Essential Standard Objective

6200/6600 Principles Unit A of Business and Finance 2.00 B2 24%

Principles of Business

Essential Questions

Understand the nature of business. 2.04 B2 4% Understand applications and issues of technology. x Why do many businesses use technology? x How are the common concerns of businesses using technology classified? UNPACKED CONTENT

I. Many businesses use technology to obtain information or to improve efficiency and productivity. The use of technology is often referred to as application of technology. Common applications of technology by businesses are: A. Artificial intelligence (AI) B. Computer-aided design (CAD) C. E-commerce D. Expert systems E. Management information systems (MIS) F. Robotics G. Telecommuting II. Common areas of concerns for using technology are: A. Employment trends B. Health and safety C. Computer crime D. Privacy

6200/6600 Principles of Business and Finance

Summer 2010

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