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Mix this with that, and you'll//get a chemical reaction, yes? I guess this'll do. Yeah...

This'll be fine. Something like this'll work out just fine... Awesome! Is this actually a Youkaidou//Ultra Heaven figure?! Yes. Created by a famous modeler, it's an//extremely rare item with only 99 prod uced. It's amazing you got your hands on it! But, there's more. This Maternity Blue is 1 of only 10//ever made! It's super-extremely rare! Who gives a crap about that? I can't get enough of this//Ultra Heavenly feeling! The roundness of Maternity//Blue's stomach is splendid. It truly captures the special features of//a woman in her last month of pregnanc y. All attention has been paid to every//detail, like her low-heeled shoes. It's like he could start moving any time! It's like she could go into labor any time! Move, move, move!//Birth, birth, birth! You sure you should be getting//so excited with those dolls? The Sket-dan hasn't done a damn thing lately! Bossun? Crap, I made him all "nervous"... It's not like we got any requests or nothin'. You got anything, Switch? There seems to be a rash of purse-snatching//near the school recently. Purse-snatching? Purse-snatching? Purse-snatching! That's it! It is? Let's go catch 'em right away! That's seriously a job for the police. It doesn't matter! It's the Sket-dan's job//to help those in trouble! C-Come on in. What's this? May I speak with you? Y-You're... Could it be? Could it be? You're... God?! Who?! I'm Hinohara Enta. I'm a manga artist. A manga artist? Makes sense! You look like//a shady character... Shady? Anyway, I came here to interview students. Interviews? Right. In order to get ideas for the school-based//manga I was thinking of serializing. After getting permission to do the interviews,//I interviewed the Student Counci l, however... The Student Council? Y-Yeah... What's that? This?

They//were really amazing. I went to the Student Council. Sket-dan's manga version starts. what a surprise! .. huh? Go home and draw your damn manga already! Um. What? Huh? What's going on? What happened to me!? What a view! N-No. brilliant youth! I'm okay! Oops. He said I might get some good ideas from you. and "Hinohara//Izuru Tokoro no Tenshi"! "Ental'll Do It" and "Hinohara//Izuru Tokoro no Tenshi"!? Yeah.This is my idea notebook... I'd be popular! I'd be popular! There are wicked demons who wreak havoc upon the human realm. the bittersweet memories. I will never forget the hero who ventured from the Underworld to fend them off. The one day where we can bring snacks to school and eat them in class. don't stare at me! I've become a blimp! Gym class is next period. His name is... so it's a good thing I'm already wearing my swimsuit! How is this good!? My goodness. Sket-dan's based on a real//world model which means.. Never heard of 'em! Oh.... those cruel pangs of love! Love is lovely! Love is beautiful! Love and peace! EEEWWWW! Over my dead body!//Oh. But I never saw it coming. then.... anyway. Well.. It's a big hit and turned into an anime. They were really fascinating! I'm thinking of doing some kind of manga where the Student Council//are the main characters and they go around solving//the students' problems. <i>*Baaamf*..... you see. Ideas? Using us as models.. From this notebook were//born countless great works.</i> Enma! <i>*Crickle crackle*!</i> Today our class had Party Day. The School Council President//told me about your club. The name's Goro Goro! Pleased to meet ya! Do I smell Ramune? Ah.... Shut up! Why'd you come here.. Look! I got a picture with//Unyuu-san and Daisey-san! They were amazing. Good morning! We have a new student joining us. like "Enta'll Do It".

Everyone here's a roly-poly too! This is pretty funny! <i>I fear this might be the doing of the demon Balloon Boy!</i> I hope we don't get hit ourselves! It gives me the chills! We have to do something. I did not! A demon! There's a demon! He's behind this roly-poly epidemic! Are you okay. That's just awful how he turned everyone into blobs! This does indeed seem like Balloon Boy's work. Harumi? I can't dance! That new kid seems fishy! Kappaeru told us the same thing earlier. isn't that. but I'm starved! I can't take it anymore! We need more! Lunch time! More! I don't care about the stupid card! Must be some new fad. So let me get this straight.Roly-poly! What!? She was working with Bumblebald? You were turned into a baby. Apollo 13! Bon voyage. She was most likely behind Incupuss and Hecatonchire too. friend! This is Charmine Korobuta with your afternoon news.. and fast! Hey. we'll blow up like that? All roly-poly? You got it! Huh? Poke! Hmm? What're you gonna do with that? I feel kinda funny. If you've already figured out who did it. sending people into panic.. so you probably don't remember. Harumi? Huh? This is just a dream! Haw! Poof! Boom! Pow! Not me too! I've got no idea what's happening. If you touch us. Damn it! So the ringleader of all these demons has to be her! Bad news! Big trouble! Kappaeru? What the hell happened to you? Looks like someone hit the buffet pretty hard. Kap-pa! And that's when I found you guys. The Roly-poly craze has swept across Japan. go get them! Quit whining! And don't come near me! I can't exactly help it! Take a hike! I can't stop! .

see you in the next life! Me too! Oh. A fit person? Harumi.. We'd better find him soon. What's this Balloon Boy trying to do. I shall protect you! For you see. .. won't work either. what are you doing? What's it look like? Exercising? What for? To stay fit.. I can't fight back. Nah... Okay Yuki. I am in shape. it's all you baby! Forget it! What if I become like that too!? Fear not. Enpi? How come you're helping the bad demons! But I'm not a bad demon! Roly-poly! Right! We're making this world sexy and fun! . she's no good like that.. line.. boy... Pro. and sinker! Excuse me. Gracious me! What are you doing. Dororon Enpi! Good heavens! It's the near-naked flasher! Balloon Boy! So you've finally revealed yourself! Enma. Demon told me once. Proportions.Right in the nose! Somebody help me! Sorry.. I love your gorgeous body more than anyone else's in Hell! Oh.. And Kappaeru. piggy!? I won't let you lay your sausage fingers on Yuki! Oww. watch out! Everybody's happy now! Love and peace! Well friends. PRO. I'm proposing to you! What was that.. So he tries to hug them and turn 'em into roly-polies. but I'm a hat...... Harumi. Healthy proportions. porky! Here he comes! That's the new kid! Hook. or else. That's right. anyway? He despises fit. If I do it. my butt's stuck! I'll end this right now! In the name of the Great King Enma.Dr. but how? We have to use someone fit as a decoy.. My butt's stuck! You again! It's me... Maybe I'll do some pull ups next. we should get out of here! But I'm stuck! Enma. Sure... I'm so touched! Whatever! Just hurry up and do something! Keep it down. healthy people. Pro. Enma! Flattery or no. Gotta maintain these healthy proportions. To keep these proportions. Miss.

It won't stop! Somebody stop me! Evening snacks! Quit stuffing your face and get off me! That hurts! I'm not eating cause I like it you know! I can't fly well 'cause of you! Princess Yukiko. the brakes! Conjure a blizzard and make them throw the brakes! That's it! Not at us! I knew this wouldn't help! Yuki! Tower of the Sun! Yuki! Akashiyaki! Insai! Yuki! Cotton candy! Apollo to Earth. Wait. Pandas!? Yuki! Rice dumplings! Shit! I can't catch up to her! . I'm not sure if this is for the best. bloomers? How embarrassing! You're not one to talk. but it's for a more sexy. What'd you do.. with Enma and Harumi following behind. dumbass? This is Korotaro Tawara with the evening news. Paris. you actually wore panties today? I'm pantyless under my bloomers.//London and even Moscow.A sexy and fun world? Does Yuki know the flasher lady? Speaking of which. Roly-poly. Princess Yukiko is currently heading towards the mainland. Yuki! Yuki! Why won't you let go. Really. Yuki. Harumi! I can't fly like this! Don't ask me! I think we're stuck somehow! What? That's the Blaze Circlet. Childhood friends!? Let's all be round 'n happy! Round 'n happy! Stop! Don't you dare touch me! I don't wanna be huge! Oopsie! I thought you promised to protect me! You liar! Wow!//Looks like they're having fun! Yuki blew up too? I-I'm sorry. Apollo to Earth. The Roly-poly phenomena//has spread across the world to New York. fun world! Dororon Enma.. how'd you know I don't wear panties!? We're childhood friends! Of course I'd know.

from continent to continent. I'll try. she'll fly right into the lava! If that happens.. no! I still can't stop! All right! She changed direction! Yuki!//Shish-kebabs! Princess Yukiko now proceeding North-Northwest. Mister Summer Time! Yuki! Mangos! I feel like I'm going to melt. watch it! Oh. This isn't good. she's done for! I won't let that happen! What're you doing. yours.. me! You. bath time! No! I don't like hot springs! I.. Hey. Mangos! Yukiko Black Arts! Icy Crystal.. Snowmen! Yuki! Shaved ice! Nice and cool! I guess we're safe for now! The hell we are! If we don't stop soon. Princess Yukiko's life is in danger! Enma and company are now circling the globe.. Enma! Huh? We're steadily proceeding into warmer climates! At this rate. my God! Namaste! Yuki! Coriander! My body feels kind of warm. hers. you love. Freeze. her! Fire! Smoke! We're all gonna die! It's an eruption! Help!//Yuki! I can't stop!//Shit! I can't catch her! Oh no! If Princess Yukiko doesn't stop soon.. you! She. mine. Enma!? You jerk! Huh? We aren't stopping? I think we're being pulled instead! That's impossible! Take that! And that! Keep thrusting till it works! Quit it! .Look out! Yuki! Give me chocolate! Jesus! Oh. Yuki! Freeze yourself! Okay. Enma and company are still in pursuit. we'll become snowmen! What's that? It's a hot spring! Just in the nick of time! I love...

ouch. How cruel.</i> H-Hey! Up ahead! Guess we didn't make it. you pervert! I'm getting dizzy! Enma. Never mind! I won't trust you anymore! Ride the volcano! It appears Enma and company have been shot through the stratosphere. People's hearts and bodies//have become roly-poly.. Enma! Huh!? Nobody loves you more than I do! The bond we share. We're screwed. But that's precisely why I need your cool. ouch! Ouch. ouch.. Yuki! Trust me with your life! Enma.. You guys are beyond useless. this whole thing was your fault to begin with! Stupid. Yuki! I'll stop you! Here goes! You can do it! It's hopeless! We can't stop! Is it because we're sliding on the snow? That's not it! We're too heavy! Is it because I'm stuck to you? Come on. gentle breeze! Yuki and I. Okay. we've got to stop tumbling! I know! Hang on. ouch... I am a useless klutz! But you're the biggest idiot in the universe! Huh? I'm nothing but a hot-headed idiot. Yup.. <i>I'm sooo sorry to be the third wheel here. fighting has ceased in formerly volatile regions. Somebody stop me! Ouch.Is eternal! Unbreakable! Absolute! So trust in me. . We're like the sun and northen winds! What does that even mean? Aren¡‾t the solar winds way stronger than the northern winds? Oh... Yuki..Guess it won't after all. ouch! Now this is nice and coo¡ª It's hotter! Much hotter! Last chance! Go! Soft and plump! Eek! Enma. ouch. stupid! You retard! Retard? Yeah! You're stupid! A klutz! Useless! You're right. Though the roly-poly phenomena's panic originally threw the world into panic. we're. Enma! I can't even count on you to save me! Besides.. ouch! Ouch.. Violent sporting events have become completely harmless. stupid.. . I belive in you! Thanks.

I can't breathe! I'm human. green light! Pain. fatty. Atmoshphere has been cleared. and you'll get burned! Red liiiiight.. guys! Remember? ¡°The earth was blue.. with Ms. have provided narration. though. I got carried away again! You bitch. boys and girls! H-Help me. dammit! Not gonna happen! Love and peace! Everyone together in roly-poly harmony! Come back here! Today the seagull soars! Atmosphere cleared. Look a-ROUND you! This is the world I dreamed of! It's a little different than what I had in mind.¡± ¡°The moon was yellow. five times. three times. Harumi as commentator.¡± The demon strides along the moon's surface! But wait! Here comes Enma and Princess Yukiko! Why hello.. friend! Fine weather. tremble in fear! Fatty.. . Mr. go away! Whoosh. so our toys have to be twice.. Everybody comes up empty! The moon's gravity is 1/6 that of Earth's! They look like they're having lots of fun. but don't try this at home. four times. isn't it? Let's play! Yay! This is fun! I'm so happy! Play with me too! Fall in love. fly away! You lose! Kaboom. Since there's no air in space. follow my voice! In the name of the Great King Enma. I am truly happy. The cosmos were dark. pain. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! H-Hey! Look what you've done! Turn me back to normal this instant! There he is! Return me to normal. Oh. Demon. It's 1/6 the gravity. there goes grampa. So I. six times as big! Over here. Rolling Blaze! Lullabye! Oh dear. W-What's your problem? Wear some goddamn clothes! Huh? Make me! Bleh! Why? Why her? Why? Why her? I'm Korotaro Tawara. Kappaeru. Enma's way off. You can't catch me! Enpi misses. sound can't travel.and the world is abound with love and peace..

¡± ¡°I am a seagull. For better or worse.¡± . but why am I still huge? That's a no-brainer! Because you ate so much! Just keep working off those pounds! ¡°I am a seagull.And I'm Charmine Korobuta. Everybody returned to normal. the world is back to normal. The Roly-poly phenomena which gripped the world has come to an end.

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