannot confer the degree< open’ a Lodge. but may be at any time and place. this of itself constitutes the “consent of the Lodge” and will authorsee the W IA to order a warrent drawn for the amount required However. and the &nsent of the Lodge. nor for admission to a Lodge. 192-(174) SITTING IN ANOTHER BODY. iS3-(166) LODGE MAY RECONSIDER ITS ACTION 3. . COMPETENT BROTHER MAY CONFER DEGREES AND CIVE INSTRUCTION FOR MASTER— The W IA may invite a competent brother who is eligible tO fill the Master’s station to confer the degrees. 207 . even though the brother may have presided by snvstatson and request of ode of the Wardens 2Q5—206—207—20S—~99 190-1472) - 152-(t65) . nor ran any monitor. which will satisfy the ecamining brother or committee that the person being examined is a Master Mason 194-(176) EXAMINATION’ NEED NOT BE BY DIRECTION OF LODGE—The trial and examinatido need not be in the ante-room or by ordes of the Lodge. also to teach and lectuir the Lodge. NOT LEGAL INFORMATION—Having sat with another so Chapter. other than the “Masonic Manual of Alabama” be used 191-1473). EDICTS AND DECISIONS. so long tSS-(170). if there es no by-law to the contrary 154-(i’67). preside or install officers. etc. but mean such a trial on the grips.WHAT IS CONSENT OF LODGE—When a Lodge has voted at a regular rommunscatiOn to do a thing whseh requires tIre expenditure of money.. VISITORS CANNOT BE TOUCHED FOR EXCEPT ON LEGAL INFORMATION—Mactens of Subordinate Lodges cannot permit members to vouch Ior visiting brethren. tIre W 1sf should not order such warrant until that ‘consent” is given A DiMITTED P.PENDING CHARGES DO NOT DEPRIVE MEMBER OF HIS PRIVILEGES—A member of a Lodge has a right to be present and take part in the business of the Lodge although charges may be pending against him 204—212—245 187 ALABAMA MANUAL AND WORK ONLY AUTHORIZED—No other work than that adop’ted by the Crand LoAge can be practiced in this Grand Jnrssdsetion. and esaminalson as to the secret worli. at the same or the CummunscatiOn succeeding the one at which such xenon was taken. even though requested to do so by lIst W IA or presiding Warden This holds true even though hss perstson for affibation may be pending in that or another Lodge 224-466 . Conned. HOW DISBURSEMENTS MADE — All ~ the Lodge funds must be made by the Treasurer. Commandesy or Scottish kite is not legal information 193-1476) EXAMINATION FOR AVOUCHMENT— Strict trial and due examination are difficult terms to define.Atodgd has the right to reconsider its artion on spy business upon motion of a brother voting in the majority. and such consent must be by a majority vote at a regular Communseation a LSt-(164)- 159-(l 71) ONE WHO HAS NOT BEEN WARDEIk CANNOT FILL MASTER’S STATION—One who has not filled one of the Warden’s stations cannot occupy the Master’s starson sri a Chartered Lodge. unless they have sat in the Lodge with them or have received the legal information as provided in this CGde 476—477-659—690—692.208 MASONIC MANUAL.

he must esther be esamined or vouched for before being per- TO GRAVE—It is nor necessary that the Charter be carried to the grave so burying a brother CHAPTER IV mitted to sit in the Lodge 476—477—690. 2d From the oral declaration of a known IA IA.(4) Powers and Dubes (5) Vacancies ~02—204 205—215 216—229 231—236 237—25] 1st From a personal knowledge that such an one is a Master Mason. 196-(175).r 268 • (5’ N EDICTS AND DECISIONS. 197-(179) DEGREES CAN BE CONFERRED ON ON ONLY ONE CANDIDATE AT A TIME—It is improper to confer the degrees or any part of any one of thety on two or more candidates at one and the same time. when suspended by~ the Grand Master 184—212-245—644 (2) Eligibility and Qualifications 205-(157) MASTER—MUST RAVE FILLED WARDEN’S STATION—A Subordinate Lodge has the right to .. and so the presence of the party vouched for. LAW F U L INFORMATION formation can only be obtained as follows -~ Lawful in- OFFICERS: (1) Generally (2) Eligibility and Qualifications (3) Election and Installation . suspension or expulsion. with him. except the Master. A Degree. 269 CARRIED’ i 195-(177). and they posess equal powers and privileges The payment of the expenses of each as a matter for the regulation of the Subordinate Lodge 78 204-(186) PREFERMENT OF CHAkCES DOES NOT DISQUALIFY ANY OFFICER EXCEPT. such declaration being made as an avouchment. or having sat in a regular Lodge of IA IA. or F C after he has petitioned for advancement to conse f orward and. and their respective offices can only be vacated by death. Degree can be conferred on more than one candidate at the same time 199-(1 51) LODGE MAY LIMIT TIME IN WHICH 75—467 203-(lSS) MASTER AND WARDENS DESEGATES TO GRAND LODGE—Each of the principal officers of the Lodge have the right to attend the Grand Lodge. BE CLOSED SEPARATELY—When a Lodge has been opened up from the E A Degree to the IA IA Degree the closing of the IA IA Degree does not close the other two Each degree must be closed separately officer of a Lodge against whom charges base been preferred has a right to hold such office dussog the pendency of’ such charges. that such an one is a Master Mason. receive the degree 61 200-1452). which knostledge can only be acquired from due trial and strict examination. except the second (1) Cenerally 202-084J GOVERNMENT OF LODGE VESTED IN MASTER AND WARDENS—The govemment of the Lodge is Vested so the Masters and Wardens alone they being elected and installed are officers for the term and until their successors are elected and installed. therefore they cannot resign nor dimAt section of the F C Degree 195-(IS0) SECOND SECTION 0 CONFERRED F C MAY BE ON MORE THAN ONE AT THE SAME TIME—Only the second section of the F C. 201-(J 83) CHARTER NEED NOT BE MASONIC MANUAL. EACH DEGREE MUSJ. DIMIT NOT LEGAL INFORMATION—A dimit ss not Suffieseict evidence that one is a Master Mason. MASTERAO ONE MAYBE INITIATED ORADVANCED AFTER THE ELECTION—The Lodge may by its By-laws limit the time allowed a candidate after election to take the E.

it is imprOper and unmasoose for them to prepare ballots and aistribute them with the request that they be voted. arid no dispensanon therefor rs necessary 217-(198) SUCH OFFICERS HOLD TILL office for 2’—Such officers. but in the exercise of his prerogatives the Grand Master may so the organiratiOn of a new Lodge. 214-(195) MASTER—NEED NOT BE NATURALIZED CITIZEN—The mere fact that a brother is not a naturalseed estreen of this country does not render him ineligible to the office of Master. but where a new Lodge is organised and no one can be found to take the chase.. do not holdANNUAL MEETINC only till the annual meeting preceding the June a year. 215-(l96) TYLER—MUST BE MEMBER OF LODGE —The Tyler. however. SAME—He muth have been a Warden so this Grand Jurssdsctson. the Grand Master may appoint such person W IA as he may deem proper 205-(159) SAME—The foregoing refers to election by a Chartered Lodge. 206. and suspended of expelled.LODGE UNDER DISPENSATION MUST ELECT OFFICERS—AFTER CHARTER ISSUED—A Sabordinate Lodge. so elected. appoint one Master who has not served as a Warden. there is no member of such new Lodge who has served as a Warden. proesded. be a member of the Lodge at the time of his election An intention to dimit and join the Lodge when he is elected will not suffice. 209-(190) MASTER—SAME—He need not necessarily Serve filled the station of a Warden in the Lodge where elected W. 271 elect any member thereof who has SIted the station of a Warden to the office of Wosshspfui Master. which has been working under dispensation receives its charter at the annual communication of the Grand Lodge It not only has the right. at which tune officers must again be elected as provided in the Constitution. MASTER—LOSS OF LIMBS DOES NOT DISQUALIFY—A brother who has lost an arm or other limb has the right to be elected and installed as Master of the Lodge. if he is a resident and otherwise qualified Membership carries with it the right to hold office.V r 270 r MASONIC MANUAL N EDICTS AND DECISIONS. 212-(l 93) MASTER—WARDEN NOT 1NELICIBLE TOELECTION THE RETO ONACCOUNEOF PENDENCY OF CHARGES—A Warden against whom charges have been preferred. but it is its dirty to elect its officers as soon rherefter as practicable. is eligible to the office of W IA 184 2t3-(194). MASTER—MUST BE A MEMBER OF lODGE WHEN ELECTED—He must. and the member who is thus elected is entitled to be installed without reference to the P IA Degrees. he is not eligible 207-(158) MASTER—SAME—E IICEPTION—No one is eligible for election by a Chartered Lodge to the office of W IA who has not been duly elected and installed as Warden. 211-(I 92) MASTER—ABILITY TO READ AND WRITE NOT NECESSARY—One who cannot read not write is not on that account disqualified from holding the office of W IA He must. 218-(199) NOMINATIONS SISOULD NOT BE MADE —It is unmasonse to place candidates in nomination for any office so Masonry 219 CONDUCT OF ELECTIONS—While it is nor improper for brethern to roofei so a Fraternal spirit as to the electron of offibers of the Lodge. who has previously served as Warden. Membership carries the right to hold office. as well as other officers. to have been a Warden in any Lodge in this Juristsetron renders hsm eligible to the office of W IA in that or any other Lodge in this JurrsdsctsOn. must be a member of the Lodge at the time of his election or appointment (3) Election and Installation 216-(197). otherwise. . however.M. be capable of doing the work and conferring the degrees. but who has not ‘been found guilty. but Festival. 210-(191).

226-(205). 223-(202) INSTALLATION — SAME — The incoming Master may. installation day. IA CANNOT PERFORMA dimitted P. and the ancient landmarks and usages of the Order 162—163—164—156 231-(210) WARDENS SUCCEED TO MASTER’S AUTHORITY—In cases of the absence or disability of the Master. instal the officers under him. No appeal lies from his decision to the Ledge. MASTERS AUTHORITY—The Master’s authority so the Lodge is supreme. INSTALLATION—WHEN—June 24th is. 221-(20l) INSTALLATION — BY WHOM -.-. IA at the regular meeting preceding the festival so June to cause the Secretary to write opposite the siame of each member of his Lodge “suspended. Rules and Edicts of the Crand Lodge. INSTALLATION—LAPSE OF THREE WEEKS WITHOUT DOES NOT RENDER DISPENSATION NECESSARY—When three meetings have been allowed to elapse without installation of the officers. but subject to suspension by the Crand Master. INSTALLATION—MAY BE PUBLIC— The officers of a Lodge may be installed so public But the Lodge should be regularly opened and remain so until after the installation IS 227-(20d) INSTALLATION — CANNOT BE PROXY—NO officer of a Lodge can be installed by proxy BY EDICTS AND DECISIONS. all questions as to ceremonial work and Masonic law. prerogatives and must privileges. IA cannot install’ the officers of a Lodge 190. and such provision applies to every member of the Lodge who may be so arrears 423—el seq. 224-f103) INSTALLATION—D I IA ITT E D P. subject only to the Constitution.The officers of a Lodge can be installed only by a Present or Past Master in good standing 222-(202) INSTALLATIONSAMEIt is the pierogative of the retiring Mastec en sostal his successor. and if Lodge officers are not installed on that day. 225-(207) INSTALLATION —OFFICER INSTALLED WITh THOSE OF ANOTHER LODGE LEGALLY SO—A . and he is amenafale only to the Grand Lodge. the By-laws of his own Lodge. they may nevertheless be installed without special dispensation (4) Powers and Duties. 211—(209). 226 t204) ~INSTALLATION—NOT REQUiRED WHEN RE~ELECTED—It is not necessary for the officers of a Lodge to be re-installed who are re-elected to the same office bald by them during the preceding year. duties. they should be as soon as practicable thereafter They should not be installed before that date 230—(205). and he has no discretion in this matter. and preside unless through courtesy he calls on some one so his stead. W first and then the J ‘IF succeed to all his powers. 273 Secretary or other officer installed at the same time with the sifficers of another Lodge is legally installed 229. the S. after his own installation.” when dues shall remain unpaid for two years. WHEN RE~ELECTED—It is not necessary for the officers of a Lodge tube re~rnstalled who are re-elected to the same office held by them during the preceding year. It is his privilege to decide all points of order.r 272 NIASONIC MANUAL 220-(200) DISQUALIFIED VOTE DOES NOT OF ITSELF INVALIDATE ELECTION—The mere fact that one who has been suspended or demitted voted at an election of officers does not invalidate the election. by Masonic Custom. and he mustssgn warrants on the Treasurer for appropriations inside by the Lodge while he was presiding 155—239 233-(211) iF IA MUST CAUSE DELINQUENT TO BE SUSPENDED—It is the duty of the W. under certain restoetions. but this may be done at his request by any Past Master so good standing in this Grand Jurisdiction. unless this vote was necessary to and dsd secure the election of one of the officers chosen.



234-(212) FAILURE TO DO TIllS EXTENDS TIME ANOTHER YEAR—When the Master fails to comply with the above prosisren the member so arrears goes another yeas without eunpeusson See citations above 235- (213) SECRETARY LiABLE FOR MONEY COLLECTED—It is the duty of the Secretary to collect all money due the Lodge, and he is liable to the Lodge for all money so collected, and is entitled to such credtts as the ~odge may have authorired 424—I 26 236-(214) SECRETARY CANNOT ACT ON HIS OWN TRIAD—A Secretary of a Lodge cannot act as such where he is on trial, another must be appointed 4ro line nice (5) Vacancies. How Created and Filled 217—(215). HOW CREATED IN FIRST THREE OFFICES—A vacancy can be created in the first three offlees of the Lodge only by death, removal from the jurisdiction, suspension er e-rpnlsson Neither of them can resign or dimit during the terns of his office 32—155—467 236-1216) REMOVAL MUST BE FROM STATE—A vacancy is not created so these offices by a mere removal from the town or Sabordinate Lodge jurisdiction It must be not of the Grand Jurrsdrcuon 239-(217) VACANCY IN OFFICE OF W. M—HOW FiLLED —Should for any of the reasons enumerated the office of Master become vacant, the Grand Master has no right to grant a Dispensation to fill the vacancy, while either the S W.’s or J W ‘s station is ifiled by a duly elected and installed officer. as the office of Master surviises so the S IF. or J. IF • as the case may be However. shoald the Worshipful Master refuse to be installed, and if neither of the Wardens have been installed, then a vacancy is created and the Grand Master may issue Dispensation to fill the office of IF IA. 32—155

240-(215) NO VACANCY CREATED BY WARDEN BECOMING ACTING-MASTER—In case of a vacancy in the office of IF IA • all the sights, powers and duties of the office sarvive so the S W or J. W as the case may be This, however, does not create a vacancy so the Wardens office. He is stdl Warden and “Acting Master 241-(2I9) J IF DOES NOT SUCCEED S IF —When the office of S W becomes vacant the J IF does not succeed to his place, nor has he the right to be elected to such place so ease of vacancy therein, as he cannot resign his office of J IF 242-(220). SENIOR WARDEN—HOW VACANC V FILLED—Therefore if a vacancy should occur so the office or S. IF • it can only be filled esther by appointment lire lem, by the W IA • or by an election after Dispensation theref or granted by the Grand Master 241-(221) FAILURE TO BE INSTALLED CREATES A VACANCY—A Warden who fails or refuses to be installed, creates a vacancy in that office, which should be filled by apporotment firs tem or by election after Dispensation granted therefor by the Grand Master 430—411 244 SAME—The mere absence of the W IA or other officer elect to be present at the regular installation does no~ t vacate his office Unless may be installed willful and, pracamounts to a refusal, he his absence is as early as tha ticable, thereafter. 245-(222) SUSPENSION OF WARDEN FOR A DEFINITE PERIOD DOES NOT CREATE A VACANCY— When a Warden is suspended for a definite period his office is not thereby vacated, and when his sentence of suspension has espired and he is reinstated thereby he is still a Warden, and must assume hss duties as such, provided his term of office has not expired 186—204 24d-(223) VACANCIES IN MINOR OFFICES— HOW FILLED—A vacancy occurring in any other office, save


265—286 269—301 1304-128 329—338 339—359 160—372 173—394

that of IF IA , S. IF. or J,W maybe filled by the Lodge at any time without special dispensation from the Grand lilaster 247-(224) MINOR OFFICER MAY RESIGN OR DIMIT—Any officer of the Lodge except the first three may resign or dimit 467 246-(225) DISPENSATION UNNECESSARY TO FILL VACANCY IN MINOR OFFICE—Vacancies occurring so such minor office may be filled by appointment or election at any time without Dispensation Vacancies in either of the first three offices can only be filled after Dsspensatson from the Grand Master. 249-(226) LODGE MAY DECLARE VACANCY— WHEN —When any officer of the Lodge, except the first three, removes from the jurisdiction of the Lodge and is unable to attend to the duties of the office, the Lodge may, by resolution, declare the office vacant and proceed to eleel a successor thereto 250-(227) IF SECRETARY SUSPENDED, W IA. SHOULD APPOINT ONE PRO TEA/I —If a Secretary of a Lodge is suspended it is the duty of the Master to appoint a Secretary 4cc fem . who will have the authority of the regular Secretary If such suspension ertends befond the term for which he was elected, it males a vacancy so his office, and the Lodge should proceed to elect his successor. 251-(228) MINOR OFFICERS CANNOT EXCHANCE PLACES—The Secretary and Senior Deacon cannot exchange places, except as pre 1cm officers II such change should be desirable each may resign and their successors elected This rule holds troe as to other minor officers. CHAPTER V MEMBERSHIP (I) Generally (2) Qualifications (a) Cenerally (b) Physical


(4) IS) 16) 17) (5)

(9) (10)
(11) (12) (1)

Petition (a)’ Form (b) Presentation (r) Reception and Action Thereon Fees Balloting Conferring Degrees Rejection—Status After E A andF C Members (a) Status (b) Jurisdiction Over (c) Advancement (d) Rejection Dues Illegally litade Masons Dimit~ and Dimitted Itfasons Affiliates and Affiliation

395—298 399—405
406—415 416—419 420—449 .450—456 457—466 487—502

Generally 252-(229) MEMBERSHIP IN ONLY ONE LOOCE— A person can be a member of only one Masonic Lodge. 253-(210) OBLIGATION BINDING, THOUGH UNDER ASSUMED NAME—A Masonic oliligatron taken by one under an assumed name is binding 254-(23t) A MASTER MASON NEED NOT BE EXAMINED ON THAT DEGREE—A brother who has been raised is opt required to be examined on his proficiency so the M, IA Degree (2) Qualifications 255-(232) MUST HAVE BEEN RESIDENT OF STATE A YEAR No subordinate Lodge shall initiate any person who has not been a resident within the juriadicteon of his Grand Lodge for twelve months next preceedrog his initianon, licersded. this prohibition does nut apply to soldiers and afficecs of the Arrisy, to sea-faring men, nor to clergymen actively engaged in their calling, provided, frirflier, that persons Irving near the bocodary line of this State may be initiated as hereinafter stipuidted. 114—128-266—257—453—454—455.

252—254 255—275 279—284






286 PERSONS NEAR BOUNDARY MAY BE INITIATED Persons residing so this or any adjoining State within five miles of the State line, may petition to be made masons so the nearest Lodge, measured by straight fines, of their residence, whether such Lodge is in this or another Grand Jurssdscrson. preerded, such other Grand Jurisdiction permits the same thing so its Jurssdrctson 455 257-(234) RESIDENT—WHAT IS—A resident is one who has a fixed permanent home so this State. to which he has the intention of returning when absent 258. SAME—Where one actually leaves the State, with the intention of remaining away, and changing his residence, and then returns, he must live so the State, upon his return. twelve months before being eligible for membership, no matter how short a time he may have remained away On the other hand, no matter how long he may have remained away, if such absence was with the intention of returning he is eligible Ior membership so this State 259 SAME—Residence is largely a question of intention Hence, one may have his residence within the jurisdiction of a Lodge, although away from his residence a greater part of the time 260 SAME—If a profane has so settled home but is a travelling man, and has no place he calls his residence, he will not be entitled to come within the exception to the rule requiring twelve months residence so this Grand Jusisfiretion, prior to presenting his petition 161 -(135) DOES NOT APPLY TO MINISTERS— Twelve months’ residence required for membership does not apply to active ministers of the gospel .135 262—(236) APPLIES TO RAILROAD MEN—A man engaged so railroading is not included so the esceptions as to twelve months’ residence 263-(237) DOES NOT APPLY TO E. A OR F C WITH DISMISSAL CERTIFICATE—The prohibition as to

Iwelve months’ residence does not apply to an E A. or F C icith a dismissal ceruficare from another State, who removes therefrom and acquires a permanent residence so this State. ‘l’hss condition attaches only to candidates for sostsatron DOES NOT APPLY TO DIMITTED MASONS—Nor does it apply to dimitted Masons for the same 457 ieasons ONE 265-(239) ELECTED BUT NOT INITIATED, WHO REMOVES TO ANOTHER JURISDICTION, MAY APPLY THERE —When a profane petitions to the Lodge of his residence to be made a Mason and is elected, but before he can take the E A Degree he move&a’way and acquires residence elsewhere and is unable to receive the degrees in the Lodge of his fumier residence, he may, in such event, petition the Lodge of his present residence and be elected without the consent of the former Lodge The former Lodge should efand the fee which accompanied the petition 126, 266-(240) PETITION BEFORE TWELVE MONTHS RESIDENCE Should a profane make application for initiation before he has been a resident of the State for twelve months, his application cannot be continued beyond twelve mootht, but must be retorted together with the fee and such fact and the reason therefur noted on the minutes 267-(241) CHANGE OF RESIDENCE CHANGES JURISDICTION—When a person moves from another State into this State with the intention of acquiring permanent residence here, he, es rasfaists, falls under the jurisdiction of this Grand Lodge, even though he may not be eligible to membership here until the expiration of twelve months. The Crand jurssdrctron from which he removed has no jurssdrctsoA over him, and he cannot be initiated here bf obtaining consent from that Grand Jurisdiction He must reside so this State twelve months before he can be initiated 1—2—257---258—219—260---4 86





256—(242), SAME—Conversely, where a profane removes from this State, this Grand Lodge at once loses jurisdiction over him, and no consent can be given to his initiation so another State 416 169—(243). RESIDENCE PROVISION DOES NOT APPLY TO SUBORDINATE LODGE JURISDICTION— There is no fixed time for residence in the jurisdiction of a Subordinate Lodge 269 270—(245) PERSON UNDER TWENTY-ONE YEARS OLD NOT ELIGIBLE—A Lodge has no tight to receive a petition from one who is under twenty-one years of age, and if this is done the petition may be withdrawn before a ballot, and the fact and the reason therefor noted on the minutes 323 271 DOTAGE—MEANING OF As used Masunscally the word “dotage” means feebleness or imbecility of understanding or mind, or physical senility One possessed of his physical and oseotal faculties may be made a Mason althoagh old so point of years. 272—(146) MEMBERSHIP—LIQUOR DEALER NOT DISQUALIFIED—The fact that a man is engaged so the business of sellsog spirituous vinous or malt liquors does nor render him ineligible foe membership 511—512. 273-(247) SAME—INABILITY TO READ AND WRITE DOES NOT DISQUALIFY—The fact that an appbcant cannot read nor write does not disqualify’ him for membership 174-(145) INDICTMENT BY GRAND JIJRY DOES NOT DISQUALIFY—Indictment by a grand jury does not of itself rendes one ineligible for the degrees of Masonry It is a matter to be considered by the coshmittee so making its reports and by the members so balloting.

27fi-(249). MEMBERSHIP — SEPARATION FROM WIFE DOES NOT DISQUALIFY—One who is separated from his wife is nut thereby rendered ineligible for the degrees 276-(250). MEMBERSHIP—MEMBERSHIP IN ANOTHER ORDER DOES NOT—One is not rendered ineligible because he belongs to another organseatron which admits negores to its membership 277-(251) MEMBERSHIP—CON V IC TI 0 N FOR CRIME DOES NOT—The fact that one has been convicted of a crime does not of itself render one ineligible for membership, hot is a matter for the consideration of the committee and members 276-(252). MEMBERSHIP—RELIGIOTJS TEST NOT REQUIRED—No religious test is required of a candidate other than that he should believe so God, ~he Creator and Governor of the Universe 279. MEMBERSHIP—ILLEGITIMACY, DOES NOT —Illegitimate birth does not disqualify one from membeiship, presided, he possess the other required qualifications (b) Qualificatsoni—r-Physica~. 260-(253) MUST BE ABLE TO PERFORM WORK— The candidate most be whole and sound, nut deformed, he musl be able to perform the work required so the first three degrees


251-(254) INSTANCES OF DISQUALIFICATIONS— In the following instances it has been held that the candidate is disqualified (1) Where he has lost both joints (2) Being unable to elevate his his shoulder. (3) Poe whose left knee is stiff at and sixty degrees of his right thumb arm above the level of an angle of one hundred s’ -

(4) One whohas lost his right arm. (5) One who has lost all the five fingers on the right hand except the little one.

(5) hand (7)

MASONIC MANUAL. One who has lost the entire forefinger of the right The loss of left hand and half of arm



(5) One whose leg has been amputated above the ankle, although he has an artificial limb 252-(255) INSTANCES WHERE NOT DISQUALIFIED—In the following instances it has been held that the candidate is nor disqualified (1) The loss of the second, third and fourth fingers of the left hand (2) (3) if he is teaching (4) (5) A slight lameness Being crippled and having to use a crutch does not not thereby rendered incapable of practicing and the ritual That the left hand and arm is smaller than the right The loss of three fingers frors.the left hand

hg the Grand Master he is then entitled to have his fees for the degrees refunded. 323 (3) Petition. (a) Form of. 255-(258). MUST BE SIGNED BY THE APPLICANT —A petition must be signed by the person making the application It is not legal for another to sign it in his atsenre 256-(259) MUST BE ENDORSED BY TWO MASTER MASONS—All petitions for initiations shall be recommended and vouched for by two Master Masons, members of the Lodge. 257-(26i3. MUST STATE IF PREVIOUS APPLICATION MADE—Petitioners for initiation are required to state so their petition whether or not they have evar made application to any other Lodge and if so, what other Lodge 377—375—379—350—356 285-(261) MEMBER MAY WITHDRAW HIS RECOMMENDATION—One who has recommended the petition of an applicant may withdraw such recommendation so the manner and under the circumstances provided for so this

(6) The loss of a part of each finger on the right hand’ the thumb being whole (7) A slight stiffness so the elbow (8) Partial deafness, ii it does not prevent him from receiving and imparting the secrets of Masonry so a proper manner (9) The loss of either eye, so long as the vision of the other is good .253-1256) ARTIFICIAL LIMB DOES NOT SUPPLY DEFICIENCY—One who is disqualified physically and thereby unable to comply with the demands of the ritual, is not rendered qualified by the fact that he has an srtsficsal limb. with which he is able to get so all the positions necessary to perform the work 284-(157) ONE DECLARED DISQU’ALIFIED ENTITLED TO RETURN OF FEES—One who is physically unable to comply with the demands of the ntual is dssquahfied, and when a person has been elected and declared disqualified

308—381. (b) Presentation of Petition—Where 289-1261) MAY BE PRESENTED TO LODGE OF CHOICE—A profane may present his petition to the Lodge od his choice, though he resides in the jurisdiction of another Lodge But the consent of the Lodge so whose, jurisdiction he resides must be obtained before the perstion car be acted upon 115 290-(263) CONSENT OF HOME LODGE NECESSARY WHEN PETITIONER LIVES IN ANOTHER JURISDICTION—When any person petitions to be made a Mason, who resides so any other town where a Lodge is holden, or nearer any regular Lodge than that so which he is proposed, it shall be the dsty of the Secretary of the Lodge to write to sorb other Lodge to know if they have ever refused him admis-

the questions required in the first instance must he asked and the same procedure had as hereinbefore pro vided. but such inquiry must lie over until the next succeeding regular Communication. when a person presents his petition ty a Lod5e other than that of his residence. and without such inquiry and ought not answer thereto no such petition can be acted on 115—llfi—111—115—119—120 291-(264) SAME—If he resides so the concurrent junsdsctson of two or more Lodges.“ is a waiver of jurssdsclson. when answer made 120-302 299-(272) PETITIONED LODGE CANNOT ACT 293-(266) DUTY OF LODGE RECEIVING PETITION—In such case it is the duty of theLodge recesvsng the petition to lay same upon the table. and propound to the Lodge iii whose junsdsctson the applicant resides.(270). such petition cannot he acted on udtsl such questions are asked and answered. PETITIQN CANNOT BE ACTED UPON UNTIL SUCH CONSENT RECEIVED—Under the foregoing provision. subject of course to the right of said Lodge to demand the fees. WHAT IS CONSENT—The answer of the Lodge to which the questions are propounded that it “knows no just cause. such inquiry must be addiessed to each Lodge 109 . etc . “then the Lodge having the petition should return same with the fee to the petitioner with information that the Lodge cannot act fus want of jusssdsctson 207. and i to he made a Mason. and a failure to answer the questions subjects the derelict Lodge to discipline Lodge (2) Does the Lodge know of auf’ just and sufficient reason why the applicant should not be made a Mason 1 t7. know of apy just and sufficient reason why he sion. and a failure to givo such answer subjects the derelict Lodge to discipline 115-119 117. as follows (1) Has the applicant ever been refused adnsission by the UNTIL ANSWER MADE—The petitioned Lodge can take no action at all on the petiti’on until required questions have been asked and answers made thereto. 285 296-(269) DUTY OF LODGE WHEN CONSENT REFUSED—If the Lodge to whom such inquiry is addressed reports that these is “just and sufficient season why the applicant should not be made a Mason.292-(265). 294-(267) SAME—The questions must be asked and answers received before the petition is referred to a commtttee 295-(265) DUTY OF LODGE RECEIVING INQUIRY—It then becomes the duty of the Lodge to whom the inquiry is addressed to answer the same promptly But answer cannot be made at the meeting at which it is applicant has seceived the E A or F. etc . before the candidate can be advanced 301-(274) PETITIONED LODGES ENTITLED TO FEES—The Lodge conferong the degree is entitled to the fees. See foregoing citations 120 EDICTS AND DECISIONS. the questions. QUESTIONS STILL REQUIRED—If for any reason.284 1 they MASONIC MANUAL. the Lodge in whose jurisdiction the s~ppbcaot resides demand the fees from the petitioned Lodge. at which time it must he takers and answer thereto msde. such. C degree without the required questions being asked and assswered and such fact is ascertained before he is passed or raised. WIIIIN CONSENT GIVEN—If the Lodge rejisirts tIssil thrie is us just and sufficient reason. 300-(273) E A OR F C DEGREE CONFERRED THROUGH ERROR.then the former Lodge may take the petition from the table and refer it to the committee for action as so other cases 295-(271). so which event the Lodge so who~e jurisdiction the applicant resides is entitled to the fees for the degrees . unless at the time the questions above referred to are answered.

in which event ehaiges may be preferred against him and a trial had as in other cases 123-450 (c) Petition—ReceptiOn and ActionThereon 304-(277) OBJECTION CANNOT BE MADE TO— A hrother has so right to object to a petition for initiation. erase his signature from the petition at any time before ballot thereon. The dereliction of the Lodge will not be visited upon him. to be acted on in the regular way 31 1-(284) SAME—But if no one will sign it in place of the erased signature. rinlesi he was also guilty of some fraud or wrong doing in the premises. then the petition and the fee must he returned to the applicant and the fact noted on the minutes. as far as he then knows of the character of the petitioner. and not upon subsequent events of after acquired knowledge. and make due report thereon in writing ro the Lodge at its next-regular Communication 1 314 NAMED IN OPEN LODGE—Al committees COMMITTEEshould he named in opto Lodge and on petitions their names recorded in the minutes 175 315-(287) BY-LAWS MUST PROVIDE FOR REPORT AT NEXT REGULAR COMMUNICATION—Subordinate Lodges cannot pass a by-law requiring or permitting committees to whom are referred petitions a longer time than the nert regular Cousmonreation 61-177-341 .u y oust erase the signatore 310-(283) SAME—When such a signature has heen erased any hrother present may sign the petition. and when done the W M should then refer or recommit the petition to the committee. Unanimoos consent is not required 3t13-(276). consisting of three Master Masons. he is guilty of unmasonic conduct IQS-(281) RECOMMENDATION MAY BE WITHl)RAWN—I{c may. the brother on whom such degrees are conferred is a legally made Mason and enlitled to all the rights and privileges of Masonry. from being received by the Lodge 3Q5-(278) NOR CAN IT BE REFUSED—A cannot by a motion refuse to receive a petition Lodge known to him.” etc . and is willing that he should be made a Mason 307-(280) SAME—Should he voluntarily recommend an applicant. memhers of the Lodge. STATUS OF THE CANDIDATE UPON WHOM THE DEGREES ARE CONFERRED IN VIOLATION OF THE FOREGOING PROVISIONWhile it is a violation of Masonic law to confer the degrees upon any person in violation of the proviiions hereinabove set forth. passing or raising or affiliating. to he appointed hy the Master. then the Si’i’rct. and such an act will subject the Lodge doing so to diicipline. only majority vote of those present and voting is required. upon learning facts not before 313-(286) MUST BE REFERRED TO COMMITTEE FOR REPORT—The petition when received shall be placed in the hands of a committee. and then attempt to have him rejected onaccount of facts known to him at the time. the committee should report such action to the Lodge. and return tIre petition. 312-(285) PETItION CAN BE RECEIVED REGULAR COMMUNICATION ONLY—No petition be received except at a regular Communication AT can 3Q6-(279) APPLICANT SHOULD NOT BE RECOMMENDED UNLESS WORTHY—A Master Mason should not recommend or vouch for a petitioner onless he can conscientioosly do so. whose duty it shall be to investigate into the character and standing of the petitioner. EDICTS AND DECISIONS 287 302-(275) VOTE REQUIRED TO GIVE CONSENT— In order to give the consent implied by a negative answer to the question as to just and sufficient reason. however. nevertheless. 2SS~ 382 3Q9-(2S2) PROCEDURE—XVHEN RECOMMENDA‘ION WITHDRAWN—If a recommendation to a petition Is erased.2813 MASONIC MANUAL. or if it is done in open Lodge.

lack of juneslirtion. and the fee should be returned to the person entitled threeto EfS—(300l BROTHER RECOMMENDING QANNOT DEMAND RETURN OF THE PETITION—After a pgtstson has been received by the Lodge the brother recommending the applicant has no right to demand that the petition be returned to him Fees 329-(3011. this fact should be reported by the committee or made known to the Lodge by the Secretary. it 255. can be withdrawn or otherwise disposed of except by ballot. etc I lie fell thus nay be returned us withdrawn without a ballot I Iii’i’esua. withdraw~ its report at any time before ballot is taken thereon.28. and the committee discharged. as for instance. the petition may be withdrawn before such questions iire answered. bat not afterwards. before his petition has been arced upon. after it has been received by the Lodge. the applicant removes permanently to another State. howeveer.9 MASONIC MANUAL. and a ballott ordered thereon. and the required questions have been propounded. and frirthes time granted them 321-(293) PETITION CANNOT BE WITHDRAWN —No petition for initiation or affiliation. nay be re-referred to the same or another committee and the Issllot postponed for furthes investigation 223-(295) WHEN PETITION MAY BE RETURNED The above Edicts have reference only to the character and finding of the petitioner If for any reason the candidate ‘snout be legally made a Mason . pisysirol disqu. the applicant dies. 270-284—298-256 324-(295) SAME—When a Lodge receives a petition by s~istake which was intended for snotber Lodge. with the fee. with the consent of the Lodge. nothing can be done therewith until a report by the committee The Lodge cannot go into a committee of the whole and act on such petition. 341. after it has been received by the Lodge An usfavorable report thereon does not obviate the necessity of a ballot. when received in a legal manger. except by ballot. upon his request. The death abates the application. should be retusned on request 325-(297l SAME—When the petition in in a Lodge not saving jurisdiction. grant a committe further time upon its request thesefor 177 3t7-(259) NO ACTION THEREON UNTIL REPORT OF COMMITTEE—When a petition has been presented and referred to a committee. except under cii cnmstances herein stated However. MAJORITY M4Y REPORT ON PETITION—A majority of a committee may make a report. when a petition has sees ieferred to a rommittee and a report made thereon.ilification or that he is under age. the W M cannot appoint two substitutes and receive the report at that Communication 341 320-(292) COMMITTEE MAY WITHDRAW REPORT—The committee may. 3t9-(291) SUBSTITUTES CANNOT MAKE A RE- PORT AT SAME MEETING AS APPOINTED—When a majority ol the committee is absent at the next regulas Cursmunsearson. such petition. 296 325—(295) SAME—When. 122-(294) SAME—MAY BE RE-REFERRED—No pctstson can be withdrawn or otherwise disposed of. 3lS-(290). 289 Sl5-(255) FURTHER TIME MAY BE GRANTED BY MOTION—The Lodge may. Either an election or rejection so such a manner would be illegal and vos~ and would not preclude regular action of the Lodge on the regular report by the committee. 527-f299) DEATH A B AT ES APPLICATION — If pending action on the petition. EDICTS AND DEClSIONS. his petition may be returned and the reasons therelor unted ou the minutes 341. PETITION MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY CASH FEES—All petitions for the degrets must he j4) . and the reason therefor noted on the minutes.

so the discretion of the Lodge. is a legally made Mason His status cannot be affected by the irregular action of the Lodge. GRAND MASTER CANNOT. MAY BE AT FOLLOWING COMMUNI CATION—A ballot may be had on a petition at the regular CommunicatiOn of the Lodge. BY DISPENSATION. if the committee has reported 61—317 342-(314) SAME—Hence Lodges holding semi-monthly meetings may ballot upon a petition in two weeks 343-(315) EVERY MEMBER PRESENT MUST VOTE—No brother present can be eacused from voting upon the reception of a candidate Aud. and the Lodge cannot assume or guarantee the payment of such loan 331-13081 NOTE OF THE LODGE. passed or iassed is not entitled as a matter of right to have the fee refunded (5) The Ballot 339-(31t). separate ballots must be had on each . under any circumstances. one who has been balloted on and raised at a called Cominunscation. has no sight to the fee. it is not sufficient that the payment of such fee ss serused. 1 340-(312) STATUS OP CANDIDATE NOT AFFECTED BY IRREGULAR ACTION—However. or any number of persons. TO TAKE DEGREE DOES NOT ENTITLE HIM TO RETURN OF FEE One who tails or refuses to be initiated. 341-(313). after fees is the for the purpose 1 having received ercdst or giving him time to pay the ssme of extending himthem from him. 330-(302) MEMBER MAY LOAN MONEY TO PAY FEES—A member of a Lodge may loan the money to the applicant to pay for the degrees Bat this can only be between them as individuals. SUSPEND THIS PROVISION—The Guand Master cannot grant a Dispensation authorizing a Lodge to confer any one us all the degrees upon any’ parson. s 334-(331h. or any part thereof. for smaller fees than those prescribed so the Constitution 335-(307) MAY BE REMITTED AS TO MINISTERS—The degrees may. MUST BE AT REGULAR COMMUNICATION—Balloting for the degrees can be had only at the regular Communication 143—145. remit or refund the fees. 121 338-1310) NEGLECT OF APPLICANT.(305) LODGE CANNOT LOAN FEES—Nor can the Lodge loan the amount of the such to donecandidate. and any Lodge rececvsog and acting upon a petition not accompanied by the required fee in cash renders itself liable to the discipline of the Grand Lodge. next after that at which the petition was received. be conferred on ministers of the gospel wsthout the p~ymeor of the lees A minister in this sense is any person ordained and set apart f or the ministry. if he should persist in sefussog. or who only preaches occasionally 426-421 F C or M M Dcgree may he deposited with the Secretary at any time before It 5 ballot 337-(309) LODGE CONFERRING DEGREE FOR ANOTHER NOT ENTITLED TO FEE THEREFOR—A Lodge which by courtesy confers the degrees for another Lodge sit its request. however. to the candidate 333. and who pursues that profession as his chief vocation It doe~ not apply to one whose chief business is something else. MAY BE RECEIVED IN PAYMENT OF FEES—Duly authorized notes or certificates of indebtedness of a Lodge osay be received by the Lodge issuing same as the equivalent of cash ~n payment for the degrees 332-1304) CANNOT BE REMITTED OR REFUNDED—A Lodge cannot. cltasges should be prefweed against hsm 344-(315) SEPARATE BALLOT ON EACH APPLICATION—When there are Iwo or more applications for initiation or applicarson.~ EDICTS AND DECISIONS 291 290 MASONIC MANUAL 335-(305) F C AND M El FEES—The lee for the accompanied by the actual cash fees.

the Mastei should nider a new bsllot before declaring the result 366-(328) MISTAKE DOES NOT CHANGE RULE— This rule puevails whether the black bails were cast under a misapprehension or not. a new ballot cannot be had except where only one black ball appears. ON PROFICIENCY FURTHER TIME MAY BE GRANTED~A motion to grant further time to the . it is the duty of the Master. or his reasons for his vote. for that matter). or preferring charges If charges have been preferred and the brother acqmtted.() 1 ---l3efoie a ballot is taken the members may discuss Ilic character and qualifications of a candidate for Masoniy. to di 5.~ Ordered 408 359-(33l). if he knows any good reason why the applicant should not be made a Mason He not only has the ilght to do it. no brothez has the right to demand the name of the brother who balloted against the candidate 349-(321) ANY BROTHER HAS THE RIGHT TO CAST ADVERSE BALLOT FOR ANY DEGREE—Any brother has the right to adversely ballot on the petition foe the P ‘C or M M Degree without giving any reason therefo~. is rejected. MAY DISCUSS CHARACTER BEFORE IIAI. but if only one black ball appears. however. before the ballot m. but it is his duty to do so 313 :13:1 -(:123). that a brother shall sot diiclose to the committee. a member of a Lodge.close how he voted on an application for initiation or advancement. and a motion to expunge Ironi she minstes the record of’ the relection Of a candidate is out of nider 352-1324) CAN MAKE OBJECTIONS TO COMMITTEE —This does not mean. and any by-law of the Lodge requiring same is a nullity 347-1319) CANNOT DISCLOSE INTENDED VOTE —It is iinmasonic for a brother. 351-1323) ADVERSE VOTE CANNOT BE CRITISED —A brother has no right so criticise in open Lodge or elsewhere a brother or brethien who adversely ballot upoml a petition for initiation. 29~ should be strictly secret A brother violates the secrecy of the ballot by stating bow he voted. a brother still has the right to cast an adverse ballot 350-(322) SAME—AS TO AFFILIATION—The petilion of a hrothsr for a~liation with a Lodge requiref a unanimous vote A brother casting a black bail cannot be criticised or questioned as to his reasons 376—493. 358-(33o) PROFICIENCY DETERMINED BY VIVA VOCA VOTE—’The question of proficiency in the preceding degree should be determined by a rica core vote. or 84 NI Degree. and should not be permitted to give hisi reasons for-so doing 346—(318) CANNOT BE REQUIRED TO STATE HOW HE VOTED—A brother cannot be required to state how he voted. but if a black ball eppears the second time the candidate must be declared rejected 365-(1127) IF ONLY ONE BLACK BAl~L APPEARS. to order a neiv ballot. before announcing the result.292 345-(317) MASONIC MANUAL BALLOT STRICTLY SECRET—The ballot EDICTS AND DECISIONS. but of course the candidate may make a new application 357-(329) OUESTIDN OF PROFICIENCY SEPA RATE PROM OTHER QUALIFICATIONWh5O a ballot is ordered on a petition for the F C. but not afterwards 364-1326) CANNOT BE RECONSIDERED AFTER RESULT DECLARED—A ballot can never be reconsidered ulcer the result thereof has been declared. and also for’him to declare how he will vote 348-(320) NAME OF BROTHER CASTING ADVERSE VOTE CANNOT BE DEMANDED—Wheb a candidate for the F C or M M ~egrce (or any degree.I. affilration or advancement. the questios of proficiency should not be considered 408—409. NEW BALLOT MAY BE ORDERED—Whether any adverse balls appear or not.

or. of course. or withdraws his objection. the Lodge is at liberty to confer the degrees 371-(341) SAME—STATUS OF A CANDIDATE—If the applicant is elected. and he may apply to another Lodge. NOR OTHER LODGE CAN NOT A Visiting brother caunot file an oh cction. by the objection of a member of the Lodgc. called for that purpose without a Dispensation 143—145 383-1334). 372—1342) SAME—But if the objection is withdrawn he may be initiated upon repayment of the fee without a new petition or another ballot (7) Rejection. and after examination as to profIciency in E. EDICTS AND DECISIONS. Lodge. Effect of arid Status After 373-1343) ONE REJECTED MAY RENEW APPLI. 50 investigation 295 candidate who. may be imtiated. passing or raising. either regular or special 362-1333). in the opinion of the Lodge.ME—PROCEDURE. nor can another Lodge by a resolution They may. made either in open Lodge or privately to the Master. —The question of proficiency should be voted on in a M M. A asd F C Degrees. CATION—One rejected on a petition foi initiation may file another petition to the same Lodge at any subsequent Con-i- COMMUNICATION—A candidate after being elected at a regular Communication. if he is tried and acquitted. and not in that in which the examination is held (6) Conferring Degrees 36 t-(332) DEGREES MAY BE CONFERRED IN LESS THAN THREE MEETINGS BY DISPENSATION— While ordinarily the degrees cannot be conlerred in less time than three separate Communications. the Lodge cannot overrule his objections even though it may consider them unmasonic 380 369-1339) SAME—CANNOT CONFER DEGREE WHILE OBJECTION EXISTS—Where such objection is made by a member of a Lodge the degrees cannot be conferred upon the applicant so long as the brother remains a member of the Lodge and does nOt withdraw his objection 370-1340) SAME—MAY BE DONE WHEN OBJECTI ON REMOVED—In case the objecting brother dies. yet by special Dispensation the Grand Master may authorize all the degiecs conferred at one meeting. but of course any brother has the iight to object 388-1338) LODGE CANNOT OVERRULE OBJECTION—Where such objection is made.11 no charges arc preferred. is not proficient. is in order. and such may be done and the ballot on the petition deferred 405 360 PROFICIENCY VOTED ON IN M M LODGE. and the brother states his reason. inform the Lodge of any reasons they may have why ~ . arid before he receives the E A Degree objection is made. dimits. he may at his own motion stop his advancement and appoint a committee of investigation 367—(337) SA. MAY BE CONFERRED AT SPECIAL the applicant should not be advanced and fraternally isquest 366—1338) SAME—W M MAY DO SO—Should the W M receive soy information respecting the character of the candidate. 385 SAME—VISITING BROTHER. without giving any reason therefor 393—410—411—412 364-1333) SAME—MAY BE DONE IN ANY DEGREE—This objection may be made either to his initiation. the Lodge most proceed as in other cases of advancement.294 MASONIC MANUAL. passed or raised at a special Communication. is expelled or suspended. CANDIDATE MAY BE STOPPED AT ANY TIME BEFORE TAKING OBLIGATION—After a candidate has been duly elected to receive the degrees he can be stopped at any time prior to the administi atiori of the obligation. the fee should be returned In such case his status is that of a rejected candidate.

may apply to any Lodge for the degrees. even though the Lodges have concurrent jurisdiction. as if they had never been rejected. as amended. 376-(345) ONE REJECTED ON APPLICATION FOR AFFIL3ATION CANNOT DEMAND REASON THEREFOR—A brother holding a dimit and who petitions to the Lodge for membership. file a petition during the same meeting at which he is rejected. until the consent of the sejecting Lodge hag been obtained 288—308. as no brother can recommend one who has been rejected I8l-f:lII) BY WlIOM OBTAINED—This consent hilly lie olituined either by applicant or the Lodge to which he wishes to apply. he may be allowed to withdraw his recommendation along with petition. canno be received in such other Lodge within chies years without the consent of a majority of the Lodge to which he first made . 385 CONSENT NOT REOUIRED AFTER THREE YEARS—Under the constitution. the consent of cash must be obtained 493 379-(349) SAME—This consent must be obtained.296 MASONIC MANUAL EDICTS 4ND DECISIONS 297 munication. but in no event can the lattes Lodge take any action on the petition until such consent has been obtained 382-(332) RECOMMENDATION MADE THROUGH IGNORANCE MAY BE ERASSD—When a brother recommends one who has been rejected within three years either through misapprehension or ignorance. all profaries who have been sejeeted three years or more. and he cannot require the Lodge or a committee of the Lodge upon investigation to give any reason why his application was rejected by the Lodge or adversely reported by the committee He does not forfeit his right to apply to any Lodge in this Grand Jurisdiction for membership. unless prohibited by the By-laws of the Lodge Sorb subsequent petition must be referred to a commitlee and take the same course as ii it was an original petition.ipplicatios. is entitled to the return of his dinstt. 416—417 374 NOT RENEWED AT SAME MEETING He cannot. however. but does not obviate the necessity of stating the fact of such rejection in their petition . 380 050) MUST BE OBTAINED BEFORE PRESENTATI ON OF PETITION—This consent must be obtained before the petition is presented to the second Lodge. hpwevec. THOUGH THREE YEARS ELAPSED—This provision pots such persons in the same attitude as far as consent se concerned. sod if he has been rejected in moss than one Lodge. 375-(344) LODGE MAY BY BY-LAW FIXTIME FOR RENEWAL OF APPLICATION—A Lodge has a right to make a by-law fixing the time which must elapse before one rejected for initiation or advancement may renew his petition But in the absence of such by-law it may be renewed at any time 61-417. notwithstanding the fact that he has been relected by one Lodge 330. without first obtaining the consent of the rejecting Lodge 386 REJECTION MUST BE STATED IN PETITION. 377-(346) ONE REJECTED MAY APPLY TO ANOTHER LODGE—A petitioner for initiation having been rejected by one Lodge may petitiois another Lodge without scaiting any specific time 287-495 378-(347) CONSENT OF LODGE REJECTING HIM MUST BE OBTAINED—His petition. 353-(333) CONSENT REOUIRES ONLY A MAJORITY OF IcIEMBERS PRESENT—The majority necessary to give the consent herein required means a majority of the members present at a regular Commonicatron of the Lodge at which such consent is asked and not a majority of the whole membership of the Lodge 384-(334) LODGE NOT REOUIRED TO GIVE REASON FOR REFUSAL—Where a Lodge withholds its consent it cannot be required to give sts reason tlserefor.

The Lodge failing to take such iction upon such request as herein provided and required is guilty of discourteous conduct toward the sister Lodge. 393-(36l) WHEN OBJECTION MADE BEFORE INITIATION—If a profane is elected to rereive the degrees. and should be disciplined by the Grand Lodge.191-(359). Id) Rejection (a) Status. but must lie over till the next regular Communication. and his status is tbat of a rejected candidate In such case the consenl of the Lodge which elected him must be obtained before making application to another Lodge. such request cannot ho acted uppo at the meeting at which it was received. if the profane himself obtains a general consent from the Lodge rejecting him to apply to another Lodge. his fee shoold be returned. however. knowing that the candidate has been ieected by another Lodge. C WITH CERTIFICATE REQUIRED TO OBTAIN THIS CONSENT—An E A or F C. DUTT OF LODGE RECEIVING REQUEST TO ANSWER SAME PROMPTLT—When a Lodge requests a sister Lodge for permission to receive the petition of a candidate who had been relected by such Lodge.-—— -. is~not an illegally made Mason. objection is made and not withdrawn. chaiges may be preferred against him if he was guilty of any fraud. even though their advancement has been iropped by vote or objechion They . he must obtain the consent of each Lodge which rejected him before making anorber application However. nor permitted to participate in the business of the Lodge They have the right. and therefore subject to charges hr the Lodge making the request• 392-(36Q) CANDIDATE REJECTED BT MORE THAN ONE LODGE—If a profane has been rejected by more than one Lodge. 194-(862) E A OR F. to be present when the Lodge is conveneil in those degrees. 28 3S9-(157) ANT MEMBER PARTICIPATING GUILTT OF UNMASONIC CONDUCT—Not only does the Lodge violating this provision subject itself to severe drsc~pline and loss ol charter. renders himself liable to expulsion I90-(15S) REQUEST FOR CONSENT MUST LIE OVER ONE MEETING—When a Lodge has rejected a candidate and afterwards another Lodge requests permission to confer the degrees upon him. — MASONIC MANUAL. connivance ni deception in the matter of the application 450 SSS-(356) LODGE FAILING TO OBTAIN THIS OCNSENT SUBJECT TO DISCIPLINE—A Lodge which violates the provisions of the Constitution relative to this consent is guilty of unmasonic conduct. who has been rejected for advancement and afterwards obtains a certificate of dismissal. this will be sufficient to make any subsequent application. it is the duty of the latter Lodge to act upon the matter promptly. ______ EDICTS AND DECISIONS 298 299 1S7-(355) INITIATION WITHOUT THE CONSENT DOES NOT AFFECT THE STATUS OF THE CANDIDATE —A candidate rejected in a Lodge in one jurisdiction and subsequently made a Mason in another luriadiction. and that the consent of such Lodge has not been obtained. at which time it must be taken up and acted upon . and before he takes the E A Degree. 113—171. and without the conrent of the Lodge wherein he was rejected. (c) Advancement. 395-(SM) RIGHTS AND LIABITILIES—E A ‘s and F C ‘a are not members of the Lodge and are nor reqorred to pay does. is required to obtain such consent even though he has moved our of the jurrsdscrion of the Lodge granting him such certificate The certificate us only a waiver of jurisdiction 400—402—419—495—499 (6) E A’S and F C ‘s (a) Status (b) Jurisrdctron Over. and to answer promptly the request of the Lodge which desires to receive the application. but any brother assisting in conferring the degrees. However.

on a dimit.300 MASONIC MANUAL EDICTS AND DECISIONS 301 are also amenable to Masonic law. and acquire resudence elsewhere. that ‘the person holding such certificate has removed from the juruedictionof the Lod 6e geantung the same But uf the applicant still lives in the jurisdiction of the Lodge granting such certificate. provided. 396—396—502 403-(371) ONE FROM ANOTHER STATE CANNOT BE ADVANCED IN THIS STATE WITHOUT A CERTIFICATE—No Lodge in this junsdrctuoo can pass or rape a candidate who has been initiated or paased under another urrgd(ction. which certificate may or may not be a waiver. and still resides in the junadictuon of the Lodge granting same. in which case the consent of the Lodge granting such certificate need not be obtained But if an H A or P C obtains a certificate of dismissal from a Lodge for any reason. ~lllI. and the records are lost ordestroyed. or has been rejected for advancement. (b) Jurisduction Over 399-(3671. and auth application. IIINSIINT N If C ESSA lIT. then the consent of such Lodge must bg obtained before taking any action on the petition. or F C. or when the Lodge ossitiating.. WHEN A WAIVER—When a Subordinate Lodge grants a dismissal cersificate to an H A. and no consent need be asked for aruqther Lodge to pass or raise the person holding the same. JURISDICTION ONCE ACQUIRED RETAINED—Whenever a Lodge once acquires jurisdiction of a candidate and inutuates him. unless he produces a certificate of good standing and dramussion from the Lod’6e in which he was inr4iated ox passed. eacept when such E A or F. THOUGH U N Itl I NAL J HElM)] CTION CONCURRENT—This inquiry must be made and consent obtained although the onginal lurindictuon of the Lodges was concurrent. C moves out of the jurisdictii3n of the Lodge granting such certificate. even though he may remove from the territorial jurisdiction of such Lodge. an the case may be. 402—502. us entitled to a certificate of dismissal only when lie moves out of the luriadiction of the Lodge. and applies to another Lodge for advancement. and charges may be preferred against them and trial had. the Lodge to which he makes appluu(atioo may. the Lodge receiviug such application must first ask and obtain the consent of the Lodge which granted the certificate 2he inquiry and answer thereto must be made and given in the eame manner as in the petitions of profanes for initiation in Lodges other than those of their residences 39i1—502. always. if such Lodge is stull in existence ‘104-(372) CERTIFICATE DISPENSED WIJH WHEN—When there us no record of the fact. or initiating and passing hum. or F C. as provided to this Code (16) 396-(364) WHEN ENTITLED TO CERTIFICATE OF DISMISSAL—An E A. this jurisdiction us retained. and in either event is entitled to it if in good standing 124—125—126—402--4j9 397-1365). except as orherwuse provided. MAJORITY OF MEMBERS PRESENT MAY GRANT CERTIFICATE—A majority vote of the members present only is reqoired to grant this certificate of of dismissal 398-(366) CERTIFICATE OF DISMISSAL IN NATURE OF A DIMIT—A certufleare of dismissal issued to an E A or F C us in the nature of a dimit. upon satisfactory proof thereof. 124—502 400-(365). has ceased to exist. and the holder thereof may apply upon it for advancement ru another Lodge. this shull not be considered a waiver of jurisdiction. receive his petution for advdncemeot ‘163—464 .l30iJl. See citations to Section 367 402-(370) CERTIFICATE OF DISMISSAL WAIVER OF JURISDICTION—WHEN—Therefore a certificate of dismissal to an E A or F C is of itself a waiver of juciediction. on the principle that junadictron once acquired is exclusive until waived. unless the Lodge grants hum a certuficate of dismissal. must take the same course as an application for membership .

303 405-(373). CONSENT NOT RB~QUIRED TO ADVANCE ONE FROM ANOTHER STATE WITH CERTI FICATE—When one has been initiated. EXTENT OF EXAMINATION—The examtnation ol the candidate should be to the extent of demonstxatmg that he understands the ceremonial work of the degree. 408-(476) PROFICIENCY DECIDED BY VIVA VOCE VOTE—The questton of proficiency in the precedtng degree should be determtned by a rnva voce vote before the ballott is ordered. is thereby rendered ineligible for adancement 28. and the Lodge may grant further time to ‘candidate if not deemed proficient 358-359. even though the Lodge should consider them unmasonic. or who in any way beoomes physicMly disqualltfied to perform the work in a higher degree or degrees. arm or hand. C who suffers the loss of a leg. and tt comes to the knowledge of the Lodge before he is passed or ratsed that he has been guilty ol unmasonic conduct. he may apply to the Lodge tn whose juris dictton he resides to be advanced therein In such case he may be elected to and recetve the degrees wtthout the consent of the Lodge whtch granted him the dismissal certificate. except in cases of rejection. 409-(377). 412-(3SO) LODGE CANNOT OVERRULE OBJECTEONS—If the brother should state his reasons. foot. M Degi ee the question of proficienc’~ should not be considered. but an acquittal of such charges does not entitle the applicant to advancement.802 MASONIC MANUAL. he cannot be advanced until the matter is\iivestigated anJ charges preferred if deemed necessary 368 415-(383) CANNOT BE ADVANCED IF HE BECOMES PHYSICALLY DISQUALIFIED—An E A. 407-(375). or tnttiated and passed 4fl another State. IN SUCH CASES CHARGES NEED NOT BE PREFERRED—When the biother states his reasons he cannot be required to prefei charges against the applicant. <hut not necessary to the extent of qualifying him to confer the ~degrees. or F. Fees for—336--37 502. PROFICIENCY NOT CONSIDERED ON BALLOT—In balloting upon the appltcatton for the F C. or M. then chaiges should be prefened by the brother or by a committee. the objectton cannot be overruled 368. un[ess the objectton is withdrawn 544414-(332) CHARGES SHOULD BE PREFERRED FOR ANY UNMASONIC CONDUCT PENDING ADVANCEME NT—When an E A or F C has been clected for advancement. 413-(381) CHARGES SHOULD BE PREFERRED IF REASONS INVOLVE MORAL TtTRPITURE—But if the brother states that the applicant has been guilty of an act involving moral turpitude. and receives his dismissal certificate and removes to this State. EDICTS AND DECISIONS. obligation in the same mannei as a candidate foi tnitiation. as that question should be determined befo’re the ballot is ordered 357 410-(378) APPLICANT FOR ADVANCEMENT MAY BE STOPPED AT ANY TME — An applicant for advancement may be stopped at any time before taking the . and the brother objecting to state the reason thereFor 363-364-365-367-368 411-(379). MUST BE EXAMINED ON PRECEDING DEGREE—An applicant for advancement must be examined as to his proficiency in the preceding degree before a ballot is taken on has appltcatton 146—254. (c) Advancement 406-(374).

SU S PB ~ SI 0 N MANDATORY—This must be done even thoagh ft reduces tbe membership of the Lodge below the constitutional limit 233. actively engaged in their calling. CAN BE DONE ONLY AT ThE TIME SPECIFIED—Any act of the Ledge attempting to suspend a brother at any meeting other than the one preceding the June Festival is illegal and nod 2-233 426-(391). it as not necessary that all members who were piesent when first ballot was taken. The ob~ector is not required to prefer charges. EDICTS AND DEGISfONS. he may apply for and receive a dismtssat certificate He has a right to one unless charges are preferred against him and he ts suspended 01 expelled. one who has been rejected for advancement may renew his petition at any subsetjuent Communication of the Lodge. lie over fci one meeting 374. PENALTY 20R FAILURE TO PAY— The only penalty for failure to pay dues to the Lodge by a member as suspension and a Lodge cannot enact a by-law providing other penalty 68—606 423-(38S). NOTHING FURTHER CAN BE DONE BY LODGE AFTER REJECTION ON BALLOT—If the petition of an applicant for advancement is rejected by ballot. 420 MINISTERS EXEMPT AT DISCREtION OP LODGE—It is withtn the discretiyn of the Subordinate todge as to whether they shall charge Mtnisters of the Gosijel. 396~ (9) Due~. NO EXCEPTION TO REQUIREMENT— The fact that the Lodge did not hold a Communication at the time specified for suspension does not alter the case 234 427-(392) HOW SUSPENSION EFFECTED—The suspension must be effected by the Mastei causing the Secretary to write opposite the name of the member whose dues shall remain unpaid for two years. nor is the Lodge requared to see that it is done. 425-(390).3kM MASONIC MANUAL. as provided in Constitution 422-(387). must be suspended at that tune. 418 VOTE ON RENEWAL—When one. however. unless deemed proper The applicant may renew bis petition at any subsequent Communicatton of the Lodge. and at such reading the Mastei. and may continue to apply as l6ng as he chooses Each application must.meeting preceding the 24th of June. dues 421 MINISTER NOT EXEMPT. who has been rejected renews his petition either for anttiatiofl oi advance ment. and if it as not done by that time it cannot be done until the a-egtila Comxnurncatton preceding the June Festtval of the following year 23—234 424-(3S%.should declare them suspended 428-(393) MERE GENERAL DEQLARATION W4tL NOT SUFFICE—A mere general declaration by the Master that all members in arrears shall stand suspended xviii not suffice 233 . be nottfied before bat[ot can be had on subsequent petition 419-(386) ENTiTLED TO DISMISSAL CERTIFICATE WHEN REJECTED—When ab applicatton foi advancement has been rejected. nothing further can be done by the Lodge in regard to ft. 305 (d) Rejeetton 416-(384). DELENQUENTS MUST BE SUSPENDED —WHEN—All officers and members of a Lodge who are in arrears for two years’ dues at the last xegutaa. WHEN NOT ENGAGED IN CALLING—A mintster not actively engaged in his calling is not exempt from fees and dues. ‘suspen&ed The list of such members should be read to the Lodge. and such appkcation mast lie over until the next regular Communication 321 ~343~344—345-34987337~375 2APPLI417-(385) CANDIDATE MAY RENEW CATION—Unless prohtdited by a by-law.

it is required that the W M cause the Secretary to write “suspended” opposite the name of each member in arrears. but if his Lodge has ceased to exist he may be . P D and a by-law of the Lodge providing that such dues shall not run during such suspension is illegal 441-(405) ‘ N 0 DUES ACCRUE DURING SUSPENSION FOR UNMASONIC OFFENSE—No dues accrue against one who has been suspended or expelled for unmasonue conduct during the period of such suspension or expulsion 443-(407). dues must he paid up to the time of reinstatement. unless his dues have heen remitted hy the Lodge. dues must he paid for the fractional part of the year In other words. fl—A liriithei’ ielii’ has been suspended for nos-payicest or Isis sliiill lie reinstated upon the payment or all lie’n wlseb han acciued during his suspension. HOW MEMBER OF DEFUNCT LODGE MAT BE REINSTATED WHEN SUSPENDED N P D — When a Mason has been suspended for non-payment of dues he can he reinstated only hy the Lodge that suspended hum. old or indigent brother 464 435 DOES NOT EXEMPT FROM GRAND LODGE DUES The remission of does does not exempt the Lodge from paying dnes to the Grand Lodge for the brother.P. unless remitted by the Lodge 463 440-(404) LODGE MAT PROVIDE FOR REINSTATEMENT ON THE PATMENT OF A DEFINITE SUM—A Lodge may by its By-laws provide that one suspended N P. D may be reinstated upon the payment of a specified sum. and such payment reinstates him without any action of the Lodge 463 439-(403) DUES MUST BE PAID TO REINSTATEMENT —If such application is made during the Masonic year. as well as well us those for which he was suspended. 807 429-(394) AFFIRMATIVE ACT OF MASTER REQUIRED —The fact that a memher is in arrears for dues does not of itself suspend him It is the set of the W M . if in existence. on the night of the annual meeting preceding the June Festival prevent himself from being suspended N P D by paying a less sum than one year’s does - 432—(397) LODGE MAT SUSPEND FOR LESS THAN TWO TEARS’ DUES—A Lodge has the authority to provide by its By-laws for the snspension of its members for the nonpayment of dues for a shorter period than two years 433-1395) LODGE CANNOT EXTEND TIME BEYOND TWO TEARS—The Lodge cannot extend the time for the payment of dues of those members who are two years in arrears 434-~99) LODGE MAY REMIT DUES—A Lodge’ has the authority to remit all or any part of the dues of a worthy. and unless this is done there is no suspension and the member goes another year without suspension 431-(396) AT LEAST ONE TEAR’S DUES MUST BE PAID TO PREVENT SUSPENSIONA brother heing in arrears for does for two years cannot. which suspends him.:300 MASONIC MANUAL. and not the fact of being in arrears. 430-1395) REQUIRES NO ACTION BY LODGE— -While it requires no affirmative action by the Lodge to suspend a hrother in arrears for dues. 53 436-~fl0) MAJORITY REQUIRED TO REMIT— Only a majority of the members present at a regular meeting is required to remit does 437-(401) MAY REMIT DUES OF ONE SUSPENDED N P D —The Lodge has the authority to remit the dues of one suspended N P D and thereby reinstate him 464 435-(402) REINSTATEM lINT OF ONE SUSFENDED N. to he named in the By-laws 61 441—(405) DUES RUN DURING SUSPENSION N P Ft—Dues do not cease to run dunug the time one is suspended N. EDICTS AND DECISIONS.

452-(415) A MASON PROM A JURISDICTION NEVER RECOGNIZED ST THIS GRAND LODGE AN ILLEQALLY MADE MASON—Where one is made a Mason in a Grand Joruaductros which us not nor has ever been in teatesnal relations or recognized by this Grand Lodge. EDICTS AND DECISIONS 309 reinstated by the Grand Secretary in the ‘manner provided by law. who are made Masons in another State are illegally made Masons. P. while it subierts the derelict Lodge to discipline. 478—479—480 453-(416) RESIDENTS OF THIS STATE. this. 123—303-387 451-(414) ONE REJECTED ANO AFTERWARDS MADE A MASON WITHOUT CONSENT. 100—101 444-(405) CAN ONLT BE REINSTATED BY LODGE SUSPENDING—He cannot be reinstated by a new Lodge at the same place. and means such terms. hod he is made a Mason without the inquiry and answer required by the Constitution. WHAT IS—Healing is a relative teem. being at the time under suspension for non-payment of dues. and are not entitled to—the nghts and povileges of Masonry until they are healed l~~2A72S~2SO~. 1—2—255. the Lodge deds not owe the Grand Lodge any dues for the pe~lod of his suspension 449-(412) LODGE CANNOT MAKE SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS—A Lodge cannot make a special assessment upon its members nuless authorized by its by-laws (10) Illegally Made Masons 450—(413) ONE MADE A MASON OUT OF HIS JURISDICTION WITHOUT CONSENT NOT AN ILLEOALLT MADE MASON—Where a profane applies for meniboiship to a Lodge other than that of his residence. this us not a payment of dues and does not reinstate him 445-(411) NO GRAND LODGE DUES ACCRUE FROM SUBOROINATE LODGE FOR ONE SUSPENDED N P D —Where a brother is suspended N P D and subseqoently reinstated. he us an illegally made Mason and occapies the same position as a profane. and must be “healed” beforelbeing entitled to the rughts and privileges of Masonry in this Grand Jurisdiction 1—2—255—256. does nor make him an illegally made Mason.‘-‘-I 81)8 MASONIC MANUAL. NOT ILLEGALLY MAOE—Wheue one applies to a Lodge and is rejecteil anil is afterwards made a Mason in another Lodge without obtinusing the consent of the former Lodge. 456—(419) HEALING. 454-(417) RESIDENTS OF OTHER STATES MADE MASONS IN THIS STATE—Residents of other States who are made Masons in this State are illegally made Masons. conditions or penalties as may be imposed by the Grand Lodge or the Grand Master The . though constituted of the same or a part of the same members as the old Lodge ~45-(409) ONE SUSPENDED N. when a Mason dies. MADE MASONS ELSE WHERE’—Residents of this State.ISS 455-(415) FOREGOING PROVISIONS DO NOT APPLY TO LINERS—The foregoing provisions do not apply to those living near the boundary lines of this and adjoining Sktes. he is not thereby rendered an ullegally made Mason 387. 0 CANNOT BE REINSTATED AFTER DEATH — A Mason’s family can have no Masonic privileges except through the Mason himself Therefore. bus family cannot Ifter his death pay up his dues and thereby ‘restore themselves to such Masonic pruvuleges as they would have been entitled to if he had died in good standing 446—(410) SAME—Nor can his dues he remitted by the Lodge after his death 447 SAME If the cheek for the Dues us mailed before the death of the brother but does nor reach the Secretary until after bus death.

may. EDICTS AND DECISIONS 31) Grand Master may impose the terms. made in open Lodge. and the Lodge is bound to grant the dumut or prefer charges 56—672 455-(421) HOW APPLIED FOR—Such dimut should only be granted upon the oral icquest of the brother himself. after he has been voted a dimut 473—1335) SAME—It us the vote of the Lodge granting the dimit that severs the connection of the brother applying. remit all or any part of the dues as it may deem proper 436 465. ipso faclo he ceases to be a member .. etc. 471-1333) ONLT A MAJORITT REQUIRED TO GRANT DIMIT—Only a majority vote of the members present is net essary to issue a dimit If the objecting members wish to prevent the Lodge from issuing the dimit their remedy is to prefer charges 472-(434) VOTE SEVERS MEMBERSHIP When application is made toe Lodge for a Dimit. the individual. howevcu. 464—(427) SAME—The Lodge. and. can dimit and the vacancy may be filled in the manner piovided in the By-laws 237—247 465-(430) WARDEN MAT REFUSE INSTALLATION AND DIMIT—A broehes elected to the office of Senior or Junior Warden may refuse installation. it cannot be granted. DIMIT NOT GRANTED IN LOOGE THEREBT REDUCED BELOW LEGAL NUMBER— Should the granting of a dumut reduce the number of members of the Lodge below the retfuired number. which may be on the Lodge. and when such vote is taken. and the Lodge votes to grant it the applicant’s membeiship with the Lodge us at once severed and he cannot take part in any proceedings of the Lodge.I)) MASONIC MANUAL. or both. and also all dues aecuning during the time of his suspension. uNTIL PUNISHMENT IMPOSED One who has been convicted of a Masonic offense and sentenced to a reprimand is not entitled to a dimut until he has received such punishment 466-(425) ANT NUMBER MAT ASK FOR DIM IT— Any numbes of brethren may join in or sign the same petition fou a dimit 467-(429) ANT OFFICER EXCEPT MASTER AND WARDENS MAT DIMIT—Any officer of a Lodge. except the Master and Wardens. even at that meeting. befouc the application can be acted upon 438—439. or by written application signed by him and presented at a regulau communication 45q—(422) SAME—He us entitled to a dimut even though he may owe the Lodge a debt evidenced by a note 55 450—(423) SAME—If charges are preferred and he is acquitted he then becomes entitled to a dimut 451-(424) LODGE CANNOT REQUIRE HIM TO BE EXAMINSD—The Lodge cannot require a member to be examined in open Lodge before granting him a dimit 462—(425) CANNOT BE GRANTED CONDITIONALLT—Nor can a dimit he granted conditioned upon the payment of dues Such a dimit is illegal and void 463—(426) ONE SUSPENDED N P D MUST FIRST PAT DUES BEFORE DIMIT GRANTED—When a biother has been saspended N P D and desires a dumuthe must first pay to the Lodge all does for which he was suspended. is therefore entitled to a dumut This is true whether he has been serving as such officer or not 243 4fi9K431) SAME AS TO MASTER—The above rule would also apply to the Master No one becomes a legal officer of the Lodge until be has been installed 470-(432). or he may iefer any individual case to the Grand Lodge Ior artion thereon (It) Dumits and Dumitted Masons 457—(420) MASONS IN GOOD STANDING ENTITLED TO DIMIT—A Master Mason in good standing and not in arreais to his Lodge has a right unconditionally to dumit without assigning any reason or excuse therefor. ONE CONVICTED OF MASONIC OFFENSE NOT ENTITLED TO DIMIT.

SAME—The intent and purpose of the forc going two decisions aie That if the dimit is issued by a Subordinate Lodge whose Grand Lodge has been recognized by this Grand Lodge. under its seal. but not to Lodge membership. he is entitled to a certificate from the Lodge shoseung him to be so good standing. provided he possesses the constitutional qualifications. PERSON WITH SUCH A DIMIT AS A PROFANE—Such a person holding such a dimut is. 313 of the Lodge The certificate issued by the Secretary is only evidence of the fact of the granting of the dimit. he may apply to the Lodge which granted it for a duplicate. 91-504—605—610—611—635—j 02—651—657 452—(444) SAME—A Lodge that has tried and pended or expelled a non-affiliated Mason may restore to the rights and privileges of Masonry In ease of restoration the Lodge must furnish the buother restored a certificate in the nature of a dumic sushum such with 451-(445) GRAND SECRETARY TO FURNISH MEMBERS QF DEFUNCT LODGES WITH CERTICATES —When a Lodge forfeits its charter all persons returned . even though the certificate has not been issued 474-(416) NOT TO ISSUE EXCEPT AFTER VOTE— The Secretary has no right to issue a dumit until it has been granted by the Lodge 475-(437) DUPLICATE ISSUED IN CASE OF LOSS —Where one loses bus dumit by fire or otherwise. and that the signature thereto is the signatuse of the brother who was at the time the same was signed Secretary of such Lodge 475-(440) DIM IT FROM A LODGE WITHIN THE JURISDICTION OF A GRAND LODGE NEVER RECOGNIZED NOT TO BE RECEIVED—A Subordinate Lodge in the jurisdiction of this Grand Lodge cannot recognize a dimit from a Subordinate Lodge in the jurisdiction of a Giand Lodge which is not nor has ever been in fraternal relations or been recognized by the Grand Lodge of Alabama 479-(441). unless under the seal of the Lodge If such a Lodge is not required to keep a seal by the Constitution of the Grand Lodge under whose jurisdiction it works. further. which should be given But if it us impracticable to issue the duplicate the Lodge should grant A certificate. is a profane. that a dimit had been granted and had been lost or destroyed Said certificate shall then have the force and effect of a dimit 476-(438) DIMIT NOT EVIDENCE THAT ONE IS A MASON—A dimit is not sufficient evidence that the party holding same is a Master Mason 195 477-(439) SHOULD BE UNOER LODGE SEAL—A dimit granted by a Lodge within a foreign jurisdiction is not evidence that such Lodge is one legally eqostituted. that the Lodge granting it us a legally constituted Lodge. but with whom fraternal relations and correspondence have been severed. and such certificate has the force and effect of a dimut. then such dimut will be recognized as such and’ the brother holding same may affiliate with a Lodge in this jurisdiction. and after the vote us taken if the brother changes his mind and desires to return to membership in she Lodge. but if the Grand Lodge from whose jurisdiction the dimit was issued has never been recognized by this Grand Lodge. and provided. and thei efore is elligible to apply for the degrees in any subordinate Lodge in this jurisdiction. then such dimit will not be recognized. EDICTS AND DECISIONS. but the person holding the same may apply for initiation as a profane 4815443) CERTIFICATE ISSUED TO ONE RE STORED TO RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES OF MASONRY —When anexpelled or suspended Mason is restored to the’ rights and privileges of Masonry.- I 312 MASONIC MANUAL. to all intents and purposes. that the dimit us issued by a Suboudinate Lodge whose Grand Ledge the Grand Lodge of Alabaupa has never recognized 4S0—(4~2). then such dimit should be accompamed by a certificate fiom the Guand Secretary of such Grand Lodge. working in that jurisdiction. he must file his petition for affiliation. under seal and signed by the Secretary.

upon the payment of one dollar 79—90—621 454—(445) SAME—Members who were in good standing at the time of the forfeiture or surrender of its charter by a Lodge. nor shall he be entused for so doing 121—350-351—176 2Should a petition IF REJECTED criected. even though he cannot be avooched for.PRIVILEGES OF VISITATION— EXCEPTION—He does not. or.9I I MASONIC MANUAL EDICTS AND DECISIONS. the Lodge or the Master may refuse hum the privilege of visitation 76—77—688—689 (11) Affiliates and Affiliation. however. he can only become a member by affiliation tIe cannot be initiated and advanced as a profane. make applicalson to some other Lodge. 457-(449). FORM OF. and can receive only such rights and benefits of the Fratermty as may by courtesy be ertended to him 172—45t1—635—190—521--685 456—(445) HAS . however. to visit a Lodge. lose the right. must accompany the application. after being regularly received by the Lodge It u equsres a unanimous ballot for him to be admitted a member of the Lodge A brother casting an adverse ballot cannot be required to give any reason therefor. 315 at the last report before such forfeiture may be provided with a certificate in the nature of a dimit by the Grand Secretary. and his petition maybe repeated asoften as he deems proper — —I . 191—195-196 492-(451) DIM IT NOT AFFECTED BT AGE—T)oe age of a dimit does not effect the eligibility of a brother who petitions for affiliation 4f13-(454) PETITION FOR AFFILIATION—PROCEDURE SAMII AS FOR INITIATION—The application of a brother for affiliation musL talee the same course at a petition for unstiasion It cannot lie withdiawn or otherwIse disposed of except by ballot. the RENEWEDfor affiliation be MAY BE applicant may 494-(455) renew it to the Lodge that rejected him. or sather privilege. after obtaining consene. and is not required to obtain the consent of the Lodge in whose jurisdiction he resides before doing so A dimitted Mason residing in this State may affiliate with a Lodge in another State 264 488 APPLICATION. obtain such certificate from the Grand Secretary upon the payment of one dollar 455-(447) DIMITTED MASON ENTITLED TO ONLT SUCH RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES AS LODGE SEES PROPER—A dimitted Mason having voluntarily withdrawn from membership with the Lodge. unless the by-laws of the Lodge forbid it However. may. ONE MAY AFFILIATE WITH LODGE OF CHOICE WITHOUT CONSENT—A dimitted Mason residing in one luriadietion may apply to and affiliate wsth 1a Lodge in anothei. The from of the petition for application should conform to that given in the “Genci al Forms” laid down in this Manual 21 459—(450) DIMIT MUST ACCOMPANT PETITION —A petition for affiliation must he accompanied by a dimit or some certificate or showing in the nature of a dimit 490-(451) DIMITTED MASON CAN BECOME MEMBER ONLT BY AFFILIATION—If a brother hold a dimit from a Grand Jurisdiction with which this Grand Jurisductroii is in fraternal relations. and is unable to pass the examination 480 491-(452) APPLICANT FOR AFFILIATION MUST BE VOUCHED FOR OR EXAMINED BEFORE PETITION ACTED ON—Upon an application for affiliation a dimit is not sufficient evidence that the applicant is a Masos The petition may be received but it cannot be acted upon ndr the applicant admitted into the Lodge until he is vouched for us examined The dimit. has surrendered all his priv4eges as a MAson.

TRIALS AND APPEALS (1) Masonic Offenses 503-519 (2) Charges. (6) (7) Teaching or practicing the doetnue Making illicit proposals to a lady of polygitmy. but he must pregent his petition for affiliation in regular form. eneept as to the provisions in reference to jurisdiction and consent 398—399—400 CHAPTER VI MASONIC OFFENSES. together with the fee must be ieturned 500-(460) PETITION MUST TAKE REGULAR COURSE. 497-(487) LODGE REJECTING NOT BOUND TO PREFER CHARGKBS—A Lodge us not bound to prefer charges against a brother who petitions for affiliation and is rejected. which must he referred to a committee and acted on as in the ease of any other petition S0I-(481) DEATH AB ATES APPLICATION—A brother dying after applying for affiliation cannot be elected to mcmbei ship after-his death His death abates the application and the affiliation fee. together with the dimit. THOUGH MADE TO LODGE WHICH ISSUED DIMIT—Where a Lodge granted a dumit to a brother and he never affiliates with another Lodge. 502-(452) APPLICATION OF E A OR F C ON DISMISSAL CERTIFICATE—A certificate of dismissal Issued to an E A or F C is in the nature of a dimit. Form of 539—544 (5) Jurisdiction 545. Against Whom Prefeured 529-518 (4) Charges. Judgment and Sentence 600—622 (9) Appeals 623-635 (10) Impeachment of Master~ . or who aban dons her without good cause. he can agitin become a member of the Lodge which duunitted him.310 MASONIC MAtSUAL. 498 CONSENT REQUIRED UNDER ALL CIRCUMSTANCES This is true even though the application is made to the Lodge which issued the dimut. EDICTS AND DECISIONS. Thus is a matter for the discretion of the Lodge 495-(455) THE PETITIONEk HAS NO RIGHT TO DEMAND THEM—Nor has the applicant any right to demand that charges be prefeired against him. What Are oOI-(463) INSTANCES OF MASONIC OFFENSES— The following have been held tube Masonic offenses (1) For a Mason to violate any of bus obligations (2) For any member to wilfully absent himself from a Commumeation of his Lodge after receiving a legal summons to attend the same (3) The use ot abusive or insulting language in wrtuting or speaking about a brother (4) Challenging a brother to fight a duel (5) A Mason who treats his wife cruelly. if such application is made within thier years 287—378-379—380.639.847 (1) Masonic Offenses. and an application for membership and edvancement thereon must take the same course as an application for affiliation on a dimit. 520-528 (3) Charges. must be returned to the proper person.556 (8) Procedure 557-585 (7) Evidence 586-599 (8) Verdict. When and by Whom Prefeucci. 817 495-(458) CONSENT OF REJECTING LO OGE REQUIRED—The consent of the Lodge rejecting the application on a petition for affiliation is required in order for the applicant to appIy to another Lodge. As . uni can the action of the Ledge refusing to elect him to membership be investigated or questioned in any proceeding 499-(459) APPLICANT ENTITLED TO RETURN OF DIMIT WHEN REJECTED—A Lodge cannot retain the dimit of a brothes who applies for affiliation and is rejected The dimit.

even though she be not chase. GRIEVANCE AGAINST MASTER WILL NOT EXCUSE DISOBEDIENCE OF SUMMONS—That the brother has a grievance against the Master or any otheu brother in the Lodge is no excuse for the wilful failure to obey a sonsxnons to attend a Comniunsaction of the Lodge 508-(458) SETTLEMENT 0F DI F FT CULT Y BETWEEN MEMBERS DOES NOT NECESSARILY ABSOLVE FROM LIABILITY TO CHARGES — When one or more members of a Lodge have been guilty of unmasonic conduct in a personal difficulty or vasasnee. for whith he may be tried and convicted after the degrees are conferred 283 (11) General worthlessness mon liar and the reputation of a com- 504-1464) MEMBER OF GRAND LODGE DRUNK DURING SESSION—Any member of the Grand Lodge who. dunug any Grand Commuuiseation. is a violation of Masonic Law. appears in the Giand Lodge building or in public in the city of Montgomery in a state of intoxication. because the Lodge had previously rejected a Friend of his. LOD SECRETARY REFUSING TO DELIVER GE PROPERTY—A Secretary of a Lodge who moves away and refuses to turn over the books and property in his restudy. Charges should he preferred in the event of a supposed unmasonse conduct. also any attempt on his part to do so (9) Disloyalty to his government by a Mason (10) A false statement of a mateusal fact wilfully made by an applicant in his petition for the degrees. shall be reprimanded in open Grand Lodge by the Grand Master. (13) For a Mason to be guilty of drunkenness and profanity (14) For a Mason to cruelly and shamefully his child chastise (15) For a member to refuse orwilfully neglect to pay back money borrowed from the Lodge (18) For a brother to speak evil of a brother Master Mason or bus family (17) For the Secretary to fail to pay over all the money to the Treasurer. the settlement of such differences between the parties does not necessarily relieve the offending party or parties from liability to charges and. or for any reason which does not affect the character and qualifications of the candidate 307—143-347—41 I—414 . is guilty of unmasonic conduct and should he tried and iiunished 506-(466) MARRIAGE OF WOMAN DOES NOT ALTER OBLIGATION AS TO HER—Marnage of a woman does not alter the obligations of a Master Mason relative to the daughter of a Master Mason. regardless of indictment (12) To secretly dispose of one’s property and leave the country without settling his debts or saying anything to his creditors. 507-(487). EDICTS AND DECISIONS 319 (8) Foe a Mastei Mason to knowingly have illicit intercOurse with another Master Mason’s daughter. and his Lodge shall arraign him fus trial after notice of the same by the Grand Secretary. and an inductmont thereof is not of itself sufficuent reason why charges should be preferred. trial 509-(469) VIOLATION OF CRIMINAL LAW NOT NECESSARILY A MASONIC OFFENSE—A violation of the criminal law of the State may or may not he a Masonic offense. or to he behind in his accounts and not promptly males good the deficit (18) For a Master Mason to tell a newly made MannA that he had thrown away his money in being made a Mason (19) Foi a biother to threaten that a Lodge shall not grow aiiy more (20) Fou a Master Mason to declare that he did or will blackball a candidate for the degree of Masoniy.118 MASONIC MANUAL. according to the facts and circumstances.

485 524 (481) NOR ONE SUSPENDED FOR 1’~ONPAYMENT OF DUES—A Mason who has been suspended for non-payment of dues cannot prefer charges 485 525 (482) COMMITTEE MAY BE APPOINTED TO DO SO—Charges may be preferred by a committee of the Lodge appointed for that purpose 174—179 526. 62 513-(473). EDICTS AND DECISIONS. a Masonic offense. KILLING A PROFANE NOT NECESSARILY A MASONIC OFFENSE—The killing of a profane by a Mason is not necessarily a Masonic offense The facts and circumstanccs shoold be tnvestigated and the Lodge exercise its soond discretion 511-(471) RETAILING LIQUORS NOT—It is not unmasonic for a Mason to engage in the business o~ retailing spirituous. is a Masonic off~n~e M5 SAME—MUST mere refusal to pa~y a debt may be an honest contention contention. but a Lodge may by its by-laws prohibtt its members from doing so 61 514-(474) NON-PAYMENT OF ONE’S DEBTS— It is not unmasonic to plead the statue of limitations in any case in whtch it is allowed to be pleaded by the laws of the State. and if . however. Whcn and by Whom Preferred. 517 SWINDLI NO—IS—To swindle one’s creditors whether they are Masons or no~ is a Masonic offense. but t[~e duty of any M. though a Subordinate Lodge may by its by-laws prohibit members from doing so 61—62-63 5J2-(472) WHEN BY-LAW ENACTED.iich facts justify it.d2() MASONIC MANUAL. when he has the ability to do so. vrnous oAmalt liquors. should pretext BR IN GOOD FAILH—The is not a Masornc offense There as to its justice or validtty The be in goodlaith. BROTHER ENGAGED THEREIN SHOULD HAVE OPPORTUNITY TO DIMIT—When such a by-law is enacted it is proper for a brother engaged tn the business at the time to be given an opportunity to dimit If he does not dimit. 321 510-(470). and does not abandon s~ch business within a reasonable time. 520-(477) MEMI3ER OR BROTHER IN GOOr~ STANDING MAY—When a complaint is made to a Lodge against a brother by any Mason in good standtng tt Is the duty of the Lodge to whtch the brother complained of be1ong~. . BUT OUGHT NOT—Whtle the W M may. but the refusal of a Mason to pay his just debts. he ought not prefer charges If he has knowledge of a Masonic offense committcd by brother he should appoint a committee to prefer the charges 516 ‘rAK[NG BANKRUPT LAW. to investigate t~e facts. and cannot be made so by the by-laws of the Lodge 61 (2) C1iar~cs. he must procure it to be done by one who is a Master Mason 523-(280) NON-AFF[LIATED MASONS MAY NOT— Non-affiliated Masons ave not competet~t to prefer charges. BUT DUTY—It is no~ only a nght. M to prefer charges against a brother whom he knows to be guilty of unmasonic conduct 522-(479) ONLY MASTER MASONS CAN—Master Masons only can prefei charges. CARD-PLAYENG NOT—It is not unmasome to play cards. or tinder whose jurisdiction he is.(483) W M MAY. and not ~ mere 518-(475) TO PLEAD USURY NOT—It is ~ot unmasonic to plead usury to a debt 519-(476) NON-PAYMENT OF DUES NOT—The non-payment of dues is not and cannot of itself be unma~ornc conduct. charges should be preferred agatnst him and trial had as for other Masonic offenses. to have charges preferred against him ~21-(478) NOT ONLY RIGHT. if one x~ho is not a Master Mason desired to have charges preferred. ~NOT—Taking the benefit of the bankrupt law is not of itself.

and to try him for such subsequent offense. the Grand Mister or Grand Lodge may arrest its charter d33-(49q) MASON SUSPENDED N P U SUBJECT TO CHARGES—A Mason iuepesded N P U is subject to cisarges and trial of onmasonic conduci 555 5. and an appeal taken to the Graiid Lodge. niid a verdict resdcred and punishment assessed as in the trial of a Master Mason 147—156 (4) The Charges. still by she Lodge under the rules prescribed in such cases 537-f494) E A ‘s AND F C ‘s SUBJECT TO MASONIC LAW—E A ‘a aiid F C ‘a arc ainenuble to Masonic axe. or ask for a committee of investigalion 528-(4S5) LODGE HAS NO RIGHT TO REFUSE TO ENTERTAIN CHARGES—A Lodge has no right to sefuse to entertain charges against one of its members prefereed by a member of another Lodge 527-(4541 J 31 Charges. except official misconduct 639 530. AND SHOULD—The J W to whom is committed the superintendeece of the Craft during iefreshment. who may be guilty of unmainnic conduct. Form 539-(496l MUST BE IN WRITING AND SIGNED— The only way in which a Masonic trial can he had is for the charges to be preferred The charges and specifications must be in writing. Against Whom Prefei red 32P-(4861 LODGE CANNOT TRY ITS MASTER—A Lodge cannot try its Master for any alleged offense.34-(4h11) ALSO ONE SUSPENDED FOR UNMA SONIC CONDUCT—A Lodge may try and suspend or espe’ a Masoo svho is under senteisce of suspension. or if his residence is unlmnown. commits another offense against Masonic law. bet after his term of office has expired he may be tried by the Lodge as any other member for any unmasonic condurt durtug ‘eis term of office. and its principles and uaages are applied 10 Them as they are so Master Masons Against such charges must be preferred is the manner prcscribed by the Conslitution 4 1 538-(495) fi 1(0 CII 0 U It ii ‘l’J IIREUNDIIR When charges are preferred. but il may become his accusei and furnish to the tiiiiiid Lodge evidence to sustain she charges 640 131-(455) MAY APPOINT COMMITTEE TO INVESTIGATE—The Lodge may appniist a comoiittec to investigate runiois against its Masses 64t 332-(4S~) DUTY OP LODGE TO PREFER CHARGES AGAINST W M —EFFECT OF FAILURE—Where a Lodge refuses to prefer chsrgea against its Master. 323 5 XV MAY. should prefer charges for offenses committed during that time. and over the signature of a Master Mason. the trial should be had iii that Lodge of ‘vhich the accused is a member Afler the evidence is closed and argument had. it is the right and dsty of the Lodge to have charges preferred against him. a Master Mason’s Lodge is opened. MASONIC MANUAL EDICTS AND DECISIONS.(~S7) MAY BE HIS ACCUSER—The Lodge cannot try its Master. or by a committee of the Lodge - . convicted and sentenced. the person so tried..Os 8. but such trial most be for an offense other than that for which he stands suspended 583 335-(492) SUBJECT TO CHARGES FOR NEW OFFENSE PENDING APPEAL—If after one has been tried. notwithstanding the pendency of the appeal in the fiest case 536-(493) UNAFFILIATED MASON SUBJECT TO I ‘ItARGES—A 5 unaffilsated Mason is subject to charges and iliny be tried by asy Lodge wiehin the jurisdiction of which he may reside when the offense was commieted.

except the Mastei. if he is nof prepared to meet the amended charges 544-(501) OFFENSE CO M Ml T TED BEFORE INITIATION—To authorize the trial of a brother for an offense committed before he was made a Mason. of which the Lodge had no notice at the time the degrees were conferred. the accused may continue the tiial. be tried at the same meeting. need not be definte as to time and place. except as herein noted. means not only from the fraternity. SEPARATE TRIALS SHOULD BE I-lAD—When two or more brethren commit a Masonic offense at the same time and place. and that is true whether the Lodge of his membeiship is in the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Alabama or any othei Grand Lodge 54t1-(5t16) LODGE OF MEMBERSHIP SHOULD BE NOTIFIED—Is such event the Lodge to which the offending brother belongs should be notified of the action taken by the Lodge. but from the Lodge of which he is a member 55t-(505) BEING MEMBER OF GRAND LODGE DOES NOT AFFECT IT—The fact that the offending brother is a member of the Grand Lodge makes no difference as to the right and duty of the Lodge. the accused beiiig present. or the Grand Master in vacation. subject of coarse to the right of appeal Whatever the sentenre may be. and which could not have been ascertained by reasonable diligence and inquiry 413 (5) Jurisdiction 345-(502) EACH LODGE HAS JURISDICTION OVER ITS OWN MEMBERS—Every Subordinate Lodge has the right to try its own members. however. who is not a member of said Lodge or of any Lodge within this State 345-(505) WHO IS A SOJOURNER OR RESIDENT BROTHER—A sojourner or iesident brother is one who is residing or living within the jurisdiction of the Lodge other than that of his membership. as in the ease of a single offense 543-(500) MAY BE AMENDED—The charges and specifications may be aniended at any time before the voting Is done. however.32-I MASONIC MANUAL EDICTS AND DECISIONS 325 540-(497) THOUGH OFFENSE JOINT. to order a change of venue in a Masonic trial 55—647 546—(503) LODGE IN WHOSE JURISDICTION OFFENSE WAS COMMITTED SITOULD TRY—It is the duty of the tis ti ~e thc whose jiirlsilirt ion a Masonic offense was 1 Lodge iii olteniler. EXCEPTION— The charges and specifications should be definite Some offenses. and evidence by both piirtics is mule easily obtained 105—t07--t09—tt3 547-(504) SAME AS TO SOJOURNING OR RESIDENT BROTHER—A Lodge has jurisdiction to try and punish for unmasonie conduct committed in its jurisdiction a sojourning or resident brother. . and there is no authority conferred by the Coisatitution and Laws in this jurisdiction which would authorize the Grand Lodge while in session. and if so charged. but when amended. it must be an offense involving moral tsirpitade. whether suspension or expulsion. but notice of each case should be stated in the call 564 541-(495) WHEN PREFERRED BY A BROTHER COMMITTEE NOT REQUIRED—Charges and specifics tions of unmasonic conduct against a brother submitted by a member of the Lodge over his signature do not require the appointment of a committee to investigate and prefer charges 542-(499) SHOULD BE DEFINITE. are so otter repeated that they become Isabettiat. 550-(307) ACTION OF TRIAL LODGE CONCLU- SIVE—The action of the trial Lodge is conclusive on the Lodge of which the defendant is a membei. as it Ia icasostilile to suppose committee that the members of that Lodge are better aciliiiuietrel with the facts in the case. charges should be preferred against each separately All may.

to ascertain his whereabouts or address. proceed with the trial as if the accused were present 562—(519) PROCEEDINGS. und a Failure to give such notice renders the whole proceedings esid 560-QI t7) COPY MAY BE WAIVED BY ACCUSED— Service of copy of charges may be waived by the accused. the Lodge in whose jurisdiction he lives at the time the offense was committed has jurisdiction. such action ia legal and pioper. or cause the same to be delvered. notwithstanding the fact that the Lodge to which he formerly belonged granted him a dimit subsequently to the commission of the offense 553—(5t0).c offense is determined by the place of commission. WHEN ACCUSED IN PRISON—When the accused is in the penitetniary or prison. the trial may proceed 564-(521) TRIAL IN LODGE CALLED FOR THAT PURPOSE—The examination of the charges shall be in a Lodge especially ealled and notified for that purpose t53—540 565—(522) MAY BE HAD ON SAME DAY AS REGULAR COMMUNICATION—A special Communication for . after a reasonable time. at least ten days before the time of trial SdS-(515) SEAL NOT BE ATTACHED—Is is not necessary that the seal of the Lodge be affixed to the copy ef the charges 51m9—(516) FAILURE TO DELIVER COPY RENDERS PROCEEDING VOID—When the address of the accused is known. WITHOUT NOTICE—It is not necessary that each member of she Lodge answer affirmatively that the whereabouts or address of the accused is unknowii to him. who moves into another jurisdiction sad affilistee with a Lodge these. the iliarges must be in writing and the membership summoised Imir the trial. or of some other Lodge. and if he has none. and he should have the right to submit his own testimony. after diligent inquiry. and if suspended or expelled make such order on its rolls 1d6—(513).3211 MASONIC MANUAL. no one gives she syhereabouts or address of the accused. and tries and suspends or expels him. although the Lodge to which he then belonged had no notice thereof It is proper however. if he so desires o634520) WHEN TRIAL MAY PROCEED. oSl-(51S) PROCEEDING. and applies whether the brother is a member ol the Lodge trying him. bus if. and after the grunting of the dimit the first Lodge prefers charges against the brother for an offense committed before the granting of the dirnit. he is entitled to the notice provided for. he should have the notice and be permitted to have coansel. in such ease for the Lodge to give the Lodge to which the brother belonged notice of such charges 555—(512) SAME—In any event it is the duty of the Lodge to which the brother belongs to abide the action of the Lodge trying him. EDICTS AND DECISIONs. attest the same and deliver theme to the accused. 327 552-(509) SAME AS TO NON-AFFILIATED MASON —It is the right and duty of the Lodge in whose jurisdii=tion a non-aiBliused Mason resides to try him for an offense committed within its jurisdiction. WHEN ADDRESS OF ACCUSED UNKNOWN—When the address of the accused is aiilenown. SAME—When a Lodge has granted a dimit and a brother moves into another jurisdiction. which waiver must be in ss’riting or in open Lodge In any event. and after due diligence by the Lodge. the W M should appoint counsel to represent hrm. and there commits an offense. and not the Lodge granting the diinit 554—(511) LODGE GRANTING DIMlY MAY TRY FOR AN OFFENSE COMMITTED PRIOR THERETO— When a Lodge grants a dimst to a brother. through its Secretary or committee. the Secretary shall make out a true copy of the charges and specifications. and not of membership. SAME—The gist of the best authorities is that the jurisdiction of a Mason. the Lodge may. or is non-affiliated or suspended (6) Piecedure 557—Q114) COPY OF CHARGES DELIVERED TO ACCUSED—When charges are preferred.

WHAT CONSTITUTES MEMBERSHIP’A Lodge is made up of its members in good standing and in this are included all the members who have not been suspended or espelled. or who have not dsmitted or died Therefore.328 MASONIC MANUAL. nor can the Grand Master issue a dispensation permitting same 25 569—(526) NONE BUT MEMBERS ADMITTED— In ail trials none except members of the Lodge trying the case shall be admitted. SHOULD NOT PRESIDE. he cannot act as such officer during the trial n77-(512) CHARGES CANNOT BE WITHDRAWN EXCEPT BY UNANIMOUS CONSENT—Charges having been submitted to the Lodge. without reference to any action or proceeding past or pending which may be had iii the courts of the country 571-(530) MASTER MAY PRESEDE. the trial may he had on a copy of the charges A true copy is to all intents and purposri. TRIAL NOT POSTPONED TO AWAIT ACTION IN CIVIL COURT—Subordinate Lodges are not required to defer action against a member because a prosecution may be pending against him in the civil courts Whenever charges are preferred against a brother the Lodge must proceed to hear the case nuder the rules prescribed. 572-(52P). 329 the purpose of trying a brother may be held on the same day as the cegular Communstatinfl 153 5f15—(521) MAJORITY OF WHOLE MEMBERSHIP MUST BE PRESENT — It is not neessary that each and every member be present at a meeting called for a trail. such brethren must retire from the Lodge before the vote is takeii This role applies. in neder to try a member. presided. EDICTS AND DECISIONS. ij 575 OFFICER AGAINST WHOM CHARGES ARE PREFERRED CAN NOT ACT If charges are preferred against any officer of a Lodge. even though the defendant be a sojourner and the visiting brethren meni. either for the prosecution or defense 575 NOR Il~ RELATEO He should not preside if related to either the prosecutor or defendant by esusanguinety or affinity within the fourth degree. a- . he may be tried as if present~ but some brother should be sppointed to defend him. and lie must retire when the vote is taken 574-(5Il). cannot be withdrawn except by unanimous consent 578 SAME—Where there are more thea one specification. that visitors must be admitted as counsel or witnesses An objection on that ground on the part of a member of the Lodge to an unafEhated Mason appearing in the Lodge as counsel for the present5tiOO or defense should not be entertained 570—(527) SAME—Whea other than members of the Lodge are admitted for the purpose hereinbel ore stated. 5f17—(524). THOUGh HE PREFERRED CHARGES—The Master of a Lodge may preside at a trial though he preferred charges But if he actually engages in or conducts the prosecution. he cannot preside. IF COUNSEL— He cannot preside and act as counsel. the brother may plead guilty to one and the others may be withdrawn but only by unanimous consent If ssch consent is not given. regardless of where the members live or whether sick or well 565-(625) MAJORITY CANNOT BE WAITED— Neither can the accused nor the Lpdge waive the Constitutional requirement of the presence of a majority of the whole membership of the Lodge. the presence of a majority of the whole membership of the Lodge is required. but a majority of all the members of the Lodge must be present.bers of his own Lodge 5714128) TRIAL MAY PROCEED IF ACCUSED WILFULLY TAILS TO APPEAR—When the notice required has been given and the accused wilfully fails to appear. as good as the original. the trial must proceed under the specifications to which no plea of gulP y was entered 564 579-(SII) TRIAL MAY BE HAD ON COPY WHEN ORIGINAL LOST—Where the original charges have been lost or mislaid.

and of the day set for them to take the testimony must be served on the accused at least ten days before the day set The committee must meet at the appointed time. written interrogatories may be propounded to such witnesses and filed with the W M to which the Opposite party may file cross-interrogaturiex The interrogatosses both direct and cross.. dSd—(639) TRIAL OF ONE SUSPENDED N P D — When a brothei against whom charges have been preferred has been iuspcnded N P D . at the time of filing crossisterrogatoises demand notice of the time asd place of taliing depositions 5S9-(s~3) ACCUSED MAY TESTIFY. and report same back to a Lodge called for trial The Lodge so met must have the testimony read aisd determine the cause as in other cases 554-(fi38) NOTICE BY COMMITTEE NEED NOT BE SIGNED BY SECRETARY—It is not necessary that the notice given by the committee of the time and plece of taking testimony be signed by the Secretary or attested by the seal of the Lodge. I-lOW TAKEN. IN THE DISCRETION OF THE MASTER—The granting of a postponement of a trial is ivithin the sound discretion of the master. but the trial must be conducted in the same mans ci as of one suspended or expelled for unmasonie EDICTS AND DECISIONS. same is to be taken and the right to cross-examine the witness 557-(541) TESTIMONY OF SUSPENDED MASON The testimony of a suspended Mason should he taken in the Came manner as that of a profane ~58S-(54g) TESTIMONY OF NON-RESIDENT MASONS~When testimony of Maidna living in a foreign Jurisdiction is desired. and after being granted should not be questioned or discussed 551-(535) BURDEN OF PEDOF ON LODGE—The burden of proof is on the Lodge The guilt of the accused is not to be presumed but it msst be established by competent and satisfactory evidence. and should be examined as any other profane u9t—(545). svliile so suspended. reduce their testimony to writing. should then be sent to the Secretary of the Lodge in whose junidiction the witnesses reside The depositions of the ivitnesses should be taken in open Lodge. such testimony is to be taken iii writing before some person authorized to administer oaths. P D has no right to appear even as a witness His deposition must be taken 533 (7) Evidence 556-(54o) TESTIMONY OF PROFA~E5 ADMIS SIBLE. the accused having notice of the time and place. however. and returned by the Secretary under the seal of the Lodge The time in which crcss~inferrogatorues may he filed should be prescribed by the W M . examine the witneisri presented by both the prosecution and defense. 580-(534) POSTPONEMENT. even thosgh her husband be the prosecutor or injured party .37) PROCEDURE ON TRIAL OF ONE ALREADY SUSPENDED—Upon the presentation of charges against one who has been suspeisded us expelled.. and she prosecution has the right to close the argument 553-(5.. and notice thereof given The Opposing party may. permissible before. the Lodge should appoint a committee to talie the testimony A copy of the charges..The has a right to testify in his owis behalf accused o90—(544) WHEN WIFE A COMPETENT WITNESS —When a brother is accused of abusing se whipping his wife. SAME—The wife is a competent witness for or against a defendant. he has not the right to appear so open Lodge. notice of the appointment of the committee. 331 conduct One suspended N. PROCEDURE — There should be no argument or discussion of a case either by counsel or the brethren after the prosecutor and defendant have retired that the Lodge may take a vote They are. before a conviction can be had 58>(536) ARGUMENT.MASONIC MANUAL..The testimony of persons not Masons may lie used in a Masonic trial. on a trial therefor his wife is a competent seitness.

without a trial and judgment so the Lodge The record of such conviction ma admissible only for the purpose of showing that fact alone. simply for the purpose of showing that such judgment or decree had been rendered 595—(552) SAME—The convirtiOn of a Mason by a court of the country is not of itself sufficient to authorice his expulsiOn by the Lodge. and the roll should be called slim oughout in this way and not alphabetically 604-(I5S) ROLL CALLED THOUGH ACCUSED PLEADS GUILTY—Even when the accused pleads guilty the roll should be called on the assessment of punsibment 605-(559) PUNISHME-NY ASSESSED ONLY AFTER LEGAL TRIAL—A sentence of punishment for unmasonse conduct cannot be passed except upon charges preferred and a plea of guilty. as to the punishment The Master should vote 605-(557) VOTE BEGINS WITH YOUNGEST MASON—Vise vote on the trial of a brother to be taken. as to the guilt of the defendant. ~1 . 1st. 2d. Masonic trial same parties are concerned.” means the youngest Mason and not the youngest man. except where there is such near relation by blood or marriage to the accused as would likely bias his verdict In such event he should not set on the trial of the case. except by consent 595-(549) WHEN WRITTEN TESTIMONY IN CIVIL TRIAL MAY BE USED—The written testimony used mu a court of law or equity maybe used in evidence ma Masonic trial by the consent of the parties. “Beginning with the youngest. or a conviction had is the manner prescribed in the Constitution 598—599 SOfi-(560).(547) VOLUNTARY CONFESSION ADMISSIBLE—A voluntary confession made before trial may be introduced as evidence agamoss the accused on trial for a Masonic offense 594—(5451 TESTISIONY ON FORMER TRIAL INADt MISSIBLEThC testimony on a formereven though theis no admissible in another and different trial. except in some cases 593. 333 determsne his guilt as a Mason the Lodge is the sole tribunal and it can only be ascertained by a legal Musonie trial 572 - (5) Verdict. 592—(546) WHEN NOT—fL wife is not a competent witness for or against her husband except in cases of mistreatment of her by him. and not any facts on which it is based 559 599-(551) SAME—The findings of a jury and the sentence 01 a court are not conclusive upon a Lodge as to the guill or innocence of a party charged with a Masonic offense To EDICTS AND DECISIONS.MASONIC MtNUAL. and should retire from the Lodge when the vote is being taken 601-(555) WHEN EXCUSED—When a brother is unable to hear the evidence on account of deafness lie may be excused from voting 602-(556) HOW VOTE TAKEN—The vote of the Lodge should be taken by a call of the roll. Judgosent antI Sentence 600-(554) EVERY MEMBER MUST VOTE—Every member of the Lodge present not only has the right but is required to vote. except by the consent of the Lodge and the del endant 597—(551) SAME—The judgmeot of a court of law or a decree in chancery maybe introduced in a Masoisme trial. or if the witness is dead having been cross~exammned 596—(5501 SAME—The written testimony of witnesses before the grand jury ma not admissible in a Masonic triat. nos is a divorced wife a competent witness as to matters and things which transpired during coverture. PENALTY CANNOT BE FIXED IN BY-LAWS—A Lodge has no right to pass any by-law which fixes the penalty for any offense The punishment must mu every case be assessed by the Lodge on a call of the roll in the mannei prescribed 61 65.

and emthem acquitted convisted. but has iso right to forgive him after he has been tried and found guilty 577 611-(565) PUNISHMENT MUST BE ASSESSED— When a Lodge tries a hi other and finds him guilty some punishment must be assessed against him 612-(566) DUTY OF A MASTER WHEN LODGE FAILS TO ASSESS PUNISHMENT—Should the Lodge fail to assess punishment it ma the duty of the It] astem to take a vote over as in the first instance until the punishment is assessed. by a niamority vote. ment of punishment. or if it was shown that the brother was convicted oms evidence subsequently shown so have been false A majority of the whole Lodge must be present when such motion for a newtrial is considered aud a majomity of those present must vote for a resolution granting a new trial 620-(d74) ONE TRIAL BAR TO ANOTHER FOR SAME OFFENSE—fsfter a brother has once been regularly tried for an offense he cannot be tried again for Ihe sanse offense. unknown to the Lodge at the time of the jest trial. and it maythe majority may be reconsidered.572) WHEN MASTER MAY PUT VOTE AGAIN—h 5 the event no motion is made to ccc ondiser the Master may. in which ease it is the duty of the Master to talme ams appeal to the Grand Lodge 625 613-(567) LODGE SO FAILING IS. a majority of the whole Luilge ma present 610-(Sfi’l) LODGE CAN FORGIVE BEFORE CONVICTION. no brother has left the hall 619-(513l WHEN NEW TRIAL MAY BE HAD—A Lodge may. either as to guilt or misnocence. notwithstanding any by-laws of the Lodge 61 608-1562) MAJORITY VOTE TO CONVICT—TWOTHiRDS TO EXPEL OR SUSPEND—It only requires a majority vote of the members of the Lodge gresent to convict a brother on trial. BUT NOT AFTER—A Lodge can forgive a brother before convictioms. SAME—Only a majority vote of the members present is required so convict and affix the punishment of a reprimand A two-thuds vote is necessary for expulsion or suspeission. Presided. a member voting in PCOm’mded. change his vote before the result has been declared 617-(571) WHEN VOTE MAY BE CHANGED AFTER RESULT DECLAREDEven after the result has been declared. however. DERELICT— A Lodge so failing to assess aoy punishment against a brothee after eons’ction is grossly derelict so its duty 6l~ -(568) IN SUCH CASE DEFENDANT STANDS AS ONE UNDER CHARGES—One who has been tried and EDICTS AND DECISIONS 885 convicted. or unless it is made tn appear to the Lodge having turmedmetmon of the cause that new and important testimony. occupies the positmoms of a Mason under charges until the time within which an appeal may b 5 taken has elapsed 626 6l5-(569) MEMBER CANNOT CHANGE VOTE AFTER LODGE CLOSED—After the Lodge has closed at which the member has been tried. has been discovered . but upon whom no punishment has been assessed. provided the constitutional number are present The two-thirds vote is required only in the assessment ofcertain punishments 566~-567—56S. again put the question without a motion. based sipon nesv evidence. the members cannot change their vote 616-(370) VOTE MAY BE CHANGED BEFORE RESULT DECLARED~A brother may. in either tase. prorided. upon being informed that the brethren did not understand the question. unless by’. or until it is appasent that the Lodge cannot agree on the form of punishment.order of the Grand Lodge. 609-(563). no brother has left the hall make a motion 6l7-~. or on the assessto reconsider. order a new trial.MASONIC MANUAL 607-1561) NO PUNISHMENT EXCEPT AS VOTED DY LODGE—No punishment can be imposed except that voted by the Lodge.

and the judgment thereunder void. 627-(551) TL~ANSCRfPTS—On all appeals the “transcripts” should he made out with care. his membership in the particular Lodge is not disturbed. and directed so the Grand Secretary 628 (582) REQUIREMENTS MUST BE SHOWN TO HAVE BEEN COMPLIED WITH—On all appeals it must lse miflirmatively shown by the transcript that every requiremimeist of the Grand Lodge has been eomplsed with NI 629. be presented so the Grand Lodge only on appeal 622-(576). leges of Masonry. and appeal to the Grand Lodge 566 626-(5SO) LIMITATION OF APPEALS—Appeals from the decision of a Subordinate Lodge mnst lie taken within sixty days from the date of trial. hut upon the (9) Appeals 623-(577) WHO MAY APPEAL—Under the Conatitutmon any brother feeling aggrieved by the deession of the Lodge. the Grand Lodge will order a new trial This can. and restoring him to the rights and privi. each paper copied in a neat and legible hand.MASONIC MANUAL 621-(575) GRAND LODGE MAY ORDER NEW TRIAL—When the charges are sustained by the evidence. and to become a member of the Lodge he must make application like any other unaflilmated Mason 649-656 653-(556) WHEN PROCEEDINGS HELD VOID. cannot fate an appeal from the decmsmon of a Subordinate Lodge unless he be a party defendant 625-(579) MASTER MAY REFUSE TO ASSESS INADEQUATE PENALTY AND APPEAL—The Master may refuse to assess a penalty which he considers inadequate. however. and a verdict of acquital has been rendered. FAILURE TO MARE TRANSCRIPT DOES NOT I l~Y ‘IT-IE APPEAL—The failure of the Secretam y of . or a Mason suspended for any cause. on application. may take an appeal to the Grand Lodge This appeal is a matter of might and need not to be granted by the Lodge 624-1578) APPLICANT MUST BE IN GOOD STANDING. thereby rendering the whole proceedings illegal. and the style of the case marked on the papers. order same sent up without delay 650-(553) DECISIONS ON TRIALS CAN ONLY COME TO GRAND LODGE BY APPEAL—Questions affeeting the suspension or expulsion of a member by a Sub ordinate Lodge can only come to the Grand Lodge by appeal. WHEN PENALTY DISPROPORTIONATE —When the penalty assessed by a Lodge is decided by the Grand Lodge to be disproportinately great. upon the trial of a brother. and therefore the standing of the brother is not affected In tlse other case the trial ss’as in regular form. and cannot be originally instituted there S 651-(554) APPEAL DOES NOT SUPERSEDE SENTENCE—An appeal to the Grand Lodge does not vacate nor supersede the sentence of the Subordinate Lodge pending such appeal 632-(555) REVERSAL OF SUBORDINATE LODGE BY GRAND LODGE DOES NOT RESTORE ACCUSED TO LODGE MEMBERSHfP~The action of the Grand Lodge in reversing a sentence of a Subordinate Lodge suspending or expelling a brother. and should. a new trial will he ordered EDICTS AND DECISIONS 337 the Subordinate Lodge to make up and forward the transcript as required does not~uullify the appeal The Grand Lodge may. and restoration is not necessary 634-(557) WHE N RESTORATION NECESSARY— In the one case the proceedings in the Subordinate Lodge are quashed by reason of the failure of the Lodge to follow some necessasy requirement of the Grand Lodge. STATUS OF MEMBER NOT AFFECTED~When on appeal to the Grand Lodge the proceedings of a Subordinate Lodge suspending or expelling a brother are held null and void. UNLESS DEFENDANT—A non~affiliated. and the whole fastened together in their proper order. does not restore him to membership in the Subordinate Lodge His status is that of an unaffilmated Mason.

. and must furnish to the Grand Lodge evidence relative to the charge 550 641-(5941 LODGE MAY APPOINT COMMITTEE OF INVESTIGATION—The Lodge may appoint a committee to investigate rumors derogatory to the ebsiacter of the Master SSl. 642-(595) PETITION FOR IMPEACHMENT MUST BE CERTIFIED TO BY SECRETARY—No petition for she impeachment of sic Master of a Lodge shall be acted on unless accompanied by the certificate of the Secretary. certifying that the petitioners whose names ace signed to the application for impeachment signed the same in his presence. the appeal has been pci fected. it may be his accuser. EDICTS AND DECISIONS 839 merits of the case the decision of the Subordinate Lodge is reversed Such decision by the Grand Lodge only r. AND NOT HIS MASONIC STATUS—When charges are preferred against a Master he is only suspended from his office. and on appeal he has been suspended or expelled by the Grand Lodge lie cannot be restored by the Suhoedmisate Lodge.estores the brother to the rights and privileges of Masonry. but he may be misipeached in the manner provided mu Section 25. notify his Lodge thereof It shall then he tI’e duty ol the Lodge to proceed against the Master in the manner provided by law. under the seal of the Lodge. and the order of abatement osade mis the Grand Lodge ([0~ Inspeaclsment of the Master 640-(5931 MAY BE HIS ACCUSER—While the Lodge cannot try its Master. and can apply for and he elected to membership in another Lodge upon presentation of the certificate of the Grand Secretamy as to the action 01 the Grand Lodge 662 637-(590) APPEAL DOES NOT PREVENT RESTORATION—TIse pendency of an appeal does not prevent the brother suspended or expelled fmom petitioning the Sub ordinate Lodge Inc reinstatment If reinstated the appeal slsould be withdrawn 663 638-(591) DEATH OF DEFENDANT ABATES APPEAL—The death of the defendant pending an appeal abates the proceeding II. BY SUBORDINATE LODGE—When a brother has been acquitted by a Subordinate Lodge.33X MASONIC MANUAL. but only by the Grand Lodge 656-(559) APPEAL FROM DEFINITE SUSPENSION—REVERSAL—A brothem who has been tried and suspemsded for a definite period. WHEN GRAND LODGE REVERSES JUDGMENT OF ACQUITTAL. whose Master they seek to impeach 645-(596l DUTY OF GRAND MASTER ON COMPLAINT AGAINST A MASTER MADE BY ANY MEMBER OF’ THE LODGE—Any nsember of a Lodge who may know of any unmasonme coeduct on tIme part of the Master of a Subordinate Lodge may meport same to the Grand Mnster. and puts him in the position of an unafilliated Mason 635-(555l STATUS OF MEMBER. 529 . however. and upon ifs failure to do so the Grand Master may arrest the Charter of such Lodge and report sanme to the next Grand Lodge 644-(597) CHARGES AGAINST A MASTER AFFECT ONLY HIS OFFICIAL STANDING. of the Constitution. has the status ol an unaffilmated Mason. and are members of the Lodge. Article VI. and whose appeal Irom such decision is sustained by the Grand Lodge before the termmnation of the period of suspension. and prohibited from discharging the duties of the office His Masonic status is thatol anyfot her brother against whom charges are preferred 204 645-(595) COMMITTED MAY BE IMPEACHED FOR OFFENSE BEFORE BEING MASTER—The Master 6:19-f392) LODGE CANNOT TRY MASTER—A Subordinate Lodge has no right to try’its Master. who shall forthwith ~nvestmgate same. the papers should be forwarded to the Grand Secretary with a suggestion as to the death of the brother. and ii he deems it proper.

and this petition must be acted upon before any petition for reinstatement to membership can be ruissidered. the vote should he nra race. there mast be a majority of the whole Lodge present. he being no longer Master and not sublect to impeachment. he is ineligible for membership in any Lodge until such sentence has been re-jeered om annulled 65t-(604) PROCEDURE ON PETITION FOR RESSTORATION TO RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES OF MASONRY—When a petition to be restomed to tlse rights and privileges of Masonry is received. and a restoration to the mights and privileges of Masonry. a majority of the whole Lodge must be present. and not by secret ballot 654-(607). whieb shall be considered in the nature of a dimit 481—482. which must be at some regular Communication. but only a two-thirds vote of those present is necessary for restoration When restored to the rights and privileges of Masonry a quorum may act on the petition for membership 655-(606) VOTE NEED NOT BE BY SECRET BALLOT—On an application for restoration to the rights and privileges of Masonry. and order the Secretary to notify or summon everl’ member of the Lodge to he present At the meeting so had. APPLICATION MAY BE RENEWED—If refused. fail or refuse to prefer charges against him. such petition to be considered and acted upon in all respects as a petition for affiliation If he does not petition for membership. The jurisdiction in such case being in the Subordinate Lodge.3. then the Lodge shoald issue him a ccitificate of restoration.11) MASONIC MANUAL EDICTS AND DECISSONS 841 may be impeached for an offense committed before he became Master 646-(599) MAY BE IMPEACHED FOR INTOXICATI ON—A Master who visits another Lodge while intoxicated is guilty of unmasonme conduct. and if restored the applicant may then petition the Lodge for membership therein. the application may be renewed at any subsequent Communication 645-(601) EFFECT OF PUNISHMENT—The practical effect of definite suspension. indefinite suspeission and expulsion is the same in each mostanee. whether by the Subordinate Lodge or the Grand Lodge. EXPULSIONS AND RESTORATIONS privileges of Masonry. or if it is refused. for. by virtue of being deprived of the rights and . the only difference being as to the time In every case the brother is deprived of the rights and privileges of Masonry during the period of his sentence 649-(602) INDEFINITE SUSPENSION AND EXPULSION—The effect of indefinite suspension and expulsion is to deprive the brother of membership as well as the rights and privileges of Masonry. but only places him in the position of an unafilliated lelason 632—656 650—(603) PROCEDURE IN RESTORATION—The procedure to be adopted by one indefinitely suspended or expelled ma to petition the Lodge to be restored to the rights and privileges of Masonry. and should his own Lodge. 6d2-(605) MAJORITY OF WHOLE LODGE MUST BE PRESENT TO RESTORE TO RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES—In order so render valid the proceedings restoring one of she rights and privileges of Masonry. upon being informed of his conduct. it should be read in open Lodge at a regular Communmeatmon The W M should then fix a day for action thereon. CHAPTER VII SUSPENSIONS. then the derelict Lodge should be reported to the Grand Master or the Grand Lodge 647-(600) P M MAY BE TRIED BY HIS LODGE FOR AN OFFENSE COMMITTED WHILE HE WAS MASTER—A Past Master may be tried for an offense commisted while he was Master. does not restore the brother to membership in the Lodge. and two-thirds of the members present must vote efllrmatively for the restoration of the applicant to the rights and pns’mleges of Masonry.

if acted on unfavorably. UPOXEXPIRATION OF PERIOD—When one is suspended for a definite length of time. and declines to reinstate him to membership. SAME—REOUIRES UNANIMOUS VOTE —And a unanienous vote me required to reinstate. restored to all the rights and privileges of Masonry. and if that is granted he may thems apply so his own or any other Lodge for membership 546—547—549—651 66I-(613) ONE SUSPENDED FOR A DEFINITE TIME IS RESTORED ItO INSTANTI. 343 635-(605). es amistamilm. he must make application to that Lodge fom restoration to the rights and privileges of Masonry. this assion of the Grand Lodge restores the brother to the rights and privileges of Masonry only.MASONIC ItIANUAL. but of course. as well as to Lodge membership 662-f614) NOT ENTITLED TO DIM IT PENDING APPEAL—He is not. may be cecluded from visitation. IF NOT RESTORED TO MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATE SHOULD BE ISSUED TO HIM—When a Lodge restores one expelled or indefinitely suspended to the rights and privileges of Masonry. and not to the Lodge membership. entitled to a dimit if an appeal is pending under such sentence. may be renewed at anytime and as often as the applicant may desire 668-(620) SUSPENSION FROM HIGHER BODY DOES NOT EFFECT STATUS IN SUBORDINATE LODGE . and the certiScate of the Grand Secretary is mu the nature of a dimis. he me. which is to be treated in the nature of and serve the purpose of a dimit 656-(609) REVERSAL OF DECISION BY GRAND LODGE RESTORES THE BROTHER TO RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES ONLY—When on an appeal to the Grand Lodge from a sentence of expulsion or indefinite suspension the decision of the Subordinate Lodge ma reversed. 658 HAS RIGHT OF VISITATION I-Ic may visit any Lodge. like any other unaffilmated Mason or visiting brother 687—688 659-(611) ONLY LODGE SUSPENDING CAN RESTORE—No Subordinate Lodge except that one which suspended the iMason can restore him to the rights and privileges of Masonry If such Lodge is defunct he must apply by petition to the Grand Lodge 483 66O~ (StE SAME—When the Defendant was a sojourner amsd was stisoended and expelled by a Lodge other than that of which he was a member. which insist be referred to a committee 637 664-(616) SAME—PETITION ACTED ON AS FOR AFFILIATION—Such petition takes the same course and is subject to the same regulations as a petition for affiliation 66d-(617). howevem. as in the ease of election ouder all other petitions 666-(6l8~ SAME—OUORUM ONLY REQUIRED TO ACT— UPON—When one man has been mestored to the rights and privileges of Masonry only a quorum of the Lodge is re quired in order to act upon his petition for reinstatement to membership 667-(619) SAME—PETITION MAY BE RENEWED IF REFUSED—The petition. 622—633-624—535 657-(6101 SAME—BROTHER THEN OCCUPIES POSITION OF UNAFFILIATED MASON—In such event the brother occupies the position of an unaffilmased Mason. and authorizes lsmm to apply to any Lodge for membership 481—483. even though the sentence has expired He must await the deposition of the appeal before the dimit can be granted 457—636 663-f615) RESTORATION TO MEMBERSHIP—In order to be memnetated so membership one who has been expelled or indefinitely suspended must first be restosed to the rights and privileges of Masonry and then proceed regularly by petition. and his teim of suspension expires. EDICTS AND DECISIONS. or he does not apply foi reinstatement. he should be fusnished with a certificate stating the facts under seal of the Lodge.

and die before such purpose has been consummated 2d Those who were members of a Lodge whose Charter ivas forfeited within six months prior to their death 3d Those who had made application to a Lodge for affiliation. except it be for the express purpose of performing or assisting in the performance of Masonic funeral ceremonies Neither can any one wearimig Masonic regalia assist any other fraternity or organization in the performance of its funeral ceremonies 577-(6271 NON.affiliated Masons cannot be buried with Masonic ceremonies except tinder the follosvmmsg conditions. machine shop or other buildings of any and every description. 672-(623) CORNER-STONES OF PUBLIC EDIFICES ONLY TO BE LAID—The Masonic ceremonies should not be performed in laying the corner.MASONIC MANUAL. bitt the body of the deceased brother must be placeif in charge of the subordmnatd Lodge I. companies. warehouse. he may call a Past Master to eonducs the ceremony In such cases the minutes should show the W M presiding. 675-(625) WHEN NON-AFFILIATE MAY HAVE MASONIC BURIAL—Non. when such inability shall continue up to the time of themi death. storehouse. such dimit shall set 674-(624) MASONIC FUNERALS WITH OTHER SOCIETIES—Masonic funerals may be conducted mu connection with those of other Societies.AFFILIATED MASONS NOT ENTITLED TO MASONIC BURIAL—EXCEPTION—Nonaffiliated Masons cannot he buried with Masoisme ceremonies. —‘I’he suspension or espulsion of a Mason from Encampment. or of uniting with others in the fommatmon of another Lodge. maclet house.. with the intention of joining another Lodge. storage house. W M MAY HAVE ANOTHER TO CONDUCT SERVICES When the W M ma present at a Masonic burial. geuzided.stone of a factory. are not suspended Masons 483—484 CHAPTER VIII PROCESSION AND CEREMONIES 670. dwelling house. hotel. corporations. but-may note the fact that the P M conducted the services by request 671-(622) MASONIC PROCESSIONS ONLY ON MASONIC OCCASIONS OR MASONIC FUN ERALS— Masons eanisot tsmrms out in Masonic procession except on Masonme Oecasioiss. corporations. 345 before final disposition and remain under full control and directmon of the Lodge until its interment But mu all cases the Masonic services must be separately performed. the Chaisers of which have been forfeited. mill. owned by private individuals. and the Grand Master has no authority to grant a Lodge dispensation to do otherss’ise. 1st Those who shall have disamitted within sims months prior so their death. Council or Chapter does not expel or suspend from the Subordinate Lodge 669-(t121) MEMBERS OF DEFUNCT LODGES ARE NOT SUSPENDED MASONS—Masons who were members of Lodges. isor join in fuacral processions of persons not Masons. companies. office building. depot. . and must be the last services performed at the grave t175-(625) PROCESSION AND PALL-BEARERS-None but Masons can be admitted in the Masonic procession and the active pall bearers must be Masons 675-(525) LODGE CAN ONLY APPEAR AT MASONIC SERVICES—A subordinate Lodge as such cannot appear in a funeral parade with any other fraternity or organization. or for gain and profit so such private mndmviduali. and which was pending at the time of their death 4th Those who have applied for and obtained a dimit on account of inability so attend meetings of their Lodge by reason of old age or other infirmity. societies or other organizatiOns amsd intended for private uses and purposes. societies or other organizations 673 NOT LAID ON SUNDAY monies cannot be conducted on Sunday Cornerstone cere- EDICTS AND DECISIONS. except under the conditions hereinafter set forth.

IX. 654-(834) CLOTHING AT MASONIC FUNERAL— The only suitable Masonic clothing for funeral occasions ma a white sash. 856-(638) MASONRY NOT TO BE USED FOR PRI VATE PURPOSES—Masonry ma neither a political nor business organization. or having sat so regular Lodge of M M with tne party Id From the oral declaration of a known M M that such an one is a M M . or a dimis. 688-(638) NONAFFILIATED MASON HAS NO RIGHTS EXCEPT B V COURTESY—A non-affiliated Mason cannot go in a Masonic procession oi visit a Lodge except by the courtesy of the Lodge so charge of the procession. it may be done as soon thereafter as practicable. yet the visitor’s privilege must be subordinate to the rights of the members. ma not sufficient evidence that the possessor thereof ma a Mason Before admission in the Lodge he must be vouched fom or pass a satisfactory examination 191—192-194-477 690-f 640) LAWFUL INFORMATION—No visiting brother can be allowed to sit in she Lodge except upon lawful information derived in one of two ways lat From personal knowledge that such an one ma a M M . simply because he is a Mason 657—(637) VISITATION—Visitation is a privilege. nor is is necessary at public installations. occupies the position of a non-affiliated Mason. apron and gloves 653-(635) CHARTER NEED NOT BE CARRIED TO PUBLIC CEREMONIES—It is not necessary that the Charter be carried so the grave in burying a brother.13) SAME—OMISSIONS THEREAT—In such cases all passages in the service relating to the presence of the body and she open grave should be omitted.341i MASONIC MANUAL EDICTS AND DECISIONS. and therefore not entitled to Masonic burial 6S0-N30) NOR ONE SUSPENDED N P D —A Mason who stands suspended N P D at the time of his death ma not entitled to Masonic burial 681-(63t) SUICIDE DOES NOT DEBAR RIGHT-The fact that a brother in good standing commits suicide ma no reason why he should be denied Masonic bermal 652—(632) WHEN IMPRACTICABLE AT TIME OF BURIAL. hut this does not warrant she willful or careless neglect of performing the service as the time of the burial 883-(6. such declaration being made as an avouch- . then it svould he the duty of the Worshipful Master to eselude the visitor Bus a lodge may by ass by-laws prohibit non-affiliated Masons from revisiting it ‘6—77—486. to further his poletmeal aspirations or business mnsem-est. that the Charter and other things placed mis the charge of the Master be carried there CRAPTER MISCELLANEOUS. and no Mason should use the Order or appeal to the brethren of the Craft. 347 out on its face that it was obtained on account of such inability 700 879-COlD) MASON SUSPENDED OR EXPELLED AND NOT RESTORED TO MEMBERSHIP NOT ENTITLED —One who has been suspended or expelled and restored to the sights amsd privileges of Masonmy. 659-(839f LETTER OR DIMlY ROT EVIDENCE THAT ONE ISA MASON—A letter of recorensendanon under seal of she Lodge. and if the presence of a visitor would mar the peace and harmony of the members of the Lodge present. or which the brother visits 76—190. or other ceremonies held at a place away mum the Lodge room. CEREMONIES MAY BE HELD LATER—When it is reasonably impracticable and inconvenient to perfoim the burial service at the time of the interment of the deceased brother. which knowledge can only be acquired after due trial and strict examination. but not to Lodge membership.

NOT— The faet of having sat in Chapter. Council. the husband. tarot and in the presence of the party vouched foi. are made by a Lodge to other Lodges iii this Statc. Commandery or Scottish Rite with another is not of itself suftlcient evidence to vouch for the latter as a Master Mason 692-(642) TRIAL AND EXAMINATION—Strict trial and due examination impait such trial on the grips. etc .MASONIC MANUAL. provided. however. she thereby forfeits her rights to aid and assistance from the Fraternity 69T-(647) HIS CHILDREN ARE NOT THEREBT CUT OFF—This. procedure. entitled to Masonic burial as prescribed by our edicts. pending such forfeiture. however. etc .(645) IF SECOND HUSDAND DIES. WIDOW’S RIGI-ITS RESTORED—If. dies. is entitIed to Masonic relief 678 7f11-(651) WIDOW OF SUSPENDED MASON— The widow and children of a deceased Master Mason. as will satisfy the examining brother orcommittee that the person being examined is a Mastei Mason 191—192—193—194—195—196. who is a pcofiinc. or it may rent its own hall to other ordeis 69-70 696-(646) MARRIAGE OF MASON’S WI DOW STOPS HER PRIVILEGES—When a Master Masos’s widow marries a profane. that the voucher has personal knowledge acquired as above that the one vouched for is a M M 691-(641) SITTING IN HIGHER BODIES. does not relieve the Lodge from the duty of giving necessary aid and assistance to the children of the deceased brother EDICTS AND DECISIONS 349 RIGHTS OF A WIDOW OF A MEMBER OF A DEFUNCT LODGE—Where a Charter of a Lodge is forfeited. and. 695-(645) MASONS MAT JOIN WITH ANOTHER ORDER IN THE ERECTION OF A BUILDING—A Lodge may Join with another secret order in the building of a hall for joint use. if conducted in the required Ma~ sonic manner. and the Charter is afterwards restored. and need not be by order of or for admission to the Lodge 694-(644) VISITOR MAT DEMAND CHARTER— A Visiting brother may demand to see the Charter of the Lodge before submitting to examinations. who died while under sentence of suspension.’ and the song commonly known as the Long Metre Doxology” are sectarian “Nearer my God to Thee” ii not sectarian 699-(649) 69&. are deprived of their rights to Masonic relief 702-(652) BADGE OF MOURNING—The badge of mourning is this Grand Jurisdiction shall be a blue ribbon. a brother dies. partly covered by a narrow blaclc ribbon. worn on the lapel of the coat or vest 703-(653) APPEALS FOR ASSISTANCE—Where appeals for assistance. hut if sent to Lodges beyond this Graed Jurisdiction they should have the appeoval of the Grasid Master 704 SECTARIAN SONGS—God be with you till we meet again. it becomes the duty of the restored Lodge to extend such aid and assistance to the deceased brother’s widow and children as may be necessary and proper 669 700-(650) WIDOW OF A DIM ITTED MASON— The family of a deceased Itlason who was a non-affiliate but. 693—(643) WHEN MADE—Such trial and examination may be at any time or place.and examination on the unwritten work. this restoces the widow to her rights as the selrlow of a deceased Master Mason . the endoisemcnt of the Grand Master is not necessary.

on ~he 1st day of April. and the Grand Lodge made decisions. amid Beel/mremi of Oriental tms 164 Lodge. and the chapter has been prepared with all the care and deliberation that could be hestosvcd upon it THE CHARGE The drat step to be taken towards a Masonic trial ma. and to the scanrhal and diagmace of the Masonse Fraternity. and it ma hoped that she forms here presented svmll be found of service to the Masters of Lodges whenever they may be called upon to preside during a Maaonsc trial. of course. The following has. last past. seas in the state of intoxication from the use of spirituous t)F TRIALS AND APPEALS 351 liquors. last past. a Master Mason (or the undersigned. a cheat and a swindle. to wit before John Smith and many others. so public. and on dixers other days before the exhibition of this complaint. on the 1st day of April. in soesking of Masonry. according so Masonic lamv and usage The complaint must be signed by the brother who prefers the charges. ss’aa mu a stase of mnto’sication frdm the use of spirituous liquors and other intoxicating d. or by a committee of the Lodge The important requisites of a charge or complaint am e that it shoesld be brief and yet comprehensive clearly dedning the nature of the offense charged. a committee appointed by the Worshipful Master for that purpose). A The undersigmied. that it was a humbug. the most nispleasant duty that a Master can be required to perform. or make she complaint The charges and specideatmona must be made in writing. did on the 1st day of April. and so the scandal and disgrace of the Masonic Fraternity. a Master Mason (or the undersigned. a committee appointed by the Worshipful Master for that psirpoac). on the 1st day of April. the time. l’Vaedemms. been prepared with a special view to that subtact. so far as the Constutitmon has given directions. or by the committee appointed by the Master Or the form for a different offense may he thus To l/me Worslmipfmit Master. and yet one of the moat mosperative Several authorities have been consulted. charges Brother A B svitb immoral and unmasonic conduct Fscsl Specification—In that she said A B did. and it is hereby demanded that the said A B be dealt with therefor accoeding to Masonic law and usage .mnlms. in that the said A B . so vsolatson of his duty as a Mason and to the semnetal and disgrace of the Masonic Fraternity Secomid Specification—And also. A Masonic code for the guidance and direct son of a whole Grand Lodge ins sadmetmon would be incomplete srithont a chapter upon the subject of trials and appeals. and over the signastire of a Master Mason. and to the scamsdal and disgrace of the Masonic Fraternity Second Speciflcatisn—And also. and it is hereby demanded that the said A B be dealt with therefor. IVardeems amid Beet/mien of Ormeimlal Lodge. say that Masonry was a humbug. Peter Lambert and many others.Vocnlmipfiil Master. in the county of Jackson. mu public. in public. so violation of his duty as a Mason. mu violation of his duty as a Ms~ son. and the directions and decissona of the Grand Lodge have been implicitly followed as a matter of course. befome divers citizens. a cheat and a ssvsndle. with rca sonable certainty. to prefer charges. charges Brother A B with mosmoral and usmasonme conduct fGrst Specification—In that the said A B . No 164 The undersigned. in the county of Jackson. say.OF TRIALS AND APPEALS. in that the said A B. last past. thecefore. To l/me l. ma the conissy of Jackson. in the county of Jackson. and on divems other days before the exhibition of this complaint. and that he did not believe it was a good institution. place and esreunsatanecs of its coosmiasmoms Thus. before John Smith. and specifying. last past. in violation of his duty as a Mason.

if they are not. as they are in a trial before a civil tribunal But all persons are not equally credible. charges may be preferred against him in any Lodge in the same Lodge jurisdiction But if tbe witness resides mu the jummadmesmon of another Lodge his evidence may be sakems by a committee . bus the testimony of a Master Mason is taken upon bins honor as a Mason All prisons are competent witnesses in a Masonic trial that are competent mu a civil court at common law. but then the proof must sustain the offense. the Master appoints a day for the trial. and he will toen be present to gsve his teasmnsony But if he be a member of some other Lodge mc the same towis or city. and how to prepare for his defoese For.352 MASONIC MANUAL. the Secretary of she Lodge in which the trial ma to take place will issue his summons under she seal of the Lodge requiring hic attendance If the witness be not a Mason. and while a person may be simply competent. and the accuced to show his innocence To procure the attendance of witnesses on either side. that the accused may know what he has to answer. mad-men and children who are too young to be sensible of the obligations of an oath It ex. the place and the circumstances under which the alleged offense was committed. and not some other offense Technicalities ace not so much regarded in a Masonic trial as they are in courts of law. This rule a-includes the wife of the party who ma on trial It excludes idiots. other than the day of a regular Communication. a cheat and a swindle. and he refuses so attend and gixe evidence. it would not do to prove that he said he did not believe in Masonry. the accuser so auctamo his charges. however. subornation of perjury. or that he said it was not a good institution Esther would be a Masonic offense. he cannot be charged with one offense and convicted of another It maybe amended. his attendance before the committee appointed to take testimony muss. because hems bound to obey the summons of the Master when the Lodge ma called together los the trial. of course. yet he may be of such notorsoiss bad character that one would not believe him on oath Witnesses who are not Masons may be impeached. where there may be doubt asto what the proof wdl be Thus. of course. if he be an unaffilmated Mason. with which she party ma charged. and sufficiently distant to notify the party. and the importance of specifying with reasonable certainty of time. but these will be sufficient to show the manner. before she vote. as. the Master appoints a committee to take their testimony mu writing. their evidence ma heard in open Lodge. eludes persons who are entirely void of any such religious principle as would bind them to speak the truth But this rule only requires of there a belief in God. and none others. no process mc necessary if the witness ma a Mason and a member of the Lodge. perjury. and it mast be sworn to before some person authorized to administer oaths. and need not be repeated here If the witnesses are Maiter Masons. be voluntary If a witnecs whose testimony ma desired be a Mason and a member of some other Lodge in the same town or city. and that he will punish falsehood It excludes persona who are rendered misfamona by reason of thier conviction of certain crimes. but a Macsec Macon cannot be impeached He may be contradicted by she introduction of witnesses to prove a contrary state of facts so that alleged by him. of the Constitution. but still the proof must suitamo she particular charge made. and not unmasonse conduct in general THE EVIDENCE The charge having been presented so the Lodge. etc All others are competent witneises in a Masonic trial. but no witness can be allowed to tesitfy that they would not believe him on oath Each party has the right to introduce testimony. OP TRIALS AND APPEALS 353 The complaint must be signed asbefore directed These lorms might be modednitely multmplsed. to summon the witnesses and to have time to take testimony The notice which the party moat have is specided in Article VII. charges should be preferred against him in the Lodge of which he ma a member Or. if a party was charged wsh saying that Masonry was a humbug. The main object in view is having sem’eral specideations ma to be certain to have tome one of them that will conform so the proof.

and the Secretary shall recosfi the answer (Rule lIt) If the accused be found guilty. but he may. selects the appropriate one.F MASONIC MANUAL THE TRIAL OF TRIALS AND APPEALS 3 55 When the time set for the trial arrives. The testimony to sustain the charge having been heard. if the Brother be found guilty. and Expulsion As the Master has to put it to the Lodge what pitroshment shall be assessed aftes the brother has heen found guilty. the party that asks for it should request that a memorandum of the fact he entered upon the minutes. also. and the Master overrules the objections. accused introduces his testimony. that it may go up to the Grand Lodge upon the record And if the Master rules out any testimony that is proposed to be introduced. upon each specification. it is the duty of the Master. and at a ComrnumcatsOn especially notified for that puspose (Coos . VII. admitting some specifications and denying others Or he osay admit some of the specifications. Or. it is coormeed. and are supposed to be as uninterested in the matter as any other members of the Lodge. but none are admitted except Master Masons and the accused. Definite Suspension. both parties withdraw—the accuser and the accused But if the charges are drawn up and presented by a committee appointed by the Master for that ptcipose. by deposition. the accused may be aheard by him be Mason 1 behave one. he may commence putting the question with either one of these punishments as he may prefer. Upon every trial. the trial proceeds if both parties are ready But either side may ask for a postponement. a so put it upon the highest. or even the whole charge. Indefinite Stispeusson. which they report to the Lodge But in the jurisdiction of Alabama the trial is had hefoce the Lodge itself. and have the benefit of it under the general plea of “not guilty Both parties being ready. or Espulsion first . ‘‘is the accused guilty or not guilty The answer shall he given scandiisg and iii an audible maisoci. as they are merely the susten ments through which the Lodge has acted. and where they are not Masons. and set up matter in extenuation us excuse or justification But he may adduce the same matter in evidence. or by his tounsel. to cause the objection and his decision thereupon to be entered upon the msisuces. Rule 9 The question is then. where the witnesses are Masons. i The case being closed. Rule 6) at which no visitors are admitted except witnesses and counsel. and it is the Master’s duty to grant the request. to be distinctly put by the Master to every member present. if esther party objects to aisy testimony that is proposed to be introduced. beginning with the youngest. by vote. the accused -is considered as pleading ‘not guilty” without any formal pleading to that effect. the tnal proceeds The testimony to sustain the charge is first introduced The evidence is heard in open Lodge. plead specsal[y. the Secretary of the Lodge shall Write down. and he self. upon the motion of a brother But the better plan. until the Lodge. he may put the question upon esther one of them. the examination takes place in the highest degree to which he has attained. the whole of the evidence in the case that is proper to be written (See Art VII. the same course must be taken if the party wishes to obtain the benefit of it If both parties announce themselves ready. in a fsir hand. as already indicated. as the result of a trial. the Lodge by vote shall assess the punishment due to the offense There are four modes of punishment known to Masonry. who agree upon a special verdict. and then testimony in refiallaf may he heard if any is considered necessary The testimony having all been delivered. if he choose. together with the reasons foi which it was asked. the Master opens the Lodge in the third degree In come Grand Lodge juiisdictions the trial takes place hefore commissioners appointed for that purpose. and then only in case they are Mastei Masons II the party on trial be not a Master Mason. These are Reprimand. or for a certain period of time. the committee do not withdraw. as the request of the party. after the examination is closed the Lodge is opened in the third degree and the final decision is made When the Lodge is open. Art. that it may go before the Grand Lodge is case an appeal should be taken So. and it is the duty of the Master to grant it if good cause is shown If the Master refuses to grant a postponement.

until the Lodge has agreed upon the proper one In this jurisdiction Rule 12 of Article VII of the Constitution requires that in all cases of suspension or expulsion tsvo-thmrds of the votes of all the members present shall be required. and alan in all trials that a majority of all the members ol she Lodge shall be present. is so fully laid down in the Constitution. because the record must show affimmatively that evemy requisite of the Grand Lodge has been complied with And in sending up appeal to the Grand Lodge the transcript should be ma do out with care. Rule IS) Of morse.MASONIC MANUAL. and the time within ss’hmch it must be done. the cace muss be continued fiom time to time until they can be assembled The case having terminated. the accused ought to be notified of the result as early as possible. but the manner of taking the appeal. then upon the next. 357 f~ the requisite majomity will not assess that. for ml the number of members of a Lodge required by the Constitution be not present. certided under his hand and the ceal of the Lodge (Cons . in order that he may take an appeal to she Grand Lodge. a full and perfect record of the whole case must be sent up. that it need not be enlarged upon here APPEALS If an appeal is taken to the Grand Lodge. within the time prescribed an the Constitution The notice should be given by the Secretary of the Lodge. and under she seal of the Lodge. or any other member of the Lodge. and order the Subordinate Lodge to send them up in a regular and constitutional form. Otherwise the Grand Lodge will order the proceedunga returned. and the svhole fastened togetber so their proper order. in Article VII. and is ma presumed that no trial ever takec place without that number. at the next Communication thereof the appeal. if the decision should be against him. and if conveycil to him in any other manner it is not official notice Any brpther who feels aggrieved by the decision of the Lodge upon the trial of any brother may take an appeal to the Giand Lodge. and the style of the case marked on the papers and directed to the Grand Secretamy. and the decision of the Lodge emiteresl upon the record. either by the brothem accused. or Indefinite Suspension and so on down. she Secretary ol the Lodge shall immediately record the appeal and trans’ mit to the Grand Lodge. OF TRIALS AND APPEALS. and he choose so to do. Art VII. each paper should be copied in a useat and legible hamsd. * .

No 10. left off of the following form. S D J. W. Williams and Kmrkmisan Visiting Brothers. to be raised to the sublime degree elected to 3d degree of M M . Goodall. New York. and on Mouser account for forty-three ~fl motion it was ordered to be paid An account for two dollars. Ebenezer Thay’er. No 259. and he was declared elected This will enable him to find any particular entry that he may desire to reler to with greater dispatch It ma. oil and sundries. however. simply for she convenience of the printer HALL OF MONTGOMERY LODGE. and it was found clear. Easthurn. Mo 86. and Cornelius Townsend of Hiram Lodge. The petition of Brother Jacob Mitchell for affiliation was presented. 359 FORM FOR KEEPING THE MINUTES OF A LODGE. Jones and Easthurn. for the purpose ol making side-notes of the contents of the page. and the report was received and concurred in (Here set out the report The committee on she difficulty between Brothers Roberta and Underwood made the following report and the report was received and concurred in (Here set out the report f~ An E A Lodge was opened in due and ancient form Brother Peter Biown and Caleb Marsh were examined on their petition to be passed to the Degree of F C Labom was dispensed with in the E A Lodge and a F C. and he was degree declared rejected A ballot was had on the petition of Brother Goodall John Y. Chacles Thomas of Trilummnar Lodge. M . and on motion it was ordered to be paid The Committee on the Books and Accounts of the Tasasucer and Secretary made the following report. It ma recommended to she Set retarmes of Subordinate Lodges to leave a margin on one aide of each page. No 11. William Hepburn and John Y Goodall were examined on their petitions to be raised to the sublime Degree of M M Labor was dispensed with in the F C Lodge and a M M was opened mu due and ancient form Present Brothers Brown. was presented. D Stewards Tiler (But the Grand Lodge alloses the W M to exercise his discretion and so close each Lodge as he goes. Montgomery (date). Georgia. NO 11. Sharp. D —‘ A L —. No 36. Thompson. Henry Meyer. A ballot was had on the petition of Brother Hepburn William Hepburn to be raised to the sublime degree rejected for third of M. due to Mra Sarah Prout. Peter Bascot of Union Lodge. M of Sunrise Lodge. Edward Hunt.mmmljjs’ wus opened in due and ancient form . Jacob Meyer. No 42. Smith. there were present JOHN P DICKERSON SAMUEL CELNER JOSEPH V GONZALES JOHN B LOPEZ CALVINW SAYRE EMIL KUHLMAN RICHARD W SHARP JOHN BROWN and PETER SMITH TI-IOMAS MeDOUGAL W M SW J. thus. The petition of Absam Walker for initiation wac presented. or only open in such Lodge as may be necessary and to close the same) Brothers Charles Stanley. Willsama and dollars. A. for washing aprons. At a regulac Communication of Montgomery Lodge.FORM FOR KEEPING MINUTES. was presented. and is was found not clear. of Magnolia Lodge. due to Wagataff & 4gHenry Meyer An for candlec. and it was referred to acosumistee consisting of Brothers Brown. The inmates were read and approved. and it was referred to a committee consisting of Brothers Thompson.W Treasurer Secretary. I. Jones.

and it was found not clear. and he vms declared rejected A ballot was had on the petition of Brother John T. and it was found clear. in relation to a Grand Lecturing system. which is recorded on page 36 of the proceedings of the Grand Lodge fur t866. and he was declared rejected A ballot was had on the petition of Brother Peter Brown to be passed to the Degree of P C . and a ma ority of the members being in favor of approving the same. proposed by Brother John M. C. and he was declared elected. 361 The committee on the petition of Mr James Goodloe for initiation made report. M and it was found clear. M. if the Grand Master be present and presiding it is done in ampf e form. if there be One . and he was declared elected A ballot was had on the petition of Brother Caleb Maish to be passed to the degree of F. which. to be raised to the sublime Degreb of M M. C and it was found clear. Goodall. Penninab Moore. M Lodge was closed in due asd ancient form and labor resumed in the E A. The committee on the petition of Brother Raphael Harper for affiliation made report. and the resolution was adopted Brother Charles Stantley was received and raised to the sublime Degree of M M in form A M. and he was declared elected A ballot was had on the petition of Brother Charles Stanley to be raised to the sublime Degree of M. Lodge sias closed in due and ancient form and labor resumed in the E A Lodge Mr James Goodloe was received and initiated in form And then the Lodge was closed in due and ancient form A Lodge cannot be called off to a future period but must be closed Whatever is done to a Subordinate Lodge while its Worshipful Master (or one of the Wardens) is presiding is said to be done in dae and ancient focm. was amended so as to read fifty instead of twenty-fire.fti() MASONIC MANUAL. and a ballot was had and it was found not clear. Initials are not nanses Never use them except for a middle name. The full name need not be written in stating the members of the Lodge present or committees. Lodge Brother Peter Brown was received and passed to the Degree of F C. and he was declared elected A ballot was had on the petition of Brother William Hepburn to be raised to the sublime Degree of M. Clarli. and a ballot was had and it was found clear... on motion of Brother Brown. and it was Iound clear and he was declared elected The Lodge resumed consideration of the amendment of the Constitution of the Grand Lodge. and a vote was taken.. the amendment was declared approved and the Secretary was ordered to communicate the result to the Giand Secretary Brother Jones offered a resolution to give twenty-five dollais to Mrs. in form The F. the destitute widow of Brother Jacob Moore. and which had been laid over at the last Communication of the Lodge. unless there is more than one Brother of the same surname belonging to the Lodge. deceased. FORM FOR BEEPING MINUTES.

~nd their disposition 4 Reports of conamittg~S othet than those for rniti~tion or affiliation and their d. and handed to the Secretary Lodge keep Lodge opens And it is recommended that every before the printed blank forms of petitions. or to reject one that is worthy It is therefote recommended that all balloting be done under the sign. be ballots.piul Master of every Lodge sholl keep on bis ~tar1cl at all time~. and it is the duty of the Worshipful Master to see that the minutes are thus kept. begining with the Junior Warden. 12 All reports on the characters of candidates must be in writing singed by the committee. such work as is ready for Lhe hands of the ~orshipful Master shall be done.eflSed with in theE A Degree. 11 There is. and it is then sent to the Senior and Junior Wardens for the same purpose. the ballot bo~ is carried up for inspection. some work on Masonic Jurispiudence. deposits his ballot and returns to his seat All the officers then approach the altar. too much carelessness and indifference in balloting The ballot is a vety solemn thing.nto a Lodge as a member. and then the order of business shall be as follows 1 Reading the minutes of the last Communication ‘2 PresentatiOn of petihOns for initiation and af~ili2tion. and a Masonic Digest. make the sign to the Master. deposit their ballots.spositiOfl 5 ~a1loting 6 Any unfinished business that may have been laid over 7 Motions and resolutions 8 Work. but with neatness as to penmanship. or only for the installation of officers 2 After the Lodge is opened in the E. and of the Constitution. these. Laws and Edicts of the Grand Lodge 8 There can be no appeal from the decision of the Worshipful Master of a Lodge 9 Every Lodge ought to have on the Master’s stand. at all times. with some knowledge of the principles of Masonry. and after he retires. the M M Lodge must be closed and labor es~ined in the F C Lodge Such work as is ready For the hands of the Worshipful Master shall be done and the F C Lodge closed Labor must be resumed in the E A Lodge 6 When the E A Lodge is at labor. and the Lodge opened in the F C Degree. Degree 4 Labor must then be dispenSe~i with in Lhe F C.RULES FOR SUBORDINATE LODGES. when the Lodge is at work. 1 At every regular Communication the Lodge shall be called to order at the time specified in the by-laws and shall be opened ~n the E . a copy of the by-laws ol his Lodge. and return to their seats Last of all the Tiler is called in—if he is a member of the Lodge—he is informed what the balloting is for. sometimes. and candidates may be examined on theit petitiofl for tThe M M. 363 RULES FOR THE TRANSACTION OF BUSINESS IN SUBORDINATE LODGES. singly. It is no light th. 3 Presentatio~1 of accounts and demands against tbe Lodge. A Degree candi dates may be examined on their petition br the F C Degree 3 Labor mast then be d~s1. properly . Evety Secretaty of a Subordinate Lodge ought to take both pride and pleasuie in writing up his minutes not only correctly as to form. when his Lodge is at labor. makes the sign to the Senior Warden. and the Master ascertains that all have balloted. will enable the Master to decide correctly almost every question that can possibly arise 10. Degree. and their ~efercnCe to committees. Degree arid the Lodge opened in the M M Degree. approaches the altar. It is then placed on the-altar The Master rises from his seat. unless it be on a funeral or a festwe Lo receive an unworthy petson . as follows The Master first examines the box to see that it is properly prepared. deposit their ballots and return to their places The members then approach the altar iQ the same way—-singly. unless the Lodge choose to call off to a special Communication for thaL purpose 5 After the Lodge has disposed of all the business Lroug~t before it. begining with the Senior Warden. and the Lodge closed 7 The Worsh.

and if for the E. suspended or expelled. and also entered on the minutes SECRETARIES OF SUBORDINATE LODGES WILL PLEASE OBSERVE 1 Immediately after the election and installation of officers they will notily the Grand Secretary. order another ballot. They should always keep the Grand Secretary informed of the postoflice to which communications are to be sent.MASONIC MANUAL. for use. to send them 9. where there is no post-office Immediately ad3acent to the Lodge 2 They will commwl. or expelled. giving the name of each officei ~n full except his middle name. or ii~ they should fail to receive the proceedings of the Grand Lodge in a reason-. utes. Every officer or brother in responding to the Woishipful Master ~nust rise to his feet. nor write in pencil. and inform the Giand Secretary to what post-Office. and amendments to the Constitution. But if there be but one black bafl. after trial for unmasornc cundttct. and the name of the place at which it is located. and when he is reinstated by payment. Each officer must also ar. he whenever the * * * aie given at his station 15. but the name should also appear on the minutes when he is declared suspended for non-payment of dues. ~nd if upon the second ballot a black ball still appears. Degree. and the date All reports must be made under seal 8 In case any Secretary of a stibordinat~ Lodge should not receive blank returns by ~he Ist of October. and for what degree. except the middle nam& if there be one 6 Evejy report should be headed with the name and number of the Lodge. on another 5 They are requested not to niake reporLs on seralps of paper. he must declare tbe candidate rejected. and send ~t up to the Grand Secretary to b~ laid before the Grand Lodge 4 They are tequ~sted not to report different matter~. or by what other means. that fact should be stated In open Lodge. as they several!y occur. the re3ectea. or resolutions submitted to the Suboidinate Lodges. if he choose. unclet seal. If. t~pon the same leaf of paper Thus. the officers elected and installed should be reported on one leaf. they will noLfy the Grand Secretary of that fact 3. he must declare the candidate rejected 14. able time after they aie printed they are requesLed to Wnte for them. the names of all who have been repected. and states upoll whose petition it is to be taken. and when an appeal has been takeD in any case. Immediately after an appeal has been taI~en ~n an~ case. the name appears as a matter of course. on the inspection of the ballot box. Also when a ballot is about to be taken. or a brother reprimanded. These must be signed b~ the applicant himself and not by another for him 13. on the mm. and to give all names in full in alt reports. the Master rises to his feet. the Worshipful Master discovers two or more black balls. A. whether the committee have reported favorably or not. backed. they will pTepare a full record ol the case. . SUSpended and expelled on another. and also the name of the postomce to which communications can be addressed. suspended for unniasonic conduct. if he have one. Whenever a candidate is rejected.

and if done then. and for that purpose. and is recommended to Subordinate Lodges as a form ARTICLE 1 COMMUNICATIONS SECTION 1 The Regular Communications of Lodge No shall be held on the day of every month at (Here insert hour and place of meeting) SEC. OFFICERS SECTION 1 The officers of this Lodge shall be such as are prescribed by Section 2. of the Constitution of the Ciand Lodge ARTICLE III ELECTIONS AND INSTALLATIONS SECTION 1 The election for officers of this Lodee shall take place at the time and in the manner prescribed by Section 16 of Article VI of the Constitution of the Grand Lodge and the installation of officers shall be at the time and in the manner prescribed in the same Section and Article SEC 2 No one shall be eligible to vete in said election unless in good standing in the Lodge at the time of said election SEC 3 Every member of this Lodge who on the day of election shall be in arrears for dues or aseisments for two yeais shall be declared suspended.3f3f) MASONIC MANUAL. aisd when any communication is made to the Giand Secretary st should be in such a form as to leave no doubt as to what Lodge it came from. but due and sufficient notice of the hose and purpose thereof should be given ARTICLE 11. SEC 3 A special meeting day may be called at a regular meeting. Aeticle VI. 2 The regular communication next pieceding the 24th day of June shall be termed annual. the minutes thereof should show the call and the object thereof. the Secre- . or it may be called by the Worshipful Master at any time. The following has been adopted by the Grand Lodge as a suitable form of by-laws. FORMS OF BY-LAWS.

a second ballot may he had. Counting from the 24th day ofth&month ne’arest the day of his raising. SEC 4. and if there is still one black ball he shall stand rejected. and shall be placed in the hands of a committee. and colled and pay the same into the sands of the Treasurer. charge what money may be due from members for dues or contributions. may receive the degrees gratuitously (This proviso is optional with the Lodge) . no part of which can be refunded under auy circumstances. 5 It shall be Optional with the Lodge to relieve members from the payment of annual dues and to make such members life members without the payment of annual dues upon such conditions as seem to them right and proper (This will not relieve the Lodge from paying annual dues to the Grand Lodge on such members) ARTICLE VI TREASURER. he shall keep a fair and correct record of all the proceedings of the Lodge proper to be ssritten. All petitions for affiliation or initiation shall be recommended and vouched for by two Master Masons. to be appointed by the Worshipful Master. the names of all members who are thus in arrears. pay all orders drasvn upon him by authority of the Lodge. when the ballot maybe taken. members of the Lodge. consisting of three Master Masons. can be svschdrawn or otherwise disposed of. who are actively engaged so the esercise of their ministerial functions. (at the option of the Lodge).) due and payable on the day of and before the annual eleetion of offleers takes place. in writing. provided that regularly ordained Ministers of the Gospel. members of the Lodge. and take charge of the same. SECTION 1. open a separate account with each member. aud the Worshipful Master shall immediately declare such members suspended ARTICLE IV. 369 SEC 2 The fee for affiliation shall be $ whieb sum must accompany the petstion for affiliation (This ss optional with the Lodge) SEC 3 The annual dues of each member of this Lodge shall be $ per year (Except that Ministers of the Gospel actively engaged in tbeir calling may.. and if there appear two (2) black balls it shall be final. SECRETARY AND TILER SECTION 1 It shall be the duty of the Tieasurer to receive from the hands of the Secretary all funds of the Lodge. to the Lodge. keep a regulai account of receipts and disbursements. when legally received. taiy shall read out in open Lodge immediately before the election takes place. PETITIONS. a member shall pay annual dues in proportion to the time he has been raised SEC. and have his books and vouchers ready for examination and settlement at each regular annual communication. at its next regulai communication.$l5 00 Fellow Ciaft Degree (not less than) 5 00 Master Miison Degree (not less than) 10 00 Payable in advance in each instance. so far as the funds in his hands may be adequate thereto. he accused from dues. whose duty it shall be to investigate into the character and standing of the petitioner.. SEC 2 No petstion for initiation or affiliation. taking his receipt for the same Entered Apprentice Degree (not less than) . but if there is ouly one black ball. and oftener if it he required and shall be exempt from dues and contributions SEC 2 All the books and papers ol the Lodge (those of tbe Treasurer excepted) shall be under the care of the Secretary. and make due report thereon. ~but by ballot by the Lodge ARTICLE V. issue notices. provided the report of the committee has been received. FEES AND DUES ~CTION 1 The fees shall in all cases be as follows’ FORMS OF BY-LAWS.MASONIC MANUAL. at the option of the Lodge.

COMMITTEES. not exceeding $ to any one peeson eutitled to the same. amendment or alteration be proposed in writing at a regular communscation and assented to by a majority of the members present. and oftener if required SEC. serve all summons. and make a writteo report thereon at the next regular communication. The Worshipful Master. which account shall be balanced at every annual communication. in which all moneys received and paid out shall be entered. 4 The Tiler shall attend punctually all regualr and special communications of the Lodge. and take inventory 01 all property belonging to the Lodge. amendment or alteration.odgc has any other committees. keep the Lodge rooms. and at the next regular Communitation following. he shall go on messages. SECTION 1 The rules of order and the order of business shall be such as are prescribed by the Masonic Manual of Alabama ARTICLE X AMEND MENTS SECTION 1. Senior and Junior Wardens shall be a Standing Committee on Charity of whom the Worshipful Master shall be chairman This committee is authoriced to draw on the Treasurer for such sums an necessity may demaisd for charitable purposes. RULES OF ORDER AND ORDER OF BUSINESS. amendment or alteration of these By-Laws tan hereafter take place unless auth repeal. SECTION 1 Aadslsiig Cemmillee Immediately after the eleetiois of offleers. aud only once to the same person in any one month In the absence or any one ot the commritee a majority shall have power to act 1ff I. consisting of three members of the Lodge shall he appointed by the Worshipful Master to examine the books and accounts of the Treasurer aud Seciecary. on producing the Secretary’s receipt that all his dues and arrearages have been paid ARTICLE IX. their do ties may beset forth here FORMS OF BY-LAWS ARTICLE VIII WITHDRAWALS 371 SECTION 1 Any member in good standing may be allowed to withdraw from this Lodge on application being made at a regualr communication.MASONIC IdANUAL SEC 3 He shall open a general account. or at any one time. the same shall be taken into consideration. No repeal. it shall be valid aud not otherwise . jewels and fumiture in good order and have fires and lights prepared in due time SEC S (For the services rendered by the Treasurer. which report shall be spread upon minutes of the Lodge SEC 2. Secretary and Tiler the Lodge may prescribe such compensations as they may deem right and proper and may also exempt them from dues and contributions) ARTICLE VIl. and if two-thirds of the members then present concur in such proposed repeal. an Auditing Committee.

NO. as shown by the en- . he ssill cheerfully conform to all the antient established usages and eustoms of the Fraternity fee enclosed (Sign name in full) This is to certify that we. Form nf Certificate of election nf the officers nf a Safierdinate Lodge TRILUMINAR LODGE. of lawful age. are personally acquainted with Mr and from a confidence in his integrity and the uprightness of his intention. No ~. and caused the seal of the Lodge to be hereunto affixed (L 5) I J . the following hi ethren svere duly elected to the respective offices annexed to their names. To Ihe Worshipful Macfec. 19—. according to the provisions of the Constitution of the Grand Lodge A B Worshipful Master C D Senior Warden E F Junior Warddn C H Treasurer K L M N OP Forte of a Petition for Insliation. residing within the Jurisdiction of your Lodge. To the Woishipfssl Master. Wardens and Brethren of Lodge. do cheerfully recommend and propose him as a proper candidate for the Mysteries of Masonry Recommender Avoucher Ala 190. and expulsions. and installed therein on the day of . suspensions for unmasonic conduct. a desire of knowledge and sincere wish of being serviceable to his fellow creatures Your petitioner further states that he has not heretofore petitioned any Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons for initiation and been rejected Should this petition be granted. M The undersigned. Wardens and Brethren of Lodge. 38 (Plhee and Date) A D. reJectious. fi9O~. No in the State of . A L. the subscribers. unbiased by friends and uninfluenced by mercenary motives. which are required to he reported to the Grand Secretary as they severally occur Ala.begi leave to state that.GENERAL FORMS. aud that he is prompted to solicit this privilege by a favorable opiniou conceived of the institution. Secretary The same general form may be adopted in making other communications to the Grand Secretary. A D 190.. A L 55 Secretary’s Office To Grand Secretary of fhe Crand Lodge of Alabama SIR AND BROTHER— This is to inform you that on the day of June instant. residing within the Juriadietion of your Lodge. Senior Deacon Junior Deacon Tiler In testimony whereof I have subscribed my name. A L fiflO~~ Force of a Petilsess fos Affilsalion . as.. No of A F and A. but formerly a member of Lodge. 373 GENERAL FORMS. J Secretary. and by Occupation a age . los instance. he freely and voluotarily offers himself as a candidate for the Mysceiies of Masonry.. p1 A F and A I4asons The subscriber.

we have caused this Dimit to be signed by the Wosahiplul hI astes. and as such we do cordially commend him to the fraternal regard of aG true Free and Accepted Masons. and the seal of the Lodge to be attached.19~. and to the ancient usages of the draft Praternally. Seeretary . are personally acquainted with Mr . and A M Masons Lodge. and from a confidence in his sotegs sty and Masonie worth. as the case may be). t9 was at the time of loss death a member of this Lodge so good standing. This is to certify that we. No Ala. of the Constitution of the Grand Lodge Jurisdiction of the M W Graud Lodge of Alabama MONTGOMERY LODGE NO it (Datc) A D 19~ -. and is hereby dismissed at his own request (Seal ) Given under my hand and the neal 01 the Lodge the date above writtenSecretary. according to Section 12. AD 19 A. the subscribers.MASONIC MANUAL closed Dimit.AL59~ Ala To all the Enlightened Under the Canopy of Heaven—Greeting This is to cectity that Brother . respectfully petitions for affiliation. in good and regular standing with this Lodge sip to this date.hcs dues to this Lodge. W. regulations and by-laws of your Lodge. as the case may be) (Seat) WM Secretary This is to certify that Lodge. No AD. whose name appears in the margin of this Dimit. and that the above certificate is entitled to full faith and credit among the brethren (Seat) Grand Secretary PETITION Form of a Certificate for ass Eatered Apprentice or Feffew Craft. No is a legally constituted Lodge. this day of A D. he will cheerfully conform to all the rules.Lfi9~~To all the Enlightened nuder the CanoPy of Efeasen—Greeting This is to certify that Brother who died on the day of . h&s paid op aU. i9~ A L 59~ Attest WM. Your petitioner further states that he has not heretofore petitioned any Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons for membership and been rejected Should his petition be granted. is a Master Mason. do cheerfully recommend that his petition be granted. and by Occupation a . and cleai of the books. worlcing under the jurisdiction of Grand Lodge of Alabama. Ferm of Dimst foe a Master Mason Jurisdiction of the Most Woishipful Grand Lodge of Alabama A P. and this certificate thereof is issued for the benefit of his (Insert widow or orphans. Graud Lodge of Alabama Lodge. GENERAL FORMS 375 Form of Certificate fo Widow and Orphans of Deceased Brother Jurisdiction 0f the M. A L fi9To all the Esilightesied under the Canopy of ffeasrn—Greeting This is to cestify that Brother a Fellow Craft Mason (or Entered Apprentice Mason.4rtsefe VI. wherever dispersed aroand the globe In testimony whereof. and up to this date was a member of this Lodge in good and regular standing. .

this day of A D 19~~~~ A B . that for the convenience of their respective dwellings. if not in a city or lewn. on the first Monday in December next. as appears from the accompanying Dimits from the Lodges of which they were last members. and unaffiliated. and the Constituiton and Regulations of the Grand Lodge. No (OrS W orJ W . A. but in the country. at its Annual Communication.t9fL. No .. Sections 2 and 3) Foe mfor Dsspensalioss for New Ledge NOTE—The petition must be signed by seven (or more) Master Masons. he must add—Ire mites from any other Lodge within the jurisdiction of the Crand Lodge of Alabama. eseb of whom must write his name in full— without abbreviation The Secretary of the recommending Lodge must write the names in full in the recommendation. and at the bottom he must add—in a ciry or lewis containing white inhabitants Or. the accompanying petition signed by wan laid before the Lodge for the purpose of obtaining a secommendation and certificate according to the provisions of the Constitution of the Giand Lodge. whereupon it was Resolved.. To GENERAL FORMS.. held in the hall of said Lodge at on the~day of. empowering him to act in my behalf. being the nearest Lodge to the proposed new Lodge. aeeordsng to the original forms of the fraternity. Master of Lodge. Master of Lodge. with $3d as a Dispeissation fee Grand Master of the At W Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Alabama and ifs Masonic Jurisdiction The undersigned petitioners beg leave to state that they are Ancient Free and Aecepted Mailer Masons. to discharge the duties of Masonry in a regular and constitutional manner. they are desisous of formsag a new Lodge at • in the County of . that having the prosperity of the Craft at heart. and members of some Lodge under its jurisdiction No person shall act as a proxy for one of the officers of any Lodge exeept the one of which he is a member (See Constitution. No held at in the County of do hereby constitute and appoint my worthy brother C D my proxy in the Grand Lodge of Alabama. to be the Senior Waiden. No That in consequenee of this desire they pray for a Dispensation to empower them to assemble as a regular Lodge. beg leave to add that they have obtained a saitable and propei place in which to hold their Communications If the prayer of the petitioners be granted. 377 Poe en of a Commission for the Proxy of a Master or either of the Wardens of a Lodge To aft whom these Presents may Concern—Greeting: I(nowye. and Ior other good reasons. does hereby certify that the eaid . If in a city or town put so tbe number of white inhabitants.astheeasemaybe) All proxies appointed by the Master or Wardens of Subordinate Lodges must be Master Masons. and hereby ratifying and confirming whatsoever he may do in said capacity Given under my hand. . That this Lodge. Article I].. to be held at Montgomery. to be named Lodge. they promise a strict conformity to all the constitutional laws and regulations of the Grand Lodge Fraternally Recommendation At a regular Communication of Lodge.. and they have nominated and do recommend to be the Master of isid Lodge. That I. and to be the Junior Warden They also.~7hi MASONtC MANUAL. B. The petition must be sent to the Grand Secretasy. they are willing and anxious to exert their best endeavors to promote and diffuse the genuine principles of Masonry.

41 378 MASONIC MANUAL. And. the said officers. a copy of whieb you are in nowise to omit laying before the Grand Lodge when this Dispensation is returned. to send to our Crand Secretary an account in writing of what shall be done by virtue of these psesents Given at the City of Montgomery. and that they do perform. No on the day above written Secretary 379 Form of Dispesisatise. observe and keep all the Rules. and good Master Masons. from time to time. of regular standing. hereby appoint Master SensorWarden. No -And we do hereby emposser the above named biechren and their successors seith their constitutional number. and also sueb as may from time to time be transmitted to you by us. at the said petitioss. the Grand Lodge of the State of Alabama. Passed. together with your book ol Proceedings (not a copy). Orders and Regulations contained in the hook of Constitution. and a copy of your By-Laws separate from your psuceedings Form of Charter Sit Lax et Lisa Fail We. as soon as conveniently may be. to be opened at by the name of And do further. that by the hsgh powers vested in on. under our (Seal) hand and the seal of the Grand Lodge. we hereby will and require of you. and of the trust and confidence reposed in them. until the next Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge. GENERAL FORMS tusttiuoers are. and affixed the seal of the said Lodge. the Most Worshipful Grand Master. further. we do hereby authorize and empower the following well-beloved Brethren— residing at or near in the County of State of Alabama. men of high respectability. Grand Master Grand Secretary N B —Return this Dispensation. that we. . this. ~fe alt the Enlightened. to be opened at by the name of Lodge. to lake especial care that all and every one of the said brehtren are regularly made Masons. and Raised. the said Master. that you do. The Most Worshipful Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Alabama and its Masonic Jurssdsetson To at 1 the Enlightened. together with such By-laws as shall be made for the good government thereof.. known to this Lodge as such. to whom these Presents shall come—Greeting Know ye.. and that the Master and Wardens nominated in said petition have appeared in open Lodge. do hereby constitute the said brethren into a regular Lodge of Ancient Free and Aceepted Masons. for opening the said Lodge: It being our wssl that this our appointment shall remain m full foree until the next Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge Arid we do hereby require you. to assem- . at the petition of our well betoved brethren— residing at or near . in the County of . cause to be entered in a book kept for that prupose an account of your proceedings in the Lodge. Semor and Junior Wardens. together with a lint of the members of your Lodge And moreover. and after due examination aie found well qualified tn confer the first three Degrees of Masonry It is also further certified that the proposed location of said Lodge is In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand. to form themselves into a regular Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons. Passed osd Raised. each and all.~ day of A L 59~A D 19. and Junsos Warden. under the Canopy of Braven—Cs eeting Know ye.

o ceii no-~. ~ o>~ dO-.o a o~s ~ o. Revised and Corrected List of Officera of the Grand Lodge from its Organization to the Present Time.f uac~~op.. Paynet Isaac Lane* James B Tartt* James B Tartt* Year Grand Master 1521 a Thomas W Farrara 1822 1’ Thomas W Farrar 1523 r Willians B Patton5 1824 d Thomas W Farrar 1828 e Nsmrod E Benson 1526 1 Nimrod E Bensoss 1827 g Nimrod E Benson 1528 Thomas B Creagh5 1529 Thomas B Creagh 1810 Thomas B Creagh 1831 William J Mason5 1532h 1833 William Leigh5 1834 William Leigh 1834 William Leigh lS3fii 1836 John C Hsckst* 03 Dorm S BalliS . ~wth the Year of their Election 0 R - C at ci lii Deputy Grand Master Horatio C. William J Mason5 William J Masont William J Mason Ptolemy Harmat John C Asksn~ Paul Hildretb5 Paul Hstdreth* James L F Cottrellj.. c o Oa0C) C ~ o o~’’’’5 is’.. Perry* Horatio C Perryt Horatio C Perry Horatio G. . Grand Senior Warden John Murphy* Anderson Hutchineont Anderson Hutchinson Anderson Hutehinson Anderson Hutchinson Thomas Wooldeidget William D Stone* Ptolemy Harrist William Leigh Wilsiam Leigh William W. ~ ~‘C1 00 :~ ~ ~ ~ a ~ an.~.a 00.55 ~ 1 .. • a C O~O 5~0 nO~ o a n ~- .. o .~ ‘~‘-~CO 050 an55i5 ‘i~i~O’ ~t- C 0 0 o 0. • 0 • — 0. Perry John B Hogan* John B Hogan Robert E B Baylor5.0- OFFICERS OF GRAND LODGE.~ 0 0 a C so n~ 0’ C -.i.- 0 ...o-i a a ~ 5 p..Bn ~..

0n _ .2 -o.i.I MASOPItC al~NUAL.2.C C so to i-. n isnO ~ ~ ~ tI tI ~ ~ . GRAND OfFICERS 383 0 ii * 0 ~go ~ 0 0 0 0 cc .2.0-~ 88.. t~ tI — PiN .0 ~ isieco 00.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ a 555 0-0-0-5 rosotcsomm 80.~0cO 0 OOo 0 N ~ ~c0’ o •u ‘nn~ o55 S ‘oO OOOo ee 5ooI’ so~C a.5. N so — .in Os sososoinininininsosososo omm~osoe~somoinNm~tosoNtoOso.~ooo ‘55’’’ CL ~ ~ p~ ~ s’0500~ ~- 5 CC •~i5i~~ ~ ~ S ~ ~e ens o8E’Nao000OwN~C~ ‘‘::~~H :*~~ o~ •~oon •00~’~5 nO ~ ZZ 00 ~‘ O0~ 550000 ~.en ‘50 ~C CC ~ d ~ ~ ~ .imm so so so so so so so so so so e— e-.o ~ Ce ~NNt1 ~ 00 ~ ~ ~ ~00 ‘o512s 8 ii ~ n a’a’e~ a ~ a .0~~S600 e~ aa~ neno ol ol ~-.r-.o so e. N N N N N N 5-.0.0. NNNN~ sow so so N Id Z ~ ‘~ . ol N N 20 ~ to 00 ii c ~ C C ~ NH —i~ ni.s E ~.

0 ~ — ‘is’ ‘.o.COiO ‘ ‘5 C’’’ :0055 ‘ so.00~dd.0000 to 00 .S.0 ‘0” ‘00 ‘. CC ii 55 .‘‘‘i.oe 0 tOO’~OO o-o~o .OOUOQQNNO~~0O sogo 55C f 00 ~ odd 55 .isd ‘isis‘ ‘o .‘.0.0.n’-n OS—ba Wri’S”siONs5Os0-iNeS -C 55’5d : ~ M .~cfl. 385 381 MASONIC MANUAL o a 0 SE isis ..s.S ~ ~ 45 ‘Cf ~ ‘005555 ‘cc’ flu ~ ~ ‘.GRAND OFFICERS.Z4M M al ~ N NM 2fst Ce “coed MNNolol so N so Os 0 0000.0 ~‘ ‘~—00 00 pdS2SS...’ 0 ~ ‘-*. ~oSt 00 E 5 iiiiocsso..0 ~~55 ~ O as EE88oc~ SE 00 i-~~MM 0 HNNololGWWnjNNNN ea’5suuiisiOCO00i~n.0 oe ‘0.o.0 ‘s~ a’a’ 55oE~b006Nt ~~5..~+~o.2.0.ti 0 i-S 0.siso gNN cin.NN 0N0O5~ a’ .055O0O000 .0. Sohwieieoocuoo 00 0O’0 :ss cc ‘.o .N ZN ~S’o so .0o.0. o sass i-C ~ C C S S .r~ 05— ‘—is ~ 5i-o5 ~~00~NN5 00~0e N no oHt .0.0.’’ is00.0~ S .0.-.-i Os Os Os Os Os A66ZZWCMol 0NM ‘M ~ toe ~OO~OZC55 S ‘r’CAi%M~I-4oltoC is GM ‘on-n 35 S~so ~.o.0 :NN ‘NW ‘5 C C N N N ~N0tZ&tD 0 o tS iSAM M ~ al N NM MN N HO~CC~’%4~ 0 a’..0 ii ii r~~CC 0 0 ZN so so s¾~s~ 00 0 .0——-— .alc 500 —n— e.0.0 00 0 5 ois isO ~~U~-- ::NNN ~ ~ 0O0~o 2~S..0een 0 o~.~r. sissy o’son.0.o0 N ‘0 5 0 00 ‘‘bbCn 00C ~MM ‘MM 5 C isO0oo.0. 00 a.cocoC2 disddisddCisOo CCCCCCCCCMM 0 O ~0’ i‘ ‘ ‘ ‘MM E3 0~’ >30 “~ AN 5 P.NNNololNN~i~NNNN OC~h&%OO5i5ifi5 ~ -~ ~ 5 o~ 8AM C 550005C05 8C MalalalalNNMMM ~ ZNNNoor2 rt 00 ~ s NN 0 o-o’o~ hoOalalN ~:oo Ct2QQ 05Pe1.0. .‘‘ SE isis ~0000 0 5sE .0.~ ‘isis o~~M a’ 0O ~ GNN~ ~ .iii5 ~ C . 0< ~‘~ ‘‘‘~~~ ‘ .0 ‘. ~ .0.Rft.0- alto nsoN esise’ Ii so 8 as as Os OiOsOs orOs OrOs OsOsOC 000 0 sore cow so so so so as so so so Os Os Os Os Os Os — so so so so sore sososo sososo sososo so .00 ‘SC ‘00 C .0 45500 N~NN ~00 0 disdOo 0 00 a’...

C ~- — C~ ~O .N ~O ~ N ~ N N N I.n. S... .1.. GRAND OFFICERS 387 C. o ~ 0 ‘a 0 ‘a ~fl (fl 0 0 0 ‘0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 — — — WOO d~d~dd~ m ~i2W W QQW (/2 W U) ~ U) rJ~ W U) ~f) ~fl 4)4)C4)WCO)~C ~ ~ 4) ~ ~ Q C) QC~ CJC)QC CJ~ 2 a ~OQO)O)* ~~~GQQ 000 ~ C) ~)4)C b~ bD 4)4) ~$ 4)C ~) 4) H CC CL) U2 U2 Cd dO’ C) C) ~ ~j Cl 4) O~) ~ 00 ~ ~ S ~ ~ :g ~ ~ * o 0 c ~ ~rn ~ c~ •~ 0 ~ S ~ ~ ..OCr. nfl ~i2Cfl -~ +~ a~ 0 ~ C”) ~fl A — ~ ~ ~ ~ 6 ~ ~ ~ 0000 ~ 0~ ~ 1.~IXO MASO1~UC NA1{UAL. Q)~)O)QCQ)O)0~)O)OCQ)QWI) ~.r..

the recoid of those Communications has been lost. 0 Cl ‘isis oo.0 i~5 00 i~5 3o 3000000 ~~MMMMMMMMMM ‘~‘~ 3 0000 isisis sore so-~. in December.0 0 0. a resolution was adopted changing the Communications of the Grand Lodge back to December. consequently the Grand Lodge did not meet in 1832 In January. 1834 and 1838.—.oO 0 c-v-u 5 ~ 0 •-~r-~CC ~ o~ 0 -. adopted in 1827. s.raloosa.s.a’ ~ 0000 ~-3~Z~ 0 33 31~~ CCCNZNNNNNN~NNNN~~ ~iic5r~r3r3 died. Eldrsdge S Greening 3d g By the revised Constitution. Piedesick Wredon 3d.5 ~ H . David Moore Id. John Elliott 3d The election took iilace siii Ihe 12th slay 01 June. Slogan was appointed Deputy Gsa-sd Master Janses Dellett 3d C’ s. Brother Baylor was elected us his stead h In 1831 a icanlsciun was adopted that the next Coinmussicacion of the Grand Lodge should be held on the first Monday in January thes rafter.SA.0. Thomas IVonlridge 2d.0 ~ c 00000 00 ~ ~ Oo ~ is is isis~0~55 NNMMNNCS ~ 4CNN~ ~~i0NwOs C ii iii— OsO~e5es5~~oasNsoOsO reOsOs Os Os Os Os Os Os sore so sore so sore so 00 00 Os Os Os Os . ~ ~ 0 050000 ~ oE.~ ~ f This Communication was held at Tu’. 1821.0.0. John B.0 .00 > s.s. a’ a’ a’ a’s-a’s. Gordon Robinson 3d 1st. Brothes Edward R Byrd ivas elected Geand Seeretasy No other lectson took plwe at that time Brother Byrd has since 0-0. at Cahaba Brother Thomas A Rogers having died duringthe Srst Annul Communication of the Grand Lodge.0 . Davad Moore 3d.0. and in Decem- fl ~ ~CC 33.~0no 000 000 0 00000000 0 00008 Ciii) 0. Andesson Hucelsinson 2d. Thomas Os-en 3d d Horatio G Perry was appointed Deputy Grand Master tnt. 1821. the Constitution of the Grand Lodge requiring it to oseet at the seat of the Stage government John B Hogan cas appointed Deputy Grand Master tat.0.0 i---M ~0 0000.0.--.MASONIC MANUAL NOTES TO TABLE OP GRAND OFFICERS 389 NOTES TO THE TABLE OF GRAND OFFICERS a Three Deputy Grand Masters si’csc uppissisted by the Giand Mastes—Horatic G Perry tat. hnt if the Grand Lodge met in December. b Horatio G Perry was appointed Deputy Grassd Master 1st.0 00- C ~ 0.0.0.ZNN~NNN~ZNNNEZN~ 88 ~ E 38888 ~8 8~88 nnisoisisis338S8 Thomas Wooludge 3d. and he ivas to be elected at the same time with the other Grand Oflicers Brother Benlamin B Fontaine was elected but declined to serve.0.0.a’a’a’r-.0. 1834. William B Patton 3d Horatio G Persy was appointed Deputy Giand Master tat. there n-as to be but one Deputy Grand Master.

— Adam R Baker was appointed Grand Secretary and served until December of that year. and lhenceforWard at the same INDEX TO CONSTITUTION AND EDICTS.— 9 407 498 264 359 148 380 403 406 vi. on When charges preferred Status of candidate When withdrawn PROFICIENCY FOR Not considered Os) ballot Considered separately P’ssasocevoteon 388 389 370 411 433—14 373 . so 1857. in 1882. 1901 On the death 01 Brother Henry H. reference is to Constitution. when Conferred whenremoved Chasges unnecessary. and was elected to that office in December. when Brother Myles J Greene. S pfister was appointed Grand Secretary and served until December of that year. Jacobs became acting Grand Master Consent not required Certificates required OBJECTIONS TO Before obligation Made in any degree By whom made 12 383 384 385 Cannot be overruled Degree not conferred.neednotbe Further time granled At special meeting Voted on in M M Lodge ON CERTIFICATE. 1838.372 408-9 Further time granted PHYSICAL USIABILITY Prevents advancement 357 358 359 415 . and proceeded to form a new Grand Lodge by the adoption of a Constitution and the election of Grand Officers 1 The Communication of the Grand Lodge in 1847 svas held so the city of Montgomery. hi . Brother EXAMINATION FOR Conducted in open Lodge Extent of Required M. Arabic numbers refer to Edicts. When from another State vi. P G. when Brother H Clay Armstrong. Matthews.MASONIC MANUAL Iser. shorthly after his second election. On the death of Brother Daniel Sayre. Brother Ben M. Brother A. Brother George A Joiner was appointed Grand 5ecretary. No 40 On the death of Brother A P Pfister.was elected Grand Secretary On the death 01 Brother H Clay Armstrong. Brother George A Beauchamp was appointed Grand Secretary. in 1892.) ADVANCEMENT place ec At the Annual Communication in 1906 an amendment to the Constitution limiting the term of the Grand Master to one year was adopted Those marked thus are known to be dead moved § t Re- Expelled by Mobile Lodge. and served untd December of that year.M. the members of the Grand Lodge that met in Tusca loom decaleed the Grand Lodge extinct. in 3900. P G M was elected Grand Secretary On the death of Brother Myles J Greene. (Where Roman numerals occur.

Acted on as initiation Applicaist esamuned Death abates CertifIcate to F A.— 14 vi.— 10 vi.— 12 DIMIT REQUIRED FOR Must accompany petition PETITION FOR’ At regular communicatiOn only Must be vouched for Presented to any Lodge . or F C From defunct Lodge .— 9 S 487 ______ 500 493 491 501 502 103 vi. on - 459—49t vi.— 10 vi.— vi.— 13 623 624 825 vii.. pending Abated by death LIMITATION OFSixty days after trial Otherwisebasred PROCEDURE ON Form foi - ~ Transcript What shown Ten days’ notice on Secretary transmits ASSESSMENTS—SPECIAL NOT MADE BY GRAND LODGE NOR MADE BY SUBORDINATE LODGE A VOU CH ME N T 827—9 628 vii.REJECTION FOR Reasons isot required . insufficient 193—692 194-693 192891 .— 11 495—498 497 495 499 Gives Giand Lodge Jurisdiction Grand Lodge may revesse Reversal does not restore membership On sentence When proceedings void Status of accused Reversal of acquittal Reversal of definite suspension - Restoration. after. pending No dimit. Charges not necessary Canisot be demanded Dinsit returned.-Must take regular courie~ . 393 REJECTION FORProcedure after Applscatson renewed Entitles to certificate Consent for.— 15 626 vii.— 17 vii.Effect of May be renewed Consent required.— 7 DIMIT NOT AFFECTED BY ANNUAL RETURNS _ 492 130W MADE When made 11 52 On Legal Information 191—690 Trial and Examination for Conduct of Trial for Sitting in other.— 19 632 611 634 834 635 636 837 682 638 vii.— 16 4 449 AGE APPLICANT MOST BE TWENTY-ONE s. after AFFILIATION UNANIMOUS CONSENT FOR APPEALS BY WHOM TAKEN: Any brother aggrieved Right absolute Must be in good standing Master may EFFECT OF vii.-Y U 392 MASONIC MANUAL 418 417 419 394 INDEX.— 18 vii..

3—I 64 66 ADVERSE BALLOT Cast for any degree Not tobe disclosed Name riot demanded Applies to affiliation Not tube criticised Oss affiliation 87—68 RECONSIDERATION None after result declared When one black ball Mistakes does not permit ON PROFICIENCY Separate By visa cure vote 354 355 CHARGES DUTY AS TO Of members Of Lodges AgasnstW M vi. Lodgos may make Conformable to Constitution Cannot be set aside Nor suspended May prohibit liquor selling May provide for vacancies May provide life memberships Cannot Six pun’shment 61 vi.3f I I MASONIC MANUAL INDEX SERVICES AT—Concluded When after burial 395 852 6&3 Regulas Communication 51 BALLOT WHEN TAKEN Called Communication Meeting after petition received May be in two weeks 130W TAKEN Discussion before Every member present votes Character discussed before Cii each petition 143—341 342 343 Form of. unnecessary Clothing for Badge of mourning WHO DENIED Non-affiliated Masons Exceptions Suspended N P D Suspende&or expelled Suicide is nOt 201 684 702 677 354 678 679 880 681.—.17 29 178. 62. after Charter at. SECRECY OF Slrirtly seciet Vote not disclosed Nor intended vote Name not demanded 346 348 349 34f1 350 353 493 BY-LAWS POWER AS TO.tcee Specsai Committee M M in good standing H M Only can W H Osay Further time given Before ballot In M M Lodge BURIALS—MASONIC 359 380 SERVICES AT Maybewithotherbodiei Conduct of 674 875—6 J W should 527 523 Non-affiliated cannot Suspended N P U cannot 524 .— 18 528 530—2 179 525 529—1 522 526 358 158—408 BY WHOM PREFERREDStanding Comm.

— 13 Manner of obtaining Volethereon Failure to obtain No action until Request does 001 give FOR ADVANCEMENT Necessary AFTER REJECTION 115—321 302 303 294 120 399 to 405 399 542 143 For affiliation or snstsatson Required before applying 48 By whom obtained Vuteto give Leis over one meeting Answer to request for Asto EAt andP Cs Failure to Obtain By more than one Lodge Not required after three years REFUSAL OF No season given vi. 6 49 50 1 50 153 51 .— 22 97 98 99 94 LODGES TO KEEP COPY AMENDMENTS TO Propositions for Notdebatable Lodges must vote on Action reoerted Notice not necessary Quorum may act viii.’sandF Cs Pending appeal FORM OF fnwrsting Should be definite Maybe asiseeded CHARTER ORANTING Manner of Only alter dispensation ~ 21 CONSENT WHATIS FOR INITIATION. Application out of )urisdiction ~ 19 533 534 536 537 295 vi. 184-204 525 INDEX CONFERENCE.— 22 CONSTITUTION vi.— 1. MASONIC Cannot confer degrees 397 Deprives of no privileges Cannot be withdrawn Must be entertained AGAINST WHOM PREFERRED Any brother SuspendedN PD Suspended uOiOaOOOii2 conduct Non-affiliated E A.1 378—389 381 383 390 391 394 387—9 392 380 184 NECESSARY FORRegular work Not at public ceremonses Visitor may demand TORFEITURE OF Declared by Grand Lodge When declared Failure to pay for Property encheats to Grand Lodge. on RESTOBATION OP Manner of Seven members required Restores all rights Effect of Restores membership piupertyseturnedon vi.:396 lIFIsECT OF 0 MASONIC MANUAL.— 3 685 vi.

etc .INDEX. before installation Members of defunct Lodges Reinstatement after expulsion When in debt to Lodge When under sentence ISSUANCE OF Not tonditional Not if Lodge reduced below number Not pending appeal Only after vote Majority required Duplicate issued ByLodgeC U 457 458 460 461 463 464 466 470 467 468—9 483—4 481—2 480 465 469 470 662 474 476 475 56 vi. U Reinstatement No dues against Suspended.— 361 30 9 199 144 FORM AND EFFECT OP BY WHOM Competent brother One Lodge for another MANNER OF One at time 188 121 Under seal Exception OBJECTIONS TO Before obligation Effect of When removed 198 199 ________ Vote severs membership CertifIcate only evidence Not legal information From junsdictiou not recognized Not affected bg age DIMITTED MASONS PRIVILEGES AND DISABILITIES Entitled onlg to courtesies May visit Debarred Masonic burial Cannot preside 477 472 473 195-476 478—80 492 363-5 367-372 370-372 485 486 677 190 .STONES OFWHATLAID NOT ON SUNDAY DEFUNCT LODGES ____ 673 683 RIGHTS OF MEMBERS OF: Suspended. 399 398 MASONIC MANUAL. reinitatement Records lost ______ to’ 442 300 102 103 671 304 453—4 Not suspended Masons Degrees by Entitled 10 certidoates DEGREES~CONFERRING TIME: In three successive meetings in less Maybe Dispensation for Lodge may limit time for At Special Communication DIMITS WHO ENTITLED Mason in good standing Application for After acqustal No examination for Dues must be paid Or remitted Any number may ask for Not if Lodge reduced below number Master and Wardens are not Are. N P. CORNER.

etc Elect.— 24 431 432 424 425 426 427 428 429 430 437 436 438 438 439 447—445—446 451 151 182 FAILURE TO PAYSuspended for When suspended for Suspension mandatory Suspension only penalty SUSPENDED N P U For two years Maybe less Not extendedbeyond Only at time sperified No exception ByMaster General order insufficient Affirmative art ol Master No action of Lodge Payment to prevent Reinstatement after May be remitted Dues paid to reinstatement Dues run pending Reinstated for definite sum WHEN NOT ISSTED LODGES UNDER Duties May try members May issue dimits Cannot elert Master. What is DUES GRAND LODGE WHO LIABLE FOR IMPOSED BY LODGE vi.I 400 MASONIC MANUAL 224 523 olS 491 PRIVILEGES AND DISABILITIESCOOCIOdOd Cannot install Cannot prefer charges Subject to charges How acquire membership _______ DISBURSEMENTS By treasurer Consent of Lodge DISPENSATIONS WHEN ISSUED: FornewLodges Degrees out of time vi— 4 30 r INDEX 401 422 423 424 fiS vi. when charter issued Seals not required Seals not required DURATION OF DISTRICT LECTURERS Appointment and duties DISTRICTS NUMBER AND NAME LECTURER FOR DUTIES AND COMPENSATION DOTAGE.— 21 53 _____ Lodge may remit Does not remit Giand Lodges discs Majority required WhensuspendedN PD Notafrerdeath EDICTS Read in Lodge 176 E A’S ANDF C’S 395 STATUS Not members of Lodge Subject to charges 537 i.— 4 dS 56 58—9 216—217 44 Not reinstated after death No Grand Lodge Discs during In dormant Lodge REMISSION OF 101—335 433 435 434 436 446 13Kt4—1512 13 34-15 271 vi.— 1 .

Officers I EVIDENCE (See that sub-title. PAYMENT OF—Concluded 01 minister For advancement Degrees for another Lodge 403 (See that title APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP As for affiliation Certificate required CERTIFICATE OF DISMISSAL When entitled to Majority to grant In nature of dimit When waiver of jurisdiction When dispensed with JURISDICTION OVER Once acquired.4 402 MASONIC MANUAL ADVANCEMENT OF: INDEX.) FINANCE COMMITTEE Must autboiiee erpenditures Rule 13 FOREIGN CORRESPONDENCE. Advancement) 002 vi. COMMITTEE OF FORMS. Must be in cash. retained When waived Waiver by consent When certificate. MASONIC. Oiily for Masons With olber bodies. Trail EXAMINATION (See that sub-title. waivfr Candidate from another State Certificate dispenses svitb consent ELECTION (See that sub-title.— 12 :196 398 102 404 399 400 401 402 403 405 336—338 337 On dismissal certificate When out jurisdiction C Meannot waive 127 301 334 FESTIVAL DAYS (See Meetings. sub-title Business. AMOUNT ~ PAYMENT OF.— is 329 330 331 332j TITLE JURISDICTION Each Sovereign Exclusive in State Over Subordinate Lodges i’— 1 2 6 - . Accompany petition Member may loan Lodge cannot By note of Lodge Not remitted vi. procedure Procession and pall-hearers Must have Masonic services GRAND LECTURER Appointment and duties May bold conferences Reportof 166-187 I-” _________ 672 674 675 676 16—17 15 19 GRAND LODGE FEES. CODE 9 OBLIGATORY FUNERALS.— 14 vi.

404 POWERS OF: As to degrees As to tax MASONIC MANUAL d 4 0 630 INDEX.— 1 25 After rejection Irregular action 340 .— 7 36 37 vii. 23 i.— iii. manner of Eligibility Not to bold offIce in Subordinate Lodge 90—1 92 i. who may vole Election.— 8 iii. initiated here Residents of this State.— To heal DISPENSATIONS When may issue When not to issue GRAND SECRETARY 27 30 31—35 i.— GRAND TRAESURER GRAND TILER GRAND CHAPLAIN HALLS iv.— 6 38 iv.— ~ i— 1 I USE OF. DUTIES General Annual address WHO ARE NOT Out of Jurisdiction iv.— 5 3 .— DUTIES AND POWERS Generally Report delinquent Lodges May refund fees Appoint assistant . With other bodies For other than Masonic purposes May build with others But nol dedicate HEALING Power of Grand Master 69 70 695 71 23 9 504 30 Whatis ILLEGALLY MADE MASONS WHO ARE From Grand Lodge never recognized Residents of otbei Stales. time Election.— 2 iii.— I iv.~ 1 24 9 MEMBERS OF Who are Qualifications of Proxies Majority decides questions Offenses by Trials of ii.— 22 iii. initiated elsewhere 4Sft WORK Obligatory 3—187 452 454—5 COMMITTEES OF (See appropriate titles) 543—5 450 450 GRAND MASTER.— iv. iii. POWERS General Must enforce Constitution Cannot set aside by-laws 405 28 29 Forfeiture of charters As to trials RIGHTS OF To property of Subordinate Lodge As to liabilities of Subordinate Lodge Dues MEETINGS OF Time and place Qsorum OFFICERS OF Appointment Attendance Duties Election.

noted in Reports of committees Degrees closed separately Must show committees 170—171 172 173 174 200 314—175 145 3 685 vi.— 2 132 SPECIAL Buonessat Fixed in by-laws Maybe changed ~Lodge fixes Not called off beyond day Not on Sunday PLACE BUSINESS AT: NotonSunday On fastival days Not prohibited ~Special Communication 133 13~. Grand Lodge) (See that sub-title. 407 155 156 147 157 158 159 160 162 163 164 183 177 180 167 lbS 169 CONDUCT OF Seven members present Opened on M M Degree When in other degrees. Trial (See that sub-title. supplied Acts.406 TIME OF- MASONIC MANUAL INITIATION Meeting afterpetition Maylimit after elertion vi. 13~ 148—9 136 131 136 138 139—40 141—146 Burial at Coferr~ng degrees at Examination at Degree opened in 14 145—362 146 147 Notice MEMBERSHIP WHAT CONSTITUTES vi— 367 IN ONE LODGE. Subordinate Lodge) LEGAL INFORMATION WHAT [S Sitting in other body not DIMITNOT NECESSARY FOR VISITATION 196—690—3 192 197 191 MASONRY NOT FOR PRIVATE GAIN MEETINGS TIME OF At least once a month ~At stated times Part expunged Ommission in. next meeting Majority may amend - - INSTALLATION MAY BE PUBLIC 75 (See that sub-title. only Master or Warden present Absence of Master Absence of both Another may pieside Master supreme Members to obey Master Appeal from Master May reconsider action Reports of committees Majoiity may report MINUTES OF Master not to sign Read.— 247 7 255 . Officers of Subordinate Lodge) JURISDICTION (See that sub-title. ONLY QUALIFICATIONS. GENERAL Requirements for One yeas’s residence i.— 9 199 I— INDEX.

PEYSICAL Requirements Abibty to do work Artifimal limb -- 270 272 273 274 275 277 275 271 279 ‘1 Badge of mourning WHAT ARE INDEX.) OFFENSES.tl5—119 .— 19 663 64tS 6 666 667 I Obligation to M M ‘s daughter Disobedience of summons Non payment of debts. Trials. renewed MINISTERS Exempt from fees and dues 116 . MASONIC Instances Members of Grand Lodge drunk Secretary deirehetion 503 504 505 Grand Master cannot waive PLACE OF Lodge of choice When out of residence REJECTION FOR Consent required For initiatiOn For affiliatiOn RESTORATION TO First to rights and privileges Reversal by Grand Lodge is not By petition Requiresmay act on vote Quorum unanimous Application for. beyond junadietion Initiation.— 14 420 421 In discretion of Lodge Must be active MINUTES (See thar sub-title.‘I OS MASONIC MANUAL. Initiation.- (See that sub-title. pending SeparatiOn from wile Conviction for crime religious test Dotage Illegitimate Buth QUA LIFI CATIONS.— 7 ISO—i 253 . when Committed before initiation WHAT ARE NOT Violations of criminal law Killing profane Retailing lsquoi Card playing Non-payment of debts Non-payment of dues Pleaduig usury BY LODGES. after rejechon 506 506 505 544 509 dlO 511—12 113 15— 16 519 518 122 358 495 5fi.. afcer rejection Affiliation. Meetings) Failure to act on amendments Refusal Refusal Refusal Failure to accuse Master to accuse Master to accuse Master to assess puirishment 50 532 643 516 613 r .- vs—il 377394 ~494—5 661 vii. MORTGAGE BY SUBORDINATE LODGE Consent of Grand Lodge How executed MOURNING BADGE 409 72 73—5 702 NEW TRIAL ci. QUALIFICATIONS GENERAL—Conctoded Minor Liquor dealer ~nahility to read aud write Indictment.

OFFICERS OF SUBORDINATE LODGES ~1 INDEX.~Vir 2 202 251 ELECTION OF ~vi. after ACTION ON. 411 vi.— 16 221—223 232 224 225 226 227 228 229—230 PAST MASTER NO REFERENCE TO DEGREE MAY PRESIDE INSTALLOFFICERS SUBJECT TO CHARGES PETITIONS FORN OF endorsers ‘~7e~.— 9 312 vi.— 8 177—312 143 316 319 320 221 647 RETURN OF When ineligible Lack of jurisdiction Dealh of applicant 323—4 325—6 327 286 386—287 285 Endorsers cannot demand When not resident 328 266 .No nominations for----------~ Nor eanvasaing Disqualified vote at Moat be member 16 218 219 220 215 RECOMMENDATION ON: Two vouchers Should be from knowledge May be withdrawn Effect of erasure Anothermaysiga If not.1 [0 MASONIC MANUAL. Refered to committee Must beonieport Cannot be withdrawn Re-referred When returned 304 301 312 321 313 317 320 322 323—6 INSTALLATION OF Time of By present or Past Master By Master-elect Nut by dimitted Past Master Unnecessary on re-election May be made public Not by prosy With another Lodge Lapse of time.— 8 306—7 288 309 310 311 382 289 WHO ARE POWERS AND DUTIES Master and Wardena-------~ Minor officers. no bar VACANCIES (See that title) vi.ious application Must be signed 161 157 At aurceeding Communication Objections to committee REPORT ON In writing At succeeding Communication Further time for Maiority may Substitutes appointed Maybe withdrawn vi. cannot exchange ~ .—Iz~~ ~ .. petition returned Made through ignorance WHERE PRESENTED To Lodge of choice RECEPTION oFBoother cannot object to Nor Lodge refuse At regular communication only Cannot be withdrawn.

— S 703 DUTIES Must have seal SCHOOLSOF INSTRUCTION SECRETARY DUTIES On application beyond jurisdiction Forfeiture of charter Serves copy of charges Takes down evidence Transmits appeal 20 vi.— 9 vi.— 13 vi.— Officers and members Charter or dispensation POWERS Auto by-laws 2 3 SEAL REQUIRED PURPOSEOF ON APPEALS vi.— 19 105 107—S Consent beyond Request does not give Profane.— vi. svhen Mual use Code forms 47 49 vi.— 2 vi. may join Out of Procedure 714 ESTABLISHMENT OF Manner of i. renewed Reversalotappealis Certificate used on Statusol one restored Caly by Lodge suspending WbenondefinitesuspenssOn 654 656 841—2655 657—S 659—60 661 ESTABLISHMENT Of’—Cuncluded ‘Ten miles from nearest Lodge Fee for By Grand Lodge officer Dispensation before charter Duration of dispensation REQUIREMENTS FOR r.— vi.MASONIC MANUAL RESTORATION TO INDEX -~ - 416 42 8 45 By petition Procedure for Majority of Lodge present Voteon 650 651 652 653 Application.— 19 vi — 21 52 166 JURISUI CIT [ON General As to unmasonic conduct Halfway to nearest Lodge How measured Not into limits of another tossn Concurrent in towns Must notify each other ci.— j7 vi.— 1 vi. Nfortgage of Eseheats to Grand Lodge 109 113 110—112 [14 120 115 117 124—5 126—7 128—9—265 72—4 75—90 .— ~ Seven necessary for Officers examined 39 41 Retained Removed from Removal before initiation PROPERTY OF.— 0 vi.— 16 Liable for collections Cannot act on own trial Suspension of SECTARIAN SONGS What are SUBORDINATE LODGES 235 236 250 I I To dispense charity Vote on amendments As to unmasonic conduct Make annual returns Make annual returns.— 21 vii.— 46 44 vi.

Officeis REMOVAL OF. WHEN STATED DISOBEDIENCE OF 152 153 503 .— 19 546 5479 87 vi.— 22 58 FORFEITURE OF CI-IARTER When declased Failure to pay for Lack of quorum Disposition of property No dues. Manner of DISTANCE TO EXCUSE SUSPENSION HOW EFFECTED AND EXPULSION 154 vi.‘I -- II U MASONIC MANUAL.— 12 Majority required Consent for At regular Communication SO 51 53 EFFECT OF No dues during When Lodge defunct 649 436 102 When consent not required CONSOLIDATION OF Majority of both Lodges Rights of new Lodge 52 NPD 84 85 - (See that title. 91 93 94 96 C INDEX. not changed vi.— 23 After trial Two-thirds vote Majority of Lodge present 605 609 vii. especially called May beat regular meeting Effect of Reslores membership SUMMONS HOW GIVEN OBJECT. not elected WHAT IS 43 vi. after 59 90 100 104 Pd 552-3 554—5 556 545 557 558 559 560 561 562 563 564 365 RESTORATION OF CHARTER Seven members required Restores all rights NOTICE TO ACCUSSED 97 98 99 Copy of charges Seal not necessary Delivery essential Maybe waived.— 23 86 TRIAL JURISDICTION Of Subordinate Lodge Where offense committed Applies to sojourners Applies to non-affiliates Offenses before dimitting Determined by place of commission Venue. Addressunknown When in prison When dispensed with TIME OP In Lodge. SUMMONS—Concluded 417 PROPERTY OF—Concluded Includes all property Does not go to new Lodge On reinstatement Of old Lodge OFFICERS OF (See title. Dues) TOWN SURRENDER OF CHARTER Not voluntary Petition of majority Officers. during Degrees.

249 239 240 241 VERDICT. Senior Warden Minor offices Dispensation not required 242 246 248 604 .D In Lodge of membership Officer. under charges 568 569—70 571 580 572 579 582 67—606 607 609 610 611 612—13 614 622 648 649 583 585 538 576 EVIDENCE ON. admissible Testimony on former trial Testimony in civil trial Testimony before grand jury Civil judgmenl. does not Minor offices Declared by Lodge 237-8 217-243-4 245 247 598 59~ 588 V. for eapulsion Not semitted Must be assessod liarlure to assess Effect of failure Not disproportionate Effect of Suspension and expulsion .NEW TRIAL When ordered One trial to bar another Grand Lodge may order Disproportionate penalty VACANCIES 419 608 615 616 617 618 550 605 Separate trials Majority of Lodge present Majority essential 566 Members only admitted Failure of accused to appear Postponement Not for legal action Masterpresidet Exception When on copy Burden of proof Closing argument Of suspended Mason SuspendedN P.1~ 4iX liRl)CEDURE ON MASONIC MANUAL. How rendered Every member votes Roll call for Begins youngest Mason Eosv roll called HOW FILLED 10 600 602 603 WardenssucceedW M No vacancy in Warden’s office thereby J W notS W. admissibdity Conviction in court. INDEX. exception PUNISHMENT Only aftei trial Not fixed ruby by-laws Only as voted Vote. not changed Before rendition of Reconsideration Through mistake Conclusive. VERDICT—Concluded Majoritycoconvict Vote.Testimony of profanes Testimony of suspended Masons Testimony of accused When wife may testify When wsfe cannot Conlessions. admissibility Verdict of jury. admissibility Written by Secretary Tescinsony of non-resident Masons 586 587 589 590—1 619 620 621 622 592 593 594 595 598 HOW CREATED First three offices Failure to be installed Definsle suspension.

COMMITTEE ON APPOINTMENT MUSTBEAFFILIATED INSTRUCTS DELEGATES v. Evidence) WORSHIPFUL MASTER.420 Rftd’IT OF MASONIC MANUAL.~ AUTHORITY OF Generally Supreme May request another to preside Delegate to Grand Lodge Government of Lodge Wardens succeed to Absence of May prefer charges Must have been Warden In this State Not in new Lodge Of some Lodge Member of Lodge Ability to read and write Effectof charges Loss of Limb DUTIES Generally Suspends delinquents Effect of failure IMPEACHMENT OF Lodge cannot try May impeach May. investigates Lodge. sub-title.— 24 162—186—231 188—670 203 202 232 vi. accuses Lodge. appoints committee for Hosy begun Suspends from office Grand Master may order Offense before election 232 239 48 696 697 698 699 701 700 Drunkenness vi. cuts off But not children Restoration of Members of defunct Lodges Suspended Masons Dimitted Mason WITNESSES (See Trial. after terse Lodge. VISITATION 658—687 I 76 77 185 191 694 y - INDEX. furnishes evidence Lodge.— 24 233 234 si.— 6 526 WORK.— 22 .— 25 639 529 530 531 640 641 642 644 643 645 646 VISITORS RIGHTS OF Maybe excluded Maybetaxed When excluded Admitted on legal information May demand charter WARDENS POWERS OF SUCCEED MASTER (See also Vacancies WIDOWS RIGHTS OF Certificate to Marraige. AUTHORITY OF—Concluded Presides on trials Exception May vote ELIGIBILITY - 421 573 547 165 183—197 206 207—S 209 210 211 212 213 vi.