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Brief History : First decade of 20th century was a very important era in the history of cooperation for entire

country and Surat District as well. Many cooperative institutions were initiated during this period. First Coop. Society in Surat District was registered at Degam, Taluka Chikhli on 23-5-1906 (Now in Bulsar District). In the year 1909, with the efforts of Late Shri B.A.Modi and Late Shri K.G.Desai. The Surat Dist Co.op.(Urban) union Ltd., was registered on 17-6-1909. It was the institution which is later on known as THE SURAT DISTRICT CO.OP. BANK LTD. In the year 1921, this society had undertaken banking activities in absolute terms. In 1923 The Surat District Co.op. (Urban) union was converted into The Surat District Co.op. Bank Ltd., The work extended to the entire Surat District, which had 21 talukas and a vast working area with geographical variation. The coastal area which included city of Surat and towns like Navasari - Bulsar Bilimora, the fertile flat land and sizeable tribal area with hills and dense forests. The Vast Surat District was bifurcated in1965 and district of Bulsar was separated. At present there are 15 talukas in the Surat district, of which 9 are in the tribal area. Bank is having separate department for agriculture advances since 1944, and become an effective central agency for coordination and smooth flow of finance to cooperative sector in the district. Co-Operative Organizations like :

The Surat District Milk Producers Co-op. Union Ltd.(SUMUL), The Purushottam Farmers Co-op. Ginning & Pressing Society Ltd., The Surat Distrcit Co-op. Spinning Mills Ltd., The Surat Jilla Sahakari Sale & Purchase Union., The Surat Central Co-op. Stores Ltd., Cotton Co-op Socities of Olpad Taluka,

have since been developed and Bank has provided timely assistance to them. During this period, Forest Labourers Co-op. Societies were also very active in tribal area and were engaged in coop cutting activity for which substantial finance was provided to them. After 1956 when Shree Khedut Sahakari Khand Udyog Mandali Ltd., Bardoli came into existence, the entire Surat District gradually became a sugar belt. All existing eight sugar factories had toothing financial troubles in the beginning, However, Bank had provided them enough finance as also assisted even for meeting share capital also. By lapse of time Sugar cane has now become principal crop in the district and out of total cultivable area of 490000 hectares 83191 hectares is under sugar cane cultivation. This revolution in agriculture was amply supported by The Surat District Co.op. Bank Ltd., These factories

have become main strength of the economic structure of the district, particularly for farmers. All together these factories have a crushing capacity of 35500 tons per day. Annual sugar production exceeds Rs.880/- crores. Bank has sanctioned enough financial limits to this sector. Now a days, bank has started financing projects for Drip irrigation, Medicinal crops, Fishery, Green house etc. and would like to escalate the same on substantial extent. As per the instructions/ guidelines of NABARD, of-late, Bank has also started financing to the Non-farm sector including textile industry. Bank has been enjoying privilege of having prominent citizens in fields like Social, Cooperation and Agriculture, on its Board. The present and former members of the Board included outstanding Lawyers, Members of Parliament, District Panchayat Presidents, Mayor of Surat City and Leaders from various walks of life including Ministers. In the year 1965 The Surat Dist. Co-op. Bank was separated after formation of Bulsar District from old Surat District. After separation banks Financial Position is as under. No. Of Branches Share Capital Reserves Deposits Advances Management : Since 1965 the structure of Board of directors has remained unchanged. In all, at present there are 22 members on the Board as under. One director from each Taluka Two individual directors One director from Surat city Three nominated director from state government One director from The Gujarat State CO-OP. Bank Ltd. District Registrar (Co.op.Societies), Surat TOTAL MEMBERS 14 2 1 3 1 1 22 15 Rs. 0.22 Crores Rs. 0.09 Crores Rs. 3.06 Crores Rs. 1.71Crores

Past Chairman of the Board Shri P.K.Desai was awarded Kaka Saheb Gadgil award for his outstanding services to the society and was also awarded by the Gujarat State Co.op. Union by Sahakari Award . Shree Popatbhai Vyas, the present Director on the borad, remained as Home Minister of the State. Shree Dilipbhai Bhakta, the present Chairman is also the Chairman of Madhi Vibhag Khand Udyog Sahakari Mandali Ltd.,

and also enjoying key position in different Co-operative Societies functioning in various fields. Bank has been also committed for overall upliftment of the society. Donations of lacs of Rupees are given to the Hospitals, Schools, Colleges and Social Charitable Institutions. Also a separate fund has been created for donations to the Educational organizations only. Another Trust is also created for Donation to the Charitable and Social Service organizations viz. Surat District Co-operative bank Charitable Trust. Bank has donated lacs of Rs. for the ultimate benefit of people affected with natural calamities to the different organization setup, for betterment of medical education etc. Management has always remained progressive, be a challenge after Bank Nationalization introduction of nonfarm advances, introduction of New banking concepts in liberalized economy. Board has formed committees for loans, staff matters, Legal matters etc. Powers have been delegated appropriately to smoothen day to day working. Deposits : Growth of deposit was steady and in harmony with Advances. At the end of March 2007 deposit of bank was Rs. 1203.40 crores. Advances : It is obvious true as the major crop of the district is sugar cane. There are 8 sugar factories in Co-operative sector, which have a turnover exceeding Rs.600/- crores and as such, banks major share goes to this sector. Major chunk of advances goes to sugar sector earlier. In the last decade, bank has gradually paid more attention to non agriculture and Individual advances. New schemes, to finance for consumer durables, vehicles, House construction, professional loans also have been introduced. More attention is paid to develop banking rutine business also. Bank has actively taken up the steps for diversification of Loan portfolio. Powers are deligated to the branch Managers to sanction loans up to Rs.5,00,000/- for A1-Grade branch and Rs.3,00,000/- for B Grade branch under individual nonfarm sector loans. Also powers are deligated to the branch Managers to sanction loans up to Rs.1,00,000/- of all branches under individual farm sector loans which is also increased up to Rs. 2 lacs. The position of advances at various stage is as under : ( lacs) Year 1965 1985 Total Advances 2.45 45.03

1995 2005 Conclusion :

216.77 245.92

Bank has assisted all type of co. operative institutions and farmers in hours of crisis. In a natural calamity like floods, riots etc bank has assisted people of society oftenly. Bank has made remarkable progress during last 98 years and has successfully overcome the challenges . Bank's ,management and staff has worked hand to hand. Mutual confidence between staff union and management has benefited the organization. The bank was judged as best bank by NABARD & Best performance award for the year 1995-96 was awarded by NABARD. Bank has always been securing Audit classification under category A and has paid highest permissible dividend under state co.op. Act. To its members. Under the new environment of liberalization bank has to plan for modernization of its activities. To keep a pace with modern banking system, bank has accepted to go for Automation of banking work, at present all 57 branches are computerized. To mitigeded the customer's requirement of prompt service bank has plan for ancillays business like gold coin selling, work related to General insurance and life insurance has also started. Bank has recently decided to go for implementation of core banking solution in few selected branches in current year