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HRD/CR/2011/06/118026 June 09, 2011 Somasundaram Natarajan Emp. No.

118026 ES Dear Somasundaram, Turning 30 is a big event and a milestone in anyone's life! The 30 years of Infosys gone by were a journey marked with hard work, perseverance, big successes, some failures, and tremendous achievements. In this journey of delivering excellence, you have been our biggest strength and asset. Stepping into the new year, we embark on a new journey to Build Tomorrow's Enterprise, the company's vision to enable our clients to harness the powerful waves of change that are driving global business. We aspire and equip ourselves with better transformation and innovation capabilities to become the ideal business solutions partner to our clients around the world. As we enter into the next chapter of the Infosys journey, we count on you and look forward to your continued support to lay the foundation of the platform which will take Infosys to the next level. In recognition of your demonstrating a higher proficiency level in your current Role, we are happy to progress you to the Role Designation of Senior Systems Engineer in the Job Sub Level 3A. Job description, competencies and performance measures applicable to you in your revised Role Designation will be made available to you on Harmony shortly. Revised compensation applicable to you in the Role Designation of Senior Systems Engineer in JL 3 and PL 3, is as follows, effective April 01, 2011: Total Potential Compensation: Rs.37,222 /- per month (Inclusive of variable components at an indicative pay out of 100%) Details of your revised compensation are in Annexure I. We look forward to your continued support as we chase bigger dreams and strive to become a world leader in our industry and employer of choice in all the countries we operate in. With best regards,

Chandra Shekar Kakal SVP-Global Unit Head - ES & Member Executive Council

Shibulal S. D. COO & Director

Company Confidential - This communication is confidential between you and Infosys Technologies Ltd. Page 1

Role Designation: Senior Systems Engineer JL: 3 PL: 3 Unit: ES ANNEXURE I SALARY COMPONENTS Fixed Salary Basic Salary Fixed Dearness Allowance Basket of Allowances (HRA. You will be entitled to the variable components of your compensation.855 /4.333 /2.222 /446. you need to be on the rolls of the Company as on the last date of the evaluation period under consideration.664 /- * The actual pay out of variable components will vary based on the Company.855 /37.367 /Amount (in Rs. At the discretion of the Company and Policy. LTA.620 /1. as long as you are based in India. Children's Education. Page 2 . Transport Allowance) Bonus / Ex-Gratia Retirement Benefits (i) Provident Fund (ii) Gratuity Total Fixed Salary Variable Salary (at 100% payout) (i) Company Performance-linked Incentive (CPI)* Total Potential Variable Salary Monthly Potential Compensation (Fixed + Variable at 100%) Annual Potential Compensation (Fixed + Variable at 100%) Amount (in Rs.344 /1. Unit / Department and individual performance. payout of variable pay may exceed 100% as well. Please note that your acceptance of the above mentioned salary will be considered as an acceptance of the other terms laid out in the letter in addition to your existing terms of employment. Company Confidential . Please note that to be eligible for payment of the above mentioned component(s) for a given evaluation period. per month) 4.This communication is confidential between you and Infosys Technologies Ltd.406 /564 /32.100 /16. Medical. per month) 10.