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State): __________________________________ Current school residence: Dorm ☐ Downtown SB ☐ Isla Vista ☐ Goleta ☐ Other__________________________ Do you have a car at your school residence? (check ‘no’ if your car is at your permanent home address) Yes ☐ No ☐ How do you usually get home for breaks/long weekends? Drive myself ☐ Train ☐ Bus ☐ Plane ☐ Carpool ☐ Other__________________________ How many people. convenience/flexibility ☐ don’t know anyone’s who’s going to my destination/hometown ☐ don’t mind paying for the gas by myself ☐ concerned about safety of carpooling ☐ other ☐ Please indicate your familiarity with the following: Craigslist Rideshare heard of it ☐ seen the website ☐ used it as a passenger ☐ Zimride heard of it ☐ seen the website ☐ used it as a passenger ☐ used it as a driver ☐ would use again ☐ used it as a driver ☐ would use again ☐ Did you know that Zimride allows you to connect with people on Facebook before carpooling? Yes No . please check the following reasons why. are usually in the car when you go home for breaks/weekends? NA 1 2 3 4 5 If you carpool home for breaks/weekends.QUESTIONNAIRE Hometown (City. are you usually the passenger or driver? Passenger ☐ Driver ☐ NA ☐ How many people usually chip in to help pay the driver for gas when you carpool? NA 1 2 3 4 5 If you do NOT carpool home for breaks/weekends. including yourself.

how might the service benefit you? Please write your answer in the space below. (1 is most important) ______ Encountering new people ______ Someone to talk to on long rides ______ Reducing gas emissions ______ Saving money ______ Other: _______________________________ Please rank from 1-5 which issues would most negatively impact your carpool experience.Did you know that Zimride requires a school email address and you can select a UCSB/SBCC network for students only? Yes No How comfortable do you feel about driving home for breaks/long weekends with people who you do not know personally? Uncomfortable 1 2 3 4 5 Comfortable How comfortable do you feel about carpooling home for breaks/long weekends with students whose profiles you’ve seen on Facebook? Uncomfortable 1 2 3 4 5 Comfortable How would your parents feel about you carpooling with people from Craigslist? Uncomfortable 1 2 3 4 5 Comfortable How would your parents feel about you carpooling with students from Zimride? Uncomfortable 1 2 3 4 5 Comfortable What is the likelihood you would choose to carpool with UCSB/SBCC students rather than strangers? Not Likely 1 2 3 4 5 Likely Please rank from 1-4 which issues would most encourage you to carpool. . what is the likelihood that you will visit the website to learn more? Not Likely 1 2 3 4 5 Likely Based on what you’ve learned about Zimride. (1 is most negative) ______ Passengers who smoke ______ Needy/annoying passengers ______ Awkwardness with strangers ______ Risked personal safety ______ Passengers w/ poor hygiene ______ Other: _______________________________ If you didn’t know about Zimride before this study.

Surprisingly. so.RESULTS Our sample population was selected from the UCSB community at large. Secondly. when motives for carpooling were questioned. In addition. This encourages the point that. while 36% represent the freshman population in the dorms. When asked how residents traveled home. nearly half people selected to drive by themselves home. The survey revealed two strengths and opportunities for this campaign to seize upon. students are indeed. most 1 passenger carpools helped split the cost of the ride by nearly 50%. drivers should interested in using Zimride to save money. 35% of the sample was already carpooling. willing to pay. Similarly. leaving a large market for Zimride’s growth among single drivers. results revealed that that “saving money” was the most predominant reason for students to carpool. student results revealed it only took 1 passenger to make for an adequate carpool. be . 56% of our sample lives in Isla Vista. This is a positive sign that people can become interested in Zimride’s service.

We need to frame carpooling as an activity done with students. First. . through Zimride. Secondly. perspective carpoolers agreed that traditional carpooling can be plain inconvenient. More specifically.RESULTS The survey also revealed three areas of growth that could be capitalized upon as well. alone. rather than with strangers. the results revealed Zimride’s online awareness is little to none as well. personal and predicted parent comfort level tests also revealed that most people are more uncomfortable with strangers than students when traveling. The third weakness demonstrated that a general lack of knowledge about Zimride exists – the brand name exposure is minimal.

RESULTS Students are not aware that it works with Facebook nor that it only connects students with students. . Zimride’s brand name has also been mixed with Zipcar as well. Zimride’s biggest weakness is not self-promoting its identity. In other words.

used it as passenger 4 - used it as driver 5 - would use again Familiar with Zimride? 1 .heard of it 2 - seen the website 3 - used it as passenger 4 - used it as driver 5 - would use again 31 8 2 0 0 Yes No 30 22 How do you get home? Drive myself Train Carpool Bus Plane # of Passengers in Car One Two Three Four Five If you Carpool Driver Passenger How many people pay $? One Two Three Four Five 27 7 18 0 3 23 2 0 0 0 23 16 7 3 1 Familiar with Facebook connect? Yes 1 No 53 Familiar with Students Only? Yes No 18 36 19 19 21 9 2 2 0 Comfortable carpooling with Strangers? 1 - uncomfortable 16 211 312 4 - 10 5 - very comfortable 4 .heard of it 2 - seen the website 3 .RAW DATA Total respondents: 55 Current School Residence Dorms Isla Vista Downtown Goleta Other/univ owned Car 18 38 1 2 2 Why don’t you carpool? Convenience 23 Don’t know anyone 10 Don’t mind paying myself 7 Concerned about safety 1 Other: I live too close/ride motorcycle Familiar with Craigslist? 1 .

most 9 Sex Age Male Female 28 27 Age 17 Age 18 Age 19 Age 20 Age 21 Age 22 0 4 6 9 19 4 .RAW DATA Comfortable carpooling with Students? 1 - uncomfortable 5 2 - 7 311 418 5 - very comfortable 12 Comfortable carpooling with Craigslist? 1 - uncomfortable 28 2 - 6 318 4 - 6 5 - very comfortable 3 Parents comfortable with Zimride? 1 - uncomfortable 13 23 3 - 17 415 5 - very comfortable 5 What issues encourage the use of Carpooling? New People 5 Someone to talk to 6 Reducing emissions 7 Saving money 36 What issues discourage the use of Carpooling? Passengers who Smoke 13 Needy Passengers 8 Awkwardness 4 Risked Safety 19 Poor Hygeine 7 Likelihood will learn more about Zimride: 1 - least 14 29 314 48 5 .

” » 1ST YEAR..” » 1ST YEAR..” » 4TH YEAR. POLITICAL SCIENCE “Yeah I see those cars all the time. COMMUNICATIONS “I’m going to use this to go home for spring break. UNDECLARED “Saving money is the most important thing to me.. COMMUNICATIONS “I need a ride home this weekend.. COMPUTER SCIENCE “Never heard of it.. ECONOMICS “I definitely would have used it as a 1st or 2nd year before I bought a car.” » 1ST YEAR UNDCLARED .WHAT ARE PEOPLE SAYING ABOUT ZIMRIDE? “Zimride.” » 4TH YEAR. COMMUNICATIONS “Who’s scared of strangers in Santa Barbara?” » 2ND YEAR. BIOPSYCHOLOGY “Looks a lot less shady than rideshare. COMMUNICATIONS “I wish I had know before!” » 4TH YEAR. BIOCHEMISTRY “What a cool idea!” » 4TH YEAR. do you know anyone going to the Bay?” » 4TH YEAR..” » 2ND that like the car rental thing?” » 4TH YEAR.

concert) Students who DO have cars and. Mammoth.. typically just ask friends. » Want to save money on gas by carpooling » Are environmentally conscious » Like having company while driving » Want to meet new people Students who have NEVER heard of Zimride Students who are FAMILIAR but NEVER USED Zimride Students who have ALREADY used Zimride .. » Need to get home for a break/weekend » Need to get home and typically use the train or bus » Need to get home.POTENTIAL AUDIENCE SEGMENTS TO TARGET: Students who DON’T have cars and... but aren’t always successful » Need to get to an event/destination (Vegas.

Therefore. .STATEMENT OF CAMPAIGN GOALS: Our primary goal is to plan and execute an awareness campaign for Zimride. our tone will be informational but not authoritative. A time/dollar-amount comparison of Zimride to its substitutes would also be effective in highlighting Zimride’s advantages. our campaign will serve to boost Zimride’s presence on campus. In order to resonate with our target audience. Our research suggests that. Our market research revealed that many people have not heard of Zimride. inform students that the service exists. and show students why it’s better than competing services and substitutes. Our creative work will be consistent with Zimride’s current branding. and most have never visited the website. and consistent. While our target market is all UCSB students. above all other benefits. Thus. and will be crafted to look as professional and credible as possible while still grabbing the attention of our target audience. concise. our marketing needs to be clear. we should highlight Zimride’s UCSB-student-only network. humor is likely to be an effective approach to attract attention and promote message retention. we will position our messages toward what we think is the most valuable target market - first and second year students who do not own cars and will remain at UCSB for several years to come. as we are students marketing to students. Given the nature of carpooling. as well as its ability to save students money.