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Muse – CD 1 1) Sunburn – Showbiz – Quick backstory: Matt Bellamy, Dom Howard (drums) and Chris Wolstenholme (bass) met

in highschool in some shit town (Teignmouth in Devon, England) They had long hair and listened to Nirvana, not exactly lookers. They entered a battle of the bands competition to “take the piss” out of it – didn’t take it seriously and destroyed the guitars and drum kit (school equipment too, they weren’t happy about it). They ended up winning the competition because people loved it (as they should). So Matt and Dom decided, hey, maybe we should try this seriously – plus it’ll get us girls (that was a big motivation – seriously, they had long hair). Anyway, seemed like a good introductory song. Second favorite on this album. 2) Cave – Showbiz – Favorite off Showbiz. Kinda off the wall, apparently Bellamy wrote the lyrics after reading the book “Men are from mars, women are from Venus” (?) This song was also on the soundtrack for that terrible movie Little Nicky. 3) Unintended –Showbiz – He sounds so squeaky and young in this one. Awww. He also played it at their massive gig at Wembley Stadium in 2007 to 75,000 people, with an acoustic guitar. Really awesome performance. 4) Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I WantMiscellaneous Singles – Does every british rock group pay tribute to the smiths at some point? Listening to this after “Unintended” is a bit funny, his voice is noticeably lower (at least to me). Everyone jokes that his balls finally dropped for the Black Holes and Revelations album. Not sure of the year on this single, but it’s a lot later than when Showbiz came out. 5) New Born- Origin of Symmetry – Origin of symmetry was the first muse album I heard, and it is by far my favorite. They had their most violent, ridiculous, outrageous, destructive live gigs during this era (partially because their venues were small enough to be intimate, but big enough to for them to showcase their talent, and partially because of the shrooms). Bellamy had spiked hair for this tour, and it was dyed various shades of red, blue and neon yellow. So many busted guitars on this tour. The album was their “rebellious teenager” phase and my own teenaged, angsty memories come back when I listen to it. Love that. 6) Bliss - Origin of Symmetry – My second favorite on this album. The watery, dreamy synth in the background feels like pure 90s, love it. Lots of good memories with this song.

10 Megalomania . Nestle used it in one of their commercials once (without Muse’s consent). released in 2004. shows more of the influence by Waits. Makes me laugh. Another song on this album (that I didn’t include on this CD) has like. favorite muse song of all. Awesome. Really epic live. Random single.This is one of their longest songs – might be the longest. so Muse sued them and won. But they still call it the best gig of their lives (and rocked peoples faces off). Whatever.There’s a ridiculous perfume commercial that uses this song (try youtube). 14) Dead Star.Origin of Symmetry – This one features that amazing. Love love love. and a lot of people didn’t think they could actually pull it off because they weren’t very well known at the time.7) Plug In Baby .Origin of Symmetry – I like this cover a lot.Miscellaneous Singles – I quite enjoy this. 8) Space Dementia .Hullabaloo [Disc 1] – This song always makes me think of 28 Days Later.. 12) Shrinking Universe . 11) Feeling Good . Bellamy says it’s the album where they finally “found their voice. not sure. Really badass. anyway..” They headlined Glastonbury that year.Dead Star / In Your World – More angsty rock. or his guitar. futuristic shit in his lyrics. But they finally turned completely galactic rock-opera with this album. But. . There’s a trailer for this movie somewhere that has a muse song in it.Origin of Symmetry. 15) Apocalypse Please – Absolution – So as you may have noticed. Bellamy has a tendency toward conspiracy theories and spacey. Bellamy has stated quite seriously that Plug in Baby either refers to space robots taking over the earth. if taken to be his guitar.Origin of Symmetry . etc. Donated all the money to charity. the lyrics are really epic. tribal drumming with bones and shit. over-the-top organ.As I’ve said. 9) Citizen Erased . one of Bellamy’s influences. Also hints of Tom Waits. Don’t know much about it though. but it’s not this one.Origin of Symmetry. The song epitomizes the relationship between a rockstar and his guitar. 13) Futurism. He also lies a lot in interviews.

I think he believes it was the CIA in some weird secret plot. They performed this song at their massive Wembley Stadium gig in 2007.This song is supposedly about one of Bellamy’s uncles that disappeared randomly when he was a kid. 18) Ruled by Secrecy-Absolution . Ends with them crash-landing on what looks like red sands of Mars – only to see Big Ben still standing. Nerdy cool.16) Sing for Absolution – Absolution – The song (and music video) show the trio as spacemen. Whatever. 17) Blackout – Absolution.Their best ballad. leaving a futuristic “New Earth” to discover the old one that was deserted. . and they did a bunch of twirls and shit and threw glitter on the crowd. Really beautiful (ps im making you watch the DVD of that gig). where they suspended two acrobats on wires beneath huge balloons.