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National Media Release

Bank- Financial Institution Class Action Contact spokesperson :John: Babet - e-mail: 2009 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CRAG "Community Reformation Action Group", announces the empanelling of a "PEOPLES GRAND JURY ", on behalf of the People of Australia to investigate allegations that financial institutions are engaged in illegal creation of money. The Investigation, which is the first of its kind in Australia, and perhaps the World, could involve millions of Australians ... will look at the contracts entered into between the People ("Borrowers) and the financial institutions to determine whether there is evidence that they are void or voidable and have no force and effect due to anticipated breach and for non-disclosure of material facts. ALLEGATIONS: Amongst the allegations, are ... That all financial institutions in the business of lending money have engaged in a deliberate scheme to defraud the borrowers by lending non-existent money which is illegally created by the financial institutions out of thin air. That creation of money out of nothing is in breach of Sovereign Peoples Human Rights, and therefore void, and all monies loaned under false pretence contravenes the Criminal Code. That the transactions constitute counterfeiting and money laundering... in that the source of money, if money was indeed advanced by the banks and deposited into the borrowers accounts, could not be traced, nor could not be explained or accounted for. At all material times, the banks had no legal standing to lend any money to borrowers because : 1. banks and credit unions did not have the money to lend, and therefore they did not have any capacity to enter into a binding contract; 2. banks did not have any cash reserve, they are not legally permitted to lend their depositors or members money without expressed written authorisation form the depositors, and: 3. banks have no tangible assets of their own to lend and all their assets are paper assets which are mainly in the form of receivables created by them out of thin air, derived out of loans whereas the monies loaned out were also created out of thin air. 4.Other than bookkeeping and computer entries, that no money or substance of any value was loaned by the banks to the "Borrowers".

In all of the loan transactions entered into between the "Borrowers" and the banks, the financial institutions did not bring any equity to any of the transaction... all the equities were provided by the borrowers. That the loan transactions are fraudulent because no value was ever imparted by the banks to the "Borrowers"; the banks did not risk anything, nor lose anything and never would have lost anything under any circumstances and therefore no lien has been perfected according to law and equity against the "Borrowers". The foreclosure proceedings which comes as a result of the "Borrower" defaulting on such fraudulent loans were carried out in bad faith by the defendant banks and credit unions, and as such, these foreclosures were in every respect unlawful acts of conversion and unlawful seizure of property without due process of law which always results in the unjust enrichment of the banks. The banks utilise fraudulent practices whereby they deceive customers into believing that they are actually receiving credit or money when in fact no actual money is being loaned to their customers... a practice whereby there is realistically no money other than ledger or computer entries being loaned to the "Borrowers". Rather than real money being received by the "Borrowers", electronic or digitally created money, created out of nothing, at no cost to the financial institutions are entered as loans into their customers accounts. The borrowers are then required to pay criminal interest rates for the money they never received. The banks effectively turn consumers into virtual debt slaves, forcing them to pay for something they never received, and then seizing their properties if they can no longer pay the banks with real money. The People contend that there is no law in Australia that could remotely suggest that the defendant financial institutions have the legal right to create money out of nothing ... only God has the power to create anything out of nothing. Following the Investigations, a Class Action Indictment will follow against wrongdoers, to recover money and property that was lost by way of confiscation through illegal debt collection and foreclosure, and for the return of the equities which rightfully belongs to the People of Australia, now being held by the defendant financial institutions as constructive trustees without colour of right will be returned. Such a class action suit, the first and the biggest of its kind in Australia, would intend to give the justice system the opportunity to prove to the People of Australia, as to who is really in control ... or whether the judges and courts will continue to allow themselves to be used by the banks as a tool in their unlawful and fraudulent banking practices which always ends in the enslavement of the People and confiscation of the Peoples properties.