Living the Lectionary 5th Sunday After Pentecost

Lolium temulentum (tare/weed)

Triticum cereal (wheat)

Season: Pentecost Week of July 17th “Growing In the Kingdom: Wheat & Weeds”
About the Season: The season of Pentecost is a season of being given the gifts of God for the purpose of living out His mission on earth as His Body. It’s color, green, implies the growth of the Church both personally and as a Body through the work of the Holy Spirit. About this Sunday: This is the second of 3 Sundays focusing on Jesus’ “agriculture” parables. He uses common agricultural images to explain the dizzying depth of the “kingdom of heaven.” Today,

we hear Him discuss why there is evil and why evil people seem to live among us like weeds seem to pop up in our garden.

Reflecting on the Readings: • Isaiah 44:6-8 – You Are My Witnesses! – God calls us “witnesses” to His goodness in the world. How do you witness to God’s goodness? • Psalm 86 – Give Me an Undivided Heart – Our hearts are at the most, divided between our sins and God’s work in us. The psalmist here cries out of God’s healing of our hearts and making them whole. How divided is your heart? • Romans 8:12-25 – Crying out for Freedom – Paul explains that even creation cries out for the freedom of God’s return and elimination of evil. What evil do you cry out for God to remove from your life? • Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43 – Wheat & Weeds – Jesus gives us some insight into our lives now and in the Resurrection. If we rely upon Him and are His children, we will “shine like the sun” where there is no evil. Imagine what life without sin will be like and how it will be different than this life. Law and Gospel: • Law: We are God’s “good seed”, saved by the Son for good works, but while we live in this sinful world, we have to live with evil bumping up against us and tempting us into sins. • Gospel: One day we will no longer have to put up with evil and sin. On the day when Christ returns, we will be brought into a fantastic world with no sin. Living the Lectionary Ideas:

• •

Learn: The word “theodicy” refers to the explanations of how there can be evil in a world created by God. Look up this term and dig a little deeper. Do: Weed your garden (or church’s). Consider how those weeds are like the sins and evil that appear in your life. Live: Live with the expectation and hope of a world without sin. Pray constantly that Jesus will come and rid us of the world’s sin and evil.