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Organizational Set Up: DLW has a design and development office responsible for all engineering functions related to diesel locomotives. Equipped with extensive designing tools, this office provides service support to Zonal Railways / Diesel Locomotive Maintenance Sheds and Locomotive Overhauling Workshops. This office is also responsible for product development, vendor development and vendor approval. It also performs technical advisory functions and coordination with RDSO/Railway Board on technical matters. Chief Design Engineer heads this office and is assisted by a team of technical experts.

2. Functional Responsibilities: The functional responsibilities of Design and Development Office are: Design development of new locomotives, Import substitution /indigenous development of loco component, multi-sourcing, day-to-day design matters raised by diesel sheds and workshops, liaison with Research Design and Standards Organisation of Indian Railways, liaison with supply chain partners in respect of technical matters. Technical matters connected with Loco Standards Committee, Diesel Maintenance Group etc., providing technical clarifications in respect of design/specifications & important tenders. Failure investigations into major assemblies/critical components. • All design issues of ALCo and EMD locomotives. Moreover, design upgradation of EMD locomotives like power upgradation to 4500 BCV, incorporation of IGBT based technology, Distributed power, Hotel Load, Development of twin cab WDP4 and are being dealt with by Design Office. • Liaison with CQAM and RITES in respect of inspection and quality control standards. • Up gradation of technology and quality systems with a view to reducing maintenance and increasing reliability and availability of locomotives. • Any new project which is taken up by Marketing for NRC/Export through RITES are basically dealt by Design Office either independently or in consultation with RDSO. In case of RDSO design, key designs are circulated with complete manufacturing details with associated specifications by Design Office. Moreover, Design Office provides all the technical information to the Marketing for any proposed project. • Requirements for design of a new diesel electric locomotive for export / NRC. • Complete design documentation control like specification, drawings, Maintenance Instructions, Diesel Maintenance Spare Parts Catalogue, Vendor Directory, Design Publication disseminating information to the Zonal Railways.

4000/4500 HP WDG4/P4 with Wider Cab. 4500 BCV WDP4 IGBT TCC (EMD make) locomotive with six traction motors. 3500 HP WDM3D locomotive. WDP4 locomotive with IGBT base TCC & Hotel Load Capability 6. 4500 HP Twin Cab WDP4 locomotive 8. 4500 BCV WDG4 locomotive with IGBT based TCC. 5000 + HP AC-AC Loco with 20 Cylinder EMD Power Pack ALCO 1. WDM3D 3600 Hp locomotives with GE electrics. .3. 2. 3. Indigenous AC-AC control for WDG4 (with distributed power controls) 4. (EMD make) 2. Major Locomotive Design Projects: I) Locomotive design projects currently in hand. EMD 1. Indigenous AC-AC control for WDP4 (with hotel load capability) 5. 7.

4000 HP WDP4 locomotive with IGBT based TCC. 3000 HP / 3300 HP cape gauge locomotive for Mozambique Railways. 12 ton axle load 1350 HP Cape gauge locomotive for export (Sudan) – Aug’05 . 4000 HP WDG4 locomotive with IGBT based TCC.12102 rolled out in Nov’06 2.20040 rolled out in Mar’07 ALCO 1. 17 ton axle load 2300 HP Cape for export (Sudan) – Jan’07 3. (Siemens): Loco No. WDG3A loco with Computer Controlled Braking (CCB) II) Significant Locomotive Designs developed in recent years: EMD 1. 4.3. 2300 HP MG for export (Senegal & Mali) – Sept’07 2. (Siemens): Loco No. 17 ton axle load 12 Cyl.

3100/3300 hp locomotives micro-processor based controls (WDG3A/WDM3D with indigenous Medha System) – Dec’04 8. 3100 hp AC cab WDG3A locomotive.4. 12 ton axle load 1350 HP MG Loco for export (Myanmar) – Nov’05 & Mar’06 7. . 3100/3300 hp locomotives with Siemens microprocessor based controls 11. 3100 HP WDM3B (E-type) mixed service diesel electric locomotive – 2005-06 10. 17 ton axle load 2300 HP Cape for export (Angola) – Oct’06 5. 3100/3300 hp locomotives with GETS microprocessor based controls – Mar’02 9. AC were fitted in WDG3A. 15 Nos. 12 ton axle load 1350 HP Cape Gauge locomotive for export (Angola) – Oct’06 6. WDM3D.

Auto Fill system for battery .Mar’06. 4.12. 16. Carbody filters without motors 18. 2. Recently completed and in hand design projects of major Equipment and Component SN Projects 1. WDM3D without equalizing & compensating beam.11119 . 7. Maotti self cleening LO filter 17. 3300 hp WDG3D locomotive with Medha microprocessor based control system – Aug’06 13. Development of source for drilling and tapping of fully finished 16 Cylinder ALCO Engine block 11. 4. 5. Compact control stand for driver. Development of sources for 16 Cylinder block envelop machined Development of sources for 6 Cylinder block fully machined Development of sources for Turbo support fully machined Fully machined Cast block High capacity Fuel injection pump Development of Case carburized Camshaft and Crankshaft gears from trade Development of Fuel pump drive assembly complete (Stiffer) from trade Laser Hardening on ALCO cylinder liners Plasma Rings for ALCO power assembly 10. TM 4501 with roller suspension arrangement 23. Improved high TE traction motors 22. 6. 9. Transducer based pressure display gauges with LED. 14. 3. Water expansion tank redesign with 2 chambers to take care of water loss and longer periodicity for refilling 15. Higher stall current on WDG3A 24. 8. Swash plate modified for light weight WDG3A fuel tank 19. E-beam radiated air brake kit gaskets. Development of 752 Ah traction motor for 3600 hp ALCO locomotive 21. Solid Stick Wheel Flange Lubrication System 13. Modified control desk accommodated with all switches 20. Loco No. O-rings and diaphragms 25. Modified bogie for WDM3D/WDG3A series without equalizer and compensation arrangement 12.

Design development of Cable seal. Low Idle 30. MCBG with speed sensor (in place of tacho generator) 32. o Revision Control o Release control o Duplicity of components o Better fitment of the components • Team Center Engineering PDM = 22 Licenses • UNIGRAPHICS(NX) Gateway 3D CAD = 22 Licenses • NX NASTRAN CAE = 1 License • AutoCAD 2D = 10 License • PROMIS (Wiring/Schematic) = 2 licenses • Server : Team Center Server (Win2003) = 1 . Fire alerter system 33.26. Post lubrication feature 29. GM type master controller 28. GETS – TA :GTA-11 & rectifier 34. using Unigraphics 3D modelling design software o Controls the engineering data base. Development of alternate source for EMD locomotive traction motor 35. 5. CAD FACILITIES Existing • Design Office is equipped with High end CAD Software and CAD workstations • Design office is fully working on Team center Engineering PDM (Product Data management) software. Brushless design eddy current clutch 27. Auto Emergency brake 31.

) • • Procurement of Hard Disk 146 GB SCSI hot swappable 10000 RPM for Server Compaq ML530 (8 Nos.). • Modular furniture for all the drafting / design staff installed.) • A2 size photocopier (Automatic multiple copies of drawings & specs. • Extension of AMC of Team Center & UG NX (consolidated) software (2010 t0 2012). • Procurement of Cluster Server system for CAD center. UPS-600 V A (16 Nos. up to A3 size and A4 size on cut sheets can be taken on this Machine) • Photocopier (Automatic multi copies of drawings & specs up to A3 and A4 size on cut sheets can be taken on this mc. • A0 size photocopier (Automatic multi copies of Drawings up to A0 size can be taken on this machine using paper rolls.• Server : Auto and Scan Data (Win 2003) = 1 • UG CAD Workstations = 23 • AutoCAD Workstations = 08 • Plotters = 02 • Laser Printer A3/A4 = 02 • High speed networking • 16 Personal Computer. DMP Printers (4 Nos. • New AMC for CAD UPS system (2010 t0 2012).5” Hard Disk Drive) • Procurement of 20 SMF (65 Ah) batteries for 20 KVA Numeric UPS system . Record & Printing. Planned • Extension of CAD Center-2 in Design & Development office building.). • Printing section can take printouts by hard copy as well as scanned image of originals stored in the record without using the hardcopy.) AMC of Team Center & UG NX (consolidated) software for 2009-10. • AMC of 2 X 10 KVA Numeric make UPS system for CAD center. • Procurement of 20 KVA central CAD UPS systems. • Procurement proposal for 3D CAD Model Visualization and Release system with 2 D Drawing. • Procurement of CAD system (3 X 4 UG/TC modules) & 3 UG/NX workstations • Proposal for replacement of DDS 8830 printing machine • Expansion of Server ML 370G5 capacity by adding 146 GB X 8 Hot swappable 2. • AMC of CAD system computer Hardware. • Inkjet Printers (8 Nos.

First Composite Vendor Directory for year 2009 based on the revised procedure has already been issued and is available on DLW website since July’09. 8. Important projects / designs under implementation. . 7. End user i. Diesel sheds. II and III items are dealt by DLW. fitted on trial List of important CPAs Eleven issues of “Soochna” have been issued since March’02. WDP4) operation and maintenance. Now Stores and Accounts departments are also giving valuable inputs in vendor review. so that all the aspects are taken care off. Special supplements on new locomotive designs & locomotive equipment. 6.e Zonal Railways will also get aware of such lectures through soft copies of such lectures which will shortly be made available to Zonal Railways by putting the soft copy of lectures on DLW website.g. technical literature e. To ease the operation and maintenance of EMD locomotives by Zonal Railways. DLW and will shortly be issued to Zonal Railways for enabling them in EMD locomotive (WDG4. production. The procedure which was under practice at DLW from a long time has been revised and is made more effective and transparent by involving Stores and Accounts departments. Miscellaneous technical notices. hence the technical professional involved in design. “Soochna” shall incorporate all the applicable modifications / alterations to sheds and shops. DLW design office is performing lectures for DLW technical persons. WDG4 and WDP4 Maintenance Instruction Manuals. review (approval. Quality System Procedure (QSP). Soochna DLW issues technical bulletins “Soochna” informing major changes / developments implemented on locomotives to Railways. maintenance etc needs to be aware of EMD locomotive. Maintenance Instruction Manuals and Operating Manuals are being prepared by design office. Details of defects reported and actions taken by DLW Failure investigation reports.• Replacement of 16 old CAD workstations & CAD softwares. Soochna shall be provided in Hard as well as soft copies. Vendor Review Exercise: As per Railway Board instructions.) of Vendors for Cat III items (specified by Rly Board) and other than Cat I. Operating Manuals EMD locomotive is proliferating in all over Indian Railway and is the future of Indian Railways. workshops and Railway Board. “Soochna” covers the following information: • • • • • • • • • Important projects / designs implemented. List of items with Loco no. deletion etc.Vendor Control was reviewed and revised thoroughly.

. To strengthen the available human resources. Training and HRD: • Training has been assigned special importance. training in areas of FEA. Regular training of technical personnel design office is organised for proficient use of modern designing and drafting tools like CAD & PDM. Great stress has been given to harness human resources effectively.9. Computer-aided calculations & advance design skills is planned.