List of Idioms hey guys here's a list of idioms that i came across while prepping for the GMAT

, they've helped me a lot in the SC part of my prep thus far, so i figured someone else out there could benefit from this as well. able to ability to accede to according to account for accuse of acquaint with agree with allow for amount to appear to apply to argue over as __ as associate with assure that at a disadvantage attempt to attend to attention to attest to attribute to available to afflicted with argue with averse to ask of agree to angry at based on, because of, believe to be, between [a] and [b], call for, craving for, choice of, choose from, choose to, claim to, collaborate with, conclude that, consequence of, consider, consistent with, continue to, contrast with, contribute to, convert to, cost to/of, credit with, comply with, conform to, consider to be, composed of, compare with/to, consist in, consist with, consist of, correspond to, correspond with date from, deal with, debate over, decide to, defend against, define as, delighted by, demonstrate that, depend on, depict as, descend from, different from, difficult to, distinguish [a] from [b], draw on, due to, desirous of, divergent from, decide on, [in an] effort to, either…or, enamored with, encourage to, estimate to be, expose to, extend to, extent of, equal, equal to, fear that, fluctuations in, forbid to, force to, frequency of, from [a] to [b], fail in hypothesize that, in contrast to, in danger of, in order to, in violation of, inclined to, infected with, instead of, introduce to, isolate from, intent to, in search of, inside,

name. superior to. substitute [a] for [b]. off prejudiced against. practice for. try to. prized by. protect against. use as. opportunity for. model after. replace with. send to. tend. liken to mistake for. prior to. worry about . practice to. rule that. require to. target at. ought to. prevent from. permit to. native to. result of [the] same as. view as. neither…nor. less than. partake of. tamper with. responsible for. willing to. necessity of. persuade to. practice of. visit. result in. suspicious of. [a] native of. supplant by. subject to. provide with. range from [a] to [b].just as…so too. suffer from. likely to. pressure to. rather than. on account of. question whether. tend to. meet with. transit to. type of. try to. train to. spend on. required of. preferable to. more than. predisposed to. tie to. threaten to. see as. vote for. necessity for. regard as. not so much…as. [the] use of. meet. sense of so…that. move away from. not [a] but [b]. sympathy for. opposed to. opportunity to. separate from. opposite of. not only…but also. result from. prohibit from. think of…as. sympathize with. [the] responsibility to.

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