MVHS NIGHTHAWK CROSS COUNTRY Ranning camp information sheet

Dates: Monday, July 25th through Friday, the29't Deparfure: After 8am Monday practice Return: Between 12 and I pm on .' Directions to Green Yalley Lake Campground: Talre the 215 North to the I0 East; turn on the 30 north toward Mountain Resorts ; ttay right and merge onto the 33A; nrn right on highway l8 in Running Springs toward Big Bear; Turn teft at turnfor Green Valley Lake (Green Valley Lake Rd); Take Green Valley LakE Road through the town until it ends; Take first right into the cqmpground and we are at the end of the cul de sac. Tuition: $350 new and $250 retumers. New athletes will be given a uniform, back-pack, and other extras at the completion of summer training. It is expected that all athletes attend camp. Any questioos:Soe Coach Hilton. Items to bring: flashlight Running clothes (up to 9 total runs) street clothes (2-3outf*s) pillow towellwash cloth shampoo soap sleeping bag Tent (or share) insect repellant Toothpaste deodorant (please) tooth brush running shoes camp chair (no lawn chairs) sleep clothes Warm clothes for the evenings folding lantem (if you haveone-your child will be responsible Water bottle with name on it of their own lantem if they choose to bring it) for the lighting and storage rash/laundry bag Spending money (not mandatory, but usefi.rl) What NOT to bring: Hair dryer (we ARE CAMPING) humidifiers/vaporizers (see previous note) Make-up electronic devices (our camp is often left somewhat unsecured so theft is a possibility) ice chests food (we provide all they need and any food in tents candy (again, just NO) sodas fust may attract your athlete does not over pack. While you can never have Parents: Please make sure enough socks and underwear, having 10 "cute" outfits is just not practical. Medications: Coaching staff MUST be notified of any prescription or other medication being taken on a regular basis. In case of a medical emergency this is very important. DON'T FORGET INHALERS IF YOU HAVE THEM!! Discipline: All athletes are expected to behave themselves according to team policies and basic courtesy and politeness. Failure to do so may result in your child being sent home. In this situation the parentlguardian is expected to pick up their athlete on the day they me called. Failure to do so will result in the athlete being dismissed from the team. KiIIer Peak: This is a highlight for our ffrmp week. It is a 4 mile race up a 1200ft vertical climb. If you." can make it to anything, this would be it. The run begins at 7:30am on Wednesday, July 27"'. To get there, take the above directions to Running Springs and then turn right at the CDF station just outside of town, next to the sign that says "Keller Peak". If you get to the Arrowbear gas station you went a bit too far. We will be at the base and you can drive up ahead to wait for the team to ascend. Please don't be late because you will then be driving '" past the runners on a very narrow







Contacts: Coach Todd



Cell Phone #z 951-764-7042 CellPhope#:'909-298-0189

Note: ceII coverage is spofty at best on the mountain, so if you do not reach one coacho call another.

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