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Systems Analyst and Software Engineer Key Responsibilities: • • • • • Responsibility for quality and robustness of overall company software / application services architecture Responsibility for documentation of systems architecture. consumer facing software around our core products Strategize with the rest of the product team on design. architecture and requirement analysis Work with an exceptional team of engineers to deliver high quality software in tight timelines Contribute in upholding the discipline in processes and practices to build the classiest of products 3 years of minimum experience in the software industry and leading technical projects. Strong analytical and problem solving skills Demonstrated capability in leading technical projects in similar environments. HTML5 and other rich client technologies will be an added advantage. and an intuitive sense of usability. Interested? If you have these skills .Apply Now: • • • • • • . leadership. software / application services according to industry guidelines Design evaluate and design application service requirements as per business requirements and targets Enforce IT methodologies. Proven expertise in either Enterprise Java or .NET stacks Experience with Adobe Flex. creativity. specifications and standards as per established guidelines Interfacing with external service providers to ensure appropriate integration of systems Minimum knowledge / experience / qualifications Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related field / 4 years experience in a similar capacity Sound knowledge in software development lifecycle both structured and OO methodology As a Senior Software Engineer you’ll: • • • • Design & Develop web scale. This role is a blend of technical skill.

and maintain the researching. graphic artists. Once the system had been fully designed software engineers then test. such as project managers. reading manuals and accessing new applications. consulting clients/colleagues concerning the maintenance and performance of software systems and asking questions to obtain information. • • http://www. designing and writing new software programs. testing new programs and fault finding. integrating existing software products and getting incompatible platforms to work together.prospects. Continually updating technical knowledge and skills by attending in-house and/or external courses. working closely with other staff. Depending on the type of organization. maintaining systems by monitoring and correcting software defects.htm . They might be involved in the design and testing of anything from computers games and business applications.Software engineer: Job description A software engineer is responsible for the design and implementation of a variety of software solutions. The work undertaken by software engineers is generally of a highly complex and technical nature. designers. creating technical specifications and test plans. to operating systems and advanced software for the control of highly technical hardware and equipment. developing existing programs by analyzing and identifying areas for modification. Software engineering is one of the most popular professions in IT in terms of the numbers employed. clarify details and implement information. developers. investigating new technologies. They increasingly need to have knowledge of a variety of computer programming languages and applications. software engineers can become either systems or applications specialists. and involves the application of computer science and mathematics in an environment which is constantly evolving as a result of technological advances. working with computer coding languages. and sales and marketing professionals. Typical work activities Typical work activities will usually include some or all of the following: • • • • • • • • • • • • analyzing user requirements. writing operational documentation with technical authors. evaluating the software and systems that make computers and hardware work. systems analysts. this is due to the wide variety of work that they can be involved in.

one system may employ a Software Architect. STL. JavaScript. coding and debugging applications in various software languages. Project Planning and Project Management 13. SQL Server. Software Developer. . JSP. balancing. system risk analysis. HTML. Python. Web services.NET. Common Job Responsibilities for Software Engineer 1. MySQL. Principal Engineer. Common alternate job titles for Software Engineer include: Senior Software Engineer. XSLT. 9. Java Engineer. UNIX. Evaluate and identify new technologies for implementation 12. Object-oriented analysis and design has is a common requirements for most business application design. Linux. jobs involving web services have become more common as businesses continue to leverage capabilities of the Internet. Support. Software Programmer. Java Developer and Quality Assurance Engineer. Maintain standards compliance 14. Consultants can focus under any category but most technology consulting professionals possess experience in two or more of these areas as a specialty. J2EE. OWL. JBoss. improvement. Full lifecycle application development 2. C++. Designing. 3. Front end graphical user interface design 7. Application Engineer. J2SE. JSP. AJAX. requirements analysis. WebSphere. for most large scale applications. Redhat Linux. Application Developer. Software testing and quality assurance 8. . XML. PHP. software reliability analysis 4. Platform and Systems Knowledge C. SOAP. Oracle. code analysis. BEA WebLogic. Web Services Developer. usability. Implement localization or globalization of software Common IT Hardware. This does not encompass every possible software engineering responsibility and there are other specialized software engineering positions such as embedded software engineers. Generally. Software modeling and simulation 6. Performance tuning. In today’s market. For example. Smaller applications and systems may employ just a few software engineers to manage the full lifecycle software development process. Embedded Software Engineer. Design Engineer. automation. Java. ADO. Many of the responsibilities listed below are vague and general. Integrate software with existing systems 11. maintain and document software functionality 10. C++ Developer and Quality Assurance Engineer. focusing more on software engineering in a corporate setting. Software. Perl. Sun Solaris. software review.The software engineer job encompasses a fairly wide range of responsibilities. jobs are broken down into groups that focus on one specific area of the software or just a specific function of the application or technology. Object-oriented Design and Analysis (OOA and OOD) 5. J2ME. J2EE. Software analysis. Java Developer. identification of code metrics. ASP. Software Designer.

and enhances the overall design and usability of the site and take the initiative in analyzing the tasks given and manage project time-lines and effectively communicate regularly with clients and understanding of the server side software. Design Patterns. performance and reliability aspects. Our client is one of the pioneer in providing world class software solutions to the Financial Service industry. Oracle PL/SQL. MQ. familiarity with C# will be an added advantage. We are looking for a successful candidate who possess A BSc degree or equivalent and has minimum 4 years of experience in JAVA/J2EE. AJAX. JavaScript and CSS3 technologies and ability to take imitative in analyzing the tasks given and manage projects time lines. Hands on experience in Java 5. scalable.g. JSP. analytical. Struts.http://www. This leading IT solutions provider have exciting global projects and have opportunities for Software Engineers. Also be able to independently design. Any mainstream application server e. .0. user Experience engineers and Technical Lead to design application solutions and partner in a team environment. Eclipse IDE. test and debug new software or make significant enhancements to existing software and design and develop secure. with a strong skill in writing and excellent communication skills. JavaScript. develop code. In order to be successful you must be pro-active. You will be working closely with Business Managers.technical-resumes. scalability. You will collaborate and communicate with other senior developers across the globe and providing the Project Manager with reliable estimates for technical work and frequently communicate with their management team and end-users to ensure that the scripting language addresses user and business requirements improves website functionality. and fault tolerant solutions across a distributed architecture. Web logic with an understanding of Rich Internet Application (RIA) development with HTML 5. Tomcat.