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LAHORE SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS CITY CAMPUS: 104-C-2 Gulberg III, Lahore. MAIN CAMPUS: Intersection Main Boulevard, Phase VI DHA-Burki Road, 53200, Lahore.

To be completed by applicant:

Hafiz Muhammad Hassan Qureshi FOR DEGREE IN: MBA: Major Finance &


To be completed by referee:
The referee has to be a teacher at the last academic institute who has taught the student in principal subjects in A level, FA / FSc / BA / BSc. Reference letter has to bear the school / college stamp.


Period of Contact: Governance

Two Years Courses Taught: Interm Accounting 1, Interm Accounting 2, Corporate


Please rate the applicant in comparison with his peers in the same course.

Below Average Academic Potential Intellectual Ability Creative Ability Capacity for Work Ability to Work in a Group Integrity Ability to communicate in English Ability to communicate in Urdu


Very Good Outstanding

Inadequate opportunity to observe

His interpersonal skills are of first-rate. Please assess the applicant’s academic abilities. Lahore. I’m sure you will find Hassan as a student whose qualities will excel more if he follows his interest such as Finance & accounting. Referee’s Name: Bilal Hussain Awan Telephone: 03219440774 Position/Title at School / College : Asst Professor. He is an active student. CA School / College Forman Christian College University School / College Address: Forman Christian College Ferozepur Road. He got good communication and presentation skills. Lahore School / College Stamp Signature________________________ Instructions for returning recommendations:- Date__________________ Please return this recommendation in a sealed envelope with your signature across the seal. Phase VI DHA. He was good at solving analytical problems and research oriented assignments. such as self respect and honesty. 4. Lahore. Masters Programme Main Campus: Intersection Main Boulevard. Bachelors Programme City Campus: 104-C-2 Gulberg III.Burki Road. I admire his analytical and problem-solving skills in both accounting courses.3. . I liked his enthusiasm in one of his argument during presentation about the cross relation of different financial ratios with his senior batch. He possessed fine characteristics. The confidence of his allowed him to win LUMS Hr confluence under my supervision. You have the option of returning the sealed recommendation to the applicant or mailing it directly to the Lahore School of Economics on the following address. ask relevant and to the point questions and uphold the motto of Forman christen college in a true sense by helping his classmates. Please assess the applicant’s overall potential.