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“An academy dedicated to excellence in dental education”

The Academy of Higher Education and Advancements in Dentistry (A.H.E.A.D) is a group of medical and dental professionals engaged in continuing education programs and coaching for the postgraduate entrance examinations.

Dental Graduates... Aspiring for M.D.S.!
Your aspiration to join a post-graduate course in a reputed dental institute will no longer remain as a dream. We are here to transform your dream into reality. Come, join us. Lead ahead of others and achieve the goal that your heart desires.

We are the pioneers
We are the people who introduced the concept of coaching for the entrance examinations of post-graduate dental courses. It’s a mission of a group of doctors to guide you to ful ll your ambitions. We want to show you the way that we have already crossed. Innovative techniques, superior teaching methods, excellent course materials, and careful evaluations have brought about excellent results year after year.

Experienced faculty
All the faculty members themselves cleared the entrance exams for post-graduate courses in various institutes. That’s why they have the capabilities to teach you better. They can guide you to the goal that they themselves have achieved.

Correspondence Courses
A.H.E.A.D. Review Booklet Series A.H.E.A.D. Review Series is a set of Booklets that comprise of summarized theory assignments in the form of notes, points, tables, charts, key concepts and salient features. Relevant summaries of all 25 basic and clinical dental subjects are included which are followed by multiple choice questions. A.H.E.A.D. Review Series are available in

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Anatomy Physiology Dental Materials Gen. Pathology Oral Pathology Oral Embryology Biochemistry Microbiology Pharmacology Oral Medicine General & Local Anaesthesia Dental Anatomy & Histology Preventive & Community Dentistry Oral Diagnosis & Treatment Planning

• • • • • • • • • • •

Prosthodontics Endodontics Periodontics Gen. Surgery Gen. Medicine Orthodontics Paedodontics Conservative Dentistry Implantology Dental Radiology Oral Surgery

A complete set of Review Booklets consists of above mentioned 25 booklets. Individually booklets may be ordered in the subjects of your choice for Rs. 250/per booklet. Complete set of Review Booklet Series costs Rs. 7500/-

E. 1500/.D.I.E.’s): Rs.E.H. New Rajinder Nagar.S.A.H. Simulated Test Series 3. 600/2. A. A.Vol.A. 800/Simulated Test Series All the Exam conducting institutes have their own Question Banks from where they frame the Entrance Exam Question Paper.G.M. IV Rs. A. Send the application form along with the demand draft. 600/3.’s) : Rs. Question Bank-II (Clinical Sciences-1000 M.D.E.H.C.H.A. New Delhi-110060 . Send to: A.D.H.H. P. Question Bank-I (Basic Science-1000 M.Q. Quick Review Notes .A. A. Simulated Tests have been prepared based on the past trend of the set pattern of questions asked in these exams. COMEDK Simulated Test Series A.’s are available: 1.Q.D.H. Quick Review Notes Quick Review summarised notes in the forms of tables.E. All India MDS Entrance Simulated Test Series 5.D. charts points neumonics and concepts to remember from the entrance examination point of view are available in basic & clinical subjects in four separate volumes: 1.H.D. 800/2.E. Question Banks A.A. 100/-extra for Courier Charges.Vol. R-704. Simulated Test Series 4. Quick Review Notes . A.D.E. I Rs.A.A.A.H.E.A. A. III Rs.I Simulated Test Series 2. Quick Review Notes .I. 600/- Application Form: Fill up the application form given on the last page along with photograph.E.D. Kindly add Rs.C.C. M. II Rs.A.D.H.A.E.Vol.Q.A. Mode of Payment: Demand Draft of the required amount is to be drawn in favour of “Academy of Higher Education and Advancements in Dentistry” payable at Delhi.E.only: 1. Question Banks consisting of all new unpublished M. Each of the following set of Simulated Test Series is available for Rs.Vol. Mention clearly about the course applied for and the desired study material to be ordered. Quick Review Notes . 600/4.H. These tests give the students a fair idea about the set pattern of each entrance exam.D. A.

Pharmacology. • Well prepared detailed background notes on each topic and subject. • Weekly tests to assess preparation and future planning. Prosthodontics I. National Holidays – 6 months Subjects to be covered – All Basic & Clinical Subjects PHASE – I : STUDY & ANALYSIS PROGRAME Complete Review of all Basic & Clinical Dental subjects in topic wise summaries: Module I Anatomy. Microbiology. General& Local Anesthesia Module II Oral Medicine & Radiology. • Updated & Revised study material. • Face to Face evaluation with experts. At AHEAD. III . organized and result oriented study plan under the expert guidance of renowned faculty since 1997. Preventive & Community Dentistry Module IV Orthodontics. Oral Surgery. Endodontics. notes and most important study material at www. Implantology. General Medicine Module III Conservative Dentistry. Biochemistry. Physiology. Dental Materials. Paedodontics. Periodontics. • Retrospective & Prospective Questions. • Personalized attention by Faculty & Counselors. Dental Anatomy & Histology. Oral Pathology. Main highlights of this course are: • Summarized and to the point discussions by experienced . • Sessions in learning friendly atmosphere in A/C Halls with Audio Visual aids. SCHEDULE OF REGULAR BATCH Days Course Duration – Saturdays. II. Sundays.aheadacademy.Removable & Fixed Subject completion Tests – with list of expected mcqs after each session Module completion tests – Self Assessment Tests after each Module Simultaneous Online Support – Problem solving sessions with faculty members & downloading of key concepts.REGULAR CLASS ROOM COACHING The most systematic. • Discussion of the tests to give an insight into the trick for solving the MCQs. our overarching goal is to help students achieve and ful ll their dream score at MDS entrance exams.

Assignments.s. PGI.I. Maximize your time and effort.I.E. MDS Entrance Learn the Art of solving MCQs from experienced teachers who themselves have cleared their entrance exams. Mock Tests. .A. Orientation Seminars.C.G. MAHE. Past MDS Entrance Papers.PHASE – II : SELF EVALUATION PROGRAM Revision Tests & Problem solving sessions in separate batches Past Question paper Discussions & Exam Analysis Simulated Tests on the pattern of AIIMS. Entrance M. and P. Problem Solving Sessions & Discussions.Q.S.I. Simulated Test Series and Revision Sessions with Practice Papers. Give yourself the extra THRUST.M. Concise Study material Special Focus on All India MDS Entrance COMEDK. Entrance Exams Mock Tests from all subjects combined COURSE MATERIAL INCLUDES Notes.H. Karnataka State MDS Entrances A. M. AIPG. Join NOW.

Your NBDE scores play a signi cant role in your dental career. National Holidays Course Duration – 3 months Subjects to be covered – Oral Anatomy. Therefore. and for passing this is required NBDE Exam The NBDE Part 1 encompasses the rst two years of didactic education in dental institution. a good NBDE board score can give you a big boost to your residency application PREPARING FOR NBDE PART I Updated Course Material for Self Study & Regular evaluation Programs for high success rate. Infection control. Dental Anatomy & Histology COURSE MATERIAL NBDE Reading resources & Dental Reviews Vol. This coaching program is a great tool to get through the NBDE Part I exam. motivation and con dence building steps. The NBDE Part 1 is the rst hurdle in helping you to achieve US dental licensure. . Study material and test sessions are extremely effective resources as they allow you to simulate the exam before you take the NBDE. and charts. SCHEDULE OF REGULAR BATCH Days – Saturdays. Residency programs use your NBDE score to screen and selectively compare students from different institutions who might have gone through different curricula. commonly referred to as the NBDE.OVERSEAS ENTRY TO DENTAL COURSES AHEAD offers specialized coaching programs to help candidates clear the preliminary entry level examinations for higher studies. Biochemistry. Sundays. NBDE COACHING PROGRAM The National Board Dental Examination. Pathology Physiology. I. radiographs. II NBDE Relevant study guides NBDE Past papers released in all series SELF EVALUATION & CONTACT PROGRAMS Weekly Diagnostic Tests with computer analyzed feedback Get to know your strong & weak subject areas Tests based on actual papers of NBDE Part I Case Studies with pictures. is taken by 2nd year US accredited dental schools and international accredited dentists. Microbiology. practice or work permission in overseas countries.

and de nitely worth joining! It’s a great simulation of the real computer based NBDE part 1 exam. When & where to apply for the exams. Applying for Test scores. Exam schedule and application information. List of Test centers & Exam Dates. Details of exam regulations. “Face to face discussions with experts helps in clear understanding of tricky questions. Timing and Venues of the ADC Examinations Occupational English Test (OET) Preliminary Examination MCQs and SAQs Study material – Speci c test item formats Entry requirements to New Zealand registration examination process Special batches for NBDE Part 1 and ADC Preliminary Examination coaching programs starting soon at AHEAD. great support team. Strongly recommended for all dentists aspiring to go to the US! ADC EXAMINATIONS The Australian Dental Council (ADC) is the organisation responsible for assessing overseas trained dentists to enable them to obtain registration in Australia. Reporting the test scores to the State Boards and universities.” . Great program. Improve scores with sample test items. To enroll in free trial sessions and counseling contact 9810187297. The ADC examination is a screening examination to establish that dentists trained in dental schools which have not been formally reviewed and accredited by the ADC have the necessary knowledge and clinical competence to practise dentistry with safety in the Australian community.STUDENT COUNSELING & COMPLETE GUIDANCE FOR NBDE ASPIRANTS: • • • • • • • Eligibility criteria for the NBDE part I. FACILITIES OFFERED BY AHEAD SUPPORT TEAM • • • • • • • • Examination Initiative support Procedures for Assessment and Recognition of Overseas Quali cation Eligibility requirement information Format.

State Rank 3 3 4 5 6 14 34 50 54 59 63 65 66 78 86 99 103 115 126 138 3 49 1 1 3 9 5 Many more selections at National & State level PG Entrance Exams since 1997…. Chaudhary Exam cleared AIPG AIPG AIPG AIPG AIPG AIPG AIPG AIPG AIPG AIPG AIPG AIPG AIPG AIPG AIPG AIPG AIPG AIPG AIPG AIPG MAHE MAHE Rajasthan State Rajasthan State Rajasthan State UP State W.H. Manak Gupta Dr. Manish Kumar Chaudhary Dr. Narender S Bansal Dr. Ankur Gupta Dr. Neha Sethi Dr. .E. Jitender Sharma Dr.A. Ruchika Arora Dr. Naveen Kr. Namita Chauhan (R) Dr. Bikas Ranjan Mahavoi Dr. Prachi Agarwal Dr. Ram Sukh (R) Dr. Soni Ashish Ramesh kumar Dr.A. Parul Temani Dr. Garima Ruhela Dr. Parul Temani Dr. Himani Saini Dr. Ankit Sharma Dr. Rachita Arora Dr.B. Ruchika Arora Dr. Dexton Antony Johns Dr. Amit Yadav Dr. Richa Mehta Dr. Rita Chandki Dr. Balram Meena (R) Dr. Sukh Ram (R) Dr..D MDS ENTRANCE EXAM RESULTS – 2009 Name Dr. Geetha Lakshmi M (R) Dr.

Ankush Jasrotia Dr.E. Abhishek S Roy Dr.A. Pankul Dr. Manu Rashmi Dr. Suman Kar Dr. Harsimran Kaur Dr. Lalit Kumar (SC) Dr. Rajnish Jindal Dr.H.B state W. Abhishek S Roy Dr. Kamal Kant Malhotra Dr. J&K AIIMS Punjab state Punjab state Punjab state Punjab state Punjab state Punjab state Rank 1 3 3 4 5 5 5 8 9 19 26 40 46 47 60 62 70 83 100 107 111 113 126 130 1 3 1 6 1 1 7 1 1 1 2 3 4 7 8 . Amandeep Kaur Dr.P state Haryana state M. Rajnish Jindal Exam cleared AIPG AIPG AIPG AIPG AIPG AIPG AIPG AIPG AIPG AIPG AIPG AIPG AIPG AIPG AIPG AIPG AIPG AIPG AIPG AIPG AIPG AIPG AIPG AIPG W. Amit Kumar Srivasatava Dr. Anand Shukla Dr. Suhag Patel Dr. Ritul Agarwal Dr. Digvijay Singh Baghel (SC) Dr. Ashish Bhalla Dr. Vaibhav Garg Dr.P state H.H. Shivani Sachdeva Dr. Kajal Singh Dr.P state U. Nitesh Chawla Dr. Varun Pruthi Dr. Marilyn Gupta Dr. Preeti Jain Dr.A. Varun Rana (SC) Dr.B state U. Sudha Rajora (SC) Dr. Saroj Kumar Thakur Dr.D MDS ENTRANCE EXAM RESULTS – 2008 Name Dr. Kanishk Mohanty Dr. Chiradeep Haldar Dr. Nitin Sharma Dr. Mandeep Khokhar Dr.E. Shikha Nandal Dr. Amandeep Kaur Dr. Subash Chandra Nayak Dr. Geeta Verma Dr. Meenu Jindal Dr. Kajal Singh Dr. Harneet Kaur (SC) Dr.A.

Rahul Trikha Dr. C. Sumit Singla Dr. Kanupriya Sethi Dr. Dheeraj Kr. Delhi Periodontics. Rohtak – 2007 Name Dr. Delhi Haryana State MDS Entrance Exam. R. Mangalore Orthodontics. Delhi MAMC. Goel Dr. Akansha Juneja Dr. Jaipur Periodontics. AIPG – 2007 Name Dr.P. Ankur Agarwal Dr. Pune Rank 9 11 14 33 40 127 96 Seat Alloted Orthodontics. GDC. Ashima N. Anish Gupta Dr.ACADEMY OF HIGHER EDUCATION & ADVANCEMENTS IN DENTISTRY Proudly presents the results of M. Rohtak COMEDK. Patna B. GDC. Divya Garg Dr. Manipal D.O.. Dentistry. Davengere MAMC. Nagpur Consv. Mullana MAMC. M. Pankaj Khurana Dr.S.V. Bangalore Consv. Delhi Budha Dental. Lucknow C.S. GDC. Calicut Oral Medicine. Panchkula Rank 2 3 Seat Alloted Prosthodontics.O. Delhi MMDC. GDC. Patiala Nair Dental. Amritsar GDC. Koli Dr. GDC. Delhi SGRDC. Dental Consvt. R. Kirti Chawla Parent College KGMC. Goa Delhi State MDS Entrance Exam. Kirti Chawla Parent College MAMC. Mullana BRS. Rohtak Pedodontics. GDC. Romesh Soni Dr. Amritsar Periodontics. Entrance Exams All India MDS Entrance Exam. Mullana Nair Dental. Geetika Jain Dr. GDC. Mumbai BRS. Dentistry. Rohtak Periodontics. Sandeep Tayal Dr. Aurangabad GDC. Goa Prosthodontics. Delhi MAMC. Ankur Gupta Dr. Delhi Rank 11 15 16 27 6(Res. Bhavna Bhatia Parent College MAMC. Karnataka – 2006 Name Dr. MAMC.D.P. Dental Prosthodontics. Dentistry.O. KGMC. Lucknow Prosthodontics.V.D. Nagpur Consv.) 37 46 49 50 51 57 58 59 81 8(Res. Mangalroe . GDC.S. Dent.D.V. Mandeep Singh Dr. GDC. Pune CODS. Ramiaha Periodontics. GDC. MAMC.V.B.S. Delhi Periodontics. Nair Dental. Indore Periodontics. Pulkit Kinra Dr. Patiala Oral Surgery. GDC. Consvt. Dent.D. GDC. Manipal CODS. GDC. A. Mumbai MMDC. MAMC – 2007 Name Dr.S.A.. Calcutta Periodontics. MAMC. Shetty. Shikha Handa Parent College MMDC. Amritsar Periodontics. Delhi Endodontics. Delhi MAMC. Delhi MAMC. GDC.) 92 Seat Alloted Prosthodontics. Delhi Rank 2 3 4 Seat Alloted Prosthodontics.. Pallavi Meshram Dr. Vikas Jain Dr. Mumbai Periodontics.V. GDC. Payal Verma Dr. Yamuna Nagar B. Kanika Singh Dhull Dr.. Karan Manak Dr. Oral Medicine. Gaurav Goel Dr. Manish Agarwal Dr. Panchkula GDC. MAMC. Indore MAMC. AB Shetty. C. GDC. Kanika Attam Dr.

Harsimran Kaur Dr.D. Chennai YEAR 2005 Name Dr.D. Shimla G.. Lucknow Periodontics. Meerut Vinayaka. Archana Singh Dr. Ankur Agarwal Dr. Ridhi Garg Dr. Ambika Kathuria Dr. 2005 UP State-Ent. Pune MAMC.. Navneet k. Amritsar Prosthodontics.. Yamuna Nagar DAV.D.. Delhi Himachal DC. Lucknow Saraswati. Monika Parmar Dr. Akhil Rajput Dr. G.C. Bangalore Oral Pathology.P.C.. Yamuna Nagar D. K. Delhi DAV.U. Lucknow G. Lucknow MAMC. Rafey Fahim Dr. Neeraj Kumar Dr. G. Mahima Nanda Dr.. G. Guglani Dr. G. Lucknow Oral Surgery.A. Rohtak Oral Surgery. Ashish Mangla Dr.D.D. Lucknow MAMC.D.V.A.D. Goa P. G.M. Mumbai Periodontics. Mangolore Saraswati.C. Gaurav Malik Dr. Dentistry. Pushpanshu Dr. Lucknow K..D. Solan G. Ruchika Joon Dr. Rohtak Consv.. Rohit Bahri Dr.V.C.-2005 . Shimla D. Delhi Saraswati. 2005 UP State-Ent.M. Yamuna Nagar DAV. G. Aurangabad Periodontics. Richa Gupta Dr. Parul Dham Dr.D.D. Alok Kumar Dr. Sullia CODS.. Patiala Periodontics. Panchkula Saraswati. Yujvender Singh Dr. Chandni Malik Dr. Yamuna Nagar Rank 3 4 5 14 17 18 27 49 82 83 101 109 4 12 13 18 20 14 48 108 24 64 27 95 19 9 2 Exam Cleared AIPGE-2005 AIPGE-2005 AIPGE-2005 AIPGE-2005 AIPGE-2005 AIPGE-2005 AIPGE-2005 AIPGE-2005 AIPGE-2005 AIPGE-2005 AIPGE-2005 AIPGE-2005 UP State-Ent. Rajat Sehgal Dr. Nair D. Romesh Soni Dr. Delhi MAMC.C.M.C. G.. G.V. G. Dentistry..D.V. Puna CODS. Vivek Mehta Dr. Ajit Parihar Dr.C. Delhi DAV. Lucknow Subharti. Delhi MAMC. Deepika Bablani Dr.G. Shimla MAMC.D. Shivani Arora Dr. Bangalore Periodontics..C.M.C.G. Ajit Parihar Dr. Ajit Parihar Dr. 2005 KCET-2005 KCET-2005 KCET-2005 KCET-2005 COMED-2005 COMED-2005 COMED-2005 MAHE-2005 BVP.D.D. Manipal CODS.C. Shiv Lal Vishnoi Dr.C. Pooja Rathi Dr. Manipal BRS. Manipal DAV..G.A. Priyanka Batra Dr. Karam Jeet Jaisawal Dr.V.C. Yamuna Nagar Saraswati. Premdeep Gandhi Dr. Asheesh Mangla Dr. Patiala BVP.C. Aligarh MAMC. Aligarh G. 2005 UP State-Ent. Alok Kumar Dr. Jam Nagar A.C. Pune-2005 Haryana Ent. Patiala Prosthodontics. Yamuna Nagar MAMC. Patna D. Ahmedabad Periodontics. 2005 UP State-Ent.C. Yamuna Nagar CODS. Lucknow Saraswati. Neeraj Wadhawan Dr. Nagpur Prosthodontics. Sunita Malik Parent College B.D.D.C. Delhi G. Delhi Budha Dental.C.All India MDS Entrance – Jan AIPG – 2006 Name Dr.C.C.C.A.D.C.D. G.U. Ranjan Gupta Dr.D.C. Rohtak D..V. G. Jitender Parent College G.. Sunder Nagar CODS. Nishat Sultan Dr.. Harisha Dewan Dr. Bhopendra Harjani Dr. Yamuna Nagar A... Himanshu Punia Dr. K. G.. Manipal Rank 8 15 27 30 31 35 41 48 50 53 78 84 85 89 93 104 114 Seat Alloted Consv..

Puneet Ajwani Dr. Srivatsan Dr. Manipal MAMC.S. Indore BVP. Cuttack GDC. Amarjit Dr.Shetty Mangalore BVP. Shilpa Reddy Dr. Pane CMC. Ashish Singh Dr. Navneet Agarwal Dr. Manipal GDC. Nishtha Madan Dr.YEAR 2004 Name Dr. Pooja Rathi Dr. Vinay Chugh Dr. Pooja Rathi Dr. K. Panchkula Rank 7 12 18 5 25 8 4 11 2 6 1 8 5 3 7 14 Exam Cleared AIPG 2004 AIPG 2004 AIPG 2004 MAHE MAHE BVP. Gaurav Sharma Dr. N. Srivatsan Dr. Pune KCET KCET COMEDK COMDEK U. Meerut CODS. Cuttack A.. 2003 Haryana State Haryana State YEAR 2003 Name Dr. Puja Gaba Dr. Krati Garg Dr. Nanda Kishore Parent College Subharti. Amritsar MAMC. Prashant Dr. Aparna Suhag Dr. State Haryana State AIIMS. P. Ghaziabad BRS. K. Meerut Santosh.B. Monika Saini Dr. Om Prakash Dr. Aparna Suhag Dr. Pune MAMC. Davengere Santosh. Puneet Ajwani Dr. Nov. P. Suresh Saini Parent College MAMC.S. Pune GDC. Nishtha Madan Dr Hemant Goel Dr. Varun Grover Dr. Subha Dr. Delhi CODS. Vipul Jaitley Dr. Harpreet Kaur Dr. Delhi GDC. Pranav Kapoor Dr. Meerut GDC. Manipal Bapuji. Ankita Modi Dr. Varun Goel Parent College GDC. Pune A. P.B. Shetty Mangalore Rank 1 1 2 12 7 12 35 20 Exam Cleared U. Ghaziabad Santosh. Delhi BRS. Pritika Chandna Dr. Patiala GDC. Manipal Rank 6 9 15 16 45 46 47 50 02 24 21 04 4 5 Exam Cleared AIPGEE-2003 AIPGEE-2003 AIPGEE-2003 AIPGEE-2003 AIPGEE-2003 AIPGEE-2003 AIPGEE-2003 AIPGEE-2003 Punjab Sate MAHE-2003 MAHE-2003 UP State Haryana State Haryana State YEAR 2002 Name Dr. Patiala Santosh Ghaziabad CODS. Indore Santosh Ghaziabad GDC. Patiala CODS. Ludhiana Subharti. State U. Puneet Ajwani Dr. Ashwin Rao Dr.. Panchkula BVP. Vinay Chugh Dr. Amit Mehra Dr. Kanahiya Lal Gupta Dr. Ghaziabad Subharti. Delhi BVP. Yamunanagar CODS. Manipal CODS. Anurag Jain Dr. Manipal Santosh Ghaziabad DAV. State AIPGEE-2002 AIPGEE-2002 AIPGEE-2002 MAHE-2002 MAHE-2002 MAHE-2002 Karnataka State .

• All restorative materials. H. post & core & other armamentarium provided by the institute. E. endodontics instruments. CANDIDATE WOULD BE Well versed in the concept of access opening. • Batch size limited to 5 participants only. . CLINICAL DEMONSTRATION AND TRAINING IN ROOT CANAL TREATMENT MODULE 1 Access Cavity Opening in Molar Tooth MODULE 2 Cleaning And Shaping Of Molar tooth Using Ni Ti Files MODULE 3 Obturation Of Molar tooth COURSE FEATURES Performing the Root Canal treatment independently on patient Theoretical aspects and step by step explanation Trouble shooting and practical aspects of the case Live demonstration on patient AT THE END OF COURSE. ENDODONTICS HANDS-ON. Apex locators and Protaper systems. Gains con dence to perform successful root canal treatment at their clinic. A. Rotary Endodontic instruments. SALIENT FEATURES: • Ample number of patients for all participants.Academy of Higher Education and Advancements in Dentistry A. D announces Specialized Clinical Courses in Endodontics and Aesthetic Dentistry with individual attention using state of the art technology. cleaning and shaping and obturation of root canals by using latest equipments such as RVG.

PROSTHODONTICS HANDS-ON. All Ceramic versus Metal ceramic crowns. various diagnostic aids and proper decision making on edentulous and partially dentulous patients. . try in and cementation of prosthesis. CLINICAL DEMONSTRATION AND TRAINING IN CROWN & BRIDGE TECHNIQUES MODULE 1 1 MODULE MODULEMODULE 2 2 MODULE 3 Tooth preparation. soft tissue management and impression techniques. Lab procedures. • Four month clinical practice course in multiple specialties • One year clinical pro ciency course in general dentistry. Mechanical and Esthetic considerations of tooth preparation Endodontics evaluation. MODULE 3 Temporisation. All ceramic and metal ceramic. Module 2 Principles of tooth preparation Biological. Contemporary materials used in extra coronal restorations. vital and non vital teeth Shade determination Necessity of provisionalisation and different techniques Different techniques of gingival retraction Presurgical corrective procedures Crown lengthening techniques Soft tissue managements of various stages Easy and correct impression procedures Module 3 Laboratory communication Importance of try-in procedures Cementation of xed prosthesis Choice of Courses: • Weekend clinical expertise courses in all specialties. Choice of xed or removable prosthesis considering implant and overdentures as options. Offering Ceramic veneers as treatment modality. Sequencing and treatment planning. Module 1 Effective treatment planning. Treatment planning for fixed and removable prosthesis.

Removable & Fixed Study strategies prepared by EXPERT faculty. Dental Materials Vol. PACKAGES AVAILABLE Individual package – Dental Review Notes each volume costs . Physiology. Paedodontics. 600/Combined Package – Dental Review Notes Vol. IV Orthodontics. Periodontics. charts and concepts to remember. Preventive & Community Dentistry. Endodontics. III Conservative Dentistry. Implantology. Oral Surgery. PROVEN learning system to achieve success.Rs. • Highlights those speci c points that are needed MOST. • Student tested & Reviewed Study Material • Relevant summaries of all basic and clinical dental subjects are included. III . Strategies that save time and deliver results. DENTAL REVIEW NOTES ARE AVAILABLE IN FOUR VOLUMES Vol. I Anatomy. II. mnemonics.DENTAL REVIEW NOTES “Read what is relevant and result oriented” – Best tip from those who cleared their entrances AHEAD offers review notes in four volumes specially prepared for the entrance examinations. 2000/Complementary package – Dental Review Notes Vol. Skills & knowledge. Prosthodontics I. II Oral pathology. • Comprehensive notes with high yield tips. tables. Focus is on the main EXAM areas. • Best study material to BUILD Con dence. I to IV are given free of cost to all students enrolling for AHEAD Test Series . Dental Anatomy & Histology. General Medicine Vol. Oral Medicine & Radiology. Microbiology. I to IV are available for Rs. Biochemistry. General & Local Anesthesia Vol. Pharmacology.

General Pathology Vol. I Anatomy.D AIPG QUESTION BANK + REVIEW NOTES AIPG Past Papers 2001 to 2009 with Explanatory Answers Package for AIPG: Rs.E. 2500/- COMEDK QUESTION BANK + REVIEW NOTES COMEDK Past Papers 2004 to 2009 with Explanatory Answers Package for COMEDK: Rs. Prosthodontics .H. Periodontics. Implantology. Biochemistry. key concepts. Dental Materials. Endodontics. General & Local Anesthesia Vol. ow charts. points to remember. Oral Surgery. Pharmacology. AIPG & COMEDK MDS ENTRANCE EXAMS AIIMS QUESTION BANK + REVIEW NOTES AIIMS Past Papers 2006 to 2009 with Explanatory Answers Package for AIIMS: Rs. 5000/ALL PAST PAPERS ARE AVAILABLE IN THREE VOLUMES Vol. Preventive & Community Dentistry.Academy of Higher Education & Advancements in Dentistry AHEAD QUESTION BANKS & REVIEW NOTES FOR AIIMS. Dental Anatomy & Histology. Physiology. diagrams. II Oral pathology. IV Orthodontics. radiographs & clinical pictures. Paedodontics.A. 1800/- Combined package for AIIMS. DENTAL REVIEW NOTES ARE AVAILABLE IN FOUR VOLUMES Vol. Microbiology. Oral Medicine & Radiology. 1 for AIIMS (400 Pages) Vol. salient features. 3 for COMEDK (400 Pages) Fully solved past papers with explanations. Vol. General Medicine.Removable & Fixed . 2 for AIPG (1200 Pages) Vol. tables and references from standard text books. III Conservative Dentistry. AIPG & COMEDK is available for Rs. 1800/- A. pneumonics.

study material & explanatory answers. Get your scores & ranking. Relevant Reviews & Concepts to remember All Basic & Clinical Subjects from rst to nal year BDS. Study Material.E. Log on to www.A. Collect copies of notes. Course Duration Course Days Course Fee Course Content : : : : 50 Test Sessions upto Dec. Attempt test & get your score cards with explanatory answers. Notes. study material. Study Material : Subjects covered : Choice of attempting Tests At AHEAD Centers : Participate in Tests & Discussions. useful notes & concepts to remember. notes. 2010 Weekends & National Holidays Rs. Download complementary notes. At Home : On Internet : For Online Registration Call: 0-9310187297 To enroll for Test Series Contact Local Branch Co-ordinators .com Choose user name & password. Also get extra advantage of Quick Review Notes.Academy of Higher Education & Advancements in Dentistry A. Seminars. Test papers sent by post/courier.for complete 1 year All Students enrolling for Test Series will get • 50 Tests with explanatory answers • National Ranking of all tests • Dental Review Notes Vol.D announces Rigorous Q & A Sessions with Discussions in all Basic & Clinical Subjects Powered by relevant reviews. I. II & III • New Test Sessions on every Sun upto Dec 2010 • Tests are available online 7 days for 24 hours. 12000/.aheadacademy. Orientation. study material & concepts to remember.H. I to IV • AHEAD Question Bank Vol. Attempt tests & get your scores with ranking instantly. Revision Sessions with Practice Papers. Note down the 7 digit registration number provided by the software & use it for future reference to get study material and attempt online tests. Online Support • Attempt tests online & get National Rankings.aheadacademy. 2. Online Support All Courses including regular class room coaching.aheadacademy. NBDE & ADC courses all are accompanied with Online support. crash course. explanatory answers & notes for further reference. Hostel Facilities • Separate hostel/paying guest accommodation for boys and • Useful Notes • Neumonics • Past papers • Mcqs with explanations • Recently added mcqs 2. Send your name. Fill up the online application form at or to info@aheadacademy. 3. com by clicking at “Register Now”.com. • Download tests. to get the online tests activated with additional bene ts of explanatory answers. 4. free downloads & national rankings. • Tests are available on all 7 days for 24 hours.How to get online tests activated Steps for activation of online tests: 1. • Library facilities are available for all students on all 7 days. Library & Reading Room • Reading room and library updated with latest editions of all relevant books. • Ask doubts online & get answers with references 3. Free Downloads: All members can download important study material & mcqs at www. contact details & registration number to ahead_online@yahoo. .

AHEAD REFRESHER CLASSES AHEAD TEST & DISCUSSIONS AHEAD ONLINE TESTS AHEAD CORRESPONDENCE COURSES AHEAD NBDE & ADC PREP CLASSES AHEAD CLINICAL COURSES _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ .aheadacademy.


I hereby solemnly and sincerely af rm that the Statement made and information furnished by me with application form are true and correct.) ___________________ DD No. New Delhi – 110060 Fee Details Amount (Rs. Date: ___________________ Place: ___________________ Name ___________________ Signature of Candidate __________________ .: ________________________ Bank: __________________________ DECLARATION I have carefully read the instructions given in the prospectus. Exam. R-704.CATEGORY Intern Self Employed Job Self Study COURSE OPTED Refresher Classes Correspondence Courses Overseas program Clinical Courses TEST SERIES At Home At Centre Online % age Marks in BDS MDS Entr. Date of Completion of Internship (Enter Max. attempts taken in any MDS Entrance Exam) Day Month Year • Fees to be paid by DD in favour of “Academy of Higher Education and Advancements in Dentistry” • To be sent at AHEAD. New Rajinder Nagar. The course fee once deposited is not refundable/transferable for any reason whatsoever.

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