Windows is an operating system that was in use from the 1970’s. It ruled the market since the release of Windows XP in 1985 in U.S.A. It was modified in 1999 to overtake Windows 98. The Windows XP comes in many service packs like the Windows XP Home Edition, Professional Edition, and XP XP edition. It facilitates many advantages like better visualizations than Windows 98, more space and faster performance. It holds many types of sub-software like the Windows Media Player series serially 7.0, 8.0, 9.0, 10.0, 11.0, and 12.0. It also holds Windows Movie Maker on which we can produce our own home-made movie. We can mix different audio and video packages of different albums together. The latest version of Windows XP is Windows XP 2008 Service Pack #3. It holds Windows Media Player in its booting setup itself. Windows XP also supports valuable softwares like Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Flash player, Adobe Image Reader, and many more advantageous types of software according to the processor and its utilization. Some of the problems in the Windows XP can be solved as given below: 1) If the volume is not working, then check the following a) That the jack is properly connected to the driver. b) That the volume of the internal and external device is audible. c) That the software is installed as per the requirements and without any faults. d) That no malicious song (Audio or Video) or any other item is played which cannot be read by the concerned Media Player. 2) If nothing appears after the startup of the Windows, then a) Restart your computer. b) After restarting the computer too, if there is the same condition, then open the menu of the monitor and make some changes in the screen resolution. Then check it again. c) If nothing works, then take it to the nearby mechanical centre.

3) After you start the computer, if there is any message of boot failure, then press escape and see the result. If it is the same again, then press the reset button of your C.P.U. cabinet and restart the computer after exactly 1 minute. 4) If you cannot open the icons in the desktop or they do not seem to be operatable, then wait for some time, degauss the computer from the monitor menu, and then see the result. If it is the same condition then you have to restart your computer.
5) If your antivirus detects a threat in your PC and you do not take care of

it thinking that the antivirus itself deletes the virus, then you are wrong. You must take care of your PC yourself because the softwares are manually driven. Only some antiviruses like the Norton delete the viruses, that also not all, and the others are to be deleted by ourselves. Thank You, Adarsha Kharel © AddyDeep Corp. ® ™