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Sophia Thao Le

Last Portrait of Surf Legend


Meet the Brewer Stone Brewing Co.

Summer Beachwear Trends

Behind the Scenes 2011 Swimsuit photoshoot

exporting {southern california} culture to the world




3216 Manhattan Avenue, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254 310.796.9034

{active} professional lifestyle for the

2011 Sw imsuit
by Melanie Michaud

table of contents


photos by Jose G. Perez and Keenan Siezega

by Jeff Picard


by Kevin Sousa photo by Keenan Siezega


by Monica Fay

by Monica Fay


by Kevin Sousa

by Kevin Sousa photo by Keenan Siezega


by Monica Fay photos by Studio Schulz


by Kai Flanders


by Ramy Shoukry photos by Alex Curry and Peanut Butter & Jams


photos by Keenan Siezega


model. Sophia Thao Le photo. Cheyenne Ellis bikini. Sambaii

by Jenna Hannon photos by Jim Jordan


model. Alison Simmons photo. Brianna Baggett bikini. Gossip


photos by Cheyenne Ellis, Brianna Baggett, Heather Gildroy and Carly Hebert



{active} professional lifestyle for the

2011 Sw imsuit
Scott Bailey



Jeff Glattstein


Richard Swift | Ted Williams | Brad Harrison | Susan Harvey | Nelson Luna | Nik Belcevich

Susie Polmar


Law ofces of Turner and Cavan 310.312.3270

Carly Hebert

Melanie Michaud Ash Durrani


Melanie Michaud, Jeff Picard, Kevin Sousa, Monica Fay, Kai Flanders, Ramy Shoukry, Jenna Hannon, Jeff Nisen, Mackenzie Stewart, Cori Bracey, Julie Holland

Cheyenne Ellis


Jose G. Perez, Keenan Siezega, Studio Schulz, Alex Curry, Peanut Butter & Jams, Jim Jordan, Cheyenne Ellis, Brianna Baggett, Heather Gildroy, Carly Hebert, Kyle Alexander, Jonathan Pascual

Steven Martinez


Di Moda Styling Team- Matt Viers, Adam Emmar, Valene del Rosario


Giovanna Avila, Judy Wong, Karina Ramirez


produced by Grafti Beach & GROW Films styling by Krista West clothing & accessories ONeill, Volcom, R Collection, Maui & Sons, Sambaii, Jayime Jeans, Odina, Limeade, Gossip, Despi, Tekno Doll model. Leia Contois photo. Heather Gildroy bikini. Volcom

want to be the next swoop girl...

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{active} professional lifestyle for the

2011 Sw imsuit
Founder & Publisher


Special Events

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Branding Consultant



Ambassador Program Director


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Graphic Designer


Video Production


CONTACT US AT | 310.938.8366





Can be found at Spyder Surf 65 Pier Ave Hermosa Beach CA 90254




Melanie Michaud, owner of Grafti Beach, interviewed the top beachwear designers and surf shop buyers to get the scoop on whats in for this season!


we will start with the most important category,

Swimwear is not just about shopping for the trends on the runway, the rst priority is knowing your body type and what looks good on you. Here are a few quick tips:

bikini fit tips

small bust


add curves

If you are small in the bust, try a super cute twist bandeau! It is strapless to help eliminate tan lines and the twist pumps up the top line. A brand to check out is Sambaii Beachwear.

Dont be afraid to mix-n-match! Use loud colors on areas you wish to emphasize and slimming dark solids on areas you wish to de-emphasize.

Coverage is not always better. Minimal cuts such as Brazilian bottoms can help add some curve to your rear!

add support

tummy tuck
OB Surf and Skate L *Space top $34 bottom $34

Have a large bust? Get some support! Look for suits with a continuous underwire or a sturdy, banded halter. A great brand with lots of options is Sunsets Swimwear.

Want to tuck in your tummy? Find a sexy one-piece that allows for some coverage but still shows some skin!



SWOOP {threads}

ant to know the coolest trends to hit the beach in style this

show an



Guys, dont be afraid of a little art! Once you nd your favorite pair of boardshorts go with a tee or tank that has an innovative design by a hip artist. The beach culture and art scene have always been connected. Brands such as Volcom, ERGO, Analog, Hippy Tree and Jedidiah have plenty of designs to choose from that can cater to your style whether it is bold and crazy or very simplistic. According to Lanette, from OB Surf & Skate, Photographs and Artwork printed on t-shirts are strong this year. Analog and ERGO do this best, by far.


Perhaps the most important items for any guy that wants to complete their look is the perfect pair of shades, a cool watch and a hat. A pair of sunglasses worth checking out is the Indie glasses by Anarchy (see right). These glasses are the updated version of aviators with a thicker, non-wire frame and a functional yet stylish look. A denite standout brand for watches this season is Nixon. Surf shops such as Spyder Surf and HSS have a large selection of digital watches which is a strong trend for the season. Last but not least, top off your look with a beanie or traditional cap and you are set for the beach!

Anarchy $45

rouched bottoms
and more,
just turn the page

nd out about

Maui & Sons

Volcom $32


SWOOP {threads}




According to Lanette Jorgensen from Ocean Beach Surf and Skate in San Diego, The top 4 trends I have seen this season in womens swimwear are denitely small oral prints, rufes, a lot of pinks and a lot of stripes. I think every single swim line now carries bottoms with ruching on the back. No one is quite sure who the rst designer was to make the infamous ruched bikini bottom but brands such as Bettinis, Luli Fama, Sambaii and Vitamin A cant seem to keep these items in stock! The great thing about the ruching is they tend to atter just about everyones rear. Across the board we have found that pinks, greys and yellows are the top colors for this Summer season. Florals are an important trend but keep in mind that nding the right oral for you is key!

Raisins and Soa make cute oral suits that are perfect for younger girls. Where as, Trina Turk designs a beautiful oral print for both bikinis and cover-ups which are ideal for a more sophisticated woman.
Stripes are in! Lanette from OB Surf and Skate believes that stripes are a huge trend in both mens and womens beachwear. L *Spaces Balboa Bikini is absolutely adorable - my favorite style is the Adia Padded Bandeau in the Balboa Print with the Claire Tab Bottom in blue. This stripe print mixes a gold stripe, a teal blue stripe and a white stripe, (featured on pg 12) making anyones skin tone pop says Lanette. For guys there are a lot less neons this season and the focus seems to be on a softer color palette of greens, oranges and blues.

Refer to page 16 to see Swoops ultimate beachwear guide!

Lolli Beach Candy




To stay in the loop with emerging, trendsetting brands visit

Gabrielle Alexandra $79.99

Tavik photograph by Joseph Tran

Tavik $32

Another trend that is a hit this season is lace, bows and diamonds. It is that girly style that was big in the 80s which Madonna introduced in her Material Girl music video. One of my personal favorite emerging brands is Tavik swimwear. Taviks swimwear designer, Nicole Hanriot styles for hip publications and really knows her trends. The one-piece black bikini in her Spring line is a total Must Have with its lace detail in the front. Some other lines that emphasize girly bows are Lolli Beach Candy and a great new high-end sandal line, Gabrielle Alexandra Alexandra. According to Deborah King, the Buyer for Laguna Beachwear, a must buy this year is a black and white bikini from emerging brand Lady Lux . it looks a little like a tuxedo. Its a white suite with black piping. Its stunning! $152 for the top and $108 for the bottom says Deborah. Another emerging designer worth keeping an eye out for is Layla Pakzad who designs Salt Swimwear. Stephanie Addis from The Golden State, a boutique in Venice Beach, is an especially big fan of Laylas. Claudia (bikini bottom) is the super-sexy staple, I always order it. Girls are afraid to try it at rst but once they do theyre hooked...its magical and somehow makes all size booties super cutie! exclaims Stephanie. The Claudia bottom by Salt Swimwear is a bootie short that cuts high on the rear and low on the waist. This is a great bottom for the active girl looking to add some curve to her gure.


them on our beachwear map.

Jedidiah $50

photographer Joseph Tran


brands to watch

To nd these beachwear hotspots

find products

Laguna Beachwear, OB Surf & Skate, Spyder Surf and Golden State just turn the page & locate

SWOOP {threads}

The Map


The Key

The Guide to the hottest shops for swimwear in Southern California.


3939 Cross Creek Rd., #D250 Malibu, CA 90265 (310) 456-0018 106 Entrada Dr. Santa Monica, CA 90402 (310) 459-5070

1. Canyon Beachwear

7. Dianes BeachwearBella Terra

7821 Edinger Ave., # 118 Huntington Beach, CA 92647 (714) 894-2039 3801 Warner Ave. Huntington Beach, CA 92649 (714) 846-0181 7777 Edinger Ave. Huntington Beach, CA 92647 (714) 890-0800

2. Canyon Beachwear

Golden State
564 Rose Ave. Venice, CA 90291 thegoldenstate

8. HSS - Warner

Spyder Surf
2461 Pacific Coast Hwy. Hermosa Beach, CA 90254 (310) 374-8276

10800 W Pico Blvd., # 155 Los Angeles, CA 90064 (310) 474-4669 13035 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, CA 91604 (818) 380-0180

3. Canyon Beachwear

9. HSS - Bella Terra

4. Canyon Beachwear

10. Jacks Surfboards Huntington

101 Main St. Huntington Beach, CA 92648 (714) 536-4516

4 3 1 2 5 6 9 10 11
Dianes Beachwear
1123 Manhattan Ave. Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

301 Pier Ave. Hermosa Beach, CA 90254 (310) 372-6419

5. Beckers Surfboards, Inc.

11. Jacks Surfboards

2727 Newport Blvd. Newport Beach, CA 92663 (949) 673-2300

HSS- Pier Side

300 Pacific Coast Hwy. Huntington Beach, CA 92648 (714) 841-4000


1038 Hermosa Ave. Hermosa Beach, CA 90254 (310) 376-4416

6. BKB Hermosa Beach

Laguna Beachwear
490 S. Coast Hwy., #1 Laguna Beach, CA 92651 (949) 494-5737

Spyder Surf
65 Pier Ave. Hermosa Beach, CA 90254 (310) 374-3900

OB Surf & Skate

4976 Newport Ave. San Diego, CA 92107 (619) 225-0674

All these brands and more can be seen in the Swoop Swimsuit Calendar 2012 coming out soon.


design by brandie mata Photos by Jose G. Perez and Keenan Siezega

SWOOP {section} SWOOP


Di Moda Styling Team

Grafti Beach GROW Films



Swoops Ambassador Ash Durrani


Limeade CALIFORNIA Tekno Doll Swimwear Odina Surf Sambaii Beachwear Gossip Girl Maui & Sons ONeill Jayime Jeans Volcom

Jana Arbaszewski

Hair & Makeup


Bud Light Di Moda Triathlon Lab Spyder Surf Shop Riviera Fitness Hots Kitchen Sharks Cove Jayime Jeans Double Take Manhattan Pizza Sunset Tan Paisanos Anytime Fitness D & G Builders Fat Face Fenners Fish Shack Focus Entertainment Bob Roy Dr. Laser The Swim Guy Stray Dogs Creative Northwest Realty Yoga Vista

Di Moda Styling Team Matt Viers Giovanna Avila David Linares Eric Devezin Sheree Brewster Brianna Brewster Mary Donovan Olivia Gilmore Yvette Ordaz Adam Emmar Michelle Quach Michelle Arcilla

SWOOP Calendar Girls

Haley featuring Odina Special thanks to Sangria! Makeup Artist Giovanna Avila (on left)

Colette featuring Tekno Doll




Model Yungmoon (left) Makeup Artist Sheree Brewster

Brittany featuring Sambaii

Mendora featuring Maui and Sons Sophia Le - Winner that night

Pilot Touhill

Oxana - Model - DJ Troy Brianna Brewster - Makeup (left) Marisa Belinda The U.S. Bottled water industry generates $12 billion annually and on average, Americans throw away 60 million plastic water bottles each day! Nika Puried Water is trying out a new business model in this industry, one that is dedicated to dissolving the world water crisis. NIKA derives its name from the Zulu word meaning to give and that is exactly what they do. 100% of their prots are invested into development grants that bring water, sanitation and hygiene programs to people in third world countries such as Kenya, Nicaragua, Uganda, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania. An estimated 1.1 billion people worldwide lack access to safe, drinkable water. NIKA has proudly created a platform to change the lives of these people affected and to do it in a carbon neutral manner, thus preventing additional damage to the environment said Jeffrey Church, co-founder and executive director of NIKA. Jeffrey Church started the company with a focus on giving back. A trip to Ethiopia and Kenya exposed Church to the devastating impact that the lack of clean water has on millions of people worldwide. Unsatised with simply signing donation checks, Church built NIKA Water as a protable company committed to addressing the global water crisis. Models Tiara and Mendora

Shandi featuring Limeade


SWOOP {section}
SWOOP Ambassador - Ash Durrani featuring Maui & Sons

Sophia featuring Jayime Jeans

DJ Jam Latch Key Kid


Jessica featuring Volcom

SWOOP {local}
phone 571.234.3509 address 141 Arena Street El Segundo, CA 90245 online WRITTEN BY JEFF NISEN PHOTOS BY CARLY HEBERT


How a Lens Can Turn a Brand into a Lifestyle

With a company name like GROW Clothing Brand its not too difcult to gure out what has taken place since Swoop caught up with them last issue. Having seen success as a clothing company, GROW has expanded even further and is now incorporating lm into their already exceptional repertoire. The leaders of this new enterprise, founder Ash Durrani and partner Colin Pierce, are young and positive entrepreneurs at the forefront of everything that GROW continues to convey. The age of GROW Films has begun! Durrani, having done video production for giants such as Capitol Records and Lucas Arts, combined with Pierces own work on numerous commercials and music videos from Snoop Dogg to Cali Swag Districts Teach Me How To Dougie makes them an absolute powerhouse duo that can take on anything. Having a fresh, young take on all projects brought our way is what we are all about, Pierce states. What really sets them apart, though, is that they will not just take on anything unless they themselves are rm believers. Durrani certainly says it best when he explains, Im all about doing a business I believe inIm an entrepreneur moved by passion rather than numbers, and my goal is to create a business and movement that lifts people up.

It is this passionate drive that gives GROW Films the ability to gladly work with everyone from the hugest of the huge to the smallest of the small as Pierce explains. Working will smaller clients allows for GROW to be more creative without all the red tape. Even for the small guys, GROW still offers price points that are reasonable but quality that is equivalent to what major lm production companies are doing. They are a highly atypical company in this sense and they thoroughly enjoy the ability to pick and choose their own clients. Durrani and Pierce are especially thrilled with the opportunity to work with emerging artists because at the end of the day, everybody wins when they work with GROW Films. For now the young lm company has partnered with Swoop Magazine and has been actively documenting the initiative behind Swoops 2012 Calendar Girl Contest. GROWs videos shed light on what Swoop is all about the SoCal beach lifestyle which includes beautiful models, surf brands like ONeill, Volcom, and Maui and Sons, and local bands Sand Section, Latch Key Kid, and Pilot Touhill. By combining all of these elements they create a recipe for highly engaging videos that appeal to a massive audience, which is nothing less than a stroke of shear genius.

GROW Films will continue to maintain its goal of taking the brand to a new level and turning it into a lifestyle. Not only will you know that GROW exists when you see it, but thanks to GROW Films you will also know how it lives and breathes. You can see it on models during a photo shoot, you can hear it in musicians during a music video, and you can feel it with friends just hanging out and having fun! You can watch anything created by the experts at GROW Films and be taken away to a place where it is fun being you. The GROW brand is an infectious promotion toward a positive lifestyle that now has the power to literally GROW right in front of your eyes. So keep your eye on GROW Films . . . wait, see, listen and enjoy whats next in their denite bright future!


Not only will you know that GROW exists when you see it, but thanks to GROW Films you will also know how it lives and breathes.




written by Jeff Picard photography by Nika Water designed by Brandie Mata

The U.S. Bottled water industry generates $12 billion annually and on average, Americans throw away 60 million plastic water bottles each day! Nika Puried Water is trying out a new business model in this industry, one that is dedicated to dissolving the world water crisis. NIKA derives its name from the Zulu word meaning to give and that is exactly what they do. One Hundred percent of their prots are invested into development grants that bring water, sanitation and hygiene programs to people in third world countries such as Kenya, Nicaragua, Uganda, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania. An estimated 1.1 billion people worldwide lack access to safe, drinkable water. NIKA has proudly created a platform to change the lives of these people affected and to do it in a carbon neutral manner, thus preventing additional damage to the environment said Jeffrey Church, co-founder and executive director of NIKA. Jeffrey Church started the company with a focus on giving back. A trip to Ethiopia and Kenya exposed Church to the devastating impact that the lack of clean water has on millions of people worldwide. Unsatised with simply signing donation checks, Church built NIKA Water as a protable company committed to addressing the global water crisis. The company has contributed $320,000 to projects in impoverished communities. In partnership with prominent international organizations, they provide people with clean water through wells and water catchment systems. We looked for organizations that take a holistic approach to health and development.

Then asked them to tell us where is best, what is best, and how we can be the most effective, says NIKA general manager Jordan Mellul. In addition to providing clean water and hygiene education for over 5,000 people, the projects have had a ripple effect. For women in these villages, the availability of clean water has drastically changed their daily routines. Previously, fetching water entailed traveling long, and often unsafe distances. These arduous treks were time consuming and limited the amount of water the women could return to their homes. Through NIKAs water projects, the women found themselves with larger quantities of clean water and extra time on their hands. Initially we wanted to have an impact on the water and health of the community, says Mellul. What we found was that it was more than just clean drinking water. The increased access and volume of water has allowed communities to irrigate their crops which has offered time to make crafts that can be sold at local markets. NIKA is determined to having a positive global impact, they are the rst to recieve CarbonFree certication by offsetting their entire carbon footprint. For every 96 bottles they produce, they plant a tree in the NIKA Forest, originally located in Nicaragua, in order to absorb carbon from the atmosphere. After saturating this land allotment(!), they began a second reforestation project in Brazil. NIKA does not stop there. In addition to the NIKA Forest is there concept of the One-for-One Recycling Program. They pledge








that for every one of their bottles sold, another empty plastic bottle will be recycled! NIKA believes in the importance of educating student on ecological awareness and they do this by partnering with schools on recycling projects. Targeting schools in neighboring states that dont have redemption value for plastic bottles, the company encourages kids to recycle. NIKA pays the schools for the value of the recycled bottles and uses the opportunity to educate kids on environmental conservation. These efforts have gotten NIKA Water to a point where they are no longer carbon neutral; they have actually become carbon negative removing more carbon waste from the environment than they create! Amazingly, the future only looks brighter. The company will soon be improving their bottle production to a point where 75% of the product is made from post-consumer recyclable material. NIKA Waters eco-policy is a strong answer for environmental conservationists who call for the heavy taxation or end of bottled water. We cant just stop using plastic bottles, but we can change the industry and help it evolve, says Jordan Mullel. NIKA Puried Water has developed a strong market presence in Southern California, and established distribution partnerships with natural food stores (Whole Foods, etc.) in the northern part of the state. If they are able to maintain their year-on-year growth (which we hope they are!) then future expansion will continue. The goal is obviously to become national, because the more successful we are, the greater impact we can have on the causes we believe in, says Mullel. NIKA Water is more than just a bottled water company. They are the business that keeps on giving. You can learn more at

NIKA believes in the importance of educating students on ecological awareness..





MON-THURSDAY- HAPPY HOUR 3pm-7pm 1/2 off select appetizersfrench fries, homemade onion rings, calamari, chicken tenders, quesadilla and jalapeno poppers $4 draft beers, house wines, and well liquors $0.50 wings (incramints of 5) and a $7.95 combo platter

FRIDAY- HAPPY FRIDAY happy hour all day 11am-3pm $4 draft beers, house wines, and well liquors $0.50 wings (incramints of 5) and a $7.95 combo platter 1/2 off select appetizers (from 3pm to 7pm) SATURDAY & SUNDAY- BREAKFASH & HAPPY HOUR 8am-1pm $4 Blood Marys and Mimosas








Working over these woods with passion, re and meticulous attention to detail, you will nd luthier Mike Peters crafting guitars for the worlds most inspired musicians.

written by Kevin Sousa photo by Keenan Siezega

of notes and sounds created by Eddie Van Halen. He was affected not only by what Eddie was playing but also by what he was playing it on - the Franken Strat. The guitars that Eddie cobbled together dramatically affected the sound of fury streaming out of his instrument. This amazing evolution in music immediately motivated Peters to begin tinkering with his own instruments while on tour. He learned the tricks of his trade through trial and error, on the job training and shared experiences. All of this paved the way for the production of exquisite pieces of art, which have now shifted focus towards custom built acoustic instruments. Combining his vision and ear, Peters has gone on to create classical guitars for the likes of Andy Summers, (guitarist for the Police), author Jonathan Kellerman, classical guitarist Scott Tennant, as well as scores of South Bay musical savants. He also enjoys giving private guitar building instruction and workshops. Peters was born and raised in Culver City but settled in Hermosa Beach after being drawn to the ocean community. He feels the relaxed flow and easy-going people encourage creativity to flourish -- allowing the stress of everyday life to drift away. This vibe permeates through the soul of each guitar he crafts. So if you are looking for a new, finely tuned custom classical, steel stringed or electric guitar, need a repair, restoration or just a plain old tune up -- give Mike a call and he will be glad to fulfill all of your stringed needs.

Peters is more than a craftsman thriving in an industry that is all too often being stamped out by machines and pre-fabricated materials, he is an artist. Peters designs all of his own wood inlays to produce the perfect pitch specically catered to the needs of each individual musician. His clients range from studio musicians requiring a unique tone, touring musicians needing a versatile instrument that can cover the full spectrum of sound, or an aspiring student of the guitar who just wants to rock out! The painstaking and methodical process that has spawned from a lifetime of working with musicians has offered Peters inspiration above and beyond his own accomplished musical talents. Inuenced early by the rock styles of Hendrix and Zeppelin, Peters was drawn to the urry


re } 229 Arena St, El Segundo, CA 90245

{web} {email}


s w ro

p o e o fil

The best part about Tim Ferriss Slow Carb diet is the mandatory weekly cheat day where there are no limits on this day of over feeding. We followed one man on his cheat day that consisted of an estimated 5,940 calories of well-deserved pleasure.


tim ferriss, author of 4-hour body,
the 4 hour body has taken the world by storm, landing on multiple best-seller lists. author timothy ferriss, who also penned the monumental hit the 4 hour workweek, sat down with swoop to discuss his new pages.
Can anyone express what it is like to speak with their idol? I only care about five celebrities in this world and three of them are Timothy Ferriss! I had been structuring questions for weeks, but none of them seemed strong enough, compelling enough, or original enough. All I wanted to do was yell I LOVE YOU! and who knows, possibly swing a date. Too much? Ever so polite and extremely articulate, Tim catered to my awkward, and sometimes backward questions by filling in perfect responses. The 4 Hour Body, An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, And Becoming Super Human, delivers with a smack-down. The 4 Hour Body is slightly more than a decade long quest of hundreds and thousands of tests related to everything from fat loss, ultra endurance, sleep and sex in order to determine, with the help of scientists and doctors, what actually works. The book itself is a chooseyour-own-adventure guide to the smallest changes that we showed to produce the biggest results, explains Tim. The 4 Hour Body is not just a spout of advice from a nutritionist or a random fitness video vixen. Tim spent years testing everything you will read in the book on his very own body. Everything he speaks about, he has gone through himself, trimming the fat (no pun intended) to deliver the most condensed yet complication-free plan of action. I am living proof that The 4 Hour Body works. Since January 2011, Ive lost over 40 lbs. using the Slow Carb Diet (which I renamed the Slow Carb Plan because I think diet is a negative word). Combining this with a concept called the Minimum Effective Dose (MED) of several simple exercises Tim suggests, I lost not only pounds but inches as well! If I lose any more weight, I might begin to look like a bobble head!

how can you eat all of this & still become


gives by monica fay you a guide to rapid fat-loss, incredible sex, and becoming superhuman

pg 26 { }

P O e O fi l S W ro



5,940 5,940

1. protein powder, 100 cal.; 3 large eggs w/ spinach & olive oil, 354 cal 2. 1/3 cup of lentils, 80 cal. 3. 3 assorted pastries (chocolate chip, blueberry), 780 cal. 4. proscuttio, mozzerella & pesto crepe w/ sweet potato fries, 750 cal. 5. hot chocolate w/ whip cream, 360 cal. 6. 2 oversized whole wheat pancakes w/ blueberries, syrup & butter, 1,076 cal. 7. red ale beer, 176 cal. 8. belguim blonde beer, 170 cal. 9. breaded/ fried peanut butter, jelly & marshmellow sandwich, 870 cal. 10. mini slider w/ arugula & cheese, 240 cal. 11. assorted goat cheese w/ g spread & gluten-free crackers, 541 cal. 12. combination pizza w/ pepperoni, green peppers, onions & mushrooms, 443 cal.

Timothy Ferriss method is not just about dieting; he recommends users choose the chapters which apply to them. Regardless of the section you choose, bigger, thinner, faster, stronger, mastering the female orgasm or tripling sperm count, measured results from his instructions are eye-popping. The 4 Hour Body simplies the over complicated world of diet and exercise, including our tendency to separate men from women. Men and women certainly have differences, but the differences dont usually require different approaches, if that makes sense, just like you have people of different heights, different weights, different body fat percentage. Generally, youre training for the same outcome so youre not going to base your program on your current condition, but your target. I think that in the world of exercise and diet, and perhaps this is the most important point, the business models complicate the process. If something isnt complicated, if something isnt new, then it cant be sold as a product or as a magazine and for that reason people become very confused because theres always something new. In reality, the best approaches for men should almost always be the best approaches for women and vice versa. This is why I included the photo of Marilyn Monroe doing bench presses in the sidebar. It was a hard photograph to get permission to use, but I wanted to include it because I think that men have certainly been confused and brainwashed as it relates to exercise, but women have been even more brainwashed and its unfortunate, so Im trying to simplify that. I just feel like there are thousands of classes and machines targeting women, I told him. It seems that people want to overcomplicate. Nobody wants to hear its that simple, I interjected.

I think part of the reason people want to over-complicate is because they try to keep the exercise interesting. They want something new that nobody else is doing. But if youre tracking your results and, lets say, just looking at circumference measurements or body fat percentage, or just tracking the weights and repetitions, well, that type of feedback becomes fun and fascinating by itself and you dont need the latest and greatest bullshit exercise, explains Tim. Some of my favorite sections include Perfecting Sleep, which takes you from sleeping an eight hour night to fully functioning on a two hour-per-night sleep schedule, Ultra-Endurance, which can take you from a 5K to a 50K in a matter of weeks, and OF COURSE ...The 15 Minute Orgasm... which speaks for itself. Wondering how he got test subjects to ensure quality results of orgasmic proportions? Well, youll just have to crack it open and nd out. If you havent already, be sure to check out The 4 Hour Body. Youll see a difference in the performance of your marathon, an increase in your powerlifting, a boost in your energy levels, a decrease in your body fat percentage, and cheat your way through normal sleep patterns! 4 Hours, is 4 Hours... challenge his words, I dare you! Timothy Ferriss has already taken every idea of the work world and spun it until it was unrecognizable, and now he has done it with the human body. Tim... are you offering a 4 Hour Make Out any time soon?

Ti Fer m riss



profile artist profile

written by Monica Fay designed by Brandie Mata


Stretched along a 40 foot wall at the entrance of The SWOOP Factory,there is a cartoon-like mural spray-painted in eyepopping bright colors with oneof-a-kind animated caricatures. The reaction to this vivid image is always the same; Onlookers stop, cock their heads to the side, take it all in and let their imaginations embrace the artistry. Sentrock finds this response to be typical. A breakdancer and artist whose vast murals welled up over time, Sentrocks humble beginnings as a quiet child flourished into an artistic visionary who uses colors to voice his vision of the world.

Sentrock Mural at SWOOP Factory.

SWOOP: Were impressed with the way your mural turned out at The Swoop Factory! What is this style that you use? SENTROCK: I would call it street art style -- kind of a pop modern. SWOOP: Sentrock, you have an extremely vibrant style that is very recognizable and easy to label as your own. How can you describe the way you developed as an artist? SENTROCK: I was born and raised in West Phoenix where I developed my style and character. I paint what I see, feel and love. I am a visual artist, just attempting to transmit the thoughts in my head out in a way that can inspire and motivate my people. SWOOP: Do you have a signature theme or character to your work? SENTROCK: If you look at a lot of my work, I draw a lot of birds. The birds, the yellow character and the eye are reoccurring. SWOOP: Of course all of your art doesnt concentrate on birds. But you do have a quirky little pull to them. SENTROCK: I used to be a bird. SWOOP: Haha!! Well, birds, eyes, octopus and all, how do you come up with this cartoony graffiti art?

heaven sent. The Rock, I just added that to the end. Its a b-boy breakdancing term like Ill rock that beat, etc. SWOOP: What is the coolest location where youve created art? I mean, other than the Bikini Rock Show... SENTROCK: I think the most important thing to me is that in the neighborhood where I grew up in West Phoenix, my friends and I painted on a half of a block all around the wall and the alley. It was like I was giving back to my community. SWOOP: Giving back to the community as an artist is really powerful. Youve started a project to amplify the importance of giving back. Can you tell us more about that? SENTROCK: I started this project in Phoenix. I work with the city and with ASU to put on what is called The RISE Project, bringing hip hop elements to community centers. The RISE Project focuses on bringing art to the teens in Phoenix, allowing each student to rise to their potential as an individual and as a community member. (The Rise Project features 8-week courses in dj-ing, breakdancing, MC-ing, etc. At the culmination of the program, ASU hosts a big exhibition for the students to display their work.) SWOOP: You came all the way from Phoenix just to do this crazy awesome mural for SWOOP. What else is on the agenda? SENTROCK: Im in a traveling art show right now, The Peoples Biennial, which is a traveling art exhibition. Ill be featured in the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. SWOOP: How can readers help out in the Sentrock movement? SENTROCK: I want everyone to become my friend on Facebook! Oh, and buy a piece of my artwork.

Above image by SENTROCK, titled Freedumb Right image by SENTROCK, titled Blind Love

SENTROCK: It IS cartoony-- Im painting my own own characters in my own world. SWOOP: Youve got a one-of-a-kind name. How did you get the name Sentrock? SENTROCK: Everyone in graffiti has nicknames. Id write one name, but then I got caught writing the name so then I went through this phase where I was going to stop [getting in trouble for graffiti] and become a do-gooder. Sent I got from a friend in my old crew, its like



Yoga Vista Bali Retreat!!! August 13th 20th

the most enchanting vacation destination in the world.

Keary An I WITH n Bixby SWOOP 's 2010 cover m odel


Are you ready for the trip of a lifetime? Join Yoga

Vista with instructors Matt Rothert and Linda Baffa on an amazing journey to the number one destination in the world for yoga retreats. Our 8 day itinerary includes twice daily yoga, 60 min. Balinese massage, breakfast and dinner. Tours of the Kintamani volcano, river rafting, and many other optional activities can also be booked. This retreat is held at a luxury villa & estate built amidst an expanse of serene rice fields only 5 minutes from the heart of Ubud. $1795 per person based on dbl occupancy *$150 off when you mention this ad (airfare not included) Email or call 310-862-0444 for more information


and thert att Ro affa M B Linda

13020 Pacific Promenade #3 Playa Vista, CA 90094, USA 310-862-0444

SWOOP {local}
phone 619.225.0674 address 4976 Newport Avenue, San Diego, CA 92107 online WRITTEN BY THEODORE HOBBS PHOTOS BY OCEAN EXPERIENCE & BOARDWORKS


If you are looking for something fun and adventurous to do this summer, look no further Ocean Experience has everything you could possibly imagine to satisfy your inner explorer!

From stand-up paddle boarding and surng to outdoor tness classes, skateboarding and yoga, Ocean Experience offers a variety of programs that will make this a summer you will never forget! Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) is the new craze and Ocean Experience has the perfect program to get you started. Every Saturday and Sunday, you will nd them on the bay at South Mission Beach, teaching SUP clinics, surf lessons and kayak tours as a part of their Weekend Water Sports Clinic. Through progressive techniques, sport fundamentals and professional instruction, their programs guide students to success. Ocean Experience also provides open group and private lessons throughout the week for those who cannot make the weekend clinics. With bikini and trunk season just around the corner, Ocean Experience also offers a bodybusting, outdoor tness class called Total Fitness. Every Saturday and Sunday, Ocean Experience

meets at South Mission Beach on the bay side for this 90-minute, full body workout. The class kicks off with core strength training and yoga, using weights and stretching techniques. Then students transition to the Indo Board, where they perform a variety of workout moves while balancing on the Indo Board. The last 30 minutes of the class is spent stand-up paddle boarding on Mission Bay. This class is a great way to start your weekend and get a great workout in, explains Total Fitness Class student, Rebecca Faye. I like the class because I never get bored or over-exhausted with all the different activities and time just ies by! In addition to their Weekend Water Sports Clinic, the Total Fitness class and daily surf lessons, Ocean Experience is also launching the opening of their very own yoga studio, The Vault. Located inside Ocean Beach Surf & Skate, The Vault Yoga & Fitness Studio offers a variety of classes, from Vinyasa Flow, Hatha and kids yoga, to Indo

Board Yoga, Muay Thai and Zumba. Classes are also reasonably priced, with a drop-in rate of only $12 per class or $79 for an unlimited monthly membership. In addition to the classes above, Ocean Experience also offers a variety of youth camps and clinics, skateboard lessons and camps, adventure tours and surf trips to Baja, Mexico, corporate events and birthday parties, and much more! If you want to try new things and stay active this summer, check out Ocean Experience, which is located at Ocean Beach Surf & Skate in the heart of Ocean Beach, San Diego. Make this a summer youll never forget and increase your Ocean Experience today.


From stand-up paddle boarding and surng to outdoor tness classes, skateboarding and yoga, Ocean Experience offers a variety of programs that will make this a summer you will never forget!




written by Kevin Sousa


Kevin Cassidy has the physically strenuous job of a stuntman. His line of work gives him broken ngers, deep bone bruises, and dislocated limbs on a regular basis, but this is not without its perks. Cassidy has found himself working with lmmakers like Michael Bay, who has directed such movies as Bad Boys, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, and most recently the Transformers series, as well as the director behind Tommy Boy, Anger Management, and My Fellow Americans, Peter Segal. You may have seen Kevin Cassidy in lms such as The Longest Yard, Invincible, I Am Number 4, and Year One without even knowing it because he is the man behind the amazing stunts. Cassidy has just nished up his work for the latest Transformers sequel and although unable to talk about the details of the upcoming Michael Bay blockbuster, he is able to assure us that the stunts are unlike anything we have seen before. The job of a stuntman often requires Cassidy to be the toughest guy on set. When you think of James Bond or Achilles in Troy, you think of Daniel Craig or Brad Pitt, but many of those characters most blood pumping on-screen moments were actually preformed by stuntmen.

Being a stuntman is all about doing the hard work and then letting somebody else take the credit. Leave your ego at the door, Cassidy laughs. Somebody else gets the credit. I get the bruises and a paycheck. With a high intensity profession of a stuntman, Cassidy is able to nd a relaxing balance living in Hermosa Beach. I get to dress up and be somebody else; [I] jump off buildings and watch things blow up and then I come home to Hermosa Beach. I come home to a vacation. Cassidy prefers the laid-back culture of the South Bay to the hustle and bustle of Hollywood and he is not alone. A small community of stuntmen live in the South Bay and can often be found playing beach volleyball together on the courts in Hermosa. You would never know it, says Cassidy, But if you go to the beach in Hermosa youve probably sat next to Spiderman. It was the same stuntman in the suit for all three lms. Spiderman loves beach volleyball. So the next time you are craving a game of beach volleyball or just want to soak in some rays, head over to Hermosa Beach and you might just nd yourself sharing the sand with some of your favorite action stars.


back-ipping out of a tree, and somehow landing in one piece. He repeats these actions over and over until the director is satised with his shot.


Leave your ego at the door, Cassidy laughs. Somebody else gets the credit. I get the bruises and a paycheck.

Mike Rossi
310-849-9601 MichaelcRossi@hotMail.coM



The dishes she creates are as fresh and inspiring as Chef Meg herself. Blood Oranges Stuffed with Grilled Chicken, Avocado with Chipotle Sauce and Chorizo Soffrito lled Squash Blossoms are just a few mouth-watering delights.
Leaving corporate America for the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena, Megs hard work and attention to detail paid off. Upon graduation, she earned the opportunity to work at Ortolan, a Michelin Star kitchen in Los Angeles, with famed Chef Owner Christopher Eme. After paying her dues, Chef Meg created Made by Meg in 2008; an artistic food experience not to be missed in the South Bay and the greater Los Angeles area. If you are one of the lucky, you have enjoyed Megs dishes at any of the multiple cocktail receptions, weddings, corporate events and private dinners she has catered. Her talents have been showcased for well-known clients such as Seacrest Productions, Paramount Studios, Citysearch and the Supper Club. Chef Meg has also catered events for celebrity clients including The Jonas Brothers, Kings of Leon, Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott, Jaime Pressley and Iron Chef Michael Symon of the Food Network. The dishes she creates are as fresh and inspiring as Chef Meg herself. Blood Oranges Stuffed with Grilled Chicken, Avocado with Chipotle Sauce and Chorizo Soffrito lled Squash Blossoms are just a few mouth-watering delights. Recently featured on Good Day LA, Chef Megs newest brainchild is a culinary series called Moveable Feast. The Moveable Feast is a unique pop-up cocktail party that is a veritable jam session of scrumptious food and desirable beverages. Past feasts have delighted guests at La Descarga and The Roosevelt Hotel. Chef Meg has been an integral member of the Manhattan Beach Rotary Club for six years. Since founding Made by Meg, Chef Meg has been featured in ABC News Las Vegas & San Francisco, YUMTV, The Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Times Magazine, Angeleno Magazine, Los Angeles Magazine, and the Daily Breeze. You can thank Meg personally for choosing to share her bliss at the next Moveable Feast to be held later this spring.

written by Kevin Sousa photo by Keenan Siezega

The brutal commutes, constant struggle, and toxic corporate environment she detested, lead her to leave a career in nance and take a chance in life. She returned to her roots in Manhattan Beach and followed her bliss. To the delight of Southern California food acionados, Megs bliss has transcended the catering world in the form of delectable, edible creations that have sky rocketed Made by Meg.


{ web }


{ email } MEG@MEGHALL.COM { phone} 310.999.8770



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by Monica

Brewer Tour &

words by

Monica Fa





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bourbon / whiskey barrels, age whatever beer you would like in them for however long, taste the new creation, enjoy the crazy melding of avors then try it again with something else. 1

BEER Fun Facts

Q: How did you get started /

what kind of education is needed? A: A love for all sorts of beer & a little homebrewing experience is how I started up, a Bio Science degree from UCSB & the Master Brewers Program at UCD helps too!

Q: Is the life of a brewer relaxing

(aka drinking) at other breweries and vice versa, lots of sharing the wealth. Ive found myself having beers after work at Mother Earth Brew Co in Vista lately, those guys have really captured the spirit of the San Diego craft beer scene in that comfy little place, plus its a homebrew shop plus they brew rad beer!

The only four things required to create beer are: water, malted barley, yeast & hops. A brewery is a large energy consumer and waste creator, so being green is very important! The roof here is entirely covered in solar panels - waste water processing system that also generates reclaimed water - all spent grains and yeast go to farmers - largest restaurant purchaser of local, small-farm organic produce in San Diego. The hardest working employee in the brewery is yeast! Working 24/7 under strenuous conditions, yeast fermentation creates alcohol and CO2 from sugar. Brewers dont brew beer, they brew wort, a sugary liquid goodness with just the right amount of hops added to the boil. When yeast is added later, fermentation occurs and now we have the beer! Production brewing is like a 24/7 Thanksgiving dinner being cooked. It is a process that never stops, and we are always making more. Its a lot of tough work.
continued on pg. 38

Q: What beers do you make the

at work with a beer making sure the kettle doesnt boil over and the beer tastes good? A: Not quite! Working early mornings, late nights, weekends & graveyards in a demanding, stressful, 24/7, dangerous blue collar factory setting seems more appropriate.

Q: What are future plans for you A: Being a Senior Brewer here is
at Stone? a coveted position, and since Stone has nothing but big & bigger plans ahead, Im sitting pretty for awhile.

most? A: Apparently everyone loves themselves some Stone IPA, thats my go-to beer for every day occasions, then I believe number two (if youre worthy) is Arrogant Bastard Ale.

Q: Why is so-called craft beer A: Because the scene & the people
are so accessible and fun, the prices are moderate, beer goes well with fantastic food & of course the beer is extremely diverse and ridiculously good! so popular right now?

Q: Do you get free beer? A: Does Willy Wonka get free


Q: Favorite styles of beer / favorite stone beer? A: My girlfriend & I have been on a sour beer tasting asco lately & I wouldnt be at STONE unless I had the insatiable taste for So-Cal IPAs. Fave Stone beer? Maybe a vintage Double Bastard in a Bourbon Barrel, damn!

Q: Is there a lot of competition

between all those crazy San Diego breweries? A: Of course, but mostly friendly! Collaboration beers between brewers are popular right now. One of my favorite things about the industry is employees of one brewery are always welcome and found visiting

Q: What makes this beer differ-

Q:What are barrel aged beers,

A: You can use a good barrel for

arent those for wine and whiskey? any activity! Take some used wine /

ent than say, a mass-produced lite beer? A: Number one, good taste! Culture, people, methodology, purpose, marketing, business principals, pretty much everything except for that some sort of beer is being made.

Do you get free beer?

Michael Richmond


Does Willy Wonka get free chocolate?!






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Brewers Dont Brew B r, e Brew Wort.

Brew wort, say what? Thats wort, pronounced like wurt, not wart! You dont want that on your lips, you already caught a round last time you were in Vegas! Wort is a sugary liquid produced in the brewhouse and then pitched with yeast in a fermenter and... voila! Beer! Unlike the less than exciting museum eld trips we all once took in elementary school, SWOOPs staff embarked on their rst Field Trip with much anticipation to Stone Brewing Co. in Escondido, Cali, home of the famous Arrogant Bastard Ale. Trailing the Senior Brewer Mike Richmond, we were on a mission of uncovering what it takes to make the best craft beer available today and, of course, to get our buzz on! Before the ofcial tour, we sat down to taste a very special Stone lineup in the massive Stone Brewing World Bistro and Gardens. Unsure where to start, Mike came to the rescue, ordering up an array of samples reaching from the hoppiest IPAs to dark black chocolaty stout & vintage barrel aged brews. Whether youre new to dissecting the avors or a seasoned craft beer enthusiast, there is something for everyone to enjoy. We tasted over 15 various Stone brews from malty & bitter to crisp & hoppy to dark & beastly. After enjoying a great meal and tasty beer, we could hardly wait to go behind the scenes and see just what goes into making each brew. We tasted the basic ingredients of beer: hop pellets, different malted barley & even the dark Imperial Russian Stout wort direct off the lauter tun...but dont worry, we skipped the yeast. The malted barley, which had a satisfying grainy taste, was easy to snack on, while the bitter hop pellets left a horrifying look on Scott Baileys (Founder of Swoop Magazine) face after he tried it out. Mike took us to the brewhouse where the sweet wort is produced. After, the wort must be separated from the spent grains in the lauter tun, before its hot bath in the boil kettle for some hop additions creating the great bitter taste. Fermentation occurs next in the big steel fermenters followed by ltration through a centrifuge and perlite lter until the nished beer is translucent. The beer is taste tested daily by the whole brew crew throughout fermentation, ltration and packaging to ensure quality. Before ending the tour, we looked into each of the brewhouse vessel manways, allowing us to observe the process each step of the way. Although sad our tour had ended, we took all the information just taught to us and hit the menus again with much excitment.


BEER Fun Facts

Last year Stone Brewing Co, produced about 100,000 barrels of beer- We will beat that this year! Two large typical kegs equal one barrel of beer. In a typical day we can easily brew three batches of the same beer to ll up one fermentor This is about 750 kegs or better yet 11,000 gallons! A typical brew will run through the system in about 8 hours on average. Then we wait while it ferments (and add more hops to some!), chill it down, lter it to make it sparkly clear and package it to be distributed. There are a few brewing schools available where you can indeed go to school for the sake of making beer for the world. Most of the beer here has a ridiculous amount of hops in it, sometimes added all throughout the process. The Germans at Rolec who built and installed the Brewhouse didnt quite understand what was going on with these crazy brews.



for more info go to




Craft beers ClassiC CoCktails seleCt wines



Urban revolUtion
Blair Urban works her tail off. The full-time student, visual artist, clothing designer , illustrator, and business woman took a break from her busy life to talk about, well, her busy life
SWOOP: Youve got a new clothing line that youre working on. How is it coming along? URBAN: The clothing line I am developing is a graphic apparel line called Alma Revolution. The word alma represents the realm of the soul, which resonates with me on a very meaningful level because I make every effort to tap into that place and transmit it into the work that I do. I came into fashion through art by wanting to use clothing as a canvas which in turn got me into silk screening and I have truly fallen in love with the process. From a marketing perspective, I am approaching the business backwards because I developed my product before targeting a specific market, but so far I am finding a lot of value in creating a product that I genuinely enjoy making and letting my audience find me. I have sold shirts to people who fall into all different kinds of demographics. SWOOP: What drives you in terms of your visual art? URBAN: I dont like to make painting my business because painting is something that is sacred to me. I cant make myself paint personal imagery for money without it becoming phony because it takes the innocence away. Ive tried, but I prefer to let my personal work be organic and natural and just surrender myself as a vehicle for the painting to create itself. I see painting as psychotherapy and as an alternative way of seeing myself and working through issues. I can only decide what to do with the paintings after they are made. I do like the social aspect of sharing art, so if an opportunity comes to do a show I usually get on that. SWOOP: What are you currently cooking up? URBAN: I have some projects cooking in my studio and I feel like this next burst of work is going to be a big one because I have grown a lot in the past few years. There are roughly fifteen various surfaces prepped and primed ready to be painted on and I am really excited to see what happens to them. One of them is a four-panel room divider, I flipped out when I found it at the flea market. It has these perfect flat surfaces in the middle of each panel that I could see some epic shit being painted on, so I hope in the end I can do it justice! SWOOP: What are your inspirations, both for fashion and art? URBAN: Sources of inspiration could be an endless conversation because there are so many beautiful things in this world that blow my mind. Obviously nature for one, especially being out in a wide open space far away from human impact. Those are the times that I feel beyond my
written by Kai Flanders designed by Brandie Mata

body and where I can just let my mind and soul travel the most freely and peacefully. The sunrise is the most divine occurrence I have ever witnessed. As far as fashion, I am definitely a West Coast Cali girl to the bone and a lovechild of the crisp breeze and the warm sunshine. I like to wear clothes that are comfortable and practical that dont give me a muffin top (girls, you know what I mean by that) and look cute. That usually translates into a well-fitting pair of jeans, tank top, and some type of off-theshoulder sexy something to layer over it... and sandals since I have this odd paranoia that sneakers suffocate my feet. SWOOP: Who are your idols? The people who have really influenced you as an artist? URBAN: Hieronymus Bosch, Dali, Rembrandt, Alex Grey, M.C. Escher, Robert Crumb, Dr. Seuss, Al Hirschfield, and Mear just to name a few of the people historical and contemporary who inspire me as an artist and who I see as innovators in their own style, visual expression, and thought. SWOOP: You live in downtown LA, how has living downtown contributed to your work? URBAN: Living in a very urban environment has definitely contributed to my growth as a human which in turn gets transmitted into my work. The colors and textures of an urban landscape is rich in visual inspiration and the dense diversity of people is invigorating. SWOOP: Have you noticed the recent revitalization efforts; has this contributed to an artistic development? URBAN: I am noticing the revitalization efforts of the downtown districts but its hard [for me] to compare from how it used to be since I am new to the area. I think it is important to keep the infrastructure clean and functioning properly but drastically changing the property values changes the culture of the area and in my opinion culture is something that should be valued and preserved. One of the reasons I really dig LA is because there are endless portals of subcultures and scenes which offer many different flavors and perspectives to life. There is so much going on with humanity these days on an infinite number of levels and I feel fortunate to be alive right now witnessing this evolutionary state firsthand. I have faith that the goodness within us will break through to prevail and that in my lifetime I will see the implosion of a system that is fed by ignorance, greed and cold-hearted selfishness as we move forward to rebuilding a new way of life truly based on embracing understanding, empathy, sincerity, compassion and love.


Blair UrBan




SWOOP {local}

The Hottest Thing at the Beach.

Summer is with us. The sun is shining, the beaches are glistening and everyone is ready to hit the golden sands; ready to relax and enjoy the hottest season of the year. However, if youre stuck inside with nothing to wear, no stylish swimsuit on hand to stroll down to the beach in, then I have just what you need: R Collection by Raisins Swimwear. R Collection is a brand that was created under the Raisins division of BWI. It is designed and located in the Costa Mesa Arts District (SoBeCa), which is the only progressive specialty retail destination of its kind in Orange County. SoBeCA reaches out to the community and surrounding neighborhoods bringing together subcultures with common interests in fashion, arts and the outdoors. This artsy and creative environment is where the designer of R Collection, Mariah Wilson-Banner, gets a lot of her inspiration from. R Collection is quite different than their parent

brand - Raisins. While Raisins targets fashion savvy teens, R Collection caters to a young yet contemporary market. Each piece from R Collection exudes specialty with its beautiful hardware pieces, zippers, trims and premium fabrics. The hardest part about choosing a suit from R Collection, is actually narrowing it down to just one suit! exclaims Melanie Michaud the owner of Grafti Beach (known for having cuttingedge bikini runway shows). This brand has sexy silhouettes with dynamic, graphic prints and clever cuts. However, its not just the fashion-forward suits that make R Collection such a fabulous line, its the comfort and effortless wear-ability that appeals to women of all ages. According to Mariah, These swimsuits are designed for spirited, wired, independent girls who dont want to look like anyone else at the beach. Some of the hottest R Collection suits that

have been seen on the runway and in a variety of magazines are their super sexy one-piece cut out suit and their infamous striped bikini with just the right amount of rufes. These must have bikinis generally average under $100 for two pieces, which is quite a deal compared to their competitors: Vitamin A and L*Space which cost around $150. R Collection is currently sold in over 300 stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. To learn more about where to nd this line, visit


Its not just the fashion-forward suits that make R Collection such a fabulous line, its the comfort and effortless wear-ability that appeals to women of all ages.




a new course for

Pilot Touhill
There are counTless bands wiTh creaTive and crazy names rocking The circuiT These days, but even
still, Pilot Touhill makes you do a double take. Their fusion of SoCal reggae and hip-hop beats will keep your finger on repeat. Vin Lombardo and Adam Holt met in an audition years ago. Along with 187 other hopeful musicians, Vin auditioned as lead singer for the band Building a Better Spaceship. We auditioned 187 different lead singers, but Vin was the right fit for the sound we wanted, remarked Adam. Their new venture took off, and in a few years Building a Better Spaceship was generating buzz. They were opening for bands like Hoobastank, 311, and The Killers. We had been playing for three to four years, and were knocking on the door of mainstream popularity. But we never quite made it. Unfortunately during the summer of 2008, as the band was gaining prominence, Vins father was killed in a drunk driving accident. Vin returned home to New York, and the band lost its momentum. Fortunately, Pilot Touhill would rise from the ashes and take on a whole new character with the infusion of producer Mark Lowe. Vin had responded to a Craigs List ad before he left for New York, and met Mark. The two developed an unlikely musical repartee. Mark is a hip-hop guy, and I came from a reggae and rock background. I never thought Id end up working with someone like him, but we just clicked. Back in LA and looking for new projects, Vin and Mark began

written by Jeff Picard photo by Joseph Lombardi designed by Brandie Mata

fusing their musical styles to create Pilot Touhills unique sound. The first album, Black Leaf, carried two strong emotional currents from Vins immediate past. The loss of his father and the accompanying grief seeps through the track White Plains. At the same time, the excitement and enthusiasm of their new project was able to ignite songs like Eazy, Hollywood Girl, and Good Morning. The combination of syrupy reggae rhymes and hypnotic hip-hop beats leave the listener feeling like summer is on the horizon. As Vin put it, Black Leaf was really just for fun. With a new sound and initial popularity, Mark and Vin began reaching out to musicians they felt could help Pilot Touhill continue to grow. Adam Holt was immediately called up by Vin and brought on board as the bands drummer. Mark was able to round out the band with the addition of Emmanuel Puno (guitar) and Brandon Osorio (bass). Incorporating new members required a period of growth for Pilot Touhill, which is expressed in the more convoluted sophomore album, Rich as a King. Were still evolving and believe we will only get better as we continue down this road, Adam remarked with an air of enthusiasm. Their newest album, Paper Armour, is scheduled to be released on May 1st. The unique sound and creative mix they are now known for will undoubtedly produce an innovative record. Youve got to live the dream get out there and chase down what you believe in. Thats what were doing.

you can check ouT PiloT Touhill on Facebook & lisTen To Their music aT




designed by Brandie Mata









trim. is located in the heart of Venice, on fashionable Abbot Kinney Blvd. A full service hair salon dedicated to exceptional customer service, by providing fabulous styling and several high-end hair care products. Though the place is always rocking, the atmosphere is comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and very down to earth. Opened 7 days a week to accommodate the many varying schedules of clients.

Specializing in hair color, trim. also offers cutting, extensions, and Brazilian Blow outs for both men and woman. They offer waxing and are proud to be the home of Kelly Baker Brows who won Best Brows of My Fox LAs 2009 Hotlist and Best of Citysearch for eyebrow shaping for 2008. While you wait... beer, wine, tea and soda are served on their shaded front porch and dont forget to take in the art, as trim. is also a fine art and photo gallery.

trim. takes pride in their work

and all services & hair care products are backed by a 100% money back guarantee. While its best to call for an appointment, walk-ins are always welcome.

Home of the original 1st time $20 Haircut.

1424 Abbot Kinney Blvd Venice, CA 90291 310.396.3330

SWOOP {local}
hours 11am-7pm M-F 10am-6pm Sat 11am-5pm Sun


phone 310.796.9034

address 3216 Manhattan Ave Suite A Hermosa Beach, CA 90254




When it comes to designer threads, Andrea Plsek knows her stuff.

In 2001, Andrea Plsek launched her own hat line called Yana Style. Her stylish collection was sold at Fred Segal in Santa Monica, and was donned by such celebrities as J Lo, Halle Barry and Brooke Shields. Building on her success, Plsek has had an impressive career working with designers such as Black Halo, Rock and Republic, Alvin Valley and Laila Azhar. She is currently a fashion and merchandising consultant for upcoming new designers in Los Angeles and New York City and the proud owner of Double Take boutique. With a heavy background in fashion, Andrea decided eight months ago to open up her own boutique where she could sell great designer clothes for unbeatable prices. Located just a block away from the beach, Andreas boutique Double Take is a hidden gem for any fashionista. Designer dresses, such as Black Halo, which would normally run about $300 and up are in the $100 range at Double Take. Fashionable shorts and pants from trendy top-notch designers are marked at a steal for $50. Andreas boutique is proof that you dont have to spend a fortune to rock those fabulous designer labels. Double Take is a high-end designer consignment & resale boutique, with everything from clothing to

shoes to handbags and accessories, right here

store to looking great for less! So next time you

in Hermosa Beach. Double Take specializes in one-of-kind designer consignment and resale, as well as a large selection of wholesale items from designers such as Black Halo, Fluxus, Orla Kiely, and House of Harlow jewelry and accessories. I know what you are thinking, how does she do it?! How does she get the hottest looks from top designers and sell their threads for so cheap? Well luckily for us, Andreas background in fashion has led her to make several friends in the industry, allowing her to negotiate deals directly from designers. This translates to designer steals for us! Whether you need an outt for a fancy night out or are just looking for some new summer pieces, Double Take is the smart shoppers

are thinking it is time to revamp your wardrobe, check out Andreas gem, Double Take. The work is already done; you just have to rock it!


Andreas boutique is proof that you dont have to spend a fortune to rock those fabulous designer labels.




written by Ramy Shoukry photography by Alex Curry and Peanut Butter & Jams designed by Brandie Mata

I can usually gauge how much fun I had at Coachella by how shitty I feel the following week.
As I sit here choking down the nausea, slumped over my keyboard with vertigo-type symptoms trying to write this article, I can assure you: Coachella 2011 ROCKED. Coachella got off to a shaky start this year. When the line up was announced, it was met with a luke warm reception. The Coachella faithful were not moved to action by the likes of Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire and The Strokes. Kanye has yet to earn forgiveness for his litany of screw ups that he compounded with arrogance. This years headliners just didnt have the same cache as The Killers, Prince and the Red Hot Chili Peppers from years past. Then ticket pricing was announced and the faithful reacted with sheer horror. There was talk of boycotting Coachella as a statement to the greedy powers that be who increased ticket prices $100 over last years cost. In an effort to make sure the event sold out, Golden Voice opened up ticket sales to brokers and Coachella sold out within the rst week. Golden Voice would not suffer the shame of 2008 when the event failed to sell out. This created an even greater backlash because the ticket brokers were charging more than the already high face value. I heard consistent moaning about how this was a gross perversion of what Coachella is about! Granted, most of the moaning was coming from Hollywood socialites accustomed to getting everything gratis. Most of them would sooner gnaw off their own arm, like a wolf caught in a trap, than reach for their wallet but their message was clear: Coachella was going green and were not talking about the environment. The calendar inched toward April 15th and as folks started picking up tickets, the animosity subsided. The anti-Coachella rhetoric was being drowned out by the frenzied pitch of those preparing for the annual pilgrimage to the desert. Sure the line up wasnt great and the tickets were expensive but this is Coachella. Its not just about





Background image - DJ Axwell

the music. Its about the vacation, the heat, the parties, the swimwear and losing your mind for three glorious days! Okay, so this isnt so different from every day for many of the Los Angeles attendees but we still LOVE it. Daft Punk played a set in 2006 that revolutionized Coachella turning it into a full on popculture phenomenon. To this day, many reference that show as the single greatest show they have ever witnessed. When the curtain went up and those two DJs were revealed in full robot outts onto a pyramid of a stage, the incendiary crowd erupted. If I hadnt witnessed Roger Waters two-story inatable pig oat away between sets in 2008, I would be sadder for it today. Every year something astounding happens and whether it is the reunion of Duran Duran or the emergence of an up and comer like Chromeo, Coachella offers something for everyone. It is an auditory, visual, temporal feast for the senses. There are heretics whispering evil blasphemies in dark corners of L.A. clubs these days. If you are discreet, you may catch a hint of it but if you gather in close, Ill reveal it to you now: House music is taking over! Couture fashion starts in Europe, solidies itself in New York and Los Angeles reduces it down until it is t for mass consumption. It never goes the other way. Von Dutch never made it to the Eiffel Tower. If you wore Ed Hardy in the Meat Packing district, you found yourself standing outside accumulating inches of snow on your rhinestone studded t-shirt. House music has made its way to the West and it is here to stay. Naysayers have been trying to stop this evolution but have had little success. Hip hops vice-like grip is weakening. Those of us who found the other side of the rainbow at Coachellas Sahara tent were treated to a pot of gold. Every day featured a veritable all star line up of DJs that we have all traveled far and wide to see. Axwell, van Dyk, Morillo, Angello, Afrojack, Sven Vath, Fedde Le Grand, Boys Noize, Skrillex, Duck Sauce and Sander had us swaying our hips and gyrating to their creations. It was infectious and stimulating to the point that it made you forget to be cool. I wish I could have seen all of them but there were too many (or they played too early). The energy compelled you to turn to complete strangers and put them up on your shoulders, jump up and crowd surf or hug your perspiring neighbor until... you got to the Rose Garden V.I.P. area. Coachella didnt used to be an elitist event. It was not until

2009 that there was a V.I.P. section near the Sahara tent. And prior to this year, there sure as hell was never... bottle service. Coachella is a lot of things but it is not a Hollywood club, it is not the Cap d Antibes and bottle service certainly does not belong. A lot of people go to Coachella and never leave the comfort of the main stage V.I.P. section. I feel sorry for these people because they waste the experience. They cannot claim to really have attended Coachella. If you never leave main stage, you never felt the heat from the re breathing dragon in front of Gobi; you never sat under the electric daisy; you never climbed into the cockpit of the time machine or experienced the air conditioned kaleidoscope in the Heineken dome and most unfortunately, you will never be assaulted by the sweaty, st pumping anarchy that is the Sahara tent. As I wandered into the Rose Garden to subsequently wait for security to issue me my sixteenth wristband and usher me to a crowded cabana where I would have to ght for a seat on a pleather couch, one question reverberated through my head: What the fuck am I doing in here? The entire Sahara tent was exploding with a level of insanity reserved for human sacrice or the Roman Coliseum and I was sitting 200 yards away, comfy and dry being waited on by a cute bikini clad girl. As she asked me again if I wanted champagne, I turned my back on her and loudly proclaimed, Im going into the mix, who is with me? I could see realization wash over my friends faces as they fell in line and followed their Pied Piper. Two days later I dragged my dirty, sunburned, hung over, malnourished body back to the polo elds for the nal day. As the music perforated my soul, sadness had sprung a leak because it was the last day. Every Coachella veteran knows this feeling. That is why the Sunday night headliner is often times the best show of the weekend. Rage Against the Machine in 2007, Roger Waters singing the entire Dark Side of the Moon album in 2008, Etienne DCrecy with his magical cubes in 2009. 2011 concluded with Kanye dazzling main stage from atop a hydraulic lift while dancers writhed under the elaborate rework show. Meanwhile Axwell was closing out Sahara with hit after hit justifying his ascent as one of the worlds greatest DJs. As everyone shufed off the utopian eld on Sunday night, we reected on the weekend with a silly grin, humming our favorite tracks, and the predominant thought in our collective head was, Who is playing next year?

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The SWOOP Factory is like walking through the pages

it has a beachy vibe with a creative edge.

of Swoop Magazine,

The Owner/Founder of SWOOP Magazine, Scott Bailey, was inspired to create a space for likeminded individuals to host events, discuss industry trends and to revolutionize how people work in group settings. While maintaining its unique and creative edge, The SWOOP Factory embodies
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the fInAL PortrAIt of A

Photography by Jim Jordan

written by Jenna Hannon

AnDy Irons

From November 2010 to present, public banter has been filled with a wave of emotions surrounding the players of surfing, from the positive to the negative, to just plain confusion. As a journalist, I was plagued by the question of why? when it came to Andys death and the invasive controversy that surrounded. We all pined for answers and insights. When a hero passes, a rumble radiates and we cant help but want to understand. Although, when it came down to it, I knew the only way to truly give Andy the respect he deserves was to keep it simple. So in good company with the surf community and his fans, I posted Rest in peace, Andy Irons onto my social media web profiles. Andys death was a dramatic impact, and the world wide web shared their respects. As several magazines documented, the number of sharing mourners showing respects on the web showed a significant community with a daily toll rising. Although flash four months later (during the decline of shock and controversy) and you can imagine my surprise to be requested to re-post an R.I.P message for Andy on my Facebook wall.

Interview with Photographer , Jim Jordan on Andys Last Days

It doesnt matter your association with surfing or surf culture. If you were breathing during the month of November in 2010 and somewhat connected to global reality, then you were made aware of the tragic passing of famed professional surfer, Andy Irons. Every surf magazine cover, news page, and surf video of the past four months has been a public memorial, showing our respect to Andys life and accomplishments. And, with so much provocation in the world of surfing over the past year, it has been hard to not be bombarded by the ups, downs, and intricacies of this established global culture. The commotion of headlines of surfing grew deep. We were opposingly pulled from the unexpected trauma of Andys death, to the excitement of record-breaking history, with Kelly Slaters tenth world title. Following one of the greatest rivalries to date in a sport already exploding on a competitive worldwide scale, it seems the publics attention (in and out of the subculture of surfing) became vividly focused. Although, this time on more than just the competition, rather the anthropology within.







The emotions, vulnerability, and beauty of his life shone through like a giant magnifying glass, giving us a passing moment to see Andy Irons as a real and tangible person rather than just the widely accepted posterboy of surfing

My close friend, modeling manager, and famed celebrity photographer, Jim Jordan was contacting me regarding posting a Rest in Peace, Andy Irons link on my Facebook. With a fourmonth delay from Andy Irons passing, I was in utter perplexity. No, I bluntly responded. I posted this months ago, the day after his death. Posting it now would be simply embarrassing. There is no way you can get me to do this four months after his death and expect that people dont think I just missed every surf magazine on the news stand, up until now! To which Jim Jordan calmly responded, I photographed Andy and his wife, Lyndie Dupuis over a month before his passing at his home in Kauai. The pictures were just released for public viewership. I put together a tribute video with

the photos set to music to keep him in our prayers and put light on the beauty of his life. Oh. I will post the link and the R.I.P. message. I replied. I hung up the phone that afternoon and headed straight to my laptop to watch the picture reel of Jim Jordans portraits of Andy Irons. As I sat and watched, I was mesmerized. The photos captured the surf legend like we have rarely seen before. Jim Jordan, also known as JJ, had encapsulated Andy Irons not as a professional surfer, but as a human. The emotions, vulnerability, and beauty of his life shone through like a giant magnifying glass, giving us a passing moment to see Andy Irons as a real and tangible person rather than just the widely accepted posterboy of surfing that so many of us only knew him as. True to

Jim Jordans work as a photographer, he had used what he knows best to expose even a side that some of us would not have captured in person. When I sat that afternoon and watched his reel of the portraits he had taken of Andy and his wife- just before his passing, I knew I had to find a larger way to share what he had enraptured. When I sat down with him to discuss one of the final days of Andys home life, I felt an intimacy with a life with so much more beauty than talent alone. I met with Jim at a Starbucks in Malibu, and it happens to be the coffee shop directly across from his favorite surf break in his home state of California. I was excited to talk to him about the shoot. JJ began by saying, When I arrived at the house in the morning to shoot,

the mood was so light-hearted and easy-going. Andy opened the door to his new home in a quaint, suburban development in Kauai, in his towel and his wife Lyndie stood in the kitchen with wet hair, making breakfast. They were so warm and inviting. The mood was so playful; I couldnt help but feel we were going to have a great shoot! He explained that he had begun that day with a tour of the neat, beachy home that Andy had recently purchased. While doing so, JJ flowed through his everyday questions, getting to know the couple a little better, learning about Andys background and prior experiences. For Jim, this information was all new. He is a fashion guy who happens to surf, but to step into this world of surfing at this level, was a photography job he hadnt quite anticipated.


Shooting some of the most recognizable faces in fashion and Hollywood, Jims knowledge of couture, old Hollywood, and famous filmmakers, far out extended a deep understanding for the world of professional surfing. Naturally, the mood was kept light, and conversation surrounded family life over surf titles, interests over earnings. Where are you from originally? How did you meet your wife? I think we have a photographer friend in common named Brian Beilman who shoots surfing. You could tell he was a little out of sorts when it came to Andys fame, approaching conversation like a stranger from a different planet. I could feel the awkwardness even as he walked me through his recollection. For JJ the big players of surfing were just athletes and the pressures of such feats seemed distant. The moment I knew I had stepped into a different world [a peak of sport] was when Andy opened his garage to reveal hundreds of surfboards, shelves of trophies, and banners galore of Andy Irons advertisements, titles, and recognition. There were boxes upon boxes of apparel stacked roof high, overflowing with boardshorts and tees. Excitedly, Andy asked me, Did you bring boardies? Jim stood blankly. [Andy] started rifling through some boxes simultaneously throwing pairs at me to choose from. Here, take these. He was frantically opening boxes and digging to find me gear, as a stared at a wall lined with cases of energy drinks. Get in here! Feel free, pick whatever you want. I walked away that day with five pairs of board shorts and an entire new t-shirt collection! As we started shooting, I could tell this was something very new. Andy was so widely photographed for his surfing. For him, the still camera was so different. He was used to showing his skills but never really himself in such a personal portrait. As I prompted JJ further, he described Andy with so much compassion and even empathy. There was so much vulnerability in his eyes. I got this sense like he didnt feel like he deserved to be there. Up close in this way, he seemed uncomfortable in his skin. Why are you here? Why do you want to shoot me? I even got this sense when I was talking to him throughout. He was so friendly, yet very closed. I had previously mentioned to Jim when interviewing him, that not all subjects are used to his fashion photography on-set instructions and simultaneous glamming (I have personally worked with Jim on several occasions and he is constantly smoothing, twisting, and manipulating every eyelash, hair, and movement). Smeyes! Really throw it. Hold it, as JJ licks his fingers and parts Andys hair, perfectly transforming every piece in place (I still dont know how he does this). These are not exactly instructions a professional surfer is all that used too. Models spend years perfecting these small movements for the camera. Andy had spent years perfecting large surf maneuvers for the camera that seemed in almost no way correlated. I made him do about 50 changes! He was remarkably easy-going. He treated every change like un-suiting from his wetsuit. He went behind his truck and wrapped his towel around his waist while switching like regular wave-side routine. About mid-day into the shoot, Andy stopped me for lunch-plate. Something neither I nor Jim had heard of. Here he is, this classically good-looking American boy in boardshorts getting excited about his traditional Hawaiian lunch routine. He took me to his favorite place for this so-called lunch-plate. For me, it was an amazing experience not in the food, but rather in that I had suddenly became aware of the reaction he created in public. He was like a movie star. People stared. Every few moments someone walked up for a quick nod and hey bro. People were so friendly, he was accepted with admiration and recognized by almost every-


one who passed. For JJ, the world of professional surfing seems a bit distant, but in Hawaii it is a rite of passage, yet a career that very few succeed in. And it wasnt a day with Andy Irons without taking Jim to his favorite surf break (finally Andy in his domain). He took me to his favorite surf spot. I cant remember the name, of course. When we pulled up the groms started freaking! The reaction at the beach made the restaurant reaction pale in comparison. Yet, even with so much attention, he was so nice to everyone. He stopped to chat with everyone he went by and casually mingled while getting ready to hit the water. Lyndie and their puppy came with and sat on the beach to hang out and chat with the locals. When describing Lyndie and Andy, he couldnt help but react with a silly smile. They were so playful throughout. They seemed such an innocent and loving couple. Andy was not the macho man I had envisioned when I thought of surfing. He was such a down-to-earth and sweet guy. With Lyndie he was so playful! It seemed a happy mood, yet as the topic strayed away from his reactions to the couple and the afternoon at the break, back to Andy on those final days in his home life, I felt an almost dark cloud move over our interview. You could tell he had almost sensed something that day. I had gotten such a great overview on the day and the photos, yet I was still having trouble telling what Jim had gathered from such an intimate shoot. Despite his sharp perception, it only took one statement for me to truly understand how he got to comprehend the inner emotional state of Andy Irons. He looked me in the eye, and the reality hit me like a rock in the face. JJ ended with saying...

Andy Irons is a legend, his presence and persona will live on long after our time.



{behind the scenes}

2011 Swimsuit


Its not all fun and games... is it?!


{behind the scenes}


Directed by Grafti Beach- Creative Director Carly Hebert Photographer Heather Gildroy Photo Assistant Bry Fausto Band Pilot Touhill Stylist Krista West Hair and Makeup Giovanna Avila- Models Leia, Tiara, Jessica Video Production Grow Films- Ash Durrani, Colin Pierce, Joe Lombardi

Redondo Beach


Directed by Grafti Beach- Creative Director Carly Hebert Photographer Cheyenne Ellis Band Sand Section Hair Di Moda Styling Team Matt Viers, Adam Emmar,Valene del Rosario Makeup Giovanna Avila- Makeup Asst. Judy Wong Models Alex, Sophia, Desiree, Colette, Katie Video Production Grow Films- Ash Durrani, Colin Pierce, Nick Ergin

Venice Beach


Directed by Grafti Beach- Creative Director Carly Hebert Photographer Brianna Baggett Band Latch Key Kid Hair Di Moda Styling Team Matt Viers, Adam Emmar,Valene del Rosario Makeup Giovanna Avila- Makeup Asst. Karina Ramirez Models Mendora, Brionna, Haley, Alison Video Production Grow Films - Ash Durrani, Colin Pierce, Joe Lombardi

Marina del Rey

---------------------------------------------------------------Special Thanks to Grafti Beachs Trend Team Brianna, Stephanie, Krista, Tiffany


For more info check out


Cheyenne Ellis
Shoot Location:

{behind the scenes}

Brianna Baggett
Shoot Location:

Venice Canals / Venice Boardwalk

Playa del Rey / Marina del Rey

Cheyenne Ellis is a California native who has image making in her blood. The daughter of a photographer and a lm director, Cheyenne honed her craft studying at Brooks Institute while working under legendary photographer Irving Penn. Currently working from a home base in Topanga Canyon, CA, Cheyenne is one of the most sought after advertising and lifestyle photographers today. Her causal, easy way with people, a natural connection with beauty in the world around her, and her high level of professionalism translate to stunning, timeless images.

Although a fresh emerging talent in the commercial industry, photographing beautiful people has been Briannas passion the past 10 years. After living in Israel for 18 months post high school, she made the move to Santa Barbara where she received her BA from Brooks Institute. When not holding a camera in hand, you can nd her relaxing with her husband and two french bulldogs at their home by the beach. Being asked to shoot for such a fun magazine like SWOOP was nothing short of amazing, and an experience she hopes to repeat in the near future!

Carly Hebert Heather Gildroy

Shoot Location: Shoot Location:

Redondo Pier

Venice BeachAbbott Kinney Blvd

Heather was born and raised in Montana. She now lives and works from her photo studio located in downtown LA. She shoots everything from portraits to fashion and she also works with Love Gallery Photo. Beyond her passion for photography, Heather loves furry creatures and following the sunshine.

A Montana native, Carly earned her degree in Commerical Photography from the acclaimed Rochester Institute of Technology. After graduating she followed her passion for photography and the love of warm weather which led her on a direct route to sunny So Cal. Carly has been working in photography & graphic design for the last 8 years and currently is the Creative Director here at SWOOP Magazine. Her creativity has graced our pages for the past 2 years and she is designing this page as we speak... hope you like what you see! Keep up with SWOOP to see what she will come up with next and to see if her infamous Bulldog, Hobbs, will make it into the next issue.


Swimsuit issue



Sw issue
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Produced b

Stylist . Krista West Hair. Di Moda Styling Team- Matt Viers, Adam Emmar, Valene del Rosario Makeup. Giovanna Avila, Judy Wong, Makeup Asst. Karina Ramirez

60 magazine.

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photo. Cheyenne Ellis bikini. Maui & Sons


2012 Calen r Girl Content

Swoop Magazine teamed up with some of the hottest bikini brands such as Volcom, ONeill , Odina Surf, Maui & Sons, Tekno Doll Swimwear, Limeade California, Gossip, Jayime Jeans and Sambaii Beachwear on a three month initiative to cast for Swoops 2012 Calendar Girls. Thousands of girls tried out for the calendar and Swoop narrowed it down to the top 40. The first event was held at Sangria in Hermosa Beach. This event debuted these top models in the first of three runway shows. The audience used Swoops new texting system to cast their vote for their favorite Swoop model. The 12 calendar girls were chosen by the audience that night. These girls were then featured online ( where viewers could cast their vote. Swoop fans stayed up to date with behind the scenes footage, event footage and new photos updated daily. From the top 12 Calendar Girls, 3 of these girls were chosen by the public to get a special feature in this issue. The first place winner got the cover! The vote count was hidden one week prior to the contest ending. This was the most crucial time in the contest! Thousands of votes came in that week and major shifts had happened without the viewers knowing what place the girls were in. The top 3 girls were revealed in the grand finale event on May 21st at Club 705/Zen Lounge - 705 Pier Ave. in Hermosa Beach. Now that the secret is out, we can congratulate our top three Swoop Girls 1st Place Sophia Le, 2nd Place Brionna Webb and 3rd Place Alex Curry!!! To stay up to date on when the calendar will be released, visit


ao Le
What are your hobbies? Traveling, cooking, painting, playing pool, eating What type of music do you listen to? Basically anything thats on the radio. What is one thing that can always make you happy no matter how bad your day is? On a good or a bad day, coffee always makes it better. Favorite book? Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold Favorite movie? My all time fave is Serendipity, but a more recent fave has to be The Hangover What are three words that describe you? Creative. Honest.Weird. How do you stay in such good shape? I work out 4 to 5 times a week and drink tons of water! What is your favorite food? I love cereal! For some reason, it always seems to taste the best late at night. What city do you currently live in? Riverside, CA

Did you go to college, if so, what was your major? Yes. Marketing in undergrad and Business Administration in graduate school.

Age: 26 Hometown: Riverside, CA Passion: Food Favorite Quote: With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.

Did you (or do you) play sports, if so, which sports and what was your position(s)? I suck at sports, but I love playing pool. Tell me about your latest traveling experience. Flew to Florida and took a cruise to the Bahamas. The entire trip was a gift from my boyfriend, best gift ever! We found a tiny hole in the wall pub where we drank Bahamian beer and made friends with the locals. How did you get into modeling? I started out in San Diego doing small promo and print jobs to get experience before I eventually decided to take my work to LA. What has been your favorite experience in modeling? In 2009, I went on a cross country tour on the Bullrun Rally with 10 other girls on a tour bus. Its a rally that went from New York to Texas following hundreds of exotic cars owned by people who were willing to pay $15,000 just to be a part of the rally. We made tons of stops along the way, got to know the locals, did calendar photoshoots, and partied at the best clubs.



Sw issue

1su 20im1 it

photo. Cheyenne Ellis bikini. Sambaii


Brio a Ly


Age: 22 Hometown: Nashville, TN Passion: To be completely happy. Favorite Quote: When you see yourself completely beautiful, you have arrived at your destination. Ron W. Rathbun
photos. Brianna Baggett bikini. Jayime Jeans special thanks to. Bobby from Manhattan Pizza for the VW Bus.



SWOOP {section}

Sw issue

1su 20im1 it




Alexan a Rose Cu

Sw issue

1su 20im1 it

Age: 23 Hometown: Manhattan Beach, CA Passion: A little bit of everything. Favorite Quote: Find your passion and then go out into the world and make a positive difference.

photos. Cheyenne Ellis bikinis (right & left). ONeill


SWOOP {section}

Je ica Jean
Age: 19 Hometown: Sacramento, CA Passion: Dancing. Favorite Quote: Wear a smile, one size fits all.

photo. Heather Gildroy bikini. Volcom


Sw issue

1su 20im1 it

Leia Contois
Age: 19 Hometown: Cameron Park, CA Passion: Modeling Favorite Quote: Believe in your flyness, conquer your shyness

photo. Heather Gildroy bikini. Maui & Sons


Cole e E

a Boutr

Age: 21 Hometown: I was born in Sweden, but was fortunate to live in many different places. Passion: I want to constantly be learning something new. I love to hunt and travel. Favorite Quote: Ancora Imparo which means I am still learning -Micheal Angelo
photo. Carly Hebert bikini. Odina


Sw issue

1su 20im1 it

Men ra Rein Baker

Age: 23 Hometown: Murrieta, CA Passion: Love and fashion Favorite Quote: Be the change you wish to see in the world -Ghandi

photo. Brianna Baggettt bikini. Sambaii


SWOOP {section}

Desir Mata
Age: 24 Hometown: Redondo Beach, CA Passion: Anything artistic Favorite Quote: Anything that Ive ever done that ultimately was worthwhile, initially scared me to death
photo. Carly Hebert bikini. Limeade


SWOOP {section}

Sw issue

1su 20im1 it

Katerina A


Age: 21 Hometown: Shelby Township, MI Passion: Life Favorite Quote: Treat people the way youd like to be treated. Dont talk shit, dont take shit.

photo. Carly Hebert bikini. Gossip


SWOOP {section}

Tiara Gathright
Age: 26 Hometown: Potomac, MD Passion: Acting Favorite Quote: Success is not achieved as an overnight phenomenon, but instead is a series of trials and tribulations tempered by patience, perseverance and willingness to change and overcome challenges and obstacles along the way. Expect the STORM and the rain to come but know that if you can stay the course that the aftermath is BEAUTIFUL blue skies and SUNNY days.

photo. Heather Gildroy bikini. Sambaii


Sw issue

1su 20im1 it

Alison Nicole Si


Age: 20 Hometown: Torrance, CA Passion: I love to help people and animals and look forward to someday venturing into humanitarian work. . Favorite Quote: As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others. -Audrey Hepburn

photo. Brianna Baggett bikini. Despi


Sw issue

1su 20im1 it

SWOOP {section}

Hale Ki
Age: 18 Hometown: Agua Dulce, CA Passion: Dancing Favorite Quote: Everything happens for a reason, so although life doesnt always turn out the way we want it to, it turns out the way it is supposed to.

photo. Brianna Baggett bikini. Tekno Doll


SWOOP {local}


Your Home Grown Realtor

Born and raised in Manhattan and Hermosa Beach, with family roots spawned over generations, you can trust that Nick Schneider of South Bay Brokers is the right person for all your real estate needs. Nicks appreciation and knowledge of the South Bay surpasses that of most locals. His grandparents fell in love with the area over half a century ago in 1947. Since then, three generations of his family have called the South Bay home. From growing up as the middle child of ve boys and attending American Martyrs Elementary, Nick has been witness to South Bays transition from the once small beach cities to the thriving collection of some of the most sought after properties in the country. Nick Schneider truly has a vast knowledge of the neighborhoods and communities in which he works. Starting his professional career off as a sales executive at his familys company, Superior Forest Products, Nick traded one family business for another when he chose to follow in his grandfather Bills footsteps and pursue real estate. I am so proud to be born and raised in such a great community. Showing my clients around our beach

above The men who make Nick a 3rd generation Schneider. His grandfather Bill papa Schneider and his father Bob Schneider as a young boy at 22nd street in Hermosa Beach. cities, watching as they enter a home that they enjoy, and negotiating the best deal I can for them are only a few of the benets I get out of doing my job proclaims Nick. Not just interested in selling ones home, he is driven to help better the lives of each client by getting them the very best deal for their property. Striving to help others has always been Nicks motto. You can be sure he took this philosophy with him when he chose to become a realtor. Dedicated and determined to better his clients situations, Nick lends not only his realtor knowledge but also opens up his extensive book of contacts to help his clients with whatever they may need. Ive


He takes care of absolutely everything! It is immediately apparent that Nick is a genuine guy and cares greatly for his clients.


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phone p 310.809.4875 f 310.545.0515 address 200 Pier Ave, suite 305-306 Hermosa Beach, CA 90254 online WRITTEN BY MACKENZIE STEWART

lived my life helping others and take great pride in helping each and every one of my clients achieve their dreams in what will be the biggest investment of their lives - their home Nick tells me. Having been raised in the South Bay, Nick always wanted to work in the heart of it all. South Bay Brokers seemed to be the perfect t for him. Growing up, Nick can remember seeing Jack Gillespie signs all around town. I wanted to work for a company with a great reputation. I quickly learned that this company is dedicated to getting the very best out of their agents. Nick expresses that the camaraderie at South Bay Brokers is second to none. The companys progressive approach has Nick excited for what the future holds. Recently, in beautiful downtown Hermosa Beach, South Bay Brokers opened up a new ofce. Nick, along with colleague and friend Alex Abad, eagerly approached the company with hopes of calling the 200 Pier Avenue building home. In March of this year, their hopes became reality. Nick is very adamant that this new location will be a top producing ofce for years to come and with Nick awarded the South Bay Association of Realtors Rookie of the Year and listed as one of South Bay Brokers Top Producer in 2010, it is hard not to believe him. He represented the buyers in what

was the HIGHEST recorded sale for the city of Hermosa Beach in the year 2010. I am dedicated to my clients each and every step of the way, through out the entire process of buying or selling their home. The plan for South Bay Brokers is to make a difference in the local market as a whole, with the launch of Commissions For Education. which is a unique organization made up of Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Loan Brokers, Escrow Ofcers, Title Ofcers, and Home Inspectors, who have the local communities interests at heart. Each commits to donating a minimum of 1% of all their earnings to the surrounding schools. One hundred percent of the donations from each transaction are set to benet the Education Foundation in the district where the transaction took place. Drop by and say hi to Nick in the new ofce he helped establish for South Bay Brokers. In South Bay Brokers 26 year history they have had ofces in Manhattan Beach as well as Redondo beach. They are proud to continue thier South Bay roots by setting up shop in Hermosa Beach. Nick Schneider was able to nd us the Hermosa Beach house we wanted despite the fact that we are located on the East Coast. Nick was nothing

short of terric throughout the process. He was incredibly hard working, responsive, attentive, and most importantly he understood what we wanted and was able to deliver. Working with Nick was a great experience for us, in both the process and the result.- J.A. Nick is with you the entire process of selling your home, from the prepping of putting your house on the market to well after the papers are signed. He takes care of absolutely everything! It is immediately apparent that Nick is a genuine guy and cares greatly for his clients. I believe my house sold in record time because of Nicks dedication and care. I would highly recommend Nick to any of my family and friends who are in the market to SELL!. - Kat DRE 01867363 (310) 809.4875 Licensed Realtor Member, National Association of Realtors Member, California Association of Realtors Member, South Bay Association of Realtors 2010 South Bay Association of Realtors Rookie of the Year Recipient 2010 South Bay Brokers Top Producer

Siam I Am isnt fancy, theyre just good! My only choice for Thai in the South Bay.
Siam I Am isnt that big physically, but we have some of the best Thai food this side of Thai Town. And our small size means low overhead, which means low prices and great value for our customers! So pick up and walk to the Redondo Pier only 5 minutes away, or order delivery and well bring it right to your door. We deliver to all of Hermosa Beach, most of Redondo Beach and parts of Torrance.

215 S. Pacific Coast Hwy Redondo Beach, CA 90277 310.374.7202


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John Chuka is a founder and the Principal Broker of NW Real Estate Brokers. Johns background in marketing analysis and as a lending ofcer with Security Pacic Bank, as well as his MBA degree, help in understanding all of the functions and services required in successful real estate transactions. John and his fellow agents of the company are, for the most part, long-term residents of the South Bay. They have enjoyed a great deal of success with local clients due to the strong relationships that have been established. NW Real Estate Brokers also has access to numerous real estate boards throughout the country, resulting in a wide range of exposure. This reach greatly


enhances efforts to attract a wide collection of buyers and investors. NW Real Estate Brokers (also known as Northwest Realty) has operated in Manhattan Beach since 1979. In recent years, they have greatly expanded the company by adding more agents, new ofce space in Manhattan and Hermosa Beach and state-of-the-art technology to provide the best service possible for its clients. Company information, agent proles, current listings and virtual tours are always available for their clients through the company website. NW Real Estate Brokers specializes in residential property sales, along with their expertise in income-type and commercial properties throughout Southern California. John and his fellow 80 agents, are supported with a complete advertising program. NW Real Estate Brokers advertises in The Beach Reporter, Easy Reader, Unique Homes Magazine, LA Times, Los Angeles Business Journal, Daily Breeze and many other southland publications. By using print, local television and many websites, including,,,,, and, clients can rest assured knowing John Chuka and Northwest Realty have all bases covered. John Chuka DRE# : 0766132

80 80


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phone 310.350.0908 address 1054 Aviation Blvd, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254 online / WRITTEN BY MACKENZIE STEWART PHOTOS BY THEODORE HOBBS


Touching Lives, One Animal At A Time

With all of the forgotten and abused dogs ooding the streets of LA, The Lovejoy Foundation strives to make a difference. Erin Lovejoy started The Lovejoy Foundation a little over a year ago and has already placed 135 dogs in their forever homes! Located in Redondo Beach, this unique animal rescue is completely non-prot and relies solely on the loving hearts of volunteers and on the generosity of their supporters. The donations are what help pay for all the medical needs of the dogs/puppies that come through the foundation. This not for prot, no kill foundation in the South Bay is unique in that they help dogs/ puppies from the streets and keep them from ever seeing a shelter for even a day. Erins dream is to give each and every dog a place to call home, a second chance at life. The Lovejoy Foundation nds loving homes for many dogs from South Central, dogs from unfortunate hoarding situations and from families that can no longer keep their pets due to foreclosure or nancial despair. Rather than spending the last thirty days of their lives in a shelter with a high chance of being euthanized, The Lovejoy Foundation provides loving foster homes and never resorts to euthanasia. The dogs are bathed, micro-chipped, spayed/neutered, receive all needed vaccines,and treated for eas, ticks and worms. In addition to this, the dogs are temperament tested, ensuring each dog is placed in their ideal environment. Currently The Lovejoy Foundation is in the rst phase of their project. This phase incorporates the housing and adoption of the dogs. Every week

The Lovejoy Foundation holds adoption events on Saturday and Sunday 10-5 at the Pet Mart in Hermosa Beach. While the dogs anxiously await the weekend events, they are housed in foster homes with families that give them the love and attention they deserve. Eventually, Erin would love the opportunity to put her second phase of the project into action. I would love to build a unique non-kill facility, enabling more dogs to be saved and housed before adoption, Erin States. Unfortunately though, not all dogs get adopted, but at The Lovejoy Foundation no dog is left without a place to call home. The second phase of the project would include a dog therapy program for these special, well deserving dogs and human companions. They would be driven to retirement communities, hospitals or where ever else needed, and affectionately spend time with seniors and special needs children. Erin is adamant when saying, There are so many dogs out there that deserve a second chance at life, and The Lovejoy Foundation provides that for them. The Swoop team added a new member recently, a beautiful German Shepherd/Labrador mix named Bear, thanks to The Lovejoy Foundation. Scott Bailey, founder of Swoop Magazine, adopted Bear in late January during a weekend adoption event. You cant stop by The Swoop Factory without saying hi to Bear, he wont let you, Bailey states. Bear is a very well mannered dog and has joined the team at many Swoop events. We are very thankful for The Lovejoy Foundation here at Swoop, because without them Bear may never have gotten his second chance.

The Lovejoy Foundation has been anxiously awaiting their 501c3 non-prot application which is presently pending. Erin says, Being awarded the non-prot status will allow for the application of grants and corporate donations. This will provide the funds needed for the never ending medical costs, rehabilitation on each dog/puppy, supplies, food, transportation and eventually Erins dream of building a unique non-kill facility and dog therapy program in the South Bay. These are tough times for us all, but if you are able to donate (no amount is too little or too big!), please do! Your donations will help The Lovejoy Foundation save more lives! To make a donation via PayPal please visit: Adoptions are every Saturday and Sunday 10 - 5 at Pet Mart 1054 Aviation Blvd., Hermosa Beach, CA 90254. Mid-week adoptions by appointment only. You can also nd The Lovejoy Foundation on Twitter and Facebook!


There are so many dogs out there that deserve a second chance at life, and The Lovejoy Foundation provides that for them.


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hours Mon - Sun 11am - 10pm phone 310.318.2939 address 844 Hermosa Ave Hermosa Beach,CA 90254 online WRITTEN BY JULIE HOLLAND PHOTOS BY SCOTT BAILEY


Summer is heating up at Hots Kitchen in Hermosa Beach. The casual-cool restaurant brings an adventurous menu, open-air dining and family-style seating to the South Bay.

Guests can choose from mouth-watering dishes such as Cajun Shrimp, Chili Lime Fries, Smoked Trout Salad, Grilled Korean Wings, and the Mexicali Burger. With nearly 50 tacos in rotation, Hots Kitchen has some of the locals favorites including Curry Chicken Taco, Slammin Alabamin Taco, Steak and Potato Taco, Cubano Taco, King Crab Taco and Grilled Veggie Taco. The over-21 crowd can choose from a wide selection of beer and wine such as Morgan 12, Archipel by Verite, Hewitt, 24th St. Pale Ale, Stone Cali-Belguque, Le Merle Saison. Throughout the summer, the restaurant will also offer food and beer pairings led by Chef Sean Chaney and resident beer geek Mike Siordia. Our team put an incredible amount of time and energy into developing a menu and choosing beverages that will create an unparalleled dining experience for our guests. Our menu is fun, adventurous and really has something for everyone, says Chaney. Hots Kitchen will continue its commitment to the community by donating time and meals to local charities such as Growing Great, a nonprot organization that teaches children about sustainable living. This is familiar ground for Hots Kitchen since the restaurant was designed to be green and sustainable by using reclaimed wood and additional windows for natural light and to reduce the use of energy. The restaurant uses

energy efcient appliances, recyclable paper products and environmentally friendly cleaning agents. Hots Kitchen will also partner with Surfrider Foundation South Bay Chapter, and continue to support Walk with Sally, Hermosa Beach Education Fund and Manhattan Beach Education Fund.

With an extensive menu of small plates and 36 carefully selected craft beers from all over the world, Executive Chef and local South Bay resident Sean Chaney is eager for summer at Hots Kitchen. Nothing beats summer in Hermosa Beach. We are excited for guests to enjoy an incredible selection of small plates and some of the best beers from around the world while taking advantage of the weather with our open-air dining, says Chaney. Chaney has been igniting the taste buds of Angelenos for nearly fteen years as the Executive Chef of Hots Cantina (Northridge) and former consulting Chef for a local Manhattan Beach restaurant. Chaney brings his most extraordinary dishes of classic food with a twist to the South Bay to create a menu friendly to guests of all ages that includes a kids menu and vegetarian options.


The restaurant uses energy efcient appliances, recyclable paper products and environmentally friendly cleaning agents.


Coming Soon! CHICKEN & WAFFLES at New Orleans Cajun Cuisine

New Orleans: Authentic Cajun and Creole Cuisine

140 Pier Avenue, Hermosa Beach CA 310-372-8970

Bring in this coupon to NEW ORLEANS CAJUN and receive a limited time special offer.

30% OFF
Not to be combined with any other special or offer.

Chicken & Wafe Entree.

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hours 11am-9pm Sun-Wed 11am-2:30am Thu-Sat phone 310.372.3633 address 118 Pier Ave Hermosa Beach, CA 90254 online WRITTEN BY MACKENZIE STEWART PHOTOS BY CARLY HEBERT


A local favorite: For Authentic Mexican Food that is quick, delicious and healthy, look no further than the Hermosa Beach pier.

One of the South Bays best places to get some quick and delicious Mexican food is Los Muchachos. Located a block away from the Hermosa Pier, there is nothing better than grabbing food to-go and enjoying it in the warm sand with the cool ocean breeze. However, if you prefer an escape from the summer sun, Los Muchachos offers indoor seating with a creative set up which includes a long wall of mirrors covered with stickers from local bands and surf brands. You can be sure, as soon as you sit down, to be greeted with complimentary chips and salsa always a plus! Los Muchachos salsa, however, is not your everyday bland salsa that more and more restaurants are adopting. This stuff comes

with a kick; bringing back the authenticity of real Mexican salsa that so many competitors lack. One of the locals favorite dishes is the Especial Burrito, wet of course with a fabulous red sauce and tons of cheese. Los Muchachos recently introduced a new, health-food menu. Most of the delicious meals are under 300 calories, have low-fat cheese and fresh ingredients. Some of these healthy options include: Grilled Fish or Chicken Tacos, Protein Burrito (double the chicken and egg whites), Veggie Low-fat Burrito and Burrito Bowls (your choice of carnitas, grilled chicken or sh). Some special ingredients in these meals include egg whites, whole wheat tortillas, brown rice and black beans.

Los Muchachos is open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. However, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, it stays open until 2:30 a.m.- Perfect for the Hermosa Pier bar-dwellers looking to cure those late night cravings!


Los Muchachos recently introduced a new, health-food menu. Most of the delicious meals are under 300 calories, have low-fat cheese and fresh ingredients.


Want Immediately Radiant Skin? Introducing...

HydraFacial is the perfect treatment to immediately restore radiance to your skin! The HydraFacial removes dead skin cells and impurities while simultaneously bathing the new skin with cleansing, hydrating and nourishing solutions and serums. The treatment is soothing, refreshing, non-irritating and immediately effective.

$50 Off First Treatment*

As seen on FOX, ABC, NBC and CBS NEWS and The Doctors

Three Ways to Facial Rejuvenation 50% Off Any First Treatment*

Fractional Skin Resurfacing
Only $425* reg. $850

Skin Tightening
Only $375* reg. $750

Treat Sun Damage & Rosacea

Only $125* reg. $250

Call to schedule a consultation to find out which treament is right for you!

Spring Special - Revitalizing Hydra-Dermabrasion or Dermaplane for $80

Laser Hair Removal starting at $25*

50% Off First Treatment
Lip & Chin Underarms Bikini Bikini & Underarms Brazilian & Underarms Full Back, Neck, Shoulders Full Legs
Re g.

$59 $49 $75 $99 $149 $299 $275

$30 $25 $38 $50 $75 $150 $138

CALL NOW! 310.374.6600

555 Pier Avenue, Hermosa Beach Next to the Hermosa Beach Post Office Open 7 Days a Week

*Limited Time Offer. Initial Treatment. Multiple Treatments Recommended. Laser Treatments are appropriate for most skin types, skin consultation is recommended.

James Kojian, M.D.

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phone 310.321.7848 address 1600 Rosecrans Avenue 4th Floor | Building 7 Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 online WRITTEN BY MACKENZIE STEWART PHOTOS BY JONATHAN PASCUAL


Say it with video. The fresh, innovative approach to personal greetings is here.

Engagements, birth announcements and holiday cards now burst into life with Memento. Traditional greetings become lasting memories and a gift for all time, all the while saving a few trees and postage fees! With the power of todays social networking and video sharing, our worlds have been brought closer together, enabling us to share lifes memorable moments with family and friends, local and distant. Memento is a joint artistic endeavor between Red Baron Films Robert Enriquez and Jonathan Pascual of Planet Zaya. Both Robert and Jonathan are fathers of young children and realize the value and importance of capturing the eeting moments that can never be relived. Often caught up in the madness of our daily routine, special times can now be captured and shared with everyone important in our lives. Important events often happen through the most serendipitous of circumstances. During an

unscheduled shoot, in reality just a lens testing, the rst and arguably best Memento piece was produced - A,B,C...1,2,3 (can be found at www. What the camera happens to capture may seem like the simplest of actions, but those actions will never happen the same way again. Since A,B,C...1,2,3 was shot, the toddlers appearance and walk has changed drastically. The oor she crawled across will likely remain a memory as the family grows and the home is sold. What would otherwise be overlooked as the routine or mundane is logged for life for review and remembrance. Her mom calls this piece simply perfect and now has the ability to share this moment with the whole family. Memento is great for announcements and invitations. With the fashion and function of announcing pending nuptials evolving from a simple card and traditional photo shoot to little Lego people and blockbuster mini-movies starring the soon to be wedded couple, Mementos take on

the matter is simplicity and quality. Communicate the information and reect the couple. Check Mate (found at is a perfect example of streamlining the story and bringing the funny. A simple chess match on a lazy afternoon becomes a foreshadowing of what may be to come in this couples beautiful blissful future as husband and wife. Any time is a good time to capture and share your once-in-a-lifetime moments. Although we cant always trade our Blackberrys for blue skies, an attempt to pay a gift forward to ourselves and document those sunny days at the playground is never too great of an investment. Even the most routine daily activity can serve as the foundation for your video shoot. Few things are priceless. Make Memento one of them.



Any time is a good time to capture and share your once-in-a-lifetime moments.


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photos provided by dr. Laser

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phone p 310.374.1794 f 310.798.1796 addresses 1133 Artesia Blvd, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 436 N Bedford #105 Beverly Hills, CA 90210 online WRITTEN BY CORI BRACEY


Here is your sign look better by lunch time!

spends on waxing for the year equates to around the same amount of a laser package and once its complete, your hair is gone forever!- Roxanne Mowers Roxannes recommended procedures for summer? Bikini, legs and underarms hair removal! Who wants to have to worry about shaving when you can put on your bikini and go to the beach. Also, for all the men out there, back hair isnt attering and it should be removed. Ladies can also plump up their lips with Juvederm to make them more volumptious and kissable! dr. LASER guarantees a transformation to your most beautiful self in as little as lunchtime! Most Popular Procedures: LASER HAIR REMOVAL Remove unwanted body or facial hair with the Gentle Lase Plus and Lumenis High Speed LightSheer DUET. It permanently reduces most hair, regardless of skin type. This process requires multiple treatments for best results. LASER TATTOO REMOVAL Safely remove your unwanted tattoos with the Lutronic Spectra and the HOYA ConBio RevLite lasers. LASER SKIN REJUVENATION/LASER FACIALS Remove acne & acne scars, melasma, age/sun spots, skin discoloration, minimize your pores and stimulate collagen for ne lines and wrinkles with the Lumenis One and the HOYA ConBio RevLite lasers. BOTOX- The treatment of choice for dynamic wrinkles.This injection weakens the muscle, thus reducing the associated lines and wrinkles. The most common areas that this therapy is used are the lines between the eyes, forehead wrinkles, and now you can say goodbye to crows feet. DERMAL FILLERS/JUVEDERM Smooth out wrinkles, scars and deeper folds by increasing volume. Promotes collagen reproduction for longer lasting results. Or you can have the plump lips you always wanted.

photos provided by dr. Laser

dr. LASER offers the most advanced laser hair removal, tattoo removal, laser skin therapy and other rejuvenating procedures in Southern California. Located in Manhattan Beach and Beverly Hills, dr. LASER offers to their clients the most effective lasers delivering the safest and fastest results. Built upon a rm foundation of impeccable patient services, dr. LASER merges science with beauty by using only the highest quality products and the most up-to-date laser technology. All treatments are performed by a team of licensed and experienced skin care specialists, registered nurses, and well-respected doctors. dr. LASERs

dedicated medical advisory team is constantly evaluating new therapies and procedures, producing dramatic results from your very rst visit. I asked Roxanne Mowers, director of operations at dr. LASER, if she had any advice for people reluctant to try laser, and her response reassured me that there is nothing to fear! People who have never tried laser treatments are afraid that it hurts which is not the case with the lasers used at dr. LASER. If a patient has done any waxing in the past, then laser treatments are usually a breeze for them, as waxing is much more painful. Also, the time and money someone


dr. LASER guarantees a transformation to your most beautiful self in as little as lunchtime!


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photos provided by H&HJobbing

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phone sm 310.452.2221 rb 310.793.9150 addresses 3316 Pico Blvd, 2772 W Artesia Blvd, Redondo Beach, Santa Monica, CA 90278 CA 90405 online WRITTEN BY MACKENZIE STEWART PHOTOS BY SPEEDO PHOTOGRAPHY


H&H Jobbing Inc Ski Snowboard Swim

photos provided by H&HJobbing

Im called The Swim Guy some people dont even know the name of the company; they just know where it is and say go down to the swim guy hell take care of you. ~ Craig Eisenberg H&HJobbing is a discount outlet store serving the greater Los Angeles area. They have been selling wholesale ski, swim and snowboard products since 1940. Specializing in mid to highend sportswear as well as brand name swimwear, H&HJobbing has the largest and most extensive inventory in the world! Hard to nd small sizes are their specialty. Whether you are a hard core swimmer looking for a comfortable, durable suit or just planning to catch some rays at the beach, there is something for everyone. Carrying designer brands like Roxy, Ralph Lauren, Nike and Calvin Klein, most of their suits can be found for $29 to $39, which is nearly unheard of! And $29 doesnt just get you the top, H

& H Jobbing sells their suits in pairs; you get both the top and the bottom for practically a steal. How can Eisenberg afford to sell designer label suits for so little? No, they are not collections from years past. The suits are up-to-date and fashionable, just dont expect to be walking into a boutique. No frills and fuss, just a great selection at extremely affordable prices. Despite the massive selection, suits are organized and easy to nd. You are free to browse for yourself, but if you need any assistance at all, owner Craig Eisenberg and his friendly associates will be happy to give you great advice and help you nd exactly what you need. The great deals and customer service is exactly what has kept this family run business going strong for over 70 years. H&HJobbing currently has two locations serving the greater Los Angeles area; their newly remodeled South Bay store located on Artesia

in Redondo Beach and their original agship store located in the heart of the original Garment District of Downtown Los Angeles on South Los Angeles St. H&HJobbing will soon have a third store that will open in Santa Monica. No ofcial date has been released for its opening yet but to stay up-to-date on the stores progress as well as other news and events, be sure to check out or see what Craig is up to at This is the only year-round ski, board, surf and beach outlet store in the nation! Be sure to stop by the store and ask for 25% off any one suit, an exclusive for Swoop customers only!


Im called the swim guy some people dont even know the name of the company; they just know where it is and say go down to the swim guy hell take care of you. - Craig Eisenberg


Marketplace & Gallery

Come in and check out our New arrivals!! 20%-40% OFF. New containers arriving every month!!! Direct container pricing from Indonesia available!!


LiveStyle Marketplace & Gallery

411 Lincoln Blvd | Venice, CA 90291 | 310.392.9781 |



It Isnt Slutty If Youre Wearing Pearls


designed by Brandie Mata




Banana Farts

If youve read my previous blogs, you know that I am against couples farting in front of each other while dating, especially if they have been together under a year. Married couples, you all have free reign. But new couples? Non-negotiable. Not happening. I dont care what kind of Fart Fetish you have, Im not doing it. And you better not try out Revenge Farts on me either. Theres no, oh we were wrestling and Im mad you put me in the sleeper hold so now Im going to hold you down and fart in your face as punishment. If my boyfriend farts on me or in front of me on purpose, I will rage, call him the most disgusting person on the planet, sleep crunched all the way on my corner of the bed not touching him, then go complain to my friend at her house and fart in front of her like its completely normal, wont even phase me. Wait, what? Thats pretty messed up, Monica Fay. Yes, I know that, but I dont care. Im not farting in front of him. Im not pooping either, unless there are some uncontrollable issues moving around in the pit of my stomach. Ill cry and tell him my daddy issues, Ill have a tantrum in a grocery store, Ill possibly be a bit messy when we go to a bar, Ill let him look at every inch of my body with a magnifying glass so he can see every pore, every hair, every blemish. But I will NOT fart in front of him. Now yall know you all KNOW how strongly I feel about this. Rewind to Valentines Day, 2010. I didnt have a Valentine. The guy I had been dating right before then had gone off to Afghanistan and wouldnt be back in 8 months. I was single and ready to stay home, not drowning in sorrow but just basically facebooking the shit out of him incase I found out he had somehow incurred a Valentine out in the vast sands of Helmand Province. Little did I know that The Donsky, my gorgeous accident prone-USC alumn-Texan-Jew, had a plan for us: Cabo Cantina. Along with her small yet able cousin, we had a couple of drinks and walked over to Cabo. Bored. David the gym teacher who moonlights as a voiceover guy for

Artwork by Steven Martinez

SWOOP {section} SWOOP


Check out the Reality of Monica Fay at

commercials (or cartoons?) and is at Cabo every night and has spoken to all of us at least 3 times each but pretends to never remember who we are even though he added The Donsky on Facebook, was there. The tiny trio of aggressive Packers fans were there. The hot bartender who loves to tell me about his side-business owning ATM machines in random spots of LA and recite his business model to me was behind the counter. The lonely guy was in his usual place on a stool in the corner, gumming a chip, never chewing it, looking forlorn. Now before you can get ahead of yourself and get upset that Im making fun of the lonely guy, I had gone over to him on a separate occassion, feeling bad that he was all alone, and the eager beaver tried to touch my Britney within 15 minutes, then got angry when that was not acceptable to me and then called me a cunt. Oh. Youre too kind sir. Did you suck all of the salt off of that chip yet? I looked down at my phone and saw a blessing. Foxy Shy Boy had text me. I told him to come help entertain us at Cabo. A few minutes later, he called from out front of the bar. He couldnt nd parking. Did he even bother to look? I sighed and told him Id come out and help him. Well, when I stepped into his rust bucket machine, he was just looking so freakin cute that I knew immediately we werent going back into the bar. Back at his place with a bottle of wine and some snacky-treats, we irted and canoodled all over each other. We made out. I may or may not have slapped him at this point. I do not know why I did that. He was surprised but he liked it. Wait, what?

I slapped him again. Just to see if this kid was for real. He kissed me again. Oh. Anyway, we were in the kitchen making out when all of a sudden I farted. It didnt make a sound. I was horried. Oh no you diant Monica Fay!! I panicked, to say the least. The fart was not a nice one it was powerful, it was unfurling with a vengeance unknown to mankind!!!! So, thinking fast, because I am such a quick on your feet thinker, I spied with my little eye a trashcan. And I gave a psychotic pony kick to that kitchen trash can, spilling the contents everywhere. Oh my GOD! Im so sorry!! Let me help you clean it up! I exclaimed. Its ok, I got it. He came towards me to set the trashcan upright. Ew. What is that smell!! Do you smell that? Its coming from your trash!! I said, blaming my gorilla fart on the poor, unsuspecting trashcan. Yeah, ugh, I do smell that, must be something in the bottom. He said, sifting through the garbage, getting closer to me. RIGHT THERE!!! I shouted, THERES A BANANA!! It was the banana peel. Oh that is disgusting. I cant be in here. I walked toward the door, giving him a look of disgust as if he and his lthy trash were a personal issue for me. He had offended me on a deep soul level with his banana fart just sitting there in the garbage, waiting to attack my sense of smell. A lot of you might be thinking, why do you do these things, Monica Fay? To save face, man. To save face.

I dont know. All I know is, Im not farting in front of a guy I like and I will do anything to cover this up if I do. But wait. Lets not be too hasty here. ***UPDATE*** Apparently farting in front of dates on the sneak runs in my family. My uncle, when dating a girl years ago, came to her parents house to be introduced. He was sitting in the living room, trying to breathe deep through his stomach issues, ghting the urge to lay one out until he could be alone. Just as he thinks he is alone with the dog laying nearby, he unleashes that bad boy. The family trickles back into the room and my uncle stands up to go to the bathroom. GOD DAMN IT!!!!! GOD DAMN DOG!!! Yells my uncles girlfriends dad. Before my uncle can say anything, the dad stomps over to the dog, smacking it on the ass with a rolled up magazine, chasing it out of the house. THAT GOD DAMN DOG HAS BEEN ROLLING AROUND IN DEAD ANIMALS AND SHIT AGAIN!!! The dog, followed by the dad went tearing across the house, until they were both outside. The dad searched the backyard for an hour for the dead animals or pile of poop that was the culprit of the dogs misdeed. The hose went on and the dad chased the dog around with cold water, trying to rinse him off. My uncle, feeling bad for the dog, decided it was best that he not confess for fear of getting the rolled up newspaper treatment.************

Banana farts and dog farts. Better to blame a fruit or an animal than yourself.


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