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Wray Gabel Wray Wyman Gabel is definitely not a name you come across very often, if at all.

It’s a truly unique name that has a lot of meaning and history behind it. Generations old, it’s a name that I identify myself with, and have grown to love. I have drawn inspiration from my name and with such a unique name I have always thought of myself as a true individual. Wray Wyman Gabel is a title with a strong history and story, and I have sympathized with it and made it my own. My family history and ancestry has played a large part in the choosing of my name. A great deal of my heritage is German, and that is the source from which my last name Gabel comes from. In the German language it has the meaning “fork”. For this reason, I wear a ring everyday that is a bent fork that I bought while in Cape Cod where my Grandparents, my father’s side, have lived. Wyman, my middle name, is also from my father’s side of the family. Some of my ancestors also lived in England in a very small town called West Mill. Today there are only about 600 people residing there. The Wye river ran through the town, and that is thought to be where the name comes from, meaning someone associated with the river. It was my Great Grandparent’s name and my Grandmother’s maiden name. My first name, Wray, has been in every generation and can be traced all the way back to 1780 when my ancestors first migrated over the America from England. A woman named Anna Wray was the earliest it can be traced. She then had a son that she named Wray, and his son was Donald Wray, and his son was Steven Wray, and his son was Merlin Wray, next it was my aunt Katie’s middle name, and finally it is my first name. As you can see it can be tracked through every generation and is an old family name, that I hope to continue into future generations. I am proud to carry all of these names and be able to associate myself with them and the people who also carried the name. The history of my family is interesting to me and plays a large role in making me who i am as an individual. My mother has always liked the name when it was her younger sister, my aunt’s, middle name, “Ever since I was a teenager I knew that I was going to name my daughter that.” At one point my mom and her sister argued over who was going to get the name. When my parents were choosing names my mom and dad were sure Wray was going to be my first name. My mom said, “We wanted a short, quick name that would be easy to shout at a crowded playground.” Although this was the number one choice, female name choices included other family names such as Leah, Lydia, Florence, and even Mable. Mable however was crossed off the list after they realized the horrible rhyming scheme it would cause. If I was a boy the name they would have chosen would have been between Archer and Brooks. Out of all of these names, I am most happy with the name I was initially given. Nothing else would make me feel like myself, and I have trouble imagining myself as a Florence or a Leah, and certainly a Mable Gabel. One of my favorite parts about myself is my unusual name that I, and others, assosciate me with. I think it describes me perfectly and I love having an unusual name. Never have I run into another Wray, spelled the same or even a girl, and I love that. It has changed my view on what a name means to a person. I feel like you make the name, but the name defines you, regardless of what it is. However, it can be a bit tedious at times. Anytime I give my name to a Starbucks person to write on the cup, or a pizza person for the receipt I’m always entertained.

Although all of these things bother me they come with having a name that people don’t come across everyday. As a time-honored name it represents more than simply myself but all the family that has also been labeled this as well. I wouldn’t really expect anyone to put a silent W on the beginning but. everything from Re. i’ve become pretty understanding and used to annunciating it clearly. and I am more than willing to trade that in place of having a name that is more common. A label that I am happy to stamp on myself and I wear it proudly. When I was little I was very confused one day when I showed up for the first day of the soccer season to find my team consisting of all boys. I am identified by my label and am happy to be so. I’m also often mistaken for a boy. For people who haven’t met me. Wray Wyman Gabel is a name I wouldn’t trade for anything. It means to me who I am. Rae. Rahy? I also not only get a variation of misspellings but also all kinds of pronunciations. it is a label. I love my unique name and all of the hilarious spellings that come with it. and I’m grateful my parents chose a name so unique. and allows me to feel like my own person in a world full of so many Megans and Jennifers. . everything rhymes with Wray. My name is more than that to me. it gets me every time. and I get Wah-ray and Wary Ga-bell. I’m so used to it now though that it doesn’t bother me. and even Rahy. I’m constantly mistaken when I’m walking down the hallway or in the cafeteria when someone shouts “Hey!” from across the room. Some people don’t understand that the W is silent. Rie. Finally.I have seen endless variations of my name. Ray.