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The Internet A 1 B C D E F 2 Topology of Autonomous Systems, 2011.01.02 G H J K L N O P Q R S T U 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Large ISP Network Information Center Small ISP Organization Network Internet Exchange Point University The Internet is made up of autonomous systems. Each autonomous system is a network operated by a single organization, and has routing connections to some number of neighboring autonomous systems. This image depicts a graph of 19,869 autonomous system nodes joined by 44,344 connections. The sizing and layout of the autonomous systems is based on their eigenvector centrality, which is a measure of how central to the network each autonomous system is—an autonomous system is central if it is connected to other autonomous systems that are central. This is the same graph-theoretical concept that forms the basis of Google’s PageRank algorithm. The graph layout begins with the most central nodes and proceeds to the least, positioning them on a grid that subdivides after each order of magnitude of centrality. Within the constraints of the current subdivision level, nodes are placed as near as possible to previously placed nodes that they are connected to. Based on the IPv4 Routed /24 AS Links Dataset - 2011.01.02, Young Hyun, Bradley Huffaker, Dan Andersen, Emile Aben, Matthew Luckie, kc claffy, and Colleen Shannon, Support for the IPv4 Routed /24 AS Links Dataset is provided by the National Science Foundation, the US Department of Homeland Security, the WIDE Project, Cisco Systems, and CAIDA Members. Autonomous system names are taken from organization description records in the internet routing registry. They have been edited for clarity, but no effort has been made to verify that the names are accurate or up-to-date. Design and programming by Jeff Johnston Copyright © 2011 PEER 1 Hosting. All Rights Reserved. H17 L12 N17 O7 L6 K5 Q6 E15 I17 I14 P17 K7 I9 P5 S12 N13 R8 J11 U9 N5 K9 L19 K12 O11 I10 F10 J18 H6 O9 J12 Q13 N12 K6 M1 N4 P8 O12 J8 Q5 E17 P7 F16 P14 M16 F13 F9 M10 M21 O4 K18 F14 P6 L14 R9 N9 M14 M15 P9 G9 H11 H10 I5 aapt limited abilene university corporation for advanced internet development aconet services @ vienna internet exchange adelphia corp african network information center akamai technologies alestra american digital network amsterdam internet exchange aol arcor asia netcom corporation at&t worldnet services avensys networks ltd axione bandcon bayantel-sky internet bell advanced communications inc beyond the network america inc bezeqint bharti bt internet ltd biznet isp bt european backbone cable & wireless cablevision systems corp cantv servicios ca cavalier telephone charter communications chinanet no31 jin-rong street cncgroup china169 backbone cogent/psi colt telecommunications corbina telecom cox communications inc cox internet services cprm dacom corporation dci de-cix the german internet exchange deutsche telekom ag dial telecom bratislava dialog internet easynet group plc edpnet emea electric lightwave inc embratel emirates telecommunications corporation energy sciences network entanet international ltd epoch networks equant as for central and eastern europe region equinix singapore pte ltd european backbone of lambdanet euroweb romania sa eweka internet services fastweb flag telecom global internet floridanet france telecom france telecom transpac geant global crossing ltd F11 I16 L4 G6 G15 M6 I8 O16 P15 K4 S9 P13 E9 K16 O5 O18 P10 Q12 Q16 M4 O6 R10 U13 R6 J14 J13 K14 O17 K13 R11 H5 I13 J9 R15 M5 G7 H18 M11 H14 F8 L13 N8 S8 S11 O8 G17 L18 H15 P16 G14 M7 K15 P12 F12 L5 N10 H7 H13 F7 A9 I4 L11 global one comunicacoes ltda globe telecom glowpoint inc go daddy software inc golden telecom moscow russia goldenlines google inc hanaro telecom hinet data communication business group hinet service center hk cable tv ltd hungarian telecom hurricane electric hutchison global communications indosatnet inforelay online systems inc infostrada init seven ag zurich switzerland internap network services blk2 internap network services blk4 internet systems consortium inc internode systems pty ltd interoute communications ltd itd network janet jpnic jpnic korea telecom kpn internet backbone ldcom networks leaseweb level 3 communications limelight networks llc lirexnet london internet exchange ltd mci emea merit network inc metromedia fiber network microsoft corp moscow telecommunication corporation (comcor) mtu-intel moscow region network mzima networks inc naukanet neo telecoms group neterra ltd netgate netia commercial autonomous system new world network new edge networks newline datagroup internet project nlayer communications inc nordunet ntl group limited orange pcs limited ovh peer 1 network inc pointshare corporation polish telecom pt telekomunikasi indonesia qwest rcn corporation reach network H8 M12 N6 H9 Q8 G16 D12 G11 K10 R12 S13 N16 E8 I21 I12 D11 M17 J17 H16 J7 J15 O15 N14 Q10 U17 S14 K17 N11 J5 I1 J6 G8 I6 L10 I15 E13 G10 R13 M13 L16 Q11 J16 J4 Q9 M9 L9 N18 M8 L7 L17 H12 G13 K8 E5 Q17 F15 R14 Q14 I18 K11 I11 P11 rede nacional de ensino e pesquisa rgnet/psgnet romania data systems sa romtelecom rtcommru runnet samsung global management institute savvis sbc internet services schlund + partner ag seednet digital united inc shaw communications inc sify limited singapore telecom sita sonatel sprint starhub internet singapore starnet communications sunrise tdc switzerland surfnet the netherlands swisscom enterprise solutions ltd switch swiss education and research network t-online france / club-internet taiwan internet gateway taiwan fixed network telco and network service provider tdc data networks tele2 ab telecity london telecom italia sparkle telecom centre joint stock company telecomunicacoes da bahia sa telecomunicacoes de santa catarina sa telecore network autonomous system telefonica teleglobe america inc telekom srbija telenor-nextel telianet global network telus advanced communications terrenap datacenters madrid es the communications authority of thailand the planet time warner telecom tiscali intl network tm net internet service provider torino piemonte exchange point transtelecom jsc ttnet ukrainian academic and research network uni2 upc distribution services uslec corp uunet technologies inc verio inc verizon internet services versatel voxel dot net inc webdiscount internetdienstleistungen wv fiber llc xo communications yahoo!