Altaf Ahmed Sheikh – CSS2011 STUDY PLAN – JOURNALISM CSS - 2011 STRUCTURE OF THE PAP ER This subject is mainly

divided in two sections viz. Section A & Section B. Mi nimum & Maximum Two questions are to be attempted from each section. A total of five questions are to be attempted including the one compulsory question that co ntains twenty MCQs. Each question carries twenty marks except the compulsory que stion which bears one mark each on every MCQ. The paper consists of maximum 100 marks out of which passing threshold is 33 marks. STUDY PLAN ACCORDING TO QUESTI ON ANALYSIS OF PAST PAPERS SECTION - A STUDY AREA - I: CONCEPT AND PROCESS OF COMMUNICATION 2010 – Mass communication is considered important in modern age. Discuss the conce pt and process of communication. 2009 – Discuss the concept and barriers of communications. Do these barriers exist in this modern information age? 2008 – Discuss the concept and process of communi cation? What is the importance of Mass Communication in this modern age? 2007 – Wh at are the essentials of effective communication? Support your answer with argum ents? 2005 – How do you define communication? With the help of different models de scribe the process of communication. 2004 – What do mean by a communication theory and how it is constructed? 2003 – What is meant by cognitive theory of communicat ion and cognitive dissonance? Suggest measures to overcome physical and psycholo gical barriers causing cognitive dissonance. 2001 – “Communication is a process, a s eries of actions, always in motion and directed toward a particular goal.” Elabora te. Area of Focus Definition of ‘Communication’. Theories of Communication Process of Co mmunication Essentials of effective Communication Barriers/Problems in Communica tion STUDY AREA – II: JOURNALISM, ITS FUNCTIONS, ROLE & RESPONSIBILITIES TOWARDS D EVELOPMENT OF A SOCIETY 2007 – Give your evaluation of the role of print journalis m in Pakistan? 2006 – Explain the role of journalists in socio-economic developmen t of the country like Pakistan. 2005 – Looking into the latest developments taking place in the field of journalism determine the role of a journalist in the 21st century. 2005 – “Press is a vital necessity in the progress a nd welfare of a nation because it is through the press that a nation can be guid ed and its opinion moulded”. In the light of this statement of Quaid-a-Azam, look into the obligations and responsibilities of the press in today’s Pakistan. 1

are the differences am ong these periods? 2002 – Can the journalism of Maulana Zafar Ali Khan. Please comment.Altaf Ahmed Sheikh – CSS2011 2003 – Explain the concept of ‘Embedded Journalism’. 2002 – Urdu journalism is divided into thee periods i.Considering that Media are given greater importance. Altafsheikh1988@gmail. STUDY AREA – III: HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT OF MUSLIM PRESS BEFORE AND AFTER CREATION OF PAKISTAN 2010 – Critically examine the role of Muslim press during Pakistan Mo vement. 2009 – ‘Zimindar’ played very effective role against British imperialism. Disc uss in detail. describ e the freedom of media. 2005 – In spite of being highly potential and popular medium. Area of Focus What is Journalism? Functions/Purposes of Journalism Responsibilit ies & Restrictions Guiding Principles for a Journalist. Maulana Ab u-al-Kalam Azad or Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar succeed in today’s world? If not the n give solid reasons in this respect. 2008 – Discuss the role played by the Muslim Press during Pakistan Movement? 2006 – Explain the difficulties faced by the Muslim Press during the mov ement of Pakistan. Do you think it had compromised news objectivity and freedom of press? 2001 – Describe functions of journalism as a challenging profession and devise gui ding principles for today’s journalist. in your opinion. from 1947 to 1980 and from 1980 up to the present times. 2004 – Give a comparative analysis of writing styles of Maulana Zafar Ali Khan and Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. 2003 – The history of Pakistan moveme nt and of journalism in the sub-continent is inextricably woven with each other. What. before the creation of Pa kistan.e. Television in Pakist an has failed to play a key role in national development and to promote our valu es and culture. PROSPECT S & PROBLEMS 2010 . 2000 – What are the implications of infor mation explosion for the countries like Pakistan? 2000 – "Journalism is playing a very significant role in the present day-Societies". ITS COMPONENTS. 2007 – Survey the development of electronic media in Pakistan? 2007 – “The mass media in Pakistan are confronting many problems” Please comment. 2006 – What do you know about Mass Communication? Describe its importance in the present 2 . Make critical analysis. 2001 – Looking into recent developments occurring in world how do you perceive role of newspapers in Pakistan. 2000 – What role did the militant Muslim-pre ss play in the subcontinent? Area of Focus Muslim Press during Pakistan Movement Muslim Writers & Journalists during Pakistan Movement Works & Publications by Muslim Press Role of Muslim Pr ess in Independence Movement STUDY AREA – IV: MASS MEDIA. 2009 – How ‘Print Media’ is so important in Pakistan society a fter the development of “electronic Media”? Argue in detail. Elaborate the role played by any two distinguished Muslim journalists in the freedom movement. Role of journalism in so cio-economic development of a country.

R. 2000 – Write analytical notes on Editorials cartoon. 2008 – What is the purpose and scope of Public Relation in any organization? Descr ibe the major responsibilities of a Public Relation Officer? 2007 – What is your opinion about the present status of Public Relations Practice in Pakistan? 2006 – "Public Relations is actually Im age Building activity". Discuss the effects of different news on P akistan Society. the fact is that “the news is what we make of it”. Education. Suggest measures to check delinquency. 2007 – Differentiate news “components” from “news values”. evaluate any three editorials of an English/Urdu national daily of your 3 . 2001 – Describe the potentials of television medium and m ake critical analysis how far we have been able to make its effective use for national development. Information. In the light of this statem ent. 2002 – In the west. vulgarity. Effects/Influence of NEWS on People & Society What is Editorial? Importance/Significance of Editorial STUDY AREA – VI: PUBLIC RELATIONS. Discuss. SECTION .Altaf Ahmed Sheikh – CSS2011 2003 – Cable TV has made possible transmission of forei gn satellite TV channels content at mass level in Pakistan. 2004 – News is drama and story telling".O plays in any organization? 2009 – What is difference between ‘Public Relation Officer’ and ‘Personal Assistant’? Mention the role and responsibilities of a good P. Explain. 2003 – Editorial is the voice of a newspaper. 2006 – Explain what is news. Area of Focus What is NEWS? Method & Criteria of selecting NEWS Functions of NEW S viz. Entertainment. Electronic v/s Print Media Mass Media as tool for national development Problems faced by Mass Media and suggestion for improvement.R. indecency and hate c rimes of their content. its functions and values may be explained in detail? 2005 – Describe the criteria and parameter s of selecting and structuring the news.B STUDY AREA – V: NEWS & EDITORIAL 2010 – Describe news. Explain in detail. 2007 – Describe the need and significance of editorial. "which is the real soul of journalism" with examples? 2009 – News’ ha ve in depth influence in any society.O. 2001 – In spite of having clear criter ia by which to judge new. Altafsheikh1988@gmail. 2000 – Evaluate the role of electronic media in Pakistan. etc. violence. electronic media has not succeeded in taking the position of t he print media. Discuss . Area of Focus What is Mass Media? Components of Mass Media. ITS PROCESS & PURPOSE 2010 – In modern society wh at role does public relations and P.

e. 2001 – Write analytical notes on the scope of news magazines. 2003 – What are the functions of a public relation consultancy? How could a P.Altaf Ahmed Sheikh – CSS2011 2006 – Define Public Relations and explain the role of PRO in any organization (are not the two questions. Explain. Basic Ingredients of Press Release. 2004 – "Public relation and advertising is not everybody s cup of tea". Communiqué & Press Note. you like the most. 2004 – Write a critical note on the present status of magazine journalism in Pakistan. the same thing?) 2005 – An effective public relations effort is the result of a four-step process: (a) information gathering (b) planning (c) communication (d) evaluation DISCUSS. PRESS NOTE 2006 – Define the three of the following in detail: (a) Press Release (b) Press Note (c) Press Communiqué (d) Press conference (e) Han dout 2002 – Write shot notes on the followings: (a) Press Council (b) CNN (c) Press Eth ics (d) APNS Area of Focus Definitions of Press Release. Popular Magazines in Pakistan STUDY AREA – VIII: PRESS RELEASE. m an be aided by using the Services such consultancy? 2002 – As able public relation s officer can keep an organization from sinking. P RESS COMMUNIQUE. Area of Focus Introduction to Public Relations. Press N ote. Techniques invol ved in writing of Press Release. with minor adjustments. Discuss. STUDY AREA – VII: MAGAZINE JOURNALISM 2010 – What role does magazine journalism play in Pakistan and what are the functions as wel l as scope of magazines in our society? 2008 – Survey the status of Magazine Journ alism in Pakistan? What are the functions and scope of magazines in our society? 2005 – Write analytical note on the following: (a) Magazine Journalism – its scope and social 4   . Altafsheikh1988@gmail. Duties of Public Relations Officer (PRO) Role/Purpos e/Scope of Public Relations in Modern Times Differentiate and Interrelate betwee n Public Relations & Advertising. 2001 – How does public r elations differ from advertising? Does public relations offer advantages not ava ilable through advertising? Explain. Evaluate the personal ity of any magazine.R. Press Communiqué. Four-step Process. Area of Focus Magazine Journalism in Pakistan Types & Functioning & Purposes Its social impacts. Process of Public Relations Work ing i.

History of Press Laws Freedom of Press & ‘Right to Know’ concept. 2000 – Discuss the state of press freedom in Pakistan. Influence of Advertising in a society STUDY AREA – X: PRESS LAWS. 2006 – What do you know about advertising? Explain its functio ns and importance in the modern age. 2003 – Write note on Importance of research and creativity in adve rtising. Altafsheikh1988@gmail. 2002 – Is it correct that you cannot sell even gold without advertising? 2000 – What are the social implications of advertising? Area of Focus What is Advertising? Types of Advertising Purpose of Advertising E ssentials of Successful Advertising Socio-economic aspects and impacts of Advert ising Latest Trends in Advertising 5 . 20 09 – Describe an ideal ‘Press Code of Ethics’ for Pakistan Journalists. Do you agree? Write your argumentative answer. 2008 – “Freedom of Press” and “Responsibility” are two common issues in the filed of journalism. 2008 – Define ‘Advertising’? What are the principle s of successful advertising? Discuss the latest trends in advertising being practiced in our society? 2007 – Survey the development of Adver tising in Pakistan. Ethical C ode of Conduct for Media & Press ‘Press Code for Ethics’ ‘Code of Ethics for Print Med ia’ ‘Ethics of Reporting’. PRESS ETHICAL CODE. Discuss and evaluate the case of Pakistan regarding these concepts? 2005 – Write analytical no tes on the following: (b) Code of ethics for print media.e. CONCEPT O F PRESS FREEDOM 2010 – In a globalized world. Discuss all aspects. 2000 – Write analytical note on th e following b) Ethics of reporting: objectivity and conflict of interact Area of Focus State of Press Laws in Pakistan Development of Press Laws in Pakis tan i. 2003 – "Concept of respo nsibility precludes objectivity".e. Research & Creativity etc. discuss and evaluate the concepts of "Free Press" and "Responsibility" in the developing and developed societies.Altaf Ahmed Sheikh – CSS2011 STUDY AREA – IX: ADVERSTISING 2010 – How does Advertising influence society? Discuss the latest trends and practices in society and the p rinciples of successful advertising? 2009 – “Advertising is spinal cord of any media organization”. 2005 – How do you define advertising? Describ e the functions and discuss the scope and prospects of advertising as a professi on in Pakistan. 2001 – Write analytical note on the following: a) Free flow of information.

P. Write your frank comments. (d) Gl obal Village. Critically e valuate the role of present TV Channels in social development? 2004 – "SMRC (Berlo s Model ) is an obsolete model in 21st century". they would never have bee n defeated. (Ameen) Wish you Best of Luck! Altafsheikh1988@gmail. 2004 – Write s hort notes on any two column writers (Urdu/English) of your choice.Altaf Ahmed Sheikh – CSS2011 STUDY AREA – XI: MISCELLANEOUS 2009 – Evaluate critically the performance of private T. Give reasons of your selection. Do you think so? Give comprehensive answer.V channels in Pakistan. May Allah help us succeed.N. 2003 – Write short notes on the following: a)Opening up of ele ctronic media to the private sector in Pakistan b)Significance of folk and tradi tional media in creating mass awareness about development activities in rural ar eas c)Difference between structure of news story for radio and 6   . (b) Manshoor (c) A. Area of Focus Electronic Media A critical analysis of Role of Television Channel s Critical Appraisal of Television Programmes and their agenda Role of Media as Opinion Leader Most Popular Magazines.S. Newspapers/Journalistic Societies. 2002 – I t is said that if the Taliban had the media with them. Journa lists & their book/works etc. 2000 – Write notes on the following: (a) The scientific Society Magazine. 2008 – The present era is co nsidered as the era of development of electronic media in Pakistan.

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