Samsung NX11 Preview

Samsung Evolution Camera, NX10 becoming one with i-Function Lens
  Samsung has unveiled the new NX11 in CES2011 in Las Vegas in January. The NX11 has been designed based on the NX10, and supports 14.6M pixels APS-C image sensor, ISO 3200, 720P movie recording, and 30~1/4000s shutter speed which are almost the same as the NX10. Due to these features, people can easily think there's no difference, but taking a closer look, there are some differences from the NX10 such as i-Function lens functions, panorama, and sound capture mode. Besides, it has advanced noise handling feature in high ISO, so the overall quality of the pictures has also been upgraded. This much upgrade is good enough, I think.

Practical Grip design.
The design is similar to the NX10, but for the better grip, the front grip has been changed. The changed grip allocating more space to a middle finger allows better grip for small handed people. It has 123 x 87 x 39.8mm of size and 353g of weight except the battery and memory.

Due to the new shooting modes and i-Function mode, the design of the mode dial has changed.

18-55mm F3.5-5.6 OIS II i-Function lens controlling the camera function from the lens

The i-Function on the 18-55mm II OIS lens released with the NX11 is a function to control the camera functions from the lens. It's a good combination with the NX11 which includes the electronic view finder, because various settings are available from the lens. The i-Function can be activated by pushing the i-Fn button on the lens barrel, and the setting is adjustable by using the focus ring. The adjustable items vary by the mode. In P/S/A/M modes, ISO,

White Balance, Aperture, Shutter speed, and exposure can be set.   Shooting set by using the i-Function

  In i-Scene mode, beauty shot and landscape modes can be set. Setting the mode dial to i-Scene and pushing the i-Function button, various scene modes can be selected. The feature of the i-Function is fast and easy operation. Until now, only in P/S/A/M mode and i-Scene mode, the i-Function can be used.   Scene mode setting by i-Scene


Panorama mode
Panorama mode which can be set by the mode dial is a function to make a panorama picture by moving the camera to a certain direction. The available direction is up, down, left, and right, and having pushed the shutter button, users can turn the camera to the available directions.   Panorama Up/Down

Panorama Left/Right

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23x15.7mm 14.6M APS-CMOS Sensor
-ISO 100~ISO 3200 -Super sonic drive (Dust Reduction)

Advanced resolution & Noise
The NX11 has better detailed expression with advanced algorithm. With the combination of the great NX lenses, users can get the great results. The noise in high ISO has also been upgraded, so it allows better shots in high ISO.

High speed contrast AF
-Advanced AF performance -1 point selection / 15 point multi division (35 points in Macro) / Face Recognition (Up to 10 faces)

18-55mm II OIS maximum wide angle AF speed (Multi AF)

18-55mm II OIS maximum Z00m angle AF speed (Spot AF)


A. 3" 614K pixels AMOLED
- Wide viewing angle close to 180 degree, approximately 100% visibility, and Pentile type - Better battery performance with low power consumption  

B. VGA quality 920K pixels electronic viewfinder
- Automatic changeover by eye sensor - Approximately 100% visibility, 0.86x

OIS & HD movie recording
-1280 X 720p (30fps) and MP4/H.264 codec -2 movie exposure modes (P and A modes)

-Picture Wizard for various color feelings -Self Timer -Spot, Central, and multi metering modes -Fader effect, wind noise elimination, voice recordng, and OIS setting   1280x720p (30fps) fader effect and wind noise elimination

18-55mm II OIS maximum Zoom - OIS off

18-55mm II OIS maximum Zoom - OIS on


Perfect Portrait System (including Beauty Shot)
  - After shooting, red-eye fix, backlight compensation, photo style, resize, skin compensation, and rotation

Before Beauty shot                          After beauty shot (Skin compensation level +3)

Frame mode keeping the brightness of the screen
  Frame mode is to select the automatic or manual brightness of the screen. Selecting the frame mode, because it provides the screen with proper exposure, it's good at synchronizing shooting in a studio.

Exposure change in M mode - Frame mode off

Exposure change in M mode - Frame mode on  

Sound capture
The sound capture function which records the surrounding sound before and after shooting allows active feeling in pictures. The recording time is 11 sec. In a camera, users can enjoy pictures with voice and in a computer, the recorded file can be saved as WAV files. That's why this function is so special.

Usage of Sound capture function

High speed continuous shooting with 3 shots per sec. and 30 shots per sec. (1.4M)
 - 10 shots (or more) with 3fps in JPEG and 3 shots in RAW  - Auto exposure bracket, White balance bracket, and Picture wizard bracket


NX11 Specifications
Type Sensor size Image Sensor Effective pixels Total pixels Color filter Type Lens Mount Available lens Type Image Stabilization Mode Distortion Correct i-Function Dust Reduction CMOS 23.4 X 15.6 mm Approx. 14.6 mega-pixels Approx. 15.1 mega-pixels RGB primary color filter Samsung NX Mount Samsung lenses Lens shift (depends on lens) Mode 1 / Mode 2 / Off Lens Distortion Correct on/off (depends on lens) i-Scene (depends on lens) Super sonic drive AMOLED 3.0" (7.6 cm) VGA (640X480) 614 k dots (PenTile) Approx. 100 % Icons, Grid Line, Histogram EVF (Electronic Viewfinder)

Type Type Size Resolution Field of view User display Type



Contrast AF • Selection: 1 point (free selection) Focusing point • Multi: Normal 15 points, Close up 35 points Focusing • Face detection: Max. 10 faces Mode Single AF, Continuous AF, Manual Focus AF Assist Lamp Green LED Electronically controlled vertical-run focal Type plane shutter Shutter • Auto: 1/4,000-30 sec. • Manual: 1/4,000-30 sec. (1/3 or 1/2 EV Step) Speed • Bulb (time limit: 8 min) TTL 247 (19 X 13) Block segment Metering: Multi, Metering Center-weighted, Spot Metering range: EV 0-18 system (ISO100·30 mm, F2.0) Compensation ±3 EV (1/3 or 1/2 EV Step) AE lock AEL button Exposure • 1 Step: Auto, ISO 100, ISO 200, ISO 400, ISO 800, ISO 1600, ISO 3200 • 1/3 Step: Auto, ISO 100, ISO 125, ISO 160, ISO 200, ISO equivalent ISO 250, ISO 320, ISO 400, ISO 500, ISO 640, ISO 800, ISO 1000, ISO 1250, ISO 1600, ISO 2000, ISO 2500, ISO 3200 Single, Continuous, Burst, Timer, Bracket Mode (auto exposure, White Balance, Picture Wizard) • JPEG: 3 shots per second Continuous (Max. 6 shots-with Lens Distortion Correct on, Max. 10 shooting shots-with Lens Distortion Correct off) • RAW: 3 shots per second Drive Mode • 10, 15, or 30 frames per second Burst shooting • 30 shots per shutter-press Bracket Auto exposure bracketing (±3EV), White Balance shooting bracketing, Picture Wizard bracketing 2-30 sec. (1 second interval) Self-timer Shutter release SR9NX01 (optional) Type TTL auto pop-up flash Smart Flash, Auto, Auto + Red, Fill in, Fill-in Red, 1st Mode Curtain, 2nd Curtain, Off Guide number 11 (based on ISO 100) Angle of view 28 mm (35 mm film equivalent) Flash Less than 1/180 sec. Sync speed Flash EV -2-+2 EV (0.5 EV Step) Optional Samsung external flashes: SEF15A, External flash SEF20A, SEF42A Syncro Hot shoe Auto WB, Daylight, Cloudy, Fluorescent White, Mode Fluorescent NW, Fluorescent Daylight, Tungsten, Flash White WB, Custom Set, Color Temp. (Manual) Balance Micro Amber/Blue/Green/Magenta 7 steps respectively adjustment Dynamic Range Expansion Smart range on/off Standard, Vivid, Portrait, Landscape, Forest, Retro, Cool, Mode Picture Calm, Classic, Custom1, Custom2, Custom3 Wizard Parameter Contrast, Sharpness, Saturation, Color Smart Auto, Program, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, Manual, Lens Priority, Sound picture, Panorama, Scene, Mode Movie Beauty Shot, Portrait, Children, Sports, Backlight, Close Scene mode Up, Text, Landscape, Sunset, Dawn, Beach & Snow, Night, Fireworks JPEG only Sound picture Recordable time (before and after shooting, 5 or 10 seconds respectively) • JPEG (3:2): 14M (4592X3056), 10M (3872X2592), 6M Shooting (3008X2000), 2M (1920X1280), 1.4M (1472X976, Burst mode only) • JPEG (16:9): 12M (4592X2584), 8M (3872X2176), 5M Size (3008X1688), 2M (1920X1080) • JPEG (1:1): 9M (3056X3056), 6.7M (2592X2592), 4M (2000X2000), 1.6M (1280X1280) • RAW: 14M (4592X3056) Quality Super Fine, Fine, Normal RAW standard SRW

Resolution Field of view Magnification Eye point Diopter adjustment Type

VGA (640X480) Approx. 921 k dots Approx. 100 % Approx. 0.86 X (APS-C, 50 mm, -1 m-1) Approx. 20.2 mm Approx. -4.0+2.0 m-1


Color space Type Format Movie AE mode Movie clip Size Frame rate Sound Edit Type Highlight warning Edit

sRGB, Adobe RGB MP4 (H.264) Movie: H.264, Sound: AAC Program, Aperture Priority Audio on/off (Shooting time: up to 25 min) 1280X720, 640X480, 320X240 30 frames per second Mono Still image capture, Time trimming Single image, Thumbnails (3/9/20), Slide show, Movie Available

Red-eye Fix, Backlight, Photo Style Selector, Resize, Rotate, Face Retouch, Smart Filter Smart filter Miniature, Fish-Eye, Defog, Halftone Dots, Soft Focus Playback • JPEG (3:2): 6M (3008X2000), 2M (1920X1280), VGA (640X424) • JPEG (16:9): 5M (3008X1688), 2M (1920X1080), VGA Smart filter size (640X360) • JPEG (1:1): 4M (2000X2000), 1.6M (1280X1280), VGA (480X480) Photo style Soft, Vivid, Forest, Autumn, Misty, Gloomy, Classic selector External memory (optional): SD card (up to 4 GB Media guaranteed), SDHC card (up to 32 GB guaranteed) Storage RAW (SRW), JPEG (EXIF 2.21), DCF, DPOF 1.1, PictBridge File format 1.0 PictBridge Direct Printing Type Geo-tagging with optional GPS Module (WGS 84) GPS • Location name (English and Korean only) Feature • Google Map link (with Intelli-studio) Digital output USB 2.0 (HI-SPEED) NTSC, PAL (selectable) Video output HDMI 1.3: (1080i, 720p, 576p/480p) Interface External release Included DC power input DC 9.0 V, 1.5 A (100-240 V) • Rechargeable battery: BP1310 (1,300 mAh) • Charger: BC1310 • AC adapter: AD9NX01 (optional) Power Source Type * The power source may differ depending on your region. Dimensions (W X H X D) 123 X 87 X 39.8 mm (without protrusions) Weight 353 g (without battery and memory card) Operating Temperature 0-40 °C 5-85 % Operating Humidity Software Intelli-studio, Samsung RAW Converter * This specifications can change without notice to upgrade a performance. * Other brands and products names are trademarks of respective owners.

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