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Brain Drain

(In Pakistan)
“A nation’s or institution’s loss of scientific, technical, or leadership talent when these people relocate. This is a problem in developing countries, which use their limited resources to educate citizens only to see them migrate to nations that offer higher salaries or other desirable conditions.” (Barker, 2003, p. 50). Brain Drain can be simply defined as a mass migration of technically skilled people from one country to another country. All developing countries are suffering from brain drain and developed countries like USA, UK, and Canada are gaining the advantage of brain gain. Recently, there has been a trend that people who are qualified are moving from poor nations to rich nation for more opportunities to develop and have a better life. Some people think that through this movement, rich countries are robbing poor countries of essential personnel like doctors, scientists and so on. Pakistan is also one of the many countries in which brain drain is a major issue. The main causes of brain drain in Pakistan are such as no value of talent, lack of opportunities, unsecure future, corrupt political system, unemployment, lack of research facility, lack of professional equipment and tools, unsatisfactory living conditions, low wages & salaries, health risks etc. As to describe no value of talent, as If a person who has completed his/her masters degree with flying colors and he/she is very good in his/her field but the problem he faces is that he/she has no power or any source or reference so he/she does not get a job in Pakistan on the base of his/her talents so the only option left for him/her is to move abroad where he/she will earn a handsome amount of money get full benefits on the base of his talent. As for the lack of opportunities, In our country graduates and post graduates experienced and skilled professionals are not getting enough opportunities to develop and succeed so for sake of a better future and dream of development they prefer the much developed countries . It’s a great loss of their own country. One of the reasons of brain drain is that when Pakistani student go abroad for under-graduate or post-graduate studies, they get so much involved in their studies, which causes not to keep in touch with their parents, relatives and friends. Most of the students are presently unaware about the positive developments that are taking place in Pakistan in their absence after some time those students become used to the custom and tradition of the foreign countries and eventually they do not return to Pakistan. Terrorism is the main reasons for an unsecure future. There have been so many bomb blasts recently that there is no guarantee if you leave your house you will return safely so most of the people don’t feel safe living in their own country. Economic condition has also a great influence on professional or skilled people. In Pakistan unstable GDP growth excludes the majority of the people from high quality education health facilities that can be cause of brain there is another

com/default. Hardly any other country suffers from brain draining than Pakistan nearly 3500 (annual) graduates of Pakistan medical colleges are jobless. Government has a major role in brain draining no positive steps have been taken by the government of Pakistan to stop the brain drain. Also most of the students securing top positions in their universities are often recruited by European companies where as the Pakistani companies don’t even offer them a chance to prove themselves. Pakistan embassies should have full knowledge about those students who are studying in foreign country.A.aspx Syed. Most of the people living in Pakistan consider that a degree from a developed country has more influence than a degree from their own homeland. Government should notice at this serious issue critically. The emphasis should be given on higher education. Our government should act upon against brain drain. Government does not provide the sufficient facilities. opportunities and respect to the skilled people.Mateen pakistan@attglobal. the young generation feel un-satisfaction about their future and thus many young people think and plan to go abroad for a better future. Government is not giving benefit to the talented people. Net resources: http://www. Pakistan embassies should aware all the relevant information about those person who are studying or serving in another countries. Educated unemployment is very high in salary level for skilled workers are often kept low by government. For this purpose. developed nation should help to developing countries with necessary money and resource. Sometimes the people are forced to leave their country against their will mostly forced by their relatives and friends who think that there is no scope in their own country. It is very important that government should provide the skilled people enough opportunities and living facilities. Due to known availability of good options by government.kind of brain drain which is brain drain with shame. Strong departmental plays a major role in forcing people to think on getting out from their own country in sake of a better and peaceful working opportunities. This is the kind of brain drain where the person living the country does not want to go abroad but they are forced to leave their own homeland. It might be possible to reduce the negative effects of the brain-drain by promoting links with skilled nationals and former nationals abroad.Government should give the attractive packages to the highly qualified to control the migration of such experts. government should give benefit to that talented people and also encourage them.springerlink. later they get settle there. Salary of the skilled professionals is 20 times higher than in Pakistan and another reason is also that they are not given the respect and appreciations that they are suppose to get. .

However. including Canada. . According to official estimates of Pakistan's Overseas Employment Corporation. thousands of MBBS graduates are produced annually from different medical colleges and universities in the country. This also leads to Pakistan's professionals leaving the country for one in which their skills and talents will be rewarded properly. Australia. England.000 professionals. not who they know. close to 36. Germany and South Africa. However. America. The initiative of Higher Education Commission (HEC) to convert brain-drain into brain-gain is also being damaged owing to inadequate policies of the new government. it is difficult to figure out how many Pakistanis are living abroad but it is roughly estimated that nearly six million of them have left the country for good The countries that are losing talent should set up more liberal and open regimes that create a positive environment for business and the well-educated persons could contribute for improvement of economy and the society at large. New Zealand. engineers and teachers. Conversely. the highly qualified and brilliant people are forced to leave the country in search of better future in the West. including doctors. have migrated to other countries in the last 30 years An additional problem is that advancement for the highly skilled is limited in a system where individuals often gain jobs and other opportunities through personal contacts versus merit. while 50 to 60 per cent of the fresh graduates leave the country to pursue for better professional careers in foreign lands. based on what they do.. This also fuels a frustration with the system.Due to terrorism and economic crisis. the feeling of insecurity is also compelling common man to migrate towards prosperous countries.