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ARISE BY PLANETSHAKERS Intro: A A F#m E D Verse 1: A Now is the time to make a stand F#m To rise up and take the

Promised Land E D To walk in the favor of our God A Lift up your eyes to see the King F#m Upon you His glory will be seen E D Cause His light is rising up on you Chorus: A Arise D/A Shine E A For the glory of the Lord is upon you F#m Arise E Shine D Shine His light

Verse 2: A I can feel something in the air F#m A spirit of God is surely here E D As the church rises up to Him A The nations they come to sing His praise F#m The lost are found running to His grace E Bm D Cause His light is shining up on you Bridge: A G(Bm) D/F# Dm/F Arise, Arise, Arise, Arise F Church arise

Anniefair 

You are wonderful Chorus: B F# And the shout of the earth C# will be Your praise. B F# God forever and the light unto all C# Ebm will be Your wonderful name B F# Ebm C# For the glory Lord is Yours B F# B God forever all the glory Lord is Yours F#/Bb Abm7 F# B F#/Bb Abm7 F# Other: F# Abm B C# Ebm F# B C# TO LIVE IS CHRIST F#m E/G# A F#m E D Anniefair  .Intro: B F#/Bb Abm7 F# B F#/Bb Abm7 F# Verse: B F#/Bb Yours is the kingdom Ebm C# and the power and the glory B forever is Yours F#/Bb Heaven and earth bow down Ebm C# B in the wonder of Your name F#/Bb Ebm Heaven is open. C# B and the glory forever is Yours F#/Bb Nothing can overcome C# the power of Your name PreChorus: Ebm King above Kings B all the universe F#/Bb C# will sing everlasting God Abm9 B C# You are wonderful. death is broken.

You are in control Bm7 A/C# D Esus Hallelujah Chorus E A D F#m E/G# For me to live is Christ. and to die is gain F#m E D No matter what price I pay F#m E F#m E/G# A F#m E D I choose to give this life away Bridge D E F#m E/G# A F#m E Only by the cross I am saved D E F#m E/G# A F#m E Only by the cross I am saved DEVOTED CITIPOINTE LIVE Intro: F .Verse 1 A E F#m I make a vow my life will always honor Christ D E A Whether I live or die A E I belong to Him He bore my sin F#m DE A I owe this life to my Saving King PreChorus Bm7 A/C# D Hallelujah F#m E I am not my own.C Anniefair  .Bb.

all was put aside F All for you and I C Father its you I love Dm C I'm devoted to you Bb All in all i worship you C I worship you my Lord Back to verse 1 Pre-chorus Chorus Bridge: Dm Precious God F Into your arms Abm Without blame I come C Your blood has saved us all Repeat Bridge Back to pre-chorus Chorus: F C I'm devoted to you Bb Gm Sacred love.verse 1: F I'm losing Dm My whole life C In your purpose and Bb For you hearts desire F I'm running Dm With blinded eyes C Faith as my guide Bb Let your love take flight Pre-Chorus: Bb Gm For you. my truth Anniefair  .