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Ten Steps to International Business Intelligence

Step 1) Keep Current in International Business & EIU Viewswire open incomparable windows on the world of international business, offering timely briefings on business issues worldwide as well as country intelligence for over 190 countries. They are Web-based services from the Economist Intelligence Unit and the Economist magazine. Factiva, combines Dow Jones & Reuter's content. It features a searchable publications library with the full-text of The Wall Street Journal, The Wall Street Journal Europe, The Asian Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Business Week, Reuters, and thousands of other newspapers, magazines, news services and journals worldwide. Lexis-Nexis also has the full-text of thousands of sources covering international business issues including the Financial Times. ABI/INFORMand Business Source Premier index, abstract and provide selected full-text of thousands of English language business and economics journals. Use the Articles Guide guide to identify additional databases for full-text articles. The Financial Times’ portal,, reports current news from a European perspective. 2) Find In-Depth Country Intelligence provides more than 200 in-depth Country Profiles and Country Reports for the major economic and strategic powers including the U.S., Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Japan, Russia, China, Hong Kong, and India, as well as Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Israel. EIU Viewswire covers all of the countries with convenient Country home pages that organize EIU's news and analysis into sections on the country's politics, economy, finance, business and regulations. Datamonitor360 features Country Analysis Reports using the PESTLE framework. Each profile analyzes the political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental structure of the country. Each of the PESTLE factors is explored on four parameters: current strengths, current challenges, future prospects and future risks. You can supplement these reports with the U.S. Department of State's Background Notes and Country Commercial Guides (easily retrieved via globalEDGE). globalEDGE features Country Insights reference pages that link to key sources for each country. Doing Business is the World Bank's portal that provide's objective measures of business regulations and their enforcement across 183 economis and selected cities at the subnational and regional level. Baker Library’s Country Guides are useful guides to country-related Web sites. FITA (Federation of International Trade Associations) has excellent country profiles with links to sources. HLB International's "Doing Business in..." guides are free sources of information on foreign countries. Portals to the World are "links to electronic resources selected by Library of Congress subject experts.". The CIA's World Factbook s a widely cited sources of basic statistical information. The World Bank e-Library has extensive downloadable books and reports on countries and regions that focus on social and economic development. Two notable examples are the annual World Development Report and Doing Business In. is the Investment Promotion Network sponsored by the World Bank. It organizes more than 12,000 Web-based documents in a searchable database. Wikipedia's List of Sovereign States links to detailed country reports with links to references. You may also wish to visit Yahoo! Countries or use Google or Bing to locate additional sources. Countries and Their Cultures [GN307 .C68 2001 Ref] is a four volume encyclopedia of individual country customs and cultures that is available online and in print. Canada's Centre for Intercultural Learning has developed Country Insights, a site that provides insightful information on the cultural characteristics of countries around the world including the U.S. Kwintessential Country Profiles is a British site that provides free information on "understanding other people's languages, cultures, etiquettes and taboos" for

companies. Culture Crossing is "a community built guide to cross-cultural etiquette & understanding" with detailed guides for individual countries. are available on the Business Workstations. Energy. Euromonitor International's GMID: Global Market Information Database is an online database providing business intelligence on countries.S. You may use the directories in the Company Information Center to locate companies and/or the search engines such as Google and Yahoo! to find company home pages. SourceOECD has in depth economic. Technology. 4) Investigate International Industries and Markets IBISWorld U. Financial Services. The World Bank's Doing Business database provides comparative data on the cost of doing business across 155 economies. Each report of about 25-30 pages uses Michael Porter's "Five Competitive Forces" framework. OneSource. annual reports. and Factiva all have reports on international publicly traded companies. The World Bank has developed outstanding Web sites on Political Risk Insurance and Foreign Direct Investment that explain these subjects in depth and link to resources on these topics by country. Kompass. Europages. Investext on OneSource has a selection investment research reports covering major international industries and their leading companies. Bloomberg and Datastream. company profiles and information sources.000 U. The reports include company profiles.S. with extended coverage of 52. Mintel publishes hundreds of market research reports covering the U. Datamonitor360 is an international market research database that has thousands of industry analyses utilizing Michael Porter's Five Forces framework to create industry scorecards.C85 Ref Res] provide insight to customs and cultures of 177 countries. Two leading online financial services. market reports. consumers and industries. SEC filings. 3) Research International Companies Hoover's Online.S. reports are written at the 5-digit level of the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS).. Healthcare. & Global Industry Reports features over 700 reports on U. financials and stock market performance data. The Political Risk Yearbook reports on individual countries are available in Business Source Premier. news and articles.S. The Business & Industry Database covers many foreign trade journals and newspapers as well as U. It offers integrated access to statistics. Factiva and the other Article Databases for articles about international companies. 205 countries are researched. Commercial Service publishes a Market Research Library with detailed country and . Culturgrams [GT150 . Business Source Premier. financial and international trade data and country reports for all of the major economies and the emerging markets. Thomson Global Register. Business Insights offers international market research reports on Consumer Goods.S. eCommerce and Human Resources. Gale's Business & Company Resource Center features essays on major global industries. Thomson One Banker provides worldwide company reports. sources. Datamonitor360 features in-depth comapny profiles on more than 50. The U. Most of these steps apply to international as well as U.S.S. industries and a growing collection of global industry reports.the traveler of visiting business person. analytics and market data. The Company Research Tutorial outlines Ten Steps to Company Intelligence. and international private and public companies. UK and European consumer markets and lifestyles. Telecoms. economic and investment risk in more than 100 countries.P762 Ref] is an annual multi-volume work thoroughly analyzing political. You can also search ABI/INFORM. It includes Market Research Monitor. Thomson Research. Investext on OneSource has a selection of investment research reports written by leading firms that evaluate the investment outlook and performance for leading companies and industries worldwide. The Political Risk Yearbook [HB3730 . The U. and other Company Directories offer company profiles and contact information.S.

foreign direct investment and many other issues using CIAO and Policy File. IFS Online (IMF) is the International Monetary Fund's online database of financial data by country. industries. You can use both Bloomberg and Datastream on the Business Workstations for international economic and financial data. doing business in foreign countries.E9 Bus Ref] is an impotant print publication in Business Reference. and a host of other topics. Here you will find market research. Lexis-Nexis and the other Article Databases provide thorough coverage of international markets. financial and trade data for many countries. business customs. The State Department’s Country Commercial Guides are comprehensive overviews of foreign markets prepared annually by embassy staff. economics and demographics. See the International Business Information Center for additional sources. EIU Viewswire has detailed information about foreign exchange. public policy think tanks and other organizations including the American Enterprise Institute. economic and country data on their Web sites. A Basic Guide to Exporting. the Hoover Institution. TradePort and Trade Compass are four international trade portals on the Web that have good free content. working papers. World Development Indicators Online is the most comprehensive database for comparative economic and social indicators. Factiva. 5) Locate Key International Data and Statistics Both GMID and Datamonitor360 feature extensive data on products. Factiva. trade leads. The Dismal Scientist tracks economic conditions around the world including Asia. D&B’s Exporter’s Encyclopedia [HF 3011 . . a database of articles.S. businesses export. You may profit from reviewing the steps to industry research found in the Industry Research Tutorial. globalization. the Social Science Citation Index in the Web of Knowledge. Business Source Premier. The IMF. CIAO is Columbia International Affairs Online. and international industries. products and demographics. Smathers Libraries has many of the sources referred to. and other exporting resources including. TableBase is an international database that specializes exclusively in tabular data dealing with companies. the Institute for International Economics. Brookings. exporting. 8) Research International Public Policy Issues Many public policy issues impact the international business environment.industry research reports to help U. Exportall. SourceOECD has detailed economic. the Council on Foreign Relations. EIU Viewswire has five-year economic forecasts for each country that can be downloaded as Excel files. importing. markets. financial. 6) Explore International Business World Wide Web Sites globalEDGE is a comprehensive directory of Web sites related to international business studies.S. and many is the United States Commercial Service's export portal. the IMF. Policy File is a database of research from universities. ABI/INFORM. You can research the World Trade Organization. The reports in Standard & Poor’s Industry Surveys focus on both the U. sustainable development. Mouse over the links to see brief descriptions of the sites. and economic data for more than 200 countries. 7) Investigate International Trade Resources Export. countries. You can further explore the literature by utilizing PAIS and EconLit. ABI/INFORM. tax and trade regulations for each country. Europe and Latin America. OECD and the World Bank all have financial. ABI/INFORM and the other Article Databases. Global Financial Data is an unparalleled source for historical stock market. conference proceedings and other materials. Lexis-Nexis and the other article databases provide thorough coverage of international trade topics. FITA. The Article Databases often contain data relevant for international research. The websites listed in the right-hand column of the International Business Information Center offer a wealth of information about countries.

Latin American Business and the World Economy. Globalization. netLibrary and the World Bank e-Library for eBooks. Or browse Books24x7. International Trade. industries and markets. International Management. U. title. International Investment.S. Our Government Documents Department is a depository for UN. . subject or keyword to find additional books and reports held by the Libraries. Web sites and other sources for keeping abreast of international business and to identify sources for researching international companies. International Finance. You may search UF Libraries' Catalog by author. International Marketing. Asian Business. European Business. 9) Browse Core Collections of International Business Books The Business Library contains core collections of books on African Business. title. Articles. 10) Conclusion Use the International Business Information Center to link to the most important Databases.. The Global Entrepreneur is an excellent example of a valuable book available both in print and electronically.Search UF Libraries' Catalog by author. China Business. OECD and European Union documents. International Business. subject or keyword to find additional books held by the Libraries.