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SAP Customer Success Story

“With SAP xRPM, not only are we able to please our customers and improve project efficiencies – we now have the ability to manage our growth and assume a leadership position in the Latin American market.”
Carlos Cruz, Managing Director, Agile Solutions

Company Name Agile Solutions, Brazil Industry IT consulting Key Challenges Visibility across project portfolio Project execution efficiency Managing rapid growth Customer collaboration


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Implementation Partner SAP® Consulting Solution and Services SAP xApp™ Resource and Program Management SAP NetWeaver™ Existing Environment SAP R/3® mySAP™ Customer Relationship Management Implementation Highlights Implementation length: 12 weeks 100 users Key Benefits Enhanced ability to identify at-risk projects Vastly improved project efficiency Improved ability to enter new markets Gained new customers Improved collaboration with clients and partners Reduced time and costs for assimilating new employees Hardware Dell Operating System Microsoft Windows 2000

With a constant eye on the future, Agile Solutions wanted a platform for growth – one that would give it the kind of business agility the company adopted for its namesake. “What we needed,” says Carlos Cruz, managing director of Agile Solutions, “was a platform that would empower us to collaborate fully with our clients, incorporate new business partners on short notice, and standardize the process of bringing on new employees as we continue to grow. And we needed a system that could do all of these things at the same time.” It helps that Agile also has a pioneering spirit. That’s why when SAP introduced SAP® xApp™ Resource and Program Management (SAP xRPM), a new packaged composite application that manages the details of large-scale projects and the resources associated with them, Agile became one of the first companies to adopt it. Based in São Paulo, Brazil, Agile Solutions is a young company growing up fast. With $15 million in 2003 revenues, this successful IT consulting company has expanded to more than 170 employees in just three years. In addition to Brazil, Agile also has operations in Chile, Argentina, Mexico, and the United States. Its rapidly growing client base includes companies from a wide array of industries – including pharmaceuticals and telecommunications.

As Cruz explains it: “SAP NetWeaver is like plumbing in the house. and processes across organizations and technologies. Agile Solutions and business partners.” says Cruz. financial risk. Agile Solutions knows that success depends on its ability to please its customers with exceptional service. professionalism. It took time – a lot of time. Managing Director. evaluate capacity. This has helped us boost customer satisfaction levels to new heights. schedules. customers need to be informed of what’s happening with constant updates and progress evaluations. however.” . but it keeps everything together. Agile needed open standards in order to work closely with a wide range of newly acquired clients “SAP xRPM has given us the visibility we need to get the right resources to the right projects at the right time. haphazard process. And it would all need to be Web-based to accommodate the needs of remote project managers and customers alike. and resource information was also critical.” And once a project got up and running? Agile needed a more efficient way to coordinate details – a standardized process that would work with each new project. make for a solid match. You don’t see it. all of this would need to tie into back-end ERP systems such as SAP R/3® and project management systems such as Microsoft Project. companies must expend considerable time and effort to line up resources. technological. It also needed a cross-functional solution that would work across traditional boundaries: organizational. Keenly aware of the importance of customer service. And Agile itself is an SAP development partner running SAP R/3 internally. In the software services field. and geographical. “There was no systematic way to go about it. “For us it was a very manual. information. Basically. But Agile saw something more in SAP xRPM. While Agile already had the abilities to do much of this. project planners would meet face-to-face and work out the details. Many of Agile’s customers already use SAP back-end systems to run their businesses. managers needed a single point of access to all information related to the project. The technical foundation for SAP xApps is SAP NetWeaver™. and throughout the project life cycle. combined. Due to the projectcentered nature of its business. Experience with the technology and a solid working relationship with SAP. for example. Transparency for budgets. In addition.STARTING OVER – EVERY TIME WHY SAP? As an IT consulting company. Projects need to be on time and on budget. Our clients can now follow every detail with us right over the Internet. processes were not standardized. and speed – all of which are crucial to its ability to win business in its competitive industry. During project execution.” says Cruz. an open integration and application platform that aligns people. and identify available consultants with the appropriate skill sets. Agile has built a solid reputation for thoroughness. all business is projectbased. “It was often a case of reinventing the wheel with each new project. This is part of the strength offered by SAP xRPM and all of the solutions that make up the SAP xApps™ family of composite applications.” Carlos Cruz. For each new project.

” says Cruz. In our business.Leveraging the integrative power of SAP NetWeaver. “Our customers want to get their projects completed on time and on budget.” Another important concern is capacity management: the ability to utilize and allocate resources in order to maximize assets. That results in a more effective project and greater customer satisfaction. “SAP xRPM changes the way we relate to our customers. and other criteria. A SMOOTH IMPLEMENTATION STREAMLINING TASKS While real-time customer collaboration is a major benefit. SAP xRPM helps automate the process of identifying qualified professionals. “SAP xRPM helps us monitor. Agile also has ongoing access to SAP technical support. No underlying infrastructure changes were required. which mitigates our risk by reducing project failure rates. analyze. “And SAP xRPM helps us meet their expectations. Through the use of a detailed qualification catalog that links directly to the back-end human resources system. functional area. Role-based Web interfaces deliver only the information the user needs and help minimize the need for training. Agile Solutions Agile’s SAP xRPM implementation started in July of 2003 and lasted just 10 weeks. Agile now has the ability to know how many people are working on a given project and which people can be switched to new projects to meet emerging demands. PUTTING THE CUSTOMER FIRST With an intense focus on customer satisfaction. and manage projects more effectively. With an at-a-glance view of resource availability versus allocation. SAP xRPM sits on top of Agile’s IT landscape and orchestrates data and components from existing systems in a way that minimizes total cost of ownership for existing assets. As with any company-transforming IT project. A related capability that Agile now enjoys is systematized expertise management. With SAP. and assign people accordingly. Agile found the user-friendly nature of SAP xRPM helpful. Agile first concentrated on the portfolio analysis features that would deliver value to its customer base. Or as Cruz puts it: “Now we have the ability to put the right people in the right place.” Cruz explains. our customers can track a project right along with us over the Internet. Strong leadership was required from the earliest stages. In this regard. Along the way. This helps the company measure its capacity to take on new projects and execute tasks more efficiently once a project is under way. Agile also uses SAP xRPM to streamline internal project tasks. SAP xRPM even lets us show the customer a variety of possible scenarios so they can choose the best solution for their needs. Managers can quickly determine who has the right skill set. minor problems involving incompatible components were quickly addressed with the latest release of SAP NetWeaver. This helps us deliver projects that are on time and on budget. This helps executives identify at-risk projects before crises develop. which helps ensure timely completion and the best possible use of resources. it is important for management to lead the way to ensure end-user acceptance. It also gives Agile increased powers to manage the myriad details for each project and to collaborate with customers at a more intimate level. Managers can track status and compare actual progress against original schedules and budgets. Two SAP consultants were on-site full time to lend a hand.” . The biggest challenge for Agile was organizational in nature. Managing Director. They can also drill down by region.” Carlos Cruz. that’s a real competitive advantage. check availability. measure capacity. and Europe. Printed on environmentally friendly paper.” says Cruz. Many of Agile’s current and potential customers have operations in Chile. This improves our ability to offer truly global solutions to our biggest clients. more flexible way to go after new customers – no matter where those customers may be. without representation or warranty of any kind. track project progress. Mexico. “Customers want reassurances.” NEW DIRECTIONS With SAP xRPM. “They want to see a clear methodology in place for tracking and sharing information. All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies. Agile Solutions has significantly increased project-related efficiencies. it helps close the deal.” Agile also has future plans to build off the success of its SAP xRPM implementation. 50 068 629 (04/04) © These materials are subject to change without notice. Cruz says that SAP xRPM helps his company in three significant ways: Increased Efficiencies and Reduced Costs With abilities to quickly ascertain the activities of its consultants. With increased visibility across projects. One particular initiative will be to integrate with mySAP™ Customer Relationship Management so that Agile can offer remote help-desk support for the solutions it builds. SAP xRPM also helps Agile align skill sets for project requirements and quickly identify the qualifications needed for new hires. 2004 by SAP AG. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty.” Streamlined Processes for Growth As a young company on the rise. mySAP. After implementing SAP /contactsap THE RESULTS To measure the success of any implementation. Argentina. the United States. The only warranties for SAP Group products and services are those that are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Agile Solutions acquired three new customers – all as a result of the company’s new capabilities. and SAP Group shall not be liable for errors or omissions with respect to the materials. Data contained in this document serves informational purposes only. National product specifications may vary. SAP. Improved Customer Satisfaction In the IT consulting business. SAP NetWeaver. and other SAP products and services mentioned herein as well as their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries all over the world. Dealing with multinational clients. Many of these plans will leverage the same cross-functional capabilities that are already helping Agile increase collaboration in numerous areas. In this kind of environment one significant measure of improved customer satisfaction is new customer acquisitions. Particularly important is the ability to quickly assimilate new employees. Agile Solutions wanted a platform it could invest in once and grow from there. And as Cruz indicates: “SAP xRPM gives us the flexibility to partner with any of these local providers – quickly and easily. All rights reserved. R/3. SAP xRPM has helped his company “standardize development and product quality so that people who are new to the organization are now working as if they were long-time employees. These materials are provided by SAP AG and its affiliated companies (“SAP Group”) for informational purposes only. Brazil. it’s not unusual for the company to find itself working with smaller local providers during various aspects of a mySAP. though yet unannounced. if any. Agile Solutions now has a better. and more easily collaborate with customers. will similarly build off of Agile’s enhanced abilities to move into new markets and quickly ramp up for a wide range of collaborative business activities. This helps boost productivity and reduce costs. This will help the company seize lucrative aftermarket opportunities that were previously not feasible. According to Cruz. Other initiatives. Agile Solutions uses an internal balanced scorecard that helps evaluate the results. xApp. word gets around. When we demonstrate the capabilities of SAP xRPM. By standardizing critical processes surrounding Agile’s core competency of custom solution development. xApps. SAP xRPM helps the company manage growth.www. . managers can now identify how many of its consultants are currently engaged and to what capacity they are working.