INTRODUCTION It is a fact that cricket is one of the most popular games in our country and most widely played. some level or the other. each other. Every child has the passion to play the game at The opportunities to every individual differ from

The role of state cricket association plays a vital role in the Similarly other factors like facilities, coaching Here, I will be studying the

development of a cricketer.

also play important role career of a cricketer.

contribution of Hyderabad Cricket Association which is one of the oldest associations and has served many cricketers and guided them to great heights.

The Hyderabad Cricket Association has a history of over 70 years in the serving the cricketers. Many officials in various positions have served

the game. A number of cricket tournaments are being conducted every year. Tournaments like Moin Ud Dowla cricket tournament, Behram Ud Dowla, Ranji Trophy, Kishen Pershand Trophy, Raveena Cup, Indiana Cup, Regal Cup, Sachdev trophy, Inter Zonals , M.N.Abbasi Trophy, Mono Trophy, League Championships in various divisions and many other tournaments were popular. However, the association now conducts these tournaments Most of the above said tournaments were sponsored in

with new names.

some way or the other by private sector companies, individuals or sports dealers and contributed to the development of cricket. We have seen

Corporate companies companies like VST (Vazir Sultan Tabacco), India Cements, Coromendal Cements, Air Tel, Southend Raymonds, Idea Cellular Company and many other companies and individuals have come forward and extended financial support and sponsorship which helped in the development of cricket and cricketers.

Arshad Ayub. Azharuddin. Syed Abid Ali. . Md. M.S. Jayantilal.K. Facilities for practice to players The Association provided a number of well maintained turf wickets and Gymkhana grounds and at newly built Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium at Uppal.The cricket Association has taken several steps in improving the play grounds for cricket in city and in the districts of Telangana under its jurisdiction in the recent years. Abbas Ali Baig. Hyderabad.L. Huge amounts of money is spent for improving the infrastructure facilities.Jaisimha. providing match balls free of cost. caps and others.V. Shivlal Yadav. This has been the biggest achievement of Hyderabad Cricket Association as on today.Krishna Murthy.Narasimha Rao. It is also worth mentioning that the Association has produced a number of International cricketers like Gulam Ahmed. shorts. P. Venkatapati Raju and V. Coaching camps. M. providing white clothes and colored uniforms.V. M.A.Patudi. have been given top priority.Laxman. and Junior International cricketers. producing qualified coaches.

satisfactory.STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM The cricketers at different levels from league to state are being given ample opportunities and facilities by the Hyderabad Cricket Association and clubs which they represent. With more and more sponsorship coming from corporate and private sectors we can see more progress in the development of cricket. The modern trends in sponsorship for the game made the game more popular. This study will bring out certain reasons and also suggests ways and means to improve the overall development of cricketers and the game. the results are still not very Our state is capable of producing more cricketers of International standards and repute. particularly because of the state cricket association providing more and more facilities to cricketers in all respects. Now people set it more on Television sets and this has benefited not . However. The socio economic and psychological aspects which were responsible in both development and otherwise will be discussed.

office staff and all those who . coaching centers only. The latest marketing trends which lead to the emergence of tournaments like ICL (Indian Corporate League) and IPL (Indian Premier League). players in twin cities and districts of Telangana under the association and coaching academies. The study is delimited to Hyderabad teams at all grades of cricket and of similar standard cricketers. scorers. The views of past and present cricketers. the rules and regulations in 20-20 tournaments and other tournaments will be a part of this study. The study is confined to the jurisdiction of Hyderabad Cricket Association. The performances of teams in past few years as per the records available in the Hyderabad Cricket association are taken into consideration for this study. office bearers . 3. 2. DELMITATIONS 1. ground staff. and role played by the corporate and private sectors in past and today.only the sponsors but also the players. officials . Umpires.

mode of living etc. and all of them are taken up for the study as one unit . districts of Telegana and others of similar standards in various academies and private tournaments who contributed to the development of cricket.contribute to the development of cricket in Hyderabad will be a part of this study as per the information available. . The students generally hail from different socio economic status with different dietary habits. LIMITATIONS The study is limited to the cricketers of Hyderabad in twin cities..

A Historical study of this association as a whole will be taken up. METHODOLOGY All the required information with regard to the steps taken up by Hyderabad Cricket Association at different grades of cricketers are being collected from the Hyderabad Cricket Association records available since the beginning of the association till date. The curators. the ground staff will be a part of this study. Over the long history of the game of cricket in Hyderabad the contribution of press needs to be discussed in this study. The umpires who play a very important role in the promotion of the game will also be discussed. .The views of various state and International cricketers of Hyderabad cricket association of pas and present are also taken up to discuss their role in development of cricket. Constructive criticism is always welcomed as it protects the interests of talented cricketers of the state. The incentives given to players and travel facilities are also considered for study.

To make the study as objective as possible. if it contributes to the study. players at different age groups who are actually involved in the game. HYPOTHESIS It is hypothesized that the Hyderabad Cricket Association has been providing good facilities to all the cricketers in twin cities and contributed significantly for the development of cricket and cricketers. information will be collected from all by giving them a prepared questionnaire on different aspects of the game. Their views and suggestions are taken up for the study. However. areas which required more attention are also being identified and useful . academy in charges. Some responses though subjective. such responses will be also be included.Information is being collected from different coaches.

2008 THE EARLY YEARS OF CRICKET IN HYDERABAD.Hooh Abbasi organizing cricket matches among other cricket lovers.N. 4TH AUGUST.R. (who later became the Joint Secretary of Hyderabad Cricket Association).Ganesan.Mehta. Sri.H. He happened to meet a number of cricket enthusiasts like involved themselves in Later they were Sri. . Cricket has been always the passion of Hyderabadis and continues to be so. They cannot imagine life without cricket. Cricket being a British game. S.suggestions are being made to enable Hyderabad cricket association and others who are making efforts for the development of the game. they introduced the game in 1880 in our city. This sport has some how become a part of their life for many. The game drew the attention of Shri.M.Hadi.

In 1910 Khader Baig. Sri. During this period even a H. D.Masood Ahmed. Mahmood Baig Abdus Sanad.E.instrumental in promoting the game in more and more organized manner after the formation of Hyderabad cricket association. Mahmood Ali. The Oxford University Authentic that toured India in 1902/03 season was the first foreign team to visit and play in Hyderabad but they were not considered as first class matches and there is no record available for any reference. Raja Lochan Chand was said to be the first Chief Patron of the game in late 19th and 20th Century.N. Maharaja Sir Kishen Prashad Trophy for the .Dittia and Ranganna were said to be good players considering the fact that the general standard of the game was not of very high. Nazer Baig and Kurhurshid Baig were said to be popular cricketers. Ahmed Ali. There are indications that in the the year 1914 a tournament for educational institutions was conducted and the winners were awarded the Salar Jung Cup. There no record available before 1930/31 at first class cricket.

supremacy might be the reason for the tournament to be discontinued. which was attached to the Nizam Collge. The Sherwood Foresters saw them winning the tournament for three consecutive years till 1913. However. Nizam College and Medical college were the two educational institutions that encouraged cricket and also had the facilities to play cricket.Government Departments was conducted. Their . Cricket progressed steadily and a competition was introduced with the institution of the Moin ud Dowlah cup in 1911. Apart from the patronage for individuals. The standards of the top team and the next best team was huge. the other means of popularizing the game was to see that more and more people involved in the game. it took long years for the game to become popular among the masses. It was felt that the game should be popularized in the Educational institutions and private clubs as they were the best sources. also played the game and was able to generate keen interest despite the fact that they faced stiff competition from other popular games like Football and Hockey. Private clubs like Hyderabad Cricket Club and Secunderabad i Aliya.

With the institution and conduct of these tournament the game took strong roots in city. In the year 1917. which had their past and present players won the All India Jiyayanagaram tournament.In 1914. . The Salar Jung tournament for educational institutions accorded opportunities to student to compete in healthy rivalry. The Priminister¶s Open tournament (for Maharaja Sir Kishen Prashad Bahadur Cup) was held for private clubs. A Auadrangular tournament. During this period a match played between the Indians and Euopeans was said to have drawn large number of spectators and generated great interest. the Behram-Ud-Dowlah tournament and finally the Moin-UdDowlah Gold cup and the League Championship tournaments were conducted. Cricket further developed in Hyderabad in 1921. the Nizam college team. three other tournaments were started and held regularly. The game attracted more patrons and several measures were taken to move forward.

A. The tournament was abandoned in 1931 due to the call given by Mahatma Gandhi that tournaments on communal lines be stopped.V. Raja Ekbal Chand.Chenoy.V. The Europeans did not require any additional help as they were drawn from .T. This tournament was conducted with the efforts of enthusiasts like C.Dittia and Grahmam Peddie. D. Hindus and Zoroastrians (Parsees) beginning in 1922.Ali Raja. Nadirsha B. The Mohammedans succeeded three times and the Hindus once in the year 1928. Padma Rao and Raja Ekbal Chand the Hindus. But by then the strong Europeans had won the trophy five times.Raghavan. The Competition grew between the teams as each community tried to encourage their players and prepared good competitive teams. S. Nadirsha Chenoy the Parsees. Mohammedans. They created interest in their community people to play the game and also extended financial assistance and valuable trophies which helped the game to develop. Khader Baig. Nawab Bhram Ud-Dowla and Nawab Turab Yar Jung patronized the Mohammedans.N.Padma Rao. The tournament was revived only for a a year in 1936.The game became more and more popular because the Quadrangular tournament played among the Europeans.

Williams. Besides Capt. 2008 Soon after this the game started becoming popular in city. stationed at Secunderabad. who led the Europeans. 5th August. This tournament groomed many youngsters of all communities and served the purpose well and generated considerable interest among the people of Hyderabad.the seventh Dragoon Guards Regiment. These tournaments made the game more and more popular and attracted the masses throughout the country and particularly in our city. . Europeans and Parsees were held. four other county players assisted that side. Muslims. During this period Mahatma Gandhi appealed to people to end But these tournaments continued to thrill communal polarization in sports. the crowds till 1947 and encouraged many youngsters to take up the game. Between 1920 and 1930 quadrangular tournaments among Hindus.

Nawab Salar Jung Bahadur took keen interest in conducting tournaments for schools. first class cricket came to Hyderabad in 1930-31. JG Nalve. Maharaj Kumar of Vizianagaram XI and Nawab of Moin Ud Dowla XI played the tournament. educational institutions and clubs. The Hyderabad. Wazir Ali. Madarsa-I-Aliya have taken initiative and encouraged their students to play cricket. Nawab Moin Ud Dowla. With the emergence of private clubs like HUCC and SUCC formed by cricket enthusiasts become prominent and cricket leagues were started. Maharaja Kishan Pershad. The people of Hyderabad had the opportunity of witnessing world class players for the first time in Jack Hobbs and Bert Sutcliffe (English test Stars) alsong side a number of famous players from Indian first class circult in C.Nayudu. With the efforts of Nawab Moin-ud-Dowla.Educational institutions in Hyderabad like Nizam College. Amar Sing and Naoomal Jaoomal who went on to . Medical College.K. The first Moin Ud Dowla Gold Cup started with 3 teams taking part in it.

the slow left arm orthodox spin bowler of MCC. It was only due to the efforts of Nawab Moin Ud Dowla Bahadur and the Moin Ud Dowla Gold Cup Cricket tournament the general standard of Cricket improved in allover and many promising youngsters were spotted. . Hyderabad witnessed the performance of Headley Verity. a veteran of 40 test matches claiming 5 for 63 in the first innings and 3 for 78 in the second innings of the drawn match at Hyderabad against star studded Nawab of Moin Ud Dowla XI.Nayudu the debutants of 1933-34 test series against England.represent India in its first ever test match at Lords against England in the summer of 1932. Lala Amarnath and C.S. In 1933-34 MCC under the captaincy of Douglas Jardine toured India to play 3 test matches. which included Mustaq Ali. MCC was the first official overseas touring team to play at Hyderabad and present world class cricket to its people. On 25th Jan 1934 MCC played at Hyderabad against Nawab of Moin Ud Dowla XI on Gymkhana grounds.

Ganesh Rao.Ali Raza. There was a need for local officiating body to imbibe organization into Hyderabad Cricket. Dattatriya and Rangannah. They elected Nawab Turab Yar Jung as its first President and S. P F Durrand. Hussain Ali Khan.M. In April 1934 Hyderabad Cricket Association was formed by Nadir Shah Chenoy. Since 1934 till date Hyderabad Cricket Association has been the custodians of the game of cricket and keepers of sacred code in Hyderabad and Telangana districts. DN Dittia. There after the Hyderabad Cricket Association blossomed into an effective governing body and nurtured the sport of cricket efficiently within its domain by creating ample vistas for cricketers and their dreams of national and .Hadi as Secretary. Mahmood Hussain Khan. S.In the year 1934 Ranji Trophy National First Class Cricket championships were being initiated in India.

.international glory. Semifinals 16 times. They were successful in organizing the following international matches in the city. Hyderabad team has the rare distinction of participating in each and every Ranji Trophy tournament. * 3 Test matches * 13 One Day internationals including World Cup matches * 24 matches against visiting foreign teams. Despite the misfortune of not having an exclusive international standard cricket venue he management of Hyderabad cricket association continuously lobbied at BCCI to expose the citizens of Hyderabad to international cricket. since its inception and performed credibly by wining the trophy twice once in 1937-38 and in 1986-87 and reaching finals 2 times. This fact portrays the level of governance at HCA and the standards imbibed into the sport.

Man Singh. Past and Present players involved in the game. interviews and other sources useful for the study. Hyderabad Cricket Association website. . Published by Theodore Braganza of the Marine Sports. 5. Mumbai 400 028. METHODOLOGY The methodology for the research is based on Historical information available. Identification of books as available. 4. Information available from the Hyderabad Cricket Association records. The history of Hyderabad Cricket by P. Hyderabad Cricket Association records.SOURCES OF DATA 1. 2008. graphically and in the tabular forms. 2. 2. Cricket Biryani. 1. 3. The information collected will be interpreted statistically.R. Information required for this research is collected from the books available.

INTRODUCTION 2. scorers. 7. coaches. CHAPTERIZATION The characterization will be done as mentioned below. umpires. ground staff and the masses who actually watch the game. coaches. ORIGIN AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE GAME 3.3. 4. players. 5. BIBLIOGRAPHY . SPONSORERS ROLE IN POPULARISING THE GAME AND PLAYERS. SUMMARY 8. 1. administrators. 4. 6. A questionnaire will be distributed among the players of the past and present. selectors. ROLE OF HYDERABAD CRICKET ASSOCIATION IN PROMOTING THE GAME. officials. officials. PROGRESS GAME IN THE DISTRICT ASSOCIATIONS UNDER HYDERABAD CRICKET ASSOCIATION. Umpires and the masses for their views related to the research. Interviews with prominent administrators. SUGGESTIONS AND FINDINGS FOR THE FUTURE DEVELOPOMENT OF THE GAME.

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