Case On Informal Conflict Resolution: A Workplace Case Study

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In most of the cases women faces sexual harassment and yet can not stand upright against it. Rather they suffer inwardly and have to live with the pain inside. role-playing and shuttle diplomacy. fearing a reputation of being sexually "easy". the Editor will maintain confidentiality of the problem. such as listening. Such a label would effectively overshadow any power that she could assert through knowledge or skill. the situation aggravated. providing and receiving information. Consequently. This silence on the part of women is taken to be their submissiveness towards the display of power. Hence. Yet. Before the cab incident everything was working nice for both Tania and Sámi. Unlike formal complaint resolution process. The initial cause of the conflict was of such that Sami can clearly be held as responsible. after Sami apologized repetitively and Tania responded casually. This was an attempt to resolve conflict. Tania being unhappy with her current job regretted her decision and came to the editor for peace of mind. While Tania certainly felt indignant at Sami’s behavior. And the private interactions had a detrimental impact upon the office environment. the conflict began as well. the Editor can exercise more informal dispute resolution options. her main concern the next day was preserving her reputation and keeping her job and not to have any negative attention. Tania chose not to risk placing herself in a . The same thing is applicable in case of Tania until she approaches the Editor. Sami apologized in private and Tania also responded informally.Informal Conflict Resolution: A Workplace Case Study Analysis of Conflict The case deals with a conflict arising from sexual harassment that took place in a private confinement and later on emerged as a problem of the office place. reframing issues and developing options. The Editor’s role is well suited to informal conflict handling. But as the sexual harassment took place. She was worried about maintaining a neutralized sexuality in the office environment.

. Tania claimed value by divulging Sami’s sexual faux pas. Both of them tried to keep the cab incident a secret and thus heightened the crisis situation. Tania was trying to maintain the value of their reputations at work by withholding the information about the cab incident. Sami’s frequent reiteration on apology is a display of his power of keeping on pressing his demand of apology. As such the secret got a new shape. Sami sensed his loss of credibility through these employees' reactions to him. She was willing to let the unfortunate incident go without retaliation until Sami’s persistence became annoying. Following the cab incident. Yet nothing worked accordingly. Tania and Sami were implicitly negotiating for maintaining their own credibility in the workplace. Concern for value and reputation rested more with Sami than Tania. She claimed the power of knowledge. Sami’s behavior in the cab and subsequently the office certainly highlights it. Both value their reputation in the office.position to be unfairly labeled by the office power structure even though Sami’s behavior invaded her sense of security and confidence. Then she confided in a couple of her friends at work. Everybody around knew the truth but nobody admits it in his/her vocal expression. Tania continued to suffer and Sami also faced the behavioral indications from his peers. In this respect. Tania’s mental condition got scattered the most with the result that she got herself transferred elsewhere. Tania could no longer bear with the secret because of Sami’s repeated apology and confined it a few of her peers. Hence Sami apologized for his mistake repeatedly and Tania did not go for formal complain. So the situation deteriorated yet further. The question arises whether both Sami and Tania reacted rightly and positively or not. but at a cost of placing her co-workers in an awkward position. This also raised a question in Tania’s mind.

probe. which results in their effective disenfranchisement. facilitating dialogue between Tania and Sami. debate. or • She can go for settlement through dialogue which is based on interest An interest-based approach is better suited to the conflict between Tania and Sami because focusing on interests can help them better understand each other. engage. but instead to speak up and become organizational citizens.Solution of the case The solution of the conflict can start with talking with Tania to know what her aspiration is. The collaborative approach to conflict acknowledges that everyone needs to discuss. challenge. Broadly the two options Tania may aspire are: • She can demand a legal action against Sami which revolves around the question of right. They should solve the problem creatively. At the same time without thinking about the personality of Sami and Tania. more successful and more united. problem-solving. and mediating the conflict. We can help bring about greater understanding through listening. . These interest-based techniques are considered better methods of dispute resolution because it encourage people not to suppress their differences. As a mediator I should separate what is important from what gets in the way. and participate in making decisions regarding issues that are important to them and to do so in ways that leave them stronger. plan strategically and negotiate collaboratively. thought should be given towards what are the factors creating and aggravating the problem. Separate people from the problem: Sami’s problem should be separated As a mediator I should make him realize that his repeated apologies is reminding Tania the incident even more and Tania should also realize that her noncommittal way of saying “its okay “does not indicate forgiveness. Since none of Tania and Sami took the initiative to talk to each other about the problem both of them should sit together and work for a solution at presence of a moderator.

transformation and As a mediator I should follow the five stages of problem solving • To become aware of the problem and accept it as something that needs to be solved • To collaboratively define and clarify the elements and nature of the problem so that I can better understand how to approach it strategically . they care about reputation. The likely options can be: I. as a mediator. The available options for Tania and Sami to move towards resolution can be: • • • • To regret about what happened completely & clearly To take full responsibility for what happened To specify the behaviors that went wrong Sami should stay on promises so that Tania will see an immediate result release from emotion will increase their clarity. Opening up emotional floodgate makes us relaxing and moving to unlock our disputes and enable us to move towards a resolution. Tania’s and Sami’s healing. problem solving. Find the commonalities from differences: Both Sami and Tania have one thing common i. Separate emotion from negotiation: Being emotional won’t solve the problem hence it should be solved logically.e. resolution. Opening up will help to the resentments and will enable to solve it. creativity and opportunities for learning. should sit with both of them and enable them to open up to let each one know about other’s feelings.Separate problems from solutions: I should see closely what kind of conflict is it? What caused to aggravate it more and what are the possible solutions available to knock the crisis down. It’s well a known strategy to ‘acknowledge and integrate emotions to solve problems’.

committed action to solve problem. categorize. Then he would be able to put the whole thing behind him and move on. And if they no longer feel the interest to work along they can decide it mutually but it would at least clean the air between them. assess alternative criteria and jointly invent solutions that satisfies everyone’s interest • To take specific. But after hearing Sami . she could realized that her response to his apology was not as clear as Sami needed to clear his conscious. Sami can feel the pain he caused Tania and understand that his pass in the cab was wrong. MBA . My positive and calm feedback can give Tania and Sami the ability to take a few steps back from the intense situation and think about their interests. Tania really held no reservation in accepting his apology over the cab incident Yet after listening to each others’ standing and aspirations both Tania and Sami can realize what was wrong and how far they can go along forgetting all the past incidents and moving forward with a fresh and healthy relation. concrete. evaluate results and give each other feedback Strictly following the processes and to solve it with an interest based approach will enable to clarify the problem between Tania and Sami.• • To jointly analyze. All he wanted now was for Tania to hear and accept his apology. Tania can reply by saying that she felt she had accepted his apology the morning after the incident occurred. Sami hoped that Tania would be able to do the same. and prioritize the elements of problem To generate options. His guilt about the incident caused him to repeat his apologies. Mahmudul Hassan ZR 03. After that if they want to work together that would be excellent.

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