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Mail handlers and Clerks Celia Patino Robert Davis Dana <orison Shavonne Clark Tremeka Williams Julie

Williams Frankie Davis Yvette Simson Sharon Taylor Sammy Davis 3/1 Sun 3/2 Mon 3/3 Tues 3/4 Wed 3/5 Thurs No Felicia. No trouble off off Felicia -At 5 Customs-only Sun Felicia -A-machine-scanning-Sun -At 5 Customs-only Sun Felicia -11-1:30 Express Break-up -After Break to Lunch-MDO Cornell wants to manually scan for North and Chicago Custom mails-July and Sun scanned them-there were some extra heavy mail. I asked Felicia that I needed some help to lift heavy boxes from hamper to BMC but she yelled “ask somebody.” I asked her for help because she is a supervisor, but she didn’t care. At that time though, Dana, Ellen, and Shavonne were all at the Express Break up unit, and Yvette, Frankie, Sharon, and Sammy were at Foreign receiving unit. They were not that busy since there wasn’t much mail. -At 5 Customs- only Sun No Felicia. No trouble No Felicia. No trouble R-off R-off Felicia

3/6 Fri

3/7 Sat 3/8 Sun 3/9 Mon 3/10 Tues 3/11 Wed

No A-machine mail At Customs-Sun and Tremeka 3/25 Wed Felicia -11pm until 1:30am. No trouble No Felicia.” Discrimination: Felicia have never asked anyone else to turn off scanner to flip boxes to help the other person. 3/12 Thurs 3/13 Fri 3/14 Sat 3/15 Sun 3/16 Mon 3/17 Tues 3/18 Wed 3/19 Thur 3/20 Fri 3/21 Sat 3/22 Sun 3/23 Mon 3/24 Tues R-off R-off No Felicia. No trouble No-Felicia. -After break. No trouble Off Off R-off R-off No Felicia. Tremeka-Setting hampers for A-machine (Felicia always took Tremeka and I was left alone at Express mail throw off) I worked by myself for two hours while Felicia allowed Tremeka to take two hours to set the hampers. Felicia then asked me to “open bags” I was mad because Sammy went to take rest and I was left to open bags when I had been .-At 5 Customs-Sun and Shavonne. Tremeka-A-machine until 4:00am-I’m already exhausted at this time when Sammy took all the Mexico mail to floor and he said something to Felicia and he left the A-machine floor without a reason. No trouble No Felicia. I was already logged into the scanner and waiting for Shavonne when Felicia told me to flip boxes instead of scanning. Shavonne will do scanning. No trouble No Felicia.Sun. No trouble Felicia Slow day.After Lunch I came earlier than Shavonne to Custom side and I logged into the scanner but Felicia came to me and said “You flip boxes over.

Felicia immediately sends me to Customs to help Custom’s side people. No trouble -No trouble-A-machine/ Morris.” Since she had been taking a rest for almost 5 hours. I told her “That’s Sammy’s job! You can do that. -Discrimination: Felicia allowed Dana and Tremeka to take a rest since there was no more work left while I was at Customs alone. he left at 4) Shavonne-scanning -At 6. He said “Opening bags is everybody’s job. Felicia sent Sun to Customs scanning. but Felicia called Dana to dump mail of mail handler’s job so I was left alone at Customs again. I don’t want to go home” She said “ask Cornell” and she phoned Cornell and explained something.Morris. Morris and July 3/29 Sun 3/30 Mon 3/31 Tue 4/6 Mon . I opened bags previous days and helped others with the job before too. When I finish A-machine mail scanning. We help each other. Tour-2 mail handlers came so Dana did not have to dump mail anymore and also the A-machine stopped at 6am. Tremeka-other \ Sun-scanning -At 5 Customs-Sun-At 6 Customs-Morris -A-machine. but today was a different situation. there was no trouble and we helped each other with the work off Felicia -Robert and Dana-express break up -Tremeka and Sun-A-machine side -At 5am. but that day. At 6am. Then she said “you want to go home?” I told her “Why should I go home. I worked a lot at break up unit and I came to Amachine side to scan and threw off a lot of rejected mail continuously. I shouldn’t have been given his job. 3/26 Thur 3/27 Fri 3/28 Sat R-off R-off No Felicia. Felicia -no A-machine mail -East and West holding mail to scan-Sun. While I was opening bags Cornell came up to me. No trouble -A-machine-Morris. Sun-other side (Morris helped MH. When Sammy left the floor. Neither Dana nor Tremeka came to Customs to help. Tremeka No Felicia.Shavon and Sun at Customs -No Felicia.” -I do help other people when they need help.working continuously that night. Tremeka. Quinones asked Dana to help me.

About 20 min passed but she still didn’t come back and I felt cold so I went to express unit to get my jacket. This meant that I was delayed to arrive to A-machine.” That is not her job. She called me to help put my ID into the scanner since her ID didn’t work so I helped her.After break: A lot of A-machine Mail(Import express mail) but no Mexico mail which means that there are not much rejected mail. Robert(experditor). Also. I didn’t see Tremeka anywhere. –Discrimination: other people came back late too but she has never yelled out to find out about others. This means that Felicia gave her extra break time. I passed her side Customs on my way to A-machine. At 6:10 I went to women’s washroom and Sammy is eating a hot dog at DMZ. There were only Dana and Robert and I saw that the A-machine wasn’t running. Felicia said “Sun other and Tremeka scanning side. Felicia sent Tremeka. . but when Felicia sent Dana to Customs. After I folded them all. the senior helps the experditor.Tremeka and Sun 4/7 Tues Felicia -Before the first break. Sun—” very loudly from the A-machine looking for me. Supervisor George said “thank you. . -Discrimination: Sammy came to get Tremeka and took her to Dock because Felicia said “Sammy and Tremeka go to dock to check for more bags. Tremeka go to Customs scanning so there were 3 scanning persons -Discrimination: When Felicia sends me to work at Customs. Even Sammy did not fold bags. no one joins to help me after they are done with the A-machine.Felicia told Tremeka. 4/8 Wed . Also Felicia only helps other employees but not me. -The machine started immediately until 6:10 am.-At 5 Customs. While Sun and Tremeka were folding bags. I was really busy and no one helped me-16 hamper fulled but Felicia only helped Tremeka -Discrimination: Felicia has never asked anyone to move to a different side other than me. Sun to floor by FSM for folding bags so Robert and Dana stayed at Express unit. Felicia called “Sun. Dana went to A-machine side and told Felicia that she was helping me. I came back to floor for folding bags. Usually. Felicia said “Sun. .” A lot of mail is coming out to the other side. -After A-machine mail was finished. Sun. Sun(senior) and Tremeka(junior). “Set express hampers and bags” and Sun is still in break up area for throwing Mails off. Sammy came to Tremeka and took her to dock. Felicia has never sent Tremeka (junior) to work at Customs alone. you can go back” and I went to women’s washroom in DMZ. Dana went to Customs.After lunch Sun and Tremeka come back to A-machine. Felicia -3 clerks. she also sent Tremeka and me to help out. I saw her just coming out.

From there I could see the A-machine where Felicia. Felicia still yelled for me and commented on my lateness but she does not do this to other employees. -Discrimination: After break when I am still on the A-machine. I don’t see her. I know that Mexico mails are rejected often. Felicia said “Sun go to lunch and go to Customs at 5. -Discrimination: Felicia has never called Tremeka or any other employee to another side.Discrimination: After break. I used all single hampers and I brought them from other place. -Felicia called me (Sun) to set hampers for aiieeps machine. At this time. I put all the cards on each hamper and she told me “open bags” so I opened all bags. -Around 4:25 am. After about 10 min. one of the mail handlers that were working with me (Frankie or Yvette) called her to let her know that I was walking toward the washroom and I saw her as she was there walking out. Yvette. There are a lot of China and Mexico bags. and Cuff are talking and laughing instead of working. you scan” so Tremeka came to the other side.” At this time there are only a few Mexico bags left. I asked her for help because she is a supervisor. and Felicia didn’t say anything. So I told her I couldn’t separate them down. I thought Tremeka would join me at Customs scanning side but she didn’t. So I can arrange hampers on the reject side and other side. After lunch Tremeka stayed on the Aieeps machine and I scanned Custom mail. I didn’t see her until later at 6:50am I went to women’s washroom to check. So after opening the bags I stayed on the other side. Felicia gave them extra break time and the A-machine started at 5:33am and stopped at 6:05am. Sammy came back late. but she didn’t. but Felicia then called to me “Sun. Felicia always starts exactly on time and yells for me if I am late. When I was late because I was helping another employee. The time is 6:50 am. At this time. She just said “Ask somebody!” She is sitting down and doesn’t try to try me or find someone that can. Tremeka. Sammy. Felicia said “use stucked hampers” even though she knew that I couldn’t separate hampers since they are too heavy and high for me. Sammy and Tremeka are talking and laughing. .. -After all single hampers were set. -After they were done on the A-machine (6:05am).

Work should be assigned fairly as possible whether it is by seniority. the act supervisor could help more so that we can work efficiently such as removing full hampers. On busy days. putting in new hampers and opening bags. 2. by rotation.Recommendations: 1. Felicia should treat everyone fairly as a supervisor. or by rules. . Recently four people left and only one person came in.