Living the Lectionary 6th Sunday After Pentecost

Season: Pentecost Week of July 24th “Growing In the Kingdom: The Little Goods”

About the Season: The season of Pentecost is a season of being given the gifts of God for the purpose of living out His mission on earth as His Body. It’s color, green, implies the growth of the Church both personally and as a Body through the work of the Holy Spirit.

About this Sunday: This is the last of 3 Sundays focusing on Jesus’ “agriculture” parables. He uses common agricultural images to explain the dizzying depth of the “kingdom of heaven.” Today we conclude these parables by looking at the small things which God uses to make big changes in the world. Reflecting on the Readings: • I Kings 3:5-12 – A Little Request – Solomon asks for something that seems small and insignificant, but is actually huge – wisdom. What “small” things might you ask for that might end up being big things in the end? • Psalm 119 – A Little Teaching – When we open the Bible, in each verse, we find a “little” teaching that will end up being a great thing when we meditate upon it. Will you commit to reading a “little” teaching every day this week? • Romans 8:26-39 – A Little Weakness - Paul talks about the work of the Spirit in the midst of our weakness grows into a boundless “bigness” in Christ that is beyond death, life, angels, rulers, or anything else. How is God using the “little weaknesses” of your life? • Matthew 13:31-33,44-52 – Little and Big – Jesus shows us the that smallest elements, when combined with the power of the Kingdom of Heaven are unstoppable forces for good and treasures beyond imagination. What little thing might you do in God’s Kingdom? Law and Gospel: • Law: So often we feel weak, small, and insignificant. We feel like if we disappeared, it wouldn’t really matter. The world fools us into thinking that we’re worthless in our smallness. • Gospel: You may be small, but you are not insignificant. You are worth so much to Christ

that He died on the cross for you. He promises not only that you are significant to Him, but that He has given you significant work to do. Living the Lectionary Ideas: • Learn: Every movement in the Christian church begins with small and humble beginnings. Learn about the beginnings of the Lutheran church and consider the “small things”. • Do: Do something that is “small” for someone else’s sake every day this week. At the end of the week, consider how one small thing every day might have changed their perception of you and of your Lord. • Live: We’re naturally attracted to the big and the obvious. This week, try to shift your gaze to the small details of things and people and things around you.

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