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Importance oI Chaplains as Moral Advocates

A Paper
Presented to
Dr. Paul B. Greer
Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary

In Partial FulIillment
oI the Requirements Ior CHPL 500

David L. Hiller
June 23, 2011
Importance oI Chaplains as Moral Advocates 2

Historically, one oI the greatest adversities a chaplain has Iaced is to be able to
bridge the gap between what is taught to their congregation and relay these teachings in a
military setting without barriers. As change Ior the better maniIested itselI over the past
sixty years, so did the widening accessibility and responsibility oI the chaplain enlarge to
the point they advised commanders, taught classes on moral development, harmonized
abilities to serve both God and nation in a cohesive manner, and imprinting the oIIice oI
chaplaincy with approval Irom all levels oI accountability has become a crowning
Although these accomplishments appear trivial to those who are not
intimately involved with chaplaincy and the values it upholds, behind the scenes, the
sacriIice oI these oIIicers paid the price Ior the prestige its agency currently maintains.
The tide did not begin to turn in Iavor oI the chaplain until the second halI oI the
twentieth century where the doors gradually opened Ior religious services to be
ministered to military personnel in a manner Ior them to worship God according to their
individual Iaith.
In the 1940`s and 1950`s, chaplains implemented a program entitled

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Importance oI Chaplains as Moral Advocates 3

Character Guidance with the intent to make lessons available on topics such as moral or
religious instruction and education in these areas was obtainable in basic and individual
The period oI the Cold War raised awareness on the signiIicance oI chaplain
agenda where chaplaincy conIirmed the ability to indoctrinate soldiers on religious and
moral principles combining civilian and military Ieatures.
Throughout the 1960`s and
70`s chaplains endured setbacks, growing pains, and hostility, but were able to absorb
these situations to the point oI bringing the oIIice oI chaplaincy together where its
administrative center now enioys well earned credibility. Having established both
institutional and prophetic ministries on a wide scale, chaplains came Iull circle
proiecting their sway both in military and congregational settings. Notwithstanding,
chaplains overcame multiple pitIalls to enioy the status they do today.
eak Points
Support oI our nation`s heritage on the battleIield in the name oI God did not Iare
well with many a soldier. Questions arose asking, 'How can war iustiIy endorsement oI
Christ while killing others Ior peace?¨ Or, 'Where does the Sermon on the Mount come
into play when we are expected to love our enemies?¨
Classes on ethics, morality, and
virtue were lacking in turnout. II and when classes or church were attended, the outlook
was glum, boring, and skeptical. Long ago, the honorable Fr. Corby established through
his experiences during the Civil War the necessity oI working within large bureaucratic
institutions, with their inevitable tendencies toward compromise and corruption, must be

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Importance oI Chaplains as Moral Advocates 4

done because oI the good that can be accomplished in spite oI the constraints.
Corby is
attributed with being a type oI Iounding Iather in regard to paving the way Ior dualism
becoming a mainstay in military liIe.
Nourishment oI both soul and body preserves a
resonating quality as much today as it did in his era. Unknowingly, he turned the tide in
getting interIaith pluralism to take root, grow, and mature into what it has become Ior
today`s military.
The ethics oI establishing a consistency Ior ministering to layman or soldier, to
gloriIy God and support our country, since the Civil War through the past halI century,
has never been turned away. The resiliency oI the chaplain while Iacing diIIiculties,
complications, and impediments, has caused the oIIice oI the chaplain to Iorego the tide
oI hostility in order to sustain a quality oI liIe which equips the soldier with the
provisions to be successIul. Combining the duality oI physical and spiritual elements
adds Iervor to their Iaith, relations to God or man, and deepens reverence to the nation
they serve. Opposition to the oIIice oI chaplain has not only made it stronger while
campaigning Ior morality, but has endowed it with qualities securing the chaplain in an
honorable position with praiseworthy impressions.

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Importance oI Chaplains as Moral Advocates 5

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