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ALS 303: Professional Development & Career Opportunities in Agriculture and Life Sciences

Spring 2011 Monday 1:30-2:20pm 1404 Williams Hall Web site:

Bookmark and check weekly. Grades are posted online.

Instructor: Marcy Bullock 107 Patterson Hall Phone 515-3249 TA: Shreyas Patel- I encourage student visits! Visit to schedule a time with me Select "ALS 303" when you book an automated appointment. If none of the available appointment times fit your schedule, call the office and we will find a time that works for both of us.

Purpose: To assist transfer students with their transition into CALS by providing an overview of academic policies, campus resources, and career-related topics in order to help students achieve their career goals. Learning Outcomes:

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Explain academic policies of North Carolina State University and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and know the procedures that are necessary for meeting set policies (e.g., late drop, grade changes, etc). Identify various majors, educational opportunities, the clubs and career services in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Design a resume and cover letter. Identify & articulate career, academic & life goals. Identify internships that relate to the student’s career goal. Articulate effective interviewing techniques. Create a personal mission statement and learn about enhancing professional skills. Identify career and graduate school options after graduation.

Target Group: External transfer students and NC State students who have completed 45 credit hours or more and have not taken ALS 103 or a comparable first year course. Attendance & Participation- Note Assigned Seat! In the working world, you will be expected to show up and to participate each and every day in your particular occupation—the same will be expected in this class. You are allowed 1 unexcused absence, and 20 points will be deducted from your final grade for each unexcused absence after that. The university policy on attendance can be viewed at: See the TA for any attendance questions and to provide proof for any excused absences. Be sure to sign in on your attendance card and return the card to the envelope in your row each week to avoid losing attendance points. On Moodle, if you see”1” for a lecture date, that means you were absent and you lose 20 points. If you see “0” that means you were present and no point deduction occurs.

It is expected that you will be courteous to speakers & your classmates. Do not shuffle book bags until class is dismissed. Turn all cell phones off. The use of laptops is not permitted during class unless otherwise noted by the instructor. Arrangements to make up missed work, due to excused absences, can be made by contacting the instructor in advance.

edu/policies/student_services/student_conduct/POL445. the instructor must be contacted by Thursday at 5pm to request an extension. please see -http://www. No credit will be given for handwritten assignments. points will be deducted. Reasonable accommodations will be made for students with verifiable disabilities.100% It is expected that you arrive on time and stay until class is over.20. Points are posted once grading is completed. Students are expected to be honest in their completion of all assignments. students must register with the Disability Services Office at 1900 Student Health Center. You must receive approval from the instructor two working days (Mon-Fri between 8am and 5pm) in advance.• • Late assignments will not receive full credit unless arranged in advance with the instructor.1. . If this policy is abused. means that the student neither gave nor received unauthorized aid. 515-7653. If an assignment is due on a Monday. unless the instructor judges that your situation is an emergency.50% o 8-14 days late.00. unless arranged two working days in advance with the instructor. Email: When you email the TA.htm Students should be aware of the university Honor Pledge: "I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this test or assignment.1. Assignments: • • • • • All papers must be typed or submitted online depending on instructions for each assignment. or online submission of an assignment. Do not wait until the end of the semester if you have a question on a grade.75% >15 days late. This class does not require a textbook.php The University Academic Integrity statement is found at http://www. You must turn in all assignments by 5:00pm on the assignment’s due date. Check your points for each assignment on Moodle and see your TA if you have any questions. In order to take advantage of available accommodations.10% o 2 -7 days late. please identify yourself in the subject line with your name & ALS 303. Save all emails sent and received to avoid any confusion at the end of the semester when grades are posted. Late or incomplete assignments will not receive full credit. It is suggested that students print materials from Moodle for reference. Assignments are not accepted via email attachments. Extra Credit. Website: http://www. technical support.ncsu. Do not leave early unless arranged in advance with the instructor. Deductions for late assignments are: o 1 day late.ncsu." It is this instructor’s understanding and expectation that the student's signature on any test or assignment. unless a pre-arranged extension is approved by the or instructor. Contact the instructor two working days before the assignment is due if you need an extension.Listen in class for extra credit opportunities throughout the For more information on NC State's policy on working with students with disabilities.ncsu.

24. Your grade will be recorded and the evaluation will be returned to you in class. Assignment 4 Cover Letter Assignment 5 Group project Total Points Possible Total Possible Points: 500 Percentage: Points: 97-100 93-96 90-92 87-89 83-87 80-82 77-79 73-76 70-72 67-69 63-66 60-62 less than 60 315-325 302-314 292-301 282-291 269-281 260-268 250-259 237-249 227-236 217-226 204-216 195-203 Grade: A+ A AB+ B BC+ C CD+ D DTotal Due Date Points 50 Feb. 18 Date assigned 194 or below F . Dress for the interview! Reserve your time online by Jan. 14 100 50 Mar. 16 Apr. 1 25 100 325 Apr. 21 Mar. An evaluation form will be completed by the Peer Counselor and given to your instructor.Assignments Assignments Description Assignment 1 Resume 1st draft (worth 30 points) Final draft uploaded in ePACK (worth 20 points) Assignment 2 Personal Mission Statement Assignment 3 Mock Interview with a Peer Counselor.

Schedule of Topics Date January 10 January 17 January 24 January 31 February 7 February 14 February 21 February 28 March 7 Topic Course Overview & Academic Policies No Class.Spring Break Group #6 Technology in CALS Alumni guest Final draft of resume uploaded in ePACK **Personal mission statement due on March 16th Groups #7 & #8 Groups #9 & #10 March 28 April 4 April 11 April 18 April 25 LinkedIn Campus resource panel Cover letters Applying to graduate or professional school Mystery Topic Group #12 Group #14 Cover letter due Groups #16 & #17 Mock interview must be completed by April 1 Rough draft of resume due Group #5 Group #1 Groups #2 & #3 Register for a mock interview online Assignment Due March 14 March 21 Networking Resume Assignment (50 points) .Holiday Group Project (Group topic will be chosen in class) Finding & applying for internships Interviewing for Job or Internship Resumes Career & Life Values Personal Mission Statement No Class.

phone numbers or addresses are listed • Includes accomplishment phrases (not just menial duties) Activities/Honors • Shows well-roundedness • Emphasizes leadership roles Skills • Emphasizes relevant strengths in a persuasive way • Has a separate skills section or clearly documents skills in other sections . and punctuation errors • Uses past tense action verbs • Quantifies when possible • Is results oriented Education Section • Includes degree/s. Make suggested changes and upload to ePACK: 20 possible points You will be graded on: Overall Appearance • Makes an immediate favorable impression: easy to read • Makes efficient use of space • Appropriate use of bold.First draft of resume: 30 possible points. not course numbers) Experience Section • Includes job title and names of organizations • States employer's location (city. underlining.0) • Includes graduation date • Includes relevant coursework (titles of courses. not a template Contact Information • Is clearly presented at top of page • Includes permanent and/or temporary address • Includes telephone number/s • Includes e-mail address Summary • Is stated clearly and conveys purpose & qualifications • Is an appropriate length (~3 sentences or 3-5 bullet points) General Content • Supports and substantiates objective • Does not use full sentences or personal pronouns (no I’s) • Free from grammatical. and institution (and GPA if above a 3. • Appropriate length (1-2 pages) • Creative. state) • Includes dates for each experience • Is listed in reverse chronological order • No supervisors names. etc. major. spelling.

Enhancing Marketability (20 points): Include 4 things that students can do to increase their marketability for jobs or graduate school. Points for the presentation will be awarded as follows: Excellent Good 4 4 3 3 2 2 1 1 Fair • • • 1 minute timeframe was followed Interesting visuals used to support talk 5 5 • Good eye contact. These can be specific skill sets.Group Project (100 points): This semester you will work with your group members to create a handout and 5 minute presentation on the industry to which you are assigned. Limited use of “non words” such as “ums” and “ahhs” 1 Demonstrated confidence. You can find this information online. or through professional contacts. and enhancing marketability). or experiences that will make them stand out in a competitive crowd. Job Search websites (10 points): List 2 websites that are specific to your career specialty where students can look for jobs/internships Presentation (20 points): Your presentation should be only 5 minutes and a summary of your handout. spoke enthusiastically and business casual dress 5 5 4 3 2 4 3 2 1 . One of the goals of this class is for you to learn more about the industry and how to be successful in the field you plan to enter. There will be a list of websites on Moodle that you might use to find this information. courses. The positions you include should have some variety either in the responsibilities or settings of the positions to reflect various interest areas. you only need to cover the 1st three bullet points (Sample Internships & Jobs. Industry trends. Industry Trends (20 points): List and describe 2 trends or “hot topics” related to your career specialty. Professional Associations/LinkedIn groups (10 points): List 5 professional associations or LinkedIn groups that relate to your specialty. You must cite your sources and your information must come from a reputable source. These should be good sources of professional information and networking. in professional journals. You will also complete peer evaluations of your group members and those will be factored into your grade. In your presentation. List the position title & organization as well as a 2-3 sentence description. Your handout should be 1-2 pages long and consist of the following: • • • • • • Sample Internships & Jobs(20 points): Find 4 internships and/or jobs that students in your career specialty might be interested in.

PassionWhen I look at my work life. • Enables effectiveness by being focused on key priorities. values. • Provides direction and commitment to your values. • Helps you to examine your innermost thoughts. goals and purpose. TalentsWhat talents do I have. they are just there to get you thinking. there are a set of questions that will help you think about that aspect of your life. Introduction- Start with a paragraph about your life story. which activities do I consider of greatest worth? When I look at my personal life.”(Steven Covey) An effective personal mission statement includes all the important elements of your life and career. how you want to feel.Personal Mission Statement (100 points) To build a house you need a blueprint or a plan to be successful. it should remind you of your priorities. whether developed or undeveloped? . Who are you. A mission statement is a credo or motto that states what your life is about. how you want to live. You should incorporate a summary of each component in your final draft. which activities do I consider of greatest worth? I am at my best when… I am at my worst when… I try to avoid times when… My deepest positive emotions come when… What do I really love to do at work? What do I really love to do in my personal life? I will find enjoyment in my by finding work where I can… I will find enjoyment in my personal life through… 2. You do not need to include the answers to all the questions in your final mission statement. Why write a personal mission statement? Because it… • Encourages you to think deeply about your life. and where are you going? This paragraph should introduce the topics that you are going to discuss in further detail throughout the essay. • Determines your purpose which you can act out in your education. • Indentifies your core values. • Clarifies what is really important to you. Think of it as a contract for making decisions in your life. and who you want to associate with. It is a statement of who you are. where have you been. Questions are adapted from franklincovey. talent. Although your personal mission statement helps you to see into the future. and it’s the same with your 1. You will take time this semester to reflect and challenge yourself to compose “A powerful document that expresses the meaning for being. career and personal life. Your mission statement will be divided up into the 9 key components listed below. what you want to do. 3. and who you are becoming. It acts as a governing constitution by which you evaluate decisions and choose behavior. it is who you want to be. It is the framework for the process of creating your life. it must be grounded in the present. Under each component. and goals. • Expands your perspective.

pointing us in the right direction and keeping us on course.past and present. Values are what we gravitate toward. Identify peak moments when you life was especially rewarding. what would I choose to do? I can do anything I set my mind to. CharacterImagine your 80th birthday. I will… 4. My natural talents and gifts are… I will find opportunities to use my natural talents and gifts such as… ImaginationWhen I daydream. It is important to keep the time frame focused on moments. what feels right. Write down their names and record one quality or attribute you admire most about these people. What do you imagine your journey to be about? Complete the following statement by describing what you are doing. and social/emotional. My life’s journey is… 6. VisionImagine your life as an epic journey with you as the hero/heroine of the story. They are the silent forces behind many of our actions and decisions. ConscienceAre there things I feel I really should do even though I have dismissed such thoughts many times before for various reasons? What are they? Are there things I feel I really should do or change. ContributionWhat do I consider to be my most important future contribution to the most important people in my life? My most important contribution to others will be… 8. What happened during that moment. mental. 5. I will strive to incorporate the following attributes and/or values into my life… 10. who it is for. an attitude or way of life. what do I see myself doing? If I had unlimited time and resources. why you are doing it. Values and InfluenceValues are guiding principles to which we live our lives. spiritual..I am the “go to person” for my friends and family in the following ways. who was present. and what was going on? What must you have in your life to feel fulfilled? What do others say about you? What do they tease you about? What drives them nuts? What things do I want to have that I feel are important? What are the qualities of character I would like to emulate? Imagine you could invite to dinner three people who have influenced you the most. BalanceThink of balance as a state of fulfillment and renewal in each of the four dimensions: physical. Who will be there with you? What tribute statement would you like them to make about your life? I am a person who _____(person’s name) will say that I am_____(character traits)… 7. even though I may have dismissed such thoughts many times? What are they? I will start… 9. our way of expressing and relating with the world. What are the single most important things you can do in each of these areas that will have the greatest positive impact on your life and help you achieve a sense of balance? I will constantly renew myself by focusing on the four dimensions of my life… Points for Personal Mission Statement- . They serve as our compass. and what the journey’s results are.

Just like the resume." especially at the beginning of your sentences. The focus should be on how you meet an employer's needs. he won't be impressed. Smith. Make sure all the content in your letter supports how you will meet the employer's specific needs. . reference the specific job title in your cover letter. Avoid the perception of being self-centered by minimizing your use of the word "I. If you're applying to a number of similar positions. There are 100 possible points. put your future in your own hands with a promise to follow up. not on your life story. job and contact information -. Jones is addressed as Mrs. Be specific If you're replying to an advertised opening. That's fine. The person reading your letter may be reviewing hundreds of letters for dozens of different jobs. and be respectful of readers' time. This often results in a feeble introduction lacking punch and failing to grab the reader's interest.if Mr.10 points are possible for a thoughtful and thorough reflection of each of the 10 components. List the URL where you found the vacancy in the first paragraph. When I grade the letter I will click on the URL and see how closely your qualifications match the vacancy. Your Personal Mission Statement will be between 1000-1200 words total. End on an active note When possible. Include your top selling points in the next one-two paragraphs A cover letter is a sales letter that sells you as a candidate. you may be putting readers to sleep. Keep it to one page (three to four paragraphs) If your cover letter exceeds one page. chances are you're tweaking one letter and using it for multiple openings. Ensure there are no typos! Have a strong opening and introduce why you are writing the letter in the first paragraph Job seekers frequently struggle with how to begin a cover letter. Cover Letter Rubric (25 points) Find a job or internship you qualify for on line and write your letter to apply for that vacancy. List the URL of the vacancy in your letter. You will be graded on the following: Don't Overuse "I" and proof read Your cover letter is not your autobiography. Don't forget to update the company. Winning cover letter strategies include emphasizing your top accomplishments or creating subheadings culled from the job posting. as long as you are customizing each one. it should be compelling and give the main reasons why you should be called for an interview. Keep it concise but compelling.