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THURSDAY BREAKFAST Pancakes O'Brien Potatoes Sausage Links Orange Cranberry Coffee Cake

FRIDAY BREAKFAST French Toast O'Brien Potatoes Kielbasa Blueberry & Cream Muffins

SATURDAY BREAKFAST Western Scrambled Eggs Diced Potatoes


MONDAY BREAKFAST Pancakes Sausage Patties Tater Tots

TUESDAY BREAKFAST French Toast Home Fries Turkey Sausage Coconut Pineapple Coffee Cake

WEDNESDAY BREAKFAST Egg Ham & Cheese on Croissant Chocoalte Croissants

LUNCH Chicken Noodle Soup Chili Con Carne Mac & White Cheddar Cheese Portobello Gardenia Panini Autumn Cous Cous Salad Magic Bars

LUNCH Cuban Shrimp Chowder Lentil Soup English Style Fish & Chips Grilled Chicken Grande Marinated Tofu Salad Chocolate Chip Cookies

LUNCH Ginger Sesame Beef Lo Mein Philly Steak & Egg Skillet Chocolate Cherry Cakelet

BRUNCH Eggs Your Way Hash Browns Bacon Strawberry Smoothie Bagels & Donuts

LUNCH Thai Broth White Bean Soup Buffalo Chicken Tenders Mango Salad Sweet Potato Fries Three Bean Salad Cowboy Cookies

LUNCH Spicy Chicken Soup
Mediterranean Vegetable Soup

LUNCH Tomato Soup Pesto Minestrone Soup Ham & Swiss on Pretzel Roll Tender Beef Tips with Egg Noodles Greek Penne Salad Chocolate Cupcakes

California Turkey Sandwich
Pesto Veggie& Feta on Wheat

Asparagus Salad Lemon Key Lime Bars

FAMILY STYLE DINNER Japanese Tossed Salad
Chicken w/White Wine Cream Sauce

FAMILY STYLE DINNER Miso Bowl Corned Beef Sandwich Crepes Made to Order DINNER
Turkey London Broil w/Orange Salsa

DINNER All Campus Dorm BBQ's

DINNER Tuna Pesto Pain Petite Texas Smoked Beef Brisket French Fries Roasted Vegetables Cherry Orchard Cups

DINNER Tossed Salad Meat Lasagna Cheese Lasagna Italian Roasted Vegetables Garlic Bread Cheesecake Tarts

Sweet & Spicy Chicken & Wasabi Mash

Steak Sandwich Corn Strawberry Shortcake

Baked Flounder Israeli Cous Cous Roasted Butternut Squash Chocolate Fondue

Seasoned Broccoli Ranch Roll Make Your Own Sundae

Cycle 3

DAILY OFFERINGS - available at all meals: Whole, skim, low fat, chocolate, Lactaid and soy milk; Assorted whole fresh fruits, sticky rice, pasta, variety of cold cereals and breads (white, wheat, rye & pumpernickel), peanut butter, butter, margarine, assorted jams and jellies and honey. SALAD BAR - Choose from a large variety of fresh vegetables, proteins, beans, regular and low fat dressings, various oils and vinegar's and dry toppings. DELI BAR - Offered at lunch & dinner, a selection of freshly sliced cold cuts, cheeses and prepared salads along with a variety of breads and rolls PIZZA STATION-This showcase cooking station features a variety of pizza items which are freshly prepared and served hot from the oven. Items range from plain cheese to gourmet style pizzas & hearty whole grain wheat dough. YOGURT BAR - Available at breakfast only, consisting of yogurt and assorted fruit toppings.