Manis Greatest Mistake On

Earlh Ignomnce of the presence of. God
Of all the mistakes man
has made on earth, ,he
greatest is that of not rec­
ognising the Holy Spirit
now reigning on earth, the
Sole Spiritual Head of
Brotherhood of the Cross
and Star, Leader O. O.Obu,
has said.
Delivering a sermon ti­
tied; "The Transition to the
, Truth," in Calabar, recently,
,the Holy Father asserted
that the Holy Spirit is the
greatest thing a man should
crave to possess, but re­
gretted that man was rather
pursuing the mundane
things ot this world which
bring problems.
He said it was unfortu­
nate that mankind, was yet
to recognise the Holy Spirit
now dwelling on earth. His
Words: "The Holy Spirit is
the most significant gift
from God. He made KIS,
physical appearance on
earth since 1918 and has
remained here for about 77
years now, yet He is neither
received nor welcomed by
man. This is the greatest
mistake man has made. II
The Father revealed that
the sermon was a follow up
to the one titled: 'What is
Nigeria's Ideology' in which
He advised that the country
should evolve a specific
political ideology to enable
it forge ahead and take its
place in the comity of nations.
He blamed the problems
faCing man on earth today
on his ignorance of the
ways of God and warned
that unless people retraced
their steps and ask God ,to
reveal the Holy Spirit, the
current of things
on earth would continuG.
He said, what is nappen..
ing on earth today is, a
repetition of what happened
in the time of our Lord
Cf,v.&st, and advised
all those 'Who want salva­
tion to prey hard so that
the.y would not be .cast
away on the day of reckon­
Man, the Holy father in­
formed, is existing in ape­
riod of spiritual emergency
when the 'sheep' are being
separated from" the 'Goats'
and no matter ones posi­
tion, status or wealth, If he
does "not recognize the
Holy Spirit, and practise'
love for 'lOne another, ·the
Kingdom of God will elude
The Holy Father has spoken. It
now behoVes those who cIMire
aiIIvation to do Ule right ting at
the right time. Read lui _xt of the
sermon on page 10.
I have Faith 'in O. O. 0
In the Name of Our Lord
Jesus. Christ, through, the
,Blood of our Lord Jesus
Christ, now and for-ever·
more. Amen.
Dear Brethren,
My name is Uzo Duruji, I
am from Imo State, Nigeria. I
live in Dallas, Texas, United
States of America. I heard
about the Father, Leader O.
O. Obu through my cousin.
Sister Nkechi. I was bapt­
ised shortly after into Broth­
erhood of the Cross and
Star. Before my cousin told
me about Brotherhood I was
already searching for a
place liked it. a place where
I cculd relate personally to
Since I became a mem­
ber I have been thrilled at
timE.>s. and also gotten con­
fused at other times, espe­
cially. trying to grapple with
the question or "who the
Father really is. "'have hao
lots of dreams about dif­
ferent things in The
most recurrent dream being
seeing my wife pregnant. or
having a baby while the
brethren rejoiced with us.
We have not been blessed
with a child for aJmost seven
years since we got married
.'. f
and dreams of thIS nature
make us happy.
Nevertheless. this parti­
cular dream I want to share
wiUimy fQllew brethren is the
single, most important
dream of my life. !.i> me, it is
special becausE' it concerns
the father.
When I started having
problems in my 'business, I
became tenifie.d and con­
stantly asked the Father for
help, by grantilig me his
mercy, grace. love. kind­
ness, and forgiveness. etc. I
prayed always. However. on
August 17, 1992. while my
wife and I prayed as usual,
we really cried our hearts
out to the Father. I remem·
ber. the last words I said to
the Father were: "Father, I
know you will not let me
down, our Father of mercy,
please you've got to answer
me now if you are really
God, you've got to give me
a sign that, you've
got to reveal yourself to
As we went to bed I had
this incredible dream, and
as you will see, it has taken
all my doubts away. ·In the
dream we v.;ere In this huge
meeting pla¢e (as big as a
stadium) where someone
. was preaching the word of
God to us and other breth·
. Brother Uzo Dun,Jji
...--__--:._....;;.:...-1 deity of the Father, let this
screaming and proclaiming
that Olumba is the Lord, I
grabbed my Sister and
at the screen for her
to see what I was seeing,
but I was disconnected at
this time. When I woke up, I
thanked the Father for the
dream. When I told Bishop
James Ellerbe my Dream he
said that I was a lucky per­
son and that if he had such
a dream he would so glorify
the Father (will almost run
naked In the streets of Dal·
las doing so) that people
would think he was crazy.
He then asked, now that the
Father has done this for
you, what are you going to
do for Father?
It did 'not seem like I
him a satisfactory answer,
but "'", taught me. th.e right
answer. That is, that I should
always "re!ojce in the Lord,"
rejoice, rejoice, rejoice, he
said, not just when. things
are going your way, but
even when they are, not.
Brethren, for those of you
who dopot believe in the
reno There was a big screen
hung on the wall behind the
preacher, and suddenly, the
letters O. O. 0, started
emerging. (creeping out)
one after the other. from the
left bottom corner of the
screen. When the last O.
came out it was immediately
followed with the words
"this is the Lord." on the
right side. That is, the whole
writing on the screen read
"0.0.0.: this is the Lord."
the letters were all written in
white, and they started
blinking or moved ill motton
in a flashing light. I was
amazed and, immediately I
storted jumping up and
down, shouting "I believe, I
believe, Olumba is, the
Lord." As I continued
dream answer some of your
questions. This testimony is
to glorify God and to give
you Faith and Strength.
Thank, you father for the
privilege and honour of this
dream. It is not by my good·
ness that you revealed your­
self to me, but by your
mercy. I know that the
Father will not let His chil­
dren see shame. He wi!!
always answer you in the
time of sorrow, if you call
upon His Name.
May the sacrifices of pra­
lse always remain in our
mouths. Let thanks and pra·
ises be given to our Holy
Father il'l the Name and
Blood of Lord Jesus Christ.
now and for-evel:-more,
Srother Uzo Ouruji.

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