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SAS 9.0 Installation Guide 1.

Created By: Kuber Chaurasiya Corrected By:--Nahush Sathe Software Courtesy: Jaydeep Das

File Information We have the following image files 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Disk1 Disk101 Disk102 Disk103 Disk301 Disk901 Setup Disk Software Disk 1 Software Disk 2 Software Disk 3 (Not to be used) SAS/Secure Windows SAS Shared Components

Along with the Crack folder containing 1. Sas9834961.txt <- This is very Important file 2. Instructions.txt 3. Sashost.dll(may be created after the installation) Install DAEMON Tool Lite If your computer doesn’t have DAEMON tool, install it from the given set up DTLite4355-0068.exe.

1. It will be used to mount the .nrg(image) files of SAS discs. 2. Restart, if instructed. 3. Change the date of computer now to (for simplicity current date) 2003

4. Mount image files using DAEMON Tool

5. Mount other three files too, after adding a total of 4 drives

Installing SAS 1. You should Pause/Temporarily Switch off your Antivirus Program during installation.

2. Now In the AutoPlay of Setup Disc, click on Run setup.exe.

3. Now Run the ‘Verify system Requirements’, and install, if any supporting software is required.

4. The Installation procedure starts now. Click on ‘Install SAS Software ’. 5. After a default NEXT, it will ask for a file

6. Click on the ‘File’ option and choose the ‘sas9834961.txt’ file from Crack folder. Click on next.

7. Keep clicking next.

8. Click on ‘Select Licensed Software’

9. Enter the location of Software Disc 1 here.


Follow a similar procedure for Software Disc 2 and SAS Secure Windows.

11. Note: We can mount only 4 discs at a time in DT Lite, mount Disk901 ( SAS Shared Components) replacing Software Disc 1or 2 or SAS Secure Windows.

12. Now it will ask for ‘SAS Shared Components Disc’. Enter path and wait. 13. It’ll take some time (depending upon your system configuration).

14. And… now… Your SAS is running. 

15. Type this sample code in the Editor and press run.
data abc; input var; datalines; 1 2 3 ; proc print; run;

16. Now change the date back to the current. 17. Copy sashost.dll file from CRACK folder.

18. Go to ‘Program Files (or ‘Program Files(x86)’ )->SAS->SAS System->9.0’.

19. ‘Copy and Replace’ the copied file here.

20. Switch on/Resume your Antivirus Program. 21. Now unmount image discs and remove the virtual drives using DAEMON Tool. 22. Now you have SAS, “The Power To Know”.