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Per capita Income

Income per person in a population is called per capita income. Per capita income is Often used to measure country¶s standard of living.  Its alsoMeasures how much output or income was produced or received, on the average, by an individual in an economy.  Useful for comparing the performance of a country overtime and a country¶s performance relative to its neighbors.

Per capita income of Bangladesh is = $1487 per person.

National income (GDP) = GDP/population National Income: Market values of the final goods and services produced in a country in a given period of time called National income. Composition of Export & Import of Bangladesh: Bangladesh is a poor country featuring negative trade balance since its independence in 1971. The country¶s economy experienced vast improvement in the 1990s. However, foreign trade in South Asian region still is an area of concern.

1% Singapore: 7.Bangladesh Imports: Commodities Here are the major import commodities of Bangladesh: y y y y y y Machinery and equipment Chemicals Iron and steel Textiles Foodstuffs Petroleum products & Cement Bangladesh Imports: Partners The following were Bangladesh¶s import partners as of 2010: y y y y y China: 15.6% Japan: 4.4% Bangladesh Exports: Commodities Here are the major export commodities of Bangladesh: y y y y Garments (totaling $12.8% India: 15.7% Kuwait: 8.3 billion in FY09) Frozen fish and seafood Jute and jute goods Leather .

56b $22. Fiscal Year Total Export Total Import Foreign Remittance Earnings 2007-2008 $14.68b 2009-2010(Set Target) $17.11b $25.87b Conclusion: The Bangladeshi economy is helped by its big garment sector.Bangladesh Trade: Export Partners The following were Bangladesh¶s export partners as of 2010: y y y y y y y United States: 24% Germany: 15.2% Bangladesh Trade: Growth The government of Bangladesh undertook significant steps during the 1980s.5% Italy: 4. which garnered maximum foreign exchange for the country. which contributes more than two-thirds of the country¶s trade. .205b $8.3% United Kingdom: 10% France: 7.5% Spain: 4.00b+ $9. Consequently there was a tremendous increase in the export of ready-madegarments and knitwear.4% The Netherlands: 5.9b 2008-2009 $15.6b N/A $10. A number of export processing zones have been set up by the government to enhance economic growth by attracting foreign investment.

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