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How to flash a Custom Rom on your Desire HD, and not fail.

Please leave a reply if this guide has helped you FAQs on the second post, make sure you read them first A great deal of thanks goes to Team Revolution (especially to jkoljo and vistaga mer) who have not only opened the door on how to flash a rom to me, but also jum ped in to help me build this guide. I recommend you download their rom if this is your first try, as it's extremely close to stock (a lot of tweaks and improvements but no visual altercations): An droid Revolution HD If your Desire HD is running stock firmware 1.7x, please check this guide in ord er to downgrade: Basic setup: - Get a computer (don't be cheap about it) (Windows only at the moment, am c hecking things out for other OS) - Have the latest .NET framework installed - Have a wi-fi connection active and working (data connection works I think but I wouldn't recommend it) - Charge your phone to 100% (don't think 15% should do the trick, you might live to regret it) - Desire HD with lower than 1.7x stock ROM - Disable your Fast Boot option (Settings> Applications> Uncheck Fast Boot) - 2gb minimum of free space on your sdcard before you begin this guide - HTC Sync previously installed (just to be sure you have the necessary driv ers. - Have a micro-usb cable (prefferably the original one) - Get some patience, it might take a while if you're new to this, I know it took me well over 4 hours including research - Have 5 thanks available, because people worked hard not only for those rom s but also for tools, beta testing etc. and hand them out to those people. Consi der donating as well Past this point, my responsibility is ZERO. You will void your warranty. You do this at your own risk, this should 100% work however many factors are not includ ed (like power surges, EMPs, godzilla and alien invasions) Feel free to print this out and tick your steps so you don't fail You may not reproduce any portion of this guide without my approval as I cannot be made responsible for thrid-party modifications to the text contained here.

The tools (download these from the start, and try to download them in a clea n folder to avoid mishaps): - Visionary+ for your phone (download and place on your sdcard) -->Site + Do wnload - Simple radio flash zip file [Only if you need to flash a radio] -->Bottom of the page - jkoljo's One click ENG S-OFF tool -->Forum thread - jkoljo's One click Radio S-OFF, SimUnlock (Easy Root & S-OFF Guide) --> Fo

At this moment in time 1.Force closes may occur. This can and should actually be installed when it is neede d . The works: . You could choose the partial wipe if and ONLY IF you have any idea about what that is. follow his thread for a video on how to do this: [GUIDE] How to flash a radio.Open "Desire HD easy radio tool. and make sur e "USB Debugging" is enabled . etc.) please check out their respective developer's threads.Full Wipe 1.Tap on Attempt permroot now .exe" from the extracted folder .IMG Tried and tested (I had to do this so some might have to do it as well.Do your proper back-up .0.0. You can use Titanium Back-up only if your device is rooted) .While on your phone.7 and works just fine.Tick Run visionary. if you are having second thoughts. Links have be en provided for each.Click "Do It" . Full wiping is the safes t way to after root" and "set system r/w after root" (optiona l.You can test root availability.3 as any lower version will not wo rk. in this case reboot. check the bottom of the guide . but it might ruin your phone alltogethe r if you are using unmatched radios aka not recommended radios) . I guess it's mostly a taste option) . they have good troubleshooting FAQs. .Make sure you have HTC Sync installed on your computer .exe" (Windows 7. I recommend disabling screen timeout . always be on the lo ok out for such requests and allow access . recon nect it using "Charge only" mode .If by any chance you have disconnected the phone from your computer.Your phone is now ENG S-OFF -You can test that your phone is ENG S-OFF and Radio S-OFF and it is recomme nded that you do.If at any given point something fails (eng s-off tool has an e rror. Check the bottom of the guide .Install and then open Visionary+ .3 (Please make sure it is 1.Connect the phone to your computer in "Charge only" mode .Run "Desire HD easy s-off.Rom manager (we will cover it later during the process).Allow super user access if needed ? This is recurrent.Make sure your phone screen is on at all times as you may need to allow su peruser access. This might improve yo ur battery life and signal strength etc. you can still abandon the guid e and get back to your *cough* boring stock rom as all changes up to this point can be undone easily (check the forums for that or ask some people) Flashing a radio method 1 thanks to leith51.Your phone is now Radio S-OFF. tested on 3. and it should be just fine This is where.Wait for reboot .Choose the first option (RADIO S-OFF.Extract the eng s-off zip file into a folder on your computer . right click & run as admi nistrator) .rum thread .Click "S-OFF" it . go to Settings>Applications>Development. --> Forum thread Before we start .Tap on Temproot now . Super-CID and Sim Unlock) .there are loads of tools out there (I recommend M yBackup or Titanium Back-up.Extract the Radio S-OFF zip file into a folder on your computer .3 is the highest version).

you won't have a rom. . copy that radio. .img" into this folder . download the archive.If it starts normally. you must try the previous step again . then your adb files are in order and you must retype the command in the previous step. extract it in your C:\sdk\tools folder and. just shut it down) .If your phone starts up in a text-looking window.img to C: \sdk\tools (or /platform-sdk if you have downloaded the Gingerbread SDK) .Wait for it to download (yes.Your radio zip should have a boot.If there is any error regarding adb files go to http://www.Extract the android sdk into an easily accessible folder (prefferably C:\s dk or something like that. with a newly flashed radio Flashing your rom .Tap on Flash ClockworkMod Recovery .Turn off your phone (no restart. If it lists your device.Your phone should now be rebooting as normal. you can check that it only contains a link to command prompt) .While in the command prompt issue the following commands: .Download the Android SDK in rar format Website + Download . with a newly flashed radio Flashing a radio method 2 .Check again because once you full wipe.img inside it..Once you are in the clockwork mod recovery.Copy your "radio.Your phone should now be rebooting as normal.Disconnect your phone from your computer .Now type fastboot reboot . rem ove the battery from your phone.Browse to your folder (C: then cd sdk\tools) from your command prompt .Reboot your phone into bootloader mode (poweroff and then Volume.bat" (don't worry. otherwise please check this for more troubleshooting ADB guide .Make sure you copied them correctly .Make sure your phone is still connected to the PC via micro-USB cable . We will use C:\sdk for this tutorial) . reboot and then flash the clockworkmod recovery again .After it is done press "Reboot into recovery" .Open an elevated command prompt (that means having administrator rights).Tell any people that might call you during the next 10-15 minutes to not w orry .Connect your phone to the computer .Type fastboot flash radio radio. .Select fastboot .megaupload.If you get an icon with a phone and an exclamation mark in a triangle."fastboot reboot" .Open "Start here.+ Power button) .Leave your phone alone for now and go to your command prompt on your pc ."fastboot flash radio radio.Download the zip file in this post and extract it to a folder on your comp uter . you need a wi-fi or data connection) . you may use the volume keys as directional keys (up and down) and the power button may be used as Enter.Copy both your full-wipe-1-3.While holding the Volume down key press and hold the power button until yo ur phone turns on .zip and your rom zip file to your SD Card . . by writing cmd in Run from the start menu.img .Connect your phone using "Disk drive" to the ?d=RTEY0Q97 .img" . when in your command prompt type adb devices to see if it works.Install and open Rom Manager from the market . you have just entered bo otloader mode .

3. use Volume down to get to system info and tap power button to select check CID for CID-11111111 (if you have this all is done 100%) Reboot wid0w XDA Forums Thanks once more to jkoljo. 4.Select your rom zip file . 3.Confirm by selecting the Yes option in between those "NO"s .Select full-wipe-1-3. 2. leith51.Once again select "Install Zip from sdcard" (It's right under those folders) . because it's done.DO NOT REBOOT!!! In case you were not aware.I recommend you do a nandroid back-up.Wait for it to finish . Power Down Your Device Go to Bootloader If it says Ace PVT ENG S-OFF your phone is ENG S-OFF. Download Android Terminal Emulator from the Market Run it and type in "su" Accept the Superuser request if it comes A "#" should appear if nothing is wrong with your root! Testing Eng S-off and Radio S-OFF 1. 4. . 6.Please reboot from the recovery menu and flash nothing else before you hav e rebooted . 5.Confirm your selection (just like with the wipe) .Pop a champagne bottle. TESTING BEFORE FLASHING ANYTHING Testing Root 1.Select "Install Zip from sdcard" . you now have no rom installed . 2. vistagamer and Team Revolution . You must have at least 1 gb of free space.Select "Choose zip from sdcard" .Wait for it to finish .Select "Choose zip from sdcard" .