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PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT REPORT Name: Father’s Name: Date of Birth: Date of Assessment: Examiner: Case No: Bismillah Unnar Asadullah

January 14, 1999. April 21, 23, 25, 27, 28, May 2, 3 & 4, 2011 Noorulain Tahir 8872

Identifying Information: Bismillah is a 12 year old female child, she has one younger sister. She is studying in Grade 7 in Bahria Foundation, Nowshehra. Her father is an Engineer in WAPDA and her mother is a housewife. She belongs to an upper middle socioeconomic status, Sindhi family with nuclear setup. Currently she resides in Nowshera due to father’s job while she originally belongs to Karachi. Referral Source and Presenting Complaints: Bismillah has been referred to the Institute of Clinical Psychology, University of Karachi by Dr. Musarrat Hussain (Neuro-Psychiatrist and Addictionologist) for IQ assessment. Her presenting complaints are hyperactivity, lack of concentration, stubbornness and irritability. Interviewed Information: Bismillah’s birth was normal, her birth weight was 9 pounds and no problems after birth were reported. Bismillah grew up like all normal children but started talking in complete sentences a little later; at the age of 4 years and walking when she was 1 and a half years old. Bismillah’s presenting problems developed after the birth of her younger sister and she has been taken to many Psychiatrists since she was 8 years old, the reason for this was her hyperactivity and inattention that was noticed by her parents which grew gradually over the years. Bismillah cried more than normal kids as a child, now she cannot stay in one place for long, except when she watches television. Moreover, Bismillah is hardly ever obedient to her mother’s instructions; reported by her mother. Bismillah however reported the change of attitude of her parents after the birth of her younger sister. She feels like life is very hard on her and she has no way out. All the kids, especially her cousins seem to have the same problems as her and yet Bismillah feels like she is pointed out the most, she reported that she feels angry when people do something wrong or be unfair with her and this is the time she has temper tantrums. She knows she has some problems but does not know what and feels helpless under the pressure of her parents’ expectations.


reported by mother. In both grade 5 and 6 she was promoted through the father’s sources in the government.Bismillah was first taken to Dr.. Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales.. the fact that she does not have a computer makes her friends think that she is poor and Bismillah does not like that. Bismillah has many friends and keeps very good relations with them. Human Figure Drawing Test………………………………… (HFD) 7. once when she was 2 and half years old and once when she was 9.………………………. (VABS) 4.. Her mother also reported that Bismillah pleasured herself with the slim shower in the bathroom which the mother removed due to this reason. but she is their priority now and her life is a ruin. Musarrat Hussain who prescribed her Risperidone and Epival which she is currently taking. She failed in one subject in Grade 5 due to fear.. she was again taken to Dr. Hence. Bismillah reported that she does not like her younger sister. Her father was very nice to her before Iman was born. reported Bismillah... reported the mother. Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder Test……………… (ADHD-T) 6. Bismillah reported. in grade 6 she did not give her midterm exams and hence wasn’t able to cover up...... she was then taken to Dr.. Children Apperception Test……………………………….. Her parents also hit her sometimes when she does not listen to them. Later she was taken to Dr... (WRAT-3) 5. Bismillah was admitted to school at the age of 3. As for as her family life is concerned.. Her parents love her younger sister more and Bismillah has to go through her in order to get some wish fulfilled because her parents never say no to Iman (the younger sister).5 years and no academic problems were faced until grade 5.. Tests Administered: 1... After taking those medicines she gained a lot of weight therefore. she is highly conscious about what they will think of her (reported her mother). (BG) 2. Musarrat Hussain who prescribed her some medicines (parents did not remember the names of the drugs).… (CAT) Behavior during Testing Sessions: 2 . Ahsan Syed Khan at The Aga Khan University Hospital where she was given medication (parents did not remember the names of the drugs) but parents felt no improvement. She has gone through sexual abuse two times in her life..... Wide Range Achievement Test-3…………………………….. Her mother feels like it’s her fault that Bismillah had to go through this and feels resentful. Bismillah’s mother also has attention and concentration problems and takes Farrin medicine regularly and her father is strict in the way he treats his children. Bender Gestalt Test…………………………. Naeem Siddiqui in The Aga Khan University Hospital but again parents were not satisfied with the treatment. Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-III………………… (WISC-III) 3.. she wants them to think that she is the best.. Bismillah herself did not report any history of abuse... She feels very regretful about the way things are in her life and thinks it is only her friends who can understand her..

. which indicates mild deficit. Daily Living Skills sub-domains analyses indicate that Bismillah is unable to take care of her personal care needs (dressing. Socialization sub-domains analyses indicate a relatively better adaptive level as compared to other sub-domains. 3 . Emotional indicators indicate that she is emotionally unstable due to which she shows acting out behavior. bathing and toileting) and to perform household chores up to the level that an average child of her age can do. Daily living skills are equivalent to a child of 6 years 3 months old (mild deficit). Psychological Evaluation: Psychoneurological screening test (BG) depict that Bismillah’s visual motor perceptual level falls 6 years behind to which is expected from a child her age. especially academics. Further.e. To illustrate. accompanied by some meaningful utilization of her play and leisure time. On CAT she made stories but felt like it was a big task for her and got bored. Communication sub-domains analyses indicate that Bismillah’s receptive skills are not up to the mark and also she is unable to express adequately through verbal and non-verbal means whatever input she receives. Sub-domain analyses point to certain strengths and weaknesses. Communication. friendship. There is no discrepancy between her Verbal IQ and Performance IQ which shows that she functions at the same level whether confined to solving verbal problems and expressing her ideas orally or when solving nonverbal items via manipulation of concrete material. Daily Living and Socialization) is equivalent to a 7 years 7 months old child. she has not developed the money usage and safety skills properly. i. Domain analysis indicate that Bismillah’s communication skills are equivalent to a child of 7 years 7 months old (mild deficit). In the later sessions it was noted that she was unable to perform on any tests for a very long time and wanted to go home after a while. However. she has satisfactory level of responsibility and sensitivity to others.Bismillah appeared to be open throughout the testing sessions. Bismillah appeared to be sleepy sometimes in session because of the medication she took and complained that they made her slow in her activities. and Socialization skills are equivalent to a child of 9 years old (which are slightly below her own age). Performance IQ and Verbal IQ fall within the borderline intellectual functioning range. Also. Although not up to the level but Bismillah has meaningful expression and recognition of emotions and also have some reasonable social communication. this apprehension was because she was missing her daily serials. and thoughtfulness. she shared all her problems and her disappointments about her life in the first session and cried throughout the session. Bismillah’s overall adaptive functioning level (which is comprised of skills in three areas. She was unable to do all the subtests of WISC-III in one attempt and wanted to continue the next day because she just couldn’t concentrate. Bismillah’s scores on Intelligence test (WISC-III) depict that her Full Scale IQ. on WRAT-3 however she left many arithmetic problems because she felt they were too long and she would not be able to complete them in one day. an analysis of the verbal and performance subtests tapped no significant strengths or weaknesses rather a uniform level of cognitive functioning is evident.

In school. presenting just few new stimuli and limiting others. remedial education program for slow learners may prove effective for Bismillah along with main stream schooling. These results reveal Bismillah’s problem of inattention. Bismillah should be given instructional materials that are interesting for her and that fulfils her practical needs. and impulsivity. Bismillah’s scores on reading and spelling fall within the borderline range. Teachers should provide same information to her in different ways with sufficient time to facilitate new learning. Impulsivity and inattention Bismillah’s scores lie within “Average” range.On Achievement test (WRAT-3). Tentative Diagnosis: Axis I: Axis II: Axis III: Axis IV: Axis V: 313. This shows that her academic achievement level in reading and arithmetic is equivalent to ‘Grade 2’ while in spelling is equivalent to ‘Grade 3’. The results further indicate that in domains of hyperactivity. Also. She can succeed if more time is given to her on a task. Projective Analysis depict that Bismillah is fearful and anxious and uses the defense mechanism of isolation. 4   . Discord with Sibling) GAF (61-70) Recommendations for Parents and Teachers:  Parent Management Training is recommended to alter parent-child interaction patterns and for gradual shaping of Bismillah’s behavior towards more age appropriate behaviors. while on arithmetic falls within the deficient range. Projective analysis further depicted that Bismillah is overtly aggressive and strives for love and affection since she feels like this lacks in her life.81 Oppositional Defiant Disorder V62.89 Borderline Intellectual Functioning None Problems with Primary Support Group (Inadequate Discipline. To facilitate academic learning one-to-one tutoring is recommended. hyperactivity. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Test’s scores show that Bismillah’s ADHD Quotient lies within “Average” range. She has body anxiety and is concerned about sexual impulses. Her skills can be polished by working on one skill at a time. to foster learning. perhaps due to the trauma she faced as a child. although not meeting the diagnostic threshold. Teachers should also use minimal steps of increasing difficulty.

Provide special signals or cues to remind her to get back on tasks. in seat Bismillah in an area with the least amount       of distraction. To improve concentration and attention span:  Provide preferential seating. (Intern) 5 .  Be consistent in your expectations and in the consequences for misbehavior.  Vary the type of activities to keep her interested.. e. Sobia Aftab Assistant Professor Examiner: Noorulain Tahir M.  Give clear explanation of what behaviors are expected in the class room and other situations. Supervisor: Dr.S.  Find things that she has special interest or strength in and encourage her to do these activities.g.  To help her be better organized:  Use clear and unambiguous directions. pays attentions or works hard at an assignment. so that her progress can be evaluated and further needs for Program Implementation could be judged effectively. Use visual aids. assignments into small steps. Give positive feedback when she stays on task.  Keep oral instructions brief and repeat them at least once.  It is recommended that she should be re-assessed after every two-three years. Provide one on one instruction or small groups to introduce major concepts.  To improve behavior and impulse control:  Provide special signals or cues when she is beginning to misbehave. Stand near her while giving instructions. Break up instructions.