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ltead I st Cor.
"'N,'lIher let US co
IIJmi{ fornic-ation as
Somf' of (hnT! ('om.
mltted. and fell in
On.:. day ti1ree alld
t;r.,t enty thousand"
Have you heard
that') It has been
laid thal all those
who are . counted
worthy of this King
dom neither marry
nor are given in ma
rriage. What about
you? Have you a!l
not got manied?
You will be surpri.
to see virgil}s
coming oul from
among your child
ren and others.
YOu are secretly
';.ond 'ring where
Leader Olumba
Olumba Obu would
obtain virgins. The
vlIglns are comillg
who will inherit this
Kingdonl while you
keep on Joking and
laughing about.
Do you not be
Jie'k that l he for
bidden frull from
thl' ('ellUl' of the
gMden I t he tree
()f go()d arc) evil IS
fornication and
C(Jd does not dweJJ
in bethels, but In
you, yet you have
the effrontery to
fornicate under the
pews ' even before,
me' God does not
Jive in all these ch
'-lr<:hes which are
scatlered here and
there all over the
did Our
Lord Jesus Christ
tell you about this
end of Luke
20 34-36.
nd .""sus aflswer
in!!, said unto them,
7hl.' children of this
world marry. and
are given in marri
But (hey which
shall be accounted
worrhy (0 obtain
that world. and the
resurrection from
the d ('ad. neither
marry, flor are given
in marriaxe'
Nei(iler ('an (hey
dil' anp m()re: for
they are equal unto
the angels: and are
the children of God,
being the children
of the reSUlTection . ..
Do you alsO not
know that adultery
and forniClthn are
synonymous with
the eating of the
fruit of the centre
of the garden, the
tree of good and
evil? God has de
serted the house, He
no more has a dwel
ling place because
the house has been
defiled. Eventually,
disaster sets in be
cause God has aban
doned the
You then notice un
told hardship, tribu
lations, poverty and
wretchedness, sick
ness and death tak
Ing dominion over
the entire world be
cause the Ow.
npt of the house has
IlI'('n . pUllhed Ollt
When you were
under' bondage of
satan in the ortho
dox churches, in the
mosques, and in my
stic:al sociEties etc.,
you had no know
ledge of this wis
dom about the
truth, but right
now I have left no
stone untouched. I
have imparted to
you all the
ssary wisdom to
bril' you to the
pro mised truth.
What liukes all the
churches to be enp
t y is fornication
and adultery. and of
course, where do
you want God to
AJI the deaths,
atrocities and all
forms of abomina
tions are the result
of fornication and
adultery. AJI the
wars and hatred are
cilused hy these very
acts .- fornication
and adultery. The
killing of one ano
ther secretly or
otherwise by hus
band or wife is a
result of fornication
and adultery. Adul
tery and fornicaiion
cause division in
Camilies and comm
unities_ But your
only problems
about this situaltion
is that you do not
regard it as' sane
thing evil. It is the
commonest sin in
the world. You see
two people proudly
dechring that
God recommends
that they should
love themsEives.
"She loves me and I
also love her.
Ii you ha.d iooul
ged in this ad out
of sheer ingnorance,
now that you have
receiYed this recon
dite wisdom about
the truth in respect,
of this hideous and
devastating cri!re,
you should repent,
remove yourselyes
from it so that you
might be saved. Do
you still want to ar
gue that any person
who fornicates or.
commits adultery
will never die as
'oriliinally said by
satan the devil?
Go d ha d decreed
that any day you
eat of this fruit of
good and evil you
must surely die.
Read 1st Cor.
"Neither let us co
mmit fornication as
some of them com
mitted, and fell ill
one day three and
fwefl/Y thousand."
Right now, after
child delivery I some
of you would not
even wait for two
or three months be
fore you indulge
yourselves in forni
cation. That very
which kills all of
you is fornication.
It is also the cause
of your poverty
and wretchedness
because God had
said that any day
you partake of this
act you win slR'ely
die. His words have
come to a fulfil!rent
as against the
advice of Lucifa:
that man shall not
die. Axe you not

A pel'lDn who il
dulges in fornication
and adultery has no
,hare in this new
Kingdom. definitely
not. Many of you
It is oot uncomm
on to see members
in Bethel keeping
preacher hungry anc
frustrated if he ven
tures to preach
against fornication
and adulta:y. If a
preacher continues
to preach agall'tS(
fornimtion and
adultery daily In t tie
Bethel, within a ft''''
days, the
in the Bethel would
become very scanty
and gradually if he
continues further he
might finally dis
cover that allTPst all
members have gone.
Everybody win be
fed up with his gos
Right fro m the
beginning of the
world, rna nkind did
not accept the
truth. Whenever tne
truth is spoken,
everybody would be
exasperated, but
where will their an
ger lead them to?
A messenger should
never talk. in para
bles, and a servant is
never greater than
his master.
To be con(inued
/Aodu OI"l/lba ()( .. iJ:_
nit Solt Spin:,",! H
are complaining of Of The Ulln(fl<
being sacked from 8ror/Hrhooa OJ TI" C,;,.
lind Slar
work, or that your
children are dying.
Have you examined
yourseJws to see if
you are !rt:il not in
in fornica
tion and adultery?
Similarly several 'of
you are complain
ing of losses in your
trade and business
es' have you exami
ned yourselves if
had not
committed fornica
tion and adultery?


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.TJu Tf'imf. ifGod.
(Rev 5:3-9)
Chastity And Celibacy
As the Corinthians asked Paul on things
concerning mamage and Paul told them:
"It is good for man n o ~ to touch.a woman.
Nevertheless to avoid fornication let every
man have his own wife and let every
woman have her own husband. The wife
has no power of her own body but the hus
band, and likewise also the husband has no
power of his own body, but the wife. No
person should defraud the other except it
be with consent for a time
that you may give yourselves to fasting and
prayer and come
together again, that satan tempt you not for
your incontinency. (1 Cor 7:1-5) Can you
see the reason that it would be expedient
for you not to touch a woman because this
is the sin which spells doom on the world?
.Since this is the era of the Holy Spirit, it
is expedient that no woman should touch
a man or a woman because the Holy
Spirit has assumed His reign. GOO did
not create any woman for a man neither
did He create any man for WOman. He
created both man and women for
Himself. to live in them. This is the full
ness of time which was promised. The
Holy Spirit will dwell in the human body.
The Holy Spirit departs from you the
moment you are intimate with a man or
wQman, and after you have defiled your
self you do not pray and fast.
'-..-t!11 UH\: Y
Receiye The Holy Spirit As A Gift
Now the whole world is inquiring to
know what to do in order to be saved.
The voice from hieh heaven proclaims
that the world should ask for the Holy
Spirit and they will be eiven. There is no
other thing which can save, if you like, go
to India, or Russia or America, Asia or any
other place but there will be no salvation
excepting that the inhabitants of the
world should lift up their voices in
lamentation and mounUna and then
plead for the Holy Spirit and He will be
eivenunto them. All the secret societies
in the world are farce. Governments are
empty. Churches are farce. But you should
ask for the Holy Spirit and He will be
given to you as a gift because this prom
ise is for you and for your children and
your children's children.
Did Our Lord Jesus not speak openly
that the Comforter, which is the Holy
Ghost whom the Father will send in My
name, He shall teach you all things and
bring all things to your remembrance
whatsoever I have said unto you?(John
Now you see the University being
empty, schools, markets, churches are ail
empty, it is the Holy Spirit ruling over
heaven and earth. He does not rule in part
but will rule forever and ever. The rule of
man is over.
Money, elemental spirits of the
Universe and all other things are now over.
He is. the only monarch of all He, the Holy
Spirit, surveys, and the only cock to crow.
From now on do not ask for any other
thing but ask for the Holy Spirit. .J:/..QJf.
dQ vou ask for it? It is for you to obey his
commandments. love every person, do
not fornicate. dQ not tellUest or indul2e
in the pJ'eRaration of concoction and
refrain from all acts of sin and you will
receive that Holy Spirit.
Brethren, I do not intend to be tedious
unto you. One stroke of the cane is suffi
cient for the wise. Those who have ears,
let them hear. May God bless His Holy
Words. AMEN!
REFERENCE: Everlasting . Gospel
Delivered By The Holy Father,
Leader Olomb&. Olumba Obo
At The Opening Of The December
Pentecostal Assembly on:
From: "The Revelation OJ The Holy
Spirit" .
Volume One. Pages: 1-35
UI..U/V/ Ul;(;LAHl;;;i
The Sale S piritlJal
Head of the Univer
se, Leader Olumba
Olumba Obu, has
for the WTIPteenth
time implored the
human race to re
volt against sins.
'I t is important
for you to apprecia
te my insistence on
this issue', He said,
'because, it you do
not refrain from co
mmitting sins, no
matter the strength
of your population,
God cannot use you
for His Service.'
Leader Olumba
Olumba Obu, who
was addressing over
5,000 worshippers
at the Number 34
Ambo S'reet. C:Jla
Pentecostal hall re
cently, pointed out
that it would be im
possible for thieves,
fornicators, juju pri
ests, drunkards and
other manner of
nners to ask God to
use t hem for His
service and He res
ponds favourably.
He posed some
rhetorical guestions
thus: 'You are a
drunkard and you
claim that. you have
surrendered yourself
to God, in what
wa y do you expect
Him to use you? .
'You ask God to
give you money,
children, houses or
any other form of
material possession,
how do you think
you will use them
beneficially if you
are a corrupt
'Do you think
that if you do not
repent you can be
turned into an
honoured, holy and
sanctified vessel for
the Master's use?'
Leader Obu stres
sed t hat repentance
was the only key to
salvation and salva
tion meant being
fit for t he service
of God.
'Before God uses
you in His service,
you have to ensure
that you repent, a
thief refrains from
a fornicator
from tornication; a
liar from
'Frankly, if you
desire that He
should use you for
His service, you
have to forsake all
the carnal things
and surrender
yourself to God.
'God wants those
who refrain from
sins to follow Him.
'When you for
sake everything,
whether you are
educated or not;
rich or not; whether
you a:re a leader or
a follower, God will
use you to execu
te good works.
Leader 0.0. Obu
then explained that
the problem with
the worldtoday waS
the inability of its
various leaders and
inhabitants to fore
sake sins.
'As you see your
governments' -----In-c
ruins; if YQU
.elect new
,everyday, the same

rinue. exceptyq..u
!i.11ect a leader who is
able to refrain from
ti<:;> educadon
will not save the
world; money will
not save it either;
wealth will not save
it too, no r-eligion
will save the world;
neither colour nor
creed of human race
can save the world.
'For the world to
be saved. all must
be born again.
'Do you know
that when you
corrupt a tree its
fruits also become
'It is said. "unto
the pure everything
is pure; unto the
righteous, every
tning is good, but
for them t hat are
defiled and un
believing is nothing
pure but even their
minds and conscien
ce are defile:i:' .
Leader Obu ex
plained why some
pra yers are not ans
wered by God by
posing a number
of rhetorical ques
'You want God
to give yo u a wife,
have you repented?
'You want God
to give you a Child
have )Iou repented 7'
And He added:
'All those who have
not repented but
are . asking God to
give them wives and
children are thieves
and robbers.
'Do you
know that man IS
the most valuable
thing in the world?
'God cannot
commit the soul of
a small baby to
your care, you thief
and robber!
'You complain
that your wife
does not obey you;
you complain that
your children do
not obey you, do
you think God can
allow you to carry
them into your sin
ful ways?
'What can an evil
person do?
'For what pur
pose can God use
'Since Adam and
Eve were driven
away from the King
dom of God, what
tangible thing has
man done for God;
rather, does, he not
steal, kill, fornicate,
drink, snuff, cause
confusion and speak
'Yet .you pray He then con-
that He Should grant cluded: 'All those
you longevity, you
who listen to these
want a long life to words and refrain
continue committ
from the sins they
ing sins?'
have been commi
tting,. from theft,
On the need for
probity among
fornication, drink
aers, the Sale Spiri ing, and surrender
tualHead said: themselves to God,
'One bad apple the Master will use
spoils the whole
them as His vessels.'
basket. .
. 'You are a king
or a queen or a tra
ditional ruler or a
Prime Minister or a
governor but YOil do
not .fear God, how
woula He lend His
ears towards you.
'Youare a
of a church, yet you
continue in sin, how
do you expect God
to listen to your
"So long as the
adage: eitner make
the tree good and its
fruits good or make
a tree corrupt and
its fruits corrupt,"
holds true, a thief,
a fornicator, a
necromancer or
whatever form of
sinner at the head of
any instirution
cannot hope that
such an institution
coold be viable.
'If you are a
of a company, It
means J:our com
pany is you
are a Presidenc,
King, Queen or
Prime Minister of a
country, it means
your . IS
Leader 0.0. Obu
then warned the in
habitants of the
world against putt
ing sinners at the
head of institutions.
'To select a
corrupt Monarch, to
elect an evil Pre
sident, Prime Minis
ter or Governor
amounts to abetting